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    hike mm Alpwredtit mariner I at*n.l;
Weak, w-uttuleA. oary : by the ocean thrown
Bpon • rock, far oat of sight ©f lawk
With UUow* oloiB >to on OWN-* hand.
My friwnda n going—I am loft alone ;
My life la Mac swallows# up by grama.
An<l day by day BIT oartbhaa narrower grown
Before tbo spread of those green chranh-eard
Tot la my I mat in "rW, 0 T.StM, the tutore,
Knowing riroa garnerest this love for roe;
And evermore my storm-worn agtiit S r#a ,
The bliaaftil land whefo literal* oh Mora MM.
Knowing fnn well. that on that bapw sham
The l.>vo IVM tiaat absorbed, Tboa wilt ten
fold restore.
* * l ' ri\ fjs_^-* nw-jhwt.
Farm, Harden and llonsetia'd.
with hartshorn and watch. ' *
INBRI-T SWJTOS.— Salt is a cur# for
Mings ; sweet oil. powdevd mallows,
or onions, or povrden-d chalk made into
a pasta with water. aro ai-o aflttigoion*
LOOK orf FOR STORHB. -Have the
bkrns and oheds in readim sa, and be care
ful not to let the sheen be exposed to
severe rain. Nothing ta morn injurious.
WAIUA —Dip a piece of flannel in spirit*
of wine, IMb the greasy sputa gemlv
once or twice, and the grease will dianp
folvo one j>outtd of White Rock Potash
in one gallon of water, and then use half
a gill of the preparation to a tub of
FATTKJOXG Hons should be pnshed
forararvl ajwdly, and sold early. We
•hall prohably b> obliged to am<pt low
prices this season, lu our section we
Aii-e feeding at a deride! loss,
Miura Cows -dtould on no account be
suffered to decline in flesh at this Reason.
A little bran and corn meal will keep
them wonderfully, both in flesh and
milk. Guard against cold storms on the
one hand, and hot, close stables ou the
Sasur.—There is an increased and in
creating demau 1 for sheep and wool, am) j
it iiy pay better to winter a piqr flv*k
of sheep tlian to dispone of dim. Bet
ter, however, sell the poor noes,
you-igor, healthier, and more thrifty I
sheep. i
Fiat IROSB. —Have a piece of yellow
beeswax tied in a coarse doth. When
the iron is almost hot enough to use,
but not quite, rub it quickly with tin
beeswax, and their with a risen coarse
Moth. Thia will remove it entirely.
stat u that the yield of btetrf i* Gllorado
is I*s tons per aire, and of cabbages3o
tons which will sell at 5 cents per pound.
Hew is the Eldpnulfi of ftarkft-Mblefi-1
era. whare oablmge proffdee B't.BW par"
acr. no manure tieing required—water
is the wtly thing naoeasarj.
CARROTS wither up if keot in a loose
heap in the cellar. A good plan is tt
p it them in harrels or iu a box or bin ii
the cellar, and pt a layer of sand be
tween each layer of carrots, and an inch
or so of -and Ivtwecu the carrot* and
the *id *of the bin. Put two or thm
i- * -s of sand on top to prevent evapo
to KILL Warrs Gurus.—Ground
which is infested with white grubs cu
cut-worms should be turned ort-r now.
If it is possible to coax to the field a flock
of poultry, they will take every worn
that their sharp eyes can discover, an
follow the plow very eagerly for them
Crows and skunks will more readily fine
these worms when the ground is tunic*
up and loosened.
neees-sory to use tacks to fusion the tamn.
paper around the trunks of trees to ketij
off rabbit*. The lower edge of the pw
per should bean inch or so below thf,
surface of the soil, and the upper par:
fastened by a string. Tacks would, how
ever, do no appreciable harm. In the.
cases in which we have known of the ust
of the paper it has been left on all th
year, that it might serve a a protectioi
against U.rers in summer as well as against
rabbits in winter. ,
TABUts.'— Avterican Mrtuim says
" A convenient method of preparin;
desiccated vegetables, m practiced large
iv in some connii. consists in drjim
them for a short time and then exposim
them to a slow best in ovens. Whei
soaked for coafcing, peas, roots, pota
toes, beets, corn and other substances,
■well oat and show very little change it
their esculent properties. A modifies
tdm of tlie process constats' in placing
' the substances, after being enn-dried, ii
paper bags, *bich are pasted up at th
month, and then covered with sund anc
heated nntil perfectly crisp, bat not
burned nor materially changed in color."
How TO Crag HAMS.— The following
recipe for earing 1,000 pounds of port
hems is the one a.ed ly the gentleman
who won the first praninm of the Stab
Agricultural Society of Maryland: klu
two and a-half pounds saltpeter, finely
powdered, one-half bushel fine salt, ihret
pounds brown sugar, one-half gatloL
molasses. Rub the meat with the mix
ture ; pack with akin down. Turn over
once a week, and add a lrttleaait. After
being down three of four weeks, tak
out. wash and hang np two or tkre<
weeks, until it is dry. Thro smoke with
hickory wood three or four weeks, tfeer
bag, oj pack away in a cool place— not a
cellar—in chaff or hay.
the most important part of the hone :
when that is out of order the horse is
entirely a lesa. At this period of tin
year a great deal of care and attention
may profitable be tnrued to the feet of
our bories. Mud, wet, *Wsh and filth of
any kind allowed to remain on a horse'i
feet will certainly injure t&ep. When a
horse is brought in from work the feet
and legs should be washed #ree from dir
aad rubbed dry. The hoof shew Id be
occasionally well "tarred with common
pine tar. If any injtuy occurs from
" calking/' the cut should be kept dean,
aad if it is at the junction of tne hog'
and skin, pains should 1* taken to beai
it np at once, lest the hoof may become
permanently injured us it grows down
ward. If it is kept soft aud pliable t hart
is little danger of Ibis, tnilxf it ia allow
ed to boonms dry .ul krttfc, Bat tgnf
cracks or split fioofmay amr.—lmiM
and Home,
How TO 1 FASTER Cows.—Stanchions
should be abolished as a cruelty to ani
mals. Cows or oxen thus fastened have
no opportunity of relieving themselves
from their close, cramping position. A
much more eomfortable and equally anfe
fastening it the ring-and-chuin cattle-tie.
The ring slides up and down a post firm
ly founded in the floor of the stable, and
let into the beam or joist above. The
chain is fastened around the animal*'*
neck by passing a small cross-bar through
a ring; and by pasting it through two or
three of the ring*, it is absolutely imp >*-
side th t the chain can oome unfastened
A spring snaphook may be used ia ad
dition, which will add another perfect
fastening if desired. With this fastening
the cow can lie down in a natural posi
tion, aad while sleeping can turn her
head over towards her shoulder, as she
will almost* always do. The writer has
used them for many years for cows, oxen,
aud bulls, without "any accident, and.
with great satisfaction. Mode of steel
they are light, cheap, secure, and com
Aw EIGHTH 818 IK MAW.— Mr. Perrin
makes a communication to Nature in re
gard to the occasional occurrence of an
eighth true rib in man ; although it has
been generally considered that seven
form the absolute limit. This eighth rib
is sometimes fauud on one side
only, still more rr. ly on both tides,
and i*su£fmted by Mr. Perrin that cases
of this abnormal character possibly occur
more frequently than lias been suspected.
The maximum normal number of sternal
ribs appears to In? ten, but in the higher
primates the tenth, ninth, and eighth are
successively lost m the transition from
their lower to the higher forms. In the
earuivora the sternal ribs are usually
nine, although the Esquimaux dog, the
arctic wolf, and the weofefes have only
eight. Th common badger of Europe
has ten true ribs.
Snwttnan sf Raw*.
RM-ORTS from the far Weal Mat* that
many p#raon* haw N'i froaea to death.
FirTftß h#ndt*d sheep hare been
burned to dekth in the tule lands in the
del 14 of the San Joaquin River.
Tlir U, 8. Twaswrv Department has
suffered a lo ftf about $:>0,000 through
a deftdor.tion by dishonest clcrka.
TMK Labor Reform State Con vention,
assembled at Ooaoord, X. H., Nominat
ed Samuel P. Cooper, of Croydon for
Gov. OAMPRRLL, of Wyoming, has sent
a message to the lower branch of the
Legislature vetoing the bill repealing tlie
Women's audrwge ae*.
Tint Senate of Louisiana elected Mr.
Pigchback 1 colored), President, by a
volo of IK to i. Thw Constitution
makes him Lieutenant-Governor.
TRR directors of the Western Vuiou
Telegraph Company t-tit piratically declare
their oppoiikoH to Iwkhtil Grant's
proposed postal telegraph scheme.
AniKft from Havana tell a terrible
toll i)| th# mtiand terror oeeaaitNMsl in
tbal nnhkppy place ly the blotnt-thirsty
miscreant* who act under Valntaaeda,
Dctusu the sessiun of Congress the
President will r#oeiv Hcnatora and mem
bers of tlongroes from 10 to 13 o'clock
fti the forenoon, and other callers during
Bit- afternoon.
T*K Traui WT-re drowned hv the
WreCk of the seli- >o>r Achilles, at Mines
Basin. On the Coast of Priuoc Edwarvl
(*land, great damage was done by the
kite gale#. •
THK CVpe Cod flshenueu, believing
that the operation of the treaty of Wash*
iugton will atrioitsly damage their in
terests, passed a resolution calling upon
Congress to afford them liberal protec
Iw Spain the Municipal F.Wtions arc
ever. Everywhere the Rsdieal party
has liocii suixx-saful Iu Madrid the
Radicals haw -lectrd seventy five eoun
eiltuen, the Republicans twenty, and the
Ministerialists only five.
TK* Fijtans abo do not reoogniie the
sovereignty of King Eheneaer L, recent
ly made a "raid on the plantations and
killed several lahorora. The whites from
Levnka in retaliation burned oue of tbtir
'Rage* and lulled fifteen nativca.
MAJOR Urns, comraaading at Fort
Scott, Kansas, has received orders from
the War Department to remove all the
whit# settler* from the Osage Reserva
tion. There are nl-out 600 families, or
8,500 persons ou these lands.
Ig the Houee of Representatives of
B,'Uth Carotins, C. C Boweu presented
bis credentials as a member from Charles
ton Objection was made that he had
been convicted of an infamons crime.
Finslty, he was admitted by a vote of 73
to 23.
HransTics show tliat the harvest of
1878 was the tardea: ever known in South
AnnfraHa colony, producing nearly 7,-
IWO.ltiQ bush. K lwui an average yield
.f eleven aud a half bushels an acre.
Wheat was 5, Sib per bushel; flour £l2
per ton.
TBKRK are 1,000,000 members of the
Intoraatioaai in Franco who pay one
soil |*r rih-ek. Is England tht-te are
iSi',ooo members, o* whom 30,000 are in
London. The whole number belcmgiug
•> Hiis .yietv in Europe is estimated at
A PORTTORSR, accused of shooting and
killing a Chinaman, at Hawkinsville.
Oak, has been discharged. Decaose the
>nly witnesses were Chinamen, whose
testimony is not permitted against per
sons of the i Chwtmmu race trader the
aws of that state.
THE weak point in Roger Tiehburne's
case has been that he had not proved that
ft r his shipwreck in the Bella in 1853
he was picked np by the Osprey. This
nissing link was supplied by the testi
uonv of M H. Sharpiugs, who met him
st the time in Melbourne Harbor.
Must. MJS.V CLARK. GATORS, after in
"cssui#lt*3l warfare of over a half cen
tury,* wtfh varying fortune, met a erodi
ng defeat the other Jay, when a New
Orleans Court declared that she was an
illegitimate child of tbc father from
whom ber great possessions were to
GOLDDCW, the famous stallion, WHOSE
death is announced, was a tine golden
iheMnut horse, loaded in 1855, and was
>y Vermont Morgan, dam by Zilcaadi, a
nure Arabian, grandam by imported
Barefoot ont of thorough-bred mare.
He i-tood sixteen hands high, and was
valued at 850,t00. •
DR. LARK ESTER asserts that the small
pox, which is now slowly departing from
London, after slaying 5,000 persons, and
maiming, disfiguring and pauperizing
10(1,100 more, nrnat have coat the metro
polis at least £IOO,OOO, a tenth part of
which sum. judiciously expended, would
harp cut short the epidemic at ita com
OF the five colored members of the
House of Rej>reae datives there are upon
committee* appointed, De Large, of
-South Carolina, on the Committee on
Manufacturers; Elliott, of the same
.State, on the Committee on Education
aid Labor ; and Rainey, of the same
State, on the Committee on Freed men's
Affairs. Turner, of Alabama, and Walls,
ot Florida, are not members of any com
Mvifctnirn roit FIVE CERTS.— There
was a fate! affray in Hoboken in a saloon
on Wiil w and fi road Streets. It ori
ginated in a dispute about five cents
hinge, and resulted in the kilting of
Edward Clark by Mehad Fitzgerald,
the proprietor of "the jiince. Clark bound
edover the liqnor store, and returning
:'rom New York late at night, stepped
"into Fitzgerald's. After taking a drink
rith a friend he disputed with Fitxger
aid about the ciiange. claiming that it
wag five cents short. FUftgvrald pitched
him out of doors, and he received a se
vere ent on the track of the head. He
was taken up in an insensible condition,
and conveyed to bia lodgings. Half an
hour Utter ho died.
(pronounced Cra-ak), the lady to whom
Gen. D. K Sickles was married on Mon
day in Madrid, is twenty-two years of
age. Bke was born in Spain, speaks
English very imperfectly, and is repre
sented as very beautiful and accomplish
ed, bnt aot wealthy. Her father is As
sistant Treasurer of the Province of An
dalnsia. The family is of Irish descent,
has long been settled in Spain, nnd oc
copies an enviable .social position. Miss
Creak was an intimate friend of Gen.
Sickle's daughter, and accompanied her
as companion in a recent tear in Europe.
—The number of marine disasters on
the Northern Lakes during the season
of 1871, so far as known, is 1,167. Of
this uumlier 225 were caused by colli
dons, 200 vessels went ashore, 81 were
burned, 26 capsized, 19 foundered, IG2
sprung a leak, 65 waterloggrd, GO were
dismasted, 110 lost deck-load*, and 10
exploded their boiler*. There were
other disasters of a minor character.
_ COCLD'XT BEAT IT. —The Superintend
ent of Bidcwalks, ha* announ< <1 that the
wooden sidewalk* consumed liy the lire
would hare reached front Lake Michigan
to the Mississippi. and that their value
was nearly 81,000,000 Whereupon Chi
cago boastfully asks if any other city haa
facilities for burning 122 miles of side
walk at a single kindling. It is hoped
THE Cuban cable was fonud crushed
in numerous places in the depths where
the great loggerhead turtles abound.
The conclusion is that these creatures,
with their powerful jaws, which so easily
crunch the shells of the conches, on
which they feed, liave been playing with
the cable.
plosion occurred in the powder and car
tridge factory, in the fort of Agra,
Grffcutta. The men were at work at the
time of the disaster and few escaped
Thirty-six were killed, among them two
commissioned officers.
| Brevity is in writing what charity is to
all the other virtue. Righteousness
without the one is worth nothing, nor
| authorship without the other.
A C*r##R fall of RMIIRSC#.
. Tfter# died lately at Bright Star, flop- j
kins CVmntv, Texas, a typical Western
American of a cUra now swiftly pasting
out. " Csl'.Jack Allen" wan well known
all the South-wast, and w* the
hero of many startling achievement*,
lb'11, impulsive, and m-klcaa, a crack
ahot and a superb howmnnu, oapatdb of
the most roniantie geitcroMtirand a per
fect Coraican in pursuit ofuM
he way at em* ft terror ami an admits
Uoh wherever he weut. The fringe of
civilisation sweeps unceasingly on, and
just a# the forests ami the ml men m It
away la-fore it, so do adventurer* of the
| type of Col. Jack Allen ; men half *svag
| es, half tine gentlemen ; men equally at
home at war, field s|ort, the duel, the
liar-room, and the gaming-table, but, a
a rule, less proton Mult elsewhere. We
I would exempt front the latter qtiaHflea
tion the singular hero we describe, for
he added oourtiinea* to his other graces,
1 and has Ih-cu credited with uo little sue
oeaa with the fair.
Wrv early in life Allen was unlucky
enough to kill a mnn in Shelby County,
Kentucky. It is but tight to say that
the community it-gaoled hta set as one
lof self-defense, and that the jury, when
he was tried for murder, acquitted hiui
on that ground. The affair, neverthe
less, embittered him, and he soon after
started for Missouri. Subsequently,
with a single companion, he went clear
through the Indian Territory and thence
into Texas. War was then going on
with Mexico, and Allen plunged '"to it
with characteristic daring. He was with
Ham Houston at the battle of Sau Jaciu
to, w bieh ended the atrtgglc, and after
this returned home. For a time he be
came a farmer. Hut the bugle* sen
sang ou the bonk* of the Rio Grande,
and beginning came of that end which
saw Taylor the victor of many bloody
tlattice, and Heott dictating peace from
the -'halls of the Montesumaa." Allen
straightway raised u company of cavalry,
and, with a splendid tnuly of follower*,
helped Humphrey Marshall to out tlte
cnetuv to pie ea at Huetta Vista. At the
cud of the war, Col. Allen was ou his
oars, and quite at a loss whut to do.
Like many other of the wild spirity of
the South-west, he was too re*tl<-*a ami
fond of excitement for a life of were
agriculture or trade, and was soon cast
ing uuenaily at-out in annli >f adven
| ture. We And him accordingly, loon
niter the jience, raising a lnd of
Keutuckian*, and beeoming conspicuous
among the leaders of the cclebratc.l
'•first Cuban expedition." He got off
with his men from a Southern port, nhu
made his way to the ialut-d of Coutoy,
near the coast of Yueatnn. The theory
of this expedition wa* that the Culssa
Creoles, in great unmliers, wefe r. adv
to revolt, and would rise at once on the
alveut of the " filibusters" from the
Cuited States. But when, after three
weeks' stay at Cms tor, Allen sailed to
Cardenas, his rebel ailie* informed him
that his force was too tm dl to be effcctwal
and he had better go lmck again. Thi*
fCol. Allen would, doubtless quietly have
done. The Cuban authorities, however,
had other views, aud, advisetl of the
plans of the itiviulers, down upon
them with a heavy force. Allen here
pained uudeniable'laurcl*. He repnlswl
in handsome style every attack of a
greatly superior command, and, with
trifling loss, got away in safety. Ho
then sailed for Key \Y< st, and when with
in a few mile# of that plai-e, was attack
ed by the S[wni*k frigate I'izano. Again
he sut-ceedeil in tnaking his CM*a|*-, aud
got unharmed into Florida. This wua
| in 1850, uidnext year tlic Cuban fever
j was raring, and Col. Allen, operated
i under Lo{>ex, was rniaiug men and ur-
C nixing a new foray. The fate <>t tin
ipex Expedition is well known. Ixqie*
wa.* gnrrotqd, and |>o uyC'itteu.len shot.
Allen was in New Orleans at the time,
and so was uuh trm 1. Other esja-di
tions were subsequently planned in which
j Gen. Goioouria was prominent au.i
Allen always hi 1 a part—but they all
fell through and Cuba for a time was left
; in peace.
Allen now turned his errs to N terra gua
Anything iu the -hap' of " filibuster
ing" had charms for lutu, and the am
bitious designs of Walker found in htm
a ready sympathizer. He railed for
Nicaragua IU May, 185)">, with two hun
dred men, aud joined Walker soon after.
Allen did not however, appear to get on
with the '' grey-eyed man of destiny,"
or to believe iu his success. At any rate
he soon weut back to Kentucky, and be
gan getting up another Cuban expedi
tion. He proposed to take his men from
Nicaragua, to join in this new under
taking, in wlijgb Goicouria was also iu
trmt The movement was pr-vi utufl,
and In October, 1858, Alien once more
went back to his farm.
Why Worklngmen I-rare England.
Morris Phillips, Esq., of the lf*m+
Journal, writing from Eugland, incurious
the folios ing :
" In the railroad station at Holyhead,
on the Welsh Coast, I was witness to a
j scene painful to any one who believes ail
men are born free and equal. The m ill
service betwren Dublin and London,
only carries first and second-class pas
sengers. One of the spleicUd sen-going
boats that cross the Irish CbanueL took
ns safely, and, strange to wry, pleasantly
to Holyhead, where the train is *iunde
up ' for Loudon. It WAS Hund iy, and
only the tint-class refreshment room was
open. Into this nearly all the passen
gers hurried for a sandwich, cup of coffee,
or a glass of wine, for we bad started on
our jonroey at six A. II. ; it was then
eleven o'clock, and we should not stop
anywhere for refreshments until we
reached the magnificent station and
pretty town of Crewe, at two r. M.
Among us there were three reapeeta
ble-looking bnt poorly clad members of
the working classes, who stepped Up to
the bar, askrd politely for a glass of ale,
and met witb a fiat refusal. The pert
and pretty barmaid answered that sh"
would be pleased to serve them, but It
was against the rules to deliver any
thing to workiugmen. They ex;>osiu
lated with her ; then applied to the pro
prietor of the restaurant ; remarked i
that they were ' hungry and thirsty " ;
said 'the third-class refreshment room ;
was not open,' nnd asked ' if their money
was not as good aa another people's ?' I
But argument was unavailing. The bar
maid was politefbut; firm her employer
supported her, and the workiugmen
left the room unrefreshed and dejected.
Hero were three honest-looking, sober,
well-behaved men, refused meat and
drink because they were not arrayed |n
purple and fine linen. An American
present proposed to obtain and convey
to the men outride the refreshment
room some ale and sandwiches ; but, be
fore tlie excellent idea could be carried
out, the whistle warned us to take our
seat* ru the ' carriages.' "
at Colt's armory who bail a very king
beard, flowing down upon this breast,
wna the other day at worV upon a small
lathe revolving rapidly. He said he "felt
something tickling bis beard," and look
ing down, saw some of the longest hairs
touching the Ist be. Quick a* a fiusln
liefore lie had time to think of his dan
ger, the longest hair of hm heard caught
in the lathe and wound him up; the
next be knew the lathe was nearly turn
ing out tlie inside of his nose, cutting
out the cartilage that separates the nos
trils ; then, with a mighty cfiort, he
straightened up, saving himself from
further operations on the lathe by pull
ing out a handful of beard a foot bug
and as large round as his wrist—which
will be handy for his wife to two as a
"switch."— Hartford Courant.
or PETROLEUM. —H. Bt. Clair Deville of
France gives the following rule for esti
mating the calorific effects of a given
sample of oil, which, although it makes
the theoretic amount a little larger than
that found in practice, is near enough to
ascertain the relative values of oils <f
fuel. First, the amount of carbon, hy
drogen and oxygen contaiued in the
sample is found by analysis. Second,
subtract from the hydrogen one-eighth of
the oxygen, then multiply the difference
by 844.62, and ald to the product the
quantity of carbon multiplied by 80.8.
and this sum will be the number of heat
units in one kilogram.
Foppish young men use, jit is said, as
much rouge, powder and cosmetics as
the most manufactured society belle.
A Beqieriktc light.
A hiuid of Indians, about aixty in
rtutfihet, m*de on attack upon two 'men
at Uie ranches on Cieiiega do Rhue,
slmiul fifteen mile# above au aid Kan Hi
mou statu MI, and twentyfive miles from
oamp Bowie, There are two adolm
houses there, situate some 266 yarvls
apart. The men occupied one, the other
vaennt; aud that iiioriiing one of the
nieu, Riehard Harnen, started to go from
the house over near the vaennt one,
when he was fired upon by Indians from
; the inside of the house and shot through
the bodv. His partner, R. M Gilbert,
Wit* at Uie tine in the house occupied bv
I hem, and noon his bed, being unwell
with fever; lmt hearing the firing, he
eixed his Henry rifle, run out and eam
meneed firing upou the Indiana, as they
had run out and surrounded the fatally
wounded and dvlug man. This intimi
dated Ilieiu, and tliev haekod a little,
and Gilbert succeeded iu getting the
wougjtal man into the house, and all
the time keeping up the firing noon tha
Indians. After this, quite a anirifiiali
jeilauaui ahootiug through doors, win
dows and portdiole*. in whii'h Gilbert
Was quite painfully, but not daUgrruus
[lv Wounded uear the groin by a spent
' lull.
The Indians hit upon the expedient
of setting fire to Uie roof to burn them
out. aud when the heat uud smoke eouhl
I— endured no louger, Gilbert tried to
arovise !he"wounded man aud get together
out of door, but fouud hiui dying, lie
tlieu took his rifle iu oue lutni aud his
cocked pistol in the other, and knowing
that an Indian aa* standing at the o>>r
uer of the house watching for hiiu (he
lieiug able to see the shadow iu tlie luora
iug sun), with a yell and a Itound, sprang
diroetlv at the Indian, filing his pisUu
into the savage when within two feet,
and rushinl into the tall grass iu the Ci
em g i bottom amid a shower of balls.
This strategy, uo doubt, oavinl the
luau a libs a* the Indi in flrel but missed
hi* mark—the jiistol-lwll in his cuvu
stomach prol—tilyTendering hit nerve,
unsteady. The m*u lay in the tall
grasa and tulre all day, the Indiaus not
caring h ri-4 thr or four live* to get
one ; and duriug that night and Uie next
day, be managed, in spite of his wound,
to rtwwl into Bowie camp some uiue inilea
Kaicd by Salt.
The Platsbnrg (Misaourii /Jn/ia/rr gives
the following : A few days ago William
Hamilton, residing near Uie Missouri
Pacific Railroad, weut into the 11uitou-
at 4 b' ifi#le off to shoe* aqviirreK
Nothing being heard of bun all night
several neighbors the next morning went
in search of him. Almut three o'clock
in the oflt ruooa they found him up a
leaning tree, thirty feet frem the ground,
fast and uuable to e.vtrie.ite himself,
-kfter some trouble he was taken down,
and it wit* •< on that one f.ot and nukle
w ere badly torn and bleeding.
He said that alwut three o'clock the
previous day he ownie across a Urge
black bear, and shot at but missed him.
The bear made for him with all his
might. He ran, and, finding the bear
gaiuing ou him, threw uwwv his rifle,
ami partly ehmU-d and partly ran op a
leaning sycamore tree, with the bear
following right at his h>vl*. The top of
the tree had I wen broken off and was
hollow. He thrust oue of his legs into
the hole to keep himself from tailing,
but soon found that lua leg raa fast. He
tried to extricate himself, but eouhl uot.
The bear iu the meantime hud torn his
boot off and was gnawing aud estiug the
fleh from the fool and ankle. Mr.
Hamilton took his pocket knife out aud
cut at Bruiu's eyes ; but with one swiso,
of his paw the Unr struck the knife
from his huud, with a part of two of Ins
Mr. Hamilton would now see no help,
and gave up to die, ex;ccting tobccalgu
up alive by the bear. But soon a happy
thought struck him. Tha' morning he
had put some salt iu his pocket to salt
aoiumtUUe liehod running in the timber.
He took a —nail hundfnt and *f,rinkhxl
it in tbe War's eyex. It had the desired
effijet. The bear shook his head, grow led
and went down. He *oau returned,
however, hut a little more salt drove
him awav the second time, and lo Mr.
Hamilton"* inexpressible delight he
trotted off into tlu forest.
New York Post Orncr, —An ideaot
the immense amount of work that has
beeu done upon the New York Port
Office building, may be fonued from the
following statement of material* used,
aud lalxir expended to the present tune,
vix i 2,476,961 brick*, 13,701 lHirrel* of
cement, 144. 87 h-et of cube pranits.
2.C59 var.h of rubble masonry, 5,206,
ll.t pound* of wrought anJ cant iron,
and the magnitude of the undertaking
mar lx> judged from tho fact that there
art- now engaged at Dix Inland 1.0H2 per
sons in tlo preparation of granite nhuic.
of whom 704 are employed in cutting
the granite for the government, and
in qtiariying the atork and otherwise for
the contractors. Three hundred and
twenty •ecveti thousand one hundred and
■dxty-nine aud one half dnya' lalor have
already Iweu rxieudcd in cutting and
boxing the granite after it has been
fpirfmed, and it fa estimated that 300,000
days' labor will be required to complete
that branch of the work. The first story
of the building ia yel a long way from
I'SKIXP Worn*.—Do the doctor*
know that half the wives in the world
die of thia complaint ? "Ho never
apoko nn unkind word to hia wife." Yea,
but did he remember, now and then, to
speak a kind one ? Did he have any
sympathy for her bodily or mental ails ?
Or was he blind and deaf fo both, treat
ing tbuui with cutting in difference, which
in time chills the most loving heart, aud
silences its throlva forever. Men are
verily guilty in tins regard. They take
a young girl from the warm atmosphere
of a loving, cheerful home; and after a
few brief weeks of devotion, leave her
to battle single-handed with new cares
qnd new duties, aud to l>car sickness
Wb|b wb<g courage she may; and go
Their Why! into the tangled |MUIB of life,
without a thought of the responsibility
they are shirking, or the solemn vows
tlicy have really broken.
"Tmt LOTUS DARLIXOS."—A mnti in
New Hiimpsltiic, who hnd Ironght a pair
of ptips of rare breed, and hnd given
them in charge of a dog-fancier in a
neigblioring State, was astonished rc
cimtly upon returning home, after an
nlmcnce of a few days to find his wife in
hysterics, occasioned by the following
telegram : " The little darlings are do
ing well, and looking quite pretty.
Please Send their lioard money."
CATTIOX. — Petition wo** is nn excel
lent enough quality, bnt a man msy have
too much of it. Wc think there was a
superfluity in tho c- of tho bashful
person wiiowcnt to Niagara by himself,
and nianlicd his hat and mussed bis
clothes so that they would look old, and
so that the guests would not mistake
him for a bridal couple.
WINTER BONNET*.— Stylish models
have quite large crowns and fronts. Vel
vets of various colors, faille, Chnntillv
luce, or French trimming lace, or.trich
tips and shaded flower*, are the materials
which comiMMMi most of the handsome
models. In many instances the crowns
are of silk, while the front, the pipings
arul folds will IKS velvet
SHORT.—When William L. Mvrey wna
Gnwnor of New York, one of his
Thrtuksgiving proclamations rau En this
wise :
In accordance with custom, I appoint
Thursday, the 27th of November, as a
day of publio thanksgiving.
the 14th of September last, Dr. Luther
of Bilk discovered a new planet. It was
equal in brilliancy to a star of the elev
enth magnitude. The number of aste
roids now knawn is 117.
Dnluth wheat, or wheat graded at that
place, brought in Buffalo four cents a
bushel more than is paid for the same
grpdes of Milwaukee wheat.
Krport f tin* Sewretary f Uie Interior.
The following ia an nb tract of the re
port of the Sorretar f of the Intcrioi t
lu Indian affairs, it seom* Unit the tribe* |
have raised agricultural products to Uie |
value of 80,500,000. There are 21 <
school* among them, aud with 823 |
toucher* and an averse attendance of j i
8.92U pujplfc. The ludian population j |
now under tlie jurisdiction of the United 11
Slates ia about 321,000, located oil 228. • 1 i
473 square mils*. During the jnwt year
10,009,702 acre* of public lanila were i
(Jh>|m.muhl of, which allows imi iiu'Wue
over the preoeding year of 2,511.879. .
The cash receipt* ainennt to 92,929,284
Public surveys have extended over 22,-
010,698 acres The area yet to lie sur-,
veyed 1,284,119,331. Tin re wete filed
ili'Uie Patent Office 10.420 *Pl4i#tffiM.
:i|s7 esv. au and 181 extension! J l'Wi
pub-nta were issued and 147 extiiß*l. i
The foes amounted hi #871,583; ex
jieuditures, 8560,041, ahowiug a surplus*,
of 8111,542. There are at present m
the peiudou rolls the nat*<-* ijf yvM
widow* of soldier* in the ltovoraUoflarjr
war; 1.214 names for Wars subsequent
hi tlie revolutiou and prior to the rebel
liwti| i'Uote are on the roll 91,290 an
refllil£military pensioner*, whose iieu- !
sious aggregate 88,141,734, and ll'i,42Bj]
widows, orphans ami relatives,
lug to 814.213.551 ; making3o3,7lß army
|ieitsious, at au annual rate of 822,354,-
•JjjT, The gnuid total, jntjuding t f-;
of dhbarsement ia twt2,441|M19.
Tn—receipts of tha Union Pacific TUil
road were 87,302,015; cost of road.
8112,793,018 ; indebtedness, £74,053,51 2
of which 827,237,512 is due the Unite,!
State*. The receipts of the Central
Pileifie were 87,320,327, and exjK-nsea
leaving Uet fcouoi sVf M-
I j, The United States Army.
I, fLofe is very little dbt bt * I.MMo
armv, just at present, is in a had wSy.
The"report of tlie Secretary of War makes
the number of euimted men '29,w0. and j
of eoiuruifsioiied officers 2,163. llut do-;
j sertious are far more numerous than
enlistments. Nor is this to be wondered
at. Men were enlisted last June, say,'
f,r five years, with the understanding i
that they were to receive 816 a month,
and after being iu the service for three
yr tout mouth*, they found tlaitmv
!Aihw-'d, without any warning,
| sum of 813 a mouth. True, the recruit
agree* to accept such wages as l>-ngres
mar'see fit to give; I>u4 U—.tnuMt
msam tim w..uld bc a-Marr ua It -fMU
atom"mi of 810 * nuAAU*VaBP
look* a little like ! mil Tilth ; ami,
! tweidea, severe punishment, such as the
article* of w4r prescribe for desertion, is
seldom, if ever, inflicted iu time of peace.
Officers are, it u aald, kept ou the active
ht, instead of Uaug r< imd, for fear
that Congr**" may sweep awnv the re
tired officers from the pay-rolls. Pro
motion, always slow, Ixvouiu, therefore,
I exceeding.y uncertain. OeiitlcjJi n whose
• "special mia*tun" it is to ' reform" the
army, ousht to have some regard for
these lutle matters. We want a small
' xruiv, but we want au cfleciivc one. and
whole-air desertiou does M h*lp the
| service any.
Offichil Vote wl the Ntate f Sew Yark.
The Htnte Uanvaamers of New York
have declared the result of tlu> ls*e dec
! turn a* follows :
Stcretsry of Ktate—Seribner, 3e",119;
W illera. 368,212.
Comptroller Hopkins, 337,703 ;
Nichols, 367,127.
Treasurer—Haines, 388,360; Bristol,
366.576. *
Canal Commusmsr —llarkley. 357,-
836 ; Chapman, 366,499.
Attorney-General Harlow, 387,072 ;
CliauipUiu 367,754.
Inspector of ritate Prisons—Jiirkpa
trick, 387.359 ; McNeil, 366,658.
For Mute Engineer—Taylor, 387,284 ;
j Richmond, 367,615.
The aggregate vote cast was greater
j than ever In-fore, except that lor Gov
ernor in 1868 and 1870. Tb V*i%. •cralie
vote wan the largest ever cast Tor Scere-
Uu v of Stan-, and exceeds tin* IX'tnocrwtic
vote of 1869 by nearly 4t',odU. The Be
publi'-wn vote exceeds tliat of 1870 by
20,000, ami ha* n.ver breu exceeded cx-
I cept in 1668. The Republican vote ill
the City of New York cxe-cds the high
: e-t vote ever eat by them then- by mole
than 11.000, aud the aggn-gate vote in
New York City ha* nev.*r been exceeded
| except in 1868. The anti-dramshop vote
ia 1,820, and tlie scatteiing vote amounU
to au avnageof little leas than 1,000.
UMTI:u states (tiKtfntsi*.
- IX THE WKNAT*. | |
A bill introduced fox The eaubliidi
ment of a aUwmship line betweeu New
Orleans aud Mexicau iort.
A lail wa iutroduotd prohibitiag the
intimidation of voter#. i
Mr. Sutuner presented pa4t|>i ask
ing for the imiu-diate passage of his
SupplemcnUry Uivil Rights bdL
rx tbc norsK.
Bills introduced granting penwons U.
the soldiers nod sailors of tk war of
| 1812 for forty days' service inafAwl of
sixty days a* ,iow provided.
Authorising the Poitmßster-Genera".
to isstic one-ceut cornw;mudence or
I iKstal.cuda ii oT
The President was retpierftb 1 lo fur
ni*h information ou Cuban afliurs.
T ie new anjmintmeni tdil w#ijlictiaa
cd, without definite action.
Bills were introduced to make Thank*-
giving day a national holiday, and pro
viding for paying ]>euaiona through the {
j Post Office. __
A CASK or Ciuiritrrr.Nßa* tx ADVB -
*m\ Mr. CUiarlee Letnpriere writes to
the I'nJU Mull (iasrttr alxiut what he saw
in Virginia, thus : With their houses
burned, their cattle driven off, their
fences destroyed, their black laborer* all
gone, all the white labor migrated, the
banks nil broken, and all thefrtnoney in
Confederate bonds, what eon people do ?
1 was a month in daily communication
with one man who hail been odttrated as
well as 1 hod liecn. He had served as
aide <V'Cn)p throughout tb<> W*t ilia
house and pioperty were utterly w.tated.
He had a small slianty for himself, his
wife, and boy, with ono hunchback
negro who refused to leave them. Ho
worked as an oyster-dredger cheerfully,
aud his wife taught music ami French.
Hbe had kept her piano. I rioter heard
one murmur from either. I saw hnu
drcds of like ease*. They cannot leave
their country, but they welcome Eng
lishmen to their hearts as well m their
DURAO! or PnotCMM.—The great
breach of pnuniso aud seduction suit
of Miss L. K. Turner ogt. .Honor Cido
donia Ortis, a banker of Iletuiosills,
Mexico, divides public attention in Han
Francisco with the Horace Hawkes con
tested will case. Miss Turner was for
merly a seheol teacher, and afterword
an employee in the United States Branch
Mint in tbntcitv. She was subsaqcnUy
n clerk in the Treasury Department, at
Washington. She ia daughter of the
lute Admiral Turner of the United States
NBVV. Miss Turner claims that alio was
seduced by Ortis nnder a promise of
marriage, while alie waa living in his
family in the capacity of governess to
his children, and that the criminal inti
macy was continued for n 'vertd years in
that city. She anka for damages in tho
sum of $200,000.
The PoM master (Jenrral's Report.
Postmaster General Oresswell says:
The ordinary revenneo of this depart
ment for fiscal year, ending June 30,
1871, were 890,837,040 3'2, and the ex
penditures of ail kinds, 8*24,380,104,08.
The increase of revenne for the year
1871, was 81,157,687. There were in the
service of the department on the 30th of
June, 1871, 7,28(1 contractors for the
transportation of the mails. There was
an increase over the preceding years in
length of routes of 7.12T miles in annual
transportation, 10,547,798 miles, and in
cost, 8644,742.
A SNAIL'S TEETH.—A western paper
thinks the snail has a " right smart
chance " for a tooth-ache. He has one
hundred and ten rows of teotb, with one
hundred and ten teeth in each-row. or
twelve thousand twohuiulfed and w
Evergreens—merchants who
make money without advertising.
lh-port af the Herniary of the Ja*|.
Pccrctarjf of tbc Navy Robeson aiyw:—
Of the 179 ships retnuining on the navy I
list, twenty-nine ae sailing ships, alid
tlie remainder side-wheel steamers, or
sailing vessels with auxiliary screws ; I
tllw-three of tlie in, armed with 801 guns, i
are in service, attached lo tha vari>ms I
flafcts and station* tut regular orulset*. <
deqialch boats, hosnitaJ, storca, teeeiv
ing mid i>raotico shljis ; theae, with the :
tugs and small vessel* iu use at the va
rious navy yards and stations, make tlie
force to i-ommiaaiou for all the purjmaea 11
of unvnl service.
Of the remainder six are nearly ready 11
tot Mm, and will join the various sqna-t-1
runs as aisiu na uieir eiewa e*n ba enlist-:
<h! aud organised .fi/ty-t wo arc monitors,
only one of which is now iu roiuuitsiiton, |,
the lad auce being bud up at tha various |
eUUous, but prtucipolly at -
sland, where, in Um fresh water of the ;
lh lawmre, tliair iron bottoms deteriorate j;
with for has rapidity than in tlie salt
water of the other stations ; seventeen
arc umlar rvpwir at the varimt* yarils ;,
Uiirtefd are on the stocks, never bnving
completed and launched, and I lie
balance of thaw* whose usmaa are on the
list are laid up in oidiuarv.
The force on tiic North Atlantic sta
tion is under command of Rear Adir.irul
M. P. Isfe, who held that position at the
making of the last report.
The South Ailautie station remains, as
it t| 4at<of tii# last rmiort, uuflor com
mand *>f Keiu Aflmirsl Lsutuau.
The fleet on the Pacific Nation, still
iHiuiumuJel by Rear Admiral John A.
Window, eob'vits iff the (laliforuiin Uie
Poatfthdk* the XiiiragaiiMtt, th# Kirluac,
! the Mohican, Uu- Bourn, the Oadpee, |
the Ouward aud the hk Mary'a—in all
j nine ships.
The Hurojx-an station is now i-ommaud-;
ed by Rear Admiral Ulmrlea H. Ihg-;g*, ,
who relieve I Rear Admiral Gliaaoo on '
| '2Bth of Jannary loot The ships belong
iag to this fleet are the Brooklyn, the
, Plymouth,the Ouerricve, the Wawiiiaqtt,
tU* lly-tpmhialt iht Juniata and^be
* Wsbasß, with tlu- CtMSgresH alxtut to sail
' —iu all eight ships, with 139 guns.
! Ou the Asiatic station, of which Bear
] Admiral John Rodger* is still Uie com-1
man laut, we have the Colorado, the
Hetucia, thw Alaska, the Asliueioi, Um j
MsiioMuf, the Idaho aud the PalieswaUi
the Koto, now on her way through the
Ba.e Canal, unl Ui Iroquoia, under
i orders to join the squadruu—in all uinu
, slh|v, mounting 97 gu,
i Tbc survey of the Isthmus ef Ihirien,
i' under Couimsiuler T. O Melfridgc. wlibfli
, had Veen interrupted by the adv out of
i, the i amy sw-aaiu hwtyoac, has lett mac
i teem-ful'v oondusted in #{ite of the great
• obstacle* met in making way thrmirh a
i 1 dcmlc and almost iujwnetruble wildct
• nee*.
Iu the war with Corea five forts were
cajg .uwd and destroyed fifty ba'-Ue flog*
taken, and 481 pinc.-s of artOjery fell in
jto our haiela. Upward of 240 Gaawaao
! went killed and a few ca|itured. Oar
own losses were three killed and 'en
wounded. Among the former wa* IJi-u
--fciijuit Hugh W. McKce, a gallant Slid,
promising young officer, who fell at Uie
head of hi* men, htmaclf first insije the
eotmy's ©Udi-l
The Havana Student* condemned U the
chain-gang were called up, atripped af
their attire, their money and their
' j jeaery being confiscated, as is al*o all
Uieir property, to the State, in aeeoid
ance witti the terms of their sentence,
dress--. 1 n Uie common duck ckiUj of the
regulation prison elothea, aud forcod in
to the streets to work on the n-jaurißg
of in em, breaking stones and carrying
dirt Thousands of persons— of course
from different motives—have repaired
to the place# where the chain-gangs are
t ngaged to bear witness to" their suffer
ings, duly impelled thereto ly the p iblla
anuouuceiaent Ui*t the M'Utenc" bait
. been <xpcuU*l in all it* part*. Ah rod/
manv o|thoeondrained are if the bos
. pittl, ml j1om some bin nicy j* ex-
Uibited toward* them death will end the
. suffenn-ra of many before one quarter
part of their sentence can be fulfilled.
, (. The Atagmfloea. ,| f
Aarat b' I.snv'a Howa Bwuwr.- The jmb
■ uhc r of *A IS vara * claim for it the hlffti 8s
--. ti#rttoii uf brlMI " flw Ba'W af lla 10-lv's
MkgtwfC*r ami isfiti* th iH-omv-'a/uamber
1 nw Ml re u* tn afi its csaei.tii! fcsfr.rt*. pe
l tonal aud literary, as a sfwehwe. e will not
niske Ud t • ilispate thHr claim. " K-pt In,"
, " A Merry Cbtistsnse," smt •' ttM-ck," the l*i a
: ftcb cart<*. are llla>lfitiw ft ht?h <Vikr.
; and ad !f** thwee wo* to rea<ter of tat* awl
1 enltorr. Now la the tiav* to ared f.rthts Mwi
1 Sine Terms now a s*r. with a!*• radar
turn to dtln and sptsnOid j-raii. ttpeci.
avrnnumWrwrtereu Ad4res*,T. AAHTIU'R
. j A .SON, PlulMtelpUU, IV
Tar Cauoara'sHwa.—to their theemher
namhnr, the i nhfisSwra of tU4 tMMOtttni *fa
due aajr: •' We wt l not pi omi*e to make the
• Flora' anv Iwiler or lundsiwr lhaa it b*
he-en in IWI, for we Jo <* really know where
.I h> Improve it. Uot we will prmmt-e to keep It
folly op to ita high rrptitatum at * lit* best aad
: i purest and most oitreetive of the chiHrea'*
magaxinew.' Vffc close the year with a nomtwf
of onu-na) nchwo." The illustratwma in •! is
ntimber are rmnartpbl* hoe- Pqe : 11.23 a
, rear ; 5 <uip tti f: '>| Ith a tmafiful chrem i
aa a pianr.>dirtA>r eWifis. SueiiiAif e.iple 10
aawts Addrroa, T. 8. ABrift'B A SON. PtuU
; drlpbil. IV
Tax lornx Coawoaxi. waa rooted not apt
in thf pffit At Hi# Dec*tnim
■ aoraurr haa ooms to liaod a* fresh, eparhlo :
and vi-.wins aa ever. It e<mt*in a l-itl-ps*■-
ilhtstrmiion bv Ttuuuas Nat, lbs prtaoouf j
i rtiat- and amour the rrtic ea we tmNtkMo!
r *• J karoos Ureehv. aa " Art an I IndastiT.
Tins ti'imls-r c- iilsina ti sojr rich thins* aieli*
bevoiifuily (Hoftratcil l'.r<tt-b< ot. Ta* Fuh*
ktlin anmnnr-e that ia the twxt number wflt
begi'i the 4400 Fri*> St<>nr. written by Ihlen
!C. Wests s n„ud wrii.'i for tlie yuaujr. Ttus j
silt no doabt t>e a chartntnr atarv. and all the ;
Hova and Utrla win lw deluhtod with it. Ful>-
i haloed h]r Joha U~ Miliar. Clucsiso, 111. j
The Investment of having*.
There arc thousands of persons throughout
the rannSry, whs tisvo frm ow hundred to
one or too vh oaks fid fftUirs stvmf np which
*.- 4e hot wi<h to %sc i schVf ba*US, t
'frbm thsv dcejrc td resliStc ss ilrg* nd
steely n income as possible. Ravine* banks
sre cxi-v lent for temporary convenicnrs. 1-nt
they necessarily pay low rates of intermit;
eovertimcnt liends are sate bejVJOfl qnestloh,
tuii si present price* weld such a small iaoomo
that most investor* of moderate means pub r
something else.
Under the# • eiromrtsne.-* .drsf-Woss mi'
r .<i>f ton-is srs hecotattur s fvovit> i,i*#slrn<- y
among all els op. Many of them arc j •
Tally UMft* gOWernmcOt bonds. xt&Jfcv
nfhl*#iincome much larger than Fivr-T*4 !>•
"ties. Messrs. Jay Cooke A Co.. the eWttMil
honkers, WIK> msde mieh a prr.iel snceeM of
the H'lnrnmcul l<sn during the war, and hard
recently succeeded in rolling two hundred mtb
lions of tiie new U. ft. # per emit, loan, are now
-.ff ring to the American pubic a rail road h >d
that is probably the most aitr-.ctivs apd dcsir.
ahle ii'>w on the nkiA* t. SMwltngfcif the lire!
mortaes 7-90 mid I muds of the Northern Cwif
fie litilrosd Company, the security n bvrriwtoj
a New Verk fiasco.*! popcr ul Um> Un-drd
Standing says;
It is because these bonds at* flrst-eiros
Raiiroad security, aud a Real Estate nrortgacfi
on lands worth twice the anx uut secured, its!
we commend them to those of owr readers who
do*fro so iurostment thst is safe beyond qncs,
tiou, while readily negotiable aud th-annr 4
good rate of interest. They are a first ISso,
not orlv on a great Railroad and its traffic,
but iii offiftfon arc a first mortgage en vatas
bl lnndaat the rate of so acres to esch fiKNhot
indebted****. Add to this tlie fcet that the
rate of interest {7 8-10 per cent, gold) is mors
that 8 per cent mrrency. and thai the fconds
are a)wi s exchangeable at in per fit pretui.
um ftir the lsmts on which they srs scented
i practical I v giting the pO*r iff fiirodoswre at
Willi; asiit il easy to explain the high fssoi
with which these *■ canto s are now rcganWd.
Central Pacific It. R Ponds, secured < n!y sn
tlao ilsihoad itself, and bearing only rip I" '
cent, gold interest, are now selling *t 103. Iff
the light of this fsct, it is not unsafe to pre
diet that Northern Pacifies, hearing sifrms
Ann THAVR-TAKTMN per cent, gold intereat, Ml
ctirod both on Uie Rai road and on 33.000 acre*
of laud to each mile of track, and now selling
st par, end an accrued intereat will at an carl j
day be worth 1-10.
Superstition makes a man a fool—
rkeptasm, mail. J. Monroe Taylor's
Cream Yeast linking Powder makes him
happy and wise.
If votir horse is lame, sore or galled,
yon should use JOHNSON'S ANOPYNR LIN
IMENT ; wosji the part with castUe soap
and warm water, rub dry with a cleaa
cloth, than apply the Liniment, rub ia
well with the hand.
yon are dyspeptic, bilious, rheumatic,
gouty, debilitated, consumptive, consti
pated, or in any wise onto* sorts, "fight
it oat on this line," vit: provide your
self with a half dozen bottles of DB.
according to the programme, twice x*
thrioe, and keep jty'ting Jiaeaae out on
this line, until you have not an ache, a
pain, or a physical trouble of any kin#
remaining. The result is sure, and ft
won't take " all sumrnar " to achieve it.
Tha Saw Apportionment Bill.
Tilts limine of Representstivsa hare
baan in (Vnatnilfswi tn Uie Whole an the
App'Ttionmcnt Iffll, renortad at the lmß
resama The bill p-ovlde* UtiafJ Ibe
3d of Mmwh, 1878. Ue House of Beptw
UUve* shall constat of 281 raonilmra, to
be apportioned among the difltsrent
state* as follows ,
Maim • Kentucky "
New Uainpshire j Taaneaaae • J
Tarwmd .......I fndian*
Mssssehnaetts 11 WttwU., ■
ttbod* Island. 8 Ml*aout
''..line, iti ut .4 Aiksu-a* t
New y.wk Si MtrhhpNl
Now Jssmqr ....... .7 ft'irid*
IVnnsylvaoia SB Texas ®
Itelswars ... ..." ...1 1* 3
Martlouil Wlseowrtß
Vtrxir.ta OaHfuntia .4
North t ar.diaa Miuaeaota
Moutli Caruhn* Oregim 1
Aanrgta *. Kansas 8
Alabama ... t W*t Virginia S
Mlaateslpt*,..,..,. .. 4 I J
LpSST. . Nehia*ka............1
Ohio IS I ___
*#• If you iloaine rosy ebreks, and
a uouiphtxkou fair and free from ITmpie*
and Hlotcbcs, purify your blood bv the
uve pf l>r Piarcv'* Golden Meli*l Dis
.•ovcry. It ho* no eqanl for tbi* pur
poor. 875.
Klxut'LAb AixiUiltXt. —A ainguUr ac
cident occurred on the plateau flf ("ham
pimy, where the oombt* of the Ist and
id December waa fought. Tlie share of
a plough coma in contract with a I tomb
shall which I tad sunk into the mirth, aud
earned an explosion. The body of the ,
man driving waa scattered about the
field iu uff.rseta. Hie honors were 'killed i
ittid the plough blown to pieces.
Have tlie remftw* rf this paper ever
tiaed any (if I'aiwox'a Ft nOATiVK I'u.i.a'
t if not, why uol tliey are the boat fam
ily physic, braidea being the beat anti
j htiiona i < -toady there ia in this ountry.
( UAPreo Maxim, face, rough skin.pim
Kle*. riligwonu, aalt-riunim, and otiier
ttincou* affcctiona, cured, and the akin soft and smooth, bv using the
It-xtPKa Ton Hoap, nsle by ('aswejx, !
Ilxxtno A Co., New York. It ia more
■ cohw-nienl and eauily ap|*li*d than other j
r, luvduha, avoiding the trouble of the
great, v reuupouuda nam in u*o.
Itaovx'i Mmmthiax. Tnocanm, for |
Pulmonary sod Astharsti# Disorders,'
have ftrorttl their efficacy by a imi of
many years, and have received testimo
nials freuhandneut men who have used
; : Mtem: * ' " " '
Ixtwt vou* apare *sti ia flraA-claas
Rutin**! hntttU, paying you good inter
ext. Write to Chart.*!* W. Hassle*,
No. 7 Wall Street, New York.
j ' t < n-^cui.
, i '*9 i* caoaa *Oa. am saw ■ sia* aa# r—aw—* *
* tmalyih aad wl*•#*a* slldss-ata Mm
Marl<*> %J*m M4 nawn St Da *#*• #**. .
9m*U Ot tmmm ttm~m ae4 TWTrVU.
maneHMawnan tasalasr astmnMr j
. tMi mtmni hf 6r. ss4 alr swtv*s s Uf mam |
turn ss* iu in may mt *" fmyhre •*-••• {
of Us><t* m* aula of ut. or SOS Am* sf loot fc
m*t> 41,04# Boad H# htfhM corrvat tMm wtß tm j
imo4 10. C S. sa4 *a rnhm asckrul.w
vnniM rasnt ia *h*Sßs worn sa j
; l4 folnmaiM. sa wsll s* Iha kmd* ihwawlssa ■ W i
fsiwMwd sb sepUoMm a hiown A Oa. raits,
drlpjuo. X* Twa ss* WaUoaro*. sad t* am* Bos*.
a* BtaXM UtKNWasm Urn ma* '
.a . t
The Markets.
mmwfliiiii TilnnlnlTa IBITIIII*i| .UVf -JJ
rtim qaoltty It * W
: - ti is f ast n # .It
orstnarr thi" n Mkm •
mrrar ls*asra4s MM ■ M j
1 Mttra Oewa ?
' S f|V
' tKSrr.r.™ tss
. Si*
Wtutaeaaam Ksot La 4S LW
Brw-Wsmma. -t JJJ
; fqwsww oaamaw ,f0 g| 100
!* f
Qiwrtawa,,., ....... J* • •
ft.* w ♦
I u^l.. *mta*i ••*••• •*•***•#•*•*• -0 41 .W
.* - -its .n
Bervsa—ivuts 5 •* *2
—2 S :S
W nVrVj, .wtlnsrv W t* .St
I rajiMsfisamls 0a5.... St m JH
■ pa—isa Waistao wv w f .•
-• tana—ad tt * t
Onw •
• By*#—amis.... rt •
Brer Paw* *l* tt TAd j
| Sawar t J— j
' thsiis f r tat MO
} il { *
; <|i*N .• ** o&
§C t
lEßill „i, I, na *, -, T - —--- M W -W
■i i ia si id v
U*lOM*'re*t|aaaaa"a*tatt • •**;
i m-M*w Ltt Lot
ft irt it Vtsta .Li. in ■ .8 II LOt
, t t
-■ i *- fNMinJHUL .
| tapes ngUAvExt— J>2 f 12
W*sa-W-ain. 800.. J * • L
Walls A l.St SIN
o—-TsUow •• ■*
>m^^'EEEr. .. "rs &
(VMrTi-a—lew MiOkhßaa..".-'.l" S Js
l i.H t-hta J. 4* w •
Van t t 'At
,TI d .01
n w VI
—.,,. ■ —■ i
•keek, ts Ik. Sywress.
The Am aksak ot ■ fW *•" UaisiaJ-swh spea *•-
Mtlel Eywro*. ***** "Aa* Is pawns trow
a warn vagtea, *> a *O4 nn. s* s. wa, Us kedv *-
■ 4 rWsa passwtlwn a*atav awaaMw
•cd ean. Alt trsntkis end r,, agr admit tkla. tt ta
1 ■ . mill Si i miasm In m ""—*— wpaawnsUn
! nMklan a< as. asaww and aswiw wnswllw Aa
wm Kwwe*|aW* twrs. Pwiswsltetasaas ant
Nsa Wtlw TWa tsnSWaahl. .a>.iaW maw
.ncrassM tin Wssimal atrwitii at Una, wtn Isk# R, asd
midrts iksn graaf to a frwat ailawt asaiwM tb. dmul
laiaapuwwat eutt soddaaap Thsaalwe agmusns.
, paolliiaw' dgwswss kmpted ksM.swt *i*r
{ weh Hear aa tSi hnlihfwl and par. lame dlgaan
Ikiaaak ik wMa oasssiasyna-l. s rapatiul whieti
j thw ••*<• na*. A lss m*nrtaas at tb* eatda.
! aturrha and yslnKsnrv eewptatsw wkW> prrvafl Is
•am. ntabt b. awndad. k> nrraatiiawMu aad nwnlat-
U>* ajriwJk ta adrasrs wth Wit. taHtansl and ahsta
kn. KiH that It rwa,inaild aa a spaclfi* tar Draw
eoasp'-amt*. bat aa a pranwttvaat thatr easna. Oattw
.Uaar k,1. n * osW a srraawWn mt, tmt s apaaifle
tar tb. indlgarsras. tsksatlks) iraagslarUiaA aaaJartaw
Oaafd tiy a ehtUa and damp atmaw**.
■ HTTWTIH T* P*TKT ST**.* •JRJIL*!*, asd
|tw |i< n<llMi <ur^y<yy
TWO EEAWTfPVI* (""ir t" p *-
1 !(*, **a B,al ©• hHM W*klr,"
*m • ranter Motery *&. >'■■*■ Meb rarfi> *b
N>thftT Erne Tkrwwvfe ku t
JTMM> H<?PKINK * vffiffok. N, T
91.00. THB fI.OO.
| A Practical JMUTMI, rap<fl*l injW lo Uic !•
tcmta of the
American Housewife.
CtlKla| trtlclM kj n|*H*<*4 lUa-ckecper.,
apoa all natter* jwrtalala* to kee
lite and dowotir rononj.
Thi notmiar M<wilMr hM r*oraW b*m •olarrM to
twitf-hror trt •**. MM Ptn* wtSl bo
Tk* Boot Foarilt dowMl M> the Craatry.
J5 '"jtoto OpT.ydo. th.JOce'i'tf
Bna. tbo Jbrraiiv* Room, the Libra.™, tb Unanro
t-wr, the Natter*. the Dn rotary, the Kitchen, the
•Way Book end the Purl* with eractio*! butu and
aqpgeotioaa appropriate to oaoh.
AMhto wtsUd. to where * liber*! aowkmiotion will be
Benrt Wtmp.for Spoolmen Copy.
Addn*.. a]W & ( ROWELL * CO.,
tUeftoro, VS.
for ioouty Of Po<ih, Odßing of lMr, j
frMMN Iron" .*, Oufamtit, A OftMO
nM, truly unrt*i*a.
Mm f ftrtlM !•. MM atlMrf mfmm
KM.WIM "I M —* •+* *f *f *•,
i 4 U>o*Mlt.
Tt R...i " It Ml, for tsar* tcJrr* I
M* M •!•• MM* ft • mml Mr I
ISi"'JmL V** "*-'•***•*' "*** *•* "**•' ®*s fob* j
sr\\\ o r *••
Setmimd *#•**<•*•• _
oui6# 4w> w, v
m:i7r, \sxa TH
Ftii m**f, - • . fw mmrp ww JPw j
r ;
4 . ruXlWmo KKTU.ATIOVM t 4-!
J% mtitM Out af Mil <NMM M*. MM, fWNO *M
Mm, wMh • W'4f- MWd wm4
■Sib* -• <<f Mi liMhMMI or ifc mtM imwi !■•-
05 ym*uwHm t Wß>Tnwn S4OOO.
W tiIUW • •.- MUiIM V* vw '
U M>W* M) AutKt ■ fc • A
! UMM MfUM. •• <1 M "• MM* IfillllHiM. IMBW
•JUlmhmL' t : M J L WW, Tjßjjuw O*
; OrpMMt #•#<, wUi| o# 4m ■ y* mm,
[ Kwt.klw imMMk •MiU.|fr4 mmvmim. .
#M tA IUUI Ila Met <*><••*. mO. lUMtIM
■ J w MmEm, m vmm. il muSSm, if • n
--' . 1 <>• daomif o.M •• • a *#••*, M #■ M 4 , Mat *
%r litnirW (■ ; IXM inMoi iriiMM
! J U4UM< !••• I a Mi "#*• A"
■■■# Kw ii4i ift ifcM# iMi w ■ tttt.
IM M myimm at.. W.Jf.
imii iktM *••!> A i raw PinriM* OMulma
. Mut yum ■■■* <• <Miti. m *** ***** i •
J w '^SgglttSgAfiPfw
Hi ; tgN PLJttH - fit* ifg—l MMBrUMMit
kiu2s.i <IH ltaya and bruntlK foito Ml
|> BliMMr <b* <rtii, \*v*tAtar E*ltUttrno
t .f all ktiulo. and U<w Amtum
WS?T laru!. Kliitow HrunWMW,taa
rulaa. MudUVa. li*kJift, I'ablMtas, immUmt
Riliiop-at. Drain##, #t., *r. A • u t
•auMl ttamtnt'U > <- LM at all J1> ataitad ira*
hTiim. Vuiisca w* t
%m HMiiilt,. Way Tjwfc.
ml* art uw wmm b* (Sm*. f Bran* jtod J. W. Mh—
fcuut, 4ita> .1 ti Qt■■■:*• rvAi* wnt #*--* Mt
(KM, Mid 40 lllci*•• !#. I| ra.-| a
Agents Wanted,
VBu Own* hkitMm fla. Cbtowa It,, ra Bk*.. B*.
We an meetorairai* ran aama frai at fcfM
Itannrt Mo It to Braes. Ist If OH
•AfArae d era puM eea b era*. :.'•• ,:rair< ll
to towtort raMr tor •*. otoi raid • Mra **•<*, It to
■toWEE tort fuma bup>. Umam, WS* U>Me,
t-i-L,,* tot A, i. a IHCedtaJ fvraid*. ** H kite raai fclto
CSHSow <mu 8*
dirt Anto> era wU tofii'i rajtoerad
**""* ♦*——' prtoi.atom. |wMo**
cattk i'\ tt-srrCMs
Mtain I .".to an. r i *<••.* ad.a|wra. .„**■. f
M CKftTa* WtoMTKBW eraiywiwra, Ira
■ The Home of
U God's People.
WtTtoflrtirtHtoa. era Cto m^raratt
■ ■ M Otto MUM* mg aafHtot*. ll HHHtem orator *<*
to, tort ■—'" —e atoo. (ana
IT' ''""-"itTlrae Jrartff" UmSHSIL
Vi s K'a
otew oxr.irxaiea riew.
Fr Mto la Vw falaro. • a<t Tl'-IWt. BfMto.
r or Haat'rt-a Itofnulofa tot Flwrr.
Ptaaee attof Va*rttotolaa, >itoWiiMto
ol isr.iiitoWWA AJtitoTo.rmmim.te
ato tl. cYat fatxara Iwlt *<rt. *wto Urate*.
XOtoliioU at )f " I
AtMrra. iA*r*Tir*.
■ itoiilir.M.l^
.Jutot Published,
K. 1 i. M XC 'DONALD'S
History of the Garden City
Watb tao ozaarrav Ola rt Mao frwrtiral traibltay re*—*
nf rktoafw la l- 00.1 wrn : ellMiMtofWe HWnrof
that tlraal Farr. Wmßwc WwffMhr ffararttoeNUMP*
Kto Md ararart eratttoWel dm kra, aaatrtoataaraa. tofc.
aßetoto|toaut wtoH o i*-** Mam at mm ** r*. faratj
saaff^Tt"s!.3srSfa a
trsTKU-aiatiae: irswwas**
Cee.raera- A.ra-io eurato. I.'rira rainMra: !•*
K. to TlOllMOl lOto.Sto Itotaa wm.b.T
: Grand! Square and Upright Piano*
*m mud) is*
rim ru< fi*M *♦*.
World"# Fair. Pari*. IMB. and LmXM MS*.
| Tttlamiitoinw —nwnil>|a—miSefi*
•m* nrt.n t*tM
aw Mf tMyaUtr. Th.w i> ranwari an wWaited
la all tetewh. |h. ran* rtlikiaM jtoaWte. Thar an
a**d h* a!) Uf imacHwl aaaaan ivfy •*•••* i en
i lamal.= la.j ha.- aim-?
1 Mm tartar .sjwted la and a 1 M£s •* <ka
: ririHted world. and tWaiw amrhl ah* t Mated bj
: owtr all *ian> PtaaweMMt*
| %| j,innn y &*%* m **►*►<!* Mnilwr<*4r^
StawMW* wtww fc*inc rm*it *i ftijUyl ■ n
y *•><*<• wnarfr sdkr r wmm# (fc* nf il frfW fafNf jMfmnti
iw*m f Jftm rr# mmJhtmti.
| firrocwAr Jt s->v li **<• %• tlmr
: Nh Srtfti aMWand Malar
fan etea. wfr wb w ww*i*km ta #~h—wwt fflMl *f
MM. W iviatef **•.•.-, ••. aMta ateodiac k*
i .a law and Mac Fw tan*""*"" * atn-oateww f
! team taan *, ol.*r Piute. a pi tell awm' and
Etwr rial. Warraalf. far Ft.* 1 ,•.
Prow aa low aa h* atohwrio ate ol ha hate mtri*)r
Had mm* Ibwgh aaraawaahla will panait. UM Pa
en* taWe in nt^bunc**-
if-Monißl < a lata**** villi prtea-Uate nwitad fro#
aa anfdfc*M*e.<4a
W mKßwma, CTn.WITHALI,
1— A Itl Km faaHnatt Sewr |M
Tie lost Poplar Medicine Eitaat.
(fB-b—n te-wd Is -TerewMyof etifltaa l aeithyßkflMMt
or nrteoa known V> A* rio-. It Bltx elm **<•-
oust eaajMn>n and arthmbi* frtcad id tb* miwV>Br*
•Bd th tt r an era and •:>•!. and BOiBB ehoold
brand on oar Ul Of Riw> without ii.
It >,• burn baton' tbo publ" • Thirty Vat, and
looleb'y haa a art,"#- and bB>R RAW* >HA UMB any
,>th*r pfnpnrtan mduiM ol th- pr> <nl 4y At Una
pßrtod Utore an bat f.w with tho
Rat whitenoma Brtol it at a Imimont, thrtj- know bat tlltte
ot tta powara IB nainc pain wban taken intetnaUy. wfaj!
oUMra m itmtornaliy withantat ntmi. bet areeqoally
icrmrant at ita healing rtrtnoa wben applied oitereally.
Wa, thonfor*. w#h to aarta all that UtemtaaHy anaeoaa
ful whether u-ed mternallr ar nataraal y. and It ■tend*
to-dug. BB(t*slld BY all UM groat catalogue of Family
Medicine*. It > mifllct-ct ertdeaee of Ita rtrtawe a a
ataedard madte a*, that it ia BOW TI-ert M all porta of tlw
world and that ita rate n, aoartaaUy uariaatep. No
OB rattan agent haa had .0 * wide-*!,reed aala or firm
ach onontnal aalwf ction. It u a barely Tegetabto
Oi Uipound, and perfectly aala, even IB UD iilifoi baud*.
A* BMBF worthteaa ooatroaaa an attempted to ba aold OB
tha mat reputation of thia rafctabte meaMo*.
py Directions aocwmpaay aaeb bottle,
Mm U Ota.. M eta., aaf I,Mptr bottte.
"* M ••*-* in m 4%
urns ■• •
w••><* rf i 252iuwr
(MMlkt ^—J
# "-• NMMN tk *• *J P * pi ,l^ga
*' ft
iKMMi A Lire
> yn7ni
, IM nwrtHH t# dlaM<t— —f ?**T M
' nirUrit UM4T bmm **• •*• aani*** B *
| yyfcuili #f tTttrr OM®MA Wid Mi# rtMt Kilt
T#*l, I i-r—ir •*. ** t'"**w r ** rtt J t „
> Ume. —** > : <* V**^g * :h f „
Par lilMMMIff MOd WWWM HAd*** 1 *
,1— ■■! B—. Y-.
"•• jaga^ys!rw.
"JTrnVUZZil'2**s%otamW •**
mtm. PTIT V
OML WM* M** *—"*** f **"■■■*
-y" 1 " 1 "'■...■rr^rrr,
: - llu -..... t..— ■imaMMatOanwM w
: MOM, W lM ■•■••*#• IMaMUM , . ... . J
t "T'Lk-k -
, . ... mlaut MW tfcal* at tW-M** I '**
Urm Md wm. Vim wammm
! -- -- lo lfc * •* •"•*•• •■ *
FOB toKIKPItoIU toEto.
I BS*SSL SWbdMML ftpwttL ftum***
' "SSSW fKtottol Mml rt— r
i -to Of lAorot, iiiliA—i it IMMi |M *
' i*Ai slttsrtsh *• llw tsiwii i ii—R— l •• sHNbii It •® IIB, '■:
I Z t^Zmrn ua^totooto;
kTui '.iurvsrSiSfe=eisSZig
*-*? m
w *u-
Y. .1 itortW " .
8 P'OfaOOE.
offtrtra. ' aw * J jyBfAWU. ffMratotora, #la—
-50tl YEAK.
• pm ia. Itladif W Kftok, tra IML
fioißt m.
m ratfto Btotor. *. T.
<rara STtodtofto. dtot Bioatotoranay. M. *.
SSTJSififitpSiSKSt A JZ kti4**r*MXKm
Burno, fekwOtlto. Sprainto.
A nipliirTtitws raMray ÜBI 6M*.si** Stak
i rtfitm it is siPt'^'S
TO tXt*U!tM TU
Great Saving To Coasumert
reITREHf AiEsicis TEA CO.
•1 afi TMtT BTBIWrT.
_ m tor <m. mm WtotolßW
i Pat) BnoaMo. a.jiw *i*aa
TW Warakly tototo Praratoladi In tola* WlOa-
Ht Itarrtotoa* til W.
Witk tbe bcftnning of 0m yew 1872 Turn
Woui Sex will be doubled it* prawet 4*.
ad will o'tteio flifbt |Nto Hurtotod of four,
maklr it e<ral In to any etfcer
weekly wsctiUr }oumal pobtkbed to Ibid cooa
tey. At the auae tloie Ma prtee will not be
iocreaaed. It will be (umiabed to mbaeribeni
at the miAma nrta. cdotoe dollar a year for
trail copy. To tfal* rate ae exceptfan will tie
made mad no redoettoo *UI be pcadbie, eitlier
to dtofee or Emy — t— Wbi wbo
Mud* a dollar wIU trade* a copy Cur a year.
While Tm Wncu Srs will thus for
nfct* a#much reading matter as other paper*
nobshed Ml doubter* tsehle the price, it will
contain new (emtem* which will uM crtatlr
to Ms interest sad tain* as a family news
paper Its independence of opinion and Its
unqualified hostility to Tweedkm and Oraat-
Um. ami every form of pnhlie robbery
bribery, and corruption will he maintained,
white in point of political newt its reader*
may rely upon always receiving the meat an
curate as well aa the freshest intelligence that
can possibly he obtained. The enlargement
will enable as also to devote additional spaoe
to valnabie agricultural intelligence, and to
print interesting stories and romance* more
extensively than hitherto. For miscellane
ous reading presenting the quaint and hu
morous aspects of life, and for useful Infor
mation respecting not only what tales place
in this metropolis and this country, but in
all othe- parts of the world, we shall now
ha ve ample room.
la its new form Tss WCTTIT Pes will be
the cheapest paper of its clsas in the United
State* ; and we appeal to such of our readers
ss approve its ideas and objects, sad find it
interesting and valuable, not only to renew
.their own subscriptions, but to recommend
the paper to their friends and neighbor*.
The coming year is destined to be a memo
rable one in the history of the country We
are on the eve of a most significant Presi
dential election, and political movements will
for many months be watched with unusual in
terest. As a journal, free from the trammels
of party, Tns WSKKIY St* will continue to
uphold the principles of true republican gov
ernment. Its readers are invited to sustain
it in that went. The truth, Irrespective of
party prejudice or official in&uenca, will al
ways he told In its columns.
Terms of the Weekly Sail.
A journal orotßißiag eight hiyt psgee ptifl%f4l
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