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    We Never Talked ef
We roamed the woods together,
Rwwt Rosalie snd I,
la foir and ettMf watiw^
Ju*t *bca the €mw stoga Wf h -
Ike woods mn thiol aroundus.
1W formed a roof above ;
We Saiked aa subject* found on,,
Hat we never talked of lave.
We wandered home together,
Hweel Rietlit end I;
Amwe the porpte heather.
And whore the i-iresw rune by.
The enn wee slowly sinking,
And softly moaned the dove ;
W both knew we were thinking.
Though we never talked, of love.
My 8* pa,
" Wliea ! alt on market-day* aatid the comer*
end the govt*.
Oh ! ftdl oft I have a Vision of the days with
out eltor.
And ehh con tee up the river with a jolty geoy
of fcvcm,
And a * puU'e hanlVpuUV henl'e, yoy! heave,
W g *l
"flherv i e buey talk around rue, ell ebnat
mine cere it hnmmvtb,
But the wooden wharree I hv-k en, end a
dancing, heaving buoy,
Tor 'tie tidetiine in the river, end ehe aumeth -
oh t ehe cometh
With e * hUI'o henl'e, pull* heuTe, ywvf j.en
hoy!' | | |
" I beer the waiet wwldng; new golden
wave* wmv brtgWUr. 7
And I hear the capstan preating—lia a eound
tusk cannot oiov.
Bring h u, , ehip W lading, brig or schoo
for, afoot* lighter,
Wilk. •pnfre henih, jeallV henl'e, ml
heave, hoy I'
,4 * Wi, i i sf nbeerd, my deercetf tor the
high era* he heforv u*.'
80 f, down W*nr to those dare
Without alloy.
We aw launched ! Ifet whon. I wonder, shall
a tweeter round float o'er na
Than yoa pair* poUV haalV, w. ? :
heave, hoy*'"
An odd of a personage, as retarded
hi* pets, was old .Mr Oriugtou, and he had
induced his peculiarities to his heart's
content in these latter jeers, and there,
on the head t one tret*-post' while John
tJraptey leaned against the other, perched
*he meat disagreeable favorite of them all,
-except, perhaps, these newlj discovered
grandchildren whose inopportune ateivsi
had so wrong wbst ought to hare been
John (triplets'* heart.
On the top of the gate-post, with his
dark, brilliant satirical eje turned know
ingle aidewiae, now at John's moody Isce,
snd now at the doctor* boggy at the rqpd
*s*% as mock at iomj: i, • , 1 ,
u 1 know all about it. ; font rou wish
that yon did P
John would hare thrown a brick at his
step father's tame crow, if he had dared,
and silenced his irritating caw for ever.
" The old uian "isn't rick," miittcied
•John: u hot he always consults with Dve
nor Prmdte on money affairs, a* much as
cm physic. It was the doctor that diew
the other will, and I know what was in
" Ca-a-a-ca-caw!" emphatically remark
ed Martin the now.
'•lt's more than likely," John eontiuaed,
with a petulant glance at Martin. " that
the old man has got the doctor here now
to cook up some confounded change in favor
of that white faced girl and her brother.
To rob are lor the children of a scapegrace
whom he disinherited a score ot years aro.
It's a shame ?'
" Oim a caw," philosophised Martin.
u Shot up, you ill-omened croaker I Any
how, I can lounge around under the win
dow, awl see if there's a chance of know
ing what they're at."
The low and tine-hung window of old
Mr. Ovipgrton's •< study" was opened wide
that Sumner afternoon, and a man who
ciiose to crouch under it, as John Gnap'ey
did, oonld hardly fail to hesr most oi what
might be said, is any ordinary tone of
wad, by those withiu'tbe room.
John had slippedboiseleosty away, froai
the gate, hawing the tame crow to his own
meditation-: but Mart>w Was a sociable
bird, and had already rouiplettd his. ob
servations of the doctor's horse sod buggy.
He wau morally sure that be coukl steal
neither, and they were therefore matters
of tndiiereoce to him. But we must go a
little ahead of Martin.
Wbt-a, seme twenty minutes earlier,
Doctor Prmdk ted entered tbe booms, bs
bad beea ushered into tbe study by sweet
-Diets Ovin&ton hem!? daughter of that
Adrian <>Tingt cm, whose runaway love
match bad embittered 90 many years of his
lathe, a existence.
A lovely prl, indeed, was Alice, of not
yet eighteen Summers; and it was n>
wonder that her stern grandfather had
opened his heart to his son's dying peti
tion in behalf of her and her brother.
Doctor Prindle was one of tho* brisk
but dignified old gentlemen who know al
most e very-thing, say vary littV, and are
waweedinsiy valuable member-, of society.
Alice told htm that her brother tleorge
was well, and would soon be home bom
colkfe, to spend too mention with hi
grura father.
"Ye?, Alice," said the doctor; " kt hits
spend it all here, Tt will be better."
And then he disappeared tbraugb the
study-door, dosing it East behind him.
Alice harried away, to atteAd to house
hold affairs, and the muffled sound of
voices from the study died quick!v away.
Very few words passed, at hist, between
Mr. (hiogton ana bis counsellor, and the
old man's red and choleric visage betrayed
no atom ot emotion, as be took from" its
envelope a paper of every moderate dimen
sions. and spread it on tiie table, saving;
"There if is, doctor. I euep you'll End
it right. That's the will."
" Sensible thing. Glad of It," growled
the doctor, as be settled himself in bin chair.
A moment more, an 1 he was deeply en
gaged on the precious document. Slowly
ana carefully be read it down, as if be did
not mean to do it twice, and when be bad
completed it he only said:
"Correct. And now what f*
"Ca-aea-eawP croaked a doubtful
voice at the window; and then JUurt hi'
biirself flapped heavily in. and perched on
the rabte bqpidc bia master.
" Martin, my boy, it's all right. I only
wish you could sign as a wit new."
" Ca-a-cav," said Martin.
"[wish be couki," said Dr. Prindlo;<
but aa you've only got old Hector's name
here, I suppose you will want mine. It's
all right, otherwise."
"Of course it is," gasped the old gentle
man. "It's a copy of toe one you drew, j
in all but the names and the division. It's j
no injustice to John Grapley. He is wellj
. taken care of, and, besides, he has proper-1
ty of his own, from his mother, and he
has no claims of blood 00 me."
" Still, it cuts him out of a very com
fortable pile," said the doctor. " Where's j
the pen* That rascally bird! Look at
him. There be is on the top of the book
oase. with the pen in his mouth." ' 4
"Martin, vou scamp," laughed bis raas
come down with that pen, or I'll
disinherit you. Never mind, doctor.
Don't look at him, and he'll bring it bade
in a minute. He's fond of stealing, but
be never keeps anything long."
Sure enough, in tbe course ol two or
three minutes tbe pen was on the table
again, and meantime tbe two (riends talk
ed on.
*' John will hardly be pleased with this,"
said the doctor.
"I shan't care, then, whether he is or
not, and I don't care much, anyway."
* Have you destroyed the other will V 1
"No; but I'm going to. It's over
there in the secretary. Yon will know
where to find this one, if you outlive me."
" All right," said the doctor. " Martin
has brought back the pen." It was a slow
and crabbed signature that the doctor at
flxed, but it was good enough for the pur
When he had signed the will, and put it
back in its envelope, be looked around over
tbe table, only to find that Martin was
agun on the top of the bookcase, and this
time with the ikf le negro-beaded penwiper
in bis beak.
"That rascally bird."'laughed the doc
tor. 44 Well, tbe pen can go pwviped."
" He'll bring it back again. Martin is a
good bird," said Mr. Oviugton.
" Ca-a-caw P exclaimed Martin, and tbe
penwiper dropped lightly on the floor.
"Come, doctor—come' and take a look
at mv new Devons, before you go. I'm
half-minded to drive into town with you.
The walk back will bo good for me—help
FRED. KURTZ, Editor and Proprietor,
keep down thus too heart care*** >4 niitta.
I don't gel half enough chm-iiuv"
'* No Wore von tknvt," growled the dot*.
a m glance at hi* fHcml's pie
t boric (MMpot tton*, a* they made their way
out of the ttady.
Their WlffMlkfl had not been in
whltpere, and John Oraplejp had lost none
of it since he took hie eland by ibe w-n
--dp*. Not wa* it many uiinntee after the
.JpfMgflur* of hi* stepfather before Joint,
with an unaccountable pallor (a his foot?
and a hesitating atop, w as pawing through
the house from room to o w, All has
deserted, solitary. KvcntbefUr face of
Alice Ovmgton wa* brightening *unieiuor
diWaat corner ef the ntansmo.
The young man's tep Invsme even mote
stealrtiy, and hit thin, white tips shut more
ckwely on each othar, as he laid his hand
at last on the knob of the study door It
turned in his grasp, and he stepped within.
The ro.wu wa* empty of hunun forms,
ami John (.iripley's eye* wandered in vain
search around the room -not finding some
thing they expected. A few loose papers
on the table were hurriedly turned over,
and as hastily thrown down, with a sharp
: exclamation of angry dcisatnfaetioii.
The key was In the secretary, but John
tlrapKyS hand shock kiore ihan a little as
he turned It in the lock. He did turn it,
however, and then at least his search
seemed to be successful; for from one ol
the little pigeon-boles he drew and opened
a long yellow euvelope.
John gave the paper which he held in
bis hand but one suilt, keen, eager glance,
and then hru*. it into an iuaide pocket ol
his coat, muttering;
u At all events, he shall nvidestroy this.
He has got the other with liim now, and
1 must trust to luck to get it out of the
wav. Now, I must get out ol this."
He put the empty envelope back in the
pigeon-hole, locked the secretary, lelt the
key as he found it, and hastened away.
11l dfclhiot tnake his appearance near his
home again until the next day at noon.
It was Ute taat evening before old Mr.
Oviugtou returned from town, weary with
his unaccustomed walk, and anxious only
to get straightway to bed. It was late in
the morning when he arose, and then his
Devon* and his other mute favorites kept
him for a time from tiw cosv study.
Aline Orington had looked at the cattle
with him, and Martin had cawed gracious
ly about them a* if he considered himself
a good judge of both brutes and human
being*; but John Grapley did not put in
his customary apprarxnc •.
When hg did return, however, halt an
hour later, he aa* iet in the gateway by
the form ol" his stepfather, looking a foot
taller thau usual, Iwiag, literally, in a
" towering'' lit of anger.
"Johu Grapley, do you know where
they are—do vou 1"
"Where what are? What on earth's
the matter P gasped John, with a well
assumed look of bewildered innocence.
" The will, you scoundrel, the will!
Both of them! Give them up or I'll "
Alas for swollen veins and hasty pa*
rioas! For, as John Grapley quailed and
trembled before the wrathful face of bis
stepfather, suddenly the old man put on a
strange and set expression, b'w tongue ceas
ed to <>b. y hi* angry will his limb* tailed un
der him, and the old gentleman sank help
less on the grass!
John Grapley'* face wore for a moment
the look of a reprieved criminal; but he
returned his self-poesessi ai, and no alarm
could have been more prompt and loud
than that which be sounded.
Mr. Oriagtoa was borne into the house,
and medical aid was summoned.
Johl went himself for Dr. Prindle; but
coukl hardly even simulate vexation on
learning that that gentleman had been
dhilgd aira# to an important consultation,
aatf wtnnd not be home under two day*.
Fbvsiciam were to lie hid in abundance
however, and they came; but they came
too late to do anything helpful for Mr.
Ovitigton. The silver cord was loosed,
and his pitcher was utterly shattered at
the fountain of life.
Great was the consternation of poor
Alice Ovington, and it was great help to
her that tier brother George came home
next day, in the midst of the funeral pre
prations. Still, both Geotge and Alice
foamd themecive* of * nail account in the
house of their grandfather, for George
Grapley had taken all matters in charge
at once", and issued his order* with the air
and manner ola well-assured proprietor.
At first they did not uiind it much, though
George Ovington, more relfim than hi*
suiter, remarked to himself that it augured
little of good for their future prospect*.
Poor Martin had not teemed to com
prehend the terrible change tn the house
hold affair*, and perhaps hit instincts of
self-[reservation taught him to do hi* al
lowance of discontented cawing at a safe
distance from the spirted bands of Johu
The succeeding day had been act lor the
funeral, and the coffin lay in the old, deep
wtndowei drawing room* which was, per
fhrec, dl! thrown open (or the circulation
of the warm Summer air, and the entrance
of the unsympathieiug sunlight.
More than an hour before the time fixed
for the funeral, Dr. Priudle drove up to
the gate, threw hie reins on bis horse, and
strode into the bouse. He gave George
Orinetoii a hasty eraspof the hand, spoke
to Alice a few kindly words, and then
tfent on irrtri the parlor.
Here he was standing in sorrowful si
lence, bis usually firm feature* working
slowly a* he gazed down npon the fa e of
bis old friend, when he beard a step beside
him, and the voice of John Grapley said :
" Ah, doctor, I am so sorry you were
not here. I tear you could have done
nothing for him, hut just before he was
taken be wai wishing to sec rou."
H To *ee me f What for r
" Something about a new will. He said
be bad made one, but destroyed it, and he
wanted your help in framing another. He
led me to believe that be intended making
some liberal provision L for George and
" That, indeed, he did," replied the doc
tor, hat somehow he did not feel called
upon to say any more.
Ca-a-caw, 'added a hoars-, complaining
voice at the window; but the flap of de
parting wings told that Martin'* policy
was still one of doubt aucl prudence.
Here," said John, "i* an envelope ad
dressed to yourself, which 1 hare taken the
liberty to open, as it is unsealed, and aa 1
have long known it oonttinedj my step
father's will.
" You know its contents, then ?"
'• Oh, yes, of course. They are in ac
cordance with bis repeated assurance* to
ray sainted mother and mvaclf. As it is
in your own handwriting, i can tell you
nothing, except that I shall take pleasure
in carrying out what I believe to have
been Mr. Ovington's intentions toward tb#
children of his disinherited son. They
shall always have a home and good previ
sion while I live."
" Ah—yes, indeed,l hope so," abstracted
ly returned the doctor. " Are you sure
there is no other will V*
♦ Quite sure. I have searched every
where," replied John.
" WelL, as 1 am named sn executor under
this instrument, I shall deem it my duty
to take a look on my own account," half
curtly rejoined the doctor.
I might have something to say as to
what is done in my own houae," replied
John; "but I have no manner ol objec
tion. Let as go to the study."
Jobn Gropfey might we'Jl have waived
all objection, for his search bad been most
thorough, and he was altogether sure that
no subsequent seeking would reveal more.
He had been haunted by a fear that the
doctor himself could account for the paper
wbfwe absence had so excited Mr. Oving
tvn, but that dread had now vanished.
;#j i Miw i i 1 5 "" ' 1 , 1 •• 4mi Jtm* \m
\ C, 1 ,W Jis y** #*¥ I . #\tf! - - *f |: Ut* '* ,in .V* *' „ ■ . f|? ;. J; - mmgt®; .
Straight to the mvretary wejrtt the doc
tor, and John lira Wry ihowrd him it kf pf
he had found the tvt'e.
'•I hrtfdr U would be tnare," aai<l
Um doctor | tuare 1* logaetbtng
"il l ea-eaw f* croaked' Martin, from
the wlitdow-ailL
" That rascally bird !'' esclatuted John
Utaidey j but. If ho had anv jwweet, natiim
of ikdng haini, he t\a* (tefi-atwd by the
bird'* quick, flapping d*h for hts citadel
on the top of the high book caw.
think there will be no u*a in seeking
farther,'' aaid John, " e*ttectally in viuw of
what Mr. Ovingtou *id to me just before
he wn seised with this sad attack of apo
" t fear not," muttereil the diwtor, as he
bent bts eyes for a moment, musingly, on
the floor.' Slowly he raised them, still
evidently in deep (bought; but. a* ho did
so, they ilasbe t with a suddea light.
'*ThsUrascalljr bird! What ts that be
ha* got in his Irak f"
" Oa-a-a-cn-caw !" yigorouly mmked
Martin, and, a* his thieving mouth opened,
a long, yellow envelope fell at the doctor's
John Grapley gave a convulsive start,
and essayed to pick it up, but the doctor
waa too quick for him.
'•lt is addressed to me." he said; tu-1,
as for its contents, I put them in myself, w
Mr. Oviugton'* presence, the day before be
died. This. Jul n Grapley, is your step
father's last will and testament, and Mar
' tin has proved himself a good witness to
| it. lam more than half inclined to think
that he has been a most valuable Iriend to
j George and Alice. Martin, my boy, you
are a trump!"
" CVa-a-ca w fapid Martin.
" That* rascally bird!" faintlr gasped
John Grapley, • Us stole outdlf the stuily.
■■yri ■ ii >-
Caste (n India, *
The Calcutta correspondent of the
London Timts gives the following ac
count of the ree-ut outbreak of prison
ers at Bareilly jaii, an u -eurrenoo which
rauka in importance with the awuwtua
; tion of Chief-Justice Norman :
" The ontbreak occurred ou the uight
of the 6th of September, and a commis
sion of inquiry, which Was Immediately
afterward* ap*puiatr*l. received instruc
tions to report on fhe conduct of Dr.
Eudca, superintendent of the jail, who
had a short time previously removed the
Juntos, or Brahuiiuieal threads from tlu*
prisoner*. The commission rejKirts that
the act of Dr. K tdea waa it My to cause
the worst possible results,' ud that it
was unprecedented, no prisoner having
up to that time bwen deprived of hi*pre
cious thread, the Isujge of liis dignity a*
a defendant from the goda. The his
tory of the outbreak, therefore, dale*
from the deprivation of thread*. The
Brahminical ' thread' it a simple skein
o' cotton, cotapooed of thin thread* fas
tened together in three*. I believe the
minimum number of distinct thread*
ought to be six, each three of which are
termed dhoondee. The threes may be
multiplied at pleasure. Tl.c skein hiuiga
from the left shoulder, and fall* as low
as the palm of the right hand when the
arm is stretched by the Brahminical side
To take away a Brahmin's thread is to
break his caste. Dr. E.ules found, a*
many persons have found before him,
that this bit of common cotton thread
was to the prisoner the pmwjiort to a
great many privileges. No warder would
report a prisoner who wore the sacred
thread, be the prisoner'* behavior what
it might Dr. Lodes had power by the
jail rules to remove the clothiug of the
prisoners, and what, he argued, was this
thread but clothing. The threads were
removed. Every Brahmin prisoner wa*
degraded, was no longer of the material
that first issued from Brahma's head
when the different caste* -.end race* of the
world were made. Henceforth any
warder might say of the degraded Brah
min what the prison rules demanded.
The degraded prisoner* refused their
food. Dr. Eades paraded them, and
flogged a refaetnry cook, after which the
men ate their food, and the victory over
cssle seemed complete. Probably Dr.
Eades went to bed that night con vine-*1
that he had secured a place in th his
torr of India. Ala* for tinman schemes
and resolves ! The Hindoo* were imme
diately played npon by some Mohamme
dan prisoners, and to such good pur
pose that an attempt to break open the
jail was decided upon. Two Mohamme
dans devised a plan for cutting away a
rivot from one of the barrack doors
Thread, emery and glass were procured
—the first two, it is feared, by the eo.i
uivance of sotue sulxirdinaUi official of
the jail. At 11 o'clock in the night, the
rivet, previously filed through, was
knocked awty, and forty-seven of the
prisoners rushed into the yard. There
was only one gat# between them abd
full freedom. To this gate a fierce rush
was made, the prisoner* arming them
selves with portions of looms which
were stored in the onter yard Bad knock
ing down several sentries on the way.
But before the gate could le broken
open thirteen men of the police guard,
brave Jemadars, were nt their heel*,
and a desperate harid-to-hand fight en
sued. So well did the watchmen man
age that not a man escaped at that point,
and the nature of the fight may be
I judged from the fact that of thirty-seven
wounded prisoner* twenty-one were dis
abled by clubs and only sixteen hy gun
shot*. On the approach of help from
the prison officers the pri*oners ran to a
corner of the yard and tried to escape
by standing on each other's shoulders
Severn 1 were shot down here by the po
lice, who by this time were in some
force on botli skies of the wall. Seven
of the prisoners escaped, but four were
recaptured. Those inside fought furi
ously, and nt last, after several fierce
sallies on the police, they were fired
upon. They Hum ran along the wall,
but made two more stands the moment
the police overtook them, and in each
case they had to be fired on before they
gave ground. After thin they were all
Kew York Swindlers.
Many novel and ingenious methods of
earning a subsistence without labor have
lately been brought to light. The most
notorious of them is whatjbns lx>en call
ed the "sawdust swindle," the exposure
of which has developed some very inter
esting and eurions facta. The origina
tors of this scheme have for the jsist few
years flooded the country with circulars
offering counterfeit bills at a very tow
price. After forwarding the purchase
money aa requested, all the applicants
receive are small, neat wooden boxes
which contain small pieces of cast-iron
wrapped in shavings or imbedded in saw
dust When the dupes write and ask
for an explanation, they receive a* mys
teriously-worded circular, headed " cau
tion," informing them that [the Police
have obtained a clew ana are on the
track, and that the box JXtfltainiog the
iron and saw-dust is merely a " blind"
and the dupe is earnestly requested to
keep " dark " for a time to save himself,
and when the thing ha* blown over, the
real counterfeits will be duly forwarded.
This i* a trick, of coarse, and is only re
sorted to by the swindlers to keep their
victims quiet while they ensiiare others
in the same fold.— N. Y. Paper.
k Goop WIFE. —The following old
receipt for the choice of a wife stsems to
us a very good one :
UU much of beauty as preserve* affection,
Of modest diffidence aa claims protection;
A docile mind, subservient to correction,
A temper led by reason and reflection.
And every passion kept in due subjection;
Just faults enough to xep her from perfection;
Find this, my friend, and then wake your selec
tion, * .
Tbb tt'?usury Report,
lh? ..reman of the Treasnry, in bi
re|Kirt, auys the revenues and mseifiU
show the lius' has wrrived wheu a *u
siderahle rwluelion in tsxesenn le mink-,
old yet leave fifty nuUippi nnnuiUiJ li*
the rislnetiou of 'the debt, including
wnUfift innu. He mlherea to the con
viction that the auuual iMyment aluflild
sot be loss than fifty uiillioiis. Large a*
the revenues have been tbo" have not
been opprewuve to individuals, aud while
relief is desirable, it is yet morediwiruUe
to maintain the public credit in its pres
ent elevated position for its hbterial
value in anticipation uf future cxiuetis
eiea. The power to negotiate Imiiuln ut
low interest is derived entirely from the
exhibition of an honest purjtose to main
tain the public failh. The anwuiiit of
}mim r money is still so groat thai it own
uot la- uiiiiutaiucd at (tar with coin
Tin) diflVreiiue between i*aj* 1 and coin
furnished the liest instam-e fojr mn-i rlaiu
iug the oiinntity of iajer which can l><
sod, anil It-* Value Kept at pat wftli rwfti,
Oa- mode df relief is to a wait the growth
of the CO tin try ; tlie other to reduce Hh.
volume of the currency, it is [gnotiiai
blo to du>p<nae with ail intenml revenue
but that derived from stamps,
totiaeeo aud malt liquors.
These will furnish one hundred and
leu millious, a reduction of cuxteen mil
lions The reluct ion of custonis re venuu
should be within twenty willfous. lit:
rfleommeods a reduetio'n of dutiu* 011
salt, bituminous cud. rawhide aud skiua,
and the removal of all duties on certain
articles used in arts. umuuCactuiwrs, etc.
Wo cojiy from the rejwt a* follow*
sctvapn 4Si> unsa
Tin UM mvlrti fur Uw B.oni far *aJtaf June SO,
ten, were u Mat;
neat custom*..,..., ...... tea
r(x. lawnuii iuaaian
rnaa Ml i< INifcUo l*u<l, a>* <U* *a
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Ta siwim
The eip#tiHtiir. * tli* mm* perisl *,M i
l'u*cmt *tJ .toOln.ia. iwqmwij. PW.IS* 11* ft
fur W*r n*|iarna*ul .. M,mwn *1
l"i>r Jftry l*iwltmt-nt, 19131.1 it 11 lurtiMU T.*M f5 U
Kr IVnK* SMilmiW
Tata! Im.ITT.IMM
TTw iuiM*U*nru reveaaaa Mr tjr &m*l i*t ead
tan Jauc 3*. l;i. no d*uvni roan in* aoMaia
Pmulum* on Mir* ol eatu tMMH
ret* from VuUr i 8i*o ton-ut- —. Ml M Si
M.rr* rent. Übor, , *t rttm-
Hmm ItMlftSt
ruwa. |IR<IAIUC< MM! furltaWttiw* MR
uMuoor * I'wMiu lav*. lU.KJM
r*W t.B Wucr* CSU.3IV It
TSx a i ircoWlioa. tWyutiu, 4r. <4
SmiooO mux- c,OOO Mt n
Cref** M*t ot lM**rt bjr tWeiSr
aau*T t oMpaaiM t3t*l T3
R<BtM and oilier land Um Ua U
MMmbo-l !,* tu.l Mtcutt be*pu*l
Ml - .....* MUSIC
hwwM <4 aln of coin UlttrvM on
Mnktaa and afOdal PttDtl* T.TOI.ea TJ
iu.!ki*-y an. |*whi*. and Mr
frUMt** TJ 33* 30
TtuamiauM ivt.uai>
nrltabttr—(URt to the I'Ullol tut*.
tar *S*r.c. of **or-**j->r ta lnu .
Ml Mtmw hoad wwvtioo*** ..... TXT.nw (1
Din,-tlas Se.MSt
kr.u> aoirtil In* MJ.MTas
Miarf** for i*onlua fold and SSvr
tmiMi ni:aii
ladlaa trust lui4* l.llu.lCW
Xorored true ran oo ponnuU* of Mi*
of iMitaa Trm* Ptiad Miu-fct. and
!t>unrM OB <IM|U J |*i lartits ea
:diaa HUM Una* nTJ.'I ox
KniutnicrMMit* lt> ta* Tailed Male*
fttr u>ei>T* adraineJ w inert iua
twr*d Interval en naa-prrmg *t.k*
brld in tr*t far lutciu Indian
On* tiro. tbr**. and n> tent .ulnar* BUM <xn
l KUtniini-1 ......... U
wnauTtsD IKWO A*l tirimntan ma ma
rm u. tia USI'TI
Th* rectajßA tor U am igiiartar of o. prm* ol
ftacal ftmr wvrr-1
rtta Cxmtomn. ~.. U* */ 31
Kmm Ictrnal "I
rmn •*••( IWMk Uuhlt tfMJMU
Xros> tutarltaaou mukw S.tra.wei
Total. J ■ jf V*T. TS- M M
The eipeodrtT ht h uue partoU. • iruiUai
pajiurtiU an memHiat of Uw Sinking fund. w*r*
rw ctrU and sut*x:Ui>eaj.arj**r . |IM7f.7W M
War IhjartwM u M ug oj
3C<ry iHparUurni J. .3T3.ots M
jf a tea I*3 ti
PW6SiuHs. ftftHk 6sN#ftft ; j
Tor InSeteal ua Uw pnbt iw...,.,. 36 jW <
Total f *i n
The rv-tipf tor tfcr rv*>iMl* taw
<|uarler* of the preMal rmt am U taUown -. j
Trnm mtofcnaa ' sl4*.<km,oau IB
trow tstrmal Kerens* w ofti" *j 00
Pruta **ks of psbUc taad* 3.08.' t*" 00
fN miaoatiaueoua aoume W.'ta.aato
Tata!,. UM.Mm.Mnoo
The Miuuatrd uptsdHuM li>( ifc asm# j>rri-xl,
eterpOag pa} stent* on aw<y.<u. of Uw taaktOt ra>l.
'or rtrtl asd wlaorlSanrooa parpowe.. *M,oM.auo
WarDepartateat *1 uuwta*
S* *T tmrnrtaaat U.VO.nUJ
for ladUnlvpamo-iit asss.M#
fkirfeaatail M.WJU.SBD
Tor tai ,raa Oh the Public Debt WjOjoiOO
Total .• *.;<••*
Theaa Mllmatra ho a twUn. e applkahla to the
pa; carat of the prtacipienf the puhflr debt for the
■oral rear en din* Jaae 30. lata of Itl.m.Ml to
Mtnuti or *awn> am* Kxrcxotrcata ma tnr
rrfc-At rata 1873-7;*.
Xtoivretpo aad eapandltttre* f*r <h* 6*t uar
ao-Uof Joaato. lata, am mOw*U4 a* Hl"** . *
B <-etp*a Croaa Caatmae Imnre.irooo
BeoMpta front tutaraal revenue I*l <. moo*
Bereipta trulu aalea of putilM - 3.005>.00 6i
BOoefpta truth taiamUaiu-oa* voiron*., tOftiOOWW
KrprmMvm. LegO'-Mlre (atatlleh
meat /'J C)
RircuUre retabUahisant 17,4# 33J 38
eotabiieOraent* a,***.!###*
MtlMaft ntobNaioMNM 1 *. M w
Naval eaUbUabiseot IMHatw #7
UjdiM asair. ,7.... ai£a:;
Pmiaiona ..7. tt tw on
Pahllo work* arnlor Tmaaum Papart
ilibik >rk op<Hr Intorlor Impart
rnent iU,nouh9
Public werka aader War bapartmatit U.W0.0C3 07
Ihihlje work* wuler Navy Uejartaam*. l.ldd 100 00
Public aorta under .Vrrb uittiral liep't a I AOO in
iviaiai srvica| 00
Miacellatoooa Itmntil
PenaaoMM AKiroprlattaa* I*o aa|,Tt on
Hln Una Pund. ta.ktK.KW no
liiteraat u|>ou Oa|4lal Stnkinr Fund... V7KI.U3UO
Tolal imloMwos
TbetW patimafvv show n Imlnncf of ?f7,-
294,9fwJ 01 applicahtc to the pnymrnt of
the principal of the deht, in ai]4iUon to
the sum of $26,679,208 cine on account
of the " Sinking Fund. " or the onra of
$85,974,226 01 in all. In th>> eotimatca
for the next fiscal year I have not includ
ed hi the receipts the premium on gold
which may lie sold, nor in the exjiendi
turos the premium which may ho paid on
bond to lie purchased in currency. In
the suggestion I hare the honor to make
in reference to the reduction of taxes, I
keep in view two important f icta ; first,
that the ability of the nation to liny nt
least SSO,(K)O,OKt, mutually of the princi
pal of the public debt shall not he im
paired, and wewndly, in the revenue ays
tern no violence shall be done to the bus
iness interest* of the country. While I
do not undertake to state precisely the j
causes which have contributed to the
public prosperity, there is no substantial
reason for on est toning the truth of the
statement that the last five yean have
been the most prosperous in the history
of the country—years without example
in our own affairs, and without parallel
in the affairs of any other Osvernmeut.
THE DATE or IT. —The story told of
awitnen in an English conrt who testi
fied with great minuteness ax to the color
of wax used in scaling a will, the, kind
of matches used to light the taper, and
other particulars, when the aeal was
only a wafer, bad its parallel tho other day
in the Superior Criminal Court in Bos
ton. A noted individual named Spencer
weites was on trial for forgery, and a
witness was produced to prove an alibi
Tho swore that the prisoner was in New
pork on a certain day, Jan. 27,1866, and
Produced a diary in confirmation of the
statement, testifying that the entries re
lating to the affair a ere made at the
time. The diary being examined by the
District Attorney and the Court, it was
found that it bore the printed date of
1869. It was not considered necessary
I to ocoes-exiuniue the witness.
A New Turk Target (oinpany.
The jtiWcwaakin of a target .-miuiwuj il
Ma* York Otir, tm etwotday is 4 mourn
ful i<k At tll< ll*d, OfU*M* n
l|l.litkirr Bund of tu.:d. lac*, villi •
NUuiUcUt* lluil Wv aftljMliilhod
fruoi the tnoutrui that tlmy l*ft the fcto
tojj, Tlujf jiUjf en- mi? doleful tm>", to
which even the lie*! trained soldiers
eonld hardlv keep step. Tha rugged
crowd Unit follows Into no great pjrU*u
i turn *t discipline and nmkiHi no effort to
Imp step. lit front of them, iud<•< d,
1 unrobe* on# toll, lilt* follow, with A flap,
1 who due* not lul-Mig to tin* company,
1 ml luu> Wto hired tor Urn ope Mm nt&t
for tin? dav itud nil he can cutuud driub.
Lite following, however, of twenty or
thirty r draggle • through the isutd
wHbhpp* .c-s pouted tm
j every lace. They shift th ir muslt-t*
! from tutu to arm • < nkhvaly that the
1 iwyoiwt desert ia a *irep which tlmat
ens the integrity of neighboring bats.
' Down conies the soft swisude of the ran,
and plaahliuf up to their eye* in rund
! wade the nnhamiy targeted*. Ttaw *re
in the wy of all the vehicles; that ktioW
it, nml the only thing that cbwl<-i their
) wrtU hednusa is the eonvciousuraa that
of the Afreet, Koine of them ItvrjdM
! iKinipwts, painted gaiullb" bnt ulfeetml
in screaks By the rain, which hin rtom
' blued tints aiUr au unsoeuily. faskiua.
Home of thvta hMte military hot* with
1 dung hug jdumoK, which oting with ue-4
| pertinacity to their countenance ana re
{ ftwe to wave proudly. Almost all haw-
I ragged pantaloons nud leukjf la*)t< whose
I dearietieim have been eovorvd frt-ftt tb
--j serration by Ibe kindly nsu*l. fhey tiro
npposvl to be enjoying ihemwlt*% tint
it M i vlitem that they ore #4oenig uft
! sentiment* of deadly hatted to tbbumt|
rai-e whieh thoj will demonstrate pnm
tiaUly in tjirir return by going through
the si-ire* along th route. true or two
i have fallen, oWci**oiih liy the
ahpperinc** of aiuneea' ways, and the
amount of whiskey shwed irtider their
! huts. Their ttihacmJm and fcvroa at*
! covered with a flue lirowu tnclUar ouiif of
I mud, aud they look •*• like /cHtyvc
tion wen who have boeu prospecting un
surtwtmfnlly in a newly dog grave,
than gallant targeted* Hot m> the long
' eat lane will have a turning, *' at last the
I e.\rurMiuiUh> arrive al thnr destination,
j fhey have dinner, aud drink plentifully
to inourw pre -isiua of arm. Xoon the
sliooung i<auumrai. Tin* target u
*tn4 rt. and the contestant* trv rljeir
skill, wnieb ia not uiarr,-loirs. The fai l
is that the target is seldom tonehed.
•hilc things are und lively for ( V*TT*
liody . witlun a radius of a mile. It u
woudcrfttl where the bullet* enntnve to
go. As Lhuigowea reurarkeil of an n>
. skillful archer, the only aafo plaix* is in
* front of the target and errrywherv ot#e
it to lie eonsiderea .langerduv. Every
[ thing Wing setUed eotaforUhly, tw
targeteers drink thvmwKew into n tcV
lof uprvariou* frenzy and roll oveKSr one
j they maet on Uw*ir way home.
A *rw Manure.
A Norwegian t-ouipauy *dkr for aaht
a (Uh guano fr mi U>c Loffaden Tidatids,
prejiorfst fiwtn the head* ntrl liaekbrtneb
of the rod-ttsh, euUectal ddrfug the
great wtuter fliherfta off the Norwegfam i
wast, prisetpalty lty children and old and
intirui jwrvona wh>< have uo otha* mvas*
of subahtenea. Formerly this tuaUar
was tUfuwu into tka MUX as refuse, and
uiftuwmlly aflocteii the j>emsn< iic<> and
offlctency of the liaherif* ; but it i* now
enjrtffully colloctcd and hung in bundle*
on the rocka to. dry. In Jutiennd July
it is brought to the mtlia, wbeg> it i< cut 1
into pieces, dried artihcmliy. and th* n
ground between miHatomw. TUti aeiuds,
prepared qnhc ditbwenUy fhim the flsh
guano of the United HUtOs, ia put up in
bags, aud tfnds a coustant demand at
jdiufit a.tqu, li. aoiitain* a'gloat
afoliifghflletith fitting it fof afi
exc fU ut tuauure. The no eumpanr
famish whftt they oall tUh hour, wbieh
is made fnuu the ticat dried cod-fish, trel
grinding ihctu nj>. hours, akin, and all,
U> the tincurss of twdual or flour, in
which form it is fcrgelr uaod iu itowli
(Nnavin for varidtts ktmhi of cookery.
It is aometimos misad with jtoisbxy or
other aubsUnew, and soinehtnes fotsnod
Into rakea or hiaeoit The flsh i* more
readily parkud and transported iu this
form tluai any other, ami it ia aM ti
keep along time sritlumt deterioration.
We would eooiineti.l this hat-ainntiDaed
preparation to the iUlcfitiou of ir jw*o
plc, as luruithing a hint bnvarel new
article of tiwla in this country , and one
that conld bnoonrantatdhr < :ci loyed i|
eMkgfi* a great variety wajra, '
• : is **'
TUe Pre** sf I'MMrra.
Now that whiter h come, it behoove*
pamnts more than wr to see that their
ehikirm are clothed i saeb a nutittef
to protect them from the inclemency and
I'.iilihni changes ftf flio weslhsr. The
cliiid i-an-c of inlaufife uiorUUity, in ad
dition to fonl air, or 100 xlob or too pool
food, is the faJas pri<l# of man? mothers.
Children are killed by the manner itj
which they are dmu-d ns ecrtainly s*
by any other enuae. <mr changeable
climate children of the iaosk tender spa
ufe left with their arms ami leg*, wid
with low-seeked ilrsses*. Tlie mothers
in th same drees, would Wver and siff
ter with eoM. and export a fit of sickness
as the result of tfleir culpable carelessness.
And yet the mutlicrn could an dure such
a treatment with far less danger to health
and life than their trader infants can.
A moment's reflection will indicate the
rOscta of tlfis mode ol dressing, or rnfli
er wont of dresauig, on the child. TKc
moment the oold air strikis its lore
arras and legs, the blood is driwn from
these extremities to the internal and
more vital organs. The result is conges
tion, to a greater or lest extent, of those
tbroiJCN CniLriKKN. —A benevolent Po
lice Captain of New i'ork onee mtoired
a stolen child to its fiareut* by this
means. The girl was found under pre
cisely the ssine eircntnstaiiore, only Umt
she stated that she had ono# lived;' away
off." The kind Captain kept the child
iu his custody, and, enlisting the sym
pathies of (lie reporters, advertised his
prixe fur and wide, thereby finding tho
sorrowing parent* in n IfkinneoUctd vil
lage, who had for ten long months <
mourned the loss of their <igrhug. Fre
auent rnuls are made by tit# Police on
lose child beggars, for no other put-1
pose than placing them nrider the car#
of some charitable institution.
Daniel, the owner of the famous Amer
ican horse, Harry Bassett, has written
the following Ictti-r to England : 1 am
anxious to test Harry Bassett with tap
best homes of England, or any oilier
coilntry, but under the circumstances
stated,' that test ranstbe made on Amer
ican soil. If Mr. GTetton will not bring 1
Sterling here, yon may say, through the
Turf, FUM, and Farm, tliat f will make
one or a series of races, of from two to
four miles, beats or dashes, for from
$25,000 to 850,000 a side, each race $lO,-
000 forfeit, Harry Bassett against afty
bore in the world ; the races to be" run
tinder the rules of the American Jockey
Club, either at Jerome Park or Saratoga.
~ . ■ "' "" "".1 .'""..nri ~ „
Twa Los Angeles (Cel.) Grand Jury
have found 35 indictments for the Chi
nese massacre, and severely censured
the municipal authorities.
The riaticU and their luiiabilgat*.
M. Figuier, a noUxl French *iitiflc
gi utU-ui.iU, any* that m-alem agtrOftomy
!iy <Vnto*tvwt#d ih* Ihere **e Uo
wot Id* than ours, Hint the earth simply
in tikes A part of s class or • group of star*
which do not diffor esscntiiilly, sad that
there it an htflmty of other id-djes like
it, proceeds to e.*t*id*r the tntemal Af
fairs of lh other world*. Bine* there is
uothing b. distinguish the mirth from the
other tilsneis of our mUu* pysfom—Mer
curjr, Vcuus. Mam, Jupiter, Hwtura, Ur
110-, and Neptune—ho srguea thai wr
Minst find iu tn- others as we find here—
air and water, a hard soft.riVey* and Mas,
monutatiis end talk-vs. There must be
found also in thotn vegetnttun and tmia,
and tracts cor-ret with verduro and
j shade. They must hate ul tuoapliere And
i heavens. There must lie in them ant
; mala and even men, or .at least beiug*
tnjierior to animals aud corresponding
' to onr human type ;
" Hcience htm shown that the physical
' ttud HiidatologiaiU dpneotionaof tlie earth
i aqd ilia other jdaneia are identical On
those fdaneU as on the aarih the run
, shines and disappears, vieldiug plane to
I ninht. ami cold and darkueaa succeed to
boat aud bglit. lu them aa oa the earth,
tin- rich carpet of herbage aovars the
• jdain*, and luxuriant woods cover dm
J mountains. Rivet* flow maiesUeaUy on
ito the seas. Winds IfloW rapnlarly or
i irragalariy and purity the atmoiphcce by
mingling thisr stratachargftlln dilt rent
drgn ys .with the prudono of the cwipor
, p.-!i of their soil. In qutet night*
( dweihsrs on these übm-ta set tho same
lieayenly sravtocJc tuat delights oar eyas,
'ttic same constellations, the aaom ccia*-
1 tin! visitors. Ttiev have |Hiniurair views
1 of the )dancanr globes with their follow
ing of fu'hfni sfttellitc* and lumiii'-u
, stars shuaing like gently-brand tub wl
tondms Usee in a while thctw is a sod
den luminous trail which forrowv*th#
" heavens like a flash of silver; it ia star
4 that rhtwits and drop# into Uu* deptha of
'vpatv. Again, it !a a wiihs l.san
tuful tail that cornea io bring news (rem
t worlds nuihons of miles away. '*
Tim planetary man, aacoeduigto his be
| lief, curtvsjKtnda to the terrcstiial man
, fx> Jhy pi*n< to the urooeas of eneatien of
<irg:thiscd life must lie the same aa in the
cjrth ; fle sntrearive order of appear
ance of living mature* j* the sama a*
on the globe And. like the terrestrial
man, tha planetary man dim, is trans
i formed after death into a super-human,
, and jswwea also into ether-
Human'* Work.
EEiaheth Stuart I'iteips, in an article
in the Jtxiruotdat', uulitioJ "Right*,
.and Rrlaiivw," says :
" I think a little reflection will eo
' vine* da that many, if not moat, of the
' direction* in which wonn now expend
themselves, demand aa much actual
• fctroiiffth aa many, if not ro t. of the
dr|iarUaenta o( what ia caUad * masculine
{ labor,' though tWretaoally the light
, *ofturnoon work' of the worM fid!* too
i U-'ut." Hint aaya ; (
" Take a Mode instance of a cgnvwr*
<snti<*>'| stumbled upon the other day.
He that bath ear* to hear let him hear
•itn aowiiteepart my day. The a)iaken
i wet* both women. ■
Y !"• hosiTl h> geto along without tny
gkL Jf liad'engagad her, .but it mm-**
like murder la hike her asrny (ram lta, j
|"B- —T haven't the heart ta scud lor
hfer. She's nDth- "he-It* that poor gcw
twre- rem gA: arid A'- Isms twenty board
♦M in her bona# to-day, ant) four Httle
rhiltlre-n mt bur own hraodce. Oaa"* !
baly Imrn last May. Site new r wws a
stnifig woman. She look* nke death
, this attmaicg. I believe /ho w
iayi: If. It's enough to k.U any aoumn.
. fia icire I don't ton never aaw j
'tn.-li a fnM. It's hke a ghost. She
in*t lit to have a boarder across her
d< <ir-step ; Hut ahe's atrtfows to do and
■ wt-ry amniMons ta gat along, and they're
i poon. ypn iamf . 2 '
" * But where ia bar httsbaml T \
; '"Obi ho keeps the tin-ahop down
j town.-' .. !
"' Why doesn't he support thu Laid-,
; ly ?' .
' ** Well, yon ace. lie*#ltn* beginninp;
and he doesn't make it very fsat, and ilw'
a growing family. She feel# aa if uha
I tutMt bcin, anyhow.' ( , ,*
*1 • Blp ? It aeatna to be A# that oply
, " halpxJ' . Alm enptiorfa the family.
Why lon* thqy eh ..,fork, if *h is
killing heraclf with her* ?'
* ' Why doos't she leain tite tiosiuKb's
[ trade ; and he loatp. bow to ksop. twenty
liOardeni, and toko oar* of four children,
with one ignorant assistaat ? If he is a
drong nmn he ecmkl prp!*lly bear it,
awhile. At any tah, it tnifht save her
1 Jttej ft is not'too late.' " ~
Oh ! well.' with a paxxled hmgh.
hardly sure whether the p>wkef nxperi
ed same recognition of an <•. iginst y>ko,
|' women can't do mueh
*r<irk, yn.i know—emierially u<
I tMtg're *<irtro*g enough, I thinh^p'TV
Tux IhrguiiENCH. -The '
of the >on of the Bmperer
■in* nnaUs an iu cdotcofin 'MMHeKman
on the advent in that mtmtrim
royal Rust. While mrviMbg the west
Cooat of Scotland, (.aptoia Kobinpin had
Ivccivud on Imsril his ship the Gmnd
Duke Coastautiiic. As the duke could
oalv remain a vrrv sliort time,(he captain
resolved to show liim aatttfith naiv sNsble
during liis brief stay. According be
atenimed to loitn on a Sunday, believing
that day especially kuitnT for pointing
out to this royal visitor remains nasocia
tod with religion. Landing an the is
land, he waited on the custodian of the
ancient church witli the request that he
would opeh R.
• Not so, " aajd the keeper; " not on
"Do yra know whom I have brought
to the island ? M aaid the captain.
" He's the Emperor of the Husaisa,
I ken by the flag, " reapomled the k*u
er; "hut hod it bran the Queen hcmV,
I w ad<M gl'c up the key* on the Lord's
day. "
" Would yon take a glass of whiskey
on the Mahhatbt " inquired the captain.
" Thnt't a dlfer-nt thiny entirtly,"
laid tba keeper.
.Show us an intelligent family of lm?*
and girls, nod we will show yuu where
newwjvtper* are plenty Nobody who
bit* wen without tljeso silent, private
tutors, can know their educative power.
How important, then, to secure those
which tend only to good I Anything
which makes home pleasant, cheerful
and chatty, thins the haunts of vie©, and
the thousand and one avenue# of letup
tiitaon shpnld be regarded, when wo con
sider its influence on the minds of the
young, as a great moral and social bless
ing.—Aewg Inlander.
A BAJLL DRESS.—A New YORK lady who
Srdered a dress for the Duke's bell aaya:
fy dress has come home—l am stunned
Here are the figures of ©oat
Thirty yards of silk 110 per yard. 1800.00
Our piece French 0rap*...... ~-J 18.00
Ten yards Bmaella p0int...... ......... 1011.00
Lining*. ..... X.'........ 10.00
Making 00.00
Materials BSM|
Bilk buttons tMQj
passementerie, eta. lM0j
' ~... ■ imm
Many ladies iu full drew saffeaboove
in the shape of high heeled ahdiafiijpt
dresses, and badly placed, hair pina ; Item
any amount of pfepsure can compewmto
TEEHS: Two Dollbtk b Your, in Advance,
Ail Oetlawfo rm#.
At Is* MeM**!) DMm.l
Our roHsjr wtH r<foa|lHir the brurf
akin," who had led to JLwwgr t'dUfonita
■ after the murder of the Btldechask tw. 1
1 them, in Los Angels* County. A, gm- \
! tletoMi who has IsMy ret 11 mod from
; visit to Ban italnef, Lower California,
I gives us some etcaedindy ioUnv*Ung
iasta in foanctiu with the pumutt ami j
final killing wf she orrtlaw, and the rwl
aoolmff fat# which stibneqeegfii over*
took the Indian woman Who was com-:
pain of hfa flight, nod her bohe. . j
| " ®uehfkli" with one Omhsm, hiir
j detwd the two lirottwra i fefdnga ia
>lOll, hm Angeles County. The fetter
waa arrastod, nnd i hie eonfaenton, It in
said, implhwted th former, fm whose
apprsheeakio a reward of |LWO waa
offered. " Buckskin" had in tin ifieap
ta mrnaped, paaaitig Onotigh tlusowllb-,
•try across Jbe iiue into the Mountains
near San Rafati T!fo rsal name of this 1
man-waa* Pyburn, a may m trfferrgd
from the iwoord of the bnrth of a mat*
chdd to the Indian woman, entorod tn
an idtnanue fottnd orf *' feuckakin'*
body, where ha tuuasw ike child *' JaaOM
t'yburo." Ha was a foil and well-form
ed man, with the exuapthin of a deform
i, in ids foct, tho o%at fews of which
overlapped ' the smaller onas, and waa
constantly tflad fn a fall wait' of Imek
tflßl_" ' J ' j * ' "" T
•• Buck-kin " earn aeoomfMiiwd in bia
flight fey the Indian weoaw and his lifoi
Ua soil, tight inontha old, and,* pgrtnar
named McForhuid, who |m Imeii a toon
terfeto-r in Los Angelas County. IJur
ing their sojourn in the mountains a dia
iute arose between the two men ; * titer
left camp together one morning to hunt,
and at night "Buckskin" earn* beak
akma. This was fata way of doing ho>i-
Tim Sheriff of Luc Angela# County,
vlttfc Oil a visit to bwa Diego tmrlv n
June kit, heard at Pylrnni** wbdre
sbuuU, and, accompanied by finkr-
Kheriff CmkUunKt,-. proceeded <0 Lower
California oaph ire hkm ' Arriving***
Sau iufcei th'j toKrwed that *' buck
•kin"<aaf& asWe owe camped in llur
uiountata*. tit* far away, and offered, a
reward 'fciSHS iut hi* capture nttra or
dead. wutMnnod M xipuiu ao
<l>l nsr.ote pod Parted into the
country itttiM4i*M*y. fpop renohiug
hi* plu . of eo&Mtoftit, one of the
party M*j#imirtit ti Tfr tipon the den
jwrac'o, jjglfiift iTlfll in hand, vnaap
jaremly awaiting an attack.. Jf< time
was given Out Mammon to draw a weapon
terra, and ha grasped " Itarknkm's r%&
•aid udr .vored to wrujcli it from him.
In the airuggle the weapon w4a dia
: r barged, carrying away two of Mexican's
boxers. •• wMr down hi*
iiameaa rifle, and Marled fur hi* revolver, i
uthith he had tef| B* the oanip mt by.
Another of the Mffln'tn* tamse up nk
thiaimoimml* wul -niipe—ri-* ths njtu
abiou. shot "Buckddn" through tlgr
back 3'ne owUtw fell, In lphwa, and
acMng that there remained no hopo for
.lefence or ewaflc. Nwooght tbto ilcflri
nana to kill him Thi they did una do,
last after Ida death, which uerunod to*
ahputhalf an hour after, they cut off
one of hi* feet, and with that and hi*
doth#*, returned to Bkft ikfa.i for their
reward. 'IW Indian womau, who had
witonunl the tutgta evcust, riplTanfif
great *ato(rtioii at thn wait, diwlaring 1
that fa* many weary m-mlb* ami m!ew
she had acoompanied Uuckakin through
The squaw, with her child nada hore%
ww token to • neighWtag rapche, io
be kindly cared for until Imi could re
t nco to he r tribe In tiragdn. Jut' not ,
wfchataadiag the frequent bumrAndtM
that no harm should came to tier, the
seomed ta fuel continually that bet pant
amociation with the dead- munMffstr
would yet bring trouble upoa bar, and
itotfldEtoMed 'great unemunona A few
1 <laya attar she ws brought to the nmcar,
she qntefiy *i \m> owe sight, and
taking bar Wba, with *ama of fta little
.Imne% fc>le away iu the darkness, lwv
- wig bduiidt her horsey hi >nketa, previ
si- <ts —everything. Ddjgeut search was
made for her and IW child, bat to no
effcc:. And now comes the probable se
quel About two week* afro a youug
man. while riding over sn
ed portion of the Candal(t!>e lUurhe,
obvufc twelve iiiiies frotu the main road,
came uddety upon a huifmn senll.
ucarlv denuded ,of fiishv lm< wnered
with long, jet-black In his ikorror
at t!ie sight, he looked no furUtpc. bat
returned to tl e tanebe and told what ha
had found. The next day, with several
companions, lie retavnod ! > the spot, and
hotnd in an* place the brae* of the Wo
luitii, with wmus clothing, aid near at
h uk! those of aa infant, vitb mm lit
tle dreosos. These wee; the xeauun of
tlx' jxwr Indian woman and hor Imlwa
Near the bones a lw*d of leaves wm dis
'eovcrtd where they had eti lcnWy lain
down to die. ft wat eonav l,;reil that
ihodamairiag mother had taken the life
[at Umt nttie one ami then her own. The
hair was out from the scull by the dis-
Mgpk and, with the chUliiug, sent ta
the antliontira of San Rafael, who im
mediately sent back an order for the
burial of the bones. „ j
Haru> x a '• lioe liaioxnm."—A let
ter dsUd at llutotunaoii, Minamata, dm
scribe* Che upatatiqns of a roup brigade
orgnnked to fight thepralriefire ; There
was a tire cofujuaiy formed in Hutchin
son, who were to go out at any time,
aigbt or day, t theory of alarm, to fight
fire. There are about forty of them in
all. Sometimes tlmy would go out in
one direction and work till thsy had put
out the fire, and come home and turn in i
to rest, and within half aa hour would
be summoned again in anotbor direction
to flgtrt tli# advancing fianws. Horses
would be harnessed, attached to what
ever vehicle cade first in the "Way, and
uo questions asked, and awgy they would
go. Mr. Putnam, the hardware mw
fhuut, wa* called the "General" of the
brigade, and under his lead they did
splendid service. Lawyers and mse
chants would throw off their bt ttec gar
ments, and, enveloped in old cloth##,
and armed with "naopa," as they called
tiiem-r which oqususted of old Vtags tied
firmly to broomstick* and soaked in wa*
tor—would march to the front of the
fterv battle. The towa waa many rimes
threatened, hut the etßnfcasy of the fire
| brigade saved it- Evry hotel and store
would hu\ o about a dozen of thaw
"mops" on the steps raady for cotton.
| : ■ ~1 I ...I NIM.MM.fc, ill ISI '
limtn-nnxm" Dnmwra—White tulle
dresses over white silk are most often
worn by bride-maid*. Tbey are adorned
by dowemocnuiged in an infomal man
ner, without toy, regular design. The
very prettiest of the reason had the tunic
sprinkled all over with rose petals thnt
looked as if scattered there by a shower.
Over dresses of Cliina crape heavily
fringed are also worn by bride-maids.
These re usually white, but at a large
wedding, recently, they were of sky blue
and pate roee-cok*. to suit both blonds
hi id brunette attendants. The corsage
of tpeee d is usually made low.—
Ftohim JTpurn <tL .j .. .. *' (
TUB fwaw.—Wa are gratified to. an
nounce that the bruisers Mum and Co
burn have again met and again tricked
thftn ((tends and backers by a sham
fcv.-tv'" '• '
NO. 50.
flttffct lit * IWlrn| Cat. ?■
TW oMNu'
California !tailrt<d one o Jr*®***®**
4iB jritaM aadidtosta w have "*•*
whiU it
tilt' KttliwiUtitt!# f iMffl# IMI BMP
febowtbow BearMww awtila* *
tniriMe railroad- mtidmt The follow
mtjf parrtcufsm, AuftiiM
to our reporter
by *a ey<? witews, may b* tolißd wpmm
r Vfc the down MA mipe aw* pi#
|of Use stattoM m tba Mtft It was ran
ißMif; l fail apwd, ttt enter lo #W TO
Stou* M k mn s,:**vt iwJtMM'Mrfiili
the tmd t iw poiMt AN a
cot something man thspf * wße'Ta
| Irugth, tj io entonog It thproadaiaiuj*
a curl*, *o (bet the enetow* t w
. 'irthrb tlifow# If. He had K%. (at
--; two ittUi the <t brier* to aafrß wwaeW
I ruling k*ito.rt4y ttoeufrb it.< wing Atoi
; oamH <rf Mm aredt. Mb® • cot w
I tit mi Mt way fbrrwgfc tjw i airitari*-
}* quarter of to tic akewl of Mo. ""He
i unuHdutely waisoe* "dowa braim/k,
f ultwoJr<l the warning., I
TM •*§ pawfl*r
1 death mmSl e ImoMo, looked
jrm>r Mr ahOßJdne i' "}* iljiyW
! 'Bp m her. Mb# did vvt Art#. MT
! SaUlt, 808 #f p '*ll top} lilts, kid •
; tree Wbfac* her mrnmm y—yubfc>
tU eraergracj, and, vilkost osMowmt'i
bewtoiiau, eb oomwaewl swtogtof bet
riding-whip frtfa) one ribosides; IrHr
fffr f 4 to mtmm. 'ftlOff'-'Mf loitt
jiil-W jLie !• •.! it iteiiilßiiHl ■ hi'M, m I m ' .1
*# <s***l It til H Uf*OPw "-lju
whwite muaed t* loft A Out
of, tit window*, n4 upow tfcMß itMAAT-.
iiMT Ifhpt tisr iu*llei tifi® W§l4r# fit
.citeraejut ibtwid jamjiM fbr-
WaJT'.i Will f r SXe<l tll<* aMI StM 1
ui'-ivM poffiof olt H ** 'He tr
the trfa b* diet toeMie. TW
tmriteewftt wen? orertmg tHfl'eir'etwMi
An the braJcee. .end Uir eitffßMr bed • mi
off the <WB—u*ion bad mm.! kwroll Ibat
b.k#w teetef wwHe tlte wo
taea ber bml iwlttHlp
tin* Hi of to
m re|b. Hie kopt g*itiiB o
Ihe bom* r..adf ite nftt, q4 there #*!
borf'hre rvemja-ib the train WMW'dW nnA
~*!** 'Mm* both the emctt mi tke
ktifwMMid he Ktteil. there who, mt',
h*|, thirty feH uiiervewaK bdhrtafe fbe'
. <kw eotehor end the hown'e heetn wha,
(ortoQOiekr (>t tko woman, ibe
wiio)i bos * Sstt e widts* ihth
ittual. and with Mr m Him gttided
the ffeeinj? home from the track nod n
--deneoced to pmt Aim a#*mat tbewali of
the cot, io order that Mte twin might
) ;aus by without ut)arv. In doi og <•
; the woman waacmoowaitwl by MamHiß.
ituuk tbn eoaiootor, who had ran fottwanl
and got m the kaemotira,. A Mr-m**
! wmte aitv p.t?Md % when tho-Arrymoo
•ter jioked in nodb'fM fte raiip af.tbf.
home. At <hi WMMAtt irafiee wew
hm whole *r>eoe aaioet the irottueJ "and
heMhtm eutM 'the twin atapiwd, ad
the ffffmtt Mnti'l
j tcxnlie death a gmm.—Or**** Fgw*.
Li t m iiMes a2hk .* ?
rf>l - - ,jf , nC"., j., ■%-■ iiifM iHir umila eaweiMw
I iip ptß' o ci pan ou waPr, wwiflPw jpws
i -onditiotia] fwedoa -to (honncfe of B-si# ,
i -ia, m immd atom ih*it Am' yeans effo
i —in Febrwy, Thaw wow at that
: tiaw tead-owßwa in >fianfMPn
! honseholtf errwtjt, who aled faimal a
•rart of their 'Tbe WfaiiL tmK
! her If" errfii w npwmnla of 22.0D0.ai0.
I 'nr.jrr of the more intei&gWif of thim
Wtnr 'mpioy9d*hr Mae -bnao
At if their ntslb nt, m artiwna, werv
j ihMiU, eto. The land in the w;*ioo
i of tkeee knd-oeiMHti amtmntea to wt
00,000,000 acvee, nearly owe ttifik <ff
'whlrh wAloeirtnpied by Mte AotkMM| of
f the #rfh' ru.terMw MlwßßfwaH'Wi Ijf
} owe, the land thW ewipied by IfcAiem
: wee to Iwoeaae their j>r<apr*™ty filter the
| pßynx aU by nwealmeela, of a oertain
.. em mat -A
in abcx of thedeeme. HAM,-
1913 jaWMttdf become proniieioini dt
more than i no-Cflh o! ! the. whole
i3A.0NT.600 me*, "ft ia ti>ttted that
Another ported Of ten years wtil elape*
! iwftwe lis* pwAew oi enmndjpaiippt w
aampleied. The grnerai nroeperilj' of
the country fam not. nnfieWd, but, 1 - ; *b
i contrary, liffo gwatly inoroamd, k§ thai
cmaneiimtion UTe Tbr
popnlai idea that if ha# rtlnrri UirtwtoJ#,*
|is quite unfounded 1 They wtill tm—w
I the gttAiw the |i a.i Liberty
' ia wnrhißt'onl lla Batumi maults among
| the Knianan peaaante. who tlbw® 'tOBdB"
j arlvaa in mm? omw intoliigewt t* fK>
• otxfrliwrlT
s raiwr, who bya mmU flwttt ffituw '
Mj4 Jurrm-u, with tfinkt-hk* lMrUlil <
[fevwffike&, AM with this tipc-dou* oI i
!! her peopli ftamh has arotrireu m inter
nal ttnmgth tut known to msr befttoe. ' 11
I -HU * '•! i I'II I *ti n ill nir' y't'f I 'f"- ft g Hi I
An Execatltn in Forfeit '•
Xlio following ono the partieiilttrs of *
j the shooting of fiiMK-1 and hi* c*tnf*it
' ions at Pat'i*. They were known nakad
m of tie Commune, ami" sentenced to ;
1 death.
At tn* o'clock in the moraing Urn#*!*- 1
! oners BoaMl, f'etre nod Bcangvoia went '
taken from their culls ad 'brought to
' the Camp of Satory. Thence they wore 1
escorted by a Urge foroe to fhc place '
fixed upon for the execution : tfcw- out- i!
skirt* ef the c*uap. On arriving t|ib '
a hollow squat* was formed bf tho-f 1
ttwcpa, at one end of which the 1
era were placed. The behavior of the |
throe men WII aeot ooueagcous. When
i the soldier* approached to blindfold
' them, Ferre wfneed to allow the bona- '
age to he placed over his cyan, declaring '
' that he should lock the executioner* to '
the face. When .all the preparations
! were completed at seven o'dcek the own* 1
pany detailed for the duty ntlvwacod aad, '
ievoDiag their musket*. at the word, of
command fired s Kernel fall at the ftod
ditobarge; ho WHO instantly killed. The""
S thorn wore not aofortuaato ; the bullet*
lid not take immediate effect, and ad '■
f hey were writhing on the ground soma i
soldiers of the shooting party, in obedi- '
ence to hdnMMd, came nj> with pistols
at gave the toap b y* lo put. them |
out of their agony. The bodies were *
then placed in plain coffins and immodi
attdy removed. The execution took
place in the prwssnoe of three ■ thousand
troops of the hue. A profound aeosa
tion was produced tbrongbout %
the details of the execution, The da%
of .young Roaeel is lamented even by I
thorn who felt it waa demanded by jus- '
tie*- and the beet interests of tba eoun
*zj.: ,£/: '"r '
Sanmrc.-Perhaps many of our
readers,, woo wens quietly pursuing their
ordinary occupations on the 7th of last
September, may not have been aware
that about noon of that day a • ttemen
dcros explosion occurred In the awn. Rut
so sstrouomcrs testify.' There had boo*
observed an enormous protuberance o
the eastern limb oi the sun, about
KKhOuO milea long by 50,000 miles high.' :
This •'thing'* butt in pieces, <nd tffiG
atr.fßpmed filled with dUrts, somiffial
which rose 200,000 miles from the mptt
surface ! While the astronomical obi|r
ver at Dartmouth College was noteg
these marvl changes, another Mbjfe.
knu mass developed into a pillar 'of rop
ing flame, apparently, tetttotopofly flbd
pyramidally 80 4 <X ttile* in height, whip
its top was filamcnto
' Jpl , |ijß : $■
ZsC '-ZZ
L-*i= ..i-|i-'
. * rent" l w*! 1 Wll mloff
rjH, _ g. , |
"Sww |OMi ! J fW® 1 * ;!ti ■
oaade idH^^^HIIBHBH
2r liiiiiiilfei
iiPWPI HRPff | *jm- •■ ■' l -:?■
kd nit} .Mmk em MMMIHBi " I HH
f y wk >ad
u.i 'iasaf ; ehihlkood and *'!'! V 4
IbaAwA <rf gjt-.isg aradit to wHkm® cwrfit 1 "! .
£a dais, the 'faelfl lietfer
tMM ",
TheofiferiaMal artwrw
!iior wheat tbf? #t:intoa nrafi*, k.
<* htm not to mi aHI ih :
fogOf IdGRkAw JIJ-W.* tlw •Pi.'# erf
*t wl-o Is '• ynttfl# PMUb AIM of
whom Aha MMithia good dpi
B 4m imiwrri rt 10-inrw lum cljßrfAiriiri a#t
Mai'fWfp■MPW*' w "p^t l ** a ../"
B€h a wmpoffMß jartangement tn ladf
ana that WSSf © for the wmmmj
hare Iwet mdnoed to -tmirtiy-f w ewMi
I "g -
A-Mkkm&vwm, rnmwiim the B*
ber of jwotdr aid tWir ia the m
*fd U>wrMf* ofHumi Cwis*y, by the S
fnwt Awe. V. he w foUoBBi ¥*■■*%
m i put***, I,T i hmm, •,.
A-HburifanHady acwwmed. a litis ft ih
5ara , 3 , 35.r0S 5
which site WIN. mwyh*f - Sober mmm
snd *sflaqperfd orcr lW sb-iwvrs md
Bodn. ** j . j p
Maoe and Cobuin umpA tomarf mi
dherMW an' es*a#fe. • In Mw .sweoni
namdhbewhnrfe' hie hwsd T n -
Uter lllAlll i ISfi. "
mm ■ "" h .
milboM of her '1 htnto
mUSar-rtoM- pwned through this Hy
"ting a * soSeivr ' UMA%e beomw
cs*HisiS It .if trli# ctf fill®
.nMl*4Mba 1 er. tin.;'*f
■ermiaiy weaaiO' HrrtMp
ehndtea, wb hi angpA i #
trnkm B Bfoe p%. w ;!l
1 " i: 1' ** ''#?■■■"
~ - ....Hi., urikiSjiiWMi,
jAfe. m
tiw c?risen alio It rbhlMHr
thJ ■ tS& hat . shdt -
teUtwi htowirt to to •
hMiM i hHNr so to warty
back <r*ra, and (h pwbilsßtty thai M
SVfilMßgrißir w I'-'" ">
•afAHM hilßAlHit,fßth wttW MB
to ' m- 'to r Ahwifon
pnwerty.ia lirtjia® ¥
.as tbaitaa*.*. and hM to
it as a thmg ilia BaeM to BOBtond
ugainst. Bat H la "a dSniUton which
mttkm ibe • iaolatitor and
pojagater of jMBM d a d|*r in
Mmeoada. One of tie rtwng, fw-
SaiB^ : AnTirf#ytoi- ft* toljunr
im of UxmmHfi) whoffldl ftwanatvm
datotfiree. fc do M* b#*7* &rt any
werffflatel nr'twrlinwiA c""" ' *wt o* iii'>lb
firal to mm Mm' of this dam
|f armifiiT who qatobll mew
- with MM .Btt.ito : al - fIWMa *
At til* §m4mkMVMs* tto i
a tkiur a# an buneal iletocfiwa. fctosh •
Shingly- haw ar erttWhoe; hat m
-do aay that the f m ebb atis*
tB aerwee a teisl tor -the. Pf*MP
I Uitol D aiwerpotod wit, and that
1 abolition Of thedetoßfew tor.
to wMAaw? rwtorm. Aa to Mm pW'
mam in' which tnrmey h wmitrei to
fMwvn* a. .detoeliwi hMMjpttan, M
toaiMamMbSure ahptoi -toeaya h# -
(be robbed mhpoo elh4i fnpaM ho ®ancn
moner; I M&Z> !hedsecti v t - at
wort Cor the inqtiitT W-roueh he m
wifling to wire, to a piacOrtflhat M
in the pubtw wind auewwriahoß that the
detectives aw in pdtotow wtii Mm
,thmrw. II toavw ,Ik* dftocbw free
from all aix'oantobikty. and itoweatw a
temptation to which tlie |TMp tma
ought not" to Be cxpowdf.—Omonaoh'
f ■STjlb *1 1 l? "' ! "" i-'. 1 m 7
t% ftwael one of i
th Cootmiuurta ahW, it w said by s
Pwria paper frrUpmi Wideiily ap
pearing in Iparw, tot| charge
of Mm inaurwetioaary 4r. thwalen
ing to- shoot, a mens ter 6f the Central
Oomihifter. who asked him to give up a
f— AbanAmiagliw 14wi' '.t -I necitti'Mi
they countorwiadodM* erdeito;a<MMß|
hi i moMItHIQMPM d
dnto> # pltoaiaff. m p pglil the eel at
JfetoT had alM>r
ready for their B*nelV ffta ■ •!■'
ptoAoiff Mnw a
culradlolw, hearing tiliec U< ;i
--<3*109 of deaMi without BWWBg
and twiwMrelaafap 'to tign.<l prtafaoa for
.pardon t> has all thcrra wuunadji **
which appeatao .powerfuillfto the Wg*
aetiam women, wd I * oomse
queaiy become their hero,. (
MohbuPt.—ChdiftWßiß raß%pte have
asummaiy way of dbqwrtag of murder
en. Aiwrty o£ AW •*• *fwped a ear
It wtofound i! 1 - had 1 ■-i
"iafraAS ' IhWiHrfiimm ft JllflllßHilll*
"fKltl wfiuKwli m. "gJ-P ' *
gtont-toneto dtowniw whet
".We, theAOOcnugrany, pi it '
ed to-Mto #wllifie>|l fewwp
/the prisoaier. They refused to giy* tom
up, "We, the 500 maigStipA,. took
Wet! Mm, oonil -.iei .uto, W IfPi
Lorn on the rtaie few h ■ tod
hie victim under, " rareweu. fe
world, * were. Ms fawsl ypwdt, sa m :
walked away and hfc him to s
Mm SP eatopwito, I©llCF*'c4 toil*.