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Centre Hall, Pa., Nov, 10, '7l
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The Bellefonto Republican •cents to
admire the honest independence of the
REPORTER, for its out-spoken tone in
opposition to dishonesty in our own
party. While this is all right aud
proper enough on the part of our rad
ical neighbor, yet with its commenda
tion of our course, we thiuk it would
be very consistent on the part of the
Republican, if it also follow
ed tho example of the RWORTKR and
pursued the same course in denoun
cing the vile scouudrels in the radi
cal ranks, instead of beiug their apol
ogist and defender. NN heu did the
Repnplican denounce a radical thi i
It has never made mention of the
Kvans swindle, by which the state is
robbed of *300,000. It never had a
word to say agaiust the radical Hodge
defalcation amounting to a full half
million. It never once alluded to the
statement made officially by Grant s
secretary of the treasury, that internal
revenue collectors had swindled the
government out of *20,000,000 dollars.
It keep* its radical readers in the datk
as to the manner in which the govern
ment was swiudled oat of *30,000,000
by a cotton speculation, that has re
cently been exposed. It never said
a word about the great radical swindle
in the New York poet-office, and nev
er a syllable about the big radical steal
in the Hartford post-office. # Then
there are ten thousand other radical
swindles just as astounding and infa
mous as any of those referred to above,
and the Republican never denounced
one of them, and tried to protect radi
cal thieves by keeping silent aud pre
venting an exposure. Is that honest,
and is it not the opposite from the con
duct shown by the REPORTER. See
how the democrats of New York pros
ecute the Tammany thieves and refuse
them admission into their state cou
vention! When did the radical par
ty give such a shiuing evidence of how
it hates dishonesty f The REPORTER
and the whole democratic press of the
country expose and denounce the Tam
many thieves, and the Republican nev
er onee had a word to say agaiust a
single one of the monster thieves in
its party.
By such a course the democratic
party will draw to its ranks all honest
republicans, and drive the few dishon
est Democrats into the radical camp
where alone they can find shelter, and
where they are always welcomed with
open arms.
We repeat, let the Bellefonte Rt
publican follow our example, and be
The President of the United States
is endeavoring to find a purchaser for
'240 shares of beneca quarry stock, par
value SIOO, which he will sell at a
small premium. This stock is oae
of the best, if not the very best paying
investments now open to the public,
and the present is a chance not often
offered to captalists.
This stock President Grant received
as a present by the sharpers who own
the Seneca stone quarry, near Wash
ington, so that all the stones for the
public buildings might be taken from
the "Seneca tribe" of thieves, and the
worthless quarry at once became very
valuable, as hundreds of thousands of
dollars worthof this stone were sold to
the government, under Grants influ
ence. The stone is of an inferior
quality at that, but that don't matter,
thc"f?enecas" "struck a flowing well."
Our worthy Chief Magistrate is
very much exercised io mind at his in
ability to comply with the requirements
of the Constitution to "guarantee to
every State in the Union a Republi
can form of government," for. some
States will,despite all his exertions to
the contrary, go Democratic. and the
more he dooa to win them back the
more stiff-necked they become. But
shoddy-and-shellac patriots may sweet
ly sleep, assured tnat nothing in the
power of the Federal government will
oe left undone by him to insure his re
election. And it is now announced
that the punishment of martial law,
so recently applied to South Carolina,
is to be extended to Alabama, Missis
sippi, and probably, Texas.
Grant will tako good care to have
every southern state under martial law (
by the time the next presidential elec
tion is held, it is such a convenient
piece of tyranuy and usurpation to
elect himself thereby. The bayonet still
rules. "Let us have peace."
The registration of voters in the Dis
trict of Columbia shews 7,692 whites
and 6,180 colored, aggregating 13,972.
This number, however, will be largely
increased when the registers open their
offices for corrections and additions.
80, then, if out of the white voters >
5000 are democrats, the niggers (with
a few while radical scalawags) would
be, and are, the controling element of
the national capital, at the polls.
Bah !
From a dispatch in another column
of the Reporter it will be seen that
the recently elected Auditor General,
Dr. Stanton, republican, died a few
days ago. The law provides that
such vacancies be filled by appoint
ment of tbe govenor, and the appoin
tee to serve until the end of the term
for which his predecessor was elected.
Mr. Stanton died before his term
commenced, hence had no predecessor.
In our opinion a special election must
be held.
A Political Former.
New York. November 3.— I Cyrus
Omstcnd, who WHS nominated ss an
independent candidate for Assembly
in the Fifth District, wras arraigned at
the tombs on n charge of forging his
grandfather's name. He was remand
cd for examination.
This is the second case of a forger run- J
ning for assembly in New York —it
was only last week we made mcntiou
of a radical who was nominated for as
sembly when it was notorious that lie
had, in a previous session, forged the
speaker's name to a bill. Now we
have Mr. Omslead running for assem
bly, who is imprisoned on a charge of
forging his grandfather's name. NVe
are not used to these things down
here ill good, old, honest Pennsylvania,
and we trust that having forgers run
for the legislature will stop now, lest
the disease also break out among wine
of our politicians here. Heallv, elect
ing forgers to the legislature, betrays
a sad aud dangerous state of morals
among the people who encourage such
characters with their vote* at the pri
manry elcctious for nomination.
The cry for honest rneu, in oui state
legislature, has reached the New \ ork
JYibune, aud iu one of its issues last
week, it advises all republicans to vote
for the democratic nominee, Horatio
Seymour, iustead of the radical nomi
nee, who is of doubtful honesty.
That's right for the TYtbunc, aud all
honcvt men will say, Amen! NN hen
such men as Seymour get to the legis
lature, wo can expect better things
than have been* dealt out to us by the
unprincipled scoundrels who of late
years have been a curse to this aud
other states. Lot al I honest mou, dem
ocrats and republicans, join in the de
mand for tueu of uprightness aud in
tegrity and support none other, lhe
ball of honesty is in motion, let all put
their shoulders to it.
The thieves are not all dead yet —
some mean ones are still living.
Frauds are now detected in the diapo
sitiou of the Chicago relief funds,
llolden who is a candidate for Mayor
of Chicago, aud who was at the head of
one of the relief committees, it now
transpired that Holden, while acting
as Treasurer, secured at least *13,000
of the relief fundi and considerable
supplies, which he refused to give up
when a requisition was made on him
by the proper authorities. It is now al
ledged that this money is being used by
Holden to secure his election as May
or, and very damaging evideuce is pro
duced iu substantiation of this charge.
Amoug other things, llolden has
caused to be sent to the regular com
mittee a livery stable bill, amounting
to two hundred and forty dollars.
Payment has been refused, and the
committee gives notice that no car
riages were needed in the work of re
lief. To what purposes the benevo
lence of the country might have been
put but for the prompt aclioa in for
cing out "bummers" may now be seen
from this specimen. The public may
rest assured tha tthe work of the
relief is now in good hands, and this
man Holden will be held to a strict
The State Senate.
The death of the Hon. George Con
nell, of the Third Senatorial District,
Philadelphia, leaves the Senate, count*
ing Mr. Weaklj, who has no certifi
cate of election as a member, a tie;
and counting him as not a member,
the Senate has one Democratic major
ity ! In either event the Democracy
is likely to have something like a fair
show in the organ izrtion of the Sen
The New York World says of af
fairs in that city : 'Down with corrup
tion 1" If t us have only honest men in of
ce—are beautiful watchwords in which
both .the Republican and Democratic
Rrties are perfectly agreed. But the
raocrats have given some pretty
tangiblej>roofs of the faith that is in
them. 1 hey have not only openly de
nounced in Convention those of their
Eaity who were suspected of fraud,
ut, on the suggestion of a Democrat
ic Governor, a Democratic Attorney-
General has delegated his powers to
the first Democratic lawyer in the
State, and he, on the affidavit of the
Chairman of the Democratic State
Convention, has already brought the
offenders so closely within the arena of
justice that nothing but the clearest
proofs of innocence can possibly make
away of escape for the suspected par
ties. What have the Republicans
done to prove the faith that is in them?
Has Murphy, as completely branded
with fraud by the Tribune as any
member of the Tammany "Ring," lost
his bold upon the commercial interests
of this great metropolis ? Has any.
thing been done towards hunting up
the bailors of the great defaulter, Josh
ua Bailey—at last accounts living a
life of luxurious ease in Montevideo,
upon his ill-gotten theft? Have any
steps beeu taken towards hunting up
the authors of the great Republican
"Catton Ring," who, according to the
Tribune's statement of October 21,
robbed the government of thirty mil
lions, just ten millions more than is
charged against Tammany? Gentle
men of the Grant party, we Democrats
have paid our little quota towards the
furtherance of public honesty. What
do you propose to do ? for hitherto you
have done nothing.''
In Philadelphia, Radicalism, by a
fraudulent election law, has defeated
every effort at reform, and is now busy
screening its criminals.
Freeman Clarke, formerly Comp
troller of the Currency at Washington
and now a Republican member of Con
gress, publicly stated that of the S9OO,
000,000 collected from the people by
the Federal officers only $450,000,000
had found its way into the Treasury.
Here is a direct robbery of the people
of $450,000,000.
President Grant's Ku-Klux procla
mation has inaugurated a veritable
reign of terror in 6outh Carolina.
Business in York and Chester counties
is entirely susnended and a wholesale
exodus of the male population is
taking place.
Victor Y. Powell, clerk in the Sec
ond Auditor's office at Washington,
was arrested on Tuesday charged with
frauds ,on the government, said to
amount to $100,000; and yesterday,
ex-Congressman William B. Stokes,
Supervise* of Internal Revenue for
Tennessee, was arrested on the charge
of defrauding the government to the
extent of $60,000.
The Condition of South Carolina
The lion. Ki'vmly J<hnn !
published the following letter to him
from * reliable source :
Rx * HtLL, Vork District. S. t '.,
October '2l>, 1871 i
Hon. Ra-ertly Johonson, Baltimore,
\ Md :
DEAR Silt: * ♦ * On of my
brothers litis been arrested and thrown
into the common jail by I'nited States
soldiers without charge or accusation
without form or warrant of law. with
out the shadow of right or justice.
Before the suspension of the writ of
habeas corpus, profound quiet prevailed
in this section of the country ; men
were pursuing their business avoca
tion* in the most peaceful wanner, and
a season of prosperity was beginning
to dawn upon us; but now words are
almost inadequate to describe the reign
[of terror that is existing among u*.
Itauds of Foiled States soldiers are
riding the country, arresting citiiein
bv the wholesale, tearing them from
their homes in the night-time; terrify
! ing women aud children ; hurrying the
| prisoners off to jail, aud cramiug them
into dungeons aud tilthv cells. These
arrests are made without warrant
Men are ignorant of the offences for
which they are thrown in jail. No ex
planation is given the prisoner as to
I the cause of his arrest, no hearing is
allowed him. The innocent and the
guilty fare alike. The fury of the
Radicals is leveled against the best of
our citiiens. Old, young, gray-haired
■ men incapable of committing outrages,
mere boys innocent of crime, are ar
| rested indiscriminately. In a tiuie ol
i profound peace, wheu farmers arc en
i gaged in gathering in tht ir corn aud
cottou, we are declared to be iu a state
of war. NVe are suffering for crimes
that have never been committed. We
are punished for offenScs of which we
warred upon by the United States gov-
I rmmut. on aecouut of a rebellion
j which—God save the mark —ha-> exis
[ teucc only iu the imaginations of Pros-
I ident Grant and the vile politicians
5 who have poisoned his ears with false
j aud malicious reports. There is no
i rebellion ; there is uo hostility to the
Ignited States government; there is no
resistance to lawful authority, either
! Slate or federal; the reports of colli
sions between armed bauds of Ku
1 Klux and Federal troops, are utterly
! false, base, and slanderous fabrications,
uttered for a purpose. The cruelty,
the iuhumeu barbarity of this most un
righteous war upon us, is enough to
bring the blush of shame to the check
of a Nero, aud softeu the heart of a
Tiberius. Our women and children
are the greatest sufferers by this lUOU
strous act of wanton oppression ; they
are pale with affright. They are dis
tracted with grief and anguish; those
loved ones upon whom they lean for
support, are torn from them, and they
are left defenseless aud at the mercy
of brutal, lawless negroes. Aud all
this suffering is entailed upon our peo
ple, that a few wicked politicians may
! continue in power aud fatten from the
spoils of office. Grant's proclamation,
alleging that the upper districts of
South Carolina are in a state of rebel
[ lion, is the most stupendous lie that ev
j er promulgated to the world —the uu>st
infamous document that ever bore an
j official 6eal. In its utter falsehood, its
cool audacity, its daring assumption,
its sublime mendacity and its damna
ble iuitiuity, it is without precedent or
parallel in history. There is 110 docu
ment on record comparable to it. The
cruel tyranny of the measure is only
equalled by* the arbitrary despotism
! which has been practiced upon a Po
j land or 'a Hungary, a Greece or an
Iceland. And the worst of it is there
is no help for us. When the Presi
dent of a free country, in a time of
I profound peace, deliberately turns his
j "dogs of war" loose upon nu unoffend-
I ing, defenseless people, and the cold
i eye of the world bears iu it no sympa-
I thy for us, there is no help for us un-
I der the sun, and little hope. Pardon
me for trespassing upon your time, and
believe mc to be, with the highest sen
timent of esteem and regard, your obe
dient serveiit.
The Vacancy in the Senate
A few radical newspapers in the
State, says the Morning Patriot, and
notably the State Journal of this city,
are making themselves extremely ri
diculous by their denunciation of
Speaker Brodhead because lie docs
not issue a warrant for au election to
fill the vacancy in the senate caused
by the death of the Hon. George Cou
ncil. We have already exposed the
folly of the Journal by showing that
the speaker of the senate can have no
official knowledge of the clecliou of
Mr. Council until the returns be pre
sented to him by the secretary of the
Commonwealth on the opening of the
session of the legislature. The Speak
er cannot violate the law to accommo
date a few petulant partisans. As
well might the State Journal insist that
Secretary Jordan lay the returns be
fore Speaker Brodhead now, instead of
following the course prescribed by the
statute. We suggest that the editor
call on the secretary and ask him to
present the returns of the Fourth dis
trict to the Speaker, with Health Offi
cer Addick's notification of Mr. Con
neH'sdeath. It is time that there should
be an end of this babble of the State
Journal. If it has any readers who
give beed to its wanton partisan de
nunciations of Mr. Brodhead because
he cannot disobey the law, they de
serve commiseration.
The Philadephia Post, perceiving
the difficulty of the situation, and ac
knowledging the danger of adopting
any course which has not the fullest
authority oflnw,suggests that Governor
Geary convene the legislature in exlrn
session in order that the s|>caker ot the
senate may have official notification of
the election and death of Mr. Conncll,
and may issue his warrant for an elec
tion to fill the vacancy. But here un
fortunately a new obstacle is to he en
countered. The law enjoins expressly
that it shall be duty of thesecretrry of
the commonwealth on the firstTueaday
of January ot every year, as soon as
us the senate shail convene, to present
nil returns of tho election of senators
for that year to the speaker of the sen
ute. Now suppose Governor Geary
should adopt the plan of the Post, and
convene the legislature iu extra session
before the first Tuesday in January,
who would assemble? Why the old
senators. For by express statute the
secretary of the comnionwculth cauuot
bring in the returns before the first
Tuesday in January. lie could not
present in extra session the returns of
the senators elect, for the law
prescribes the time for the pre
formance of that duty. If an election
be held prior to that date it can only
be to fill the unexpired term of Mr.
Connell, viz : the term that will expire
on the first Tuesday of January 1872.
The Post thus perceives that it comes
out of the same hole it went in at.
The Lancaster Intelligencer, shows
up the transparent hypocricy pf these
radicals, in this matter, by the follow
ing offset:
The radical journals send up a howl
of affected indignation, and shed a pro
fusion of crocodile tears at the refusal
of ihe return in tho Cumber
laml ntnl Fmiiklni district, to ntvttrd
the certificate ol elev'liou t slf. Weak
ley, as senator. Thcv fbrget the
course displayed hy them IU thu case
of i 'ovode, hy a radical eongiea*, and
areas equally unmindful of the pro*
cedent* which they have act he for# the
country, ami the conduct which daily
characterises tho party where they
have the numerical ascendancy, or the
military and political power, lake,
for instance, tho Texas election. Not
only is the lltl.OOO majority of the tel
egraph swelled hv tho slower but sur
er mails to -10, 000 —and every member
of congress elected democratic, and by
large majorities, too—but the attempt
to p.went these members elect
lium going to Washington ami taking
their scats is one of tho feature* of the
governor, who i* upheld by tlrant.
flic telegraph dispatches sent north
were carefully pruned duwn. ami tho
people were kepi in the dark a* to the
real facts, which were subsequently
"A special from Austin euys that
Limestone county is declared under
martial law and assessed fifty thous
and dollars for bad behavior. Adju
tant general Davidson take* charge
of the military oflirimes. Tho vote
of Limestone, ilriiue- und Hell coun
ties will be thrown out, making the
vote between (.lidding* and Clarke
nearly equal. Choke will receive the
certificate of election. Stale senator
Mills has been beard to say that
" Clarke ehouhl ija to conyreM ij there
art enough in the state to send
him there
Yes, Clurko must go to congress, if
bayouet* will elKct it; but the people
of Pennsylvania must lie threatened
with another buckshot war if Weakley
is uot admitted to the senate, no mat
ter how much bribery or corruption
can lie proven against him,
Khler Hopkins Sentenced Ajiecling
Address of the Judge — Warrants Jor
JSrigham Young and Son, Charged
with Abetting in Murder,
Sslt Lake, October —Chief Justice
UK can thi* morning
the pole-gamut, as follow*:
Thoiuav Hawkins lam sorry for you,
very sorrv. You may not think *o now,
hut 1 shall tty an-i make vou think so, by
the mercy whii'h 1 shall *how. You came
from England to this country with the- wife
of your youth For many years you were
a kind husband, a kind father. At length,
how over, the evil spirit of polygamy
tempted you and p-cjed you. Then
h vnpine-* departed from your household
and now, bv the complaint of your faith
ful wile and the verdict of a law abiding
jury, you stand at this bar a convicted
criminal. The law* give me a large dis
cretion in |>***iiig sentence upon you, or 1
might tine you only or imprison 1 might
imprison you twenty years and fine you
one thousand dollars. 1 cannot imprison
you lea* than five year* nor tine you le
"than three hundred dollar*. It i* right that
fou should he lined, nlnoiig other reason*,
to help defray entorcing the law*, but my
experience ha* been such that were I to
tine you only, I am tati-fied the fine would
be paid out est other funds than your* and
thu* you would go free, ab*olutely free
from all punishment; aud then those men
who misted you and malty other*, would
believe that tsod had tent ibe money to pay
the fine; that Uod had prevented the
Court from sending you to prison aud that
by a miracle you had been rescued from
the authorities of the United Slates. I
must look to it that my judgement give* n v
aid and comfort to such men 1 iuut look
to it that my judgment be not to severe a*
to seem vindicitivo and not so light a* to
seem to tride with justice. Thi* i ommuiii
ty ought to begin to learn that (lod doe*
not interpose to rescue criminal* from the
consequence of their crime*, but on the con
trary that lie so order* the affair* of Mi*
universe that, sooner or later, crime stands
face to fac# with justice; and, ju*t a* th
Master, I will ay here and now that when
ever "vi'iir good behavior and the public
good shall justify me in doing so, I will
gladly recommend that you be pardoned.
The judgment of the Court i* that you
be fiucd $-V<o, and that you be imprisoned
at hard labor (or the term of three year*
(Vmtnsry to ail expectation, there wa*
littlo or no excitement in the Court room.
The attendance was largo, but generally
all maintained a proper decorum The
United State* Marshal* and their dcpulie
w'M! fully prepared for any emergency.
Notice ■( appeal to the Supremo t'ourt
wa* given by tne prisoner* counsel,
Warrants are out for the arre*t of Brig
ham Young and hi*on. J. A. Young, on
a charge <d murder, in hav ing ordered the
killing of Richard Yates The indictment
on these murder case* i* understood to he
tounded on the testimony of Bill Hick
man, irbn was once what * tanned bv the
Gentiles a Dattite. or a secret agent of the
Mormon authorities. Yates visited the
Mormon camp during the rrhellion of '&?,
ostensibly to sell powder. The Mormons
regarded him us a spy, and some weeks af
ter arrested him, and placed him in the
custody of Hickman, to be taken to Salt
Lake. D. Well* thenjeommanded the Mor
mon troop*, and Hovia Stout was Judge
Advocate. On the way to Salt Lak© he
killed Yaum, as he sav*. by an order from
Biigham Young and Joseph A., and at the
instigation of \S ell* and Stout. Hickman
is also confined now at Camp Douglass.
Ho went with the offleers to Echo Canon,
and after pointing out the spot whera he
had buried Yates was arrested in disinter
ring the remains.
TED roll Mt'KDKR.
Dnnicl H. Wells, mayor of the city, and
Hosea A Stout, formerly 'AUornev Gen
eral of the Territory, W. Uelden Kimbal
and llobart, or liarty Canon, were arrested
upon an indictment of the grand jurv
cnarging them with murder. Tom Fitch
made application to admit t had, which
will be heard on Monday. The prisoners
were placed in a carriage and conveyed to
Camp Douglas*. A slight excitement pre
vailed at the Marshal's office while the ac-
cusod were there wailing fur a conveyance
to the Camp, some policemen saving thev
should not go to prison if they did not w n
to go; and one or two women calling out
to take them if they dared. Tliey would
fight them with a vengeance. The officers,
however, wore firm, and nothing serious
happened. The alleged crime consists in
the Killing of Richard Yates, and a man
named Buck, several years ago.
A warrant was out for the urrcst of Or
son Heid, one of the Twelve Apostles, on
some charge, but lie eluded the deputies !
who were sent to arrest him. lie was pur 1
sued to the Southern territory.
Pursuit of Brilliant YOUIIR.
Salt Lake City, Nov. I.—To-day every-;
thing is paeifte, and there is not the least
probability in thi* city of anv outbreak ori
difficulty. The Mormons all disclaim any
intention of resisting the law or opposing
the United State- offleers in the perfor
mance of their duty. Judge M'Kean's
course in admitting Mayor Wells to hail i>,
allowed in all quarter- to be eminently j
wise and proper. No fault is found for re-,
fusing bail tor Stout und Kimball, M!-
thougli it 1* not considered that the proba
bility of their guilt is grenter than tlint of
Mayor Wells.
It is understood that Marshal Patrick i*
prcparitig an expedition to follow and ar
rest Hrighiirn Young. Young is said to be
still moving southward, having with him
eleven wagons and one hundred armedl
men mounted.
The u)>|>oinm<-nt of George S. Bates Uni
tod Htates Prosecuting Attorney for t'tah
i approved by both the Mormon and (Sun
tile prers. Business is dull and money is
unumnlly scarce. Tho weather is delight
I'iegnii Phil Not Appreciated.
The Radical Governor of Illinois Or
ders his Indictment by a Grand Jury
as an arretsory to the Murder of Col.
Chicago, November I.—General John
M. Palmer, Governor of tbo Nlato of Illin
ois, issued orders to Attorney-General
Hushncll directing hitn to procure an in
dictment before a Grand Jury of Lieuten
ant-Ueneral Phil Sheridan. A few days
ago an incompetent major, despite tho pro
testations of a board of police, attempted
to place tho city-under control of the mili
tary authorities. Then followed the mur
der of Colouel Grosvcnor, tho prosecuting
ultordey, by a university student named
Treat, who showed at the coroner's Inqnest
that hu was only acting under orders trom
His captain, an ex - (Confederate officer
named Colston. This nomeguard captain
in turn showed he had received his orders
from Colonel Frank Sherman, w ho had in
turn got them from General Sheridan. The
assassination of Grosvcnor aroused the lu
diglialloll <<f tin' public, and Hit appeal WJ
made to the Govornut lr |irwtM linn Gov-)
liTiior Painter ut unco interfered, and Ma)
or riH)iiMlp>l I!' 11 Itry li> vie an
111. Excellency vvnf not >et * lulled, how
ever, and ho begun mi examination Into On*
detail* f Cot. (h><viwor •d Nth, It would
seem us though h was Utility ooaviiuid
l lmt General Sheridan ntnl filler* -lionM
he sevcrel) dealt will), a* he IIM directed
tin' lUoriiov -Ui'iivml to pro. urc HII indict
ment before it < i mint •'uty of General ff lur
idnii, Colonel Frank Bherma", and all oili
er* engaged in niitaaw fitl proceedings, in.
eluding the klllillg of Colonel Oro*v*nor
during (lit- tnillliiry usurpation of Chicago,
ll i understood Iluil Gmeral Hilshnell ha*
IH'I.I u consultation vtiili fitat< * Attorney
Reed, who will ill once bring matter* bo- j
|lort' the Grand Jury of this county,
TlT}ninth* little.
Thf new. lium South Carolina gruw*l
'wurw ami worm* Sim-© the previous ac-1
j count* wore received the hayoiii'l urrel* :
lotvo continued with unabated ferocity, i
Man* otd aiul decrepld men havt- been
marched tottering oil to Jail at Yorkville,
hot wren file* of soldier* ami thrust into the
!iv-hy-tt-n ft*lU Thi'jail i it* yet uhfin
i i-lieil ll i* n three story building, the up
, ;it-r story only In-my filled up with gratings'
in the window*. lulu thii ilory arocrowu-,
.'•I at thi* lime nearly one hundred victiuig
of this Oraiit ri nomination war. Ainonii
the arrested partie* are several negroes wey
Voted the Item-" ratio ticket In.l fall Tho*
are held in OMiIMWNt ykkoM HMMIItR
!of any kind being made known to them,
A. there were perhaps about fitly *ut-h all
told who tl.u* voted, ihe significance of the
arrest of those eanuot he mistaken, It i*
'! intended to intimidate tlie colored people j
'and prevent hereafter all defection from'
(he rank* of the black* Akerinau'* troop* j
are performing prodigies of valor, triune]
■ .eetion, wi of Yorkville, there are not a
, lutcu white men left in a neighborhood ot
J over two square mile*. Akermaii'* troop*
{advancetl with much coolness and sicadi
. I n*< at thi* point, ami captured one old
. man about ixty-tive and two hoy*. The
11 detachment* n-e flying iu t|uad* all over
the country, alt the arrest* are made with*
out warrant* and no etatuiualioni are af
[j forded. Uut a* thU i* a free country no
J one can feel at liberty to complain.
co £££ ip o ni>£ not
■ (Correspondent* will obreive brevity,
j avoid personalities ami slang phrase*. We
arc not to be heltl a* endoriuy the opin-
I iona of correspondent*, but favor free di
lcU*ioll En. )
From MiMotiri
MamgrviLU, Mo., Oct. IG, 1871.
KniTt'R Iti imiiTKH A* 1 have never!
j once in all my letter* to your paper alluded 1
to politic*, 1 think 1 can venture at least in I
giving my opinion without meriting your
disapprobation. 1 will beyitt with tile late
election*, which, o far, have nearly all re
• ulle.l in victory for the rauical*, not be
ctll' it i> the popular kriitiment of the
people, but throuyh fraud, jterjury, ami
the uce of the |>ower which they cuniiol.j
Never ainee the forinalion of tin* govern
uieut ha* the ballot boa been inorw tam
pered with, or the people * riyht* more
jeopardised than nince the inauyuration of
thi.- radical rule, and it I* daily becoiuiuy
I more corrupt; never in the hitlory of our,
I yovern men l ha* there been *sjoh a tycteui j
,f whole-ale stealing anj robbing a, now
nervade. every position ol public trut
\V In :i the campaign of ilffopened, ibc rad
ical* prom.sed the people that if tbey
would elect (trait! we would have yood
| time* and the nlfair* of tho government
would he adiuinUtcird in an economical
manner and a general reform would take
place. Now then, 1 ak any h.-ne.t. in t el-]
. lyeut and unprejudiced Voter, have they
j redeemed their pledge by which they *e-,
duced the people into voting for Grant?
The question answer* iuell. they have
,'not; when were tuuc* harder or money
j mure cloae than ince (Irani adniinitra
ition' One thing (Irani ha> done which hi*
, j radical friend* never protniwd the people; j
, that i* in appointing all hi* relatioti* to ut
flee, from father duw u to aeventh eou*iu,
much U> the chagrin and di*-ati*factiou ot
, hit |K*litical friend*; a few t f hi* appoint
ment* were iim do through force of ouliya
, tion. For in-tame collector Murphy, of]
: New Yttrk, cottage at Le-ng Bracit wa*
, the itutru'.ient u*ed to ecur<' the ap|>oinl
jOMat. Ttii*. 1 pre*uiiia, i* where love in a
cottage originated front. in a word
, tiranj • admini-lralion ha* proved an en
, tire failure and it i quite evident that the
, radical party again intend placing him in
, j nomination, rcgardle** of the proteti* of
, the liberal wing of the republican party,
, AIUIUM every radical tate convention that
ohm* been held ha- declared it favor of
, Grant, and thould he receive the nomina
'lion, lit* election ruukt be conceded utile**
. the liberal vote ran be fi-curvd ayam*l him;
| if thi* oan be aecouiplUhed, thin hi* defeat
i* im v liable. Hut how to bring thi* about
, 1 it the pcrplriiiiy que*tion, one w Inch ! will
I not a-*unie topn-Hcr, more than to give a
few idea* which tuygtwt tbem*elve to my
mind, and to u-e an lllu.trat.on, 1 will cite
you l" ihe cubemalorial conti t in Mi*-
. iouri la*l fall; here we find the radical
and liberal element arrayed ayaiu*t oacb
Mother; Imth have held convention* and
' nominated ticket* ; the democrat* remain
, iny inactive in the meanwhila, but no toon
er are the nomination* niadejhan thedeiu
loenOlc party rally to the Mtpaort of th*
' liber. 1 wing and a triumphant victory it
gained of the radical |eirty ; now then if it
■ it decreed that the democratic party can
i not eli-el a prendent, may it not be jo**iblc
- to at let break thi* radical rule which
liha- f*'cned itaelf upon our countrv like a
> vulture on it* prey? Now I think themol
. w and judicium courte for the deruo
•'cratic party to purtue would be, n<4to call
> a national convention to *elect a *tamird
- bearer, but to let the liberal republican
, party make a nomination and then let the
i democratic party rally to hi*aupport. ThU
■ will inture tu. cerfif not only for president,
> but al in tin' bnll- ol'conyrcv- wherehon
-1 e*t legislation i- niml needed Hut a* my
• letter ha alreadv ivecutiid too much fpace,
• I mu*l make it *hort. Kver your* in a true
• tpirit of democracy. E.G.
* ♦ •
. ; For the Reporter,
IX Itrsolutioii.
"We recoynie the binding obligation
, of all tho proviiion* of the comlitullon of
tho United State* a* they now exist, and
• we deprecate the di*cu*iot) of i*ue* which
have l.een nettled in the manner, and b ( v
the authority, conitUutionally appointed. '
Thi* i* the retolution in the Democratic
Platform adopted by the Harmburg Con
vrntion in May,againat which no many good
meaning but non-progrea*ive Democrat*
rail. Iq i the ill-treateil New Departure.
Wlt AT Dog* IT CoXTAI X?
Two easentinl tkiny*: Our recognition
I of the constitution in It* prenent form, and,
' secondly, a departure from "drnii itturs".
Of the first essential, 1 affhrni that the
party ba* only done what the necetilie* of
ihe time*imperatively required. Whether
the amendment* to tho constitution were
made in st-iet accord with the organic law,
whether for example, the regulation of
•uffrage ought to be left to the people ot the
respective slates, may be a proper question
forthecourt, siuingoiMheconstituttonallity
of CoOgruM, but the binding force of the
i rhole constitution upon the Democratic
! party i* at least, true drjaeto if not, drjurr.
, The party recognise the fact, negro voting
] and citlen blp, while the right of con-,
3 rets to regulate suffrage i*n question in
ispuie. Until tho proper tribunal on
I that question decide, it it should ever deem
it proper, let u* v at least, uphold tho con-'
stitution, the pride and boast of our party
| in the past. j
But after nil, tho people In their sovereign)
! capacity constitute the tribunal lor tlmj
1 trial of this case l!a* it been before them?
Directly the people never expend rn mnst
; I heir approval or disapproval of the chang
ed constitution. But let no one underes
timate the Indirect endorsement of tho poo
That the Republican party made these
change* in the constitution during theircon
!trol of the government, every citizen
know*. The party did most shameftilly'he
! lie the people, keeping them in ignorance
of their true de-ign*. They changed this
constitution by deception. But deplor
ing the moan* through which tho Ha ieal*
did achivo their ends, the change remains
an accomplished fact. The people know it
is a fixed rosult. Now, then, 1 would like
I to ask such men lis are opposed to
the 9th resolution, if the people of
litis country aro really opposed to the pres
ent constitution, why do they not rise in
the might ol their power and drive from
power, whether state, county or national.
I that party who brought it about. Did not
the people in various election* over the
Union grant them the same power, while
they beheld them achiving negro uffiage?
Either of two things i* true: the people
want equal suffrage, or are totally inditter
ent about it.
I think the latter Is true. I believe the
people have heard so much of negro, that
they ure hcartly tired of the agitation, and
willing to accept tho result. But another
A few restless men claim that the
New Departure, or this resolution, is cause
of our defeat. No, Mr. Hlock, you forgot
that honest voters became indifferent in
this election. Why ? Because they could
see no honest v and decency in either pnrly.
The frauds Ot Evans and lloilge, are hard
ly as heavy as those of Tammany.
The people care little for doctrine now,
when both parties represented hy corrupt
politician*, are stealing away their moneys.
It is high time w take a departure from
"dead issues"—issues about which tho peo
ple are thoroughly disgusted—issues which
tliey practically endorse, and ri*o against
professional politicians, who, under the
mantle of party principles, plunder the na
tion of her treasures.
Niimll I'ux hi I'll llihM pit la
Fourteen Dctatlia a iluy.
I'hihuli-lphia, November 4, The Board
of Health teporta an average offourti-si
death* pr t|y from tmail pox, during the
the weak a -jltght increase over the week
I ml. Dotiolna fur Arsetulily in New
Ituehesier, November 4 Fred Doug
la** wn nomiiinted, this ev
eitlng, at the Republican Convention, for
Still Another Kailienl Thief.
Savai.uah, Ua., November 4 --Colluctor
Itobb, hn* returned, and is in charge ol the
Custom House. A hill has been found in
the United Slate* Court againat him for
KmbeMaluutent and aiding in conspiracy
to dcfmtid iheGuvermiiaiil 110 ha* given
bail for hi* appearance at trial.
OI!!.KI!'l ' ALES By vntio ..f u:i-
O dry writ* of fieri facia*, levari facia*
venditioni exponas, L*ued nut of the Court
■jui Common t lea* of C. ntrecounty, and to
. u i- directed, there will be uxpo-.-d (o pub
■ lie *ale, at the eourt-houe in Bellefoitte,
; on Thursday the tStrd day uf November,
i] In", I, a* follows, to wit;
■j The follow ing real eitate of defendant,
i situate in l'oUcr towtuhip, Centre county,
i Pennsylvania, to wit: Bounded on north
hy laml* of Frederick*, east bv land ot H
!Viut, ct al,, south by land ol William
- Mayes and on the west by land late of
> George FoUkt, dee d, containing one hum
i ilr.'d and twelve acres, more or teas, there
on erected a dw< iliiig house, barn aud saw
i mill.
Seined, taken into execution, and to be
i -...1 d a* the property of Stephen Garraty.
ALSti :
ij Ail the right title and interest of the de
j feiidaiit in and to ail that certain lot of
? round >ituate iuSlabDiwu, Kuli towiuhip
'anire county, l*ennvlvania, bounded on
the north-east by Cafhouti street, un the
south-eait by Grant street, on the south
wet hy Sherman street and on the north
. wc-t by lot of liarr, being lot No. 7
in the plot of said village, thereon erected
a two story flame d welling house aud out
Seized, taken ill execution and tube Wild
a* the property of Benjamin H t rain.
AH the right title and interest of defen
dant in ami to all that certain lot of ground
situate in Rush township, Centre county, I
I Paanaylvnaia, bounded on tile north east,
jby land of Morgan, Hale Jfc Co., south by
ot of Jerry Keirdan and on the west by
land of Morgan, ltale it Co., containing
-.lie half acre, more or less, thereon erec
ted a two *D>ry plank frame dwelling houe
1 and out-building*.
j Seised, taken in execution and to be sold
a* the property of John Donahoe.
A LB< :
Ail the tight, title and interest of defen
dant in and to all that certain tract of land
situate in Mile* township, Centre county,
Pennsylvania, bounded on the north by
] laud of Thomas Wolf and John Sbott, east
jby land of 11. W Wolf and John Sholl.l
south by laud of J E. Iteish and Jonath
an Aumaii and on the west by land of l*e-1
ter Auman, continuing forty two acre*,
more or le**, thereon erected a dwelling
hou*e, barn and other outbuildings, (and
■orchard) ami having about twenty five]
i acre* cleared.
j Seized, taken in execution and lobe sold
a* the property of David Wolf, extcutor
j of &c.
The undivided one fourth interest of all
th at certain messuage aiid lot of ground
•iluate in the borough of Hellefunte, begin
ning at a po*t in public road leading from!
Iteliefolile to Rop*burg, thence south Xt
, degrr** e**l 18 55-10 perches to post, thence
-oulh 68 degrees wosl 5SKta-10 perches to]
it, in said road, thence aloigsaid road
north degree* east l 0 8-'0 perches,
thence along said road north 36j degree*
,'o*t l>i U-lU perches to the place of begin
ning, containing twd acres be (tie same
mom or leas, having thereon erected a pla
ning mill, dry house and other outbuil
Soiled, taken in execution and to be sold
a* the proju-rly of William 11. Smith,
ri ALSO:
All the undivided half intero-t in all
that certain Tannery property and tne*-
, -uage or pii-ce of laud ituale in Millheim,
Ctsln county, Pennsylvania, beginning
, at corner near Elk creek and corner of
. John Yorkers lands south 411 degrees
i wet 11-8 perch©* to corner, thence along
r an alley north ( degrees west 17 4-10 per
che* to corin-r. thence partly in road lead
; ing from Miilheiiu to I'snnt cre-k north
f IS degree* west A petche* to corner in said
, r-eid illelice mirth A degree* we-l 1* rches
, to corner, thence along Rebecca F inkle *
inillraee south Ni iIiWMMi |'. 8-Bt per
-1 ches to corner of sai.t John Yerker'* land,
[ thence along same south A degrees east
I Pit perchc* t place of beginning, conlain
, u.g one acre and eighty seven nerrhes net.
Thereon erecteil a large brick house, bank
. barn, tannery, bark house and other out
. building*
| Seized, taken ill execution and lobeso'd
, a* the property of George M. Sw art* and
I MarthaG. Swartx.
All that certain messuagi. tenement ami
tract of land, situate in the township of
F'ergusoa, tVnirw county, Pennsylvania*
bounded and described a- follow*, to wit:
beginning at a nhiiconk corner on land of
Samuel M Wlllinm*, thence north 36 de
gree** west 136 perches to white oak, thence
•outh 3A degrees wet lit!) perches to stone
thence south 40 degrees east 141 perch*• to
stone, thence north 491 degree- east S2i
perches to a stone, thejiee south 36 degrees
i>st AA 3-10 perches to a -tone, thence north
41 degree* e n*t <lO jierche* to place of be-
f inning rotitainii g ninety acres and al
•wanoe, be the same more or lets, togeth
er with the appurtenance*.
Seiaed, laki-n in execution and to be sold
as the property of Julian D. William* and
Robl. L. vVilfiatn*.
A two -torled frame building, twenty
five feet front and sixteen feet deep situate
<>rf a certain lot of ground in Bogg- town
-liin, Centre county, Pennsylvania, boun
ded on the north by a lot of James Aston,
on the *outh by a lot of I*ewi* F'ulton and
on the we*t by land of Joseph Green, and
on tho east by the railroad, fifty feet in
width on railroad and running hack one
hundred ami sixty fact. *
Seized taken in execution and to be sold
n the property of William Kellerman.
The real o-iate of th© Bellefonl© Gla--
Manufacturing Company, bounded and
j described as fellows, via ; Beginning at a
post on '.and of M. Mackall and Wm. A.
i Thomas, dee d, thence south 241 degree
cast to a post on road, thenee by
•aid road north <l2l degree i east 72 feet to
a po*t, thence north 2>l degrees oaal .130
leet to a |M.t. thence north 241 degree-,
west 134 feet to a post, thence north BAj
degrees coat 1301 feet to u post, thence
north 321 degrees oa*t 69 feat to a post,
thence north 61 2-10 degiec* west 86 fei't,
thenee -outh 24} degrees east 60 feet, thence
south OA} degree* west 119 feet to a post,
thence north 24} degree* we#t 8.1 feet to ai
post, thence by land* of*aid Thomas A
Martha Mackall, south to place of begin
ning; thereon erected a Glass Factory with
the necessary outbuildings, including four
dwelling houses and a hoarding house,
with a branch of rail-road running through
or under a part of said factory.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold a* the property of The Bollefonte
Glass Manufacturing Company.
All that two storied frame building with
two one storied frame buck buildings, the
main building being 64 feel, 6 inches in
front, by ItO feet, A inches in depth, and
the back buildings each 21 feet. 3 inches in
width by 16 feet, I inches in depth, and so
iiiueli ot the ground covered by said build
ing* a* may be nccei.-ury for the ordinary
and useful purposes of the same. The said
building is located on a lot of ground, part
of a trnct of land situate in the borough of
Bollefonte, purchased by the said Glass
Manufacturing Ooinpany, from the trus
tees of William A. Thomas, dee'd. Siev
ed, taken in execution and to be sold a- the
properly of the lielletiuite Glass Manufac
turing Co.
Sale to commence at 1 o'clock ofsaiddar.
I) W. WOODRING, Sh'ff.
Sh lTs Office, Bcllefohto Oct. 81, '7l.
\VI erea* the Hon. Charles A. Mayer,
President of the court of Uomraon Plea*,
in the 25th ludleial District, consisting ot
the counties of Centre, Clinton and Clear
field, HIIII Honorable John Hostermau and
the Honorable William Associate
Judge* in Centre county, having issued
their precept, hearing date the 28tli day of
Octb'r A. D., 1871, to mo directed for
holding a court of Oyer aud Terminer and
General Jail Delivery and tjuurtvr Ses
sions of the Peace in Bellcfonte, for the<
county of Centre, and to commence on the
4th Monday of November next,.being the
27tli day of Nov. 1871, and to continue one
Noticc is therefore hereby given to the
Coroner, Justice of thu Peace, Aldermen
and Constables of the said connty ot Cen
tre, that they be then and there in their
proper persons, nt 10 o'clock in the fore
noon ot said day, with thor records, in
quisitions, examinations, and their own re
membrances, to do those things which to
their office appertains to bo done, and
those who are bound in recognizances to
prosecute against the prisoners that are or
shall bo in the Jail of Centre county be
thercand to prosecute against them as shall
be just.
Given under my hand, at Bellcfonte, the
28th day of Oct. in the year or our Loid,
1871 and in the ninety-fourth year of the
Independence of the United States.
1). W WOODRING, Sheriff.
lVmtMyl van in -TMlirinl folc.
Below we give tho official vote in I'ctin
tylvania an thu Bah Rial., a* filed in th
office of the See rein ry of euinmonwealtk >
Mankind lews, Stanton
Atlanta 2I'JI
Allegheny IIBH
Aruistron'g fi'4l ;tob',
Beaver '£<& I !BWI
II <1 ford VHW swm
Berks Ul3.' A-'tOi
Blair Jfcuv..
Bradford A 7fi,
Itoeks ffiWi
Butler ifV-
Cauthrla ZSii
Cameron. ikW HMD
Carbon -lisi i'-i-i"
Centre 3U '."'Th 1
Chaster -tn-Vj ?;JUh|
(.Marion ~.. .*.. -:- lI 114 •
Clearfield 1 *l
Clinton -I 'J BIB'
Columbia ; Ni CO*.
CrawfoDl 1.... i-l AIT-
Cumberland 1 -<1
Dauphin........................ Tim &iH*.
Dole ware l!l U137
Hlk WJ At*
Erie...,. 'A*iU 4AM
Kaye'.to fiffiM <MD
Forreet. BU tW
Franklin 1114 77*.
Fulton JIB 'Xi
Huntingdon 4 S> > 314"
f Indiana tlffi* 4 11-
I Ji-tferson, 1 iH'i l(V<
JunUln.M. I**47 lTt't
, lotncaator..., . lii* BUI"
'Lawrence......... I'JKN "-'W.'i
! Lebanon Mfifi
l..high OS'S t<
Luzerne.... life! 9l(*i
Lycoming 4R*i it.WU
M"cKe*ii 7AI 'OA!
Mcrcor >i'£in -ktll
Miffiin IB*s 17l-
M iiinxi SrM 7.1A
Montgomery - 7816 Al
Montour 1806 I'd-
Northampton bIUJ
Northumberland........... J706 4tWlj
Perry 7497 2478
Philadelphia A"11 61SA4*
Pike 1013 -'IV
Potter 7SB 1530
Schuylkill 8499 h.MB
Snyder It'.'l IT A'#
Somerset...- ...._ Iff? 7 BtW5
'Suliivan - TOO -i'JT i
! Susquehanna.... —... 24A7 HAAA
Tioga 1744 1612
Union 1382 SIS
j Venango 31A4 37-£ i
Warren... 1027 214a
Washington tieti 4*31
Wayne T-ftsi 2M
\V cstuiorcland **>4l 47001
Wyoming lAlo 1381
York 7196 6701
Total vote _ 'JG-Oiw •JKi.'M
Rep. maj ~ IM'JO
A bouse ami lot favorably lx-aU-d >n
M :> in street, Amronsburg, it at pri-j
vate tale. The hoti*e u a (food one, arid:
the lot among tb bett in town, u ttb an
abo iidatice of fruit thereon. AltolOtcrn'i!
in .hi.lain land. For further )iarticiilar
ap| ly to .iui va S. KI'STE,
oecrf. t Aaroasburg,
Carr i a g e
Centre Hall, I'M,
lli- on bad and for (ate at the most re*- '
►onable rate* a splendid Moc - - f
and ovary description of Wij mi both
iwayanlpil to be made <>l tl- b*l and ui.'-t
durable materials, and by the ao.| e*je-
j rienced workmen. All wo: . --nt out fr*
the establishment will be t und to be
jtbc highest cl*- and tore to ginc jserb ot:
Uaiiifti'lian. He will aLo have a uve *-
1 sortment of .
of all the neet aud n.-l fashionable >
i lylc* well and carefully made and of the .
S bet material a.
AM in*pe<*tt< n of hi* irk is asked as it,
lis belter ad that none superior. -n be found
i in the country. augUYtf.
J. E. Caldwell <fc(Jo.|
, Dotre to envite the e-pe. .al attention ofi
I purchaser* and other* visiting the city, to
ihcir unusually large and varied assort-!
incnt of
during the present seuson.
Courteous and polite attedt'oii I* extend
,ed to all who may be induced to accept a
cordial invitation to visit their beautiful
ooa ciiKsTvi r NT.
Jolts B. Lis*. P. UKNNKR WtUux.ii
D RUG G f S T S.
Successor* of F. P. Wilson, Rcllefuutej
Peon' a.
Have secured the *orrlees of Jamea 11.
Sloon, of Philadelphia, a druggist of thir
teen years experience, who will have '.lie
charge of their preacnption.buMneaa.
A night hell is attached to their store
door, and the employed leepiug within the
building, will attend to the wants of the
public at all hour* or the night
Linn & Wilson keep constantly on
hand a large stock of
Drugs, Paints, Oils. Perfumery, Trusso*
and Medical Appliance of all kinds,
together with a very large stock of
Patent Medicines, such as
Vinegar Bitters, and also
Pure Wines, and li
i quors, ol ail kinds
for medical
julyl4.3m LINN & WILSON.
MT-Any person sending us eight sub
scribers with tho cash, §lO, will receive
the Reporter 1 year free; and for four
names and §B, tho Reporter 0 months free.
Tho undersigned odors at private
Msule a two story dwelling house and
Lot. on > ain street, Centre Ilall,
with stableand all nece sary outbuildings,
and choice fruit on tbo premises, and wa
ter in the yard. Tho house is as good to
1 new For futher partseulnrs apply to
U. I>. OSBNIAN, Centre Hall
The Chcpasf.
pi rest, hesti
On Allegheny Street.
Colfee/fen. Sugar, Syrup, Dried Fruit,
Canned Fruit, Ifnm#, Dried Beef,
Salt. Pi-klt#, Butter, Flour,
Corn Meal. Bttckarctt Flour,
and •eemhfnfJjMui'.y kept In a well re fil
iated flr#! ela* Grocery Store
mari.Cm UUHLfc GAULT.
COAL-- Wilkctbarre Cm!, Climtuul
Stove, K?k, furnace and foundry,
Coal—of b *t •|u!itjr, at th law
eat prk-*. OtMtemera will ploatc
nolc that <>! i# housed un
der ruiauodbu* *hed*.
LIME - Wood or coal-burnt Lime, fur (ale
at our kiln*, on the pike leading to
I'll W rj<iird tlw agency
for Du I'otit'i Powder AT
WHOLESALE. we thai] br
jilttumi in revive order* from
the trade.
Office and yard near xiulh end of Bald
Eagle Valley K. H. Depot. Be lie Fa.
STK It N It E It G
Hat keen to the evtrein* end of the
to Ronton.
For DRY GOODS to Near York.
For CLOTHING to Philadelphia.
-A-Kftch article bought directly
from the Maautacturer, with a dc
*i re to suit i hi# markd-Afig
Ft N K A Li* AC AS from 40c to "Sc the
liiiet—<vjual to $1,35 alpaca*.
SUlTS—from $lO to $lB, bcrt all
wool CaMimeie*.
! Carpet* at old rate*, irom 50 cent* to 7£>
cent* per yard, for the beat.
And nelling from 121 to 16 cent*, the be*
calicoes, and muslin* in proportion, at
Women * Shoe*, common good, to wen
.11 summer, at $1 per pair
Fine Bool* from to $7,50 for
,-.l the lowei rate*, and ld at Iho • rice
from $10,09 to $lB for the beat.
and if it aint true, Sternberg will treat.
They only a*k pe 'pie to .-oim and *
oven if they do not *ih to buy.
r |IIIK ANITILMTOBS b now receiving
I a large and '*<*ll a**ortod Stock
i Hardware, St<>ve. N tl*. flora* Shoe*. Sad
-1 dlcry, Gla*. I'aint*. Sheet Bar and Hoof
Iron alto Buggy and Wagon Stock o
every description.—'Call and supply your
; *elvc* atlhc lowest possible rate* at
aol9'8. IRWIN k WILSON
BAROMETERS and Thermometer* at
the very best fStttlty just recelveda
Wolf • old *tana
Ladtea TruHaw.
Thisinvaluablearticle for female*,!* now
to be had at Herlncher iud no other
place in Centra county. Ladie*remember
that these trusses can bo had at Centrr
Hall tf.
Chas. H. Hold,
Cloek. Wutflimaker A Jowclei
Millhcim, Centre 00., Pennn.
Respectfully inform* his friend* and th
public in general, that he ha* just opened
at hi* new establishment, above Alexan
dor's Sum-, and keep* constantly on hand
all kind* of Clock*. Watches and Jeweir*
of the latest styles, a* also the Maranvill*
Patent Calender Chicks, provided with r
complete index of the month, and dar oj
the month and week on its face, which it
warranted a* a perfect time-keeper.
Watches and Jewelry re
naired on short notice and warranted. •
1 sapll'dfely
D •
between Market and Arch, formerly 104.
Carpet*. Oil Cloths, Oil Shade*, Wick
Yarn, Cotton Yarns, Carpet Chains, Grain
Bag*. Window Paper, Batting, Ac. Also.
Bruhs, Looking Glasses, Ac. deeO-lj
<\ ctll: ksmTN~Ni7FXr y ~r Uli
and Conveyancer., Deeds, Bonds, Mort-
Des, and all instruments of writing faith
v attended to. Special attention given
to the collection of Bounty, and Pension
elniins. Office nearly opposite the Court
House, two doors aboVe Messrs. Bush &
Yoeuin'a Law Offieo Bellefonte, Pa.
inuscat Inwist * WtLaoN'a.s
nplO'llß. *
plated fork.*, spoons, Ac, at
aplO.tid iilWlN & VILSON.
IYOqTS, largo stock, all styles, sizes and
AJprtces, for men and boys, just arrived
at Wolf well known old Stand.
at wholesale and retnil. cheap
mmmmmmmmKmmmwm***.' ■* "*• ■ fpr --• <*• ' v:
(JREAT Fills' !g
(■real Oustnie(ion 1
*' a r
of high prices!
■Quat the Old Stands I
j of WM. WOLF
at CV litre •flail.
Hata, Gape, Boot**, She
Uo a larjre atoeh oi
FISH, the beet,all kind-,
the Ut and ebeaprrt in (lie is !
•pr7t WM .VHf
Furniture Rooms!
<*pecUtuiy inforau lb* ciuacn* of Cc nit*
county, that he hatconMaatfaroa hand, am.
mkat order, all kind* l
TABLES, *r., 4c
UOMK MADE Canine Atrti# • *
Hit (tick of ready-made Fatniteri. i i
and warranted of good workman* ipa < • *
all mndr under hi* own tin media! uprti *
(ion, and i offered at rate* as ebe- p a
where Thankltol for pert Cetror*, he - •
it a eoatinuanee of the *wie.
Call and aee bi* clock before jr.,
eltewbere. m-2*
/Sx 1
I' \
PAYSKTSD p"tmn r*, :Mp.
Y, WESTERS PmosHisc Co. 5
Mmwtoctgrm' t+mm, Pm
27janly _
Attorneys el LAV, BTLK-I ■ .:•,
Offic •, on the M AWF t< Gar \
man * hotel. Consultation* in Gen. an T
Kngi *h. FC-1 :■
Collection* proc NTLY n.ndeaid *;• cia
attention given to utwe hwritif - <■)
property for *AIE. Will draw up .M.i HAVE
acknowledged Deed*. Mortgage*. Ac. ON
See in the diamond, north AIDE • 1 t>
court houE. Bellefonte. OV:2L •
HF.MV nnocKKKitorr, ,<i i >.- .
President, CAT-TIER.
(Late Millikcr. Hoover A IV 5
And Allow Interest,
Disccunt Xct<
Government Securities, Gold ant!
plo'6Btf ; --=~S '■:> C.upot,*.
J AS. MM ANUS, Attorney at 1 %
llellefonte. promptly attend- to TTU 5 I
IBOW entrmted to htm. juii.' >;F
DP. FO KTNS Attorney 7: 7 A
• Bellefontc, Fa. OFLHI r, V
nold'A bank. may) ' •
It. X. U' AL.TLSTIR. J L'LTT"A"' ,\ T E
Bellefontc, Centre Co.. Fcnn'a. V
Bellefonte, Fa. UFFIEV in T AM : n,*
new building opposite THO Court 11 W. -C.
tnaje,t I
Science on the Advance.
C. H. Gutelius,
Snrgeonantl Xechauienl U iili.4
who ia permanently located in Aaroi BUR- I
in the office formerly occupied by Dr. N< I',
and who ha* been practicing 4 itl* ontm
succeaa — having the EX pericncc of A numb*. I
of years in the pro tension, he would cordi
ally invito all who have AS yet I t jfivt-R
hint a call, to do*o, and test the truth! lnr>
of this assertion. tf Teeth • eteJ *
without pain. N -. V 22 ■ - ;
?- • peon, Centre Hall, IV, < i
professional services to the* .-I Pot
■er and adjoining township*. L)r. N<FF it *
the experience of 28 years in the r.ctive
practice of medicine and surgery. >■ \ LO'FH
cian and Surgeon, Potter M ii !-, t'N .
offer* his professional services lot: E cit -
ten* of Pottei township. mr2f>.<X,TF
JNO. H OTI VIR. c. T. A I.>: V IN V > U
Attorney s-t-law. Office inConrnd Hot; •
Bellefonte, L'N.
, . J. 'P. GEPHART,
with Orvis & Alexander, attends to C 011..- *
tion* and practice in tho Orphan' Court
SA RUP, the finest ever made, JU*T re
eeived, cheap at Wolf's old stand—try it.
P A R T L ?\ C °° K HT O V E S
1 arlor Stoves, and four <
U r "f" coimantl J hand and ,1, „
AOL(Y6B - Irwix A W N SOX'-
HT L° W prices, at
apl<YCB. lawix A WlJ..S<>:,* 1
XX "• •' kinds at