Gettysburg compiler. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1866-1961, December 11, 1868, Image 1

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LS PUTIII-1111, LI F1:1" F qt, {Ti
t ,-7,\%) bOLLAI, r, nth .1 r
- I'WO DOLLAR . / AND xrr ro.t
subw r!ikt Lou dis•
e, wilco.' ut the opthha Of the pub
it‘libr. until all arrehroges are paid.
ALI EP.3111111.11X1C.1 in/krtild 1:11, the usueirkb,
—Large reale:flea to thees whrie4verthse
by the year.
u.s Pity. Zinn, of every deorriptiaa—from the
eumilleet I.dxl or carat W the largeol• hand
bill or poaier—done with illopat,h, in a
workmanlike manner, and ai the lowest
living rotas.
On. tf s 01111 C tin:tore street. s few iloory olnive
the (*ill-H.4w. on /lin opowilto bide,
l; f I L , tintt)siliurg Co u pl 4 r ou the
Attornics, Physicians, &c.
‘ . l - 11,1:•1.1 AT 'LW,
11 lALLIJuiII ,all.l prompt,-
,cf, , ed to 11J M.—
?q,..11.1., fferlllllll Mit 0 at
the 01,111 , In Month 11.1timore st
I eq.., I lAther'l , l drillg Stole, 01400-
, II I/. 11.1 , r 4.1. IMO( ell
I:, it,
1,,'• •roll.frci II Y, ,? , 111 IV M. KVAIUTII,
\, 1, , ItSl.ll , A4 ll 1'4,11 NAP:IAA/M.
. lV•'
NC' ' I Y4" -- ' btdl':ND. ~,,1, .1.
~t,,..,,.., 1 ...,„„„ ,„,
I-I4ini— ~. ~.of Itu. Wet'.
1ntg , .. , t , , '..
I -.1 , ..rg Mn M.
1.41m.,•1.1 , .. , ,11 , 1. ~i m n In son+, vonnettnnn
and m't lenient, lai eMatet, ,\ 11 1,0.1 1nnii
,.....,..$ ...4 ..t..., to 1'..,1.,nn, 1'.../..nt) t It.i.ek
P 1, , 1011 II MI W.) ,11WIIII , t 1 , 1111,1 `-.7,11,4, At
„Ii t I mg•••, pr' ntrrly and enlmiefoLly Ilitoll4-
..d Vll.,
/.411/11 W Irrann 1 ,, .., 4, anti els , ,lve Farms
1 , - ~ I, 1.1..) tn.! ”Ilit I Wt St. 111 !-•tikieS.
- ----.
4 .' I),
' ' 1 ''
1 V. j \ p ' n,• . !npl IN nttcn.l 'O.Ol
I. ~.1 1. •iners en,lllllllki II) 41.11. litultttlihg
~.Pi 1,11,11 , , Pa.. 11111, , ILI , k PAL:,
•tl, 1 •i ~ I . n.• 11 itn....,....,... ii,el 1.11,..1.1a1.64
1.. . - ~ ,I.lll‘. Li,
~, „I, '. , ..t. , ,WeM .orlll,llrithilittill.l,CieL-
A prli 1 , , If
1 - 1(,11' , 71.1" AT I, \
I , ,, , lftilttratteo(lno vtld to
"r wiel It kelc
tol' I 11.1 I, . I
6, ar
sn,ws. \
”ii. nd
,1.1:114 41,...11. L....1,i, undall
tith• r titrustk,l Lu ul4 ~ire.
t , ak t!, at the far
, t h of Dr. Shari', curl lattarly a of 1.. r,
1.1”1.e., , 1 51,11 ring.
3110 I)•
ti \H 111: , 1"Mr.ri the rr..,.ti„. of Ni dfrin,
j I In not :4, Awl ofThre his Nut - - to tio• 0111 c. at kilo hunuu, or•
ittr of 1../I,lpar I htt, ut unit Fuuntlry
(1, 11: Speelal itttltation given to
11, r,
p... J. fr. C. 0'.11.;,1/:8
( ) 1 Fill. DW:.1.1,1N(1,
A I. rirr.nrs frnnllll ,
Nlrny m r it 4i tiMllll. 1110 1 - 1 HU vet,
tin it - tin Pr. , 1.) naill .tuts ti li, 1t).1mr4,1 . .i
Aln 11 I
d at sing
I 1 hi , L'il /ILO .4 I ‘11 . 1 . 4 1.1 k polii,‘
\ yr II .1, It
~11 11. to
1:. , t1i.1..11.1,1 1 1.111 to
I . .o. it .1:111i^, to mum Ir slia, pAt•
T/r. .7. L. -II SIR.
1)',) t M 1 1 , 1 ,1, 1,
111, 7,1` , • tr
I )11A
I I a I • I 01.010:111V lomtol 1, Now (Ic, , tft,
Ile 114 t• profeetsloll in all ttm hrrtualliv.
11Ia oaten. tla-airl 1114 In,-
It •• •otlai ••• • • ale /. , L . 11,1e.1 to (Id a.t
001,, in tlaunvtr 'street.
I \_VIN,i
11 t N , I \ I , T nr.u.r.rx,
I. - " 1,1 .t tl t pnofos
,l, I I 1111)' lilt rllof ,tin
.11 , 10 11
7:. !WREN - cif MIA, M. D.,
111. one door wrist ,11 the
I.hthLrll Out t hlVlttuttbenolgpgstrevt..nd
IPr. t • liurner'n alley v. title thoNe
!.li.g to ?In,. MIN Denll,l atter:Winn per
fr,rt"..l An. Veqpei tinily (n\ lied t. 1...-
1.1.1 .st I,: 1t1.4 liortlvr, Res.
M , I. 0 1,s. r,
`.pill tl,'
) I' , . I I, 11. of In, ntett pernono oti) m tt,
and tailors lint Poo . to in •
iqn•lo town I.* tt, .1 Tulin M. Mltukt;ll't ,
t tiont ry,ort tltiottorestre t,:t Wlill4l,
I, lliii nil. Hnn.tte. Pntsons In ulna ui
Mil 01 1 , . Ok , II 1.1 II Int. lit, .1. In
n.ll 'I, TEl'.l 11 I'\!'l+ \l'l'-
Il,w Ili 111114 , or tin pato. Itylenntl non I I• 41.1.
Imo to,' torn Ii 1.,t1n rlpt.ty. .
N vt,nr
ts tut It WI-Ittngt.tti 4ttPnt, tot.. squire from
Ili« I •IC 411,1111SItUltli, I'll. I?iti.
nt intl Imlttl, lln•Iw st of
BRE VI), Cll.l.M.l:ltg, C-1.15R1 S. PItI•7PZELS
Pe.riions wlrlitog frrsli Etrmil will lie nerved
bv , rY 3 , kor ttttt by louving thekr Yam., bud the Bakery. Every elliort. walla
to t. omit.
April 2.1). tsl.3. tf.
w iLouw.ALE
( -) tbo ,11..solutIon of axe copricfnprvhip of
S. A & Om., AM:II4 I<t, INC, 4.,
D., 4.1 E. l'ont4, Jtrator rni )liber of Kahl Om,
111.• right, 1111e:old tiltvre-a of
,14 im.tner, A. Proutz, for :tilt troo.
1,, And to 111, mannfhrturo of Pntent
; unl, 11.,klig apt Mod meet, 1.111:V, Libor in gainlog a thOrmlol knowledge
fe 111, ruinpotth.ltn4 of Illxve npart.tion.
am f.. 23 prepat,l to Witt to tin, colantunfty
mid namely: Parreia
srutoi.--/04.1 t:
111 ‘1.1 . 11 111.31,11031 s VEGfelAni.t.
r,,,,—vorTz . , 1.3113411 01 - 10•1 1
rz s egrAtti4 .rtm tiougy AND , 1..‘131.11
I'ollll,ru. •Irrunqsl•B (.30.1.11
11 1 / 1 1.
E•rourz ,
Pale ~1.1 Let,.
A 4, 'II"i 1 0. thafTW A S 1,• Sll.l - 1
PI 040- MILER Or. '
rid IL, "t: r
a., I hare 011 031111 3 NM 110301101001
Matrarts and 'Fia.venreit of ail
dill ut~~all Far V ' . rat,ut Mialtrines of
ti” far: Ferfnrrrhl r filth, flair Dye*, and
ni articl tried by "Yli•rebants,
b mar. and nous. ' pern. COMe and
Itls . •Ot an, ttt ea. sold If 1 rantait
you r. Ynol Ilt , Ullotl in Baltlmory.
.tt lib , stand, its Franklin street.
•I , ‘ 1. _I, Iv.l, IS
flout and ishoe Emporium,
MAN CAti,ff.Cli.
11 , 11 I 1 undersizo , •l jcmt returnml from
.iy AIL,. I heft 1.41 thmtperrf
ot fl.ools,`llol , mnd Gaiters, for rmrlug *Mt
".,,rnmer, ev - er offered In GolLynburg. 1114
n lock WU...4U of
LAIN!)/' LIALMOILA L (+Ari:llf%
1„t I, I Es' (A)M 2,10 N te AIT r:
I.\ 1,11, KI I , tureiiits, $ll ~t%
I ?I/ 4-1A ,, A.0
OFN'f,• , ' Fit ENCI - T efir.r - HlNfrFr.
0f..!..rN. ANI Elf.fC Vi CALF 11014 r.,
fiRSTs* KIF I.ILFYI'fi, •
t'uNGRE , 4I; (TATTY:TOL • '•
011 , 41 , 4 , 1111:1,MOKA114,
f /F.'s TV 141 11. for rtl,l.llllf , tylm,
' , 41.4 Re.. &P.
N11 , 4.1 , ,i' Itit I 4 1A/TEThq.
,11 %T, CIA CFRIIs, •
111 IsALM ,, If
If~ll s • I'tlNli RESI C. ArfF.F4.•
rsol - ,•• cmy it kt,MOtt
IV 111(IF. ‘ittirry.
llanta and Shot. trf Ma own manufacture
eorrstalritly an hand.
All ‘‘lii be soli at the la net Ilam a pronto,
rm. town Ind country, ant Invited
Itt • tll I ‘lolllilegoods ittni w.+ in titre
I It rt 1t. t , 111 ,4 elm wltt me, feeling wand. iit that 1
who row pall.
M II'gt..I , Af"I'VRING of Boole. Shoes
nrt4 IMitemsrill oleo be ca"led on. In all Ita
IT in. 1.1. s 4 ,1 loninrn. done no short
•11 'nee. By entptoring none l.nt fing.-ElNnit
ttrirltien, and Using none lint the eimieek
1e,.111.•r..he teelseurittient of maintaining his
Imint r reputation. Certainly nothing will he
Jell undone to deserve it.
'fimnittni for pont fa'rem, he solicits a con
tinuanm of public patronage.
\ t .''esburg, Ala 1117, /S O&
GO to ptirriotor & HOFFMAN=
pour DE7 Gauls, Notioci, Qu
ou Hui amthwest Cower of 1140 3 11 atuoud:
• 4„
- kV v . - 4/314
By B. J. §tahle. .
,Ifoofland's German Tonic
FOR ALL 1,14E,41. OF
7'111:: I,.TrER, STOMACH, OR DI-
fp. eompoeill of M. min. Jul c'ex (nr, nn they
are no,heolly hoitoO, Extracia ) Routs,
Herbe,Llll , l hot k., m k ng .t preporation. high
-1) enherotraleal, urol eoUrely free from afar
halm itittnLaurew uJ wq,
14 a oanlaaatlaa of /LLL 1111 1 Illgredlent,. of
Ilse lIIL4rII~IiIIIII LIM para, qualll, if Nada
Cruz Ruin, 1111111 g. , making taleof 11a,
~, LLiesetnnla MA rem( 41.44 user
111 ,
1111 141 ill, ILL/1)1/c.
11.1,1 I.l4.ltaling.t NI, divine free falai A 144.-
ota. arr, a 111 are
lioofiana's German Bitters.
TIK). %hf) e 110 0110111 On to the runt IA
tai.ttort ..1 the ttltleM, rt. %tate& Will UM,
tfooP.and's German Tonle.
Ti.. y pre both e qually good, end contain
thi rgetllt irtues, the unitive Ito.
twee" the 1.0 I.lllg a .1,11 01u star 01 It.Le,
the poem a lIIg 111. 011.1 pnlpLitile,
The from a sairiet:i of cruses, such
so listligebthin,Ner loll,
etc., to • ery npt to 1110, Ito (unction. de
ranged. The It door
with it,. 51.10.1 , It, then Inv oince iittertell, the
result of IA nicht, Iliad the p tla•III 1.11110111 Rum
.et era! or itmre ..1 th. tu:Losi nut dui. as., I
./T t I'.\'l'l , IN. I'I.ITUI.F.NCTI, INWARD
pi OF ItLotiLl TO TILE
Al 11 , 11'1THE iirtiil.l , ll,
11, 1I'n11•,• • 1111.-111A/N 111,11117,er
tilt kin FULLNLiiii OA WLIORT
ttl EitUl7.l
INti A CTRL PIT 01. [ (fill: Nl At •11. St% 1111NIINC.
Itlitl Ai tilt lilt
ti, I. Li - rrEiti Till: 111:ART,
SUi'llii . .\TlNtl
lb'," Al 111. N IN .1 I.IINO
11111-N1 DoTS Olt WEISS
111.1,11141"ri11: 11T, DULL P.VININ
1 ill 111'.\ 01.1.1 i 11.NI•T otPUItS I I . I-/
t ri()N. TELLONTNE.I , OI , n4.E...4e —,
'l.l \ll., I hl UDEN
1 1.1' , 111 - .. of 111 , IT,
AA a '
IN 'IIIP 11.1,11, t Pl\
OF I AND (1111,_1T
mr from 11 ,, , 111,mm - wit hould
rl i • the the selo (lon
im io. 1., , pnasing silly Pint
hi i .h i t , is actor, front his inolitigntione
.o.llmo:irk, torment, ishkilltully
c imp Minted, In free from Itlitirlong 11111110111.
NMI Lag e/.llllJll.lleil ter thitill u rii,utn
-1 ion tor the OH, e•f ie In thin
corm. Mimi We I,oola Sabina. those well.
i,llltlt n
ritzr.inED BY DR. C.
Tnenty-In tt 3 VIII, .1111 re they Were Brat
ritual Into Ulm country trots. (Jerinsno,
1111 - 1114 V. 111,11 tune tin i• hase tuttlonittediy
M•rflTrltlNt mot , - cures, henonted stun,.
nut huui aril to a kut-tlt.r tdh itt, than an) .
.111, I I t 1.1.11. , /,111.1 - 11 to tht
'flit , . it 11.1P.111rn will elk/nuttily (nun liver
,1111, p.i Chinni,. or
N t .ro t o, rt, C'1,,11{..111 rrltton. IthdenAr
1ZA,111 , ,5,111,V1.111 ltuvoto.tutrtttatc Luta „
In- att. ied eri,or Inrestintot.
11,,nitinc; from nn' (`tinqe Al iinlever:
Tti&TP)l4 TLlEn'still.Nl,l 9 , lthed. LX
he% ‘,l e Itanknlr., Expo
nor. n, Pevers, &e.
. Ae go tundielde extant, equal to Uwe,'
Ilq Rua II I a•ev. A Info and rigor fs
it.partell Lo the whale •veteta, the ae
tite sti. ngtht nood. fnnnna 1,1 . 11*(d,
-.h. pi oloplly, the Nova IN pin
ritiol, the • hen omen eedmd taut
health... the i eIIOW tlogu
eradicated. from
, 11 the etwelcg, end
the NI/i• Anal AltrsotlM tat Wlt betnnide s.
..t.rung awl h. alter` being.
P.E1:.4021.1 .1 DJ C II- IN LIFE',
nil ft cling the ha n d of tune weighing heal, i
ha npon thorn, x 111, .11 it. nitoilUitnt
an ht the u+u ot this BITTERS, or tire
'it iNit', likat at lii instil new life into
the vein n, teetore ins idellbUru the energy and
untie of nt er outhlui tiny., build u t tht it
..hrunUi n form., and give health anti in. 44,1-
111:Ds 10 Linear reinntlllugye.tra.
It Lin Itcll-e,d,tl./14,01 fact that fully one
-1.11 4.4 III.• hsonle port Inn of our pmmluttnn
nre•eldom lathe enjoyment of good InAlth;
„r , t,, their esin, “never feel
01 . Melt are lailgtll,l, dev"al of Pal.” , ..rgY
11.•111. it 1414.1, v 1 1 44, 4.1114 i .1.1% I'M :41.r. 111,
in thui a.Ss. at pcmou , the larruns, of
the TONIC, t. luny re, 01111.14.11114.11.
Ain indite t.l Loin; flee Of either .if
i!ned. Tenindiei, tlrrt Ifi CU, evety rage of
NIAKA,Sff,S, Nltl. , Ful
Til.,tl..ll,eiS dli have neelliniiinted
in the lintida of the propfliefolv. 11131,f/two will
anon of 11, li.i 11...tn0, of dot left. flerw, it
trill he iiMers ed. nee men of note rind of suet,
ettsoiling thint 144ity 1+144/4 1.1.• Ne 1111,1,441.
Hon. Geo. W. WoOdward,
Chief .I...tiee of the Sulu, me Court of Pa.,
wettest •
Philadelphia, 'March it, 1t417.
fln.l Ifonftnrunt Iterman I•Cta
good lon! , ', .411111 ill tt i kettses of We lltigeslive
oroati t, null of great leuellt In eases of 410.-
1)1111y, rutd wont nervout action In Ye Iljill•
trill. Youl9 truly.
(41.:0. W. WOODWARD."
Hon. Janies Thompson,
judge of ato Sapreme Coprt of reausylvania.
Plalrsdriphia, April 1b66., •
of <•coo.ittor, 'll‘.44tanl'a German 'Bitters' a
reetaolifi• VI nl.'llolll rame of at taeks froligea ,
Won or byspopala. tan certify. this from
my experiulca of rie 6 - 7 1ours, wit la reapect,.
From Rev: Joseph H. Kennard, D. D.,
Pastor of tl.o Tenth Thiptlat Church,
Dr. Jae/son—Dear SIT: f have bona fre
quently requcsted•tocouneet my aunt with
uaamnvndatinltof different kinds of no di
vines, but 105.11kilmt the prattle as out at
my appropriate sphere, I hose in all 110.1
declined; but will. proof in NArioll.l
111111lIK,8 and pal titularly in 1113 own funnily,
of the usefuln, ss or fir. Itannand's Geriaan
/titters, I depart for orion Man my usual
,sairse, to Inv Tull eons letlon that,
or mourul ddo:4o of tae system, and expriol
1# for Uter Ronpfuoil, Ufg a *lle mart rattabir ,
prepwranna. In Saint awes it may Tall; but
usually, / batl,l 11,4,11 will L. very beartirial
to those who suffer front [ho above rouses..
Saud, %cry ree-pectlcilly,
, below Coates tit.
From Rev. E. D. Fendall,
tut tial itor Christ lon Clironfele.rhllada
T luny derived .I,tded benefit from the one
of traldl.llla a tivrman Bitten, and feel ft my
pri% liege to reeomalend thorn am n flint Valu
able tuafo. to all who are irittering from gvn
ttilyi d.lrtlity or from deseaws arising from,
4enNlg.enye4X W tine IlVer. Yours truly,
llottland'a Gerntan Reinedit's are counter
feistsl. Ses Mutt the shinsture of JACK
NW:. th uu the tersttpcs of such bottle. 411
others ase counterfeit.
Prtneltird 'office and Manufactory et the
Clormila bledtaine Store. No. 631 ARCH Menet,
PhiladeiPhia. Po.
CIVIBLES 311'1CF4NA, Aryl.
c &meagerly C. M. J 4.1.;10-tJNY..
114arRantlie German Bitten, per bottle, - 41 00
' •• I.ta If down, 400
131,01armrs aerraftl, Tonle. put up to quart
bottles, $144 par bottle, air a bat down Ibr
.17 ii• .„
pot kiript, to examine tbe ar
ticle Yea* bc7. l c rbe gencirte.
ilairfieraami by Urn ireberally.
Ja 17. INK
Executors' Notice. •
oim IiNTATI.I.-I,ettors tido
!VE IT e efl o !r t LI IVlar
herrltcllywrinted ° lolhe undt•iidgma, the'
Ilvit%nioned rertl,l4nw' th Nun. t0wn.6.1 1 .
2P , it, h =4F-AlavTont j 'ien!jc: ll igreAll l t'e ld Ti A T:
mtif, and Min. totting allittrr4 agalbigt the
totitoklapstrotut illtro properly sprlheullohlmk
for ..411elitunt.
:Co% S. 1,44. 6t• ;ExtviztorK,
Sale Crying.
( fY, rr.r.7ilSllSO contlnu. the basn.ess
61' CRYIN(4,IInd 4.lletts the con
tlntitl patronage ea the veblle. it le HM
constant entlaavac t.. gn - e matterfation.
chergm mod, rte. fteeldenee In Weal Mid
die street, tyshn re.
b t lionised Anetinneur, under
the Tax Law of the Unites' tam...
Nov. 24, ISt*.
IT AVE mime valuable WFHTERN LANDS. I
which I will Inaba for one or more FA tam
to Baia canto Cy. The lartil a are well toasted, and
very dainrabie (Arming. EarLyappLicallou
doalred - J. BRINKERHOFF.
Getayaburg. April I,
HF. thin pf Tett h Culp ig hereby lijamalv.i.
br metthti eAtoamt, Alt warms indebted
to mid Wrm will make pdrment tO Perry .1.
Tate, who will ohm play Ml Liabilltiew doe by
said firm.
Mk It WIL P. T r A c T it i e.
*dip Ft,
pa Dm
In .:11ae 6 1
.r/ord, oldanueouni:y, Pa.
THE undetrolped here lessed the BRICK
WAR? 1101 -E, lo New Oxford, where
t ey ere earl - yang oil the
paying the litehL.t priers for Wheat, Rye,
Corn, late,Clott r and Timothy Heeds, Dried
Knits. ',rips, Ileum, Shoulder. and bides,
111tta.:1...W.E.15, of all kind*, constantly on
hand and :or 5a1t—C44114.41, Sugars, Syrups,
lolasses, 1 ss, Spines, +salt. Cheese, Vinegar,
Broom. Sockets, soap.; Fish of all kinds;
also Cosh ()11, Fish Oil, Tar Le.; Spikes and
Nails; tonokitat and tlicwing 'robancus, and
s. thourand oda r articles—all sold at the low
est wont.,
first-rate Floor and Feed; Plaster,
Plin.phivel4, ,3114.“1011, 1 . 05/ I, ate.
ltklsillt CASS run to Ste% arson &Sous.
North Howard street, Baltimore. every
week. Woods carried tioth ways promptly
5551 nt rat.,
. y 'rh , :art i zzjf malefic& Ev
linfOßN it BENDER.
New Otfortl,:lln3 1y
- .
SAF, S. -
S.Anborn'n Pot. of has bee demonstrnted.lry
Ili• 100.1 thorough pl.:. Ilea] teals. to 1...5a11y
superior In Ilre-prOld 4.11111.2{ In /ally other
•. .1...11th v. tier oppel token herwet
m.ll.,lo ta‘ N, Wing ornpletely any
e,:iporntl.m and I. the Irlont.wle In uae. The appß. ri tone! vile. Before nor
t basing elaeWliere call and thosn,the, o r se nd
for ponplllei elmtalning the eeltlneaten of
all 1.1114 r saf,
oet. Ist, :Ini
Dealers in Flour, Grocers,
Notions, 4.c.,
TVITE ti e Attention of the public lo their
Log" vt,ek of Goode, nt the old etnutl, on
orn street, tiettynburg, pest door to the
t..lohe Inn, couslming of the but of
hLLI t, 5..; the
In fl,•• mlrket, with Hams, Shot,Hem Rides,
1 LAI, DLit ,1 ct tuns, &e. Also,
Ifi grf n t variety; Cedar and Wil/ow-Tare,
Stone and Cmeiterv-ware, liaaketet, Segars,
Tabu. os, and a thousand and one other
mirth Its.
inlet, and fresh al wal a for Sale.
Gillespie & Co. 1011 spare no effort to plena°,
land are etnitlthnt of being able to do au by
con,mutly keeping is full and rholee Mork,
and selling at these ry lowest prints. COITN.
THY Pill wanted, either foralleoash or
in etelbinge for goods. highest market prtce
allowed. •
JOSEPII S. G11.1.K.4r1F,
June ID, IS es. 11
THE utult..rt4l.4l h npaleil a Drug Store
Y 1u Ni W , xfor.l, Adamr rminty, and re-
N 14.1011) attentl,4l of the rublic to
Ins stoat. of
1)11. srt•ri St,
and a W U atwortment of Dlltait4; le a word a
emu pleic sunk of Goods generally kept In a
IlrxDrdarat Drug Itnrn. All of whloh have beta
purchased during the past tWu a eeka. and will
be t law. All ,the art telt" Intmerfv mann
facturod at the old tatablinktuent lu Raul Ber
lin cm. be It.ul here. Under , tundluu his Dusi
nen, peen t ly, and ea looting hh taaolls !dowel!,
le Is able to warrant his Drugs pure and as
rep. even led. Tun public art. re,feented (*give
lam a trial.
New Oxford. May 15, ber. If
.11}RA7, P. t.,
AN!) ALL A K IN of ,
reepectfully 1010110 tho public that they ore
or, hared to run - hell , the follou
00100fao4ure or of any other 141.4 e lilJl4 hay
lx: pre re rred:
Albright. nelkos 111144uldt,
Bab, & Boy,
wirEv Y (10.1 , 111lATAlo
un(..iss AND Jr ELoDIALv.v.
Thesaan.trunlectmatand narlvaJlefl by any
thing found 111 (Ili. I,IIIIIIJ 01 111 /.1111)1/V. nll
llinindtted n, all linimrtnalitulvs. ('he . 1
kirguaa llnlhk.rataal rerformera,
the last to excellent e In reed Tone,
10/INIOIIIItIA 1114.111V111/41) Mipt. rior W all Marta
for exerelllng4 gulch nillualutlon and round
Tone, The essential fedi Late. lu Instruments of
the. Id. We in% Itt the 1,1 rutluy and
erdn edoofall.
PAPIST \ 111 - M.\ \
Tile lat. , . and most 14 0,0.11%111ns entlon (so
~,entioa ',had Lyall artiste) will be
found only In the Vnti p Instruments. Ili at
tempting to describe the etiot of ibis MGM we
are et hoe. for language. Its beauties cannot
Uc written. hut must 114, heard to be appreela
tod. liy Lida stop am ordinary performer rota
produce an effect whirl) rimiulres a life time
of pinatas tor ap artial. upon violin, It ou
tirely eliatigts the reed Tone. Os ing the sym
pathetic us crineas of the human Mee, Mat
ing It an melodloue and pure that it never
falls tot nrimni the listener.
for Cho reh,, Public Haas and Purim% has
powerpal w4b-Up.* WWI Independent reeds,
Harmonic attar uncut and Vox Humana
Tremolo, and is believed to be the most power
ful teed organ made. being nearly equal lo a
Plbe Ore:M at three timea the coat.
All Instrument' warranted tor ave years.
411 - 111t-kiet HANDS a r upplled with Matra-
Menisand ;mole at reasonable terms.
A liberal diaaouut allowed for Churchosand
Sabllmth Sawa,
Ce-Imtructlons given both In Vor.Al aid
Inedln mental :Hustle, at our rooms, and at pu-
Ml.' home+, either to lull Maids orelaaaes, on
reasonable terms.
lk•c 17, Isis, tr. - -
AND 107 11/61.111101LE ST , DAATIOI,9II/4, YD r
l F;? 7r=rVfl d grr en iaesort ar goods
They aunt! orders for the finest to the low.
est priced articles, either ready mails or
roads todlielmu re, to any rt of the country.
They keep also an nstenslve sliwk of
FlfFtleigHlNG 000IM, embracing every ar
ticle of Gm:diem n's Under•tresr. glom ILI
TABY CLOTHS and every Vuriety of Mili
tary Trimmings, as well man assorted stock
of REAMMA U.k hiLL/TAll," ULNAS*
Baltimore, Feb. W.
On Itettintove SR; opposite the Coact-Ho
•0417778-ISUAG, PaN7ltol4 ,
Ever 7 41seeriation of work exectit,a,l4.l,4
Sone 4, NM ti
A troloron inaeided to flia . late firm or
rri led di Bonder are 'hereby' nht/fied to
mating settle befornAbe Mihail' DAY Ulf OW
iilf4lll3B4tileXtrr unsettled eposanis_als
that date will he hold In the Moan of ah
Meer fir tolleet Boots are in 411&
hands of Wm.. casaAs..of RotlroW
..IWaithington streets, who I authorised to
iwttle the maw. -
. . _ . . .
*A. I. smß,
, „ •
=IiOFF AT, roc!,
IrtlE'undeislsnerl, to elbso'ont the Too,!Meta,
1, W SEI4A tl OFF AT (DST, at tile Btore,
on the yeeu Turnpike, three miles east of
Gettysburg, a good Stock of
Cassiirteres, Cassineto,
Boot., Muse% Hata, °love*, tlloelelkas; nv,
LAINE.w, CALICOW , Glngludna, • Berages
kfuldln , t, Tine I.adlea• liaildkreblefs, Hosiery,
Hollows. Sc.; also Queens-ware, Mono-ware,
(Baas-ware, Buckets,a, or all kinds; Cedar
Wan., Tubs,and a thousand other
articles. I.lkewlsellartle,an extelleni
81/4E-bla. BBEI-b://
:OW 1011 1 RUA INR! Maio one, come
all, and be suited. You'll notwagneLlt.
Aug. 11 , INR trf
rre-E l Mptloll. Lands.
ntlttA VIC trn hand • felt TRAM* iitNo. I
ennel, pinA. 1 21gion jean%
hear limtrocali,Lounty lowns,ao, to mi
o -
ties, oeighborhoodii, which I will OM 4111. 1
amigo 4a fitililliwawlitalitoWo in Adams
county, ra,
Most Excellent elnortments !
1387. E for very mull profit., and alm at do-
Fit i al t = l ll4: Sra t ar OP FIVE SILK
I , II.NNCII CillalTY.l,23, PIQUF-9., PEIteALL
NO, ooTroNADE.
\'111:1 1tc1111.1. , FM
1W1t142 , H lN1)1:1. 101111.3 HEM
•:111C1ILD 11.1.N1.N. I 1:(1111.1,,
ij .- ) ,‘ " I tit+,
I too e,ot-tartly revel, log the lott,t shire
of limo and iaticy Lao aim. My monk corn
prOws to. er) Unto( tttttt lln firn-
Ouss PRY iOTIN to which I Invit t e
the 'ln ilium 01 the pnhltr, teelln,t
that I eon safely Huth Hun t'oinPalawil with
all 000 r ',torts la quAlity of good, and low
nuts of pet e.
(I..ttyaburg. MnY 1, rqlB. tf
Op NPR I NO .1 Nil 81'..VMER 0001)9
Our Motto ie Sum 11 l'rrVilea• Quit k Sake.
I "E rril u„u ut
a nd lit luny, that they in e iitia revel! a
large am! desirable stock of P.FAV Canons,
bouglitainee 11101i:cent det.line,nnd min otter
nivel tut India eini•nts to our co•lioner, Our
stork to *people, and purchased with an eye
U. thew tutu of tills set ti ~,, consisting of 'Pry
Goods," Groeerlea, Read ('tattling,
Fancy Goods, Notions, Boots, nate,
Bard-ware, 1,/titit us -Mare, Grant...tones, de.
Also, Steel, Bar Iron, Horse su b nil
kinds of Ito.. Top
to with runny other arti
cles too tininern, to meniltin, all nt whit h
have been. bought at lots rot tigures (or
cool, We n fully null I t Call, believ
ing that we mn make it to sour linen-a to
buy of tit, • are cl Ili Kell
goo& at short pi Come on with your
money and no a 11l give yon Hill talue (or P.
Olin ue, a (all Itel,ort. guru 11,Ittg olsea hole.
F , tl,et slots to J. C. Zolick it. Son.
May f,19, Inn,.
h'.llo 1:1
HAVE removed th.o Store to the Nelu-
Medi prep:rtv, 011 Clemberehurg Street,
where they plopuse to keep vonntautly
414. KINDS 01'
iccd, Yotiow, dc.
Ala•n, VEGETABLES In aem.on, froth from
lin. env and nonntry. They are determined
In anti elhrtip a.the aboapeed, and a. thry o n-
I, nl4: the I.4nt In tat; pront4, Eno Inme
to merit and receive a liberal tdwreot public
p drunage.
April 10, tea. tt
I)1 G ST,
8T 111 IN : BRANT 5 BUILDING, bT.,
lily litecJc ott . tUrti and Leah Litt. (in to the
tiiiZetni of T.litlextoWn and Vicinity at the
lowest uurket faLea, toteaLostif hi putt of
Ic Ll4.4lJUliti kUK'.N F:LJCINai.PU4vo,
Port, Izlplov,'Dy'r.; and Drug Stuffs, Uedhpo
ery, ToLet I,uap,saukt Fancy Ar't I.•e. A suit
imorttn'ent of Itromll,,, t..intionery of cal kinds,
Ulgttr.,Tolmo 4111 , 1 1 , 11 n tr.
Fileetro-Nlagßeiir Soap will
wean M lit, haraior 5 , 41 water, vont or ainana.
Clotlies a aislati.l wilL Ilia troop are ;mole
beautifully while altliont boiling or blueing.
Thin la tint total acme lu use.. Try It. It la
warran nil not to injure the tinnily or fabric.
/41.tIcatawn, May i 184 A. ly
14E. 11 0 ;WA
Tlotol,,iidg.:od has a, aim his Lumber
)114 , l lc, the north-east corner of 14trat
ton ..teal and dhe Railroad, but fifty yards
from Inc 14,1 location, x lit re he wilt be glad
to hove nil to want of ',timber to mill lilt
stock, is larger Wan ever before, anti waste/a
additions are being made to it. Be lant
winTE VCR if &Lk - 7
.141411. Al:., sc.. sc..
MI of , bleb 4 11 III" 1.1 , ' iota ra, the to iegt 11v=
lug Estee. Qin aisrldudgetui yetimehrea.
Lumber 14 good and cannot fidl to give sat's
-•- .
fa+ .nle 7rry cheep.
bett3 slat rg, May .3). 1868. tf -
Super-PhOphatz of Lime
YOH Y4Lg 421 . kitla YAM V ILEUM TEMTS,
No, 27 Vora' Front.treed, Philadelphia,
No.24South Street, Baltimore. -
And by Deniers In general throufhout the
• Orman try.
The SOMBRERO GUANO of wtikla ,110R0
beengaanutriotareil. land of which he has sole
mutual for the United 6tNtem,) contains fifty
rent loots Rene Phosphide likan Raw
11 , X130, 1.14 . 041141- , At la more durable. The ad.
dition 4n11061110 gives it griater to Wising
over seven yearn' expet h Dee Las proved to
the Farmer that It ',mk t , a heavier grain-than
even stable 040004 e, and Is not only at Ilse Lot
tiai 00 per ton, 2,00 u lbs. Discount
to Dealers
. .
Matchßole Proprietor mid Manufaetorer,
18,181111. tim
was Rich Street. rhumeTonii.
Celebrated "Champion" llooOriAti
'ti. largest siutortment, and best quality and
styles in the American Market. Every lady
should try them,, as they recommend them.
wives by wearing longer, retarihrng theft
tape much iltaAltr , lgttag lighter arid mitre
male Otan . til othUI—WARRANTED la eve
liZ:rriirVt.rl4ATiriliktold '
*brat 41*
iinperior Hand-made Whate-tione CORSFTS
In itWosenitiderent tirades, Imitating the "Ins
perlal" ant Taottesual & L AanDOX'S "Li LOVE
FI171140" CORNEIIS, ranging in pairtegl/11M
St cents to lie; together with Treee tt
8ac*,[1:44.3.:1.F.,11M.ATA1> ,WOVDN
VOligliTS, superior shirpret and q Ten
colketnit railast front Si is to $5 N. .They are
lite finest and best goods for the prices es er
"tied. The 'itmle snimibid wtth WOOF.
SIC Tti asitl•OODSl4,-Tri St tite Lqweat Rates.
T osevhilftng Inertly Ml d
im id not to rail
and uzandne.tur Owls an Prime, as we defy ,
Soutlx Wutlthrgion st., Cietkvabuzil, I. ,
(400 D WORK AkiD .1101)V.ILATE PRICESi
July 21.11407. •
rt BF-First rSa4onal Bei* a G ettyaWrg
t or .. 5-
to?m su i xo u l l 7 lo-10 %. 47u7. 8. . Bonds; also
Oct. et Mi. V/431" AMOLA Oehler,
.. 9, 7: 4 7aUection. na Ih"
settle. le. If bot7 u d r be_ i fOretbe t in of Dmember,
lbe Bookold.ll be Ws 11 ,i le a re et au oat.
GETTYSBURG, PA., DEC. 11, 1868
rrlnE nndersigned would most respectfully
inform bin numerous trlemis and the
public generally, tlast, he has parchseed that
ng established and well known Hotel. the
"Globe Inn," In York street, Gettysburg, Mat
will spare too effort to conduct it in a man
ner that will not detract Awn Its former
high reputation. His table a 11l hate the best
Gatuattrket .insflord—lns al...Olken. art 814110
clouts and eomfortal,l.--and lie ban laid itt fur
Ills bar a fall stock of wit.. and 11. ors. There
in Ito ge stabling attached to the Holt I, • tili.ll
a 11l ho attended by attentive It will
lie lila con 4tau t ende a or to render the fullest
satiquetion to lib guests, making his house
at near a home to (trot AY possible. He
asks • sintre of (tar pol,lll.'s pat rotoaf* . . drier
ra Int al au tie it to ,Inert a Jars., part of It--
14 the - Ulobe I un ' In In York street,
but near the Diamond, or Public !square.
April 4, ISSI. If
filtHE undirrsigned„ haring pnrelisueal the
.. (iloisa Inn • property, In (lett) shun:
street, lAttlestnetn, Would most reMpErtiully
Ins to u altsse of We pa blle's pate •a
111. prole tses the best the market out afford
for Ida table. a ith the ehotetat liquors In his
bur, and etantortable beds and that:Mem
With con4idemble experlener, he thinks he
tun Justly alien that lie knows how to keep
a hotel.
/rile, is large stabling attached, as well
MX gram lots or druvi a. Anattentive ostler
always on hand—none other than an ACC9IIk.
moduting one altos; td on the ;mental..
Re Ins lies a large Flom all custom, and
will spine no °that, nt deserve It.
LlttlestoWn, May 21., MIL tf
I] 111 1: and. rslgned having purchased the Mar
l. tin 1 lotei prop. rt yln New Oxford, Adamscounty,
county, will conduct It In future, under the
name of the "Eagle Hotel." lie pledges ililll
- nt spore no effort for the comfort of his
gli.ts. Els table shall have the best the
market ran afford, and his bu,r the
liquors. iii, chambers are spaolous, and can
not fall to else sail.fact lon. There in com
modious stabling uttaelied to the Hotel,
hit In be attended I.) a reliable and ac
commodating ostli The proprietor hopes
to receive a ((hero! share of public patronage,
end e 111 itle „t, s try to deserse It. Remem
ber the t•Fagle," In the northerua turner of
the Diamond, New Oxford. _
l'ilarch 19, 14fs, tf
1111118 le a new Melee, fitted up In the moat
appro, ed stile. Its Ineation Is pleasant,
central and eonvenient. Seery arrangement
h.s been made for tIT aceommodtOm and
comrt fo of guest,. le Table will always
has a the beat of the market., and the liar the
beet of wines and liquor,.
There 1 , 1 emnilo.thms htlng trttaeliell,
lah Fn ixecon.unotl Mug miler ;asks)
This lintel le now own for the entertain-
Divot or the public., tan! share of patronage Is
sotielted. Nn effort will lei ereired to render
etatlefael lon.
Is largely ennened In the Watch trivle, and
h•ts lust reun mstirom New York with an un
nsnsllr live nilsortment. lie offers such
bargains us cannot fail to he acceptable to
buyer,. tile stock cnil.races a large lot of the
"P. S. lharLlett," Wm. Hilary." and "Apple
ton di Tray;"
of: sliu.Qxt tli WWl' Maee,
It you Want CIIII.AP and GOOD Wa tdt, oaths"
LEWIS Errunusg,
At his old island, Carlisle streel s
nearly opposito the Depot, Uettyaborg, Pa.
a - d-Ite con/Innen the Grocery. Notion and
Con fet thmery boldness, aa heretofore.
i r d lm t wish to buy good and cheap Goods,
near Myer4'B Hotel, la C1IAMISI.:11..11(116
ST.. Gettysburg. They hose the vary head se
lee' lon imods,
tun '
lis CA:44fl M
l t FA,. TWEETSI, d(`.,,
the inarket wu pruJ nee, mid are determined
to soft them as cheap Olin he sold an) -
%here In town or Cannily. Any person 14 WI -
WI; to Imre them CUT, ran has e It done free
et charge. Those desiring goods MADE Ul',
Cali nits he ritsamunedat ed. We 0 arum( the
hest work and the best Ms to he had any
where. No humbug in what We say.
We Inus eau hand the. sery bad and stioat.dur
and. are a& way a ready to welt no eustomera—
sidisraelJen given to operating ma•
Chloee. 0:611 and examine. Wu wnrritut theta
to be the best In use,
April 11, 1847. if
Licnied conveyancer.
WOT.F w 01 atathd to •tro
OF DKIE.Tar, FOND Arstialt.:3t
&e., aid arnktng oat of
trAMA.UL' 0144Slatii, WILIt *ttritrar. ituy ,
thtzrn to tru . t= l. llll .t n ,e wa r tezrir e ptiv
offal.. Galt vsburg. Pa.
Nov. B , LENS. ti
ALL indebted to the arm of Jacobs &
are requested to call and settle on - or be.
fore the Met &Wet January part r -utherwise
their accounts will be placed lo the bands of
the carer Ler mlleottor, The leeks
t i l l aggll RF 4Nrlf o ld lattlld, oR Cliaßitttni;
Gettyaburtt,gov. hag. tr
VWAILEt-WAAEL-Wf*RE!-A Ans siseste,
meat at Stone CM,. .Lo Stone
Wittn, wK4 pew style. Updee Pot, a first-rue
Prpote, a l ou&k,,
• eguaninv & clys.
Ayers _Sarsaparilla,
FOB PCsirUNU Tpe p 1,04.11.
The reputut lon thin eseellebt inedlerae en-
Joya, Is derived teem Its cures. slant of which
are truly mart ellous. In% eterate cares
Sefrifatous dlaaaan, where the system Deemed
saturated it corrupt. b, have la en purlfloi
and cured by It. Wroforolns a IllYrtrona and
draonlera,Nrlllett wereaugvavated by the Yerof
aloe, mutat:bunt lon until that were pOrdbl
ly *Meting, tv...§:e beer! rut Inn? fr, en r dltr such
trZttll9jtritill altttust r
y e ca ' rc rr ar s v ec u t a io ca to he
Infotturb of Its tritium Or 111.1,
Scrofulous prawn to one of the moth dogma
tise enemies of our mot Often, thhi unseen
anti unfelt tenant of the organism undermines
the eonsfltution, and Ins two the attack or en
trebling or fatal dLsosst., without °settings.
suspicion of Ito present,. Again, it neeMe to
breed In fection Mien itillott I the hotly, and then,
Otto ne nt t irel r t . .if u rstrtr' r u ' irf ai7 rns the r
Ott ttie surface or among the vitals. In the
latter. tubercles may he suddenly deposited
In the Mehra? heart, or tUrnoril formed in the
liver, or it shows pre•enee h,) erUfalone on
the skin, or foot ulcerations on part or
O l refektm g pt.lll):VA*s4rtie ° , ' :es i tit 4 4=
so active symptoms of Limn. appear. per
sons aillieted with the following complaints
generally Mid insuiegiolc rebel...natal length,
cure, by the nor of this .S'A RiVA PA RILLA
St. AnAotres Fire, Rage or ErVesirein..,
. ft ,
halt Ilheugl., timid Head, Roymorm, bore 0
Srq e anti f lc e r eruptions or visible forms
or litenitutous ulastsei 4110 la the more eon
coiled forms, a§ tlYttlieril4t
Viscose, Fits, Epll.•^•,, Neural' , on e
VarICIRIA UleertllM nfirneflclng luarettlar
and nervous systems
S yphilis elr Venereal anti Mercurial lihnoseir
are aural lilt, [llol3ola lon time la
for artbdtri 'bele obstlunienrelatilew by any
Medlnissn. , knit VW Option pxo 04 4.14/0
illiegiclue will ours the complaint. Lesi
horn or Whites, utoph,oUarerasJoggr, an d Yes
nude Dlsertaus.,ara,Oantinortly soon reileved
and ultimately enrol tilAti_fpnitin:titgittld In
vigorating etlert IttliMatnit for each
coo arp found,l4 ogrAinuinaa supplies/wet/a.
frot,t :then otbsbd by atv .
‘ Pip u ltint ‘ l f y r. trt rt . , * anisT i Mer . I t l n i tr% pl al n ts,
Tdrptary, Mn inn or Inflogresturnlon of the
ton, arid Jaundice, a lieu ortolan. as they of
do. from the rankling poisons in the blond.
TOM Sasisspettilo is a great restorer ler the•
strength antrsia , ir of the system. Those who
are Innentd Domporitlant. Sleeps
leas, and troubled with Nervous Appreheu
siont nr nr arir of ;tic atpction/1 Wipe:
loam* co %team, 0, wig thoi ltuustalbste pis
Ilerand tionv tieing es idea. of Its reigoeutrva
power upon Wel.
J. C'. AYER de CO., Lowell, Mass
Practical sod Analytical Chemists.
gaga by all Ltrugtglentevery where.
qc kalaA.,gen t, Gen ye
(*gig. tiN. /ygliw
uneersicaelivrin pay - the LE est mar
ket prima far HAY- loilu Ire at a
atso. d wrazatriduesa.
21. iIM.. if
Ellopueslerlr* aUsing U Rkwirt.
Grote Ingthe you have eradicated Fire ma-
Worked by human mu —Grata !twine you
'hairt on tom of homes where the flamm
Protrude, and you Immediately elvdinguhh.
bruit e lug ue !
Ettupendoowunateoun pump. You suck. You
Draw up, and you akwlrt water on the raging
uthirvowling elamout commonly knowne
1. Ire. And you auckseat In kwenohtng the
litopecoloowua filteenl pump.
51 ner destroyer of Ign lied knonbue tibn L 4 when
Get to a slalom, you run your auctions in.
Your Enllnear puts on adfoddonal Mecca,
And you proceed forthwith to darken down
cullghted mai ter.
Miley destroyer of Ignited komtrustibuls.
Cirandekstarniinianrof bianedng material. You
Must feal proud bekaw• you hiiN e plenty
of water on baud and don't use
Spirituous tickers—You don't cork much
Belmar you have nothing to do,
Grata exterminator of tangoing material!
Wonderful Infantile Water Works You have
fluperseaded the laboring effort. of lade
',Wuxia to perfect hand pumps. And you
NUM stand out In busts rellevus to the enemy
Of flame. Because you always conic out first
Wonderful Infantile Water Works?
Thou spreader of the akweous Fluid—You
Know full well, your hundred of 11. et of pipe in
Your Wm. blz wheals, RUM wale.,
tie., are death to the old are boys and
useful to Insurance Companies.
Thou spreader of the aka mum Fluid I
liteem Fire Engine—your useful. You
uee wood and koal—you make
a big noise with you whlntio, and
You leave a streak of Ore behind you
In the Wear. But oteom Fire login.. 3 our
Coefti. Yoar a—a trumy—Go on—
Go mrflteam Fire Inglne.
Go on—Grate old likwirtl
Arbuta eat before her desk with the
sullenest face imaginable. There was
a long lesson• to learn yet, and an ex
ercise full of faults to correct, and a
work basket with all bee unmended
stockings, for Arbuta hail lame idle
and careless •that, week, and Saturday
afternoon hall caught her with her
work still undone.
"I Wonder if there are any fairies as
Nurse Hilda says," thought Arbuta.
"I wish that I knew one. I would—"
Here she heard a rustle and stir in
the chimney, and there caine eliding
down the old elf of dreams; an
old man, as old as the world, very lit
tle, very lunch bowed, and with a
beautiful long white beard, like silver,
that fell quite down to ithi feet. Over
each shoulder he carried a bag of
dreams; the good dreams on his right
shoulder, the bad on his left. His
voice sounded far off and sweet, and
made Arbuta sleepy just to listen to it.
"I WA a fairy," he said. "What do
you want of me?"
"I am so unhappy. I do think
there Is no being on earth so miserable
as a little girl who is obliged to learn
lessons and darn atoekings. If f were
only that robin, bopping about so
merrily without the window! Ile has
nothing, I am sure, to trouble him."
"lie a robla, The elf of
dreams; and as . he spoke, Arbuta
found herself flattering and twittering
on *bough. lidorethan that, she had a
undated four little eggs; and present-
ly she disoovered that it was the prima
ei pal aim, of II fe-topeeseree these eggs,
and the principal aim of everybody
else In the universe to detest her prin
cipal aim and steal, or smash, or eat
them. A snake was winding In and
out among •the branches, freeaing her
blood with its baleful fiery eyes. tike
fluttered. and shrieked, and uttered
the most distressful mint, when on the
other side , appeared the ourly head
and outstretched hand of a Ilttle hay.
Ttmsnake dropped suddenly from the
tree; the little - boy wan guttens much
frightened; and the robin was aongrat
ulallawhenself, when she heard a blue
bird and oricle talking tqmottdir.
ittWas sweep ;ever seek • pessourp
tiont" troth theblw•btrd.
"These robins are exoeedlogiy.eene•
mon penman.," answered the oriole. '
"And , have no business in our or
obineed Is e wren. "I move
that we drive them oak"
"Oh Mari+ , sighed Arbors.; "I
might as well be a MU* girl 1" wises,
lot there she was. sitting .st her desk,
with' the stookiage and the exercise
stiii tads.
."Well?" salted Elle dream e. 16.
"it, was not pleasant at all s aid
nrbnla; "but, then, lOW as and little
girls are, it serene, sneoially unfortu
nate; but km* at that spider on the
wail; I am awn I)er mltitegoe .ls
Imacened enough."
'.'Be ems, then," wild -the elf of
drew's:l2j and- In an -inatant she had
kV- too nullt 4 r 0 4 11 •t4 ute . ntlou, and
eight eyes, 'and *as hanging In the
midst of a pretty little silken chamber.,
She looked-about on her abode with
very pardonable °imitation.
"I have here the Mead house In the
wovid,m she 'odd to 'herself r "'and I
haVe built It all myself. Neither ma
son, carpenter, nov. arolilleot, can
share the praise with me. The 'plan
not only came eut of my head, hob the
material rronr my ho4Y. 'king on
thfe threUels half so independent le
for I am not even indebted to Nature.
I am perfectly self-seffielent. It fel
lows that I am the greatest being on
etiftk." At thislunetare name .{tip
matelot ail work.
"There is another of these filthy
things!" she exclaTne7 . ;Trdrat the
spiders," and she attacked ,Artinta 'sb
fiercely, That she tardy escaped with
her life inIO the gilikien, -
"This Is' certainly' a great' Iniefor
elle said"; "Mit I feel That lt am
a time philosopher, and Capable of ris
ing 'above' It. I wlll"huild 'a "Ire*
house on this leaf. I will 'haVe 'an
ante-roimi, a - Jabyrmth, and 'a rbpe
ladder; and at aL time when"! feel
Inclined cur a party of pleasiife, I Pan
throw a liddlre: Aglosirikir . little
stream, and visit my neighbor, over
the way."
Burl alas! her work was net half
completiNJ, when a fine lady trailing
by, swept it out of existence with her
"1 will go to the forest," said Arbu
ta ; "there shall be undisturbed,"
and 1n the cool heart of a spreading
tree she wove a third habitation, and
hung Ip the middle a little bag full of
eggs• -
"No spider shall haves° well reared
a family so mine." ahe said, 'proudly.
"I will instill ruts them Mesa hitherto
unknown. lirrovvrepertence ,has
proved that we are philosophers, and
eselbeustaluing. To what can we not
then attain? Wu may even subjugate
the earth." - And she wetted with the
greatest Impatience for the appearance
of her numerous family. Unfortu
nately, however, for these flue visions,
the little spiders were no sooner fairly
in the world, than obeying sliders' in.
atiuct rather titan the dictates of phil
osophy, they rushed with one uccord
at their parent to devour her.
Arbuta fled, In horror, calling on
the elf of dreams, and on the instant
she sat again before her desk.
"Exerrises and stockings are detes
table," said she, "but, after all, to be
eaten alive by onus own children is
So the dream elf went away chuck
ling, and Arbuta went hack to her
There appear 'to ho many different
ways of understanding the true mean.
ing of newspaper patronage, as it is
called, and as an Interested party we
give place to a disquisition on the sub.
ject by one who knows whereof he
speaks. It will serve, perhaps, as a
mirror In which certain parties may
"see themselves as others sec them :"
Many long and weary yearn of ex
perience in the publishing busineas
has forma the conviction upon us that
newepaperputronage Is a word of many
definitions, and that a great majority
of mankind are either Ignorant of the
correct definition or are dishonest, In
a strict bibtiral sense of the word.
Newspaper patronage is comrsr , ed of
as many colors as a rainbow and Is as
changeable ns is chameleon.
One man COMPS in and auharinhea for
a paper and pay. fur it In Advanoe, and
goes home and reads It with the proud
satisfaction that It is his. He hands in
his advertisement, asks the price, pays
for It, goes to his place of business, and
reaps the advantages thereof. This Is
Another man nuke you to send him
the paper and goes off without saying
a word about pay. Time pa_saes on.
and you ate in need of money, and ask
him to pay the 'dm he owes you. He
flies Into a panaloh, perhaps pays, per.
haps not., and orders his paper stopped&
This Is called patronage.
Another man has had a paper for a
long time without payment, and he
comes tired of you and wants achange.
Thinks lie will have a city paper. He
tells the Postmaster he don't %manna
paper any more, and a copy conies
back mask "refused.' , Alt he don't
pay, oh no! he hits to keep your money
to buy a city paper. Pay comes when
you sue him. Such may be called pa
One man brings In a fifty cent adver
tisement and wants a two dollar puff
thrown In, and when you decline he
goes off mad. Even this, can be called
Another man don't take your paper,
it is too smaller too high priced, but he
borrbaii It volularly and reads
And that i could be called patronage.
One man likewthe paper, he takes a
copy and pays. for it, and gets hie
friend to do the same ; be is not always
grumbling to Touee othent_butal ways
has a friendly word. If any incident
occurs in his section, he informs the
editor at (moo.' This is newspaper pa
Another 11181111M111 taken the paper
severnl yearn. but has not paid for it.
nil in he comes u Ith an advertisement,
which be smuts ,lmerted free because
he Is "an old patron." This is called
One hands you a marriage or other
notice and asks for extra copies of the
paper oontaimlng It; and when you ask
him to pay for the papers, be lookasur
prised--"you surely don't tako pay for
such smell ateliers." That if celled
049. malt, 11114.4 to &owl MI Spa RNA,
ammo in,aud saysithe year foe which
I mid, la at , put to espies, / wept to pay
for apoltier." He does so oincl retires.
This is newspaper patronage.
Now, isn't newspaper patronage a
curious thing? In that great day.
when the gentleman In black gets his
dtleti, as he , surety will, bob thany of
the 'Whose ennumrated above will fall
to his share? While it will he seen
that' white certain kinds of patronage
are "the very 'llte giro 14140 . 4100 of a
newspaper, there are other kinds of
„that are more _ destructive
than the,Vdessity night shade."
Reader! where do you stead ?, .
"D 'T i9p 'MVsunett Me blow."—
An Individual possessing unmistaka
ble evidence of African extraction,
was arraigned for larceny. , Thejoiglaut
ea of fig,4c, ,as dignified, and said
wli h severe pre-mince, "Are you guilty
or not ,
"Bah?" •
Did you thrso clothes?'? he
"Golly, boss, 'elar never done U."
"This man says you did."
"Ms ain't nothin' hut white . trash."
"And what are you?"
"Me ! 'Why, don't you know tfie?
I rid wid you In de peneSiduti•
helped to tote ‘ you home when yer got
tired dry,, night. , Don't yer 'Eneoutper
me now 2"
. „
Thep wee the "euckte4est" oat.
pros. la that &they's OILIWI that judi
olaf•aaoale aftbel arf attempt° of, 8o
roxYclifer the adVanfriget of good eeele-
rectiociate husbaud to his loving,
spouse "you wank! not' he an handy
about displaying thnseidg tbet of yours
if yo'n knew wlo4,oequrrudgt the shoe,-
maker's when I took your shoe to be
tudtlifett, ttie ott*Sedsy." • ''"" ""-"
"Weil; what - Was UR" E ,
"The - shoemaker took it IN bhottind,
gazed upon itis few 'min:lent. and burst•
into tatini.'"
s'What Wtfts the foot crying
•'>:t; seems that big grandmother
raised him, and he was exdeedlngly
fond of her; end during he absence
from home one time the died; and , he
returned only in titne to - einem! her
funeral. Your shoe, rn size end shape,
painfully reminded him of her cot.
Beta it foe or 1100,000 from the 'LontiOn
bankers, Overend, Gurney & Co., far
prosecuting their suits again the At-
Linde and Great Western railway com
pany. Mr. Potter Is a son 'of Bishop
Potter, and a Democratic Congressman
51st Year--No. 11
—Large 'enneigninente of English
game are now arriving ltj the New
York marketer.
The new I.nulevard in New York
will be thli teen miles long.
A mov einentbas been commenced
in Spain for the abolition °Mull fights.
Fife gents a pound is considered a
good price for venkon in Western Mis
—firtratlng lit coming Into 'vogue
again in Nay Orleans and Cincinnati.
—A Oakey ltall'a OHIO majority
for Mayor of :Veto Vork'oqy la 5!'i.098.
—Work is about to bo suspended on
tho Western Maryland railroad for
want of funds to proseeuto,the enter
—Eight thousand buildingS have
been erected in Chicago this year, at a
cost of:n:5,000mo°. Among them were
twenty-lice churches, coating $2,000,-
—The horning of old Fm t latf4ette
is no serious loss to the United stater,
as it wan 11.100814 flea defence agalnst.a
public enemy.
—ft is reported that (larlbaldi
about to embark for America, he Mee.
lug got into trouble among his corm
patriots on aroma of the failure of his
Homan expedition.
—To discover him: many idle men
there are In a place, all that's neceexat
ry in to set two doge fighting.
—The Valparaiso Republic telleof
yo of couple married on Saturday
night, who on Sabbath evening were
made happy (or otherwise) by the
birth of live children, four of whom
arc living and doling well. uThat'r
—A good newspaper Is like allensi
ble and sound-hearted friend, whose
appearance at tme's threshold gladdens
the mind with the prom inn of a pleas
ant and profitable hour.
—We are inlormed that
Shenk., Esq., of I'mk, has purchased
from W. It. Hotter, EVI., the Wilco of
the Easton Anyes. Mr. Shank is an
able writer.
— . Vile public debt. statement, fOr
November, u e are Informed, will show
sit inelonso of twin eight to nine
lions. Yet (Nneral °rant, to ills re•
e.nLly pullishc4,report, asks en hi
en:are of the army.
The Savannah irtputilicun says
"the only reign of terror at the South
comes front the Radical party, and ir
(bu g rew nr anyhody else would aid us
in suppree-ing it, we should have po
—A daughter of ex-tiovernor Urr, of
South Carolina, has married a Phila
rlelphiun. Iteconstru C LiULI is progress
—lf you would make yourself agree
able wherever you go, listen to the
grievances of others, but never relate
your own.
Clark, editor of the Kendall , (III.)
Clarion, is a man who loves a joke,
and never lets" an opportunity slip
that promises a dish of fun. Here is
one of his last
nnlsguisM.—We have lately
,got a
new suit of clothes, null no man could
be more einctnally disguised. We
ksik like a gentleman. rpon 'first
putting it on we felt like a outin' a
strange garret, and for a long tithe
thought we were wrapped off.
We went to the house and scared
the baby. almost into Hts ; wife astall
if we wanted to see Mr. Clark, and
said he was at the (Alice; went there
and pretty soon a Wail came in with
strip of paper in his hand. He asked
If the editor was In ; told him we
thought not ; asked him if he wished
to see-him particularly; said he want
ed him to pay that bill; told him v.e
didn't believe he'd be lu ; business
man left. We started to the house
again; meta poupls of yettug 1a414';
sine Al them tiAlied the tither, 'What
bandstime stranger Is that?' In our
diletn ma wc met a friend and told hfin
who we wore, and got him to Intro
dUce us to bur wife, who la new ah
proud of us up she can be. 4
A PIIRTTT I:smote:yr —A very pret
ty Incident Is related of a canary bird
by a - Chorea paper. The dons of the
bird's cage WWI nocasionally left open
that h 0 Might enjoy' the -freedom of
the room. One day 'be happened to
light on the mantle shelf where Oft
wag a mirror. Here was a this dia.
covery of the most profound Interest.
He gazed long and cutlet:hay 'at Islat•
self, and cattle to lite ooneluston that
he hid found a'mate. thing back to
his cage lie-ealseted is. seed from the
box and brought IL in his ttIW a. en
edertili; hi the stemma:et. In vain the
Jatiary exerttal hirneelf , to. make hie
oaw found friend partake, and heozun
log weary of Ltot Itled . another tack.
Stopping back a few in ches from the
glass, he poured forth his sweetest
Motes, pauaing now and thett,Sota re
ply. None come, and moody and die
gusted, he fleet back ,to, his perch,
hanging his head in shame and a
fence thr the rest of the dity; and Al
though the *sat was repeatedly open-
Ad, he refused to come out again.
A Fr/lA:ink story comes from Detroit,
_Years ago,an English. (amity emigra
ted to Ulla Gauntry, bringing their
ynurigesbohitd, a girl, but leavlnean
eldct brOtherla the/Ad country. The
parents Loon died, and the girl, top
young to have many remembrances of
them ore - England, was adopted by a
family at Elpijia„.N. T,. Sliegrew up,
was married, and her husband was
killed in the war. Soon she again
married, this : time a young English
man who was doing well In business
Idty3 :West, and a rurally came In due
time. A.few weeks ago her new hus
band fell id Wjth the foster parents or
*horn she had not seen fur
years, and In the course of the inter
vieW It was discovered that he, her
husband, Was the English brother
whom she had not seen since her in
fancy. The husband his left for parts
unkuowu, and thew ire and sister
misery at the terrible crunlty of air
•eu instances,
"PAPA, when I grow up may t be
what I like ?" "Yes; my boy, you may
choose your own profession." "The n l'll be a iiiweta... foLLithianever have
to %IWO/my face."
A patisaraar chemist ham invented a
now method of warfare on the battle
field : it le .a powder that, makea a
whole regiment RICICiqk for half an
Our local columns contain ti
morning the details ern high-her
eatruge has been. reemnly
muted in Harrisburg. A y,
named Nir It. Todd, of this city,
arreited (eels time ago as s des
from the military service of the Um
States, by a ward constable, who
about conveying hint to the oommi
to which he belonged. A writ of
bees corpus was issued by his he
Judge Pearson, on petition of
mother of the young than. The
stable produced Cho body of his pt
er, and Judge Pearson discharged
on the tsth of No ember last, in
ground of his minority, he beim
about sixteen years of. tute et the
of his enlistment. Young Todd It
Mutely returned to-tho 110050 of
poor mother and went to work.
the very weeping of the lily of his
eherge, two regular 'soldiers of
United Batten, one of them a sergm
sold to belong to a recruiting station
this city, wereseen prowling about I
house or Mrs. Todd, and that all
young Todd was again seized, ho
cuffed 1110 'dragged from his hot
Since then, the sorrowing mother so
that her son has not been heard fr
That a great crime has been corm
tot dour midst, against, an hum,
silken not merely, but against t he d
pity of the Valliant wealth, there Is
doubt. The ease 14 1 4,t , ( proper ban
aud will undergo a (*ugh Inveatl
thin, and tin, guilt jiartles will
brought, let us hope, to speedy Juste
Whether these soldiers dragged on
young man of their owe wanton w'
in order to swerve the reward of nil
dollars which Is due on the arrest
stn rter, or whether they net me
the orders of a superior, will he disc,
ered when u legal exambiation eel
take place.
Outrageous acts like this wore co
milted so often during the period
tho war that they were treated sio
indifference. Cinaens entitled to
protection of the ;11W, were turn fts,
their Moues by tinned men, and lock
up in 1.1411gq011.1, OH any pretext.
it is 4111 W time, nt least !Iva the
should_ rectum() its sway, the tikhif
the humblest (Mizell he maintain
and the dignity and honor
innuweulth defeated aghast
The ease of yunttt outlet,
every lAIIIII In the (Minim ml weak h.
the cool Is a lai%, to whtell the oliii
Pees for pruteetlon, monad Alehl 111
Ida may be trampled cut and %%mut()
Intaalted;ral to till. instance, 1114
ed liberty la but a Hanle.--Ihrert%la
A Watdifilgron eorrespotthlent oh
Baltimore (Parte,' mays:
An Interesting filet has Just emu*
the knowledge of the tinvernm
here, which mar aid, in some dew
the ilegoliallauai of Mr. Seward fo
naval depot In the NVest lndl
While the !wait of Christopher I
hint bus in preserved In ll.lVatill,
ashes are itl an iron man, burled'
neath.the floor of a chapel in an
church In St. Bowing°. IC Is also
tlmated that these ashes can ho wee
eel by our Government and that l'i
dent Baez will allow them to be in
(erred to this oily, for proper in
We hope a» effort will be made
secure the ashes of the discoverer
this continent for appropriate lY
meat at our National Gapitbl. TL
where they ought to he placed.
magnificent and appropriate t
should be erected over them, chin
the government, or by volumari
sulphuric from the penple of the
ted States. Every one would feel
coutributlng fur cuelmt purpose.
ClF..),lRlttNu:ritiAWs Inntor.
—Thekarguitiont opened In the T
Stotts court, at Riehtnondr by
counsel o(Jetfermin Davis, on aim
to quash Ihe ,treason Indict!
spinet Lim, has been brought t
close, and the.requit Is a divleldit
the court on tho subject, Chlet.'
See Chase being in favor of quasht
Tvldiu Jutigo Underwood is oppord
It. The ones thus goes on appeal
the Supreme Court for decision.
substance the ground of the motir
that proceedings against Mr.
should be stopped, beeatao he luut
ready been dliirntnel
ment under the YoUrtecnth atm
meet to the constitution, and that
amendment fully expresses the la
wishes of the American people as
what that punishment should be,
litinxisto Err immantwa UV.
of the greatest hunting exploits
has taken plane for many years In
countyi same MT on Thursday ui
last lo• Decatur-township The
boys, with their dogs, startedon
hunt that night, and after havil
god one coon and one fox, the
treed wore irupos taut game. , On
lug up to the spot no lees titan
hearc'were found on one tree.
she (war weol grist 'Mot through It
pea mut or the bead, Mit did Hot
aaecond shot through the heart
ever brought-her down. TWO
cubs were, than killed with the
after,which the third cub 08.100.1
andaittackeil Na dogs, but We ow
were itoo untall for It and kills
The old beer weighed something
lbs., anti each of the cubsfrom
to fO).-I,eudetoans Gazette.
EflB.—The bes raisers' tn the vt
of .Lonieville, tor , a °trait of two
five miles, were recently slant" ,
the diseoveq their bees had all e
tansously decamped, going no
knew Whither. The mystery
unsolved. The deserted hiyee
full , of honey, containing from six
seventy-llva pounds eacb. The m
lon of a majority ratite bee misers
that the untesuainlidness of the
eon deluded the bees into their •
nous migration.
A nrrudi four-yens old was ma:
the Lord's prayer, and after he
Anis,hod It hla soother Raid, ."
Sandy, ask God tb make you
boy." The 015T1d raised his eye,*
Mother's taco for a few minutes,
in deep thought, and startled het
the followlng reply ; "It's nu us
Ife won't do It. I've aelce4 him
of times."
A GENTLEMAN being mark al
by a fellow passenger who smoke(
lainotiasegar, addressed him thw
"II you must smoke, my good fr
let toe at least offer you a decent el
"Thank you, sir," replied the
"I'll smoke that after dinner,"
quietly poi It In his poeket, mean
continuing to vltltate the atmosi
as before.
Ix Nor Ida, a eontempletive
Imltan'est, watehthil 1 1 1 WV of
ball playeteywhe seemed to him
worklog very hard•• Turning to
of them, he asked: "How moth
get a - ' .
Tux use of grope-shot bat"
iahel lu the Ilritha army.