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    1_ • Irt.
I he will have no one to bintre'po
(or hi' Pt.ititif truce
Imeted the courtsicm 0f‘440.14,tqt
-I:ri, rindthe 'ol}tritl4l4 - ' 41 4 ' ; AAT
betki fthir.
~z t 7 j u , ; 4 l iel
it hont the' rittrwreit4:o l
7tr ottr fri.‘lll4, ‘ If 'l O O 4 -1, , ,1i 4
crte.:ll 911 I ('n Irl, Vt .
, I t.i!tr or ;rfrrrin_ to
Jll 'l,7r L' , Ktt.ittl - !lrrt
ry ftet.
inttpsintrg tompthr.
FRIDAY, OCT. 9, 1140.5.
(411 - 1.4,'S A CiIANGE!,
People of Peunellvauiz, by your
LL on Tutisday next give ux
Ash Inge of State Ofsc4file;;.
A change of Noti,onal °Mc:labs;
•\ change of Congreas;
change of the Legislature
The argunnultnin regard to the quen
ou, tt by na.hange iP necemenry, IljtVe
en long mute exhausted, and , we
nut occupy P pee in reiterating
Rut iii brief
The Radicals hare wronged yaa and
ranged the chuntry In every respect.
They have increased the expenses of
ie Uoveintuent, State and National,
raid, -
And the.e ineniused expenses the
or of the country has to pay, in tuxes,
rery you.
'f hay have saddled upoli,us a debt. oi
~ non,ono,mo, on v. 'itch the labor of
,s country has to pay annually,
Cry - , nn o,terest aniountinito üboul,
, ,
They are, every month., inereoeing
dolt and this exhaucting taxation.
they 'hove tun the crountry upon the
Cry verge of nteoluto bankruptcy,
ml If continued In power another
eat, they !limit increamo the trixdflArt,
r vlo+qtlie treacury againmt all de..
adds adoil declare the uation a swind•
.1* and n pauper.
beec ore the financial rrougs they
:tit committed.
'I liky me enormous, and alcould oyes
, hclui them with public intlignntiou ;
.-shetild hurl them Irvin power;
dvAruy them forevgrfl kpu
I, al party..'
But thy - have committed greater
They have trodden dawn tlio con-
ItUt io:l—they have declared that it 6
a binding upon thew—they boast
rit tiwy hn legislated "outable of
Do you know what this mettmq
Death to your government; ,
Death to Liberty ;
Congremional oligarchy, or a mill
ry 414
:' , IIZII inu.t bc.the inevitable reuult of
Any school boy who Lae read hietory
twelve mouths will tell you AO.
Npit.4 bin never changed NW , *
>ll pinrud tutu* upon the Awe of the
aith, “lid the emcee which overytrew
ornn.r Ile waffles, in other aged. will
,veithrow Dori new, if you continue
he Iltvhoulti In power, for they have
Lowe theruielvee to be the °new ICA of
They contemn the ConAtitution,
hick in the only guarantee of liberty
the pt-ople.
bin e placed under military
na edmen's Bureau despotism the,
, •ec w bite people of ten otates of this
'Mau anti debarred most of them (rih
11 poliyluslpriwtlegea, while they have
11 franchised the nogroi and made Will
power Mitt may govern thir tionnts.y ;
Their _ Reconstruction acts, .untler
. li/eh:Mese groat wrongs lustre .been
erpetruted, are null and vol, being
nemalitutional, and yet they.a,re
Id and enforced sit the poisit of the
.ayonet. •
'flunk of it, people of l'ouiritylrunis.
1:r not. tiro Constitution iilrently.over
'iron u": Are not your libertieg bort
tisly nu:untied bye party whorinirepre
,ntutives iu Cuugteso recir,Lotsay yer
iuo theinselves for the sake of main
inning: power'
O !ilietie are seriotiequestions, ron
er them well, awl vote conscientiously
Vote to turn the tyrants, the viola
m:, in the Constitution, the usurpers,
lie plunderers, who have robbed the
~or to curial, themselves, the modern
iuthe and Vandals, vote to turn them
ut el oflic,.e and power, and plate the
overamciat, once more, In the control
I Democratic putt iots and stateeui un,
ho alone ran.uvc it (tam destructica.
Be Sure to Vote!
EN vry Democrat and every
lonservative, without nie soli&
Ar - exception, should be at fly.
Vhoever fails to go will fail to
terforni the • soleinn dray lie
westo hi , : country. This is Do
inac to 6ta,y atiome from light
mi.trillin i g closes. •The ,politt
sl Ritrtuticrn is one ef-t
.and the conS4v4tivO
titer who :stays away from the
'oils will incur a respdnsibility
no °altar) . weight.
,J.OOK I)Fr /Vit. A AIN tb*y.
Dethreratt . t Mast be prelim:9lf to turn
ut VieNt, Ttte*titiy, tit the polls, rain or
}toe. They thole whole
rengttr 'out hi mite of "wind 'or
cattier," anti the Democrat who
kinds 'ft little rain on that day', if it
tonit/ alarm , fs nothing more than a
it weather patriot. Every • rutin
iu't turn out it It Is clear, , and make
bigger effort Hit rains.
Wiwi, will nedress the Mess Itieetini,l
It ADAA, AL speaker denounce Demo
to as "relds",and "traitors," and
et itadical candidates ask Dennloruns
vu.tee, "Shinny cu , ; your
v 31414101" Pei:ttouviLs don't trie,Fi, to
tea She hand, tliat,is trying to F..lap
KU to She face.
t;roru Ohio is chfcring.
A/441141i , co,iacede a koss in the
anoreriiioital delegatiou.
ten t Lao, is lool9Al . 4,heti• every
04%444 are $ 9 ,04# 65 f * ear
44PgiVie. 4 , - ;• . _•p• '• •
of r'e'ingx ritut,/,`•do`iour
gliTANdikiitri?e'w.Fl i k •
41 °Prit' ° .# 4411 W, tbif;'
•!•rivii 4 4,-"F,4•14 11 * • *IP
•rform it to Che getting out of the last
The ViTholel2.eliet!
Dontoerdt:., Nolo tho whole
thtlo fir,t i.x‘qt.\l , .(; I'vEur
.41. t•; The havi.
Ita!tt , ti( ;::la ;It 4dl the
iiirw•Tu 7 r
e,r this nr that Itfulical.
Lob O"
fin .
" the snake in ate grass"—
"the nigger on the wood-pile
-subj(!irt: qfd . MI!
,11 . 1errib- 1
eratle ticket--to be. voted •,14.
three parts, uct ieinry." -State,"
and "county"—as
Associate Judge, •
Joseph J:
Auditor General,
Charles .E. Iloule
flurveyor General,
Wellington H. Ent.
ccokoes ,
Francis M. Kinmell
st 9 .te'seuatoe,
GFi.lrQ~a :M Duncan
41rowtro7Lo B. Dill
P 4 rqthonoktry,
Jacob .41 - aUtorn.. -
Dietriet Attorney,
"{Valiant A. Duncan..
. Co unty Cotnmiestiier,
',.4/08(48 Hartman.
Director of the Poor.
Benjantiik Deardorff
County Auditor,
EN, U. Heagy
County Surveyor,
Jesse L. Keller
litziilteineluber, fellow Dem
cerats, that to 'secure It full
VICTORY in Adams, we must
TO-.IIORRO ll' !
NIA, McCurdy, L'hied Marshal, is
perfecting hie arrangements for the
'Mass Meeting to-morrow.
Ile will hare lii headquarters at
the C'ourt•houne, where Aids and As
shdant Ithiralfals will report—as early
tte o'elocli, if po,,ihle,
It is suggested that Democrats in
town do something In the way of de
corating their hpusts with evergrealie,
Aid. • The time is short, we know, but
a few Metre of euergetio work may se
eomptiiih much. •
' Our •eirdserli a 'glorious one. Good,
government and the purity of our race
depend upon Its encores. What Dem
ocrat will hesitate to give a little of his
thno 20 fureher it ? To work, then, at
hunt, and with a will!
Llectiow Aiext Tnendiiy
'run Xrieuds of Col. Dixon, the itc
publican candidate for ,State, Senator,
do note / la/at for hits the
the position requiroy., They say he ie
clever man, and that ie all. We can
say the Berne of Calvin IN. Duncan,
with the addition that be is a man of
ability and a forcible public speaker—
energetic and practical.
All in alt, him Duncan is juat such a
niao - as this district needs is the Sen
ate,. to stand by and advocate the in
teresta M our people. To border suf
ferers, he appeals with double force,
having . been himself a heavy leapt..
in 'his hands they will litithelr in
,tercets entirely safe—no "euetriorial"
appropriation •will be allowed to de
feat injured stiffezer,' honest claims.
Remember that 'n'o mic can be de
hi hod the rigid to vote en a. charge el' de
;tertian, ttidoss it ie proven that he, has
tic, n feralarly tried tkry a' court martial
awl thita . conyktett. Franck Jordan,
the Secretary of the Cunituouwealth,
wrote to the :sheriff of Huntingdon
county esztbilowii :
"THE 4)Eclsio,v OF THE SU- .
I'EENE COURT, TO Irl7loll lOtt
EEF.R,' DrrIDED 7'ff E Lit W
incro.vgrrrrnoNAL SO PAR
-IS VELA TM TO I)&slt;BT.ltAtet
11110l'ER BEEN
Let that be shown to the election
and if any one or them disre
gm& the lam, let a civil suit for (Limo
ges he instituted against him. They
caunot escape ,ued. Let that be
well understood. •
Meeting To-morrow!
The uortapn hilly of indictment paid
by the count• in three year., under A.
J. euverla /*strict, Attorneys'Alp,' a
m nun I . to
The same, while Wm. A.. Dunima
prosecuted, In the same time, amount
ed to but sl,l"ri.
This shniey is paid by the Amiable
citi7ens of the county.
11,adical extravagance does not con•
flue itself to tho nation •and the State
—but luta even exhibited itself in the
()Mee of District Attorney under Emit
cal tenure.
Tae Evening, Tekgranl
phis Radical) of Friday begins a dol.
omits Nadir as follows: "There i&
s.treat danger that the Ilepublicans
u ill lose. the City of Philadelphia next,
'f iiesday,u eek. Thu-re is at present a
strong possibility tita4 we, will- bc. de
fcatetis'!. This is a stabstadtial :than
licnunelt -of tb-9 Cants l 4 id advance, as
it •liati been_ conpisiggl by the ..Rolivala
Unit as gpea AhilatAolpitio . so goes the
Stag. awl -that Akairioes ,tits ,Stotte so
goes Re* 'Country. Wburefore, Goy.
eroar Seymour is already as good us
elacted, Wa.obLeat BariloorlAargau la
Perla/what:4a Mardi' be,144, We witrliesti.
Election ;Uzi picot
G,....EXTY5.13 - VI I I.G COMPIL
-- --
1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 ? '' rjhZ " . ""- NADItL FIZZLE
the dutiful-
. c. , . .T
,were *ode, JUL. Ai.lent_k ,
I,vr, Dill, Je:t•
. .1 ~,,,,, and ~ .e% end oth
era, 171(.11111:Ti; , .p• Rept.ll•licall, hap
pVll4,l (0 unt 7 .;l. - 14, t, tof .104 , 0 John.'
blael,..n..iili -1 ,,, in l'licr-lotr. '
Judie WWI I ~i , l aird A Lat KlUer,
Di. Dill', oi ;• , 1: a,,, 1 1.1 , 1)r. te
iyilwll.."iie ,) ,, u4,..i1i t i1L,n;! , ..Lt15,X2d . ..k
part of he, 1., , in thi- Innii, with
Ilinhii 164, 1 ,11',= 1 111 tlki.ill*i Ake
ililace rented. 'll.e Judge said he re
-1 theinhervil hit.. - Intl here the eenverl
) . i•
:kitten on the p,ent e
?toppe I. It' - was
I " all flint irati'i,.ll , l, - .es'we , Breitntertikil
i l, rt y revfetal et I. t ho yin let
1 Of the highest 'el n.leter and yeraeity,
whit-e word lo,f. ;Ictet been ant Cllll'
TIOL IA inipettcbta. •
Nuw u . iit. ul L 11- ealipportul,
,con 7,
eer.atlun 1,4, the ~,c,l'!nr J.- . & / .tinil til:nY. -
, ufikeiuted'Aii- 4 liOtitc TINA 17r.. VIII!
-. , retionlteek.upen bir.,lllliller'a (Amulet
ton," bellowing with all in, might
that the "intereeii 'cit"lttber' dmand
the dotilit2f Dill/111.U- ,iti! , 1„ .• ,
• Vhim 4 1. 1% I!lpttll,' au Ofa.cutius, bust-,
nema—a low pieoe of demagoguery,
that should retail do an having a
hand Lott. •
• :;,
Dr. Dly is Ku ui t ie alit] mh , reiv}a, u—
gentitinifihiy In nts Bearing torrartx
[Aber*, caletthwed'rather towite friend'.
by him SUIL% ity ofirunner, than make
enemies by 11.ts-bnem...... Fevy men can
have I, on he.
M4Blier e 9 t khoks • ,1)'r:
stredw.lo ' ineufire'rabVy;
and henee nnikeN a krtd+bend of the
Ml•iery4do' . l4 140( ? artwitatu eXpc,42F.l.
But tf,llpl'herson„thinlss those con
cerned in "the in ‘ beresta of labor" foot.
or children, he will thol himself badly
mistaktii: ' '
NO 5r11.,A.7111M9.
I ha Badicala aro making a asiatem
tie citron to induct; De to scratch
their tickets. They are at It all river
the county,. sneakingly, fait'
carrfestiy. •Datnocruta,,, ww.an44 • tufa
movnmmcf! Merhersoir boasted at
the ChamberalitirA . Meeting that a part
of the Radical ticket would be elected
In this couuly meant 4., the
predietion'wlis Li-ed on scratching by
We hope that our party friends every
where will set their ' faces sternly
agalmt so (I,, ,, ,tigiin; a business, and
wherever 'a disp ciltion to Seratch is
seen check It hi he moSt prompt and i
efficient manner. If Detnocrats turn
oti, and vote tlic elcan ticket, the
Mals will be beaten out of sight. But •
Democrats nut adhere to their party
faith, as Radicals 110 to theirs'.
MANN Meelinl, To-morrow:
A nt .1 It:id/cal meeting /u
Potdeniburg, a low night shire, won
dered what thal Aluaighty • uuule
I)emocrat for— ertrithing wns, made
for some who put Hugo tutuept a Deuto
vraW" • 1.
• Fellow Demumat, wire} yuu are
iteketi by a Redteal xitudidate W vale
for him tell him you were put
"made" to support the eaudidat,t.e of a
leafy who (••adore thus impiously
deummee yule ht•mud up like min,
anywhere and uveryiillere, tted piy
bark Snell &Ulla( 14 in a way that IN ill
to fill.
COL. Ktiati: ha, hog been one_of the
most active and u-eful citizens of the
county. WhAt he has is the product
of his own Lai Jrk, tilling and lin
proy,ing the toil. His opponent has
enjoyed , r a large portion of
his life—e»pugh to ttisfy any reason
able appetite lie ought to be content,
and rather help, than stand iu the N% ay
of his old ECO;irOr, Col. Kuhn. 'The
people no doubt Roo the "eternal
ii(things" in tuts came, and say
to Mr Picking, "'N'ti have given you
enough—stand le!"
Me , VrtiahMiPA -durneless ahtiSe of
Dr. DIII Is eau-hm considerable re
mark. Men wonder why 1w should
Mory husin . We u ill
tell theta.
MiTherF,in ha ax of his own to
Ito is after at itfrer office He
cannot hope to 1 , M,1 the Clerk Ship at
Witshlbirton ton_or than this term.
There will be new den! for House of
ficers—and he, u rib the rest, must go
out. - He has therefore a longing eye
on the United hates Senatorstitp.
ChMley Miller, ut the House at Har
'riehurg, would snit his purposes exact
ly. Dr. Dill wouldn't. That makes
all the ditibrenre—end neeounts for
Moil:l4+lton Sticking so tenaciously ton
poor transparent falsehood. Like
tioutßlS on a trail, 4ome people get
blind In the hot race for Aide.
Elettion Ne , it Ihtesday !
Tux. Star abu,es Augustus Duuaan,
of arnber,bvrg, because lee Was de
feated for Asse.d .te. Judge in Franklin
county several. y l vtrs ago, when IL was
yet Republican. The attack is as
small as it is gi.ttintous,aud looks as
I though MeConaughy was the father Af
McPherson should Se43o it that
MeCouaugliy give, him no wore such .
"digs" iu :hie vas. papas. lie (Ale-
Phersoni-tuust hate ,ocue recollection
of the terrilds defeat he encountered,
pot, long, zt.4o, ikLI a Cpa g o -
a I district out otd..iu bq .suupdly and
If he hisu't, tlpa, tigurew might be
hunted up to lefiee)i, Lis ulcutory.
.McConaughy thou,ilitsof It, when La
,penned the tithe 1., and ho doubt
inirp.4 to lot :11,1,N.c...•e0u. with Ids own
Pravintoicovairt. Kitvintlier lips en
joyed the enieltinite,n , orthe oaf& fm ,
three Years." He haw received, rmw
reeeive4, and wilt continne to receive,
tzid A month as a inniAni thrin the U.
S. goVortanvat, '
Jacob Siethorn 14an old•ettiten, who
has Worke4 hard nil bld'iltb, itall Now
for the first time taMitabakkie tt Teo-
pie Tor a eirrinty otter. He hin4 ezeet•
lent goalitleations, na merit.
Kitzinttler hag liven Welt ..Insvidell
for. It Would- Se no Inommthati fah' to•
give an old and , meritorleus man tale
Mr. Melliorn a lift tf.e. Honest voters,
'think of this
- I,llVit 1.1E1;
The Radicals of this-entinty eland to
have' arthing lint lit to depended to
prtip , up.theoirhi diics fortune& iu the,
lowertownstcpe, forunsinnoe, , they
poet that greateliatices are gulag cat fat
them in the tippeitertii—luittia the up
per &IA the se:de 3R ii.dd of U lower.'
ion .1.11 Latefueed
lies, without a 1 p..Vtict4 ; tifiOttntilttlon,
to the dicftX!iiii,te degree. Demo
craLl, Put ho faith 111 Radical stories of
day . k
TV is aaldthat Jotin'Yieking H plead
ing "poverty." It won't do—positive.
Iy won't. The public hoe*, that he
has 'been holding good °ekes nearly
all his fife. The "poverty , ' dodge is.
"played out" In his ease.
.i'ke flu* Radical People also
orltsalical Rale': •
Thc ilati val -ma., meeting" here on ,
%Volt. t.ti A y I,:wa U.. 0wx...: .. nwpact 0 fitil i i
ee •e I /. i •- tt fizzle in e‘er. t-ettst.',
The lilt et tl.l lizol bent arl#141:101 . ti i
(Cr Ni etd,..., and Coll , l,icrabie err , rt made t
tuzgl.,nii.,4,l4tze. C.E.P.IILL-.. 1:11.%; etquilr
wrt ev...ti ritlti. a the nay before for the
put po.ut of ur-41.1.9 out Albe i fikoliful.
' On 3.Vetene....(tay morning' the Band 1
. Wat. , , tavted arousill • tow n. Mar-It,liti
hurried froth ace' poYdi l to 'another, int
it•kry aparencht no!, dtiegationv. • Actiir
' o long "..0 au. , a teV; vehicle+ Irvin
:-).ialtait arrived; iten a few horsemen,
a n'agan - nipd fteyekrt buff,94s faun
Ifi tuni/tpnba,4, 4. ii•olitViy(iene,hot.e
li noon, n ilil q man analbq on It,
leame lit the F..tmnitt.F.hurg road f The'
,' nirtr , l4o.. aml ,be leek '
• nine.. i Tile 'more Inliiefalaiitti v oyiit
i illiVetersLurg ,cornes." And Peters
bnig dirt ehtno—one two-horse;Ohfcle.
and aim) taldies I Thl6- woo the
'held extent- 7 -n° more , .
.The mei..
01ia1.4; disheartened amid rOrtificil, ',Be
' tniefted whit for haid anngttapitta in
Lite DiiuneniC nod : tio iitnaaniion,nag
hod! ,
There was' much •
f,i at the iteribiluart netiploi for inlilt
1 {.II , rld p out, and nr•epring fit tiv_4....d,
eta to r not liringin'eliein ou:k. •tie:4) :
4 divetn4 wit One: eta/43r Ila.lien) *ann.
ttnianee. A tew ventured ex"u e e'i.
; '"flir farmer4‘.extt.'Keettitrz vet," said
I some i ottugps sultp#o.i Mal lif's .144 -
,on. were plenty, ate Republican pal-
I ty may have gime ptaeonwhaottnic I"
But nogi{{iig,,Nitudd "Wire." 'Kite
de inenetratien waif ea pal fiatile a• finale
as to render all attempts 0 paipfte }t
-- ,
A t-tatal for the opeekleittir-hed been
erected P) the imuond, Areund
HthO about+io6r. liuudred pebple' ; all
told, man and women, (including - dar
' klytio .ametubled iu t l
Ouc of the Smith fang y, Trom Click
' her ciitinty,- held - forth, fteavily, on
, tbheff Dina, rNaae'o. iiewley, of
Conuetetient, (with whom din *melt fd
powder la tlie, army did and,
wee'lntrjiduced. Tic h‘rlzed an
hottr amt a half, mainly on tI war,
but all the time in nhuse of the bets*.
(rata Left enWely (le4r of the
innumerable wiatn.,, hettpth apcu the
people 'by the can opt le :der, itr
It:Idle:0 party. When he *to dune,
the audience quietly retired.,
A torch-light procasaitm wits an,
hounced for the evening, to relieve the
mortification of the day. The'lfan
over club was &snatched for, and a
special train sent down. One hundred
torches were expected. About forty
only (tune. ,Thin was wet blanket No.
! Instead, therefore, of a tel eh-light
pt ocesqloh through the pri nc; pal .treeP+
to wako up the "copperheads," the
few lights on baud were token to the
nwad, it here bpeaktng web again
started. Hiwwley lal ked. of cour-e, ua
did one Lloyd, front op the river some
where, arid another chat, from Vir
kinia or .ttaltituore,, nobody ,beenied to
now which,. The apeeehes were all
made: upot the taunt ftudteal clap-Imp.
Living issue, were ignored
(ten. Ban kb, announced with such
a flourish, was not here. Ne triter was
Geary—probably c l Aged by Lis more
discreet friends.
This 'picture is brief—the subject
WAS the “briefest" of the kind eves.
witnowed here. Tho noted "Wilmot
fizzle," seine years ado, was ramecta.
Me In numbers compared with it, arid
iimMively excelled id in spirit
Contemplating the whole affair, the
inquiry of:ewe—Arc not the itepublt-
eau nutaapa—ta,:-payera, working peo
ple—a- tiled of Radical,
extravagance and alloying,
as the Dentoeratte inasach are? It
would Go a happy state of thing, for
the country If rude were the ed,e—auld
the hope i 3 not norea.onable that it
really is so.
—Now,'Petnoetuta, for the MA
Mr. Pendleton addrPl4l.4% Thirty Thou.
The Demoerritle Mnae Meeting nt
Pittsburg On Mondny was the largest
anti 'mast Impotilftg tternoristrertitto that
has ever bien witotiNed in .Western
iinsylvan in. The proconsifin kook
o huwn auyl flacon minutes to page
a given point. Ir. Pendleton
.he"od thirty taIIU4AELLW , 9.II/.1;
. 1 lie torebelight proe,*sion in Um
(,veilinggsli EOM iminenQp—the work
ingmen turning out in great force.
Thoentbasia..u! upbottiolvt,, Ake
nadic,ale wet 1..)./nu4er-ti
WLW ai*Bl4‘l3, A BLASE! .
One Bundred Timemand Beeple Turn
The 11)reftiefai manias beromoutfrAttua.
e•er meet. It. thin Country
444—.4 • ;
Letters from Gen. McClellan and Secre
tary Welled ennownni nays
soar and Blair..
The grandest political detunurtia
lion ever liai-rrln kftl9. eotintry Nita , l
made by the Democracy, of ',Ng+
York on Monday night. The crowd
of people In satite:ice ribalbetea
SAND I The whole city . waa la a
blaze, produced by thirty thousand
torches; innumerable -lire' works, lan
terns, &c. Speaking was had from
stands, beshlealmtimmeoee meeting
Tammany Hail. The Redietaataurik
into their holes, ed and 4,5.
Letterii . were read from Gee. ne-
Cletfan, Seeretary \\relies, and others.
gen, McClellan says:
Th'e work of the soldier is, I trust,
forever ended; and it rennitll9 for the
people to fulfil the great °Wean for
,wlateli they, or their smelted brothers,
were called to i h^ field.
A restored union'of States and beams ;
an invigorated Colc,titntion, to be
firefly and faithfully supported; the
maintenance of the tuitional credit in
violate; a re.eatabliiiialUttat OA" putioual
and Vitale rights in all their - integrity
tie harmony and a i 3 4-
rig peami—Lina•e are the objects , for
which every citizen-should nowetri ye ;
and, volleying these to rest in the suc
cess of the Democratic cause, b the
election of the eminent statemnan ta
tectedan veproseut the peirta , ,ilt id Auy
to i 41013 to sustain [Mit, name an a
private esti:den.
I.scerettery Welk. , says of the Dadisal
ea, ful-e hvdte, pref,e,iseloue,
mut whiell led lu
o hl du,erviumi ut
puhlie,euntiaeuee. X Orin reicueuiu
t.. 1 defeat, aturiu Cite t 0.1 9) ph of t 4,0 se.
trlw eta- striving for a ruaturatakiu.
the truinu, and a reeturatiott ut the
litides, to t4eir_legktimateeue.titutiu9l,
euAl euue4tutloqad rtglttr,
The speaking uras , kept up untli a
Intel:loer, theileNoit IftteueeteenthuAleum
pe'rVading ' the cielwd thrburlibst l 2
'New Yorli, fox,e,ltundred thou
sn d Mar Serino* AgthEtlai r !
TifF &inciideeP for.;.keeentbfy do -the
Radical I.le f iet. beip;l44„ 11;14
therefore. Charley MAI lor got
-Repttbilettns latiglieci stand uzdiciNed
t.mi.2l.nati,,n Art' hvire thFa to te.
nvv i ttri(g.
cc, Char!'Oy iit
beCkuse, '11" erected; Ith" r 6 t'' filtp'
uk'otlihp. " 6 1'11261'1W' tfidttr<4.fldite
ter such' ' svldeh''friii)lsl l 4lll€4. 'Whnt
trausparent stmagosuetv
N'S' /40 .o i t/4'r
Wit 494 i /141
cal eandittstair renal thank" (heir own
orgt for starting the game.
Ise Topple V:Adams
Thom.e , N. Dtei f ia, Sohn Rod, John
• ism. Das td IlSille, Wm. fliglagher,
Ca-hown. fjenry titetub. E
' amnuel Neoliek;,ll. .L Diyerne. Geo.
:\ . P6llip D , :iminie, Wm:111i int
l'itcy are i reit of r, than ge Ehle
travagawe &Intl Itigh Tax. Mareb, Peter
m.—Negro flare:an%nail n B
j Melaie. enj.tliti I,,vk h.berger, Ja
, ,- itikit i rs , Pitt,nturt, r-01.411011 TilCO-
'• !". r`" - • 4,,re Taughinhatgh. Win. Thomai of
C.. Cnal le- 11. Bull, t"olemon Brown.
". 4.115:. (LE Dr. ,, ani, 1111444
_ a NlrY l.ouull arialtniint 911 thelb.,Ue9(lf
L ,"1„4444114,1 ; ,„ 0.,3- , --Ati-wtiF'fbitishiled- Fk. ' d.
-4 ,1 - 1 " 41 t ' Fi tuitle 131 Id net/1y Thulim,. EN. The
meet - lug then nreljonrned with
:ur the whole tit het.
Mr. Tuiltrei 1.101/60, ut a 1.1,11 nreet-
Hing re!s held, was decorated with finza
SA , llllvrelithi, nt eveigreens nod
said Liiilfwitly Uluiloodlt ti. ()tiler
liou3es In the ttarn were Also hand
somely lighted up. The goyim may lie
aid of all Lite pulls Lettere at t,t it telt
'Annan-air lueeting.. Lu\u beeu held.
L l yi faxqn!yil
The meeting Lityagrttuu.u, last
. .
Wight weelf L was !ate qzmid
ollfe,te lsere:
PreWeti4, P s: lh 4tett,
President-, 11•-nlv
/ Henry Little, Peter Milter.„J.woh
rtttentori, SAinuel
Wolf, George, 11. ' man, Joni* Johns,
John Lynch.
WEPtz: - 1 1 16, odors
Taughinbaugh,• " ham,7us.
Able lip Mies y Judge
-Kimmel! and W • D n,
•**. ir
*fler which a . ••KiA us formed
• .4f
Had march? I], pre
ewted 717 ' , Tr r" uric.
There • • B A -4 -".: L
' The meeting nt Abbottston n, on
Frnitty eveuttig,,proved : to, .ip .. te ginin4
outpouring of the people. The Radi
cals, a few evenings prevhm., 1,1,1 a
m ... 411 141
eeting in the lila • up main-
Sy front Hanover,r, 4
erably over it. 41 1 'h iiroured the
Democratic bloooif-.101110: n and
, neighborhood, antt,ftelive pimp:nation,
for Friday evening were at time en
rtzred upon. The D,,,....ari t 'Men' riot
i:011ICIII Illert ly h alsgtali Inv, —th ey
must. have a '
..:.Naktitig . k,,too And
they hat • - 126
feet ton ' liftei . ely
and with: '
le ex ped = ri
der the erne a - management: r.
1 Koehenour, and I , ' iera) others who
a.-i-stil hint. The number In alien
dai cc *mi. frara' our to five handled.
- The organizath I consisted of:
I Pieidiliint. Her • Miller ' I:-ii,,
Vie riresidents, Michael. - Dellone,
:fes-e Bucher, Fiiederich Wolf, 'lir D.
I Kiiidienour, Jona., Dull, Henry Moul,
A. K. Stoner, A. J. Boners, E. J. Wil
sorn.Dr. W. J. ne.Ukuret, - Anthony
Thoman, Juste Bolliuger, Samuel J.
'Brady, DaVr4 NeWVOlllllll2r,, Jr ,
Illuirlea H. Run', Alm Huhhumo,
Capt. H. Chritzunsli, Ma.). D. J. Be.i
per, George Davie, Henry Staley.
Secretarie., Jo-'eph ‘VoIP, Samuel A.
I.V ea.& C. E Kuhn, John Snyder,
1 Andrew Hither, James McLant, Car
-1 Delius Golden.
Calvin M. Duncan and Judge Kim
mel! addrehsed the meeting at length,
and very effectively, when it ad
journed, NI , ith hearty cheers for Sey
mour, Blair, and the whole ticket.
A qunning demonstration —the
Inrovt night Dialing Leer had ‘o the
county !
The Radicals had their meeting the
evening previous, and with deleg.r
'tions from flettyshurg and "fan Over,
got up a considerable crowd. They
bragged—boasted largely that the "cop
`perlieuds couldn't heat it." 'The live
DetuaaraAdraf ,1414 ite14441: and wele..not
to be bantered; they took up tibe gage,
and went to work.
The train ft om tiettyhbUttdmprovett
on the number the bituiloati bad, the
Detniwritts from hereriurnbering about
one hundred; more get aboald at
'Han n's St.dion ; Orford contrihmted
SCI 7 sty, to three for the Radicals the
night, beam; Myers' switch furnished
x number; Hanover gave us three
ltuddired, to half that number the
night 'before ; the Mt+.'herry•down
road crossing-contributed a delezatiOrl,
did Sell's Station, putting up the
;crowd on the Unlit to full, six hundred.
And threti at Littlestown! People
evelywiherf--elli over r it-rnumheriug
from J,l4lfito ~Mrob
I.such enthusiasm—it was enough to
'make a white Alan feel good for a
month. A proricasion, with torches
anfl dialfriporinelear iindistriyinf rep,
resico tiet Vont of
Bureau,' . T9XPEC;" marcher the
fit ineipal streets, rtreceded by the
Littlestowx , ltand and the ithttlychurg
martial'inutde. (Meer fobloweli abater
during the entire par.tdu.. , , SV IR
I:in troth a lively time.
A 141)Ipt.titif hpit I?"titeliteha
Hoirse, an organization' was hal~ the
kreet 4 iip.aatl dpyiti ~ trApgijia**d
with people. Hon. \%m. MeSherry
took the wand, and after a hrieftbilit
telling speech, propoaeil thafolloWing
of °Moans which was utianitnotai
!ly ailoptvd :
,Inii'sittiaiit,iAnins Lefever, F,4q.
Vice Pre•ideuta,Joipi
Bauinga i rtner,,JUDll Wnhn, "Kph retro
Veitchyg, 81thon H. Bishop, David
.hrbasiKb; i i3reorge Ileheota," yvMliani
,Btaub,-Jaeoh Munk, Jain Cleo. Wolf,
'James Fetter, Andrew Hnhn, Jconis.
spaiiiing, ,10-eph L.
tillorb, Bartley Aumen, I'. Fink,
Jacob Fox, Lawrenee Brant, lieu. 1)
Ziegler, H. D. Watt,lee, -Jelin Duff,
Abraham Sheely, ',Sohn Skok, John
Stratfrii, Capt li. thrilzman, .Atlatn
Secietiirie.,, John Mille, Jeicnti::i
/Lambert, John P. !ifeierry, Polo'
ifoiT, John H. Spaulding, Peter Grech
,boltz,John Dine. It.tior D. J. Benner,
C. E Kuhn, Dr. W. MorAnre, John
U. Ha
Judge liimwcil made ono of lic,
most powerful specclieS—lb publicans
thenittives acknowledging, that Ccag
'haTs-offort flit the prhviiitts aliiht was
mete Moak , eompiudd with:it. The
Judge WBB not wily heard with cloed
uiteillide, but his ratuarks elicited fro.
squeutil and uproarious applam.,
was followed briefly" by H. T.'Stuhle
and \V. F. Doan, NV lion the nteett•no
adJertimed with t_ach . cliceta as 'milt
have seta lector id the hearts of all
flatlieuldoui in the io titer will.
—The. Railroad lic4se,arwittels the
speaking took place ; is now 141 by
our tarincy totvustnln, C. B.' Hunts,
; - ti tery eievet !ben and a first
chres lendlord: Re listl..everyttliog
Provided the ineer 040 ,10 (A4 1 4 1 w 4 11 ., J
rFlio pendwrnoy of 1149.14-ppeu end iw
tieTpt,led in reepeilable, nninhers
. 41 4 .
oberg Sprin..s or; , ,tiolyrkifs.*
,'evening last, and organized - ftd:
Pre Haut, Aluxaudtt LCulin; t
Vice rmetstientm, (knrge , t v. Cornell,
Kstn, Isaac Knuinitin, Stimuel
Brunthafer Robert Dull, Win. Rile.
6eerots4lik, IVrit, lAiiiviLArnostilar
' tin, WO: ,
} maker.,
MAY' and AMY Ailenuresed J. D.
, :cc:Nyman and W. A. ntincwi t Ehyas.,
,aftorliltich.theinantingakijourned in
fluespirTia, .41 II
yea' cirargirin.
hM!>'s''et's! Cattplete s urpris e . `fit
'web t thOre to address; ailtve suptalW,'
* Ei Club meeting. Judge of our wondet
to riud seWild bdtatiM'petrpte
bled. Twn bands of martlitt - music
N ere') attendiluee, to eultiten the no.
caeionl, and they p ct I. "Ax-Sherlfr
Thomas called the meengio order,
anVieadlhe• lest et utlitieW,lskfidlo‘re':
President, John
Vice Presidtmts, John Thomas,
The Donoctracy of Franklin and
Cu ni be' lan d to w nshipe neeeinhled in
goodly hu'utbero Iduanneieburg on
Tuegtln'y evening After :-tirrine mar
tial mm-to, the following Alters were
J Laws Ilt:.101,1 , 14,1„
N'lLe PIV/1 i.leutq, J. , Wesley Lott,
.1 , 1111 t., E ritzetrer, Lev,
Itt•ol•trala blister,
Roth, Joseph I-imitator, Jerome Mar.
tm, itteot, Letriv, MicheerNKlller,
Becrettiri en, Abraltarri Hurt, Sttrion
•`rt+itlt, Jut). 11. FFhdtic, L4eurge
1.13,1•; Ci,4t Litt, Juliu D. Atetttn,
Iten-key, Elijah ‘'avulvtie,
Jahn .D.arttorff, eivorge Funt, Jolla
E. IV r ,Stable addressed the meeting
briefly, and then introduced J. C.
Neely, 17.Sti., who ably distusee . ti the
financial abd redonstruction questtons.
11. J. li.tahlo concluded the speaking.
Mooting adjourned with eheiscs.
The meeting at Ilarup(an, on W.
nesday evening, was, we 21. re
a rouser—delegalions being present
from all the neighboring towns.—
Mcsisrs. Neely, Duneau and Dili spoke.
There was a long procession and great
ea thmlasm. The °nicer* were:
President, John L. Taughinbaugh,
Vice Presidents, Wm. B, King, John
('line. Franklin Ramer, George Fire
stout!, Reuheit Jacob", Jutin G.March,
Henry F. 'Miller, Wm. H. Wagner,
Samuel HeMarti, Singlooti Eichollz,
Jeremiah rilaybaugh, C. W. Beittnam,
Jonas Chronister, Samuel 13. Miller,
Win. S. Hildebrand, Jacob Miller, E.
ereuu Edward Shaffer, Stephen
Heinard, J. S. Taughtnbaugh, Thomas
U. Neely, warner Townsend, John L.
Toy, Daniel H. Myers, Win. Forzythe,
David Holtz, Peter Mentz.
A large and enthusiastic meeting of
the friends of Seymour, Illait, Kim
mel! and the whole Denoicmdic ticket
was held at Golden's sehool-house on
Tuesday evening last. The following
officers were selected:
President, John U. Byers, 1.2.-1.
Vice Prebidenta. Ixnac Degroll, John
Lieix, Wolf, Uhrietiau Reck, Valentine
Ulrich, John W. Davis, Jacob King,
John Smith.
Secretaries, Peter G. Gieeuholtz,
David Worley.
The Cornet Band dim
courved tweet music on the occaetoa,
and eiTeetive epeeehoe were made by
lion. ~s'ill3ntu I(4:Sherry, W. F. Dean,
Jacob Mask tuid G. B. Yahtig. hays
the friend who a rhea the above facto,
"tierinany will give a good account of
herself on Tucaday next." Not a
doubt of it.
York, 11111 adarevi the .I.ltibA fleeting
HeCoNiuoitv is manifesting ex
tra°, &nary anxiety Liu the State Sena
tor question. He has two reasons
First, Calvin M. Dunean's election
would RELIZIKE the OtTil..lClE un
der which McConaughy got the seat.
Second. McConaughy promised to
secure relief for the horsier muilerer.,
olod didn't' do I t—Allowlng hts w 1, In
stead, tot;xpend 'Wolf in log-rolling
for appropriations to his "ineniorial' , !
Oalvin M. Duncan will work MN
-1,11,1" and ILAR:I6...STLY for tompousa
thin, and tna,y succeed. lticeonaughy
does not want , Duncan to do what ha
himself would nut or could nut do.
Hence his anxiety for Dixon's election,
and Duncan's befeat. Dixon hue no
ability awl can be u. no service to the
sufferers,' in the Senate. 1 iceonaughy
floc% not want the &magas paid, anti
thinks Dixou's election will be sure to
pres out their payment. Thia accounts
for the venom McConaughy spouts nt
.Calvin M. Duncan through the,Slar
&antic/. •
Masm Meeting Trt-triorroviv
Charley Sftlh,r war, roaraidonni so
poor n blacksmith in the government
shop at Win.hington that he WM set to
digging out au old locust stump
stead of continuing at Wowing and
strtkrint. ThisinAignityNilin putupon
Charley by a very "loll" hoes. Will
McPherson pitch into hira
Lanuister, will address he NI . RS: , Meet
fn morrow.
BiLIANCE incrvw
, The great gawe of the Rellen! lead:
bra is awn , . l'hey blow, and brag
"awl offer to Let, and cry ;loud, that
their auciiess Is certain, for the pur
-1 pose of 'keeping up their courage.
They know that the tide 14 running
against thew ; they kiiew that the
II liencst and oppressed litborN; nYeu of
Cthe country are leaving them -by twn
tirade; they know that unless they
c,in perpetrate some CIMANTIC
FRAUD upon the people, that they
will not stand ot elLince
at the coming election, and in the
hope that they can olieut the people
' 3 .44 or a4.:;r they are lyitlg
luLout their chauees—lying abort their
cunitillatea-4 big about their record—
uttOilt, Their opponents—lying,
t about' their- Intentions—lying about
evecitliing ibut enters Into a caw-.
'TErgli NOT!
They liII WILVI , LLY, FIASRI•N: and
cow:4;0 1 4 Beware c i f iletna 1— Watth
HON. CiEcllt6s7 I3ItEWTit, of
UliairiberAnirg, 1134enn &lie .11iisn
:Vetting to-morrow.
it+ the editors of the &oil& &haus/
permit liceonaughq to cent his per-
Immo; epitoin oditortuts l the character
of visit Imltbet-Afill root' be reduced to
the StanduPd of the Star former .
I - kiwi's.
Would it`not be well 10 the afore
said MeConaiiiitk i to.ttsaruttio the sig
nificant retleetata itixtµ - 4,14 ouie i ratt iu
the rsolutlone adopted tqlt the Repo b
!ken Quite/me When tir:Dizeon inks
nominated—lSspeettittY:ttnit, put titalk
sized-by ttre:Resvisasiiry n14411 1 0f 40+
•HONESTY—and then take oareiefklk
"glass house?
,CTOBER 9, 1
The Ten Fie{ s li h ß o t : .
New HAVI.." , :, October I.—The re
km tis from the pm n t leettous m this
State, tell a tern pieusing tale for the
Democrats. The 11. moor iP4 can ry nil
the large cities and gain re vend 1 a pg.
lieturlle. show .I)oll,r,ltie gaunt. nl
most e•er3 a here. --0 linntr “lid Blair
wit - entry Comireetreat amlottblestity
by a lorgely,Ltieya-ul u),ajotity user
last ':pt Ing...iTlsa'Znek ,, on (Ward , ire
parading the stmt ts :ma the DVILIOCIZiO;
are ittlmartt. •
HARrrgito,,Oetobvr.l. -- Later returns
eohtlrm the cool lielAS received l.iot
night. The Democrats have gamed
Its ovally all the principal eltioi. and
towns oil the vote vast last sprjug, wltlx
the excepLion of New Haven, and in
111,1 1 ty their majority is larger than
rt mas last. tall. ('ltiitteuthnal is vertalu
lei 4 , 1 yttlOtlr .111 j. I lair. .
\4a HAVkIN, si if.. 7.—The robarun.
ftom p.ll thetow n of the : -. 3tats a rprtow
in And of ft. most cheering character.
, The democrats lame t - Or tilt' lint Uwe
in fifteen years earned a majority of
too ug. ' . - . ...
___: t _ ...1_2 _ , -,
".1 ' - '-I •
Gloriorog New«, from Wilm!mrion. Del
ltninrilr nee re4..4.4
TlM** linfOillin4l In Owe Montle
rdPECie\L Tc) THE ,w1;43
WiLmINUTON, Delaware, toner
—The Detnoi•rate of tlin, city 111 , 1 their
duty nobly I. the last elec
tion held here, the Radical's elected
their tip bY a muJorRY of tilt"
liundrod and fourteen. In the face of
dis.rottraging filet, the Democrats
weut to w 0.0,,, detekiulm d to redeem
them-elveß, :old, it posslble, snatch
the city from They cov
ered theta,,el , ;es us ith glory, and the
Ittelieals carried the city by only 9
majority, a Demneratle gain of 305 ut
one month. The Itatlicak cannot
oruwl nut of !his over whir/ming ,Ict eat
by saying that flibS• pelted alight vote.
''hey did their bent, and this t, the re
sult. A glolious s lotory awaits us in
_November. W a will givo Seymour
sod Blair a cleenl,l map' ity In Wil
New CaAlla, county, gives a Demo
cratic majority of bl:2—a fain of 401
'over the vote of lace.:
Doll t Trade.
Au ellurt. will be made by the Itadi
cals to trade off pact of thdr ticket , to
secure the elettion of the balance.
Accept no , itch propo4al. You wake
nothing by it, and ri-k the defeat of
sonic of our elndidato., ALI, of whom
will be Till C.M.PHA NTLy ('-
1 if c,, it 'mat I,u. cl,, a I,k duty.
tio to work rot. the 1. bole tick, t—for
every man on it front top to bottom,
and spurn all offers to trade any one
of them off.
More lielp!
Hon. Robert J. Walker, formerly
Iseeretary of the Treamry, has just
written a letter to a trlend in Phila
delphia, in which lie says:
'Nothing but a total change of poll
ey will save us from national bank
ruptcy. This change of policy mu it
be based upon a V:lelt di-V.:gam:3 of our
annual expenditures. We tuust abol
ish We freedineu's bureau; wu tout
recall the army troth the South and re
duce it to a Moderate pe.kec , establish
ment; we intht terminate there the
Joint rule of the neglosuti the hllyallel,
Mid , I.LI tly'4ll4l , ece,,191 . e 11,0 lug, lie it
force:to ahnuiludied, permit no *mita
ern States, :II 01,d deuce to the Fedet: I
con•Litution, to gus to teetillithes os
before the rebellion.'
'Phis looks tie though ILc. Walker in
teuded to iditee tilin-eli" on the env,-
cratle platform nguin. Weleonw Iltek '
- ---- •
The expeni.ei, of 'the last Legialuture
were enortnone, iretithiuding.
Shall we continue in power a'party
that itic;ease upon ue, yearly, debt and
People of Heunsylvania, eotodder
your own interestand elect a
snitena, off naUsesur
Democrats: ehall IL he uuid that
you have not done your whole duty
aftEr TUESDAY Let. every
friend of good government be al his
place of voting on dust day J Peunsyl
van;ta must out be to* ill,vough walk* of
activity ou our purr. Deglq the
wont at ono°, friernis—eiruesiiy and
uutlringly—an Li VICTORY 4111 crothi•
our °flint,
As the Democratic musicians were
leaving fur the ktrunTitou meeting
on Wednesday, Hawley, then on the
stand, stigmatized them as "a portion
Of Lee's army." Nearly all of them
were la dm 'Federal /may and WWI
out Their terms faithfully. He left it
to take a fat pfllee at home. Who
showed more real patriotism?
itsmemmmi teal -ttio,Pame of the
Demoemtie candidate for State Senator
is Calvin Duncan, and the mime of
the Democratic eendidate fur District
Attorney Witham A. Duncan. Radi
cals may try to get Democrats to mix
them up—to Imosposa them., Our
friends are Warned to keel, theft' gee
open for the trick, should it be at,
THE Radical Journala, nimble to find
converts to their destruct ive party; ale
compelled to publish the names of
Republicans si supporters of Grant.
As an inetatuf of this, Abe, name
James T. Brady, of N r ew 'York, may be
Tthy lay be will euppoi t Grout•
If he doei, nut, it will lie a gain for the
Denmeride.l If he dues, It will be no
loin for anybody, but simply a ne
publican eot , i,for a 'Republican c.andt
date. R a dical editora must be hard
run for capital.
.SEay{lCsl~ sre very rea!rul that
the Detimeratio -Ma.s Meeting to mor
row v. ill far excel. their's of Weilites
day. Of coomett will. The movie are
tired of a egroand thievin4llu lic a lmew,
rind will 140 stemma-ix ite to-morrow.
11110:0 coOveution of
"Boys in tilue' in Philadelphia,
which came oil on Tlturmlay ant Fl
day last; Was a tailnce.' The teal irk
tent of the yopstention' was to tratt
pott ti large-it:Abet of bogus soklierit
and. others to. 1' tlaaluitth lit to. lines
there assessel7, and vote on the 18tti
instant. In 164 s they 'were freatrated
by the watchfitluess of the Detnaeratat.
I•r wan' scarcely to be expected that
A. J. Cover, the Republican candidate
for District Attorney, would. in ad
dressing a jury t tnunitrlt old - Know
l'cotiring bet lieder foreigners, by attack
ing their nationality, aud then have
the effrontery to solicit their votes—
thus adding insult to injury.
HAvE you bean] the, IleWB
HAYN yO4 heard the news 'from
Oats wash) INIPPOSS, horn the 0"
)1911140(101**;AKThittireir are hugs
,6118400srierilMea.ithat they regret
'Wemite nit lOW bm4liour
Mechanism understand these kW-oe
ed offiee-hunters.
p.OOl Otpartmtnt. •
Srterudo nt —The sacrament of the
Lord's Sapper will be administered In
the Marsh Creek Church nu Sabbath
morning, the 14th indallit—orepariktory
serviees on Saturday, at 104 o'clock,
Irtriten &
llohert A. Myers have pe!chiere(ll - the
Itiguertettn Gallery ot : C. J! Tyson,
un \Atli stieet,;eod,wlll contitillt,the
hu-!ne•a under the wane of Tipton at
~Ttte:s are bulk) vr'utieni over
itors and young :nen of energy.
J . 71e N 7/ — Thoninti Livingston
shot M 1 Bahl nve,feet two inclutti
from tip to tip nt the wings, on :73titur
cla!y inst!,n the pretn4s*si Of Samuel
Deastinflf, iiel,r iltatittaibleg: • . .' 4
/N o pis .—Euluuuut D. Keller, of
euttibertetnil township, pent to our or
floe, the other tiy, two maw tuoth ears
of effi 0 1 -siff 001pfiklityw 24,Tows, with
1,0 grains to the row, making 1,32 n to
-MI. Otto anyturfly boat it?
31; b•sh Ci erl. ("rub : -Mc! ing,--Tlie
th , nin,ratic Club of Cumberintul nut!
Fii bland towit,hips will meet at
Frunota Ilmnrit '4, on WINDAY PA"-
ENTN(I N 1 T. Every Derimerat in
the ttto townellip, ii reqm,letl to lie
,Slmuthing IlandAnnet ,—Chrttithera•
burg will TTpreql.lllPll at the Mars
Meeting here hi-tuwrow by a ilelega
tmli or thirty-seven mounted men,
wearing rnsins , , and each bearing aloft
a handsome streamer with- the name
o; a Stabto upon it. The effect is raid
to be 'very fine. They Will be ancorn
p•tnled by a capital brims baud, and
probably a large delegation. -
The ,11m4 Mcding
oc•ion excursion Lrain
) f,ii the Deninatiaie Masi Meeting here
0111 leave linuaver to-morrow morn
, hz, at S.:10 A. M , mu•sing Oxford at
o'clock, and ailivisig, of (4ettysbura
at 9.45. Returning will leave Iletty.•••
lurg for Hanover at nP. M. Fare for
round trip from ll:tomer 7; Cents, Ox•
fold e
taliuus 15 cents. Tickets must be
procured before riiti ring the cars, or
' lull fare will lie charged. It is hoped
all not othcrt+isc provided fur,
will avail tlienioilses oi cheap
tral:l 10 carne 11/..f M121.1111g.
_moo. Rai r wrw —Get trstoirg is look
ing up—is to a Hopi., Railway!
The Kataly.-lne Spring Company have
hail a Kul vey made , tor such a work be
tween town and the Spring, starting
at the Freight Depot. The enterprise
is to be pushed torw..rd with vigor.—
Success to it!
Accident—On Wednesday last, as
Mr. John Winebrenner and Rev. Mr.
ilorine were driving, in a buggy, as
eroei the railroad In Caritele stieet, the
'torte became frightened by the whlitle
of a locomotive, and ran air, badly
breaking the vehicle, and bruising
, both fhegentlemen—Mr Horine some
whet eremrely—but, we ere happy to
•ay, nether ser:tiely.
Properle Sale s. —The following. pro
) erly 4ales have recently been made
to Ahhottotown: J. F Krelller •sobi
house rind lot to N. P. thirst for
r, , ,1,0ti0; Mrs. John Wolf a house
and lotto Tempest Wilson (or $1,500;
Mlehael Sertibi nicer a house and lot to
Wa.hington Metzgar for Sl,Stlo; 'Pe
ter Miller o bongo and lot to Mrs.
rt4,wer. for .$975; Win. ilittiogyer.
bombe and live aeres_of land to Sam
uel Kinnetuund for !SLR/in.
R. Russell has sold a lot, on
bt ration street, Gettysburg, to Philip T.
tioshinew, for S-17ii, on which Mr. C. is
preparing to erect a doable two-story
frame dwelling.
George Jacobs has sold hls - prhperty,
nn Charnherahurg street, to Mr. Flow
ers, at $.'5,000.
T. M. Breneman has sold lie' S.tort.
property in BragtowntuJo.seph herew,
of Dilistittrg, fur 42,705. Mr. Leftist
will open a store by the first of April.
The "Kritalysi Ile prings
hove paten:well the property 01 J A.
Crimes, on the Cheanherslierg pike,.
within the borough limits, for ',55,iNXt;
land al.o the properties of C. H. Dust
man awl James Thoropsou,
on ,yeuu
nary It,Xg4l, paying frir 'the - former
sl.Buo, and for the latter $1,900; also
about lb acres from D. McCousughy,
to the rest oldie bouilhary, fpr Zino
Per acre; trans Judge Ziegler S acres
for $1,000; Lewis l(rtininerapt 7 acres
for iikSoo; also e. - .3 . .'l , N trmn , k, sur-ery
property, 20 acres with improvements,
for Ink*, • The t3ptinga company now
own all the laud from Willoughby's
iron to, town between the Chun:dans
burg pike and Hagerstown road, ex
cepting the Seminary property and a
small lot of Mr. Zny ; and in addition
OWLI the Ireland property west of the
Hun, and the &Timmer and McPher
son properties north of the piko.
SOME Radicals persuatiLd a big negro
to go up to theedgeof the erlwd Judge
Kinunell Was addressing at, Littlee•
town on Saturday evening, add shout
for "Grant." He did as he was bid,
but received, in a second, n Very severe
lu ik.ceney • for his pains. It
we, a pity tiowevcr that the heartless
hihmis who urged the negro on were
not with hint to' he' equally \tell
Ttni lionovertansuLtite Littleatowa
Radical meeting limit; orgra to carry
their bawler. A ,ignitiennt
The only hope the Radicals have for
Penn%ytertnin that the FULL
DEMAA2itztaiC von: not Lc
polled. Prlenda, blast their hope , ' by
Wining out to u wan. Let tlot bin&
vote*: pitey tntek•
. 61!,*(001
The R a dical le•giyl..Wru his* Werra's
ed the Interest on the State Debt (row
41 and 5 per ceut., to 6 pri - tx.ut., and
;h6ltirreretteti the total of the Interest
to the amount of aatl,‘Sat per annum.
Vete straivat Diaoa and Miller, and
retinko thin wantioilik4s Fti expenditure
• Of the public funds.
nilttsumetxels ata tight twit
at one time was a common saying, ex
pressive the Germaue regarded
different tlenerals The tiertnans are
111411ttaig "1111 C Sigel." and Blgel is
Preaident of *Seymour and igair Club
in New'York City.
. .
Tdr.4ll la a fear In New Orleans that
the rregroes are nOtching a plot to
burn the City. Radical teachnifa are
leading to hellish results in the bouth.
J. EDCEA.S Ihidsgmoi -Is quoted by
Vonal4WbAn , pawn 111.9 going fur Grant.
Theis ean be no doubt stout, flat-4
U Wattberoo—.nettiter ever belonged
So thfriternairotit'' piny. Where to
the other alibied?'
iit&EYLAID will give 50,000 ggijorli,g
los Seymour mad AWAr
Ikrunaril, n myro, 14 run
ning for Qougrese in olio of the Louisi
ana dletricni. In n circular announ
cing himself as n cnhdltf . do he mays:
Jo it nut our dully to 1 , , i 1
two colored citi.t.n.v arc a, L , led r „
rcscnt in CO7IIIIrOS6 th , rra 14) thootBcol/1
colnmcl wars itt Lent:damn 1 TII,
lot I , IOP. e (3.1 t(r,
ala titian < a front tin hott.
Convif 111' u•, White
urruw+f u% t/, color of !heir fact.,
reco,,ti uction and Li I,ll l ,ltrat, lent ,t,
1,1 nie,,tus , ls psslstt se.
It i. In 3, r , ,arly that the. J;.,1, , .P,
Coop eat ribald pilaw more GanitOone
thou tilt pro., nt oac, in (web,. to 134
proruntni in the auprenia
the It, public ((loch sliott roofer
ballot On crow citizen, ri file 'ls Of
color, North, South, Ease mid
White men of Manna county-1:u
-publiv1111h and Democrats--bite you
have the ltedleal negro plan 6,itutrely
laid down. Nei/tot/4 in 011/91 . VIRI—1
01 el WiltTiitifJUSb! .4Ctou hike
tbe- picture, vote the riadlval tichet
next 14Imlay-61V V riot, ruin the
!hut oct (tile field!
lit . Cllll4 quit t.he itzttlicula tue
afraid to pnbioth tt f offielst vote or
W liat'S the mutter? Don't
the e, iinate hold out 1' 'Wu nee t 4 the
opinion there is a "nigger in the
thm 'pi lo." nod that Is not yto
the ettletal vote of the
"great Rittllcal victory'," until aft or
the Pebn,..ylveula election. 'Fite et
foot might, be deprer.ieg on the palti
I(adu•.ti+ M Ito are attempting to
make a raottntalu calk of a took-1)111.
Democraliu tine ht
grand ~uA-(4-4--. -
the ltai,lleul tneetw n grand lii.d,:e.
gollt`, anti Nol it ady to eau r
to the Nllllll, of the people, L.
tur*eil how the city with a large va
riety and Fail unit Wane.
Clothing, old, it in' rt !ling :it prli
below tho,‘ or ,:/, 1 1:1. i
stud, Of (Mr', h..,
Wat,l,l, t I
Ile , elt. els lit. , t.,00d. , ith gre,,t dare
and alt .iys keep, iris C.) c, op. ii t., the
wants of hie etiAtointrs. You o iii 111 •
Nottis' cstablislitoont - nn k too/tilt,-
nutg stun:l., u, xt, dos' to Ituttlikt -
!hug store, wince rho puidie tie to
iyee;tully to '•,r
their our
t(q. coal at 01100, as fleiOltS Hrt• 11111.
low Li. itl, thoy will he n mown
henee,. , told Coal wll i
Person , . de , iring to save monoy, 11111
do well to call M once on Col. C. 11
Buehler, who Is prepared to furni-I,
all knots of stove, Blitek,mith and
Lime burner'a Coal at lowest mar
ket prices. tf
Go to Cook'4, it you waht loses , lout
buy the newest and bent liallo•hursiing
,Sure«. flo ipuy Just received a hoe,
lot of Oriental and Ew pies ltase-lan
tiers, be.,blen Parlor, Parlor Cook ono .
other Cooking Stoves, of the most op •
proved makes. Call and examine for
yourselves before purchasing
wheia. No trouble LO ithoW what he
has to sell. Ile would call special at
tention to his advertisement, In all
other coluum. Oct. 2. If
The•f 1 UN ril, -- Co I. C. 11.
Buehler has rerelvad a large I.m/rt.-
tnent of these famous base burnhor
Moves, which on the score of econo
my, cleanliness, easy management,
and general utility, stand unrivalled
and defy oompettilon. The great de
mand for them lust ariplou taxed the
capacity of the manufacturers to meet
the 1 114 . 1111.11‘1. They are much Improv
ed and will tktubtlene ere long take tho
place of all ether stores for parlor,Thl
Ace, store and shop. *WI nod look at
them, at the Waremorn on the corner
of Carlisle snit Railroad streets, oppo-
Idte the depot.
Almon, ou hand a full ao , ...olinlviit 4 , 1
the hest %%nicht Y of l'ottKottt Qt..%
inelutlhlgt • , thu Spear, Noble ( mat,
Waverly, Oriental, Wtathitsg, Barley
Sheaf, Prince Royal, Royal Cook, 11•N
-ee6ior, ,ke &c., r3l wattaANEl I ,
gond bakers. If hot satisfactory, they
can be returned rail the money te
funded. Also, a large u....surtutout of
Hollow Ware end 'nu Ware, Dety',.
Washing. ,Meehlue and
Wringer. Clall ttud examine. tf
77 /1U 'a firs( fool)» Lehi are witnkles,
and gray hair, and although nothing,
has yet been discovered to eradicate
the former the latter may he eatnly
bid [(mated by the taw of Ring's Vege
table AmbroMa. Wu know that it
'will rehtore gray hair to Its urighml
color and remove troui the .ealo all
Iteliftw or irritation, whothor enured
ley dandrults or humors, at the Qom,.
time imparting Lathe hair that glt.ny,
saki beuultlul look so much de
sired. Oct. 2. 4L
Choice,. and the whole
faintly prefer it. Mrs. 8. A. AL
lairtiovEn inetv nty(c) Halo.
lturrottuit or DRERSINti, (In one bo(tfr.)
Every Druggist sells lt. Price Ono
Dollar. Oet. 2. lin
t^ Change your rulers by
votiug the WHITE .MAN'S
Or..Timekgion•ss AnnlcrAlext
A' Now itgumn sort CoNwtrrrioN.— A
t'llysielau who had COredintinion fill pa, •
er41171,4011, with frequent ltlgS of th
thugs, cured lainutelf with ti Medial:lo U
known to the prze'ciaidort, which hL, ea.. , olr
peered houeless. fin lir the hat) . phrtdetida
who has used ti It/ libs wit n petson, ot 1.11(1
any hilfreili-dire or ill virtue", nod loft Ohl
weirille tie, degree of health. lit Low t tiloy., Su
114111111; but the une of Lb; nludlciaA ; and
nothing but utter despair Iliad entire estine.
lion 01 011 hollo of rt,over.r. tovtlier with I.
want ~c ,miatkue,
to 1 .44 , rd the ,till. -
tug with an? . 1111/entto of the'l,ungs he pre:
ft re ati eittnteu t lie ceuilleutl, Le Lei ri 11 i
CraOlCUte the dlruue. 51,in 111, `WAIL. 11, ~
tietittlatiCeirtimir or call on
hu'.' Ittnr.siTu J ,
3kl. Zia Murt4 Tauth nt.ree.l,, Pial la
For .le by .1. 1.). Bunb rivtt) , .
burg, Pa., and
May ✓+, Mak Jy
II allle Vegetable, ,
61.C.1L1A14 KARL ILILIT4.I.vrIt.
In the beat Artlele knoirmla parolk.rve the hat
It wilt positively rectrre
It is an entirety new iglentiliclliraVerY.ooln
birth* many of tLe most powegnil
and rettOrILLIVO clients In the
vegetable kingdom.
c makes - 1.14e Hair Acnoolic and glory, art
dam not nix In the ektn
It lv recommended, and ruled by the oe4 Med
ical authority.
For Flo by ail &amebae Prim SI 09 .
It. P. HALL 8 0,1 , Nashua, N. li., Pro
(AL . lee
p•-•tittles "Stodgiest," and Ciutaxrh„
Treated with the Anon t attecaia,hY J. Isuunlit.
affla n Profiimila of Minato of the Zips and Mar
In the Medical Corley; of Peinityllianla, 12
yews' axpertcoeca(foonaliit of fortritt.
land.) No. INS MiAtitart,Pbll/1. TOOIXDORIaIa
can be siSen at his medical faculty
are Invited to actleanpani , %air pattenlaM be
lels no Reexuta to him practice. Artificial eyes,
iwittledotosau,,t paw: No charge fotasaant 7
natifilKit - •
Deptuatr, may lase.l