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rti • ( 14,'
7..i= - 1; FRIDAY, JULY 31, Isos.
a Pi
OS) a
Ti 4
‘.6" fiolt. I,loratiO SOlllolll'.
xEly YoRK.
/OR FR - 1:- LPL
4it 6111. F. 131 Jr
Pig .Iti UI FOIL (eLNER.II..
t 141.4 Hon, Charles E. Boyle, Fayette co.
406 Gen. Wellington H. Ent, Columbia co.
- Nth
rot To the Isentorrut lc Voters of Ad.un, roan) :
Al ;nl,_. (mg or the Pemocrutle
th lo.e, the follul, ho, retsoluthm
ihk IlliVrt,l
'Mut the Dt/n.teratlc doctors Of the county
„ l u “le rerito,Lk dto assen/ at their usual places
!LODI ley Du legate Electicaut, on Ii.ITURDAY,
S ii the rah lily of It Util.:IST LA441,03 3t03 o'
tacept In CletSystirig, where they
Nel/1"...« t from 7 to 9 o'clovii, lu rtelect Dcle-
gut..., to tneet at the CouitLtoune,lo (Jett's
,he I , llrg, nu MONDAY, the nth ,ho,) of ADOUST,
Isla 4L DJ o'clock, A. AL, to nointnaieundldatott
et fro L'oeul,t Oflices—appoint Cougrettidonal anu
conferees, artd trottnact 'melt other
Wll hu•ottex4 un m.iy 6c tiCUIUM
gra w. A. uuNc.s.:st,
Chairman Dem. Co. Coro
„b N li. EICILuLTZ, SOO'S.
Wh CLEAurIY.LD, Pa., July 21,1466. j
pal 1 kinnerctts nJ .refinVivania
or Tity llOirß FOR WOW ItAS COME
s ‘ bt earnestly invite you to organize
" 1 for victory.
ti . 4 Attention to detz.lls, peraevering
orgy, organization and do.ciptne•will
11 " Ming triumph to your principled.
and per,everanre in crow
ilentorrat, and thorough organization
criry locality, are the true roads to
10 ,meee,..
;-uperficird effort, nalke and parad,
arc valuelem. Thu stuke h.' a plighty
ono, sad must be won by systematle
hi we! k and bumlups-like energy,
we Pennsylvania Is the battle-ground.
the At the October election the euemy
( 01- Will make their most, determined coo
col test. -
You occupy the post of honor—the
Lilt vanguard of the Democratic many.
tat You have proven your ability to carry
'Pet the ritatie ; and individual effiirc, faith
del in your principles and courage in
inc then maintenance now, will enable
flu to couut yuur majority tens or
eet thousuth.
ur The drift of the tide 6 toward you ;
11( the evnlehees of changes aru uhun
-tr dant ; and it is apparent that the po
lo Local revulsiou now in progrese. will
3 3 end in the utter overthrow of Radkill-
en' Let us labor to deserve so propitious
." a re-ult.
"I F We invoke you, then, to energetic
" action, to close attention to the details
grr of your organization, to the formation
en , of clubs, to the conversion of voters,
rui to the enthusiastic support of your
lY candidates—Beymour, the statesman,
a* and Blair, the gallant soldier.
I Let us recognize in their names the
Tb iymbols of otaanga, Alas. representa
i„, lives of hatred to Radicalism ; and ex
tin tending the baud of fellowship to all
.1 , 1( Who will aid us in saving the Repub
it lie , Conservatives and Democrats will
all move forward under their banner, as
a mighty phalanx, united, detertnin
„.,,, ed and irresistible.
on Let your warfare be aggressive.
Defend nothing. The Radicals In
power are responsible for the unhappy
wi ; condition of our country. Charge up
on theai their extravagance and their
ly crimeb. Demand of them an account
~;( 1 for your treasure welded, your Union
jui nut reetored, your race degraded, your
business destroyed and your Govern-
NU ment prostituted.
fiat Jet your." rallying cries be, A nor
(1 „ T.t XA r/ON ; USE (THAI:NCI . FOE ALL.
dir Organnse! Organize! Organize!
To work! To work! To work!
By order of the potpourrillc State
ni! Committee.
cONfiglafe •• itr.CEIINES."
4 . ongress on "Monday took a recess
46 until the '214 of 'September, to be
'l then again called together if Mr. Mar
" gen chairman of the Republican cow
bat ' '
grewdonal committee of the Senate,
nu ' and Mr. Schenck, chairman of said
1"1143I committee of the House, shall deem it
expedient, and meow/Mgt, notify the
Republican Mentbers on or before the
retep 'Pith of that month.
Thai It is under Radical rule. The
leglalatiotrof the country is left at the
option 'of a, few Radical' leaden, to
whom Si given the power to say when
go - the tepresentottves elected as
ir 'kers by THE t•Eort`r. shall meetit-todeer
bd. form tin , * solemn trust.
,p 4 Nearly•••all the measures calculated
toberiellt^the country failed ; but, it is
seine consolation that several of the
most infamous fatted •also. Arttong
t o , theist:teethe bill to arm the blacks of
the Muth.' - •
sC The eafp reMkuu for A recess, Anatole
of a f ntii stt ottromenC, cheat be tramed
lo the teittobt title Radicals that their
-.l.leitory'ufiedra3lltedetSorettprrient can
hnifiranil 'Metre:distil dbe Presidential
z - ct ie e tifelp:e• I 1.1 ••
ltetaAtz 1441,49kau5! •'-- -
its studying geograpigt u fiktifCß l s
they examine has, strange to oVi I
at ,`'salt thee' on It.
OLD TOAD. AT 1101 E.
- -
Trouble among the Rad toils K Loutruo
ter County.
Thaddeus Steven's "greenback' ,
speech has produced great commotion
In the Radical hive of Lancaster couti.
ty. Whilst few of the leaders seem
willing to adhere to the "old corn=
tanner" in the stand he has taken,
many are out-spoken in uotidetnnu- , only .'of his position, but of ,
tote% ens The favor. r boldly •
repudiates turn. In a two-column ed.
Rolla! it severely reviews the speech,. !
Rini concludes as follows •
BM Mr. Sleven•, elected 111141 .000
tamed by the !Viand le.l/1 rimy 104
the replepelita11 1. 1:01.111- 111 , 411,1, Het
oily openly endoise, the Pendleton
theory of paying the National debt in
greenbacks, but threatens in ease his
party does not W4Jle with 111111. to go
over to the enemy and assist hl the
election of the Copperhead candidates,
"even though a WOrllo man than tiey-/
moor headed th 4
Under these circtinuttances we are
constrained to may that he not only
misrepresents, but Insults, the Repub
lican party of Lancaster county
It thin party believe in the Pendleton
theory of paying the National hoods,
and _oelieve Wlll/ Mr. :7,tevens, that
all other 4itte,stions are subordinate to
this, the shortest and eli.te.t way for
them to acoomplish the desired result
la to go over to the enemy, and do
the it heel to secure the election of
tour and Blair. Rut they do not.
\I.:ill thorn the question of Recon
-truetion, and tnemures urowluir out of
it, are ~Moser to all the pies
ent contest, and Ni lute they call tolerate
lltlUt ences on minor subjects, they can
not, wit hunt a snerinee of selt respect,
itently permit a Well/ nor 01 tbu patty
in high olllclal pus ilium, to belittle cud
tleglade 11, leading principles.
'1 lie cit.thent cervices of Mr. Stev
en, In the past, hit , heroic devotion to
the Call , e 01 Llterty turd JtISLC e, 11.1111
lilt long and lailhtul palate ocrvices
&linnet and hill not be forgotten ; hot
the ptinelph , of the Republican party
are superior to tiny Individual or Inch
uuk, and however reluctantly' we
may be forced to the condo-mit, we
Ate compelled to any that it cannot
maintain its self-respect except by an
open, complete and total I ep.ititatiun
of the position he has mouthed.
in another- part of time same paper
appear two oommunieutiour ou- trim
sonic eubjeet,, both from prominent
Itepublienne, the one n soldier nud the
other u civilian. These are even more
outspoken than the Inquirer editor,
as the following extracte will 11110 W
Charity led us to suppose, at tirst:
that the story wits a huge Joke upon
the 01 credulous readers,
but we are no longer at, l i betty to credit
the suppusith3U, I . IIC painful cOticati
elan is touted upon us that our time
honored leader has molted the Union
guns on the eve oz u great political
campaign. After such - speech -0o
unneeepsary and unerilleil ter at the
time—he would deserve the thanks of
' Itepubileutis by going over at once to
the Beinuctito. Better an upen coy•
my than a concealed loe who stabs
to the dark. The Republican party
has borne a great deal at the 'lauds of
Stevens.- It has .snOwereil honors
Lineal:) , upon him, despite his inso
lence and ingratitude. \V hen he
makes the lurid announcement that
he atanda upon the infamous Oeuaocrats
in platform 01 repudiation, the only
thing left for the Republicans to do
is to repudiate lilm
And yet, this man expects the Re.
publican party to re-elect him to Con
gress next October! linnet to, on ac
count of his years, his great services
and admitted ability, there ban
I been a melt understanding among the
people of this county to Sillow him to
spend the t emaiiidei of his days' at
Wieliington, and the in the harm.-s.
IL. recent tIILeI . :IW es have reudeleft
this impos•dole. From the present
time torn alit, he sails n ith the Berne
entire party under the black hog of
*Twit:Limn. plow can any Republi
can con , htently tote for (spin in the
IaPP of he. late deelarntlons? In what
attitude Wilt the itepubluzu pet).
stand if it send him bath to .11 minute
ton 'Null Minh a speech upon his lips?
By supporting Thaddeus Stevens, we'
support Seymour and Blair. By sup
porting' 'Thaddeus Stevens, we emu
oursuive, to the infamous doctrine
of repudiation. Fellow Republicans
of Lancaster county, art me ready to
do this thing? Are we ready to sell
ottr principles and our honor at the
( s eek of Tinehleits Stevens.?
Thu time has come when Thaddeus ,
:Stevens shnshd I's- taught that he is
not the OtN !let of Lan raster county.
He no longer represent*, the sentients
of the IL
..epuolstain party 111 Lb is lilS
triet. We Joni our laith to the skirts
of no political leader, however venera
ted he may have been in the past.—,
When a public servant is false to his
pledge- we oast him Willie. It Is our
duty 110 W 1.0 St fret it true and tried
'republican from our ranks to till the
place of Thad. Stevens. He himself
has forced the issue upon us. Any
representative Republican of years and
eXperienee can be nountiateci and ,
elected. Thaddeus Steven taimot be,
or I much mistake the tune and tem-
per of the Republican party. Thous
ands of "tepid/beaus till reanuit neu
tral, rattier than vote for him on the
shameless phi:Jura) of repudiation of !
the pleklged faith of the nation.
We have no means of Judging how
far this hoitility to Mr. Stevens may
go, but it is certain that the large Rad
ical family of Lancaster county is to
anything but a happy frame of mind.
It augur' disastrously for Grant and
Colfax in Pennsylvania.
flow easily Radicalism cau be beat
en at the West, where It real strength
is, if au) here, is shown by the
thoroughly frightened Cleveland,
Ohio, Lcwtce, which says :
'rho Stott) of Ohio was carried, for
the Republican party, last fail, tty lets
than three thousaud ula)ortty.
chis nye, of one t °Cc to thr Licsnocrary
, wn the ReinditlersAB in c _tch twat d and
townxhip of Urt 6tatc trotted wipe out
that majority and !pre the State to the
DelliOar(Wg. Let Olito Ltepublioaus
ponder tuts. Let them cousuier that
they are as yet_hy no wouua out of the
Only one vote In each ward and
township in a' State 'which. defeated
negro-solltage, eketed a Democratic
Legislature and sent ex-President,
that it, expecting President Nude to
retirement. No greater 'stimulw; to
the I/tamer:Ms could be held out in
that State. Remember, Democrats of
Ohio, you have only oue'vote to gain
in each ward and town ii to give
the elevtoral vote of your State to Sey
mem and Blair.
Tax 1l sets in Congress recently
passed a bill pardoning three of the
guard,. of file prison.
These Patriotic fellows, whose bullets
used to whistle along the dead line,
have turned Radicals, and following
the lead of Joe lirowit„ the founder of
the prison, will vote for Giant.' This
accounts for the sudden tenderness of
Congress toward these ' . 'tlends in hu
man shape" that once shot down our
brave fellows when they reached
across the diced lieu for a drop of
,water. 'ltor for Urant and AndersOn
Jrrsrt J. S. Btack, In a conversa
tion with the'reporterfor the New York
11" , _ raid; expressed the opinion that the
old 'Keystone State would give Sop
moor twenty-five thousand majority.
Judge 131ack Is one of the ablest poll
ticlans m 'Pennsylvania, and great
reliance can be placed - on his judg
ment of its political status.
AtEtouics:,,Atttrat 'l3p.Ororr and F.
O. Pr, ,luce hat* 'PreitltietiA
slid*Emtaty at d'N~tjbrtAl o.
cmt Committee for tour years more.
The journey of Gov. Seymour from
New York city to his home In Utica,
on his return from tike Nat - 401W Con
vention, was MI absolute "triumphal
march,' affording a contrast to the
absence of enthusiasm in regard to
Gen, Grant, winds is as remaikable
as it 1 , , significant.. At every town on
the route, thousauds of People turned
Out tows htm , c.tuuou were,Pred, hells
rung, bands played, ttalz.4 waved, and
all the demotistrations which :indicate
great personal popularity were mani
fested. At Utica, the place of Ina resi
dence, the gratineution of the cilium%
at his nomination win silo:illy ex
pressed. The whole van man IV scent
ed to have mitheied at the depot, and
the reception they gave him was one of
the wildest and most heartfelt- enthu
siasm. Party lines were for the mu.
meat buried, and many of the most
active Radicals were among the fore
mutt in paying their regards to the
great statesman whom destiny has
chosen to lead the Democratic hosts
on to victory. A curious feature of
the day was the ringing of alt the
church LO N, showing more clearly
than any Ifiuteri tongue could ex
press, the Acvelence felt for him of
home, and thehigh repute in which
he is held as a ChriAiau man and
sincere patriot. I toy. Fieymour was
much sallected by
. the-e - spontaneous,
marks of Public affection, and could
only make a briutspeech of thanks,
hetore retiring to the privacy of his
own household. ,
The :New Vint correspondent of the
Philadelphia Li ,&re says
The inilaimiuktory tone of the
speeches in Congieas With retereece
to the : , ontitein uoverninente and the
:southern eleetoial vote is edusing u
very uncomfortable feeling in bum
nem circles, nun easing as it does Alm
prevailing - distrust of the ldtm•e.
tireat regret •is also expreiand that
Cungreas. in-tend of hiLing, u
merely, did not adjourn, as usual, till
Dein:tuner. To re.kssemble right on the
eve of an exciting Presidential elec
tion, Republic's:is as well as Demo
crats apprehend, will be but to foment
VIM agitations. •
If the business moo of the United
States desire to see a renewal of that
confidence whick is absolutely eseen-
Rai to their prosperity they must
unite to put down the revolutionary
Radicals, who aro urging their desper
ate and destructive schemes iu t:on•
gress. All sagacious business Inca
bee and feeljthat their-interests are be
ing constantly -imperilled by the fa
natical schemes tit the leaders of the
Republican party, and the conse
quence will us a complete political
revolution hi' the cities and luige
tow u 4 of the country.
A to/usen Atitioinisr IN FAVOR OF,
GRANT.-t-The New York Herald has'
t.)11 silent on the political situation
for a week. It leas quit prophesying
thiit Wank will be elected. Its last
effort iu his behalf wan a singular one.
It said : •
Sey Lunar and Rottman, the Tam
many candidate tut Onveruur, are
Man Purnannetti in their ammo...and
live upon cold water and weak tea,
Hoffman, we believe, did attempt a
of lager at a Delman meeting
Miring the campaign of Pala, bat was
compelled alter 41rinkiug it to go
home to bed and .end for Ills faintly
phy,lvian. (II L ON 'VILE
That certaiuly 18 4 aingulur argu
ment to alvattee in 'favor of a cundi
date for tho Pretid4oy, but, it line the
merit of truth. Wvt commend It to
the seriomi attention of all straight
out teuipanince men. They ought
sulker to answer it ox CO refuse to vote
for Graut. Which will ttiey
Fetes. I , ..tierv.—Tigere wad a Seymour.
and Blair it itilicatiou Meeting at
Ureeneastle, Ind., on Saturday night
week. , At this meeting Seim A. Mat
son wade a speech giving his hearty
support to Seymour uud Blair. Hith
erto he has been a leading and' influ
ential Republican.
On the Thursdtly following. there
'was a Seymour and Blair Rutitleation
Meeting at Shelbyville, Indiana.
And here one of the speayers was W.
IL Lawaster, Esq. He Is a rising
young lawyer .ot that city, a . gentle
man and a scholar, and hitherto was
the ruutp,l,tab in the Republican party
in that coubty, lie was in the war,
and bears honorable scars.
Thtugs just now look very much as
though there would be a general stam
pede from the Repoltheau to the
JJeruomatlc rauks.—Coluntbue ( O.)
—Colonel Robinson, the editor of the
Green Jay (Wiseonsln) Advocate, and
who acted a conspicuous part as a U
nion soldier in the late war, thus
speaks of the popularity of Governor
deyrnour in the northern portion of
:bat 6tate.:
"Here, especially iu northern
Goveinor :-,eyinout ought, and
undoubtedly will, command an almwt
tinaninions auppnrt. Ile has been for
years, at the ruling spirit in our Fox
and Wisconsin_ Rivers improvement,
closely identified with our interests;
and in other ways, such as inves log
in land here, has shown his faith in
the fortunes of this State. Personally,
there are thousand, here of all parties
hose acquaintance with him will
lead to their enthu.iastie support, and
we already hear 44 an:my in this city
and vicinity, hitherto Republicans,
who have declared their purpose to
support him."
The following from the Dayton frd
ger Is one of the many evidences of
the political change that is now going
.on that State. It says :
"Charles of Tray, Ohio, one
of the leading lawyers of Miami coun
ty, and hitherto an active Republican,
has publicly announced his intention
to support SeymOur and titair. Quite
a number,of other prominent Repum
!leans in Miami county have re
nounced their termer faith, and the
Democracy there are even confident of
being able to eatry the county this
—The Harrisburg State Guard gives
tip the fight and advisee its readers
not to het a cent on Grant and Colfax,.
It say:
Betting on elections is not only_
mean, but it, Is illegal. It is gam
bling, and is punishable as such.
Men Vise their votes Rho bet, 'hence
We advise ail regpectible•men to ab
stain from thus cioisaing the law;
Let Republicans work instead of het.
lionest work; true, enthusiastic de
votion to our cause, evinces a nobler
ccullidence in the purity of our pritioi
pies than all the wagers. whigh can
possibly be made. A diky's_work for
land Republican party will dq trim
good fur, success than a ' bets.
'Let 'bar` Republican Prlerittt , ' every
.wherki:uddettotand this fact and act on
4i lutportaulcs.
BawaXit A:0;14)w* iaraat $43 Wesbr
. 11% V PPM* ...b 9 9 61 W , 4 41 kut ,
Lea been successful at Brandywine.'
The Radicals promise rigid economy
in their platform. Their practicia of
economy In the administration of the
government is in startling contrast
with their professions. Here is the
record of Radical expenditure for the
army and navy during the lame seven
1801 - - :111(057,7N •. , 29,889,176
ISOI2 - , - .4111,42/3,277 • 41,501,102
1N.13 - - (it.. 0,143,230 M,52.6,1iil
1,444 - - "- P 11,549,292 ' 112,213,305
166 i - - 318,•392,733 11it,;54,337
1546 - • - 114,211,351 46,Y.)7,1.53
1567 - - 1541,177,;03 39,345,022
What hope of reform In the Radical
party can the people indulge in. with
the expenditures increasing from year
to year with frightful rapidity The
account shows au increase of forty odd
millions for the army alone, over the
enormous expenditures of lail! There
is nothing but evil to be expected
from tite•Radleal party in Congress.
Corruption, extravagance, fratid,
pressive taxation, military despotism
and anarchy have marked every step
in its progress If 'there be no hope
of reform from the batty, what may
tre-expetleti from the candidate? Will
he be able or willing -to arrest this
swelling tide of corruption and ex:
travagancer lie Is but au instrument
in the hands of a violent, corrupt and
ivvolutionary faction. if lie were
ever so:willing to inaugurate reform
in the government, lie has neither the
necessary knowledge of public
nor the administrative capacity. Be
sides, he would meet wits the steady
resistance of his own party is Con
grew, the moment he attempted any
salutary taunts. But Crenerai Grant
is a determined tummy of the Istorms
so greatly desired by the psopiu. lie
has, in•lia-last report as becuetary oi
War, recommended au lucrease of the
standing army. If he should be elem.
ed to the Presidency, his favorite plan
of lucre:Aug themmy would be speed
ily realized, and the public Mathew:
would be increased vastly beyond
their present weight. 1.11 the army
and its general would be found must
dangerous ementiee of-caul! liberty.
There is butt one way of saving the
country, and that is by electuig the
able and experienced statesman, /do,
ratio iSeymotir. , the candidate of the
Democratic party, to the Presidency.
Forneyln Preba says that. the public
debt .statemeut to be issued on the Sine
lust., Will show un increase of five or
nix minimal of dollars since the last
statement, Issued ou.the 31st of May.
ho we go on, remarks tile Lancaster
Intal4genccr—payiug such enormous
tuxes as never burthened any people
in the world before raising vast 11111119
of money to he squandered in the vain
attempt to set up negro governments
in ten iStates of the Union, and to
keep in power the most corrupt set of
swindlers that ever fastened like
leeches upon the public treasury of
any nation. Since the war ended
more than a thotaand tnilhona of dot
tars have been wrung from the sweat
and toil of the laboring men of the
nation, only to be' expended in the
most extravagant and reckless man
ner by the Radicals whose tool Gen.
Urant has consented to become.—
Month- by Month the national debt
increases, and the hurthens upon the
holing Millions of white inch grow
How much I ,mOr will they
consent to be the bond staves of suet,
unfeeling taskmasters? They have
the matter in - their own hands. The
ballot box is still open In the Nor
thern States, and white men are not
yet disfranchised that negroes may
rule in Yenrcllvania. In October
and November the masses of this
Statcc must record their verdict. If
they dsfre a changu t they can have It.
Let them think berate voting.
Cif le.loo PROM triE•4 LSD WAKFIING
i TuN PERFORnANCrs.—The Chicago
platform, drawn up by th 6 very peo
ple whose extraVaganee It pretends to
denounce, calls Wilil amazing coolness
fur •'flmareiad reform," ..nd promise.
greater economy in the management
of the paylle purse.
But the authors of the Chleago plat-' :
form have just at Wmhington Aerib-'1
erately postponed WI cast year the re
‘ of the regular army, thereby
entallihg upon the tax-payers of thia
country an admittedly Buperfluons out
lay of nearly fifty millions of dollars, or
more than two-thirde of Um - whole es
pewit' of the Federal Government be
fore the war.
""NEVrFt," Says the St. Loris Times,
"in the history of St. Louis has a
Presidentird campaign been triMigurit
ted with such certain 'omens of victo
ry as the present. From the moment
that the nominatiort of_Seymour and
Blair was announced, not only did
mere difference of opinion as to men
vanish from among Democrats, but
those of heretofore opponents who
had opened their eyes to the suicidal
coui:e of leading Radicals, openly
manifeoted their adhesion to the Dem
ocratic platform, and one and all,
with enthusiastic unanimity, pledged
themselves anew to light for liberty."
PERHAPS the most extraordinary
thing recorded in the annals of the
American Congress was that witnessed
last Sunday evening in the Senate,
when Willard Warner, a resident of
Newark, Ohio, was sworn in as Sena-,
tor from Alabama. Was there no
other day but the holy Sabbath for
this sacrilege to be perpetrated ? Hav
ing set the Gonslitulion and the people
ut defiance, do the Itadic ,, ls now pro
pose to strike at the ordinances that
were handed down from the mysteries
of Mount Sinai? Yet this la the paky of
nzoralily. What has
, hoeotue of Vol
taire and his disci ples?—Cuietniudi
THE DrF - rattfix - ca.—Durlng the four
years of President Polk's administra
tion, which included the Mexican war,
the expense 9 of the War Department
were $90,540,789. The expenses of
that same Department for the year
ending thejat of Jul 1l the third
year of peace, are $1:3,858,4g4, or over
$38,1240,000 more during one - year of
peace than they were during fouryears
of Democratic rule vrfth the Mexican
war on their bands:
A Dis - rtzcoriarrauCoxraid.—A
tor from Phlletlelphla, dated Moriday„
says: It Is ascertained positively to:
day that t ii. Wiiffrirn B. 'Morass
Come out for Seymour and Blair.' The
argniven ts °nits dlcalfilenlii proved
of bo 9buil tr heteSeer. ' Ift4 was Jenne' , "
ly Colleetorbt the Port; adet , Lindoln
;aid a proridnent Radios! leader. '
din. PARTOV . 'tbt
itier *litho*,
119,1ieva) ttirt.tlte,aotnipit nuin will not
trp a Itri4ker,PClol#4,l,•,4e.P , ” Dot,
name Grant, but Pirttitkti for 9titnt•
ed he means 'Mix t' •
On Friday morning last rain Yell in
unprecedented qusnatics in different
sections of the country, causing
most destructive floods On the Le
high river, in this State, dams, mills
and houses, were carried away, In
some cases involving loss of life. On
the Schuylkill and Susquehanna riv
ers mach Injury - also resulted.
At BuiLituure the water rose to a
point higher than ever before known
—exceeding even the great flood of
117. The water from the Falls spread
out as far as Holliday street, llooding
time cellars and lower floors of the
stores and dwellings in that parlor the
city, and carrying away an inatuen-e
amount of property. The water Was
np to the seconu story of the Mary
land Institute. North street was un
der Water eight or ten feet deep. Cal
vert station was flooded, and so in
jured as to prevent cars Irons funning
into it. seven bridges across the Fails
were destroyed, Invorviug a loss of
i.-auo,oon to the city. A number of per
eons were drowned.
At Frederick city great 'damage was
also done, the water rising to a point
never before reached. All the bridges
were destroyed, mid several houses
swept oil: The rI-4: of the water was
very rapid—from eight. to ten feet In
almost as many minutes. Fortunate
ly, no lives were lost, though several
narrow escapes were made.
The saddest news, however, reaches
us from Ellicott City,. or Ellicott's
Mills. A reporter for the Baltimore
Son, under date of July '24, W I A. M.,
Theigreat flood in the Patapsco river
at Ellicott City was unprecedented,
and very destructive of lives and prop
erty. lkunuaunication between the
Baltimore county out Howard county
sides of the river has been cut oil by
the raging torrent, and so many bridg•
es have been destroyed that railway
travel has been suspended Within
the recollection of the oldest inhabi
tants the rise of water has never reach
ed within ten feet ot what it did to-day.
- -
The rain commenced fulling at about
eight o'clock A. M., and clone down
1w perfect sheets, quickly swelling all
the tributary rousts and overflowing
the river. The ram fell 111 such vat
torrents that the rise In the Patapsco
was live feet in fen minutes. The
rain continued incessantly until about
half-past ten, but the flood began Its
destruction about 91 o'clock. It is sup
posed that the damage done to proper
ty in this vicinity will amount to at
least a million of dollars, but the most
thstreesing feature of the visitation
was the loss of about fifty lives. Up
wards of [welly-eight houses were
swept away, leaving scarce a vestige
behind. As nearly as can be nscer
tamed, with the flood and destruction
still on every hand, the billowing loss
es and eusuanies have taken place:
(Mu/brill'. lower Patapsco dour mill
has been entirely swept away, and
with it two men, one named Wto.
Stet arid tne other - r,iity der. Mr.
Steel was ulterwartia seen oln.ging to
a log, and it is said Was saved. than
brill's upper mill has been partially
The extensive granite cotton mill of
BenJ. latford, which is said to have
cost $160,000, in a total ruin. In it Mr.
McCauly, a night watchman, lost his
life. Gray's large granite cotton fac
tory has been considerably damaged.
the house of Mr. Boone, the Alperin
tendent of the works, and the gird
ener's house tire gone, hub their fami
lies were saved.
The entire row of hou , es between thti
turnpike bridge and the Patapsco
are all swept away. Dr. T. 11. 9wings'
new house was forced by the water
across the alley which divides It from
Palmer's row,
and his wile and tax
children climbed to the roof of Mr.
Win. H. Fountain's dwelling, there
only to await destruction in a few
minutes the flood carried otr-the
of Mr. Fountain., who is the head mil
ler at Gauabrill s hirusell, wife
and daughter, the mite and six chil
dren of Dr. Owings, Who had there
sought protection, and four colored
servants. Mr. Wm. Partridge, a me- -
chanic, 60 years old, with his wile and
grand-daughter, are Mat.
Among others that the cruel water=
have carried away with their houses
are Mr_ William Patterson, wife and
sun ; Aln3. Farrier and her two grand
children, Fannie and Emma Duvall;
Wm. Reese, a wheelt‘ right, stile, son
and daughter.
Dr. 0 w imis was on the opposite side
of the rivet after his house had gone,
was told hirlamily has in the adjoin
ing one, and, standing there, saw it too
driven to destruction, unable to give
the least assistance. He has only two
children left, who were away from
Under date of July 1.:3 the saline re,
porter gives the names of the drowued,
M follows:
Mrat..Dr. P. B. Owings, six, children
and three servants; [Dr. Owings has
two other children, who were absent
from home at the time of the sad oc
eurrenee;] William Patterson, wife
and child ; John Reese, daughter, sis
ter-di-law and her daughter; John
Debrow, wife and child; Mr. Foun
tain, wife and daughter; Mfr. Farrell,
wife and two nieces; Misses' Mary and
Fannie Duvall, servant and a lady via
itor ; Wm. Partridge, wife and child;
Matthias McCauley, William Snyder,
Mr. Murphy, wife, child and mother
in-law, and Mrs. Timmons and her
two step-daughters, the Mimes John
son—fortg,three altogether,
The bodies of several of the unfortu
nate victims have been recovered at
Ilehester, Relay House and other
points, as follows: Mrs. Owings, two
children, and oue servant; Jir. Part.
ridge and wife,
Mrs. Farrell, Mies
Mary Duvall, Mr. McCauley, John
Reese, Mr. Murphy, Mi. and Mrs. De
brow and Mr. and Mrs...Vtintain. In
addition to the above the bodies of two
men, one woman and a child about
four years of age, supposed to he a
child of Dr. Owings, have been recov
ered at the Relay House.
BataluunE, July :27.—Thousands.of
persons are, still at work repairing
damages and clearing away debris
caused by the recent flood. The Bal
timore and Ohio Railroad is seriously
damage s ! all the way to Frederick, 1111(i
the ears will not be able to run there
for several have. A train wra 'sub
merged near Ellicott City', and the pas
sengers were obliged to escape to the
hills. trains on the:Northern Cen
tral are running yet tilts side of
ilenintuin Deford, owner of the gran
ite factory, losses i. 2.30,000, the saute as
cash, paid out. Mr. Qarroll, owner of
the Patapsco Mills, lo*ses 5G0,000, and
Ganibrill $30,000. Private subscrip
tions are now being made for she , sill
term. here.
Four more bodies, two men and a
woman and utuld, were recovered to
day at I.he Long bridge.
IT is one of the"sirrs of the times,"
that Gen. Graut, on his late trip from
Washington to Cincinnati, - 1n the
mai, although it was announced that
be was on the road, was not noticed
at any one of the statioua betweenthe
two pities. Not even in the great
RaididaT city to which- he was bound!,
NOt even' a bouquet sent him by a
lady! The.lici, is, ths.ikeaple have al
ines,4unottierothat he is a e.sndidace.
'4.+o us InMe PPtke4." ;
GEN. 'lllO3l AS EwtNet,J concern
whole political views and Inten
dolls, sines itie'S'ii%v terii eoroientlon,
a- good - many Taise"iepoits bate' been
circulated ',..lus4osititels,t.ticlaiea 11113
intention to support the Democratic
tick e t -4 *YMTir;f4A t il i ft •
Tga Atria Or 1. 4 744 '" , irrifk ail brook ,
lirk;"inviAtie tab three adjoining
cciuntilis, *in givb tr,,A•ind fi•vtiiour
ous tandnal thousand niajotiii:F
?dark the prediction 1
to the Presidential election, state elec. putt Pepartment
nons will be bcld In eleven States, as I
In Kentucky on the 3d of August;
in Tennessee on the 6th ;In Vermont Death of De. David Gilbcrt. —The
on the Ist of September ; In California telegraph, on Wednesday morning,
on the 3d ; in .I‘Laine on the 14th ; In announced the death of Dr. David
Nebraska on the 6th, of October; In Gilbert, which occurred at his re,i-
Penn , 2,lvauis, Ohio, Indiana and dence;-in Arch street, Philadelphia,
lowa on the 13th, and in West Vir. at half past nine o'clock on Tuesday
gi ni a on The 2517 -- Trremitu-afrer - a ler/me attat-ylrntrieted
The tOiNd of November, the,da9,y of illness of disease o: the liver. The M
the prishfentlal tlection, , lsz 61061411 e telllgenee eati§e,3 general sorrow In
day for holding State elections In this community, where he was loug
Massachusetts. New York. New Jet , known and highly esteemed.
soy. "Illary kin (I, Illinois
M len iizon , Wiscoi,sl U. Min ne.otu
PARDONEI).—The Reading Gazette
says that on Saturday Governor Geary
pardoned Henry Alartsfield, convicted
of horse-stealing, and sentenced to
three years and night months impris
onment in the penitentiary. When
Geary was Inaugurated 'he promised
not to abase the pardoilingpower, hut
he has so far released more thieves,
murderers and violators of law than
any Governor ‘l , e ever had ; , while, in
some cases, he has withheld the exer
cise of that power where 4 . would have
been eminently priter to have used it.
Chary has lost the cooddenee of the
people, and with his present term of
office ands his political career in l.hla
State, at least.
SANFoun CostivEn, who, It will be
remembered, wit, one of Stanton's
tools, and_fria blcorletad-of perjury,
and is now serving out his sentence in
the penitentiary, has been ,succeeded
in his vocation by\ a\yabel deserter,
culled James Sidney Hill, by whom
Forney endeavors to prove that the
Hon. Horatio Seymour, whiiststiov
ernor of New York, was in correspon
dence with th 4 cobrederat guvern
men t. I 1 is not at all surprising that
the author of the Jamison letter should
be "check by jowl" with one who has
been a rebel, a deserter andrn perjurer:
THE Radical organs declare that the
ticket of Seymour and Blair le a weak
one! The fact is, that within one
hour after it was made, it led to more
ratification meetings In its favor than
the Grant and Colfax ticket has elic
ited in the eight weeks it has been be
fore the public! The Radical wire
workers are trembling in their shoes
at the strength of, the ticket, while
they are declaring It to be weak!
They. ,oan't hupostv upon any botty,
IT is only ope thousand dollars a
minute—that's' all. Just that little
sum is required to keep the Radical
Government going,, the Freedmen's
Bureau in operation audofficial thieves
in pocket money and flue houses.
Who wouldn't he a loyal leaguer?
Who wouldn't be a patriotic Radical.
and who wouldn't prefer a nigger to a
white man? ,
CHIEF JUSTICE dress.—The Wash
ington correspondent of the Pittsburg
Pose says "Chief Justice Chase de
clared to-day, to a Western friend,
that while he could not personally at
cord with the resolute u on tbe recon
struction acts, and believed that the
present constitutions In the South
ought to stand till changed by the peo
ple of each State, all voting, yet he
was a States Rights Dim3uvrat, and in
full sympathy with the Democratic
Party, 'Re ohs° ,*ery of
Governor Seymour."
IT is a little remarkable that the
Chicago Convention should have call
ed for its first set speech after the or
ganization upon ex-Governor Brown,
of Georgia, the only undeniable trai
tor in that State. For the others
there is at least the plea of secession,
but this man seized, ei et annis, upon
Fort Pula,kl even before his State
"went out." Yet the Convention,
this "loll" Convention, Invited him
to open its deliberations, and by this
superior compliment put itself on rec
ord as preferring a renegade eieesisiou
int to any of its five hundred loyalists
tried in the ate.
Fu.t3retvtimi of all the leading ar
ticles of the Republican press ;real ,
the present time till next Novem
Copperhead rebel. traitor..
..:thaloyal......red4uwded rebel
copperhead ...,.treasuq- Judas.
copperhead .....
disloyal .....,..plotter eouatoracyet.
co ppor h oad ......... re bel rthel
disloyal copperhead
treason traitor .. rebel
drnlopul . . ..... COPPERHEAD !
THE Radical Papers are publishing
huge pulls of Geir. Grant's economy,
but have not a word to say hr regard
to his recommendation to increase the
INtr,y of the immense crowd of idle
army officers one-third. That would
raise Grunt's salary to over thirty thou
sand dollars a year. Would that he
economy? We leave the tax-ridden
masses to answer. "
IT is reported that Gen. Sherman ht
out fur (=null. The , milk, in that
cocoa-nut . i- easily accounted fur.
Sherman wan% Grant's place . as
"General of our armies." $20,000 per
annum Is not to be sneezed at, even
by Gen. Sherman.
BLAIR against Colfax ; a brave and
dashing soldier, as well as an experi
enced and upright legislator, against
a chronic politician upon whose rec
ord are the blotches of all the devil
tries of the Radical Congress.
Fulmars snarls at Grant, the Rad
ical German organ at Indianapolis re .support pins, and Yates sayit
the people of Illinois will repudiate
the Ohicage platform by fifty thous
and majority. "Let Ws have peace.!'
LEUTZE, the eminent ar
tist, died at Washington, On Friday
evening week, of apoplexy. The pain
tirrg, "Westward, above (..he
great marble staircase in the interior
of the southere tvilig tho+cipitol. at
Washington; is froti his- pencil. tile
was 48 years old.
.the respective nominees of the
two parties—Seymour and Grant,—
could be prevailed upon to travel over
the country together and give their
views tipetispolitleitil toplek'iflrie Men
out of ten would vate f ter iSeyinour.
Ins na t dleala 'ire Id great trouble
because Grant has nothing, to say, and
in still greater when tie does say BOUM..
THE It:aat ' ciila sai 'Abeir party is a
unit. When the votes , are eounage
this assertion via be substantiated.
They wilt be nearer a HOE than thly
themselves suppose.
"Ler us have peace," tart Wank
iriat his heel on the neck imede
soil* Ind No hand in the pane of
the North.
Dr. (inert lit• 4 u nal:\ e of this
county—born on" whatls known es the
'loser term, in Butler township. lie
graduated at Jefferson College, Can
norishurg ; eh - idled medicine with
Dr. John Paxteit here, and attended
lectures at the University of Peunsyd.
vania. He . commenced practice at
iu this State, Snit
In 14.1 . 1 removed to Gettysburg, whore
he soon attained rank -among . our
leading physicians. About twenty
years ago he wee chosen a Professor id
tTie Medical Department of Pa. Col
lege, at Philadelphia, in which capac
ity he served altumber of years. 11„e
also held the position, by appoint
ment of Gov. Bigler, we believe,) of
Physician to the, port of Philadelphia.
Devoted to htv profession, he gave to
its various branches the closest study,
whioh, coupled with. sound Jud
Meat, enabled him to reach it poslttoti
second to none among the many emi
nent pl.*lsielans of Philadelphia. ,
His deatii"bas, created a void not easi
ly filled. His stricken family have
the sympathies of this entire colninu
nay, in which his worth will not sm a
he forgotten. Peace to his agues.
—The tell/441Y of Dr. Gilbert will
arrive here' by tta4rairt this evening, to
beinterred itninediatef.y in Ever tircen
Cemetery. ,
!Tetley heavy raiu storm
occurred in t hi, region 0., Friday morn :
lug lrat Ii eauctieueed shortly niter
tribinfOt, and oontltrued until .about
it o'clock In the forenoon, the water th
times cowing hownin torrents. The
btreante, roee to a eonsigeruble height,
in a tea , instances carrying off fences,
but not doing general haul
A valuable mare belonging to Mr
Elise Hartman, Frank'un - township
was killed by lightning in a field da
ring the
The chimney of Mr. Lewis Hope's
residence, on the Charnbersburg turn
pike, WaS struck and kn.:Asked off by
lightning, but the house nod its in
mates fortunately escaped.
New Dioceses.—Two new Catholic
Dioceses have been formed in-Penn
sylvaida, one' including the counties
of Clinton, Centre, Mifflin, Franklin,
Cumberland, Adams, York, Dauphin,
Northumberland, Columbia, Lebanon,
Lancaster, Montour, Union, Snyder,
Juniata, Perry and Fulton, and fs
named the See of Harrisburg ; the
other includes the counties of Arad ford,
Luzerae, Lycoming, Monroe, Pike,
Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga, Wayne
and Wyoming, and is »tned the See
of Scranton. Right Rev. J. F. Siberia:.
hat), D. D., bus been appointed Bishop
of this diocese, and Right Rev. W. M.
O'Hara, D. D., for that of Scranton.
They were consecrated, with imposing
ceremonies, in the Cathedral in Philn
de/phia, on Sunday, the ifrth instant.
Perurayheinfa College.-- The cute
logue of Pennsylvania College for 1467
-68 has been planed upon our table.
From it we learn that the whole num
ber of graduates has been 405; average
number per year 12; deceased .514.
Students for the present year: Seniors
13, Juniors 21, Sophomores 32, Fresh
men 35—rntiergraduatett 101; Prima
rians 43, Junior Preparatorlans 57
Preparatortans 04. Total 185. The
College Library contains 6,000 vol
umes, the Phrenakosmian 5,353, the
Phllumathsean 4,650, the Linuseau 100,
the German Society 250—total 16,333.
'kite nextAtinual Commencement will
occur on the seoond Thursday iu Au
gust. The Fall terra will begin on the
.4th of September.
Serious Accident.-11r. Joseph Wlble,
of thbi place, was seriously injured on
Wednesday. Whilst on the second
tier ofjoiats in his warehouse in course
of erection on the Itailromi, a hoard on
which he stepped tilted, precipitating
him to the cellar, the fall rendei iug him
(Ora time insensible. Dr. Charles Iltor-
ner was called in, who, on examina
tion, found Mr. WOle seriously hurt
about the head, affecting the Mato,
and two of Ili., ribs fractured. Om
eiderable apprelienaion in regard to
Me recovery was at first entertained,
but he wee better yesterday morning.
Serum Li_vi Law
rence, of Mountpleasant township,
met with a painful accident on Wed
netitlity. Whilst backing ills :wagon
out of the barn, the hub of a front
wheel struck one of the doors, which
caused a sudden movement of the
wagon-topguelii the other direction,
and striking Mr. Lawrence in the face,
broke his Jaw and otherwise Mimed
Painfee Accident.—We learn that a
gentleman living iu Silver Spring
township, near Hoover's mill, named
Alfred Shall, had his left leg eat
entirely off immediately above the an
d/e, by a reaper. The accident occur
red In turning the machine. Mr.
Shalt called to the boy, a son of Mr.
Hoover's, who WAS driving, to turn
the reaper, and, not being heard, he
attempted to attract the boy's atten
tion by going to the front of the ma
chine, when 'it made a sudden turn,
&toiling him in the naives, and
Revering his leg,
.nstantly, as above.
He is under the care of a skillful sur
geon, and as comfortable as the na
ture of his injuries will perinit.—lff
chaniesbury Democrat.
Aceident.—We learn that on Thurq
day, the 113th inst., a son of T. R.
Group, of Tyrone township, had his
right AeFproken, midway between the
thighlnid !i.eetio 'while the
father end several of the family were
engaged In unloading a load of grain,
the lad and several other boys were
amusing themselves by turning *um
mersetkfrom one of The erowties into
the mow, when the accident occurred.
Dr. Marsden ortnehumediately sent for,
irho gentle hroksn
Balloon Arcension.=Gettysburg to
to have a Balloon Ascension! Mr.
John A. Light, the distinguished ,Ero
twat, of Lebanon, waa here ou Wed
nesday, ant completed arrangements
to make an aseeneton from the Fair
Ground, in this place, ou Thursday,
the a:Kb of August next: An immense
attridatioc nay-be expeoLed'
-Onstvatoo.—llt the list of eandbilitesi
bit-be_notuloated by the Dem:Franc
County Convention, publiehedtp-otto
D_Wet, Attorney iv.r jriver
Cottnly Gborention.—The Monet& or
this county will bold their Convention
tett Monday, the , 17th of Augupt, to
*mine° eenuntitieket. What's the
Not to be Sotd.—Tlie property or
Fanny Wagoner, advertised by Sheriff
Huhn, is hot [(the sold, the claim for
Which it was bitted Upon liavlpg been
Owneirsoforre .bekving.—The corner-
Atone of a uew ne(pruled Church will
tbe kid at Vturriltietburg to-morrow,
[Thu 14rvleesivrill begin, D o ' o / 001, 1
Tr. J. W. Nevrt)-04 oc pee
led tb;he piesent und to as4t , t on the
Ila protTihod.—NVerkmt , tt are now
engaged on tho "filobe Inn," In this
Act", rni,ftlis it another etoiti, and
other% tan itnprottinit It. The change
NN up r kloubt, tio,very,inarli3O, , nuil and
t 3 little to the tiiititioritrteo 04 ... Y0rk
untleNtand tat sever
al of our lorwaniltigJell suffered
some, Imos by the- great fioud In Balti
more Met week. They bud buy, elo
verseed, &0., In store fur eale on North
street. Thu high water ettle/ing the
warehouse., ilainagett the artlde." seri
ou,ly—in some I. eew ruilong thew.
BorBe7t MOfroi.—Two valuable hones
trete 'btoleti from CM. John Waugh,
near Fairfield, this comity, on S:itor
day night last. pair of drunken
stragglers, in the neighborhood ate day
preeions, are supposed to he the par•
ties guilty of the theft. tiearch is be
ing iiiuriu fur them and the
Farmers mtiat again be 011 the watch.
l'roperlg Saka,—James BighillU bike
sold his tarn[ to Ajessri. F.thiwitttg.dc
and Duncan, fur , F7,tkiti ca.lll.
Meeera. Yultnestoci, and Duncan
li.ivefloldotie of their tnithling lota, 0/1
York street, to ‘a , Veumbilie,
for Y.lOO eat.h,
Mit Flar.—Several very tall , editiks
of flax were hrought to our otlictiyes•
terday—grown upon the hinny fartn`of
Levi Irvttr, deceased, in Buchanan ,
Valley. They inea,ured (our feet two
and a half Inehes! Who can heat
thml.—Auguat Goan will begin on
Monday, the 17th. The Common•
wealth's busluel-s promises to he on
uaually heavy. hherilf liana has
eleven prisoners in All, nearly all or
whom will then be tried. Three oth
ers have been bailed out, whose eiu3es
will al-.o collie up.
Triad of spc_eil..--7.A. race between
Dr. 'T..'l'. Tute's "Cashier" Had 1. Del
lone's "Grey Horse, , Hanover,) earn:
off yesterday afternoon, in Flartzel's
Lane, two miles northwest .of this
plate. Distance, four hundred yards
stakes. Won by "Cushier"
A trotting tnatoll between Jacob
'telly's Bay Home autl IsalaL Diller 4 a
Grey Maie; t flanuv&., ) took place on .
tha Fair track last evetiliqi. Half
mile and repeat. Won by }telly's horhe.
Rod Roads —There is much com
plaint of the condition of the roads in
several of the townships, no work hav
ing leen done upon them this season.
We heard agenßetnan declare the oth
er day that if the roads 111 his town
ship were not soon attended to, he
would return the supervisors at the
next Court. In some of the districts
We proper repairs have been male,,
and there is not only no grumbling,
but the people are loud in prause of
their supervisors. Harvest over, road
repairing should be done wherever
neglected in the spring.
r 0141.11 G iii 1116 ilaty. --The Mull , .
eats of this district are snorting over
the nomination fur Congress. Koontz,
or SoMerset, the present member,
wants to go back. Cessna, of Bedford,
always after the loaves and fishes, is
thane:covering for. the place; whilst
Col. Wiestling, of Mont Alto Iron
NVorks, would have no objection to til
ling it. They and their respective
friends are kicking up quite a Breese
over the matter, snapping at each oth
er like hungry hounds over a bone.
They had better cool their tempers.
The people will settle the difficulty by
electing a Democrat.
(iood Lurk.—Ntr. Augustus Duncan,
of the Valle!) Spii 7 if When, went out to
Uraetfenberg Spring] last week and
lifted some of the finest Trout ever
caught in Biroh Run. In one day he
Caught seven dozens- We rather
"brae' ern Duncan. Ile is decidedly
one ortheiiestailmwre iti this ailattitry.
We eay this of /1.111 en his absence,as
he and J. W 2, eth Douglas, ,are
now rusticating at the &nue popular
resort. If he were here, his welt - known
modesty would prevent us indulging
in language SO haltering to his piscato
rial capacity.—ohambcrabterg
PcmB.—We clip the following items
from the Hanover Citizen of yesterday:
Dedication.—'the new GUMMI Re
formed Church at Little+town, Adams
county, will be dedicated on the 15th
of next month.
Bwtry Out —3lr. Geoi go Slagle, of
Oxford township, Athuris county, one
day lent week, cot his leg badly with
a ecythe while cut( mg Oat& lie in noW
doing better.
A!Gnap ul ieublp ry.—We leArn
that une night last week, some scoun
drel attempted to enter the smoke
bonne of John Rahn, Fai., iu Conte.
wage township, Allmon county. Be
Ray observed by Mr. It. before he
effected an entrance, and oonsequent
ly failed in his object.
Pi'-Xie.—On Saturday next a grand
ple.-nio will come off at East Berlin,
uwler the auspices of Ms. F Rawer
and several other gentlemen of that
place. We hone that a ple.clant time
will be had by our clover friends.
,Vuxi,a/ It< rzt —We li•ive received
the United States Musical Review for
August, published by J L. Pltiers,, 11.19
Breniwuy, New Yorl4. Among other given in its well-filled pages we
fled the folloo ing : "Waiting for the
Twilight," and "Seymour's March,"
and an advertisment a "Mutched.r,
trio - using Demetratlc'eampalgn Kong
and= Chorea, adapted . to Mrs. E. H.
Peudleton'ahaautOul tucledy, ‘ "E Flu
ribos Uttar." Price, SO•centi3 with
Picture; Ur Geste with plain title.
Also "Zirairio Seytnear's March" and
"Prank P. Blalt's Gallop," giving
correct likeness or the Democratic
Rallrocid.gerrees—=Thesurvey of the
Nate of the Frederick and Pentteglett=
hfa Line Railroad was commenced on
Tuesday last, under direction of Ow.
41144 rd Irwin, of Baltimore. The
eittisens along the route are very en
ihnaliatin and confident of having a
rallnittd. The road will connect with
the Western Maryland Railroad at
Moncicacy. to which point the latter
road will be completed in three
Milos Comptfrr :—The Star is sea
top cumber of Democrats In this sec
tion of the county, who have nut or
dered it, and don't want It. The New
York. Tribune also. Surely the pub
lishers of the papers are promised
pay from boutea here. 1.4 it to come
out of the sung loud set apart by Con
gress, and doled out by Clerk McPher
son, for the support of Radical papers
In the louth—or hue route, Mimi cor
ruption arrangement been started by
the negro worshippers congregated at
Wuslitliglutt '.' There is static rascality
und.r tins thing, and those ahe got
grattir'fhe payers above Men
tioned air supposed to he green calm e
to be dui toyed through It, ht some
way, into voting for titan Demo
crats ugh, keep their top eyes opts, for
this trick. t
—Attention In directed to
the card of 1)r. V. Wr liete•ou, to tt-
Ot'itetitolutoo, whole sueeabn to not tug
DESlllettl bad beuoote a bubjevt r.t von
sitlerabhs:., rentotic. It will bo
however ; that he eonni uue. the general
praettee of tuetilloitte, Witt& which he
will allow nothith; to interfere.
'p.—Frunt the bent tali
tte halve 11:1125011 to believe that tbn
"('irr••tw Soap," iniiiiubtetured Lt
.I.l.eclsky Leh elle,.
men t ;Le this 15511 V, lb an article poqie.,..
etl.ufeatperlur we; &oder, 1.,/, .t.'
Cheap.—Now IA the ;Imo to buy
Iteally•niade clothing, as Franca, Con
tighani Is otter' og a very liitge assort
inent of all kind., at very low pile:,
It N,,okitl L, well (or persons needing
anytlisi.g in the line ol ready•io..le
clothing to cult at his stole, on
inure hit eet, and eaunilno ,
before purchasing eisewliere, If the y
Wall I to ',Live money. It
So Davit or/ P.—When a lady
want 4 U Wee nod good pair of shoes.
or gaiters, or a like shoe for a child 1;4
needed, she always guns to now
Woods' stAwe, for After all there I.
114 thsPoting tits taut that all . who
want good stows, and no worthletu4
yankea trash, always yet Lima of Itoo ,
gre, Waudm, for they keep the best.
M 18111.4 Cards.—\Ve nave laid in a
large atoek of Cards fur Lindner, put
pores, au:most all sizes and qualh led
—ll2l weal as ally qua,litily of new type
and fancy inks, with the best Job Pre,s
made in the \; lilted Ashes. Law) eta,
Doetan4, Xterettunts, Landlords, Me
chanie3, and ltua/neen Lett geuerull,y;
who wont tasteful \work, executed op
to the best i.tytem, at retountablo
rates, had lietter call ti the•
JK , Orbilint. — TlN att -
of Farmer+, Builders, Couirmuol,
and others is iliVit.4.l3 to the large
assortment of LlialllPlß of all kind ,
sultabledor building purpose+, to 4e
found et Col. C. 'll. ltumdtmies Lum
ber Yani, at corner of Carlisle 11,101
"Railroad streets, including Boards,
Planks, Flooring., Laths,
Pickets, Shingles, &e. Also I'o)4+,
hewed and sawed, with prime 'Fen
cing Boards, White Pine and Hem
lurk. lila bkock is hot only large,
but hi, arrangernent4 are such tit4illio
can tell at the very lowest, cash rates.
Also, constantly on hand, Black
smith, Lime-burners' and Stove
0)A L. tf
Thom, iriTccrent hats who calliol
names, after ascertain "bald head" o f
deserved their untimely end, lg.-
eauite at that time nu pauacea nad
oven discovered to restore the huutan
hair upon the bald epot•. But now
Ring's Vegetlble Ambrosia is known
to po..‘sys , t the rareMerithf Invigorat
ing thelveots aud tilling them toll
of life, where not entirely dead, that
they cannot help putting forth a new
pact* which rivals in beauty the
locki of youth: July 10. 4t
Ifou4ekeepera and others wanting
good Cooking Stoves, the best in the
market, warranted to bake and giro
satisfaction, or any thing in the line of
Tim 'Ware, Japan Ware, hollow
Ware, Chamber Sets, Bread and Spice
Boxes, Ice Cream seexera, Water
Cwdeis, Coffee Mills, Bird Cages,
Fruit Jare and Cans, Waiters, So.,
&c, will timid just what they'want
the Ware-room of Cot C. 11. Buehler,
corner of Ittillrottl and Carlisle street,
opposite the Passenger Depot, and Mg
prices which defy competition. tf
1 Nrgc rulurne watll,l not contain
the 111a+. 111 testimony NlllOl 1111•1
UUllltlllaCti in favor of ll'rxtur's Bat
-114 Of WIN Cherry a a safe, eilleient,
and reliable remedy in curing cough+,
eolds, and pulmonary :%litny
of the colea are truly wonderful.
Ps GobdEffect* Are Permanent —ln
Oils tt litrera front an hair dyes. By
it. 4 use luxurnint.growth is guarauteed,
natural color and glom are reetored
One trial will citbse you to say tills of
A Allen a Improved (~t w
Hair Iteitoiser or Dreuniug, On one ta,t
-11•.) Evers Drugglist fte44B IL Price
One Dollar. Jul) 3. lit
The, Biel Thing Yee.—The itiedtcal
prm,,,mm, atter having thorouidtly
tented 7peer',4 )0, iues, have introduced
theta into their practice, On arena tit of
their purit y , His "Standard Witte
Bitter , " are equally an pure, anti ohly
need a trial to recommend them,
doll by F,e(l. Brown, corner of Uh l
and Che , not street., and Johnston,
Holloway it Co., and other Drultgbia,
Dynpqmict sad Scrojahl aro two
hydra-headed mounters trust
nearly all the Ills that flesh is heir to
'originate For dyspepsia, the Peruci•
an Syrup, a protected solution of the
pirutositio of iron, la a long-trend at.d
well•established remedy and for
scrofulh lii alt its manifold forms, /),..
H. Ant/cm' iodine IVofer is a specific.
It those tiedieleti atll try these reme
dies they will thank' rs for calling
their attention to them.
JEFF DAvis and family have gone
to Europe,
ca his' headtpartkrs.—Cineinacifi
yii fake. He will make the White
House his headquarters.
THE Rai - heals are willing to drench,
the land again la fraternal blood.—
They seek civil war to prevent a fair
and free election.
IN the Legislature of Louisiana, in
the House, a White Democrat was de
clared ineligible auJbis seat was giv
en to a negro Radical.
GREAT DP umeratie rlttiflention meet
ings, notwithstanding the beat, are
the order of the day—or rather the,
evening—from ?Seine to Kansas.
tifox`raoni asks the question:
"What should honeat, patriotic men
do to save the country?" VOW the
Democratic ticket, to be sure,
ate Radical wits apostate himself. the
other day, by epellitie over the Does
of an alalMaai 01 a Grant sod Colfax
meeting, with this result, Grunt and
Poet tits L
Riatifem, the rebel-blikkade
is a3kßummbasetta Yankee,. wbefiest
Efoithisapiaillitealurlag thews& He
is now a Radkal member of the' Ski,
Me of the Uadded SOW ,