Gettysburg compiler. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1866-1961, June 26, 1868, Image 2

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• *PMIr. JUN. .-.0. 1949
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IrMriLl.ll 10K 1/11 CAMPAIII4
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44,104 01, Wni ti •
The "grata erCate no
euthualitein. Tim Mom , of (limit and
Culfaz hdl flatrupou tltepuldie car. We
predllet that the Dernoeratic candidate+
chose* at New York on the 4th of July
wift eftetrtfy, the white masses, and that
Victory wftl perch upon our banner!! in
Novenaber. But the campaign will be
an active, a toorking one. iNo effort will
be spired, es none should be, to rid the
CAUtitiy oe'torTlipt, tyrttnyleni and de
structive Jtadirdiem. In this gloriotu.
work. the will take a full
hand/ In nothing that the- editor can
do, or his means afTbril, will ft' be behind
Its doeemPnrarlee. ru order, therefore,
to enable us to do the more good, Nse
have todus,ed, our rates for the cam.
paign (uutil after the Pre.ideutlai elec
tion) to the following low tignrce :
Slngte copy, 73 cents; Five copies, $3;
Ten ecTiee, $5. .
wills heretofore, any one of our pres
ent subscribers sending us tire name
of it new one, 'with $2 in cash, will re
ceive a credit of fifty cents on his own .
Dinnoerata— Coneervativeri —all in
favor lof White Men ruling Amerlea—
come up Wilds work at once. Spread
the truth everywhere! Spread it.72OW !
• •
The.preparation of a !rue history of
Owlettie 'of Gettysburg promises to be
ware st more difficult task as day suc
ceeds day. The errors that have already
crept Into the public prints in regard to
its varligle details would fill volumes—
and notwithstanding the time that has
elapsed, additions to this extensive stock
of falsehood ate still frequent. Our cit
izens ore often amused, and sometimes
amazed., at the enormous distance which
not a few writers manage to place be
tween their statements and the truth on
this subject.
The_ latest, but one of the heaviest
draws of the "InniXw," we have seen,
011111 C% to us in a pa ' Per - published "away
out West" in Omaha. 'Fite edi tor , takes
for hissubjeet MeConaughy, "Senator
from the historic tiettyriburg district," (a
Senathri by the way, who was fairly Ile.
fester, hi a mutest before the people, and
ran tiro lowest on his ticket In his own
county,)-and prOCK4I4 to inform We
western rcudere that "during thu ever
nisnsm'alde battle (at (lettysiorg) he
MiCbarrisyhy) .eonimontl (1 ft ecinp a ny
Ihriepenetehl,atverte, and did Very es.
sential mud etTeetl ye sere'se to the Union
army in that enpael(ry during the day !"
Think of our "Miss Nanny" doing "es
mentlal and eirective service" in the ca
pacity of eommrinder of a "company of
Independent scouts"—fa n netyhbor's
rimiest or eellarl—a place of security
which he managed not hi get out of un
til The battle was entirely over and the
roliett - were in full retreat!
Distance is said to have a good deal to
do with making snare views enchanting.
In Bhls MSC. It requires the Immense
space tuterrentog between tiettystiurg
and Omaha toor Mrd'oniumlty in cone
mood of a company of "independent
scouts" during the great battle fought nt
the former place! 1. , uvii ridiculous
boxh to go intohisiory.
It may be said, however, in excuse for
the Omaha editor, that MeCunaugliy
was himself in that city about the time
to article appeared.
Tit xNow York Still thinks the chances
now are that Hou.Vhomas A. Hendricks,
of Indiana, will be the Democratic nom
inee,for President. A 4021012 will be
reached in the next ten daye, as the Con
vention to nominate will meet to-tuorrow
week, (July 4th,) In the city of New
York. Det us exercise patience until
then. and, with undoubting confidence
in the good sense and patriotism of the
delegates, prepare for a vigorous contest
from the moment the nomination is am
ilouqoed. glorious victory is within
our grump. White men, strike your bebt
blows for It
AEKM.sAS.—The President, having
sound, constitutional reasons for so doing,
vetoed the Arkansas admission bill, but
the Radicals in both Rouses have passed
Jt over 1118 , 11e:id. So infamous an act
could only be attempted bye party driv
en to desperation, Rut it will not help
them. Let them make as Wally negro
Maim as they may, Radicalism will re
ceive its death blow in November next.
Forty Grants couldn't save the corrupt
and odious thing.
URN. GI nitare fi,. 0111.40 N, of Ohio, said
lit tho Chicago African pultiver—"Ohio
stands ready with 200,000 votes to write
apptovedon4he back rit Colfax." Well,
that wilt gi re the Stme to the Democrats
by nearly Olty thousand majority. Judge
Thurman, the Dernourstie nominee for
(Inventor, had 210,000 votes an that State
last fall, and all the town elections sines.
11 2 1 W, they'll large I)cirmerutle gauzy. So
LWO,OOO ma* thy hack of Cokfatx wilt knit:
Wm so far up Salt ltiver that he will
nu , erta beard of in fresh water regions
THE Liemocrity of Wasington ui,unty
have made splendid nominations. Thu
ticket is beaded with Cul. Willion Hop
kins for Congress, one of the best and
'purest Nen within the aloha of our grand
ola comaguan N eith ; a man who would
dignify and adorn uuy posluokeenferred
Upon ; a brave, fearless defender of
Lilo Agin. We should he extremely
gratified to see him elected.
.116.NRY D. Fmrrnit Ler received
the 11111111111:110U3 nomination for CoogLetft
by,//se Democracy of Armstrong, Indi
ana soil liVestmorclatid. Jr the people
of that district prefer boueaty and brnin4
to empty brass and Althhobs — misuming
that Covode is to be the Radical candi
date—there will not be much of n con
Tux Philadelphia Age °Mee. has Just
been removed to a very commodious
building, °reheating Nos. 14 aud 10 Sou th
•eeventh street. The eutlre structure has
- Um* 144ted up with all the modern im
renrceraerita of a iirsb.class newspaper
eataljaktnent. We rejoice at this evi
dehee the Notrlshing condition of the
Ar t and. KOWirtnay tontines to pros-
FRasisarn will pre
shk tilheNational•Conventlots (Mini
servitive Soldiers, atNew York, on the
4th litostolo.
Loom •
Wilmington hiteldtief eit , of North
('arotin:l, rind ellarliston Id. the chief
tit). of South CtOlimt. In Om Legi4n•
tures of thqpe /tat*, igoanity i r k:tied
under the It:ulleal reconstruction
titeNe two cities are thus repre-witted
A. Tt. -- Minrrway; negro
fur. A.1,1"44, New re ; ,
1.. (1. P. S. A. ;
(:. W. PPiet.,. fiegto.
D. 'l'. Corbin, unknown ;
It. H. Cabin, negro.
It, C. De Large, negro ;
A. J. Itansier, negro;
It. Tomlinwin, unknown ;
W. H. H. Cray, negro?
It. A. Baseman, negro;
Cieurge Lee, negro;
B. F. Jackson, negro;
Jos S. Jenks, Freedmen's Bureau ;
Wm. McKiniay, negro;
F. J. Moses, Jun., 5. C.;
W. J. Brodie, negro;
J. B. Dennis, negro;
John B. Wright, negro;
Jervoy, negro;
Abraham Smith, negro;
t, , , inia d J 01 11 10,14 negro;
Stephen Blom, 11, negro;
Edward Miekery, negro.
Here to a picture for all to look npon
one which all should see and reflect
upon. As the Cincinnati Enquirer well
says, it is a mirror In which "Radical-
lain" can see its practical development !
It Is the great fruit of Radical speeches !
It is the sweet particular blossom of its
policy! It is a fragrant exhibition of its
statesmanship! It is what we have
gained by the war, about all we have
gained, except the gigantic debt, And a
loss of a million of lives! How do the
people of the North like such rulers and
co-partners, for it must be 'membered
that they select United States Senators to
vote on and rule not only the South, but
the North also. What a progress we
shall make in the South with "Cnifee"
and "Rambo" thus leading the van in
its principal cities—dishonored and de
graded vagrants, who have crawled into
the places that were once tilled by geni
us, worth and talent I. Who will not
vote at the North to brush away, - as we
would the web of the spider, this shame
ful and infamous burltsigue upon gov
ernment to the South ?
er horrible case of the flogging of a pu
pil in the publloschools has been brought
to light in Massachusetts. It is suppos
ed that the child will be crippled for life,
even if his life can be saved. This and
other cases of the same kind induced a
benevolent member of the Legislature to
Introduce a bill for the abolition oftees
poreal punishment in the public saILOMS.
It was, however, defeated by a large ma
jority, and so the brutal flogging of pu
pils is to be continued unrestrained.
Thu hushing of the tough hide of a plan•
tution heart) used to be enough to set all
Massachusetts to weeping, but delicate
white children, girls and' boys, may be
bogged with leather thongs, tied ut. by
the tlititubs, pieced under the shower
bath, or subjected to any other barbarous
anti inhuman pUnlalimeist, and It fails to
I produce the leant sensation except among
a few philosophers uua luttnaliitarlana
like Professor Agasslz. Every attempt
to suppress these horrible practimi by
legislative enactments is successfully re
slated, and we presume there is no pres
ent remedy for the dreadful evil.
GRANT MEDAI.B.—An excite uge says:
A gentleman from Illinois Informed us
the other day -that after, the Chicago
Convention he Inquired of one of the
principal dealers In Grant niedals in
Chicago how 'thole) tokens were eoltieg.
'Well, .ir," replied the dealer, himself
a ItioIlea!, "either General; Grant has no
friends or they are the coldest set
of friends I ever sew. These medals
don't 801 l at all. Nobody wants them.
You can't give them away. I thought I
should be linable to supply the demand,
but, as yott BIM I have nearly the whole
Minty stock on baud, and - the probabili
ties are that I shall continue to have
them." teach is Grant's popularity.
Has anybody seen a Grant medal, or
heard a spontaneous sheer given for
him? We pause for a reply.
AL DEBT.—We learn from the published
statement of the Secretary of the Treas
ury that during the mouth May the
national debt was increased NINE, MIL
this alarming? Just. think of it! In
time of peace the debt to ingrease at the
rate of nearly ten millions of dollars per
month. This is Itadttal rule, misinan
*genie* and stealing. Why, if throe
thrinoraittsi are kept in power much lon
ilier'LlleY will steal the Capitol, Goddess
of -Liberty and all. Are not the people
convinced that it is high time to hurl
these scoundrels from power?—.llegifing
(TEN. GUANT has already kicked the
economy plank of the Chicago platform
overboard, by writing a letter to the
House Con mitte? filltary affairs
recommending a renewal of the i ',manse
of thirty-three and one third per cent.
in the pay of army officers. The law al
lowing this luureota expiras Juno Nth.
A one-third increase of expenses Is a
pretty good commencement en the way
of "retrenclitneur and "economy"—as
understood and practiced by the It:laicals.
lri•Donald, one of the newly elected
U. S. Senaton. , front ',rkausas, 14 said to
haVe rote quulttleations for the post,
us viewed troth 4 itadiest stand point.
He is or the firm of . 11 1cD 0 .14+44.,1i1er
Sells, Indian traders, and Is represented
as having through an official hi his in
terests, bought corn from the govern
ment at 18 cos. per bushel and flour at
$1 , 50 par barrel, and then sold both arti
cles back, tha corp and the flour at
$34! Of such are Impeachers mailp.
A xonikti SefxdStriti or' TIIF "Goo ism
MORALITY PARTY."—WO see by the
Lebanon Advertiser that Daniel Gerber
ieh, Radical Treasurer of Lebanon coun
ty, Pa., has abequatulated, pending an
indictment against him for using $17,000
of the county funds for his own business.
The prominent Radicals of Lebanon en
deavored to cover up his crime sly keep
ing back legal proceedings for nearly
two years, in order that he !night wind
up his alfains and escape punishment.
Perhaps other %dimls shared with
him in the ateallog. This is another
Radical triumph. It is a wonder the
Radicals do not howl Ku Klux to cover
it up.
TtiAppees STsyssia haw prepared four
articles for another impeachment of tho
President. The more moderate Repub
licans are alarmed at this third attempt;
and may be strong enough to nip it in
the bud.
Dermaarae mays that one of the clergymen
of Saco, to thatatste, speaking of Bean.
tor Fessenden's rote on the
meat, said, "there's Ghanian more gorse
TO 4-Ut"
)t)pita ' titartittitt.'
Priali44,l4l.4tolher rof Press,—
We have'just added to our machinery, a
built by" Mr. George P. Gordon, New
York. It is designed for the printing
of csrduOtill_and Letter Heads, Circu
lars, Blanks, Handbills of — small she,
and much 'ot work In t tit e. We
secured, the. Press through Cu!. Frank'.
Vallee, agent, at Philadelphia, who ar
rived here on Saturday at noon, imme
diately went to work . to put the machine
in place, mut before supper had it run
ning. On Monday morning he took his
departure, with nearly four hundred and
ilfty dollars more in his pocket than he
had when he arrived.
We have now three Presses in excel
lent running order—a Potter Drum Cyl
inder Power Press, a Gordon Jobber,
and a Foster Hand Press—not to men
tion. our somewhat 'antiquated Smith
Puss, which would be brought into
requisition were it needed.
With such extensive facilities for prin
ting, and an immense assortment of the
West, metal and wood types, rules, bor
ders, &c., (and more rousing,) we can
safely promise to do all kinds of work
as perfectly, as expeditiously, and
as cheaply, as any other Mike in the
State. It, has long been our ambition to
have a First class Printing Ofltice, and
MC now feel that the aim has been ac
complished. _
The continued patronage of our friends
and the public generally is solicited—
confident as we are that no one will
have occasion to go away dbsatbffied.
I'ob•o,u,1l .—We have long had, and
still have, a hand•ome run of patronage
—for %%Well earne , t, heart-felt thanks
are again expressed. But we have no
more money for all_ that, because every,
dollar obtained above a simple living is
devoted to the improvement of the Com
r mint office.
When entering upon Its respoibill
ties, twenty-three years ago, we -resolv
ed. that If industry and faithfulness
could earn ns a livelihood among this
people, it should' he done ; and now,
When the old organ has nearly reached
Fie•risrrt YEAR, we have the proud
satisfaction of announcing to its many
friends that at no previous period in its
history was it in as flourishing a condi
tion—never with as many subscribers
and as much general patronage. -
Agricultural Fitfr.—As announced in
our last, the next Adams County Agri
cultural Fair will be held on the d3 d
and VIM days of September, with the
Slat for entrance day. It la to be hoped
that farmers, mechanics, and the public
generally—not forgetti us-the - ladies, who
are all-important in such intittena—will
at once give the subject attention, nod
begin thelivreparatio'ae for a mammoth
ex hi bition. The Fair last year was good,
but from the shortness of the time had
to prepare, it was nothing like whet
Adams county cue produce. This year
let us show to visitors from other parts
of the country, and thousands will no
doubt come, that our 0014 1 41 4 1 14 111 M 1 YY
front rank in agriculture, ni in some
,respects, and due credit will for
once be accorded it. County pride, if
nothing else, should stimulate ill, from
tliecen4ro to its reinotest bouudttries, to
make a v 184401 41 ellen fey 4 P'44 that
will properly represent the producing In
terests id' large-hearted end go-ahead
"Little Adams."
Tbe programme and preintunt Bat will
soon be printed. Capt. John Burkholder,
chosen Chief Marshal at the last meeting
of the Board, has soeepte3.
The Gettyebulv Speina--Dr. Smith I§
pushing operatiou4 at the Gettyaburg
Katalysino Spring with all [visible vigor,
to meet the rapidly Increasing demand
for this valuable water—and Le appears
to be just the man to do it. With his
large force of hands and improved ma
chinevy, lie is lowing bottled, packed
and shipped about too hundred and fifty
dozen quart bottles every day, besides
meeting the many calls for the water at
the spring. He is Igakt4g arrangements
to have the oases neoesinry to the ►hip
plug of the water manufactured ou the
ground, and will thus considerably facil
itate his operations.
He had an excellent road graded from
the tornpike to the spring, Lind the
grounds handsomely laid otr and set with
shade trues, some mouths ego; Lind la
now engaged la enclosing about Pm seri*
more, to be improved likewise, With
Dr. Smith's energy and taste, the Get
tysburg Kritalysine Spring will soon be
come famed for the beauty of its sur
roundings, as it has already become for
the virtues of its water.
The Spring Company have purchased
the McPherson, ireland arid Herbst
farms, and therefore own nearly all the
land between the Chambersburg turn
pike and the Hagerstown road, from the
Seminary lands to Herr's ridge—a beau
tiful tract, with fair proportions cleared
and timbered, and well watered, Wil
loughby's run passing through the cen
tre of it.
Wheat ll'ecid/. — We hoar vaillitigillk•
from many quarters, of there-appearance
of the weevil in the wheat. They are
said to be very numerous, and must be
uorrelaPoildiliglY destruotive. This is re
ally to be deplored. Never before In its
history had Adams county so encourag
ing a prospect for a large yield. Look
where one would, a pour field of wheat
was not to be seen. But all that may be
seriously changed. Where twenty
bushels to the acre were expected, live
may not be made. We earnestly hope
that these gloomy fears may not be real-
Ned, but from What we have heard and
seen cannot escape the conviction that
considerable damage must result, at the
3fairinionicit.—To our young friends
contemplating matrimony we would
whisper, (of course they don't want the
world 41 knBW anything about their in
tentions,) that their WeddlOg P 411 4 4 4 40
now be had at the Coarriugn of gee, as
neatly and am handsomely done As In
the cities, and for less money. Our new
Gordon Jobber Is just tbo thing for that
and all other kinds of tine work.
A Good Idea.—Our young friend, J. A.
Danner, has made arrangements to keep
a constant supply of Natatystue Water,
fresli from the'sprlng, for the accommo
dation pr Persona doiriPg
to test it wilt fhad it, cool and fresh, at
the store of Danner & Ziegler.
Elected.—Lieut. J. F. McCreary hav
ing resigned his membership in the Get
tysburg Zonaves, Wm. B. lilystes bas
been promoted to 2d Lieutenant, Wm. D.
froltsworth to Orderly Sergeant, and the
ther Sergeants and paspopals reapective
y advanced.
Good gemariat.—We understeS4 .that
two scholars in the Beridersvlllii
Sunday School recently memorised and
reelied 5,030 verses in one week—one,
(Castles LongsdorX) aged about 16
years, memorizing , 8,000.; and the otlyar,
(gate Treell,) aged shout 11 . years,
memorizing 2,030.
Commencement/ilia' +,'Aiiiitril
eent at ML IttareirlDenelle,
near Etunlifbitiittrg, fook p4Kaion.*47-,
nesilay List. 'Ate" ettenAanae Alke_u 4 o"
sually large, rind the - owesattql:grecoa •
with the preeeneeof three of We seven
Arch bishops in the rnfted State's—Most
Reverends Spalding, of Baltimore, Mc-
Closkey, of New york, nut! PRreell,
cincisnutii. VII* literary giererses were
a laigh, alder. T/aa maxic, furnialual
by the !Sp Cecelia I.*lety of,the College,
under the teatteisbin of that prince of
musicians, Prof. 'Neiman, gave great
satisfaction. Speeches were delivered by
James C. Fenton, Latrobe, Pa., "super
stition"—Beginald W. Jenkins, Bala
inore,"Papacy and Ci vilizatiou"—George
It. McCloskey, New York, "Old Sayings
and Doings"—Henry C. Semple, Mont
goinery,Ala.,"Modern Education"--Wil
11am Mountain, Windsor, N. C., "Puns
and Punning"—James C. Fenton, Vale
dictory; followed by remarks by Presi
dent McCaffrey, and the Archbishops.
The exercises closed with the confer/ tog
of degrees and distribution of pre
The annual College dinner, under the
management of the active and energetic
Procurator, Vice President McCloskey,
was a capital alThir, and highly relished
a_large company.
The Commencement at St. Joseph's
occurred yesterday. We understand that
the attendance was very full, and that
the exercises were unsurpassed in in
l'atiral.—The Ice Cream and Straw
berry Festival, in Agricultural Hall, for
the benefit of the Memorial Church, was
a perfect success in every respect. Two
evenings were announced, '(Thursday
and Friday,) but the Festival proved to
be so pleasant, both to the numerous vials
tors and those holding it, as to cause its
extension to Saturday afternoon and
evening. Hundreds were present all the
time, but on account of the large size of
the Hall, there was no Jam And no con
fusion. There was plenty of delicious
ice cream, furnished by Mr. John Gruel,
with strawberries, cakes, and lemonade.
The entire proceeds, waste told, amount
ed to about $-Val, from which sotrething
for expenses is to be deducted, though
many articles were Contributed in ad
vance. -
The Getty.,burg String Band was pres
ent on Thursday evening and contribu
ted greatly to the pleasure of the occa
sion. On the same evening, the chil
dren at the Orphans' Efomestead, accom
panied by their officers, visited the Fes
tival, at the special invitation of the stu
dents at Pennsylvania College. The lit
tle folks remained about an hour, and
were delighted 'with their visit• They
sang Whilst there,rdhhil we gather at
the River?" very aweelly.
Sirtctiertics.—Mr. Robert Sheads, the
other day, presauted Its with v. lot of
Strawberries, the "Bussell," very large
and delicious—for which he has our
thanks. Mr. Sheads Is growing straw
berries on au extensive scale, on Semina
ry ridge, and, judging from those pre
sented, is meeting with great success.
He is also largely engaged in the culture
of grapes,
- The several fruit and vegetable gardens
growing up around Gettysburg, (for
which the soil and climate are admirably
adapted,) must add much to the comfort
of our citizens, and at the same time pay
well for the proprietors. People hero
will eat, let It cost what It may.
AccideuL—On Tuesday last, Samuel
Criss, 00,11 of Mr. John Crist, of Cumber
land township, fall on a grass scythe, se
merely cutting his right arm over the
wrist joint, severing the ulna artery.
Dr, O'Neal gave the case prompt Uteri
tipp bleeriliig was c..beilk €4.1 to , ve
c,liriiig tale 4 44 , 3 , 1 4 / 1 4 the Vtitietit it tio•
lug well. -
ElanlittAtirry Rallrortfl.—lt Is oilteitilly
announced that books will be opened on
the 10th and 130th instant, hi Eminitts
burg, for subscriptions to the stock of
this road. The charter authorizes the
building of a railroad from
to the Western Maryland Railroad, im
mediately west of Mouoeacy river. The
length of the road will be about seven
011'01101 tl fiat' Bvetialt of
country, and tad uging those ancient and
celebrated institutions of learning, &fount
St. Mary's and St. Joseph's, kie.tted near
Eminittsburg, in close proximity to Bal
timore.— Westminster Dewroci•uf.
you ‘yatit. 4 Kt (if Bfre
Visiting or liusiiiess clartis, Wedding or
Funeral Cards, Lecture, Lail or euneert
Ticket.? Then Dull at the Ca*PILEB oG
134 c, in the second square how the Dia
mond, and neatly opposite the Court.-
noose; and you will be accommodated to
your satisfaction In every respect.
Math from Lou(m, Stingq.—A few daye
ago, in York county, on the road leading
from York to Gettysburg, seven boys,
members of one family, uumed Sclatter,
while out In a cornfield, were stung by
locusts and all seven died. They were
burled and
same day.
—The above we clip from a liarrlsburg
paper of Tuesday, and have only to say
that we don't believe a word of It.
Bridge Contract—The contract for the
building of a covered Wooden aridg i e
aorwJ tlie - TITi - eadiii'qd . ," en ttie road
leading from Trunterstown to York
Springs, was recently awarded, by the
County Commissioners, to Pittentorf ds
cc, at $2 797 _
Nurinal eg
annuation of the slUdeuts in the Gettys
burg Normal School will take place to:
day—commencing at 8 A. M. and con
tinuing mita{ eveuiug. The public are
cordially invited.
Soldiers' Orphans.—. Agricultural Hull
will be open on Friday evening, July
3d, for anniyersitry ex,eretre, prepared
eXPI:es , V I F Krangers,
citizens—ail interested In tlia Orphans'
Homestead—nre desired to be present.
Ncw POBl-Ofce.—A new Pub t-o Mee has
been established at New Salem, on-the
Chambefeburg road, to be called"Me-
Kilightstown"—Jaeob F. Lower, P. M.
i#Pqrrt U italioveY (4I 4.
Islets Oftprok.—We learn that q pew
Ostballe alutrott Wit! be ereiW4 during
the present summer where the old one
now stands, let Btltiniore street, this
place. The work will be commenced
next week.
Bridge Burned.—A bridge across a
stream of water about a mile Wig side of
the Hanover Junction, on the Hanover
Tirane') railroad, was dtviriiyed by fire
on Saturday evening last. It ss not
known how the fire originated.
Destructive Storm.—The storm whieh
passed °Ter this section last 'Friday after
noon, has done considerable damage to
the grain In some Parts of hdams emit/.
ty. The storm between this place and
Oxford was very severe, lodging the
wheat fitid re flat to the ground.
The VFW/ 4gflilt.7—flast Monday evepT
It% two races came off near our bdrnagh
.gt I.llm. Between !torso, belong to
Mr. LC uhn and Mr. If. Teolle, the
latter winnitlitilleraCe. The other race
was between C. itrants, 94 1 4, Sloe,
and P.D. Rf. Uphold, otConowsgo town
ship, Adams county—lir.Brants'a horbe
beating by considerable odds.
dgn •S'etbscribcra.—A'apealkocrtiksc Et*-010en .Cefittery.—ThOr aruit
frienrakEast Berlin sent us, lectlon f*oftgersqr this asaociatioji was
A net oit sixteen campaign subsVbk eld on tteveitatntof the,*l inst, n yesu ft
*Rh thecash In advance. riat#Jer4of ig in th suction of Ow
Soft itairionnected with urtpa id t winggothilliren ;
Inabacribarts, ha performed eilukrf , Pretastaiit—N.Lortathlck,
conscious that in doing so the "good old Managers—George Little, George"washenellted. Lists equallylarge, Spangler, Alexander Cobean, Win. B.
lit not larger , can be gotten up In twenty Meals, John Rupp, Josiah Benner, and
,Loestillisi , lin the county, if some John L. Hill.
A.U4 krolsy orocon f The new Board tens organised by elect
each. tlug Win. IS:Meals §eitretary and Altrx7l
Into the4rtitgie. Dternocrnits, rote Cobean Treasurer.
CE.S, Now The work cannot be As the. Ceuaetery hos tvola° a matter
commenced too soon—and in no way can of gentrid inteteit 'we give. /*wort of
it be more effectively pet (mined than by the Board of Managers in full, showing
spreading , Ma Iruth amtme the people. the financial condition of tho association
If sl.llev it subscribers cannot be secured and its operations during the year: •
in a neighborhood, get ten, or five, or ClETTlsittran, June 2, 11,88
one, and so much will be accotuplished,Tlie ilo
feel called on to render to the
aid of Managers of Fiver-f 3
at any rate. Our terms are low—so Cemetery
low I association an account of their doings,
as not to leave us one cent of profit—but and would submit the following:
all must contribute something toward the During the year wo have endeavored
to obtain additional subscriptions to
end in view, and none can be more (till
ards the liquidation of the debt remain
hng to do a full share than the writer.
lug against the Cemetery, but are sorry
to say that we did not meet with very
good suocess. Consequently the amount
of debt is not much less thou reported a
year ago. Having, by a thorough can
vass of the town, obtained all the con ti
bowing that.iti onrjadgmeut. it is pos,,il-.
hie to secure, and inasmuch its the re
ceipts to be realized front the a.le of lot , ,
&Ai., are scarcely sufficient to pay the ofi•
Binary expynso, of the bs.oeiation, sic
know of sun other means by which the
debt flay be removed but by making an
assessment upon all lot holders"
The Board, by a resolution passed on
the 10th day of June last, reAolved to nit
vance the price of lots to fifteen
for the transfer of enclosed lots live dol.
Mrs and for ummelosed lots [Aso dollar,
and fifty taints, to be paid the ir , .cielation.
We have obtained the suer` nder to the
association of notes given in exchange
for certificates of stock and also of origi
nal certificates amounting together to
GO; thus reducing the stock deb; to
;462.tt1i, which added to $.1:li0.00, the
amount of . ..rt.., el by the as
sociation, anal,[, the tot.ll debt ;Thdr2 !e:,
During the 3 tar we has e realized from
the sale of lots and perinit z.. 519.39, nut
by colloctious ou suh•era ption book ti
SU, which. added to t62....:2 trialance on
hand at our lout settlement, make, the
total cash receipts for tile year ;; , 901.61.
Tim' expenditure , dui in_ tile ear have
been as follows: Superintendent ;•200.00
Borrowed money returned ;300.00; In
tere,ton borrowed money:l24.oo; Certifi
cates redeemed in Um purchase of lots
aiu C , ;; L-talc of J. 'l' uny for
Prm Ling $20.50; nopair, to pump $1 Orr ;
Incidental expenses Total expen
ses for the year $4O 0 7; leas" zi
cash balance in the hauls of the Treas
urer of J. L. Sethi.`.,
,of our fact/Bmi are
fond of impteting perfect mSchinery,
should call hi to see our Potter Power
Press and (Jordon Jobber. They are the
most effective and desirable printing
machines built, and we feel proud in
the possesiou of them. Both are just
what the good practferil printer wan tq—
easily operated and regulated, perfect ur
Impression, and gamest noiseless.
It may be stated dn addition, that our
aloe room has been greatly increased,
adding to the comfort of the workmen,
as well as their facilities for doing work,
and giving us ample sikice for the trans
action of business with our numerous
custoineris friemai-don't
t 'No trouble to show goods."
.Vo Dc.lay.—With our now ample Pi ess
power, no annoyance in the shape of de
lays need be experienced. After le,s
than, an hour's notice, five huudrFil
cards or bill-heads, or other job requir.
ing little type-setting, may be called for.
The two new Pre have completely
up-set all the old fogy ways of doing
things in our lino
Cash.—We had to pay the curb for our
new Press, (with nearly ell Lorton ed
money,) and equal promptness is requir
ed in the purchase of everything else
entering into our business. Will our
patrons please bear this in mind, Mid do
unto us es we are compelled to do unto
others? Our margin of profit is too
small to allow delays in payment. Be
sides, to ninety-mine out ofti, buudred it
is just as convenient to pay when the
work Is done as three or six months (if
ter. Thick of this, friends.
ljetie.eoe ,1 6 1raotis,--The D. S. internal
Revenue officers 414 this District, last
week, seized and closed the distilleries at
George W. Ruby, Adults K. Bertner,sinti
William roust, 411 orldhsewsbury town
ship, for alleged frauds in distilling and
removing Whiskey without paying the
Mx. A few Weelce 91)16, t 4. distillery
of F. 11.4.rtholmal and '\V.Noedel, in
North Codorus township, was also seized
and closed for frauds on the revenue.
All these C.OSIS W7tt hamrliltuted by the
15. S District Court ip l'hiladelphiti.—
Died from a Locust Sting.—On last
Wednesday, Miss Elizabeth (lambler, re
siding near the Temple Station, en the
East Penn'a Railroad, caught a ificgat—
the linit she had aeon—lnn wale exhibit
ing it to her mother, when It stung her
on the hand. The st ingeause'd her znholt
pain, and its poisonous effects ran
through her wimle.systetn i from the
effeets of which she died on Saturday
evening. Miss Gambler Irak a very
amiable young lady, eighteen. years, of
aze, and her yxtirnely death apraada 01
p4ll of Weer the hearts of a
large- eir,ete, of ‘ sentii,iiintAmm. 4. yarn
our filenai;" ell , efYwliefe: to teat of
handling these apparently harmless in
sects, as there can be no longer a doubt
thnt they will itidg, and vie have In the
foregoing an instance of the fatal effect
of such a sting.Tßeadiett Dlopoteli.
1111114 re of the .Peach Orgi).—The
ton (Ad.) Whig says: "There appears
no longer to he • doubt of .I.llB,tritftl.die
struction of the peach crop in this coun
ty. A guidon:pin who o\vns 4,000 trees,
and resides in the heart of the peach
growing region in Sassafras ;iecir, in
formed us this, we ek that his orchard
wouldit'ravelage one peach to the tree,
that lib itoliovett ittio w. s 4.4 e cfiee ,
throughout the peach sectiqq of this
county. 'rhe peach is a valuable' crop
In the first diatriet, and tq * good we
:ion i,t estionated to he worth aboutt 030,-
Are Secure Beyond any Contingency.—
The Union Pacific Honda run thirty
years, are tor $l,OOO each, and haze
coupons attached. They bear annual
interest, payable ttfe (rat days of
January and July, al the Company's of
fice in the City of New Yotk i - at the rate
of six per cent. in gold. The principal
is payable l 11p, gold' 9lnittifiltf. The
price is 102, anti at the present rate of
gold, they pay a liberal leeome on Choir
The Company, , believe that these
Bonds, at the present Tato, are lhO
cheapest seeyrity ig tke market, and re
serve the right to advance the price at
spy time. Siubsoriptions will be receiv
ed in New York. -
Enter(ainment —A Literal Entertain
ment wHi be given at 'Boyd's. School
house, blewviile road, two miles Iran
town, on Saturday evening, June 27, for
the benefit of the Sunday School.
/firy , Making.-7-Our farmers s h e busy
at their hay-making, and a beVier er
better crop they never before housed.—
The genes has hardly ever been bb geher
alb;yq rI tilrOPA t hillt 1 11 4 p9l4lit)i4
itouscAneiners WllO'Woint the worth of
their Money should buy Tin-ware, tic. ) at
S. CI. Cook's, (formerly A. PolleY!s)
York street, as it is welt known his ware
Is made of the very best material. He
also has a full assortineut of the best Cook
ing Stoves to be had, warranted to give
Wlo'4olol* In every respect. A lBO ,
"reserve Ifettles, Metal Boil
ers, 4,rass Fettles, and, ltr fact, a bun
tired others articles, at prices cattalo to
please. He Is also prepared so put up
House and Barn Spouting, at abort notice.
Cook is agent for Munson's Pittsburg
Copper Lightning Pod Turd Fisher's teir
sealing Fruit Can. L't
Il is conceded by t alt who have telttd
them, that Dodge's Patent Ohio and
Plickiynt and. F. Dial..fs Co's World
Reaper and Mower, aro beyond all ques
tion the best in the market, combining
in greater perfection the great essentials
of simplicity, durabllify,' compactness,
aticl lightness 'of draft. Wm. Winte,
Eitilthan township, la the Agent for
these admimble Reapers and 8401,V1303,
and Farmers would do well to examine
them. See advertiseinent t at
"Tv/0 irks odd Ainl azi and has grav
ed that Dr , Wistaios ard, of - WM
Crloerry remetty pus otoomillesioe tut
tha odre of coughs, coals, crorgl, *Moon ,
fug cough, bronchitis, astkiiio,*thieloi
ore ' 'throat and influenaL It cushy
mush& and ma* tnst znferl t %a?
the laritated:parts; It heafirthe -
mation ; and even consumption if
yields to Its Magic Influence.
7', out.—We learn that a p• it ty of gen
tlemen who went on a fishing, excur-ion
to Dublin Gap, caught in the course of
the evening one hundred and ,ev,mty
five trout, some of them over twelve
inches iyou;,—.C:ratc, Gottra.
We can heat that! A William , pott
friend informs us that on Friday last ore
ilaltimore gentleman who tried his skill
at trout Ashitur w one of the mountain
stream far whiell "old I,yooming" la so
ittatly celebrated, captured three 111111(111 , d
and forty of the "speckled beauties" in
seven hours !—Harria/unv Patriot.
We can't beat it, but mean to have
our "fish story" too. Last fall a party of
eleven gentlemen went to the Potomac to
fish for bass, and—didn't catch one!
Major I.'recieiick -.Wet: gar, neil about
years, died at Hanover on Wedneaday
last, (him the &recta of a fall ou the Fri
day previous. He. served LenoraLly in
the battle at Norttc Point, in 1814.
Loom( It.mover .9pcchifor
sity. cunt a little son,of Mr. Jorily,, store
keeper, at Abbottstown, tiled lank week
from the sting of n locust. The saute pa•
per also rtportsereral emes in York
Ifousekeepere mid otlictit wanting good
Cooking Stoves, the best in the market,
warranted to bale 4ud give batiafaction;
or soy tiling Itt Ron iIP l'in Ware, dawn
-.4,041ew Ware, Chamber beta,
Area and Spice Buitts, Ice Cream Free
zers, WaterSmleia, Coffee Mille, Bird
.Krpit_jars and
ilotsVatiyi. Oat linitißt,tow CAL Adv.:urn t.
at the Ware-rnuin of Cul C. H. Ilnehlei,
corner of Railroad and htrvet,
Pil*MintiVr Petioti .tad at
prices whit:kali:ay sotripetition. 11
Summer having CaMe at ht , t,
body is layjni aside, thelt yi kit . rig and
substildtlink steak scpuicirtable clotting.
Now is the Little toga Ready-made Clo-
Ultag..and Francis Cuuutitg,liata's, oppo
site ther" k lar unit Sentinel" office, just
the place to get them. lie its late 144-
gest, otock ()rev 01097iel in Qettysburg,
and sells al prices Igat'cail he heat.
Call and e4affilue tor yourselves. it
.4 Full attention of
Farmers, Builders, Contraetun, and oth
ersie Justlied to toe large sisaurttneitt of
LifINIBtR of all kinds su Italia- for build
ing purposes, to be found ut Col C. 11.
BUEHLER'S I,uuitper Yard, at earner qt
Carlisle and RaiJrwul striavis
ditu 1-144r4e, Plank's, Flooring, Siding,
Laths, Pickets, Shingles, &c. Also l'osta.
hewed and "sawed, With prime Fencing
Boards, white" Pineand Hemlock. Hls
stock is not only large, but hie arrange-
Meats are such that he can sell at the very
lowest cash rates. Ake, constantly- on
hand, tllacketuith, Lime-InirrterS'
Stove C 0.... tr
The grcal amount of lions contained by
the ladies Ia drowsing and arranging
tlptlll*.tninitotalte any article which
would reasen their labor particularly' de
sirable. Ring's Vegetable 'Ainbrobia
leaves the hair in such.condition as ii
renal tkersing hurtarrtutgilig it
very Vidif It Intitsrts , to it that
ii pi eu ai l l 40,4 appearance so in nth ad
mired, °legated th 43 Beall) from ‘l3ll4r4fr
aortal! Lamm*, and prevents balatoehe ;
promotes its growth, and restores gray
&Oh to its original color. Jo/telt:. lm
. .
Radical Reeicirt4oA - 1 1 -4 tlead efreQts
are perm:theta. It pot only rentores the
colot of the bah., nut the quantity atrei
natural glonsine,s. l'hia in nalti by
every one using Mrs. B. A Allen 4 1111-
proved frier444, 01; vligrl,cat u ier nr
sling, tin yant b;.411.c. gvury Druggist
wily it. ff Ice One [ otlur. lm
THE Pitigbarg Dispute/I (Radical) a
Sew days ago saki :
"Yesterday a State held a CougreQszon
al election—the young State of Oregon,
Polltielana 1411 aaStioasty , nW*4 tale re ,
silt, as ilrill4astleateretty plainly the
bt e of fealing on the Vocalic coast.
'The present , election will letermine
the question whettrar or not there has
been a rea t atiou against this Democratic
increase. 1k will also determine the posi
tion' of the 'State to the election next
The result in Oregon has (If:tern/Ned
the citlestiort that, therii ly uo reaction
steady Democratic Increase,
and fixes the po.,ition of the State in the
election nest fall certain tor Lhe.uotninee
of the 4th of Jul' Convention.
Tribune, a leading Republican Grant or
gan, says :
"Geu. Agger, 14 lot knqw4, has never
Weil la favor of Cieueraf (*raises election
to the Presidency ; nor has he ever been
over-scrupulous In the means employed
in compassing his defeat. Uls 'toupee
ten that Ittere (IR cittws uikrinnd eg uall Y
malngnaut add unscrupulous losld,e the
Republican party."
figt tbe eloctiap It' Vill/ i stisileckti
014 a great maa t y iloolieette Peebles Valt
weco oot taoorobla to the Success of
"the grootest. It? 11,1411 olitottaln of the
TR* laWer Iltruad of Congrel y t
voted i'w
d - rednee the tax on his
50 cents a gallon.
sus 4 4luotices of the Peace.
V The ites of "ilttillerna and Justices of
he Petite In 'ti fit , eificept in the
Ity of rhiltdpktla, t /14 flows: ; C
etretrtilt ot ompl nt on behalf of
the commonwealth, for every ten words,
two cents.
Docketentry on behalf of the common-
I wealth, twenty pulls.
Warrant or rttittlktiA, on I bet tileof the
.t COW Well Vidlikttliss CesUltss
Writing an examination on complaint
of defendant, of st dePositioe for every
ten words, two cents.
Acipt blistering an otit,h, or •ttlrerafiop,
ten cents. ' • .
I Taking recognizance in any criminal
ease, anti retutuiug the saute to court,
fifty cents.
Entiilag jatignient Ott conviction for
fine, twenty eente.
Reeoi ding eon% let inn or copy thereof,
for every ten words, two yenta.
Wai runt to levy flue or forfeiture, for
ty cents.
Raid Rises and return, or mersadeleul,
twenty live cents.
Discharge to jaunt , twenty-five cents,
Entering discontinuance in case of as
sault and battery, forty cents.
Entering complaint of mister, mistress
or apptentlec,„ twenty (cute.
Notice to master, mistress or appreu•
ties', twenty-five cents.
Hearing putties, and discharging coin
' plaint, forty cents.
Holding inquisition under landlord
and met, or in eastr - of forcible eh
tiy, each day, two dollars.
Precept to sheriff, fifty cents.
Recording proceedings, one dollar.
of reqltutton, fifty cents.
Wariatit to appraise damages, folly
Wai rant to sell ,trap, fifty rents.
\\ arrant to apprake swine, entering
rttuut, ath ell:L.111g et cetera, one dollar
and tiny cent-s.
Entering action In civil case, twenty
t ., 11111111011.4 lap, or sub , each, twenty
EN cry .I.ldlttulla/ name after the first,
live tents.
seisip.ratt dace s /cruel, • t Wen ty-free
Entering returnofsutpntnas,andqual
tog constable, fifteen cents.
Entering copiers and ball Wild, ten
Every continuance of ~suit, teu cents.
Trial and Judgment, fifty cot Lit.
Entering judgment by confession, or
by default, tweitty-tire cents.
Taking spieler hail, twenty-live cents.
Entering satisfaction, ten cents.
Entering anne.ihle suit, twenty cents.
Entry rule to take, depos'ittons of wit
ne-ses, ten'eents.
Buie to bike desp , ..itic,ll4i of witnesses,
ten cents.
InterrugatotiL.?, for every tea words,
two cents.
Entering return of rule, ten cents.
En term ii rule to refer, ten cents.
Bolt of referende, fifteen cents.
Notice 10 each referee, ten cents.
Notice to a pasty in any ease,, fifteen
Entering a report of retareo, and judg
ment thereon, fifteen vents.
Eiiecution, twenty-live eon ts.
.Entering return of execution, or stay
of pl al itilY, forlo bona, nun 1 , 41 int', nine,
or otherwise, fifteen cents.
Entering discenti u mince, or salisfatieu,
ten tents.
Sei fit., In any case, thirty cents.
Opening. judgment fur re-bearing,
twenty cents
jtetlirn of proceedings in errthirari, er
appeal, including reeognizance, fifty
cents. ;
Tt iniserlpt ofjudgments, including cer
tificates, forty cents.
Receiving amount of judgment berme
execution or where execution Ncas issued
and special ball been entered within
twenty days after judgment and paying
the same over, if not exceeding ten dol•
Zara, twenty cents.
It above ten dollar., alll not exceeding
forty dolldrs, itfty rents.
if above forty dollars, and not ttifeed.
lug sixty dollar:, Revolts -five cents.
if above sixty titillate, one (tidier.
Entering complaint, in writing, in
Case of attachment, and qualifying com
plaint, [bit ty cents.
Attachment, thirty cents.
Entering return, and appointing free
holders, fifteen cents.
Advil tisetn cuts, each Ilftoett edits.
innes to sell fip.aals, twenty -11 cc cents.
()filer fur the teller of is pauper each
Justictr, fifty cents.
()rile' fur removal of a pauper, one (hit
Order to seize goods fur maintenance
of wile or children, tinily cent..
Under fur I.i . ennuili fur wolf or fox
Rollns, to Lie paid, by,. the county, lifteuu
Every acknowledgment or probate of a
deed or other imitiument of wilting,
ENN city five cents.
and , igni lig acknowledgment
tin indenture of on appreuliee, for each
indenture, twenty-live cents.
Cancelling indenture, twenty-live
Comparing and signing tUlt 4 1 1Pliefite,
fifty cents.
Marrying each couple, making report/
theleof, certi;ltate to patties, three
Cerftfteare of approbation of two Justi
ces to binding an apprentice by directors
or overseers of the poor, fifty cents.
Certificate to obtain land warrant, 111.
ty cents.
In proceedings under act of one thou
sded siglit,huudredi and forty-tliMrsuii
one thousand eight hut/tired dud arty
Live, attachment, forty Cents.
Entering retorts ileent.Pave °""..
Arld4Vir, ten mite,
Bond,'lwerd,y-tive cents.
Entering rule, et cetera, or garnishee,
each ten cents.
LdertegatorieS, every ten words, two
Notice to garnishee, ban cents,
Same fee for ser v ices nut hereto spenini
ly provided fur us fur similar iwrviees,,ll:.,'
Executing variant uu behalf of the
Commonwealth, lbr each delecitisut, nifty
Conveying tokid, iii nii?thnus, or war
rant, for each defendant, fifty cents.
:trusting, a vagrant, disorderly per
son, or other ()Wender against the laws,
(without prudes,) and bringing before
justive, tiny cents.
Levy ing a tine or forfeiture ou a war
rant, thirty
Taking the body Into custody on hal
aulus, whine bail is afterwards entered
before the prisoner ix delivered to the
jailor, fifty cents.
Serving subocena, isiteen teats.
Seyving smausonit ur notice 1111 referee,
culler, - master, mistre.s, or apprentice,
personally, or lay copy, twenty
Arresting on emoins, Nifty
Taking ail bond on animus, or for de
livery of kticKts, twenty ciente.
Notifying plaintiff where ilefebilfmt has
been arrested CM capitis, to be paid by
plaintiff, twenty cents.
Executing landlords' warrant, or Sere
log ex-4091,141u, fifty cents.
'faking hi'venfury cif gomisi basil item,
two cents.
Levying or distraltting gcsalt
tug the woe, for each dollar not esseed
lug thirty dollars, slit wits,
Vox each dollar above thirty dollars,
foot cents
And halt the commission shall be 91-
lowed where the money ta-pattlafterlbvy
without sale; bat cotrimleutou - shall '
' Iti any case, be' taken ou' *bore than the
real debt.
Advertising the same, fifty cents.'
attaclitueni, thirty-titre
Copy of vendue paper, w ben demanded,
each item, tire cents.
Putting up notices of distress, at men
tion house ' or other public place , on tine
premises,. twea tiS,oet.ltat„ -
Serving 'acireJacraii persbnally, twenty
Serving by leaving a ohm s twenty
.Executlng a ball piece, thirty cents.
Traveling exoduses in all eases, for
each mile Circular, six cents.
Making retinues to court, one dollar
and fifty cents.
Attending general electinnsi two dol
town4iiix ward or
borough election, three dollars,
Same bunt fiatiesxvioestatotA4ervin
ally-pt'oy(4eef fur as for similar serviette.
Ting Witi,T , kia,avair. — The random
In reward eouutles on the Mistern Shore
of Maryland lira now engaged in
ting their wheat. Theroare noise. coiri
pplg_of,rust sad ,tho .cfrecta,ef ;
amp-usiiithim" tiltyonseally: a g.d
crop is atalcipated,--Sua,
Ilthessee or the Sealy
'Cho tine of
will rest Ore ft to 'unions' color nod promote
Its growth.
Our Treatise on t 1 hale la rout free by 1,11111.
P. ItAT,I, & INnshon,N. H., Pruprtetkkrs.
Tung 5, PIM .110
ntwr elothertivith Most* Or rich Mork wird brown
'irnTr wonid, If tht.r. were untort unutell
from It otrIMTADOT{OI4IYrE, belito to
red, s , aißrgrtiS., Mid ttf tty. It'll It
the one deft.tek At tli,.lr persotott
/mt.,' remedied
it:tit/LISTA/W/10'8 lirmn PT ,
reJolnelu 'bull . gum/ turf u UV. awl recuidunnual IL
to nil wbo rtiottro n perrotn, dye, Mannar/et nron
by 3.crtrstiDoitri, ry 31:11t1vn TAW, Ni w York.
14 40 A by Applit4 ly ki,ll Bolt
Jun. , Int
Tob ('elelltltedlVenlttnn V.lnlntent.
n 11.0 Wundutlial 00004, gum and In4tuntanvona
I.ellon, In ed.. of Chronic lihennotthott, 11,101•
11(410, TOnlll4ollo, Cute, Burns, (bile, Cmmpg,
1/31,,0nt..r)•, etc., LIVI - e aqtonbilled the rlvlllrk,l
otll. It in /10 now Cat..h.peun,y but on art hlv
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hunetrptlß of dollars, ntd loan)* hours of suffering
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andtiler) ) Lehi at 010 0 to Ito 1.1111-111111111
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till Ito tlw of lo st 1,10011 or votkrh,t Mild. Nit
watt, a., It )00 no 01111,101.0 1111'1111. 1011-
161.4—try t huh ttml ) utt a 111 h 0 hurt• to lilt) again
and re-,,,inw-nd to your Wendts. Ilundr,,l4 ut
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l'uttlatult w' 1 orll.
Juno 1, IV. Ink
Nllstaer 144.1.atua of Wlla Cherry.
Fur t:..• ,i 31.• or t'oug u, Colds, 110.3n.m04., .1 it -
ins, I itthieUm.4,, L'rut.p, l e aping 1.4.111111,
th,dx,r,011.1...11.10u to Cwi.ul.l)4lou, Se., Sr.
Thl, gr,it 1,4 too woll known and oa
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to go Into an elAllor ttr ak,t,,lon of Itwawrit,
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TL>fIIONY OF Vlt. 1'1:1'1;11 :1111\1'.
w Vilma:limo, N. Y., 16. e. 10, thitS
S, W. Powto& Son, Bo.o.m:
(lentlonn•n—lnning the wltttrr or 1.64 I a nw
tat mot It out to loolltlb Oh It Fig, pi,
Cough, Vain' to the hills. gild Illn/tf , , All ll A 1.1. tuo - it t
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t'ottls, 11.11 , 1 Sit 1,111131 .1).0101.1, 110 W DI UM'. !Md
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1.% hl.l II W. 1 II \\ Nl,-
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Fnn scicorri.%.
In an Ila mauilbld foruis
JAVA 1/OuNNIt, 1,41 , of PnrkerNburg,
ri leN IN I), .lu.leri, July 3,14110 W.
..1 lull >7 Running e 011711101114,1
taking oar InnltU Wutee, tut SILL Luny cni 1.
cured NI Serpflan."
1.1 ri pun. F. 14,14 on 14 14,41 n/ 4.011. t/ usolvent. Vt
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New 1”1. , ,, all Dr ogonlx.
JuNt i , 146 . 5. 1N
A Alt.w.ltconkly for fousulopliou. •
IIL)1.Al1U/1 Who had Coasotalaltof 1144 revorat
>earn, u lnyueut ilt I..?I,IWAVA ut 11A • euretl,
hl we. It 4411 .4 I 1 10 , /lellle WOMAN, 1 GI the 1440.
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to all 11.tia• of tots - stat y, Loaft.lhor 4.1114 11 4414111
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0k4.15«,1 tile Longs Ito plot', nt a Ito : MI.1o11 Ito
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Nic,l b. latel W a 3 exp./P.4, 8. ad rot a etreo tar or
cull oa Da. E. ItUYI.. , T,IN JACKaI)N,
No. lU) North TeuthlifrotA;Plolll,
:goy S, J , C3. I)
A (Aril tu &taw Ladies
Pll.l/4 run VE.IIAI.IOI.IIIIJ/or its turrect•
an( I rregaiarltioa, ltanloving Uwwt.uellolle4.l the
Monthly 'raring, hunt witataver Canso, Jana al.
wnya tineoetairni an a Proventive
Pt mnkr peettlimiy hltualaa,ur thlowsagyaaalint
themarlota Si, are wmtianed against. wait* ilaca,
Pals I,lllle In that tonMtlk,ll lest 13,par
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111 tiles, will prevent an) 550.640 K. liculhit,
I la. , Dia. , hilt ben 414.• • by .1011$ M. Vl/1411, Druggist, Sri
Agent, for liettysliurg, Pa.
Lathes, by stiisilLuxb ttit, 11, titroug„li lllu 1t..4 0r
1i.% Call hove the Pills
auy part atilt C.ll/11 ry,.`trte ut plAtagt.
Met 1,11.44. ly
New 31,1arrInire Guide
ESSI,Y FOlt YoUNii 11 EN, ~n Phrranht.
glen) 'neraire. Abused and 'thoraxes, liwitiviit
Ynath Una tinily Nfanieenel, which cleat. 114.
pediments to MAliittAult:, with Min! inemistd
MILL S. la In m.,n041 It lter I^.o
1 , 1n0t,.. Address' Ur. .I.BKll.l.lNll.olAtdiTlis s i s
[lnward Association, Philadelphia, Pn,
Dec. El,
1/eathroa, 11Tltrtl Mea alit, Catarrh,
with by I,r. J.
LiA2l.<l,oaulita yarl.l,url,t, fkirlllar) //
11011.111, MIS Street,
W 1161.4 *W.14414 from tl.n wort twurel.4 Ite
(•tts and Cu/it/try cuts be Sects aL Ills 011115.,
TOO nt0g1.44.14wp11.311ee/tIIIM/Ir
/11/ it path 0I , • as he I l mx 110 ....relet 11l Illx yrre
tlle. .11t1114 tat e) es /11., led wltiumt 1%\1 , 11.
Itargeslde f.Ji i,,1/1111.4101/.
M 3 ). /, 11,
awn W,tGE3 rvlil bigltlen WrLnst e n hands,
Apply Immedlacely to
lay 12, Via:S. lt
ELGMT MLLb 1 , 101,11 CIETTYgBeILa.
P.' r.t7'i'l.NW Ere., Prop'r
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the N vriusAi. wirku.... Ip. C.lirogo, 111111
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lion of the pulpit , to hlr mute, (Sr oee t etie ee l,,.
flows Pecoeue deArltte W 4.mA a leer tsr
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Wln Lima lu the 00LUIty. A good sod Lust Ok .
W Lars awl Liquors. Charges reaSaaahle.
Jane Lb, LOW. Sm
Robert a Armor,
Alfa Middle 4., katta - kaairficm4 ow aurt--awAsw.
° ro g gl y cluitrit i tre 1. 4 .1 0,4 1 ur l i lna i b r j.l2,l l ,!
anses% sat at prklediu4 low oo 4ata-:Kiwably 1;e
Afforded Le make. Wiled.
frAid AIM feeedisliod, 'rya Clientlellers,.
Bff.ifff.. Drop Tddlits, die.; slut WATKII, PIPE,
Stops, Top and Frost spigots, east altort., eve-
Uthi beaungiug to aati ur water fixtures.
lie la Hung, awl lorulobed It desired.
De; Li, leg. 4
8004i, -
4.OaNT.S Vt".TE/}
To &Mel t ordent (or Dr. WaLltatt
OP TILE BIBLE. Tar. uNt.y wurriuM Pr 11-
I.I3LIED IS AMElitr t. CONnElltuttr 11x. H3(l
oar* tritAlr kr nolo ituvolarafooo wol Luaus' laths
truted with over Ir. sr...laud wood °nonwhite,
Agents stud saluet Wed the that you et, Die
gna+A caii•oit bit '
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publish"; hr alessro. Burr & Co t ., la the Oath/Au
Vett Ouweepothoutith guys whoewtr "ashes ftl
get, In tne cheapen& Sono. the Lord InetlutouT of
the Itthle, should bay tia44
e Agelit4 are ilapPeitl& lijAk unparalleled ittlerSlP.,
employ 11 . Ortliettol dpqth and
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taltenthore Of olaalthir directly With the i'`tld3..
thateriptdyst dreuLtra wail full
part Itathiga Sad tempt, addru Mat publirthers 4
J. N. UMW & IXI, Mulford, Conn.
May 214/tlth.
Ataesiescas intherfeci to the late nrinior ite
cUUDY t MEW, will platen cell tend settle .
If not rend before the let of December, the Books
wilt be kit In the htuels Moe either for yolks.
non, wl Mout rev n 1 to persona.
Oct. 11, IWO. tf
OWN, Oa=
ri_itEliii4iCASTLE iiiAp:urrt
lir the beet Cradle hi 1106.4=milt
by - ' a. filtEit.FY.
114 .1 A W. Id
tki males soul& of Eletivainini.
"' VAIN* 014 (*pet and BAWL
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