Gettysburg compiler. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1866-1961, May 08, 1868, Image 2

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"telt: tvit,4
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i l4 r 'Sl l4 I V' t-SAI44rA owilor4oavig.
if. i I', 4 - 1 t' 1 white ro
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fijiBrs~n~~iil~js~fl In
rll4 r'l to the result
df tiii::lhijgaehmetit NVltehing
'4oiChifreiltioidebt df the' 'lnftittlelghhi'
PeNVOYEtitt:tChfit tire If:tale:lJ thee r 4 the
'‘ ,l o•te : r etot4lTOl' o . otolittitititt 440t0 to
'll2 ,l ttl+ott 4 htlralilicineul'ltidi , littittnitig thy
trnl etiflundltterm: The fiends of Wado,
Wt fsee, I , \ - ntfin arvi Curt , u ark'.
eiteereliho,l3rl tiptfefuum In working up..
tCe tniorAtA or theit oeverah emelhlitte%
'Tito Wlttiti%(ln'nre urging nn Immediate
veldtet, crhltst other , not: that It lie du
iirrett'unttl tete? the Chkago• Radical
Cnnorntion'. 1! eortesponclent of the
lste:o o York ffernld ~n3.Fillut Senator res•
willynte ngitibt+t tiN,etiehmi;rit,
ttint tarry 't:Th'aigh Iteptirk.
limns w 461 1 .16) to secure the l're4hlent's.
nequi trot. We shall see.
THE Pcoev: have read the evidence iu
016." trapeat.littient . trlal; 1111,1 are eon-
Iniii•A that the tuttna,;cni liaN : e uo ept.c.
the Seotite-tnay convict, hot the mat•les
will ~daeidc the ri•cAticitt 1,0 guilty.
Impeachment - *TIM Lound the death
knell - of tint 'Radical party or Of the Re•
public. tt,'would he for the p eopletusay
idthe I.ollbtlmx w Lleti It nllquld tic k A
TOtigie colitipilaciee of ltudicnl fauatic4l
nd d'eningegu6 in power, wuuld be noth
'briillliort of national t.ulchle.
_ .
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STEVENSN 111.M-111E31 Y. 7 . 11:34e1.1.1
St.11:01Y said lii-the cour.c of 'llO
on the Impeachment trial, that doliii•
sorl'A tteat4on to the Republican, party
WO "holier than the betrayril by Judi'.
1 earlor, 'who wily bi li-avrel a iinvtc buil
t '1661." XII' old man, tottering on the
v .rke'or_the grace, who can indulge in
et , ti 'bitieptieniy, must; be hardoned in
il .d—titmity Tor the leadership of a
iiii)fr'erignfted In breaking - up the beet
go Trhnrelit the world 6i...0r Hair.
7P.v.turs 'compared the violent
di - it/WA re eimiNe of IYuttiv :And hi,t
znanageim iu Impeachment to the
peacilec t of the Chinese, nho matte a
gre'.tt noise to frighten away their ene
mies, and to the' explosion of tuo hun
dred Mir fifty tons of gunpowder at it
safe. inatanee from the walls Of h fort;
With 'the expectation of reducing it - to
ruins. TLIy alitkon to Butler's powder
boat and Its ridiculous inefficacy drew a
general laugh front the auditory.
WHO Was itntxrrn THE 8611TH 7-
9'here in one truth so patent that it is a
proverb Ina dozen languag.s. Tt Is , says
the New 'Yea . 17crahl, that the man
who erten "stop tide!" most Instils is
IrlOilt frequently the thief himself. Mr.
ItUntWell adoptit MIS ruse in his at gument
where , he accuses Mr. Johnson of having
nrietiv to fath
er the results of the ratlica iliey with
regard to the South upon Mr. .lohnsmt,
and to make him appear a wretch before
the Senate by imputing 'to hint the acts
vd the party that he haw fought without
instilled* pause. Mr—Bout Well says " ten
Slates of thfil/tdori are without law,
without sedulity, without safety; public
order everywhere pubilejustiee
nosehere respecied. Forty millions of
the•pebjtle'haie been 'rendered anxious
Mid Aineertain t's to the preservation of
pttblk, 'pekes and the perpetuity of the
instithtions freedoin in this country. "
'frac, every sentence; hut what has it
got to do with the Prealde•nt4 Surely, it
anybody , la be Impenohed for this it is
tire destruetive, reekt&s, disorganizing,
part bum Congress of the rotted States.
'l•Hu siisjority - for the "Constituttou"
end tlic.negro. ticket to South Candies
i. over At this, FAreey, in his
"two papers, both daily," exclaims.
"timid Republican victory !" "There is
arnnethiag sotilirne," adds Forney, "I
the reconstruction of the State of John 0.
Alsillioun." True enough; it is very suli.
lime to bee a squattrir from Ohio (Scott)
invested with the executive duties of
,South Carotitta; and it is equally sublime
to Neerthe'big negro (Oonlosa) placed in
the aline , of Secretary of State. What'
are** veining to? Suok are the "vie
tots" Over which* Fernery, who la a ne
gro hybrevet, rejoices.
TllislY (1 0 ?Lliefure the
elect/pp In chicav i , a oorrespoutient
aa i ya i 4e,/iamlitsula , iii that city declared
ihat Ant went for the Democrats, the
Radical Nat/punt Ctonvention "should
4011,4ipprind . : 4osoule wore loyal section."
4 1 4F 1 IPPAPae grule_Detnocratic, and it
ttterefom tlcetuea t a titteation as to where
the,ita i slitieht,will go. All the great, Att s
]antic dike bp.veflongeinoe bet:011,10 Dem
, egetlp.,guat now that the gnioiest of In
, ;14tutl ties a ltge deserted z iltemtlAt Pamlico'
.party, where will they go? ,Trots still
pue, refuge ! othir . h me3t, he-pointed
•taiViirto , tbi'Y A 54 4keakY if find SY l"lia s
thAtig o {rtendti for a year longer, and that
..,feelaVit t itl}hagtoo. City :rho Capital has
. 11 . 49 legieketed hdo the hands of Ate
negross, , who doubtless
Would be glad to entertain their Boston
ntiff*rF ea l cuk G tends.
C . • cl+Zzliv South
"4inc*)elsi" o .ol course) has fatified "de
fi onstipp t h e q,;, by 43,4u0, npjßri cx, „He
trefklj: ev how wany lance u.eS the ,gigs
v . iitm), North Carolina, lie_, says
ficaror:4?,, , ,fiir, the "constitution" in 43'
edwitiee 13,440, and 45 to hear fiotW.
Ott:Mt:ADE bays the Giorgio
Parried ”de constit.usbath" lii
that Statttland elected lltdlock, Radical;
but that there till' be a white Democrat•
lc leirtslatur • :
' " ittik Devnoelsey eveiyivhere thrOugh
ikt thel*tate - Shotild take early and
"ttrtr'ineattirefl to explain the Registry.
likle'to the maple and make arninge
'"iirentig,"thentigh committees and other•
"wltlt; l tognatiry every eitizf.n who fa en
iTtkd t to vote. Let no votes be loot
through Ignorance or neglect of the new
tretiMentientn. '
Vialaua liaatauft was Inaugurated
at New' Nanteu oin 'Wednesday, , Thet
passidevaNkatadmilitaiy, was unusually
Bast Elassionitle. Governors will soon '
beaussaaturfasikon.sgaisu •
- AliwrimiCArclasryar la New Iluven
le neftimedimgh Au; reuraak thal.."the
exidena,against President Johneas la
juatily sanding. vicious
..1110 W 41 1 0 tban440411111101100i." True as hue
4 p
lie country perish •
. , pities hqldent,lid o4r?eo tuay
„ 1 111
l'4lie 441Auelilailveri Ipin
,ooll4,B•:4Pril:4l . t,
OA 4 tliEliiiikieT2Wf. 4/1;;Iii en
tered u=gui .. hiCaltite"ririleitteri
,Atedille iiii;mik, Itendsi, tit Is.
/aped.Mii4iberamillanakst owners NaLle-.
.1 taimily,4llllo4 Mien ikiik , inimailate. pre
-4AM10NP1tiv.4).4,4b,...4,1. ,1•...44.4 ~.
, lid• r ilLaQI 0) u.u. .o ,„, 1,:,
14.-rtArl 11 . 1,11101 - 11 tr.,"
'tr. Evarts concluded hil extr.kordi
nardy ( 1 , 1
Friday, at o'u •Alltr a shitt r
Mr.: , ttr}lbtlteomtgettted.
still in feebh4tedith, could notelreAill
the high galailt tility..theittute orit;glit •
and tilt fief ol
voice against the Improper r.tmnai of
the Executive of the Nation. Ile entered
upon a thorough revh•tv of the faek, an d
tidjosnontont until
Saturdit • Itc te.utnel, but nt
6Pro‘v 8%61'1;4111's &kraal
fatigue. Mr. ick, who attended
eotrnserclurlag4iatirtal, 4hdif rend
train the prfated iftwatoit tat th t'elotto of
the argurnema, talwil: Mr. *farther? re.
Rainer( the findv, ithe
leering elorrnontlinit ttnprewdi a perera r
Hennbare, It was not at all nigsremity for,
the riefenae of tilebrforithillit Shut .1 ti the
exercise of that dimirctiou which the
law allows;tii him he fauna be put to
'pave that hie Intentions Weren't Sent.
He has gape far beyond the necessities of
his Cass.. Never were good intentions
and honest motives noire , thoroughly
proved than they have been proved In
tide ease. I repent It, that if everything
else were made out, this treat excul
patory fuel twist absolve him Dom art
I criminal 11.toility. And now, tienator-i,
r 1,,,,, duce with the law and the fact ,
of the ert-e'. There remains for me, how
ever, a duty to perform—one of solemn
Import and obligation—a duty to niv
sin lit, to Loy Minter chief, to toy friend.
There May Le tinee among you, Sena
tors, who cannot find a core of guilt
against the ('resident; there any be
thoAe among you who are not satisfied
that a case fur, impeachment has yet
:amen, but are fearful of the consequences
of an acquittal. Lou may entert.ii u
vague apprehensions shot, ffti.Med with
the suceess of an acquittal, 1 he Proffitt, It t
will pruoeed to acts of violence and revo
lution. Senators. you do not know ur um
deist:lnd the men. I cannot say that,yipi
Willfully misunilerstand him; for r, too,
though never an extreme party man.
have fait inure than once in the heat
of_party atilliete the saute hitter nail
tinenniproinking grit"l that may now an
imate yon. no time hits bee II 0110 n I
16oltest , upon Cameral. Jackson as the
,datuserous of tyrants. 'Pone has
been v. hen, day after day, I expected
to see loin inaugurate 'a roof ehon, nod
y'et, biter his administration sea , crown
ed with suceenri end eustnined ley the peer
pie, I lived to see hint gracefully Herren
der his great powers to the Inutile that
con ferresistlashi r emaklackler the softening
I leflececcfs Ail, tittle Icame.Ao regard him
ria itica tyhwt, !natio 01111 yr die most
holiest and patriotic Men. - ' ' '
Now listen for a moment to one wlicr
understands Andrew Johnson better
than most of you, for his opportunities
hare been greater. Wien, nearly two
years ago, ho called MO from the pur
suits of my professional life to take a scat
In his cabinet, L answered the cull under
a sense of public dirty. I came here al-
I mart a Stranger to him and to every
member of the cabinet except Mr. titan
tau. We had been 'friends for many
years. Senatom, need I Sell you that all
my tendencies are conservative? You,
Mr. Chief Justice, who have known me
for a third of u century, can hear me
witness', law, not arms, is my profession.
From the moment that I was honored
u bib a seat in the cabinet of Air. John
son, not a step wits taken that did not
conic under my obeervation, 'iota word
Was said that escaped my attention. i
regarded hint closely in cabinet; and still
more in private nod confidential eon ver
tedium I saw him often tempted with
bad advice. I knew that evil counseltors
were' niers than once around hint. I
observed him with the most intense
auxiety, but never In word, in deed, In
'thought, in action, did I discover in that
:min anything bet loyalty to the consti
tution and the laws. Re stood firm as - a
rock against all temptation to abase his
own powers or to exercise those which
were notentirerreiropiiit hint. Steadfast
and self-reliant in the inidstraf ail ditHeul
ty,vrhen dangers threatened, when temp
tations were strung, he looked only tothe
constitution of his country arid to the
Yee, Senators, I have seen that man
tried us few have been tried. I have
seen his confidencii abused. I have seen
'hi in endure day after day,privations such
as few men have ever been' celled upon'
to meet. No mon could have met them
with latore`sablitne patience Kamer or
later, 'however, I knew the: expiration
must comet And when it dirt wale, my
only wonder was that it had been' so
into* delayed. Yes, Senators, 'with all
'tile faults, thin President has been more
al lied against thaosinning. Fear not,
n, In aertnit Min. The constitution
the country is as safe in his hands
r..,oin violence es It 14111; in the hands
1 • Washington. But it, Senators, you
condemn him ; if .you strip Muir of the
tribe of office; if you degrade him to
the utmost istretch of your power, mark
the prophesy: The strong arms of the
people ME aViiiirBITTI. They will
find away to raise idea from any depths
to which you may consign him, and, we
shall live tp see hint redeemed, and to
hear the majestic voice of the people:
I - Well done, faithful servant, you shall
have your reward.
Itlit if, Se/tutors, as I cannot believe,
I but has been boldly said with glmost
°Metal patictlon, your votes have been
I ctinvaseetinnd the 'loom attic , Presiden't
sealed, then let that judgment not be
ppaountied iii this Senate chamber, just
here where our Camillus, iu the hour
cif greatest peril, single-handed, met and
baffled the enemies of the republic; not
here where he stood faithful anion the
faithless; not here where he fought the
good fight for the Union and the consti
tution; notin this chamber, whose walls
echo with that clarion voice that in the
days of our greatest danger carded hope
and COlll (alto many a desponding heart,
strong &tiny _with., banners. No,
hot here; seek out rather the derkeet
arid' gloomiest chamber in the subterra•
bean reetosea of the eapitol, where the
ehoerful light of day never enters.—
l'irece erect the altar and immolate the
Mr. lttugham, fur the managers, closed
the argunteut on the case, commencing
ou Monday,and closing on Wednesday.
The speech, 'strong only in taut, disap
pointed public expect:talon, Tteptiblkans
even declaring that it damaged impeach
/eak mire than tlie President.
not,lakely that a verdict will be
readied before meat week. Opinions
vary as Lathe seoult.,Aud a number of
betehave been, wade at Wonhington
Aetlh, Theintpeaelieraarereportedhahe
uncertain and depressed, whilst _the
friends of the President are more
hal. A' few days, however, will tell the' I
',whole hale- r _whether there are elght, Re
publicans do the Senate bociaat enough
tra rhatAilsove,party and record theicsol
iataectordatiee with the law
and flea facia—for %atm this thread now
have Eke midwife ease.
`The New:Yorlr, and °tiler journals,
abound with elaborate ealtalations as to
the: flea! vote Pill the High Court of Ito
petehmedt. We fancy the folliewing
from 04 Netr York Herald evoke about
as near ae Ca 110 W • t'to the 'truth :
AU statement!' purporting to tell what
the votes of Senators wilt be on the Im
peachment articles areineorrect: 13trice
the Cita Wan atitheSettators have re
trained from making any reference to it
and avoided oil expressions of opinion.
There have been trio or three exeen-
Untie to the g,eineral rate, ft is trite, but
the great body of the members have mil
served a dignified silense,,not ever.' re
ferring to' the trial aitiongt
O heir Luca t inti
With the pressure or
Which have been briefly noticed, the
prevalence of tenwerete counsels and
the unanswereble arvintegta allot Free-
Meet's lawyels, it is not singular that to
the "hinjority bol'e's - ronvietioh seethe
linpoestbic , rnieAnne ; healevier, rests
,wlthAbe eisitate. „It:Anima doubted item
lip these who-have the best Insane ;of
judgitw insperliellyeAdistodelly one-third
of thtftsdkuametntournazt eoundlaced of
welOrluoi Aftt 4koin m ,
WaS, tO stag
*dtd. laid • 'A 'Verdict Of to
otthif hy the
a•pubinqiele. Tbese;see are new sugar
.olll. o) • I' •
ng. leseveies a ,orfreir n e y ny
have ever experienced. Whether they
gill rtt import rind kravely
vi le tha , int rityfis e tic:Aquem
t. of oiliest to 4 ieritun lil cottytry.
- -
,11. t 4 Outruivrtu , it r_stai*A.
ThtAis Iltiorr_aLts , emu known as-,
a I, Atm , Iteptiblictot newsistper that
hat it says is justly entitled to great
crt Tglit. In - the futloit Ing editorlat it
-diem a conelusit•ely that the real obsta
cle to the restoration of the Union Is
an( las teen ie a cut major y n
Conkrtish. IVe trmtntenet t , Its' remarks
to ilte l etincht! , attention bonest
and tfitatelenfroui; Itepuhficans: ,
7`l,lei,.lo;fnt most, slron,yly preeiteJlealnst
TrT4ldent 'Johnson of tate Yl, that he is
"an 'obstacle to the paelfkattlon 'of the
vountil." Tits. Twitnerre branrs,thisseett
so,ipa agatot ,that be
)1:14 resisted I.acification "after a bloody
and ticolttting war, rfurirra a Trrhy'pe;riod
ry'fbas,whentheut - gent Interests otpeace,
and Justtlee, and national prnsperity de
matt, hd that , pacitLeation;' , and this
specific charge Ts pre<sed tiljal net Min by
'the treat body of the Radler(' Press, •
Now the simplest justice compete us to
itiy --what e verylusly vens r i.Satthie ib
a one-sided and unfair statement of the
case. Pres,identJohnson contended earns
esti)! and 'vigorously for a "pachientiou
of the country," by the restoration of the
Southern States, for tarn ,o'n'e, while
eancress resisted and defeated it. Dur
ing the two years which followed the
eines. of 'the war, the Math tieemiatiou
againsit Mr. Johnson was that he - was
hur r ying "PaelliCaLlOn " too LAO. The
harden of all the Radical speeches
In Congress was Cud the South was not
ready for restoration;—that the States
were not St to be brought back into the
Union ;—that the pemile were, still at
heart rebels, and could not safely be
truSted with self-government or with a
share in the government of tIM nation.
emorrese refused even to receive the ore•
dentials, of ,Southern members ot Con
gress,—refused to recognize the Pro
visional Governments organized' by the
President for the purpose of paving the
way. to resamstruetion,—refused to do
auy thing but subject the Southern peo
ple to continued military rule.
During allthit time Mr. Johnson was
pressing , restoration and pacification up
oil Congress. lie insisted on its necessi
ty, ou the advantages to be derived (eon!
it, and on the obligatfrins resting on the
Governeletlilitifier tne Constitution to
bring it about' as speedily 114 possible.
And during -all that trio year it was
Congress, and not the President, winch
was the "obstacle" to restoratien end
,paeatication. Cougrees opposed it, be
l'allse it did iiireliksi-the Presidenr4 plan'
id bringing it about;—Just as the Presi
dent afterward ofYpoped it because basin/
not.' hike the -dap of Coogreee. Both
would have favored it if both could have
hadit iu their own way. But as neither
coati have it just exactly as either Negat
ed it, each in turn thwarted the other.
harp Preeideig, wanted the Union re
stored, and State Governments re-estab
lished, substantially under the State
Constitutions which existed before se, modified so as to meet the
changes which the war bad rendered
necessary; cud this he pressed upon
Congress avid the country with all the
zeal, Impatience anti imprudence thanes
teristte of his nature. Congress would
not eonsieut to re:U.ol%omi except on the
basis ot universal negro suffrage. This
W;l4 its aim from the begiumug.. It re
sisted eVely attempt at reconstruction on
any basis short of that. Failing to carry
that at the outset, Congress contented
itself with staving off reconetruction al
together, until it could carry negro suf
frage. It would not allow the Southern
States to he represented in Congress;
it would not allow them to control their
own State Governments, or to make
their own constitutions and laws, until
they could compel them to do it on Chat
4)34864 It made Itself "obstacle"—and
a very formidable and effective obstacle
—to the "pacification ot the country,"
and the restoration of the Union, so long
as that point was unattained, and during
all that time President Johnsen was
doing everything iu his. power (which
proved to be little enough) to accomplish
what he is now untruly accused of hav
ing opposed from the beginning—name
ly, the rester/Alen of peace and the 1.1,
We say nothing now of the comports
tire merles of the two phins. Whether
the. President was right Itistrying to .re
store the Union on his basis, or nut—it is
certain, at all events, that -he is not
chargeable with having "01,posseil re
stbnition, " front the close of the war. lie
did every thing in his power to favor it.
He WWI two year* &bead of Congress lir
point of•time, its trying to hung it shout.
Congress never favored it, or would per
mit it, until lts favotite policy 01 uni
versal sug'rin,, , e had been secured.
The New York correspondent of the
Philadelphia Ledger writes:
The Manhattan (Fifth avenue, Club,
as woo are aware, is the leading Demo
cratic organization in this city, the
wealth and social position of - most of its
members imparting, to it an Influence
and an Importanee to which the Tam
many Hall had scarcely a claim. This
club, withio iluttp.w....ezcziings past, has
been attentively canvassing the proba
ble result of the Democratic National
Convention, which is to be in some
sense their guests, in the course of a few
After a survey of the whole field,. and
with a thorough acquaintance with the
feelings and wishes of the leading men
of the party, the Club has come to the
conclusion that it will be impossible for
the convention to agree either upon Mr.
Pendleton or Governor Seymour, though
thete will be a hot preliminary struggle
by the adherents of each for the mastery.
Hancock's name, it Is believed, will
then be brought forward ; but as there
art:objections to 'him which the Club do
niiMelieve can be overcome, he will re
cei ve'u complimentary vote, and then be
put aside In order that the following
may he agreed to as the comprofhise
which la finally to prevail: For Presi
dent, Senator Hendricks, of 'lndiana.
For Vice-President, Governor English,
of Connecticut.
With the settled conviction that this
is to be the programme, the Manhattan
Club is now going to work, though it is
admitted that there may be a slip up on
English in favor-M.lokt' T. Hoffman, of
New York, if the friends of the latter
can be induced to relinquish the gov
ernorship, which they are keeping in re
aerve for him.
'•ttvconnection with this we find it sta
ted' that the Congressional Democratie
,rxuctstive, Committee have unanimous.
passed resolutions requesting the
Deinneratin National Cominittee to re
*mettle, their previous action and issue
a call for the Presidential Nominating
Convention to meet in New York early
in June, instead of on the 4th of July, as
now arrangeitTEr.Trisisaid to be prob
*bits that a conversional eaucus or all
the Democratic members will shortly be
called for the purpose of making the
same request.
'The New York Hun, of Saturday, says :
A meeting of distinguished military
gentlemen, who claim to tai attactred to
the Democratic party, was held at the
Fifth Avenueeliestelening, foi the
purpose of promoting the nomination of
General Haucook sathelDemocratic can
didate for the Presidency. This they
regard as the only sure means of defeat
ing den.-Grant J 11341 securing a Demo
cratic triumph. The chair was occupied
by Major General Gordon Granger, who
distinguished himself at. Chickatnauga,
and is at the head of the executive com
mittee appointed by the celebrated con
vention which met at Cleveland in 1866.
It was determinett that a national con
vention of Democratic !soldiers and sail
ors, excluding those who fought on the
Confederate aide, should be held in this
city, if poaaline,. on the same day with
the regularaunicuml convention of the
Dem:serials" party. It was the unani
mous opinion, 'however, that the fourth
of July will be too late for this conven
tion, inasmuch as General Grant will be
nominated on the 20th of May, and his
supporters will thin have more than six
smote etarrin the 'bampaign. A Com
mittee, of which "Brigadier Oetteral Hal
pine is the chairman, arse appointed to
wait upon-.osts.xmlinnaLexeouthre com
mittee of the Democratic party, to get
the DlSMocretio tonlentionCalled`sorne
time .but that otJune; irwairallso
to address lathe Damao:ado
asidgelorlidaitadd- bat !rotted
Zialttrisittati='"P"" !""
cad epartmeitt.
Serviera. l -There will be preaeid* oc
the second tiabbatb of itay., - f IWO** Siff
Marais Crock grc•sbyteciark • c l itfir4
10 *Jock, A. SI., by lbov.,..trjr. Mc!
KOPPII', of Princeton, N. J.
--There will be preaching at the liun
teratown Vre,l4y,lerian, Ott the
third flatitattr - tit tbit rirrnttli, = nt 1(!?
. 444ea,,by4.1a0.1i0v.e1. a, aria.A -
Princeton, Noisietary,
atuisis.—The regular RH MAI meeting
01 Zion's elands of the Reformed
Chemlt will Oils year-tib held at Eyst
Berlin, itt this county, to open. this
evening.. Ma minion will oontinne set ,
eral days. A. full
_attendance ,tif Millili
ters and elders le expected, though we
are not adelsed of any, speehilty Imftor:
lard business likely to be broUght before
the Chassis.
t i
Diridends.—The (left •aburg - National
Rank hall - a z - c are i - a v dent' of. 6 -per
cent. and the t'imi N'att nut ohOf 41 per
cent. fnr (e taln el. mohilii; . "The Ilan
over Saalnlfa Inetitutlon has declared 10
percent. and thellti,noter 'Branch hail
road 5 per cent.
8/./ . ct.—A now street, has been
opened tram North kfitratten across to
forth WoOduginu. It rues Along the
southern line of the new Preparatory
grounds, We understand it is called
is upon street.
Post Ogfee AppointnSerifs-John
Ruff has been appointed Postmaster- at
Green Ridge, in this eouitty, in place of
John Norbeek, Avila removed to Stritban
township, and John A. it. nether Post
master at Bigler, (Middietown,) this
county, In placeof G. W. Re; resigned.
Accident—Ou the 234 ult., a 8(.41 of
Mr. E. Herman, of litraban
aged about 6 yenta, met witty a.nerious
accident. lie had gone /with his father
to the woods, and while the latter was
,putting a log on ate wagon. 1 1 -skilPed
and rolled on the boy, crushing and
reak ing htfrlez
ule.Fore Raton .Ntettcd.—The "11a:ill/en"
enlarging tliqiv hall, on Carlisle
street, toe therease of membership re
quiring it. , They intend' to re-paper,
paint, and eurp4, &e., and when cool
pleted, will have a. creditable hull.
Railroad Sobderlption.—By a vote of
797 for and 80 against, the people of
Frederick have declared in favor of a
city aubseriptiCir of BM,OOO to the capital
sines of the Frederick and Pennsylvania
Line Railroad Company. '
IZzaili of on Eilitor.—We regret to re
oord the death of Hr. W. V. Ilan ik owsk
une of the editors of the Hanover Citizen,
which occurred at his father-in-law's
residence, in that place, on Saturday af
ternoon week. He WM a native Of
in Germany, and wits in ilia 37th year.
He was highly respected, and his death
fs generally lamented.
Injured.—On Thursday lust, Mr. Fred
erick Itfclntire, of Liberty township, on
his return fritu Gettysburg, with a load
of fish, made a narrow escape from
death at Bream's hill. The horses be
coming. unmanageable, started rapidly
down the hill, upsetting the wagon, and
throwing Mr. Mclntire violently upon
his bead, with part of the load upon
him. When picked up he was thought
to be fatally Injured. Dr. O'Neal was
sent for, who applied,the proper restora
tives. Next day, it afforded us pleasure
to learn, Mr. Mclntire was able to re
turn home, his Injuries not proving as
serious as was at Omit feared.
Ge',yd.'s'!" Building Anoelation.—The
annual meeting of the stockholders of
Gettysburg Building Association was
held In the Arbitration room on Satur
day evening, there being a full turn out
of the members. The annual statement
submitted by the Direetory showed the
Association to be in a very prosperous
condition. All the old ofileers were
elected, viz :
President, 7. - 0". Fahnestock.
Vico President, Win. A. Duncan.
Secretary, J. F. McCreary.
Treasurer, J. A.Kitzmiller.
Managers, C. fl Buehler, J. W. C
O'Neal, John Culp, of M., Win. Chritz
man, John Rupp.
It was determined by a vote of the
stockholders to issue a new series of zoo
shares, $2.10 eitoli, the present members
to have the preference in subscribing
therefor. Over 300 were promptly.
LittleAtou.n Building ociuliun. —Tll is
assoeiatiotihwielected the following offi
cers for,the ensuing year:
Wesideut, John Spangler, Jr.
Vice President, Isaac Staub.
Treasurer, James H eniehosse
Secretary, James A. Lefever.
Directors, John Diehl, H. t - 3. Klejn,
Martin F3trelTy, Israel Yount, Jacob Horn
Attorney, W. A. Duncan.
The association starts with fine pros
pects, and will prove a success. All the
stock has egg taken. _
Joe. W. Yeatte, formerly with Dap
horn & Hoffman, in this place, Is nln
with M. M. sfarple & Co., dealers in
Notions and Fancy Ooods, 53 North
Third street, Phlladelplrla. Mr. Yeatts
enjoys a large aegnakitanee, and hey
log fine business capacitii,' with the con
fidence of the public; he cannot fall to
succeed in his new place: Our mer
ch`ants buying in Philadelphia should be
cure to give John a call.
Col. .(antta Gowan, the builder of the
Chicago lake tunnel, has received the
contract for the erection of the State
capitol 11014114 s at Spripgliehl,
The Col. lived in CletLyehurg when a
Upy.and,le known by many,of our peo
wivo!will be glad to hear Q( hlr rise
An the world. 11
Go to Soper & lifeatrinela Jewelry
Store, on - YE:Wit Febl;ll' you want any
•thing in their fine! A flue assortment
of the laMst styhii oY Bremit Pins, Ear
Rings,. Finger Rings, Sleeve Buttons,
&c., Jost received. American and
'Swiss 06Id and Silver Watebee, Silver
PIMA' Were, such as Casters, flutter
Knives, Ender Dishes, Fit& •Doskets,
Faits and Spoons, also on hand. It you
don't wish to purchase yourself, go and
examine the_stockanyhow, that you
way inform your friends where to pur
chase at reasonable prices. 2a,
limbo Land Sate.—We would call the
attention of Fanners and others, wanting
Rene and Poste, to the sale of Paxton &
WitheroW, advertised for the 10th Inst.
We understood their lands 'Wand in
Chestnut and Locust, such .as have not
been in the market for some years. It
Sale of Building .Lots.—Thta afternoon ,
at 8 o'clock, Prof. Windier. Will 'offer, at
public sale, a number of valuable buil
ding lota fronting on Union and Catfish)
streets, nearly niq.srsiLethe new Prepara
tory grounds: • 11
Vanier' "and swig; ty Samuel
flertist,'it*lit Stables, In rear of Kayak:43e
I:lotiae.. ClettObitrg, — Pa. Ftb hAtl also' a
very o¢,b`be aeen at
. table. May 1. .21-
Chattiest tratag assartit at Coiambi&
amid Motieikk.
trn inprovemen..— n a ram. e
around town, we notice the following
Improvements in plogrek.sasd abmit.4o
balerxnmenced : t
ftaitimore Street.—The V4nder t t
property, now owned brides*. tit
O'Neal and buntan,Anii;:lxiin
*mute a thret.tory, ‘1 it hAvetnoti_Oir_iliE
the front. Painters and plasterers are
about 11M-di:rm. the house. This is a
marked improvement to the street.
--Adria!Di cacti:lg a dwelling on
hri - prOperly, ilear_the the southern ex-
ty oT the — lereet. ' We Meters
it is to be ft,tiro-story frame, in cottage
style. Tills' imithists to' be one of the
10414hpeit 04dentWiti
The Lodge aio.lso Datetuy of the Na
tional Cemetery has been entlrstky re-
Mt:a:feted etni`lesiiitiiiM has
been &OM tar Sine 'al Freer& too( substi
tuted. This snakes the building con
siderably higher and Maly - , hetterg Its
appearanee. large, sad ornamental
porch has been built entirely,around It.
Stier citation Nners:assitireite i.l days
ago, by the War Department, and have
beets placed around the base of the pro.
posed monument I it the Cemetery.
cUatuberalnarg Streot,.—E. H. Min
nigh's hisuie ip intilied;' and John
(Duel's nearly ao. Both are decided im
provements, with au attractive City
James Wilson Is erecting e o two-story
frame, dielling on his lot, adjoining
Geo. H. Swope has commenced the
erection cif a two-story frame building,
adjoining Dr. Tate.
The row of brick residences owned by
Messrs. Falinestoek and Duncan, W. T.
King, Win. H. Culp Asti Geo. Weikert, la
being re-painted and otherwise repaired.
Henry McDonnell to about to build a
two-story triune dwelling, near the end
of the street.
C. J. Tyson's property shows consider
able Improvement. The house has been
entirely repaired and the grounds are
being laid out tastefully.
York Street.Ott this street the only
Improvement we notice is that of Simon
Codorl's house. Ife has remodeled 'the
front, and repaired throughout. It will
look first class when finished, The
building adjoining is soon to be treated
to a new brick fibiut and other additions,
with a view to its use as a fresh meat
Carlisle Street.—Tulin Rolling is about
erecting a shoemaker shot, adjoining S.
R. Tipton.
The new Preparatory building Is being
put under roof. The building stands on
un elevation and presents a tine appear.
ante; the improvement of the grounds
only being necessary to make it a beauti
ful place.
In the neighborhood we notice the
following property sales: By Prof. Ehre
hart, building lots to Capt R. McCurdy,
Col. Buehler, Geo. B. Monfort and Sam
uel F. Neely, all of whom Intend build
ing in the fall. These lots lie on the east
side of Carlisle street, opposite the Pre•
By Hon. M. Melleatt to Messrs. Dup.
horn and Kitzmiller, 12 acres, lying on
the north ',Wei)! the Preparatory grounds,
at $450 an acre. Thal intend laying it
out In building lots.
By David Sterner ta•TargiliiSheads, two
lots on the corner of Stratton and Rail
road streets, at £4 - 10 cash. Mr. S. has
removed his lumber yard to this ground.
By John H. and George W. McClellan
to Col. G. H. Buehler, a lot of ground,
adjoining the lumber yard of the latter,
for $lOOO cash.
On the Mumnia.shurg road, near the
College, Geo Kitzmiller has commenced
the erection of a neat two•story frame
Washington Street.—Peter Thorn has
titled up the property on the corner of
South Waal)lugton and High streets, for
a bakery. The building has been en
larged by a hack building, and the whole
tastefully painted.
James Foster sold to Samuel Romer a
lot of ground, fronting on Washington
street. We understand It Is Mr. Xoser's
intention to build a two-story briek resi
dence thereon.
Mr. Foster also sold a half lot to Rev.
Mr. Jamison, adjoining the above.
Joseph Wible is about to erect a large
Warehouse on ihe corner of Washington
and Railroad streets. The building will
be used in the forwarding business.
Samuel Little has !Waited a weather
boarded house opposite the College Cam
On the same Bide of the street, Win. T:
Ziegler has commenced the erection of a
two-story frame dwelling.
The building in the College Campus is
progressing. it• will .be w twv:voitol7
double frame house. This building will
be au ornament to the College grounds,
as well as to that part of the town.
East 'Middle Street.—Jedge Zlegier's
new doable house is being finished.—
Taste lies been displayed in its erection,
outside and inside, rendering it one of
the best of recent improvements.
Was. C. Striekbouser has erected a
two-story frame house, near the corner
of Stratton.
Levi Juniper hap juat, tisished a two-
story frame bark building to him resi
dence, opposite the Methodist Chureh.
West Middle Street.--John Zliea has
finished a snug one-and-a-half story
frame dwelling, near West street.
John Tawne has put up a two-story
frame house at the end of the street.
Jacob lteDannell Is about putting up
a two-story frame dwelling, adjoining
John Zhea.
Stratton Street.—C. A. Miler's two
story frame louse, near the Railroad, is
nearly finished.
Samuel Cassatt has commenced the
erection cif a two-story frame house on
North Stratton.
High Street.—David Bluebaugh Is about
completing a very neat and comfortable
two-story frame dwelling on this street.
The buiiil!tir line the firtiage order.
John Swope has re-painted and other
wise improved his property.
Mrs• Maria Whiotzkey's frame cottage,
opposite the Fair °mauls, looks well.
The Agricultural Society's grounds are
beiug,graatiy Bopp:med. Several hund
red-6016611*es Wive bee n blasted, so as to
affitrd shade, but not interfere with the
exhibitions. The front building, for or
flees, will soon be put un. • A few, years
will serve to make this a intuit attractive
and henutifol spot.
Breckenridge Street.—Ai fit. Feistel has
just erected another two-story triune
dwelling, adjoining his present residence.
This building displays considentbie
John Weirich is about to erect a two
story frame building, on the lot adjoin
ing his dwelling. From what we learn
concerning -It, it will be a neat and com
fortable cottage. '
lic-interred.—The body of Gene - in!
'Paul J. Semmes, who fell at Gettysburg,
was re-interred at Columbua, Ga., April
A With considerable ceremony.
COL. Itceweielurrettr34, from the
Chambersburg Repository, and is suc
ceeded by Messrs. Jere. Cook. ami 8.
W. Hays.
Wire itiodi Hay Bakes, of befit make,
(wreak dulling thogeasonAty.. l o#4
bl*. • Ad
f0133.—A -- drirrespeinitatft - fIYII
the first page) furnishes us with an Inter
setinit letter, which tourists will
~ireer •
reasoll ua for. The nether
knows whereof he writes, As he is with•
out a doubt flie.mojpe . xteneiVe traveltl
gNutletualt 4horAnuiriena eontineet
tells iho to•teaLs the various routes, as
tell as the most direct, the Choice scen
ery which Is presented along the lines,
add OM) gives hints with regard to crea
ture comforts at the hotels. It Is a letter
Tim RI I tndt 'fflltnafiratr Three Mir
this 4turmer, itoclAtine es yet undecided
In Teidrelttectl6otiould read and Put
aside for rekretkief.
Rogoer'a, Prug 'Store. (Foroo.V's old
standd in Baltimore street, opposite Dan
nerift Zle*ter'a Store, has been thor
oughly overhauled, and repaired in cap
ital etyle—rew shelving, handsomely
painted, new jars and bottles, tastefully
labelled, wads and eeitlag papered, and
additional gas fixtures Introdaceit—:the
whole looking "clean and bright is a
new pin." A large lot of fresh goods
has been added, and no labor or money
will be spared to .make this one of the
best Drug Stores in the State. The pro
prietor Is determined to accommodate
and please the public In every way—not
only with the variety and superior qual
ity of his goads, but alto in the reasona
bleness of his prices. All the people,
froill NUM and country, are Jisked to
give /Lulea's, Drug Store a call: They
will have money by it. It
Another aria.—Crypt. T. C. Norris has
vetoed the high prises, and Is selling
Cluthlng, Hats, Caps. Boots and Shoes
at prices as low as before the war. His
stock is the largest and Wed selected
that it has bequ our fortune to sec out
side of the large cities. His stock of
Men's and, Boy's Fur and Straw Hats
for Spring and Summer is just opened,
and la the largest and most complete in
Adams manly. hive him a esti and be
convinced. May 8.
To Ilegiltiers.—Col. C. H. Buehler
has just received a very large assortment
of LUMBER suitable for Building purpo
ses, including Boards, Plank, Flooring,
Siding, Laths, Pickets, Shingles, titc.
Also Posts, hewed and sawed, with
prime Fencing Boards, White Pine and
Hetn i hst)t- builders will do well to give
film a - call, as his stock t> not only-large,
but his arrangements are such that he
rail sell at the very loWest cash rate..
Also constantly on hand, Blacksmith,
Lime-burners' and Stove Coat, with an
extensive assortment of COO'E.I No
STOVES, of the best make, Hollow-Ware,
Tlu-%Vlnc, Japan-Ware, &c., which
House-keepers will do well to examine
Wareroom on Carlisle street, opposite
the depot. if
The value of pure Wise in Sickness.—
The chief difficulty with, reliable wines
hits been their scarcity and exorbitant
price, but this has been removed by the
introduction of a pure -native wine,
prepared from the Port grape extensive
ly cultivated by Mr. A. Speer of New
Jersey. We understand he has submit
ted his wine to the test of many of our
celebrated physician., and all concur in
its purity, medicinal properties, and su
periority to the best Port 'wine. Most of
them, to signify ',heir just appreciation
of Its salutary effects, prescribe it in ca
ses of debility, affections of. the kidneys,
and chronic complaints, requiring a ton
ic, suilioille or diuretic treatment.
nmim r. • Druggists sell it. It
If any of our readers' are prematurely
gray, or are troubled with falling of the
hair, dandruff or itching of the scalp,
they have only to use fling's Vegetable
Ambrosia, and their trouble n ill ;two be
over. The preparation is pot only a re
storer of gray hair, but one of the most
elegant hair dressings we have •ever
seen. It also by softening and invigora
ting the hair, peevents prematate bald
ness and in many eases restores hair to
bald heads. [April 17. lm
If you feel Debilitated and "worn
out," and want something to tone,-up the
system, Instead of using stimulants, Luke
Dr. 11.' Anders' Wind Water, a most
powerful vitalizing agent and restora
Live. It permeates the entire system.
and its effect is permanent. lt
A Household it best, the
only reliable, the cheapest. Try IL
Mrs. S. A. Alien's Improved (near style)
Hair Restorer or Dressing, (in one bottle.)
My wife and children prefer it. Every
Druggist sells it. Price One Dollar. Iva
Vicksburg Tinics of the :lid ult. gives
the details of a horrible murder of a
whole family by the name of Keenan, at
Omega Landing, Mississippi. The man
was shot In the road for thC purpose of
plundering him, but not finding money
upon his person, the fiends then went to
his house and killed his wife and two
children. The murderers proved to be two
negroes, who were arrested, and con
fessed their deeds, and being committed
for trial, and on their way to jail, were
taken from the sheriff's bands by a band
of negroes and burned on the spot fie.
their crimes.
Cittel*gAti, Itiay —)ldrspatch to the
Commercial from Delaware, Indiana,
says that on Sunday three boys, eons of
Henry - Ftige, ' were In a field, when a
diflienlty arose between them, and the
oldest mashed the beads of the younger
brothers with an axe, killing one out
right and leaving the other for dead.
On t 4 approach of the father the eldest
boy tan to the barn and hung himself.
He was found dead.
EARLY on Saturday morning, an ex
press messenger on one of the cats or the
New York Central Railroad was gagged
and bound by two men, who entered the
car as the train passed Garrison. The
robbers then secured about $lO,OOO, and
succeeded fti leaving the car, upon its
arrival In the city, before the situasion
of the messenger was discovered.
Tess propeller (4ov. Cushman explo
ded a holler whilst running out of the
creek at Buffalo, on Saturday morning,
by which eleven persons were killed and
three wounded.
AIANAGEIt BeNCIIIASI is more truthful
than he thinks, or Intends, when helpro
nounees the impeachment performance
trial without parallel in the history
of natiehs." It is so indeed.
the municipal electiou held at West
minster, Carroll twenty, on Monday.,,the
Democratiepouservative ticket was elec
ted by an average majority of ten, being
again since last year of forty.
ELEVEN' negroes are aceredited as Del
egates to the Republican National Con
ventioti at atioago. Go In, Santis), and
save "de bore."
'ITLER'S speeches before the "high
court of iittpettelimenr , are like his mili
tia" exploits—very windy, but anropnt-
Mg to nothing.
THE New York 7ioacs says that Sena
tor Fessenden has declared openly that
"he will not perjure himself to- please
party frfenda." •
GEoW, a broken ddTn
Abolitionist, but mill a rampant negro
Hutlitageadvnesite, is the Citalrinan of the
Radical /Rate Committee.
Ton Virginia eleetkni so-eallod cannot
ba.hold:nixtit the Bump provides the
nediasarY greenbacks.
Pearerwitats to -sett Weebatation
)43t1i tram wider."
'lhiteßitnitil party in Delaware are
orryreir gisrkflospo sneer plattoltn.
Gieat Pelmet
ranifivelUil:nest4S,P titcs, 1567.
StarElkiACH 31 INE C 0 Pa J;V
ATAa . lioiira, J a.
A enurded over Eiyhty-lwo Cbmpettiors,
- OnlYflaatilik , alPgigg okiiinor
i t !m i la tt iont ,.
per Itoperlai ) PUtlyathal ) in the "Monlteur
Unlversal, 4 '(Ofl l lgal Jouinid ofum French Rup ,
Pite.)Tatfakin 3 d July. Ma; la uiriamppeas:
• ,•• Fttili,rleoutreedeexMarhgew
ELIAS 11.0 WE, JR.
aftloatactureratriew Ins
This double first honor Is another proof of
the great sulaiwlority of the Rowe Sewing Ma
chine ever sH others.
tiler-my a STOOPS
Igo. al 1101111 Eighth Strevr,
Agents for Penngylvanig, New Jersey, Delp
ware and Weld Virginia. [Mar. Ling Sm
(MOOG A PUlip3 ‘4k niio., , o4syettury,
skgenta for Adair. county.
Like the voleano, Iloilo• give Issue to tin• gill
and fiery eoutento of the deep litiellor. To re
move the cane• of 61101. nutlering It to only no
ressary to vitalize the Mood 1. supplying it n itlt
IW iif; gicAtAti, iRON.
to protected holution of the Isrotoxlde of II one
will do this - tdractudily, and glvo drnaigh, logor
xud orer lift' to the whole 0)0tt m.
• .
P:uEA, or BatXaN, :51.nwt.
"Far year/ I wan a twat•ger grant lAd N, NI. that
:iv life her-ante weuriwnne through their fre
quent and pernlntent recurrent., nuttily a car
buncle formed In tile 111111111 of my During
tiF , Prolignull largo pletrmd duvornpoacclUlAnVere
every day be Moral( aunty, and tat proatral ton
mad general disturlidn, of the n3B{l'lll were
great. Da fore 1 hail ei.,l trout thin attnek
t it o ionaller Mt higher ti V, and
aAn Again Uinta... u itli u recut:, of Lite
mattering. lei willeh tel no Ion; been nuideeted.
It watt ut him time that 1 t ineneini taking the
PERUVIAN sl RI; P. I emit tuned taking II nit
111 I 'tad tined tit e sine,. then I Mao loul
nothing of Lim kind. I 'or 3 earn I wan one of the
tat.,4 la int, gas e ine par
t/al dint Imaporoi, but liits 1 , 1.11 k atble
tinnly, 101111 31,11111111111 111111101 P nt
directly to the gnat tit the t, 11, a n d tin unirk
u lth n thorouglininin worthy tit Ite entahhialad
r "
A V (rage Panipllli I Lent ire, The genuine Ims
Peruvian syrup blown in the glai,
J. P. Dl Pinprick,.
N.,. Wliec Si , a I,n lc
iinhl by all ilrothibilL.
CF,I,EIIII.\ TFAI SA 1. \ 1:
runs In a \ shtat I Imo
Cut., Barns, 5a1.14, Wtalncl,
itnvorni, 1 h•ip
pednanil,, Halh l / 4 1 , 1 UM n I,lmM,
mia, !Alm, &v.
It Is prompt In action, removes pall, At oliCe,
and min, cc the mont angry looking nweilingat
and Inflammations, as If by magic—tam air...t
in': relief and a complete Lure :
hhTli W. FOWI,f: &RON , Itmtun Yroprletnrn.
hold by s In umtlatn, (Inn eni, and at
May 1, 11$. lot
Its Meet I Miraealama.
It la a p‘rfet and' wonderful article. Cart,
haldnow. Make. Lai• grow. A better dnogalsia
than any "or" or ”nocuatunk." Sonena brash,
dry and Wiry hair Into tlrouti (al Silken Treasex.
But, above all, tha areal wonder la the rapidity
lth widen It Teodoro. GRAY 11A lilt Tu ITet
Olt 1113NAL
The whitest and worst luoklug heir resumes Its
eirthful b ooty by Ito use. it dui : mootlly° the
hair, !rut ntrlkt•v ut the bed surd tills It with ur*
lit. phut eolortn4 matter.
lire first atrial kat lon will do good ; you will 21.3
the NATIIitA I, /It rota urlug emery day, and
the old, gray, allse,tioroal uppearaute of the hair
will be gone, giving place to lustrous, shirting
moil lacautifal lock..
Ask - for ThalFe.yell !MI llair lterrea er ; nu otla•r
article la at all like It to Hire t.
Fee that each lbottlf , lute our prix ate Govern
rural Stamp of er the too uf the bottle, All oihrrs
ore imailotiona.
IL I'. HALL & CO.. Na.mhua, N. H., Proprletorm
For Kale by all druimisb..
May I,ISM.
Dr. IL I. Tobias'
For the cure of Incipient Consumption, Coughs,
Colds, Croup, Asthma, Liver Complaints, Dys
pepsia, sad General Debility. For several yenta,
I have been urged by kind friends, who have
used, and been benefitted by, any Idle Syrup, to
pot It tap for general sale; but few know the
large expense, now 'that tile country Is flooded
with Patent 3fediclues, wlthiCirttend the NMIe.
For years past I was reluctant to do so, as the required w•riutd he large, and I did not
wish to curtail the operation of lay Venithan
Liniment business. lint, thanks to the ePliOtTell
public, who have appreelated toy Veld Can Lini
ment, I am now able to do no, without any detri
ment to my large business la that medicine
The foundation of my nuevcas f attribute-to at:
Leading to tire us mafacturn of every drop my
self, and shall do the game la regard to nay Pal
monk Life Syrup. The ingredients are perfectly
harmless, but act on the Lellifjillll.d Liver with
astordidlitillielcrt cenla. Depot, No.
Cortlandt stn et, New York, veer Jersey City
Ferry. Sold by the Druggists and lityrekceperg.
May 1. 1m
would paralyze the world of flinhion lilt were
that heneeforth no hwy er gentleman could
change the polar Of thifir hair with safety.
Yetsuch would be the
otboth Sextit, ((that genlnl, balsam le, poltioaleag
and peerl4 na pr, paralka,
werestgidketi a1f*X444411 of toiler laktrlea. No
danger of that, bowel cr. It la not for a day, but
for all time. Manufacture.' by J. I'ItISTAIa MA), I
IH Malden Lane, New York. Kuld by all Drug
gl,ta. Applied by all Hair ll:taxers.
May I. Trn
A New Remedy fee ireesomptleim
A Physician wits had et also at itt 1. in tar several
yearn, IA lilt treyautt Wattling/. of the .1110, cured
hilliNelf With a nietliclhe elittoottrn to the pro
fession, when his cake appear I. lotpelt Ile In
the only phyttleinn uhn lot. te-tal It In his ova
person, or Who lons ally know [Mg..." Its virtu...
and he ran atterlhe the digits Or h. slit he noir_
enjoys to nothing hilt the tote of fah mettle.. ;
Imil nothing hnt utter dettpnlr hod 'start extinc
tion of nil hope of recovery, togethei . ith a want
of in oil others, itolti,4l 111111101w-lu.
the experiment. TO (lime wuttirtng what /Itly
disease of the (magi he profi t . ri n trnttment he
confidently helleves will eradleate the shams,
Medi, ine tent by ex pre. Send let 3 Viaulna to
tall on tin. K tit/YlATtiti JACKiit
Mu) 144. ly
DR. litillaNCol3 (101.14P.14 RERIOPICIL
PILLS FOlt FEMALEr. Intal little 114 turr, et
ing Irregblaritles, Remo , . tog obstructions of the
Mural* , Turns, from what.,er Cau4e, and al
ways SUCC(100111 101 11 I'resen tive.
Females peculiarly sltuatts.l.or those supposing
tnutelves are catitlo tied agal wit balug
bfrbibeeberlitbin WOE • in‘lie
W after width udiuntilti.ll, Pro
prietor assumes no responsibility, al th. ugh their
mildness will prevent any mischief to health.
Price Ii per Box. Kis Doe. s Si.
illiakt by ,JOUN M. HUllhlt, Druggist. ° Mole
Agent for Gettysburg, Pa.
Ladle., by sending Mtn ouch the 1N.4. Ott
flee run ;met We Pills sent, i confidentially,) by
M at I, to any part of the country, - free of postage.
May I, ISSS. ly
Deufraess, IFltinduene and Catarrh,
Treated with the utmost, !mores., by he. .1,
114AA04,1leallat and Aorbit, (formerly of beyd,h,
Ilollando No Hai A tb_7l-1 iitreet, Philadolptila.
Teetimonlabi from the most reliable witince In
the city and (Mantel Can he Steil at him office.
The tuaxlical faculty are in s lied to =company
their patients, as he has uo wrote In his prise
thee. Artificial eyes inserted without pain. No
charge., mole Mr elimination.
May 1, I.YHi. by
AN Fi4B tLY Pia YOUNG MEN, on Phydolo
gical Errors, Abases and lasesses. Incident to
Youth and Harty Menittood, with% create im•
pediments to MARRIAGE', with surlope e s
MellIt• of
selieL t In sealed letter enve fraw of
change. A tien ddress. Dr. I. SKILLIN HOUGHTON,
Howard Association, Plailade/phia, Pa.
Dee. 13, Ititi7. 1y
I =1
A gentleman who suffered for years from Nor
evgireu'tsitt=ti fiTrr gt7lloll. 01" .1::
a suffering humanity, send freo to ail who heed
it, the reeipn and lions fur tooling the sim
ple remedy tivWhiob %qui eared. Sufferers
Wishing Au profit by the-Ault raiser's ex Perlettoe.
can (logo by addres4Ang, in
JOHN B. 00014 N,
May:7,lBCM ty 42 Cedar tit., New York.
Information guaranteed to prod uots a lazurlant
growth of hair upon • bald head orbeardiess face,
Whoa recipe for ine removal of Pimples, Blotches,
Eruption& set, OP Iraltial,” basting the same
sonetearghat bidgut11111;111111I0 'captained with
dilabilattlpb by adthearid
lkilkoadWay, Now York,
i!ett„ fill, !XL
Railroad, Company
off in. n 111111441 nhinunt of their
FIRSTJio, To.lo r r R,
PAYABLE rN GOLD: Llne, extending 1731
WWI front thrialta, on the ttlesourt Itb . rer,lo tin)
ti do-watt Pilot the. Nellie (Wan, le being built by
tWo pdererritfroropentex—The 1 • nlon
tellin hit at Omaha, building Won., and the den
trat'rnel de et Chlittirnia, beginning at sorra:nen
to, hnnalttg nod, tint II the ton roods ohms moat.
' — fifth - reinftwintea have pri.eetited tlie work
with groat efeNt. the Union Nellie hat big nl
rrnit expended 0% or
and, the ,Ccutral in er Ttiv•Wit th, I r
rtapectlvepartsof Elie oath.) takiniu 11J1 I Nit N
PACIFIC /lAN E (AINIPI.ETED bid AI 11.1114—ha
Icon nod other materials Cr two hundred ml lry
more upon the ground, and one hundred addl-
Cobol lethal or, ready for the truck. They will
have a Miteh larger force employed Cale y, or
Until ever before, and It 14 expected that between
800 AND 900 MILES
will be In tiperatlon doting Vida. There Aetnal. to
be no rtautonable doubt that t lie 41141n:1,4 , 1aq weett
°nutria and itaerantento will be travergett by rut)
In lti7a,
TITE (310VkilliCKENT 12,11110 acre. 01
land, awl lUs Bowie to the average 0 4.1..nUt of
alt‘,oUo per mile, to aid In the 00t1•BTIK4.1011 of the
lino. and hutheri?ell the Jaime of tho Fleet diort
gage Bonds non offered for male, teethe aatue and
no more. The Mu or:anent (okra a screed lien,
anti ghee to the ,I Morten/to &muffinlilent
prior hell for ueeurity, W wlllela a large hokl up
capital le added. The 11 1 .11,111 rallilot be Ittauol
except as emit xertlem of twenty mite. 1111ACCepi
ed by 00, eritliteet eumoule.luu, MI that they ii
repreeent n retl protpert r.
- It In onls enmity ro Ito Med I hat on the comple
tion of the Union Pm the lint I mind, tin thcoulth
butane.. will ittni.e it one of the awrnt pry - A(410o
In the world—lint Its tray or kept boxlike.. la °t
rendy meveral I Int , • the littervpt on 111 twonti; no
that, If not Intother mile wet,. I mull, they mould
n Si. ore lON 11,t111.11.
TUE NLT ILIZINiNGS Ine eight monlll4 or
Mgt t•nr 141 nn nveruge of 3SO nab, are tgllvlntly
raported g1.0111),1401, while the Intere+t on nit the
Romig it could Witte on that length of rtsiiii
that tllnr, miner.' to ctirrener, Wan null)
t 41,456.
The amount mild by the thrvernotent for the
transportation of troops, ma stores and
Mane has boon, and doulitleas udll vontinue to
be, much more than the Internal on thq United
States Reeond Mortgage }fonds. If It Is not, the
Chart• provides that after the road Is completed,
nail until said honcho and totems{ an• old, n 1
least the per emit. of the net earnings of the mind
shall be applied to shell pa;
The rnliiit Pacific Benda . are far #l,OOO melt,
and hare Cotlf.lll , l attached. The 1111010 thirty
years h. ran, and hear RIIIIIIIII Int t, pa) able
mi the ii 1 . .1. dots of .111111111, 1,11 , 1 Jill) . hi 'he
In the rite or Neve the
robe of slu per cent. In mild. mPi iol Is
payable In gold nt maturlev. the present
rite of gold, thew bonds jay an annual htrouo•
on their emit of
bat it is bclicuti that t/w,, will xaoli
Wahl In
The l'n,rtlmuv hay , . but n very
Toni titling on tiny Rill,-
. upt Inn, Ili, IV, d ti. It 14, all riiiiinunt 111111 earl
lii• 1111,41 from Rona, noir 111 lhr i'vniptinoto
U . lll lk• i.uppiled front tile Ng,. ha,11.1.. 1,1
tie 1.441/011 on 110th 1.1111,” 7f rotol.eintivlrled
In the Spring, fa Ole order In lliv3l,nro
The lbm pang rreerve the right to advance; the
pri, e of their bond, to a rate above par id $.3
time,' 1 uill not fill any onl, rif or meche any
aulewripticha on w hick the money has not Into
actually paid at the tompativ:a office before ffi7
ti iiiii of Hoch advance,
aubaerining will tchdl the per value at
the bantam I Use accrued IttUtrest lu current,.
at II rah. of Itly per mut. per mmuut , front the
dote oil N Idol, the taint COUpOO WM p.. 11.1.
subs,lptlons will he revels et In t/ETTYS..
nit IP 4, by orxminu Kil NATWN SI, BANK
and FLINT NATIONAL ItA.NK. told In New
York nt the Company's Ohlee, No. &1 Nassau 11.,
and by JIMINI J. l'ltteu R NUN, nnnkerr , No. as
Wall ' , Land t the Cot upuuy 'g advert Ago
throughout the Wilted Mates. Itentlttnners
should be mode In drafts or other hunts joir In
New York. and the bonds Will he sent free n 1
charge by return express. Parties subserlbl
through local olgentn, will look to them for their
sae delivery.
A pAirruLET AND MAPforI haaJunt be.. 11
published by the company: Riving fuller Infor
mation than Is potodhle In an ad, ertlseutent, re.
apectlum the Progreso. of the Work, Iteeoureer of
the Co nn try U . ...n.1 by the Rural, the Moan*
for fonatruellou, and the Value of tlw 11.1111 h,
whirl. will he itAit tree au applleatlon al the
Company'. Ottleea or to ally' of the rehertited
.1( Ili Y J. elf4CO, Treasurer, Yea York
April V, 'ku
rJUIE und,'.11132.11 continues to nut him
li•right Lioe to Baltimore,
twice a weYk. Depot—oonii , r of Railroad and
Waoadnaton rdreeta, Gettyabuni. Oita run to
F:nn•raon'r, NM' tb at reet, Itulti more.
Frulald carried twit way, at the -lowest ink...
Th e tattromme of his old friends and tkay nubile
m 111411441. flootin to he marked “Didtilelt Line."
si-Tbe new Witrohouse will soon lea up. when
the tinilnanti Prottnee business will be carried on
nit heretofore. fliwhent prlees now told for Buy.
April 17, if
0 A LE'S
OR hood or boros-power, arknowledoed Lb.
j` FASThIiT, EstilEbr, and ever) way BENI'
-Yrrroale by J. R. lIF.CATUR .4 CO.,
Dealers lit Agricultural Implements, roe
1117 4i/oat, ?ivy York.
Send for larlotrated (Uvular.
May %, hurt. tot
YrittnipAetial in .500 Contesis
Take the lead, and taxed everywhere.
Two ()rand (fold Medal,. aka Imperial ere. of
the lAkion flonor—icing the
Iliglar4l Prise A ILWri(rel al Part. I.:nWeruil Expo.-
Iton, Is6l,
TO) Pitzk In all pan. Of the World !
llver 10901.1 nosy In um% Inereludng demand
with Int•remsed AtetUtlem and Impro,onetax Ir
Prouounevd by all who have used them to to
woo!)', NI:LI••-R \KINO Ith
without Wtioli'M NEW MoWING AIIAI2II
I.othlitettll,l by WAI.Th It A. Wbon,
AND RICAYINti M&t•lilNli Co., (leuernl office and
Matuafgetory llooslek FulL., Rem. co.. N. Y.
0. U. NC INNER, Agent.
(1111 age, ;IL. 'AM Luke stre..44, C. E. Will FM AN,
A Irzundria, VA., A. T. KKiNN dtAgentv.
Madbmn, M is., M. E. FULLER Jr Ageutg.
FOLLE.RIN LWEIt_E, 77 Upper Thames street,
London, Eng -
Msy tl,lt . 8m
lu)oFlNti 111 rolls, reedy to be netted down.
ItOOFISti coding emelt end more duntitle
lieu Tie.
It a /Fli4G that can be applied by an ordinary
that *III not expand or contract lby
he nets oraor the Weather.
RIK/PING that Is Warted in +Keep or flat roofs
Semi fur a Sample and ("Millar.
tit Malden Lane, New York.
May 1, Fat It
Notice to Creditors. ,
IITHE undersigned has tiled hie petition in the
Cuart of 12,Inmon Pleas of Adams I 0 , 11 ,
sto be discharged under the Insolvent la
Commonwealth, and the Court Mesta -
e.I 111MSPAY, the 26th day of MAY lust, at 2
o'cloelt, P. U. for hearing of said petition, at
which time all permits Interesttd an: refit:mated
to attend In said Court,
May I, ]g±9. tc
HAVING retired `trona business, I desire to
close op niy books as soon as porible, sad
request MI Indebted to me to m,ll and settle.
During my absence the books will be left with
my successor, Mr. Francis Clinninstuon, who Is
authorized to receive Monies and receipt in my
Mtiel,lBl.4. St F. B. PRICING.
Aiiminiotrotor's Notice.
adadolatrathe out the estate at Catharine
isheely, tate of Unlon township, Adanefteanty,
deceased, having been granted to Use under
signed, melding in Oxford township, he here
by gives muse to ail persons indebted to
said estate to make Immediate payment, and
those having 01/11 MA against Ulf. Sans temeeent
them properly authenticated
H for settlement.
May Lisa. it -Administrator.
WIT received, emery Ape le
t i c E z iktr o a l allobe Workr !Ni t a ( Hit"
PL01:1011W-fortaiL rt.")
xsyr 1,1891. 9t•
, pettri