Gettysburg compiler. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1866-1961, January 10, 1868, Image 1

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    mut, atemirsu tatiiirtra
op , Pr ALIMICD Yvzat 1111 DAY,
HY H.. 1. terAHIX.
Tgruct.—Tab Dol.L.Ann per annum In *delane—
Two Dom.Albt Attu'FlifTY L'lr-iltdlf nut paid
In topphop. yto nnteterlptfort
whiten nt the option erne petblteber, notll all
nrreentwesture pnbl. •
A lI\F OTMMEMFPTX !merle+ nt thp V141 , 11,-
large rethenktn to thaw who nrlvertlne by
the yenr.
Jon Parrs. o, of evrrr denerlpllon—rinm the
µnallest. Isla I or card to the lartirent lundbltl
or poster—done with di µµteh, l u n y ork.isu
mannerind al tin lowrnt 11% lig ratew,
OrTICK oil 138111,0 RM Street, n few (loon aline
the (bort-Hoene, on the opposite µde, wilt'
"lltdt.yribtrig (Alm" on thr
Atternies, Physicians, &c
1411.1 prompt& attend to all
regal bualnees entruktad to him, Irwin/ling the
two. n ring of Pt...lona, Ilounty, flax* Pay, and all
id h., Maim,. nominal the I . fli bat Attn. andiatato
ttTre In North-great corner of Diamond, (let ty.
burg, Penult.
April 14, hth7. If
11 Tort lrulor nt I ontlon pefttl to
eat leotion of Prnottonx, Bmtnry, a n d nork-prty.
om tu Illy S. Y.. cortA rof the Ifirui loud.
rkif vnburg, Aprtf R, Mt. ft
WI Mithfutry mad prompt
tr Mend to rtll tmsTur. rnTrurtorl to hint. HO
oi=mitutit,..,“:“..trit:uicalittngomortg..l Orr.. HI ar v n . :
litug • nml nearly opt.,4lte boon.,
of hum, Mareit
1,. wriox ICOBT, .1 , 111.1 P N. KIM l'Tgg.
AITuItNEYS A\ It 0i1:Z.44E1/AM.
, hes emaciated JOIIN
I y. hit ketTlf, , Irt the Pelletier or the Lew,
xi 10 , odlee one door - west of Drug, • Ilamitertibura %tn.! .
. •
ottlention given In wit., collection. and
tleimmt ot ...atatelo. All laical Inpilneaa and
Winn. , to Pett‘lona,Rottatv, Utrctt PnY.nnd D.M
-/tg..4 againnt United Stakte,t, at all taw., promptly
awl en!. lently InitMicied to.
lAnd Warrunta located, find choke Farms for
Nth. 111 lowa and other We.turn blaten.
Nov. 111,
E 1
Tr As ItEsti NI Ell the Pruetiet of Niedieity. in
j L r.irrLlNT(iwN, and ‘,llO, hie aerrtr»r to
he public.. Ottlee .1 Isl+ house, corner of tom
barnstreet 8.11 , 1 ?On tt,l* alley, near the Railroad.
NI intention given to Skim Ihmytmee.
tleethh n, Nov. 0, 11%7.
A tew doom (row the
N. N. corner of DeUlmer., and 111$h /street.. neer
the Presto, lerton Church, Oettyshmth h.
April 1.3, L.
- .
Dr. W. 41 Ntrocl.rim,
AND AcrodhrEVß,
lavlns parnuinftntly local.' In New Oxford, will
'runny.. Ilk prriffairiiin In all Its lininehea. Inn
ftivil/. I nll i.111.t . .4 &airing 1111 protlirwinnal
werylees Inv regisiwted to will and witanilt him nt
In Iliiiinver
Mai if
% I %Minot. tho
pnioNloe of hie proreoPion In nll 104 hninehoot, and
w.mlfl nmporifull) 1(1%11,0 nll per. 011.4
1111 Ohl ',lauding dimly.... I, can and ron
Atilt lOW,
Uri. 3, INPI4.
J. I..4WEENVE it /L f., M. D.,
INK his office one door west of the Lt
t r ellurell In tilnlsawn..lning street, and opt.-
cite Dr. V. Homer's °Mee, a here thane wishing to
111 IN I`l.ll
tI N Dental lon prat - toed are respect -
p l
itdox ed to roll. It.nrmaitnces: Dm, Homer,
Hey. If. ft. Detwiler, 1), Hes , Prof, M..lneos,
I. P., l`rof. NI.
tie Ivr.ltorg,
kVING iA /11.i.zu BERLIN, AD.
llope+ that by at riet attent lnt ion to Itlaprof...tonal
ttntle% he may merit a share of the prthlle pa
t rf MOW'.
14,112, Prkl. if
exTrrnwn,u, Ps.v.r A
undershrnol Weald innst respeelfull,e In
it. form Ills numerous friends and the polite
generolk, that he has pnrelotatel that to sahib
110.1ed and well known lintel, the "tlinite inn,"
In loth street, tietlysiturg, and 1 , 111 Spore no
eth In vondnef It in tuannner that will nnt de
t niet tarot Its former high aputatlon. fits tattle
w 111 Im, e the hest the market run alTord—his
rhainhers are spacious and entrifortahle—and he
has Mid In tor his lair a full Woo* ot- Wineat and
here is largestabling attualed to the
lintel, which 1, 111 in otlontive ost
lers. it will he his enlist:till etuleavnr to render
the fnl lest sat lvfnetiod s attests, ranking his
house ilollll* til thrill as f101.11)1C. lie
RA, a .11:11. nol.ln's lull routine, determin
ed ns Ike I, • deserve n large part of It. Ilornem
her, the Inbr Inn" Is In Yurk street, hut near
the ltmutoltd, to Piddle /square.
And' I, ISM, if
TII IS Is a new House, fitted up in the moat ap
pro. fit style. Its location Is pleasant, central
and convement...cry arrameement has been
made for the accommodation and. comfort of
guests. The Table will always hove the best of the
market, and 'al.) kW the bent of wines and liquors,
There Is C01111110.110C1.8 Stabling attached, with
an accommodating moiler always on hand.
This Hotel in now open for the entertainment
of the public and ashore of patronage is solicited.
No e ff ort willlse spared to render 9441,1hetion,
IN 11. 11, lelff. if
T"andernigned wonid reepectfolly Inform
Ala numerous fr len& and the pubilc generally,
that he has leaned the Hotel In Ilapover, near the
Depr~[ formerly key, Ay ) Ir. Jeremiah t
it In a mKaonlinleer;
ri l)tat wilt ice general ea rt
tiefacilon. table ik
hose the beet the taarketn ran of
ber. are spot:lona sad comfortable—aml he hoe
trill in for Weber a fall clock of titular wine. and
Ilauoni. There la etabling for hill'iel. attached to
the Hotel. It will be 111,1 constant cairns ,r to
render the naiad malefaction to his guestsma
king his homiest. , npar a intro
to their,
de nte.
me °eke a altar a of the public potrousge, deteT
-11140.1 ex he In to d.erve a large part of It. Re-
Hemlwr the Railroad Hon., near the Depot,
mauover, Pa. A. I'. BAttillEß.
0,1. 2,1465. 1,1
alsovmcwrigtc's rtANOB.
499 Broadway*, New York,
liroodway, New York,
MI Broadway, N. V.,
coming the favorltr OVER ALL OTREHR. with
r , i 7 t,i.potk tb Ankat e rrirs at ay - Movers of 0001)
k.rk ' Pt Irr . O.E....#4l l l l ttr 4 PO ir riElt. thanother
it 111.4T-CI.AR 4 makrrsk. Retiellht Plrrnlar.
41110Ftroadkirny,1 1 Mr Yorkt
Oct. 14, 1447. 3m
AT J. M wARNEtra
FR's KUM 1101.101 E, '
fillialMODE, MD,
'fhb Haw la on w linnet line between the
Nor( Mini Central and Baltimore & 01110 Railroad
Depot.. It haw been refitted end comfortably ar
ritrignil for the eonvenienee and the entertain
mint of mimic
Nov. 20, bed tf
Witahlnr,tou st.. iiedysbilig, At.
' ..1111y 1114—
Monei hr Free ae Water.
10, Tv
A.' rtufec.7 l l4 raltYr r A'
are wanted to im tit trade to every City. T ' Ck g".
Village. 'Hamlet, Workshop and Factory them: Ir%
out the entire world. far the most saleable Wiwi
ticavver known.—&p rex CENT. PROFIT and
Arnart men and women fah 'make from LS tntio
‘lC d e j .? .'rAlelnPPOterfrkftfaglrocgy'l ;L::
r ..., 2 ,.. ...... ,P;orli. liWAlOney required
i ptertl i
ti oul . Rm. bilrlialinees and receive
laßsifW IHZ lelitti- and
to Linke
Fey ea diy sad y, wrt clot. fall wpm
raud addrcati
MANOR &CO.. (From Parte i
SE Broadway, New York City.
Feb. 2.1, mg,
- -
,►ern 19,Pton.
y..I.SHIGNANZ i3AtiBl:l - 4 Northeast cornet
0(00 Dim , (nen% arra to Nlrilellan's Ho
t. ,ICitireltatern, ) a_ Whore tee ran at all times be
IV ll<,‘
‘ aa l n Zt l i4 t tita t r ' ;4 l 4F ll7‘ :1,1'.r„'.%
. Minn. 01 a4l '• 5.
- -
1111 AVE moo valnable WYATIEELT LANDS
*hien I will trade for one or more FARRB in
t 4 enniv, Tho +Ws nrt werilwrtica. litoi i er.y
n ribito toe birming. kart). sippllewthau aealren
Oettyntoneg. April S, WA if
hand, amortment
‘—* •
• . •
• ist•lhe 11.toer •
- .C. ?Tim
co:l l 4 l :6l4tr a ltellidgr : ; Pr
rot (Or Ink in Roth •110 re OlSStblere,,
Lai MlidPirranrelnentS to get fresh supplies eve
ry week from We city and la determined to nell
Meow. He invites all to al• e Wan a roll. His
stork ronaints of ft BOCFRIFX NOTIONts,
FLOUR, Corri,Sfeal, Chopped Feed, Con, Ontn,
Wall, Baron, lard, (*berme, Crarlsgrn,Tottnero, Se
cs% nod lama, COSTEPI, Testa nlytitp,
ennilles, that (ill, Fish Oil, Tar, Best
fWlfel H M ' fletitftv. and n great variety of Notion,
(Studien, gr., gr.
• • .
ilUr The Cann or Tniirie will be liven for Country
Protium., Knell as Floor, Corn, Onto, But ter, F4g.,
Pntntoen, Raffn,'&e.
Isll7. tf
110110:151:110 Oldrik. I.wa
TH 6 underwlgnekl %vow' Mill. Snlnrsro I hp pob
Ilv MA by Will oontlikupot t b.
at hie old wind. on West street, Gettysburg. and
is ready et all times to accommodate throe want.
tog anything done /labia line. He is prepared to
furnish nil kind,: of work for Wilding purpeace,
of the beet material, and a: , neatly and cheaply
an it eon be done at any other estabilehmeait to
the county. Experienced handealways in readi
ness and work exes-tited with promptness and
~11:51 1 : 11 14 a nkful Ibr - perd favors, he fro b y at
tention to bitalnese, to recels a a liberal Islam 0
peddle patroi r inge. WBI. CEtRITZM AN,
June 17. Isar. if
. _
THE 0 ETTYCIBUR.O fiA1.1.1 , 21Y.
rE rinderidgned takes re In announcing
f r o the citireux of (;eni 'than{ and the public
generally th at helm. removed from Me 4411 rOOll.
ant ]Vint . Middle etc., to Italtistoinc Ittreet, and
melt oppotilte the store of Fahneatork Brother.
The morn he now occupleit has been recently
fitted up fur Ma linen...,. The location
in PR admirable one, enabling him to take pic
ture« in all ahadehof ...their, and sr! th a correct
-110.0 11110 , 10.3111,11 no where el.'.
PHoTtif iftApHia,
of every sire slot timeriptloo, eseeuted in the
Parttentar attention giNen to the
and to oopylikg AMEBA..
TYEKS and DIGUEEE , ITYPt>, of cleavutarl
Mend.. Alamo
. .
xtyle of Whirr , w huh ban beemne ye,
Aar w Ith the puddle, not only for their besot e
ta for elaspnrdia not eon, rnlence. SIXTEEN
LAIN PICTURE, which tor tlntr Irentil. and du
rability arc Ine.uriwoo.d.
We are prepared to carry on the biudneua In all
Ills sarinu. .lanoehen, gild ton Ina had emaddern
hie experience we run no rink In
Our (nein t Ire for a full display of uor 4111 Are
Unequalled In a) other Gallery In We eounte,
and we would then fore Ins its rye* one to cult
at the
and 'mont]. Gut . tottrelinrno and Indite ter
yourselvts. LEVI MPER.
June 25,
Dry Goods! Fancy Goods!
Worth over 112,0000001 All to be wild roe (tEE
Dtkl,Alt EACH.
A I twain co, that In connect nence of the ovendoelc-
Ins of the English umrket, an Immense ..0.14.11ti-
Iv .4(1,111" mat FANcI" 0001tri hove been coat
tO them with instroetions to be cleared
for intinedlate l'Aftu, at any siterblee. A. tit Co..
tune, therefore, res‘th ed to oiler thew s.a.e./Ming
to their ordinary sygt.n of hardness at r 1 each,
without regard to value
The follo*lng Ind shows the °Tie nal wholesale
prices of some of the articles which they now of
i4wr. Wolf, Imd buffalo Rohe. from $l.l IV to in 00
Seto of ertullie or think, A) 00 to 100 00
TAMA& " 15 00 to io on
l',llore " " 111 0() to 40 00
Silk and SoUn I)reu. Putter. I[4 00 to 4% to
Derek.. and Es, ptlan ClOllO4 II 00 fol.: 00
Alpamn and Muni/n . 4 Ltonew I 00 to TO 00
Freneli Nterfo.4l/..ITW-11 1 " 10 00 to 15)00
Oninbrle,Ttilbet and Mohair 4 00 to 101 p
1101toulal and tilliptlvadris 2 00 to 41 00
Silk amt La veils '' 00 to 000
134.tx Ifni. rutlo and Volloro 400 to 500
lenlr.. of 1.11‘..* Commit . 2 :10to 41 00
IlrindkvreLLlertilk, Hem•
ti wiled and limbi oldereel Linen
Inv,: per dozen ft dtt In IS 00
Ladles and lienta' Caftan, 'Woolen
,nod t•111111oNe atiolllmlo ILoow; per
dozen pairs 100 to I'2 00
/.11,11, , and 5(0010 Merino, ndtan,
Linen and natan tiltirta and l'n-. . .
- .
Cott, \ eat and Pantaloon Pattern%
In Cloth, Cruedniere, and Doeskin 00 to ti 01
Linen and Woolen Tattle Covers 200 to 0 fie
White and (101,4,41 Linen Napkins -
per dozen to
MlGlins, White and Unbleached: 4W 1 2
per yard 15 In 40
Flannels; Shawls In Woolen; Silk and Merino
Nubia% or Clouds; Woolen hoods; Blankets;
Linen and tlunlin Sheetn; Velvet and Morroreo
Portmonales; Shopping Bags; Knives, with
pearl, tortoise and Ivory he r bal.: French (locket;
Cdlt and lleonce thaslcal Bott•s; Revolvers;
' , mains Pieces • F.a,y Combs; Heir Net.; 'M
yer Vara (Smelt Work Roams; Album.; Family
and Pocket Rages; Opera Ogee, de.
We have also received a splendid assortment of
Gold and Silver Hunting CaSes for Gents; kn.
&meted do. for Ladles, together with C'bulna of
every pattern and style.
Sete of Jewelry to every verlety ; Sleeve 'tat
toos; Thimbles z Lockets - , (rename; Rings of ev
ery •, Braoelets•, Gold Pena ,tc., kr;
Silver Dining and Tea lietA,Crotora,loe Pitchers,
Table .Ipn al4, Forks. Ten Pots, Cream Pitchers,
Sugar ltowla, Fruit Baskets, Cake Baskets, Card
11, "'spat K iv es. siyru p Cups, salvers, Poi t
monaley, Pie Knis ea, Fish Knives, Mwitant and
Malt Spoons, Napkin Lingo, Eng Mande, NlGue
Holders, Card Cowl,
All the tax. e 11d of articles to be mold for SI SO
The expenses are paid by the sale of Coupon.
or certificates naming each article In the stock,
and Its %nine these Certificates are enelosed In
envelope. mixed up and solo! ut
( . I.:NTH E.4014—,1 FOR 51-11 FOR et
Whstet er article Is natnol lu the Certlnc,ate
can he obtained at ON DOI,LAIL
The %allele will be shown to the holier of the
Certificate, and It will be .I,f his option, whether
he pay a the dollar and tatee_ the article Or nat.
In ease al Lich, sent by tun I w expresa are not
satl+fnetory, they attn be returned and the tn..
Iffl will he refunded.
i:v cry . Gertltleste entitles the hold, to game ar
ticle of %ter - ling %nine, worth much more than a
dollar. in proof of thin
You can have for anv of our certificates and
any of the following articles, so that if you
are HO( pleased with the art isle or rkrtleles named
on the certificate, you need not lose the In Bents
you paid for it i
One Silver plated three bottle Castor, hand
soli, silver plated Butter Dish With plate and
co, er, Lady's Shopping Bag, a 11,1pleture Album
h o und lit velvet and gilt, set of Tau Spoons silver
plated on a bite metal, set double plated Table
Sots,. or Forks, Pants pattern ID.: yards easel
inere,l pair Jouvln's Part,. had Oloi es, splendid
real tlfeentehattia Pipe, or solid 10 carat Gold
plain ug.
During the four yearn see have been agents for
European manufacturers, we have received Mtn.
deeds of oimmendatory aoliera trout the prow,
and letters from private hull, Idunls, exifftpeditg
the Idglitat ratkflietion with our method of do
ing Milne*: 'll c hoe e many of these testlmo
ntala attic names and date., printed In natant,
let form, and as we here no apace for them In
thin ad. ert t, w e 0 ill send ropiest free to
671 3 te d g i '.
eversdesired, we u ill send articles by Ex
preas. 4'. 0.11. Bo that the money tired on ly he
paid ON DELIVERY or THE 110014,
We accept the entire reeponnibillty of money
gent by Expres. Vogt (Mee Order. or Brink Draft.
We went agent', EVERYWHERE to whom n
Liberal compensation w 111 he paid, which can be
learned on application,
Tuka care tin t nan d,
Tone name and addrasa
In c a clear, distinct nand, and Mama,
162 Broadway, vele York.
Pont Oilier Bog,
Doe. 6, 1257. 3m
A F~►Bj4NT&p
A. 141( Ferden having a Mott FARM kg sale, and
willing to take In part pa) ment one or wore*
tracts of choke. Western Land, located In well
settled neighborhood. near 0 aunty Towns.
Rail Roads, dm
, will lend • plarehasee`by en
quiring et this office
_ _ .
ITANING reeeimt tIeAT R VIr li r b tt er a m
i 4 r 5 1 'a., Adaing, Fnuaklk llina
hmrrr = l 6 l V l ,l ,pw =ll34onef ettlag i .
Md., enwreetltiOnt4V
44111 , n,,,,,h
=LTA= igner,fhl'Ot4447:ll,/sh
-14.1 to ardor,
DOWELL n.ka - Trmt. Agent.,
net. 4, 1%411 Int Hriterstown•
~,,, §2Orilur si ,
Aw. r
ix 9i4l i iN. mr. I,i , th e illtill@Miof
. SAL . e No, And solletou the eontinuett
enternisite of eNtr.: It in• itu hbvenantant. on
dellt•OF tO gllEt the
ma p tiallhrtiou. Clit• es moderate.
llenitlenee in went Middle street, crettseleurg.
P. 14.—He It a licensed Auctioneer ' under the.
• • .
7 1,L tt L ftA qf VRINSan, .
rricm, Anther orders, the rryparno
u ZOUAVES" will inset et their A m
bustaise sad rillErhaw t
iWAVeriti t rilUtillZoa t :
A. Si. ay osier °Clime Captior,,
yid. R. rysTra, n. P.
Pet. 4. 1!87. tf
0W44. bet I.
It tin) our 1-414b)pe4ins txN
IN and be ostirtneed-
TATE & (`['LP
- of the hand and moat approved *tying,
sinijoroffittroaed Ithe heat material, to which
they ink lie The attention of buyers. Having
built oft work with arena iwre and of material.
selected with special reference to beauty of styli.
and ducaltillts, we etmA•olindently recommend
the work sioloplioure . tastifty no - , either In ur out
° Air va ne eld a% an o f ou r of nor work to th
a t
yin. , (ho in want of our kind ot vehicle, that
this Is the 'thereto buy titer.
REP- 111.1 A ,44 , 1111 Y 11111A1Sel1
iirvnp,at.hewl, tioirre and cm re.u.ongthle terms
Give Ilk I 1 call, at lair Fatory, near the earner
of Wakningtun and chamben+lntra .IrcetA, 14.4-
ty4l.arg. . .
trE take thIN method of Informing the puld
V V that , we have eatabliahed now'roach
at Llttlesttown, where we are pr. pared to manu
facture to order all kinds of 11COGIF>t, CAR
RIAGD4, $1:1441117,tte., On the tittorte.t, nothe
and timid acconunodating
_term,. Our hands
!idea been proeured from Baltimore, and, as 11
me none latt choke material, we can nut tip
work to compete with any chop In the State.
old work repaired and taken in exchange for
fugal bra ucheu, at, his okl Wand, lu EAST MID
NEW WORK xnnde to order, and REI'AIR I NG
done protnplh• and wt loweet
•TTeo 11,t-mteSPRING WAGONS for male.
. .
/REF. undersigned Wive roommed the ('nrrinee•
Imucing huNitu 4A,
Sli k
1,4 red Middle eel, Gettysburg, Po.,
where they nre prepa ed to pat up work In the
moat feshionable, Atli. antlal and anpertor man
ner. A lot of new and vend-hand
CAHRTN34>‘, BUGOIFJ 4 , &'., ON 11.1-NT,
which they will illepaite of at the toweut prince•
and all onlerd will he enpplied sci promptly and
ratticiactorily nv podrilble.
ut ehenjw.t rat el,
A lance Jot new and old HAlt NEM; on band
and for male.
Thankful for the liberal patronage heretofore
enjoyed ha them, they solicit and Will endeavor
to de‘erve a lunge share in the future.
July In, U 165. tf
On Baltimore Street, opposite the Court-Homan
Every denerlptlon nr 'work exveuted In the
T-MAVM .elated with me, in but•lneas, my
won, John F. McCreary, Under the firm and
style of V. McCreary & HIM, and 1 desire to say 10
My old friends and the public soneralts that sin,.
the wet, the menu facture of Meddles, Genoa.,
Collars, he., has been revived at the oil estab
lished and well known stand on Baltimore street.
one square owuj.ll of the Court House, Getty,
burg, Pe..
El *ring had an experience of 10 years In this es
tablishment, I feel assured, that, with reneaed
attention tp businesa, - we can still further merit
and fecinvii a fulicshare of publie paintaitse,
D. .31el'IlltA
With Increased faellitlex for conducting our
eineas, we are better prepared than ever to avidly
the wants of all thaw who nay need anything in
our line, We expeclafly fall the attention of
Farmer! and others to the mimetic'r quality of our
Plain or Quilted Seat:Aide Leathers
Horn Middies, Hamm all kinds, with
Plain or Quilted Beat. or wabout fastening.,
no Horn, nousino,
Plain or Quilted Peat Scotch Coliara,Beather,l
Side Meddles, (finking,)
Plain or Fancy qaddle No Seam Collars.
Cloths, Best Welt Harness *
talon daddies, tars,
8.1 Bridles, of all Patent Leather Collars,
k I fair or black, stitched or nosy:cher',
' rou ed or Sat, Bent heather Wagon
)4artinisebt, Whips, 1, it: and i feet
Carriage \ Harness, all, gong,
styles, is flrxer or bback Plaited Team Whips,
mounted, TrotLlng:WlUps,
Bent y brlltlgl 11171111.01, Ladles' Riding Twigs,
11110,1 Bridle., Whip Lashes,
(dirt lis, llone Blankets,
Cruppers, - '. &c. &c., dc, Ike.
In 'dirs.!, every thin that pertains Los tlnd-close
general horse-fornisht establiabmflut constant-'
13 on hand or made too r promptly, of the N cry
beet material, and by the t oat experieneed work
men in the monk) , i two Mtelng worked in the ,
establishment MT the bud th ) ears. I
I We arrenow manufacturing • excellent lot of
iHeavy Draught and Horne). Col r% for those Nrtm
prefer OW . OM 11 to cl ty 1111141 e w ork.
terms.tdillk lids done nt 411 t mill-rand
All are cordlall3 invited to call ands .• mine for
themselves. n 5 our work to
foil recom
-1 Mend Itself. 1). McClll 6 :Alcti & . IN.
Feb. 4, 1518. t f
Great National Telegraphic
:pg. 809 nue! 811 Chestnut Street,
Ts Me Placa{ U PI No he die PO
Part of the Second Aid thee/whole of the Third
and Fourth Floors of
nearly oppesite theNentinentsl HoteL
Thp beets
sed essefinc. binaries.
CoTlege in the city.
The son* qt Teaches bassist =Perim..
Fklobetlen fee the tountine-room in the 'short
est, possible time . eontintent with the I n terenti of
Send foe nteetent.
Clive inn
dti n ifw.
4 1 44 fig ; /SOW LigSt, HIM killtOra
op.TUßT t unTialled i. : e ;ew edition n y f
40 Ur. 'W
on the reetteateure (without reted/elne)
ot Spermstorrhau, or Sent hull Week
. larvoletnner• me,
at oy,4lezilralt43 ..
~W llli c i t . .f texi l i mpiion:
A t
t ;
:pile A 7 t:itki•xel.i by self•indulgence or
MX it MO'S
, . I t t . litr eilritiP/Orttif 111,9M1L v
The cot T 4 ',ITS, In Pile Mi . rante
Year'(l.ll 2
elt lqi E. 4 ZH.,.._,ttar.„%oz.:Ungin)' 'u ces '
or ael 410. me mvy he ra ‘ dically tatted with. ae tut u tare
dangerooe nee of internal medicine or the appli
cation or the knife—point ILA owl • node &cure
at once simple, certain, and elYtVallel, byenlig
of which every sullrerer, no
_matter ttt 'tan'
dttlo4 t r ta
q t , r , e{ Fut , setr y, prO
Valit'lcladrlelkittal be IW the hands of every
youth and every mnn In the land
Beta tinder meet la a plain envelope. to any sui
dneitivpregodd, on receipt of etc rep/ two
pot edtrapm. Alan, ittivertat a , rriage
thttle, !tat Sydr , -41., M PM fort,
ijitLitet." v Vete Orl, P. O. Box Ali.
Nov. 22. 4417 .11 11,4'n n
riVlllClt'ald itANlk`ifi iciodn,t t. okint4
notice. lie_enllclV the patronize of the neigh
borhood anWinkzvanintre 0110410100491 Sit e
him a call. IjEciWIE ti/VOL
Jane le, elitlf.-•tc. 41,
E NM , Irvod MOW Miiartfaut of
•tm own
m • • 0700
1.. e will it thallt toU
= %be Rsceiskor.
11,19 N, 1304tethen,
(pit F. Commissioners ailtAdams county hereby
g save notice that they have Sliced upon the
following times and pluees for holding the 'SAX
.IPPEAI,I4 for IS6S, in the several boroughs and
Townnhfint of Attains eonnty, when and where
they will attend, to hear 11,ppeAlst, bets ern the
hourgaof A rieiock, A. M., and 3 o'clock, P. M., of
each day, as follows:
For Mount3ov township, on Mroolay,_the 27th
of,lnininre next,nl the hoi:eofJ, gm. Newismn,
in told
Tor the tounship of Germany uud the borough
of r.nt h,at on rnestlo.,, the nth or .I.liiiiary
next. at the 1111[1140 ot Philip lit•tnier. , In I.lttleg•
tot n.
are non. buildUag a variety of
For town 1i of Talt m, \VrtlnewlttE, Ito
Mtli of Ittlitukry in..v.tott the hoimeof
ler, In !
}4.r the lovrt,hip ~r Connu Thttrmisty.
thr .ioth of Januar) next, at I tit. lioilsia• 01 }ytinn
o~ 11,111 , r, In NI , , t,r, •tolvtl.
111.• I y of Mryltht Frtitnv.
the :14t of Ineturtry next, tit the litingt , of .1. 1•:.
In soul tint nshlp.
Forhi. g I • itralein, on Sal unhy, the
lig of Frhrunrn t,t, r.t Ih. t • of .Inntlt
In If utth.r.t.. ts.
.1,1(4 hrtlnry next.lll the holt+. of 1. FL llowlrr,
Ili N, n 11,Apt of.
P. 4. TATY.,
W r. rel.(
Fnr the t,iw risk 1p and litirnugh or Berwlek, no
the 4th ~1 Fehrukx3 'text, of the house
of Wilenk, In Ahielltetown.
For the tot, nrltli, of 11.111110”,,,y1 Weilnewiy,
tho Ft It nr F ebrimr, nett, nt (Ito of Alm,
H. M 1 ,14.411.1 1 ,1. 111 Ewa 11,01 u.
For the 1,1/114 f 1;4 a.long, on Thunmlnv, the
alb of February next, at. the house of R. H.
lit liatunton,
For Ilse lown•ltip of Huntington, on Friday,
the 7th of February next, nt the house at Mts.
lane Heed, lu Peteraburg.
}or 11, to sash in of Latlinnre,on Fat urdar the
Nh of I, 1,1.1% n. - .1, tit the house of Mrs. Jane
Ree.l,ln Petersburg.
I or the bra 1,, 1p of Ty, one, on Nlonday, the
nth la February next, at the house of ?dm Cook,
Ur lb ICl , llllrg. •
For the tot, nslilp of Mennllen, nn Tneatinv, the
Ith , lay of February next, at the !wawa( rharlea
Myer, In lhopleren ille
or the 1. - m . llollp of Butler, on Wednewhiv the
I Zll. ~f Vehruar:, next, at the bons of It. W. hot,
to Ni.l,llornw n.
1 or the tot, tr-htpof Frttrittlln, on Thuntlnv,thr
nth nt Frlahttry next, it lIII` Iloll.` of
Neu Ittalent.
For the to ughlp of llnnilltonhno nu*
the tah of rehrustry next, Id the hon. of Alex
Ilenchool, In Falillel.l.
For the township of Liberty, on Tuesday, the
lebrtutry next, t the immte ofJohn Nun
nenitik, r, In sand township.
For the township 14 Freedom, onWed:m.llly,
t loth or F..l , •uars twxtoit the house Ili Nimuel
gorily, in Kahl township.
Fin the ton tishins ul Cumberland anti High-
Intel, on Thu, the 20th of February tio..xt, at
Ihe house it Franek}Krems, In Cumberland
Md. tin, bormutit of Gettysburg, on Friday, the
21st of February next, at the Commissioners M-
M.,. In (IN tv.toir,.•, . .
).11'11111.AN WIF.IIM %N.
• .1.10)13
CommigglonPrq of A,lntnq county
Atteqt—.l. M. WALTIRN, ('l.•rk.
Corner of Carlisle Street and the Railroad,
IN order to give the piddle something like an
talequatt.llon..l tht•lnt men.erhx kof Lumber,
Cwt Olin rn, Tiu-ware, kc. , he., on hand and for
sale the undersigned, at lint etdablbstinient, In
Carlisle street, across the Railroad from the Pas
...miter Station, he would t innut•lnn• at.l•
limits of ri newspaper advertisement will allow:
Beards and Plank of every grade, from cullitiga
Lopanel, loieb, anti Smnt ling, pine and hemlock,
%tiding, planed and unpinned, Flooring, Sninglea,
Shingle Laths Plastering Letlig, Pickett, leanly
made In.ra and Sash, Blinds and Minn tern,—ln
fart, r‘ertEdlig tined f o r building plarprege..
Shamokin While Ash and Lyksns' Valley Red
Ash, the.. twrnt arletlesholng ths purest m 11111 4 ,0
for all chnnestle pnriscoes. Also the •s•q Is st
Baud-hap and n) Smith
Waverly, Noble Cook, Royal Cook, Barley Sheaf,
I trirotal, Stewart a l'ool.,(lrrtusental, Excelsior,
!loval and the gmentld l'ooklng Stoves,
all for coal or woml. These virletlen are
'Ural froal the hest not most popular looking
litoves the market allfmls, and ape all warranted
to give entire salklaet lon. Also, a Very large
varlets of l'arlor. Saloon end Shop Rouen, for
oat or wood, Including the eelehrat.l Monting
f.lory, the Vulcan, Mid Meteor, Itotual Meteor.
Lad, Violet, twat, Regulator, l'otnet, Egg. New
Knit, l'arlor t 'enk, Am.,4e, hire Brick awl Grates,
for oath ~r on hand.
The ass.o. Solent s !library, a es) thing nets...arc
for kitelien or household purposes, including rs
kin:, ilnuil rr ‘,l ~mcenlrnt set cheap art tries of
new design w itch must be seen to 1)e it {unreels t ed.
The stoek IN so iargt and Dried that those who
Let e list viattsa I the .UWI4IIIIIIIO ha,. no con
ception of its catcnt. In addition to the
kltehen tnrnstls , it Menai. Bathing N'eseels,
Ten Rt Ciitunlier Seta, plain and fancy, Chamber
But kets, Blend and spire iloties, Teo and °once
Canisters, Deed 'loxes, Spit loons, Tumbler Drain
er, Bill-hend Boxes, Waiters, Ale Carriers, Water
C.,, Slaw Callers, Nurse La mps,Jelly Moulds,
Pudding Moulds, }Went Nutmeg Grates, Comb
Cases, (len. tintrtt Plates and ABC Plates Ash
Buekets Hour Sieves, Itird Cage
s, spout }heads,
Cat.: Stills, Lanterns, Busting Spoor's, Large
Forks, Candle fit tcks, Card le Moulds, ('upper Dip
wrs, Wrought-Iron hiving Pans, smoothing
I nano, Foot Scrapers, Coffee Roasters, Waite
Irons, Snuffers, Dinner and Auctioneer Bells,
Egg Beaters, Oilers, Fluted Funnels, Cool Sieves,
Giass-top Fruit (An', Plain-top Fruit Cans, Self
sealing Jars, k,., al, Tin-ware made to order,
and repairing promptly attendod to, Ii) the lest
of workmen
Cast-Iron rots of every Mee and variety, for
oo‘es, Fettles, for t+seklng and pre
ser‘lng, Tin-lined Kettle+ for ditto, Cast-imn
stew Pane.of every nita and yarn t 3, Porestalk
and tinned, Kith a thonrand nod one other aril
eh. i.npnv.lMM to in on ads ..rti•e
uu n t.
Attention is, specially directed to.three valua
ble Patent. for width be Is wont, and shout
Which there Is no'hutuhast, as can beano:Med by
twores who have used thert i :ix.: THE UN/VE
MACHINE, and the er bested DIAMOND
The patine nro invited to can awl examine
good, and prier, He polaranteett
Ilgu r e a.Wae every
thing In Ida line al, exceeding low ra Come
nod see, to panty your curiosity, It you do
flin want to buy. No trentble to ghow goods.
JT BONNE • OFF, corner dr the Minn:tad and
York atattett Just retttrated trout tn. olty
with an n:lanai! 'tractive aaaortment of
. rime as cannot POI to
'v Cull and judge for
xeellent material,
e ; '' 'n %VA
'N of and
whleh he will sell at wart
Lake the ft off very rapidly
yourselves. To look at the
tasteful rut/ ing, and neat nods
and then to eel h•
prire' . - ,1 / 4 - 4
hut buy, wiser/ War see II en tooth
t, est to ,in co.
Ile has t oat>, Pants, Vests, of nil sty
ter Leh ;
nat., Ittfts
sod Sllofq;
Shia*, of ail kinds, iilMllery, filmes IT
ehletileNts•k•lle.4, Caaviits, Linen and Pape
In So.pondom, Ilrumbe,, rOinlm;
Trunks. N litho., I'mhrellaa, Pnekpl golaisi.
yrs. hitpd.tag lip' ill , di rig' tilsioscis, /I Pen. Hu
• Zru7l..St
ac ute . , Jewelry. with a thousand and
one other ticle, entire)) tno numerous to de
toll in a newspaper advertisement,
; lie asks the attention of thi• patine io WA new
M eo
stork, ntident t tisk ti pin' ilenar—and no Sine
eon or a ill sill cheaper. lion t Sd,.. t the gore—
corner of York :Wirt and the Diamond, ocl
t ynlourg.
1 April al, 1547, 1f
of MNMY II&YERK' FI , T.ITF.-I.etters Mots
menisr) r
the mate of henry Myers, Iste
toff! Orommhip. Adnms countyy, deeermed,
hominggrouted to ttu. ireelehhinPd,
.ldlng in the th° 1..0.41,,M, Pie hero ly times
Do ti,* to so perldns Tot/Mod ip snld eotate to
make ttilutedinte PiTatent, and those haring
ctrilmx nen: iisl the sem,.tn present them proper
ly •ut henUested for settlement.
lIEN/ty 4 riuri.
Oettyttiorg, past reeetved at the EXCRLRIOR
GALLERY. Albinos . 0 4
11 1 74, Qqr 4s4.:a*
,csqtlxias, over' lb t
I . %,l 4 Pte L ,l 4 Nitire"ca, c ‘ittn a t tg a re
have ' bonen now and are determined loath lower
than the name qualitirt. can lie bought anywhere
in this county or mato( 1t C. 4, TA Eitir,
Jail. 21, 1947, • '
C L or iw.,74aw 111.agar__InTift !Ripply
- 11" .17 MVKLOr
ADDER wanting a gook article of rerfumerj,
Paritir Rattli:dr' lll .'rnit to sup
plied at .1. is j1t:II1CR~.
pricer. CaHand examine specOMl,ll . •
4 , 410.
. . er - ‘ i - -•' 7l-1. .
,:-..7.-4 - 4, - .„ • - ,
~:,----- . r , • oz. , •
,- 7 • .. 1 .%.: - ', 1 , '-
• •
171.31"Vt , HURG, PA
Eno/toes Notice.
Ihr. 20. 1)47, RI,
1 hr , kater I Igh Ily tough• Itud
a knowlng that betteath the lie
-1% hereon he carves hiagalr dent'.
A Atitrenett oorpee In eflenee
It gloreth upward nth!. ploy ;
IN cold, blue, mid Shama steal
Beneath tbo t reimUng of We h.ol
it duo along 11114 n4RIA away.
lie has not seen ttt horror puss;
His heart is blithe; the %Hinge hears
Ills distant laughter; he eireera
in testis shrrnlt a athwart the glass.
1111% the nkatem, we whn skim
The ;turfing-. of Idfe•e vokman flood.
And drive with &Ar.. in .ivor blond
A .I:wind danne from brim to brim.
/ttu• feet nn• Kirin, bur filewu burn,
hope,. umpire like marina blblot ;
u orl.l taken Courage from our word.,
.1 tut tatro tilP golden time return. -
lint ever near uB, silent , cald,
aloof them Who bounded from the bank
ith eager Beane, like ue, and Rank,
rteinme their feet were orrerbol4.
They eniik throngh lireathinrholes of vice,
Through threarberous ',Lorna of unbelief
They know not their despair and grief;
Their hearta and min& are turned to lee.
• -
BY JOHN 4/111.L.
Peebles haul just asked Mr. Merriweath
er's daughter If she would give him a
lift out of hachelordom, and she had said
"yes." It therefore became absolutely
necessary to get the old man's permis
sion, so, as Peebles, said, that arrange
ments might be made for hopping the
conjugal twig.
Peebles said he'd rather pop the inter
rogatory' to all of old Merriweather's
daughters, and his sisters, and his fe
male cousins, and his aunt Hannah in
the country, and the whole of his female
relations, than ask old Merrlweather.
Hut it had to he dons, and so he sat down
and studied out a speech which he was
going to disgorge to old Merrlweather
the very first chance he got to shy it at
him. So Peebles dropped in on him one
Sunday evening, when all the family
had meandered around to class-meeting,
and found him doing a sum in beer
measure, trying to calculate the exact
number of quarts his interior could hold
without blowing the head off of him.
"How are you. Peeb?" said old Mer
ri weather, as Peebles walked In as white
as a chunk of chalk, and trembling as if
he had swallowed a condased earth
quake. Peebles was afraid to answer,
because he wasn't sure about that speech.
He knew he bad to keep his grip on it
while lie had it there,. or it would slip
away from him quicker ,than an oiled
eel through an auger hole. So he blurt
ed right out:
"Mr. Merrlweather: Sir, perhaps it
may not be unknown toyou, sir, that du
ring an extended period of some five
years I have been busily engaged in the
prosecution of • a commercial enter
"Is that so? and keepin' it a secret all
the time, while I thought you was tend
in' store? Well, by George, you're one
of 'ern, now ain't you ?"
Peebles ha 1 to begin all over again to
get the run of it.
"Mr, Merriweather : Sir, perhaps it
may dot be unknown to you that during
au extended period of some five years I
have been engaged in the prosecution of
a commercial enterprise with a determi
nation to procure a sufficient mainte
nanee—" •
"Sit down, Peeb, and help yourself to
beer. Don't stand there holding your
hat like a blind beggar with the paraly
sis. What's the matter with you, any
way ? I never seen you behave yourself
do in all my horn days."
Peebles was knocked out online again,
and had to wander back and take a fresh
"Mr. Merriweather: Sir. it may not'
be unknown to you that during an ex
tended period of dye years I have been
engaged in the prosecution of a commer
cial enterprise, with the determination
to procures sufficient maintenance—"
"A which snort?" asked. old 3ienl
weather,; but Peebles held on to the last
word like it weln his only chance, and
went on.
"lii the hope that some day I might
enter wedlock, and bestow my earthly
*sessions upon one whom I could call
my own. - I - have been a lonely man,
sir, and have felt that it Is not good (or
men to be alone; tberefore—"
"Neither is it, Peeblet, and I'm all
Bred glad you dropped In. How's the
old man:"
"Mr. Merriweather, sir," said. Peebles,
In despairing confusion, raising his voice
to a yell, "It may not be unknown to
you that during an extended period of
a lotilbly man I.have been, engaged to
enter wiltikkok, and bestow ,all my com
mercial enterprise upon one whom I
could procure to be a determination to
be good for a sulticietit possessions—no,
mean—that is—that--Mr. Merrtweather,
air. It may not ho unknown—".
o .kud then agatu it may. Look here,
Peebles, you'd better take something
warm, abd lay down, you ain't dell."
Peebles, sweating like a four-year old
colt, went in again.
"Mr. Merriweather, : 'Sir, it may not
be lonely for you to prosecute he whom
you can call a friend fr; tkimmerelal
maletznanee, but—but—oh, dang—Mr.
"Oh, Peebles, you talk as wild as a
jackass. I never seen a more first-class
Idiot In the whole course of nu -We.,
What's the matter With YPP orlyhitw?"
6 Ali• itterri weather, sir," said Peebles,
luan agony of bewilderment, "It may
not be unknown that , AA /T*1011,94 a
• ilelY )I'4, n9.t : f9r %%Pr
m• (dal period of wedlock telt 'Tor Kane
five ..eaur—huA—"
"See Atm, Mr, Wades, you're drunk,
and If yo' can't behave better than that,
you'd better leave. If you tlon't, I'll
chuck you odt or I'm a Dutchman."
Iterriw Cher, Aid ll'opett,lse,
frantic with Oa tr, "It may not be un
known to you thit my earthly pomes
sions are engaged to 'enter wedlock ttPti
years with a auffloieu • lonely Itlatt, t
who Is not good fur ICO metal Main
oThe blood] deuce he Isn't. Now you
just git up and git, old hops, or hawk
what little brains out prya you ye got ;
\ I
With that old blerriweather took Pea
bles by the shirt collar and the part o
his pants that wears out first if ;la ails
down much, 'TAO. Atilt him Into the
ester as tf tie liadjit4 run against a I
°muck., game at A:WV miles an hour.
Before old Merriwestber had
to akutthe front licwt ; tliOkkoli cAktet•d
leiri L 9,ii?'4o#l nroi *MOW that
litre kting arottod on 4tre pite,enstuit i , and
tifenaltod 4 116 . 4 r vailekl'AßSin!
and yelled oat: s.
I "Mr. 3ferriweather : Sir, it may not
he unknown to you—" which made the
I old man so wretched mad - that he went
out and set a bull-terrier 4 on Peebles be
fore he hada chanetto lift a brow]; and
there was a scientific doetight, with
odds in favor of the dog, until tti_ey got
to the fence, and even then Peebles
*mild have carried the bull-terrier
home gripped like a clamp to his leg, if it
hadn't been that the meat was too ten-
Filler. and the dog, _feeling certaLu that
somethifig or other must eventualls give
, way, held on until he got his chop (Oa
' Peebles' calf, and Peebles went home
I half a pound lighter, while erriweather
asserts to this day that th y had to draw
all the dog's teeth to ge the flesh out of
I his mouth, "for hp had an awful hold
for such a small animal."
or course, blerriweether's daughter
heard about It, and she was so mad that
she never gave the old man any peace
until be went around the next day to
see Peebles about It. Peebles looked
pale as a ghost from loss of blood mid
beef, and he had a whole piece of muslin
rapped around his off leg. Merriweath
er said :
"tett), I'm sorry about that muss last
night, but if you didn't behave like a ra
vhig maniac I'm a loafer. I never seen
such a ilehbvite au knee I was born.
What's the 'groaning of It anyway?"
"I was only tryin' to ask you to let me
marry your daughter," groaned Peebles.
"Great—what"—you didn't mean to
say—well, I hope 1 may be ,hot.
if you ain't a regular old wooden-beaded
idiot—l thought your mind was wander
ing.. Why didn't you say it right out?
—Why, of course you can have her.
Take her, my boy ; go it, go it, and I'll
throw a lot of first-class blessings into
thepargain." _
And Peebles looked ruefully at lib de
fective leg and wished be hadn't been
such a fool ; * but he went out and mar
ried the girl, and lived happily with her
for about two months ; and at the end of
that time he told a confidtlitlal friend
that be would willingly take more trou
ble and nutiergo a million More dog bites
to get rid of her.
As we were traveling from New Yoik
to Boston, our attention was attracted by
a very peculiar looking man, whose ap
pearance indicated that he had lived
rather by his wits than by any labor of
his hands.
My companion Informed me that his
name was Brick, and said helves a man
universally known in New York as one
of the sharpest fellows In driving a bar
gain—always ready to drink with you,
hut never ready to pay.
- He never has any money," said my
companion, "and lum curious to find
out bow he will get over the road with
out paying."
"Probably he has a ticket," I replied.
"No, he always travels and boards free
when wit or trick will pass current in
In their place," said my companion.
""He has a shocking bad hat on," I re
plied, noticing the dilapidated condition
of the beaver be Wore.
"Yes, but It is some trick of his, doubt-
Ws, for the rest of his dress is quite gen
teel," replied my companion.
Presently the conductor entered the
opposite end of the car, t% gather the
tickets from the passengers, and give
them checks lu return.
Arany of them, as is often the ease with
travelers, had placed their tickets in the
bands of their hate, so that the conductor
could see that they are were right. .
I watched Brick, to see how he would
get rid of paying his expenses.
As the conductor drew near him he
throat his head out of the window, as
though admiring the beautiful scenery.
The conductor asked him for his ticket
No answer.
"Ticket, sir," said the conductor, tap
ping hint on the shoulder.
Brick sprang in the car, knocking his
hat into the mad. lie looked first at
the conductor, and then out at the win
dow, and in a seeming fit of rage, said :
"What do you strike a man in that
way for? Is that your business? Is
that what the company hired you for?"
"Beg your pardon, sir; I only want
your ticket," said the conductor.
"Ticket! Oh! yes, It's all very well for
you to want my ticket, but I want my
het i ") replied Brick, bristling up.
"Very sorry, I merely wished to call
your attention, and I took the only
means in my power."
"You had letter use a cane the next
time you wish to attract a person's atten
tion," replied the indignant Thick,
"Well, sir, I will apologize to you
again, if you wish. I have done so once
already," said-the now disconcerted con
"Yes, no drutiat I but that don't restore
tug property that's gone."
"Well, sir, I cannot talk any longer.
I'll take your ticket, if you please," said
the conductor.
"Ticket! Haven't you just knocked it
out of the Window—hat and all? Doyen
want to add insult to Injury?"
"Oh! your ticket's hi tltp itatband
suggested 1,1;e cc,ndutor.
.fteiuppoaing you stop the train, and go
back and see," said - the hatless Brick,
with indignant scorn depicted on his fac.e.
"Wall, sir, I shall pass you ftae over the
road, then," etiii the conductor, at
tempting to go about his duty.
"The price of a ticket," Bald lirtek, "l'
three dollars; lux Waver cost me six.—
Your goad tleAse will show you that there
is a halsoce of .3; , kart tigee dollars In
Condueror hesitated.
Haat looked like a gentleman to one
not perfectly posted up In the human
face; he was dressed well, and Ida
dignation appeared Altdaset holiest.
"f 00 you after I have collected
the tickets," replied the conductor, paw
lag on through the car.
Brick sat In silent intAniuktkon, frown
lig At eyeratbing, until the ofikrlnt
tAtAktli, and- °auto and sat down by the
He then, in an earnest undertone, that
we could overhear occasionally, talked to
the ounductur like a Dutch uncle, and
ago saw the crestfallen man of tickets
pay the hatless passenger three dollars.
The trick was at once seen thrtwg/a by
both my friend and tiva4ii, and the next
told us he was hard-op—hadn't
dollar—picked up an old hat at the St..
N • toles Hotel, New York, put hie cap
In li pocket, and fattedvtai that tilt Wl*
ShAVII OA P 4 NONI ;L. and it did,
with t Into the bargain.
A covvrai\edildr thinks that CA4nm
(bus is not ettlUe x ti to raw* credit for dia
-00.V014444 Allea\as the country se. l
4. he coo l not ell hive 'Ahmed ft
50TH YEAR.--NO. 14.
Iu 1884 the chid WM * Bll *lntense that
the Thairues waa covered. with lee sixty
one, Inches thick. I 'nest nil the birds
1n 101 the cold wag go execagive that
thetfandsbed wolves entered Vleituwaud
!Waned . herons nod even. men. Many
people in t_lermany were froaen to death
1111695, and the winders of lien' end 1099
were nearly Re had.
In 1709 occurred that famous winter
ladled, by 11Induction, the cold whiter.
All the rivers; and lakes sere frown, and
even the wea for several miles from the
shore. Tho ground was frozen nine feet
deep. Births and beasts were struck
dead in the fields, and men perished by
thrmaands In their lasuses. In the south'
of France, the wino plantations were al
most all destroyed ; nor have they yet
recovered from that fatal disaster. The
Adriatic sea was frozen, and even the
Mediterranean about Gonda, inij the
eirrea and orange groves sufffred ex
tremely In the filmed parts or Italy.
In 1016 the winter was so intense that
people traveledlaemss the straits, on the
lee, from Copenhagen to the province of
Beata, in Sweden.
L. 1729, In Scotland, multitudes of cat
tle and sheep were buried in the snow.
In 1710 the winter was scarcely interi
or to that 0f.1709. The snow lay ten feet
deep in gpain and' Portugal. The Zuy
der Zee was frozen ever, and thou
mods of rieople went over It. And the
lakes to Euglaed froze.
In 1744 the winter wen very cold.—
Snow fell la Portugal to the depth of
feet on the level. e
In 1754 and IVA the winters were very
Revere and cold. in England thestroag
let ale, exposed to the air In a glass, aas
eovered lu 15 minutes with lee one eighth
of an Inch thick.
In 1771 the Elhe was ftozen to the bot
'ln 1776 the Danube bore lee five feet,
below Vienna. Vast numbers of the
feathered and tinny tribes perished.
The wintetv of 1784 And 1786 were un
commonly Revere. The Little Belt axe
thaten over.
From 1800 to, 1812 also, the winters
were remarkably cold, particularly the
latter, In Ruaeia, which proved No dies*.
(roue to the French army.
A very highly esteemed Radical Judge
of Ontario county, N. Y., was recently
united in matrituony. He wedded a very
respectable and Iflghly secomplipilied la
dy of Democratic principles, residing in
the same comity. He went to pass the
(Wet night at a hotel in - Cananingua.—
The lady was duly conducted to the bri
dal chamber by her maids. After a pro
per length of time had elapsed, the wor
thy Judge ascended to the ehambepand
found the door locked': He ruppe&for
Admittance, when the following dialogue
ensued :
Judge—l desire admittance
Wife—You cannot come in here until
I. •
you change your polities:
Judge—l cannot do that:,
Wife—Well, you cannot come in then.
The Judge then descended, remaining
below about an hour, waiting for Ids
wife to repent and revoke her cruel deci
He iheu returned and . ranl•ed.
Judge-=Will you now admit me?
Wife—Have you changed your view,'
Wife—l cannot admit you•theu.
Judge—My dear wife, this is ask ing,too
Wife—l have no other terms to °trey
Judge—You cannot be so cruel
He received no answer to this. After
waiting tt short time he again descended,
remaining below ahother hoar, in a dis
turbed elate of mind. At last he again
ascended, and rapped desperately at the
door. There was a alight mend within.
Judge—Will you admit me?
wife—You know my terms. Have
you changed!
Judge—Yes, I now come to you a stiff
The door opened, the Judge vanished,
the curtain fatly, and New York has
gone fifty thousand Democratic.
FREDDY, a fair-hatred youpgater of
four summers, the other day,•after being
for some time lost In thought, broke out
thus, addressing his father t •
"Pa, can God do anything?"'
"Yes, dear."
"Can He make a two year old colt In
two minutes?"
"Why," said the aatontahed parent,
"He would not wish to do that, Freddy."
"But if He did wish to, could He?"
Insisted Freddy.
"Yea, certainly, if He wished to,"
"What! In two minutes?"
"Yes, iu two minutes."
"R'e'f, then, he wouldn't be two years
old, would he? "
Theold gentleman collapsed.
A Haan Hyr.--IFaid an old preacher
once: "Fellow•siunere, if yea were
told that by going to the top of those
stairs yonder, (pointlag SO a rickety
pair of stain at the end of the church,)
you might secure your eternal salvation,
I really hardly believe any of you would
try it. But let any man proclaim that
there Vie-re five dollars in gold for you,
and I'll be bound there would be such a
getting up stairs as you never lid ec."
A VENDER of hoop-shirts was recently
extolling his wares In presence of a cus
tomer's husbaud. "No lady should be
without one of these atittrts," said the
shomnau. "Well, of course not," dryly
tosutweited the husband, who was some
thing of a wag; "she should tub within
"I sAX, Clem," cried two disputing
darkies, appealing for decision to a sable
umpire, "which word is right—di-sactly
Of de-zactly ?" The sable umpire reflec
ted a moment, aud then with a look of
wisdom, sold, "1 can't tell per racily,"
THE bride's veil originated la the An
glo-Saxon oustota cif performing the
marriage undep a Oft* of olsdh. held at
each ettrner by a tell man, over the
bridegroom end .bride, to eonee,4l her
A onEbNiKklarf ear abu time, 4ry
atteattye, nunang upon a cane-bottom
etAr, Ai, length he said wonder
what fellow took the tronble to Ilnd all
4tiem ar holes, and put "tams around
A YOUNG wognOut in this Slate sras so
Impressed with tits *Pt that she was
born to be hung beenase sho had stirrer
been droveoed, that the hen* borhelt
A 111611111.111 Lt
Ck•W' eioryTrAtiften of the gi
: atlb frauds prepetreted (luring the
wai, the people would be amazed beyond
measure. The slime of corruption taint
ed almost every public illatnasetion, and
thieves abounded more than honest
men. Here is the list horrible reveln
thin. The :it: Louis correspondent or
the Cinel neat! Enquirer says:
There is no telling the ways thatmen,
greedy for gale, with uotavall themselves
of to mimic" their fortunes, especially
during and attire the war, as tll5ll 1110 VI,
been found willing and anxious to Nell
soul and conscience for nllttle filthy lucre.
A few days mime an incident voeurred
with* very remake illustrates „this.
An 11.1611101 W well employed to dig up
and remove some of the bodies of Union
withers In the Wesleyan Cemetery of
this city. In lifting the vented he
thought they eecuted uneasily hollow
in their Bound, and opening some of
them found that no bodios had everimen
placed in them atoll, editing hutplanks
or square blocks of wood. The mystery
to ti e honest lilbernain wan great, but
.when It wan told hum that the rulon sol
diers were buried by contract, the un
dertaker reeeiv,lng re witch per collie,
and that the bodies could he sold at
handsome ptnflt toismaentedicalillollege,
the doubt was at once rejuoved, Ott the
avenue to a large Amami' lummtilately
disclosed. This was only one of the
ways the war mode men rich.
who Item on Huth street, not far from
Knattli street, and who has been warded
for the past twenty years, has als'ltYs
dakired to be the father of a daughter—
his .elilliken being all boys. t , ti great,
lanced, has been his desire for a daugh
ter that he has often prayed that li?rovi
ilence might hies' I,lw with one.. A
kind Prtititlenelt was not .4rif to Ilia
prayers, for, W hisurruidt surprise, he was
granted two girls on the kith ingnot, the
difference in their Agra being seven
hams.—Cincitinati -
following appears - valuable :—For ono
pound of'coffee take one egg and beat it
well. When the coffee 1., nicely brown
ed and cool enough not to cook the egg,
pour the egg over it, stirring. It until
every kernel is coated with a var.
nlallr and let It stand a few minutes
In a warm plarmantfl It dries. This will
prevent the escape of all aroma, and Ix
not affected by mOisture, and the egg
helps to oktte the doffeto *hen It Is
ground and steeped. This in the good
old way of our grandmothers. ‘,•
Or Monday week, Mr. Alexattd4 - M.
Brand, of Fayette county, sold to John.
W. Taylor, of New York, twelvp head
of fine cattle at $9.50 per hundred.
They weighed as follows; One yokeof
oxen, 4,6.50; two three-year olds, 3,93fi;
two three-yeke oldo4,13:1; twethreetyear
aids, 4,100; two three-year ohL%:4,010;
ono tbree-yoar old, 1,970; one two-year
old, 1,665.- The ' aceinige weight tenq
2,082 pounds.
CHARM)! DlktiNl9-a high anfherity
—loans to the position that first humus
-810114 are usually cermet, and also toys
"I have known a vast quantity of non-
sense talked about bad men not looking
von In the face. Don't trust that con
ventlunal Idea. Distitinesty will "lire
honesty out of countenance an; day In
the week, 'lf theic Is anything to he
gut by It." By the way, It may be sta
ted that Dickens closed his readings In
New Y2 r rk 9n, Friday evening Inst„after
a brilliant success of two week..
[lour. Idea of the extent of Loinlon
may be formed from the feet that there
am between seven and eight thousand
:4reetn, warty of them being miles in
length. There aro one hundred and
twenty-five thousand shop-keepers.—
There are two thousand different kititim
of trades, among %Welt are nineteen
hundred butchers, three thousand gro
cers, fifteen hundred dairymen, twenty
seven hundred baksm, three thousand
tailors, three 'OlO - usand four hundred
shoemakers, fifteen hundred linen dra
pers, and six hundred batters.
A mvorala Georgetown, D. C., In one
of his sermons lately, used as a quota
tion the heriptgral query: "Where are
the nine?" On a repetition of the ques
tion, a demure lookilegyoung gentlemen
who had been nodding, suddenly nee up
and was heard innocently to respontl—
"They're playing a Waahliigton chub."
A CLERGYMAN in the West, rape-hi
eing. the youth of Ills church, put this
-question from a chatechism to a girl :
"What Is your consolation In life and
death ?" The girl untied but did not
answer. The clergyman ladated.
"Well," said she, "since I must tell yes,
It Is a young printer on Edmund street"
AT a Concert-recently, at the conga-
Pto n of the song, "There's a goad Woe
coming," a country fanner got up aid
"Mister, you oallda'S Az the date,
could you?"
liceLEANaminty, 14wa,tina six broth
er! whose united Weight Is 2-18 pounds.
The largest of thine giants weighs 404
pounds, mid the. smallest 395 pounds.
We do not know of any other courtly
that has prodtioed so many great men In
one family.
1343t.razE Gisthors.—"l want to see
some of your ghirdets ?" saki a greenhorn
one day, as he 'listened a hardware store.
The dealer took down several parcels,
neither of which suited: "Well, then,
what kind do you want? here tsetse:et
every variety."
"Why, dare 11, I want them what
bores square Wee."
A REPUBLICAN paper havigea slatet4.
that in ten years no'orke Will speak a
word against the Radical party, /breaks.
suggests that, keg Wore that ;time,
there will be no Radical, party to speak
on.l against.
why,Lhi eaptaltiot can't keep a
memorandum' Of the *eight of kis an
chor inctead of weighlug it every lime .
they lie mat of peak
EVERY merehaat who advertlesik
laughs in hie ateeie when he beion'a
inere.heut Who item!, not advert/se': Ali
plata about dun timer, '
"WHAT are yeti doing ?" Wd IWO*
tb him eon, 'who wit" tit/kering WE ONI
watch., "iteDrosna: &n tiete." itial Its
witty rejoluarr.
A NMI°, grand jtirdr In North Ciina
tins atole Ma ounaloyeerrpooket book on
the way hope from the coort-loorn.
TIIEIiE is some Wir t of mabatitalhtg the
truiAan ban* !iat •Ow 41m:bid bat
wort► by our
A nom !Ark 014 s, lare a Inas a
and he &Mae MUG to neetibody.
A ItkßattAraiy wood stirelogathrown
Into ft •betf lent will abeo►b mein iK
then e cart load or mem owns.