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'APMON, SEPT. 13, 1887
TOR :Mill Or rrrirlar COV RT.
Xisetion. Tuesday, October 8, 1887
Demitcratide County Ikkd.
nicriotAs HEL A TZt.,TI 4 .
untpleamant twp
forisTir coisfssiownw.
JACOB LOTT, of Camberiand township.
Z3M‘tY J. It j jlTili, " Of M
(Mo u' re i tir nx hi p.
HARVEY D. WATSLIA of teettynborg bo
taliteroß OF TiIR row;
MARTIN am, of Hamilton towtuthlp.
E . BOLi.INOMof t 7 .nion township.
ar.lf hew that we shall lose Peuesoleo.
Ma ells test oleethow. I do sot task we
haw* sorshwhiess ossach 1* the Mae to
nano awl drew out the Republicon
Strionatie. While the Repabilean portion of
Seir Lefielian lei has been so openly, not*.
timely sad ehaneetolly corrupt, that an
the honest people In the Mate are disheart
ened Sad ilniusted.” — Thad. Blet
A Democratic meating'will be held at
Straabaugl'a School-house, in Buchanan
Valley, Franklin township, on riATcs-
DAY EvEmma, September 21d inst.—
Several epeakens will be present to ad
dress It. White men Of the Valley and
Mountain, rally ! Turn out to a man !
Chair'n. Dem. Co. Cotn.
Sept. wow.
11, Its not too early to call the attention
of voters to the 'lmportance
of being assessed. The election is lees
than it month otE •
Bee to it. friends, that lode no votes
by negligence.
See td it; active men of the pnrty, that
every vdter la aseoesed
Aro AtitigErD ! BE As.4EARED
The reaction is cowing. Maine tells
a tiler Which has nu two meanings. If
it, were possible, says the Agc, to mis
understand the import of the elections
in, Connecticut and California, that in
Maine has no questionable aspect. It
i l
is a telling reb ke to the party which
would put the lance of political Power
in tills - conntry, and in the middle of
the nineteenth century, In the hands
of a body of preJ diced and uninstructed
negroes.° The w c ite men of this nation'
ire not yet Tr pared to sacrifice the
country on the liar, of negro equality
erected by• he arty in power. They
are demonstrating this fact in all direc
tions. Not an election is held which
does not show losses (or the Radicals.
Maine has just given the Sumner and
Stevens -. revolutionists a premonitory
warning of the "wrath to• come," and
when Pennsylvania and New York
reiord their. verdict, the beginning of a
ruovembnt will have been reached
which will save the nation from the mad
unbitten of the men now ruling the
Radical party-.
1 .
Tie great victory in California hat a
peculiar significance at this time. It de=
tobnstrates, clearly and unmistakably,
ttiat the people are tired of Radical cor
ruption and fanaticism—and should
anause every conservative cis zen of Penn
sylvania. to vigorous action. This State
can be redeemed from the hands of the
thieves and negro worsbipbrfl'iti October,
if.we do our duty. Let t here be perfect
•organization in each election district,
and a full poll of our vote, and Pennsyl
vania will respond to California with
an old fashioned majority. Then
close up the ranks; and forward to vic
tory! '
"Wtto is Dr. Jordy ?" This question
is oftin -asked in regard to the Radi
cal candidate for the Legislature. We
know little about him, but 5f he be the
eame Dr. Jordy who charged the exhor
bltant sum of Six IZCSDRED DOLLARS to
"cleat from the draft" a man notorious
ly unfit for military service, all we have
now to may is, that he was a great fool to
allow himself to be placed before tile
people of the county for any °face, least
of all for a seat In the State Legislature,
In which "big charges" and ,corrupt
practices have become quite too common
for the good 'of the tax-payers or the
honor of the Common Wealth.
WILL any Radical paper tell ue why
the Republicans of Philadelphia, fu
the mldet of the late war * refused to
make a nomination agal nstJudge Sham
wood when he was the candidate of the
Democratic party for Judge of the Dis
trict Court of Philadelphia? If Sham
wood Wig a Nullifier,Seecesioniel, Trailer,
&c., why did the Republicans of hie own
city endorse him at the most critical
point in the late war?
HENRY H. lis.torrr, just elected Gov
ernor of California, is a native of Roehes. ,
ter, New York, and is about 45 yeafi of.
age. He is aeon of Fletcher M. Haight,
formerly a distinguished lawyer in Ro
chesterandin' Pt. Louis, and subsequent
lyeminent at the bar of San Francisco.
He la said to be a man of very deckled
most pleasing address, and Irre
proachable character.
As the returns from the ealiterals
election, emus in the distress of Ate
Rodiesie is deepened. (freely RUMS up
the whole matter In the following dole
California rettlrns, which have grown
Worse sails, have at last touched the
lowest depth. The Democratic majori
tiy on Governor Is B,IXIO ;, the Legislature
lb gone, hook and hue, and, of course,
a Gutted States Senator with it; and,
to fill the cup, we are told that it is
doubtful it a single Republican Con
greopiman b chosen.
Poor old Horace!
CoittincripuT shivered one wing of
the Radical army. California has routed
the other—both flanks are turned, and
It only remains for Pennsylvania to
break the centre and make the rout
Tbbn rally to the polls, white lion;
=Olive negroistri Its death blow !
TEE Deniooracy Of Harrisburg fired
a grand salute on Capitol Hill, in honor
of the victory in California, on Saturday
evening. They paid (or their own pow
der. Geary fired - one hundred guns
In honor of the negro victory in Ten
neeeee at the expense of the State.
Two noway' have announced themselves
as candidate for Congress in the First
and tottit,h districts of Georgia. They
clabritla4 the right to vote carries with
it the riliht to bold Mike, and that is,
the hlikets are In a majority, white men
Pet enOtled to represent them. The
will get enough of negro equality
trommeemomer .
1 -aamiarry
An Amnesty Proclamation, by the
President of the United States, expected
for some weeks, was Issued on Saturday.
The instrument *opens that of May
29th, 1865, issued by Mr. Johnson, and
extends pardons to all persons who, di
rectly or indirectly, participated in the
late rebellion, restoring to them prlvi
legee„lmmunitles and rights of property,
except In regard to slaves, and except In
cases of legal proceedings under the laws
of the United States, the only condition
required being the oath of allegiance or
fealty as therein prescribed, as follows:
"I do solemnly swear, (or affirm,l in
the presence of Almighty God, that I
will henceforth faithfully support, pro
tect and defend the Constitution of the
United States, and the union of the
States thereunder; and that I will, in
like manner, abide by and faithfully sup
port all laws and proclamations which
have been made during the late rebellion
with reference to the emancipation of
slaves. So help me trod."
The excepted classes are now reduced
to three. Fire, the chief executive offi
cers of the late Confederate government
—ituresident, vice-president and heads
of departments, agents in foreign coun
tries and persons who served as military
officers above the rank of brig id ier gene
ral, and naval officers above the rank of
captain, and Governors of States who,.
like Letcher of Virginia, Vance of North
Carolina, Plekens and Magrath of South
Carolina, Brown of Georgia, W(ttts of
Alabama, and others, maintained, ab
betted and supported the Confederate
government in its resistance to the pow
er of the United States. Secondly, all
persons who in any way treated other
wisekhan as prisoners of we , all captured.
soldiers and sailors of the United States.
Thirdly, all those who at the time they
may seek. to obtain' the benefit Of this
proclamation, are actually In civil, mili
tary or naval confinement or custody, or
legally held to ball either before or after
couvictieu, and all persons who v. ere en
gaged, directly or indirectly, in the as
rassination of Preeideut Lincoln.
The Pruelarnutiou %%WA unaniniou,ly
agieed it, in Cabinet lisediug. Thitt it
v, null be denoun,ed by the Radical, lead
ers, wat. expected. They only applaud
what le done fur the.benerit of the , pegro
—not of the white nan.
Judge Williams ne seen by Mee. Jane G.
In one of her letters to the Chambers
burg Repository, (Radical,) Mrs. Swiss
helm gave the following as her estimate
of the Radical candidate for the hiupreine
Court. It may he premised that Mrs. S.
is a thorongli-going Radical, a shrewd ob
server, and probably as good a Judge of
mental abilities and stamina as any one
of her sex in public life:
"It appears to be an acknowledged
'tact - that the Pittsburg bar is to day as
Mlle burdened with brains as at any pe
riod since it was a bar—and no better ev
idence of its appreciation of respectable
mediocrity could be offered than its selec
lion of Judge Williams for the Supreme
Bench. In '4l and '42, when he was a
law student in the office otJudgeLowrie,
I had some business in settling my fa
ther's estate. Judge Lowrie was my at
tornev. Going to the office 6ne day, I
found him explaining to Mt. 'Williams
and another student a point of law, and
he asked me to sit down and wait. I cut
down and had the benefit of. the ,expla
net ion ; heard the questions propounded
by Mr. Williams and the other, and the
going over and simplifying the case by
the teacher. I sat In blank amazement,
wondering if that little man ever, -ever,
EVER, would get enough law Into his
head to make any kind of living by let
ting It out In quantities to soft tuatoin
eis ; but be is Wirer, Inclustrious,,patient,
and plodding, and after all his I:fullness
of comprehension, did learn a good deal
of law, and I think that in any ease.
which was well established by precedent,
a,nd which had been earefolly tied lucid
ly eiplained, and simplified, he could
understand it, and would decide :ac
cording to the best of his khowledge and
belief. When he comes to a new field or
inveldigatnm may the saints havecompas-
Ilion on the poor, short, fat, putty mall.—
Whata time he would have wading,tioun
daring—and what a muddle he would be
likely to make of it! A man of active
'brains would nut be likely to run quite as
much to that substance most valuable in
whales, and if the Republican party of
Pennsylvania have no- better material out
of - Which to manufacture a Supreme
Judge than Hon. W. W. or H. W., or
W. something Williams of Pittsburg,
they had better vote for the Democratic
candidate, whoever he may be, on the
yromul that they cannot be woratcd."
swan.—'l;he following tioticaof the Dem.'
ocratic nominee for the Supreme Court'
I is ffom the pen of Hon. F. R. Pennlman;,
of the Pittsburg Gazette, (Radical,)
Is in pleasing contrast with the gross:
notices In the major portion of the Radi
cal press:
"In nominating Judge Sbarswood, as
their candijjate for the Supreme bench,
the Demoentts have made a wise eviction
for themselves during the progress of
the canvass, and for the people of the
whole CoMmonwea/th in case he should
be elected. He Is as suitable a man for
the place as they could have - brought
forward. 'Naturally of sound and die
criminating judgment, his faculties have
been matured by thorough study and
a , large and varied experience. His
reputation as a man is unblemished. In.
deed, he isa consistent and honored office
bearer in the Presbyterian church. As
a Mcwieeratc, a suspicion of unfairness or
partiality has never been raised against
FORNEY'S Press has been scared into one
honest admission. Startled out of its
ordinary and almost. unconquerable pro
pensity to lie, by - the returns from Cali
fornia, it declares that the Republican
party was defeated "because it had become
so shamefully corrupt" That is an hon•
est confession. The corruption of the
party in Pennsylvania, and Rs endorse
ment of negro suffrage, will ensure a
defeat even greater than that In Califor
A vain,' prominent Republican from
the county, as he passed us this morning,
"What's the news from C.slifornls?"
We replied: . •
"Haight elected by over 8,000, two out
of three Congressmen Democrats, a Dem
ocratic Legislature, and. a: Democratic
United States Senator In place. of Con.
"Well," said he, with a smile, "Pee that
yofl behave yourpel nes when you get
In power."
He knowsi a revolution is coming, and
has too zuuch'good sense to regret It.—
Lancaseer liglelligemer.
A. IL SHARP, one of the loyal thieve*
against whom a true bill was found for
stealing valuable books and documents
from the State Deparment at Harrisburg,
has been dismissed from the position he
occupied ander the administration of
Governor Geary. He threatens to make
disclosures that will implicate parties
holding much higher positions. There
is quite &quaking among Radieal officials
In consequence. The probabilities are
that Sharp will-be furnished with eubstan
tial reasons for holding his tongue . . That
in the way such things are managed by
"the God and morality party."
COztlescitctrr and Calinone on
the Atlantis, the other on the Pacific.
The tweVe sue iteltra.
A FACT /X Saxes/kJ. liurrosv—C4.
pitheads are very abusdaat Ls Califor
nia this year.
Victory! Viefoiy
"An 'Earthquake All Around Ca!"
♦ Drawer Kreeked Oat air tbe Thereas I
A Democratic Governor, Democratic Lai•
Miatere. Democratic CaMcmcomiton,
and a Danmeralle U. K. Dicantoe I
Golden WOW{ trots" Gee Golden allele!
The election news from California is
of the most glorious character. The
Democrats have swept the State, from
one end to the other, by a majority of
nine or ten thousand, electing their , Gov
ernor, the entire State ticket, certainly
two of the three members of Congress,
and the Legislature—which will give us
a United States Senator in place of Con
nees, Radical ! The victory Is almost
unprecedented, and has numb-founded
the Radical demagogues, who must now
see that the tide is turning against them.
The contest was squarely fought on the
issue between the President and Con
gress—negro suffrage, military despot
ism, he.—and the wrirri: stand-point
has been overwhelmingly sustained.
Honor to the Golden State! Her's is
the con tinuance of the revolution In public
opinion commenced in Connecticut last
spring, and •which ie destined to sweep
the Radical party out of existence. At
the October and November elections.
Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey
and other States will sustain the verdict
pronounced in California. Day is dawn
"Freedom'. battle once begun,
Bequeathed bleeding sire to non,
Though baffled oft, to ever won.'
—The following are specimen dis
patches :
BAN FRANCISCO, September 6.—Call
tombs opposes and rebukes the i.yraniii
cal and disunion policy of Congress. We
have elected Governor, Congressmen,
Legislature, and City officers. Our vic
tory Is to the Radicals and Correptloniste
a perfect Waterloo defeat. The Demo
cratic majority is from five to ten thous.
and—a Delnwratic gaiu, at the lowest
estimate, since the last Gubernatorial
election, of 20,000.
SAN FRANCISCO, September 6.—We
have swept the State, electing all our
candidates—state officers, members of
the Legislature, and a majority of ail the
local officers, besides ConLressinen.—
Three Democratic Representatives In
'ongress, probably, and a Senator, eel ,
tainly, from California!
Llatit Breaking Is the Darkest Places!
The election in Maine, nark as that
State has been, shows that light is break
ing even there. Immense Democratic
gains are reported from all quarters.—
York county, which last year gave a
Radical majority of nearly one thousand,
has gone Democratic by a large majority.
Lincoln county, which was carried last
year by the Radicals by 696 majority,
has also gone Democratic. Knox county,
which Joist year the Radicals carried by
470 insi3ority, has gone Democratic.—
Aroostook county, which the Radicals
carried last year by 336 majority, has
gone Democratic. In other counties
the Radical majorities of last year have
been cut down enormously., Returns
from these counties secure a Democratic
representation in the Senate of seven
me.nbers, all complete gains. Immense
gains have been made in. representative.
districts by the gallant Democracy.
The immense Republican majority of
last year, which was twenty-eight thous
and, has been reduced to ten or twelve
thousand. Indeeed, a despatch to the
World, dated, Bangor, Sept. 10, says it is
not certain that the Republican candi
date for Governor is elected at all.
Maine Benda a handsome greeting
to the Democracy of the Union !
The political tide is not only turned,
but is sweeping on with a strength that
will speedily annihilate Radicalism.
Read the following despatch from Mon
tana Territory. • Though brief, it is glo
VIRGINIA CITY, Montana, Septem•
ber 10.—Kavanan, Democrat, is elected
to Congress by about 1,500 majority.—
The Legislature 'ls almost unanimously
Democratic. _
. .
4 -
4.11111r " ;477-
California is 'an epitome of the Union.
Her Soil it peopled by the sons Of every
State In the Union. from Maine to Texas,
and from Florida to Minnesota. The
verdict of condemnation pronounced up
on the Republican party and all its works
by California has therefore a deeper sig
nificance than if it were pronounced by
any State where sectional or local influen
ces have greater weight. It signifies
nothing len than the approaching disso
lution of the party which has ruled and
nearly ruined the nation during the last
ell years, and the speedy downfall of the
men who were fast tranefoiming oor
Republican system of self-government
into a military despotism.
'Welcome! thrice welcome! this news
from the gallant Pacific state, which
comes like a bugle blast of triumph and
the cheers of victorione troops from one
wing of a great army, pealing along the
lines, and nerving their fellow.soldiers
to a floe and overwhelming onset.—X.
Y. Work!.
Lvr the laboring men of Pennsylvania
remember that they and their fellows
of the North are being taxtd at the
rate of more than.fifiv millions of dollars
a ,year, for the purpose of establishing
the supremacy of the negro in the South•
ern States. Let them say whether they
desire a continuance of that system when
they go to the polls on thegth of October.
Wuo failed to make any provision in
the last State appropriation, to pay the
old soldiers of the War of Vag the small
annuity of $4O per year?' Answer—the
Radical members,
bikuirAlrhip s hi* of the C6pperiteof
0014DXSPRwi—That *BM Callikraii.
I T_ issirimmucamsams Ws
The New York Herald, which, all
through the war sad up toe recent date,
was with the Radicals "out and out,"
diseoursetti *is On "the mural of the
California elogicigt"
The Detuoaratie victory in California
is a protest against•the negro supremacy
policy of the Radicals; the protest of
a practical, _energetic and never over.
conservative community against the
wild theories and extravagant purposes
that, by keeping the country at the fever
heat of disturbance, are paralyzing trade.
We may acknowledge in the broadest
terms that there were causes within the
Republican organization in the Pacific
States that weakened it. Republican
voters in California, as in Connecticut
some time ago, were disgusted with the
conduct of their leaders and remained
away from the polls. Thus the vote
was reduced, and this reduced vote was
divided on different candidates. But
these causes only gave a greater field
to the rising wave, for the Democrats
would probably have secured a substan
tial victory. without them. There is,
however, just enough in this view of
the result—in this argument of the re.
duction and division of the Republican
vote—to serve for the use of Radical
leaders with the masses in the Atlantic
and Mississippi Valley States. It will
serve them to explain away the event
—to prevent their voters from rightly
understanding •a lesson that would im
peril the power of, the Radical party,
But the lesson is all the same for the
country at large, for that large part of
the people that is not to be deluded by
the declamation of political epouters.
It is the distinct declaration of the ap
prehension of the people of the Pacific
slope that the tendencies of the domi
nant party are dangerous, and their
purpose that it shall no longer be trusted
with the destinies of the country. (-all
fonds has a population of vigorous,
bold, thinking people. Her. citizens
bear the same relation to the Atlantic
States that the people of these Stated
at one time bore to Europe, and are
made up of the ativeuturous. clear-sight
ed, intelligent men of all our Atlantic
communities, who sought in the new
State an ample field for an enterprising
spirit that they could not find at home.
Such a population is seldom conserva
tive, and when it utters its political
protest against party extravagance we
may be sure that the whole nation Is
alive to the danger.
The significance of our victory in Cali
fornia may be Judged from the confi
dence of the Radicals that they wouli
certainly carry the State. The Tribune
said on the day the election was held:
We are glad to notice that the differ
ences In the party, although irreconcila
ble so far as the nominations for Gover
nor are concer .ed, and possibly even
tuating In the election of 'jaded, the
Democratic candidate, over Obrham and
Fay. the candidates of the rival wings of
the Republican party, do not extend to
the nominations for Congress. The par
ty is a unit on these nominations in all
the districts, and on a portion of the
State ticket, and the candidates upon
whom the Republicans are united will
be certainly elected.
From this it would appear that there
was no division In the Radical rankv ex
cept on the Governor. On the rest of the
State ticket the fight was a fair one,
which makes our success the- more
The Washington correspondent of the
Philadelphia Ledger telegraphs to that
paper as follows :
From letters received here within a
few days from various Senators, it does
not appear that the Impeachment move
ment has gained substantial headway
among the Republican members of Con
gress who have heretofore opposed the
measure. Outside of the real merits of
the controversy between the President
and Congress, there is reason to believe
that Impeachment will be opposed by
a considerable number of the Rupubli
can members upon the ground of the
impolicy of carrying this additional
weight, as it is regarded by them, into
a Presidential contest. This Considera
tion, It is argued, ts ill alone determine
these Congressmen against the adoption
of articles of impeachment, to say noth
ing of other complications, such as the
objection to placing Senator Wade
to the White House, which is deprecat
ed by a good many leading Republicans.
BALTIMORE. September 10.—The Demo
eratic Conservative mass meeting con
vened at Monumental Square to-night
to ratify the new Constitution exceeds
in numbers any former meeting in Dahl
more. The , number gathered about the
stand is estimated at 15,000 to '55,000.
Delegations from the various wards, with
transparencies and banneri, parad
ed the streets. Ex-Governor Pratt pre
sided. The meeting was addressed by
Governor Swann and others.
Maryland is free again!
IF it be true, as Forney's Press claims,
that the Republican rout in California
was caused by the corruption of the par
ty, what ought to be its fate in Pennsyl
vania? The corruption of the Radical
Legislature of last winter was without
a parallel. Thaddeus Stevens said so
Should not; then, Pennsylvania treat
Radicalism to the same rebuke? It can
be done. Democrats, Conservatives—
white men, alt—arouse to the importance
of your duty and the certainty of success
If you perform it. Go to work at once,
and organize everywhere
Grrnsto HIS EYES OPEN. —The Wash
ington correspondent of the Philadelphia
Lodger says that "Gen. Grant. has but
recently discovered that he had misap
prehended the situation." He finds that:
he has not full powers over "reconstruc
tion ;" that his authority -only extends
to removals of officers, and that district
commanders have full and absolute
powers in registration, election, d•c. He
has accordingly withdrawn his letter to
the President with reference to the re
moval of Sheridan. His next discovery
will evidently be that the whole matter
of "reconstruction" is a fraud and an
infamous piece of partisan machinery,
that should be put down by the strong
arm of the Government.
WHEN .Thaddeus Stels stated that
the Republicans woul d * to grief in
Pennsylvania this fa n account of
their frightful corruption, he, in advance,
gave an explanation otthe painful defeat
of Radicalism in California and Montana,
and the overwhelming gains of the De
mocracy in Vermont and Maine. The
truth is apparent that the masses are
becoming tuoroughly disgusted with the
usurpations of the Congressional trai
tors, and they are prepazidg to strike the
Radicals a crushing blow in Pennsyl
Tut Radic,ale at first tried to break
the fore. of the victory In California by
pointing to the fact that there were two
Imtlea4 muldidates for Governor in the
Sell. *ow- that It is asoertalued that
naistit has ,a majority of several *outl
aw! ovar both, they are utterly dumb
focal Iltfaitsnott.
The Compiter'for the Campaigie.—On4y
?'meaty-fire Cents!—We wRI furwish-thO
COMPILER (large as It now is) a 4 tht9oa!
figure of 25 cents for the eampafgo, -end:
log with the issue of October 11. "Cir
culate the documents!" The COMPILER
stands by the white race against the
mongrelism which Radical leaders are
endeavoring to establish in this country,
and will resist the infamous design at
every point. White then everywhere
must arouse to thwart the aims of the
Radical fanatics and demagogues, and
no better help can be found than
the circulation of newspapers published
in the interest of the white man. The,
COMPILER 11, doing, and will continue to
do, its share.
The Fair Growide.—Mr. Herbst, the
energetic President, is pushing work
vigorously on the Fair Grounds, deter
mined as he is to have everything ready
in time—and he will succeed. The two
large buildings are done, and theJudges'
stand was raised yesterday. The track
is receiving the finishing touches. The
stalls, &c., will all be ready in a few
The refreshment stands were rented at
public outcry on Saturday last—E. H.
Minnigh getting the first choice, at $110;
tble.others varying from S•X downwards.
The following persons secured stands :
E. H. Minnie:, J. M. Warner, ( who will
.(Neupy two,) Henry Overdeer, Win. F.
ffakbr. J. L. Holtzwortb, B. F. Kepner,
John M. Minnigh, and Lev[ Mumper—
all for refreshments except the last,
which will be occupied as a Daguerrean
i stand.
The Fair promises to be large and at•
tractive, and the most extensive prepar
ations will be made for it.
it should not be forgotten that stock
and articles for exhibition will he carried
over the Gettysburg Itillro .d free of
charge, and that the fare for passengers
will be much reduced.
Rain Storm—An unusually heavy rain
storm, accompanied with terrific light
ning and thunder, occurred in thisregion
last night week. The streams were
much swollen, especially in the loWer
end of the . county, Alloway's 4reeir
sweeping off bridves, fences, itc., to an
extent hardly remembered by the oldest
Jesse Grlest's residence, in Menalien
township, was struck, severely shocking
four or five persons, and prostrating 111 r.
Ammon Leas, who, at the time, had his
arm resting on the stove; along which
the electric fluid seems to have• pas.sed,
lie was insensible for an hour and a half,
but relived under proper treatment.
A number of telegraph poles, live or
six, were badly shattered on the Chitm
bershurg turnpike, near Plank's Gate.
It has been a matter of !cinder that much
more damage was not done.
PiAic.—A grand Basket Pic Nic will
come off on Saturday next, the 21st inst.,
in John Cashman's woods, one mile' as e t
of Gulden's Station, on the road leading
from Hanover to Hunterstown. Fami
lies and all others are respectfully in
wiled. A, platform for dancing, and
swings, will be put up. Good music may
be expected. Refreshments of all kinds
can he had ou the grounds. A pleasant
time may, be expected.
The Zouavea paraded ou Saturday af
ternoon, in full dress uniform, attracting
much attention, by reason of their sol
dierly appearance and excellent man
oeuvring. The Company has line ma
terial, and Capt. Norris has few equals
as a drill officer.
Property Sold.—Mr. Samuel Lilly has
purchased from Mr. John L. Jenkins, a
desirable farm of 11:38 acres, swith excel
lent buildings, near the election poll, in
Mountpieasant township. Twenty acres
are in excellent timber, and the farm
land has been well limed.
Persona in want of a godd farm or coun
try home should consult our advertising
columns f r o day. Many of the properties
offered for sale are very desirable; and
the owners have wisely consulted their
own interests in selecting the col warns of
our widely-circulated paper .for their in
:t Agricultural Efati:—Prof. B. Brown
iWilliams lectured in the hall on the
Fair Grounds, the last several nights, to
good houses. The hall will supply a
want long felt.
Fine Peaches.—We are indebted t.
Michael Frey and Raphael f. 4 herfy, of
Cumberland township, , lfor several lots of
splendid peaches—large and luclous.—
Cumberland is hard to beat in tue peach
Good Prier for a Colt.—Mr. John Pat
terson, of Hamilton township. recently
bold a sucking colt, to' Mr. con rad Al
wine, for seventy-five dollars cash. The
colt must have been a very fine one for
its age,-to command that price.
Another Ci2ll.—Our call upon delin
quents has not been responded to as gen
erally as we expected It would be, nor
half OP to our needs. Let the bare men
tion of the fact Induce all to „pay up
without delay, It is xEEDEO, every dol
lar due us.
The big Fair, to be held here week af
ter next, will afford many opportunities
for making payments. Those who do
not come themselves, should send with
their neighbors. It would be very con
venient for us to have a few hundred dol
lars about that time. Will not our
friends in arrears help us to it 7
Imported.—By the ship "R. R. Tuck
er,"just arrived from Liverpool, we have
received our second importation of
Queensware. A large invoice of "Plain
Iron-eone Ware," of latest pattern and
finest quality, which we offer at very low
Pric , a. Please call and examine.
We offer to the trade all our While
Wares at Philadelphia prices—no charge
for freight or paciage.
Glassware at a further reduction.
We have also considerably reduced the
prices of our finest quality of Chewing
Tobacco. Please send fora Price List.
Wholesale and Retail Grocers and Im
porters of Queensware—Carlisle, Pa.
Sept. 6, 1867. Bt*
Pain in the Stomach or Bowels, Con
stipation, Sick-Headache, Cramps, Colic.
Cholera Morbus, Distress after Eating,
are surely cured by the use of Coes Dvs-
PEPSIS CURE. It is certainly the great
est remedy in existence. For sale by
druggists everywhere.
Shaeffer's new Gallery at Hanover,
is the place to have your Pictures taken.
None better, none cheaper. Money re
funded if not satisfactory.
The most Unhappy , Person in the
world is the Dyspeptic. Everything
leeks dark and gloomy ; he fee,is "out of
sorts" with himself and everybody else.
Life is a burden to bins This can all he
changed by taking Peruvian hyruple
protoxide of Iron.) CRlBeel of 27 years
standing have been cured by it.
bun/ranee Cbmpany.-iThe Board of
Managers of the "Adams County Mutual
Insurance Company," met on Monday
last and organised by electing the fol
lowing Officers, viz :
President--Georg, Swope.
Vice President—Samuel R. Russell.
Secretliryz-D. A. Buehler.
Executive Committee—R. NteCurdY,
Jacob King, R. A. Picking.
We annex •the Annual Report of the
Executive Committee, by which it will
be sees that the company is on a firm
footing, having, paid all lenses and Booth
ties, and Mato accumulated a cash capi
tal of $3,081 90, with which to meet losses
by tire.
The Executive Committee respectfully
submit the following report of the op
erations of the Company during the
year ending Sept. Ist, 1867.
Dr, E. G. Fahnestock, Treasurer, in Ac
count with the Company :
To amount of notes and judgments on
hand at hug settlement. . . f+1,634 '55
premlinuo, ntvn ed during the
By clubpaid for prhltlng, 2
Paid D. Ol
A. Rllry, {Min by Itre, 910 00
John la Bums, " 93 00
A . m, 'Montan, " 14 142
A. D. Burlo,, . 22 11
l'ontn In 111"hl nu 11,.... 44 .in
Internal Revenue Tax,., 10 31
George Arnold, ntampo, I
D. A. Buehler, poeinge., , I; IV
Managent'bllls, ate__ ...... 47 d..!
Seeretem ,nalary, 514-4)
Troaaarnr, ....... . 00
.I , :utek end Judgirehto, et lido
Man 20
Cloth In bon& of Menegern, :IN 741
" Treanurer, ....1,111 23
- 00
Premium N.dei, at last Nettlement, $M1,0..C1 BS
" iveeived during the
. ............ . IMO ert
/:xplred durl24; the
.tinuunt Insured at lag Rettl.lll . llt,
" dm lug the
Expired during the ir‘n.r
No. of rolieles outt.tanding at lam IN•liIPInellt. 7115
" "la ywt darn's; the .......
" egnared during the yeor,
Notes and Judgmonia on hand,.
th.h hands Tr (1001 rel . and Managvra, /,-4 12 ai
Cush A55eui,..".....
Premlum NOLO: in tum•
The )Executive Committee congratu
late the Company on the healthy, condi
don of its financial operations, as ex
hibited in the above statement. The
Board two years agi., desiring to guar.'
against assessments, which are always
expensive and prejudicial, determined to
pursue the policy adopted by all reputa
ble Insurance Companies throughout
the country, and Increase the Cash Pre
miums, reducing largely the Premium
Note-Z. The result is, that with largely
diminished liabilities, a cash surplus
fund of $3,081 40 has been already accu
mulated, with which to meet future
losses. As this Company is strictly mu
tual in its character and conducted ex
clusively for the benefit of the polieY
holders. the Committee recommend that
this policy be continued, as being the
safest and In the end the most economi
cal system of conducting insurance op
erations—leaving it to the option of pro
perty holders in the county- whether or
not to avail themselves of the advanta
ges of an accumulated cash capital, for
the prompt liquidation of losses by fire,
without the expense and delay incident
to assessments.
K. MCVRDY, I,'E,. eom,
Attest:—D. A. RI - Exit:it, See'y
We advise Mr. Jordan, the Chairman
of the Republican State Committee,'
when next he writes an address to the
Republican masses, to;give information
how the people are to be relieved from
the present incubus of taxation. This
howling about "copperheads," "trai
tors," "treason," "sympathisers with
rebels," &c., &c., did very well during
the war, when he and his brother Colltrae
tors were filching greenbacks from the
public treasury faster than the printing
presses could issue them. People haVe
got Urea of such slang phrases. The tax
collectors are around as thick as were the
frogs in Egypt, and the people wish to
know how they will get clear of them.
Will Mr. Jordan, in hit( next address,
please answer the public wish in tois
particular. And while he has his hand
in, will he please explain the little trans
action of converting five percent. bonds
into six per- cent., thus increasing the
taxes of the Commonwealth some four
hundred thousand dollars? Never mind
'what Beauregaid, Johnson, Hampton or
other leading rebels Say about the recon
struction acts. We know a great many
of them are, like a great many Repub
licans, to be found where the alealinga
are the besto What is wanted just now
is a relief from the- taxation which you
and your party entailed on the country.
A remedy, sir—a remedy.—Butler Her
• THE Gettysburg Compiler has been
materially enlarged, and Is now one of
the finest looking papers in the State, as
well as the most faithful advocatesof De
mocracy.—Lcreisrotrn True Democrat.
• THAT sterling Democratic paper, the
Gettysburg (Pa.) Compiler, comes to us
this week greatly enlarged and improv
ed. It is now elegant.y printed on one of
Potter k Co's. large cylinder. power
presses. We congratulate the proprietor
en the change.—Frederick Union.
THE Gettysburg Compiler, for the last
twenty-two years edited and published
by that sterling Democrat, Henry J.
Stable, Esq., has been greatly enlarged
and improved, so that now It is one of
the neatest of our exchanges. It hes
been doing giant service In old Adams.
We hope the editor will be amply reward
ed for his outlays.—Maryland Journal.
WHAT IT MEANT.—The Radical Re
publicans have claimed to be in favor of
"impartial rffrage." The people may
learn what they mean by impartial suf•
frage from their application of the dogma
in the South. Their action In that sec
tion shows plainly, that the Radical idea
of impartially as respects the right to
vote, consists In taking that right away
from four-fifths of the Southern whites,
and bestowing it indiscriminately on all
the blacks. And• why ? Only because
the Radicals hope to control the negro
vote in the South, and by placing the
balance of power in the hands of ignor
ant freedmen, enable them to give the
casting vote in every Presidential elec
tion, and keep the "negro party" in pow
er for a long succession of years. Are
the white voters of the North willing to
aid that party in making the negro the
ruling element in the National Govern
ment ?—arriday Mercury. •
SEVERAL fatal cases of cholera are re
ported to have occurred among the troops
on Governoies Island, New York, The
disease la said to prevail there to such an
alarming extent that all communication
with New York city has been intend toted.
aubwriber, wt. to to eve up the Tan
nine husanese. Were at Private Sole, Itle
situate on Muth Baltltntwe street, Gettysburg
Pa., lantudltilt.Brksk Bairn :Shop with 1 pool,
limes, and six handlers; 'trick Currying Shop;
Brick and Frame Bark Mill Home; 9s lay - swaY
Vat. on the )ant, with n Letriten and room to add
any additional number—constant running spring
water, never-falling, in taut-yard ani nnoPe
Thin Tanner): in breaded in a region where good
Bark in abundant at reasonable pekes. Ponsen
nion of the Tannery w 11l be given to the purchaser
inuuediatel,y, if desired, with a suppl) of bark to
run it.
There in besides a large LL Two-story BRICK
DWELLING on the propert), with Spring
Roo., Smoke House , Wool Sinni, Barn,
Corn Crib, Wagon Shea nod other out
holldlno, with a well of nut, and also '
hVdrlilli at kit, hen door, with runnhor sutrr
through spring }loon, There Is a %Ariely of herd
qualluen of growing tfrnixa and Fruit. on the
`rem low, The property le in good rolnimoll..nd
In ever): respect a :noon denlrahle reahlelon , and
hunnten, stand.
All.lO, will be sold, A IA iT OF tiROUN D adjoin
ing above, 1,0111/1111 lug it, Acres, nine,• or leas,
with an Apple Orehartil and a nrst-elass Spring
mid Bathing Establishment on it.
Also, A LOT OF GROUND, on the Enonltta
burg mad, one-half mile from-town, containing
8 _lvrea, 'a Well the purchaser can also have, If
• .
Persons desiring to s few the premises, or fls
certain furtli, part k 11141 1 .14, 14 ill the nut;
scriber, residing in Gell,sburg
Sept. I'l. IRtR
B Y virtue of onion. of Ilia Orphan's t ',irt of Ad
amx Pu. I meted to the underdigned,
will toe i.xixiaed to Public Out, on SI,VTI'IIDAY,
the:Nth day "(5F:Mt.:51111.3Z,, INC, at I o'clock, P.
M., on the proton,. s,
late the Mato of „Nicholas Wierman and Susan
\Vienna'', altuated In Huntington township,
Adams (»ante, on the polite nuns leadimt from
Parlinte to New Oxford, and HunteNtoa n to
York Springs, and also adjoining the State road
leading front Ortlystturg to Harrisburg, being
about 2 miles south-west Of Petersburg, nod 12
miles east of Oettystaira, atifolnlng the Wler-
Mall Mai property There KM` !MOM lati At 1t124
of land lit the farm, of a Inch ahead 30 acres are
in - TIMBP.H, and the halanee having been all
limed la In an excellent state of eultis at ion, with
Itine Meadows. Tire buildings an, a r‘eteefory
hiTONF. WI 'Brick Back 11.
lug, Bank Barn, part log part frame, Wag- o•
on r•he,l, stook. li our. ~ p rlng qe.e, awl !!,
, other out-lailldlukr, Mel a never -fMIMX 11
! Welk 01 water near the how, Bermudian I rt,k
pusses along the Isord, r told 1111 , 1 HIM sites tor
Milt sestson the form. It Is In Poe neighboriassi
of Lime Kilns School ilot,es, Churches, &v. The
sit nation of lids farm and It, surroundings make
It ono ni the mom de.lrabl. properties In Adams
count) An, person a I.lllng to rut se the!wend
se, Will be sip iSeri the stone railing on dowplt
A. Wlerman, rct.kling tit. rem,
Si3l7 JO
I 7
$l,l. ..511 - -1
31 ,31 2
Tern. 11l In• mule knoll n nn the day 01
tab by lb., undersigmq
Executor of Sirltola, NV lertnan
Adminktrator s,i,n Wierman
N 4.0. 1., 1 , 437 t.
HEAL F.bTATE IN GE•rrvsnulta.
OV SATURDAY, the rgh dos OCTOBER next.
the antoierlber, Executor of the last St iii and
testament of John G. Plank, deceased, In pur
nuance of authority contained In the said will.
will otter at Public Sale, on the premises,
altnate on Weal. High Street, In the borough of
Gettysburg, opposite the Female Institute. ad
joining lots of Nit. Horrid! Millni.llll and Hey.
'Michael Bushman, and running back to an alley,
with nTWI.NtOry PTMOO,Wenthorhuarded
HOUSE, and hark-buthilug lat tackled, well 111
of water and fruit trees thereon.
The altuation pleasant, and 'the pro- 11
perty dem rable our.
Sale to eommence at 1 o'clock, I'. M., on said
day. when attendance u ill be given and terms
made known by
$3,0 , 1
CI • I
.1. E. PI. k.NK, Ex'r.
♦s-Persons clearing to examine the property
will pleinie roll on M. d W McClean, Atlarnie,
13, NC. t•
fiIHE undersigned will well 'at Private Rale, his
I undivided TWO I"' RMS of 270 Aeres, more
or less, with suitable bnildlnirs: can diVI,IO,I
Into two or three farms, hai tog two Dwellings
and Bank Barns, all in good order; More How,
and Dwelling: Blaekomith Shop and Duelling
Tenant Sc.. and all nee.-miry Imildings;
In fart, is the model Flinn of kdions count . It
Is al t tutterl on the Turnpike front to tti.burg to, n miles from the former and •; from
the hitter; is under gag' liners. and under wad
tenants; land all limed and In good order; aboUt
9a ,u'rea of timber, all kinds of the hest of troll,
1 Peach and .1 Apple Orchards. Call on the on
deraigned, residing on the property, In Mountjoy
town‘hip, Adams county. or ad,iress
,rEs...-E 11 NEWMAN,
Two Taverns 1' 0., Adams m., Pa.
dept, it. 11;,.•
TllE undersigned &lees at Prl, site Sale, his
PROM:tali , situate on the Vot k Turnpike,
lime miles vied of Gott, "burg, Adam. cou.l ty, Pa.,
adjoining lands of John Miller. Robert Hell nu
Jamb Criswell'. heir, Ti.e tract contains near
ly 19 Acres, and boa thereon s One-story
tiWELLING HOUsF, Ills, loonith Shop. .
and good well of water, it h n pump In !!
it hlao a young Apple °triton', besides 11
Penehes. &v.
Perwmr wishing to purelinse are requerted to
call on ..berifillann or .31. A W Meelean, Get
rg. Term, to hint 111.•
Sept. 13, 1.47. it•
Lumber for. Sale.
INC 1, %
Af. /I, for .14. ut In " RTPdt
tontem town.lop, Adams .
3. I. SMITH.
Sept. 13, ISM. 3-t•
Executrix's Notice.
tiARGARET 011.1Mitt.tIt'is ESTATE.— , Let-
AIL tem testamentary on the estate nf Marga
ret. Umnimar, into of Franklin top., Adams an.,
dee'd., having been granted to the uniterslgard,
mdding In the same township, she hereby given
notice to all persons Indebted to all estate to
make immediate payment, and those having
Malian; against that me to present them properly
authenticated for settlement.
Sept. 13,1E47. air * 11EsfMir-uktarix.
1867. FALL MILLINERY. 1867
H A . M . J o rt r e t i m t r e e n tTiri ne. fm k the city with a Ingo
which the la prepared to ',ell t prim, w hick will
defy competition. ASw lionnot and Hat Trim.
minas of all the latest stylee, and FANCY 14( /Ole.,
of every variety,
air Bonnete made to order, at the ehorteat
Sept. 13, 1917. -
Small Farm and Town Property
I T PRIVATE KALIL—The undersigned offer.
lA. at Private Sale, his FA lIM , al t code In Stratton
township, Adams county, on the Harrisburg rood,
two miles frond Gettysburg, containing 54
At RES, improved with a one and A
s lu e
fee t BRICKROUSE, a good Barn, I- - / ,
feet long,/ a never-fang well of woter, HI ,
with it pump in it, a young Apple On-hard, ..
and other fruit. About to acre, are In 'I dn., r,
and there Is a fair proportion of meadow. The
land has nearly all been limed, and in in a pro.
duct], e condition.
He also offers a HOUSE vsn LOT, on the
south side of York street, In Gettysburg. The
house is a two-story, weatherb.mnied, with an
Oat-kitchen. There Is also a Stable on the lot.,
Terms accommodating.
August rt. 1067: •.f
---- - -
minss is a lnrge FRAME-MILL on the Turn
-1 $ miles below Le.-burg, in London enm
ty, Si. The works In the Mill are In pretty in sal
repair, as s saw and Grist Mill. There is n Mil
lees house and S acres of land s Ith the Mill. The
mill rare Is not over thre,• hundred yards long
from the dam to the mill; mould take b u t little
expense to make It a very vnlmilde property. as
there la no mill for 5 miles. The other mills
wen• all burned during the war
This mill would be sold Ten . rheap for rash.
Apply to 3:ARY A. JONL:o.
Aug. WI, IBa7. Sin
Executor's Noti'e
TORN DIERI-S EWTATE.—Letteni testamen
t, tary on the estate of John Nell % late of Cum
berland townsnip, Adams county, Pa, deceased,
having been granted to the undersigned, resi
ding In Franklin county, Pa., P. 0. chambers
blirgd he hereby glees notice to all p. roan In
debted to said estate to make Immediate pay
ment, and tholle having claims awaited the same
to present them properly authenticated for set
August V,leftt. 8w•
Administrator's Notice.
atiministmtion on the estate of Andrew J.
smith, late of Mountplermant twp., A(111M11 co.,
dee'd., having been granted to the anderatgried,
residing in Littlestown, he heretic gia en notice to
all persona indebted tnsaid estate to make imme
diate payment, and those baring hums aintitot
the same to present them properly nuthentimted
for settlement. HENRY H. HEMI,ER,
Aug, 12, Pill. tit Administrator.
Assignee's Notice.
ivroncE is hereby given that DAVIn.I. SMITH,
/11 et Mountpleanant township, Adams co., has
made a voluntary assignment. for the lament of
ereditons, and that the undersigned, residing In
ronowagn township, ban been appointed As
signee. Alt persons Indebted to maid Assignor
are requested to lunlcP Immediate palbment, and
those ha% Mg claims to parent them for settle
ment, to DANID J. MINE,
Jul) 15,1°a8. the A:magnet,.
Executor's Notice.
mentaly CE'S hWrATE.—Letten teats
./ on the estate nf John Lawnme, late
of Mountplfstaant tositahlp, Atlanta n,unt3,, de
ceased, hat Mg been granted to tta. undendgued.
realdlng Mn the Some tcornahlp, he hereby uhes
non, to all pentonot Indebted to sold elitakte to
make Immediate payment, and those having
clalma &wawa the name to present them props r
ly authenticated for settlement.
August ?A 1867. Etteentttr,
/YHEREAS my Wife, SARAH A. left my bed
and without noti fy on the Sid day of
r D ID this la t the public that
I Wi ll not pa any debt. contracted by her.
Ang. Et, 1110.
1E met la toe the Escalator Gallery. AI/ are
mated on Ull'O4lEO and irgh
Petrovhie Plrreip I
IDE OF IRON, supplies the Blood with Its LIFE
ELEMENT, IRON, glvltig strength, vigor and
new life to the whole cistern.
If the thousande who are auflertag from DT..
WOLI Id bat test the virtue* of the PIUUN lAr STS•
lir, the effoot would not only astonish theiluadvrni
but would please all their friends; for Wooed of
reeling crone, "all one" and robwrnble, they
would he ernieribl, viguroue and itoUve.
I have tried tile PNAIVVIAX and the re-
Atilt tul ly numatua your porturtion. it Met tootle e
Nuw KAN 111 Ille, 1111U3,1 into lc 144111 Ile. ,
I 441 W 111111 euvrily ; 1 Kill 110 lolijUr tremolo. Wel
tle.4litated, 1V w9en ,1043 holt 414 W ale, Out +lt t ono;
or, heartier, 11111Ith ihrgt r eapactl,\ lee Kull,
mental and pwltoml. than at au) time clot tug
the lull van,
n1010(111,4 hoer been ehangerl by Mr um of that
r. tardy (rota treak, atrAfc, x 4 ,4) Crittg, eret.., es; hi
ltruay, healtkv,orgd happy oonn “a(11,01110r ; unit In
ranaseannol reoxmao/0 neintoyeto pit it 41 trial.
Avo nine has ..t.e.nuerKu nYger innsu In
the gilf,l4.
A J. page Purnphlet Will tn• sent free..
J. Y. DlNSAlutt.r., la oprlelor.
No. JO DC) Si., :N. M 1.1 k.
Sold by all Pruggbits.
l'El.Eillt.tTED SALVE. -
.1311bAlll HI, 3/Am., Ovi., I.IL, I.
Mr. (:rore — bror Mr. — Hay lug
to,. %Mini) for na,. 1 111 km a 1.11 w ne,pl I 01,-
nn op.. my hale, I naeil laeleral re fia1'1.3,4 or
t.faklleal lull 3,111101.11. 1300e1% tug All) Mil., 011111
111111.113 011 r NALIVe, wok Itelteeted It pvrailai. ILL
eUre 1 therefore terl luippy to cent!) it* coull
dem., In 113 N 11101.36. luulw with /V 41, 3 ,1,
I certify to the truthrttlnem of tot. alio% e ntute
ment. H. S. Da*littotiN,M . D.
W Ft 1NV1.1.1.4 SON, lioaton. Proprietor&
Itruggiata, at lueenta It 1301.
1.44,1.11. 41,4
New for neveluttiee.
Don t by ittartlol. Mr, vountr3". tare. Never-
Me 10..., Irm. dime, iumtantituettutt n.voloi ion o,
itopooding. 11„n
for 1111% 13 11 tie 1.11 rot olution. It to now going nn
IN I.:Vt.:DV piTATE,
(winding the 111arrItnIstrtte, the soorle state, and
all Mater of the 11Ulnuti 1131 r Irkitell are leg 111
1imn...11, 01111 1..4.01. 111 111131.nri 11/0 1 101111.1.111 ,
1110n,; , 1111111 • r1n311.1, nr 111010. lurk, or 0 hi t .
key. 111.,3 be, the CN 11 ii. lnhlallll i I.)
l'llllnr.ll/141.0 . :4 11 Allt DYE.
aideh In Isarntlene en ant. r, 11111 len 10111 1.1 pin
. 111, ,, it ;Intro.,' Ward: or brown In tit t. 111,1101 e,
31.ntuf... Lured by J. citls'f.kloultt), 311 3111elen
lelr York, Sind by all Dribmist,
Oen( 1,3 ail Bohr (lit-tot r,. •
;Sept. O 13,i7. lot
Ilut If you want it Medicine that will euro
(limn', knot Intlaminator) 3 Rheumatism,
ltinips, Sore Throat, hit rl II lip, Old Sores, Ilruls
es, Tudbachr, Ileaducke, Insect Sting., thi. In
tic Ita, k :mil test, also Inlet null), Diarrhoea,
lip , Croups and. Vomiting,
have It in lir. Tobias' V,' I,tiii
inent. It never hills alien usedlieronllng to t h e
Jn'{•rll.urs. Ls erg• drop of It Ix put up bs lore I'o
hla ? hnuseif, toad he has tulip wt tar gtnet.wu
years. Ills mist:eine it known throughout the
world. The best plo revoinnolot It:—
Thousands of eeitilleates seen at the de.
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To C.omsompti% es
The advertiser, having-been restored to health
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To all who desire it, be will send a eopy of the
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they w 11l 110(1 a sun. I are tort onsumption Asia
mu, Broil< hills, Coughs, Colds, and all Throat.
and Lung Affections. - The only obJeet of the
advertiser in wending the prescription tnto benefit
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entS rer will try ins remedy, an It will cost them
not hing,and may prns ea bits..log Partia•wish-
Ina the prescription, free, by return mall, will
please address
Williamsburg, }Close nO., 31. Y.
May 27, !Stir. ly
A gentleman who antlered for years from Ser.
VOW. DeWitty. Prematore Itecn:„ and ail the
rtte•te 01 3outtlful ind eerc lion. will, for the nuke
of 1.1114, ring humanity. send free to all who need
It, the recipe and Itire. titans for mak mg the 'sim
ple remedy by which Ile was cured. Starerera
wishing to profit by the advertiser's experience,
con door by addressing, in perfect eon6dene•,
lintN It, OGDEN,
May 27, 1887. ly 42 Cedar at., New York.
Marriage and Celibacy
TION TO lOUNG MEN. Also, Diseasee and
Abuses which permanently prostrate the Vital
Powers, with sure means or rellei. Sent tree of
Charge, In sealed envelopes. Address, Dr. .1.
SICILIAN lIDUGLITUN, Howard Association,
Philadelphia. Pa,., (Dee... 11, lam. toct...esi
TO CURE CONSUMPTION, the erg , . met De Ve
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DRAKE PILLS cleanse the stomach of .11 hulk= or mamas
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at 2tlen. the appetite is restored.
SCHENCK'S PULMOSIC SYRUP is notrielem es well
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Lied w. K ma. 1 rt.
- - .4_.
Deafness. Blindness said Catarrh,
Treated with the utmost anemia, by Dr. J
IRA ACS, °culla and Aurlat, (formerly of Leyden
Holland(, No SOS ARCH Street Philadelphia.
Limon lel. from the moat reliable mimes lo the
City ano Country can be mean at his ranee. The
Medical faculty are Invited to accompany their
latients, as he has nosecmts In Jill procure. Ar
'Metal eyes inserted without pain. No charges
made for eitamlnatlou.
sept 24,10 W. ly
01111elal--Parla EIPINIIOIIIIII. I/4417
Advice.Jubt rect , ed by mail couldd in to an
nounce ponitively that the only void nsett,tl for
American mewing machines was &wank,' to alias
Sr., as the maniltarturernt the hest sewing
Machine that was exhibited. There weraelaht
two tilliereta U1114 , 11.1Lit% to °Competition Nor the
Prize, end Mr. Howe el the addittonal
award of the tt+vt• of the Legion of Honor. oe ,
tilihnufaratuvr and inventor. The exact wording
of the award is an follown:
"co- operateur Mins "Wheeler k
Howe. Jr., proMotenr de pour Is machine a bon
mr.cluite ormare.:korlltiere..ll,clailierf or "
Medotitr d'or."
The official 1 ist of those who were mode Knights
of the Leolol3 of Honor, as published in the Pat to
papers, rends thus: "Munn. Elias Howe, Jr. fabet.
east( Isadore! Moen . , erpowinet" whit+, tmnsia
tea into EnglLsh, reads: "Mr. Enna Howe, Jr.,
maker of sewing =chines, exhibittrig."
From this it will he wen that the medal award
ed to Wheeler & was for a "Buttonhole
Machine," and not.for the Sewing Maw,
Each of these wortilownoWliod arisohi.ea bean
the medallion head of filial Howes Jr., (trade
mark.) without which now Inlionnino. Mew&
Farley k fltoops, Boots, So. NI Chentnnt street,
au/. a. let. et