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OETTliittUßli PAL
' NetiatriliorisSisig, 41miguse 10, 114. V.
rot O/pat OT T Su vicuric couwe,
go.. Qll9llOll sicosyrooD.
cormry fraom.
At a meeting of theDetuoeratie County
4Cotuudttee, at Wolf's Hotel, In Gettys
burg, on S4turday last, the &flowing
resolution was unanimously adopted :
• Resolved, That the Democratic voters
Of Adams, and they are here
by, requested to tne. , 4 at their usual places
rof hoidpg Delegate; Elections, on SAT
-I.JRIiAY, the 24th day of AUGUST inst.,
for the purpose of choosing Delegates to
represent them in a County Convention
10 be held in Gettysburg, on MONDAY
"following, (August 2*lth.) at ID o'clock,
A. M., to nominate a County Ticket, and
transaet such other business as may be
deemed necessary. The Delegate Elec
tloni to open at . 4 and close at 6
p'eloek, P. M., in all the districts e x cept
petlymburg—in the latter to open at 7
ftpq 9lose at 9 o'clock, P. 31.
WM. A. DuxcAN, Chairman.
Aug. 12, 1867, "
- -••••••- ----
imateatie Majority fir the nemeeratle
Candidate tur Governor!
Kentucky, held her election for Gov
prmir and Members of the Legislature
pn Monday last' lion. John L. Helm,
Demoe-rat, was elected (4overnor, by an
immense majority, estimated as high as
bt1,000! The Legislature I.; almost unani
mously Democratic. Thie glorious news
demonstrates what the tepc sentiment
pl the coutr e try really is.
larGeneial Sickles lets Waled Gov
ernor 'Worth, of Notth Car . olina, that
the session of the 'Legislature of that
; State, which, by adjour.nnent, was to be
Irel 1 durtng the present month, Is post
poned until further orders. tieneral
its o lakles hots also ..upppnried jury trials in
North Carolina pending a revision of the
jury lista. If ail the.military comman
ders hi. the South were like Sickles and
Sheridan, they would soon make a worse
than Poland of that section of the Repub
lic. 4nd yet these men are the special
favorites of the party in power, and the
Chief Magistrate of the nation, Is mena
ped with irnpeachnient if'he dares to in
terpose his authority between the people
pf the South and nai‘et - Cuarelieved
nary despotism.
serTho Buttiu, ore Sun thus disposes of
,the Tenties‘ee :
"Four-i)iths of the winie voters of
Temievace have been dimfranehised and
the t,laek filen have taken their places.
* * In moue c•uuutirs there were n o t as
ninny white volerb as there were oflices
to be And in others the tiovernor
set aside. the I,7l2,istLatiou wbore i 6 mars
not agreeable to him."
Shout, 0 ye glorious sticklers for free•
/low and• equality! Mellow till your
throats crack! Sue/a a triumph lit wt.:r
ay of such a party!
flarMr. Stanton refuses to reclgn, al
though politely roquestvci to do so hy the
President. lie is not tto first man who
- .declined lo leave a gentles lun's house
and was aftericurds kickweout of doors
by 1144 ihstoli,,Al host.
- 11 , 4rTlib riadiepq platform adipted at
Williimisport pledges Judge 'Williams, of
rittshurg,'lloloitlitted for the Supreme
llenell of Pennsylvania, to (1, Ode ques
tions:a-, poi il ical: vonidderatiou - s_may die
lute. to other words, he will decide
not In rtecordipie,. ; with law, but with a
view to keep the Radicals in power.
That Is, doulitless, what Ilse R'leto Jour
ma meant vl)en it said that "the Judge
received his early training hi the higher
law doettineA of New Eneilnd, and hxd,,
In no vise, altoshtlif.eti froto Ole faiLlt of
Lla fathers.')
Whist before We late ;election' in
-Itentueky, the Lnuiwillc jourruti_ :put
the whole question before the in..oplo in
.the following brief style :
If you want a Constitution, vote for the
Dentoeratiti want a State,
vote for the Democratic ticket, If Yni}
want a country, vote for the Democrat
le ticket.
Volumes could not have said more,
,and it appears by the record that a ma
jority of nearly fifty thousand white
'freemen, in that gallant State arced
with the
InSP - In the course of the debate in the
Senate mi the tenure-or-ofilee bill, Sena
tor Sherman said: "t take it that no
,case cart arise, or is likely to arise, where
.a Cablnit. Minister will attempt to hold
on tahie nflicti after his chief desires his
removal, ; part scarcely conceive of
such a ease. I think that no gentectoto,
• no man with any sense of honor, would
hold a position ai q. Cabinet officer after
his chief desired his removal, andrilatire
fore the slightest intimation on the part
of 'the President would always secure
the • resignation of a Cabinet • officer.
For this reason I do not wish to Jeopard
;ibis bill by an onlinportant and collet
,erat question. .* *• * And if-1 sup
posed that either of these ' gentlemen
was so wanting in manhood, in honor,
holdirla place after the politest inr
;iination by the President of the United
i bialres that his servicers were no longer
needed, I certainly, as a Senator, would
innsent to his removal at any time, and
so would we all." As this was 104%10
• by Mr. Sherman to apply only to the;
',to.:es of "gentlemen, oten with a Proper
sense of honor," of course Mr, StauM4
Is not lu that category. -
writ wilt by peon by a resolution of
,the Democratic Con uty Committee, pqh
lished above, that the Delegate Elections,
_male be bold on iNkturdey, the Zith lust-,
t eiti the County
.Conyen, ion on llonday
Billowing. lief. these Elections he well
attended—the te3st nien sent hi the Con
, .
yt‘ntkin-Land a gi& ticlfit Will b pc
Then and Np v .—;)dring the iiexigan
war, while one cif our gallant opminan,
,rierOvaa leading his men in alerrible
ph&ge on a Mexican battery,. his body
i seiOani.4 negro; escaped from the dan
ger, litdto 'the Mexican-lines:arid, join
'%-1- .the Mex ano service, rendered whet
slid assistance he could to
he gluttonies of our country. ' Now 0 1 4
Gelatiral—Bragg—is a diaffutic bleed `iy.eb
pi." sad life negro traitor and %fieserter . is
-pne of the BOard of 4,egigrgiog (nr the
. . .......... ... ...
These two States lie side by side, and
contain a population in merit respects I New Powen PR , F2S6*-ENLABOEMENT
s i m il ar . Eno has bad its state election :CHANGE OF PUMILIFATION DAY.—The
within the last few days, and although l new Power Press arrived on Friday.
Tennessee is the more Southerly State We expect to have it up and running in
and seceded in the rebellion, it was car- about one week from this. The builders
Fled by the Republicans by a large ma-fare confident that the machine will
jority; while Kentucky, which never Prowe Itself one of the very beat, and
seceded, was carried by the Democrats turn out work equal to anything of the
by a majority twice as law. kentui!ky, kind to be had anywhere. I
The enlargement the home of Henry 'Clay and Jn)in enlargement ofthe Co
be effected In Ite next issue.
Crittenden, was to our pea polition a
Whig State; while _Tennessee, the home We have for some time contemplated,
(the better to suit the mails to the differ-
of Andrew Johnson and James K. Polk,
ent post offices of the count a change - J
was a Democratic State.
_Why is it that
the mere Southern, the seceding, and in otir day of publication, and the prey-'
formerly Democratic State, has given ent seems to be a peculiarly fitting occa
ardell for it. The next number of the'
great Radicalmajority,'while the more
Northern, the loyal, and formerly Whig C"Pir'ER will not ! appear un-
State, has given a still greater Demo- til the-latter part ot next week—Friday,
cratie majority? The explanation of ,we think, and in this calculation a day
this paradox lies in the fact that in Ken- two-is allowed for mishaps and delays
tucky poi Skril action is free, while in often attentlipg the getting up and ope-
Tennessee ftlis not. There can be 'no. rating of new machinery. The regular
doubt that the white population of Teri-, day for the future will then be announ
petite* if permitted to vote, and free to ced.
vote according to its judgment, would t As to the enlargement, it is deemed
condemn the
.policy of Congress with as Primer now only to say that it will be
much derision fuel energy as the white very marked, and, we believe, gratifying
population of Kenteeky. It is a bur- 'to every one of our numerous renders.
lesque on repablicaninskitutions v. hen a No reasonable expense has been or will be
popular election), as in Tennessee, gives i spared in making the improvement. A
not an ex . pressionn of the public opinion column will he added to each page, and
'of the State, but its very opposite. Let all of them lengthened, so as to make a
all external preesore and intimidation difference of eight or ten pf our present
he wiihtirawn, and another election be columnin,and place the Cometben among
held in Tennessee next month, and the the largest (and handsomest) papers in
result of lest week wpaid be reversed by the State. The .subscription price will
a majority equally eteeisiie. The pre- remain thesamo as botore—s2ln advance
ponnieratnee of numbers; physical I —otherwise $2 50.
strenyth, intelligence, and wealth, is inn
menSely on the side of the beaten party.
The government of Tennessee is like a
pyramid resting on its apex, which the
least teneln would jostle over, if it were
' not propped up and supported by federal
In KentuCky, on the other hand, the
government is self-sustainlng. The pre
ponderatiee of the population, wealth,
physical force, and ;intelligenec of the
State is on the side of the party which
succeeded in the election, which is the
norinal condition of a republican govern
- But it is asserted that the successful
party In Kentucky is a party of rebels.l
If this be true, what has made them re
bels? Kentucky, when the rehelliion
was in full blast, never had a majority, !
hardly a respectable minority, in favor
of secession. how does it happen then,
that now, when the rebellion is over,
when it is dead, buried, and hopeless,l
there Is a majority of sixty thousand re
the State? It may be true that
former rebels voted with the successful
party ; but Mow have' they been . able
to quadruple their numbers? Can that
be a good government which thus sows
broadcast -the seeds of discontent, and
ripens them to a prodigious harvest?
The successful part in Kentucky are
not 'rebels In the use of wishing to
secede, not in the 'Oise of wishing to
break up the Union but in the sense of
wishing to abide by the Constitution as
' our fathers made it. They are, indeed,
-bitterly hostile to he policy of Con
gress, and it is o t l . , .ntiliment to
Congress that its po icy • calculated to
excite such hostilit, wherever, in the
South, political action is World.
Mirth Tennessee ~f ly thousand white
men were disfranchilsed, and sixty thou
sand negroes raised to the full equality
of citizens. •By sueb means a full Rad
ical delegation has been chosen to Con
gress. .These men will be admitted, and
vote to force negro suffrage upon the
people of the North: The white men of
Kentucky hafe also elected representa
tives to Congress. No pe . rson was dia.-
franeb ited in that f:44ate. The ballot-box
was opeNto all whO 'Wished to vote. But
the Baehr:lls demand that the members
nom Kenttufity shall not be admitted to
their seats-in- the councils of the nation,
because tli 7 Py are not in "harmony with
the politietfiopinioniiof a majority of the
people." If a white man is elected by
tiegrocg, he can take a seat in Congress;
if by white men, he is not fit to repre
sent a constituency., That is lima Radi
cal theory; as exemplified by the cases of
Tennessee and Kentucky.—A;/e.
The Daily American Union, pub
liahed Ch r attanooga, Teunessce, gives
the following account of the manner in
whieh the late election was conducted
in that place uudor the orders of Brown
No opposition was made on the day of
thg ideation by the konservative party
to the manifestly frffidulent manner in
which it was ea rried on. It is a notorious
fact that negroes were imported front
Georgia, furnished with certificates,
voted, and sent home again.
It is well known that the polls were
opened nearly an hour before the time
appointed by law., •It was patent to all
that the Metropolitan. Pollee, and their
Adjutant, Henry Minch, the Knight
of the Broad axe, and 'squire Blackford,
were taking from the negroes all tickets
notatumped with the sign of John Ander
son, and compelling them to vote the
broad-axe ticket.
The white men made no opixisition,
however. Previous demonstrations had
convinced them that . the column
of negroor, standing before the polls,
whom the police were enfranchising by
every means in their power, were like
a powder magaziner .and needing only
the slighest provocation to blaie forth in
riot and bloodshed. Wing peaceful citi
zens and. having the good of the city
at heart kirowinir the inevitable result
of any Interference' with the , well-laid
plane of the Metropolitan Pollik, they
perferred a peaceable defeat at the billot
box, to incurring any danger of a dlir
. .
Xevertheless, the election was illegal,. chenoweth, Corresponding Secretary of
and fraudulent, as.ean be proven by tile' the State Union Temperance Society of
poll-books. Tliesame frauds were doubt-,: Penes
~_. , ,„ hold a
less committed elsewhere, and were pass- . 34%aluat will
ea over for ,siniflar reasons. We are_ on Wednesday, August 14th, (not Med
tx)weilp-pi to resist, but we can, at least, (lay, the . 13th, as incorrectly stated
publish - abroad to the world how the In the Slar,) ill the Methodist Church,
boasted tritutipti of lirownlow was se- i oetoabitrg. at 2 ,o,otatk I'. M. A
...., I, resention of all the Temperance Orgaui
geirThe jury in the Surratt trial have asthma of the county, is requested.
been out several days, and it does not -
.. •
yeti? likely that they will agree. They i *B - George Guinn, Sr., recently sold
are said to stand ten for acqtilttal to two
to J. W. Guinn, his farm in Cumberland
for conviction.
P. S.—The Jury was discharged on township, 140 acres, for 84.000 cash.
Saturday. They stood six to six, "
SpopiqbEArit.—Mr. Joseph M. Hen
...,..... -
lOWA Clergyman writing to a friend drlxot high ly esteentet farmer of Shrewa•
says, "My voyage to Europe is Indeti- bury, York county, died very suddenly,
' nitely postponed. - I have disoovered the on &tdily week, In the 80th year of his
'fountain of health' on this side of the
lttlautic. Three bottles of the Peruvian, W e '
1 IThave rescued me from the fangs' PLy-Ntrrs.—The htrgest sod oheapest
e fiend - Dyspepsia."
Dyspeptics lot of black leather tly nets, light, for
ooid drink from. til s fountain
... -
,•:--- I;buggy use, on hand and foe sale very low
1,.. . ... . _ _
ii}IYAEFFEE . L'S NEW GALLERY 4!LA - 11413(9:' for cash ,
' p ass , is the pine to have your Picturea: "gdbreiout varieties. CaliVraillethem
.. .. , ... ,
taken. Nene better, node abealleT. --1 1 at the' "13addieii and Barn establish..
aleY rAcwa.44 it ni4 eaosteetory, . meld of David McCreary & SOU. 'it
-..... .
the Fair Ground Is pushed with vigor, a
large force of hands being daily em
ployed. The foundations for the main
hull will soon be ready for the superstruc
ture, whilst the other large building is
about finished. The_fencing and shed
ding are 'steadily going up, and a well is
being sunk near the front. The lake in
the rear•is done, and nearly or quite full"
of water. The track only needs a few
finishing touches. It is not doubted that
everything will be ready by the time
announced for the Fair, September 24th,
2.3th,26th and 27th. -
The indications are that the exhibition
of articles` will be full and creditable,
aml the attendance very large.
The,posters and premium lists will be
out soon..
By the way, those desiring ground
for refreshment stands should nut fail to
attend the letting on Saturday, the 7th
of September.
We shall have More to say as the
work progresses—but iu the meantime
want all the men, woulen and chil
dren in the county to make up their
minds to 'visit the Fair. Pride in our
county and its great agricultural inter
ests should create a universal concern
for the success of this exhibition.
11111 r August Court, will commence on
Monday next: As we are about to incur
a heavy outlay—nearly V3,ooo—in the
enlargement of the Comethm and im
provement in machinery and materials,
we will'eurely be excused for asking ALt.
who owe us, even in small amounts, to
"give a lift" by paying up at once—and
Court week will no doubt furnish
many opportunities for so doing. Sub
scribers ata distance are asked to remit
by mail.
Now is the time, ton, for new subscrip
tions. Hurry them along with a rush !
Anmirrtn.—We notice among the
number recently admitted to the bar In
the Supreme Court of New York, Mr.
John It. Kuhn, son of Col. J. J. Kuhn,
of F.adt Berlin, this county,
PASTORAL CALL.—Rev. Prof: Disall
Ferrier has.received a - unanimous call to
the Pastorship of the Preshyteriau Con
gregation in . this place, at a salary of
sBoo,and the use of the parsonage.
AccrnENr.—On Thursday last, Mr.
Solomon Spangler, of heading township,
Adams cbuntY, met with rather a pean
fitl accident while engaged in threshing
with a machine. His right hand wag
caught- in the cylinder, mutilating it in
a frightful manner, though, we learn, no
bones were broken.—Hunover Citizen.
NEW TuicittiKE.—The enterprise of
constructing a turnpike, entitled the
"Mechanicsburg, - Dillsburg and Peters
burg Turnpike," will be carried into ef
fect. The width of the road 'will be 40
feet, and It will be piked 18 feet in the
centre, IR inches deep. It is i3y,pposed
the cost will be soniethinf like $3,000 per
The contract soon to be awarded,
will be followed
,by immediate opera
IlleirA friend informs us that Mr. A.
P. Weigle, of Hamilton township, has a
turkey hen which laid eiyhkjalaree eggs,
one ahnostevery day since itcontruetteed
in the spring. It stopped htyiug a few
days ago, having at lust made •up its
mind to commence hatching.
r Thls is
an extraordinary product for ouo season.
Pic Nic.—A grand Basket Plc NW
will be had at Onsbtown Springs, ent
Saturday, the 24th lust. A large and
pleasant affair is expected. See"tiver
tisement is another column.
• TEMPLARS' Pia Niv.—'rhe Good Tem
plars' Plc Nio came off' at Spangler's
Spriiigs -on Tuesday. The attendance
was good, the weather line, and all
hands enjoyed themselves first-cutely.
TEmrsaANew BlEsuNo.—Rev. G. D
COMM ENCEM I:NT. —The nu mber of pro. Mosel ntloos of VW" 4401 rectors of the
pie at tend i lig t he Commencement exer- irb°l4.4llaSrusilast7 _ " Igellt " hunir. I Special Notice Column,
elites here last week was unusually large. The committee appointed to prepare Instal.' Balsam or Wild Cherry.
The trains clone in crowded for several resolutions expressive of the estimate in I This remedy has long been cherished by tie
days, whilst hundreds arrived la private th wh e itil t i ey this 110 .
Dr. ktrd ta llild a i n ts d le e t;
i l t ' s roJe o s e so er r ' seta
e tug , healing anis curing the most olettuate, palm-
Inanity for its remarkable efficacy in miler'.
vehicles. The town seldom wears so
nu end long-standing mules of Cough, Cold, condolence with his tinnily and relatives
lively an appearance ale , it did on at his lamented death, beg leave to In-
and Thursday. I pose the folloiving : mamas, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Whooping
On Tuesday afternoon, Rev. Dr. I Resolved first That whilst we cannot cough, Crimp, puma, Inflammation of the
Spreoher delivered his lecture on the hut recognize the goodness of God in not L 1111.711; while even consunipuen itself has yield
removing by death any of our professors
"Attstrurg Confeesion." It was a learn-I during forty years of the Semi retry's ex- to Its magic notuenee 'whet! all other mates
e d-prodtieUose, and well received.- I istance, nor even interrupting the regu. „hove failed. Its whole history proves that the
J. G. Butler, 01 course e b of
re lecti n ire e s ,
t lr ei e r ny i : it e .l %iiside u rts--- .e past has produced no remedy of equal value, as a
In the evening, Rev.
to ms
s ; : % .er. cure fur the numerous sue dangerous pulmonary
alionUotw which prevallall over
Witallifiginet City, addreshed the Alumni a- l OWA not ti : hutubly
of the Seminary, treating his, hearers, elgn rule, who has in this way, for the the land.
,not to a literary entertainment, but a first time, afflicted our institution.
poor rehash of Radical twaddle—not on- I • Reeolecd second, That the unaffected
pity, extens acquirement, the etire
ly disappointing , but disgusting, men of consecration ive
of his talents and Intl ue n
all iihades of political opinion. How to the welfare of the Seminary, his faith-'
much more appropriate would not have ful and consuientious discharge of duty,
been the pure and useful life of the late his bland and amiabledisposition, and
, his eminent social qualities having ever
Dr. Krauth as a theme? (-unintended our exalted admiration,
On Wednesday morning the Junior his death has occasioned us the most
exhibition came oft 'The following was beakfelt grief. e •
the programme: "Pepetuity of Free In- adherence of o third, our T
d t e i c a , t t . as ti e l :i t a il j .s Z ia n ' te ' in t !
stitutions," A. S. Hartman, MonotioY the views and sentiments of our church
township; "Living for au Object," E.: as held by the General Synod, amidst a
S. Wei den !laugh, Gettysburg; "Nation -'tendency to impel.* a Lutheranism upon
al Progress," E. A. Muhlenlierg, Gettys- t f i a s t hl e iffe re re e n n t e f e r u o r m t e l e utt es
to stand fa. ) s . to our
burg; "Moral Lessons of Macbeth," W. the and practices we have es-
F, Hill, Gettysburg; "War of the poured. •
Giants," D. L. McKenzie, Duncannon; It, solved fourth, That whilst we, his
"Electricity," 0. S. Eyester, Gettys- , efulletialsTiag'rarretuv(adie(7tlil,lit tabu2`,lriLs,horwia.
burg; "A Poem—lmmortality," L. A,
manly features, yet in order to tf transmit
Swope, Littlestown ; "Influence," W. to those who may come afier us, anti
F. Muehlenberg, Gettysburg; "The thus f o ' l l t n hi l Li - , ll l l l ): o4 3;" at. r t s h l.'eriarove in this the
Mind its own Place," W. C. &lever, field eof his life,
the Memory of his valuable services, the
Gettysburg; "The %Vernier and the. sum of fifty dollars raised by private sub-
Poet," J. W. Richard, Winchester ; seription, be appropriated l'i!r a Photo
" The Present Age," Jitoob Rhone,-Cen- graphl t i i k le en ,t e e s_ , l s n ? l f ie li r trg ( e l s n iz t i: e , i to besuspen
ore hall; "The Natural and the Moral," I Th Y at an t amount
L. W. W. Heilman, Kotes u fee; "Herds- civet to erect a moiniurient or memorial
tratus," P. K. Erdnian, Centre Valley ; grave, be raised by voluntary subserip
"Sunshine," R. F. McClean, Gettysburg; tion, eire i
and ) the
t a a ut e l o i mi;i n i , t r te ri e s , eT l i e s ,, is s t r i 4 ng A ( l if
"Persecution for Opinion," A. J. Ertl-!
and Dr. Huber,
man, Macungie; "Radicalism," J. W. Buehler, I). A. Buehler,be appointed to collect, the money and
Hay, Gettysburg. erect the monument.
Most of these efforts were creditable— • Jxo. 0. Sioiters,
11. Loc . /1314x,
several of them very tine indeed. A B A .
few would have been improved by the Jorix bmsTs,
omission of the political (Radical) mat- 11. S. Huilmt,
ter they contained. Young men make a Com mittee,
gross mistake when they undertake to E. BREIDENBArOIf, Sec'y of Board,
"tickle the fancy" of their political
friends on such oc.casious. The better
judgment of a right-minded public al
ways condemns theta.
Ix] the afternoon, Rev. Dr. Seiss, of,
Philadelphia, addressed the Literary So- 1
ciefies ()Nile College. He was honored
by a large and brilliant ail/hence, who
experienced Hindi pleasure in listening
to him. The effort exhibited the high
est culture, both In composition and de
In the evening, Rev. V. I. Conrad,
of NeW York, delivered the annual ad
dress to the - Alumni of the College.
This was one of the boldest enunefations
of Radical doctrine yet made by any of
Ithe intolerant adherents of Congression
al usurpation. 'Consolidation, confisca
tion, negro-voting, negro-office-holding
—all the rights for the negro which the
white mail possesses, were unblushingly
claimed. We are glad to know that this
I tirade was also condemned as entirely
out of place by the true filen& of the
College, of all parties. Probably— one
thirdof the audience left before the
speaker concluded
The Commencement exercises, on
Thursday morning, occurred in the fol
lowing order: Latin Salutatory, C. 8.
Albert, Turbotville; "The English Bi
ble and Shakspeare," T. F. Garver, Scot
land; "Leibnitz," J. G. Blyholder,
• Leeeliburg ; "Aspirations of Youth," J.
J. Weaver, Uniontown, Md.; German
Oration, C. J. Cooper; Coopersburg;
"National Language and Character," J.
R. Custer, Lawrenceville; "Losers al
ways in the Wrong," R. J. Fisher, York;
"Battle of Hastings," J. H. Brown, Get
tysburg; "Christianity, Basis of• Social
Happiness," Hart Gilbert, Gettysburg;
"Cost of Military Glory," D. K. Kepner,
Fagleysville ; "The Seed Time and Har
vest of Life," B. C. Snyder. Gettysburg;
"Mission of the Anglo-Saxon," M. W.
Jacobs, Gettysburg; "A Poem—The
Highland Home," P. H. Schaeffer, Lim
erick; "Modern:Science and Material
ism," S. P. Sadtler, Lutherville ; Vale
dictory, 'W. E. Parson, Milton. We
have heard severalorthese efforts highly
praised, and all seem to be well spoken
of. C. S. Albert received the first honor,
S. P. Sadtler the second, J. R. Custer and
P. H. Schaeffer the third, and W. E
Parson the fourth.
In the afternoon
The New York Tribune has an article,
referring to the bringing forward of Gen
end Grant's name for the Presidency,
Thayer, of Philadelphia, delivered, in headed "President Making by Guess."—
the College Church, the oration on the It says the "people will insist on having
i P n r i ri f t ro le m ot t tilo m felir t know s
h lorifs
laying of the corner-stone of the Prepar- I
m a
story Department, (Stevens Hall.) What!
! who have advanced t: l t. r .L a r . a s l Grant's 1
the speaker said of Thaddeus Stevens R 8 : claims as "the most discredited of the
a friend of the College and education late war, who barked at the heels of the
accep t a bl e; . sorely beset republic whenever it was I
generally was fitting and acceptable; censtrained to . taky a step forward hi thei
but he should have stopped with that.l course which led through emancipation
There was no occasion to go into - extrav- Ito triumph." This is a hot fire on the
agent putfhry of the "old commoner's l, l front rank of the Grant column. Their
di f _ , lea l d t errepreeen s ted as having no ideas on
political opinions or efforts. Widely
faring as the friends of the College do on t o ll t o
laloaNnvecicilitiliesuZP,);t t e o rs r
p h t u e n y g , ry r t i l t o e Lis .
the disturbing questions of the day, Mr.' ty well for a begin ning.---Buttimore Sun.
Thayer has likely done the I/41441411m • ......-
more Injury than good, . A "Loyal" Postmaster— What the Ten-
After the close of the exercises at the --tir.€ of Office Law Lots.—The following
church, a procession was formed and extract, - which speaks for Itself, we clip
miliehed to the ground upon which the from the Washington correspondence of,
building is to be erected. Bei , . Pr. !or th e New York Tribune of Tuesday 1
Sehmucker gave a brief but interesting week: ,
history of the riot) and progress of the some weeks ago a special agent of the
n rt i f i ne t ir i t at r i e l tio h r i t t e d d ti t c q t t c h t e .
College, and concluded 'With a list of the I P ) o aK strorste e r e Gerie u
articles placed lu the cornerstone_ I ed frauds perpetrated by the Postmaster
The Germania Orchestra, of Plittedel- at Gieensburg, Indiana, and that the
Postmaster had admitted
phla, which performed during the exec -that his book-'
b t r e i i po e s l t i t t l i t n a g st e , t , i t ,
1‘,. .k . L. 8
u : Upon en.
eises of the week, closed with aOotacert
on Thursday evening. It was a grand ded. When Congress met, the hats l '
success—a crowded house and everybody were eertified to the Senate, and a new!
delighted. , I Postmaster nominated. The Senate re-
We hear, with real pleasure, that the titt°udretoh e f
c:;4 llin la ut , i , ° t i h . v e o i l l g j? u F st f i e „ r „ . ,V r
Board of Trustees of the College, on Is reinstated in office. The Postmaster'
Thursday, passed a resolution diseounte- General th-day notified the reinstated of- 1
noticing party polities at Commence- li . cer of the action of the Senate, and ad-'
ments in tligsdriture. This is "a move u
0 r 41 3 la
r ou to tbr ne e Le
i v , : c r c i tl l lli t :r 2u ti es se te
( i
p , I
iu the right.direetion," and will be gen- little of the money of the Government um; ,
erally and heartily approved. I make as few false entries as possible." I
-- --- -....--
.1 The instruction of the Postfriaster
. Death of Er - aes. Porter.—Ex-Gov- General Is decidedly apropos, and show. :
()rum. Ihrvid R. Porter died at his real- with telling effect the damnable legisl4-;
deuce in Harrisburg, on Tuesday after
noon, after a b r i e f oi liest ,. H e was i n tion of the mad destructives in Congress.
the 79th year of his age, and had heen ; --.-.......
for many many years identifie d with the pub- I 'STA. leading Radical journal in Mtn-
Uri ankles of the State. Ho served as s nesota thus alludes to the Germans of
member of both branches of the 1.egi , 43- St. Leiria: "The Ciertnan beer-guazlen3
the constitu ti and was the firston of Gov lB3B ernor
an eloiliest °ected r St; told*, rtatorent of pinberger,
which he held for two successive terins. cheese, and restivti for richly parade and
He was a man of vigorous mind, whiph the brar.en clang of cymbals and bass
remained unclouded until the hour of drums in their deserted beer-garderis, ut
his death.
-..w i ter the same howl of 'puritan inttiler
SICK-HEADACHE.—Very many are MO!) i' '' When the Oormans swelled
troubled with this distressing comp'aint the ranks of the Northerp armles they
every f,Cw days through the Summer • ~
were katriotti, when thrily oppose ilad
months. A gentleman from Ohio- will)
has been subject to stieli attacks writes heal despotism they ale qieek•gititzie9l"
that Cue's Dyspepsia Cure cured him. and "stupid Dutch."
The President recently said that du
ring the seven months intervening be
tween the surrender of the rebel armies
and the assembling of Congress, and,
whilst he was fully carrying out his pol
icy of reconstruction, he did not receive
a single remonstrance from any of the
Radical leaders who are now clamoring
for his impeachment. On the contrary,
he said many of them, bet Ween April
and December, 1865, and, with one ac-
cord, told him to go on with the work Of
reconstruction in the lihe ha had mark-'
ed out. He then said that a recent
speech of Senator Trumbull declared
that "had the Southern States sent loyal
men to Congress all would have been
well." - In other words, had they sent
Radicals the President's plan would
have been all right, but its Radicals
were not sent, his plan was found to be
all wrong. The whole Runip policy of
"reconstruction" is therefore shown to
be a mere scheme for party advance
ment, without a particle of propriety,
law or justice about it.—Pati•iOt de Union.
Shout, 0 ye miserable Radicals!
Sound the hew-gag! Bang the banjo!
Ring the cow-bells! The cloven-foot
Of Belzebub llrownlow is again on the
necks of the white slaves of Tennessee!
As Louis Napoleon "elected" himself
Emperor of France, so Browniow has
made himself King of Tennessee. Bay
onets in the hands of Negroes, , have
enabled him to convert his ill-gotten
power into a . permanent and unlimited
depotism. Only al,ooo of the 175,000
white voters of the State, were permitted
to be "registered," whilst 57,000 negro
voters were put upon the rolls. Brown
low's "majoirty" is less than the Negro
vote, showning that the hlackii, controll
ed by bayonets and corruption, are the
ruling power in Tennessee. Of course,
this was a forgone conclusion. Radical
reconstruction must end in the complete
Africanization of every State in which
it succeeds. Let those rejoice who can
oversuelt a result. The man who can take
pleasure in such a prospect ninst have
a heart as black as the akin of Brownlow's
Janissaries. Such a man is a traitor to
his race, to his country and to his (God.—
Bedford Gazette.
Hon. M. Russell-
The Itnners Carey Tennessee t
From Andrew Archer, Esq., of Fairfield, Ma.
".Unit{ eight yearn miner, henry Archer, now
Postmaster at Fairfield, B , onerset count), Mt.,
WWI atIltel:(41 Vl' II II spikling of blood, cough, weak
nem of lung... and general debility, no intieh mu
thut our family physician Ileelanql tuna to have a
"Setae.' COIllit11111410111." under medleal
treattnent for IL tattooer of mouths, Out received
no I tenent front It. At Ivnigth, from the solleita
tlun 01 hints.•lt and others, I was imitteed to pur.
chase one bath: of Wi4TAlt's VAL:SAM or V. 11.0
CHERRY, which benefited hint 141/ lIIUCLI 1 obtain
ed another motile, which in it short time restored
111/u to his usual MAIN' of 11.11101. I think I can
gaiety recommend thin remedy to other% In like
condition, for It Is, I think, .tll it put ports to be—
The nix we statement, c•••nt lemon, is toy volunta
ry offering to you in Lit ur your and Is
at, your disposal."
Prepared by SETII W. rowt.Ect Sun, In Trenton,.
Boston, mid for male by Druggists generally.
gcn,‘ 'MT,
The Rev, litsf).Storrs, of Itrook.l.Kn, X. Y., says, In
the 1,p,4.54y for pult
lethal): a nie,li,al ertith ate In his Magazine, of
the rune of lilt only son, of •4 e . roflll:t, "utter dt•wo
lution Int.% liable:" "We publish this
htatement. not for pay, but In grutit title to (hal
who has thus answered prayer, 11,11(I In JllMticti
Dr. Anders; being mit INned tout there Is irtue tat
the hminte Water treat Diehl, Wlll , ll the readers of
this Nfagaghte wilt thank its Editor fur bringing
to their not lee." i'lrettlars free.
Dr. H.' [Wine Is for Rule by J. P.
Di ssmour., l'roprietur,Lid .I.bry St., N. Y. ilutl by ul~
Bile on the Stomach eon be suddenly eliminated
by one dose of the 11113—5..,y front tour to tdx to
number. When the Liver Is In a torpid state,
When spedeel of acrid mutter front the blood or a
serous Mild bhuuld 4u over:tune nothing mu be
better than Kw IWd Regulating rills. '1 hey
give no unplisfsant or unexpected shock to tiny
portion of the sysb-m; Ilwy purge easily, are
mild in operation, an when taken are perfeutlY
tasteless, being eleioui tly voluted with gum. They
contain nothing but purely vegetable propertloN,
anti are consulered by Ingli authority, the la St
and finest purgative known. They are recom
mended f a the cure ol all disorders of the Stom
ach, Liver, Kidneys, Nervous Di...ases Inll,ast
tiou, itytlsjoi.t, BlitousneNs, Bilk Ws Never, Ito
tiammatlon of the Bowels, riles, anti niploms
resulting front Disorders et the ingeslfVf t
Prise 2 -ents per box. Sold 1, 4 Druggists,
An t !. 12, DV. gar
°Metal—Par& Expoositiont, 1867.
Advices Jost received by twill enable us to' an
nounce pen/lively that. the gray gull medtil fur
Aine•rleun sewinglitaeldni•s - wnsitwordedto Elias
Howe, Jr., as the manufacturer of the best sewing
machine that was exhibited. There were eighty
two dilierent machines in competition for the
prize, told Mr. Howe received the addlthond
award of the Cro•es of the Legion of Ironer, as
manufacturer and Inventor, . The exact Wording
of the ,sward 14 11.4 (11110W141
Hover. NACit,NE. I WI4OII , I.}SR & Vi'/LBON.
"Co -openitetir PAW.. "Whvler &
Howe, Jr., promoteor 41v11 la to:whim, it lklu
la rtiaelllne a mahlre.;tonutera. Nedoille d'or."
Itedailh (tor."
oMehl' llgt of those who were mule Knights
of the Legion irff Honor, as published In the Paris
papers, rea , ls thus: "M 4 uls. Elias Huss, Jr. fatart
cat ~ a aelthal a cauare, expnwaitt ;" which, tnlnsle
ted into English, reads; "Mr. Elias Howe, Jr.,
maker of sewingnutehines, exhllliting."
From thls It will be seen that tile medal award
ed to Wheeler a: Wilson wa,, for it "Buttonhole
'Mae .1n o o," an 1 nal fur the Searing Mae/tine:
E.oll of t1e..0 wort 1-mte,wne.l machines Imam
the inLialliou howl of Elias Howe, Jr., (tnal*,
mark,) withoat which none is Messrs.
f4lbley Lt. Stioops, Ageute, tr.:2 Chestnut street,
Aug. 5, ISU7. 4t
The Cirentrot Polu-rellever in the World
Warranted superior to any other, or no pay, for
the cure of trout( Rheumatism, Toutuache,
Headache, Store Throat, Burns, Cuts, Ili.
sect stings, Pains in the Back, Chest, mid Limbs,
Sprains, Sores, Swellings; 1411 w, to t.tke in
ternally for Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Colic; .'"lonstiti , ,
Sea Siekness, Vomiting, and Croup. It Is per
fectly Immeent to take internally, If used accord
ing to the directions, and never falls, as thous
ands can fittest. It was god introduced In 1547,
and now millions of 'sake, are annually sold.
Every one who has once it, continues to do
so, and recommend It to their friends as the most
valuable medicine extant. Certifitittem enough
to fill a dozen newspapers hays been received by
Dr. Tobias; - His Mealtime, the Venillan
mct,t, do all that hi stilted, and more. No
one will tegr.4 trying it. Those n Aiding at a ills
tame from a physician, wIU had It a fellable
ineffieilifi to have on hand In mist , of accidents,
Ask for Itir. Tobias' Venetian Liniment, and lake
no other.; Price:id coats and SI. Mold Lyall Drag
gists. Dipot,is6 Corlamit Street, N. Y.
July 2%1861 lin
In tho Coral Caves
am-great/As mid to be the prevailing color, an 4
sit on tho rucks arid cowl.) their g malt lucks as
siduously. But the
prefer glossy broteus and shining blacks to any
other tinges, and If nature has not given their
fair heads these beautiful hues, or if mischance
has robbidi them of tht•ir onto exquisite beauty,
they don't rry about it, but resort Mimeo to
CitletTAlstito'S HAIR lIYK,
which In Ihe minutes does all that. nature ever
did for any head •In her happiest nasal. Mann
facturrd by J. CRIST.11101W), as Maiden
New Yorh. Kohl by all Druggists. Appliod by
all Haar pre4sers.
July I , 67
• A
Cord to the Ladies
PILLS Ft/It Infallible to orrect
log Irregularities, Itentoving Wan ructions of thu
Monthly Turns, from whatever Caus., unit al
ways Successful as a Preventive.
is now over thirty years since the aixwecele
heated Pills wcre.tlrst discovered by Dr. DLTPON
CU, of Paris, during which time they have been
extensively and successfully WANI most of the
public institutions, us well as In private pi:action
of both hemispheres, With unparalleled success,
In every case, and It Is only at the - urgent re
quest" of the thousands of belles who have used
them, that he is Induced to make tire Pills public
fur the alleviation of those suttl•ritg from any Ir
regtdarltitli WhiltvVer, as well as to prevent an In
crease of lam ly where health will not permit It.
Feintili•ri petunia!) situated.or !boar enpposing
tlieniselveli an, tire k toned oglittist itsttig . these
P/Ils wlYlle In flint condition lest they "Intik,
tnlsetwringe," alter u 1111•11 lallooll It 1011, the I.'res
prictor ilmillTleS 110 responsibility ugh their
ild nets I)revent any tab.:hie( to bewltlt,
otherwise the Pills are reetinantende4l as ok_MOl4l'
IN ‘'ALL.I.I.BI.E ItENIEDY tor :ill those-Meeting
conipluidite r.E , i slim Ut thews.
10,D03 Tioxes have been sold within Two Yearn,
Ten Thottnand Boxea sent by Mall, both by my
self and Age nts, to all parts of the worn', to which
answers have been r, tut tied. In which- lailea w.e,
nothing like the uh rills have been known
Wiley the Science of Medicine dawned lion the
wog; llemoving 01,struct ions and Restoring
Nature to its Proper Chrtnitel,i4 Meting t he Nerves
and bringing hawk the "ltse.3 - tailor ut . Health" to
the cheek or the must del leate.
Prfee It per Box. !kr.:sirs.
K o hl by JOHN ti, visit (ET, Dragglat Sole
Agent for Gettysburg, 1.21.
Ladles, by sending him 4 1 through the Post Of
nee, can have the pins seen!, "'indent hilly.) by
Mail, to any part of the want try, "free of postage."
:told also by 1. Strangler, Cita m bershurg; U.
Nett, York; Coleman Rogers and Brown Broth
ers, Wholesale Agents, Baltimore, and b. D.
Howe, rmpt ietor, New York.
dlarelt 1, INTL iy
To ConouroptiveL
Tile relverliser, having' been restarts' ta health
In a few weeks by 0 very simple remedy, after
having suffered for severdi Years With it severe
lung of and that (bread disease Comm lap.
anXimpi make known to his fellow
ILutreren the means of cure.
To all who destre it, he will send a copy of the
prescrinllon used (free of charge). with tlie direr
dune for preparl»g and using the same, whir„
they will lind a Kure cure for
-init, lirnUehllis, l'ottehs, Cobls, and all Throat.
and I,ung AffectionS, The only objeet 01 the
advertiser in sending the prescription ts to lament
the afflicted, and Inessni himrmattou which he
einioelves to 110 111 Vail:Mille. and be 110130/11 I very
sufferer will try ids reinedy.ns It will east theta
path I tg. and may prove a Weaning. l'art lett wish
ing the prescription, free, by return Will
please whiresS
Willianartratg, Kings co., N. Y.
May 27, IBM. ly
-• •
Mirrors or Youth:
A gentleman who suffered for ,Yearx font Ner
vous Debility,. rr,mature Decay, and alli the
eirrvig qt yotititiAltel'seretlon, w 4 tbr the make
of simlTerlng n y, ‘olot fre t , fe uli who need
it, the recipe and directions [Or mat lift 'the elm-
RP remedy hi which he was clued. Nuffei•erg
La W hlng tvitegt br the advertlseregagErlenee,
s° -addressing, IN Trot eeendienr%
-- 4 •JOHN H. 0013141 N.
May 27,1867. ly 42 Cedar et.. New Yorß.
TO CURS. CO:f9I,IMPT LOY, the netem mod be pram
Wed se that the lap will heal. To sod nterch idtlas the
liver and donna Mire lire be eke nod and so appetlle ere.
aid Hr stood wholesome toed, which, b, Ude neallidese
will be Coestod properly, atd pond health* blood Medal
thin batldtug neuttatlon. PC II $.41
DRAKIf, PILLS Moines the sernach o' all billow sr uneeee
annustulations; and, by acne 51.3 Sea Weed Teets IS OW
eaMlon. the oppelto Is reamed.
SCIIINCIVB PULlll.)iittl SYRUP le antrielsee et weit
al medial/sal. and, by Gains the three medal. ail Imparthee
are expelled from the erattoe, sad good, wholesales blood
made. whish will repel all 41.0101 If palmate will late Ames
medletnee amordint to d.resalona Consumptioe earl 6e•
queenly to. le lan steps yields readily be this. mean. Tate
the pile frequently, to cleanest the liver and ea mesh. U Ikea $
not follow this became the bowels are not *only* they we
not replied, for sometime* In de/ohm. they 11411 •011111114
The stomach most be kept healthy, and as appettes seeded
to allow the Toole S: rep to bet on the respl rater y minus
properly and le ay any Irrluttion. Then all that a ntsuLre I _
to perform a pennement cure te, so preyed tabled odd.
Exercise about the rooms so much as bomb* egi all WWI
risbod food—lot meat, gams, and. In hoe mythic( the sip
peilto dares; but be pentode/ and sneetlease wen.
illeatairia4llllndneser and Catarrh.
Treated with the utmost gueveol, by Dr. .1
IS %AC-4,0,111kt and Atlilst, (formerly of f.4.).1.`
111 , 1111I1C1,) NmiIII PI NEtil reel, IMllmielphla.
tlmonlalm rr,ui the most relltMle mmireen in t
City and Country emu he axed at hisf olllle. Th..
monad (faulty are Incited to norompany their
patients. 11.11 he has immecrets In his praci tee.
eyes Inserted without pain. No cleave
ninth. nT eNtlllllllittfon.
Sept ill, 1806. ly
Iltarrtaire and CeMiley.
Tli IN T)1 YOUNO Almo, DIM 111.44, nut
Abkitom. w) kh permanently Twoßtritte the Vital
Powerm, with gun. melt we or reklel. Meta tree of
Charav, Ilt armed topes, A.lll Irol.l, Pr. J.
MN 11,1 DOV(iIITON, I toward A 3313431 on,
Philudeq.hla, (Doc. 3, MOH. toct2ll7
irce 'rho Prom, iu doing Mr. Stanton a
compliment, puts him In tho pillory In
this wise:
We do not betray confidence when wo
say that on more than One neenslon thu
country has been indebted to Edwin M.
Stanton for the timely note of warning,,
that enabled the representatives of the'
people to meet and defeat the dangerous
schemes of a recreant President.
Can any thing ho more contemptible,
and any position mere db•graceful?
Cabinet officer acts us a spy, turns
mer, and then boasti, through hi s
friends, of hig own degradation.—kte.
latest Market Reports,
HI h 14.0171 L.
- -•
OA, • •
H A Y. • •
CLINE 11.411: KI). •
L i A XiiIKED.
. • 00 It 50
1 40 (14 1 45
100 4 1 ON
71 4 74,
10 00 4 II 80
$ Ouy 16 00
Y 3006► 9800
00# 5187
V,' H KAY, -
R I* •
Ht k, • -
on rr+, .
nous," .
]SEEN cArri.E, bund.,
WHISKT,Y, tr •
On Thursday martslnw, Olin ptrur, NO.ta MAR-
C: %14F71' ANN, liallgikler of Juutrs l'it•fet, Datil SJ
yearn awl 1 anmol.
Uq 'l'u.•ntloy lumt, n.ur Wont flock, Mr. Jou"?
LA WHENCE, ill 11u tanel yi•ur Of 1111110 N ..
In PhMolt Iplila, on tto. liotli ult., %les t ft., a Irn
of F'. A. lio hint r, of ilarrlnlfurg, forou.rly of Olin
thr.?-4th ult., ft liKresldenee,ln Iluntlngtmi
townallip, Mr, lt.lNtit.rOuN sy.l
ye4/1./ tuunllt u.rd Zi,dayes,
In AIobOITPIIIIWII t MA ill. 2nd had., Mr. Hes
TIAN IiAFER, y,aret 4 uu,ntNl and 12 ,110
On the , 17th ult., :Mr... JANZ, Wife „FriAlorl,
lit rtzel I, nut .162 years.
In Fu1r114.1 , 1, on [lie 27th nit„ Wry.t.l finA It!,
1 , 011 or .1011 , 1 antl Ci vUiu Juluta, u.ged t 111011114
alo 1111Yn.
;fear :I('W Oxfonl, on the 211th ult„ Josnintixn
nAtt, Infant rinunhtof of (ilorne Had Monift
Itgol 2 titoili uto.l 17 thy
OF VALl . :`.llfdi (LEAL AND 1 . 1440 NA I, EM,
TATE.—I)n WI. nNism).A r, 1 4 )'1'NM ❑t•tt
tln• undersigned w 111 sell ut Public ttile, tat (ho
preuilwb, the follomlnq vµlpglAr Iteol Ebtute, rint
all talted In Carr, 11 eounly, Dfd., t.otitaitting 100
AC1t1,74, wore or lota, . The i Iwo% (Two 1.,
oil eret ted are it gootl Two-ctorS siiieuther
lxiunled 11()I7sE, good
Bart', all the tweeasar,)" ow -hut IA I tuts, 11,
ittiod (,)reluirti of choice fruit, a never-
failing liprirat of good water near tit , dw el toe
TI ere are 011 the laud :AI lien* Thither, and
the Fat once is laid off In ctitivetilettt fields, with
riiiiithit; water in all , • , :ceitt one. 15 11.4 . 1.0 ~f tho
above tract will be offered 111 atel ten sera
lots. This property lies one-4Eolth of a toile east
of Ifarney, 4 tidies north of 1 ant) town, 7 tallei
west of I,, itiel within 2 tidies (if Om
'Riney of the Frederick and 3lttr3 land line rail
road„ cons kilt toy It arc hies, IN 111 all 11111.1/.1 1 4 , 11111 IF,
fipost otiha', ace, l'figsesslon will lie glvuu (ha
rst of October Hex:, 11 btu dt [decd,
Alan, at the Anne t hue and Thten, will be sold,
the following valtll4 , )lC I'VTSOIIIII l'roperty, via :
1 Brood Mane, 4 Co ea, two of them fresh, I Bull,
4 Fat flogs. Also Wheat, Corn, Bye and Oats IT
the ',tulle!. 10 tons of Tlitu , lny Ilay, 0 tons of
Clover • nd Mendow Bay,ulut ti llama 1111•1 l ank,
I shot Gun; altio 4 Beds and liettsteasls, Buraus.
Tables, Cloth's, Chests, Teo-plate 8t.% e, (*.pis t
Kettle, Iron kettles, fight-day Cloek, together
with a variety of Household and Kitt hen I. urnl
tit re too numerous to pivot on.
Salo to 1201/1111..1114. at to o'clock, A. M., on sold
day,. when attendance wIU be given and terms
mimic known by
Aug. 12, tOI7,
l i , M = E ; L . A M . LI A U j
THE groan,' set apart for itEFOESIINIENT
irrA.Nms on We new Fabr tiroului of the' Ad
ammo' county Agricultural Suelet) , at Gettysburg.
will he rented at public outery in sepanUe
ou tiATURDAY, the 711, of SEMI:1 , 411E11 next, at
10 Webs* in the foretusat preelia , l. Persons
wishing to keep Stands during the hair, ahould
not full to ottenli at the hour named.
UEL I.IEIUIiT, Prestdeut,
Aug. 12, 1867. tai
iTITIF, School Directors of Strahan township
hereby give ,notice to all persons liable to tlat
PaYment of Bounty Tax in said township, that
they have uuule arrangements for the linal
tlerneat of the Bounty A.ecuutils (or said tom I
ship. They, therefore, give notlee to all tax-par
era to make paytrierkt of their tax on or before tiin
2Uth day ofIit.TTEMBEIt next. The ,vJhrtl'n of
all unpaid taxes after that date a ill be enforced
without re speet to persons:
AU pe•rsuua having claims agriins the Bounty
Fund of said township are requested to prew•ut
the game to the Board prior to 20th of Keplent eel .
If not prtawtited prior thereto suits claims will
re retch. JACOB B. 5111.LAlt,
Aug. 12, 1867. td
Grand Basket Pic Nic,
of A 1.:411.7aT. The F st) et Wyllie Snow Mt
ixr n engaged for the 'ooruslott, and a pleu.tant
time may be expected. It Ix lamed there will he
a good turn-out, eat IL lit free to all who feel Mr
p..4e.l to unite in the feat I vitlea of the °emotion.
Khould 11w day be Unfavorable, it will take
plum on War following Matttrclar.
Tiiomws, I. J. 31rAt.g,
.1.1.1.%111 haLKELT DAVID KTAItnY,
A lati o2 , upn . Coulusit tom.
ALlZryprotnnst are hereby:warned against taking
all assignment of t wt»lotts given by the un
dersigned to flew)* Thomas S Son, both of said
notes dated June hi, lti67, one lin' Sloe, payable at
three months, said the other for 190, at six u ~,,,
the :cowdderation of said notes ising fur, one of
°II uhistrd's self-raking .Reapers stal••Mowerst"
which sin•not work, and Is of no use to us; slid
the eonsitieration having' failed, we are deter
mined lint to nay said ilotea, mul the public La
&trued against tubas:pin tweitgument of them.
Ettraban towtudilp,,Aug. 12, 11307. pt.
360 Bu''''JitairpTimippED WHEAT,
Ft tit I,E.—/t new variety ; ' well ;:n 4 apt.
to bal.'. mid entirely- true Min all
Prioe, $3 per lauthel.
w3f. WIBLE,
Aug; 12,1te17. 6T Neat Gettyrbuty,
Mit±diftrator's Notice.
rlittATF, OF ANDREW J. SMlT7l.— Letters of
Es administration on the estate of Andrew J.
smith, late of Mbuntplettt twp., Adams CO. .
deed., havimt been grant to the undersigned;
residing In Littleatown, be hereby gives nut tee to
got lemons lndebted to said to to make (mine.:
dime, payment, and those
l a claims 010111114
tfietritme to present them'. y suthen t leans!,
for settlement. it . ' 11 , 10%,ER,
Aug. 1 2 , /867* It Mintswator. '
To tioet k dry, - buy yiono Ilitbrellas ilk_
- • , PlfilElN G 13,,
Giu4 r. ea. sr 1j
11 I*
7 8 04.1
• I s ' l l o B 2 00
• 1 ; W 200
• 1 IV
- 5R 4 74.1
11S (10 ull V (K 1
.. ll 00 iii. 7.1)
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