Gettysburg compiler. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1866-1961, June 17, 1867, Image 1

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, Si , *_, J. wraitur.
rildkie-Might,y, and MU Prevail."
• Oir PI7I3LICATIOII.-41117 Os per • an
a anti //Pahl strictly-1 is ADTANcs---42 SO per ans
Mull it ritifpgld lb advance. No subserlption die
ecnuttaaad, umbra at the option of the publisher,
hatitallategarites are paid,
ADI►BR7'ttIIMENTB Inserted nt usual rates.
. JOB PitISTINO of all klinls 411110 with neat
nessealed rltstaa4l.
OPPIcE In Booth Ilattlmore street. beilremn
7illildie and High, near the Peat 001ce—"Comp!•
le Printing Office" oh the
Professional Cards.
Wm. A. Duncan,
'CU promptly attend co all legal business
saitraetsil to him, including the procuring of
Pannone, -ft•innty, Back Pay, and all other
ettleite stslett the United States and butte
Office in !forth Welt Corner of Diamond,
Guttyab u rg, Pe nnia;
April 15, 1867. tf
D. 'lfftreoustight,
ATTORNEY AT LAW, (office one door west
of Duchlees drug and book store, Chain
_ bersburg Street,) ATTOSOIST LID 89LICITUP.VUtt
PATSY?* Awe Psvuoars. Bounty Lend War
r mita, flack-pay suspended Claims, and all
other claims against the Government at Wash
ington, D. C.; alto 'American claims in Ing7,
[and Wartasta located and sold, or
b‘mglit, snl kozbest p rlees given. Agents !n•
g.,gesl is lee 4.4 sr.irrant4 in lowa, Illinois
sad oilier resters...%titts. 'Apply Co-him
personally or by later.
ikettysharg, Nur. 21, '53.
J. C. Feely,
A TTORIZY AT LAW.--Partlealer atten
tioe p lia to" collection of PenAione,
8 minty, litut Lick•psy. • Office to the 8. E.
corner of the Diswlnad.
tiettythutc April 6, 1861. tf
Edward B. Bushier,
TTORNKY AT LAW, will faithfully and
/1 . , promptly attend to all-business entrust
ed to nint, He speaks the lierraan language.
WI -0 at the same place, in South Baltimore
si,re.u, near Forney'a drag store, and nearly
op?oslte Banner k Ziegler's store.
Gettysburg, March 241.
, Dr. T. 0. Kinser,
rEAVIYa located perrannently at BON
. 7 ' IITOWN, Attains eouiity, Will attend
_, pr.asep yto 111 profel4iol4 4.1 cif 14 dty or nieht•
"n" t Tolle totlyn34l, where lie can always
be tort 1„ entect professionallyenpvid.
Ant 6, LIM. ly
- P. C. Wolf, --
NHAVECG located at HAST 13.1.:111,1!.1, Adams
cow nil, hones that by evict auention to
hit proNs,lousl dulled he way merit a.hareof
public patronage. [Apr. 2, 'LK tt
Dr. Cook,
Surgeon and Aceottelieur,
RASING permanently located in llnnoier,
Pa., respectfully offers itrofes.,ional
'Bet vizre to the public. Special attention
siren to dip:uses of women and thildrttn.
Prof. Ad, Lippe, .11. D., Philadelphia,
" J. C. Morgen, M. D., - "
11. Cook, M. It. e.irli4e, Pa.,
floe. Edward lit:Pherson, Getty,sl,urg, Pa.,
I):Lvid Rills, Esq,
It. r. .1. A - (toss, Hanover Pa. ,
par office on the 8104re:five doors west of
,Carlise street; itecund door from Central Hotel.
Al ril 15, 1867. ly
Dr. J. W. C. O'Neal's
riFFICR and few doors from
y the N, R. corner of Iln , timore nod High
streets, near the Presbyterian Church, Get
tysburg, Ps. [April )5, 'O7.
.Dr. W. .1. McClnre,
Ph,Oician, Surypion d Avoow.hcur,
I : I[AV 'nettnnmently locaboi ,in NEW
OXFORD, will practice his profm'sion
in all , its litanclies. His friends an d ail others
desiring his profePsional sPrvices are re
criested to call and consult himott his (ace,
in II mover street.
May 20, 180. tf
Dr. D. S. Peffer,
- A BBOTTSTOWN, Adams county, continues
the piectice of his profes:ion la ell its
_brunches, end would respectfully invite ell
=persons urinated with •any old standing die
euses to cull end consult him
Oct. 3, 1864. tf
.T. Lawrence Hill. M. D.,
- AS life offit e, a, vtim i ....„ Ow /
in. door welt of the "'urn t: l 7- . IMI
Laiher,ih church in
lirianihersl•erg street, and opprigite Dr, D.
_-...Horne:'s case ‘, where clicse wishing to have
11 " y Peat Ihiesristina prrlor.a -$1 11re respect
fully invited to call. ithreasvo:::: Drs. Hor
ner, Her. P.- Krauth, D. D., Rev. U. L.
111,tukziter, D. D.,,,Rev. Prot 11. Jacobs, D. D.,
Prof. if. L. Scierer.
Getty.burg Vpril 11,'53.
11_ETT TSB 1:IRG, PA—The tindersigned
'NJ - - would most respectfully infoim his cri
memos friends and the public generally, that
he bus parchased that long established -and
well knOwn Hotel, the fiGlobe.lnn," in York
strett, Gettyabarg, and will spare no effort to
conduct it kft a. manner that will not detract
- from its former high reputation. ilia table
will have the best the market can afford—nit
cliatubcrs are 'spacious and comfortable—and
he has laid in for his bar a full stock of wines
and liquors. There is large stabling attached
to the Hotel, which will be attended by atten
tive hostlers. lt.will be his constant eudeacot
- to render the fullest satisfaction to kis guests,
making big house as near it - home to them as
possible. Re asks a share of the public's pa
trobaue, determined as he is to deserve a latite
part of it. Remember, the •Kilobe Inn" is in
York street, but near the Diamond, or Public
1864. tf
Railroad Rouse,
N . RAIL Tux DEPOT. • •
- • 44sov6a; YORK CO., PA.
2.e undersigned voold respectfully inform
his unmet ons friends and the politic geninilly,
gas. ?•,,. 1 . is leased the Hotel in Hanover, smart
the Depot, formerly kept by Hr. Jeremiah
Huh*, an t will spare uo effort to conduct it
iltaans tier that will give general satisfaction.
His table will have the hett the markets can
afford—his . chainbers are a pacious dud com-
Parable—sad he has lair Vin for his bars fall
stock of choice wines add Honors. There is
stabling for horses attached to the Hotel. It
wilA be his chnstant endeavor to render the
irfflest sat' otion to his guests, making his
,bass of ea r u home to thaw as possible.—
Ho asks
hare of the public pa , ronage, de
termined be is to deserve a large p4ri of it.
Hometabur the ftiiLroad House, near the De
pot Hanover, Pa. Q. P. BAUtiUlia.
Oct. 2,1865. tf
Keystone House,
P4.—Kif. E. if YERS,•bPro-
THIS is a :new House, Bttel up in the nest
appiatad style. Its location is pleasant, cen
tral sari nonrenient„ gray arr.9gement has
bean made far the accommodation and nom
inal ot : fiesta. Tbb Table will always have
1.1).„ . 11u55,.0 the market, and the liar the best
lines and liquors. -
'Mere is eopunsidions Stabling attached,
wilii.4ancemniodatingostler3lisys on land.
Tw ik A#Bl now on for the entertain.
onergartWifinbtin, and a am, of patronage
14 0441116 / 1 be I .l) l treii 4) resider
thigkikftOW • _ :
Alsorldni erns; to mil and Molt
lie.enteasiee steek.of all kind!
1 14fiatsa zsesuntyles sf
e . 1
/ • •- n . - i
i .
el .
. -...
LotOst Fashions
Di.)I.IBLR SPRING) #. tr.
Kr T.
Tan woivErtrtn. rotXl
and great caw
rowr and eniiiillUnit to Al k y lady wearing thr• Do-
PLICX ELLIPTIC SKIRT will be experienced partic
ularly in alterowd.-d,Operns,i'arria
gee. RalittLoad Care, Church Pews, Arm Chairs,
for Promexade and Ilotise Dress, asuhe Skirt
can be tolled when in use to occupy . a small
place e telly and conveniently as a Silk or
Muslin Nei:car. invaluable qu.ility in crinoline,
not found in any Single Spring Skirt.
A lady having enjoyed the emsssrits, cow:
roar, and great coxvitsixscs of wearing the
single day; will never afterwards w !lingly dis
pense with their use. For Children, Miises
and Young Ladies they are superior to all
They will not - bend or break like the Single
Spring, but will preserve tiwir perfect and
graceful shape when thyee or four onlimary
Skirts will have been thrown aside as useless.
The Hoops are covered with double and twist
ed thread, and the..bottom rods are lint only
doubleeptings, but twice (or double) covered,
preventing them from wearing out when drag
ging down steps, stairs, acc.
The Dopler Elliptic is a great favorite with
all lorlie3 and is ueivenially recommend'ed by
the Fashion Magazines as the STANDARD
To enj 3y the following inestim able ail vanta
ges in Crinoline. ciz :.suptrior (pally, Fez fret
manufacture, stylish shape, finish, ti,ribility,
durability, eorutort and. e.anomy, enquire fur
J. W. Bradley's Duplex El i ti , or Double
Spring Skirt, and be sure you ,7et, the genuine
- CAVION.—To guard it7,ftinst. IMPOSITION
'be particular to NUTICK the skirts otlerMl Its
"DUPLEX" have the red ink ,stamp, viz: "J.
N. Bradley's Duplex Elliptip Steel Spririgq,"
upon the waistband—none others arelgentiine.
Also Notice Oat every Hoop will admit a pin
being passed through tits venue, thus reveal
ing thetwo (or double) springs hruiucd trigeth.
er therein, which is the secret of their
and strength, and a contbination not to be
found in any otlier skik. •
FOR BAIA in all Stores where FIRST
CLASS skirts are sold throughout the United
States an,d elsewhere.
Manufactured by the Sole Owners ot- the
Patent, %VESTS, lIRADLItY k CARY, •
97 Chambers k k. 81 IteAde Sts.,`N. Y.
May 6, .180.
Gfeat Reduction
Crotories, w 4 re; tfe , .
We have just, re . turLed trout the city, where
we bought ti very
. 14,rgr and well selected
stork of all kinds of got. ds, suitable in our
line, under
Our stock t onsi•ts in parte( It F:C11 'MEM-
FltliNCH CO3OURGS, Delanes,
noes, PI inis, Bleached acd Guli eached NI us
lin! ; a large assurtinent of t.iluwrul Skirts,
'loop t 4 kirts, Glares, Sze..
MEN'S WE - AR, tnaaisting in part of Broad
and Beaver Clutha, Black and Fa.iey Casid
uerea, Cassinets, Plain apd• Fancy Flannels,
Under-shirts and Drawrrii; IIOOTS, SHOES,
HATS• and GAL'S, Driving ,and Iti-ekikin
A complete assortment of GitpCBRIES, at
low r.ib•s.
II AIM-WARE, !nth as Tire Iron, Spring.,
Shear, Blister and Cast Steels, Horse 'hors,
Iloree Shoo. Bar, Nail Rods, • Danimercd Iron,
Nails. Spikes, Shovels and Forks, Door Locks,
Pad Lacks, Latches, iltuges • and Screws.
Paints, Oils. Gla-s. Putty, Ate.:
CHINA AND. qtYEENS-,WARE, bp,the'set.
Thankful furspast patronage, we..hope to
merit the-fame in the future.
& SON..
Ne, Oxford, April 1.,
100.000 Buslos. GrAin Wanted.
11 WM. E. BIDDLE k C.U. would inform the
public that they have leaped the Warehowe
on the corner of So-talon Weet and the Rail
road, in GettTsbarg. Ahem they will carry on
in all its branches. The highest prices will
always be paid for Wheat, Rye, corn, Oats,
Clover and Timothy Seeds, Flaxseed, , Sumac,
Hayand Straw, Dried Fruit, Nuts, Sonp.fiams,
Shoulders and Sides., Potatoes, with every
thing else in the country produce
GROCRIIf ES.—On hand, For ,sale, Coffees,
Sugars, 11,0:vises, Si raps, Tea=, Spices, Salt,
Cheese, Vinegar, Soda, Mustard, Siareb,
Brooms ' Illckets, Blacking, &c
COAL IOL, Fish 0.1, Tar, &c. FISII of all
kinds; Spikes and Nails ;.Smoking and Chew
ing Tobaccos,
They are always' able to supply a.6rst rate
artirlt: o. Flour, with the itliclereut kinds of
Also, Ground Plast , :r, with Onanos and
other fertilizers. • CQ.I,L,•by the bushel, tou or
car load. •
They will ran a LINE OF FREIGHT CARS
from Gettysburg to Baltimore, once every
week. They-are prepared to convey Freight
either way, ie any, •quantity, at IZEDIXED
RATES. T hsy wilt attend, if tle.iritl, to the
making of pt. , ..lutses in the city, noel delivering
the goods promptly io Gettysburg. Their
cars run to the Watrehouse of Nathan Roop &
0., No. 128 North Howard st•, near Franklin,
where freight will be received at
any-time. -They invite the attention of the
public to their . line, assuring - them that they
will spare no eft)rt to accommodate all aho
atat - I patronize them.
April 16,'1866• tf •
lirainage Pipes.
TIRE undersigned has now on , hand, and
continues to manufacture, I urge ottanti
he offers fit 8 cents per font at the manufacto
ry. • It desired, he' will lay the pipes, either
water-tight or d, at a reasonable
compensation. Taey bare been tried in dif
ferent Parts of the county, with entire suc
cess. fig the draitiage of cellars, Ac., noth
ing better can he used. Specimens may be
seen at Kalhfleisch r s store, in Gettysburg.
The m.!nufactory is in Oxford township,
near Lilly's mill. Post Office address, New
Oxford, Adams county, Pa. .
March II; 1867. 6m* ,
- - - - -
1 Iron—lron--Iron I
1,.( 1- 1 The subscrittera respectfully inform the
I guttlie that they have erected a Forge in cur,
election with their Steam 1 1 / 4 1, and are now.
such ad Plough, Horse-shoe and liar Ircn, and
ra.spectfull,' luviie Blacksmiths and Dealers to
give them a call, fee:tng satisfied 'A'hitt they
wilt he Mile to please m to quality, fiulati and
price. DIU:YUMAN k ARUN.
N, 8.-,,,The highest market price pad for
wrought and scrap iron.! li. k
Jsllll4 First_ Nutsottal book 'of Gettysburg
will osab 6-10,au 4 10-40 U . 8. Bonds;
o 7.30 eutl Ocimpoand Interest Iltoteu. '
Oct. 11, - 18661. tf -
Pine Shingles.
ALARG E lot of Pine S h in, ies from $6.50
to $l5 per 1009; far sale et the JJamber
pull of O. 11. fluetuLku.
Oat, 22, 1286,
HAT'S DOWN I — Why Costa, Pang Ili
VVests at - PIOEDIGI3.
frafj(XB .11:1 , 11) WICKS tar rote si .
• MOONY.. ,
Yak/stable Properties
I• New rrtrhun, MMUS Courrr, PA.,
INS for sok a niiinhei oCttesirubfe proper
ties, to which he hike the attention of those
wishing to purcha.c.
' A L UWE riwsn,rrr ANn MACHINE
SHOP, with
' DWELLING,, sitnalel in a coun
ty Bent neir Raitrocd and Depot. Good
chance for doing all kinds of work. Also,
several Town Lots will be sold with the above
property it desired.
A FAH)! 01' 169 ACRES, in Adams coon-
With good Stone House, good Barn, 411.:.,
ne turnpike sad railroad.
FORTY AUItES, with good House, Barn,
kb., three flit .rters °f a . mile from a railroad
station. A good chance •, terms easy.
A FARM OF 300 .ACItES, in Adams county,
three miles hum a railroad and good market.
This firm can tie divided into two Wins,
there being already two sets of improvements
on the trier.
A FARM OF 101 ACRES, bn the Carlisle
turnpike, under good cultivation, with a !Arse
Brick House, Bauk_Barn, and other out-build
itigs, all new. -
A LARGE FLOOR MILL, with 25 Acres of
Land. The mill has tour pair of Burrs, ante
all machnery for doing merchant work.
Best water power in Vie county. '
A FARM OF 175 ACRES, the Hano
ver turnpike, on which is erected a good
House. Barn. and all tiecCsaary out-buildincrs.
A FARM OF t 95 ACRES, in Adams coun
ty, on which is erected a good flonse, Barn
and other out-hoildings.
/8 ACRES OF WOODLAND, 2 miles from
Ikiew Oxford.
A r ; lftlf 07 200 ACllES,,good land, with
large Brick House, 13•Irn, and 2 Tenant Houses
—4O acres in wood—half a mile, from the
Coaowago Chapel.
A FARM of 100 Acres-225, can he pur
chased-21 oni flettyaborg, near Cham
hersburg pike; large Weateeehearded House,
Born, Etc ;40 Wee iu wood. The larni
has Leen recently !heed.
A FARII of 120 Acres, with good House
and Barn ; 12 scree hi wood.
A rIOTLL, in'Nevr Oxford, two-story, roomy
and convenient for business. Good chance;
ters e asy.
A n, a number of good Rouses - and Lots
for s.i in New I hobo.
Pers4.3 who wiFh to buy Real Estate, as
wedl as tis..." who wish to sell, are requested
to give the subscribpr a call at his stole iu
New Oxford. Address,
.1011. C. ZULTCK, Land 'Agent,
Ne - Ogford, Adams county, Pa.
April 1, lti7. ,ly
, A Lecture o Young_Men.
JUST P ,BLISHED, in a Sealed
Envelope; ice Six cents. A
xß+iq..l" Lecture on tk Nature, Treatment
and Radical _Cure of SPe '.",utorrlitr, or 'Semi
nal Weakness, Involuntarv''missions, Sexual
Debility, end Impe diments t• Marriage gen
erally. Nervousne4s, ()ensue')• ion, Epilepsy,
'and Fits ; Mental lend Physic) , Incapacity,
resulting from,Self , Abuse, ROBERT
J. CUINERWELL, M. D., Anti) • r of the
'Green nook,' Ate:\
The world-renow*d author, in th',,Admi•
rabic Lecture, clearly, proles . from he:, own
experience the elictul consequeni . , of
Sall-Abuse may be effectually rem woved b
out medicine, and withoutilangerous-surgic 1
operations, boogies, instruments, rings, o
cordials, pointing out a tocdexof cure at once
certain and etD.ctual, by whiCh 'every sufferer,
no matter what his condition may be, may
xnre himself cheaply, privately, and radically.
Ibis Lecture ii,Vprove a boon to tbousauds
*anti thousands. I
tiezia under seal to any address, in fk pl3in
sealed envelope; on the receipt If six cents, 0 1
two •-po,tage, entu Alto Dr. Culverwell's
"Nlfrriaife Guide," price 25 cuts. Addreis
the pabdshers,
127 Bowery, Near Fork, Post. Office Box 4546.
20, 1t467. t ktn
U. F. It •bring it Bro.,
PiTBCO anti Ornamental Painters,
ESPECTITLLY inform the public that
n o they are prepared to FRESCO C BURCH-
in the most spprbv'ed styles, modern or an
cient. All work , :vitisranted to give satisfac
tion es to Lisle, durability and cheapues3.
April 22, lbGl. ' 6m
tawrenetD. Dietz at Co.
Vest nnitititore,Vrert,
ward lr Liberty Streets,
B atimute, Sid,
Arn. 508
Iletti-veu lid
May 7, 1,366.
-'esteimi Lands.
not scale choice We‘tern
rcitted Colin
-hes, School-hous..s,
',.lnge at a faii price fur Real
lIAVF. on
Lands, well I
ty Towns, Cu
which I will exc
Esthie in Adams
!b. 25, 1 - 867. tf
_Gettysburg, Fi
Double Fir,
Stu%e, ti• new al
and see it at
Jan. 28, 1867.
Hoy Wanted.
IHE undersigned will pay the highest mar
ket plieee for HAY. Idtau:re at Spang
ler's Warehouse, Gettysbnrg.
Nor. 23, 180. If
• Pay Vpi
THE undersigned baring retired from bnsi
nessj ho asks those indebted to make
pr.yment with as little delsy as possible.
Such as do not setile before the first of Janu
ary next, will find their anemias in the bands
of an ()dicer for collection.
Gettysburg Nov. 3d, 1566.
oven & Tinware,
PRIBES. Also, Bridge's
Chamber, Patent Fire-pinee
d superior iuNention. Call
nRTIIE 811INGLES, the best in the market,
r forstieaiJACOß 811EADS'S new LI1M•
Ger Yard t . on the Railroad, adjoining the Lime
'<Bus. Oett3§Glarg. •
Nov. 28 )
, •
ON'STANTLY on bnnd, au assortment of
HUM S * Cards and Baskets for grasses from
the Battle Fiat. Pill) f0G,11.A.T1.18 of our
Generals and other distinguished individuals
at the Excelsior Gallery. C. J.TYSOII..,
WE have just received a new assortment
of Queensware, to which we invite the
attention ot buyers. A. SCOTT 8 SON-
N order to prove the assertfons made in
favor of procuring PHOTOGRAPHS at the
Excelsior Gallery, oill and 'sit for your
PICTURE. No_ charge will be made unless
you are pleased with the result and choose to
leave your order. C. J. TYSON. '
'FOR Del tines, lrohairs Alpaceas, Lustres,
Lawns, De pegeS, Plaids, Poplins, Chnl—
lies, S4llO, &c., the ladies should call and see
the nest stiles el ROWS WOODS'.
oc3rJUIN AND -GrLOCERI29.—The highest
market price paid for Grain aud all kinds
Yrciduca. •grocterles, Fertilizers, &c., son.
staatly oti hand for sale at the Warehouse of
Atig.l3, 1866. CULP & KAIVISIIA W.
TRAVELING,' TINY I—Befdre doiug so, pro.
cure a good Trunk or Carpet Beek, at
• P10K141, , 5.
• •
r(iFle beet:PVTOGRAPHS make is this
cauaty, are, ade at the ExcelsiOr gallery,
ettlabargi ip . !Ala the Bank. • '
. ~.
Bounty Account.
frox. S. IL IiITSSEI.r., Tiren.turer, in. ac.
count with the &rough of Gettysburg
(Bounty Fund.)
To anvrint eollrcted by subscrip.
thin rirst4ll, $1,480 00
To amount collected by subserip
tiea Draft, 13,270 00
To ainooct collected by subsaip
tion Third Draft, 7,755 50
A 31,51.1 50
Net amount realise/tem Tax Du
• plicAte,lB64. 8,302 34
Net amount realized from T A: Dl
plicate, 1565, • 5,360 06
Net Arnow)t realized from Tax Du
vticate, 1866, 5,050 64
19,784 04
Balance of Bounty Debt unpaid, 11,36 s (.8
By amount paid 60 wen, 7,660 60
Expenses, 241 65
Interest, 122 66
Subscription refunded, 1,4e6 00
Treasuretand Clerk's Sultry Extra, 20 00
By amount paid 41' wen, . 20,550 OC
- " “ 5 substitutes, 803 22
Expenses, 288 38
i utere.t and stamps, 6: , 8 58
Treasurer and Clerk's Salary Extra, -:0 00
By amount paid 3i men.
" " 4 autetitutes, 1,2n0 00
Ea penses, 2r‘3 00
!acrobat and stamps,' 1,1513 53
Treasurer tad Clerk's Salary Extra 4 20 00
Balance outstanding on Duplicate
18(t6, sl,2'og io
The Debt is due ns-1411 - urri ; Gel Vs
burg National Bank, $7,000 00
Serves Dickson and Sister, 000 - 00
Douglass, 1,000 00
John Houck,
rs. - S. IVolf, -
Jacob Eckert,
Borough Treasury,
The undersigned, Auditors apioiated by
the Town Council ottlie Borough ut Gettys
urg, certify that the above is a correct state
r' tof the Itouttty Account of said Borough
as per vouchers exhibited to us.
June 3, 1867. 3t
Bounty Account.
A GENERAL r+TATEMENT of the Bounty
Account of UNION TOWNSHIP, Adams
county, Pa., made the 19th day of April, 1867.
Year 180.—'SAMUEL REBERT, Treasurer.
Tax rtzeived,
\ CR.
irman Sitrine!s substitute, $3OO 00
ries tipangler's " 300 00
, 3 Nlnuse't 0 . . 103 OC
't rs' fees and stationery, 9 00
i a interest, 3,780 30
\ . 4,498 3p
e ' iis of Treasurer, 82 43
\ &net) 73
r 1 '5 , 1. REBERT, Treasurer.
' S
\ IL
.al: N.N rensurer, , $B2 43
re ; eileubergsr,
oil 100 00
.1 ri ,ffarms• , rine,coi., CGO GO
"" 320 00
0 ' " 250 00
0 " " \ " 730 00
" 0 0 \ \. o 7 30 0 0
0 II II t 100 00
II 0 II - '''
, s 45 00
3,117 43
CR. - ...._ _.,_—
Notes and intereat paid to Martin \
Grove, 1- $215 '",
Notes and interest paid to Joseph L.
Shorb, 1,304 0
Paid Lewis Manse, - . 200 00
By ,
" Lev,
" Audh
" Notes
Balance in hal
Year 1868.— SAM
To balance in hands
Tax received from John
Tax received from ffarman
Note and interest paid Geo. linseboar, 380 00.
44 " • " Hannan Striae, 530 00
Money p.tid to Jacob BAsehoar, 5 00
Auditors' fees,
Mackey paid Benjamin Ferry,
" " Jahn Spangler,
Treasurer's fees,
3,002 .89
Balance in hands of Treasurer, 14 54
To balance from former Treasurer, $l4 51
Received of John Oitner, Collector, 53 .91
Tax assessed for Idso, 404 70
Note and interest to T. J. McClain, $3lB 00
Enoch Lefevet, Eummittte,
Jacob M. Bullingtr,
Samuel P.'Ycting, "
John Kellenberger, Collector,
Auditors' feed,
Clerks' fees, / 200
Collectors' lees, Samuel Becker, / •8 08
Treasurer's fees, 2 28
Committee lees, 5 00
Balance in hands of Triesurer,
We, the undersigned, Auditors of Union
tossnship,„hatiug audited the Wounty Ac
counts of Ore above named Treasurers, do
rectify - that they are correct ti the best of our
knonledge and. Lefler.. Witness our bards
Ili 19th day of April, 1887.-
A.littAilAM. 6E4, .
,Trine S, 1867. 3t* Auditors.
have been placed in my bawls for collet•
lion. AU claims not settled by the first of
Julynest, will Immedtately thereafter be dosed.
by lull, A. .T; COTEU.
June 3, 1867. at ,
1 for sale by the subscriber, at the Compa
ny Mina, iu Liberty township, Adams county.
Ad.:rasa E. W. HARBAUGU,
June 3, 7.861. Fairfield P. O.
1 F YOU WANT the latest style of Hats out.
I . go to HOW At. WOJDS'.
FNACTLY I—Any kind of Pants you desire
, can be had at PICKING'S.
• . T 1:80r8.
IGEIT-DAY, Thirty-Lear sod Alarm
JEA,Lilog4si PIOINU S.
51.611 22
CR. • VC=
9,530 5/
22,328 18
18.500 00
21,783 33
53,642 22
1,000 09.
.1 ? 0 )0 Uu
415 05
293 68
t 1 - 84 68
$4 580 73
S. 01? 43
Settle llp.
Lap Skinslex.
7, 1867.
[cost ttrxrcm-E1).1
restiui ep In the old arm chair,
With it I,SUSe In her hip,
Parted t e threads ofsilver hair
l'istler the widowed esp.
-Meekly olded the thin white handy,
Pine-1,411e lionuteous brow
-3lolher Is roaming In Lir ott tends.
Angels are with her now.
ICo more will thought of toll or care
Trouble her gullet breast.
While she In Sit Ling serenely there.
Tithltrg her moonthle rest.
Afro' •t pleurar my lfakrr when I shall be
Weary of earth's dull al rife, •
Tula tine !deer' us pew fully, .
ifuldiag the word of llfe.
A fi ri run u► , llllg 5.41 r.
Fur t 0,40 shurg Cumokr.
STOCK.RA IN I 21141.-HO RfilF.4.
In order to make the raising of horses
profitable to farmers, one of the most
Important questions for farmer to ask
himself is, "what kind of horses does the
market require, and is best suited to my
hand?" _Now, from our close proxithity
to the large Atlantic cities, there are two
binds of horses that will always be found
saleable. The dray or heavy draught
horse, and the'ehrriage or light-draught
horse; and as these horses are best adapted
to this section of country, I propose to
allude to them at this time.
The London 'dray horses, that have
become so world-renowned, are only our
ordinary •stock, raised with great care
purposely for that use, and are worth
from live hundred to one thousand dol
lars a. piece. These horses are now being
equalled onlY'in New York and other
large cities of America. As i have told
y . ou, they are bred - with great care, and
are never crossed in' breeding with other
stock. This is "very neeeisary measure
in order to improve your stock. 115-r cr
cross you, sleek. Never put a Conestoga
mare to a thorough-bred stallion, and
vice' nerso—the offspring of which will
be neitlin the one nor the other; but in
all probabny a poor, blind, spavined,
ring=bonetl, crooked-legged creature, Un
fit4or any use. if this care is taken good
colts will not 'be so much the exception
as they are.
In choosing a brood-Mare, always se
lect one of dark color, broad across the
hips, and if possible sound. In selecting
a stallion, endeavor if possible to find
one as near like her In color, character,
size and blood, as possible; for, as I have
before remarked, the heterogeneous mass
of useless horse IleAli upon the market is
the result of bad selections in this matter.
After the colt is dropped, tlie farmer
must not leave it to care for itselyas
generally the case, but it must :be well
attended to and • not allowed to become
dwarfed from want of food or sheltez%
and especially must it be kept in a eletnt.
stall, free from lice or mange-filth during
the winter. It should be carefully han
dled from the day it is weaned; and
_taught confidence. Here let me remark
that the first three years of a
are the most important and generally the
most neglected. FauLEwoon.
A San Antonio paper complains of
drouth ill Western Texas. The grazing
in that region is suffering from- this
sou, cc—an unusual thing at thisseason.
Wit's regard to the Comparative fer
tility of England, France :And the Uni
ted States, it is stated that France ob
tains fifty per cent. more wheat from the
acre than the average crop of thA,United
+States, and England oue hunleed per
• nt. more. The reason of this is said
Who superior cultivation and manuring.
~11,r careful selection for four years,
Mr.'s }lariat, of England, produced
when , the heads of which contained
three nes as ninny grains as the, origi
nal Leap and that would produce sixty
to eighty :talks froM each kernel sown.
A•Mr. \Warren, of Hancock county,
Maine, use as a wash for barns, one
bushel °thine, four pounds' of salt,! and
&o pounds of white vitriol. This stood
the weather very well. Paint of any eol
or can be added.
Hadish or lettuce, sown around the
hills of cucumber and Other.vines is said
to be a protection against the striped
bug, which prefers this food 'to the young
vines; •
3 00
311 89
10 20
37 99
472 31
—Mr. Nathan btosely, of Goldground,
rites to the New York Farmers'
Club that he has siit.ut different times
feet. king. birds which he thought he
'might in the very net of catching honey
bees, but on exnuitnlng their crop no
bees were found.
6 80
In nngland there are many farmers
who more than support theibselves and
large fatuities on the-product of six acres,
hemdes paying - heavy rents. Agricultu
rists in Germany, who are proprietors of
tire acre's, support theinselvei4 on two,
and lay up money owthe product of the
375 A
kg 03
If a stable is kept clean antics will go
into it of their own accord. If dirty, they
Lave to be driven to.
A Mr. Park of Georgia has !Teti
men heads of .E ,, seven-headetl
whelk, grown in I..haex, England, from
seed ibunti In the wrappings of an Egyi
thtn twet....ty-sis hundred ye.irs
Every one has had his say about
gapes; now let a Buckeye tell you how
we manage this matter. Formerly we
fed the young brood with corn meal
dough, 'Using more or less with the gapes
every motion. Latterly we have salted
the dough, and now raise some two hun
dred chikens per season, without losing
one from gapes or any other disease.
The chiekens arc bright, vigorous and
healthy, and always commence laying
early in fall. Now we, have some forty .
hens, which give us an abundance of
eggs. Farmers should not hesitate to
adopt this plan.
will ye be after telling what
kind ore baste ye call this," slid a new
ly arrived Irishman, holding up a wasp
between rbis thumb and finger.
..'`Och, murder! Spake quick, for he's
bltingstie." , • • •
49TH YEAR-NO. 38.
?Iwitt i\.AitistLianp.
A German write' r ennylahisof the
diffieulties of the Lungusge, Mid
cites, the . ord Doz, lebieli he says is pro
nouneed Dickens.
General Lee reports that there nre
at the college - over whieh lie presides in
Lexington, Va., 399 students in atten
dance—Virginia, Kentucky and Tennes
see being the atits most largely repre
It is said that Dr. Eminent] being
once asked what he considered a proof
of a great mind, replied that it was the
power to look at the point of a cambric
needle wit hoot winking.
The Mayor of Augusta, Georgia, an
nounce-, in Ins message that there liquid
;' , lO in the Treasury with which to prt - y
floating debt of AI
General Stoneman has sent a ein
pa fly of soldiers from Petersburg to Dan
ville to prevent the formation of milita
ry companies by the megroes there.
The Massaelnisetts Legislature' has
rejected the liquor license bill by a vote
of 161 nays to tit yeas. It is said, how
ever, that the people are' opposed to the
present prohibitory law and in favor of
the license bill. The next election will
determine this fact:
—Josh "linings says : Cotn•tin is a lux
ury, it is we water, it is the pia spell or
the sole. The man who has never court.
ed has lived in vain. He has been a
Wind /1):1 n among landseape.4, he has
been a dell' man in the land of hand or
acd by the side of murniurin ca
A man in Orange county, New
York, wa4 found at night climbing the
overshot wheel of a fulling mill to get to
The New. York Et , ,cn'ing Poe says
there are, thoosAfllbj of children under
lifteeen years of age in that city who are
regularly trained to thieving.
A boy in •Montrrai put two fire
crackers into lris nostrils a nil fired them
to bee, tlrc cifect. Ile now knows:he has
tio nose.
—A Doll butted locomotive of? the
Georgia Central Railroad track, the
other day,. /tin! was soon afterwards
quartered In a butcher shop.
ll:iv,' On Monday last, Clov. Cleary ap
pointed a special police force for North
umberland county, consisting of ten men,
under mainland-of Joseph Heisler, Po
llee Marshal of Schuylkill oi/ray--
Five of the men are from the vicinity of
Shamokin, the others trout Mt. Carmel
and Schuylkill county. The Marshal is
to receive 5.500 a year in addition to his
salary of $2,OfN) from this county, and the
men $75 per month each, the whole to he
paid out of the county kreasury.—Potts
ref& S'tanrlctrd.
:No sensible man doubts that Northum
berland and Schuylkill are abundantly
adequate to fake care of themselves,"but
this scheme is a kind of euchre &mine to
make these counties support a number
of lazy, worthless, political demagogues
at high salaries for doing absolutely
nothing at al.—Patriot cC Union.
littirThe hat, was pailsed around in a
certain congregation for the purpose of
taking up a collection. After it had
made the circuit of the church, it was
handed to the minister, who, by the
way, had changed pulpits with the regu
lar preacher, and be found not a penny
in it. He inverted the hat m erd he pul
pit cu'-hions and simok it, that its empti
ness might he known, then raising hi.;
eyes towards the ceiling, 4ie exclaimed
with great fervor, "I thank (led that I
gut back my hat from this congregation."
77.0fighf 1441(1 Wait--The Buffalo et»fl.•
711Grehli tells the story of a man from
the country, tt•ho called at a hardware
shwre'in thut.eity, and after being shown
a large assortment of scl , sors, turned to
the clerk, remarking, "my wife's putty
sick, and its 'bout au even thing if she
gets any better; guess I'll wait and 'bee
if she gets well 'fore I buy any scissors."
-t• - • Within the paqt week several
beastly and disgusting outrages by ne
gro es upon white women have been re
corded in the Southern papers. A Geor
gia journal at hand tells of a diabolical
outrage at Quitman, Perpetrated by a ne
gro upon a little girl nine years old.
The particulars are too revolting and
sickening for publication.
fteirlt is said that fourteen thousand four
hundred and twenty-three tons of stone
were thrown, out by a single blast, with
three kegs of powder, at a quarry in
Middletown, Conn., on the 17th ult.,
the largest blast ever made there.
jr--.2 - y—A New York Journal very sensi
bly recommends that every boy i whether
rich or poor, high or low, ought to learn
a trade; nut that he should always
work at it, but that he may have It 316
reserve capital, together with 1 ts influence
in forming his character.
SeirA cynical journalist says the rea
son so many marriages occur immediately
after a great war is that bachelors become
so accustomed to strife they leArn to like
it, and after the return of peace they en
list iu zuatrhuony as the next thing to
\var. -
I;‘7 - Josliiling4' maxim: "Rifle ar
ly, work hard and late, live on what
you can't sell, give nothing awn, nod if
you don't die ritcli, and go to the devil,
yu may sue me for damages." -
LEA clergyman "dawn East," asked
- a
woman he had baptized, as she was
coming nut of the water, how she felt in
her mind e and was SOMCWilitt surprised
to heitr her answer "Bully."
ler "Have you the 'Exile of F,rin,
here ?" asked a lady, a few days Si nee,
of a clerk in a • bookstore. ma'-
am," was the answer; "liain't got no
eges ile; we've rot a prime article of•bar's
ile, if that'll answer." . •
lifairThe Moat remarkable case of inde
cision we have heard of, was that of a
man who sat up all night, because he
aouhl not docile which tolake otriirst,
his coat or his boots.
' fligrJosh Billings truthfully remarks
that "trying to live on tile reputation of
a dead grandfather is i stiout ui enterpri
'sing as - trying; to hate h' out rotten eggs
under a tin weathercock."
to:Slimy a girl thinks she can do
nothing without a husband, and when
she gets one finds he Call do nothing
with him.
165 - Mayor.— fi This Is your first case of
lighting, Peggy, isn't it?"
"Bross yoUr soul," retorted Peggy,
"mass, no, no sob, we used to lit con
stant before de p'lice began to bother us?"
said one girl to another, "I
Mn gladl have no beau now!" "Why
so?" asked the other: "Oh, causal eau
eat se ihisnYquione as I please t"
00.11 r It
Thalloiten •ZiOnaki, 11 he
able article qpup tit+) 04 (1 1;7
the tehatr,,,
We are 1n great danger. The OX Krises
of the country are. gnesiter now 11,11U1 it
can ajrfe/v hear. Tic machinery now
emptnytti by the govern-MOW., hittolll4
the military government of thmt S.^uthe
the Freedmen's Bureau, themrmyof ta x -
get herers, and the numerous other expe
dients for spending money, is fear *Willi
as extensive and vest'y us it. wow Letleero
the war. We dill not led it when we
were, borrowing money and expanding
the currency, but now, papthey , is at
bnntL' Leg' . home business throughout.
the Ninib and 11 est is in nprostrateon
dition. Its vitality has been sapped by
taxation.. The Simi hJs not oily ba -
rupt, but wheal iy stet.% log! The
everywhere are..etitteriner from the
heaped (INDchum. I'rlees of ihed,: .
of rents, ofelot hes, ere tilerilif t ug, awl ouq
taxes art , griming' higher every year,'
Our local taxes ate nei exceptions. The,
State tax for this Comm on weal l le amounts
to :.' , 5,000,001 this year, against ba t iOnosiO
last year. The late of taxation in thief
city has inerensed in the seine time from
$l3 to $1; in the thousand; and the same
is true of MI the cities anti towns about
us. - The remedy is in the hands of the
people, tind if they do not exeroireit they
have no right to complain. But if they
think that we have enjoy ea. as 111/11114
we can allind of such luxuries, we cull
upon them to kick over 111 plattornia
built open el 'street dogmas, and to choose
eel vents who will act for the best Inter
e-ts of the country. We /JI e on the
tt rung track. Let us change our course
before the Ship of Rate i. utt:eked upon
the breakers dead ahead!"
The Allr is tntirely right hi declarhig
that .the "breakers dead ahead" are the
Radical party, and its }silky with.reter
emAe to reconstruction. With ten States
reduced to nillitar,y Territlicies, the peo
ple ruled by the sword, business ruined,
and eakitatists pre euted from operating
that' fruitful and productive section
iOr fear of confiscation and the lic4towl
molt of lands oil the negrtvs, how earl
it— be expeeted that the country Nall
emerge !rum under the cloud whichAtow
overshailoii s it? The I !wreaked expo/rites
of the War Department are owing to this
military selietno. The Freedmen's Bu
reau also expends millions yearly, and
the only circa of their labors is to keep
a large pot lion of the negroes iu idleness,.
and to di-turb the Milli-trial system of
the >other!! r•itates. • Nor do the mis
chievous operations of tile liadieal pre—
gramme end at this point. In order to
keep up agitation, anti thus prepare' for
the next Presidential content, they have
sent political is:don:irk:auto the Soutti,
excited the olorol "Ronk! upon political
questlons w h en they should have been
engaged in attending to, the crops of that
section, and thus prevented thetu Irma
being used in such a manner as to im
prove their 01411 oundmlf ii, and, at the
same time, add to the prealuete and ma
terial wealth of the nation..
The condition of the countrY cannot
be bettered .until thete is a change iii itr
rulers. The men in power are determin
ed to carry out their notions and Oleo
ries, no matter at what•cest to the,pro
(hieing ciusses; the nuutufneture.ra r the
worb:ingmen, the capitalists. In - alfine
of profound peace the people are called
upon to pay taxes for the support uf•ii
N 1 or Department, in order that. tin
States uni,y he deprived of their rights
and American ci u• rous may be ruled by
the bayonet. This same spirit,' of reck
less political aultoititni has taken posses
sion of the lladi ea / party in the States,
aud they clutch mid maintain power
without reictowo to the cost. But this
eous.e of action is producing its legiti
mate fruits. Prudent" met' are pultlaPe
out the coining btorm i and calling upen
the people to prepare for it by vase meas
ures. One of them Is the-overthrow •of
the Radical party, and that this NOM
soon be accomplished we verily bulieivs.
TILE roviosEn criALKE.
The' true pion of affairs at Mobile
is beginning to be properly understood.
When Kelley made his hfeendiary
speeeh hi that elty, and a disturbnrice
occurred, which induced him textderfly,
to decamp in tygoverument gunboat, it
was heralded over ail the oouutry that
the "unreconstructed rebels", had pro•
yoked the outbreak and' attempted to
create a riot. Of course. these falsehoods
were Seabied by the Radicals to make
political capital, and the parties who
originated thew know very well they
I \vele mere fabrications, without the
shadow of truth. A late ocearrence
adds to the light which is .noW" being
throw n upon this subject.- So incen
!diay ens the (-nurse of the 21 .° a/tonal
Ittpublnlean, a Radical newspaper put,-
fished in Mobile. that the tallttitryr hn
thorities deemed It necessary to take the
office In charge, and its adore publica
tion has been prohibited until the pitied
sheets have been submitted to the Colo
wantlant of the post. The order ,for
suppression says that paper whs
readered amenable by. the last paragrepli
of the General Order, May 19, iiroliffot
lug the publication- of oracles inciting
rioleitt•e, or the Indic use of int)/ -
(11( The article referred to
wax one hex/tucking freedmen when and
how to use firtorms."
1 Here we have a practical illustration
P of "the poisotmleitlice" referred to by
the Bard of Avon. Its contents, in . 11114
case, were mixed ay the Radicals for
others - to drink, and they brewed a com
pound such as fiendish detiffir only
could suggest. And noev it La* been
eommenifed to their own HIM, and they
have been compelled to drain the,...:un
savory compound to its dregs. Certainly
they have no right to complain, and yet
we venture to suggest that we will hear
from them no words of approver lied
the newspaper been n "rebel sheet," the
Radicals would liaise rejoiced in its slip
pression ; but being one of their own,
spring, teething 'fathead doctrines, in
citing to riot and vioenev, and showing
the freedmen when and how to urn, fire
arms, tiny will mourn the grief which
has befallen their put. in silence and in
tears. 'The cause of tic Mobile eisturb
mice is no longer a iii:,•stery. The Radi
cals did all 111 their power to instigate
dot and bloodshed. fbev gave the ite
gro arms, and taught, him how and Wlt'ea
to use them. Kelley played the bully.
and at the first signii I of an outbreak fell
on his face, rushed from thero-trutb, and
tied in terror from the city. At hod the
patience of the 'military .nuthorities„
placed there by the Radicals themselves,
became exhausted, and the orgniYof the
Congressional junto was tinnily seppatoll
ed for using 1/welch:try laugutem mut
endeavoring to excite the law kss rabble
to• deeds of - outrage andlitoled;; fiVe in
dulge in no feclings ofexuitation in com
menting upon this- subject. We deeply
regret the application ~r brute force to
restrain the freedom of the press ilk any
section of the country. Vi'e condemn
the exercise' of it in every 'case, as WO
shall ever disapprove of any interferenee
by the civil or military power with.the
freedom of speech- and in thirpress, sub
ject, of course, to the legal restraints
which good order and soelat well being
render necessary. If- the journal in
question preached the incendiary doe.
trines attributed to it, as there- is no
doubt it did, its publishers should have
been made amenable to true civil law,
which is broad anti maple emeigh to
protect society front the rot.-kkati and
debauctietk. But us the Railicale have
sowed, they mutt reap. The greet critui
n;thiatre meetiug iVith fearful retantlell.
Neintf,lB is on their hack, and Oiarian
not escape. Justice, though soatelimefi
vi e w, le always sure, and the•hiefpry of
Radicalism in goblle clearly ppreept that
men and parties' *he incantiousii• how
the storm,- -not' titti•eqUenti,t • iiibp the
Ailn. •
gre..Prof. Avail; bits , dipeovimied.that
the uegro and suga4mapipeccopOus.
.• • .at