Gettysburg compiler. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1866-1961, June 03, 1867, Image 1

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tomyty is • •
" Y I P ; ' 47710 and. WillPirfiil:" :
VERSiI '4P PUBL37I - TIAML-011 , 3' 00 prr itn
au in, I !tiellitivtll4l4,46.oltA rteit,---$2 cto prfitti
a u fit It it Pahl In advatie"e, Ne lernittl i rPtidu dtit 4
edit ttituo-I,Ankleivi at the option of the publbOier,
6u hl all 17C4 1 11 etre,piihi ,
ADV.,E TI.S.PAtiSTH trisortol nt not viten.
JAW rNTINu of on kludo dono with heat
itt ertanit tapotkii,
erritiltw.tiouth , Dal tl mere gt.rtet, brtwo - n
311,4.11 e anti Itlttii, bar tlth'rhits Altlee—"Comyt-
I erreifitftr 0111.seP on the , • , igiiv
' 4
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Profelisional Cards. -
* J. C. Neely,
A TTCIR,NRY Law. e-Patticular atten
ille %WV p-ti I to collection of Peintions,
pay. tilliLe 10 ate S. E.
cjifileir4l the Diamond.
thotyitsurz, April 6, 180. tf
Edward B. Buehlor,
A TT6RNEY AT LAW, rill faithfully and
prikinptiy attend to rill hairiness entrust
-1.,1 hilt. Ile speaks the German Inngnage.
°M I" at On sane pl.tee, in So - tth linpiniore
street, near FJrney's drug store, and'nearfy
ointosite grinner k Ziegler's store.
tiettysburtt, Partik 2A. -•-•
Win. A. Duncan,
Sc I ro r o mptly attend to all !egol batiers.s
e.ttrotteif to him, iftelu ling the procuring of
Puo'4iorr4, B4anty, Mick Pny, and All other'
.im4 eiairtat the Uniteit'Stetti siud State
Gov , .rnmeate. -
()fries hi - 'North 'West Cornet of Diamond,
Geetysbierg, Penn'a..
April'lS, t 1
D. MoConaughy,
A TTARNIN AP L.AW;,(offioe one door west
&wand bookolorP, Chittn
I'ATR s - so L.; n•I %VAT
r WiekliAyi'itrepvildi4 VI dais, and all
otherel+inis aigaitsit.the Corerirment at Wash
i;l2l.oll, '•0.; also 'American claims In Hig
h"l tan! W.irt ants loestc.l and sold, or
b•ineit; aml higsiest prices given. Agents en
g..gel in lac .tin„ wair irrta lown. Illinois
on-1 elm western States. to him
tee'r.on ill: or b; lt (ten
lletty3burg, Nov. 21, '53.
Dr. W. J. 3retlore,
' Ilivßipiart, Suritr;ent,.(t. :4ccouilicur,
l i - 11"-las p g ri i v ert vi l . i i i i il l re i n ,r t .,
i l e b o rli t : i c s d . i r t r l a i .e N .s E i, ‘ , V n
in nll hit bpsnehlq, 1114 en 1. and all othera
(10..iriag 'fill praf.vsiori'al services are re
-41 , Pstvil 0 rail dal cuaiult . hita at h i d tinier,
in If ,n..% , r street.
May .!'), 1847.: ti' ::'
- t Dr. D. S. Pr.±.Tor, •
AniMrT4xv‘k 4 ,, , i.d wi r s...,enitrisi, rontintirl
the roctu,:e iit his pr`iire , siiin in ;di its
hrtiii itei, nil , l wwit i 're. ;& peofully i•ithe fill
jti.•r4wii iillictc , l with Kii'y old :lauding die
tell il'A to Cal/ and cansult him .
1 Oct. 3; 1133 i,. tf .
'Dr.;T. 0. Ritmo,
ITIA Isss-qt.esi porsB.49a ittt , at BOY
. ,
(~$ It . ri 'As !i, Atlrtro3 colint% , al toad
:proolo'clv t!i onti,it;./11 c-0 , , or triett.
'a ht Julia f,(514,1,'4, tr:stere !Is-• r.rn always
La to•th I. witoll prolVh.tiouttli) eagsl,.;!,ssl.
n IR6G. l}• $
• - •
- Dt. P. C. Wolf,
tCf\t;l,tetttpintßtsrlifittf.lN, Ariarg
routtly t home; 01 Lt by ntri, , t, t.
proft•sdional dati 3he nay al.•t:t , iiare 4.t
the pahlic p! , ttrun.,go. t'
Dr. Coo k,
Stawion and itecouarwr,
l aG
.44 prof. lurtstl
Fe LO the pul.lie. nttentic s a
giveo to di or,s,s ut . women and :a. If
. • hEVERT , A7r.S.
Prof' AA. Lippe, M. 1)..
- " J. C. Morgan; M. D ,
_ U. Co.,k, M. D. •
Don. E3word McPpers.on, fietlpshorg,
Itoeßs, if:looter, P.I.
- tw...tY. - - 41 91••t• on the .iiionre, fire .1 .ors 40 of
CAI it•e ..trtet, P.coarclour front Centra: Hll.
15, 18. .
Dr. J. W. C. O'Nears
I'AFPICE and ()we 1.4 .loor4 from
Or N. R. iorto r of lia timpro'ond GM)
nn,tr the Preibyteriful._Clvireli, Get.:
t)sburg, In.
J. Llwronce uiv;.
Tr,dS Lis olli , •cooe
oor noLmt of f win ETAiral
~ I leran chore]; in """1
ClLAralleraforg:strvet, and nhlru rtr Dr. C.
Horne , where 'h, ne wj3iiing to tr,vc
noy Deatil 0 1 .••rv.o.1 rt•ir it l :tro re pe,
iovitrd , to cell.,: Ure. lior
tier, Rev. O. P. lir,tutli. I). I)., Rev. If. L.
11 La.ther, D. T)., Rec. P:of Jt. J.Leobe, D. D.,
Prof. M. L. s4.(eze.r.
Copy.lburg, April 11, '53.
itaillroad 1101140,
111 'HANOVER., rORK CO., PA.
The undersigned would respectfully 'war
na nerous friends and the generally,
t be hita,lensed :he hotel in Llanoter, near
tits D . put, forhterly kept by•retiltalt
" Kohler, en will shire no eltirt to conduct it
ha A. ma net that will give general 4.4tistabtion.
• His inhle will have the beat the markets can
chambers nre spncions and com
,fiir,ahle---and he hit? laid in her his bier a Rill
stock, of choice wines lignors. 'rhere is
etnotfirig fur horse's att.elltd t.ri the 'lite'. de
will be his eanstant elide Ivor ho render the
Diffe•lt sati•faetion to his Rnesti, making his
home ns near et hone to •-then its possible.--1
He *ski t sh ire of the public peron v,sr, de4
ten:tined its he is to ileserve,:tilar,re p irt of It/
ltemettilict the lisilroad'Abalto. near the De
p ' Hanover, Pt. A. P. 11.11:t1 11 .14. ;
lieytdone Itimose,
C ri A . II:3NILSI3 UK- ST tte,.37, (IRTTYS.
PA:.=- E 3!I1..:14), Pro.
priethr. ' ,
, •
This is a new Wive, fittel np i i the mast
approved style. Its lociti4,Cia Wont:tat, cen
tral and convenient. Every arr.ingemout has
lieen,mrde4lie•the t.-rotastiodhtion and coin-
Niglio(' guests: Tt.e 'Table w ill z always t have
tholepin of the tuArket, and u: Bar Bar thif best
oflZsi and honors. . .
'T lite commodious, ,Stabling attached,
with an accommodating ottlerala aytoo hand.
“Thret Ilat'el isfuor op , n for the ontertaiii
intact:lf the pith is. Ana a 41. tie of patrotrig.e
is seliciteiL Diu enrt will be spared to reu ter
eat isthmian.
J. 14;1867... tf _ rebe I n'n , µ•—
. , TOD .IC YT., 1 !•:.AD .7.17.6 DI A ,Ii• :N D,
ETTIn.uliG, PA.—The undersigned'
irout.i most respeiltfally informAis ni.
• NR at Wends and the paLlie generally, , that
,h o f 1, . .'perch teed th it tong etleblitlied an I
w e if - lio(n. lintel, the ' , Globe Inn," in York
wart{ Gettysburg, and will spare no effort lo'
coeduct it in a manner that will not detratt
froat its former high reputation. llis table
wit/bite &b that the market can aft,rd—nts
chambers are spacious and comfortable—and
im-bastaid in fOr his bar a full stock of trine}
and litiaota. There is large stabling attached
tolbt Hetet, which will be atterriledts otten
tire boittlerta:• It will be hiszenstant cp.ifearot
Vienna:ler ibelollest satisfaction to 04 guests,
milkint •itis , house as near a home to Ahem as
poraikbp.iftie arks a stuire,of the publiti's pa
to-mined as he it to deserreit.large
Remember, tke"Giobe lirti' - 'is in
'silittit; 6ltt near the Diamo id, es Public
*Owe, , ~' ~'... , . • 5.1...uu.a. WG.I.F.
"'"-Anaalibi,i444, tf
, ;
- • ' 114E 1 ; cle l! ei e 4rel : t;e to tito i rk Of all . 'midi
941 Z
"Orptikratiets istrlehteissuimenpora of
t - • !to ••'.. ..11.1.0 1 51.N '..i.
.--- —./ - ',,- l' -
.',...; • ~' ' '.: :` il • t."• . .
;t .b,.,
0 ..
i ,vi fri
It .. • ,
& -
.... , -
7 . :
. .
. , .. . .
. . •
13Y It :3';
100.000 Ilttabtk. Grain Wanted.
N 1.112,41 Al' TBE OLU WA ItEIIoUSE.
DI 01)1.11: & CO. would inform the
pantie that they here leased the Warrhou,e
oil the corneriof Stratton street and the Rail
road, in Grttvsburg, tore they will carry On
in all Ea 'branches. The highest prices will
tawny I be thiid for Whe'at, Rye, Corn, Oats,
Cl.,ver and limo-thy S..eds, Fl.starerl, Sumac,
flay and Stralr , Dried Fruit, Nuts, Snap,llams,
Shoulders mid Sides, Potatoes, with every
thing else in the country produce Ike.
GROCERIBS.—on band, for sale, Coffees,'
Began, Molaisses, 81 raps, Tens, Spires, Salt,
Cheese, Vinegar, Soda, Mustard, Starch,
Brooms, Buckets, Blacking, Soaps. ike. Also
COAL OIL, Flab Tar, ke. FlBll ut all
kinds; Npikei and Nails; Smoking awl Cher.
lug Tob ,c!os.
They are tilwAys fthle to supply s first rats
article of Flour, with the different kinds of
Akio, (mind Plaster, with Gunnos end
other fertilizers. COAL, by the bushel, ton or
cif , toed. - '
from (lettyshurn to Rttltimore once every
week. They: are-prepared. to convey Freight
either way, 'in /my gaintitv, at Ifi.IYUCED
RS. They will attend, If &s r. to the
tanking of parchnie. In the city, and &Liver ing
the goals In •Oettyaburtr. Their
care run to the W.trehouee of Nathan Roon
it,'No: - 128. , !ftvrth Howard rt. , arm Franklin,
Baltimore, where freight will be received al
Any time. They- incite the [mention of die
public to their line, ns.mring them th .t they
*;11 spare no effort to accommodate all m ho
may patrunme them.
April 18, 1868• II
Great rtedUctlon
aree , rirs, Iloq-trare, Virengetrarr„!T
AT J. C. z , Wt k SUN'O, \1:R• ON Ft ii:11. P.
We hove j , uat reLirted trem Cie city, w!lere
we ixmabt, u eery )urge ttul %%pH...elected
siu, kof kindd ut goat in our
line, under '' -
Our ntork corrsi:te in ; I It E'3l(;fl MERI.,
NOE 4., FIZ!iSUIf UtJJUL;RI}i , Defwnes,
cues, 114,nctit4
n. large n , sortnlrro. '01; Manion,' Sli,rtg,
11u.p rikiri a, (:I.,rep:S.e.
M EN".3 r: 4, ft, co in part of Broad
owl Beaver Ciutl).•!. Black and F.tory
!Intl 4 1Pnort rlnnnel",
tholi-r•,l4iri,s -mitt
rT;Vi'S and' CA I'S, I)rit ing and I.;Lok, , hia
trlori ,
A mtnigt!e assortment of GROCERIE3,nt
toa ratef,
,12:1)-RACE, RE, such as Tire 'Tree, Spring',
Morse Shoo Itanmereti
..,a orke, htrur Laelie.
' tip i ,S) , ov‘ orkfc,
Pad Locks, I.ltel•e , , 4ingeg and Strews.
ifN St) QI'EENS- W A fIF., by the set.
That.kful tut p.,At prarealge. ue Il . pe to
rner.t the same in th.• luta, e. '
J. (.; Ziaff K
Near Oxford, April I:1 , 7. ly
ILtitc l'at,!..iotts
/ARIA -Nil W
11 •rED vro P LA' 1.1. Ex ELLIPTIC
TM: wftigairuk PLt tifits.l . ry Arid gre4t (IW
POI.T !Ind PLY.IaLIILI: to any 1..13 - t1e:Ai . ..1;41111• lit
ELLIPTIC SKI r a i:) be experience i partic
ular-it in n!l t•roud d SFseinlrl,c,.(Yper:l-,t if.-
vei. It In
lit ie tad dons.. the
rid I woe , iu 111 C Ir, old. II a =wadi
Wave ..s etsily and continue:illy 3 , a Si.k or
Muslin l)re l s.mmi. mmomil:vdmie min ml imi
nut futinl in any iningle rl ling SOIL
A la :y h., m•mg d the pLT Isms. Cox
t•.rlir,nnl i gre it i etc
for a
-s: ogled ly. u ill never ati ern irds 11li7;4 ly
atilt flt it For CilLl,lreo, es
a.i.f Young LpltliCB they Alp trip , r:ot to
others. -
They a iH not bend or bre tk like the Sinee
Sprinit. bat will pe,•sene lii jt, ret feet sud
grit!. till PliAlte At hen three or tour orilimir3-
sklrt: will It ive been thr.twit 13idt 6' useltss
Tue are cotrtul whit double mid twist
ed thre.tir, lts: lt.tttona roils not exit
but twice (id.d iu le) co
pri vent in them we .ring wit when
gin2 dun n St tir3. &e.
fhe Jples. Elnpve is a reat fun:mite oith
ill I tities and trtieersalle recommended by
the fashitta Magurd iri tis tiles etTAND.II4O
To et j' the Conniv-i-ug iuesti usable alv.i.tOrt
ges in I. superior qu dity, petted
nt.inuractute:stylisii sit tpe, finisn,
dunsi/ i!Y ,1 Coll.l+to il ccononu r eininn e l il t
J.' W. Bradley's Duplex Elli e tie, or Ilnitble
Spring Ile sure you genuine
CAUTION.—Torin.rI it;tnin3i, IMPOSITION
to' pnrticol tr to NO Ii t 2 ttic slat t"; otrer,e,ti
'DUPLEX" hove the tel tie: "J.
,W, Brwiley's Duplex Sitrotg:,"
Lipka). the w sistbantl—n,toc uthur.4 art. genuine
ANo Notice that evory Coop sll;ilit il pin
being Pls:ieJ throtuit tit, retort) flit*. reici,J
in the tit t (or ,t,tta eptings bratiled togeth
er th• rein, which is the s„.•cret of their Ifrxifi,l
- end itren.ith, ntol n C0111511111:4111 not ' L
rubil,i in ally other skirt.
ro:a. SA in all Stores villyre riT
CLASS skirts are told throughtrut the Lit.tteil
States and el:es:here.
11.inufacturt.;i1 by the File of the
Patcitt, WESTA, HUAI/I.IW A: CA R T,4
Ji Chrttriberi k ,0 Sr. S St , N. %
II Ay t Sul
Iron—iro/1---irou :
11 j ir,forni the
dire hivitertictil t in c,r.•
nectiort with their Steam And aro nuw
snip 110.41•11, IfOrse-,hoe it:and
respectfoll;* iutitu owl Pests., s to
Kite tholo .t e.+ll, lee tug suti-fiel that they
will be uhle to plea.e t) finish mid
prize. IIItINOIAN At it ARttryli.
bigbe..o marlo,t price poia fur
wrought and sir q , lion. • B. .t W.
Ver.; 17i IS6o.
• Drainage. Pip .
11wg•mair.i'g'ne.1 ha; now on fraud, and
con:iiinnes to m fact nre, ttr,e 'qnat.ti
tHm or'ENkr,i:;lliN'rflt .1 I S AGE l' IVES, o
hf ofrersat p cents per nat at The utaiti..eto
ry. ft tfitHreil, he alit Ity tl.e pipes, tither
water LI:At or. d, at a leaganaldt:
compens.atiAan: T.tey h tre u.tea teed in dif•
fetentparts of the euc:M;lair/ sue
eesi. For till drainage of cel i ctrl,:,te moth•
ing belter can be used. 80el 2 itneus 'luny be
settn at t ittlAft:ijelt's =tore; in Gettysburg. '
Tiro ni)nufaeterry is 'in Orford tocruAlp,
near Lily's mill. Post Office ad tress, New
Oxford, Ad.tms county, P.l. • -
' ionS" gEticxt vs.
/if tr&I) 11, 11367. hizt*
* , Pine filiingles.'
ALARGE lot of Piie Skittglete frosti.s6:s4l-
to $l5 per 1009 Sale BO he Lumber
yard of • - C. IL LSCEIILER.
Oct) 22,1 186 G. " '
V. S. ibS
I - ME- First, National •Baqk of, Gettysburg
I %lit! 'cash 5-20 id 10-44 U. 4.5. • floods;
also 7-30 and Compound lntersat - Notea-
G-NO WE A &WULF), Cashier.
Oat, 6, 1866. .tf
HAT'S.DOWN!—WGr Co and
Yeats at, -
Ni AND SACKS for sale at
1 4r 4,1144)Dr•
Has for pale a number of tleitinible proper
icq, to which he atke the attention of those
ishing to purch.tie.
with DWELLING, maimed Ina coun
ty seat, ne“r Railroad and Depot. Good
chance for doing= all killtit of w ork. Also,
eceeral Towntots will be sold with the above
property It desired.
A FARM OF 160 ACRRS, in Atlanta coun
ty, with good Stone House, good Darn,
near a turnpike and rtilroad.
'FORTY ACRES, with good House, Darn,
dte:,', three quarters of a mite from a railroad
station. A chance ; terms easy.
A FARM 300 A (MKS, is Adams county,
three miles hiun al•ailroad and good market.
This farm ran be divided into two farms,
there being already two sets of improreinente
on the tr,et.
A FARA! OF 105 ACHES, on' the Carlisle
turnpike, under good cultirationiwith a I irge
Crick - llonse„Bank Baru, and other out•build
iugs, all new.
A LARGB-Ft•OTIR MILL, with 20 Acres of
Land. The mrll hns four pair of Burr•, and
all machinery fur doing merchant work.
!left water nowt,. In threonnty. -
A FARM OR 175 ACRES, the Hano
ver turnpike, an Which is erected a good
House Barn:and all necessary out haildinks.
A ?ARV Of Di ACRES, in Adams coun
ty, oo which is erected a good House, Barn
and; other ont-hAdinz,..
18 ACIIES OF WOODLAND, 2 miles from
fruw Oxfori.
A FARM OF 200-ACRES, gam' l..nd, with
larcellrick lone, 11. , rn, and 2 Tenant Houses
-40 acres in wood—ball' a mile from the
Comm-ago Chapel.
,ISO acres--225 can Le pup
chased-21 miles from Geltysburu,;.ear Maui
bersburg 1 ..1 0; large went herboard..l house,
Hank Barn, See ;4t acres imwood. The Farm
bus been recently
A FA 1131 of 120 Acres, with goof House
and pare; 12 :tens in wood.'
A IltiT EL, in New Oxford, two-story, roomy
and conx oak tit fur linsiness. Good chance;
terms caq.. T -
Also, a number or gdod Houses and Lots
for sAle in New Oxford. -
Persons who ivish' to buy Itral Estate, as
well as those %I - . 40 wish to sell, are requested
to give the subscriber a cull at his "stote is
Nea Oxford. Addee23.
4011 N C. ZOLICIi, Gard Agett,
New ellora, Aiwa county, Pa
April I, Itt7. ly
A Lecture to Young Men.
/p- - -.--,-,N, JCST PUBLISHED, in it Seale:l
Envelope. Plit e Six seats. A•L ire on the tire, Treatment.
nun Radical Cure of tipermatorrime, or Semi
nal Weakness', Involuntary Emissions, Seinal
Debility, ond Istriseiliments t Marriage gen
erally. Nerconsness, tlensumption. Epilepsy,
ana Fits ; Mental and Phjszear Incapacity,
resulting truth Self- Abuse, ke.-s-Cy HUBERT
J. CUI.,I"k:IIWILL, AL D, Author of the
"(ire, u 13,:0k," &e-
The aot fd-retiewned author, in tLia adnai•
lat , ie Lecture, clearly proves Iron his own
e‘nerienee tlh:t the awful tonsequetwe of
tsts.ifsAbere may bo ed'euto•ale removed wi L
out medicine, ar.:l a it ho ut dargeroussmegissal
001. k :ions, bUUI,I6f , , - Ci:;troments, rings, or
Latd:.:ls, pointing nut a mitrde di our at on, e
c: i t.iin ::u:1 ellectual, by whit+ every Buff rer,
no twittr a Lat his conitinou ma) be, may
ease himself eheanly, privAiel,,, and ra•lically.
This Lc: tore a ill prove a boon to thousuuds
and thous.inds., ~.
sem umier seal to any raitirrss, in a
ncul, (1 envelop( ) on the reeckt or: ix rents, m
tsu i , c ..t ag , S i imps. a1;•4) Dr. TWCWS
"Mt , ri:Le price cents.
thy pub 4.1,er:::,
(37 1: 0 4v• ry Voris, Pima Buz
"T IJA It l'tiN TELL I CONTllAritill.;
keeps constantly on )14114 tuantinteiiirra ID
Doors., A'lotterii, Saxlt, Door and
window Fro nit 2, Cor»ice, Vow
and Window Bracket',
or or other Pirtivie in the Ititilitin;
Si .1:oneil ri eolai.intly on hand, PC•
PO141(4:41 INorl,nien ailv,a)B in I eatli ne , s, and
work ex q:litctii with diiiiate). zikart.riler
prumpti) atteitileii to. 2s. On
H. F. Debriim di: Bro.,
Frusta and Ortaanciaal l'aintcrs,
R E t S h r e
v EC n
r T e r
p i, r 7 :p l :. 1: e n t.3 l o r ] m u
o t s h ( e ;o li c u
1 1; u i e a
. 1
in the ninzt tnodetn or an
cient. A I w (irk unttsautud a 4 give G naisfac-
Ilon .te to 08 , P. dartAility and eitialin,s..
Ajoil 22, ISt T. Gth
(,isolke Western ILautliii.
‘ on , han scr4, choice Wemtern
LL well lacitte.l near P k ailroatl, COMI.
ty Toirns, C6ur htit, Schoo hoase9 , Ste ,
tvltiel. I will ne.13.,n4P ttt u fah iet. for Item
l' sate iu lunaa , county.
• GEO A4')Lp.
Gett,,,3 l ,nrr, ?eh. 25, 18 1 11. lt"
Cook ia g • Sto ves at e
A T 9 o f l it l ", ( l ) e 4 ;ir E e ni r 1 1 :11 1 1 1 :
u C t i :r ; ";. 1' i .t e l i:t ° Fir tjn t
Stove, It new and tiuperiur it.Tention. Call
Anti it G. COOK'S.
J in, 28, 18.4'
Itzty Wattled.
r¶UE uadrr•lg:rcJ will p the highest mir
k pri.•ed :soy HA Y. lairt:re att Spait4.-
It r's IVardi,,uke,Oettszimra.
Nov. 2; IRCG.
MIIB undersigned' rrf:rrd re,na
near, he. dAte tho,e Indebted to make,
to.rneLt little deity as unit,ilde.
St u d ] u s do not Fettle before the first of .I.ten•
dry next, wi4l tiud, their necoutta in the handd
of an .o:iieer fur tiolfertion.
ith-iErfl S. GILLESPIE.
GettysbuTg, IZUG.
-1 - )8111F. SUING LKS, the toll in thorniriet,
jj JACOB SII.E.kitS . :3 how Lum
ber Vi d, on thr Railroad, rtdpiniug the Lime
or. 111; tf
y N order to prove rlrl.,eseertion; in ode io
I fat or of proe.u.ripsylloroonxi i ns
limo- like) ljoiller,Y,” • ,for your
,X 0 etz.aze will be on ,de ands .
you are pieitse.l With the result ',mkt:ll:wee t.
lease your order. - C. J. TYSON.
VIOR Oe Mohair?, Alpaccas, Lustres,
r tlvusi De ;Segel, Plaids, Poplins, Cu lt
lie+ l / 2 •Wliiii,#, kb., thy, ladies should- e tft and see
tho new styles at ROW k WOODS', ,
( RAIN AND. GR)CERIRS.—The highest
13 market pritat paid for Uri* and all kinds
of Produce,- Groceries, Fertilisers, Az., role
ptant/y on hand for- silo at the Warehouse of
Aug. 13, 1866. --CULP & gARISHAW.
frIRAVRLING, HEY I—Before doing so, pro-
cafe a good Trunk or Carpet Saeic, at
_ .
I F YOTWANT the latest style of Hats out.
I go - 6- - ROW k WOJILS'„,
FaXACTtY!—Any kind of Pants moo desire
can be had at • • PICKING'S.
' . .TVSON'S: •
4 41140
PiCiagt.;s;` -
Valuable Properties
Wm. C. Itiallsmith,
Pr 4
Bounty Amazing.
THE account of JOHN WOL , FOI2O, Treas
urer of bounty funds for th•• township
of L/10111 ire, in the county of Adam; and
State of Pennsylvania, was presented to us
tor examination and aptirornt.
He first charge.' hitm,elf oath et eh
rec eiced from Fobs( $2,668 50
C 4 h borrowed nt the Gettysburg
Bank, 2,70%) 00
Tax duplicate of March, 186.1,—.. 3,341 .56
Balance due Treaturer, ...... ....—... 215 25
Accountant claims credit for cash
paid Wee 1). Worl e y ; Keg ; G e o.
B. Brandt and Daniel Laren; '
Committee to procure recruits to
fill the draft of the, Spring of ,
1884—for putting in 21 recruits, $4,077 50
Amount paid them for expenses in
attending to those 108 70
For paying, Bamuel C. Stereos, II
300 On
Cash paid at the Gettysburg flank, 2,700 00
Paid to 'several parties In
Mum of their taxes and otherwise, 2,498 42
For unpaid collections yet•ttl Imi
by bite 172 08
Cash an note 42 '3u
Espw s atioas,on tax it up)icate,.).... 23J .
Outstanding tax on duplicate, 3d 'l
We Lave granted an order as
Treasurer to' I. D. Worley, Seq.,
for services in 21 00
Ope to Dana' Larew, for 18 days'
se( riee4 • 'l7 00
One to Geo. B. Brandt, 'for ditto "
..... 18 00
Allowance to Teensurer fur collect
ing and disbursingthelunds,...... 30 00
SECOND ACCO'UNT ofJohn Wolfurl, Trcas-
ur..r. -far the of 186 t
He chargeg himsell with cash re-
ceived oldJ/Terent privies, S3,2DS 12
Carh borrowpd at .11ecLanicsburg
Bank, 14,009 . 00
Cab borrows d at the First Nation-
al Bunk of 832 Go
Cash rwoved 0 Amos C. Myers,
collector •.f -bounty t.x for the,
years 1865 and ......... 8,155 70
Cast, reecired of Michael Schricer,
collector of bounty tax of 1867,.. 1,413 19
Cash r.ccived on taxi:tidal) bonds, 2,29 d 00
Accountant claims credit for cash
paid Isaac D. Worley, El., and
War,.er Towusend, to pay f0r,29
recruit's $14 . 540 00
Expen5e;,...,....... 147 87
lifter exp.mses, ..... 10 00
Cash paid cm curtailment of nous
at MeehaniCsburg Bank,.
Disconnt on notes,
Stamps on notes,. ..... ........—..
Chris to,the Fir-At NAtional Bauk of
Di-count on same,..
Seim)! Ditectors' order to 1.
Warley, 48 00
Sehool,Direetors' order to 1. D.
20 90
School Dli ecturs' order to W..rner
90 00
Auditors' order to 1. 11. Worley.„. 31 90
Amos C. Myera, 3 •55
C. er3,.... 15 G 5,
Accountant claims fur trouble wud
expense for Jrolug six trips- to
Gell!tli,Urg and six trips to Me- .
chankshurg, 31 50
Trout•le and expense for
so l 4;soursing 50 00
Chino: credit fu'r balance due hitti
on first account,. ......
)fttolitone and Clerk's -tees,
liafunee .10 hands of Treasurer up
t..) 11.1 13, 1807, 1.902 25
Tsc fiss.sged for 181%5,
I 86ti,
it If 1b67;
Amount 1 aid by collectors,
04 , 01rtiiinz in itnnifit of collectors, 3 911 80
Amount in hands of Treasurer,. 1,p , ;2 25
Amount; of re3onrees, 5,908 05
&dance doe by the township over
and above the ssntx, but ilto
exonet ations to collettora ott
To MenliitlicelicrK ...... "1,839
.. ....—... 3.391 12
Turnship boada w .., ...... 2.290 00
We, the undersigned, AirtitOre of Latimere
township, Adams on., haring audited the
above account of John Wolftird, Treasurer of
the holt nty fun ! of slid township, .tio report
The thole correct, es chore•statel, to the beat
*tour itsilgtuent and belief.
gay 20, 11367. 3t* AtAitotB
Fresh AssortmantotHats.
\ S. S. Mee . IIEARY . t
n its
W 041.4
, t:t
, r
. 1 t . e l
e l i o n; t
F t ,
I l s t
H VAS. ThVy nre t ely licht, par
ticularly nest ,• shape, and wril,
calculived to pl se. He has also
on hand n nice assortment of FUR And'
SOUL, Leghorn alut l-ttnv. Hots, and at, 1
prirea 'ttitteh lower +h 'heretofore. Ple.lse
calLer.tinine and Odge NT yourselves.
11.13 :10. 1667. 3t ,
- --
__ _ _
( Empire \
-1„71 tterior to all others for FAIIIIN AND
Coots - at all the latest imurorements.; are
speed/. ' ,isriess d ; nnd to trork.
• Illustr.tred Cireul .rs free. Agents weetecl.
Choral dtsc Junt allowed. Nu coniigamen tit
Addrpi EmPrnr. s. v. CO ,:6143 Droitilway,
New Vorb Sept.l 17,,.1 and. l y
For lieut.
rt,..GINIA MILLS ; withk Miller's ITohse,
an I other ilririlvea, one 'fee fr rut Fair
field, Ad co fur - :tent. , _Enquire of
3lnj Joh .1 11 assehnin i tae.yr Fivitapw, or of
k Mcci,FuN,
' Gett.aburg,
- Si','ol)o R V.l NIT
- ,
, AN AW April l..sth,'lSL7' ,
very unpopular fellow . ; tth tittankt for
his 'earn ai we hare subdituted very pop
ular geptietueu in his place call, d Very,Cheap
leb. Ti, 10 . 7.' „,
CIONSTANTLY on hand,an assortment of
I L „,/
BUMS, Cards ani lieskets for passes from
the Battle Fleld. PIIUNIG3A3II.I dt , our
Generals and other distinguished individuals
at the Excelsior Gallery. C. J. TYSI)N.
'YI have just received a gesi asiortniint
of Qneensware, to stloirb we invite the
attention rti buyers. • A. FtIOTT & SON.•
tEENSWAt2M, lotions; Thy Goods, kc.,
in g!iisi T alit t ti', et tiIIPfIORNI k iIoFIF
mA,A'S, noittoireat'Cutudt oSf the'Sqn"ste' . Get
tysb a re, Ps. . .• .
A DREAM OP osrasini.
Mand as the mornlog breath of June
The southwest breezes play;
And, lirongL its haze. the Winter's iusat
Boehm warm as Summer's day.
The sterw-;plunze.l Angel of the North
Mut tlmppett his ley spear;
Ag.Lio the in.n.ey earth looks forth,
Again the streams gush OMIT'.
14),,32'• 31
The lox his hill•side cell forsaken,
Ttre !brisk rat leaves blis nook;
The Mae bird In the raaailew brakes
la alright& with the brook.
"Bear up. oh I mother naturor • cry
r 1, breeze, awl streanilet
"Oar Winter voices prophesy
Oikkunnacr days to thee!"
go, to thries winters of the soul,
fly bitter4,l:ittrr nail mar.
Verr.wept front memory's tinter. pole,
gill sunny 'lox apwear.
' TteNtt s itte Trope and F.Ltik, they show
Thesout its Mint... powers,
And how trouttit the Wintnes snow
Lie puns of sertstner 4011(.!..= I i
The Xlightis Mot.hts r the Day,
,Tne Winjosr ofthe • mg,
. ,
Ana ever,upon oid IIY
The greette.t Inossesi cling.
Be4lod the cloud theutArlight lurks,
.Through idio•Vcrti. the 111tiL114111.4 WI;
t God. Whip /Wit 1.11 elt his wqr s ks,
Matti lett 111 g llope With all.
c,4-inult tau!
,02N 21
The efrec!a of pulverization or stirring ;
the•soil are numerous.
1. It gives free scope to the roots of
vegetables and they become more fibrous
in :Otiose than in a hard soil, by which
the onouthSor pores become :lime null) Pr
ong, and such food as is in the soil has a
better chance of beingeought ail r and
taken up by them.
2. It admits tire atmospheric_ air to the
spongioles, of tire roots—without which
no plant can make a healthy growth.
3. It increases thaeapilliary attraction
or spongelike property of soils, by which
their humidity is rendered more uni
tbrni ; and in a hot sea on it increases
the deposits of dew, and admits it to the
30.979 01
4. It increases the tempeTetufo of the
soil .in the Spring,, by admitting the
warm tepid rain.
5. It Increases the stirmly of oreanic
food. Tho atmosphere contains carbon
ic acid, ammoords, and nitric acid,—all
,poweriiii ,fertilizers and solvents.
A loose soil attracts and condenses them.
Rain and dew, also, contain them. And
When these fertilizing gases are carried
Into the soil by rid iiv at,er, they are ab
sorbei and retained by the soil for the
Ds plants. On the other haticl, , if the
or , is hard, the water runs of the sur
face, and instead of leaving three
In the sell, 'carrier, off- some of the best
riortiolaSof Chemin with it. Thus, what
might be w belled t, become:- an injwy,
n. By mismis Of pulveriz . .ition, por
tionot the atmospheric air is hurled "In
the soil, and-it is supposed that ammo
nia and areformed by the mu
t Uhl decoMposilion of this air acid the
moisture of the soil- , -beat a lso being de
volved by the changes:
11.453 03
1,463 58
46 45
82 00
73 43-
213 21
',l U 0
7. Pulverization of the surfaceof soils
serves totetain the moisture in the sub.
soil and toprevent it from being pcnetra:
ted by heat from a warmer, its well as
from raliatimz it: heat to a colder atmos
cre than itself. These(etrects are pro
duced by the porosity of the pulverized
stratum, whbli tta6 114 tionulch, especial
ly on heitvy soils.
8. Pulverization, also, has the coin_
1100(1 ctibet of favveraf of the preceding
causes, accelerates the, decomposition of
the organic matter in the moil, and rho
disintegration of the mineral matter;
and thus prepares the inert matter of the
twirl(); asOmilathin by the plants.
30,t1T0 GI
$5,007 57
4.scr, 51
$13,514 GO
9,5C8 89
Few' people ever think there is any
difference in the quality of the egzs they
eat. Yet there Is quite as marked ll:dif
ference as
,there is In the, ilezth of the
fowls. Fowls that are fed On the liner
`kinds of cereal grain furnish much bet
terl eggs than thwc that subsist on grass
land oats and buckwheat. Wheat or
wheaten dough or bread always_wakes
the richest rigs e. N. Bement u rites
lon this subject: "Though most farmers
keep fowls and raise heir own efrt.s,
ihere are many who have not learned the
difference there is in the r:cituess and
'flavor of egg proluceil by well fed. hens,
pint those froin birds that have been half
starved through our winters. There will
be some difitrence in the size, but far
; more in the quality. The yolk of one
would be large. ft nJ colored, and of good
!consistence, and the albumen or white
clear and pure, while the contents of the
'other will be watery and meagre, as
'though there were not vitality or sub
stattee enough in the parent fowl to prop
erly carry out and Complete the work
nature has sketched. In order, Men
tor", 11l leave ;..0 el e.zw4, the row Is .should
be well fed' find provided with art maul
: dance of. line gravel, that they may be
i able to grind and prepare their food for
' digestion. _ _ _
4, 0 /S 43
10,52(3 48
14.52, 48
"The proposed amendment to the
(p i p, ( ,),tot;tation strikes tile word
"white'! out of the franchise clause of
the Constitutiou, but leaves It in the
411 if adopted it will, there
fore, enable the neirmes to vote, but will
nut-compel them to muster._ This will
:/e making the darkie4 superior to the
whites, Maslow* as they will have a
share in the gtivern talent- without lieit t fy,
required to de:cuti it, This I; 4,1)(• of the
"bles , itigs7 whielt the It-id heal liniti , rs
‘‘,,,,t to be , tow upon the 1-'
Titc la:: air will not be likely to "see ii.''
es,. •••=.--,--
Lotti.ia'aa Leir. ? lature appro;
prlatett ~ .‹-f,t):lo.tett tot the 'repair of the
Mil:lsis:4i rapt levees, to'he , disborsed by the
board of love() emu
Sig:rid:lo, probably t,-- , iritrt• to Lave his
friends a crab at the fund, abolbilied the
board and designated persons of Ids own
selection to take charge of thetnoney.
The probabilities therefore are tine the
bulk of the four millions will repair more
leirA ferfner iu lowa destroyed the buckets than levees. ,
.grub-mornis 1.1,at were deqroyiog his,
eon], by eatclang a lot mules and pot- t 9i& - The Tribune thinrks ant old max -
ting theal Into Ills i‘orn-fleltl The moles im about honesty being the hest polte'y
may-he caught hy'thc use oti:ow'y Witter shotild be replaced by titiolegond :
the,pitlt out, ‘, honesty is the hest policy—if you steal
• that/ a million." , Tlie Tribuiveio''porty
; h&O-rilwardo of 31,00 Q barrels of flour has acted upon that theory ever since it,
are shipped from t'alifornia into.:litly— organization. - -
paying.the Pacific ILtil Steamship Gout
pany,for freight,.a , but,chp. • ter"-The Springfield .Ftopublitzba says
of Thad Etevens' letter: , that. "there are
ffs:7 - 40,tOrT:uq r - 7 wheat were , threats of such utter perfidy involved"
ped from Liteerpool toTNew York:sin:one in his declarations, "that they should be
week in,Api it. (-promptly repudiated by every Repoli
' _ _ who cares D honor and, bllUte6.l.
The editor of the Ethonoroyho% • in
speaking of a w'-rk on entornoio , e, is
stied by 'authority of the NeW Jer,oy
!State Agricultural Society, stip; :
1 It may he briefly stated here, that in
the ease loth of the eurettlio and the ale. ple•moth, it is reeom men del to de-troy
'as quickly as possible all' tli infested
i fruit that falls. from the tree; that in the
case of the eurentiojarring taot shaking)
the infested tree tu,on White -heet4, and
killing all the - "little 'rinks" that fall
thereonls the apliroved remedy; and in
i the caQo of the apple-worm. wrapping
' hay.bands round the trunk of the infe-d
-, ed 't rt e, and deAroying from time to time
Ili e thsevt, eon ttiincd iI) the eneoiins form
I ed in and in the hark beneath those, hay 7
la nds. „' 7 _
, ,Ai MIL W 4 a eared for ti
.Some farmers sell two crops in the of his party." .
"Winter, In the fdro part it is hay, in, • .- ______. oia• •-•------_
the latter part hides. ' ' I. BigtaSince the mitulosiou of negroes to
-__s- --- - - the Charletciu-litreet ears, white travti
I .____
IN - Traveling in biertico la about as 'lia)tahuosteeaaed.. 'fheetirs were mostly,
safe as ruunicig,a lilack,stutth shop in. a patronized by women and children. •
tnagazipe of powder. --- . 11-1 r
...a.--.---- . --. I iiii - Tlke grasalioppers out west have
1 "IliglaThe oreateei whwerooklhellkPer has deet.royed \emery fa) 1/4 in ,tire shops .5.)„c
limn 'granted :tor atnaiinit-pe4pf -• r :, • . ' goon exsokgrass widows. , .
~ - .
tArcteV toftrp.
1+ . fn. 18;1 + - I n
49TH YEAR-NO. 3&
,00iiii 0btd.147111.
A clergyman in an adjoining town,
who is being blessed with a revival of re
ligion in his church, went one evening
to attend a neighboring prayer meeting.
The house a as full, and all present seem
ed deeply 'intereked in the exercises.
At he close or the Meeting he invited all
those who desired to hold a personal con
versation 'with him, as to the-state of
their feelings, to remain. Quite a nuin
her did so, and among them n "hardy
son of toil," whom we will call Mr. 13.
T 4 good Minister in his round of eon
venkation with each one, eame to him;
and upon inquiring the state of his feel
ings received the reply that lie "felt
happy." "A h, indeed," said thepreach
er, I am rejoiced to bear you
Say so; may I enquire -how long you
have enjoyed this happy frame of mind?"
'Perhaps, mostly since inert meek," sold
Mr. my- friend," said the
clergyman, "to what particular event or
Ciremmitunce, or occasion, do you trace
this- happy change in your feelings?"
"‘l'ell. Mr. Mini-ter," said Mr. 8. , "1
reckon perhaps the news of the election
of Mr. English for Governor of the-tztate
of Connecticut, was about the spot to
start from."-----Hurfford Timm
isw.A colored witness Wir4 examined
in a Wavhington city court, to prove
the Identity of a white rintn, the other
Di,triet Attorney—" Did you free• the
"Yes sir, I seed him !"
"Was be a white man ?"
"Doil't know ' sir!"
District Attorney- ` Do you tell me
you saW the 1111111 and eao't say whether
he nr:z.s While or black?"
"Yes Par, , 1 seed him, but (lama so
many white fellows eallin 7 (lemselveg
'niggers' round here, I can't tell one
from tod'ert",
Witness tlitanissed—explftnation satis
.A Pu_z( its Pigivrc4.—We clip the
following for the amusement of our puz
zle luving readers: Bid a person think
of a mull her; tell bile to &vitae the num
bur, which done. hid him multiply the
110111ber by 5, and tell you the prodnet;
from this you cut ofr the last figure,
with it will always bo,a cipher, and the
number remaining will be the one first
thought of. eXatlipke : let the num
ber thought of be 26,Avititit doubled
ttutice 52 , that; multipied. by a produces
; then, if you take away the elpner,
winch *s the last, figure iu the product,
there wilt remain 26, the tfunther Brat.
Important to lleirB of Noldicrx.—Ti ac
cordance with a bidl passed by the li•ft
Coneres , :, t heirs of rti ion °ldlers who
died, while held.Ai. pristoo-r , in the-Szont h
are entitlCal tai draw eauninutatiun for
rations fur the:time intecnin_ between
the eaptakrc Attd,deceasi.i of
Tlus 'e!aniallitation amounts to -twiaity
five cents per day, and call he übtaiiit
by the WlibN{',,bt she has remained un
married as lateais 14(7.
firm dt.‘Airnis of flu sin , ; out the
hoc utliar ) btattlJ of a.ltrt'SOll NV4h) wished
to ptIIVII.O,Ctt rap' ed fLr the in
formation. , The, ;41/,Wl\(' C:11)1e back.—
"Note good foram amount." a large
bin ofp,ods aza:;*.olti and !;lkipped. The
nnt• came due and xent to ph 404. The
tiros round with ilisgtiq thattftqalgpateh
should hitve real; "Not good for any
frky 11 Lr fl.—Thurlow Weal, in` the
ermintrrthd, is telling us how nod why
he quit the,itiadical eoalpany. Ile says
"\Vu were weary of and disgaNted with
the men who bail risen, in discordant
and dh-turheil thne4, to the management
of public affairs. It Was R day of small,
cheap men—the styli nl.O hoop-poles
of party—thrown to tie surface in a
storm. Our State p.m et.allions were con
trolled by secret le:lg:ilea, whose maid pu-
Inters lay around Albany do ring the win
ter, dispensing offices and deb:welting
the LegislAturc,"
ttifi -r flte State tax in New York will be
higher thik year than ever before, run.
Mag. op to ten mill,' upon the dollar, or
011 V per vent. The Moe wasin 1'4:T111.3,1-
N ania when half a mill way con , Hered
an enormous tax, and pei i ie grumble 1
immen.ely over being ohlbzed to pay it.
What would onr people think t r they
were taxed otiepereent., as in New Ytn
If ILelleal rule emitinues much longer.
the thaw beelll:4 to be nearly at hand
when the man who has the lca,t proper
ty will Le ttta best oft
6Eir Inktead of reducing Ireland to a
dependeney tool pla c ing over it n despot
ic satrap, like the awls have li()11112 with
the Southern .14tide3, the British (loeern
molt 11 •54 brought !ht. Icn lin r Fonialis
to tri tt ant convicto.t thein 01' tre.ts , m„
However it has as yet hang no - one, and
it is likely will not. l'c.) one has yet,
been hung for rel4ion at the Amish. and
it !$ mare tkan probable no one w.dl be
111111 , 4 .. "Mild contiseation"
theft and ro'diery) and Radical saprein•
nay are -toe tilije t •t4 of the and twt
to "Iti.e.:if tre3,oll oliou 4.”
ntlioaTANT re rAstnitategricas.
'lll4urvi*secr e #h l tbe t :)e.
qulring that all places Arlie nq la
sold shall bee closed at twelve o'clock
every night and during &Ratty. The
following is a section of tao got :
"grac. 6. ill persons, Ahns itemised,
sball close or shut up their baf or 'Was*
of sale at or before the twelve
every night, and not open the satire until
sunrise next day. , and on Sunday 11411
not open them al all, but keep them shut,
until Monday at aural re ;Allis is TIM de.'
signed to prevent the reception and ledg,
lug of persons traveling, without viola
tion of law."
The same net prohibits tho sale or gift
of liquor or beer to minors and appren
tice,, without the written consent of pa
rents, guardians or m.4.-tturm. Selling. or,
giving liquor to habitual drunkards is
to he punished by forfeiture of license.
Selling or giving liquor to a husband,.
wife or (Auld, against the request of child,
wife or husband, Is Wade punishaole by
all the fines and forfeitures of the act,
and the party so selling or giving shall
eases be liable for damages in any.
court of competent jurisdiction. The
penalty for voilation of the act is ,a
tine of not more than 'twenty dollars,
and, in default of payment, imprison-.
uncut for not more than five days. Coll-.
stables, sheiltlii arid policemen are re
quiro to euforcx no requirements of the, act and to arrest all persons found drunk,
and take them before a ina„, , ristrate,'
where, when sober enougli, their trsiti
molly shall be .(rmn
whom the liquor was obtained. See
tieneral Laws, 1e67, INv. SU, pp'. 9d.—Peg...
Tile New York Pail. a Radical news-,
paia.r, says we have had ten taritifii...4l
five years; beside the one. at which Cfritt= ,
Kress was tinkering mane months betwe ,
its adjoirrninent. Here is the
I. The net of March 2, 1861, which•
nearly doubled the taxes wl foreign goo4g
enpo , ied by the t ri ft' net or May R, ,
2. The nvt of August 7,, Mill, whieh tin-'
ereascti the duties levied by the ptreribtuu
3. The net of november 31, 1834 proVah
ding for he/Arn &toff's.
4. 'Pile net\o ‘ f fuly 14, 1862, proVldingt
for OW higher rifirie,i. ' •GT
.5. The not of March 3, 1863, which hu-t
posed dill higher rh(tira.
6. Act ofJune 1,1.'56f, which impost 4
»inch higher dutitsroMnearly - everythin,
7: The tint of March 3,1.8cii, whielt
posed 11( - 1 higher dulieB owsouni things.
S.? net of March It, i 61i which im
posed additional duricson VaI'IOUS thing& •
9. The act of May HS, 1806, which
posed trto,T• daiits on articles.
la. Lastly, the act of July 2i, 184,,,
which impcsed from four to twenty per
cent. rniddioard duly on everything.
Etch new act only put new burthens'
upon the consumer for the benefit of that
New E»gland manufacturqrs. No mut
der the Po.i was disgusted, mail it pro-,
poses to Imild a wall one luttnlrcd feet
high and live hinitired feet thick around
tits! United States, Russian Anacticu ha
Tri a late nunitter 'of 1110 NOW York'
we find tli& following abort anti
pithy attiele- upon the impeachment
' toes. ion :
The impstaelonont committee is again
in se—ion, and we have the sterreotyped
romoutteement that "seVeral Import/MA
witnesses have been culled." They hove
been "ealltd" very oftou, !put to very
little ptirpose. Thil whole Ito peselinfent
niovement Is an (Mirage and scandal. It
I has been sct uu Atel i ly 41144 goo - tempt of
every principle of Justlce, aTttl is probe -
( . 41 ; 0 1 without alto P.1.41.14v4 regard to
p, rights Or Cialitlital
(Totally all 04' iutlicttYtenE
of any sort, pig eel upon defitliteallegit••
tints of crime; but lire It is set O faxit,
to see if, possibly some charge of tecillte
may not be matte. .Usually testi - mon*
is admitted but that winch is pertinent
t o the ease a nd Runs tiebtal withisises of
' the acts alleged to have beuli vonthilUeti
bht here the wildest, and most absurd
hearsay is, taken as evidence, and -n6
re. - arart!W
whatever is paid to the legal
tint - -; which hold all men innoeetit
moil they are proved guilty. 'llw whole
ntlair is an unscrupulous, malevolent
crusade itgaink the President, having Its
origin in political and pecrsootil dlsap
o`ltuintruent, an.l for it, objevt the accom
plishment of party purposes, attainablii
in no 01.1(`T Way. Pt is destined to react
I seriottsty en those who have made them
selves t'espoii-ible for it.
4:„Koox, OR OUp U
AI eA . clonge s.ivs : "It Is alflrniecithat
Illievec have its New York eity, a regu—
lar school where burglary Is taught as:a
seienee." A frieitii at our elk lw suggests
that they have sebools its thht
it the elf ies (if and Harris
burg:, e ver gitlCe tfie Ltneolu party,--tt io
party of "Great illeas"—catue•lnto
piiwer. They are established on the
most , Ar,tle, and Will coat/Mi."
to he crowded with apt paptit,aa lung n
the Itepublican party voliLiii
uod ill Oni(T. By' Wenn+ of Pattie
r.w!Als have olttainvd the ,
National and i..;tates 1' e3.4tiries,
already robin.. I the people nut of I+utithaal.t
of milliona of dollars, and will. sitrakt
haat:rapt, the it titan ualests the poopld
ITcc en maaseaud drive tlittuioat,,- , /44.44,1-
• "(lop,' Army of tie Repuh
Mace berm requested IV/ allnini dee that a
of the (Irani( Army of the •Itepublle
was r.•eently e.titliti-,:tok in chilli place.
Thi. orgnization h.ul i:s origin iii the
Western ;;I:ites, vv here it already Hum
ber. oxt,,y (11.03,-;tioli. N.O otp., htit S4)I
-(14.1*s lii) hi•ive heon holifiralirys:j.:elitint
i,l from the -orviee are eligilite I. lieeonis
inem!)ors, 104 nut n
asscl•LL.,l soli] but
is link in the rowliti 'Which
th it 1,160118 11f inter
tt,t to them, mot , • ft nit v itntetinwr i too
molter tit what: piirly Ii v heiong."
\v s dip; ttc sbove teoin the Jr, 'Trot
jumertell alttle r Marei.r+-
burg 'CEP nt rY [WM 1W either very
verillitt or very tvil:iiigi„to he th.leiV;e4
In the elotraet•_.r or the moiling "Oritts , l
Artily of the Reptilitie." ' It ts s trowsk i i.
zatiiin gotten imp in the tuterest,tif, the
nig.,,r anei "tits! and inoraity" party—
one of tho.e Ili tittitiony originated
the opponents oftw It-nmergry for the
purpose of securing: the vote., of i - toldittra,
through fitke preleuve. VV , • call vp f42
all Leaf wratio Sol,lwrs to t..:l6'.64'e A f t ) 7 11 . '4
hely fin", ttip. It is entirvki , Ist Eliti,iii
torest of Chumbershurg
bpi. it
Direorrrif of G..cett AirProasin fiTturfi io
philailt .11fia.--The Pliil,ll44,::llliiit ~.#l'''-•
ft;rij Ileoe'd an fellinee , 4 the -4t irtlingSw t
Chit It has beelf•lll4ovtired that rtt tho
election-lust fail, It he' w hole , Democratic
City Tirk.etlwas eieettmil by some-thou
sand of a majoray. The ../.li-ruktApAys
there is "a tercifie lowlon
gto,ng among
the ,Rtiditails or ehiloadpithir itutl that
some oh them are .;:turistok .tat,c'a,p,vi
deuce" in regard to the frauds committed
by their virtv. It appears that, t h e
liemoerats have been deliberately ticittit
ed out by the deonntirels c'ho.ctlialateirl
a. 4 &LA.:Au!) liirwertes in tilli(,,Alic . 'ill°
//craft makes the statement p t i, , - a t
the general eicetion last Octrib4 air the
ott l e „ ri o f the raw, viz :,Rettcatder of
I)eeds, Receiver of Taxes, City Commis
:Rimier,- Coroner," Clerk of the quarter
Session;, and the Protinaiotary of the
District, Co:at, were elected b„y the Dem
ocrats, but were ciphered out by tilt. re
turn judges. Gen. Lyle was elected to
the °(lice of Recorder 1,)• a Loghi sf ity o f
some, thou,dmis of Vutcsl."
......,,,-- , -o-4 1..... , r;: r
•, An Insurrection is prevailing higitatit.
T,,jsw_ clumm, ii. is JAW, lila! , setyt i mitogs val.
Yabkkli to Eogt. 4 o, so so, t t oN , s pclifitzeti
aily eottuoginey. '
.:1 ..:b i %..4. 1 21 Willi"