Gettysburg compiler. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1866-1961, December 17, 1866, Image 1

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A Democratic Pondly Journal,
"'Truth is Mighty, rind Will Prevail."
TERMS OP PUBLICATION.—r 3 00 per sir
num./1 paid strictly I ADVANCE,---12 30 per an.
nnm If not pald la advance. 'No subscription dlti.
continued, unless at the optlod of the publisher,
until all arreargea aro paid,
A T',VgitTrAENIF,NTIFI Insertml at usual rates.
JOII PRINTING of an kinds clone with neat
n,s and ,Ilepateh.
OFFICE In Reath. Baltimore street, between
Mbllle and High, near the Peet Offleo—PCnmpl
ler Printing MR.*" on the sign,
flit :J. Ff.
Sta: I feel it: a dilty-T owe to you,
and to all who are Infr:rinz airier the (Ike sea
ki viva as Cowing:l;l , 6°n and Liver Consul tint,
to Int them know what orett lienefi.s I have
re rived front your Pulmanie Scrip and Sin
ned Tonic inn short a time.. By the_bless:
log of Gail it his carrel me thou far.
Dr. Schenck. I will now m Ike toy ststernent
t) yoo as follows: Ationt gig teen months
ago I was attacked wi,li 4% severe cougt, a n d
it mei t.ed on my lungs; I could not tetain any
thiags I ate, and entiered with evening fevers
find night swe As. I was vcry much reduced.
The whDts of my eyes were very ycllow like
.wise fay ecio ; my tomet•te +in IZOnn, hod on-
Able to digest wit It I did eat ; bowels Iwollen,
irregular and costive. I was very low Spirit
ed, and hid each violent spells of ;coughing
when I lain do vn et night and when I arose in
tit77-4n)ruing that they would last one or two
I 111
.hen would be nearly exhansted, and was
entirely an 'toe to lie on my left sPe. I can
not drsctibe my wretched stiff:ring as f would
wish to dn. Every °man in my body wog
,diseosed or deranz.d. Such was my situation
nt thi: VAne, and I was confined, to my bed
from the last of Featiary,lgil2, to .Jane, I8(2,
not able to sit no. I had the best medical
attendance the whole of the time. My cough
was so very bad that it racked me very mar ti.
I nt this time raised a large tilt intity of thick.
yellow.offeaSi7e matter, sometime= tt Rh blood,
and it W:l.9O'ilp till, if by r oases
and a furred and thitlc coated tongne.P.A.t the
time of coughing so hadly•l would have sharp.
sheoting pains in my left Side:tud he.rt, night
sweats, and
,soreness all throozh my whole
chest; ha m
d uch inward fever, p tin in my
ack and under my shoulder blade:, and in
the small of my hick, antl at time; so severt
th it it would throw mu in.o sproma. Now my
11;iy•liel itt gave raft lip to ite. others I hat,
and the best of them, but the could do
ing lor me, and at that time I was nothing
but Alit and bones. I then was in to in wee
tern part cf Missouri. lii June last we left
there f,r the E i t, ant in :Ang sat last, we
came to New YOtit. an I I waa so ref f ac ,.l th a t
I could only walk a little with my itheban l's
hip After I hid been here a short fime the
s alt water breeze. made Inc feel much bett-rfor
a time an I then I li id again t)) call a ohysiei n
for aid. We had lour of the, beet phy:ieinne
of New York on the diseases-cif the lungs, and
doctors of all kinds, but or so avoid. They
PC , ' I was past cure, nut tl, tt my inags were
too far gone for ally one to core me. Ili; at
this time I was on my feet about the loupe,
not able to do much of at):.'lting. In Not inn
b^r last I grew war e, Sri the , o ), F ula t aitui
iliarrhrei set in an I ha , e); shoot eight week:
We had trb d all an.l evert thing that I conid
grasp of like a dying pets in fur at...J . 1 , -I,es
nbinnption and liver complaitit—but of no
Jinonry, 1843, I was hromtht down ag.ain
on my bed; ant we not cape tel to. live the
eltt out. Mr II tisband Ft ,ved at my side,
stud other Iriewlt, and they ail go% e me en to
tiie. 'At thitt titer cicry not who sin mo did
not I woultd.c.ter trim my betl'a living
womnu. The first night I w.te atme.ed with
f3p4 , :1114, and was derttmed mot ot the fil,.
A frtend, Mrs. !Luria, et'nro sec the the MA
of the week, and broug'tt the Sand ty Mercury.
Lt it Was nil acre tat of A 7,11' It Cure perform
,ed by Dr. Seheock. She re of it to me, aml it
watt .to inneh like toy &seise that I attked to 3
bnOttod to' go and 9," , 0 h;11 lor me. At this
tine I Mid given up alt hopes of ever , :ettnr4
well nod made inc pea, e with God, to
be ren ly whenevlr he called for rue.'
On the 27111 of January l is t, my husband
dled on
D. Schenck, 32. Bowl street. New
York, and st dud to lim my else. with a rc
"role‘t for him to call lied see rue, which he did,
end examined me with Ike re-pirirvt
When ho was Montt to go i n-ked dune if he
could cora toed 11 . :7 reply was: "1 cannot
1 :0 A luogs :ye ! the bronel ial
Lobel are affected on With sines." And yet he
acenird,to think that there note lungs (moonh
left to elllet a (lice if tiii• tJi •rrlini t co 01.1 err
a topptil. lie s.iid in order to do this, he wool I
have to give me Ntantirtke Pills in small dunes
at fir.t, to C irry °IT the mot-0N nititter, and
thou, witlinstringrots, he hoped to citeck it,
• ili , •11 I,ltittllle constont cring.47 l g,,,night
:mud dtori !or I. 11.4 I,ros•r.o l e'i me so
that he was afraid my vital powersla ere to i
much pro-tratel ever to r illy, no.: yet!lie seems , '
tu illiok if I could live to get ennugh,l'ulitionie
Syrup throughmy ttystem to c lose expectora
tion there were lungs left for me to re
cover. He wished MP to try the ',Pulloonie,
• p and Seaweed T lonic t once, saying it
would do Ind no harm, if it did me no wool.-
-The first week it scented to gite ma strength,
• Viitt, on Sunday after I sat up in tied and ate
hehrty fora 8;e1r Woman, but the i,t•st week I
lost all hope 11114 my IListetrid not to
give me any more meilit inc. But the dm tor
had warned him of ;bd., sod when the medicios
was cle crag; out the ay-tern it made me feel
somewhat restless, an I to pci•SCVCCP and 11 ,
lileis * C.l on my taking it : and r.ow.! feel the
benefit of it. For after eight days d deg to
gain my strength, and, with the ext . ...ll:tier' of a
cold th It put me hack some, I have.iicen gain
ing strength of body-, me cough is allies; 314'.1% . ,
and all cry pains are go:ie (no soreness otilie
iy, my bowels are regular, nod ray breath
is sweet, and I thank God tlmt :nil now g, '-
lug about, and sew its ,}yell as ever I
eoul.l. I have taken six:rim loptics of the
eight of each. I now hive n good
eppetiiP att4 rest at ell at night ; me Cough does
it , t trouble be in getting up or lying down. 1
would here gay to the aflli: ted with c ins imp
ft ru liver compiniat,th:t Dr. Seltenek is nu
humbug. - You can rely on what be says.—
Delay not; it is dangerous to trifle..., with these
‘ll , o.a.iei. If y oti.wriulilbe cured, go nt once ;
stud rtny one wi-hing td know the . :tlitS-Rs hem Q
in stated canac.:ll :st my residerice,, 117 11'oat
diouston street, New York city.
We, the undersigucd,.reddents of New York,
pre acquainted with Mrs. Farlow, an I know
tier statement to be tine. We alsn know that
611C-11Sei Dr. Schenck's Pulmonic 7S:. rap and
aweed Tonic, and have re.tson to believe
that to this medicine sheowes her r reservation
from a premature grave.
.18. F.YRLOW 117 West Hou4ton et.
EEGENE UNDERHILL, 979 Greenwich st.
Mrs. K. UNDEMIILL, n 76 Greenwich St.
AUGUSTA UNDERHILL, 676 Greenwich st.
V.. E. HARRIS, 117- West Houston et.
EMILY GLOVER, 117 West Houston st.
J. L. COLE, 33 Cottage pl.
M. A. LEP; LUTON, A:3 'Broadway.
Mrs. BENJAMIN CILtPP, 19 Amity pl.
I am well acquainted with Mrs.. Mary'r.
Farlow, and with her husband, Mr. B. Fartow,
they hawing, for a few months intt, attended
at :ny church, and I am couttiuead that nny
etatement which they mi,zlit tr:frte;nrty be re.
lied on as true. JOHN DOWLING', D. D.,
Pastor of Bedford St. Baptist (Aura, N. Y.
Dr. Schenck will be profesaionally at his
ptiocip.i.i °tee, No. 15 North Sixth street,
corner of Cammeree, Philad , lphit, every &t
-urd ty, frcie 9 A. M. until 4 P. M. ; No. 3t Bond
sheet, New York, every Tuesday, from 9 to 3;
N. 33 Soma'Jr street, Boston, Mass , every
Wednesday, froal 9 td ; 3y and every other Fri.
day at 103 Biltimure street, Baltimore 11.1..-..
AI 1 advice free, bA. for a thorough examina
tion of the /tun with his Bespirometer, the
charge is three dollars. ,
Price of the .Pubsionie Sirop and Beaw.ted
Toole, each St .40.,per.b..,tt1e, or $7 iiii per
lislf dozeu.• Mandrake Pi 113,33 etotts per bax.
1 j c
For sale by all Urn ;in a
tand Dealers.
Nov. 19, .1960. 1. - ' -
PMM CIDER. I i EGAR 3w:in's - Grocery
on t~ , ipe corn er tjag Diamoud,
4:1110, 11164. ,
I ,
1•. . .
. 1 . .. .. ,„ . .....
... , „,.
.. u„..
~.. ,
, .
.1- ritpsti
••• ~,, h s ") •
CIL I A ' 1 ' In '' .t•
1 e I
• _ '
J. STABLE. GETTYSBURG, PA., MONDAY, DEC. 17, 1866. -4 13- : YEAR.-ISO. 12:
Tlh Whre and Stoves.
/WE subscriber respectfully Informs the
I . public that he still continues the babiness
of making
at tLe old staid: (formerly Andrew Pollc)'s,)
in Tork sveet,Gettysbnrz, where he hl3 the.
Itrirest assortmeat of tin ware ini the cnnnty,
with many othermrticlei for Isit , 2ll.n
Ako. C4)(11i1 VG STOVE. 4 3; NINE-PLATE
STOVES, 61 the verf bnAttintls:
S. G. COOK. .
Mar. 12, 18C5. 3m .
f Sil 3 .IA., Cl:ilterA, dr.,. ,
Tou M. :t tu:ILING,
, r • '
f ,
IN 0 taLuspn rrtrET;
we=t stile, a fed doors from 04 , 1 3 uhlic Square
Gettysbitro;,, hto 1 til in an At:ellen! assort
ment Of :34()Pi. Gaiters. ke., for -1
21'...1-V,.1110111 - :1" Affil CiIII.III.EV,
whirl) ho i 4 otferitm at the very loq.i: profits.
Ilasigg hlito.,:it f)r c tilt. at the I t eit r; Luz
tire, he 13 I.n.par6l in 0.174 r gr.. a I, rg. Lin 4.
11 mt an , l S'ithi Im trip, I. :vie i on at
the et:ne pl tee, Had the befit kii 1 of w lei(
m tie. .. JOHN 11. [MILAN/.
May 11, 13CC. ,tf
Fhll and WWl2r Garvii4.
, scorn &SONS hitv.e just received an•
11 . . other tine as.ortinent of SPIN GOODS,
con-iistio;nin p irt.ofClot ilg, C t 9 C IFSi•
nets, Kentucky and Tae U 3, fur Gen
tlemen sweitr. Alpo. a flue it..,ort neut. of
Our stock has been seteete 1 with great care,
.t. 9.1 tce ire prepared to sell as thlap Ai any
otlwr esti. , iiislrn.litt in the eiptatrvi We ask
the pu'ilic to ..,rive us a etll and I judge for
C. 1.11 and see ill. Nolo 010110 to
show GOild 3. A. LiCOT .1; SUNS.
Sep:. 17,, 1866.
For Sale. •
TLIU Vlc,roft sou3o SPIL L.
Over Five floras - m.l of these Stills have.been
made soli in the last three v it's. The
he-t recomlneti lAtio93 rin b. giyena
Also--."OOK'S'EVA?•IftATOrt. fhr makinz
Sugar and Styluses, sit I to be the hest in use.
Three' different 3ize3 far grintiroz t'nrn in the
ear, n. any other 1(414 or trr
't'tii n ill ien:ne th it every tarn lr sliefi'd
have, as a bushel of gronnd fee 1 'IA , Irt tl fy ,t
bus'n.l and a half uno•rottnd. The ilitz , t price
of heed of a!I Ii iil3 makes an implatives de
mand fur con.e 1.1411 of m lehinery aritieh to
sai.e. 'lt is .t ripil grin•ler and du-raide.
SC'IIOO.I,S, \I a )(751 , ..-;, FouND,up,s, k r .
M ide cti th,f st,el co4uposiiiuu. Church
Bells answed for uric,r
lf 7/I L/11 . 7711 Z Sr.r:ITO
WI CR.:I :El,l,'S GUANO-A . l'l'A
Sig nta• of (tic bed I
in O.— It will iii,ttlb ite r.ny, I in , t
ealy, ,on' I ftilln ul
nen!. Thei (I .1 rtn ft.tchnlent
n•o , n• me 1.
Cllll-41 liote.l a, not to do: In eowing
o!. aln • Idral. 11 Lvi
Tlonow I. 111 t.p.zo' 11l Lctio 1.t.4 So.I
tnllc lucon)toco I 111 , ::11 t l be what
wistiing to bl
atioa the suppl
and tli:,;e:a tad great.
F. P. •S VITITS ClNl' SmEr, rl.
ni,t, It is the only Piolgn yet
that WI I invariably suoar iiiliiny soil,
Secon i, It is now an cstalilisheil II
It w.ll last front flue , • to six ?oiinei 1.1
it /
urother steel plotigli in use
Tiitr-1, It di tw. ligbier than a '
Plangli, cutting the same n• Rh and
Ti,. , different parks of the Though at
moulil3, into the ex:et Inn ilii=irell
ntocild-hoarils, slatrii; an I 1 tild..sil.,
iiiii p iris most expoied, to wear mai
tlii,:iine:s. The sbares rant be shill')
any IA ittkanctli. The neat is perfect{l
itlilii Will works kiaey. E Igi to as 11
insi - .1. out of pieces of the plough b:
smiths ail over the conntriv.
Fit; s tie tog - W.l WIBLF, At. ,
'Aug. 27, 1341\ No ir Getlysito
- Rtsw,itkr,
• /:no Er: —THE
45-E. 'Corse ..4.lcobtei titre f.
• i5L0W.11.111t.1itt14%,1,..0.1 1 i
recd 4e,nlatioa. ,ve taken
Fri lin at all the .4.te e State F . ...}irs
u:;irensolly acknomfedge.l to be., , the
• all oho bare tried tlwin. The
the "Sli,attle
pninti have been attained by
3'lley are the on,' uteici
.ew .kml embroider with p •tTectiot
.11‘..elinies are pc...di:lcl). ill tp`!e.l t
use. Tit y are altnoit noisole=s, ret•
tio.n ,the spool witboat rewin It
simile in their epastrtictiaa. TI v
to title ige,,al.l can he iv - irked by I
chill. ti:ery s 1 , 111 1 1 have
.I,loe ihey suer 01 , 1$1 tA,7I
:tad 11•1 their work butter tit in it can
11,111bt l.
Tr L e on.ler.tignei" hi/ring been
Agent for the Ithov , • is es. ,
an A.l 1113 C ' ollll
be arid always hate on 11.L , 11 snpp
sons widling to buy will please call . ,
ine her t_ciaseives.
I?3"Seedles and tiirrail will 'lll3O
plild.J;.B WI C11r:110%V, A
F.tiraeld, Akin, cou
Aug. 27, ISM.I. tf
Forwardiner and Co:nnt
7 110n4e.
'lasing purchased the ex tun iive
Carl, Ate, iteretufore olv.rod oy 8 mu ,
we beg I,:are to itit'orn the public th
c.lntinaing the bi3ilit•B3 at the old
the c.ruer or Washington al 1 Uttar° ,
oa a mare exten.ive•ecule thin beret
We are payiag the highe4t market!
Flour, Grain and all kw le of prodne:
Fldur mid Feed, S ilt, and all kin
°ado., kept e metantly on hand 'n.ndl
cheater than they c to be h.t I anyw
Nester. and al I its inds of fertilizers,c
on itond, er furnished to order.
regloar line of Freight Cars
our Warehouse every TM:WAY—III
and necoinna,,lttion trains will bb r
casion may requae. 111 this :wrningL
are r repared to convey Freight at all
and from Halthnore. All business
hind entrusted to us, will be prumptl
ed to. Our cars rut to the Warehou
ren;or, a Sons, 195 North !lox ad st
tinore. Being detertuiteed to pay go
sell cheap and deal f drly, we invite el
to gae us a call,
Cum , & EARN
Aug. 13, ISG3
- • -
F 4 sui*tro Slaat tie Sewing' ?I,
ARs superior-to all others or , I
CoNtain all the Istest improve4rts; are
speeds; noiseless; d tr•able ; and easlower;:.
Illustrated tree. Agent wanted.
Liberal discJunt allowed. No cons zatuduts
Adiress E111'111.2 S. M. CO., 616 roadway,
Sew 1ork: [Sept. 17, IS ti: 1y
TVIPHORN 4 HOFFMAN are reee ving•New
teooila every week from the e4etern Ci
twe. Du not fait tä kfre. them a'enil, on the
northwest Uurnet et the •!gklare, tty 3 urg,
bay a pair of nice. fine, pate t leather
tipped BALII.O2AL SHOE i, for. - lad es, at the
!Store of . IL. It. 1 UOli.S.
Profassional Cards.
Law Partnoralaip.
% :I1 peomully attend to all lettli business
entrusted to :Ir•m,in-lnding the procuring of
Pensions, 13-.entu•, Bock P7ty, and all other
claims attainst the Cuited States and State
Gov, rome
Mice in North West Cornet of Diamond,
A?ril3, Idtis. tl
Elvrard B. Ba2lllor,
TT:Ms . :EY AT LAC, will fAitlifally and
promptly atteaLl to all b.:,irIP.SS entrust
ed to him. He a;)e.tki th German Inn:Lunge.
o:Fhte, at the s ung place, iu South BaLimore
street, nc•tr Fora •c'e drng store, and nearly
opposi e ') Lane- .k; wore
Oetty,lior,v, Vtrelt 20
A TTOIINFiY AT LIN.--I'ilTticnliir ntten-
AL twit prit to eAleerion of l'en•ion4,
Bonty, an , l B.ek-pay. ()Mee in the S. E.
corner of the Diamond.
Getty:3l)nm April 6, 18G3. tf
D. McCone.ughy,
4TTOrtic AT LAW, (OM •P nno door west
or Fluelder's drug and book store, Cll.llll
- Area) AT ronN EY %ND SOLICITOR You
PATENT% ANL:I/EN:runs. Bounty Lto , \Via
r su-petaled Cl iiins, and i;11
other el Ciotti against the Government at Wash
ington, D. G.; also American claims in Eng-
Inn I. Land W truants located and sold, or
bought, .stns highest price.; given. Agents en
gaged,ia loc iting w u r.ints in liswa, Illinois
unit other weste:n St.ites. j,, ; 2l•Apidy to him
personally or by litter.
Gettysburg, Nov. 21, '53.
Dr. J. W. C. O'Nears
(~FrTCI3 and Dwelling, N. P. tornPr of Bal
k j tin or an I Ifizh streets, near Prdsby Le
ri tn Chard!, Gettysburg, Pa.
Nay. 30. 'BO3. tf
Dr. D. S. Peffer,
AIMOTTSTOWS, Adams county, continues
the r.uctice nt his profe—ion ir all itq
hr 1.1.- , 1c3, and would raircti,illy iii itr• all
vr-6,1: a11 , ct , 41 w!th a.av old standing, dis
ea,•4 to call avid consult him. .
04. 3, I :,1;.1. tf
D T, 0. Kinzer,
'TT AVl‘'ll loeated permanently at BON
-41-111_ AUGHTOWN, Adarris enunty,will attend
pro aptly to I.llprJfessioaal calk d ty or n l / 4 h6.
At Jolla Lvplis's, where he ran always
be pion I. nale , s professiqually engaged..
A. , ;;;. 6, 1866. ly
Dr. F. C. Wolf,
trillB now
' uf gr.tin
to. tlitee
It is ,rivon
It is sn
.t• k I
t_t•so .1
rot, I c
tLcp or
Jr bltou.
'• i i i sat ill
TTIVING Ine•tteil at HAM . " BERLIN, A cliiims
'FT eoliniy, hone; that' by strict Ron' iqn to
hi; ti ;tittles be way merit ft share of
the public patronage. [ Ipr. 2, 'Cin - tt
- - -
J. Lay/rem - 33 11111. M. D.,
,T.l'; his otri •e one
2 _ tor vet
L elinreh in
intlintiersl - tug street. and opp.ostte Pr
Horn° •'s 'h• re wisili;tq as
it le Ite tttl tio-ettioit pi-Horn
fulls invitt±.l to e di. It..Fsnßstlt;::
nee, Rev. ti. P. Krauth, D. 1.):,
r, D. P., Rev. Prof. 11.
Pr,i. L. S'ir. .er.
(lettystineg, _..grid 11, '53.
n rcura.
rr auc' a
Globe I
y n.her
depih of
(-I Err sIIJIt G, 1' -11te undersigned
kJ - wauld , nast re-pr ally inform his n
meron, Iria.ris and th oldie generally, that
he Ims. pitch iced it long establisLed and
well known hotel, th,to “Giol)o Inn," in Yolk
strebt, Gettysburg, and will spare no effort to
conduct it in a manner that will not detract
front its former high reputation. Ilia table
will loi,te the best Inc market. can tiflord—his
chambers are spacious and cotemtable—antl
he has laid, iu for his bar a full stock of wines
and licours. There is large st thling attached
to tile time!, tr': , ch will he attended h:- atten
tit e nostlers, It will he his constant t trleacot
to render the i-ti- faction to his glleEti.',
making his house an iii7mr n home to theta as
po;swie. tle asks a share of the puhliC.s pa
tronage. deter:nined as lie is to deserve a large
pert of it. Itenyenilier, the "Globe Inn" is in
York street, but near the Diamond, oc Public
April 4, 13134. tf
r east in
tor. the
j Kirin
deaii • 1
•i,ene ty
ily m de
-114 vo
rg, Pa
0111" •0
1v ty of
the first
and •ire
IIEiT in
itch '-ai e
io other
dies th tt
The e
and are
'most any
e mn mei,
be dune
E :11 tle-flai d Hot al.
TIIIS heiug (hie of the relies of the
It vtle of Gettyzbarg h L 3 hee,t renal:at e:1
anJ returuishedl, end i 3 realy t elt“rttin
tr tvellera :1 , 1 Ito p•thlie gen.‘r :fly. It I being
:hurt ditt•1111!...3 from the Siltherf;•vra
Uemetere. it,l3 coacenieet aeroinnt dt
lions for ell there, :Ina the soh.ierther
(titters himselt Lil.. IL MIS sh.lll‘le.tve him die
s tti•lietl.
Also, lee Cr'eam :1,111 all kinds- of "rerresh
rnent4, at all boars, to ICCJ'LI 11u1.40 proale
-11.1.1er3. Give Tlle .1 a 1: I.
le point •4
il.ll-11,.. , 1
y, utter.;
JOiEP.I LITTLE, Proprietor
Getly.thtirg, ALLy 21, 11 , A. If
y. Put
nd et im-
Ra!lrorei 111311:4L.,
‘l l PAR Tilkl DEDO'f
J:1 lI.ANOV ER, TOR!: co , PA.
The nirlersigniiii wo r d respectfolly ttilorm
no :n•rott friends au I :lie cebefally,
tliat he has ie.L4 • , 1 the II mover, r
the Depot„ formerly kept by Mr. Jeremiah
K.)ll'.er, and will sp ire no effort to eortilnet it
lila .
Ines that giye general satisfaction.
Ills table will haveLthe beet the markets can
chanihSrs are spacious and cum
far-able—lnd he hits 1104 in for his bar a full
stock of *choice lalnes un I liquors. There is
Alibiing for hories att iciii dto the Dead. It
will be his e3tis alt etilearor to render the
Wiest satisfaction 'to his guest", making his
',wi s e as near a h me td tihent as possible.—
lie asks a..:lhare of the public po-ronage, de
termined 33 he is to deserve a large p het of it.
Remember the It.iilroad llouse, near the De
two! ilaiiover, P.t. A. P. l 3 tl r Cailt.
Occ. tf
be Stlp't
y, PA.
ie we gre
st in Ivo'
d streets,
price for
- of Gro
:br sale,
ere else.
Uu o.LltiJnore street, Ne trly Opposite the Court
ill !ewe
a as oe
, nen,. we
times to
of this
1 attend
• of Ste.
Test, B
every description of work executed in the
hnest style of the art.
June 4, 1303. tf
To one gallon of water, take one and a
half pouls or salt, half a ['LAI tid 01 sugar, I
half an ounce of saltpAre, half an ounce •
of potaslh In this ratio the pickle to be!
increased to any Twilit). ilk-area. Lot . '
these be boiled together until all the dirt'
from the sugar rises to the tuft and is skint- ;
mad oft: Then throw it sinto a tub to'
cool, and when cold pour it over your beef
or pork, to remain the usual tone, say
four or five weeks. The meat inu,t be
well covered with pickle,lawl should not
be put down for at least two days after' ,
killing, during which time it must 'Lie'
, spritak led with powderedsaltpetre, which:
John Tit. Tipton, :removes all the surface blood, &e., leav- , 1
ing the meat fresh und clean. Some omit I
LUSE - HON:I9IA BARIUM, North-east I Or.
boiling the pickle, and find it to answer
nee of the Diamond, neat door to lie' very well, though the operatitin of boil=
Cielhtn's Uotel,) Gettysburg, Pa. where he ing purities the pickle by throwing uhf
can al all times be found mute to attend to all
the dirt always to be found in salt and,
business in his line. Ile has also excellent as- su
A at. , If this recipe is properly [ tied, It
sistance and will ensure satisfaction. % "ve
will never be abandoned. There is wipe
him a call bee. 3 ' lB6° ' that surpasses it,. if 60 good.
1860. orumg-hirgekien.".74::nudLti-13,3, te•Boar your cross worthily:, and IG
peptised Li) Dr. It MAIN= i-, : Will turn to au inflator. . ,
Still at Work !
T HE undersigned continues the
in all its braneses, at his old stand, iu Last
Middle street. Gettysburg.
made ue order, and
done promptly end at lowest priees.
Two first-rata SettlNG WAGONS for
sale. dICUIi TIiOXEL.
J. C. Neely,
d. L.
I). U.,
‘lt ND7
ail M 1 Vtdrl).
For the Gettysburg Complier.
I loved n sue; -
tier loci., :this, Is not for nte;
lint vrliat I never earl despise.,
Areju it brut^ c:,*(43, tli _rte. sparkling eyes.
Her !wanly I extollNl In rhyme;
"A Ls," she PALI, "118 "II kiot Lime;'
Ilut %, h:lt I sail as beauty prize,
Ari Just thcs,..i those sparkling eyes.
Just !lore I see that pretty dove,
Bert Wien I try to win her love,
.11e.iy she hies. awry mlll hies,
With both those eyes, those sparkling..eyes
I think I'll try her once again,
Bat If she will not love Dl.'
h t her skek what dirt most tries,
To deity her sparkling eyes.
Is OM itp not a better mark,
And hope"( bliss a Imghter spark,
Than what site has, who daily c•ri. s,
That she has eyes, yes, sparkling eyes.
Goal solid sen , : a lover seeks,
With virtuous eyes and re:-,y cheeks;
But when 41. youth In fancy
He'll seek the inald with spark ling eyes.
A f r r ' CnIIT-Trii
The views advanced in the following,
article, Wil kb we copy from the Ra t a,
,Imericrw, are not those h t ;ht by
majority of our farmers, but n , the w'
addliceq his argunients clearly an()
apparent 4incerity, we give them
tßgmi,ing, at the same time, to '
columns open to those who mr
advocating the oppo , itepogit"
eevtainly are aruments of
and good may result fron
cession of the sulject -
:h sides,
candid die-
Comp /If_ c.
zough the dif
..ned that rwks
anurc-‘ are an nu
bp beim; lairied ot* being a ppli
either liquid or solid
.ekstoeopy nature, will
,:t• her operAtions close
:er•t:nrichcs her produets
asses of eoncentrated sub
.lN'C'S her , tiintilant mi
'tions, chiefly from the sur
earth. It has been urged
p-tiresit, that the dcea3 lug
• give a hirer portion of its am
.to the atm() phere. It is I.lll4loUlA
thet that Son's. ammonia does Ulu.
off; et accurate exlatrinients have
niet, that the:Co
ption hy the manur, of nrokture and
, ammonia, mon: than compensates for
he amount thrown oft:
By various nu
fer Cat I have
es Of rig lf nitroivenor
ally loz-t, or ncarly
below plant roots,
ed to the surface '
form. AV Imeve ,
learn Ir 3
ly,lhat she
with crud ,
note pro
face or
Where taatiute lies exposit] on the stir
face, ti vompo , ll;on_ take, plaee
and the t:lt.ido, pota-h, lime, soda. and
the pho‘lthates are not 'volatile, but re
main to be appropriated by the plants as
The slave of Daceltuit who use:, hi.;
stinnt:ant , , -"th.:t he is warmed
in winttn - anti cooled in ~u nt !nor." Tbi
i- exactly what mulching and top-dre-,-
ing do to the soil. 'less, moisture
and air itre the rouniAtes for -vegetable
and mitieral decomposition. These re
quirement, are met by surfaie manuring,
and thoVwwital wit, n ,ct
free, at envy e , tin_ food for vogotable
life. _\s the manure disappears front the
surface, It is wo-bed iolo the soil in the
prect,,e condition required by the grow
ing- plants, )vltieli iii turn become active
agent-, \ earr3 nig forward eltemical
.chattges \through the inttire surface on
whichh they act.
Waste n.s. manure in burying it In the
soil. Top-drew in July and Antrust,
and make the tierce ray:, of the summer
Sun a chemical I tbor:J:ory to enrich your
fields. Top-dress in '4 , .. , .ptentlter,,,azol 00-
tobll., and make the autumn rains distill
upon your lands sitowe;ti of 7.1111111011i.1.
1.%)1)-(11V,,, ill the l Aing, aart make the
hat plenty to eli , tr; lade over you'
11, bh the wealth tteaultilliated by the
frosts HMI allows of winter.
Remove every ••••one from the track in
the h h way. .single In o'eetion, which
niche have been removed in one minute.
has battered and inured a thousand wa
gons, at :( damage equal to a hundred
days' lal,or.
, "Remove every rtone from the .track
in the highway." (tori advice—adviee
which we should like tohn press inpc,:s.r,
upon every man wl,im drives a team.
Nor would road supervisors and turnpike
superintendents escape the 'counsel less
frequently, had we the opportunity. The
injuryi done to 11()Nt'i, wagons, gears, and
temper, by rough, "bumping . " roads, is
far beyond what the generality of people
would estimate it at, and we feel that we
are doing an important work. for loan
and beast, in urging the removal of "eve
ry stone from the track . in the highway."
-- . .47(t. Compiler.
As this is the "but,:hering," sea.3on the
following , excellent recipe for curing
meat will no doubt Le weleonie to many.
/ We published a n..u•ly similar one some
WOUICA ago, and recommended it, as we
do this—the diff...renee between them not
being materibl. Umler either, a-failure
is hardly - pos , lble. We have always had
chod m .zit of our own euring, when sugar,
or molasses, or both, with .alt-petre and
potash, were used about as directed be
i low—and we do not see why the rule
• should not work as well with other pee
-1 ph!. As salt differs in strength, it Ys al
wap3 best to test tha plehle with au egg
- before pouring on the meat.—Ed. Cent
4.tur.„ ,
"Aft&r brvalea.,l I wa4 :zurprip,l to : , ce,
my In go out, aikd eataing• ht r
heng, tie e.a.11 mie's together, anti
throw them upon the ground, with 'there,
now, lie good. "
"Man, did you do that for?" I ieked.
"To make 'em lay," she ims'a
"...take . eni lay, will that do it:"' I in
"Law, Yes,"she said ; "didn't you ever
beam till of that befori
conrt-.4 , :t1 I teal not. In an hour
she went again, and picked up lie litv,
and sure enoue.ll some I: ; tho-e
-hr let go, and. thi.y ran °II, uot even
their gratitude. But :how hen , t
which set:tn, tal to ho coot care,
site struel, on the Lac':, saying;—'you'd
Letter lay—you'd het ter luy, you won't
go until you do,'" at in a little while,
they too had recompensed their mist re,-;
for feeding them so [alum; She
she dues so every morning, and the hen,
know enough that they mu,t, lay."
il our
.el like
The Cineinnati •G , ezdte says: "The
following remialy for hog, holera,' we
are aT•niell, ha.; WI•11 I,y J.
Phdt tk. Co., of Phut eouffiv,
during the lw-t !ointilier—`,lat:e toa
from the root, and for each
hunilre.l Logs :alit one•pound
anti hiake a ,titr Au!) with bran. for
a cure, feel once a day ; for a preventive,
once a week.,'
(Th 1-
o' '
• . •
Nev. f21.4.`2‘.141 and
Aurceal , iy•to eaII r.f flte.Connty
rerintendent, tlw I n , f I itnte e.w.venetl , -.1
NVe(lne.-(lay, lh t :1••ti„.;"v„ in the 1e ,,, ,..-
rnent of the United Brethren rhureh in
I,ittleslown. At o' , lo-h, Ihe T , l=titnte
w,e; raltt d to o: der Coun
ty SLIP' Fit:ton:tent, who in the ai,-enee of
the I'l t. , hient, nonli!.aled t'ai,t. 11.
:11.innigh, who wa-.: ele by
..>.fter the turt;yorr,ry ehairm.:n •
haft lalien Li= i=ett t, the In it ote wa,ppon
e4l with }try( r., followed by the singing
of ".I.lnerien.”
TiLo minute , ; of the at Get
tyslntrg were rezal and
On motion of ;41a,iy, Cmitn:ttee
of three wai am. t;11,:-.. , 1 to tnt:ol 1 the
name; the meather, pre t. ConolV;
tee:--fir. Ifartzel Ozoup, and Mi-4.1
White. On Motion of Mr. Ilen4h a com
mittee of three wa4 appotated on perma
nent organization. Comm ittee
fer,h. and Sheely, tuot Mks 011ie T.
After tram feting .e -ii moon , :
bu , Thess, the e::ectuiv. , commlttoe w'ats
11:101!),y th.2.uppo:ll:;ne.r.. o:*Mr.
;Ind My; 4 Tiilelip4Olato Mr. Sheet)...
On motion an illVit.al4l:l V.": 1•.; ex.temled to
the citizen , : Of Little-town and teleher-:
from other States, to p,:;:l7iiin;e in the va
rious-,vereises. Insti:Ae then ad.;ournell
until the afternoon. .
The proeeed , ..; wore op2no'l%;-Ith,lng
ing hr elv)lr ur teueJaer , , and prayer 1.24
by :ir. lietll. !Inger. The 101 l w.e-.1 Ault,
many of the Ine.:.thers ap
propriate senthnonts :Ind the nrinu , • -
of Inc read, nnd a.loptc.l. Mr.
Sheely then , - , '„? 1 the •titute in
regard to what w. 1.; Li be 711111( . 11 at aril
a;:enmpli,hed ut the present
Air. Cu.). I!. Hart:tell followed in an ire
strnetive y-siy, his suideet
it exanaple to
The readin rrf Ihe os,ay %v.v.; followed iiy
i,,nito an animated ilkyie= 10.1 of the same
itilbjeet, part iidpatial in by I'. D. W. flun
key, Anron,:-:heely, C. Ileilldinger,
A. L. Keyp.irtt, (2. it; rtit and other..
After the close of thy ilken , sion, I'. D.
\V. Hankey delivered an able adtlre-t.i on
"Reading, as a in..tdwi of I.le.iiLal Cul
ture." Arlin:ln-led.
Institnte :net at o'clock, in the main
anfin.noo rzuna of the U. B. Chizrell. Al
ttr by the c hoii , :Ind prayer by
Rev. Ifunry, the roll '11:3.4 call—Land the
minutes read and approve I.
'Phe subject of 31r. ii :cry's 'ternoon
w. 1.4 then opened for genoral dis, which w. 1.4 a')ly 4nd:tete(' by
1-fefH2(ll7,`•r, liankey,
lionry, and othryr.,
The followin4 named por4ons were ap
polnted t Committee on re-iointiooB : —J.
'lnward Wert, Cal harin.. Uroap RA
chic A. Wright. Inin:rier: were wad," in
'regard to liectiring ,the to t!it mulience
eliamir2r of tneCliuicli for til2 fUtlICe seS•
SiOnS Of the 111‘‘titlIte, ro,:uhed in
obtainiag the use of the Adjourn
ed. ; •
sr:cols.a) DAY-MT:NT N(1. S
Institttfe °potted with sir.4ing of "The
StA r tp neglect lt-t:mct," anti pr.Wer.
After the calling of the :IA! and ?Ile re:cl
ing anti atlaption (AULT minus Mr. Mc
;-;!terry delivered an interestinL. o say ph
the sab,:eut of Oen:v.:why, the discussion
of the sant:: being continued by Mr.
iiheely and others.
After the clos af the diAencotiou the In
rtitute Rroceetted to the election of oft
eel's, which resulted as follows:
Prelidrul—Capt. 11. N. Muntigh.
Irwo-Preat , l4. - at-I'aul
4 , ,orclal•ii—Catharine (trot: p.
Avit xecturil—Mis 011ie J. Heluaril.
Teeasurcr—_l:tron Sheelv:
Ctinurcittec—Aaron t;hee:y, Chair
man Marla U. Thompson, J. Howard
Weri. '
Mr. Herih moved that the next se;4len
of the Irlititute •be held at New Oxford,
some time I/1 3 13 it—'tune to be fixed by
the ex3-eutive eulthaittee x tha tuutiou
rl by a unanimous
that the lio:titute finally ad
eloQe of the even i iv; t.ession.
Me<Nrs. Sbeely, Hersh, and
finally amended to read "Fri
it," and in that form, adopted.
miseellareims bmintss,
TERNOON Fl!.. +;10:1
eitte , t of the afternoon were
h yinginir by the 'Feacherre
-and. prayer by G. F. Hartzell,
• roll call. an 1 the reading and
)f the minute,.
, r 8 who. were electA during
ig vrssion, were installed.—
(it delivered an interesting
ddress, in which he dtd not
ye a portion of "his policy."
'resident and several a the
followed in. very appropriate
' installation of (avers, Mr.
tat quite an int ere-ti r and
essay On thesui t ieet;of "Com
o!' Teacher-," upon wlifeh
y discu-sion en , ued, ortlei
40s,rA. Thukey, l fp! -it, I [art
tiger, I'. Ifouck, Sheely, Miss
nd several others,
subject had been very ably
a committee, consisting of
. 511, liartrell, aml A. L. Ms
iisses M. C. l'hoinr,on and
.u-ifcell, was appointed to draft.
relative to the salary of
opening exerviQvs, whi,ch von
ng by the vintir, prayer by
•hb•r, tlie e.illing ni the r6:l,
cotter Ong and adopting, of
The tainuleN, the re , ,olutions reltectin4
salary, as pre , tnited In the after
noon. were unanimou•tly adopted. Music
by (-holt%
.011 mid ion of Mr. Iter,dt, the President
nppoi Med a C0111111:ttVe orillret.lllPllther4,
VIZ Sheply and Hartvell,
t.) s<dieit the excellent u , ssity of Mr. Me,-
(leaf for pnldleation. motion of Mr.
Mulkey, J. Heinard, the asNk
taut See.'etary. seas appointed to procure
fer pnblieation a 11:4 of all the feaehers
In , ent, Turin , , the ses-ion of the In stl- .
tine, from the varioto tlit.triett;.
.\ vecy excellent leeture w:i then deliv
er,c,l by Mr. .laron on "The Ori of words, different phrases, &e., in
the Filtrligh Language." A portion of
an Ottelnal poem, entitled Pedagte4ieB,
avn , + Prof. Crider, and was lisfen
vd to w ith nineli attention and interest.
poem waq ofa pithy nature, rind very
tri kinc•ly p wtrayed the character of the
School-master. A vote of thanks was
tQatl::ed hini fur Ills kind services ren
The reading of the l'Or'M was followed
by another very ititerestilig leeture, by
I'. I). Flunkey, tri the sultject of "Our
Inilucnee." Mu-ie by the choir.
The ruh . , ,e( t of P.l.jontal CO-operation
w.l- then taken up. and , qnitealively Ilk
en,ned. On motion diheussion
ciose.l r.n(l In.titute :60talted•
ND D.\
filer the te , ual fodeniag exerckeg, a
very aide and into req Lug aduress was de
livored I.y M. L. Cateq.•
ttn inot!on t , ht_tei, - , the subject
( , tverlttn..nt. \v.v.; taken up and
di-eus,ed. When tht , time for adjourn
tuent ived, the disen , tdott ehewd, nn
utotien of :11 - r. 11-r-h, to he t•ontinued
imint;dintely nfter the opening exerekes
ui 010 :.11..:1100111. Ad j ourned tint 41,
I'.' J[.
A EaxocN lON
I ly the l'ezte•her,' l7ler (",(11),
-1o.e•<••Ile}• prayer by Mr.
The lollm% in;: mot flip!) nlaqle
Mr. tiatel , ,l.ll.l r.eulte.l iq the aillribut
"Bpi; moveil that a Comlnittee on in
troda, be appointed, one of whieh is
to be odi• worthy SO perintendeLt, wl u
didy it Nlill Irc to about a Wore ro
eial and frit. wily int,..reotn•- , e among the
teaeher- of thi k'onvvlition."
The committee rap:juted by the Presi
dent, Were Mr. Siteety, Mr. Gatc4, Mr., ?II.; (ieti, Mt,' \Vrig: aud
\Srhite. Minute:4 :1.11,1 approved.
Tip di ,, cu—iion on School l iovernment
v. - a; r, , Futned nutl parti.ripated in with
inuelt aninuttion, hy- 1k104:4 . r5. linrtzell,
ilur-h, ihirboraw,
NVfight, Getz,
31eEl wee, NV:trfen, :‘.liley, Group and
After Vie c10.4e or thi.l diseu4sion, on
minion of Mr. 111.tek, the te,4ilutitins rel
ative to the raising of teaulti‘rs' wages
werPtce , msitlerel.- It t hell thorough
ly ea, after whiell an amendment
wits otrerc.l, changing the average salary
front *ti.; to A. in nion then
111:1iii.• and married, "that the resolutions,
as amended, be adopted, by obtaining the
signittires of the tenehers present, to the
re'-olln ions, mid that a committee of one
in (.....,•11 district be appointed to get the
110,11e.< 0`..1 , he teachcrs who are .abseut of
lu disti iet, ti It vopy or the re 4olut ion,t,
which he shalt obtain, then to be for
m :wiled to the ;- , eeretary for politic:ninth"
The aiguat it rem were obtained, but theap
poiuiui, ut of the committee delerretlun
til the evening rmsion.
1n•F:s . 1:•;t:
The F:cs.ioll wtit . iopent•il with music by
the choir, and prayer by Mr. Gates. The
roll IN:ISPaIIVd, and the minutes read, eor
re,te'l and approved. A etunntittty of
one roat cavil th•,trtt t then appoint- -
et! to -otbdt the ituntes of teachers to the
Dr. : 4 tre:er was introduced, and
delivet%;l a ve:y intore-t ;11;4 and ill 'trot:-
Lye addle, which will ilwr 1i ,entent
bered ity in anxious etterm. •
11 tettie followed In an
e• , .ny on the t,:titjeet' of "rhe Etreet.4 of
oit the Countettonee." This
NV:i , a :y11 . 11.114 'W0.1110.1011 Llll4 was rCad
V. I'll 1 / 1 (1 , 11 CIA," .1:1 I 0: '4.1:14 ., . M 154 L.
GIAZ sit( ,ited Mit-s Wriudit in an
other inter...-ditrz, e,,, L y on "The Intl:l
-e:we Edtteltiott upon the Popular
:`,111).1," which ai:o r.2'docted erethiaNy
tot the writer.
- _
41.. period of ai.oot lulr an hour wits then
*Li:: in social inforeour.Q, during which j
many plea4a;it aerpiaintanees were form
ed, wid a re.liguld wa.t.exp'_.rienced.
Alter the wivu again called I t
to artier, Mr. 114.rsit, Mr. Hartzell and
Rev. Nir. Henry A a short Unit. in ex-
their sen ti mem- in regard to the
meeting of the Teaehers. Institute ad singing the doxology,
I'rtei o' tiod from whom all blembigs
I think that we all, like one of old, felt
"that it was good to be there," and that
wo had a happy, and profitable meeting.
The "true spirit of the teacher," had
been created and strengthened within
and we felt that wo _coati' return to our
labor of teaching with new energies and
•'l'he following; are the resolutions adop
ted by the inst,tute :
lc weer, That„ our County Institute is
a necessity. So ceruiln are we of its util
ity, that we would, if possibe, make it
ohligatory,upon all teachei's to attend our
meeting s.
ll.rgalecd, That in view. or the utility,
we eansider imperative duty in each
S c hool Beard, to grunt to the teach.b.s in
their employ, the time necessary for at
tending its seiisions; and that those who
; are unwilling to do so, are so far behind
the progrts of the age, that we despair of
reaching them by means of reason.
Resetucci,Timt we return our thanks to
the citizens of Little , stown, for their at
tendance and allprltion during our so
erni-totheacerd ofTrustetis Otto
Brethren Church, for the use or
their eloiraltedillee.
Rri4ofeed; That re termer our ill ncere t
thanks to the members of the choir, who
have favored us With route.
EG6Oit.Cti That- the sincere thanks - or
thi‘ Association arg given to its officers,
for the faithful manner In which they
•havo lierformed the duties of t heir respee
tire positions.
Rointeed, That we acknowledge in Mr.
Ripely, our tomity t 4 ttperintenent, a
zealous and ardent co-laborer,ln the cause
.of eclu , ation ; ant therefore the ,thanks
of the teachers, and irk nds or edluattben
in this county, are due to him for the
f fliyeliHrli•o' his duties, 'Anil tad
itilert•st which its hai manifested is
the stivee=s of the pzesent meeting of the
nrsoferri, That we enrnestly request of
all otir members, that they use their hest
endeavors to increase their own mental
improvement and culture, and to seeura
the full success of the Common School
lterolvrd, That our 14 'were thanks are
hereby given to Dr. %1. L. Steuyer, for
his ihle anti hedruotice address, before
this A••• iution, and the deep Interest
ht• has manifested for the sucems of thk
111 I itute,—one department of the eduely•
tional work of our lend. •
Re:co/red, 'That la the death of 'Mai
Annunla Conover, *who was present with
us at our 1:i•t the eunthinnity and
our Institute it rive :unktuilicti a loss which
will !coif; ha felt. To her bereaved friends,
e, her fellow cachets, tender our can-.
dolt nee in (het r bcrenvetuent: llsr mem
ory will long he revered.
The following resolutions were adopted
by t !to tea •lit' of Atlttme; county whosts
flames arc sLiteti
lies9frpd, That we, as teaeliemof Ad
ams county, in Convention assembled,
demand oe . the Direetors of The' Publle
Schools, w tio-ui guardians they are, a
better emu pea satimi for our services.
L', , solrrd, That c set the average sala
ry at $4O per month, which we most Im
peratively demur,.
Resolved, That we pledge ourselves to
the fall :..upport of these our resolutions.
W. H. Black, T. C. Hildebrand t , G. R.
Kuhn, J. H. McMaster, A. Keeports,
.1. I lowara Wert, Wm. F. Shull, J. B.
Crist, - -Sylvester Rice, Silas C. Delap, J.
IL Houck, J. L. Albert, J. Myets,
P. Hartzell, 11. N. Minnigh t Mixon L.
Bishop, Jos. H. Ornilortr, M. L. Oates,
P. E. %Wish, John F. MeSherry, W.KIn
-zee, Aibun Kinnemund, tieorge
Daniel Dull', Samuel Harper; J. W.
Yeasts, Solomon Omer, P. C. lit'ltzell,
F. A. Noel,. Isaac N. Durboraw, 'kleorgo
W. lin:Dunn, Jonathan - L. 011io
J. Ileinard, 011ie Haskell, Heide M.
Fick-es, Lizzie Minitigh, Emilie Wright,
Tillie Wierma,u, L. Kate Getz, Unlit
McElwee, Nancy White, Marlit C.
Thompson, Raelde A. Wright, rtlinnio
- 2,llanigh, Sue E. Bushey, Vina C.
rich, Mary .F. Fink, O. Bowers, Magda
lene Nieks, Kate Miley, Ella \Vert, Julia
Hollinger, Euima - Hildebrand, Eliza
Monfort, S. H. _Nlvllliennv, Lydia A,
Meals, Laura Mt:Mill:tit, Lizzle,lsliekti,
Mary E. Conover, Sallie P. Frey, LAT.
Weigle, Lizzie McGrew, Beulah H.
Shugh, Catharine Group.
The following nre nnmem of tbe,
teachers who attended the. County Msg.;
tote at. Littlestown, with the 4istrietti
which they represented:
Menallen.—A. 011ie Haskell, 011ie J.
Minnie Min nigh, Capt. 11. N.
Minnigli, Crist. Absent ft.
itut !cr.—Kati% Group, Emilie
Sue Biefhey, Mary McGrew, Liztle m o p
th,w, G. P. Hartzell. Absent 2.!'
Mountjoy.—Maria Thompson; Mary
Conover, (I. W. Holtman, J. A..ikllison,
I. N. I),u•boruw. Absent I.
Stralinn.—Maggie Neely, Llz4io Me-
El WPC', Melliwnny, INantilo
AVlt!to., Wm. it. 111:tek, F;
C1:IrIe1 Eckenrode, J. L. Albert. Al*
RNA none.
Wert. Adam. ICIniie
i»:21)(1, I'. E. 'Welsh, —.
11. Novi, IL J. (iross. Absentl.
11:iiii;Iton.— . Mollie J. SanderS, Mary
Fink, Fbira. "..delhorn,• . J. Oath
brillid, Daniel Mar. Absent I. '
Et•siek, Jetts° IC . .
('. Debip. Absent'
.(:( tty,bimr.—Martlitt A. Warrvii, Kate
Getz, Jennie Powers, Lydia Minds, j.IL
Wert. Absent 2.
. Mountpleasant.—Kate F. Slagle, Mag
gie Niek. - ;, Fins Weirieli, Ell May_dr,` , A.
Parr, Edwin lleitzell, J. H. M.oblasteig.
Absent 1.
. Oxford.—Kate 0. alley, Pauli licrsp,
F. Noel. Absent 2. 1 • •
Reading.—M. L. Gates, G. R. Kahn.
Absent 5. , i
linntin , :tnn.—Tillie Wierrnan Rattle
M. Fick' , .1..1. R. Mcßride, 14 }vaster
Wee. A iJsent 5.
Berwick tip.—Samuel A. Wert, Sant
el Kinnemund. Absent 1.
Littlemtown.—Dr. A. L. BishoiN John
F. McSlierry, A. L. Keeports. 1 About
—E. R. Zi'Amerman
Hent 5.
Hollinger, FL R.
lkfenelly, Joseph Oration'''. Absent h. ,
Gerniatly.—Lizzie Nicks, (1. W: Har
per, 6a.aluel Harter. Ate4eut 1.
Met leaf. Afmtat, S.
Latimore.—Sailie Frey. AbseliCe.
Spunky.—.l good story is told ors 4,11-
road accident on the New London rail
road, which had rather a Imlleions end
ing. A half into:cleated Irishman was•
sitting on the rail, when the engine of
the train to Norwich struck him under
the hatuiches and tossed him tlownqu
embankment. The train was atOppeti,
to pick up the dead body. Paddy wax
comet 'diva however, only somewhat
bruised, and taken to 'Norwich: Hero
the conductor kindly ()awed to bend the
man 10 hi, home, a few miles aWay In a
!melt, but Paddy in-iisted on his Ality
to walk, nod- re:med to he sent home in
a "kerridge." The conductor premed L i ke
matter, *licit the Nfiicalan, .plie Auld
stood VI.: butting of the cow -( eller ,a 0
wet!, b.14.1ed, "Clo away with
your kerrblge . . go home by myself ;
an' v• I've,done, any damage to your all
bedsit, pay it on I,lle spat,!/,
TT tars in a Name 7—A gentlenian
five dawrliter, all of whom he; tnntgtht
up to lapoino Useful and Beeped:l446i°
eharaeterss tit life. These daughiem
married, one after another, with )
of father. Tlvi titirittar
rie,l a gentleman by the nante'tolf.roor,
the 14C`cond a Mr. Little, the third ti, Ur.
the fourth a llr. the fifth
a Mr. Hogg. At the wetlifing or the
latter, her sisters, with their liugharids,
were present, awl the old gee Leman
said to the guest.4—"l have Liked' pains
to eilue.ite my (raw : sitters, that - they
might, aet thelripart hi liftapalet
from their talvautages and & Improve. ,
11.101114, I fondly -Itopod that tllgy
do honor to my family. I fiirtf . that':ult
My 'rains , care and itxpetatiortif 'have
timed -mt nothing buts Poor, Utile,
Boort, Brown, Ii 'r • , •
P4 6 ."Satabo, are you po.ited r id na
turitt seieueet4?"
"eisrtlnly--ob mum Lls.'A 71) • •, -
" CaU yen tell in de cause ohAq welt
rot-in potato e s for 41e many Neon
goite by?"
-dat's eatiy 'nouglt fir. de- erect
chile in scientific Ettnin'. 1)e gfbat rut
in potatoe4 Is all owl n' to -du rin4sier-y
motion ob de earth." :,<
- -•-- ••••••• _
Ilfir"Aw ! how do you like tuy awn-
Mith Maura?" lispbd a dmiitt to a
merry girl. "0, _ vory• mwetthi 11.1' Jooks
like fuzz -ou the book of a ostiwpiltar !"
seboolinasier In Ohio . advaitlaes '
that he will keep's-Sunday enTukir twice
a weelt*--on T es days andAolloll.74.
soi.A horse-dealer, d'..i•teribtegA used
up liar:v.?, said Ito lookel "as if had
Lven editing a eouil47 ueveyegipi. 10 :4