Gettysburg compiler. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1866-1961, September 03, 1866, Image 1

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A Democratle Journal,
I , rrath it ifigAly, and Will ' Pretlan
TElRlfri OF PUBLICATION.* 00 per an
taunt, if paid strictly t t AuvA Nen-113 00 per an
•uin LI not pald'in advance. No subscription dis
continued, unless at the, option of the publisher,
until all amylases are paid.
ADVEBTISEMENTS inserted at tumid ride*.
708 PR I NTINO of all kinds done with noatttesi
*ad dispatch.
OFFICE hi Routh Baltimore Atreet, between
Middle and High, near the Peat Ottic..*—" Cotnnt
ler Printing 0111ev" on the sign.
Professional Cards.
Dr. T. 0. Kinzer,
IFEAVI4O lewnted permanently nt ROY.
AtYGIITOWN, Adams county, wilt Attend
prom (itl rto all prole.' onal calla day or eight.
IA as at 'John Laniis'i, where he can al'w'ays
be found, unless professionally engaged.
Aug. 6, 18G'. ly
Dr. P. Q. Wolf,
11 county, hopes that by strict attention to
big prof.ssional duties he may merit a share of
tb• public patronage. [Apr. 2,'86. tt
Dr. C. E. Goldsborough,
HANIPTONI, Atlanta county, PA., rearm*
his offer of profession %I services to the
publoc, an I those reouirinz medical and sur
gical aid-will find it to their interest to eon
suit him. [May Yt , fella.
Dr. J. W. C. O'Nears
rti FIC F: and Dwelling, N. F,: corner of. Dal
timore and High streets, near Presbyte
rian Church, Gettysburg, Pa. --
N0v.30, 181;3. tf -
Drs. A. B. Dill & B. P. HermAn
TrAril associate.' themselves in the practice
of Mud.cine and Suigery, and respectfully
tender their professiong .services to the citi
r-ns of Petersburg and vicinity.
Petersburg, Y. S., July 2, lACO.
Dr. D. B. Peffer, -
AfiIIOTTSTOWN, Adams county, eontlWir
the practice of his .profession in all its
branches, and would respectfully invite all
persons raided with any old standing dis
eases to call and consult him.
Oct. 3, 1864. tf
- J. Lawrence ELM. M. D.,
vs 4
HAS his oftee one
door west of the
Luthernn church in
Chttnthershurg street, and opposite Dr. C.
Horne-'s odic., where *hose wishing to have
any Dental Operation performed are res pert
fully invited to cllt. Rersiteless: Drs. Hor
ner, Rev. C. P. Krauth, D. D, Rev. - R. L.
IS %n;rher, D. D., Rev. Prof. 11 ,Licobi, D. D.,
Prof. II L. Stever.
Gettysburg, April 11', '53.
J. C. Neely,
A TTORNRY AT LAW.—Particular etten
tioa p.tid to collection of Pengion.4,
Bounty, and 13 Office in the S. E.
corner of the Diamond.
Gettysburg, April 0, tf
D. McConaughy,
A TTORNRY AT LAW, (office one door west
±l. of Ilaehler's drug "nil book store, Cliam
h•r,ourg street.) AT roticer AND SOLICITOR FOR
Pars tvi I'll:tines. Bounty Land War
r nts, sn.pended Claims, and all
other claims against the Government at Wash
ington, I). C.; also AMerican claims in Rig
lan I. Land WArrnnts located and sold, or
li•nAht, and highest 'vices given. Agents en
g Lod in loe %Uric wßrrants in lows, Illinois
and other western States. L.0 -Apply to bite
personally or by letter.
Gettysburg, Nov. ttl
L , '53.
Law Partnership.
rr A. DUNCAN , t J, U. WRITE',
promptly attend to all legal buginess
entrusted to them, including the procuring of
Pensions, Bounty, flack Pay, and all other
claims against the United States and Slate
Unice in North West Come! of Diamond,
ettysh.tirg, Pen n'n.
' April 3,186 i. tt
Edward B. Buehler,
ATT ORS E Y AT LAW, iil.Lfaithfully and
promptly iittpod to all basinesi entrust
ed id him. ll* 'pinks the Germ's language,
to at the same pl. ce, in South Baltimore
street, new F4rnfty's drug store, and nearly
opposite Dander t Ziezler's store
GetCysbuig, Slareh.2o.
Globe Inn,
GF.T T 8 B R.O , P undersigned
would most respectfully inform his nu
iliOrous friends and the public generally, that
he li.ts purchased that long established cud
well known Hotel, the "Globe Inn," iu York
street, Gettystiorg, and will spare no effort to
conduct it in a manner that will not detract
from its former high reputation. His table
will have the best the market can afford.—his
chambers are spacious and comfortable—and
be has laid in for his buten-full stock of wines
and liquors. There is large stabling attached
to the Hotel, which will be attended by atten
tive hOetlers. It will be his constant endeavor
to render the fullest satisfaction to his guests,
making his hou4e as near a home to them as
possible. He asks a share of the public's pa
tronage, determined as he is to deserve a large
part of it. Itemember, the "Globe Inn" is in
York street, but near the Diamond, or Public
April 4, 18C4. tf
Ritiltoad House,
The undersigned would respectfully inform
his onmerous friends and the public generally,
that he has leased the Hotel in Hanover, near
the Depot, formerly kept by Mr. Jeremiah
Kohler, and will sp ire no effort to conduct it
in a in toner that will give general satisfaction.
His table will have the best the markets can
afford—his chambers are spacious and com
fortable—and he has laid in for his bar a full
stock of choice wines and liquors. There is
stabling for horses attached to the lintel. It
will be his c.mstant endeavor to render the
fullest satisfaction to his guests, making his
house es near it home to them as possible.—
He ads a share of the public pa•ronage, de
termined he is to 'deserve a large part of it.
Remember ttre-Hallioa.d House, near the De
pot Reliever, Pa. A. P. BAUGHEIt.
Out.; MS. If
Ott ltaltimore street., Ne irly Opposite, the Court
Every 4escription of work executed in the
linear style of the art.
Jane 4, .665. tf
Still it, Wiik r "
eadersliaed coutioueeteSse
In at Its bouteltes, at his old stand, to Rest
iliddle street. Gettysburg.
NSW WORK made to order, and
dons promptly malt lowest prices.
coxsrOsevr.ot 'HAND.
Two first-rate SPRING WAGONS for
gale. - JACOB TROXEI4.
- -
Geist Reillusetion tq rrices.
if* now selling
4t. '134 CENTS,
jULTI wrata &WED utraus AT :a crs.,
sudssil_otttor Goods is proportion.
,Itypisomet4;lldl4P Goods, now, 1.8
so bur *cm „
; Giant. ossiw,
,PAIVIE3i6CK utionsas..
Gettysburg; gas. 38, 1868.
. _ - .. . . .. r 100 r: ~,.,-,•- . . - I 0 py a -..-: ,`,li 4 d , ,; tc , . , , Oht
..- - - ,# 0 0 0 ' • a ...,
._ .
.. s
,1141 - 'imil rr •
i n
Benefit to Farmers!
For Sale at. Manufacturer's Depots
27 N. Front St., between Market 6c Artli
14 BOwley's - Wharf, and 95 South St.,
Congress having repealed the internal Rec.
enue Law taxing Fertilizers six per cent., I
beg leave to inform 'the Farmers that from
this day it e same per tentage will be taken
(.1f the retail price of MORO PHILLIPS' SU-
PiB•PIIOSPIIATI3 OF UMW., viz $6 00,
less G per cent., making the retail price now
$56 40 per ton of 2,00 lbs., in PhiladelphiA
and Haltimtre. - --
Discount to Dealers.
Sole Proprietor end Manufacturer.
Aug.l3, 1866.
Soluble Pacific Guano.
contains 70 lbs, eminent inottiro fielding
rto 8 lbs. ammonia.
Also 80 to 90 Ibibearthy bone - PAnsphate of lime,
30 lbs. of which are soluble phosphate.
It combines all the advantages of the best
brands of Super Phosphate, with those of Pe
!avian Guano.
By reason of its greater concentration, we re
commend 20 per ct. less by w-ight to be used
per, acre, than of any fertilizer costing the
same per ton ; and no more per acre than of
those selling at 20 per ct. more per ton.—
Hence its economy,.
This guard c ighs C 5 lbs. per tingled, hence
in applying it farmers must - be governed by
weigiit and not by bulk, tor it is much lighter
than the Super Puosphates. Edery .caigo duly
enspeetedil _ • •
- 4l South Street,lialtitnore
"Flour of llone."
WE will give a money guarantee of the
purify of this article. It fa pure un
steamed, unburnt bone, reduced to the fineness of
flour, which adds 100 per ct. to its value. It
is es rick and active as acid dissolved bone,
hence its, value Is vastly greater, becaise it
contains neither acid nor water, which neces
sarily add weight, and reduce the ogantity of
valuable elements.. We recommend 250 lbs.
to be used in place of 30016,. Super Phosphate
or dissolved bone.
JOff S. REESE k CO.,
-71 South Street, Baltimore.
UrMcCurdy & Diehl, Agents, Uettysbarg
Mar. 12, 1806. 8m
- Fresh Arrival.
have just received and opened another splendid
assortment of HATS, CAPS, BOOTS and
SHOES, for Summar wear, which they are
selling at very -low prices considering the
times. The latest styles of Sum meill.tts and
Cups, of• every description and price.
Boots and Shoes, of superior make, andp
warranted to s►, always on Land. Work
made to order and repairing done on shortsio
tice, by experienced workmen. Also,
carried on .in all its branches. Persons want
ing any - thing in this line would do well to call.
se-Don't forget the old stand in Chambers
burg street, if you want Bargains.
June 1 9, 19G5
Cabbnct Furniture.
MUE subscribers hereby inform their cus
tomers and the public generally, that
they have now on hand, and _continue to man
ufacture to order
which, for style and durability, finish and
price, will compete with any in the-county.—
Our pre•ent stock constsfs of every variety of
Furniture usually kept in a first class Furni
ture Ware Room. Fashionalde, ornamental
or plain Furniture manufactured in the most
substantial manner, by most experienced
workmen, and at the lowest cash prices.
Having a neiv Hearse, particular attention
will lue'gtven to this branch of their business.
They are prepared to make and furnish Coffins
of any desired quality, and attend Funerals
at the shortest notice—and on such terms as
cannot fail to please all.
The subscribers return their thanks lo the
public for the liberal patronage extended to
'hem in the gnat, and , liopeto meri I and receive
a continuance of public patronage.
Shop and Ware Room third' builitinz east
of the Square. H. FETE & 1:1140.
Littleatowu, April 16, 1866., tf
JOHN V. SWAN is constantly adding to his
stock of Groceries.
Ifyou want fresh Groceries, call at Swan's.
-If you want the best Groceries, call at
- on want the cheapest Groceries, call at
If you want any article in the Grocery line,
call at Swain's.
His stock is always kept full ; the quality
Pleases and his prints captivate. Call and
see. [Aug. 13, Leila.
Reduced Priee44
GANS. Superior tuned . ; octave PIANOS
from s:isti upwards. ORGANS from
upwards. All instruments selected, re
commended and sold by ate, additionally guar
antied. Illustrited circulars sent by wail,
when desired. P. BENTZ,
• No. 30 East Market Street, York, Pa.
Mar. 12, 1866.
Lawrence D. Dietz it Co.
Y T..
No. 308 Wig Billintore.S'ireet,
Between Seward & Liberty Swag,
lay 7, 18G6. 13 atioaore, lid.
Grooerfe%2 Groceries
ded.a lame and splendid stock of GROCERIES
to their business, and invite the public to call
and see for themselves. They offer the best
of everything, at the lowest possible profits :
SALT, FIS:I, Spices, Teas, Cheese, Starch,
Soaps, Candles, Blazking, Matches, Tubs,
Buckets, Brooms, Bed Cords; with Coulee
liottary, Oranges, huts, Tobaccos, Segars—
and a variety entirely too large to be enema
_rated., "Come one, come ell."
Gettysburg, June 18,1860. tf
This Rouse is on a direct line between the
Northern Central and Baltimore rilid Ohio
Railroad Depots: It has been refitted and com
fortably arranged for tber,onvenienee and the
entertainment of guests.
Nov. 20, 1865. tf
The Far Famed
L) Besides the great saving of Labor, the
saving in the wear and tear of clothing in a
single year, more than amounts to the price of
this Wringer. It is strange that any family
should be willing to do without it. For sale
at•PAIDIESTQLI4 110„00., isid at 0. H. BU U.
LFeb. 11).
Bth day of SEPTEMBER nest, the sub
scriber will offer at Public Sale, on the prem
ises, A TRACT OF LAND, situate in Germany
township,,Adatas county, on the road leadimr
from Littlestown to Bonaughtown, three quar
ters of a mile from the former ;dace, adjoining
lands of Abraham Hostetter, Win. Rider, and
others,, containing 33 ACRES, more or less—
about 5 acres being Woodland, and about 8
acres Meadow. The land is in line cultitation,"
and under good fencing. The improvements
are a Two-story BRICK ROUSE,
with Brick Kitchen, Log . Bern,
with SFsetU, Hog Pen, Spring .•:. j 1
House, Iva. a fret-rate Spring:
also all kinds of fruit—apples, peaches, pears,
cherries, *O.
Persons'. wishing to view the property are
requested to call on the undersigned, residing
within one mile thereof.
ger &de to commence nt 1 o'clock, P. 11.,
on said day, when attendance will be given
and terms made known by
August IS, 1866. to
highly Valuable
next, thti subscriber,Executor of George Law.
retie!, deceased, wil offer at Pub.ic Sate, on
the premises, the following highly - valuable
Real Estate of said decedent, viz :
situate in Mountpleasant town_hip, Adams
county, on the road ,leading from McSherrys
town to flunterstown, about 2 miles flora the
former place, and within 1 mile of Conowago
Chapel, containing 70 ACMES, more or less,
adjoining lands of Conrad Bender, Samuel
Geistlman, John Lillv and others—improved
with a Two-story Weatherhcaudol
HOUSE, Bank Barn, Wagon Shed, , &n
Corn Crib, Carriage House, Hog
Pen, and other oat-buildings;
first-rate well of water at tha door, and an Or
chard of good fruit. The land is in high cul
tivation and under good fencing. This is a
very choice property.
Sale to commence at 1 o'clock, P. M. on
said day, when attendance will be given and
terms made known by '
July 23, 1800. is Executor.
Valuable Town Property
15th day of SEPT., will be offered at
Public Sale, that
,very desirable property,
situate in Petersburg, fronting 75 feet on the
Baltimore and Carlisle turnpike and running
back 144 feet to an alloy, having thereon erec
ted a good Two-story BRICK caa
1101J*E, a Two-story back build- , in]
ing, with a good store room or 4;
shop attached, and all in hrst4ate..,
repair. ,There is a never-failing well of water
near the door and other improvements. This
property is well adapted for a boarding house,
or any k ind o? public business, being located
in the cehtre and most business portion of the
town. '
This is one of the mhst desirable properties
in the town, and we invite the atten , ion of
capitalists to it, as we believe it to be a rare
chnnce for those wishing to invest. It will lie
sold on easy terma.
Ake', 'at the same time and place will be
offered three very• desirable Lots, viz :
No. 3.—Fronting 74 feet on the State Road,
and running back 15u feet to an alley, having
thereon erected a large frame Barn.
No. 4.--Fronting 60 feet on the same road,
and running bark 150 feet to an alley.
No. s.—Fronting 60 feet ou the mime road,
and running" back 150 feet to an alley.
These Lots will be sold separate or together
to suit purchasers.
For further particulars call on Dr. I. W.
Pearson ;or Beau , C. Peters, residing in the
Wal, or address them by letter at York
Springs, Pa.
August 13, 1866. to
Farm for Sale.
THE undersigned offers bid FAIIII:with or
without the present crop,
Possession giceb immediately.
The Farm is situated in Cumberland town
ship, Adams county, adjoining lands of Wm.
Douglas, Samuel Pitzer and others, containing
about thirty-live acres of excellent Woodland,
and the balance of the farm in ay,nod slate of
culiivation. 71. e improccinents are a good
Tao-story BRICE HOUSE, IN WI ; ‘ , 30 ,.
Spring House, Frame Barn, and sllll
other necessary outbuildings.—
Terw3 easy.
Any person desirous of seeing or purchasing
the above farm, can get all desired information
by calling on the undersigned, residing there
July 10,1864. tf
Sale of Meal Estate.
TWILL sell, on accommodating terms, my
property, located in Ilaniiltouban town
ship, Adams county, Pa., within one mile of
Fairfield, and eight miles of Gettysburg,
known as
containing 503 ACRES OF GOOD LAND, well
imrroYeti. There is on this land a good
THREE STORYSTON2 UILL, containing two
run of Burrs, and a SAW MILL. Apply to
the Hon. Moses ctlean, Gettysburg, or John
J. Lock, Charlestown, Jefferson co., Vs..
June 18, 1866. tf
Fresh Supply.
A. SCOTT dr SONS have Mat received
another fine assortment of NEW GOODS, con
sisting, in part, of Cloths, Cassimeres, Chest.
nets, Kentucky Jeans, and Tweeds, for Gen
tlemen's Wear. Also, a fine assortment of
Our stock has been selected with great care,
and we are prepared to sell as cheap as any
other establishment in the country. We ask
the public to give U 3 a call and judge for
themselves. We defy competition ' both as to
ritt.lllty and price. A. SCOTT Ac SUNS.
April 2,186 q.
We take special pleasure in announcing to
our friends and customers that we have this
day opened our ICE CREAM SALOONS, at
our new stand in Chambersburg street, nearly
opposite the Lutheran Church. We have had
the apartments fitted up in the best style.--.
Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to call.
We will also furnish Ice Crean' in any quan
tity to public or private parties, at prices un
precedented. ,We will also have constantly on
tattniiPledh Cakes, which we will furnish to
al ties and pic-nics at the shortest notice.
can always icy and cool and Mall hours
Raring had a life•long experience in the
manufacture of all the foregoing articles we
ask the patronage of the public generally.
May 21,1866. tf DIINNIGH k BRO.
Pictures taken at MIINPER'S SKY
in GALLERY, on West Middle it., are
attracting universal attention. Good judges
pronounce theta superior to any ever taken is
this plane. Call and examine for yourselves.
Jan. 16. 1865. ' '
Cheese! Cheese I
Swrtrgs, Limberger and English Cheese,
can always be bad at
Joie 11. int door. the'Posl Office.
Eth day of SEPTEMBER, next, the sub
scriber, Executor of Joseph lietaler, deceased,
will offer at Public Sale, on the premises, the
following real estate of said decedent, via:
A FARM, situate in Mountpleasant town
ship, Adams county, 3 miles east of Gettys
burg, near the Bonaughtown road, adjoining
lonia of John Cress, Abraham Reerer, George
Trostle and others, containing 1'73 ACRES,
with due proportions of Woodland and Mead
ow. The improvements are a Tao
story Fft.A.lll; 110I'SE, and Back
bailding. Log Barn. Wagon Shed with "
Corn Citb, Two-story Stone Spring "
House, with a never failing spring, Smoke
House, sod other out-buildings. A young
Orchard. The farm is well wsterni with nev
er-failing Springs in nearly every field.
Persons wishing to view the property will
call on Joseph A. Hemler, residing thereon.
Wor Sale to commence at 1 o'clock, P.
On said day, when attendance will be given
and terms made known by
Aug. 20, 1886. Executor.
- - - -
15th day of SEPTEMBER next, the
subscriber will offer at Public Sale, on the
premises, A TRACT OF LAD, sit,uaie in
Cumbi•rland township, Adams county, on the
Newrille road, three miles from G ettyysburg,
adjoining lands of Joseph Bailey and Abraham
heckler, containing 4 ACRES and 115 PELGU
ES, improved with & Two-story LOU ie
HOUSE, Log Stable; Corn Crib, Hog
Pen, a well of water near the dour, E
with a large variety of young fruit "
trees—apples, peaches, pears, and cherries—
also grapes.
l'ersons wishing to view the property are
requeste,l to call at the dwelling. to commence at 1 o'clock, P. .11.,
on said day, when attendance will Le given
and terms 111. We known be
Ang. 13, 1806. ts*
Forwarding and Commission
Fr.orrt AND FEED.
flavinionrchar.ed the extensive Warehouse,
Cara, ko, Iterotofore owned oy Samuel llerbst,
we beg leave to inform the public that we are
continuing the business at the old stand on.
the corner of Washington and Railroad streets,
on a more extensive scale than heretofore.
We are paying the highest market price for
Flour, Grain and , all kin Is of produce.
• Flour hod Feed, Salt, and all kinds of Gro
ceries, kept constantly on hand and for gale,
cheaper than they can be had anywhere else.
Plaster, and all kinds of fertilizers, constantly
on hand, or furnished to order.
regloar line of Freight Cars will leave
our Warebonse every TUESDAY MORNING,
and accommodation trains will be run as oc
casion may require. By this arrangement we
are prepared to convey Freight at all times to
and from Baltimore. All business of this
kind entrusted to us, will be promptly attend
ed to. Our cars rn rto the Ilirarehoutte of Ste
tensor. & Sorts, 165 North llow ‘rd street,
timore. Being determined to pay good prices,
sell cheap and deal fairly, we invite everybody
to give us a call.
Aug. 13, 1860
Grocery A: Liquor Store.
CERIES, cheap. FISH of ditTerent kinds.
A large lot of
at lour" price. The hest and. hugest assort
ment of LIQUORS ever-kept in this place. •
for medicinal and other purposes, in quanti
titiee large or small. Also—
Baltimore et., Gettysburg.
May 28, INC.
A PPLICATION will - , be made at the next
1 - 1_ regular cession of the Legislature of
Pennsylvania for the Incorporation of a Say
ings' Institution, to be %rated in the Borough
of Littlestown, Adams county, Perm'ft., under
the name and style of "THE LITTLESTOWN
SAVINGS' INSTITUTION," the intention of
which shall be to loan out money and receive
deposits thereof, and do such things as are
usually done by similar Institutions; the cap
ital thereof not to exceed fine Hundred Thous
end Dollars, to be divided into .hares of E&lty
Dollars each.
July 2, IsiG. Om
rprlE undersigned hat commence) the SAD.:
I ME and HARNESS-MAKINfIr business,
on the Hill, in Baltimore Xreet, in thebuilding
formerly occupied by D.%weeney as a Chair
maker's shop, np-stairs, where he asks those
wanting anything in his line to call. Work
done in the best manner, and prices moderate.
HARNESS REPAIRED at short. notice. A lot.
of new Saddles and Mme.'s on hand.
Gettysburg, June 23, 1864. 3m
Gettysburg Female Institute.
MIIE next session of this Ini,titution, will
I commence on thefirat Monday of Septem
ber, (September 3d.) For inforaratioa with
regard to the school, apply to the Principal,
Mrs. It. M. EYSTER.
August 17, MI ft
tte ii ,44: zre
• 4 /";1-e// -
Aug. 13, 1866. 2m
J of administration on the estate of Dr.
kienry A. Lilly, late of Conowago township,
Adams county, deceased, having been granted
to the undersigned, residing in same township,
be hereby gives notice to all persons indebted
to said estate to make immediate payment,
and those having claims against the same to
present them properly authenticated for set
Aug. 13,18 Gd. Gt* Administrator.
$.l 500 Per Year! WE want
everywhere to sell
our IMPROVED $2O Sewing Machines.—
Three new kinds. Under and upper feed,—
Sent on trial. Warranted five years. Above
salary or large commissions paid. The ONLY
-machines sold in the United States for less
than .$49, which are inilY itrewed by Bowel
Wheeler 4- lithroi, Grover 4- Baker, Singer
and Bachelder. AU other cheap machines are
infringements, and the seller or user are liable
to arrest, flee and imprisonment. Illustrated cir
culars seat/rm. Address, or call upon Sbaw
4k Clark, at Biddeford, Maine, or Chicago, 111.
May 21, IBc6. isly
OLD, SILVER, STEEL, and other
to snit all ages, always on hand, and fitted to
eight. J. BEVAN,
Opposite the Bank. Gettrsbnrit.
SUPERIOR quality of the best Louden
Draft 'HANES, with or without fasten
ngs, for side by D. 11cCREARY Ss SON.
L 0 C K
C - Now on hand CLOCK'S in great variety,
from factories of the highest reputation in the
country, and warranted good time-keepers.
'colt Oa J. "REvAN,
Opposite the Bitek, ti etlyebers.:
?into itisttErnip.
General Grant Present and Endorses It.
The Committee appointed by the Na
tional Union Convention to wait on the
President for the purpose of pre2 , tenting
to him an official copy of the proceedings
of the convention, headed by a band of
music, reached the 'White House about 1
o'clock on the 18th ult. They were con
ducted into the East Room by Marshal
Gooding, and so arranged as to form a
circle. The delegates to the convention
who Were in the city were thou ushered
in, and took seats In the rear of the com
mittee.- President Johnson soon appear
ed, accompanied by Secretaries McCul
loch, Welles, Browning, Postmaster-Gen
eral Randall, and' General. Grunt, lion.
Raverdy Johnson. of :daryland, who had
been selected as seaman of the com
mittee, then advanced, and, in an elo
quent speech, presented the President
with an authenticated copy of the pro
ceedings of the convention. President
Johnson, in reply, spoke as follows :
Tab: COMMITTEE:—Language is inade
quate to express the emotions and feel
ings produced by this occasion. ePerhaps
I could express more by allowing silence
to speak and you to infer what I ought to
say. I confess that, notwithstanding the
experience I have had in public life, mid
the audiences T have addressed, this occa
sion and this assemblage are well calcu
lated to, and do overwhelm me. sks I
have said, I have not language to convey
adequately my present feelings and emo
tions. In listening hi the tuldres% which
your eloquent and distinguished chair
man has just delivered, the proceedings
of the convention, as they transpired, re
curred to my Mind. Seemingly I par
took of the inspiration that prevailed in
the convention when I received a dis
patch sent by two, of its distinguished
members, conveying in tertns the scene
which has just been described of South
Carolina and Massachusetts; arm in arni,
marching into that vast assemblage, and
thus gieing evielenee that the two ex
tremes had come together, and that for
the future they were united as they had
been in the past, for the preservation of
the Union. When the dispatches in
formed me that in that vast body of men,
distinguished for Intellect and wi4dom,
every eye was suffused With tears 00 be
holding the scene, I could not finish
reading the dispatch to one associated
with me in the °Mee, for my own feel
ings overcame me. (('heers.) I think
that we may justly conclude that we are
moving under a proper Inspiration, and
tat we need not be mistaken, that the
finger of all Overruling and Unerring
Provijenee is In this matter. (Loud
cheers.) The nation is in peril. 'We
have passed through a mighty, a bloody,
a Momentous ordeal, yet do not find our
selves free from the dillieulties anti dan
gers that at first surrounded us. While
our brave men have performed their du
ties, both officers and men (turning to
General Grant, who stood at his right,)
while they have won laurels imperisha
ble, there are still greeter and more im
hortant duties to perform; and while we
ave had their cu-operation in the field,
tve‘noW need their support in our eflbrts
to perpetuate peace. (Loud eheere.)
far as the Executive Department of the
Government is concerned, the effort has
been made to restore the Cuion, to heal
the breach, to pour oil into the wounds
which were consequent upon the strug
gle, and, to speak in common phrase, to
prepare, as the learned and wise physici
an would, a plastery healing in character
and co-extensive with the wound. (Loett
cheers.) We thought, and yet think,
that we had partially succeeded, but as
the work progresses, as reconciliation
seemed to be taking piece, end the coun
try becoming united, we feline a disturb
ing and' ulelll4lll Opposing us.—
In alluuiee to that 4-lenient f shall go no
further than did your convention mid the
distinguished gentleman Who has deliv
ered to the the report of the proeeedeugs.
I shall make no reference to it which the
the time and the occasion do not keel fy.
We have witnessed ht one departmeut of
the Government every effort, as it were,
to prevent the restoration of peace and
harmony in the Union. We have seen
hanging on the verge°, the Government,
as it were, a hotly called, or which as
sumes to be, the Congress of the United
States—but, in fact,- a Congress of only
part of the States. We have eceu this
Congress assume and pretend to be for
the lJniou, when its every step and act
tended to perpetuate disunion, and make
a disruption of the Statee inevitable. In
stead of promoting reconciliation and
harmony, its legislation has partaken of
the character of penalties, retaliation and
revenge. This hes been the course and
polite- of one department of your Gov
ernment. The • humble individual who
is now addressing you stand-, the repre
sentative of another department of the
Government. The manner in which lie
was tailed upon to oecqpy that position,
I shall not allude to on this occasion :
suffice it to say that he Is hereunder the
Constitution of the country, anti being
here by virtue of its provisious, he takes
his stand upon the eh: - ter of our liberties
as the great rampart of civil and religi
ous liberty. (Loud cheers.) Having
been taught in In) , early life to hold it
sacred, and having, practiced upon it du
ring the whole or my public career, I
shall ever continue to reverence that
Constitution,e-the. Conetitution of the
Fathers of our Couutry—and to make it
my guide. (Cheers.) I know it has seen
sqd, and I must be permitted to indulge
In the remark, that the Executive De
partment of the Government has been
tyrannical. Let rue ask this audience of
distinguished gentlemen around me here
to-day to point to a vote I ever gave, to a
speech I ever made, to a single act of my
whole public life, that has not been
against tyranny and despotism. What
position have I ever occupied, what
ground have I ever assumed, that it can
be truthfully charged that I • failed to ad
vocate the amelioration and elevation of
the great masses of my countrymen 7
(Cries of "Never," and great applause.)
So far as charges of that kind are eon
corned, I will say that they are simply
intended to deceive and delude the pule
lie mind into the belief that there lissome
one in power whaes usurping and tramp
ling upon the rights and prevertiug the
principles of the Constitution. It is done
by those who make• such charges for the
purpose of covering their own acts.—
(Cries of "That's so," and Owens.) I
have felt it my duty', in vindication of
principle and the Constitution of my
country, to call ettentiom to these pro
ostedinge. When we come to examine
who has been playing the tyrant, by
whom do we find thateleepotisna has been
exercised? As to myself, the elements
of my 'nature, stile pursuits of say life,
have not made me, either 411 My feellnge
or in my practice aggteisseye. My nature,
on the oontrary, is rathpe defensive hilts
aluutaterl but I mill 444144 havliurta-
48TH YEAR.-NO. 49.
ken my stand upon the broad principles
of liberty and the Constitution, there is
not power enough on earth to drive me
from it. (Prolonged cheering.) Having
placed myself upon that broad platform,
havtenot been awed, dismayed or in
timidated by either threats or earoach
meuts, but have stood there, in conjunc
tion with patriotic spirits, sounding the
' tocsin of alarm whenever I deemed the
citadel of liberty in danger. (Great ap
plause.) I said on a previeus occasion,
and repeat now, that all that was IleCeS•
sary in the greatstruggle against tyranny
and despotism was, that the struggle
should be sufficiently audible for the
American people to hear and understand.
They did hear, and looking on and see
ing alto the mute-Aunts were and what
the struggle was about, they determined
they would settle the question on the side
of the C'onstitut ion and mil kelpie. (Cries
of "That's so," and applause.) I pro
claim here to-day, as I have on other
occasions, that may fau lt is aidding in the
great mass of the people. in the darkest
moment of the struggle, when the clouds
seemed to be .roost lowering, my faith,
instead of giving way, loomed up through
the dark clombilar beyond-1 saw that all
would be safe in the end. (Cheers.) My
countrymen, we all know, that in the
language of Thomas Jefferson, "tyranny
mind despotism even can be exercised and
exerted more effectually by the many
Than the ruled' We have seen a Congre:,
gradually crtroaeli, step by stein, upon
constitutional rights, and violate, day
after day, and month after month, the
fundamental principles of the Govern
ment. (Cries of "That's so !") - _We have
seen a Congress that seemed to forget
that there was a Constitution of the Uni
ted States, and that there was a limit to
the sphere and scope of legislation. (Re
newed cries of "That's so.") We have
seen a Congrem in it minority assume to
exercise powers which, if allowed to be
carried out, would result in despotism or
monarchy itself. (Cries of "That's so,"
and enthusiastic cheeni for the President.)
This is truth; and because others as well
as myself have seen proper to appeal to
the patriotism and republican feeling of
the country, we have been denounced in
the most severe terms. Slander upon
slander, vituperation 'upon vituperation,
of the most villainous character, has made
its way through the public. press.
What, gentlemen, has been your and
my sin ? What has been the cause of
our offending? I will tell you—daring
to stand by the Constitution of our fath
ers. (Loud cheers.)
The President here approached the
spot where Senator Johnson was-Aft:au&
ing, and said :
I consider the proceedings Of this con
vention, sir, as moreimportant than those
of any convention that ever assembled in
the United States. When I Intik with
my mind's eye upon that collection of
Citizens, coining together voluntarily, ant)
sitting in council, with ideas, with prin
ciples and views commensurate with all
the States, and co-extensive with the
whole people, and contrast it with the
collection of men who are trying to de
stroy the country, I regard it as more
important than any convention that has
sat at least since 1787. (Loud cheers.) I
think I may say, also, that the declara
tions that were there made are equal With
the Declafation of Independence itself,
(cries of "glorious," and most enthusias
tic and prolonged applause), and here,
to-day I pronounce it a second Declaration
of Independence. Your addre4;s and dee
rations arc nothing more or less than a
re-affirmation of the Constitution of the
United States. (Cries of "good," and
cheers.) Yes, I Avill go further, and say
that the declarations you have made,
that the principles you have enunciated
in youraddress, are n seeond proclamation
of emancipation to the people of the
United States—for in proclaiming and
reproelaiming these great truths you
have laid down a 'constitutional platform
upon which all can make common cause,
and stand together for the restoration of
the States and the preservation of the
government without reference to party.
(Cheers.) The question only Is the sal
vation of the country, for oar country
rises above all party considerations or
Mr. Chairman, I have said more than
1 intended ti Hay. For the kind allusions
to myself contained in your address and
in the resoiutions adopted by the conven
tion, let me remark that, in this crisis,
and at this period of my odd lc life, I hold
uisive all price, and shall ever recur with
feelings of profound gratification to the
last resolution, containing the indorse
ment of a convention emanating. sponta
neously from the great mass of thepeople.
I trust and hope that my future action
may be such that you and the convention
may not regret the assurance of confidence
you have expressed in me. Before sepa
rating, my friends, one and all, commit
tee and strangers, please accept my sin
cere thanks for the kind manifestations
of regard and respect you have exhibited
on yas occastoll. repeat, I shall always
con i nue tole guide. I by a firm and con
seieutious convietion of duty, and that
always gives one courage, under the
Constitution, which I make tity guide.
At the conclusion of the President's
remarks, three cheers were enthusiastic
ally given for Andrew Johnson, and
three more for General Grant. The
President and Gen. Grant then retired
arm-in-arm, and the committee and the
audience gradually dispersed.
TAX ON CI totAittikt
The enclosed letter answers questions
of interest to manufacturers of cigars, of
whom there arc quite anumber iu this
county •
Tem/fury Department, Washington,
Aur.4 ; 1860.-81 r: In answer to yours of
the Ist insL, I have to say that the tax on
cigars, &c., is to be assessed upon the
price they are sold, if such price is esta
blished by a bona tide sale ; if not,'•upon
an appraised value, or the value at which
cigars, &c., of like quality, are selling in
the market.
If the cigars are sold for $8 per \f. the
tax is 82 per M.; if they are sold for $lO
per M. the tax is $4 per M.
Cigars sold for more Riau $l2 per M. are
liable to $4, more than 011 e-filth of the
price they are sold for, - as tax. Cigars,
&c., soil for $lB, 82), 821, 830, $5O $BO
or 8100 per M. are liable tos7 60, $B, £+B 80,
$lO, $l4, $2O, 824, respectively, of tax.—
The excl,e law does not recognize a
"market value," or a " taxable value,"
which excludes the tax. Yours, respect
Deputy I:ouutulssioner.,
rs-Murdock, the actor, read tile Decla
ration of Independeifeemn the Fourth, at
Madison, Wis. A radical prvent, mista
king the document, interrupted the read
ing, and said he didn't thnik much of
such a speech on the 4th of July, or the
man who Wad making it.
That fellow is a fair type of the Radical
Republicans. 'The only part of the "Dec
laration of Independence which they
regard as of any worth, is the diniabe
which they torture into an endorsement
of negro equality. 'The rest of the immor
tal document sounds too much like an
indictment of their corrupt and tyratittie
al pArty to be relished by them. ,
parOlymer w til ite elected Gkoveraorl
.it • • , I
Tux XMISEA virtagiumagpit
• "Dr: A. P. Dostla," ICeVit 014%e
revolutionist 4 and negro suffrage ".araß.
tyr,” whose wounds and dying moments
are so graphically described by the pea
limners of the Disunion loess, ls,thus
described by the N. Y. Irosid'
"Dr. Dostie, six years ago, was is den
tist in Chicago. He nsigraksi to New
Orleans and pursued his business with
no great success let that city. When Um
war broke out, having to some extent
the gift of gab, he became a ranting 'Reis.
el,' addressing street gatherings and de
parting regiments. With what wind
there was in him he fanned the flames
of Recession ,and 'fired the Southern
heart.' Butler lame and he was a 'U
nion' man. Banks followed, and he Was
an ardent aspirant and finally successful
applieant for race. lie then foirght
Ins battles for the Union by risinwin Lhe
Vrquettes of the Opera House Will the
arieties Theatre, waving a two -shilling
calico flag, and shouting to the orchestra
to play Columbia.' He sums**
on two or three oceasions in producing
a panic among hundreds of frightened
ladies in the audience, once nearly a
chieved a riot, closed the'.opera House,
and compelled the orchestra to play
(Hotta aiN by military order. This sums
tip Duistie's services to the Unlon. A
rabid, ranting fanatic, he was naturally
a 'Rebel' \Odle rebellion paid, and he as
naturally fell Into the radical ranks when
faAlicalism was more remuncratiw." r
A citizen of Amsterdam, New York,
touches ution his antecedents more fully
and prosaically than will be
a.c.'re‘ble to
the JoIM Bro vn school of politicians.
Ile says:
Let 111 - ej give yo,p - oplOte • of • antece
dents. lie for nor aiiii4Wa was a resilient
of Amsterdam, NeW here he pur
sued the elating of at village barber. Hu
was a man of light: build, with ai sharp,
pale face, long hair floating over the cop-.
tar of a ALM, lv tiLe . lt, NIUE:n(1119 By•
(Alai', 111)11(10M did the throat,
and a hat having the style of hriulo4ct
eil by tile 'apoi sods A I to,letli er his appeal -
j mice made hint a terror to small ',nye, snit
a laughing-stock and butt for those of
larger growth. In eunneetion with 14_
j barber shop, of Ivhieh he was sole pro
prictor and the op ly Journeyman, ho,
started a cheap bathing estalule iti ,i t s
consisting of a force-pump anal t w o abs,_
wherein the great and small unwashed
might bathe for FAX and one-quarter eqthi
the bath. The enterprise, however, did
not pay, and Dust capital in path/Land'
tubs was all afloat. W Alt um means to
pay his board cud washing bills, povioty
stared Dostie In the face, unless vinle.
t king should opportunely turn up. The
dental art suggestcati )(med.\ for thistle's •
woes, and Littera course ofiuutrurtiori
der t he village dentist, covering, b,yeauut,
exactly two weeks and thaw Xivs,Postia
was graduated a ' doctor ' of aentlitry.,
'flue 4 doctor ' then migrated to Chicago,
where 1 lost sight of him till the herq of,
MIMI' a light between a stiff/ward and
a dull razor turned up a newly manurial',
urea radical Martyr in New Orleans. Au
the old tub and lather (buys it would h*ye
been impossible to have found a matt of
'less account' in Amsterdam than 'Doctor'
Dostie, who '141444 generally regarded as
lunatic or fool."
The Lieutenant Governor and: Attor
ney General of Louisiana and the Mayor
of New Orleans have sent a cosnounca
tion to the President detailing the history
lof the late riot. They show that the ob
ject of the Convention of 18u4 was purely
revolutionary, and that the intention was
lo stir up the blacks to Insurreetlon 021
the plea of securing imaginary rights,
in order to elevate white demagogues to
plactsc of power. - By the inthunambery
speeches of its members at the meetings
on the nights of the '27th and alth the
designs of the revolutionists to overthrow
the State authorities were miule Miserly
manifest. The Convention itself num
bered but twenty-nine members, rout of
a whole number of ono hundred and Ulf
ty,) and although lacking thirty-seven
of u quorum, the original president, who
did not sympathise with the contempt's•
ted revolt, was deposed nail a negro suf
frage radical was elected pro Gm. The
report complains that Gen, Baird 20.11*.
ed to co-operate with thecivil andmuttl.
cipal authorities In preventing the meet
ing of the Convention or in guarding a
gainst :t riot, and' that ho Meat! the
rioters who had beet' arrested before an
investigation could be had. It charges,
also, that the negroes were armert mid
}weltered for bloodshed, and that they
commenced the lighting. 'Twenty-seven
rioters were killed end a number wound
ed. Forty-two policemen and a 'lmola,
of clll4-114 were killed or woThnld,
quietness now prevails, Allow! rig that
though the lessoli was severe, lt was
Clay Webster, Benton, Thtehavan i
Wright. and alt the other really great"
American statesmen who have fIU Y'
seats in Congress, Served their conntry at
eight-dollars per day. , The limit Conptresa
to increase the pay of Its own umemlmors
above this amount, if we are not greatly
mistaken, was the one that met th Des'
eember, 1•43, when the !holism! V.' Pi:
'hllo was elected ripeaker of the Hogs!
Th is Coogrels screwed the pay, up, to Llano
tiwusand dollars per annum, nearly ott:-
bie the amount received by each Mem her
for the long session at the old per ;Witt;
and nearly four times time amount ratm
ceived for the short session. No fort,lmeti
40Vtliket• was rustle till the present the,
w!len our patriotie CornrroW
raised the pay strain. 1.51(.11 Tntfotni4r
now reeelves five thousand dollars a ymatirl
The Sew-lull ivt.elllo terminated tauter}
a little under eight Each mein-,
her, therefore, received for his servlepta
fraetio,i over six hundred and twenty-live
dollars per month.
Among the people who help to / pay
these extravagunt ItAle:4 wages ,are Ors ,
mers, mechanics and laboring WO Vttni
(in not receive over six humelremUtlahrli
for a whole year's work! llutunrmiaamkar,
able as hi this rate of pay for Ape lulls,
session, itis still worse for the AMA, ses.
sion. This session Is limited by theVori*
Ftitution to three mouths. It' begliivert
the first Monday in Deeembet amallemide
on the 4th of March. Thu pety , pf ejamla
member fur this session will amonimtjo
cite thousand six hundred and Whet . 6
seven dollars ISer month! I.domijS album ,
a doctor, many a buslitersonat4
.with far more Intelligence Ilum.i,he env
half of these P.adieul Congressmen Pit rsileS
his calling assiduously and yetenntkeig
more In a whole year thium the present
pay of a srieuilmet,m; Coligres4,,limr, 4 4lk
mouth of the:short Man y '. •
farm, with all the hihor that the,
and his family bestow upon Ai*
twelve motitlem, rot urns lthms than %Ali,
monthly pay of a member, tam fie
this Itatticat Congress.
Retrenchment and rerorm mOmilly
needed, And to secure filet% the'asiiii6tQ
must be overthrown at t lmeprolle. 'l , Mies/
ork..'soidiers of nvy Lyn i a 4 o itensgatt'
ber that "N Prefix.; teary," 41.44-Yftd4
speech, 'called all the soldiers WWI /Mg
In the late State o,nyentkin Atk.liirgiser
burg, by the unjust , anti coul t enaSiltist
names of "cowards 'and shysteraohullfr
ors and hospital bututnersP l ,, Itontieuseer
at the polls this libeller of,the knargin4
vetersne of the war,. who. served totkeir
:oduritry.strldoet tbeir health sad *Of
at thirteen dollars a tuoutb, - whiko r iop
drew Ills thive hundred I , (t: Rf
out Of threw of the
yop na4l, i4w-a-doya tkelu t rOt At e
ape 4)F!Pctse4 to =gent . frrilk%
Ofq? 1P 299/ ft fa XP r f b tfilikg* •T•
VA *in AI 3 P4 11 ,45,
,Y* 0 1 AP
AVIAP thap.Votf rPOS4X . !!' i x 1":1,
L. friftU