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xwiligg 6 7 liftman's. Jill, SS, lass.
rois aovriaolc,
9/ 111.1 . tES C,JC*Tr
rug *Os vzsmos.
Tbso Bewocratie County Contention
frill be held In this place to-day. Let
fhe best ticket possible be selected, and
All will be well. Our Radical opponents
t hopepo succeed only b the event of tbo
prnmeracy making mistakes.
“41K410. sgtaarL.
E r k ti o aZerr of trio Interior De ?
nt, resigned on Friday. lion. U.
ii. Browning, of Illinois, was, the samii
/lay, nominated by the Preside , t, ea klesir
Pitax7 of tnalnterJur. _
•33otat Houser of Congress passe4l A reso
'titian to sifjourti on Saturday . last—and
ors suppose they accordingly adjourood.
l o st thit country relnlve !
ite-socreta7 EleYror4 4as NO written
i letter to Senator Doolittle, expressing
Lie approval of the call for the) Phihidel
phia Con,vention, J o t is a patriotie tlocc
inent, and goes far to redeem its author
from the stigma which his' former sec
tionalism i.,m41 flied upon him. Secre
tary Welles has also written a very
btrong letter in endorsement of the
klitladelphi, Convention;
118. The Philadelphia Press siws "the
T . 'reskie4thul power law increased, is in
pressing, and ought to bo diminished." '
Who increased the Presidential power
With such unexampled rapidity as did A
braham Lincoln ? aOdall hit unconstitu
tional paaninptrons Vete supported and
defended by the erces, There was notai ll
pf restricting the power of the president
of that time. It is only when Andrew
,lohnson uses the plainly-granted power
pf his office to shield the Constitution and
the country from the daggers - of
li adicei
plottOr); paid assassins, that the Press
plamors for o diminution of the power of
the President. Had the President bowed
$.101%1i to such men us Sumner and Ste
stens, we would have heard nothing but
Ogees from the Press,
Marto main .bmAnir of CoNglmila
btu' been to prevent . th restoration of
-Abe States. All legislation of a national
eharacter has been directed to that point.
They - Amy° trampled upou the Constitu
tion, insulted the President, violated all
}ow awl precedent, and taken the Initia
tory stew for an Insurrection in the Nor
thern States, in order to iwoomplish their
purposes. Many of the Radical member's
will be candidates for re-election, and
PRIPP rcYcll 5491414 note thPse fnOP:
fo'4 is estimated et the Treasury De
partment, that the total receipts of Gov
ernment, exclusive of loans, for the fiscal
year ending the 30th - ult., will reach up
wards of $552,000,000, divided as follows;
From internal revenue, $31,000,000; front
direct ta;, S5;000,000; from customs,
)$270,00,000; from miscellaneons sources,
$65,000,000; from sales of public lauds,
sB7s,ooo—total $552,675,000.
To run this abolition Government, says
ahe Dayton (Ohio) Rnlpire, and pay the
bills of tills disunion Congress, for one
year, the people,' the tax-payers, are
plundered to the tune of over five hundred
firsciffliy-two and a haViaillioas of dollars;
18.,The monster meeting of Denioe rats
pt Iteading on the 18th troubles the.Gea
rY (+WM+ not a little. If -we coirld pit
faith in their various tales we wioultl be
f..ompelled to believe that the meeting
lacked just about fifty thousand of being
composed otone hundred persons. Liars,
Vika avarisfons people,: often overreach
taemsPlYest .
>lO .The Plsunicnists am continually
•befaboring President Joh nso n for atteropt
lpg to break up the "Union" party, Ant
as if he and not they bad abandoned the
Union cause, ilafore claiming to be the
Union party, let them 51ecJare for Union
primiiplea u a policy for ti. restorritton
of the Union. As it now Is, they are fol.-
: lowing Thad. Stevens, who says the Uni
.an was dlsoolved ; that the impeded States
are terfiPoliesi AM that they must be kept
ipdettniOdy irtaterritorial condition. To
Oil that faction of fanatics and dema
gogues thenion party is equlvalent to
paying that &tan and his imps constitute
the hemp!) , host,
, *I'M the great Democratic meeting
which was held at Reading, Pennsyl
vania, on. the 18th lust„ the Hon. Mont
gomery predicte(l that If the radi
,oals carried thus October election the re
suit would be the establishment of two
' Presidents and two Congresses. He us
sorted. that it was the intention of tile
Tadicals to 111 11>eiloh PreohicUt ROlllBOll
in Mat oven Ottild turn him out ; whilst the
Democractis members would unite and
form a Congress with the regularly elect
ed members from the South, He Warn
ed his hearers that they were on the evo
of another civil war, the battle-fleltl of
Which would- be in the :North, whilst
the Sogth Would remain a unit.
ist-gen, (}r a ngy, whom the Radicals
trytqg Nig by putting him for-
Ward as a candidata r - f4r the Presidency,
recently remarked to 9 gentleman that
"unless the Southern States were speedi
iy admitted to representation in Cog
/mop 04 or 004 of self-goycmocrit,
pouceo4 tq thcni, we should soon hay 9
another rebellion." Gen. Grant is IN
Pndical, find if the Disunionists should
elect him President, they would catch
a, more decided Tartar than Andrew
Johnson, .
When Andrew Jonnson tir , at be-
President, a little over one year
algO, the dianalonists declared that. Vrov-
Adana., fqr How wise purpose, had call-
Od'him tO tlip gseegtive chair. Since,
4ontever, ills course hai not turned out
lism,o _ ,14 consonance with their plunder
_ - blooci-tniraty aspirations,- they
Andrei,' Johnson is only rreaident
tr amcles*
The Thruocratio oitiz t ena of Ohio
yeal,v ant In WaihinAtoo held a maetiqg
qu Monday night aad orgaair.o4 a 4 014ic
pecoaratto Club, to sit, the Democracy
off 44;131401:e 14 the present politiest can
01 g 3 49r 401/94 t
3. Atkinson was
, _ delif
wile All tRZ bastinourrs
Tee Demileg Zee leg.
On the 14th day or Deeatabor, 1868, in
the lieu* el Representatives at 'Wash
ington, Mr. Holman, of Indiana, a Dem
ocrat, offered $ series of resolutious do
olaxing "that the Slates in rebellion are
not out of the Union, and should not be
held as 7'erritories mod subjugated prosin
ess; that the only er4dition to proper re
lations should be untOpnelitional submission
to the Constitution and laws of the United
States, andthat wheit this is accomplished,
the war ougitt to cease.!'
Thaddeus Stevezr (disunionist) *toyed
to lay the resolutimes on the table; which
' motion wits earriett, by a vote of eiyhty
elyht disueibinistatall Reimbliehus — t°
Uniouists-inearim all Democrats..
[See House, Jounml, Session '49th C 0904.4,
puge 49.)
The vote on this 'resolution !establishes
beyond all cavil and dispute, that the
Democracy are not only the true friends
of the Unikm, but , that they endeavored
to preserve inviolate, the faith of the na
pm as pledged by tbe Crittenden resolu
kien ; wbliathe Republicans are The bitter
and unrelenting foes of the Union, who
recklessly violated a pledge, given with
a unanimity, that abound have 804BIlfied
ii Agalpst n 2fringement.
White ai of Pennsylvania, remember
this record; read It to your neighbors ;
post it, in print d placards, in public pia
co3,•where t can be seep and read by all
ine4. I
that the Skates in rebellion were out of
the Union.. ,
81ZTY-81 DEMOC)34III vctted tliat tttey
were no/ qtii of the Union.
that the re )ellious States should be 'fere
ritories or subjugated provinces,
DEm s omtaTs voted that they
should have all their rights, unimpaired,
by uneorgipionatiy submitting to the
Constitution and laws of the United
itinlEßl.4:ol47 4EPUBJ,TCAYS wanted
the dismembered ti pion of litponer, Ste ,
yens and Geary. 4 14EmocRATs wanted the um
broken Union of Washington, Johnson,
and Clymer.
. .
their oaths of °Mee, by acknowledging
secession al a "fixed fact," and changing
the war for[the Union into a crusade for
the subjugation and annihilation of the
iiIXTY-Rls DlDlocß preserved their
oaths unbroken, by repudiating the her
esY lef seeeitimi, and demanding that th el
flag that "hore on its azure field.a star for
every "State, should
. alifso have a State for
every star.'``
These ciAly-eight Republicans aro for
These sizity-six Deinocrats are for Cr:I:-
gnu ANA aim Um*.,
744444 11 M0 OF TTM AXE. :.
i r
The Sen amendments to the pream
ble and resolution relating to the admis
sion of Tennessee ;were this afternoon
concurred hi by the: House. The vote on
the amendment to the preamble was 1)2
to 25, Thel °Democrats and one or , two
Repnblican's voted: against it, An im
pression prevails to-day that the -Presi
dent will neither sign nor veto the reso
lution. Hd will simply return it. to the
House, with the statement that, accord
ing to the Constitution, each House is
made the judge of the election returns
and qualifications of its own members,
and the Executive has nO power or au
thority In thi4 premises. This will ape.
tually fnil t le Radicals, who are seeking
to entrap him either into an approval
of their doctrine or the veto of a resolution I
for the adMission of Tennessee,— Wash ,
ington Lett .r of Monday,
lagl-The Age's Was'hington letter of
ys :—The President to-day
sent to th House of Representatives a
message re ative to the joint rabolution
for the a Mission of TennoMe. lie
states that, although having signed it,
in order to throw no obstacle in the way
of the speddy admission of the Tennes
see delegation, he considers it of no
force or e&ct in settling the terms upon
which representation is to be allowed
from the State formerly in insurrec
tion. It simply amounts to' 4 declara
tion of opinions. He says further, that
the Department of State has received
no official information of the ratification
of the proposed constitutional amend
ment by the Legislature of Tennessee,
1 and adds that he is in receipt of reliable
unofflektl information that no legal , rati
fication of Said amendment by the Legis
lature gif that State haataken place. Im
mediately after the reading - of the mes
sage, Mr. ,yens rose and asked that the
Committe on Reconstruction be die
, charged f m the foram consideration
c, ( 43
1 of the credentials of the Representatives
elect from' the Sttite of Tennessee, and
that the Same be referred to the' Com
' mittee of Electiops, which was agreed to
by a vote of 80 to 28., It is said to be
the Intention of the Radicals to keep Mr.
Patterson t - one of the Senators from Ten
nessee, and Mr, Opopers one of the Rep
resentatives, out of their seats, notwith
' stancilkig•their readiness to take the test
oath. It was for this purpose that the
House resolution relating to representa
tion was amended in the Senate by strik
ing out the words, "duly elected and
qualified, upon taking the oaths required
by existing laws."
Ingrquitcde! — The Hon. Thaddeus Ste,
vens is out for aseat in the United States
Senate, and his frien9s announce him
as a candidate, they having received the
consent of Mr. Stevens. This is cruel in
Mr. S., as he knows Col, Forney had
set his heart uperi this position, and that
it is the great ambition of . his Life to get
late the Senate, -Forney was betrayed
once by ginlon Cameron, and now, at
this twelfth hour, to be betrayed by his
bosom friend, Stevens, is really too bad,
and shouldn't be encouraged. The fell
of the whole matter is, the Stge Assem
bly that is to elect this Senator has yet
to be elected by the people. "Many &slip
twixt Cup and lip.",
Ifirllefore Abolitionism, through its
committee of flfteetr, reports many more
plans fop l'recOltetntoting" the govern
ment whielt it has destroyed, it might
try its hands on its own party. Judging
from the 10 - oks of things, it needs recon
structing about se bully as in
the country.
SOT The Harrisburg .Thiegraph asserts
that Geary was the author of the Etuan
eipationproelaniatiou, and the Lancaster
Ezprese bay declared that the 4th of July
belongs to "the paper General. Can't
some Radical newspaper prove that he
penned the Declaration of Independence.
That might eye some slight chance of an
election. Without 1t he is one Lore added
to the Ist of political D. D's.
Stilftlion. A. W. Randall was on Wed
=rmed by the Berate as Poet
t eral, anj non. Joseph B.
Wilson as o amiss 'Aar gf t 1 a Gieneral
land Once,
Frwn the ° 031°141 " T • • ' TOWN AND _COUNTY AFFIIRS.
- - .„.... 1 .
fhb Annual Commeneetrnm . t of this •
fir' The COXPILER will be flirnished ...
- eiminention. ' Institbition will take place on the second I
- for the campaign —froxa this time until Thursday of August. The Baccalaureate
_The State Executive Committee this . a fter the October election—at the low Discourse will be delivered on Sunday
morning announce:is the appointment of,
_,, r „„ . , cents.
a full Democratic delegation to the .Na- fit'"' "' 'VW ' send in the names Precediug, by Rev. Dr. Baugher, Presi
dent. The exercises of the Junior class I
tional Convention of the 14th of August. ' and the teouey--singly or by clubs. occur on Wednesday morning. On the!
We regard this aettbu as eminently wise There is an interesting campaign ahead, afternoon of the same day there will be au
and proper. The universal sentiment of and ,no Democrat or Conservative should address before the Literary Societies. !
Rev. Dr. T. L. Cuyler, of lirooklyu, N. ;
the Democracy Is in favor of the Conyers - ,„ tv
be posted when the ieformation
tlon. They feel that no means ireould be , "4/ y.; will deliver the annual address before
left untried to restore national unity.—, can be secured for the sinall sum of half_ the Philornatinean Society. The annual''
They believe that the spirit of hate-luta a dollar. .
_meeting of the Alumni will be held on
too long reigned _in our midst, and that ! •
Wednesday evening sad an addrises de
the spirit of amity and concord should 1 TH.0(10.-10120 Bushman, Esq., the
livered by one of its members. The duty
be encouraged to enter. They are favor- burning of whose house we noticed this year devolves upon RA , . Victor L.
able - to any constitutional policy that will : last week, desires us to say that be feels , Conrad , of New York City'.
open the door to reconciliation and recto -!• .
truly thankful to the public for the sym- ! In glancing at the Catalogue for 1883-86,
ration: Before the circular of July ie wa.s we find that the whole number of stu
issued, the Democracy had no standing patty expressed in his behalf, and whic hd e
isls6-Beniors P, Juniors 18, Soph-
In the Convention as an organized body, , has shown 'itself 1n the shape of very omores 48, Freslimeu 23 and Preparatori
but 'by its terms we are recognized as, liberal contributione toward his loss. ens 8(3. Out of the 88 students. in the Pre
such, and invited to enter within its per- !' paratory Department 21 are front Gettys
tals. The resolution of the Reading Mass ' burg; Penna. west of the Susquehanna
Convention expressed the desire of the river 20, Penna. east of the Suscluellanna
party for representation there. It is but 11, Maryland 17, District of Columbia tt,
three weeks until the Convention meets. Virginia 5, Kansas 2, Ohio, 'lllinois, Ten-
Our action is looked to by other States. siessee and 11'. Carolina each 1,
No nyiehinery was in existence through
which to choose district delegates, and
the creation of that machinery and the
choice of the delegates could not have
been had in so brief a period, and hence
many of the districts would have been
unrepresented, Under these circumstan
ces It became a necessity that the State
Committee should act in the premises.
They have done so, and done well, The
names they have given us from civil life
are conspicuotte for their patriotism, their
integrity, mid their large experience in
public atlhirs. Porter, Bigler, the Pack
ers, Lewis, Black, the Woodwards, Camp
bell, Hughes, Cass, Leiper, Patterson,
Vaux, and others, as the representatives
Of Pennsylvania, are guaranties to her
, sister States that her only aim is a reuni
ted country and a, vindicated Constitu
tion."' Our soldier represeptatives, too,
loom up as names associated with many
a hard-fought tleid. Dana, Davis, Sir
well, Sweitzer, Jarrett, Irwin, Ent, Mc-
Calmont, Jones, ajld others, bring back
upon us the remerances of Gettysburg,
of the Peninsula, of Petersburg, and of
the Cumberland, nod remind us of the
valiant deeds of the Pennsylvania Re
serves, Their swords ore sheathed.—
Having bravely fought and won, they
step forward like brave and honest men
to meet their foes upon the hroad platform
of Christian charity and a common Con
The Convention id itself will be great
in its moral aspect and powerful In its
political results. The men of the North
and of the South, and of the East and of
the 'West, for the first time in five years
meet to greet each other and to counsel
together. Burying the past and rieeepting
the results of the war they come .to fore
cast the future and to unite in the recon
struction of our national temple, Obedi
ence to law and constitutional obligations
are the only tests to a common right; to a
common heritage, and in yielding these
in a spirit of truthful submission, they of
the geeth earn at the hands - of brave and
honest men the just return of sincere for
July 21, 1865.
A call for a National Convention, to be
held at Philadelphia on the 14th day of
August, 1866, having been issued, an In
vitation was extended, under date of July
10, 1866, to the Democratic organization,
as such, to unite in that Convention in
order "to devise a plan of political action
calculated to restore national unity, fra
ternity, and harmony."
The time being too brief to call a State
'!Convention, to refer the subject to the
districts for action, and it appearing to be
the wish of ,The party, as expressed at
Reading, and through the press, that we
should be represented therein, the Demo
cratic Executive Committee of Pennsyl
vania, acting under the authority of the
;State Central CoMmittee, specially re
serving control of the organization, have
designated and invited the following
gentlemen to act as delegates to that Con
vention : _
Ex-Governor David
,B. Porter,
Ex-Governor William Bigler,
Ex-Governor William F. Packer,
Chief Juane° George W. Woodward,
Distriet—Hon. James Campbell,
George M. Wharton, Esq,
2d District—Colonel W. C. Pattersori,
Hon. Richard Vaunt,.
ad District—Hon. Daniel M. Fox,
Hon. John Robbins,
4th District—Hon. Ellis Lewis,
Ho&. Charles Brown.
sth RiBtriet--Generai W. W. H. Davis,
John G. Brenner, Esq.
6th bistrtat—Hon. ji3l — in D. Sties,
Col. Owen Jones.
7th District—Hon, George G. Leiper,
Hon. John A,Morrison.
Bth District—Hon. Warren J. Woodward',
- Charles Kessler, Esq.
9th District—Hon. Isaac E. Hiester,
H. M. North, Esq.
10th District—Hon. F. W: Hughes,
Dr. C. D. Gloninger.
11th District—Hon. Asa Packer, : •
Col. W. H. 'Uttar.
12th Distrect 7 -General E. L. Dana,
John Blanding, Esq.
13th District—Colonel W. H. Ent,
Hon. C. L. Ward.
14th District—Edmund S. Doty, Esq.,
Hamilton Alrieks, Esq.
15th District—Hon. J. S. Black
Hon, Sam'!. Hepburn.
16th District—William 'McLellan, Esq.,
Hon. Wm. P. Schell.
17th District—Hon. William H. Irwin,
Hon. C. L. Pershing.
18th District—Col. Phaon Jarrett,-
Hon. James Gamble.
19th District—Hon. William A. G al oral th,
Hon. James T. Leonard:
20th District—Gen. Alfred B. MeCalmorit,
Hon. Gaylord Church.
21st ,District—Hon. Henry D. Foster,
• W. W. Wier, Esq. ;
22d District—General J. B. Sweltier,
George P. Hamilton, Esq.
33ci District—Hon, George W. Cass,
Colonel William Sirwellt
-2-Ith District—Hon. Jesse Lazear,
Hon, William Hopkins,
By order of the Democratic State Exec
ptive Committee,
j4„con .4iEui # E4, Secretary.
Characteristic and Patriotic Letter from
pen. John A. Dix.—NEW Yonii, July 19,
1866.-Ify Dear Sir, I have received the
pall issued by yourself and others for a
National Union Convention in Philadel
phia on the 14th of August. I conoui in
its propositions, its reasonings, and its
objects, and will do all in my power to
carry them out.
long since expressed the opinion that
the States were entitled to their represen
tation in Congress ; that their exclusion
was a violation of good faith and of the
obligations of the Constitution; and that
a persistence in such a policy must lead
to consequences most dimstrous to the
peace of the country.
These and other considerations oonnec
ted with the present unsatisfactory relit
! tions of the States to the Federal Govern
ment, and to each other, render most
timely and proper gmeh a meeting as you
have recommendeWof the patriotic and
reflecting men ,of the Union, to consult
together for the general welfare.
I full truly yours,
JOHN A. Dix.
Efon. .jame4 11.(4o . olitae.
SAVANNAH, July 23.--Ten deaths from
cholera are reported sirico yesterday
~ ni morning, and one to-day, all among the
SAVANNAH, July 24.—there Were 20
deaths from cholera and 34 new oases
among the troops o*'rybee Island from
9 o'clock yesterday morning up to 6 V. If,
116.1 t is feere4 that tile "coPperbeeds"
*West hp the "Thad-poke 14 Ostoper,
MORE Pie Ni .—The Sunday School
connected wait St. James (Lutheran)
Church "held their Annual Pip Nic at
Spangleria Spring on Tuesday. Tliere
was a good turn oijt and everything
pa. sod MT pleasantly.:
The Sunday School connected with the
College Church (Lutheran) also held a
Pic Nic at the aame place on Wedueaday.
They too had a delightful time,
net-Rev. John Barrister, highiy res
pected by the Catholic Church, died in
Boston on the 18th inst„ aged 43 years.
lie was present and took an active part
in the exercises at Conowago Chapel a
few months ago.
/0/1 - At the late Commencement of
Hamilton College, Utica, N. Y., the of Doctor of Philosophy
wag conferred upon Prof. IL L. Staiver,
of Pennsylvania College.
ue).-Rev. Theo. L. Cuyfer, D. D., of
Brooklyn, N. Y., will address the Philo
inathtean Society of Pennsylvania Col
lege, at the next Commencement, instead
of Rev. Dr. Krauth, of Philadelphia, as
announced in our paper a few weeks ago.
ing of the Board of Managers of Ever
Green Cemetery Association, held July
16, 1866, a committee was appointed to
ascertain the actual indebtedness of the
Association, who made the folloWing
report, which w.►s ordered to be pub
lished in the town papers :
Notes held by different persons, $l6lO (10
Interest on the sameup to June 25, 99 22
$1709 22
Certificates of stock redeemed by
the Association's notes, $lOB2 36
Certificates ofatock unredeemed, 160 04
Total amount of debt, $2957 62. ',.
In 1853, the project of locating a Public
Cemetery in the vicinity of Gettysburg
was first brought to the notice of the pub
lic. The scheme was approved and suffi
cient evidence was evinced that the citi
zens of Gettysburg and vicinity deeply
felt the want of a rural and ornate Ceme
tery, "where family affections could be
gratified in the assurance, that the re
mains of father and child, husband and
wife, could repose side by side, undis
turbed by the changing interests of man."
This sacred spot, the repository of our
dead, consecrated by the tears of the be
reaved, is still involved in a debt which
former active and efficient Managers
vainly labored to extinguish. The pres-.
ent sources of income arising from the
sale of lots and digging of graves is in
sufficient to pay the necessary expenses
and reduce the debt. And whereas a
strong desire prevails in the community
to have the remaining debt paid of,
therefore the present Board resolved to
solicit subscriptions for the purpose of li
quidating said debt,
July 30, 1888. Committee.
PRESENTATION.—Mr. Editor :—The an
nouncement made a week or two since,
that the Rev. Mr. Davis had been present
ed with a Buggy, Harness, &c., was pre
mature. The presentation, however,
came off on Saturday, the 2lst inst., when
the Committee had the pleasure, on be
half of the different congregations com
posing his charge, to present him with a
splendid new - Buggy and set of Harness,
which was much needed and gratefully
received. Mr; Davis has been the pastor
to this clotrge for three years, and has
won the respect and esteem of his people,
both for his ministerial ability and gen
tlemanly conduct, and they consider this
as but a small token of their good wishes
and regard.
The Buggy was built by Messrs. Sell,
Blocher, & Co., of Littlestown, and is of
first-elass materials and finished in ex
cellent style. '
On behalf of the Committee.
W. J. McCuußz, M. D.
The soldier friends of Johnson and
Clymer in this State intend to make
their approaching Convention at Harris
burg a marked success. Every county
in the State will send delegations of sol
diers who have served in the late war,
end are now prepared to oppose the party
which is preventing their patriotic sacri
fices and sufferings from bearing their
legitimate fruits. The Radical presses
are stigmatizing the Democratic soldiers
as "copperheads" and sympathizers with
"traitors." This is the way they show
their respect for the soldiers. Party is
before country with the Radicals. If a
soldier votes their ticket, he is a patriot ;
if nut, he is a "copperhead." But the
soldiers are determined that the Union
shall be restored, and hence their support
of Johnson and Clymer, They will not
support a party which is plotting treason
in all the Northern kitates,—Age,
2brnad.o.—The magnifieent now rail
road bridge at Ilavre-de-Grace, Md.,
within ninety days of completion, was
hurled from its piers into the river by a
terriflle tornado, on Thursday last. Loss
$330,000, Several workmen were carried
into the stream, but were rescued,
lag o ln all the West, from the lakes to
the Pacific!, wherever elections have
been held this year, Democratic victories
and enormous Democratic gains have
been the result. The complete over
throw of radlcalisin In its Western hot
bed, at. Louis, marks the political bar
ometer M the West.
SIPThe President hoe signed the bill
making the grade of General in the Ar
my, and nominated General Grant for
the position.
$9l-Vice Admiral parragnt has been
app9inted Admiral by the President.
The Three Months Extra Pay.—{lon-
Vele lately passed an sot giving three
Inontbs extra ink to air °Sloan In service
at the class of the y
rebellion. Why Were
the illiTeitel left og the diet
The Preparatory Department of the In
stitution, located at Gettysburg, Pa., has
been re-organized by the appointment of t
a Principal, who devotes his exclusive
attention to this department, The course ,
of study has been revised, and embraces
all the branches of a thorbugh English
Education, together with the elements of
Mathematics—of the Latin and Greek
Languagesarul .of the sciences. New
series, of Text Books in most branches
have been introduced. The aim is to'
make the instruction thorough and prac
tical, and adapted to the wants of those
receiving it. Students who wish to take
a full collegiate course, will receive a
thorough classical training—those who
are preparing for business, in addition to
other instruction, will have the privilege
of instruction in Practical Accounts,
Business Forms, BoOk-keeping, dec.—
Those who propose to enter upon me
ehanical pursbits will have the opportu
nity of acquiring the elements of Mathe
matics, Natural Philosophy, dm, whilst
those who are preparing themselves for
, the profession of Teaching, will have
every facility for perfecting themselves
in those branches deemed important in
their galling,: There are four grades in
the Department, and students on entering
'the Institution will be admitted to that
' grade for which they are qualified by
previous study.
students. sufficieati V Advanced in this
Department, are permitted to attend reel
' tations with the College classes, in any
of the branch - es which they may desire,
for which no additional charge is made.
It is contemplated, at an early day, to
erect a new building for the exclusive use
of the Preparatory Department. until
'this building is erected, theolder students
of this Department are providel with
rooms in the College Building. The
, Principal, who resides near the College,
I will receive into his family a - limited
number of the younger pupils, for ivlioin
temporary provision has been made by
the Board of Trustees, in the erection of
j an addition to his residence.
$1248 40
The necessary expenses -of those resi
ding in the College will vary from $3 - 1
SSS per session, according to circumstan
ces, or
Boarding in clubs may be procured at
$2 50, in private families at from $3 50 tb
$4 00, Tuition per session, $l2 40, Room
rent, &e., 4 ..!3 00, Washing, $1 00, Fuel and
light, from $4 00 to $0 00.
Students residing with the Principal
will be charged at the rate of sixty-flue
dollars per Session for boarding, washing,
light, fuel, furniture, rooms and attention;
the ono-half to he paid in advance, the
balance at the middle of the session. A
deduction of five dollars will be made for
the Summer Session. Each student is
expected to bring with him towels. sheeti,
pillow cases and a quilt or its equivalent.
The Terms and Vacations are as follows :
First term begins September 20th, 1868.
Second " " Jan. 10th, IMO 7.
Third " " May 9th "
and each continues 13 weeks—followed
by vacations of three, four and six weeks
for further particulars. address, . •
George N. Acker, Washington, D. C.
Leonidas T. Acworth, Quantico,
Henry W. Baldwin, Neoga,
Jamsq R. P. Bates.Smitiffield Station, 0.
W. Hamilton Bayly, Gettysburg, Pa.
R. H. Beck, llecktown, North'd. Co., Pa.
T. Biddle Spang's Mills, Blair co., Pu.
John A. Beim, Gettysburg, Pa.
Frederick W. Butler, Reading, Pa.
Conrad Clever, Shippensburg, Pa.
.Edward J. Cox, Gettysburg, Pa.
Robert S. Crawford, Gettysburg, Pa.
Martin Diebi, Walkersville, Frederick
co., Md.
Adam Diehl,
co., Md.
H. W. Delay, Unionville, Fred. co., Md.
John H. Ehrehart, Gettysburg, k Pa.
Thomas E. Ehrehart,
M. J. A. Emery, Palmyra, Leb. co., Pa.
Simon P. Felton, Cherry Grove, Bedford
co., Pa.
Samuel G. Finokel, Washington, D. C.
William H. Finckel, "
. Victor L. C. Forrer, Pine Grove, Behuyl
- kill co. ' Pa.
David Z. Foulk, Gettysburg, Pa.
Henry P. Frazey, Cherry Grove, Bedfurd
county, Pa.
J. T. E. Gephart, Grasshopper Falls, Kan.
Marshall Gephart, "
Wilberforce Gettys, Athens, Tenn.
Daniel Gilbert, Jr. Gettysburg, Pa.
John T. Gladhill, Frederick, 1% , 1d.
Charles E. flay, Gettysburg, Pa.
Edward G. Hay, "
Alfred lleindel, York, Pa.
Henry S. Herman, Hagerstown, Md.
Benjamin S. fliokman, Lovettsville, Va.
George S. Hickman, "
John L. Hill, Gettysburg, Pa.
J Holtz, New Chester, Adams co., Pa.
Gilbert Hoover, Gettysburg, Pa.
, George E. Jacobs,
John L. Kendlehart, "
James L. Rihier, Front Royal, Va.
Ezekiah Kieffer, Harney, Carroll co., Md. H
I John A..Koser, arrisburg, Pa.
George R. Lathrop, Washington, D.
E. Manges, Buckstown , Sonist. eo., Pa.
; Edwin T. Maul, York, Pa.
Colin O. MeClean, Gettysburg, Pa.
Franklin W. Mehatiby, Marietta, Pa.
' George W. Minket, Cumberland, Md,
Michael R. Minnich, Bedford, Pa,
Wm. Luther Minnigh, Gettysburg, Pa.
Charles A. R. Moore, Mount Jackson, Va.
Benjamin E. Moore, Quantleo, Md,
Walter H. O'Neal, Gettysburg, Pa.
Samuel Palmer, Upton, Franklin co„ - Pa.
Lewis Pelffer, Chan.tbersburg, Pa.
A. M. Pfahler, Lewisberry, York co., Pa.
Walter S. Pratt, Washington, D. C.
John M. Radebaugh, Gettysburg, Pa.
J. H. Reynelds, Bakersyille, Washington
co., Md.
Gustavus A. Richardson, Lovettaville,Va.
John M. Reimensnyder, Sunbury, Pa.
Jacob F. Rife Middletown, Pa.
' Amos A. Roth, West Fairview, Cumber
land co., Pa.
John W. Rumple, Concord North Car.
C. E. Sadtler, Luthervillo, Balt. co., Md.
W. F. Shull, New Chester, Adams co„
Henry A. Smelts, Frostburg, Md.
Manassas J. Smeltzer, Middletown, Md.
M. B. Snyder, Quakertown, Bucks co.,Pa,
Thus, J. Stambaugh, Chambersburg, Pa,
Edward H. Stolle, Washington, D. C.
J. E. Stortebraker, Hagerstown, Md.
Henry B. Strohdacti, Beading, Pa.
James A. Swope, Gettysburg, Pa. -
Charles Me. Troxell, Emmitsburg, 244,
Jeffbrson Z. Taylor t Quantico, M 4
John Mc. Unger J Mercersburg,
William L. G. Unger, ”
J. M. Weaver, Hunteridown, Adams co.
Jams B. Weaver,
Hen N. Wolltrt, Altoona, Pa,
Jesse F. Young ) Outran:dans; Md,,
Samuel A. Zlegesitias,Bunker Hlll,Bucks
wanly, Pa. •
Jaeoh 8. Ziegler, Getty ?burg, Pa.
Hugh, Me. Ziegler, •
Special Notice Column,
the Graatest Difiltot ery of the A;e.
F.l R3lEiti, F.l id ILI ES, D OTHER'S can
purchase no remedy equal to Dr. TWA M . Venetian
Liniment for dysentery, colic, cretip, chronic
thOUICULLI9III, sore throats, toothache, sea sickness
cuts, burns, swellings, bruises; old soros, headach e,
itiosquito bites, print in the limbs, chest, beck,
Ac. If IL does not give relief the money will be
refunded.. All that is asked Is a trial, and use it
;wording to the iltrections.
Da. Toats.s.—Dear Sir: I have used•your Vene
tian Lrtilment in my family rum numberof yeaN,
and believe It to be the bust article for what it is
reocuanictided that I have ever used. Foritudden
attack of croup it Is invaluable. I have no hesita
tion in recoraoiendlug ft for all the usesit profess
es to cure. I bare sold it for many years, and
it gives entire satisfaction ;
quakertown, N. J., May 8, 1868.
Price, 40 and 80 cents. Sold by all drug:4l4J
Offize 88 Con rtland street, New York..
July 9,4884. Iva
Pewit's the Bleed,
If the Mood be pure the body which la formed'
from and by the blood cannot be diseased. But if
there be in any part of the body an affection, suck.
an a bell or Ulcer. even a brirlae, the blood circula
ting through that part takes up impure Irtatfer
from the local affection and carries it into the
general system. This Ls the'eause often of sudden
death Lk, persons of MIL bnhit affuctud with boils
and ulcers, and who use no medicine; the matter
gets into t4e circulating systein and chtdres up
the fine Liao.' vessels Which supply trto irrain
wittletitality, and life cans is as if
Now, Mix van be retwalefl.
take all impure matters from the circulation, and
save the general health, soon coring local affec
tions also. Bit! NDRETH'S PILLS protect from
tedious times ofsicknegg aml often save life. sold
by all; Drwalsts. [July 9,1908. lrry
Trawitermation !
Thc'superstitiona of antinelty are only "food for
laughter" at the present day, and yet this is an
tme of MIRAOLF,I, accomplished with the aid of
scienee. For example: grey, sandy or red hair Is
CHANGED IN A MoNIENP, to the richest con
ceivable black or brown, by a simple applica
tion Qt,
Mattefractured by J. CHRIST.ADORO, 8 Astor
House, New York. Sold by DruZgista. APPIIOd
by sit Halt. Dressers. [Juws
•• • .• -
It Is Too Cheap.
Theire can be nothing so certain to cure a severe
cold, whether It be settled In the head or ..breast,
the Rings or bowels, as Medway's Ready
only It Is too cheap for some people. It gives ease
in a few minutes. It d Isposes of the pain directly.
It produces perspiration ; and acting energetically
upon the tit re nn the bladder, the skin, (Sc.. nip-
Idly throws Wall the morbid mutter pru , lueed by
the derangement of the system, leaving, the recap
penal ve powers of nature to assert their authority,
and restore the sufferer to perfect health, But
t hen fhe rule vts soe heap. When you tlud that
you I, rye -eauzlit a cold," as it is called, do not
put off the use m tnediel he until the simple. ..cold"
has ilezenerated Into a more serious disorder.—
Attack the enemy at once before he has bad time
to sele,t his ground, lutretich himself - aft/ erect
fortifications. When you have a pain In the back
and a dull headache; when your bones all feel as
if they bad boeu,n and your skiu as if ID net)
bruised; when it lassito to overeoinet you, as if
you did not wish to move: when your appetite
fad's nyray, you coast tatty snooze . or cough, and
you feel utterly enable to persuade yourself to go
to work; when in short you have a "b‘deohl, - lay
out iteer is for a bottle of Ftl..lW.It"S It .IIdY RAW
and in a day or night you tnay h. , eonte well. ji
you are ashamed of being (ired su cheaply send
for a do-tor. Ii • cannot, If he a skillful practi
tioner. charge you less than five dollars, besides
the priett of his prescriptions. In a week or so lie
may ItLtare you to health. If you should happen,
on the contrary, to take one or two spoonfuls of
R ads. Relief In hairs totn , derof sweetened water
gningtto bed, you would or.,nam, Otto tip a w•ll
man In the in wiling. You would perspire the
roll entirely out of yon. At any rate two or three
shill Is/doses nest rtes w ml I certainly accomplish
the purp.isr. It Ilway's Ready Relief Is the best
tit I tigl In the world to cure a cold. It never falls.
It has, we all know, but one (atilt as a ro.ll-4.1) . —1t
is too.chean, Mold by Ibliggints.
July 23, PIO. 2.1 v
Ayer's Agile Care,
Intermittent Fev..r. or Fever and Ague, Remit
tent Fever, Cht It Fever. Dom , I Agile, Periodical
Headache or Bilious Headadie, and BIM sis Fe
vers, indeed for the whole clam of d is , aseS origin
atinglin hillary derangem .iit, caused by the Ma
hula Ot minsi male countries.
' , milt. and Ague le n tt the only consequence of I
mia.s?ri etc poison. A gee it variety of disorders
arise from Its irritation, lit mai:mons districts,
among which are Neuralgia, Rheumatism, (lout,
Headache, Blindness Toothache, Earaehe, Ca
t Asthin Palatat ion, PLEinful Affection of
the Spleen, ilystertelcs, Pain In the Bowels, Colic,
l'aralycis, an I Ih•ran,rern mit of the storruichcall
of which, when originating in this cause put on
the intermittent typ.., or become periodical. This
"nunr" expels the p ikon from the blood, and
thus cures them all alike. It is notonif the most
eff.ctri al rem-dy ever ,leicovered for this class of
eomplaints, but it is the cheapest liald moreover
is perfmrtly safe. No harm can arise from its use,
and the patient when cure 1 in left as healthy n 8 if
he had never had the disease. Can this be said of
any other cure for Chill, and Fever" It is lute nt
t fits, and its importance to those afflicted with the
complaint cannot he over estimated.Si' sure IS
It to cure the Fever and Ague, that It may lee
truthfully said to he a es‘rtai 0 romisly. One I)
ereninplalllS that it is not a goo I in .4 trine to sell,
tetcluisc one bottle cures a whole neighborhood.
Prclatr•AliY •I• C. AYER h Co, Ipweii, liass.,and
.soul by A. D. !Mohler, Gettysburg.
1,1 E HEN() CH.
?4e Great Preneh Remedy.
nil. it'A,N DEL %MAMIE'S
Prepared from a prvser.ptioir of Dr. Juan Deism
marre, CtUef Pliyulekin of the Hospital
du Nord on LarilvAstere of Paris.
MIS lova medleln.. Is no Imprnit lon, bnt
is unfailing in the cure of Spermatorrine or Semi
nal Weakness. Every species of Genital or Uri.
nary Irritability, Involuntary or Vi fitly Seminal
Emissions from whatever cause produced, or how.
evr severe, will be speedily re'leved and the or•
gabis restored to healthy action.
Itead the following opittioi.s of eminent French
"We have used the Specifie Pills prepared by
Garen. lere A: Dupont, No. 211 Roe Lombard, from
the prescription of Dr. 3nan Delamarre, fn our
private practice wit'a uniform success. and we be,
neve there is no other medicine so well calculated
to cure all persons suffering from Involuntary
Emissions or any other wenkness of the Sexual
Organs, whether caused by sedentary modes of
living, excesses or abuse.
G. D. Dr/AIIIIIN, M. 1).
JEAN LE LEernat:, M. D.
Paris, May 4th. PM."
The genuine Pills by all the prineipal
Druggists thiongliont the World. Price Oue Dol
lar p Box, nr six Boxes for rive Dollars.
Rue Paris.
One Dollaranclosed to any authorised Agent,
will insure a box by Muni mall. securely sealed
from All observation; six boxes for five dollars.
Solo General Agen is for A m
27 Cortlond at., N. Y.
N. B.—French. German', Spanl.h arid English
Pamphlets, containing full part•etilars anal direc
tions; for use, sent tree to event address.
A. D. Buehler, Agent for Gettysburg.
Dec. 18, 1865. ly
Lyon's Periodieal Drops!
itEciur,ArtrrrEs.—Tlkese Drops are a scientifi
cally compounded fluid preparation, and better
than any Pills, Powders or Nostrums. Being li
quid, their action is direct and paaßive, rendering
them a reliable, spec .y and certain specific f or
the cure of all obstructions andsuppressions of
nature. Their popularity Is Indicated by the fact
that over 1.00,0iM bottles are annually consumed
by the ladles of the United 'States, every one of
whom speaks In the strongest. terms of praise of
their great merits. They are rapidly taking the
place of every other Female Remedy, and are con
sidered by all who know aught of them, as the
surest, safest, and most Infallible preparation In
the world, for the cure of all female complaints,
the removal of all obstructions of nature, and the
promotion of health, regularity and strength.—
Explicit directions stating when they may lilted,
and explaining when and why they should not,
nor could not be used without producing effects
contrary to nature's laws, will be found carefully
folded, around each bottle, with the written signa
ture of Solo, L. LYON, without which none are I
Prepared by Dr. JOHN L. LYON, zas Chape.
Street, New Haven, Conn., who can be consulted
ethers personally or by mail, (enclosing stamp,) concerning all private diseases and female wm.k..•
gooses. Said by Druggists everywhere.
NovNos6,lB4l. ly CO.,
Gen'l Agents for IL S. and Canada*,
Terrible Dieelesures.
and wonderful publication. A work of 400 pages, and 311 colored Engravings. DR. HUNTER'S
VA.DE MECUM, an original and popular treatise
I on Man and Woman, their Pbysiolog. y, Functions,
I and Serail disorders of every kind, with Never-
FaiLtngßemedies fortheirsPeedY care. TilePrace
Moe of DR. HUNTER has long been. and still is,
unbounded, but at the earnest solicitation GOA,
merous persons. he has been induced to extend
his medical usefilness through the meditirre orris
" VADELMEGI7M." It is a volume that ellocild be
in the hands of every family in the land, musi
ventivei of secret vices, or as a guide lbw the i=
taloa of one of the moat awthl and d_setruetive
wanes that ever visited mankind. One
securely enveloped, will he fomented Ikea of
1 , ta any part of the UnitedSteSes far lie seats In
1 0 70. stamps. Addresk_paet paid, DR. 11
Ne, Division dt , ,, - New Tair a rsopt,W
P. Illnarsbairs Ostarri - Sou,.
This matt ham thoroughly prOvedl iteeklat be ibe.
best•Netiele known for curing the esn .
in the Head and Headache. It hoe been found au
esoallant ternely In many eases of Sore Eyee.-.
Deafness been removed by ft, and Hearing
haw often been greatly Unproved by Its use.
it Ls fragrant and ag,roualk., and utvae IMMII
DIA.TiIt HEMET to the drill heavy pains caused by
disease* of the head. 'rho Rensations after using
It are delightful and Invigorating, It *pens and
pUrgatioUt all obstructions, atretwt aims tttc glands,
and g We* a healthy Met/C)11 to the ports alreeted.
More than Thirty Year', of Sale end use of "Dr.
Marshall's Catarrh and Headache Snuff," has
proved its great value tor n)! the MVO dt 3 essy m
of the hetud and at this moment *tends higher
than ever before.
It is recommended by many of Bar bast tAsyst
aegis, and Is y sod with great success and soUatac
tion everywhere..
tho Certificates of Wholesale Druggists In
'Mitt Thu undoralsmod, having for many years
15)5)0 akut Wanted with 'f I.)r. Afarshall'r Catarrh
and Headache Snuff," and sold It lb our wholesale
trade, cheerfully state, that we believe 4 to be
opal, La every reelect, to the reenromendetkees
given of It for the curo of Cut-4411ml Mrectionto,
and that It Is decidedly the best article we has a
ev.n known for all ronunon diseases of the Head,
Burr & Perry, Boto
sy ; Bead, Auston Jr. C0..130%.
ton; Brown, Lamson k Cu., Boston; Seth W,
leowle, Boston; Wilson, Pairbank S Co., ;
ucashaw, Edmund 4 Co., Boston; 15, H, nay.
Portland, Me.; Burnes & Park, New 1 ork ; A, it.
& B. Sands, New York • Stephen Pant & New
York ; Israel Minor & bO., New York ; McKesson
dr.-Robbins, New York; A. L. Co., New
York; M. Ward, Close Co., New York; Bush &
Gala, New York. 1.17 • F0r wale by all Bruggt
Try lt. (Dee. Id, 14.1,
This Great Eaa - i I
Ptt..L4. Prepared from a prescription of Sir J.
Clarke, Jl. D. Phyttician Extraordinary to the
Thls invaluable ttwdicine is unfailing in
t Cure Grail Biome painful and dangerous Mee* ,
Ica to Which the female constitution Is sulAteet. It
nioderates all exeemeß and removes all obstrue•
Lions, and wspeedy cure may be reiVed on.
To SlarrlettLatliA it is peculiarly suited. It will,
la aahurt time, bring on the monthly period with
Each bottle, price One Dollar, bears the Govern,
ment Stamp of great Britain, to prevent counter
CAurtol.-41tese Pills should not be taken by
Feniaka; during the IofH4T TiLItRIC MONTIIN of Preg.
nancy, as they are Kure to bring on Illecurrlage,
taut at any other time they are safe.
in all c ties of Nervous nail %phial Affections.
Patna In the Rack and Limbs. hntigud• on milght
exertion, Palpitation of the heart, liymterlem, end
Whites, theme Pills will eireet ileure when all oth
er means have failed • and although a powerful
remedy, do not contain Iron, calomel, antimony,
or anythiug hurtful to the constitution.
Full directions In the pamphlet around each
package, which blioulti be carefully preserved.
Sold by all Druggists. Solo Agent for the Uhl.
ted States and Canada.
JOB 31CISE3, 27 Cortland At., N. T.
N. 11.-41,00 and 8 pout age statnna endowed to any
anthoriz.Nl Agent, wi II invnre,a bottle. con tal n I lig
01) Pills, by return milli, by .5.. D, Buehler.
Dec. 10, 1005, ly
To Consumptives.
The advertiser, having been restored to health
In a few weeks by a very simple reintaly, after
having suffered for several years with a severe
lung affection, and that dread disease, Consump
tion—la anxious to make knoWn to his fellow.
Sufferers the nitaus of cure.
To all who desire it, be will send a copy of the
prescription used ifrue of charged with ti direr.
Lions for preparing and using the same, which
they will find a sung crag ron rortsuairriost,
Throat and Lung Atreetions, The only object of
the advertiser in sending the Prescription is to the afflicted, and sp road information which
Le eoneelves to be invaluable. and he hopes every
sufferer will try his remedy, us It will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing.
Parties WiShilig the prescription FRX.E by return
mall, will please aid tress
Itmv. Famv Ann A. WIISON,
Willlantsimrg. Kings go., Now York,
Mar. 5, 1366. ly
Stratum, but True
Everyyoung laly and gentleman in th• United
States can hear something very much to their ad
vantage by return - mail -tfree of charge,' by ad.
dressing the undersigned, - Those but lint fears of
being buinhugged will oblige by not noticing flits
card. Alt others will please address their Masi!,
eat servant, TllOB. P. CHAPMAN,
afar, /Y KU Broadway, N. Y.
Eye and Epp!
• PROF. J. ISAACS, M. It., °enlist and Aurlst
formerly of Leyden, Holland, is located at No
r,19 PIN 'Street, PIII lA,L.tDELPH where person a
athletes] with disease/tot the EYE or EAR, will I.a
tielen I treated and cured, if curable. N. It,
EYES inaerted without pain.—
No ellarges made for examinations. The medical
faculty Is Invited, as he hus no secret in lila 1111.Klu
of treatment. [July 17, 1865. ly
Errors of Tooth
A gentleman who suffered for years from Ner
vous Will lay, Premature Decay, and all the effects
of youthful indiscretion, will for the sake of suf.
..ring humanity, send free to all whonee.l It. tho
xecipeaud directions for tnhking. the slim +. rem
edy hywhleh he w.ts cured. i•4lltlferers wishing to
profit bythe advertiser's experience, can do so by
addr.ming JOHN 11. OGDEN.
No. 13 Chambers tit., New Turk.
The political news-front the inte
rior of the State is encouraging to the
frienda of the Union. The late action. of
the Radicals has opened the eyes of the
people, and they are preparing to r<wecp
that faction from power at the coming
election. The honest and patriotic vo
ters of the Keystone State will not sup
port a party which is willing to inaugu
rate a civil war as a means of retainiri
political power. This the Radical party
is preparing to do, and hence their doom
is sealed. The stale cry of "loyalty"
will not avail against such facts as those
presented with reference to their con
templated }reason. •
Ittn_fleary wag very unpopular In lii4
oil regiment, , the 2Sth, where the sol
diers very well knew him, and he will
not receive one vote out of ten among
them. it is significant that, while seve
ral meetings of those who served under
him haVe been held to express their opin
ions against him, not one has yet
held in his favor.
TM.. It costa nearly a million dollars
a month to maintain idle negroes! For
nearly forty years this sum covered the
entire expenses of the Government.—
Circleville Dem.
Latest Market Reports,
RYE, - •
FLOUR, - .
RYE. .
con? 1, • - -
band., -
BEE CATTLE, * bond.,
HAY . .
wmhxzy. • •
On the 94th lou t et the resident* of the bride's
'parente, by the Wry. K Breldenbetist.Mr. JACOB
July Sth, Clettyaburg, Mal MAGGIE C. BIG: ,
HAM. 'daughter of the late David Afghani, of
Franklin co., Pa., and ,hater-ln-law of Rev. D. T.,
Carnahan, of thin place.
/11 this place, last. Mond morning, afters lot a
illness, Miss MARY A. BEAMS, daughter or Mr.
John Beams, aged 21 years II months and 15 days.
On the 12th inst., at Muiterton Ohio, alter a I
Illness of eight days, of pneumonia, Dr. FREDL.
RICK ASHBAUGH, formerly of Gettysburg.
On Friday last, in Cumberland township, PIUS
HENRY, son•of George and Catharine limier,
aged 2 years and +5 days.
Teachers Wanted.
r HE Board of School Directors of Straban
rI township will meet nt the Public School
I oust In Hunterstowu, on SATURDAY, the
,18th of AUGUST next, at 9 o'clock, A. Y., for
' the purpose of employinz 8 Teachers, to take
charge of the sch lots of said township during
' the fall term. The County Idaperiatendent
will be present to examine applicants.
By order of the Board,
amen TAolllki, they, , i .
July 30, 1866. 31* - V.
10 following applications for Restaurant
License hart been filed in my office, and
will be presented at the Court of Quarter See.
mons on M3NDAY, the 20th of 41/GIS;
Samuel A. Miller; Huntisgton township,
John B. Ilgenfrits, Gettysburg borough.
JANES J. PM, Clerk:
July 30, 1666. to
Prime Rants,
SHOULDERS, Sides, kouteqqade Dalogi
Saussage, to., a full stock. always Wm
for sale, of the very .beat quality, 44d at lutist
living poll* b - - • .
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10 50 e 12200
- • 2
• 220 21, 9 60
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• 8194 117
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