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GETtittlitUlt., PA.;
jemeillsy rimless Sul, IS, ISM
Iva oevcasNoit,
OW 821t1C5 corrrir
Dencratic County Convention.
At $ meeting of the Dentocratie County
Committee, at Wolf's Hotel, in Gettys• ,
burg, on Saturday last, the following res
olligon was unsainsogsly adopted :
.Haeoh , ed, That the Democratic voters
sof Adams mienty be, and they are hereby,
requested to meet at their usual places of
bolding Delegate Elections, ou SATUR
DAY, the 28th day of JULY instant, for
the pinyon of choolling Delegates to rep
resent them in a County Convention to
be held In Gettysburg, on IfONDAY fol
lowing, (July 30th,) at 10 o'clock, A. M.,
to nominate a County Ticket, appoint
Congreselonal Conferees, and transact
such other business us may be deemed
necessary. The Delegate Elections to
open at 5 and elose at 7 o'clock, P. M., in
all the Districts except in Gettysburg—
to the latter place to open at 7 and close
at 9 o'clock, P. M.
fair The Delegate Election in Union
township to be held this year at Self's
H. J. MYERS, See'y.
July 2, 18tIti
Ousel.. or taw gubernatorial CampoWm.
93.000 Preemies Is amisell.
Grand Uprtudan of for People for Clymer
and the ConatlfaultiOn.
The Gubernatorial campaign in Penn
sylvania setts formally opened by the
Democracy at Reading on Wednesday
bud. Notwithstanding the heat, and
the -busy season for the farmers, the
turn-out was immense.. TWENTY-FIVE
THOUSAND is rather below than above
the mark. It is estimated that twenty
thousand people were carried there over
the railroads, and that more than five
thousand went in their own conveyances.
The city was perfectly alive with the en
thusiastic Democracy. Delegations num
bering thousands, bearing banners and
flags, with appropriate mottoes and
watchwords, poured, in, cheering with
lusty lung; while from those who lined
the sidewalks and filled every window
and available stand-point, a glad shout of
greeting and welcome , went up. The
many magnificent bands\of music which
necOmpanied the differeurdelegations
mingled their shrill notes the'musie
of rejoicing human voices, and a cannon
presented to the Keystone Club of Phila
delphia by the lamented Douglas, added
its thunders to aid In the general rejoi
cing of the many thousands of Democrats
assembled in the home of their chosen
standard bearer, the gallant and gifted
son of "Old Burks," Hiester Clymer.
About 2 o'clock the meeting was or
ganized at the main stand. Hon. Win.
A. Wallace, Chairman of the State Ceti
tml Committee, delivered a short but
able address, at the , ,conclusion of which
Hon. Richard Vaux, of Philadelphia,
was chosen chairman of the Convention.
Ou taking the chair, he made an 4 earnest
and telling speech, and was followed by
Hon. Hiester Clymer, in one of his al
ways happy efforts, which brought out
frequent bursts of applause. We expect
to publish it next week. Hon. Mont
gomery Blair then took the stand, and
in a speech of some
_length, thoroughly
exposed the infamous doings and dan
gerous_ designs of the Radicals. He de
clared that they meant another chid war,
If need be, to cam; out their negro and
disunion plans. He was greeted with
warm applause, as was Hon. George H.
Pendleton, of Ohio, who also delivered
an able and stirring speech. There were
twenty or more speeches made at the slx
or eight other stands occupied ut the
same tithe along Penn street, which we
have neither time or space to notice. -,
merles of resolutions was offered, an( '
adopted with cheers, at the main stand,
which we will give in our next.
The masses:are rising In their might.
The first_great wave of pophlar emotioia
was feit•at Reading on Wednesday, and
the tido will sweep on until the election
in October, when the Radicabi will be
completely overwhelmed and buried be
neath the righteous indignation and the
atienging scorn of the thoughtful voters
of this great Commonwealth. •
There is a break in the Cabinet. Den
nison, Postmaster General, and Speed,
_General, have resigned, and
Harlan will soon follow suit. The coun
try-can easily dispense with the services
of these gentlemen—and could do with
out Stanton too.
The President has nominated Hon. A.
W. Randall, of Wisconsin, as Postmaster
General; and lion. Henry J. Stansbury,
of Ohio, as-Attorney General.
War The Democratic Delegate Election s
in this county will take place on Satur
day neat, and the County Convention on
Monday. It is to be hoped that the dif
ferent districts will-Aend their best men
as delegates, and that the strongest ticket
possible will be the result. 'rile - present
fanatical party must be beaten and swept
outof exktence. Until that is done there
will be no peace for the country, and no
prosperity for the people.
ei-Major LY. G. Buhl has boen appoint
ed PostaLister at, Shrewsbury, York
county, In the stead of Eli ricpounell,
rimoved. Major Ruhl is, of bum, a
Conservative, and takes the place of a
itatilaal, a Negrolte. Many of the boys
in ,the ohl BTtft will be glad of this appolnt
ntei'lf, in 'two ways—glad that the Major
h~Mttaken his stand on the white platform
oC AS.hdrow Johnson, and glad that he has
sioefired quite a handsome office.
jOIThe 'Court at Philadelphia has de
elriesikßAVor of Iktajor David P. Weaver,
Democrat, as the legally elected City
Coin4Rtaetoter, over John Given, P,ipub
/laiwatotlte MA October election, by 70
a1#0 14 4 4 .4111/0."
&Irwin ilieoonniighy vacate? There
Winne Aunts, of law to justify &twin
langerSalding 'his seat. The decision of
UM 4/Pine
.0044:40 11 1 1 ,relY against
biggii2iletking now coninianto Wok Jam
but ohcare ;
Mao sirs roe lbS Vales 1,
On the 7th day of January, MK Mn
Bogeys, Democrat, of %Sy Jersey, its the
House of Representatives of the United
States, offered resolutions, declaring, that
a State or States, "whenever they shall de
sire to return to the Union, and obey Me
Congintion of the United States and laws
in pursuance thereof, have a right to come
back, their laws and acts of secession being
unconstitutional and void; that we are for
the most united, determined, and vigorous
prosecution of the war, for the purpose of
enforcing the efilliirtitatiox of the United
States and a restoration of the Union un
der the Constitution."
Mr. Stevens (disunionist) moved that
the series of resolutions be )/aid upon the
table ; which motion was carried, by a
vote of seventy-eight disunidnista—all Re
publicans—to forty-two putouists—all
[Sec House Journal, lst. Besskik 38th Congress,
p a ge 1151
What does this vote mean? What does
It assert? Wbat does it defend? It
means that the Republicans in Congress,
and the radical portion of the constituen
cy they represent, were in 1864, as they
are in 1866, and will ever be, opposed to
the return of any of the rebellious States
to the Union, no matter how submissive
and repentant they may be; It asserts,
that they, (the rebellious states) have no
right to come back, although we lavished
millions of treasure and piled up whole
lietacombe of lives to compel them to
come back ; it defends a war, which, by
their votes, they declared should not be
prosecuted for the enforcement of the
Constitution and the restoration of the
Union. In a word, this vote of Ahe Re
publican party in Congress, proyeB them
to be secessionists, disunionlste and trai
What else does this vote meait, assert
and defend? It Means, i tipt, the Demo
crats in Congress, and t.he conservative
constituencies they represent, were in
1864, as they are, in 1546, *n favor of the
return to the Unign of all the Stites who
obey the Constitution and the laws; It
asserts, that this submission being shown,
they haven right to come back; and it
defends the war, as one which was car
ried on for the sole purpose of bringing
these States back, under the Constitution,
the Unica and the laws.
The Republican disunionists say they
shall hoe come back; the Democratic
Unionists say they shall come back.
GEARY represents the Republican disu
nionists; Ciorxsa respre.gents the Dem
ocratic Unionists. GEARY represents
StevenicSuinner and the "boys in black ;"
represents Johnson, Cowan and
the "boys in blue." Stevens, Sumner
and the "boys in black" are diatinioniste
—so is GEARY; Johnson, Cowag and
the "boys 'in blue" are Unionists—so is
The President, on Tuesday, retirned
to the House of Representatives the bill
extending the Freedmen's Bureau; with
his objections thereto o , He considers it
Inconsistent with the welfare of the boun
try, and liable to bhe same oonstitutional
objections that be made to a similar
measure a few months ago. He adheres
to the principles set forth in that message,
and reaffirms the position then taken.
After the message had been read, the
question was taken upon the bill, (the
objections of the President to the contra
ry, notwithstanding,) and it passed by
a vote of 103 to 33. Three Republicans
(Raymond of New York, Washburne of
Indiana, and Ku . ykenda ll of Illinois)
voted in the negative. The action of the
House was communicated to the Senate,
and the bill was also passed by that body
by the requisite two-third vote, and like
the Civil_ Rights Bill it has become a law.
It will be imposiible for the Radicals to
carry the heavy load they are heaping on
their shoulders, and a cOnsclousness of
impending defeat seems to have made
them utterly reckless.
Y i WHITE NEN, AiltiltSEl
When Republican papers publish the
ammatory speeches of, negroes—
though it be "by request"—white men
should open their eyes to The real designs
of the Republican party. These Radicals
mean to make use of the negroes in any
and every shape 'which their determpt
tion to hold power may suggest. Lei the
friends of 'a white Government arouse,
and beat back-the btaelc wave with which
the Radicals are trying to engulf the
nation. There is no time to be lost.—
All who oppose the degradation of our
race to the level of the negro, must Com
bine at once, and at the polls overwhelm
Radicalism and its candidates.
ser The New , York World says that
there were sixty deaths from sunstroke
in that city on Tuesday, and one hundred
and fifty-eight burial permits were issued,
eighty of which were made out and re
corded as "burial permits for persons
deceased after short diarrhceal disease."
The_ Herald says : There were five
cases reported to be cholera iii the city
yesterday, (Monday.) - Four of the pa
tients died, and the other, it seems, was
only afflicted with the cholera morbus.
Nine cases were reported in Brooklyn.—
The mortuary' report for the past week
shows the number of deaths by cholera
in New York to have been eleven.
The New 'York Commercial Advertiacr
states that cholera is raging in certain
parts of that city. It also asserts that.
the facts relative to the number of
cases on Hart's Island are deemed so ap
palling that publicity is denied. Surgeon
Callioun of that post has died of the chol
era, and a number of physicians have
been sent to Hart's and Governor's Is
lands. Several additional eases of chol
era were reported in the city of New
York on Friday.
.$ The Radical majority in Congress,
on Wednesday last, voted Mr. Coffroth
ou t o f his seat, giving it to Koontz. The
Republican leaders have gotten into the
habit of treating the will of the people as
nothing, thus forfeiting all claim to con
fidence or respect, Can the people sus
tain a party'thus led ?
Ser The negro Republicans claim that
they are the soldiers' only friends, and
yet their U. S. Senator& refuse to confirm
the soldier appointments of President
la said that Gov. Fenton, of the
Now-York "grand moral idea party,"
ewe pardoned Ketchum, the forger.
Theeditor of the New York Times, wri
gar" The CroMPILER will be furnished
tang as Mi. Raymond, of the House ofl
for _the canajoign—from this time Until
Representatives, and signing his initials,
charges the Radical majority of the body • the October election—at the low '
to which be belongs with a distinct de-
price of Fiflp, Cents! Send in the names
sign to distribute arms secretly among and the money—singly or by clubs.
There is an interesting campaign ahead,
the people of certain sections of the :s.rorth,
b 3 vio- and no Detn3crat or Conservative should
and to overturn the government fail to be posted when the information
Mr. Raymond Is a Republican, and
can be secured for the small sum of_half
speaks by the card. lion. Montgomery a dollar,
Blair, in his speech at Reading oirzWed
ncsday, made the same charge, and'
warned the people, as they valued their
peace and the institutions of their coun
try, to arouse at once, and organize, thor
oughly and efficiently, in order to crush
Radicalism at the polls. Let all who are
opposed to another civil war, more bloody',
than the last—one which would extend
into every State In the North—take heed
in time. The Radical leaders are deeper
ate.' Their negro projects once defeated,
they know that their power for mischief
would begone forever. Up, then, people,
and strike such a blow for your race and
country as will effectually defeat the mis
erable faction which now seeks to rule in
ter to ruin—to pull down the magniti
(Wilt fabric reared by the blood of our
Revolutionary fathers,
What did the soldiers of the Union ar
my fight for? A Republican newspaper '
asks this question, and the Lancaster
Intelligence,. thus answers it:
when the flag, the symbol of the Union
as formed by our fathers uncles the Con
stitution, was fired upon at Sumter, thou
sands of brave men rushed to arms. For
what? Was it to free the negroes? Let
the Radical Disunionists tell the return
ed veterans that, if they dare.
*hen President Lincoln issued his
proclamation freeing the slaves, what
was the ground on which he professed to,
stand ? Was not the act justified because
it was believed the soldiers fought for the
restoration of the Union under the Con
stitution. That was the one great, grand,'
holy object which they kept singly in
view. They did not fight to conquer
equal rights for the negro, and in the
coaling elections they will show their
scorn of that political party which would
delay the restoration of the Union until
the odious conditions of negro4suffrage
and negro equality are forced upon in
unwilling people. The soldiers read and
think for themselves now, and they can
not fail to see that the party which nom
inated Geary is unequivocally committed
to all the infamous schemes of the }Unli
cols in Congress. Wh tever the soldiers
May think of Geary' military record,
they cannot endors his political posi
tion. They cannot and will not vote
with any party which makes the Union
for which they fought subordinate to ne
gro equality. The soldiers fought for the
Union, not for the negro; and they will
vote as they shot.
110... The intensified, unadulterated, un
daunted add brawling loyal man of the
last five years; must have a hard time of
it now, surely. His occupation is gone.
He has no Provost Marshal now to whis
per tales of slander to. No obsequious
guard with which to mark his vengeance
on his neighbor. No guard-house to
immure his•enemy in. No `•lines" be
yond which to send those who stood in
his way. No power to "arrest" the man
who differed with him. No one to search
for him his neighbor's house. •No in
ducement to dog his opponent'S footsteps
and to watch his every movement. No
reward for eavesdropping about his nou-e.
No chance to have his horse or his mule
taken from hint. Ah! Othello's occu
pation's gone.—Free Press.
Sir 'Crack ! Don't you hear it break
ing? The back-bone of the Disunion
Abolition party. Cowan, Dixon, Doo
little, Ex. Goy. Johnson and other lead
ing "Republicans" are bard on the radi
cal spine.
lliirThe question is nbt was Geary a
good soldier, but is he a proper man to be
elected Governor of Pennsylvania? If
he stands on the Radical platform, he is
opposed to the restoration of the Union
and In favor of negro equality. No true
soldier can vote for such a man. It Is
the duty of every true friend of his coun
try to vote against him.
krGen. Banks, Representative In the
rump Congress from Massachusetts, de
clared the other day that It is the inten
tion of the Republican party to impose
negro suffrage upon the whole country.
He said the only reason the matter is de
ferred is because the people are not suffi
ciently Republicanized yet.
Rai - Often as it has been charged that
Geary is in favor of negro , suffrage and
negro equality, he has never yet denied
it, Let every voter remember that.
The "Tadpole" Party.—A paper in the
West calls the party led 'by _Thaddeus
Stevens, the "T(h)adpolee." Not a bad
iliierThad. Stevens is a candidate for
U. S. Senator. - We ask the people, is it
safe to elect "Republicans" to the Legis
lature, in view of the probability that
if they obtain a majority on joint ballot
in that body, they will elect this hoary
headed Disunionist to the Senate of the
United States?
SS`Provost Marshal General Fry, it
is said, has been thoroughly roasted by
the investigation into the affairs of his
"bureau." "When rogues fall out," &c.
Fry had better make a clean breast of it
now, and "spot" the loyal scamps who
profitted by the draft and exemption
rascalities. "Let the people know how
they were humbugged and robbed by
the "loyal" haters anti persecutors of
IM-One of the "'Republican" Con
gressmen from this State, C. V. Culver,
of the Venango district, is never in his
seat. Reason, he has pressing business
at home, being in Pill for swindling the
people of his disttict with mushroom
banks. Culver is an Imported Yankee.
11E9...A despatch from Charleston states
that on Thursday evening a mutiny broke
out among the negro troops ou Folly Is
land, which was wit suppressed until one
of the mutineers was killel and two
wounded. The rest of the mutineers
were taken to Charleston under guard.
The Government and Union.—The peo
ple devoted three thousand millions of
dollars and half a Million of lives to keep
the States in the Union. Congress has
consumed eight' months and many mil
lions to keep such States out of the Union.
ilfirildrteen eases of cholera and nine
deaths were reported In Elisabeth, N.
J., on Wednesday.
U. S. REvEst - E.—TheL`. S. Assessor of
Internal Revenue Tax for this District
gives ilotice that the Assessments of In
couaeisand Licences for 1806, have been
completed, and are ready for examination
at the offices of the Assistant Assessors.
Any appeals from the same may be for
warded to the Assessor for the District,
at Gettysburg, in writing, on or before
the Ist day of August next. The appeals
should state clearly the error in the as
sessment complained of and the reasons
for the same.
FIRE.—We learn with much regret
that the dwelling of John Bushman, Esq.,
on the York Turnpike, three miles from
Gettysburg, VMS destroyed by fire, on
Tuesday morning last, about 9 o'clock.
The fire originated from the cook stove,
In a small building adjoining the house.
Although the neighbors assembled as
hurriedly as possible, it was found out of
the question to save the house, and they
directed their efforts to getting out the
furniture—but in this were only partially
successful. We suppose Mr. Bushman's
loss, to be between $1,500 and $2,000
upon -- which there was a partial insur-
Ance in the Mummasburg Company.
Teachers' Association will hold a Con
vention in this place next week, to com
mence on Tuesday, and continue until
Thursday evening. Sessions will be had
mornings, afternoons and evenings, and
addresses, reports and discussions will be
the order of each.
C,ommrsraketErrr.—The Annual Com
mencement of the Gettysburg Female
Institute, (Mrs. Eyster principal,) took
place on 'Friday last. There were nine
graduates—Misses Mary L. Stahle, (St
lutatory,) Sallie Krauth, Carrie Van Pat
ten, Maggie B. Kendlehart, Sallie Frey,
Annie Hollinger,Tillie Pierce, Sallie Pax
ton, and Einma
. Huber, (Valedictory.)
The exercises we re interesting, and the
number of persons in attendance unusu
ally large.
ContwExcasumr.—The Annual Com
mencement of St. Joseph's Academy, at
l'efcSherrystownytook place on Thursday
afternoon week, in the presence of a very
large number of spectators. The young
ladies all acquitted themselves in a high
ly creditable manner, and quite a number
of beautiful and valuable gifts were be
stowed upon those scholars who had dis
tinguished themselves during the session
by close application to study and for gen
eral merit. This Academy is under the
direction of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart,
and enjoys a very high reputation, both
at home and Abroad.
lowing persons have thus far announced
themselves as candidates for nomination
In the Republican (Radical) Convention
of this county, to meet on the 6th of Au
For Sheriff—Daniel Cashman, Straban,
Nash G. Cainp, Butler, "henry Kobler,
For Register and Recorder--Cornelius
B. Crist, Menallen.
For Clerk of the Courts—John F. Mc-
Creary, Gettysburg, C. H. Fulweiler,
Mummasburg, John L. Holtzworth, Get
tysburg, B. F. Kepner, Franklin.
Geo. L. Frankenstein has been engaged
for several weeks in painting views of the
Gettysburg Battle-field. They are done
In oil, on.the spot, and are remarkably
faithful. No more beautiful landscape
can be seen anywhere than that brought
under the eye on Cemetery Hill, and with
such a picture before him, and a thorough
knowledge of his srt, Mr. F. presents a
number of views which must captivate
the beholder. tie is, we are told, a vete
ran In the business, having taken sketch
es of all the battle-fields from Gettysburg
to Vicksburg.
Templars (a Temperance organization)
had a Pie Nic in Newman's Woods, three
miles this side of Littlestown, on Tuesday
last. Lodges from Gettysburg, Littles
town, Hanover and Newville were pres
ent, with a goodly nuMber . of invited
guests. Addresses were delivered by
Rev. Mr. Rouse, Rev. Mr, Houck, J. H.
Wert, and Mr. Sheaffer, of Pa. College.
The number of people on the ground was
large, and all enjoyed themselves highly.
DiscHauciEn.—We learn from the Ful
ton _Democrat, that Dr. Robinson and S.
M. Seylar, held to bail in the U. S. Dis
trict Court at Baltimore, on a charge of
counterfeiting, were on Friday, the 29th
ult., unconditionally discharged. Nei
ther of the parties were present in court,
and both were entirely ignorant of the
proceeding until informed of their dis
charge at their homes. It is clear
from this fact that the District Attorney
and the Court'were satisfied of the entire
innocence of the parties.
LEo BROICEN.—We learn that Mr.
Emanuel Diller, residing in MeSherrys
town, had one of his legs broken on Sat
urday week, by falling through a hole in
the hay-loft of his barn, while engaged in
storing away hay. Surgical aid was ren
dered, and he is now doing well.
Rronx.—A heavy storm, accompanied
by rain and hail, passed over this place
on Tuesday evening last, breaking win
dows and uprooting trees to an extent
quite alarming at the time.
M.,Mr. Samuel Mackley, of Straban
township, brings us a stalk of Oath meas
uring 5 feet 144 inches.
Since writing the above, Mr. Michael
Fiscel, of Mountjoy, has placed upon our
table a stalk of Oats measuring 6 feet.
fair The Tacany Print Works, at Frank
fort, Philadelphia, the largest manufac
turing establishment in the United States,
owned by Mr. Aaron S. Lippincott, were
burned on Thursday afternoon Week.
The loss is estimated at $1,500,000.
110-The Radicals now openly declare
themselves in favor of negro snit age.
This is the great Issue in the pending
campaign. Geary, the disunion candi
date for Governor, Is squarely op their
platform, and ta. oommtUed directly to all
their pernicious doctrines.
ilmeritleary saltl4.-Tbe Prusshem Vices.
netts—Venetla Ceded le Frsuee•-Propo.
settee lim Oil Armistice.
LIVERPOOL, July 5, evening.—A great
battle took place on the 3rd hut., near
Ludowa, resulting in the Prussians ob
taining a great and complete victory.
The Prussians took fourteen hundred
'prisoner* There were great sees in
killed and wounded, but no estilikate was
given of the numbers.
The Austrians sent in a flag of truce.
Austria has agreed to cede Venetia to,the
Emperor Napoleon, and to accept his
mediation. Napoleon Immediately emu
naunicated with the belligerents.
The Prussians were commanded by the
king in person. They met the Austrians
under Benedek between Hovitz and Kon
igratz. The battle lasted twelve hours.
Until 10 o'clock A. M. the battle was fa
' vorable to the Austrians, but after that
' hour the advantages were all with the
At 2 P. M., after an obstinate defense,
the Prussians carried by storm the strong
position of the Austrians, after which the
latter were quickly driven out of other
positions, and by 7 o'clock P. M. were in
full retreat on itonigratz, pursued by the
Prussian cavalry.
The Austrians were In a complete rout,
the road being strewn with baggage,
which they had thrown away. The num
! ber of killed and wounded on both sides
was great, but owing to the extent of the
battle-Iteld it had not vet been ascertain
! ed. The Prussians claim to have cap
! tured up to the evening of the 4th 14,000
unwounded prisoners, 116 cannon and
several flags.
The Kansas City (Mo.) Commercial,
after recording the arrest of a Methodist
preacher for not taking the "test oath,"
"We learn that considerable excite
ment was Drought 'about at Cape Girar
deau, by the repetition of an arrest of
some of the Sisters of Charity, or nuns,
attached, as teachers, to the convent, or
a Catholic academy at that point, for
their not taking the oath .prescribed by
the new constitution. The excitement
is reported as to have been• so great
against this outrage, perpetrated in the
name of "law," against a highly merito
rious, benevolent and religious order—
Christian, self-sacrificing women at that
—that those who had them in charge as
malefactors were compelled to desist in
the discharge of a "radical duty," at war
with every delicate and decorous instinct
we habitually practice towards the sex.
The matter was compromised by these
"offenders against the new constitution"
giving bond for their appearance at the
"next Circuit Court of Cape Girardeau
county," to answer to the criminality of
the offence of acting in the capacity of
teachers without taking the convention
oath. Is there any other State in this
country, even under the radical rule, the
law of which subjects religious women
and men to the indignities of an arrest
and imprisonment, in the discharge of
their religious and business avocations?
We believe not."
IM.Major General Thomas has report
ed to General Grant that the members
of the House of Delegates in Tennessee
were behaving in a refractory manner by
absenting- themselves and refusing, at
the call of Governor Brownlow, to attend
so as to form a quorum of the House that
the Constitutional ainendipent might
be passed. As Governor Brownlow
cannot compel their _attendance in ac
cordance with hie behests, he has applied
to General Thomas for military as
sistance. General Thonias accordingly
writes to General Grant asking whether
such military aid shall be. furnished.
In reply, Secretary Stanton notifies
General Thomas that the matter is not
one that calls for military interference ;
that the administration of the laws and
the preservation of the peace in Nash
ville properly belong to the State au
thorities, and strictly enjoins General
Thomas-not to interfere in any way.
Sad Drowning of • Three ilovs.—Thos.
Hunter, aged 10 years, and Hugh Tinney,
aged 10 years, went in to bathe in the
Schuylkill,. at Philadelphia, leaving
James Hunter, aged 13 years, on the bank,
undressing. Neither of the boys could
swim, and the water at the point where
they went in was deep, in consequence
of the bank being washed away. The
two, therefore, sunk as ,soon as they got
into the water, when James Hunter
jumped in to save them, but he also went
down, and was drowned with the other
lier Geary is the candidate of the Ne
gro Suffrage members of Congrem. • He
is the pet -and tool of , Thad. Stevens.
He who votes for Geary, votes for Negro
Suffrage. No "Republican" can say
that he does , not vote with his eyes open
on this question. Geary and ;%.le,gpro Suf
frage are inseparable.
A Large .Rattleanake.—A rattlesnake
seven feet long was killed on the line of
the. Reno, Oil Creek aid Pithole (Pa.)
railroad, a few days since.-
"I am free to mention to you the names
wsom I look upon as being opposed to the
TITIS GOVERNMENT, and who are la
boring to pervert and destroy it. You
ask me who they are. I say ITHADDE
US STEVENS, of Pennsylvania, is sae;
I say, Mr. SUMNER, of the Senate, is
is another."—Andrew..Tohn.son, Feb. 2.'2nd,
Latest Market Reports.
A ; TA
U WAA - T,
MOHR: - - - 975 010 25
RYE - - - 1
WHEAT, - - • 2
06 110660 2 26
CORN , - - - • 90 112
OATS, • • ' • • 64
Ilea SAW/. hind., 1 11 10 ° t°4 14
HAY, - - • 22 00 0 25 00
WHISKEY, - - 2M 0 2 27
On Tharadity last, by ftly. Mr. Breldenbarigh,
RITA SHEI Vt, both of ails Plhee•
On Monday Mat, In Reading township, Mn.s
ELIZABETH NEELY t wife of Moses M. Neely
and daughter of John N. and Jane Graft, aged 94
years 9 months and 9 days.
At New Chester, Adams county, on the 17th
Inst., after a protracted Wriest, Mn.s RACHEL
SNOWDEN, aged 34 years and 13 days.
July 12th, in Latlmore township, JACOB L.
CIIRONIISTER, aged 66 years 8 months and 8
On the 23rd of June, In Franklin township, after
a protracted Illness, Mr. JOHN KENNEL, aged
68 years 6 months and 19 days.
On the 12th inst., in Santa Cruz Cal., 3frs.
ICE COOPER, daughter of Hon. W. W. Paxton,
formerly of this place, in the 38th year of her age.
On the 10th Inst., Mr. FREDERICK CRONISE,
of Lewistown, Frederick county, Md., aged 88
years 2 months and 13 days.
On the Pith inst., LOUIS, son of Eli and Ellen
Smith, of Fayetteville, aged 4 months and 25days.
- -
On the Nth in mont h sin phsess,flAßßY O. ASH
BAUGH, aged 5 andlt; days.
' Communicated.
Dial, near Cashtown, on the 13th inst., S.S.R A.ll
ELLEN, Udall t daughter of Ephraim and Lao' A.
Meknes, aged 11 months and 2.1 de*
Little Ellen was arose,
Bent to blossom here on earth,
Like the bud that fairer grows,
Beamed she than of heavenly birth.
But the angels called her home,
• And she went from earth away,
Swiftly through the ether dense
To A never-ending day.
Norrshe walks the golden h street,
I n
WRNS arson W
Bits she at the diallearli fee ite,
Xs aglow of havookty
Spec;al Notice Column,
The greatest Mummery of the Age
purchase no rented? egruil to Dr. Tobias' Venetian
ILlniruent for dysentery, oak, croup, chronic
rheumatism, sore throats, toothache, Sea sickness,
'cuts, burns, swellings, bruises, old sores, headache,
mosquito bites, p.ilus In the limbs, chest, back,
It it does not lc IV' t) relief the money will be
refunded. All that is asked Is a trial, amuse it
according to the directions.
Dn. TOOLS.—Dear Sir: I have used roar Vene
tian Liniment Inlay family fora number ofyessa,
and believe It to be the best article for what it is
recommended that I have ever need. Forsudden
attack of croup it is Invaluable, I have no hesita
tion in recommending it thrall the uses it profess
es to cure. I have sold it for many years, a*d
It gives entire satisfaction.
Quakertown, N. J., May 3,INC.
Price, 40 and SO cents. Sold by all druggists
Office 56 Courtland street, Newt rk.
July 9, 1866. lrn
If the blood be pure the body which Is formed
from and by the blood cannot be diseased. But If
there be in any part of the body an affection, such
as a bail or ulcer, even a bruise, the blood circula
ting through that part takes up impure matter
from the local affection and carries it inkt the
general system. This is the came often of sudden
death to persons of full PAW aft feted with bolls
and ulcers, and who use no medicine; the matter
gets Into the circulating system and chokes up
the fine blood vessels which supply the brain
with vitality, and life ceases as if
, Now, this can be remedied,
li [IAN int Kern's PILLS
take all Impure matters from the circulation, and
save the general health,soon curing local affec
tions also. BRAN DRETIPS KLIA protect fro=
tedious times ofsickness and often save life. Sold
by all Druggist& [Su ly 9,1888. Ina
The superstitions of antlgnlty are only "food for
laughter" at the present day, and yet thlti Is an
age of MIRACLE% accomplished with the aid of
science. For example: grey, sandy or red hai r is
CHANUED IN A .10M ENT, to the richest con
delvable black or brown, by a simple applica
tion of
Manufactured by J. OHRISTADORO, 8 Astor
House, New York. Sold by Druggists. Applied
by all flair Dressers. (Jane X,,'88. lm
There can be nothing so certain to cure a severe
cold, whether It be settled in the head or breast,
theinags or bowels, its Railway's Ready R diet—
only It"Is too cheap for some people. It gives ease
in a few minutes. It disposes of the pain directly.
It producas perspiration ; and acting energetimily
upon the stomach, the bladder, the skin, ,t:.••. ' rap
idly throws off all the morbid matter produced by
the derangement of the system, leaving the recu
perative powersof nature to assert their authority,
and restore the Runt:rex to perfect health. But
then the remedy is so cheap. When you find that
you have "caught a cold," 144 it is called, do not
put off the use ut medicine until the slluple "cold"
has degenerated into a more serious thsonler.—
Attack the enemy at ()neer before he has had time
to select his ground, intreuch himself and erect
fortifications. When you have a pain in the back
and a dull headaelm; when your bones all feel as
if they bad been beaten and yottr skin as if much
bruised; when a lassitude overcomes you, as if
you di I not wish to move; when your appetite
fa les :Lamy, you 'olistantty sneeze or cough, and
you lest utterly unable to persuade yourself to go
to work; When in short you have a "bad cold," lay
out 59 cents for a bottle of Radwav's Ready Relief,
and in a day or night you may become well. if
you are asharne4 of being cured so cheaply send
fora doctor. He cannot, if he be a skillful practi
tioner, charge you less than five dollars, besides
the price of his pres,.ript low:. In a week or so he
may restore you to health. If you should happen,
on the eohtrary, to take one or two spoonfuls of
It ,ady Relief in half a tumbler ot sweetened water
going to bed, yoo would probably rise op a well
man In the morning. You would perspire the
cold entirely out of you. At any rate t wo or three
similar closes next day would certainly aissomplisli
the purpose. Itadway's Ready Relief is the best
thing In the world to cure a cold: It never falls.
It has, we all know, hut one fault as a remedy'—lt
Is too cheap. kohl by Druggists.
July 14, 18tid. 2w
Intermittent Fever, or Fever and Ague, Remit
tent Fever, Chill Fever. Dumb Ague, Periodical
Headache or Bilious Headache, and Bilious Fe
vers. Indeed for the whole class of diaetwea origin
ating in bill:try derangement, caused by the Ma
arl t of in lasinatle euun 11l OR,
Fever and Ague is not the only consequence of
miissinatic poison. A great variety of disorders
arise from its irritation. in in dermas districts,
among which are Neuralgia, Ithimmatisin, Gout,
Headache, Blindness, To4stliache, Earache, Ca
tarrh, Asthma, Palpitation, Painful Affection of
the Spleen, liysterleks, Pain In the Bowels, Colic,
Paralysis, and Derangensent of the stomach, all
of which, velntp originating in this cause put on
the intermittent type, or heroine periodical. This
"Cults" expels the poison front the blood, and
thus curry them all alike. It Is not only the most
etrectn al remedy ever discovered for this class of
complaints, but it is the cheapest and moreover
is perfectly s ate. No harm can arise from Its use,
and the pal lent when cured is left as healthy as IT
he had is •ver had the disease, Can this he said of
any other cure for Chills and Fever? It ls true of
this, and Its importance to those afflicted with the
complaint cannot be over estimate 1. So sure is
it to cure the Fever and Ague, that it may he
truthfully said to be a certain remedy. One Deal
er complains that it is not a good medicine to
because one bottle cures a whole n borboo
. . .
Prepared by J. C. A yrn .1 Co., Lowell, Maas., and
sold by A. D. Buothler, Gettysburg.
July 9,18641. 2ial
The Great French Remedy.
Prepared from a prescrption of Dr. Juan Dela
marre, Chief Physician of the Hospital
do Nord on Dart hoisiere of Paris.
This invaluable medicine is no impo.ition, but
Is unfai ling in the cure of Spermatorrhte or Semi
nal Weakness. Every species of Genital or Uri
nary Irritability, Involuntary or Nightly Seminal
Emissions from whatever cause produced, or how
ever severe, will be speedily relieved and the or
gans restored to healthy action.
Read the following opinions of eminent French
"We have used the Specific Pills prepared by
Garen. lere di Dupont, No. '214 Rue Lombard, from
the prescription of Dr. Juan Delamarre, In our
private prod ice wits unitorin success, and we be
lieve there is no other medicine so well caleulated
to cure all persons suffering from Involuntary
Emissions or any other weakness of the Sexual
Organs, whether caused by sedentary modes of
living, excesses, or abuse.
0. D. rICJABDIN, M. 1).
JEAN LE LEI:C.1111A 31. D.
Paris, May sth, UM."
The genuine Pills are sol.i by all the principal
Druggists throughout the World. Price One Dol
lar-per Box. or six Boxes for Five Dollars.
GaitanErsißtit DuroNr, Hole Proprietors,
No. 214 Rue Lombard, Patti.
One Dollar enclosed to any authorised Agent,
will insure a box by return mail, securely sealed
from all observation; six boxes for live dollars.
Sole General Agents for America.
OSCAR G. tf 0:4E9 &
27 Cortland at.. N. Y.
N. B.—French. German. Spanish and English
Pamphlets, containing full part•eulars and &rec•
Lions for use, Rent free to every address.
- 10 30 0-12 00
- 2200 260
- 2000 225
A. D. Buehler, Agent for Gettysburg
Dec. 19, Mel ly
I 21
- 600 9il 900
Li° Periodical Drops t
REGULAJRITI.—These Drops are a setentlfl
, cally compounded fluid preparation, and better
than any Pills, Powders or Nostrums. Being li
quid, their action is direct and positive, rendering
them a reliable, spee/y and certain specific tor
the cure of all obstructions and suppressions of
nature. Their popularity is frolicateLhby the fact
that over 100,000 bottles are annually consumed
by the ladies of the United States, every one of
whom speaks in the strongest terms of praise of
their great merits. They are rapidly taking the
place of every other Female Remedy, and are con
sidered by all who know aught of them, as the
surest, safest, and most infallible preparation im
the world, for the cure of all female complaints,
the removal of all obstructions of nature, and the
promotion of health, regularity and strength.—
Explicit directions stating when they may used,
and explaining when and why they should not,
nor could not be need without producing effects
contrary to nature's laws, will be found carefully
folded around eaeh bottle, with the written signa
ture of Joss L. Lvost, without whith none are
Prepared by Dr. JOHN L. LYON. 105 Chore.
Street, New Haven, Conn., who can be consulted
either personally or by mail, (enclosing stampj
concerning all private diseases and female weak
nesses. Sold by Druggists everywhere.
C. G. CLARK it CO.,
Gen'l Agent* for U. S. and Canactra.
Nov 0,1885, ly
SWEETS TOR. vu MILLION" !—A mast valuable
and wonderful publication. A work egs&
and 90 colored Engravings. DR. HUNTER'S
VADE MECUM, an original and popular treatise
on Man and Woman, their Physiology, Functions,
and Sexual disorders of every kind, with Never-
Failing Remedies for th el r speMy cure. The prate ,
Moe of DR. HUNTER has long been and still is,
unbohnded, but at the earnest solicitation of nu
merous persona, he has been induced to extend
his medical usefulness through the medium °this
"VA DE MECUM." It is a volume that should be
In the hands of every famU in the lend, as pre
ventive of secret vales , or as a guide for e allevi
ation of me of the mast awful and destructive.
so=tee that ever visited mankind. One enr,
eneloPed, will be kwwarded free of poet
age 10 any pa v rt of the UnitedStatee for 50 cents In
P. O. stamps. Address, post paid, DR. HUNTER,
No. 8 Division St., New York. [Sept. 25, ly
' E v emy yonng tedy and gentleman In the betted
States emsbsomething very much to their nOl•
vantage by return snail (trim of chars%) by ad-
Purify the Blood.
Trannformatlou 2
It Is Toe Cheap.
Ayer's Awns Cure,
Terrible Dieele‘aree.
Starsass, Inn Its.
- •
dresstsg the andersisn.d. flea. httelhit rear* of
being humbugued will oblige by not notleingls
card. All others will please address thelr .
en t servant, TIIO9. F. CIIAFMAN,
Mar. 5, '5l l . /Y OM Broadway,M. I*.
Ere and Ear 1
PROF. J. ISAACS, M. D., (leaflet and Auriet,
Ibrmetly of Ryden, Holland, is located at Nti.
519 PINE Street PUHA I)EI PltlA,wherepemons
afflicted with diseases of the 7 EY E or MAIL, will lea
scientific/ohr treated arid cured, If curable. N. B.
—ARTIFICIAL EYIO4 trisert",l without pain.—
No charges made lqr examination& The medical
faculty to Invited, MI he has no secret in Ma mode
of treatment. [July IT, 1565. 17
Dr. Darshall'a Catarrh Sault
Thle snuff has thoroughly proved itself to bathe
bt‘t article known for curing the (%tarrii, Coll
in the Head anal Headache. It ham been found au
extetlaut remedy In many caeca of Sore Egos.—
Deafness hem been removed by It, and Hearing
has often been greatly Improved by its tune.
It is fragrant and agreeable, and GIVIN TIME.
ntATE RELIEF to the dull heavy pains caused lir
diseases of the head. The sensations after using
it are delightful sad Invigorating. It opens and
purges out all obstruct ions ,streng thens the glands,
and Wm a healthy action to the parte affected.
More than Thirty Years' of sale and use of " Dr.
Marshall's Catarrh and Headache' Snuff," has
proved tie great value for all t common Macaws
of the head, and at this moment stands higher
than ever before.
It Is recommended by ninny of the best physi
cians, and is Used with gre.d. success tusd smitisfac.
Don everywhere.
Read the Certificates of Wholesale Druggists in
1851: The undersigned, having for many years
been acquainted with "Dr. Marshall's Catarrh
and Headache Snuff," and sold It in our wholesalo
trade, cheerfully state, that we believe it to bs
equal, in every respect, to the recommendations*
given of It for the cure of Catarrhal Affection.j
and that It is decidedly the best article we have
ever known for all Common diseases of the Head.
Burr & Perry, Boston ; Head, Auston & Dos.
ton; Brown, Larr.sam , Co ., Boston ; Seth W.
Fowle, Boston; Wilson, Fairhank & Co., Boston;
Henshaw, Edmond & Co., Boston; li. H. Has,
Portland, Me.; Barnes Sr. Park, New York; A.
k D. Sands, New York ,• then Paul & C 0.., New
York Israel Minor & Co., New York ; Melaesson
Robbins, New York; A. I. Fwovill R Co„ New
York; M. Ward, Chen, S T'o., New .York; Bush
Gale, Now York. IrP,For side by all Druaird (*.—
Try 11. 16ec. 18. lS&, ly
The Great Iguana& Remedy
PILLS. Prepared from a prescription of Sir J.
Clarks, M. D.,Physician Extraordinary to the
Queen. This invaluable ITlPtileine is unfailing fa
the euro of all timae painful and dangerous discs.
ritxtx. which the female constitution is subject. It
moderates all excesses and removes all obstruc
tions, and a speedy cure may be relied on.
Ladiesit is peculiarly NO i led. It will,
in ashort time, bring ou the monthly period with
Each bottle, price One Dollar, bears the Govern.
ment Stamp of tin-at Britain, to prevent counter
.-Tb ose Pills should not be taken by
Felll/11,s, during the FIRST Tit 3101cTID. of Pres
nancy, as they are sure to bring on Miscarriage,
but at any other time they are safe.
In all ours of Nervous and Spinal Affections,
Pains in the flask anal Limbs, Fatigue on slight
exertion, Palpit at len Of the Heart, Hysterics, and
Whites, these filly will of a cure when all oth•
er means have although a powerful
remedy', do nit contain iron, calomel, antimony,
or imvtlilng hurt lul to the constitution.
Full thritettotas la the pamphlet around each
package, which should he carefully preavrved.
Sold by all Druggists. Solo Agent for the UM.
ted States anal Caniula,
JOll NI( 27 Cortland Rd.„ N, T,
N. 8.--$1.,00 and I;l)o , Am:est:lmps enclosed Many
au thlgdzed Agent, will twain , a bottle, containing
5) 111 k, by return mall, Sold by A. I). Buehler.
Dec. IS, ly
ON SATURDAY, the 4th day of AUGUST
next, the Heirs of Catharine Heitle.
man, deceased, will offer at Public Sale,
on the premises, the following property, viz :
in Middletown, Adatns county, adjoining Jacob
Peters and others. The 1101199 is Two-story,
Weatherboarded, witls a Two-story Back.
building. A-Stable. a 'good Well of Water,
and Fruit Trees, on the lot
well calculated for building. adjoining the
above—with Pear Trees thereon. At the
same time and plice, will be sold the follow.
log Perso ial l'roperty, viz :
CUPBOARD, Beds and B Astends, Cook Stove,,
Ten-plate Stove, Copper Kettle, Iron Pote,
Queeneware, Crocks, Tube, Meat '.easels, and
many other articles.
giSrSale to commence at 12 o'clock, M.,,0n
said day, when attendance will be given and
terms made known by
July 23, 1866
HighTy Valuable
next, the subscriber, Exeentor of George Law
rence, deceased, will offer at Pubic Sta, on
the premises, the following highly valuable
Real Estate of said decedent, viz :
situate in ?dountplinsant township, Adams
'bounty, on, the road leading from llcSherrys
town to Hunterstown, about 2 miles from the
former place, and within 1 mile of Conowago
Chapel, containing 70 ACRES, more or less,
adjoining lands of Conrad Bender, Samuel
Geistlman, John Lilly and others—improved
with a Two-story Weatherhoarded
HOUSE, Bank Barn, Wagon Shed,
'Corn Crib, Carriage House, Hog . 1111
Pen, and other ont-buildings ;
first-rate well of water at the door and an Or
chard of good ft•eit. The land Is in high cul
tivation and under good fencing. This is
very choice property.
Sale•to commence at 1 o'clock, P. M. on
said day, when attendance will be' given and
terms made known by
July 23,1888. to
What Every Family Needle.
A- COPY of Dr. Chase's Recipes or Informs,-
tion for Everybody. Over 300 copies
have already been sold in the south-west end
of this county, they giving general satisfac
tion. We can conscientiously recommend. it
to be the most reliable work of GM kind et et.
offered to our citizens, and that for so little
money, we feel confident that nose will:, pur
chase the work will ever regret it. Ile sure
to-examine the Descriptive Circulars when left
at your homes. Good references. plenty could
be given, but we defer it, as it will recommend
itself. The county will b'e canvassed by
July 16, 1866. 4t*
Sale of litial — Estate; --
WILL sell, on accommodating terms, my
property, located in Hamlitonban town
ship, Adams county, Pa., within one mile of
Fairfield, and eight miles of Gettysburg,
known as
containing 503 ACHES OF GOOD LAND, well
improved. Tbere is on this land ei .good
MIES-STORY STONE MILL. containing two
run of Burrs, and a SAW MILL. Apply to
the Hon. Moses McClean, Gettysburg, or John
J. Lock, Charlestown, Jefferson co., Va.
Jane 48, 1866. tf
Bark Wanted.
THE subscriber will pay FIVE DOLLARS
livered at his Tannery, In Gettysburg.
Jane 18, 1866
THE undersigned has commenced the SAD
DLE and HARNESS-MAKING business,
on the flip, in Baltimore street, in the buil ding
formerly occupied by D. Sweeney as a Chair
maker's shop, up-stairs, where he asks those
wanting anything in his line to call. Work
done in the best manner, and prices moderate.
HARNESS REPAIRED at short notice. A lot
of new Saddles and Harness on band.
Gettysburg, June 23, 1868. 3m
9A A Month!--AGENTS wantedl
t/ fur six entirely new grades, Jest cont..
Address 0. T. GAMY, City Building, Bid
deford, Afo. [May 21, Bd6. illy
j Now on hand CLOCKS In great variety,
from factories of the highest reputation In the
country, and warranted good time-keepers.
Call on J. BEGAN,
Opposite the Bank, Gettysburg.
A NEW stock of
sedected with especial care and int i mated good
time keepers, just received and for sale at
Opposite the Bank, Gettysburg.
ROCERISS, !Anion, Push, Salt, i'htiejle;
Qatena•wart., Wooden-ware, and em,.
thing else it thtltntl,at .
Juno 11.