The Cambria freeman. (Ebensburg, Pa.) 1867-1938, September 10, 1897, Image 4

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Experts Getting a Firm Grip
on Yellow Jack.
A Mulatto Snrruii b ! at Orran Spring.
Mi-.. No Nv Case There or at Nt-vr
Oi le in Former I'lnce and Itiloxl lao-huel-llinc
X-w favii at Itlloxi.
Kiroxi, Mi?3.. Sept. 8. Three well
di'tiiit'd ca-es of yellow fever have de-velopt-d
here. They are under guard
and no fear is felt.
Nt-jw OiiLK.vss, Sent. S. The United
ta'es authorities are awaiting the re
turt of Dr. Ciuiteras of the University
of IVimaylvaui i. the yellow fever ex
pert, who arrived at Ocean Springs.
Ml-s., today, before the - will te con
vinced that the cases Miere are yellow
liver. Meanwhile disinfecting ma
chinery and murine hospital service
oUieiuis have l.eeu ordered here.
No more caes have been uevelopea
At the lie'.pi residence, where the
lust and fatal case was reported, the
lmnits were thoroughly impregnated
tli sulphur, and it is believed every
litiermi; germ therein has been killed.
The four inmates, two servants and the
lUMtiier and brother of the boy, aie
:itj-nlutely uaruutined No one is per
mitted either to enter or leave the
house, which will be in charge of the
board for live days.
'ihe l.oard of health office has been
throntred with people. Mauy came to
uiquiie as to the probability of a
iiMi'inii'.ition of the sweeping quaran
tine proclamation, so that their friends
nil i relatives so ouriiiug at Mississippi
m.uiuI r.-sorts migiit be allowed to come
home, and others came to secure health
cirti. cates in order that they might
l"ie the city. A trainload of people
fiimi the coast were sidetracked te
yund the city limits awaiting such
;i: uon by the 1 oard as would permit
tut m to come into town.
( 'onipiaint has been made that Ocean
i-pi iims ami l;iloi are being deprived
of mail lacilities Arrangements will
be mad? to take the mail from the
sra'ions at Ocean Springs and lUloxi by
iii-;ins of jouch catches. L ninfectea
points are nt affected.
A complete inspection camp has been
orjanied at the Kigolets, through
which an entrance is made to the city.
No doubtful case will be allowed to
come in. Inspectors have been sent to
nil the en If coast p ints to make a full
ami thoiou'h examination of their
health ami sanitary conditions.
There seems to be no threatened
exodus from the ity. All but one road
reports business outgoing as normal.
lily one additional death has been
renin t.-il at cean Sprines with symp
toms of yellow fever, a mulatto.
Nil new cases have been renorted.
'cean Springs has now been absolutely
cut off irom the outside world and the
only means of rruchiui; the town are
by wire or mail. The telegraph opera
tor there is well nigh worked to h.
(-ru)us suffering is certain to follow.
I is said there is only one ton of ice in
tic town and there is no way to get
more. Ice is necessary where fever
A tJ itrriiiiirnt Olti. It Ion s the
KiiIi to K loud v k.
Vahiwtox, Sept. S. The treasury
department has made public a letter
received from a government oflicial
now on the wav to the gold fields, stat
inir at the same time that the writer,
whose name is withheld, had been 12
years m the service and is thoroughly
reliable. It is dated Dyea. Aug. 22,
and says in part :
1 have had a long talk witn Mr.
Ivey. collecri.r of customs for Alaska,
who is at present nt Skaguay. three
miles below here. Mr. Ivey informed
me that there are now on Skaguay
trail between tidewater and the lake
sonn tiling like 4.000 people and 2.U00
horses, sixteen vessels are chartered
to land cargoes at that place between
now and Sept. 15. and that the num
ber of passengers will average 2i0 to
each v ssel, making :, more people
who will attempt to go in this fall.
have talked with some of the most
experienced traders and miners in this
vicinity, and they are unanimous in
tIi-- piediction that not over 20 per cent
of this vast number will get through
to Dawon before winter sets in. The
oilier so per cent will be caught on the
truil If the rush continues two weeks
lunir. r hundreds will inevitably perish
'i'lia postmaster ami Indian trader
at this place (Mr Heron) states that
more that 1, l0 men have gone up the
t'hilkoot pass auriiig the past 30 days,
and that Too of them are still this side
of the lake (24 miles from here). At
the present rate of influx another 1,000
will enter the trail by Sept 10. Mr.
Heron is of the opinion that not more
than 2i out of ino will get through.
He -ays if the rush continues another
week tin- resultant loss of lite will be
a;, palling.
I have talked with several men w ho
have recently arrived here from the
Klondyke. two of whom left there less
tha-i :) -lays ago. Ti.ey unanimously
atrree that while there is a rich gold there the facts do not justify the
pres -tit stampede, and they say there
is round to be much suffering and ac
tual -turvatiou. Provisions are already
frarns and the prices of many articles
i!.-olutely prohibitory in the case of a
mau of ordinary means."
Mi urn Considering a Satisfactory Agree
mei.t In ltultois (fa.) Iteuion.
Ii 11. .is. Pa . Sept. 8. A settlement
of the miners" strike in this region has
been practically effected. The commit-t-e
appointed at the convention last
week to conduct all negotiations look-in.-
toward a settlement met General
Manager Kobinsou here. The situation
was fully discussed and before adjourn
ing, an article of agreement was sign-d
by Mr. Kooin-on aud the members of
the committee, which is mutually
agreeable. Tin proposition made by
Mr. Kobinson is being submitted totn
mi: eis at the company's various col-1-
ries, and if acceptable, which is very
likely, worn will be resumed at n'i
ui.nes tomorrow. The agreement is
eminently satisfactory to the com
mit t-e
It provides, first, that a committee
from the miners go to the Pittsburg
region and elsewhere and get fully
posted on prices tor machine mining
and other labor aud the company wi.l
pay tiie hignest proportionate cale
paid in any competitive region . also
that all niiues resume Sept. 9 and what
ever s. ale is found to be actually settled
on will be paid by the company from
that date, lhe committee will report
to Mr. Kobiu-ou within a week.
Secretary Alger S the I'rople Art
t.rxl illf.l by Itrluroiur Prosperity.
Washington. Sept. S. Secretary Al
ger is as;ain at his desk at the war de
par: incut after bein with the presi
dent since the latter began bis vacation,
lu an interview he said :
Wo found everywhere multitude!
of iwopie turning out to greet the presi
dent, and all the testimony we got
showed the happiness of the people
over feelintr that tne tide had turned
and that there was enough work to do
and enough food to eat. Nothing closes
the mouth of the grumbler so quickly
as work and food, and now there U
work ana wages for all.
heat .Nearina; a Hollar.
Coioaoo, Sept. 8. Wheat is getting
close to tne dollar mark again. Xto.
einler closed at HaJa,
A Cul'm Sympathiser ICeleaed Through
Kflortft ot Consul (.eneral
New York. Sept. 8.-The Ward line
steamer Yumun, from Tampico aud
Havana, brought Lorenzo ives, who
was arrested last December at the
Hotel Angloterre in Havana and im
prisoned at Cabanas for five months.
Yives is an American citizen. Tne
hotel proprietor, F. Yillamill. reported
to the Spanish authorities that Yives
was a Cuban sympathizer aud caused
his arrest
Yives was held at the Cabanas for
five iuntiihs. when he was taken out
with a large number of other pnso e.s
to be transporter to Africa, but Consul
General interfered and demanded
his release as an American citizen.
Yives was sent to ja and later,
through the efforts of General Lee,
obtained his release.
Yives admitted that he had been pent
out on a secret mission by the Cuban
junta, but the Spanish authorities are
unable to prove this. He says the only
thing that saved turn from death was
the fact that he was an American
The Journalist to Start For North Pole
Again In Jane.
New York, Sept. 8. Walter Well
man, the journalist and Arctic ex
plorer, has arrived on the New York
from Europe. He has been to Norway
and Russia to consult with Dr. Nauseu
and to arrange for a steamer and for a
large number of dogs. He said that
efforts would be made to reach the
North pole until the feat was accom
plished. At least three expeditions will be
in the field next year." he said. "One
will be that of Captain Sverdrup in
theFram; another that of Lieutenant
Peary in Greenland, aud the third the
one that will be niada by myself in
Franz Josef Laud.
"My arrangements are to sail from
Bergen. Norway, in a staunch ice
steamer on June 15. Ten men will
comprise the expedition. They will be
Norwegians with the exception of two
or three Americans. We shall estab
lish a supply station at Cape Flora,
leaving two men in charge. We shall
set out on our journey toward the pole
in the early part of 1S!I!I aud shall be
equipped for a journey of 100 or 110
days. It will be a journey of about 3.10
English miles from Cape Fngely to the
The 1'iiitt-il Stairs Will lie lirqulred to a Vastly Increased Aiuounc.
Washington, Sept. 8. W. P. At
well. commercial agent of the United
States at Kobaix. France, sends to the
state department a report on the short
wheat crop in France. He says the
wheat crop in France, and in fact in
11 Europe, has fallen much below the
average, and it is estimated that the
United Stares and Canada will be
called upon to export from 120.000. mk)
to H.0,000,0 H) bushels, more than they
exDorted to Europe last year. France
will require about i0. 000.0 0 to meet
the deficiency in that country.
Consul Heenan at Odessa. Russia,
has made quite an extensive report to
the state department concerning the
failure of the crops in Russia.
in many di-tri.ts it has been the
wettest season ever known and grain
has been destroyed by both rain and
hail. Much of the grain was not worth
the expense of binding. The wheat re
ceived at Odessa is of a very inferior
quality. The report predicts that little
will be exported from Rnss a during
the season of IsMI-s, as there is little
available for that purpose, the old
stocks being practically exhausted, and
the new crop little more than sufficient
for the home demand. The failure of
the wheat crop in Austria-Hungary.
Ronmania and Bulgaria, Consul Hee
nan continues, has brought buyers from
those countries into Russia and wheat
which would ordinarily leave Odessa
by steamers is destined to go by rail
from the interior into the countries
Secretary Wilson Talks After an Ei.
tended Tour ol Observation.
Washington. Sept. 8. Secretary
ilson has returned from his tour of
the trans-Missis-ippi states. He went
as far west as Montana and Utah, giv
ing especial attention to the agricul
tural interests of the states visited,
with particular reference to irrigation,
horse raising and sugar beet growing.
"I found the farmers in especially
good spirits wherever I went," he said
"There is no doubt that confidence is
restored and that the country is justi
fied in its anticipations of better times.
The people are all busy in the wst
Indeed I do not believe there is an idle
man west of the Mississippi who wants
Mr. Wilson predicted a still farther
ad ance m the price of wheat, due to
the tact that tlit-re i not only a short
crop aoroaa. nut a:so becau-e of the
fact that according to his observation,
the crop will not l,e so ex ensive in this
country as has g neially been antici
"With the improvement of the
times, he said, "the average Ameri
can is going to have all the flour his
family can consume, even though he
may have to pay a little more for it. 1
believe that even w thout the shortage
in the foreign crops the conditions in
this country would ha e forced wheat
toll a bushel. But." he added, "the
improved condition of the farmer is
due not alone to the enhanced price in
w heat, but there has been a correspond
ing improvement in all farm products."
He Arrire. In Ktw York Inclined to
He Candidate.
New Yohi. Sept. 8. Richard Croker
has arrived by the American line
steamer New York. Mr. Croker's fel
low passengers have come to the con
clusion that he is to be the Tammany
Hall candidate for mayor of Greater
New York. The understanding among
Mr. Croker's friends is that he is very
strongly inclined to permit the use of
bis name.
i:-Oufeu In the West.
Chicago, Sept. 8. Ex-Queen Lilioua
Va ani of Hawaii, accompanied by her
traveling companions, J. Heleluhe and
Mrs. Wakiki." arrived in Chicago yes
terday from Washington and spent the
day in sightseeing. The party left last
night for San Francisco.
Armor Hoard In Washington.
Washington. Sept. 8. The naval
board, which has been making inquiries
as to the establishment of a govern
ment armor factory, has returned to
Washington and established permanent
quarters at the navy department.
Delegates From Competitive
j Fields In Columbus Today.
President Itatrhford Thinks It Will He
Arcrpted He Says Ou.-rators Would
Keep Their Mines ( low I, f Striker
Held Out lor G9-Cent Kate.
Colcmbi-s, Sept. 8. The delegate
convention of miners of the competitive
coal fields to Tote on the offer of the
Pittsburg operators of 65 cents a ton for
the rest of the year, as a basis of settling
tne miners' strike, convened here today
at 10 a. m.
President Ratchford says he believes
the miners will accept the 5 cent rate
and return to work. "The miners will
meet the proposition like men." he
t.aid, "and will be guided by their judg
ment rather than their desires. Our
executive council was unanimous in its
recommendations, each member, like
myself, feeling that it was his duty to
make known the actual condition and
recommend according to his judgment
With this done, the case rests in the
ban .s of the miners, and if they see
fit to continue the strike, the responsi
bility of their failure will be their a and
uot their orhcials.
-l do not. however, anticipate any
such contingency. The operators wii
never ray t cents, the price demanded
It would be cheaper for them to cancel
all contracts and keep their mines
closed until the first of next year
Now my advice to my fellow miners is
to accept the recommendation of then
officers. If they reect it thev will
have to fight it out to the end. and I
fear the result. The advance demanded
by the miners' organization is 15 cents
a ton. I he proposed compromiss gives
us 11 cents a ton. or 4 cents less than
our demand.
"The gain to the Ohio miners alone.
by multiplying the increase by the
number of tons produced annually
would amount to f 1,4:50.000. Add to
this a proportionate advance to all
branches of labor around the mines
and it will increase the amount to
nearly 000, ooo. to be divided between
25,00 i miners and mine laborers in this
state alone. Carry this line of reason
ing to the other states, and it will be
fuund that the total gains to the miners
of th.ise states will exceed,
or in the neighborhood of i5 or Mj
per man. On Jan. 1, another increase
in my judgment will take place, though
I am unaole to say what the amount
may be.
Women and Strikers Prevent Kvictlons
Nfir r luleytllle, I'a.
PiTTPiaitu. Srpt. S. The staking
miner of the Pittburg and Chicagc
Oas Coal company, at Orangeville. one
and one-half miles from Oastonville.
ou the Wheeling division of the Balti
more aud Ohio railroad, will stay in
the;r houses a while longer. The at
tempt to evict them failed and resulted
in a riot.
When 20 deputies from Washington.
Pa., in charge of Cnief Deputy Joseph
lleiiiDhill. reached rinleyville. they
were met by a large crowd of strikers
and forced to return to (i..stonville
where they took refuge in the orhce of
the company, where they were kept all
night, stones and bricks being thrown
at the building aud an occasional shot
Each deputy was armed with a win
cheter ritle and a revolver, but m
spite of this the strikers, headed bv
about 100 Polish women, closed in on
them and the deputies received tough
treatment. One deputy, who left the
building, was driven to rinleyville.
In the morning the deputies started
to march to Orangeville. tach mau
carried his Winchester in his hands
and his revolver vi as exposed, but the
weapons had no terrors for the besieg
ers. Headed by the same women, the
strikers rushed ou the deputies witn
fctones, clubs and pick handles, and the
blows fell thick aud fast. A number
of the deputies were badly injured.
They took refuge in an empty house
mt finally agreed to leave town. Thev
then returu-d to G-aton ille. but were
ariven from that place and returned to
W ashington.
uuvm ana janies an Lman. mem.
bers of the company, said that for the
present at least no more attempts would
oe mane ro evict tne strikers.
Liater ii. w. au tuian announced
that he would pay the district price, as
urro it rra1 a r t r 1 i --. ..-.-.
Letters He Wrote to m Widow
Read In Court.
Chicaoo, Sept. 8. Two strong points
were scored by the prosecution in the
Luetgert trial, aud unless the defense
is able to impeach the testimony of
cne witnesses their evidet ce is likely
to have considerable weight with the
The two witnesses were Nicholas
faber, who testified that on the night
or Aiay I he saw Luetirerr and his nir.
enter the sau.-age factory, and Charles
IJaiiit., ...1. .
icunji, yiiu swore mat on the night
of May 1 he passed the factory am.
beard a cry from within as though
some one was In pain.
The reading of the love letters which
had been written )y i.nuimM .
- J fcVF .U 1 9.
1-eldt. a widow, was great fun for the
crowd in the courtroom, and it was
very emoarrassing for the defendant
... micni ,(1 mem ne had spoken in
a Slltflltlutr III a fin or nt ih, !... ...i
are now conducting his defense, savins;
fl-lOV- BAs. ... . 1 . . J
.ua inrjr were - greeny and "notable
tnai oi sucn importance
Aslgnee'a Report on Gardner Failure.
Hollida yshl'ro. Pa., Sept. 8. The
assignee's report of the suspended
banking house ot Gardner. Morrow &.
of. Holliday8burg has been filed in
'" ""ir county court. Tne assets fn
distribution are $14,055. This showing
,uu,l4lc "ai me tioo depositors will
receive 8 per cent of the amount of
men uiaims. wnen the bank failed
one year ago a notice ported on its
front door informed creditors that they
yVM.i ijum uuiiur ior dollar.
American Woman la Jail,
uos .sept 8.-The Duke and
"uuie OI orande have been ar
raigned in the Marvlt one police court
charged with defrauding hotels aud
boardinghonses. The duke is said to
be a brazilian nobleman aud the duch
ess, it is asserted, is a niece of ex
,T a9 Senator Omar U. Conger
or Michigan. The prisoners were re
manded to jail for a week.
Hre la Cairo, W. Va.
Cairo. W. Va.. Sept. 8. A fire which
started in the engineroom of the Cairo
Manufacturing aud Lumber company
destroyed it and half a dozen other
establishments, including tne chief
business portion of the town. A num
ber of dwelling houses also burned aud
0 people are homeless. Total loss,
Will Resign to Mayor Harrison.
Chicago, Sept. 8. Members of the
Chicago civil service commission will
tender their resignation to Mayor Har
rison immediately upon his return to
the city. This comes as a climax to the
struggle between the commission and
the Democratic leaders which has been
waged since the election last spriLg.
Hawaiian S-nate Called.
Washington-, Sept. 8. The state de
partment has been notified by Minister
bewail at Honolulu that President
l)ole has issued a call for a session of
..o iauau senate on Sept. . The
object of the session is supposed to
I u lhf pr' Psetl auuexation treaty
VfUh the United State.
An Eplo.lon Killed S.m Known and
Others I'uknows In Ohio.
Cyovet. O.. Sept. 8 A terrible ex
plosion of nitroglycerin has occurred
here, which resulted in the death of
six people, whose names are knows
and others at present uuknown.
The killed are :
Sam Barber.
Allen Fa lis.
John Thompson.
Charles Hartel.
Henry Lansdale.
Havens, a boy.
Grant well, located at the rear of the
Nati' nal upply company's office build
ing, in the village limits, had jnst been
ehot by Samuel Barber, the shooter tor
the Ohio aud Indiana Torpedo com
pany. The vell was a gasser aud when
the 120 quarts of glycerin let down into
the well exploded, the gas ignited and
with a terrific roar the flames shot high
above the derrick. As soon as the
drillers saw the flames several climbed
into the derrick to shut off toe gas. but
they had hardly gotten there when
there was a terrific explosion.
The burning gas ignited cans of
nitroglycerin in two wagons nearby.
The drillers in the derrick were
killed. Their names are not known.
The damage to the Ohio oil company
hill amount to $i.OOO. Eight buildings
are a total wreck and mauy otheis
damaged. The town has a population
of about 1,200. Mauy bystanders were
A I'abllc Keoeptlon to Occur at Somer
set. I'a.. This Keening-.
Somerset. Pa.. Sept. 8. A great
number of people have called on Presi
dent McKinley. including George W.
Pullman, the Chicago millionaire, and
Senator Thurston of Nebraska. It is
thought that Attorney Oeneral Mc
Kenna will be here today, ana many
other distinguished visitors are ex
pected during the ween. Among them
Governor Ltowndes of Maryland.
Tne president . and Mrs. McKinley
took a short drive to the country in a
carriage drawn by a team of ponies
owned by their niece. Miss Mabel Mc
Kinley. It is probable that people
from all parts of the county will come
here today to attend a public reception
to be held in the evening.
A New Man May Ite Selected to Maks
Capitol Plans to Suit.
IIarrisbiko. Sept. 8. The capito)
commission has held a short session in
the executive chamber, to consider the
selection of designs for a uew state
house. A communication was read
from the Philadelphia chapter of the
American Institute of Architects con
detuning the attempt of certain archi
tects to overthrow the piourani of com
petition f architects. John H. Weiss
of Harrisbnrg, - co usel for Furuess,
Evans oc Co. of Philadelphia, asks that
the noard of experts be ordered by the
the commission to make a more careful
examination o' the brin's plan.
It was finally decided to adjonru
until Thursday afternoon aud iu the
meanwhile the experts will go over the
plans of the Philadelphia firm and
Hardin & Cooch of New York and
prepare a report to the commission as
to the material used in making the
drawing aud other technicalities. The
prospwets are that at its next ineetiug
the commission will ei her select one
of the plans recommended by the ex
perts or reject the experts' report aud
agree upon an 'architect who shall
make a plan tj meet the wishes of a
majority of the commission.
The Ieuiocratlo Candidate Will Make m
Toar sf the State.
Williamspokt, Pa., Sept. 8. Hon.
Walter E. Ritter of this city has de
cided to accept the nomination for
auditor general tendered him by the
Democratic state convention. He has
made this announcement.
This decision as arrived at after a
thorough consideration of the matter
and consultation with his friends
throughout the state. Later on he will
make a tour of the state.
Pennslranla Uay Oct. 13.
Harkisbl ro. Sept. 8. A meeting of
the executive committee of the Penn
sylvania commission to the Nashville
exposition has been held here. It was
decided to make Oct. 13 Pennsylvania
day. The commission, with the gov
ernor and start and supreme aud u
perior courts, will leave here Oct. s
spending two days at Chattanooga at
the dedication of the Pennsylvania
l'lttauur Slitters Accepted.
Pittsbi-ro, Sept. 8. The miners' dis
trict convention will accept the tia-ceut
rate, ueiegatee to uoiumbus went un
Manufacturing Plants Starting.
SpuiVfinviri K.ui U . w
. ... BU..W, .uais,, nc . o . .1 B U U -
facturiug industries in this vicinity are
iuu n (Jiraiiai bile pros-
tjecta of a heavr f&vll,ad . ..... .
- J M
I'lTT MHI'Uil AaiI V
WHEAT-So. 1 red. hjuju; No.'l! red.
COKX-Xo. 8 rellow ear. 372.rr.-i- Vo
shelled. SKitVc; high mixed (.helled. iWi
OAT'S V 1 l, i . .-..... .. .
ZvZ&IyC. extra No. a. white, Mi:'ir: lhckt
HAY No. I timothy. tlO.O u J: No g
1 . ItttJt w i... x-. .... .
- --r ---". .10. 1 i-iuver, uiixeu. S.I;
pickln. ia.a(Sa.rX); No. I feediiuc prairie,
t. 0.. a i; wagon hay. Ill.u3,12.0 . for tlmo
th v
IOLLTRY Lire Large spring chickens.
- K iwr IiBls nail .a -fcw I a
chickens. MttttSc per pair; small. Oa;-;
ducks. MaVyc per pair; turkeys. 3lc per
UOUflll T 1 vJ , . : . ...
- t-iinun ciui'ivmi, lc$.e per
l-uund: old chrkens. 1.49.1c; ducks. 14 0.15c
turkevs. i:is
Bt'TTEK Elgin prints. tfiia21c: extra
7; . ""-"'-; "aio i&iicy creamery,
I7 0.ISC-; couo- roil. lao-Mc; low grade and
. . rw 1 or rail crem, new
Make. WalOVsc- .
r'UL'L.'L' V- -a .
,Tr "'i,?!: W,8 nB,n S'.n tubs, im
tub-. lt.Hllc: S-iaa. to brlcka. 6-pounJ
Mn,i'S'.Si,',t,Ilr ,re"h ""Tlvanla and
... 3. mni: IUM, 1"3.1JC. lQ a lob-
Ui.g way, lti-Hfl
Pittsbi-ro. Sept. 7
7J cars on sale; market ateady for gtJd
11" . T "upply tooay
r 1 .. ";"ngea. We -ute priL-en: rruue, -.U (aVi.ll)-
Kood 4.,o;4.l,; tidy. 4 4 t: good
butchers'. I4 25a4.ft.; fair, t-1.8 4 .); com
mon. .J.4ia3 70: heifere. W.V.! H6; bulls
-'tans and t ows. $3.10 1 75. t-ommon to good
I-.rn- 2"40': bo.otrna cows. $5 V
,,V,:..'oCOW" "nd sPrinrs. 3).i0(4.V0u
xii-Mt-Ke eiptB on Monday 3il double-dock
cars: market a shade lose; supply today
fa.r. 10 car, on sale; market dull and
lower. He quote -the following prl, e.
Prune pls. U.uai.S.; bit light yorkers
and mi-diums. 4 40.4.50; grassers and stub-tt'k--
h'"ky'' ": roughs.
dav liRht. lu cars on sale; market firm at
unthaiiitt-d; leceipta today light
market for sheep steady; lambs strong'
Vm quote prU-ea aa fol.owa: t'hoh-e. 4.1ui9
4.S-: good. ,.S4.i: fair. 3.5u(ei;.r5: com
mon. tio Wl.4.1. LambsChoice. au(5 6..
common to good. . ia5iii: veal calve-,'
t6jS.1.0J; heavy and thin calves, ta.Ou94.u1'
Cincinnati. Sept. 7
HOOS Market qniet at ti. sua 4. 45.
CATTLE Mark, t steady at V i t
A,NU LAMBsiMarTet teady .1
. -a.gJ...,. Lambs-Market steady at M.7S.U
New York. Sept. J.
W!1,EAT Snot in.rl- - 1 .
II , i. ' """ o. s rea.
ytiyfpot mrk't m; No. . STHc.
. . mies quota Aluer-
kHvi'U VvrVr.rLo- oer Pound.
fcHEaP AND LAMBd-Shoap. SaUuMA-
Worth Remembering.
This Information Will Save Many a
Dollar and a Heap of Trouble.
Whrn Kutherin; UcLetM on a train, a
frl-iiHlui-d con.liKtor Botio-il a i:iss-u-irer
futubiiug and ftisKiiij; in t-vi-ry MH-ket
for his tii-l-t. which he ni;ircui!r held
uuconsciouxiy tic-twc-ti liif t---Ji. Kn
joying the euilnirr:iiiiieiit of th lravt l r
along with aotue fellow ..isst ti-rs iu the
adjacent acats, he liu:illv. uauli to the
astonishment of the gi-iiili-iiiuii. reached
forth lii haud. tix.k the- li. ki-l. lKikel at
it. iuuch-il it, auiili-d. Ili-n ir--i-.k.l
tlowu the iU- to lli- uexl car. When
lie cIomhI the door a iasM-tigiT. who had
enjoyed the Munition. s:iicl i the l.r.e
hohl.-r of the ticket. 'A pretty fair sam
ple of aliKeiit-uiiinliMliM-sn. i-hY" "IWni't
J'i'tt foil yourM'lf," was the reply; "the
ticket was two uf k old. and I was suck- J
ing the dale- off it." Now this aut-c-dote :
has nothing earthly to do w ith Conductor
CJcorjre McKinley. of Wasliiiigtou
Street. N'ew Castl. lu.. hut it si-rvcn to
iutriHliicv him to the reader, and makes
him in a mcumire atiiuainted with a t"l.
reliable authority on the question he dis
cusses tlow. Mr. McKinley says: "The
jolting and jarring of a tiain in iruve'.ing
a thotisnud miles each uy-ck i-auv.l my
ki.luers to make- Ihems4-lves manifest. I
had Revere pains in my back, which
nearly all other railroad men sufTer from,
for when standing iu a uioviiii; train tlier,
us a cotisiant strain on the muscles f the
back. 1 heard such hit:h reeoiiiiiienda
tions of Iiimu's Kidney Tillx tliat 1
U'tight a Ikx. and list I t'heni as dir.--tel.
The kidneys soon eeased KriiiiiMiu. ami
my backache dia--ared. I have- takeu
pleasure iu rei-oiiiuieinlin I loan's Kid
ney I'ilU to others who I know were suf
ferintjr from kidney troubles."
Ioan'a Kidney Tills, for sale l.v a!I
dealers. I'rice .Ml .nils. Mail.-il be
oKter-Milburu Co.. Hufl:il... N. v.. s..f.
agents for the I". S. U.-iueiiiU-r the ujuio
Doau's aud take no substitute.
Demands prompt treatment. The. re
suits of neglect may be serious. Avoid
all harsh and draatic purgatives, tha
tendency of which is to weaken tha
bowels. The lest remedy is Ayer's
IMlls. Being purely vegetable, their
action is prompt aud their effect always
beneficial. They aro an admiral. la
Ijver and After-iliutier pill, and every
where endorsed by the profession.
" Ayer's Tills aro liichly and nniver
sally siMiken of l y the pc.-l aU.ut
here. I make daily use of them in my
practice." Ir. 1. E. Fowler, bridge
port. 4'oun.
"I can recommend Ayer's Tills above
all others. Lav iii lou; proved their
value as a cathartic for myself aud
family." J. T. Hess, Leilbsv'ille. I'a.
" For several years Ayer's IMlls have
teen used iu luy'fauiily. AYe Cud thetn
Effective Remedy
for constipation and indigestion, and
axe never without them in the bouse."
Moses Greuier, Lowell, Mass.
" I have used Ayer's Tills. f.r liver
troubles aud indigestion, during many
years, and have always found them
prompt and eiiii H-nt iu their action."
L.. . Umilh, I ti. a, N. Y.
" I suffered from constipation whlrb
assumed such ail olKtliuate form that I
feared it would cau.te a stoppage of the
bowels. Two Im.x.s of Ayer's Tills ef
fected a complete cure." IX llurke.
tiaco. Me.
" I have used Ayer's Tills for the past
thirty veais and consider II. em an in
valuable lamily lue. 1 know i(
no Isiter tor liver troubles,
and have always found them a prompt
cure for ls-e.i;. " - .1 nines tjulun, U0
Middle St.. ll.ii II. .1.1. I'oiiii.
" Having lieen troubled with costive
tiess, winch seems inevitable with ver
aous of sedentary habits, I have tried
AVer's Tills, f..r relief. I aiu
ela.l to sa that tl.ev have servel me
Letter than any other u.ediciue. I
arrive at this coitclu.-ooii only after a
faithful trial of llo-ir inerils." - Soon u el
X. Jones. Oak nt , Huston. Mow.
Ayer's Pills,
rKKmuiiii hv
Or. J C Ayer & r.o. lowed. Mas
Koid by aui Uealers la MeUtcUM.
f either sex, any age, in arc part of the courtrr
at the employment wiii. h furi.ivl. You m .V
not he away from hoiueovtrniglit. A 011 r:m j-lv.
jrourvvboletimetotli.' voiirr-;.. :. 1,.,.
ments. As capital is not requir .1 you run 11. 1 i k
We supi'.yrou w-lih all that ' 11.. ,!.-.!. It nil
.3t you nolhinic , try- tin -..i-n..---. Ai:y oi
do the work. Iteinm-rs uc.Li- umiiev Jr..
the start t failure is ui.knon 1. a it I. ....r vnoikt rs.
K.rery hour you labor you can ea-ilv make a .l. ilur.
Ko one who is a illi..,; to work fail
money every day than can he made in three davi
at any ordinary eruplov men I. Seud fur tire hook
ooutaiuing the f jlles'. inforiuatiou.
Box 88 O,
Steel Picket Fence.
itaK f isB; ??J" "i ii
sum) MHO H. 4 all kin4a r WIKK Wukk.
01. 203 a 205 Mrtit$u Pitlbur,b, Pa
inch a Vi tr.
Robert Cassidy's
Shaving Parlor
Iorated on Ontre street near It'Hara 1.1 v ery
otic NhaviDK. Hair ('qIiiuk and ShauiiNN-
1 . . . . .
u uwuv ,u ui nosteab anu ivnv manner,
ihara at lonr (islrouaae solicited.
K IHK.N I' 41AiK1liY.
M Ts lT U1.41I1. I a gm tra
.. . t . . ,rc- V-if f;
'Iclns phralrlan .4 M.r' npeileutx-. j V),4,ir..iuiiL-liMu X
NnstarviiMC. arli.kie.H- ttaM.UH-s. I in I Vil
iiron-so-uentl heaiiii aiiu heaiilinea c...iii.eti.H1. it,
aclans aim s.-lel limorse it. 1 1. uaii.l- -ure.
cmifldeutiallj. I-.t par K-iilani lilma. it Maui-
OCt'ia.ttt lv
For all Bilious and Nasvotrs
Discuses. They purify the
Bijuod and srive Hkaituv
action to the entire system.
Curs DYSPrDlA uriniKue
April lo Til ly
Mountain House
Shaving Parlor,
Main Strec!,Kear Post Office
ftS-Tht HBdMlnl .
110 that ha has . . r
Canlra street, near tha nat m k.u L.. . .
in all 1 La rv - "or.n
fu . u r. I- 7 . 7. J ' " rr' o lo the
v-... . du clean.
imnrnviii sniicnad
uraurs ci keu
are yu reckless etjurh to vct.ti:re If m. srtri
two c-llt- iu stI..a to tne Mark JvtltfiHJ . . .
i-js an I '". lu-liin-ton Slr.-t. w- ra V . lo
w of their la-aulif i! illustrated ItciltrH
Hooks." It i a ii.-v. i. niiKote. mi. I interesf
lutz sou t.: cveiy wi..u of rertnein-iit.
n ie-ei.t of ten o uts in -'an'p thev a iT
aei:.l Htit:.l a fu:l l of tu. ir ttuoouii house
hold ictku s Vt-rla.
Korit-n .-.-t.iiii!..-T will a!s..s-ii.l Im m .k rontainiiii.
coin;l -le wools oi" '! le- Vikim.l.,.M and mu-n- ..I
!i" no n-t a.iilur voiitfi. toiM-iti. rv uli t. 11 rxii:si!e
ciinmiti ra'il-.
A Vi'Ty U,n-iiiiLr. Ii a nn - r:vyrrl'd nmniMfr'
rMiiMHiinl ft r il.-irnijiiii." tli-iM quiniitf ni
oth-r bitt r iiru-.r. -it r to!i J 4r fu i-l I'ihx 4
I prIn ir I'ihI UItl. lr-M n!vti ij li Hiiiflf ol
phyMit-itiii in l.uroiN mini Aiti-ti n. t-oriuithi bc
iuuiuut tvry lxtiif. !ir JuU ly lniniti.
Xmiuf acTnil hv
The Academic Phaimaceutic Co.f
. leleirant 11ut''ili li.irn.Hi. v .rerkaraiiot
fo.- OI..OUS. umlariul HI..1 I.I.mmI Ii ll.le-. ; Hie re . -v.-r tv. entv-live yeat s f ni.t t-uoueni
o.eiiti' . res-nrcli
Arove! l.v tin-hiuli.-r-t iin-.Ii.-al authorities
In use in Ike's in every ynn of l.uit-N--Ks-cially
helplul I.. I.t.lies. cluMreii and -
p'.e .r ae.lenlar lull. its
tntireiy vevcUiijie ; tree from harmful .lrutr.
In H.iiiJioi!ie Patkae, Piicc tU Cts.
Irr;ire.l solely l.y
Tl(e Joyal '1 Ijarinru'cutii Co
Chemists l.v ap.imm.-iil to Her MajeMy ll.e
yu-u aud to the !'..yal ramily.
ISO, 132. 134- Charlton St
Same nielii-inul .r.-rti-s ps Iti.v il Kliiib. is
boxes, : j.iils t j l.-.ix, for a i eenis.
Vinegar Bitters j '''j".)';'1" SOr.
Vinegar Bitters P0WDEES, &u do--s. so.-.
Vinegar Bitters, u.-w rtyle, ''ri;"'' J 1 ."
Vinegar Bitters, old style, hir.rr tarte. rl.uu
The World's Great Blood Puriflar
and Life OivinR Principle.
Only TeinperancQ Bitters Known.
Tbrna.t .ifth r."n Onlurv t!n- l.rndias
l-amilr Mcticlne ol the World.
R. IL McDonald Dru Co., Proprietor.
A Quick PLiEr for every Type of
Fuur CAwniNA'. Points Respcctinq
A' hC..L lirs
tiuli n rv.iiis.
privr i t the rnn
l j ticr-r tc-r ltfcr.
Srrthe them tij Ko P
AL1M. the hcjitijhc
hfn chiK1r?n
riKlic, Cyisrjn:. r
caused by ony, jiim
eiy. fiCfvsci ol an v kin. I
or brain wcariucsi.
- 3 - .. '' - -M
matter. u-c Koi miinb.
the best reinetty ever ol
t. re!. Sate. sute. w ou
tlet fully quiik in icuon.
try enc else lor
kui f aUNB cure every iv, rf headache, espec
ially that ditrcs-in;iv painful type pevuliat tj
la.heii fculTc-nne Ir m irregularity or uterine irri
tation, or ho-e duller require them la tand tar
loii perif-Kls.
NlftMlUt SMOCK. Niavoul DKiim,
ALCO-OA..O o OTH. CtH.. s H C M
ailmeut& aud erudition. 1,, tc bcivc.i.te oe on
Is inrilunblf Trj.-h.-rs. SchoUrv, Prra. hen
Stu.lnts. Mmhii.u. K.litor. Men. Women
and ( hil.lrc. whose ucrvrs are
at all hkely to ct l tl ord. r.
It is ut-..,lniiv ., u.i.W all . iraira-tanm aad
coii.litions. Price. 15 cents.
Sul.l y druu-L'.sis V' l.rrally. or ienl to any
dms uu receipt ..t rice
Son sofv.sTea.
The great popularity of thU preparation.
aftr iu tea: of tnauy years, should be an
a.uran-e, eveu to the uiot skeptual, that
It U really rueritori,u. T hove who bavo
used Hai l s Hair ltKMttkBgW that
It causes new eruwth of hair nn K.l.l
U1M 19 L'laiUlTU.
i i . L . . '. UB,r i"'vles are not
dead, whhh Is seldom the case; reatores
natural color to pray or faded hair; pre-
1 .. lu . ... 1 ... 1
idtnl the hair folliiles are not
" , i "v-,i' "v-aimiui ana clear of
daudruff; prevent the hair falling off or
ehangtn,? -olor; keet, k soft, piunt, lu.
trous, aad cauae. U to grow lonif and
Hall's mm Rexkwkr produces Ita
effect, by the healthful InflwncSTf S
Tepetable liurredi.-nu. which Invhrorate
and rejuvenate It U not a dve. ind I.
a delightful article for toilet iie t'on!
tainlu no alcohol. It d.M-s not evatw
orate quickly and dry up the natural oil
leaving the hair harsh and brlttJe as da
ther preparations.
Buckingham'! Dv
roa raa
produce a permanent natural color; and!
belnjc a slntfle preparation. Is more coa
enient of application than any other.
ru?isiD IT
A. f. HALX, CO, N , K. M.
sW4 by all Daalare U Mstl4i,
PCak-Merr-a I all.a HIMN. Rraaa.
one.-..! Mi i.i.e.
TC. rrftbise. uotll k
nrm. 1 tn ti r Ktvl U-Ud aetavlle
--1 cub riiasM Tsalk-
fher. Vrsa sfstaitTw J laaTiJm.
"fsHse At I aalMa. mr Tll 41.
In Mmi lu '-"i-ftiili u4
KelU-f fWt lstl-sB," ts Iritrr t r-m,
MaalL IH.IMMI t . w.. 1. a T?
M faal LKi ita.... MWtllaS
ir 9
The Big
Our now stock of season. lc styles ;s ni
open :inl rcaly.
Such (jualitics nnd such prices have iH.V(.r j
tore heen ollcied to customers.
A Thorougly New and First Class Stock
mill titiilitr ilin1ilv flllll kllMrn nci. v.I.I
V.I llll lllll lip .. ------ - - . . . , , y 'llll Jf-
strictly low. Come in at oncj and sc.- th
designs and finest styles of the season in (;,,
iiijir. Hats. Caps and dents r uriushini:
The newest i.leus, the lest-ni:ule ol. the :re:itt vrvv
the lowest iimes. Prices within the rearh .f ;,U. r,,i
the time t buy. We stuml at the top in stvle an,l drirtv (."
irint ii1e lair ilenlini;. One -rire anl that is Ijvmt thautj
est. Our welc me word for all is I5ARCJ AINS. 1
Fofieits Emlfl U, Bit! Strtil, EEEN. EUI.G, FA.
never wants ti .tarn, but tha
reads that
OLiD Honesty
is the best that is made, and
at ON0E tries it, and eaves
money and secures more
satisfaction ttuin ever before.
iVOD imitations. Insist on
having the genuine. If your
dealer hasivt it aak m to
get it for yom.
HO rami BROS., lonIrrHk.lj.
A.ttt-ii'!s nt Jjiav,
I.HINsHl K.l. - - - rK N A.
- lOli-e on Centra street. . S
Attorne.VN at 1-i.av,
tHUSSBl Kll. fA.
im?e In lra Hoaw.
tBismiru. t'caa'a-r-Speolal
attention to given claims lor f
ton KonntT. etc. Ctol- Hwi
irruikiY .khi..i
t Mt.iNrii ,i. pA
ar-t ttflre on Centra street
AntlK.NKY-AT-I.A fc
tlaaasarjaM. a.
sT-turiea la ktioaade Kesr. oa atr atrael
-. Kmssicss, fsisn ,
f ifflw l t tira Hnaaa l '.nwaiMi
Do Yen Want Employment
At bou.e or travelina -lib itMiirA ' li so.
write t . as lor t-artirnlars. givl!. aae and owo
latifO. Yuu ran surk all or .art tioie. and tne
ork Is 1.1UI1 r AMI r.ASY. AJJrrM.
tilt HAA KS M'hSKKY ItlMPANY. r. Y.
Mar 1-i V- tai.
We. the rltlien of Klarkllek
""""I'. In-rtt.y .1 e no - to me i.oMlr a..t 1..
ires...s , . or oU. Ai one Lm.j trs-usn
Uw ' l,r'tJ t Hie lu.l extent 01 the
SianM. Pe'er Waaner. Henry l amuhell.
inutr.J.iiKi t KmUdJ and K.4rt lra
istari Fire lasarance him
rl AV. DICK,
General Insurance Asent.
KHKXSHftta. fA.
lafalntnl WWUiIM-kti ka
I.olins. CuiUrs, Ban)es. Mandelines. Accerarens.
Harmonicas Ac. all kinds ot Strtna e terete
411. M3. yi5. M7 East Inh St.."erYoS?t
Best !a the World!
Bet the GenuiBe!
Schedule. In eBoci Nj.d, it
Mam t,nv Jui
.dull Ku rete, Jaliv
PtstiAJeiuLla t-pnss. .....
" ! I
Pr0r l-.ij.rr--.. uu
I my Iicdm cr dkiH
I'll ij-lrtjrK r.Brr ,Uit
Ki! liu. .laily "...
ilk I
: ; .1
j Tk.l ikKjkc,
rum 'rr..n
: Y nuj tuuiidte
I-ftsiu t "rr-tit
b -im r '--tii
krtu iiit..ti.iai.
k I uui tlie-.ou
Kor re'rn
Iur H-tinM u-l iiw N .rit
r tr .bi i
; Kr tc-.... ...
Fuf Ita.olKl'K..
tor Clat4ft.air' auj ItiC It jTlli
Fur rn..n
r - h mm ft IfcrlH
lr.u ml t 4j a. Hi i j, & r
lint at CitaU miaua Qa. BLJ ; . jv j
resfuu v .v- a a, mua u hi arr r j
uu ml . I 4t ui aud 6 j, ai
For rst- Baps, etc , cmli ui. un: j u
Ti. K. a i-i . r. A. . 1 . jfc f u I
fiUet'urm.. r.
I. B. HI rt"HIN IN,
tieocrml Miiiuii
Plrk E2srLe ar.d re!it-sU imsl
Cant to a r-iiioua i.K'.T--t tn.sii
X.izit.t-M, N.uw. It .:um 1 .1
c.mi-(r. I aio iu tue if. 4 trt a;
raiuaraaiaa: surceM lum lu. rnLda) I
Hoa.aa.rbe. xt barter "a Lir:, ur Msl
quaiH mliiat'lt?itii'-vnit:;i:i. t. c .m;-:' I
Af Lather -:lJ laloi at prvxaau-tiaisl
liitlfcly tt.eirf: .-liitwn ..I I.. :-.-'j. -
StM la SO Uikl T '. Vi t Lt : jt .J to MtUXMlt tln-Cl. 1U sft
Is the bane of sn nar.T href ths:
v lusse our pneal Lk1- UiJ-11
A.tlAl s d. ZiOt
artr s Little Lltr Fls i- t-" ct- I
tfr. Arl.-ake ij . r -
l!it 5 strictjy vn-r-ts' lriJ in
j ilt". I utl UjoJ .1. k-Uji "
- llj-a to .,lv I-
riat-"cr .-are. ur u i-
" " r!l!J1f CO.. tee
Is stamped in me best
cases made. It is the v
mark oi" the AVu.V
Ca ,v Company, oi Yh'U-
th oldest, largest ari :
known factory in the
1500 employees. capac:--
cases daily. Its prou
sol J by all jewelers. I'fr
the celebrated rJS.P:"
J talc A Cases, now 6::ei
the only liow ( rin) whi:-
not be pulled oil the case
t- cop T.icr
F. tnf.wtnstKm ai. t f- Df,. "t.
Ml V V . 1 '..T -
trn i.u in tasn at u'xJ&
tit i-utJn- hy a .;""
if rifiitifif tn?
Iarrt et-mlt.-B of v -i. at- I
auaa .h.mlJ t- ;iti.i 1
jer: l.sls ro.:i. 'J:V
Vl IU.nua.Skl Kr-.! -,'
1 ri'jor
1 a ' mmw
1 1
-rps utsv""
Piccolos and Band SufP
t a T . .
rnys. lrs tiairiost a H -mM
a ma
Sola Eienmlieri
Scnj for JOHN r ' " $ V
1 rri