The Cambria freeman. (Ebensburg, Pa.) 1867-1938, May 30, 1867, Image 1

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-Democratic 'colily! e7SI:a!;a:,; Divct
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rues, iED AX.i. Azi-i .iAir-:3 ' xznsxnx:;
jvorvoraUd by Act of Assembly of the Com-
gumvealih of Pt vtsylvania, March 6, 1867.
y Th Board of Supervisors appointed by
th abate Corporation to carry out. tho ob
fecU of tho act of Incorporation, respectfully
announce to tbe public that the Legislature
' J PennnyNania. has authorized the raising
of funds for the erection, establishment "tad
m&intalnance of aa Asylum, far Invalid 'Sol
diers of the late war, to be built on the bat-tit-field
of Getty6bargand as Inducement to
, pttriotic citizens to contribute to this benev
olent object, have empowered the Corpora
ticn to distribute amongst the subscribers
uih articles of value and interest, from as
ud'ation w ith tbe late war, or any moneys,
effects, property or estate, real or personal,
whatever, in the State or elsewhere, at such
time or epon such terms, and in such way
. tnd manner whatsoever, as to them- shalt
item ,any laws of thij Commonwealth to
tba contrary notwithstanding.
The enterprise is cordially recommended
bj the folluwing camtd well-known geutle-
Ex-Govartor Andrew G. Curtin,
ifjor General George U. Meade, .
Major General Galusha Pennypacker,
Major General E. M. Gregory, - s ...
Majur General Johju K. Brooke,
Major General Charles II. T. Collis,
Major General Uenry J. Madill,
( Major General James L. Selfridge, : i
, Brigadier General James A. Beaver,
Brigadier General iloratio G. Sickles, . -Brigadier
General Joseph F. Knipe,
Brigadier General William J.' ltolton;
. Brigadiei General Samuel Zulick,
Brigadier General John K. Mnrphy. J :i:
. Brigadier General John F. Ballier;.
, brigadier General T. F. McCoy, .: 1
Brigadisr Geteral U. E. Wintslow, ; .
Brigadier General Henry l'leasauts, -
Brigadier General J. P. 8. Gobin,
Brigadier General J. M.. Campbell
Brigadier General Thomas Walker,
Brigadier General W. Cooper Tally,
Brigadier General D. M. 11. Gregg,
Colonel F. Stambaugh.
The site for tbe institution (thirty acres)
Las already been purchased, and it is hoped
that tbe good work may commence beiore
oldsiiBHuer," . ' . ' : - - .' '
Subscriptions will be recei red at the oSce
tf the Association, No. 1 12G Chestnut street,
Philadelphia, on and after Monday, the 6th
day of May, 18G7 : !'
Fwr each subscription of five dollars a
certificate will be Usued which will entitle
the holder to such article of value as may be
swarded to its number.
The first distribution of awards will , be
BAtle Immediately upon the receipt of 80,
t)U0 subscriptions of 5 each.
The distribution will bo public, and under
tb direct Mipervion of the Corporation.
. Persons at a distance are requested to re
mit their jubscriptione (when practicable)
by Post office money order, or registered let
ter, to insure prompt delivery. IMrect all
Utters to . J. D. HOFFMAN,
Secretary Board of Supervisors, .
Box 13 1, P. O., Philadelphia.
The following is a schedule of awarda to.
be made utder the first distribution. Tho
itwna of Diamonds and othtr precims stones
were purchased from citizens of the South
during the war, and their genuineness is
certified to by Ilenh & Bros., the most ex
Kosive diamond Importers in the country,
and by J. Hermann, diamond setter. New
York. ' .
Incorporated ly Act of Assembly of Common-
KtaLih of Pennsylvania, March 6, 1867.
OfSce 1125 Cheatnut Street. Philadelphia.
first Disposmosr.
Bgbty Thousand Subscribers at Five Dol-
lars each. . ;
1 1 Diamond Necklace, 43
Brilliant, valued at $30 000
2 1 Biamond Cluster Brooch
' and Ear Uings, 15 000
3 . 1 Award 10-40 Governm't
Bonds, 10 000
4 Z Diamond Cross set in
: KUTer, . 7 000
6 1 Diamond Cluater Brooch, 6 000
Award 10-40 Gofernm't r. f.
" " Douds, 6 000
" 7 1 Diaia'd Single tone Ring 4 500
" J3 I liasn'd Cluster Bracelet, , 4 000
.VI Diam'dSingle Stone Scarf
Pin, 4 000
10 1 Diam'd Cluster Brooch, 4 000
21 1 1 Biam'd Cluster Bracelet, 4 000
12 1 Pair Single Stone Piaro'd
. EarRings, ' " - S CC0
18 1 D'-am'd Cluster Brooch, ' S 009
" 14 J Award 10-20 Governm't .'. v
.? Bonds, '3 000
.. 15 1 Diam'd Single Stone Pia, . 8 000
15 1 Diam'd " " Stud 1 3 000
17 1 Dlara'd Cluster Brooch, 2 500
- 18 1 Diam4d Single Stone Ring 2 500
19 1 Diara'd Emerald. Brooch, 2 fcOO
- 20 I Diam'd Single Stone Ring 2 000
21 1 Diara'd Cluster RiDg, 1 500
22 ' 1 Long I tid la Camel's liair.
' Shawl, ' . 1 500
' 23 1 Choice Emerald Stud. - 1 500
Jl 1 8ingle Stone Diam'd Ring 1 000
k 10 Awards cf 10-40 Got'nt ' '
Bonds, each ' ' 1 000
& 1 Thret-sUae Diain'd ani .
" i ; Ulu'by half-hoop RiDp, E00
S8 1 Diaia'd SingleRtone iar '
' : Knobs, ! -'f ' 803
- 87 1 pkir'Diam'd Clnster Stud ... ,C0O
'- 88. .1 DUiad singleto&e Iilng,-
" ' -'. -star settiaf ;. " - '. . L0O-
- .W - 1 Diaw'd single stone Tin, r. ..'500
j 40 1 Diam'd Clutter Bracblet,... tCO
ite W 10 Awards 10-40 GovcrAsn't.?.-. ; :;r I
Bccda, each 100
61 1 Lady's Diam'd set Watch
62 1 Diam'd singlelstone Ring
! 63 1 Diara'd and Opal Cluster
64 1 Diam'd single stone Ring
65 1 Pair Emerald Scarf Pins,
60 1 Diam'd single stone Ring
57 ,'1 Diam'd Cluster pia, ':-
63 1 1 .Caraeo and Pearl Broocb
j an J EarHings." "
63 to 153 100 Awards 10-40 Gov'nk
Bonds, each i
15 to 253 100 Awards Oorernment
5 !
' 100
Lepaf Tenders'; each
f,T 8,000 Awards Government
r '. Bonds, each
The d'utribution of tbe above
will be made in public just as soon aa the
subscription is full, of which due notice will
be given through the papers. On and after
May 6th. the diamonds will be on exhibition
at the oCSca ot the Association-. , The public
caa confidently rely , on. Averytbing being
conducted in the most boDOTible tnanner
Alt the awards will be handed to certificate
holders, immediately after the distribution
free of all coat, at the -office of the Company,
No. 1123 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. J
v "We hereby. certify that we have examined
the DiamondG'Ksdd.. rearls, .Jiaeraldfl, Eii
bies, and other precious Stones, ar described
in the above list, and find them all genuine.
VHENLE & BRO'S, Diamoud Importers,
'24 MaVlen Lane; New York, i ! i
i J". HERMANN, Diamond Setter,
i ) 894 Broome Street, New York
! i -
' "BofAcsjcan be badcnntaiQinj;TR'enty'Cer
ti5cate. Gn hundred Ddlart. laAli ordfrs
for Certificates must be addressed to' ?
r J. D. HOFFMAN, Secretary, 5
n ' Box 1481, Post OCice, Phibx"
May 16. 18C7:-6t.- QQft
; iiAnTrosD"
LiSlflEK pSMMCI mm.
v r 'CASH ciplTAL 1500,000.' 1
prepared to insure LIVE
oth Death and
"We are now
oiuufv against totn lJeatn ana Then, in
this live and reliable Company. Owners of
stock have npw the 'epportnntry.- by Insur
ing with this Company, of obtaining eecurir
ty and remuneration for'the loss of their an
imals in case of death or theft. J '
ManttfacturerB, Farmersi Teainsters. -T2x-prespmen,
" Phjsicians," and in fact" all who
are to any extent dependant upon the servi
ces of their horses in their daily vocstions,
should, insure in ..this Company, and thus
derive a protection against the loss of the:r
animals, which are in many cares the sole
means of support to their owners.
Farmers and others owning cattle should
avail tbemselve3 of this means of saving the
value of their stock, and secure an equiva
lent for the loss which would otherwise fall
heavily1 upon them in being deprived, of
their; Cattle, by insuring in this, the
By insuring in this Company 2'ou ex
change a certainty, for an uncertainty. No
man can telljwhether his imimala maynot
be' stolen or die through, some unforsetii
calamity. ' ';
Ogf Competent Agents tcanled, to tchom u
liberal compensation teUL be paid. Apply to
, v KERR &' CO.; General Agents,
April 4, 18671y. Altoona. Pa.
&5- Col. WM. K. PIPER, Ebensburg, hEs
been appointed, local agent for-the Hartford
Live Stock Insurance Company.
H CAMRRTA COnNTY. lCntio ia berebv
giyea that the following appraisements of
certain perconal properties of decedents, se
lected and set apart for the widows of intes
tates, under Act of Assembly of the 14th'of
April, 185lhave been fded in the Registejr'a
office at Ebensburg and will be presented
to the Orphans? Court for approval, on Wed
nesday .the 6th day of June next, to wit
Appraisement of certain personal proper
ty of Thomas Rogers, late of Conemaugh
towDship, dee'd, set apart for the widow of
Safd decedent. : I 'i
. Appraisement of certain personal proper
ty of Andrew M'Grain; lata of Clearfield tp.,
deceased. jset apart, foti the iWiJp of said
decedent. ;
Appraisement of the personal property cf
Francis M'Connell, late of Clearfield town
ship, dee'd, set apart tor tbe widow cf said
decedent. "
! Appraisement of certain personal proper
ty of Jocob Burkey, late of Croyle township,
deceased, set apart? fr the widow of said
decedent.! JAI"3 CIFflN, Clerk.
nno,wiio3i it iixy coxcerit
All persons knowing themselves ic
debted to the undersigned on book account,
or by cotes now due, are requested to cal
and settle the same either by paying the
cash (which, of course, would be preferred)
or giving or renewing their notes, on or be
fore the 1st day of July sext.'as after that
data all acccsnts rer.:rJci".g unsettled will be
left in'the'hands cf a "proper xScer for col-'
lection, j A. SAUPP.
SIT. Auguatlne, May 2. l887.-2m. .
BT' J0H2J Saxk. ' -'J -'J 1
There's a game macbj'fai fashion, T' tlilnk it's
t. -. called Euchre," ' ' ' v ''. '- " .
(Tho I never have played it for plearars cr
' - J lucre,) :- j : ' - j
In which, when the cards are In certa'ni po
eitioas, " i''Z j
The players appear to have ciangedV their
conditions, ''V':!' ''.'. "
And ons of theni cries, Id a confident tone, '
'l think I may venture to "go it alone V" I
'tis a whim of
1 .:
"While watching the
, ! the Dara's,:: : ' i
A moral to draw from, the skirmish cf cards,
And to fancy he finds bi the trivial strife i
Some excellent hints for. th battle of life s
: Where whether the prize, be a ribboa or
throne .T.'r - ' '
The winner is he ,wh.o can ' go it alone! V
"YTieuThegfeal Galileo' proclaimed' that the
In a regular orbit, -was ceaselessly
Afad got not a convertfor all of his pains,
But only derision, and prison; and chains,
It moves, or aZZ Vtall" was his answering:
Uone,--' " ';; '
For he knew, like te earth, he could "go it
alone!" 'i " ' . ...
When Kepler, with, intellect piercing afar
Discovered the laws of each plane t and star,
And doctors who ought to have landed his
name Kr--H
Derided his learnjcg and blackened his farna,
I can wait,'f ha repfod, "till the. truth, you
can' own'. ? , .. '
For he felt in his heart he could "go It alone! f
Alas for the player who idly depends"5 ' ;,
In the struggle. of life opon kindred or friends;
Whatever the value of blessings like these.
They can never atone for inglorious ease, ;
Ner comfort the coward, who finds .with a
groan, t ' ' ;
That his crutches Lave left him to "go it
alone!" - -
There's something no doubt In the hand you.
may hold -( r f t- . . '
Health, family $ culture, wit, beauty and gold;
The fortunate owner may fairly regard
As eachtf in its way, a most excellent card.
Yet the game intty be lost, with all these for
, - juur own,..;"",-;. . , .-,
Unless you've the courage to "go it alone !'
In battle, or business, :whatever the game :
In law or in love, It' is ever the same ;
Iu the struggle for power, or the scramble
for pelf, : : . ? .".
Let this'be your motto. ''Rely on yourself 1"
For whether the prize be a ribbon or throne,
The winner is he who can "go it alone I"
BY D. A. ivKaisr.
at I
ocbtK i'E
rra liovvu
just received and for sale low for eash
ff.jb.23. 1 GEO. HUNTLEY 3.
M-9 Vonr roods br cash at
Feb. 28. GEO. HUNTLEY'S.
I have read, witty Saxe. yonr last Terseson
h uchre
a ; game I nave played, - tnov never. lor
lucre) -. . . .
And if you but knew it as well as I know it
You would find, oh most genial and excel
' '"' lent poet,.. " .. , , , . . , -1
It leaches a lesson more useful than one,' "
To be gleaned from the sentence, "I'll play
; 'Rf albnel-;; AAA At AM lAAt
Self-reliance, we know, la an excellent" trait :
The advance guard of science who patiently
- '..wait .' . . ' ' ',". ;;
Until timev has developed the' truths they
';.. proclaim,.;;.. AA:,:. -,
Deserve a high place on the records of fame,'
And often in life," as in Euchre, I own: : j
Yrou make a big march when you "play it
: -1 alonel"-; -'' i .i--v--.t -. -;
Bat to go it alone, you'no doubt understand,
You "must bold the big knaxes of the pack in
. .. ; your hand;. . . ., J. r ' , ' , .. .', -J
And too often in life In a similar fix,; . .
You depend on such cards to secure von- "the
1 tricks" '; y .. . . . .
So that something .too much of the knave
T r'.V may be shown . . , -.
In' the selfish desire to ."go it alone
But the game you describe as a 'trivial
: Strife" r .:..;':..', -i'. . '.' i . .' J . . .. - i
Has a moral to point for tbe battle of life;
It is this--when .the cards are dealt round
' 'J on the stand, i ' . ' . !
And each player looks anxiously into Lis hand
How: bravely your partner ill lnck can resist
If cheered by the sound of your Toice,
i U I assist!" - x " 1
What's the worth of thia world if designing
---," ' and cold, ' . ,
You selfishly eek all the "honors, to Bold,
Repelling your neighbor with glances of stone
And. the words harsLly spoken, "I'll play it
No. no, higherup on hnroanity's list .(
Is he .who caa "cheerfully say "I'll assist V
Theri. irUldve, O rashipoet ! if she whose
bright yes . SCI -;t 1.1 ,.Yi rjv-.sfe'
Are gazing in 3'ours with tender Enrrrise,
Should 'apply to your own:- case the moral
; v- - . you ve fbown !: '
And quietly tell you to "play it alone !" ;
With what passionate ardor these lips would
: -be kissed AA tw'ords,'"!!! assist!"
Till tbey ' murmured once more 'the soft
Then fcb'oHa the pack ! t Cut the cards once
i' fgain ! - .;-. ,' 1 .
And let a new mcral awaken, your strain-
Go teach to the n-orld that the battle cf Ufa
May be 11: ttei to all who take part in tbe
' 7";; 6fr'ifvV';''-'.'.; , ;.?)-;"
If'tlia.f.-erov.s li-s-a .hca-iaugbt'bi not
-'mibfiid,' "' '' 7 ' w .- (assist fw
And each rjta to bis neighbor will say "ItL
. a r-TrV""T ri r,-?TT'T T fITT
I looked at try cfeihbor with considers
13 curiosity- - Kis face indicated : &, s'tnkn
cf not oyer thirty years-r-a pGriodTat which
r . a are still young, but his Lair- Tr&s .as
i,.hito p.s frch fill?n snow, .. Oao seldota
tecs even ca,tt-3 lieadi I La oldest taen,
hair of ; 8uch".itaci?.culatp Vrbitcne'Vlle
sat by my - side in; a car of : the Csreat
Western Railroad, ' in Canada, tmd wa
looking out at the i-' window.? Suddenly
tamic his head he caught taa ia the1 act
cf staring at him --a rudeness cf which'I
was ashamed. I was aboutto say sotea
words of 'apology' when:' he : quietly j
marked: ; , ,.v. V, A? f
VDon't mention it, eirr, I'm used tojt"
.The frankness of this observation pleas
ed mei and in a, Tery little while we were
conversing on terms of familiar acquaint-
ancesaip, and oetore long ne iiaa toia
' I was a soldier in the army of India :
eatii he, 'and as is often the" case )with
'soldiers I was a little; too fond , -of good:
liquor. One' day I got ; drunk , and was
shut up in the black hole for it. I slump-!
ed down upon lh floors of the dungeon
and was just dropping efF to sleep, when II
felt a cold,- slimy, shape era wU"ng across
my right hand as it lay stretched out
above my head on the ' flbof. " I Ttnew at
once what it wasf-a snake! Of Wurse
my first "impulse was to draw 1 away my
bandy but knowing If I did so the poison
ous reptile Woul4 probably, strike its fangs
into mo,M lay. still wilh my heart beating
in: my, breast like a trip hammer . Of j
course my fright sobered me instantly. ' 1 1
realized all my peril in "its 'fullest "extent.1, j
O, how I lamented the hour that I had
touched liquor 1 , In every glass," of liquor
they "say there is .'a serpent ; but it' does ;
not come" .te everybody in the ; shape it
cams to me ; With a j slow,' undulating
motion the reptile dragged its carcass- j
acrpes my face, inch by inch, : and crept
dawn over my breast,' ana thrust its head
inside my jacket " As I felt the hideous
scraping, of the Elimy body, oyer my "cheeks'
it was only by . the , most tremendous . et-5
lort that, I succeeded in restraining my
self from yelling loudly with mingled
terror and disgust. 'At last I felt the tail
wriggling j down Lio wards 1 my chin; but
imagine what I felt at heart, if you can
imagine it, as I realized that the dreadful
creature bad coded itselt op under my .
jacket as I lay, and had, seemingly gone
to sleep, for it was still as death. Jbvi-
dcntly .it had no idea that I was a human
creature;, if it had it, would not .have
acted in v this manner..-: ;All snakes- are
cowardly, and they will not approach a
man unless to: strike him in self defense.
Three boors ". I lay with that dreadful
.weight on my bosom,'-' and each ; minute
was like an hour to me --hke a year I L
'eeemed: to" have 'lived a lifetime; inVthat
brief space Every incident. of my 'Iife
passed across my mind 'In rapid succes
sions as they say .is the case with drown
ing men. Al thought of my mother, away
in old England ; my happy home by the
borders of the Avon ; my J'Jary, the girl
I; loved, and: never, expected, to see them
more. For no matter how . long 1 1 . bore
this, I felt that it would end in death -at
last.- I lay as rigid as a corpse, scarcely
daring even to breathe, . and all the time
my breast was growing colder and .'colder
where the snake lay against it, with noth
ing but aTjbin cottpn shirt between my
skin and its. I knew if . I stirred it would
strike ; but. I felt I- could not bear . this
much longer- . , Even if J. succeeded in ly
ing still until the: guard .came, I expected
that his opening the. door and coming in
would be my death warrant' all the same j
for no doubt the reptile would, sea that-1
was a man, as soon c.3 the light shduli be
let in at the door.. -; At last I heard fact
steps approaching.-- There Was; a 'rattling
in the lock. " It7" was -tho guard: ,11 e
opened the door, ,Th3 snake -a . corlra
di capdlo I now eaw--darted up Its huggi
hooded; head,, with the , hideous rins
around its eves, as about to strike. 1 shut
my eyes, and murmured & short prayer
Thca it glided away. with", a .swift motion,:
and disappeared in the darkness. I stag
gered to: my f set, and ' fell swooning into
the arms of tho guard. ' For weeks , aflerF
I wasery'skk ;;.and when 1 was able ta
be about," T found that my hair was, white
asi you see,'iU.,MV.have'; never, touched, a
drop offliquor Elnce.',----rm,' Wirt Sites.
TLa Cleveland Iterate xsakestLe Al
lowing ' Sensible' remarks ia relation ' to
local newspapers -r'It matters not Low
rsany'newepapers & man takes, his list is
cot complete I withont i his home paper.
Every citizen-, who: wishes- well -for Lis
locality, should give a generous support to
his home paper. If that paper is not juet
such as r he would wish, -he should feel
that himself and neighbors are responsible,
in. a measure?"for its short comings. ( Give
a paper a riberal Support, aa active sympathy,-
and it will instantly respond to
such manifestations.' - Let an editor feel
that his efforts are appreciated,; and he
is the most responsive bing eri earth ; Lis
paper being a part cf himelii he is as sen
sitive tpt praise of . censure aa a doting
father. . , Nothing csn supply, the place of
the home paper, , It is the mirror in which
the town and neigh borheod , news is re
flected;, in the social, political and religi-
ous circle weie pnniea, it niis a, piace
that no other paper 'Can,'' Wiien'.a need
of economy ; compels 1 the ' curtailment', cf
yoernewspaper lisf, strike off every "other
one before' yon Say to the "publisher' of
your home journal : "Stop my paperl"
The man -who does cot.; read the adfer
tisements in his homet paper, c4'a never be
said to be .well . posted. ,s The; ady?rtise
ments indicate not only the-business en
terprise of the place in which, they are
published, but .the enterprise of the adver
tiser!" When you see a man who 'adverr
tises liberally j yda ;may be certain of
SSnding a good stock of goods in his slore
tharbe keeps op with the market, - and
sells cheaper than those who do not ad
vertise. If . you;! want ; goodi bargains,
always patronize those :who avail them
selves of the advantages afforded ; through
the advertising columns of,: the home
psper." . ?j , : 'r . . .: A'
. ;Thrb Is'ia'.dog in Edlcburg which fur
eight .and a half-years 'has kept nightly,
watch over the grave of Lis master la the
Old Grey'frinfs'. churchyard,t AU ervdaav
ors to "induce him tov' relinquish hia vigils
have been uoavailing, even ia the most
inclement' Weather7 IIo rfcams: ahoufty
day and is fed by thb pedpld rwh'6'have
become interested in hi3 remarkabla fidelity-
' .
A man who lives in one of the rural coun
ties of Ohio drew tbe: priia of t20j000
acres of land in Pike County Kehtncky,"
in tbe recent gift enterprise scheme in that
vicinity,' He called upon the managers
of (be. enterprise and told them ' he didn't
want the land, and they, might keep it by
giving bim .2,0Q0. . - They declined the
'offer, , generous as it was, and then' ha $15,000, and. finally, to $10,
000, declaring that he "aoped never, to
see hia wife and children if he would take
a cent less.' ; tThe gift men didn't; want
the land. : It was" worth double the price
he offered to take for if, of course,; but
theyihad other uses for the -: money and
couldn't invest. He took the deed for
the dahdwbuld gladly have taken the
will for the deed,; that is, if they willed
to give him the money and went to Pike
county to view bis possessions.- ..lie found
twenty thousand acres, of barren rock and
mountain, that would hardly afford, sub
eistance for a. rattlesnake. ' He couldn't
find a level spot Tbf ground lha,t afforded
sufficient space for the ' most economical
garden patch, but he could instead -'
I j. - . ;'See rudely. swell ., ,,. , . .,.
! Crag o'er crag, and fell ber fell." "
And nothing else. - Ie wended his way
back again the way from c Pike"--and
offered to let the gift managers have
tbe land for 800 hoped to die if he'd
fall another cent. They declined the of
fer, singular aa it may appear, but finally
agreed to take it oST his hands and pay
him $500.' ' This he indignantly refused,
and io he siiU retiains one' of the great
land monopolists'" of the day, the owner
of sin exceedingly picturesque and undu
lating farm of twenty thousand acres.
Turf Fktdtnd''IfcrnL.;.Ax V.-'i
t About (wenty mile from Carson City,
Nevada,- are some mineral; springs called
Steamboat Springs, ' from the noise ' they
make, which sounds like several steamers
discharging - steam. These springs cover
an area of about three hcres. The water
ia boiling hot, and the escaping steam caa
be seen tor several miles, keiora sunrise,
and the atmorphere iq the vicisityia filled
with the smell of sulphur. '.There are
crevices in tbe rocks where the water can
be Eeea boiling at a depth ef thirty ."feet.
Theire is also a epricg which ia. called
Breathins: Spring. v It . is, shaped much
like' a well- The ..water recedes .to the
depth ,of tsn or, twelve feet remains for
five minutes, and then commences to boil.
arid rises till it shoots' into the air "about.
tea" feet," and ia tea minutes' it begins to
.1 ' ? . !. .'1
- ' 1 . t. . - .
ct f-.mrr..' "Thsv bars
& curicua rz,y cf CJA f:
3 c ra
taeir tatssrs lss.zsa to Lis fcca-ia-uw tLree
acres cf land, to he tUhtsd' with ccro and
to ,ta cultivated by ta- halves.
Ia tl
3 I ia- i:
I" thr.frs.3 t!:3
ever wcrieJ ca t i- v:.ut
be, I worked hard, all .s'umrher end st
harvest time, when jfe' cace to tlivids fth3
crop,. Icot only Lad no corn left -far, my
self, but I had to go fcnd buy five bushels
ci aneisa corn io,m&&e cut my tatser-in-
lawa bASA:- AfifA;v lA A A
- Here" is RnotW caaPiUustratin? th
workings of. this ''pecuirarrmstutiaaM of
doing things ca shares Farmer X
happened to'havaTaore pigs than'Le could
keep, while his neighborrB' fcad
more milk than he could dlpssa c -day,
A brought - two" pigs - over and
deposited them .in B-- -'s pen, eayic
that he wished B to keep them oai
shares and that he might heep theni to
months and have one of them as bis share,
H - replied that, as Le bad .plenty .'cf
feed, he would keep them four, months
and have them both, as,'' of; course' '. hat
would amotiht to the samVihing! - A
---- left, saying that he supposed it: wai
alt right ;; bat guessed he wouldn't bfic
an-o'qre.v,r i ' --'Xr i
In a certain school ia Springfield, Mass.!
the lady teacher," a fa w days since; bad oc
casion to punish one of the littla bbys"'.for
using profane language. ' ' Thers bsin a
knot hole in lha floor, she conceived lEV
idea to make, him 'think ha had got t o
stand near by with a -pair of tcbgsand'
watch until ha caught a r rat that should
come . p , from Jbelow. , Stationing hinv
she gave him strict .injunctions to remain,
until he accomplished the feat, calculating
of course, after he had stood there a couple
of hours, to send him to his seat . Judged
cf her surprise" when; two minutes afler
he fastened the tongs to a genuine live
fallow -of -the ;rat:i kind 'with enormous
whiskers and tail, and holding him up,'
exclaimed,vBy;G d I've caug'Ht himl"-
V Tub MEiioRT Of . AIotuce. When.
temptations assail, and when you are al
most persuaded to do wronsr. how often a'
dear mother's word, of warning will call1
to mma vows that are rarely broken 1
Yes, the" memory of a "mother has saved
many a poor wretch from from? astrav. 5
Tall grass may be growing over, the haI-.:
lowed spot where her earthly remains .
repose : the dvmrr leaves of autumn ma -
be whirled over them, or tbe white mantle
ot winter mayxoyer them from sight ; yet
ner spirit appears when he walks in the
right path, and gently, softly; mournfully
calls for him when wandering off into tbe
ways 01 error. .., :-; ti , ; ; -; ?
Save Yo'cs Old Beead. Everv housa-"
keeperperhaps. does not know tb&t ri.'
ces of old bread, crumbs, &'c,, cn' being"
soaaea ana mixed up with dough in ma-"
king new bread, improves it very' much. '
We would advise all house-keeoers: who
read this recipe to try it and our; word for"
it, they will never allow a piece of dry ;
Dreaa to oe lost atterwards, especially ia
these hih prices, when flour is from er- .
enteen to eighteen dollars per barreL ? Let ..
economy te the watchword. , ... rT, .
Sons cf our fiiends who dellcht ia '
flowers, ought to try an experiment rec-1
emmecded by one . of our exchanges. - If
successful, the result will be a gralifying"'
one. . it says;. Jiny, lady who cultivates
arose ia her aDartments will find that fcV
. '
planting an onion in the same pot, the fxa- I
1 - F . t "ti . . . .
grsnce vi iu rosa win increase a liuncre J ;
per cent. 'Why this is so is mora than we
can sajA'A "A : A A' '".' ,. '
Is Profarsor Phslrs bock, entitled ThaT
Still Hour, occurs tbe fjllowirg scntencs:
rFhe Etillr:es3 of the hour 13 the ttilloess-i
of a dead clan -at iea.',-: The printer, aud .
cot ' l!V author, was responsible for the'
substitution cf "clam." for calra... . . . A
Ves you're' a married man, Sammy,
you'll understand & great many things as
you don't understand tow; but vether it's
vortli Vila to c iirotsga so mscn to ieara
so little.' as the charity bbr:aid when -ta
got to tl.2 cad of the alphabet, Is'a mait
of tasta. "
I ' How, like thz shadow epea' iba 'dl&l. i
thought is ever returning1 to tho plaea'cf 1
begisning where 'we first bejea to livt, '
where we first began to love ; to the hems- '
stead audi tho trysting place,' the. pbyl
ground an3 . tho graveyard. t,v,' .f.,.
i : A DkcsKEK fellow, sitting n'tha.ttep't
cf ;a church in-'Bostoa,' the cold 'winds'!'
blowing chillicgly retmd'the corner i ; If '
Heaven (Lie) terspers ths wiiid to tha (his)
shorn htsb, I wish the lamb (hk) wcn'
this corner.'.! ,; .. - ;"
-T11 3" spring ' faslnon, fecctiosly." re-7
narks the the Krie OUnyer for l'27i"ftr
very, attractive particularly the ctaitk-ns. .
Ths Ra-lical party U like thaTsrn-,!- icn-'I.
net "growing-stn'atl by degrees arid beau
tifully I2.J."
j assembl
y eveiil
: which t
f Jiavo
- iSsed : of
. pectator:
; cage cc
, "C3 .were
a 1 . . . iv
xhibit hi
a. Tlie
i and ac
i of theis
j f the lion
i tractable
full conf
? ?m, cntes
v ;egan to
' k All
!kt lenga
ctionr r.
1 I a whir
.'spring n
t:er withl
. vould a
bis back
7111 of hot
' se of. sp
j ted; mm
I itenanccs
I I others n
Vainly h
I lion tan
i" ly awai
x!y awj
j for. tlie
f i paws i
f ,:n and
I -:e terrib
f ferocio
53 was 1
f most of
I ?one of"
ppened f
an 1
ast the 1!
; "rinimpl
-: iined his
I pants of
led blov
. suprems
1 ig of be
'It wouh
I such a:
I be dis
.. dangen
,Ie, but i
jiterial l
i Injured,
lesh in
;. liing the
:i nlmos
. jl the ol
: I Lfickil
; lonesscs
' ad only
ipellod t!
, ith thoi
; 4 feeding
iding tl:
-, turn.
; not till
be pcri
Oi Wiite
f contc:
aAer lc:
' I to tho
now lie
f is undo
has ret
i 3 to rc
; 'y sou!
: ocntcr
? dread
io clav
mal is
; and !
una h:
H celeb:
'aria, b
, usual s
' f delina.
, fdotal 1
' -o hat;
;! odiate!
I 'te, an
I l :not?i
'- rasa '
J Io cure
' 1; f.ock
1 1 .TOW 3
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7 if 17t
A v-l . :':
1 1 .H.