Cameron County press. (Emporium, Cameron County, Pa.) 1866-1922, October 27, 1898, Image 8

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    ♦ 3oc&acs3ocs
112 8. L BI S I GOODS 11 112
W &
ft. Pari of our Fall Goods are here and more are on the >Y
U way. Come and see is the cordial invitation we extend to all.
The goods are new and the prices are right. *
<M, A large assortment of jgj
& bbs.« sCW a
Men's, Women's n Table Cloths,
aud Childrens' '• > \MMWyjs ? r-" Sheetings, M
« Underwear, Cy"; Jnljr.vjv* Blankets and v
JvL Art Linens, -« 1 12"*'-i. sfci? * Bed Comfortables, r u
<9> Traced Corsets, <yi
CentrePieces, Pi '. r M Corset Covers, .
I ~ $,
* Offerings for CASH Only. .$,
w W
u Ladies, set, white wool vests and pants, usually sold at q
*v,' £i.oo, for 6o cents. w
$ Ladies' set, white wool vests and pants, usually sold at M
.¥' si-2.5, for 75 cents.
W Ladies' set, white wool vests and pants, usually sold at W
;V;' st-s°> forgo cents.
U Childrens' white wool vests and pants, usually sold at 0
jQI 65c, for 45 cents.
Childrens' white wool vests and pants, usually sold at yf
p 75c, for 50 cents. Q
Childrens' white wool vests and pants, usually sold at
pj 85c, for 60 cents. ft
Childrens' white wool vests and pants, usually sold at ;<£
j#f $1.15, for 70 cents. >
■£}. Childrens' white wool vests and pants, usually sold at M
U 50c, for 35 cents. Lf
Childrens' white wool vests and pants, usually sold at Q
rf 45 c > f° r 3° cents. 7f
?■ Infants' pants and vests usually sold at 45c, for 30c. \ ft
These are short sleeves. I
& Ladies' white Merino vests, sold at 65c for 45 cents. $0
£ These are all perfect goods. Come early. #
| D. E. OLMSTED, ;
A <•
rNear Odd Fellows Hall, Last Fourth St. ,J
# ,'v
♦ 3*3&3C&3oC&'joG&3^
rj ffEsNhN 1 Our line at Groceries is complete.
fm TEA Our aim is to purchase nothing but the
|f| I best and keep our stock fresh. Come and
H • cxaininc oursoods
m\ Our shoes are from the AJ^N
{fry best manufactures in the rfn
'W country. They comprise M
■| all the latest styles and / f^W> h.\
S colors in footwear. /US\ 1 A
1 \lf |
ill 1,5 Our lines ot linens and /, i /";1I '■ M
B Dom&st/CiS. J^ dosneslic ! :ire carcful , l - v 'Hf
r* selected from large stocks -U|l
'H S and are the best goods for jy*
W liU the money obtainable. If in need of such -M
P|) v- goods give us a trial.
fS'v 'W&m Our notion department %\
Wl •'•'■ r -■' J J s 111 ade up of only reliable XN^jjO/Vy\
f-'f . E—^WSiiWJ tgoods at medium prices. ') MA
J, Lxainine and let us name you prices. R
I Our stock of Fall and H
m Winter Clothing has ar- lm
■f\ r' rived. 111 it you will find M
>M ifv- /' j'ii a H the latest cloths. Call ''
Mi HfOjnfe 11 and examine before line is A (jMI
i'imf" roke - I
®J I 111
I L 5 LI I
We have shirts and lots of them at r~~'\ |IM
M ■ 0
! all prices. Let us show them to you and K
name our prices.
If you want to save money, give us a call.
;j We defy competition. All goods guarau- \ ff|
1 ItDl SlI.
Owing to the very liberal patrouage I have had
from our people and in view of the hard
times I will until MAY Ist,reduce the price of
Physicians Prescriptions as follows, viz :
All I 02. mixtures, regular price, 20 to 15
All 2 oz. mixtures, reyuiar price, 25 to 19
All 3 oz. mixtures, regular price, 35 to 25
All 4 oz. mixtures, regular price, 45 to 30
All 6 oz. mixtures, regular price, 65 to 50
All 8 oz. mixtures, regular price. 85 to 65
And a corresponding reduction on
all packages of Powders, Pills, Oint
ments Also liberal discount on all
Patent Medicines, Baby Foods, Per
fumes, Toilet and Fancy Articles and
extra liberal discount on Fountain
Syringes, Hot Water Bottles, Atomi
zers and Nursing Bottles.
I will guarantee my goods to be
strictly fresh and equal to any goods
in the market.
Thirty years experience in the town
of Emporium is sufficient evidence of
competency. If you wish to avail
yourself of the liberal offer, leave
your Physician's Prescriptions and
drug trade in general at the OLD RE
Election Proclamation.
\V7*HEREAS, by nn Act of the General As
\ \ sembly of the Commonwealth of Penn-
I sylvania, entitled "An act to amend an Act to
regulate the nomination and election of public
officers, requirin certaing expenses incident
thereto, to he paid by the several counties and
punishing certain offences in regard to such elec
tions" approved the 20th day of June, 1895,
it is made the dutv of the Sheriff of every
county to give notice of every general elec
tion to be held therein, and in such notice to
enumerate the officers to be elected, to give a list
of all the nominations to he voted for in said
county and to designate the places at which the
election is to be held.
Therefore I. FRANK MUNDY, High Sheriff of
Cameron county, do hereby make known and
proclaim to the qualified electors of Cameron
county that a general election will lie held on
A. 1). IH9B, (being the Tuesday next following the
first Monday) in the several districts of said
county, as follows:
The place for holding the election for the
Township of Shippen shall be at the building of
the late J. S. Wiley, east of Portage wagon
bridge in said Township.
For the West Ward of the borough of Empori
um, at the Rink in said Ward.
For the Middle Ward of the Borough of Empo
rium, at the City Hall in said Ward.
For the East Ward of the borough of Empori
um, at the Hose House in said Ward.
For the Township of Portage, at the Hath
House building on the premises of E. 1). Sizer.
For the Township of Lumber at the Alpine
For the Township of Gibson at the house of
Julia Dent.
For the borough of Driftwood, at Commercial
For the Township of Grove at the Hotel of
Joe. M. Shaffer.
At which time and place the qualified electors
will vote by ballot for the following officers to be
elected, namely:
One person for Governor.
One person for Lieutenant Governor.
Om» person for Secretary of Internal Affairs.
Two persons for Judges of the Superior Court.
Two persons for Representative-at-Large in
One person for Representative in Congress.
One person for Judge of the Court of Common
One person forSenator in the General Assembly.
One person for Representative in the Gcneriil
One person for Associate Judge of the Court of
Common Pleas.
One person for County Treasurer.
The following being a list of all the nomina
tions made to be voted for in the said county of
Governor—William A. Stone.
Lieutenant Governor—John P. S. Gobin.
Secretary of Internal Affairs-.James W. Latta.
Judge of Superior Court—William W. Porter,
William D. Porter.
Representative-at-Large in Congress—Galusha
A. Grow. Samuel A. Davenport.
Representative in Congress—Charles Warren
Senator in the General Assembly—Jeremiah
Z. Brown.
Representative in the General Assemblv—
Heniy H. Mullin.
Judge of the Court of Common Pleas—Charles
A. Mayer.
Associate Judge of the Court of Common Pleas
—John McDonald.
County Treasurer—Charles M. Thomas.
Governor (Jeorge A. Jenks.
Lieutenant Governor—William 11. Sowden.
Secretary of Internal Affairs Patrick DeLncy.
Judge of Superior Court—William Trickett,
Calvin M. Bower.
Representative-at-Large in Congress—Frank
P. lams, Jerry N. Weiler.
Representative-in-Congress- Joseph ('. Sibley.
Senator in the General Assemblv—Alfred M.
M. Neely.
Representative in the General Assembly—
Sylvester S. Smith.
Judge of the Court of Common Pleas—Charles
A. Mayer.
Associate Judge of the Court of Common Pleas
J. Campbell Floyd.
County Treasurer—Charles W. Shaffer.
Governor—Silas C. Swallow.
Lieutenant Governor—Emmet D. Nichols.
Secretary of Internal Affairs—Sterling W.
Judge of Superior Court—Lewis 1). Vail,
William Trickett.
Representative-at-Large in Congress- George
11. Garber, Pen nock E. Sharpies*.
Representat ivein < Jongress--William W.Hague
Governor—Silas C. Swallow.
Lieutenant Governor-Justus Watkins.
Secretary of Internal Affairs—David Logan.
Judge of the Superior Court—William
I Trickett, J. Newton Huston.
Representative-at-Large in Congress—Dennis
E. Johnson, Jerry M. Weiler.
Governor—J. Mali lon Barnes.
Lieutenant Governor- W. H.Thomas.
Secretary of Internal Affairs—Henry Peters.
Representative-at-Large in Congress—John
R. Root, Donald L. Monro.
Governor—Silas C. Swallow,
Lieutenant Governor—Justus Watkins.
Secretary of Internal Affairs—Adolphus P.
Judge of the Superior Court—J. Newton !
Huston, William Trickett.
Representative at-Large in Congress—J. Acker !
Guss, Charles P. Shaw.
LvrmwwMiTgratn r.zMsssaußw/jrw arao vi,
Governor—Silas C. Swallow.
Notice is hereby given that every person, ex
cepting Justices of the Peace, who shall hold any
office or appointment of profit or trust tinder the |
government of the I'nitcd States or of this State !
or of any city or incorporated district, whether a i
cor. missioned officer or otherwise a subordinate |
officer or agent, who is or thull be employed '
under the legislative, oxccutive or judiciary Vie- j
partment of this state, or of the United States, or
of the United States, orofany city or incorporated !
district, and also that every Member of Congress i
and of the State Legislature and of the Select or :
Common Council of any city, or Commission* r of i
any incojporated district, is b.v law incapable of 1
holding or exercising at the same time the office
or appointment of Judge, Inspector or Clerk of |
any election ot this Commonwealth and that no j
Inspector, Judge or other officer of any such '
election shall be eligible to any office to be then
voted for except that of an election officer.
SherifFs Office, )
Emporium, Pa., Oct. 25 1898. J
Old fashions in dress may be revived,
i but no old-fashioned medicine can re
place Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and
i Diarrhoea Remedy. For sale by L.
; Taggart. Oct.
Nebraska,a corn crop is worth .'i7,-
000,000 gold dollars, and the men that
j own it do not want to sell it 011 a silver
| basis. That is why Populism is euffer
-1 ing from frost in Nebraska,
j Overcome evil with good. Overcome
I your coughs and colds with One Min
| ute Cough Cure. It is so good children
I cry for it. It cures croup, bronchitis,
1 pneumonia, grippe and all throat and
luug diseases. R. C. Dodson. 451y
! The protocol forbids Dewey to add
j to the United States navy by capturing
j Spanish vessels, but the insurgent
1 ships that continue to fight are prey
| for the American admiral.
Late to bed and early to rise, pre
| pares a man for his home in the skies.
1 But early to bed and a Little Early
j Riser, the pill that makes life longer
i and better and wiser. R. C. Dodson.
451 y
It is reported that the Dowager Em
| press of China has married Li Hung
| Chang, but it is only fair to add that no
I cards have yet reached this office. The
j report, therefore, cannot be confirmed.
Many a household is saddened by
| death because of the failure to keep on
j hand a safe and absolute certain cure
for croup such as One Minute Cough
Cure. See that your little ones are pro
! tected against emergency. R. C. Dod
! son. 451y
Admiral George Dewey has accepted
j the degree of Doctor of Laws from the
j Western University of Pennsylvania,
lin an appreciative letter. Still, it will
j seem strange to call him "Doctor
j Dewey."
Soothing, healing, cleansing, De
' Witt's Witch Hazel Salve is the im-
I placable enemy of sores, burns and
i wounds. It never fails to cure Piles,
i You may rely upon it. R. C. Dod
! son. 451y
October rains make the streets navi
! gable.
The sooner a cough or cold is cured
i without harm to thesufferer the better.
Lingering colds are dangerous,a Hack
ing cough is distressing- One minute
I Cough Cure quickly cures it. Why
j Miller when such a cough cure is with
; in reach? It is pleasant to the taste,
j R. C. Dodson. 451y
Spellbinders ax - e working under forc
| ed draught.
When you ask for De Witt's Witch
1 Hazel salve don't accept a counterfeit or
imitation. There are moro cases ef
Piles being cured by this, than all
others combined. R. C. Dodson. 451y
The weather man did his worst dur
ing the peace jubilee at Chicago.
A cough is not like a fever. It does
not have to run a certain course. Cure
it quickly and effectually with One
] Minute Cough Cure, the best remedy
| for all ages and for the most severe
; cases. We recommend it because it's
good. R. C. Dodson. 451y
David Bennet Hill has come off Wol-
I fert's Roost to try to defeat Roosevelt.
Constipation prevents the body from
j ridding itself of waste matter. De
j Witt's Little Early Risers will remove
the trouble and cure sick Headache,
; Biliousness, Inactive Liver and clear
the Complexion. Small, sugar coated,
don't gripe or cause nausea. R. C.
| Dodson. 451y
j Two Thanksgiving Days within four
i weeks will work havoc with the turkey
Answer to Correspondent,
j No; we never knew a case of Diph
i theria reported to health officers when
Armstrong's Diphtheria and Quinsy
Drops were used in time.
People who have business with the
Chinese government should "beware
of vidders."
How to Cure a Cold.
Simply take Otto's Cure. We know
of its astonishing cures and that it will
stop a cough quicker than any other
known remedy. If you have Asthma,
Bronchitis, Consurryjtion or any dis
ease of the throat and lungs, a few
doses ot this great remedy will surprise
you. If you wish to try, call at our
store and we will furnish you a simple
bottle. Large bottle 5Cc. and 25c. R.
C. Dodson. 33-141y
Hawaii will rejoice that Porto Rico
is in, but it will always remember that
it got in first.
Worth Knowing.
Thousands have found a friend in
Bacon's Celery King. If you have
never used this specific for the prevail-
I ing maladies: dyspepsia, liver com
| plaint, rheumatism, costiveness, nerv
ous exhaustion, nervous prostration,
sleeplessness, and all diseases arizing
from derangement of the stomach,
liver and kidneys, we will give you a
package of this nerve tonic free. Large
packages 50c. and 25c. R. C. Dodson.
j Business is increasing with America's
I new territories. Trade follows the flag,
j as advertised.
To Farmers.
I desire to inform the farmers ot this
and adjoining counties that I have
recently purchased a Fearless Thresh
er and Cleaner, and am prepared to
do any work in this line in first-class
manner and at reasonable rates. Hav
ing the best machinery I take pride in
giving my customers good clean work.
lam also making contracts to bale
hay, having purchased the Eli hay
press. Give me a call.
Emporium, Pa., Aug. 8, 1898.—24tf
Chicago is about to launch a fireboat, j
and the contention is made that this !
vessel could be appropriately christen- 1
ed with water.
How toProvent Croup.
We have two children who are sub- '
ject to attacks of croup. Whenever
an attack is coming on my wife gives '
them Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
and it always prevents the attack, ft
is a household necessity in this county
and no matter what else we run out of,
it would not do t" be without Cham
berlain's Cough liemady. More of it
is sold here than all other cough medi
cines combined. —J. M. Nicki.e, of
Nickle Bros., merchants, Nickleville, i
Pa. For sale by L. Taggart. Oct.
means pain, danger and [ \ its
possible death for some \ 1 J|
wives. For others it
means practically no /j/llmW V
discomfort at all. There WW
is no reason why child- If W
birth should be a period *
of pain and dread. Sev. It ia a
era! months before a liniment
woman becomes a to be ap
mother she should plied ex
prepare herself for ternally.
the critical ordeal. It relaxes
There is a prepara- the mu s
tion made which is cles and re
intended for tliis lieves the
purpose alone. distension.
The name of giveselastici
this wonderful ty to every
preparation is organ con-
II .1 , corned in
mflf Mfir Q childbirth, and
muiiiui o lakf<B away aII
friorlf! danger and
riEwilUi nearly all suffer
ing. Best results
«—follow if the
®S| remedy is used
during the whole
period of preg
nancy. It is the
Jr /c-n<?!\ . i only remedy of the
£siksgl rJ kind in the world
I leiaK* 1 tjl that is endorsed by
$1 per bottle at all
v \ drug stores, or sent
/ by mail on receipt
]? ltK E Books con-
Jj 1/ taining invaluable in
formation for all women,
j [ hVV will be sent to any ad
f 1/1 u 1 I )\\\ dress upon application to
'f/fl \\\ The Brtdfield Regulitor Co.,
'» 'J ' Atlanta, Ga.
| Get an *j;
An excopiloim! opportunity offered M
►.ii to young iiion and young women to *0
M prepare for teaching or for bus>intf:«- t r <
Bj Four regular courses; also special ?/.
10 work In Music, Shorthand, Type- M
fs writing. Strong teaching force, well M
M graded work, good discipline and fi
M hard study, Insure best results to
El students of M
[j Central Stats fj
P (formal ScbeoS 112
M LOCK HAVEN. Clinton Co.. PA. fc
& H'indaomo bulldlMtrs perfectly equipped, >.*
fc. steam heat, electric lights, iil'iuuiunce of i.»
H pure mountain water, extensive campus 112
Hand athletic grounds. Expanses low. Mtute [
M aid to students. Send for catalog. I
H JAMES ELDON, Ph.D., Principal. I
| Central State Normal School, \>
«to j?iris at womanhood, uidini; de
velopment of organs and body. No
known reinedy for women equals
JrfOTT CHEMICAL CO '''liwKidJo.*
For sale by r R C. Dodson.
for. Fenner's |
IRi nnn and LIVER Remedyand I
. BLOOD N erve TonicJl
, For Liver Complaint, Nervousness, Biliousness,
W Constipation, Blood and Skin Diseases,
No complaints are more common than the above. Any one of them
jj 112 may be the result or forerunner of the other. You feel dull and depres-
K Vsed, Your bowels move irregularly and you feel clumsy and sluggish
) jY jboth body and mind. May t* yon have treated with physicians or tried
I I / some recommended medicine, without benefit. That is no argument
* against this wonderful Remedy. This medicine is superior to other
preparations and prescriptions, because it is prepared by an eminent
physician, whose writings on medical questions are recognized authority.
If not satisfied after using one bottle your money will be refunded by
R. C. Dodson, Emporium, Pa.
Boots and Shoes
Moil's Nerverine Pills
! g^'Sdtto
: such as Nervous Prostration, Failing 01
, lost Manhood, Impotency, IMightly Fmk
! sions, Youthful Errors, Mental Worry, ex
i cessive use of Tobacco or Opium, whicfr
lead to Consumption and Insanity. $1.0(
I per box by mail; 6 boxes for $5.00.
MOTT'S CHEMICAL CO., Prop's, Cleveland, Ohio
I For sale by R. C. Dodson.
Meldrum &
Anderson Co.
The American Block.
KUKFAf.O, >3\ Y.
About Our Book
and Stationery Department.
We solicit mail orders i'or books and stationery.
We will gladly quote you our prices at any time
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Quo Vadis, the authorized and unabridged
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The Prince of the House of David, new edition,
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