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VOL. 33.
XWHEN you see this item mark- j
ed with an X, in blue or black j
pencil mark across its face you |
will know that your subscription i
is due, or past due. Your name will I
be found printed on each copy of the I
PRESS, as you receive it and gives the |
last date to which you have paid. Our j
terms are $2.00 if not paid in advance,
51.50 in advance. Many, very many, i
of our patrons allow their subscrip- |
tions to run year after year. This we |
are unable to stand. It requires i
money to purchase paper and pay em- j
ployes and we must insist upon the |
payment of subscriptions due us. We i
have been patient, but "patience has
ceased to be a virtue," and we now j
propose to weed out all those subscn- j
bers who show no disposition to pay
for their paper.
Business Cards.
Emporium, Pa.
A business relating to estate, collections,_ real
estates. Orphan's Court and general law business
will receive prompt attention. 42-ly.
Will give prompt attention to all business en
rusted to them. 16-ly.
Collections promptly attended to. Real estate
and pension claim agent,
35-1 y, Emporium, Pa.
Emporium, Pa.
I have numerous calls for hemlock and hard
wood timber lands, also stum page &c., and parties
desiring either to buy or sell will do well to call
on me. l *'- '-> LEhT.
Emporium, Pa.
Having again taken possession of thisoldand
popular house I solicit a share of the public pat
ronage. The house is newly furnished and is one
of the best appointed hotels in Cameron county.
30-1 y.
(Opposite Post Office,)
Emporium, Pa.
I take pleasure in informing the public that I
have purchased the old and popular Novelty
Restaurant, located on Fourth street. It will be
my endeavor to serve the public in a manner
that shall meet with their approbation. Give me
a call. Meals and luncheon served at all hours.
11027-lyr Wm. MoDONALD.
Near Buffalo Depot, Emporium, Pa.
This new and commodious hotel is now opened
for the accommodation of the public. New in all
its appointments, every attention willbepaidto
the quests patronizing this hotel. 27-17-ly
Emporium, Pa.
Scholars taught either at my home on Sixth
street or at the homes of the pupils. Outoftown
scholars will be given dates at my rooms in this
F. C. RIECK, D. D. S..
Office over Taggart's Drug Store, Emporium, Pa.
Gas and other local anaesthetics ad-
V)®~?*Sininistereil for the painless extraction
SPEClALTY:—Preservation of natural teeth, in
cluding Crown and Bridge Work.
I will visit Driftwood the first Tuesday, and
Sinnemahoning the third Wednesday of each
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The best Sulve in the world for cuts, |
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, letter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satis
faction cr mor.ev refunded. Price 25
cents a box. For sale by L. Taggart;.
Retains His Equilibrium.
Colonel Roosevelt has not lost his
head on account of the fame the war
has brought him. In an address to his
regiment of Rough Riders Sunday he
displayed much sound sense. He said
to them: Don't get gay and pose as
heroes. Don't go back and lie on your
laurels, they'll wither. The world will
be kind to you for about ten days and
then it will say, 'He's spoiled by the
fame of the regiment in Cuba.' Don't
think you've got to have the best of
everything and don't consider your
selves as martyrs in the past tense. A
martyr came to see me to-day. He
hadn't had any milk for a whole day.
I said to him, 'O you poor thing,' and
he went away. I hope he felt better.
What I want of all of you is to get
right out and fight your battles in the
world as bravely as you fought the
nation's battles in Cuba.
Lookout for Brimstone.
The following "stony" wedding an
nouncement appears in ;in East 'lYunes
see exchange: "Married at Flintstone,
by Rev. Winds-tone, Mr. Neheiuiah
Whitestone and Miss Wilhclmina Sand
stone, both of Limestone." This is get
ting mighty "rocky," and there's bound
to be a "blasting" of these "stony" hearts
before many "pebbles" appear on the
connubial beach. The «riiid.->tone of do
mestic infelicity will sharpen the ax of
discord and jealousy, and sootier or later
one or the other of' the pair will rest be
neath a tombstone. Then lookout for
brimstone.—Lexington Argonaut.
An Enthusiastic Day
In Emporium.
Addressed by Hon. Wm. A. Stone,
Congressman C. W. Stone, United
States Senators Penrose and Mason,
Hon. J. C. Johnson and B. \V.
Green, ESQ.
The Republican County Convention,
the most harmonious and largely at
tended for many years, convened hist
Tuesnay at one o'clock. The conven
tion was called to order by County j
Chairman H. C. Olmsted, when the
roll of delegates was read.
Mr. C. Jay Goodnough offered the
following order of business, which was
adopted :
1. Election of Chairman and two Secretaries.
2. Calling roll of Delegates.
3. Nomination of Candidates for Representa
4. Election of Candidate for Representative.
5. Nomination of Candidates for Associate
6. Election of Candidate for Associate Judge.
7. Appointment of Committee on resolutions
by Chair.
8. Nomination of Candidate forCounty Treas
9. Election ofCandidate forCounty Treasurer.
10. Report of Committee on County Rules.
11. Action of Convention on report of Com
mittee on Rules.
12. Election of County Chairman.
14. Appointment of County Committee.
On motion Mr. A. C. Blum, of
Emporium was elected Chairman,
Chas (ileason, of Driftwood and Chas.
L. Butler, of Emporium, Secretaries.
The following delegates were record
ed as being present:
Orove township, J. 11. Drum, M. J. Logue.
Gibson township, B. V. Wykoff, D. S. I.ogue.
Lumber township, Frank Hoag, Chas. Norton,
G. B. Sclierer. Portage township, N. R. Covil,
Alva Ensign. Shippen township, J. W.Lewis,
F. B. Housler. I. H. Legget, Chas. King, J. F.
Lewis, W. W. Lewis. Emporium borough—East
Ward, E. C. Davison, A. C. Blum, F. P. St raver.
Middle Ward, F. P. Rentz. Harry Hemphill, John
J. Hinkle, C. J. Goodnough. Westward, C. H.
Jcssop, George F. Balcom, llenry Auchu, Chas.
Butler. Driftwood borough, Chas. Gleason, \V.
H. Mitchell, J. C. Martin.
Nominations for county officers be
in order, Mr. W. H. Mitchell, of Drift
wood, placed in nomination for the
legislature Hon. Henry H. Mullin, of
Emporium. The nomination of Mr.
Mullin was made by acclamation.
The nomination for Associate Judge
being next in order, Mr. E. C. Davison,
of Emporium, placed in nomination
the name of John McDonald, of Drift
wood Mr. McDonald was declared
the nominee by acclamation.
While the officers were preparing
the certificates of nomination of the
Representative and Associate Judge,
the chair appointed as a committee on
Resolutions, Messrs. C. Jay Good
nough, of Emporium, J. H. Drum, of
Grove and Frank G. Hoag, of Lumber.
Returning to the completion of the
county ticket, Mr. John J. Hinkle, of
Emporium, placed in nomination the
name of C. M. Thomas, of Emporium,
for County Treasurer. Mr.Thomas was
declared the nominee by acclamation.
The committee appointed by the last
County Convention to draft new rules
for the government of the Republican
party of Cameron county reported.
Mr. C. F. Barclay, the chairman of the
committee, read the report, after which
the rules were unanimously adopted.
The primary election next year will be
conducted under the new rules. The
sub-committee was extended to ar
range the rules and have the same
printed in pamphlet form.
On motion it was resolved that the
| chairman of the County Committee
j to be elected this year to act, until the
i first Monday of January 1900.
The committee on resolutions report
| ed tlie following, which were unani
| mously adopted:
Resolved, First, the Republicans of Cameron
County in Convention assembled hereby reaffirm
our adherence to the principles of the Republi
can party as enunciate.l at the Harrisburg and
St. Louis Conventions.
Resolved , That we accord all honor to the bra ve
ofilcers and men who won such a signal victory
; under their matchless leader. Admiral Dewey, ;.t
! Manila harbor, in Spanish Pacific possessions,
and to Admirals Sampson and Schley, and officers
and men at Porto Rico, and to our sailors, sol
diers and officers besieging the island of Cuba.
We hereby express the utmost confidence in our
army and navy and their ability to maintain the
"Liberty and Union, One and Inseparable."— WEßSTEß
honor of our country under the wise manage
ment of their Commander in Chief, and veteran
soldier. President McKinley, and to bring about
early and honorable settlement of the questions
now before the Peace Commission.
Resolved, That we endorse the patriotic and
untiring efforts of our U. 8 Senators and Mem
bers of Congress and their unanimous support of
the President in the various war measures.
Resolved, That we endorse the candidacy of
Hon. Charles VV. Stone, of Warren, Pa., for Con
gress. In all respects he stands for the principles
of Republicanism as expressed by the National
Convention; with his wide experience in nublic
life his public record is without a blemish; lie
stands the peer in ability of the foremost repre
sentatives in Congress; his private life is spotless,
his personality strong, courageous and self re
liant and he represents all that is desirable in a
Resolved, That we congratulate the Republican
party of Cameron county upon a reunited party
and call upon all who believe in the principles of
protection and sound money to rally round the
.State ticket, so gallantly led by our standard
bearer. Col. William A. Stone, who by his own
ability and honest methods lias risen from the
farmer b«»y of old Tioga, to be a prominent candi
date for the highest honor that can be conferred
by the citizens of this Commonwealth.
Resolved , That the County
ticket this day nominated and pledge it our
united support.
On motion of C. L. Butler, Mr. C. F.
Barclay, of Orove, was unanimously
elected Chairman of the County Com
The nominees for the several posi
tions were called upon and each made
appropiate remarks, thanking the con
vention for their confidence and their
The Republicans of this county
are to be congratulated upon the har
monious opening of the campaign and
those who expected the Republicans
of Cameron county to continue the dis
cord that has disrupted the organiza
tion in the past were disappointed. The
Republicans are thoroughly united
and propose to elect every man upon
their ticket, from Wm. A. Stone, our
gallant candidate for Governor, to the
entire county ticket. The ticket is a
strong one and commands the entire
supportof the party. It will be elected
on theSth of November.
The beautiful American flag, 20x30
feet, presented to the Republican
party of Cameron county by the Re
publican State Committee, was unfurl
ed from the Warner House to Walker,
Howard & Co.'s block, at five o'clock.
Several hundred of our citizens wit
nessed the scene, while Emporium
Band played "America."
When the hour for the evening meet
ing arrived the opera house was filled
with our citizens, very many ladies be
ing present, to hear the addresses by
the speakers. The Reception Com
mittee composed by Hon. J. C. John
son, Mayor W. H. Howard, B. W.
Green, Josiah Howard, A. C. Blum
and Henry Auchu, escorted Hon. Wm.
A. Stone, our popular candidate for
Governor, Chas. W. Stone, our pres
ent and next Congressman and the
handsome and talented junior United
States Senator Boise Penrose, to the
opera house. The speakers were given
a hearty Cameron county welcome.
Never has Emporium and Cameron
county turned out a more intelligent
and attentive audience than that of
Tuesday evening.
The meeting was called to order by
County Chairman C. F. Barclay, who
recognized Protlionotary C. Jay Good
nough, who nominated Mayor W. H.
Howard for President, with a long list
of active Republicans as vice Presi
dents. After music by the band Mr.
Howard introduced Hon. J. C. John
son, who, after the hearty applause
had subsided deliveaed an address t hat
made a lasting and beneficial impres
sion on the audience.
Cant. Johnson's remarks were heart
ily applauded and when the veteran
took his seat the audience made the
old building ring with approval.
When the President introduced Mr.
Green, the audience knew they were
! to be treated to no off-hand remarks.
I The determination depicted upon his
| countenance, his known enthsiasm
; and active interest manifested for the
1 success of the Republican ticket head
! Ed by his old school-mate, Col. Wm.
I A. Stone, down to the lowest nominee
; on the county ticket was recognized
by his neighbors and they accorded
I him close attention and generous
| applause. The addresses made by
i Hon J. C. Johnson and B. W. Green,
Esq., were highly complimented by
the talented gentlemen from abroad.
They were able speeches and would
carry conviction on any platform in
; the state.
United States Senator Boies Pen
rose was given a reception that clearly
demonstrated how many admirers the
tall and handsome gentleman has in
Cameron county. Senator Penrose
said, in part:
"Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentle
men: lam glad to have this oppor
; tunity to see this splendid representa
lion of the citizenship of Cameron
county here to night, and I feel amply
repaid for the long journey I have
made from my native city of Philadel
phia. About two years ago these
same enthusiastic citizens assembled
to discuss the issues of the Pennsylva
nia campaign and now we are here to
discuss the issues of'9B.
I believe that as far as Pennsylvania
is concerned, she will do her duty.
All the reports that I could learn on my
way here indicate the large majority
that will be given, and I would like to
see your Congressman, C. W. Stone
return to Congress with such an in
creased majority that will forever re
buke the free silver heresy of Sibley -
ism. I have had the pleasure ofknow
him at Harrisburg where I served
with him as t i member of the Senate
and where I came in contact with him
when he subsequently filled the posi
tion of Secretary of Commonwealth to
Gov. Beaver, and I know his record to
be clear and capable,
I understand to-day,gentlemen, that
you have completed your local ticket
in this county, and while it is needless
for me to refer to the individuals on
this ticket, I would be committing an
unpardonable error if I did not refer
to my old associate in the legislature,
and your present candidate, Hon.
Henry H. Mullin. I knew him at
Harrisburg and know that there was
not, in the whole legislature, a more
conscientious and indefatigable repre
sentative. I know that lie was as hard
a worker in the interests if his constit
uents as any representative in that
body I doubt whether any county
in Pennsylvania was more ably and
fairly represented in all that represen
tative body, and I trust and believe he
will again bo returned to the legisla
ture to assume the duties he should
have been permitted to continue, by
being elected two years ago.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I have taken
much more time than I intended and
it is better that I withdraw and give
you an opportunity to see and hear
that splendid specimen of Pennsyl
vania manhood; that splendid speci
men of American manhood; of Penn
sylvania citizenship and education,
the citizen of Tioga county—our n3xt
Governor, Hon. W. A. Stone.
I would like to refer to other issues
in the campaign, but 1 will yield to
him and thank you for your cordial at
tention which you have given my re
marks, which I feel were very dry and
uninteresting "
When Senator Penrose closed his re
marks, only a portion of which we re
gret we are able to print, lie made a
very favorably impression.
United States Senator Mason, of
Chicago, at this juncture of the meet
ing surprised Senator Penrose by
walking onto the stage. Ho was pass
ing through Emporium and, hearing
that a Republican meeting was in pro
gress, kindly consented to say a few
words. He caught the audience at
once and for fifteen or twenty minutes
poured shot after shot into democracy,
to the delight of the audience. He
has made a lasting impression and
Cameron county Republicans are de
termined to have him here at some
future date.
Mr. Howard then introduced Col.
Wm. A. Stone, who was greeted with
tremendous applause. Col. Stone
"Ladies and gentlemen and fellow
citizens: I came here anticipating
what 1 have found,an intelligent audi
ence equal to interpret everything
that is said—what i have always found
in Emporium. It is always a pleasure
for me to come here, for 1 feel that I
am not entirely a stranger, having
been born and raised in a neighboring
county, and know a number of your
people. 1 came here to speak in the
Congressional district of the man with
whom 1 have had the pleasure and
honor to serve with in Congress eight
years, i came here to suggest to you,
ladies and gentlemen, that perhaps it
may not have occured to you that you
live in a Congressional district that
has been honored not only since he be
came your Congressman, but I can
remember when G. W. Seofiekl was
looked upon as one of the leading
men in Congress.
"Congressmen are thick in Washing
ton and an ordinary Congressman is
more often to be met than an extraor
dinary Congressman. I want to say
to you, and say it in all sincerity, that !
the Republican record that Mr. |
Seolield made in Washington has been j
maintained by C. W. Stone.
"The great question that has hung i
over this country and is the sentiment
of the public is the vuestion of sound !
money. The main question that has 1
j agitated our people has been the free I
coinage of silver. Do you know ;
I that great question during the Fifty- j
i fourth and Fifty-fifth Congresses, so '
far as a Congresssman of the United i
States is concerned, has rested on the ]
right hand of C. W. Stone? Do you!
know that no bill in Congress could be 1
considered by the House without it j
met his approval ? There is no greater |
menace to this country than the free
coinage of silver. The menace in
Spain is not to be compared to it."
Col. Stone then impressed upon the
audience the importance of Cameron
county electing a Republican to the
State Legislature and appealed to
them to elect the Republican candi
date, Hon. Henry H. Mullin.
The lateness of the hour rendered
it impossible for our reporter to note
the remarks of our popular Congress
man. His eloquent speech made a^
deep impression upon the audience.
No living man is closer to the hearts
of Cameron county people than Chas.
W. Stone and they will give him such
a majority that will be a stinging re
buke to free silverism and boodleism.
The meeting closed with three cheers
for the Republican state, judiciary and
county tickets as well as the speakers
present. It was a grand meeting and
has done much good.
The Oldest Engineer on the Buffalo &
Susquehanna Railroad.
The last issue of the Austin Demo
crat contains a cut of our old friend
Henry E. Page, a former resident of
Emporium. The Democrat says:
"There is no better known or more
popular man in Austin and vicinity
than Henry E. Page. Entering the
employ of the Goodyears early in the
eighties, lie has remained with them
ever since, taking an interest in their
affairs such as few men show in the
affairs of their employers.
Mr. Page was born September 4,
1854, at Covington, Tioga county,
Pennsylvania. He attended the High
School at that place, and after leaving
school learned the trade of glass flat
tener. He was not in love with his
trade, however, and in the early seven
ties he quit and came into the lumber
country. After two years lumbering
he entered the employ of the W. N. Y.
& P. Railroad, first as wiper, in 1873,
car repairer in 1874, firemen in 1875,
and engineer in 1879.
On the Bth of August, 1885, Mr.
Page entered the employ of the S. V.
R. R., now the B. & S. When ho
entered the employ of the railro" d
there was no track at all. They coui
menced to lay the track on the 9th day
of August, prior to which time all the
switching had to be done on the other
In his early manhood Mr. Page was
married to Alice O. Taylor, at Empo
rium. They have three children, viz:
Jean, aged twenty-three years; John,
twenty-one; Charles, nineteen.
Mr. Page has boon a member of the
Masonic order for sixteen years, a
member of the Ancient order of the
United Workmen for eighteen years
and is an active member of the Knights
of Maccabees.
He is at present serving a term as
Councilman, having been elected on
the Democratic ticket, and discharges
the duties of the office faithfully and
to the best interests of the taxpayers."
Farming Don't Pay- Hardening Don't
Pay! Why?
If you punch a hole in the ground
and drop in a potato, or a kernel of
corn, or a grain of wheat, and leave
the crop to care for itself while you go
to the corner to get a drink, or tell or
hear a story, or sit on the stoop and
smoke and expect to harvest a crop
except of weeds—you will be disap
pointed; but if you will take one rod,
one rood, one acre, or so many acres
of land as you can fertilize thoroughly,
and cultivate faithfully and will keep
an accurate account of all expenses,
labor included, and will also keep an
account of the value of everything
gathered from said lot at market rates,
and will see that all grown on said
land which is not marketable, but has
a value as food for animals, is faith
fully and j udiciously fed to your horses,
cattle, sheep, swine and poultry, you
will find the percentage of net gain is
as large as is the average of any calling
in life, amount invested, labor and
talent considered. Ride along our
country roads and village streets and
note the weeds in the fields and
gardens from a foot to four feet high,
growing vigorously and seeding boun
tifully and shading the ground effect
ually. Except for the slight working
j given the ground before planting and
j the little cultivation given the crop as
|it shows itself above ground, you
I might as well have sowed your seed in
i the forest. You cannot raise a big
| crop of weeds and a good crop of
! vegetables or grain on the same ground
jat the same time. It takes as much
j strength of land to grow a weed as to
I grow a potato, an ear of corn, or a
| head of wheat. Weeds like evil in
j men and women, boys and girls needs
| no cultivation, and will, shade and
j effectually stunt and dwarf any crop
! under them, as evil crowds out good
in men and women.
j "Gives fools their gold and knaves their power;
Let fortunes bubbles rise and fall;
Who sows a field, or trains a flower,
Or plants a tree is more than all.
: '-For he who blesses most is blest,
And God and man shall own his worth.
Who toils to leave as his bequest
An added beauty to the earth.
! "And soon or late, to all that sow,
The time of harvest shall be given;
, The flower shall bloom, the fruit shall grow.
If not on earth at last in Heaven."
J Subscribe for the PRESS.
TERMS: $2.00 —$1.50 IN ADVANCE,
Major Jeremiah Z. Brown, of Clar
ion County, Nominated by Ac
clammation for Republican Can
didate for State Senator in the
Thirty-eighth District An Able
and Highly Respected Citizen
With a Brilliant War Record.
Ridgway Advocate.
The Republican conference to nomi
nate a candidate to represent the
Thirty-eighth district in the next State
Senate, was held at the New Hyde, in
Ridgway, 011 Thursday evening last.
The conference was organized by
electing C. D. Osterhout, of Elk county,
Chairman, and Gush. Evans, of
Forest, and W. H. Howard, of Cameron,
for Secretaries. The following con
ferees were then enrolled:
Cameron—\(. H.Howard, M. Mur
phy, and H. H. Mullin.
Clarion—R. G. Yingling, J. J. Black
ford, and F. L. Andrews.
Elk—C. D. Osterhout, G. W. Warner,
and R. F. Oswald.
Forest—Gus. B, Evans, M. E. Ab
bott, and W. M. Coon.
The organization being completed,
Chairman Osterhout called for nom
inations of candidates for Senator. F.
L. Andrews placed in nomination the
name of Major J. Z. Brown, of Clarion
county. No other name was presented
and on motion the nomination was
made by acclammation. Several
other candidates had been talked ol
but when it became known that a
gentleman of such a high character
and a soldier with such a brilliant
military record as Major Brown had
agreed to accept the nomination, all
others willingly withdrew in his favor.
After the nomination had been made
Hon. H. H. Mullin, of Cameron, who
had been spoken of as a leading candi
date for the nomination, arose and
made an eloquent and enthusiastic
speech in favor of the nominee, and he
emphatically declared the Thirty
eighth was rightfully a Republican
district as shown by the vote on State
tickets on several occasions in recent
years. lie urged a hearty support ol
Major Brown and expressed confidence
in his election. The nominee was
not present, but there was much en
thusiasm over liis nomination, and
when Mr. Mullin spoke of the candi
date's brilliant war record and the fact
that this is a groat year for soldier
tickets, his words were heartily ap
| plauded.
j There being no other business J;he
conference then adjourned.
The following is from Bates' history
of Company K, 148 th Regiment, Penn
sylvania Volunteers:
Jeremiah Z. Brown entered the ser
vice Sept. 7, 1862, promoted from Ist
Sergeant to Ist Lieutenant, Nov. 15,
187:3; to Captain, July 31, 1804; Brevet
Major, Oct. 27, 1864. Mustered out
with company June 1, 1865.
In front of Petersburg on the 27th of
October, General Nelson A. Miles, who
commanded the division, ordered a
detachment of 100 men from the regi
ment under Capt. J. Z.Brown, to as
sault a portion of the enemy's lines on
his front. Having formed the men for
the desperate work just at dusk, he
dashed forward, thrust aside the dense
abbatis, drove in the opposing pickets
and scaled the ramparts, carrying a
strong work, capturing four commis
sioned officers and more men than he
had led to the encounter. For his
gallant conduct, Captain Brown was
highly commended and breveted
Major. In recognition of his bravery
in this desperate assault, Congress
voted him a medal suitably engraved,
which was presented to him.
Following is an exact copy of the
recommendation submitted by General
Miles in 1864:
Headquarters Ist Division,
2nd Army Corps,
October 31, 1864.
Gen., 2nd Army Corps:
In compliance with instructions con
tained in circular of this date I have
the honor to submit the following
That Captain Jeremiah Z. Brown,
148 Pa. V., receive the brevet rank of
Major. Captain Brown, on the 27th of
Oct., led a party of 100 men through
clievaux de i'rise and abbatis of the
enemy's line, opposite Fort Morton,
capturing one of his works with several
prisoners, among whom were officers
j of rank.
Very respectfully,
Brig. Gen. Commanding.
i An illustrated sermon in the M. E.
Church next Sunday night. Subject:
"The Homeward Journey of the Way
ward Boy."
| The PRESS, one year 51. 50.
NO. 31.