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VOL. 33.
XWHEN you see this item mark- |
ed with an X, in blue o> black 1
pencil mark across its face you j
will know that your subscription
is due, or past due. Your name will
be found printed on each copy of the
PRESS, as you receive it and gives the
last date to which you have paid. Our
terms are $'2.00 if not paid in advance,
$1.50 in advance. Many, very many,
of our patrons allow their subscrip
tions to run year after year. This we
are unable to stand. It requires
money to purchase paper and pay em
ployes and we must insist upon the
payment of subscriptions due us. We
have been patient, but "patience has
ceased to be a virtue," and we now
propose to weed out all those subscri
bers who show no disposition to pay
for their paper.
Business Cards.
Emporium, Fa.
A business relating to estate, collections, real
estates. Orphan's Court and general law business
will receive prompt attention. 42-ly.
Will give prompt attention to all business en
rusted to them. 16-ly.
Collections promptly attended to. Real estate
and pension claim agent,
35-ly. Emporium, Pa.
Emporium, Pa.
I have numerous calls for hemlock and hard
wood timber lands, also stum page &c. 112 and parties 1
desiring either to buy or sell will do well to c all
on me. i' LBBT.
Emporium, Pa.
Having again taken possession of this old and
popular house I solicit a share of the public pat
ronage. The house is newly furnished and is one
of the best appointed hotels in Cameron county.
30-1 y.
(Opp Kite Post Office,)
Emporium, Pa.
[ take pleasure in informing the public that j
have purchased the old and popular Novelty
Restaurant, located on l*ou»M street. It will be
.i,y ■. .< •- / 14, t.i# ~»),! lii a i jfc.uier
that shall meet with their approbation. Give me
a call. Meals and luncheon served at all hours.
n027-lyr Wm. McDONALI).
Near Buffalo Depot, Emporium, Pa.
This new and commodious hotel is now opened
for the accommodation of the public. New in all
its appointments, every attention willbepaidto
the guests patronizing this hotel. 27-17-ly
Emporium, Pa.
Scholars taught either at my home on Sixth
street or at the homes of the pupils. Out of town
scholars will be given dates at my rooms in this
P. C. RIECK, D. I). 8..
Office over Taggart's Drug Store, Emporium, Pa.
Gas and otiier local anaesthetics ad
ministered for the painless extraction
SPEClALTY:—Preservation of natural teeth, in
cluding Crown and Bridge Work.
I will visit Driftwood the first Tuesday, and
Sinnemahoning the third Wednesday of each
Political Announcements.
All Announcements under this head must be
signed by the candidate and paid in advance to
insure publication.
Editor Press:—
Please announce my name as a candidate for
Associate Judge of Cameron county, subject to
the decision of the Republican County Conven
Grove, Pa., April 4th, 1898.
Editor Press: —
Please announce my name as a candidate for
Associate Judge of Cameron county subject to
the decision of the Republican County Conven
Sterling Run, Pa.. April Bth, 1898.
Editor Press: —
Please announce mv name as a candidate for
Associate Judge of Cameron County, subject to
the decision of the Republican County Conven
Driftwood, Pa., April 20th, 1898.
Editor Press:
Please announce my name as a candidate for
Associate Judge of < anieron county, subject to
the decision of the Republican County Conven
Driftwood, Pa., May 7th, 1898.
Editor Press :
Please announce my name as a candidate for
the nomination of County Treasurer, subject to
the decision of the Republican county Conven
Emporium, Pa., June 27, 1898.
Editor Press:—
Please announce my name as a candidate for
Treasurer of Cameron County, subject to the
decision of the Republican county convention.
Emporium, Pa., June 28th, 1898.
Editor Cameron County Press:
Please announce my name as a candidate for
the office of County Treasurer, subject to the de
cision of the Republican County Convention.
Emporium, Pa., Aug. 10,1898.
The Interest Paying Society will
meet at Mrs. Stoddard's next Friday
CItONK MORRISON. Al On; <.rtli«-
lirides's motheron West Creek, Aiitf. 31, by H ev,
.1. M. Johnston, Mr. Milton E. Gronk Miss
Mabel Morrison.
Letter From James Cassels.
August 15, 1898. S
Etlitor Press.
I have thv measure to write for you I
a few extracts from the The Bounding
Billow, through the courtesy of a
friend, whose son is on the Olympia,
published in the interests of the
American man-'o-warsmen Publish
ed at intervals on board of U. S. F. S.
Olympia :
June, 1898. <
'Twas for Cuba and our Honor to avenge our
heroes slain.
That victory wreathed our banner, when we ,
fought the ships ofSpaiu.
The U. S. Fleet, consisting of, "Olympia" (flag
ship), "Boston" "Raleigh," "Baltimore," "Con
cord," "Petrel," "McCulloch," (dispatch boat',
and transports," Naushan," "Zaflro," (Merchant
steamers carrying coal for fleet, left Mirs Bay,
China, April *27,1898, for Manila, Philippine Is
lands, to engage Spanish fleet, stationed there.
The ships made a very war-like and imposing
picture as they steamed out of the harbor in
three columns, with all colors flying, bent on
their dire and fateful errand. A looker on
would have thought that the ships were merely
going on a pleasure trip, judging by the careless
demeauor of the crews; but unless they have ex
perienced it, they would never guess the strain
that the uncertainty of whether we were really
going to war or not, was on the nerves of these
men, who had almost nothing to divert tbei r
minds. Once the suspense was relieved, how
ever, and a definite move made, there was a
complete change and they went about their dif
ferent tasks as blithesome and gay as if it were
extended leave, instead of grim war.
The second day out, the following intellectual
abortion was posted on the bulletin hoard. For
arrogance and conceit it certainly caps the clim
ax; for a sample of ignorance and idiocy, it is un
Proclamation issued by the Governor-General
of the Philippines.
"Spaniards—Between Spain and the United
States of North America, hostilities have broken
out. The moment has arrived, to prove to the
world that we possess the s >irit to conquor those
who, pretending to be loyal friends, take advant
age of our misfortunes and abuse our hospitality,
using means which civilized nations count un
worthy and disreputable.
"The North American people constituted of all
the social excrescence, have exhausted our
patience and provoked war with their perfidious
machinations, with their acts of treachery and
with their outrages against the laws of nations
and international treaties.
"The struggle will be short and decisive. It
was.i The God of victories will give us one as
complete as the righteousness ami justice of our
cause demands.
"Spain,'which counts upon the sympathies of
all nations, will emerge Tiumphant from this
new test, humiliating and blasting, the adven
turers from the states that, without cohesion and
without a history, offer to humanity only infa
mous traditions and the spectacle of a Congress
in which appear united insolence and defama- ;
ticn, cowardice and cynicism.
A jftxO. •' manned by foreigners, pofcses.iiiig
neither ii--'"ruction nor discipline, is preparing to
come to this Archipelago, with the ruffianly in
tention of robbing us of all that means life,
honor and liberty. Pretending to he inspired bv
a courage of which they are incapable, the
North American seamen, undertake a* an ent ;r~
prise capable of realization the substitution of
Protestanti Mil for tlie Catholic religion you pro
fess to treat you as tribes refractory to civiliza
tion, to take possession of your riches as if they
were unacquainted with the rights of property,
and to kidnap those persons whom they con
sider useful, toman their ships or to be exploit
ed in agricultural or industrial labor. Vain de
signs! Ridiculous boastings! Your indomit
able bravery will suffice to frustrate the at empt
to carry them into realization. You will not
consent that they shall profane the faith you pro
fess,that impious footsteps shall defile the temple
of thetrueGod; nor that unbelief shall destroy
the Holy images which you adore.
"The aggressors shall not profane the tombs of
your fathers; they shall not gratify their lustful
passions at tne cost of your wives and daughters'
honor, nor appropriate the property which your
industry has accumulated to assure your liveli
hood. No. they shall not perpetrate any of these
crimes inspired by their wickedness and covet
eousness, because your valor and patriotism will
suffice to punish and abase the people that,
claiming to be civilized and cultivated, have ex
terminated the natives of North America instead
of bringing to them the life of civilization and
"Philippines prepare for the struggle, and
united under the glorious flag of Spain, which is
ever covered with laurels. Lst us fight with the
conviction that victory will crown our efforts
and to the summons of our enemies let us op
pose, oppose with the decision of the christian
and the patriot, the cry of 4 "Viva Espano.' "
Your General.
The forgoing manifesto was the source of
indignation to every man in the fleet and was ans
wered by a speech by the editor of the Boundiug
Billow of which however, for lack of space, I'll
only give extracts. J.C.
"Shipmates—You all, no doubt, have seen and
read the cowardly attack, made by the Spanish
Governor at Manila, on the glorious Flag and
Country we serve. In it he questions our
bravery, our birthrights, the honesty of our
government and claims that we have no history.
What do the acts of our forebearers represent ?
What was the glorious fight they made for
Independence in 1770, when father, and
son left the plow in the furrow and
shouldered their muskets for liberty, while
wives, mothers and daughters cheered them on
to victory? What was the war of 1812 and the
Mexican war? History all, and honorable. Un
stained history at that.
What does he mean by saying we are "a
cowardly nation." "Old Glory," the dear old
fiag we serve and love, harbors no cowards.
Wherever seen it is recognized, as the emblem of
freedom and honor, the standard of a nation of
heroes and though he may prate and proclaim
from now until "hades freezes over," he will never
make any but the most benighted or bigoted be
lieve that he is even sane. The sight of our flag
is like a breath of pure fresh air. Its colors are
significant; the red is emblematic of the blood
of heroes shed in defense of our country; the
white the purity of our aims and objects and the
starspangled blue the Heaven we look to for
guidance and strength.
Then this Spanish Solomon goes onto inform
the brave muchachos under his sovereign com
mand that we are a gang of cut throats. Pro
testant heretics who will convert them "willy
nilly," into a belief of our faith; that we are
marauders and thieves; that we are the scour
ingsofthe earth's gutters, "social excrecences
I (soft impeachmenti and lastly that we have
- driven them onto war, manufacturing causes
and insulting them because we know or rather
thought they were weak.
Shipmate.*, you all know what has brought on
this war. The barbarous inhumanities practic
ed in the Island of Cuba, right before our eyes,
Old men and women cruelly tortured and slain,
babies murdered on their mothers breasts
thousands of peaceful homes ruined and de
stroyed by these Spanish fiends, the dear old
stars and stripes trampled in the mud of Span
ish streets, and last, worst of all the tragedy that
i has been too lately enacted to be forgotten, the
destruction of the "Maine," when brothers,
"Liberty and Union, One and Inseparable." — WEßSTEß.
friends and shipmates were foully murdered
through Spanish treachery and hatred. An act
which has won for Spain the aversion of all
civilized nations. These acts have brought on
the war. Acts the wildest savage would disdain,
crimes that none but Lucifers lowest emissaries
would commit. It is to avenge these wrongs, to
give blessed liberty to an oppressed and down
trodden nation and to uphold the honor of our
nation, that we are going to war with Spain.
The Governor says the Spanish (lag is covered
with laurels, but they are laurels of infamy.
Fellow patriots when the hour arrives we will
one and all gladly lay down our lives for the
dear flag and beloved country, that has never
had one stain to blemish the purity of its escutch
eon. I know of no word that will appeal more
forcibly to your hearts than those of the "Patriot
Poet," Holmes, in the beautiful poem, "The
Flower of Freedom." Poem in full etc. And
now shipmates when we get to Manila and meet
the Spanish murderers, let our battle cry be:
"Remember the Maine.
And down with Spain."
One more and I'll stop. "We partly owe our
readers an appology for the lateness of this issue,
but as they are aware of the rapid march of
events which has kept us busy for the last month
they will be lenient in their judgment. We,
were also delayed by lack of paper, and only
through the kindness of some of our shipmates,
who brought us paper which the Spaniards left
on evacuating Cavite are we enabled to print this
issue. Well, " 'tis an ill wind that blows nobody
any good;" the fact of the "Hounding Billow,"
being printed on captured paper will certainly en
hance its value as a memorial of the occasion.
The Bounding Billow is printed on ordinary
blank book, ruled paper, marked, "Del Arsenal
de Cavite."
Republican Judicial Conference.
The Republican Judicial Convention
for this 2oth district met at Ridgway
last Friday, for the purpose of placing
in nomination a candidate for Presi
dent Judge.
Geo. Weymouth was elected chair
man and L. C. Furst, secretary.
The roll of delegates was called and
the following were present:
Cameron—Geo. A. Walker, Empori
um; Chas. Gleason, Driftwood; Josiah
Howard, Emporium.
Clinton—Geo. Weymouth, Luther C.
Furst and H. T. Harvey, all of Lock
Elk—John G. Whitemore, Ridgway;
Geo. A. Younger, Jr., Johnsonburg;
Geo. A. Green, Wilcox.
The chair called for nominations, i
when Josiah Howard, Esq., of Cam- i
eron, arose and nominated Hon. B. W. |
Green, oi' Cameron, the nomination j
being seconded by John (i. White
more, oi Elk. Mr. Howard said:
In these days of territorial and com
mercial expansion the world is looking
about for strong, energetic and broad
minded men; men of education and
experience to grasp and hold fast the
immense opportunities offered by our
rapidly expanding civilization.
From the earliest records of history
down to the pages of modern times, we
learn that all men who wished to live
peaceably with their neighbors, and
to possess and accumulate for the en
joyment and comfort of their old age,
the fruits oft heir energy and industry,
have recognized a tribunal of justice
as the most necessary part of their
security and development; and the
broad minded impartiality and purity
of that tribunal, to be the most essen
tial element in its character.
Our government hits wisely ordered
that an arbitrator of the people's
affairs should not only posses-' these
attributes of character, but should be
the choice of the people whose affairs
he is about to adjust.
At the end of the long term of years
under our present able and highly
respected Judge, we are met together
to-day to choose a man who shall be
judge over us for tiie next ten years.
It is my honor and privilege to pre
sent for your consideration the name
of a man well known to you all, a man
in the prime of life, of broad education
1 and experience; a man of the people
I and chosen almost unanimously by the
people of his section for this high J
| office; a man by birth and life in close !
touch with the habits and aspirations |
of all grades of citizenship; a man of j
character strong enough to be just and '
fine enough to be merciful; a man who !
thinks life too short for vengance and j
i too noble for favoritism.
Such a man, of the highest legal and '
> business ability, in touch with and |
j commanding the support of the lawyer
! and the laboring man, the capitalist i
' and the mechanic, is the man we pre
sent to you to-day.
I have the honor of naming for Pre- j
jsident Judge of this district, the Hon. !
I B. W. Green, of Cameron county.
Henry T. Harvey, of Clinton, placed j
j m nomination the name of Hon. C. A. j
j Mayer in a neat and well-worded j
i speech. An informal ballot was then I
j taken and resulted in live votes for ;
| Judge Mayer and four for Mr. Green. !
I Mr. Green then addressed the Con
j vention, as follows:
i At the solicitation of a number of j
j friends in this district I became a can
! didate for the Republican nomination
for President Judge. I was earnest I
and sincere in this candidacy and shall
| never fail to feel grateful to the host ,
■ of friends who gave me their support
and the courteous treatment I received
throughout the entire district. And
although not successful, as it would
naturally pleased me to have been, yet
I have no regrets, and accord to Judge
I Mayer the position the people have
I chosen, a unanimous nomination of j
| both political parties.
1 I appreciate the sentiment of the
! public in favor of a non-partizan
1 judiciary, and it was never my purpose
to attempt to change this sentiment or
to detract from the well deserved pop
ularity of Hon. C. A. Mayer as a Judge
and worthy citizen. 1 see before me
gentlemen who will bear me witness
that 1 have labored for years for the
retention intact of this good old 25th
Judicial District, and have repeatedly
attested in public address to the ability
and fairness oi Judge Mayer and I
have never found any cause to change
ray opinion.
It is now my wish that the gentle
men who have presented my name
make the nomination of Judge Mayer
Mr. Chas. Gleason, of Cameron, then
moved that the nomination of Hon. C.
A. Mayer, of Clinton, be made by ac
clamation, the motion being seconded
by Mr. Josiah Howard, of Cameron.
The Chair thereupon declared Hon. C.
A. Mayer the Republican candidate
for President Judge. Judge Mayer,
who was present, addressed the con
ference and thanked them cordially for
the great honor conferred and pledged
himself to conduct the high office
without fear or favor, with justice and
equity to all, after which he invited
those present to join him at dinner.
Mr. Green made an honest effort to
obtain the Republican nomination for
President Judge of this district, but in
view of the fact that Judge Mayer re
ceived the unanimous endorsement of
the Republican convention of Clinton
county, as well as the support of the
conferees of Elk, rendered his nomina
tion out of the question and he, there
fore, gracefully accepted the situation,
as more fully shown by his address to
the conferees. His action throughout
the canvass shows his gratitude to his
many warm supporters and his ac
knowledgment of the courteous treat
ment to him by all. While Mr. Green
withdrew from the contest he carried
with him the respect and confidence
of the delegates and their friends from
the entire district.
The action of the conference places
Judge Mayer's name upon both tickets
in this district and places the judiciary
upon a non-partizan basis. The PRESS
has long contended that the judiciary
Should be free from political influences
and now that the representatives of
the Republican party in this district
have endorsed the candidacy of the
Hon. A. Mayer for President Judge,
we shall give him our hearty support
and urge upon the Republicans of
Cameron to accord to Judge Mayer a
unanimous endorsement at the polls in
The unanimous nomination of Judge
Mayer by both political parties, for
the fourth term, after having served
upon the bench for thirty years, is
certainly a high honor seldom accorded
in these times of political changes and
revolutions As a jurist, Judge Mayer
has few, ii any, equals in this State
and the compliment extended to him
by this district will be a stronger in
centive to assist him in the discharge
of the high duties the people, regard
less of party, have called upon him to
discharge. We have placed the name
of Hon. C. A. Mayer, at the head of
our editorial page as the Republican
nominee for President Judge.
The Pickling Season
Is here. You cannot afford to run
chances of spoiling your pickles. To
avoid this use pure pickling vinegar,
and spices of unquestionable quality,
and guaranteed absolutely pure. Also
seeds and herbs for seasoning.
School Board Meeting.
Special meeting called at City Hall,
Aug. 26th, 1898. Present—E. C. Davi
son, President; T. B. Lloyd, F. P.
Rentz, B. Egan, J. D. Marshall, J. D.
Prof. Stauffer reported that there
would be about 500 pupils in attend
ance this term.
On motion, the pupils who fall be
low 65 in any one study or below 75 in
general average, be promoted, with
the understanding that they be able to
do the work in the grade to which they
are promoted. Carried.
On motion of B. Egan, seconded by
J. D. Marshall, the rules of order as
laid down in school laws be adopted.
On motion of T. B. Lloyd, seconded
by P. P. Rentz, that if our classes and
studies are in the shape as reported by
Prof. Stauffer, that the course of
studies be changed and the school
course be extended one year. Yea
Messrs. Davison, Lloyd, Rentz, Logan.
Noes.—Messrs. Egan, Marshall.
A petition asking for an extension of
the High School course, signed by the
following members of the senior class,
was read: Grace Leet, Bertha Greg
cry, Katie O'Day, Geo. Leavitt, Wm.
Leavitt, Josie Armstrong, Grace
Kelley, Abbie Metzger, Anna Cleary,
Fred Huntington, Chester Hockley.
J. D. LOGAN, Sec'y.
Emmanuel Sunday School.
Beginning Sunday, September 11th,
the hour of the Sunday School will be
changed to 3:00 p. m.
Wanted, at once, a good boy, having
practical experience in the care and
keeping of horses.
27-tf CHAS. FRY.
Seed Wheat.
Mr. L. G. Cook has several varieties
of seed wheat for sale, samples of
which may be seen at Walker's hard
ware store. 25tf
Broad Gauge.
John J. Soble has decided upon a
great cash reduction sale and this week
he comes to the front with a broad
gauge advertisement in the PRESS.
Lawn Social.
Thursday, Sept. Bth, at the home of
Mrs. Fred A. Hill, Sixth street, the
Ladies of the Presbyterian church will
serve ice cream, sweet cream and
peaches, cake and coffee. Sweet
music will be rendered by our best
talent. 2t
Six riore Wells.
The King Oil Company, of Bradford,
have executed a lease with C. R. Kline,
of Beechwood, (nine miles from Em
porium) for 14,000 acres of land in
Cameron and Elk counties, and con
tracts to drill six wells for oil or gas.
Well No. 1, has been located at Rath
bun and operations commenced. This
will give that section of the county a
thorough test.
Watch our market for fruit,
Dr. Ulsh at Home.
A special despatch from Selins Grove,
says: Dr. W. H. Ulsh, assistant sur
geon on the Yankton, arrived home
from Cienfuegos, off which his vessel
did blockading duty.
In an interview he says that his
vessel sighted the Alphonso XII and
was instrumental in her final destruc
tion off Mariel, on the northern coast
of Cuba. The Alphonso was the finest
auxiliary cruiser in the Spanish fleet,
but her gunners were unable to stand
at their guns because of the rapid and
accurate fire ef our marksmen.
Death of Mrs. Hernandez.
Mrs. Annie L. Hernandez, of Ridg
way, died last Thursday night, after a
short illness, at the Ross House, where
she held the position of landlady. Mrs.
Hernandez had many friends in this
section who will be pained to hear of
her death.
The Ridgway Star gives the follow
ing account of the death of Mrs. Her
"A gloom was cast over the com
munity yesterday morning when it
was announced that Mrs. Annie Louise
Hernandez had passed into the great
''Her last illness was so short and
her death so unexpected, that the sad
news came like a thunderbolt from a
clear sky to a large circle of friends,
many of whom were ignorant of the
fact that she was not enjoying her
usual good health.
"The immediate cause of her death
the attending physician gave as gas
tritis, although she was not in anywise
indisposed until Saturday noon, when
she was prostrated while attending to
her work as landlady at the Ross
"Even then it was thought that the
attack was a slight one, and that she
would soon recover, and her case was
not said to be a fatal one until about
eight hours before she died. Her re
tives and friends, in answer to numer
ous inquiries, were told that no serious
results would follow, and that with a
little needed rest she would soon re
"Early yesterday morning, however,
a change came for the worst and the
physicians notified the relatives that
the final diissolution was only a ques
tion of a few hours. The end came
quickly, and she passed away at five
minutes to twelve o'clock, surrounded
by her loved ones.
"Mrs. Annie Louise Hernandeth was
born in London, England, fifty-seven
years ago, the twelfth day of July last,
and was the daughter of Captain John
and Mrs. Abbie Herring. The latter
died in her native land and her father
brought the family to America, locat
ing in Brooklyn forty-seven years ago
"Here Annie was married on March
12, 1855, when but fourteen years of
age, to A. M. Hernandez, a Cuban in
surgent, who spent the greater part of
his life in aiding the down-trodden
people of the geni of the Antilles in
regaining their liberty. He was away
from home most of the time, working
in the interest of his people, and died
in South America on November 14,
1873, a victim of yellow fever.
"Mrs. Hernandeth came to Penn
sylvania the year previous on a visit
with Mrs. J. H. Shanbacher at Wil
liamsport, and after her husband's
death made her home with the Shan
bacher family, covering a period of
twenty-four years. With them she
went to Renovo in 1875, where Mr.
Shanbacher conducted the Renovo
House until 1879, and was at llixford,
McKean county, for four years, Olean,
N. Y., nine years, Johnsonburg two
years and at Ridgway the past seven
The funeral took place at Ridgway,
last Saturday, services being conduct
ed by Rev. Geo. Rogers, in Grace
Episcopal church, of which the de
ceased had long been a consistent
TERMS: 52.00 — $1.50 IN ADVANCE.
I JUBSUANT to an order issued by Hon. C. A.
.1 Mayer, all jurors drawn to serve at .Septem
ber Term of Court are hereby notified i. • o
attend, as their services will not be required
_ , Sheriff.
Emporium, Pa., Aug. 31, 1898.
The directors of the Citizen:-'
CJas and Oil Company met at the
Warner I louse last Monday even
ing and contracted with Messrs.
Russell & Niver for the drilling of
well No. 3, at a point on West
Creek, near Gaskill's.
The Company now propose to
push the work, and in order to <lo
so, it will require the payment of
every dollar due from the stock
holders to pay the expense- con
nected with the work. Jt is earn
estly desired that every one kno w
ing themselves in arrears for stock
shall make prompt payment. The
directors will place all unpaid cer
tificates in the hands of their Soli
citor for collection, within a few
days. Very few of the stockhold
ers have become delinquent and it
is simply justice to those who have
paid in full that the board of man
agement must insist upon prompt
payment. Let every delinquent
come up to the scratch and enable
the Company to promptly continue
the work.
Went Up in Smoke.
We regret to learn of the heavy loss
sustained by Prank Fox, of Driftwood,
by the burning of his barn and its con
tents at that place, last Friday morn
ing. The building contained * the en
tire yield of this season's crops, besides
all his farming machinery and imple
ments, entailing a loss of about $1,200.
Mr. Fox succeeded in saving hishorses
and one set of harness.
The University Association.
The work of the local University
Association Center will be resumed on
Monday evening, September r>th, at
S o'clock A paper will be read on
The History of Europe in the Nine
teenth Century. Beginning Septem
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J. M. ROBERTOON, President.
Judge flayer's Speech.
The Ridgway Star in its report of
the Republican judicial conference at
that place which nominated Judge
Mayer says: When the Judge was
notified of his nomination he made a
hearty speech of thanks for the honor,
and promised to discharge the duties
of his high office without fear or favor,
and tho best be knew how. The
Judge's eyes filled with tears as he re
counted his mauy years on the bench,
and spoke of the friendly feeling that
existed between himself and the mem
bers of the bar.
He highly appreciated tho compli
ment of the nomination from a different
political party than his own, and
promised never to be recreant to the
trust so magnanimously given him.
His speech was very effecting and
came from a heart filled to overflowing
with gratitude for the honor that had
como to him from the men who differ
ed from him in their political views.
Mere Light Needed.
The Warner House 'bus narrowily
escaped destruction at the W. N. Y. &
P. crossing on Monday night. Owing
to the intense darkness at that already
famous death trap, Mr. R. Warner,
who was driving, was unable to see
the string of cars and engine that was
rapidly moving down through the
yard and as a consequence the rear of
the'bus was just grazed by the first
car as it passed over the crossing.
We have heard several complaints
during the past month, relative to the
darkness at the above mentioned
crossing and think it would be well if
our council attended to the matter at
once. It may cost a few cents extra
each month to maintain a suitable
light at this crossing, but this slight
expenditure may be the means of pre
venting much costly litigation against
the borough in the future.
Better still, it'the R. K., authorities
should place a flagman at the crossing.
It is certainly a dangerous place.
Death of Morris Lewis.
The old land-marks are rapidly pass
ing to the great beyond. Morris Lewis,
one of our old and esteemed citizens
passed away last Sunday, at his home
near Emporium, aged 66 years. Mr.
Lewis had been an invalid for several
years, and his death was not unex
Deceased has resided in this county
all his life and has been closely con
nected with the history of the county.
During the past thirty years he his
served as court crier and discharged
his duties faithfully and well. Ke waF
a devoted member of the Adventist
church and died in the faith.
The funeral, one of the largest ever
held in the Valley, took place on Tues
day, from his late residence. Rev.
Saunders officiated at the funeeral and
his remains were interred in the Rich
valley cemetery.
Tho members of the Bar and county
officials attended the funeral in a
body and sent a handsome floral offer
Deceased leaves a wife and two
grown children to mourn his death.
NO. 27.