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VOL. 3:3.
XWHEN you see this item mark
ed with an X across its face you
will know that your subscription
is due, or past due. Your name will
be found printed on each copy of the
PRESS, as you receive it and gives the
last date to which you have paid. Our
terms are §2.00 if not paid in advance,
$1.50 in advance. Many, very many,
of our patrons allow their subscrip
tions to run vear after year. This we
are unable to stand. It requires
money to purchase paper and pay em
ployes and we must insist upon the
payment of subscriptions due us. We
have been patient, but "patience lias
ceased to be a virtue," and we now
propose to weed out all those subscri
bers who show no disposition to pay
for their paper. We labor hard to j
give the public a good journal and t
while a majority of our patrons realize |
that fact and pay for it there are bun- j
dreds who never give the matter a I
passing thought, taking it for granted j
that we will always send them the
PRESS, whether we receive pay or not.
We have had an elegant sufficiency of
that kind of kindness. If you want
this paper pay for it—if you don't
want it, stop it and pay what you owe.
We know money is scarce in this
county, yet we also know that our de
linquents could pay if they desired a
part at least.
Business Cards.
Emporium, Pa.
A business relating to estate, collections, real
estates, Orphan's Court and general law business
will receive prompt attention. 42-ly.
Will give prompt attention to all business en
rusted to them. 16-1 y.
Collections promptly attended to. Real estate
and pension claim agent,
35-1 y. Emporium, Pa. j
F. D. LEET. , w •
Emporium, Pa.
I have numerous calls lor hemlock and hard
wood timber lands, also stum page &c., and parties ;
desiring either to buy or sell will do well to call ,
on me. D. LEEST.
Emporium, Pa. |
Having again taken possession of this old and :
popular house I solicit a share of the public pat
ronage. The house is newly furnished ami is one |
of the best appointed hotels in Cameron county.
(Opposite Post Office,)
Emporium, Pa.
D. S. MCDONALD, Proprietor.
Having assumed control of this popular Res
taurant I am prepared to serve the public in the
beet possible manner. Meals furnished at all
hours. Give me a call. 29-8-ly
Near Buffalo Depot, Emporium, Pa.
This new and commodious hotel is now opened
for the accommodation of the public. New in all
its appointments, every attention will be paid to
the guests patronizing this hotel. 27-17-ly
Emporium, Pa.
Scholars taught either at my home on Sixth
street or at the homes of the pupils. Out of town
scholars will be given dates at my rooms in this
F. C. RIEC.'K, D. D. S.,
Office over Taggart's Drug Store, Emporium, Pa.
Gas and other local anaesthetics ad
ministered for the paiuless extraction
SPEClALTY:—Preservation of natural teeth, in
cluding Crown and Bridge Work.
I will visit Driftwood the first Tuesday, and
Sinnemahoning the third Wednesday of each
Political Announcements.
All Announcements under this head mv&t be
signed by the candidate and paid in advance to
insure publication.
Editor Press:—
Please announce my name as a candidate for
Associate .Judge of Cameron county, subject to
the decision of the Republican County Conven
Grove, Pa., April 4th, 1898.
Editor Press: —
Please announce my name a.* a candidate for
Associate Judge of Cameron county subject to
the decision of the Republican County Conven
Sterling Run, Pa., April Bth, 185)8.
I'Mitor Press: —
Please announce my name as a candidate for
Associate Judge of Cameron County, subject to
the decision of the Republican County Conven
Driftwood, Pa., April 20th, 1898.
Editor Press:
Please announce my name as a candidate for
Associate Judge of Cameron county, subject to
the decision of the Republican County Conven
Driftwood, Pa., May 7th, 1898.
Editor Press :
Please announce my name as a candidate for
the nomination of County Treasurer, subject to
the decision of the Republican county Conven
Emporium, Pa., June 27, 1898,
Editor Press:—
Please announce my name as a candidate for
Treasurer of Cameron County, subject to the
decision of the Republican county convention.
< . G. CAT LIN.
Emporium, Pa., June 28th, 1898.
Editor Cameron County Press:
Please announce iny namo as a candidate for
the office of County Treasurer, subject to the de
cision of the Republican County Convention.
Emporium, Pa., Aug. 16, 1898.
List of Jurors.
The following is the list of jurors selected to
serve at the September term of court.
1 Ayers, Frank Carpenter Emporium
2 Beaton, Ward Laborer Emporium
3 Bennett, Amos Foreman Grove
4 Close, Edward Farmer Shippen
5 Dice, C. A Laborer Lumber
« Dickenson, W. W Laborer Emporium
7 Floyd, J. C Farmer Gibson
8 Gardn r, J. S Laborer Grove
9 Guinn, George Clerk Emporium
10 Hamilton, J. R Cook Emporium
11 Havens, George Laborer.. Grove
12 Jordan,.Harry Merchant—Emporium
13 Logan, James Laborer Shippen
14 La Bar, Geo Merchant—K ponum
15 McCarthy, Michael.. Laborer .. . E poriuni
16 Murray, C. H.... ....Laborer Grove
17 Marsh, W. A Carpenter Lumber
18 Nangle, Owen Laborer Emporium
19 Ostrura, N. A Farmer Shippen
20 Peters, Elias Farmer Shippen
21 Redfoot. A. F Merchant Driftwood
22 Rent/, F. P Machinist Emporium
23 Seger, Fritz Tailor Emporium
24 Schmidt, C. G Baker Emporium
1 Andrews, A. F Laborer Emporium
2 Burrows, Bert Clerk Emporium
|:> Butler, Charles Wagon Maker Emporium
l Bertield, Wesley Farmer Shippen
5 Blinzler, Ed Barber Emporium
(i Brook bonk, J. () Merchant Driftwood
7 Chapman, Elliott Laborer Gibson
8 Chadwick, T. F Farmer Shippen
9 Crandall, C. E Clerk Emporium
10 ('line, John Laborer Shippen
11 Davison, J. M Druggist Emporium
12 Dalpha, Albert Laborer Emporium
13 English. J. M Farmer. Gibson
14 Evans, J. H Farmer Portage
l. r > Espy, T. E Barber Grove
Ifi Fay, C. C Farmer Emporium
17 Ford, Harry Laborer Gibson
18 Foultz, John 8...... Laborer Gibson
19 Farley, Joseph .. Farmer Gibson
20 Gore, G. W Laborer Grove
21 Glenn, John Laborer Emporium
22 Goss, Martin Laborer Emporium
23 Hacket, T. N Filer Emporium
24 Housler, (Jeo. E Farmer Sninpen
25 Hicks, John R Farmer Gioson
26 Jessop, C. H Laborer Emporium
27 Krider, S. P...Merchant Driftwood
28 Lewis, Heilman Laborer.... Shippen
29 Lupole, W. H Laborer Grove
30 Loucks, J. B. Farmer Shippen
31 Peters, O. S. Farmer Shippen
32 Parsons, J. F Merchant Emporium
33 Smith, Adam R Laborer. Driftwood
31 Swartwood, E. E Farmer Shippen
35 Seiford, Anthony. ...Laborer Emporium
36 Van Wert, George. .Farmer Shippen
Back From Alaska.
Edward Dion, Jas. Lysett and Urban
Butler returned from Alaska last Sat
urday. They report all Emporium
men, located in that country, as being
well and doing well. The boys are
glad to get home and are content to
remain here.
To Farmers.
J desire to inform the farmers of this
and adjoining counties that 1 have
recently purchased a Fearless Thresh
er and Cleaner, and am prepared to
do any work in this line in first-class
manner and at reasonable rates. Hav
ing the best machinery I take pride in
giving my customers good clean work.
1 am also making contracts to bale
hay, having purchased the Eli hay
press. Give me a call.
L., G. COOK.
Emporium, Pa., Aug. 8, 1898.—24tf
A Jlodel Farm.
In a sightly place, between 400 and
500 feet above the valley, on one of
the prominent hills which surround
Warren, with a background of native
forest, standing on the brow of the
hill, is the summer home of Hon.
C. W. Stone.
Some distance back of this comforts
able country home is the Airmont
dairy farm, stocked with a registered
herd of Jersey and Holstein cows, well
cared for in comfortable barns, arrang
ed for wintering and storing the crops
that are produced by good farming
and judicial fertilizing of the cultivated
The nearness of the farm to the
Warren Electric Power company's
plant makes it practicable to use elec
tricity, power being used is generated
by means of a 15 horse power motor and
used whenever power is needed. Es
pecially is this convenient in putting
up ensilage, of which large quantities
are used, and it is considered one of
tHe best milk-producing forages of the
All the domestic stock on the farm
shows great care in selection, and Mr.
Stone does not object to riding behind
some fine roadsters when at home dur
his vacations,having laid aside tiis
official duties. It is then that he finds
his farm a resort for rest and recrea
tion and a never-ending source of
pleasure in watching the progress of
improvements, such as making roads,
setting out varieties of trees and shrubs,
obtained at home and abroad, and
there is no greater enjoyment for our
worthy Congressman than the taking
of a hand in this work himself.
Mr. Stone's knowledge of horticul-
I ture is extensive as is evidenced by
' his farm and as can be seen at his
Warren residence where the grounds
are covered with a fine variety and
collection of ornamental and fruit
bearing trees. Among the ornamental
i variety are the English oak and wal
i nut and the St. Helena weeping willow.
At the close of President Harrison's
campaign in 'BB the large log cabin
that was erected on the late Judge
Scofield's lot on Liberty street by Har
| rison's supporters, and which did ex
] cellent service in the progress of the
! local campaign to the Republican
j cause, was purchased by Mr. Stone
j and carefully taken down, removed
land re-ereeted at a conspicuous point
j on his farm west of Warren, a large
j old fashioned' fire-place having been
! added for parties frequently given by
j the family of our Congressman, and it
; is a common saying: "A party up at
' Stone's to-night; see the light."
A gas* well on the farm furnishes
' gas for heat and light, and when the
i family are at home a large beacon
j light may be seen guiding and wel
i coming the guests to this hospitable
j farm and country home.—Warren
"Liberty and Union, One and Inseparable."— WEßSTEß.
Seed Wheat.
Mr. L. G. Cook has several varieties
of seed wheat for sale, samples of
which may be seen at Walker's hard
ware store. '2stf
Republican County Committee.
The Republican county committee
met at the Warner House last Thurs
day, to fix the date for the holding of
the primary election and county con
vention. Every district in the county
was represented and the best of feel
ing prevailed. On motion it was re
solved that the primary election be
held on Saturday, Sept. 24th, and the
convention on Tuesday, Sept. 27th.
The committee passed a resolution
empowering the committeemen from
each district to select the delegates to
be voted at the primaries, also that all
candidates file their names with the
Secretary of the County Committee
that their name may be printed on the
tickets to be presented to the primary
election ollicers in each district. It
was also decided that inasmuch as the
Associate Judge to be nominated is
conceeded to the eastern section of
the county that no instructions be
voted for said office in Shippen and
Emporium—leaving the delegates free.
That the Republicans may fully under
stand the matter, we will briefly give
the plan decided upon. Each district
is entitled to a certain number of dele
gates; the committeemen from each
district will select the exact number of
Republicans to act as delegates and
place their names in the hands of the
Secretary of the county committee;
the Secretary of the county com
mittee will place the names at the
top of the ticket; below will follow the
names of all candidates for the several
county offices; the voter will mark an
X after the eanditate he desires to
vote for and the candidate receiving
a majority of the votes cast in each
district will receive the votes, in the
convention, of the delegates from his
district for five ballots. The plan is
practically the Crawford county sys
tem and gives the voter a choice of
candidates, not leaving the decision to
the delegates. The tickets will be
placed in the hands of the chairman
of the district committee. The prim
ary election will be conducted under
the Act of Assembly. We believe the
new system will work better and be
more harmonious than a general, .at
times disgusting, scramble for dele
gates. The plan adopted is honest and
fair to all.
A Letter From Ponce.
The following interesting letter
from E. J. Fauzy, of the 10th liegt.
Penn'a. Vol., was received by his wife
a few days ago and kindly submitted
to the PRESS for publication:
July 29, 1898. t
I suppose you will be worried nearly
to death over my tardiness in writing
but I did not have a chance to write
before we left Charleston, and we did
not meet any mail boat on our way
over so you see it is not my fault that
I did not write.
We were on the water seven days
and seven nights and some of the boys
were awful sea-sick before we landed.
Several of the boys are very sick with
typhoid fever and some have malarial
fever, but so far I have been feeling
very well. The climate is very much
better than it was in the states of Ten
nessee, Georgia or South Carolina, be
cause of the sea breeze, but it rains,
every day regular and at night there
is a very heavy dew so it makes it very
dangerous in regards to your lungs
and rheumatics, and also fevers. The
Spaniards are camped about 10 miles
back in the mountains, 5,000 strong,
and when all the Americans are landed
there will be about 20,000 of us and
four batteries of light artillery, so I
guess we can whip the Dons that are
near here, and we expect to start in
the morning for a skirmish after the
Then we go and beseige San Juan
and after we have taken that we will
come home, if Spain does not give up
before then. There is no use for them
to fight us any longer for we are bound
to win and that before long too.
The island is very plentiful with
fruit and the boys are doing it justice
too. There are pineapples, bananas,
cocoanuts, man goes, poneos and bread
fruit, so you see we won't want for
fruit. Sugar cane grows in abundance
here and so rum is equally as plenti
ful . Some of the boys have drank a
trifle too much already.
They captured about fifty Spanish
interpreters last night and to-day, and
I presume some of them will be shot
as spies.
Now don't worry over mail if you
don't get any, for we are going to a
country where mails will be few and
far between, but if anything happens
to me you will get a cablegram from
Capt. A. D. Burns, but there is every
reason to believe that I won't get hurt.
Well, 1 must close for the present
and bid you good night, hoping I will
soon be home with my family, I re
main your
True and loving husband,
I Co. C 16th Regt P. V. I.
Harmony all Along the Line.
Senator Quay and David Martin met
at Philadelphia last Thursday and
now the Combine and Anti-Combine
factions will bury the differences and
work together for the success of the
Republican ticket at the November
election and the re-election of Quay to
the Senate. This is a Republican year
and harmony all along the line is the
watch-word. Cameron county Repub
licans will join the column to victory.
Enacted by the School Board.
At a recent meeting of the Borough
School Board a resolution was passed,
that all pupils attending the public
schools last year who were not present
for examination at the close of last
term must be examined before they
can be promoted.
Examinations will begin at 9:00 a. m.
in the High School building, Thursday,
Aug. 25th. Those who cannot be pres
ent on that day will remain in the
rooms in which they were last year
until another date set for examination.
A Slight Blaze.
The alarm of fire was sounded in the
west ward, Sunday evening at nine
o'clock and upon investigation was
found to be at the dwelling house on
Sixth street, occupied by W. W.
Weeks and owned bv Hyde, Murphy
& Co., of Ridgw: y. The flames
had eaten a small hole on the
J aside wall, back of the kitchen stove,
and were soon extinguished with the
Bid of a few pails of water. The
family were out of town on an excur
sion at the time and Mr. Weeks thinks
if must have been the work of incen
d tries.
Barn Destroyed.
About two o'clock Tuesday morning,
the barn belonging to John Costello,
located at the rear of Eagle Hotel,
was discovered to be on fire and
a general alarm was given, which
v,as quickly responded to by all four
r ~|;;nies.
The Citizens and Hook's were the
first to arrive on the scene and their
prompt action prevented the fire
from spreading to the adjoining build
ings, and in a short time had the
the flames entirely subdued.
Mr. Costello estimates his loss on
the barn and contents at S2OO, with no
insurance. It is reported that a num
ber of "hoboes" were seen issuing
from the burning building at the time
the alarm was given.
Keeping Up His Record.
There is probably no where around,
a more prosperous business man than
Frank McGloin, the "sailor boy
grocer,"and real estate owner of Ridg
way. For the past twenty-six years
he has resided in the borough of Ridg
way and he can with just pride point
to the fact that he owns and has paid
for a house for every year he has been
in the town. On Tuesday he closed
one of the biggest real estate deals of
the season and became the owner of
the R. I. Robinson property, corner of
Center and Elk streets, which he pur
chased from W. H. Hyde, paying
therefore the round sum of SB,OOO.
The newly acquired property consists
of two lots facing Centre St., on which
there are three good dwelling houses.
The houses are very desirable ones and
are now occupied by H. H. Tenßroeck, j
Herman Nauert and Thos. C. Gal- |
braith's families respectively. Mr. j
McGloin's 27 years residence in Ridg- j
way will not lie reached until next j
March, and, in order that his record j
for one house for every year may not |
be broken, it is his intention to build I
on one of the new lots before that
time. He is a good landlord and keeps \
his properties in good repair, thus j
pleasing his tenants and maintaining j
the value of his investments.
Mr. McGloin is not much of a man \
for fuss and feathers, and, he is per- '
fectly well satisfied if he can but be- '
come the owner of "just what joins" i
his own property. His valuable hold- j
ings of real estate have been acquired j
by close attention to business and all
who patronize his grocery or have any
dealings with him in any line of trade
always find that he sells at the lowest
possible living profits and {hat he
handles only goods that he can recom
mend to his friends.—Ridgway Advo
cate. Frank McGloin is well and
favorably known in this section. For
many years he was associated with M.
C. Tulis, of Emporium and together
they traveled this country, visiting
the people who seldom had an oppor
tunity to visit the stores. Mr. McGloin
married Miss Mary Farrell, of Empo
rium, a very excellent young lady.
Their host of Cameron county friends
are pleased to know they have pros
Rich Valley Notes.
Miss Mabel Lewis is working for
Mrs. A. O. Swartwood.
John McClenahan has been on the
sick list for a few days.
Miss Emma Bittenbender has gone
to Barclayville to work for Mrs. Scud
Miss Elsie Lewis is getting ready to
goto Hughton, N. Y. to attend school.
Mrs. Henry Edgcomb, of Emporium,
was the guest of Mrs. D. A. Peasley
several days last week.
Ethel Housler, of Emporium and
| Laura Lewis visited Beulah Herman
i a few days ago and enjoyed them
i selves as only little girls can.
Aug. 15, 1898. ADINA.
Sinnemahoning News.
Theodore Kephart is confined to h!s
| home, a victim of typhoid fever,
j Miss Blanch Motter, one of Williams
| port's charming young ladies is visit
i ing friends here.
j Mrs. Julia Earl, of Depew, N. Y.,
j has been a Sinnemahoning visitor dur-
I ing the past week.
B. V. Wykoff has commenced opera
tions in Montour's Run and will em
ploy a large force of men there from
now until driving time.
A few days ago Brady Weikel a far
mer, of Grove, discovered that one of
his hen's nests was being robbed so he
placed a china egg in the nest near the
side of the barn in which was a knot
hold. That evening when he put his
hand in the nest he caught hold of a
large blacksnake which had swallowed
the artificial egg, and being unable to
make his usual exit through the knot
hole had made himself a prisoner and
was promptly executed by his captor.
Now this is not a production of the
liars club nor the result of an over in
dulgence in Joe M's snake producing
fluid, but is a true bill and can be
vouched for by Bill Michaels or Nor
j man Johnson. ANGUS.
North Creek Items.
D. N. Chandler had the misfortune
to cut his foot very bad a few days
Alfred Marsh who lias been working
for Rob't Warner for a year left Mon-
I day for his home in Potter county.
Mrs. Eliza Harman and daughter
Beulah. of Rich Valley and Miss
Elizabeth McNalley, of Lock Haven,
were guests of W. B. Moore's and
Elihu Housler's families the past week.
Chas. Chadwick is laid up with a
lame arm caused by receiving a severe
blow from a skid, while rolling logs.
Leon Brundage, of Wrights, Pa., is
working for J. W. Lewis.
A party of our people were taking
in the sights at the Kinzua Bridge,
last Friday and Saturday. All report
a pleasant time.
Elihu Housler who has been ill for
the past three months, is able to be
out again.
Rev. Walter Readett and family
were callers at some homes on Friday.
Mrs. E. Housler has been having a
severe swelling on her right hand. It
is some better at this writing.
Miss Alice Lewis has been quite ill
for a few days.
Sterling Run Budget.
A. W. Mason has commenced ship
ping bark to L. R. Gleason & Sons'
tannery at Driftwood.
Bessie Baker of Coudersport, for
merly of this place is visiting her
parents Mr. and Mrs. Jos Kissell.
Sterling Run is famous for its two
jB. B.—base ball and blackberries.
Drs. Bard well and Smith were here
| on a professional visit a few days ago.
Mason Hill seems anxious of our
I whereabouts. We would say that
! they are too fond of chicken there for
j us,which accouns for things disappear
j ing mysteriously at the convention last
I Saturday. For further information we
| refer you to Sam'l Ebersole.
Mel. Smith and wife are visiting his
| fathe.i,Samuel Smith, for a few days.
\ Jos. Kissel and Benj. Dayton have
both taken bark jobs of Whiting &
j Thomas in Potter county, draying to
j the railroad.
I There is some very loud talk in re
| gard to parties here who blockade the
j sidewalks at night and molest people
! who are attending to their own busi
i ness. We understand this business
! Avill be stopped even if it has to
;be brought before the grand jury
j when they meet, as unlawful assem
blages, resulting in a public nuisance,
i The potato harvest will be about
one half a crop this fall. Blight and
dry weather is the cause.
Miss Amy Summerson, one of Gib
\ son township school teachers is taking
| in the firemen's convention at Ridg
! way.
j Mrs. Julia Earl, of Depew, N. Y., is
J visiting relatives here.
TERMS: $2.00 —$1.50 IN ADVANCE.
| V J Hon. CHAM. A. MAYER President Judge ano
i the Hons. B. V. WYKOFF and J. C. BONHAM, AH
| sociate Judges of the Courts of Oyer and Terminer
and General Jail Delivery, Quarter Sessions a
the Peace, Orphans' Court and Court of Comraar
| Pleas for the county of Cameron, have issued
their precept bearing date the sth day of March.
A. D., 1898, and to me directed for holding*
I Court of Oyer and Terminer,General Jail Delivery,
Quarter Sessions of the Peace, Orphans' Court
| and Court of Common Pleas, in the Borough of
Emporium, Pa., on Monday, the sth day oc
September, 1808, at 2 o'clock, p. m., and to con
tinue one week.
Notice is hereby given to the Coroners, Justice."
1 of the Peace and Constables within the county,
that they be then and there in their proper per
sons, at 2 o'clock, p. m., of said day, with their
rolls, records, inquisitions, examinations, and
other rememberances, to do those things which
to their offices appertain to be done. And thon?-
who are bound by their recognizance to prosecute
against them as will be just.
I Dated at Emporium, Pa., Angust Ist, 189 -
and in the 122 d year of the Independence of the
1 United States or A merica.
FRANK MI'NDY, Sheriff.
Fine Clothing
EM VERY MAN has or ought to have an ej*
z* on his attire. Fine Clothing is the unJ»
form of success and prosperity. Even
man seeks to look his best. He must have a good
tailor to help him do it. We claim first place is.-
that line and having opened our
Elegant Line of Summer
We are now ready to serve our customers with
the latest in models of clothes.
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Have you seen
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112 GOODS ? I
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(• The Latest in
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| R. SEGER & SON. |
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NO. 25.