Cameron County press. (Emporium, Cameron County, Pa.) 1866-1922, June 09, 1898, Page 5, Image 5

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    ffl Reliable hi siore.
Owing to the very liberal patronage I have had
from our people and in view of the hard
times I will until MAY Ist,reduce the price of
Physicians Prescriptions as follows, vi<-:
All I 02. mixtures, regular price, 20 to 15
All 2 oz. mixtures, reguiar price, 25 to 19
All 3 oz. mixtures, regular price, 35 to 25
Ali 4 oz. mixtures, regular price, 45 to 30
All 6 oz. mixtures, regular price. 65 to 50
All 8 oz. mixtures, regular price. 85 to 65
And a corresponding reduction on
all packages of Powders, Pills, Oint
ments Also liberal discount on all
Patent Medicines, Baby Foods, Per
fumes, Toilet and Fancy Articles and
extra liberal discount on Fountain
Syringes, Hot Water Bottles, Atomi
zers and Nursing Bottles.
I will guarantee my goods to be
strictly fresh and equal to any goods
in the market.
Thirty years experience in tho town
of Emporium is sufficient evidence of
competency. If you wish to avail
yourself of the liberal offer, leave
your Physician's Prescriptions and
drug trade in general at the OLD RE
Emporium, Pa., June", JS9B.
NEMOPHILA, persack #1 75
Graham " 9"
Rye " 70
Buckwheat, "
Patent Meal.., " -10
Coarse Meal, per 100, 90
Chop Feed, " 90
Middlings " 90
8ran,.... " 90
Corn, per bushel, *>o
White Oats, per bushel 40
Choice Clover Seed,
Choice Timothy Seed, , A t Market Prices.
Choice Millet Seed,
*'«.nny Kentucky Blue Grass, J
Contributiona inviter' That which you would
like to see in this department, let u* know 6 4 'O#-
tal card, letter, or personally.
D. S. Seibert, of Kutztown, Pa., was
in town yesterday.
Mrs. Ferris, of Buffalo, is guest of B
W. Green and wife.
George Huntley, Jr., of Driftwood,
was a visitor to the county seat on Sat
Mrs.Mayer,of Gardeau,was the guest
of Mrs. S. L. Stoddard, Tuesday and
Mrs. A. Dinsmore Davis and daugh
ter, ofDeLana, Fla., stopped at Warner
House yesterday.
Mrs. Agnes Wade, of Sterling Run,
visited her sister Mrs. Welch over Sun
day at this place.
H. W. Mitchell, one of Driftwood's
most prominent citizens was in Empo
rium Monday evening.
County Supt. Miss Mattie Collins, of
Driftwood, was the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. S. S. Smith, last week.
Ed. C. Council, of Cameron, and H.
M. Council, of Sinnemahoning, called
on Emporium friends yesterday.
Mr. H. E. Plubell, one of the wide
awake business men of Northeast, Pa.,
was visiting in town the past week.
Mr. Charles Diehl, wife and baby,
left Wednesday morning for a three
weeks' visit with relatives in Elmira.
Geo. A. Walker and wife, returned
Tuesday from Scranton, where they
had been visiting their new grand son.
Jno. J. Hinkle, who is employed in
the U. S. Mint at Philadelphia, is visit
ing his wife and many friends in town.
Mrs. J. D. Lord, ofFriendship, N. Y.,
is visiting at the residence of her
daughter, Mrs. H. Day, on Woodland
Mrs. F. G. Judd entertained "The
Gang," Tuesday evening, in honor of
her brother-in-law, John J. Hinkle.—
An enjoyable evening was passed.
Mr. Fred Sizer, of New Bergen, N.
Y., visited friends in Emporium the
first of the week. Mr. Sizer was form
erly an engineer on the W. N. Y. & P.
Miss Katharine McDonald, who has
been visiting relatives in this county
for several months, has returned to her
home at Montreal, Canada. Miss Mc-
Donald made many friends in Empori
um during her visits with friends in
Charles Kresge, who went to a hos
pital at Philadelphia a few weeks ago,
for the purpose of having the fractured
bone reset, returned home on the
"Flyer" last Saturday morning. He
reports a slight improvement in the
condition of his foot, and at present
has it encased in a plaster-paris cast.
Miss Iva Bedford and Mr. William
Howard Young were united in marriage
last night at half past eight o'clock, in
Trinity M. E. Church on Third street.
The wedding, which was a brilliant one,
was witnessed by a large number of
friends, the handsome toilets of the
ladies present giving life and color to
the audience. The church decorations
were confined to green, palms and
ferns being used In profusion.—Evans
ville, (Ind.,) News. The happy groom
referred to above is the son of our
former citizens, Mr. and Mrs. E. J.
Young. Their many Emporium friends
extend congratulations.
John H. Day returned last evening j
from his semi-annual visit to Brooklyn, !
N. Y., and reports the great bridge and
all the surroundings, in flourishing
J condition. lie visited the great mar
kets of New York and his customers
will profit thereby.
I Prof. 11. F. Stauffer, in company ,
; with Mr. F. W. Goodwin, principal of
tho Wilcox public schools, made tho !
PRESS office a pleasant call, Wednes
day afternoon.
Miss Anna Kndinskey, of Emporium,
and (ieorge Kolier, of Renovo, are
visiting James Nangle and family,
East Bald Eagle street..—Lock Haven
Mr. L. N. Nash, who has been in the
employ of the Penna. It. R. Co , at i
! Kane, during tho past several months, '
! is ou duty again at the telegraph office j
at the junction.
Mrs. R. P. Heilman was called to j
j Titusvillo on account of the serious
j illness of her mother. She expects to I
be absent some time.
We enjoyed a short visit from our !
old friend IX F. Marsh, last Saturday. J
I Mr. Marsh is one of Mason Hill's pro.- |
' perous farmers and good citizens.
J. G. Nyhart, ofßeechwood was a
business caller at the PRESS sanctum 1
{ last Saturday and made ye editor feel !
Danie' of Cleveland, Ohio., I
| a nepnew of M. C. Tulis, has entered >
| the employ of F. D. Leet, as clerk.
Mrs. T. H. Norris. of Sterling Run, j
| is visiting friends at Corry and Buffalo j
this week.
Ex-County Commissioner E. Housler !
is dangerously ill, at his home on North
Ball (iame.
Manager Soble has arranged for a
game with the Austin club on Satur
day afternoon at Atheletic Park. Game
called at three o'clock.
Small Fire.
A fire broke out in S. S. Hacket's
blacksmith shop on Third street, last
Friday afternoon, but was extinguished
by a few pails of water before the
arrival of the hose companies. The
damage to the building was very
Public Notice.
The undersigned wishes to inform
the public that having bought out the
wagon business connected with J. A.
Fisher's blacksmith shop, would re
spectfully solicit the patronage of my
former patrons. Lumber and farm
wagons a specialty. For workman
ship and easy running, I defy compe
Yours respectfully,
14-4t. C. L. BUTLER.
tie Jumped Too Soon.
A woodsman, of Sinnemahoning,
jumped off day express eastj Monday,
while the train was slackening its
speed at the Normal crossing, and
• ploughed his head through the coal
dirt. A scalp wound several inches
long was inflicted. He was also other
wise bruised about the head. His in
injuries were dressed by a physician in
this city.—Lock Haven Democrat.
An Easy Victory.
The base ball game between the
Sterling Run and Emporium teams
last Friday afternoon failed to furnish
, much excitement after the first two
innings, as our boys got away with the
visitors with but very little effort.
The Sterling Run boys are a very
gentlemanly set of fellows and played
the game through without petty
"scraps" of any kind. The score stood
29-9 in favor of the home team.
H. W. Hottonville, Sec'y of PhiladeN
phia Board of Education;
I Says: "At a meeting of the Board of
Education First School District of
, Pennsylvania, held at their chamber
C on Tuesday, February 11th, 1896, the
following resolution was adopted:
Resolved: That the Universal Dic
tionary of the English Language be
adopted for use in the Public Schools
of Philadelphia.
25 cents a week places the four vols,
in your home.
Enjoyable Evening.
I On Tuesday evening, of last week,
j L. Emery, Jr., Council, gave an enter
! tainment to its members and their
families, at which the following in
teresting program was presented:
"Fraternity; its Business and Social Relations,"
> Address of Welcome, Mrs. Chas. L.Butler
1 Recitation, "Wreck of the Royal Helen,"
I Mrs. D. W. Keys
j Select Reading, "Deacon Jones'visit to World's
Fair," Mrs. W. A. Sprung
; Music Miss Maine Farrell
t Reading, "An Irish Letter,".. .Miss Maine Butler
Solo, "Little Lost Child," Miss Rose Farrell
Recitation, "A Dutchman's Horse Deal,"
' i Dr. A. W. Baker
5 | Singing, "America," By Council
i After the program had been carefully
. rendered the company were served
, ice cream and cake and enjoyed a
112 social visit for an hour, when President
3 W. W. Weeks called the meeting to
> i order, and Mr. S. A. Harris sang a
* ! solo, "Beautiful Gates Ajar," after
1 which six year old Mabel Butler gave
- i a recitation, "The Little Fluffy Cotton
I Ball," which though last was by no
r means least on the program. All
. present returned to their homes, feel
i ing that the evening was well spent.
I IP! fill
MADIUU June S—l p. 111. — 1 lie
communication from
('aptain-( icneral Augusti. dated at
M;uiila, June has been pulilish
''The f-ituution is very grave.
Aguinaldo lias succeeded in stir
ring up the country and the tele
graph lines and railways are being
j cut. lam without communication
' with the provinces. The province
of Cavite has completely rebelled,
J and the towns and villages are
occupied by numerous bands.
"A Spanish column defends the
| Zvpote line to prevent the enemy
i .roin invading the province of
' Manila, but the foe has entered
! through Uulacan, Lagina and Mo
ron, so that Manila will be attack
ed by land and sea.
<- I am striving to raise the cour-
I age of the inhabitants, and will
I exhaust every means of resistance,
I but I distrust the natives and the
i volunteers because there have al
ready been many desertions. 15a
j coor and Imus have already been
seized by the enemy. The insur
rection has reached great propor
tions, and if I cannot count upon
the support of the country, the
forces at my disposal will not suf
fice to hold the ground against two
General Correa, Minister of War
and Captain Aunon, Minister of
Marine, have gone to the palace to
confer with the Queen Regent's to
to General Augusti's communica
tion. It is reported that the
Spaniards at Manila have already
been compelled to take refuges in
the fortification part of the town.
A dispatch from the commander
of the Islands of Yisayas says that
official sent two gunboats to the
island of Luzon with instructions
to try to communicate with Manila,
but, he adds they were compelled
to return unsuccessful. The gov
ernment, it is added, replied, in
structing the [commander of the
Island of Yisayas to restore com
munication with Manila at all
A member of the government,
whose name cannot be used, ad
mitted that the dispatch of Spanish
troops to the Philippine Islands
could not change the situation.
North Creek News Budget.
Very nice weather here at present.
Mumps are raging, and every one
has enough of them.
Miss Alda Carter and Mr. Mark
Goodwin were guests ofJMiss Alice
Lewis on Sunday.
Miss Rose Carter, Eddie Morton and
Bernice Housler Jand Messrs. Wayne
Hamilton, Henry Carter, Warren
Moore, attended church Sunday even
in Rich Valley.
Elihu Housler is quite ill with heart
A large bear was discovered in Elihu
Housler's corn field near where three
children were at play on Sunday even
ing by Mrs. Mi Ida Morton. Her screams
brought the neighboring families to
the spot, but as 110 onejhad a gun it
crossed the road and disappeared in
the bushes before any one could get a
gun and being near night it could not
be tracked and escaped.
The Bear Lake Record says that an
intelligent young lady, after entertain
ing a young man until the chickens
were crowing their last nightly crow,
handed him a pencil and paper and
asked him to make nine ciphers in line,
thus: 000000000, then to commence at
the first on the left and fromjthe right
side of the cipher draw a straight line;
on the right side of the fourth make a
short line up; on the right side of the
fifth make a line down, on the right
side of the seventh make a short line
up, and from the right ol the eighth
one mark down, and then readjwhat he
had written.
Kane Republican: From all sections
of Elk, Warren and McKean counties
comes word from large delegations of
the Knights and Ladies of the Macca
bees that they are making arrange
ments to come to Kane, Saturday,
June 11. If the weather is at all favor
able there will be the largest crowd of
outsiders in the city ever assembled
here. The business men should realize
this fact and do all in their power to
1 make the meeting a success by not
i only contributing toward the necessary
expense, but by decoorating their
places of business and residences,
especially along the line cf parade.
Council Pro eedings.
1 Regular meeting Borou# Council, June 6tli,
IKW*. Present: Messrs. Hurko, Balcom, Warner,
Uucket, Strayer, Lloyd. Absent: Messrs. Day,
1 Burns, Palmer.
Minutes of last regular ami special meetings
! re ad and approved.
The committee appointed to confer with
property owners on Filth street, near Chestnut
street, in regard to a sewer was continued.
Moved by .Mr. lialcom, seconded by Mr. Burke,
' 1 that the Secretary he instructed to inform the
Western New York and Pennsylvania Railway
Company that the sewer they proposed as cross*
| ing Portage street was considered impracticable
by the Council and they are requested to con
-1 struct the said sewer upon their own right of way.
| Carried.
Moved by Mr. Strayer, seconded by Mr.
' Balcom, that a street light be erected at the foot
1 of Broad street and that the Council meet on the
1 premises June 7th, at 8:00 a. m., to locate the
; same. Carried.
i The committee appointed to investigate the
i matter of putting a partition in the large room
lon second floor of City Hall, etc., was continued,
j The committee appointed to investigate the
I cost of water troughs or fountains, etc., was con
j tinned.
! On motion by Mr. Balcom, seconded by Mr.
i Lloyd, the following bills were ordered paid:
i Joshua Bair, work on streets, $ 700
| John Welsh " " 4t 7 .10
j Thomas Smith 14 " 44 28 35 1
Charles Kry " " " 300 |
i Thos. Cavavangh 14 4 4 44 300
j Wni. Snyder 44 44 44 562 ]
1 W. Ruber 44 4 4 44 5 25 I
| K. Kinny
Charles Prosser 4 4 44 4 4 team 700
I Gus Whitmer 44 44 44 150 i
St. Marys Gas Co , gas to July Ist, '9H 34 00
l Emporium Water Co., water to July Ist, 98 810 00 j
Frank Wheaton, drying hose, 1 00 |
Henry Wheaton, " 44 etc., 250 !
! George Kempher, 44 4 4 100
| Emporium Machine Co., repairs for hire _ ,
Department 4 77 !
i Emporium Machine Co., street r011er...... .1000
I On motion the Council then adjourned to meet
I June 13th, 1898.
Flag Bunting at Balcom & Lloyd's.
I Fast colors and each yard a llag.
Pure Bred.
Cornish Indian Game, Golden Wyan
dottesand S.C.Brown Leghorns' eggs SI.OO for
flUeen - I. F.OSTRUM.
Emporium, Pa.—2-3m.
Are you Troubled with Dyspepsia?
If so, do not neglect until It Is too late this
opportunity of ridding yourself of this trou
ble. lir, Fenner's Dyspepsia Cure, as the
name implies, is simply for Dyspepsia and
Indigestion. This is a preparation long and
successfully used In private practice by one
of America's best qualified physicians, who
Is an accepted authority on all medical ques
tions. If not satisfied after usingono bottle
your money will be refunded by
R. C. Dodson.
[On which was written, "I mark only the
bright hours."]
( mark the bright hours, and only the bright;
[ dwell not in darknoss, but ever in light;
[ garner the sun sheaves and dream not of
Fast, fast fades tho brightness, the bloom o'
the years,
And life seeks tho light while the darkness it
'Tis too swift for your sighing, too sweet for
your tearsl
I mark the bright hours. Tho shadow is cast
So soon on life's morning—the noonday is past.
Treasure light for the night—treasure light to
the last I
—Atlanta Constitution.
One In England That Is Made of Railway
Scattered throughout tho area of
Great Britain are numerous towns and
villages of a curious character. One
large village actually consists of old
railway carriages, even the little mis
sion chapel being built out of four large
horse trucks. Another village, with a
population of 1,100 and a ratable value
of £B,OOO, has neither church, chapel
nor school, tho only public edifice being
a pillar letter box.
Villages with a single inhabitant are
not unknown. At Skiddaw, in Cumber
land, there is a solitary householder,
who cannot vote because there is no
overseer to prepare a voters' list and no
ohurch or other public building on
which to publish one, while tho only
ratepayer in a certain rural Northum
berland parish has recently declined to
bear tho expense of repairing a road be
cause he considers it quite good enough
for himself.
' In the isle of Ely there is a little
parish which has been somewhat con
-1 temptuously described as "a portion of
i land, with three or four houses and per
haps 12 inhabitants." This place has
i no roads at all and is consequently put
, to no expense in keeping them in repair.
As a matter of fact, there are no ex
penses of any kind and no rates.
1 One of the most remarkable villages
1 in this country is Keinpton, near Bed
> ford, which is seven miles long and ex
tremely straggling. To walk from one
end of the village to tho other occupies
two hours.
i Sometimes whole villages will prac
tically disappear. A little Shropshire
j village has gradually sunk, until now
it is almost out of sight. It is built on
j a disused coal pit, and the sinking goes
on steadily every year. Now and then
' a tottering house is propped up to keep
it standing, but in spito of all prccau
t tions buildings are constantly falling to
; tho ground, and in courso of time doubt
i less nothing will be left but a few
, bricks to mark the spot whore a village
j. onoo stood.
There are plenty of deserted villages
3 throughout the country. A diversion of
1 trade into other channels is sometimes
5 sufficient to produce this effect. Not
many years ago tho proprietors of an
Iron works at a townlet near Sheffield,
3 being unable to obtain certain conces
-3 sions from a railway company, removed
112 their works. Shortly afterward half the
place was to let, and tho windows of
. many of the houses were boardod up.—
London Tit-Bits.
112 A plant grows in Assam which has
j the peculiar property, when chewed, ol
temporarily noutralizing the sense of
9 taste as regards sweet and bitter things.
5 Tho Hindoos claim that the plant is an
t antidote to snako bite.
r Oat of the enormous number of worn
; en in Constantinople—the population is
' nearly 1,000,000 —not more than 5,000
can road or write.
Beat* the Klondike.
Mr. A. C. Thomas, of Marysville
j Tex., has found a more valuable dis
; covery than lias yet been made in the
j Klondike. For years he suffered un
told agony from consumption, accom
| panied by hemorrhages; and was ab
solutely cured by Dr. King's New
: Discovery for Consumption, Coughs j
| and Colds. lie declares that gold is
of little value in comparison with this |
marvelous cure; would have it, even if j
it cost a hundred dollars a bottle. I
I Asthma, bronchitis and all throat and ;
lung affections are positively cured by j
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con- I
sumption. Call on L. Taggart, drug- ;
gist, and get a trial bottle free. Regu- i
I lar size 50c. and §1- Every bottle '
guaranteed, or price refunded.
Whitewashing a rascal never helps !
| him any on the inside.
Fulton & Pearsail.
These up-to-date painters havecon-
I solidated their business and may be
| found at their shop in Parsons' Bazaar.
\ Both are practical painters and will
J give prompt attention to all work en
trusted to them. Estimates furnished
I for all kinds of house, sign and deco
! rative painting as well as wall paper
{ ing and frescoing. Especial attention
| given to out of town orders. 47tf.
Notice to the Public.
The road now being cut through
; from Salt Run to Bailey Run, we ask
| the people in the habit of going to j
Baily Run and going by the Climax j
| Powder Co.'s works, togo via Salt j
j Run, as hereafter no one will be al
lowed togo through the Climax
! Powder Company's works.
A Great Deal
of unnecessary expenditure of time
and money maybe saved if you will
only keep a bottle of Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin in the house. Nine
tenths of all ordinary sickness is from
the stomach; keep that organ in proper
condition and all will be well. Syrup
Pepsin is a specific. Trial size bottles
10c., large sizes 50c. and SI.OO, of L.
No matter how far our army may go
there will be Miles ahead of it.
Hundreds of thousands have been
induced to try Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, by reading what it has done
for others, and having tested it« merits
for themselves are to-day its warmest
friends. For sale by L. Taggart. jun
Time is money. That is, it takes
considerable money to have much of a
Ballard's Horehound Syrup is not a
mixture of stomach destroying drugs,
but is a scientifically prepared remedy
that cures coughs and colds, and all
throat and lung troubles. Its action is
quick, prompt and positive. '.15 and
50c. L. Taggart.
If you want to live long, don't try to
live more than one day at a time.
"For three years we have never been
without Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy ir. the house,"
says A. H. Patter, with E. C. Atkins &
Co., Indianapolis, Ind., and my wife
would as soon think of being without
flour as a bottle of this Remedy in the
summer season. We have used it with
all three of our children and it has
never failed to cure —not simply stop
pain, but cure absolutely. It is all
right, and anyone who tries it will find
it so." For sale by L. Taggart. jun
The moment a man finds out he has
been making a fool of himself he has
learned something valuable.
Kidney or Bladder Troubles.
If you suffer from kidney, bladder or urin
ary troubles, or from too frequent or scanty
urine. "Dr. Fonner's and Backache
Cure" is what you want. Bed-wetting by
children la generally cured by one bottle of
this powerful remedy. Testimonials are
disregarded, many people doubting the ho«-
esty or sincerity of them, we therefore avoid
giving any here, but will furnish them on ap-
Sllcation to dealer whose name Is gives
elow. If not satisfied after using one bot
tle your money will be refunded by
R. C. Dodson.
There is nothing for which men have
to pay so dear as for the privilege of
being stingy.
So far as known not one case of
diphtheria has ever been reported to
health officers where Aamstrong's
Diphtheria and Quinsy Drops was
used as soon as soreness was felt in the
throat. It is a wonderful remedy and
should be in every home, and used for
any affection of the throat. R. C.
Dodson. 6-ly
When a lazy man looks toward
heaven, the angels close the windows.
The most successful throat remedy in
the world is Armstrong's Diphtheria
ond Quinsy Drops. Sold by druggists.
R. C. Dodßon. 6-ly
What more patriotic demonstration
could you have than a red-headed girl
with a white dress and a blue sash ?
asks an exchange.
Is your liver tired; does it fail to do
its duty? If so, don't neglect its call
for help. A few doses of Herbine may
save you a spell of sickness. Herbine
is the only perfect liver medicine. It
cures chills and fever. 75c. L. Tag
$5.00 Per Pair.
Office 830 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa.
It is Strange
that some people who say they never
read patent medicine advertisements
will he found lugging home every now
and them a bottle of some favorite
remedy of theirs. We don't bother
you with much reading but just ask
you to try a 10c. trial bottle of Dr.
j Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin for constipa
• tion, indigestion and stomach troubles,
j GOc. and §1 sizes of L. Taggart. June
The man who most deserves a monu
ment does not need it. *
I Mr. Isaac Ilorner, proprietor of the
j Burton House, Burton, W. Va., and
j oneof the most widely known men in-
I the state was cured of rheumatism
| after three years of suffering. He
I says:"l have not sufficient command
j of language to convey any idea of
what I suffe red, my physicians told mo
that nothing could be done for me; and
my friends were fully convinced that
nothing but death would relieve me of
my suffering. In June, 1894, Mr.
Evans, then salesman for the Wheeling
Drug Co., recommended Chamberlain's
Pain Balm. At this time my foot and
limb were swollen to more than double
their normal size and it seemed to me
my leg would burst, but soon after 1
began using the Pain Balm, the swell
ing began to decrease, the pain to
leave, and now 1 consider that I am
entirely cured." For sale by L. Tag
gart. j un
Fortify yourself against the weary
ing, wearing summer days when nerves
and energy lag, and nature is exhaust
ed. New life comes with stimulation.
You expect too much of nature. Build
up the system now and be "one ahead"
when the enervating sultry season
®'S v S > S v S v S v ®^ , S v S 9~'9'9 / S v S'9^ / 9 / S J i J 9^ / S / 9 / 9<rj
Imm 1
I in 1 i
22 This is the Brand,
(••) The Miller planned
»•) To be the finest in the land. (*•)
&•> C**>
(••) a®
Now East and West, £•>
§2 His skill attest, •
And Pillsbury's Best leads (••>
all the rest. (••>
<••) (••>
r*«> If the inscription on gg
<••> your sack of flour is like
(••j J
the above, you have the £•>
fjg best flour in the world 2$
(••j ou S ht to ' iave the
(••j best bread. Better look (••>
»« (•«
(••) and see, and if not, go at 22
nnrp to
(••) "lICC (••)
(••J (••)
|| DAY'S
• •
(••) , , »•)
(•g and procure a sack ot gg
P World Famous,
II Pillsbury's Best.
('••) There are others, but
(••) »•>
22 none so good. 22
1 J. H. DAY,I
'23 Fourth St., <*•)
22 Emporium, Pa.