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VOL. 38.
Business Cards.
Emporium, Pa.
A business relating to estate, collections, real
estates. Orphan's Court and general law business
will receive prompt attention. 42-1 y.
Will give prompt attention to all business en
rusted to them. 16-ly.
Collections promptly attended to. Heal estate
and pension claim agent,
35-ly. Emporium, Pa.
Emporium, Pa.
I have numerous calls for hemlock and hard
wood timber lands, also stum page &c., and parties
desiring either to buy or sell will do well to call
on me. F. L>. LEET.
Emporium, Pa.
Having again taken possession of this old and
popular house I solicit a share of the public pat
ronage. The house is newly furnishedand is one
of the best appointed hotels i n Cameron county.
(Opposite Post Office,)
Emporium, Pa.
D. S. MCDONALD, Proprietor.
Having assumed control of this popular Res
taurant I am prepared to serve the public in the
best possible manner. Meals furnished at all
hours. Give me a call. 29-8-ly
Near Buffalo Depot, Emporium, Pa.
This new and commodious hotel is now opened
for the accommodation of the public. New in all
its appointments, every attention will be paid to
the guests patronizing this hotel. 27-17-ly
Emporium, Pa.
Scholars taught either at my home on Sixth
street or at the homes of the pupils. Out of town
scholars will be given dates at my rooms in this
Has removed to the Odd Fellows' building,
Emporium, Pa.—up stairs Office hours: 7to 9
a. m., 1 to 3 and 7 to 9 p. 111.
I'olitica! Announcements.
All Announcements under this head must be
signed bj/the candidate and paid in advance to
insure pa bl ieation.
Editor Press:—
Please announce that should the Hon. Clias.
W Stone not be a candidate to succeed himself,
I am a candidate for Representative in Congress
in the Twenty-seventh district, subject to the
decision of the Republican district conference.
Warren, Pa., April 2<i, 1898.
Ed itor Frees;—
Please announce my name as a candidate for
Associate Judge of Cameron county, subject to
the decision of the Republican County Conven
Grove, Pa., April Ith, 1893.
Editor Press:—
Please announce my name as a candidate for
Associate of Cameron county subject to j
the decision of the Republican County Conven- I
Sterling Run, Pa., April Bth, 1898.
Editor Press:—
Please announce my name as a candidate for j
Associate Judge of Cameron County, subject to 1
the decision of the Republican County Conven- I
Driftwood, Pa., April 20th, 1898.
Editor Press:
Please announce my name as a candidate for
Associate Judge of Cameron county, subject to
the decision of the Republican County Conven
Driftwood, Pa., May 7th, 1898.
\v\mm\\\ N \ \ \ \/
ill »J
I \!
y Next to Post-office, Emporium, Pa. j
/ Fancy Stationery. 112
/ / j
/ Just received tl>e choicest invoice of Fancy y
Stationery, including Envelopes, Paper '
/ and Tu lists I'ads, y ;
w Toilet and V
>■ <\
Bath Goods. ;
/ /
My line of Toilet and Bath Goods includes >
/ a fine line of Koaps, Brushes, Sponges,
8 etc.
* x
/ N \ V \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \
NS«amrv3S xc- .xarw -_'v« *-.■ • :iv»
Those great bargains at N. Soger's
are attracting attention.
The expense of maintaining a first
class battleship is about §15,000 a day.
Big bargains in summer clothing at '
N. i-'eger's. J
First (lame of the Season.
The first nine of Emporium and the
Mountaineer hose team crossed bats
last Monday afternoon, which resulted
in a score of 21-11 in favor of the first
Finger Broken
During the game of ball on Monday
| afternoon, between the Mountaineer
j hose company team and the first nine
of Emporium, Clias. Shaffer the catcher
I for the Mountaineers, had the little
j linger on his right hand broken.
Last Thursday the undersigned lost
; a pair of gold nose eye glasses; in red
ease. The finder will be suitably re
warded by leaving them at the Empo
rium Junction House.
Fourth of July Celebration.
A meeting of the citizens of Empori
um will be held in the Warner House
this evening at eight oclock to make
arrangements for a celebration on the
Glorious Fourth. All the business men
should be sure to attend.
Religious Meeting.
Quarterly meeting services in the
M. E. Church next Sunday. Love
Feast, 9:15. Preaching and commun
ion at 10:30. Preaching in the even- J
ing by Presiding Elder Black. All are j
cordially invited to be present.
••Play Ball."
There will be a game of ball played
on the home grounds tomorrow (Fri
day) afternoon, between the first nine
of Sterling Run and the home club.
As both teams are pretty evenly
matched, an interesting game is an
ticipated. Game called at 3:00 o'clock.
Dental Notice.
Dr. F. C. Reick, of Emporium, will
be at the Curtin House, Driftwood,
Pa., on Tuesday next, June 7th. He
will also be at the above named place
on the first Tuesday of each month,
prepared to do dental work of any
kind for the people of Driftwood and
vicinity, at reasonable prices.
Public Notice.
The undersigned wishes to inform
the public that having bought out the
wagon business connected with J. A.
Fisher's blacksmith shop, would re-!
spectfully solicit the patronage of my '
former patrons. Lumber and farm I
wagons a specialty. For workman- j
ship and easy running, I defy compe- 1
Yours respectfully,
14-4t. C. L. BUTLER.
Acid Works Destroyed.
On Tuesday evening at a few min
utes before six, the watchmen at the
Climax Powder Works discovered that
the section of the plant known as the
acid works was on lire. A lithe factory
hands had left the works a little while
previous to the breaking out of the fire,
and the watchmen being unable to get
the flames under control directed their
efforts to the saving of the surround
ing buildings. They were successful
in preventing the fire from spreading
to the adjacent buildings but the acid
works were totally destroyed.
Bought a Railroad.
P. H. and C. W. Goodyear have
bought the Addison & Pennsylvania
Railroad. The offices which have
heretofore been located at Addison
and New York Uity will be removed
to Buffalo, and a new organization to
take title will be formed and articles of
incorporation filed as soon as the legal
arrangements can be perfected. It
will be operated in conjunction with
the Buffalo & Susquehanna railroad.
The road runs from Addison, N. Y., to
Galeton, Potter county, a distance of
forty-six miles, through a rich lumber
country. At Galeton it connects with
the Buffalo & Susquehanna Railroad
and at Addison with the Erie.—Eldred
riemoria! Day Observed,
Despite the fact that there was no
regular program laid out for the ob
servance of .Memorial Day in Empori
um, our citizens took great pride in
decorating the graves ol' the "fallen
heroes," who are buried here. After
the arrival of the train from the
east, several members of Post '241, G.
A. R., marched to the cenietaries and
decked with beautiful wreaths and
garlands of flowers, the graves of their
comrades who have answered to the
last roll call.
Throughout the entire day our citi
zens could lie seen wending their way
to the "silent city of the dead," to
place on the final resting place of their
loved ones some beautiful token of
remembrance. Those who visited
both cenietaries say that they present
ed a beautiful scene, being literally
strewn with flowers.
"Liberty and Union, One and Inseparable."— WKßSTKß.
All t!ie Great American War Vessels riassed in
I-ront of the llntrance to Santiago Harbor
Ready to Begin the Fight.
Battered Batteries Being Hurriedly Repaired
and Insurgents are Hobili/ingon the
Hills to Rush in.
WASHINGTON, I). C., June 1. —
Admiral Sampson and Commodore
Schley are expected t o capture or
destroy Admiral Cor vent's fleet
! and take Santiago to-morrow.
Admiral Sampson is now off
| Santiago do Cuba, in command of
| the combined fighting fleet, com-
I prising the battleships lowa, In
diana, Massachusetts, Oregon, and
Texas, the armored cruisers New
ork and Brooklyn, besides
monitors, cruisers and smaller
craft with Commodore Schley,
commanding the second division,
prepared to overwhelm flic San
tiago] fortifications, and the four
armored cruisers and two torpedo
boat destroyers under Admiral
Cervera's command, lying in the
bottle-shaped harbor behind them.
I lie expectation is that, without
waiting for the landing of troops
to take the Santiago fortifications
in the rear, Admiral Sampson and
Commodore Schley will end the
war before the sun goes down to
I lie change in the Administra
tion's plans which gives Admiral
Sampson and Commodore Schley
their great opportunity, was made
possible by the reeonnoiscence
which Commodore Schley made of
the fortifications at Santiago yester
Although he only expended
fifty shells, while the Spanish
fired three times as many and
suffered all the loss, he discovered
that both fortifications and ships
could be taken by ships without
the necessity of assistance from
Special Navy Supplement.
The subject of our Navy is one which
is all-engrossing at the present time,
and the desire for ace urate and reliable
information concerning our vessels
has induced the Scientific American to
publish a Special Navy Supplement of
40 pages with 90 illustrations. Every
effort has been made to explain what
the Navy is. Comparisons have been
drawn, not only between the various
types of vessels, but also between
diflerent vessels of the same class. The
descriptions are couched in untechni
cal language, and after a careful read
ing of this number any one can discuss
the merits of the various vessels very
much as he would talk of the good and
bad points of a horse. The clear dia
grams showing the differences between
these modern fighting machines render
analysis of this kind easy. It is beau
tifully illustrated by half-tone engrav
ings and woodcuts showing not only
the naval vessels themselves, but guns,
gun turrets, coning towers, steering
apparatus, etc. This number has a
colored cover and colored map of Cuba.
Price, 25 cents. Munn & Company,
361 Broadway, New York are the pub
Death of John Kane.
Mr. John Kane, Sr., one of Renovo's
well known and highly respected
citizens, died at his home at that
place, early last Sunday morning, of
acute meningitis, aged fifty-eight years.
The deceaesd was a prominent rail
road contractor and helped to con
struct the Philadelphia & Erie branch
of the Pennsylvania R. It., when it
was put through here, some thirty
years ago.
New Agent Appointed.
Mr. Harry Hemphill has recently
been appointed agent and collector for
Emporium and vicinity, by the Pru
dential Insurance Co., of Newark, N, J.
As Mr. Hemphill represents a good
company, he will undoubtedly make a
very material increase in the number
of Prudential policies in Emporium.
Off for the Convention.
A jolly crowd of Republicans left
for Harrisburg on Tuesday, to attend
the state convention and "root" for
the people's choice from the North
west; Charles W. Stone.
A Question of Importance.
MR. EDITOR: —There is a responsi- j
i bility incumbent upon each and every j
citizen and that is the recognition of j
our laws. There are some laws how
ever, that appear to be dead-letters
and completely ignored by a class of ;
our citizens—the local bicycle riders. '
Sidewalks are built by the property 1
owners for the especial use of pedes- j
I trians. They are not built nor kept in <
I order out of a general fund and such
j being the case the property owner has
| got to keep them in good order, in ac- j
; cordance with the borough ordinances, ,
When we refuse or neglect to comply j
j with these laws our Council does not
hesitate to enforce the laws, yet j
I here are other laws overlooked and '
i not enforced. It has gotten now that
J the bicyclist confiscates the entire side- >
j walk to their especial use and the '
; pedestrian takes the street if he wants j
|to walk in safety. Such a state of j
j effairs do really exist at the present
j time in Emporium. It certainly is j
I humiliating for two reasons :
First—Because it is dangerous to j
children as well as other pedestrians
i and secondly because if not stopped
it will at some future time, sooner or i
later, involve our borough in difficult
complications. I, as a citizen and tax- j
payer, in behalf of the general welfare
of our town, advocate the enforcing of •
those laws by the proper authorities.
Emporium, Pa., May 31, 1898.
A Terrible Accident.
The W. N. Y. &P. depot at Olean,
was the scene of a terrible accident j
last Saturday evening, which will re- :
suit in crippling Tim Mullen, son of
attorney Eugene Mullen, of Bradford, '
for life. Mr. Mullen accompanied by '
his parents was about to take the I
south bound express on the W. X. Y. :
& P. Ry., and his parents had already j
entered the car, leaving the young j
man on the platform talking with j
some lady friends. When the train j
started, in some unaccountable man- j
:'orhe lost his footing and fell between
the cars,in falling he managed to grasp
the railing and succeeded in throwing
his body outside the rails, but one foot j
was caught beneath the heavy wheels |
and ground to a pulp. The train was J
stopped as soon as possible and the j
agonized parents had him removed to
the nearest hotel where the foot was :
Mr. Mullen is a very bright and pop- ;
ular young man and his many friends j
in this section will join the PRESS in I
extending to him their sympathy in i
his great misfortune and suffering.
Sudden Death.
Matthew O'Brien,for many years one
of the most popular conductors on the i
Western New York and Pennsylvania j
railroad died at his home in Buffalo, :
Sunday morning, of pleurisy, aged
forty years. Until within a few
years ago, Mr. O'Brien made his
home at Emporium, and by his gentle
manly manner and straight forward
dealing endeared himself to ali with
whom he came in contact. "Mat"
O'Brien was one who could combine a
genial, social nature, with a strict ap
plication to his work and his steady j
promotion and advancement in railroad 1
circles willingly attests to his efficiency '
and high deportment while engaged
in discharging the duties of his posi- j
tion His many sterling qualities won j
for him a host of friends who will be j
deeply grieved to learn of his death.
His funeral was held on Tuesday, at j
Holland, N. Y., and was attended by a
large number of his railroad associates. \
He leaves a wife and child, and an I
aged mother at Driftwood, to mourn
his death.
Union Memorial Sermon.
The Union Memorial sermon, preach
by the Rev. W. R. McNeil, Sunday
evening was largely attended, the
church being packed to the doors.
After several beautiful anthems by the
choir, the audience arose and sang
America. A prayer was then offered
by Rev. Robt. McCaslin who was fol
lowed by the Rev. W. R. McNeil.
The reverend gentleman was thorough
ly prepared to handle his subject in a
masterly manner and delivered one of
the most interesting discourses ever
listened to in Emporium. The mem
bers of CI. A. R. Post, No. 241, W. 11.
p., and P. y. S. of A., attended in a
Death of firs. Dennis Hall.
Mrs. Dennis Hall, formerly of Em
porium and who for the past number
pf years has resided with her daughter,
Mrs. Mahon, at Pennfleld, was taken
through here on last Tuesday, to be
buried at her old home in Potter
Charles W. Stone Runs a Close Second
With Wanamaker Fighting llard.
IIAIIRISISIUO, June !.—The con
: test for first place on the slate
j Repubiiean ticket is as warm as the
weather. Colonel Wm. A. Stone,
! of Allegheny, is still the favorite
i with Charles \\. Stone, of Warren,
j a close second. John Wanamaker
is making a strong fight and will
poll a large vote. Congressman
| V. ni. Council, of Seranton, and
ex-Congressman .John Leisenring,
of Hazleton, have withdrawn and
their delegates will be divided be
tween the two Stones. Council's
ten delegatcsand six of Leisenring's
will vote for \V. A. Stone and the
balance for C. W. Stone.
Pleasant Social Event.
The party given by the young people
j of Emporium, in the Opera House,
Wednesday evening, was without any
! exception, the leading social event of
; the season. The interior of the hall
was decorated in a most beautiful
I manner, the stage and refreshment
i corner being one mass of palms, ferns
and flowers, while artificial nooks and
bowers, furnished with the finest of
upholstered furniture, were tastefully
arranged in different corners of the
l room and partitioned off with very
' pretty screens.
The floor was covered with crash and
J the music by the Ridgway Orchestra
| was the best that has been given in
i Emporium for a longtime, thus mak
ing the terpsichorean feature of the
i party all that the most fastidious dan
cer could desire. Card tables and
places for other games were stationed
in the rear of tho hall, for those who
cared to participate in them. At mid
night an elegant collation ot'ices, waf
ers, etc., was served by the young
ladies, after which the merriment con
tinued till the early hours of the
morning. A large number of out of
town people were present and they all
report an excellent time. Great credit
is due to Messrs. Soble and Logan,
as well as the Misses Bryan, Logan, \
Cush, Taggart, Clemens, and Mrs. A.
Mclnnes, Jr., whose untiring efforts [
contributed greatly to the success of!
the affair.
I wish to give notice to persons
traveling to and from Bailey Run and
crossing over the ridge on what is
known as tho Freeman farm, that this
can no longer be allowed. Since the
Climax Powder Company has for
bidden persons crossing their premises
this route has been adopted. I have
posted notices forbidding tresspassing
and hereafter any person disregarding
them will just as surely be prosecuted.
This is necessary for my own protec
tion. My fences are broken down, my
cattle are left out and have been milk
ed in the pastures, and my sheep have
had stones thrown after them for the
fun of seeing them run. Forebearance
has ceased to be a virtue and hereafter
all persons must keep off this property
or suffer the consequences.
Small Blaze.
An alarm of fire was given about
two o'clock Tuesday morning, in the j
cast ward, which was quickly respond- I
ed to by the Citizen's Hose Company, j
The blaze was found to be at the large, I
double tenement house, now vacant, J
on the corner of West Third street,
near Hockley's coal yard, and was
soon extinguished without the aid of
the up-town companies.
This is the second time within a
week that this building lias been 011
fire, and it is clearly the work of in
condaries, as it has originated both
times on the south-east corner of the '
building, near a narrow alley.
A Serious Fracture.
While attending to his duties at the
Sterling Run tannery, on Tuesday '
evening, the venerable watchman, 1
Patrick Tracy, had the misfortune to
fall and break the bead of his right
thigh bone. This break is known as
an intra capsular fracture and is a very i
serious injury, especially to one so
advanced in years as Mr. Tracy, but ;
owing to his rugged constitution it is
possible that lie will pull through
alright. He will be taken to the
hospital at Williamsport, to-day.
Pure Bred.
Cornish Indian Game, Golden Wyan
dottesaiul S. Brown Leghorns' eggs SI.OO for
hmpormin, Pa.—2-3m.
TERMS: $2.00 —$1.50 IN ADVANCE.
Pressed Bricks.
Rig bargains at X. Seger's clothing
j house.
Now purchase clothing at N. Roger's
! and save big money.
I Don't forget the lawn fete at M. T.
I Hogan's Saturday evening.
| The great bargains being offered in
j clothing at N. Seger's attract unusual
i attention.
! The Emporium Juvenile Drum Corps
, went to Ridgway last Monday and
j assisted in the Merr.morial ceremony,
j There were thirteen in all.
A number of Cameri-n county Re
publicans are attending the state con
j vention at Ilarrisburg (his week.
1 here was an old-time all around
fight last Saturday night. Emporium
put on a red hue of the deepest car
Every young man in Emporium is
, expected to take hia girl to the lawn
; fete, given by the Chamber of Com
| merce, Saturday evening.
If you desire to see a good game of
ball, don't fail to attend the game
between Sterling Run and the home
nine, to-morrow afternoon. "
The Bucks county railway company
has voted to have its road managed
and run bv a man namod Mr. Booze.
If there is anything in a name its cars
ought to be "full" all the time.-Belle
fonte Watchman.
Some of the curiosities or'the Bank
of England are well worth describing.
In the printing room a man sits at a
little table, and every three seconds
machine hands him two complete £5
notes. If he sits there six hours, he re
ceives over £B,OOO, and in 300 days,
over £20,000,000 in paper monej'. Ex.
The following statistics have been
clipped from the report of the Warren
insane asylum for the year ending
December, 1897. At the beginning of
the year there were 96G inmates. Ad
mitted during the year 3-56. Total pres
ent in the year 1122.. Discharged re
stored, 42; improved, 61; stationary, 34;
died 73; remaining at the end of the
year 1,012
Mr. Howard's Reply.
> would say to brother Bardwell and
sister Adina that I have told the
"policeman" and still the fence is in
the middle of the road.
In regard to forcing religion on peo
ple neither God, nor any ofliis true
followers, tries to make any one love
or worship him, although the Turks and
tome churches think it is better io kill
a man than to let him pray to God in
any other church than their own.
I believe God made the world and
filled it with abundance of animal and
vegetable life for our good and told ae
to improve it and divide it into sec
tions, and manage it for His honor and
to the benefit of each other.
Acting under the sense and knowl
edge of this justice and goodness ol
God toward us, our representatives in
Congress assembled have from time to
time laid out public roads, improved
the water channels, voted moneys for
the development of God's bounties,
and promulgated laws to protect the
rights and inheritance of ourselves
and our children from the waste and
destruction of ignorant and unscrupu
lous persons.
Did all people recognize the benefits
and justice of these laws, we would not
have families broken up and abandon
ed; ministers and teachers would not
catch fish during the season they are
hatching their eggs, and thus help to
interfere with God's plan for increas
ing their kind a hundred fold; school
beards would not fence inhalfofthe
highway: and fathers would not wan
tonly cut down chestnut trees as an
easy way of getting the nuts and thus
rob their children of all future crops.
Many more things God teaches us by
example and precept which I believe.
God's son says it is more blessed to
give than to try and take all or to get
Brother and Sister do you agree with
me so far and 'think that such just and
beneficial laws should bo taught to the
the ignorant, and enforced on the un
scrupulous ?
Very respectfully,
Lawn Fete.
The ladies of the Chamber of Com
merce; will give a lawn fete at the
residence of M. T. Ilogan, on Saturday
evening, June 4th. at (i:iio o'clock.
Strawberries and ice cream will be
The strawberry and ice cream revi
val, by Mrs. Allen's class, has be»n
NO. 14-