Cameron County press. (Emporium, Cameron County, Pa.) 1866-1922, May 12, 1898, Page 4, Image 4

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Gctrrjcror) County Jf ress. i
Editor and Manager.
Per year fV 00 j
If paid in advance $1 "0 |
Advertisements are publinht *1 :it thi rate of one '
dollar per square for one insertion and fißycents
i>er square for each sub^eqiu-ntins-rtion.
Rates by the year or for six or thm-inuiitli!- are ,
low and uniform, and will be furnished on appli
cation. , i
Legal and Official Advertising per square, three ,
times or less, $2 0U; each subsequent insertionsl'
cenis per square.
Loca! notice-! ten cents per line for one Insert ion,
five cents per line for each subs* <pH nt'onsecutive j
insertion. . I
Obituary notices over five lines, ten cents per j
line. Simples nnouncements of birth R.mar napes j
and dentils will be inserted tree.
Business Cards, five lines or less 00 per year j
over live lines, at the regular rates of advertising |
No loealinserted for less than 75 cts. per issue. I
The Job department of the is complete, j
anil affords facilities for doing the bent class ol
Printing. , ...
No paper will be discontinued until arrearages
are paid, except at the option of the publisher
P>*l>cTb rit'jii ouioftlic county inu.'t be pain for
i u advanri'. |——
For Governor,
CHARLES W. STONE, of Warren.
[Subject to the decision of the Republican
State Convention.]
For President Judge,
B. W. GREEN, of Cameron,
[Subject to the decision ofthe Republican
District Convention.]
(From ovr Regular Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, May 9, 1898.
I'resident McKinley's recom
mendation for Congressional action
iii honor of Commodore Dewey's
great victory —in many respects
the greatest in the annals of naval
warfare —was promptly acted upon.
Chairman I'outelle. of the ilouse
Naval Committee, has reported a
joint resolution of thanks to Com
modore Dewey, and a hill creating
an additional ".•car admiral in the
navy. The latter will enable the
President to promote Commodore
Dewey. Immediately upon receipt
of his otiicial report of the battle of
.Manila harbor. Secretary Long in
the name of the President cabled
to Commodore Dewey promoting
him to acting Admiral, and tend
ering him the thanks of himself
and of the people for his great
The more the official report of
Commodore Dewey is studied the
more wonderful hi-- victory appears.
He entered Manila harbor, pro
protected by mines, heavy shore
batteries, a fleet of eleven ships,
mounting about one hundred guns
and carrying about 2,oo<>men, and
destroyed all eleven of the ships
and captured all the batteries. And
the most wonderful exploit was
that not a single man on an Ameri
can ship was killed an ! not a single
ship materially injured, and only
half a dozen were wounded.
Troops are to be sent to garrison
the Phillipine Islands just as soon
as the ships to carry them from
San Francisco can be got ready.
About lit, (Mill will go.
Senator Sewell's acceptance of
the commission of major general
in the volunteer army, to which he
was nominated and confirmed at
the same time that Gen. Fitzliugh
Lee. Gen. Joseph Wheeler, Gen.
James 11. Wilson, and the seven
brigadier generals of the regular
army were, is not certain, and will
depend upon the opinion of Attor
ney General Griggs, to whom the
matter has been referred, as to
whether the commission can be
accepted without vacating the seat
in the Senate now held by General
Sewell. If it cannot, the Senator
will decline the commission, and
the general impression, is that it
The House has made a record at
this session of which Republicans,
who have controlled and directed
its course, may well be proud. It
has passed 208 bills that have be
come laws, and about 200 other
bills that are now on the Senate
ealandar. The war measures—the
?")(>,000,000 appropriation, the
armed intervention resolution, the
declaration of war, the volunteer
army bill, the bill for reorganizing
the regular army, the war revenue
bill, the bill appropriating $3(5,-
<IOO,OOO for the expenses of the
army, and minor war bills—have
pi'obabiy not. taken more than a
week of the time of the House al
together. so promptly have they
been disposed of.
The opponent- in the Senate of
the annexation of Hawaii having
made it practically certain that the
annexation treaty would fail to re
ceive the necessary two-thirds if
pushed to a vote in the Senate, the
machinery for securing annexation
by joint resolution has been putin
j motion, and the House Committee
|on Foreign Relations, will this
j week favorably report the same,
! and, if the opportunity occurs will
i at once push it through the House.
President McKinley would be just i
: lied in taking possession of Hawaii
| as a war measure, even if the prcs
| cut government of Hawaii had not
j tendered the islands to the F. S.,
| and he may yet do so. but he much
| prefers that annexation should
! come through Congressional action.
Some decidedly interesting in
formation is contained in "advance
sheets of Consular Reports," issued
daily by the Bureau of Foreign
j Commerce of the State Department.
| For instance, that the island of
! Luzon, on which the city of Manila.
I the scene of Commodore, (since
! promoted to be admiral) Dewey's
j great naval victory, is larger than
J the States of New York and Mass
achusetts; that the entire area of
j the Phillipine Islands, now under
! Old Glory, is ten percent, greater
| than that of the New England
| States, New York, New Jersey,
j Maryland, and Delaware combined.
I Many persons who consider tlieni-
I selves well informed on commercial
j affairs have been greatly surpiised
j to learn that the F. S. has more
| trade with the Philippine Islands
than all the rest of the world com
bined has. What the U. S. will
do with these valuable islands is a
; question that is already being
j much discussed in W ashington,
j This government will hold them
; until the war is over, and then
| decide what disposition shall be
made of them. That is as far as
has been determined upon by the
With Our Low Rate for Summer
Travel via Nickel Plate Road.
Only §11.05, Buffalo to Warsaw, Intl.,
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•21st, account General Assembly Pres
byterian Church, tickets good to re
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Only $11.85, Buffalo to Warsaw, Inch,
and return, May loth to Sept. 15th.
Only §13.85, Buffalo to Naperville,
I Ills., and return, tickets sold May 23d,
j 24th, 27th and 28th, good returning
; until June 30th, account annual mdtet
| ing German Baptists.
Only $8.20, Buffalo to Toledo, Ohio,
tind return, account Young People's
Biennial Convention, tickets sold June
15 and Kith, good returning until June
i 20th.
Only $35.55, Buffalo to Dallas, Tex.,
j and return, tickets sold June 11th and
j 12th, good returning until June 28th,
! account Mystic Shrine,
i Only §14.50, Buffalo to Louisville,
' Ky., and return, tickets sold June 1 !>t 11
; and 20tli, good returning until June
| 26th.
For all information, call on your
nearest ticket agent, or address F. J.
Moore, General Agent, Nickel Plate
Road, Bnffalo, N. Y, Low rates to
other points will be quoted from time
to time. Elegant service. Superb
dining ears. Vestibuled buffet sleeping
ears. 11-3t
Rich Valley Notes.
Editor Press :
Mrs. Woodcock has purchased a new
Miss Ella Lewis is working for Eldon
L. Lockwood had a bee last Friday
to raise his new barn.
Eldon Lewis has moved into Mr.
Howard's house at Lawn View,
j Herbert Lewis is building a new
house just below the bridge, on his
father's farm.
We had some beautiful growing
weather last week; it is cooler again
now but we trust that there will be no
frost as there are prospects of abund
ance of fruit.
We saw Mrs. Geo. Carter, of Olean,
the other day. We understand they
have moved to this place and will
occupy Al. Wright's house on Clear
j Creek.
I We have lost the bright, cheerful
face of Miss Ida Keeferfrom our valley
but our loss is ('has. King's gain, as he
has married her and taken her to his
home on Clear Creek. May they live
long and be happy.
Last Thursday evening as Mrs. A. C.
Goodwin was crossing Clear Creek on
a foot log just below the railroad bridge
her foot slipped and she fell into the
stream. The water was very deep and
she was in great danger of being
drowned, but, thanks to her presence
of mind, she managed to reach the
shore in safety. It was a very narrow
escape however and we are thankful it
j was no worse.
May oth, 1898. ADINA.
Mason Hill Letter.
Cuba in free—Spain is whipped.
Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Tanner, son and
daughter, were the guests of Mrs.
Martha Miller on Sunday.
Huntley Miller visited his mother
over Sunday.
Miss Ethel Ban*, of this place, is
keeping house for her brother at Mix
One of Mason Hill's smart young
men (?) got a very polite answer to a
question he asked in church on Sun
day evening.
Frank Russel, of Cameron Hill, was
the guest of J. M. Russel 011 Sunday.
Mrs. William Miller has returned
home from J'ine street, where she has
been visiting her sister.
Harry J. Williams returned to Mix
Run to finish his operations.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Lane and daugh
ter Ava, and Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Wil
j liams were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
1 J. M. English on Sunday.
David Ives has taken a lumber job
on Mix Run this summer and expects
in the near future to hire about one
1 hundred and fifty men. There is your
! chance, boys.
Bo content with the world as you find it,
Nor be always bemoaning your lot;
! Tho' you have your own measure of trouble.
Who there is in this world that has not?
Do the best that you can in your station,
Always cheerily acting your part;
! Keep a stiff upper lip in vexation.
And an honest intent in your heart.
God exempts 110 mortal from trouble,
I Not alone are the poor in distress;
j Though the heart may be heavy in home-spun,
I In broadcloth it may weigh none the less.
' On his throne the proud king may be wretched,
' And the queen may be weary of life;
While the peasant in rags may be joyous.
Bright and happy his hard working wife.
Every heart its own bitterness knoweth.
| Nor can guess at the pain in the breast
! Of the one whom the foolish world envies.
I As with every prosperity blest,
j It is brave to hide your vexation,
And your worries conceal in your breast.
Do the best that you can in your station,
And Itt fortune take care of the rest.
May Oth, 1898. PEGGY
riiisical College.
The Musical College located at Free-
I burg, Snyder county, Pa., situated in
i a charming valley, pure air and ro
mantic scenery combined to make it
|an ideal spot. The building is admir
| ably adapted to its purpose, new facil
l itiee being added from time to time in
| accordance with the most advanced
ideas, yet the charges are very low as
I the management desires to put its op
i portunities within the reach of all.
I The teachers are specialists in their
| respective departments, none but the
best methods are used and instruction
I is given individually. The students
range from beginners who are just
i learning to read music to the most ad
i vanced worker in harmony and com
position. Summer term will begin
j Monday, July 18, 1898. Catalogues
| free. Addres,
HENRY B. MOVER, Director.
First Fork Items.
A child of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cald
well, aged one year, was burned by
its clothing taking fire on Sunday
evening while playing around the
stove, so badly that it died about mid
night. Funeral Tuesday at two o'clock
! p. m , at Gilmore school house.
; The families of Dr. A. \V. Colcord,
of Austin and Brainerd Poet, of Cos
: tello were down on a visit to "grand
j pa Colcord" on Sunday and he fed
| them on a nice lot of brook trout.
E. M. Coder and family are visiting
| and fishing at W. Bailey's.
R. M. Williams and family are rusti
! eating at their old home in Grove
! Township.
Big frost Monday morning.
Bucklen's Arnica Salvo.
The best Salve in the world for cuts,
j bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
! sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
j corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
| tively cures piles, or no pay required.
I It is guaranteed to give perfect satis
-1 faction or money refunded. Price 25
i cents a box. For sale by L. Taggart.
"It is tho Best on Earth."
That is what Edwards & Parker,
I merchants of Plains, Ga., say of Cham
j berlain's Pain Bilm, for rheumatism,
j lame back, deep seated and muscular
j pains. Sold by L. Taggart. may
Hoax—"One of the reports from Ma
| nila says a Chinese cruiser followed
I close in the wake of the American
| squadron. What do you suppose that
j was for?" Joax—-"The Chinamen
j evidently wanted to got the squadron's
I wash.
Everyone who has diphtheria, croup,
! quinsy, catarrh or sore throat, can pos-
I itively and speedily be cured by
| Thompson's Diphtheria 28-ly
The severe storm caused great hard-
I ships among troops at Mt. Gretna, al
! though all bore their misery without
! grumbling.
The Westfield, Ind., Newa prints the
i following in regard to an old resident
|of that place: "Frank McAvoy, for
many years in tho employ of the L. N.
A. &C. lty. here, says: *1 have used
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
j Diarrhoea Remedy for ten years or
longer—am never without it in my
family. I consider it the best remedy
of the kind manufactured. I take
pleasure in recommending it.' " It is
a specific for all bowel disorders. For
j sale by L. Taggart. may
Pure Bred.
Cornish Indian Game, Golden Wyan
dotlesand S. ('. Brown Leghorns' eggs sl.oo for
ill teen.
Emporium, Pa.—2-3m.
The Cuban question and political Is
sues sink into insignificance with the
man who suffers from piles. What he
most desires is relief. l)eWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve cures piles. R. C. Dod
; son. 4S-ly
Bakers of Chicago, 111., have advanc
ed the price of bread 1 cent a loaf.
The human machine starts but once
! and stops but once. You can keep it
going longest and most regularly by
using DeWitt's Little Early Risers, the
famous little pills for constipation and
all stomach and liver troubles. R. C.
Dodson. 45-ly
The weather lias been Dewey ever
J. C. P. Jones, Milesburg, Pa., writes:
"I have used DeWitt's Little Early
' Risers ever since they were introduced
here and must say I have never used
any pills in my family during forty
; years of housekeeping that gave such
j satisfactory results as a laxative or
I cathartic. R. C. Dodson. 45-ly
The battle hymn of the Republic—
S. E. Parker, Sharon, Wis., writes:
"I have tried DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve for itching piles and it always
cures them in two minutes. I consider
i DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve the great
! est pile cure on the market. R. C.
; Dodson. 45-ly
Perhaps the Cape Verde fleet has
; gone to capture the Klondike.
S. M. Geary, Pierson, Mich., writes:
j "DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve is curing
more piles here to-day than all other
remedies combined. It cures eczema
! and all other skin diseases." It. C.
i Dodson. 45-ly
Wait for authentic news about that
! "heavy firing off Haiti," Then cheer!
One Minute is not long, yet relief is
j obtained in half that time by the use of
| One Minute Cough Cure. It prevents
i consumption and quickly cures colds,
1 croup, bronchitis, pneumonia, lagrippe
and all throat and lung troubles. R
| C. Dodson. 45-ly
The "Dewey cocktail" is the bar
i room's latest offering. It is said to be
1 hot stuff.
Ballard's Snow Liniment will cure
J same back, sore throat, wounds, sprains,
bruises, cuts and old aores. Ladies, it
; will cure your back ache. L. Taggart.
Jingo—"Wonder why that expected
naval battle in the Atlantic hasn't
come off yet?" "The kinetoscopo
| people are probably not ready for it.
Ballard's Horehound Syrup is not a
mixture of stomach destroying drugs,
| but is a scientifically prepared remedy
! that cures coughs and colds, and ail
I throat and lung troubles. Its action is
j quick, prompt and positive. 25 and 50
I cents. L. Taggart.
Spain's navy consists largely of dis
appearing ships.
Is your liver tired, does it fail to do
its duty? If so, don't neglect its call
; for help. A fe\i doses of Herbine may
I save you a spell of sickness. Herbine
!is the only perfect liver medicine. It
I cures chills and fever. 75c. L. Tag-
The Maria Christina was no name
| for a "man"of war, anyhow,
j ',One Minute Cough Cure is the best
' pregaration I have ever sold or used
and I can't say too much in its praise."
L. M. Kennon, Merchant, Odell, Ga.
| It. C. Dodson. 45-ly
j The Dons admit that they lost more
| than a mule at Manila.
Late to bed and early to rise, pre
! pares a man for his home in the skies,
j Early to bed and a Little Early Riser,
the pill that makes life longer and
better and wiser. It. C. Dodson. 15-ly
The Maine has been avenged, but
I there is more to come.
Tho Golden Secret of Lour Lifo.
Keep the head cool, and the feet
! warm and bowels open. Bacon's
j Celery King for the Nerves is a Vege
table preparation and acts as a natural
laxative, and is tho greatest remedy
ever discovered for the cure of Dyspep
sia, Liver Complaint and all Blood,
Liver and Kidney diseases. Gallon R.
! C. Dodson, Emporium,Thos. A. Green,
: Johnsonburg: C. C. Craven, Sterling
Run. 32-12y.
Down went the Spanish to the bot
; torn of the sea.
Good News.
No other medicine was ever given
' such a test as Otto's Cure. Thousands
of bottles of this great German remedy i
j are being distributed Free of charge,
j by druggists to those afiicted with
I Consumption, Asthma, Croup, severe
j Coughs. Pneumonia and all Throat and
I Lung diseases, giving the people proof
I that Otto's Cure will cure them. For
j sale only by R. C. Dodson, Emporium,
| Thos. A. Green, Johnsonburg, C. C.
! Craven, Sterling Run. Samples free.
| Large bottles 50c and 25c. 32-121y
The Spanish flag at Minila turned
: white in one day. -«s*—
Mrs M. E. Hancock, West Lebanon,
j Pa., writes: "When two of our chil
j dren were, as we supposed, beyond
medical help, Armstrong's Diphtheria
and Quinsy Drops cured them. It
j seemed almost like a miracle."
R. C. Dodson. 6-ly
Spanish mines, it is still evident, only
prove effectual in times of peace.
Made a New Man of Him.
Bryan, 0., Jan. 13, 1897.
GENTLEMEN: —For 3 - ears I had been
! suffering from indigestion. Had a poor
appetite and could not eat anything
i containing grease and had constantly a
worn out feeling. After using three
| 50c bottles of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin 1 am now able to eat anything
my appetize craves and can say "it has
I made a new man of me. Eu BOWKN.
1 For sale by L. Taggart. may
A pulp mill will be built at Erie at a
cost of §75,000.
"A Howling Success."
Wherever properly introduced Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, as a cure for
constipation, has met with a phenom
enal sale. Many druggists cannot say
enough in praiso of its merits, as well
as its great popularity with the pec pie.
In 10c trial size and also in 50n and si
sizes. At L. Taggart's drug store.
The lictit Remedy for Rheumatism.
From the Fairhavcn (iV. V.) Rryixtrr.
Mr. James Rowland of this village,
i states that for twenty-five years hi.-i
I wife has been a sufferer from rheuma
| tism A few nights ago she was in
I such pain that she was nearly crazy.
She sent Mr. Rowland for the doctor,
! but he had read of Chamberlain's Pain
I Balm and instead of going for the phy
, sician he went to the store and secured
a bottle of it. His wife did not,approve
! of Mr. Rowland's purchase at first, but
| nevertheless applied the balm thor
| oughly and in an hour's time was able
togo to sleep. She now applies it
whenever she feels an ache or a pain
and finds that it always gives relief.
He says that no medicine which she
had used ever did her as much good.
| The 25 and 50 cent sizes for sale by L.
j Taggart. may
Copyright IS9S by 1 j# •
The Stein-Uloch Co.
#)')] WE have made a Specialty this MM
season of GOLF and BICYCLE IWji
'.l'.jlyi CLOTHING. We have a large K£)
line of the latest styles in both. >££/
IN fact we keep a fine assortment
of anything a wheelman needs
J i 0 | in the way of Clothing,
| WIIAT do you think of a Hike ,
j m Suit for $3.00 and a pair of
I!®! Trousers for $1.25
IM , i *'
I -/•' HAVE you looked over our ele- /• '<
!>;•§' Kant NECKWEAR stock yet ?
| If not you should do so. The IkU ji
' jji'fijl finest stock in this vicinity. ||ip |
m J. in
jj||j| Opposite Post-olllce, Emporium,
For the Years 1896 and 1807.
j A GREEABLE to an Act of Assembly entitled
Jy\. "An Act to amend an act uiiecting the
mode of selling Unseated Lands for taxes and
for other purposes," passed the 13th day of
I March, .V. D., 1815, and farther Supplements
j thereto, I, W. 1.. Thomas, Treasurer of the
County of Cameron, hereby give notice to ail
persons concerned therein, that unless all ar
rearages of taxes due on the following tracts of
Unseated Lands, situate in Cameron County, Pa.,
j are paid before the day of sale, the whole or such
| part of each tract as will pay the cost and taxes
i chargeable thereon, will be sold by public vendue
I or outcry at the Court House, in Emporium Hor
| ough, County of I 'ameron, on SaconiJ .lion
j t3a>- in June, it being thel3iSj day oi
s!so and be continued by adjourn
j ment from day today, as will be deemed neces-
I sary, for arrearages of taxes and the costs ac
crued 011 each tract respectively. Persons wish
ing to pay before sale, will please remit the
amount or these taxes, together with filly cents
for each tract for advertising and twenty-live
cents for receipt.
NOTICSi is also given that in compliance
with the Act of Assembly, passed the 6th day of
j June, 1887, entitled "An Act to regulate the'col
| lection of taxes on Unstated Lands," there will
be accrued interest at the rate of fi per cent, per
annum on taxes of 181)0 from January Ist, 1897,
and on taxes of 18S7 from January Ist," 1898, until
date of payment of same. See P. L., 18S7; page
Shippen Township.
■V( <. ]['arrantre
I War. Acres. or Owner. Tax.
1 2337 990.... C. B. Howard &Co S 256 12
, 2412 990 do 013 51
2353 990 do 772 20
2354 990 do 772 20
! 5035 990 do 772 20
| 5011 985 ilo 76S 31
15040 816 do 650 38
5034 990 <10.... 51180
j 2310 990 do 128 71
2350 990 do 3X6 11
[ 5042 360 do 280 SO
2341 990 do 193 OS
i 2343 660 do 85 80
j 1985 252 Josiali Howard 36 66
i 2913 150 do 19 51
4998 802 do 104 28
4984 882 do 112 01!
2520 390 do 50 71
4968 522 <io (17 86
5030 295 do 38 39
2537 217 do 28 21
5037 .'>o6 do 65 79
5038 495 do 96 61
1111 50 do 6 51
2059 111 do 1183
2952 r" ,!o 00 48
2952 21-0 d.i 52 (;')
j«l v:v) 102 57
I 61U7 131 do 31 06
i -»!WI 990 Dußois, VanTassell Bros. 1897 324 23
' 1080 990 do 1897 324 23
4970 !,90 do 1807 321 23
"71 fl») do 1897 324 23
4972 O.KI do 1897 324 23
4973 990 do . 1897 324 23
4978 89(1 do 1807 291 48
49X8 99!l do .1897 .189 07
4989 999 do 1897 389 07
4987 , 100 do 1897 6 5.",
4099 21(1 S. Wiley 27 31
4033 72 do .. 9 31
1380 50 do ..lot No. 51-. 0 01
6107 1(H) do 13 00
4087 561 . ..SolomonShaffer 146 65
4M5 576 do 119 28
, 4-.)i16 616.. do 80 08
4986 167 do •>! 70
4:ii:2 090 Alfred Truman <>6 62
49H3 750 do 97 5I
4953 150 Laura M. Bryan. 19 r,o
5037 300 (1. \V. Warner 39 00
5038 495 do 61 38
! 4988 130 H. If. Mullin 780
. , M&D 30 do 199
2537 211 A. 11. Shaffer 18W> 7 81
1143 389 do 189(1 12 60
31 11 287 do 18 72
1112 762 do 1896 24 64
, 1195 127 do . 1896 113
"13 50 do 1896 1 63
1 1191 368 do 23 92
VttC't 583 do 37 90
1107 30' . do 1 00
1359 32T do 2 08
,8461 600 C. R.NoyesEst 1897 157 20
i 5011 91 Hellen B. Turner, .1897 17 89
I 1359 60 do 1897 393
) | 1359 174 do 1897 11 40
• 5010 213 do 1897 83 72
I 4953 313 Murrell Dobbins,. . 1897 11 01
4983 40.... A. A. Housler Est., 5 20
! 2973 390' . Housler, Hertig & Co., 25 36
4982 345 1. R. Buckwalter, 44 88
4986 50 Peter Brown, 3 28
4986 100 do 6 51
1199 58 Daniel Barr 377
; 2537 1 18 do 9 61
1407 78 do 5 08
1199 58 do 3 77
1 1109 27 do 1 83
14952 495.Sin'inah'ngI. and C.Co 64 39
| 4951 495 .do 128 71
5865 742. do 72 41
5162 600 do 117 00
j M. & P. 763 do .. 71 35
M&D. 170 W. H. Howard 22 11
i 6108 60 do 7 80
1193 151 do 9 S8
I 1142 50. do 3 28
I 1191 72 do 4 68
1 1133 300 do 19 51
4967 545 do 35 50
; 4917 990 C. E. Hubbard 193 08
1111 337 Richard Davy 43 80
1142 80 do 10 40
I 6108 40... .Mrs Henry Bliss, 520
; 1961 250 Mrs. L. T. Moore Est 32 81
•1994 495 Reading and Eislier 386 11
1 4991 65 do 50 71
4966 910 1-10 Woodman & Kidder . 12 22
J 4986 100 Geo. Brown & Son 13 00
1113 289 Andrew Jenks 1897 0 43
1113 50 do 1897 1 65
1142 100 do 1897 3 28
2537 211 H.J, Sassmau 1897 7 93
1142 200 L. E. (jibbs, 1897 6 55
; 1113 100 A. L. Ensign, 1597 3 28
1142 75 ...L.K.Huntington 1897 2 59
1142 25.. . .Bert Dodge, 1897 86
1142 157 Oscar Heath, 1897 5 18
1195 127 1. 11. Evans, 1897 1 19
I 4961 -10 W. Filling, 1897 2 62
! 3551 155 J. S. Wilev, 14 15
; 1197 100 do" 458
1360 50 do 2 30
1 5136 1100 .. do 100 10
I 8584 200 do 18 20
I 1360 300 do 13 66
; 1 1107 300 do 13 66
, j 3554 57 do . ..'. 5 18
| 5434 268 H. H. Mullin 24 21
11 1193 55 A. 11. Shatter 256
. 1 1107 92' .... do 2 10
1 1193 75 J. H. Evans 348
j J.C.C. 163.. —J.C.Cameron 1185
] F. & R 100 J. D. Bucher 910
3554 50 . . If. F. Sizer Est. lot No. 6 458
]•' ti R 100 W. H. Sullivan 1897 2 43
j 5131 641 do 1897 62 48
• 5432 200 W. W. Barrows Est 26 10
I 5435 611 do 79 77
5431 973 do 126 98
I 5410 1100 Noyes, Dallet & Barrows .. 143 55
5111 925 do 120 72
I 5459 957 S. 1. & Coal Co 93 72
5460 111:: do 115 26
I 5464 480 do 62 64
6-14-1 520 do 67 86
I 5413 393 do 38 55
5129 778 do 101 54
I 5461 370 do -18 30
■ 5462 500 do 65 25
j 5463 81 do 10 97
5461 210 do 27 42
I 5143 157 do 15 41
5435 120 Ranstead and Flynn 219 24
! 5132 50 do 1.3 05
; I 5417 30 L. H. Simpson Est 7 83
5482 116 H. If. Mullin 9 51
5438 1100'j. J. W.Slocum 107 68
5439 1100 do 97 85
5442 1100% do 95 70
5137 1100 do 97 35
5130 1028- ;; do 89 45
: 5856 990 C. R. Noyes Est 1897 200 49
Gibson Township.
' 5487 60 I.J. Mix 791
5468 125 George-Mead 16 52
5471 116 do 15 31
j 5471 187 G.W.Warner 12 42
5480 | 600 1). H. Marsh 39 60
5470 381 S. W. Nyce 25 23
I 5473 52 do 3 44
| 54->4 r,o A.M. Shaffer 3 30
5395 58 C. W. Shaffer 1800 1 9,'i
5171 51 . Levi ITeidrick 1897 7 01)
5304 1188 Bare lay Bros 75 49
drove Township.
5646 343 Elias Deemer & Co 207 89
4139 990 li. H. TayJor & Son 599 94
4122 516 U. H. Kussell 52 il
1138 990 W. If. Sumnierson 50 04
4937 40 A. H. Shaffer 2 02
Vac't 10 do 'j 02
Vac't 330 do 1(1 70
4123 217 J. A. WykofV 1897 21 49
4173 798 Tames Murphy 1897 34 46
5712 931 do 1897 93 68
5716 66 do 1897 2 88
5717 990 do 1897 42 73
5711 726 do 1897 31 36
1171 830 A. Pardee Kst 1897 17 73
4926 130 .. W. Berfield . 13 11
Will'nisi 25 Barclay Bros 12 66
do 158 do 15 98
5701 105 rio 5 80
571S 385 do • 21 06
Driftwood Borough.
5152 435 Cochran & Bates 142 28
Seated Taxes Returned by Collectors.
Warrant No. 498-1, 50 acres, W. H. JollofT, lax
Ss.ilii for (he years 1895 and 18S6, described as
follows: Bounded on the east by the warrant
line at Charles Ross corner, thence north to
a maple corner on the hill, thence southwest
to a post, thence south to the public road to
the place of beginning.
Lumber Township.
Knights of Pythias, tax £9.31. for years 1891, 1895
1896. 1897. Bounded as follows: All that
certain lot of land, situated iti the village of
Cameron, township of Lumber, Cameron
county. Pa., beginning at a post on Souther
i strict eighty-four (84) feet west from the corner
I or junction of Louisa avenue with Souther
I si root running north thirty-two and one-half
1 32 1 . ) degrees east one hundred and twenty
six 1126) feet to a post, thence northwest one
hundred and twenty-six (126! feet to a post,
thence along said Souther street sixty-four
and one-half <6l':J°) degrees east fifty-one 'sl)
feet to the place of beginning. Containing
six thousand four hundred and twenty-six
(6,426) square feet. Located on Town map as
lot No. 3, plot F. F.
Gibson Township.
Eighteen (18) acres. Patrick Kane; tax $68.63. for
years 1892, 1894, 1895. Bounded and described
as follows: Commencing at point on the
easterly bank of Mix Run at the mouth of the
I lirst run emptying into Mix Run on the
j left-hand side going up from the month,
thence easterly up said run that empties into
Mix Hun, six hundred (600j feet, thence
northwesterly and parallel with Mix Run,
one thousand three hundred (1.300) feet to a
post, thence westerly and parallel with the
lirst described line, six hundred (600) feet to
the bank of said Mix Run, thence up said
I Mix Run its several courses one thousand
j three hundred (1,300) feet to place of begin
Grove Township.
| Warrant No. 4,122, one half of one hundred
and eighty (ISO) acres, R. J. Wykoff, tax
$29.23 for years 1893, 1894,1895,1896. Bounded
and described as follows: Piece, parcel or
tract of land in Warrant 4,122, situated in
drove township, Cameron county, Pa., on
| the east side of the First Fork oftheSinne
malioning, one undivided one-half of one
hundred and eighty (180) acres.
Driftwoed Borough.
Mrs. John Hennesey, tax $2.54, for the year 1897,
bounded and described as follows: Fronting
on the tracks of the P. & E. R. It., bounded
on the northeast by lot owned by Henry
Swope, on the southeast by Pine street, oil
the southwest by lands of Cochranand Bates
on the Northwest by P. ic E. R It. right of
7V. umn r of Cameron Count-/
Teeabuubr's Oyt'ioE, ' I
I Emporium, l J a., April 18, 1898. \ S-6t