Cameron County press. (Emporium, Cameron County, Pa.) 1866-1922, March 03, 1898, Page 5, Image 5

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    Old Hie 9i k
Owing tn the very liberal patronaße I have had
lrorn our people and in view of the hard
times I will until MAY Ist,reduce the price of
Physicians Prescriptions as follows, viz :
All I oz. mixtures, regular price, 20 to 15
All 2 oz. mixtures, regular price, 25 to 19
All 3 oz. mixtures, regular price, 35 to 25
All 4 oz. mixtures, regular price. 45 to 30
All 6 oz. mixtures, regular price, 65 to 50
All 8 oz. mixtures, regular price, 85 to 65
And a corresponding reduction on
all packages of Powders, Pills, Oint
ments Also liberal discount on all
Patent Medicines, Baby Foods, Per
fumes, Toilet and Fancy Articles and
extra liberal discount on Fountain
Syringes, Hot Water Bottles, Atomi
zers and Nursing Bottles.
I will guarantee my goods to be
strictly fresh and equal to any goods
in the market.
Thirty years experience in the town
of Emporium is sufficient evidence of
competency. If you wish to avail
yourself of the liberal offer, leave
your Physician's Prescriptions and
drug trade in general at the OLD RE
General Supply Depot for
and finds the magazine extremely in
teresting. We have all the most inter
esting and popular magazines and
other periodicals on our list, from
which people of all tastes and %'oeations
can select what suites them best. In
such a wide and varied collection there's
something for all. You must read the
magazines to be up to date. They come
next to the newspaper in value and
importance, and the variety and inter
est of their contents are simply amaz
ing. As supplementary to the news
paper, the magazine is invaluable,
giving thorough consideration to all
leading questions and events.
1:11 vouirsi, i*A •
Every woman is beautiful or not, ac
cording to the manner in which she
cares for her purchases of toilet articles.
We help the beauty of the ladies by
providing the best beauty requisites.
We make the woman beautiful by pro
viding beauty-giving, healthful things
which do the skin good and fire pleas
ing and desirable.
iw &
Indies Winter Wrappers and Shirt
There is no end of pleasant surprises
in our new stock. Anyone and every
one can find what will please them im
mensely and satisfy them completely
in the splendid aggregation of novel
The patterns are exceedingly hand
some and all new, the workmanship
as good as can be desired and the
prices,—well, you can't approach
them elsewhere.
Emporium, Pa., Feb. 25, 1898.
NEMOPHILA, per sack *1 50
Graham, "
Rye " r >o
Buck wheat. * r >o
Patent Meal. 10
Coarse Meal, per 100, 00
Chop Feed, "
Middlings "
Bran » W
Corn, per bushel, * r, °
White Oats, per bushel 10
The Loss of the Battleship Maine, at Havana.
Far away from their homes, in a Cuban grave,
Our heroes are silently sleeping;
While round the old homestead are many beloved.
Who are silently, bitterly weeping.
Mid the roar of the battle did the heroes go down?
Nay! Peace was the banner unfurled;
Till a thundering roar, a flash in the gloom.
And the Maine to the bottom was hurled.
The ship lay at anchor, her crew was at rest,
Save the "watch," 'neath the tropical sky ?
No tok«»n of danger to herald their doom —
Not a word, not a tear, not a sigh.
Like a bolt from Inferno hurled but too well,
Satanic destruction it wrought;
The glance of an eye, the draught of a breath,
Like a flash of the lightning thought.
Was it an accident caused from within,
Or some dastard without, laid the train
That took from Columbia, the gallant, the brave,
And sent to the bottom our Maine?
She was riven apart by the demon of death,
JUMan's noblest achievement in steel;
We shrink to condemn, or say 'twas a foe,
While the hand of his friendship we feel.
If the blow has been struck by a traitorous hand,
God have mercy, is all I implore ;
fcair Cuba shall stride in the ranks of the free
And peace grace her evergreen shore.
Mid the pomp of the tyrant we laid them at rest,
Knowing well that their spirits were free;
Their warfare is o'er, they have answered roll call,
Been discharged by death's liberty.
Mourn for the brave, Columbia's brave sons,
Who died in the mystery of night;
The noble, the free, the gallant, the bold,
The champions of justice and right.
Let the truth be all told, let justice be done,
If a traitor has worked us this pain;
'•To arms!" be the call, sweep the tyrants down.
May our loss be the patriots' «ain.
Cameron, Pa., Feb. 18th, 1898.
Contributions invited. That which you would
like to sec in thin department, let us know by pos
tal card. letter, or personally.
W. O. Manltey returned home last
Morgan Evans is threatened with
typhoid fever.
Miss Mame Logan is visiting friends
in Williainsport.
Geo. Taggart has returned home
from Philadelphia.
Geo. Crawford, of Sizerville, was in
town Wednesday.
T. H. Norris, of Sterling Run, was
in town 011 Monday.
Joseph Housler, of Lock Haven, was
in town last Saturday.
Mr. Thos. Trotter visited Mr. Rhodes
at Cameron last Saturday.
Troxell Fulton, of Sterling Run, was
attending court this week.
Mifs Jennie Dougherty returned
Wednesday from a visit to Austin.
Judge Bonham is out again, almost
recovered from his painful illness.
Mr. W. S. Walker's little daughter
has been seriously ill the past week.
Mrs. Stella E. Hamilton is visiting
her father, S. E. Hull', at this place.
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Rendt returned
'ast Friday from Greenwood, N. Y.
Ray Dininny came down from Kane
to spend :i few days with his mother.
Hon. L. Taggart, who has been very
sick for a couple of weeks, is improving.
Attorneys Jones and Wimmer, of
St. Marys attended court here this week.
V. A. Brooks, H. H. Swank and son,
of Sinneinahoning, were in town this week.
E. H. Gregory and family have
moved into Jno. Coyle's Fourth street house.
Sam Uameron came down from Kane
on Thursday last, to visit friends for a few days.
Wm. Lytle and Mrs. Bell Letterman,
ofLamont, Pa., were attending court here this
Postmaster Lewis, of Sterling Run,
attended court on Monday. He called to see tlie
S. \V. Nyce, of Dents Run, was in
Emporium on Tuesday and paid his respects to
the PRESS.
John McMillen, of Bennett's Branch,
attended court on Monday and shook hands
with friends.
A. H. Jones, ofShippen, was in town
on Tuesday and called to renew his PRESS for
another year.
Mr. Neal Mclnnes and bride, of
Pittsburg, are guests of A. Mclnnes and family,
at this place.
Miss Alice Wright, of Renovo, came
up on Friday and visited T. F. More and wife
over Sunday.
E. C. Davison, W. N. Y. & P. freight
and ticket agent was a caller at the PRESS sanc
tum on Monday.
Mrs. Dr. Wilson, of St. Marys, at
tended the funeral of Miss Hat tie Erhard, at this
place, on Tuesday.
Mrs. P. J. Bloom was called to Erie
on Thursday last, on account of the illnessof her
niece, Uattie Erhard.
Miss Evoline Ayers, of Fillmore, N.
Y., is visiting in town, guest of Mr. and Mrs. F.
W. Ayers, on Fifth street.
Gregg Bailey, of the Driftwood
Gazette , accomompanied by Mr. Brooks, are
attending court this week.
Geo. Van Lew, G. English, Wm.
Hamilton, A.J. Mix, of Driftwood, were in at
tendance at court this week.
Misses Gertrude and Ada Bartron
and Mr. Orla Hart ron. of Austin, visited Empo
rium friends, on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hacltenberg, of
Austin, visited Judge Bonham and family, last
Friday. They had visited Erie.
We regret to learn of the serious ill-
ness of Mr. Jos. Rhodes, of Cameron, although at
this writii g he is much better.
('has. Rishell steps high, wide and
lively on account of the arrival of a bouncing
i boy at his house Sunday morning.
Miss Cora Taylor was called to Buf
j falo last Monday by a telegram announcing the
j serious illness of Mrs. Win. W. Taylor, of that
I place.
Mrs. H. H. Webber and children, of
( Middletown, were called here to attend the
j funeral ot their niece and cousin, Miss Hattie
I Erhard.
P. H. Fitspatrick, of Williamsport,
; lias been callingoll old friends 111 Kmporium this
week. We were pleased to receive a coll from
him on Tuesday.
Miss Drtisi Evers, who lives with
Mr. Strayer's family attbisplsce, was severely
burned last Saturday evening, her clothes catch
" ing lire from the stove.
Wm. Ilaekenberg and wife, of
i Austin, attended the funeral of their grand-child,
at this place, on Tuesday. Mr. 11. visited his
! daughter and sick child at Erie last Friday.
Mrs. G. J. Laßarwas called to Shick-
I aliinny this morning by a telegram announcing
i the sad intelligence or the death of her brother,
James Kester, a former resident of this place.
Miss Edith Olmsted, of Coudersport,
daughter of our former townsman H. Clinton
i Olmsted, has been visitingin town the past week,
I guest of H. C. Olmsted and family.
J. Murray Africa, a prominent civil
engineer, of Huntingdon, was present at court to
i give expert testimony in the case of Calfernia
1 Phoenix vs Emporium & Rich Valley R. R.
S. D. McCoole, of Driftwood, was in
| Emporium on Monday, shaking hands and
| cracking jokes with his many friends. We sur- ;
[ mise Sam has a bee in his bonnet, buzzing: "As- |
| sociate Judge."
j The following well-known attorneys
from out of town are in attendance at court this |
i week : Gen. Jesse Merrill, i.oek Haven; L. H- !
Beers, Huntingdon; Ernest J. Wimmer, E. J. j
| Jones, St. Marys; W. L. Calkins, Kane.
JllO. A. Wykoff, of Grove, was at-j
j tending court on Monday a::d Tuesday an 1 while
I in town paid the PRESS a business and social call, j
j Mr. Wykoff informs 11s that at the the proper j
time he will announce his name as a candidate 1
j for Associate Judge.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Schriever return- j
! ed last Saturday from Bellefonte, where J. B. j
I attended the State Photographers Convention. |
I Besides capturing the gold medal prize in class |
I "B," he was elected Vice President of the State i
| Association.
Ilenry G. Seger, of Chicago, passed i
| Sunday and Monday in Emporium, guest of his ;
| father and mother, N. Seger and wife. Henry j
' lias the contract to collect all mail in Chicago |
I and has one hundred and twenty-five mai j
wagons and drivers in his employ.
The following persons from Sterling j
j Run were in attendance at court this A-eek ; J. j
j H. Darrin, Geo. Moore and wife, Gordon Howlet \
j and wife, John Gentry, Jos. Kissel, William j
Gentry. Ed. Brooks, Ed. Berry, Wilson Berry,
I James Moore, Harry Wylie, Joseph Mason, Al. j
j Smith, Eugene Devling.
J. W. Kreitner, of Shippen, was in *j
town 011 Tuesday, attending the meeting of the
I Creamery Association. He also called at the
! PRESS office. Mr. Kreitner and G. S. Wiley
1 delivered the first milk to the creamery, the test
j being in favor of Kreitner—Kreitner five degrees !
' and Wiley four. Good average for the first test. !
Godfrey Howard, of Williamsport,
j formerly a resident of Emporium, occupies his
| spare time in a foundry and machine shop and
j takes great interest in his work. He has recently
made, with his own hands, a neat iron shoe and !
sent it to his grandmother. Mrs. M. A. Rockwell, -
at this place, who highly prizes the gift.
On Monday evening, Feb. 28th, the
young business men of Kmporium held a meet
ing for the purpose of forming an organization
to be known as the Emporium Young Men's
Business Association. Its object is to promote
and encourage capital to be invested here, and
i to exert all in their power to build various in
! dustries and promote the interests of tlie people
of Emporium, ltemarks were made by several
of our business men in regard to the great bene
fits and advantages to be derived from such an
organization and how necessary it was that our
business people should form such an organization.
The following officers were then nominated and
elected: President, JohnJ. Hinkle; Secretary,
W. T. Seger. A committee was then appointed
by the Chairman to draw up a constitution and
by-laws, which the organization was to be guided
by. The gentlemen composing this committee
are Geo Metzger, Jr., Chairman; C. W. Shaffer
John Day, Frank Judd, Grants. Wiley. These
gentlemen were requested to make their report
on March 11th. Various industries were then
discussed and it was decided that steps should be
taken immediately after the committee makes
its report. A motion to adjourn was then made
and next meeting will be called Friday evening,
March 11th, when some decisive steps will be
W. T. SEGER, Sec.
I Headquarters W. C., No. 382, P. O. S. of A..
Emporium. Pa., Feb. 2-Sth, 180S.
WHEREAS, The President of the
I United States has been insulted by Minister De
1 Lome, of Spain and at various times Old Glory
has also been insulted and delied.
Resolved , We, the members of W. C.. No. 382,
P. O. S. of A., tender the services of the Camp to
President McKinley in defense of Old Glory and
our Nation's honor. The above was unani- 1
mously adopted.
Emmanuel Church.
Confirmation service on Saturday
evening, March sth, at 7:00 o'clock. Holy Com
munion, Sunday morning at 7:30. Also the usual
monthly celebration at 11:00 o'clock. The offer
ings on Saturday evening and Sunday morning j
(first celebration) will be for the Bishop's Charity j
J. M. ROBERTSON, Rector.
Notice the immense bargains in
clothing at N. Seger's. All winter goods going
at a sacrifice to make room for the finest line of
spring and summer goods that ever came into
For Sale.
I otter for sale at a bargain, one
I team of dark bay work horses, six
I years old. Also several driving
I horses. Will exchange horses for new
] milch cows.
51 -3t. CILAS. FKY.
Opera House for Sale.
The undersigned offers for sale at rea
-1 sonable terms, the Emporium Opera
' House, a good solid square timber, sub
stantially built building, size 50x130,
seating capacity of 1000; good stage
fully equipped for traveling companies.
Apply to
J. W. CLARKE, Manager.
Emporium, l'a. 30-15tf.
Sterling Run Letter.
Benj. Dayton, Orlow Smith, J. H. Darrin, E.
Lord, W. E. Devling, Wm. Stevens and Jos
Kissell are attending court as jurors this week.
Nearly all of our citizens are attending court
this week, either as witnesses or jurors.
The new mail service went into effect on the
28th giving u.® one more mail a day.
Miss Delia Derr is visiting her sister, Mrs.
Carrie Smith, for a short time.
Judge Smith is slowly improving, but notable
to be around yet.
Rev. M. C. Piper will preach his farewell ser
mon, March 13th, before going to conference.
Rev. 8. Ebersole has been suffering with a
severe attack of pneumonia but is some better at
present writing.
The Ladies Aid festival 011 Friday evening
netted them about $33. Notwithstanding the
hard times.
A. W Mason has sold his lumber on the bank
to Williams A Forsman, of Williamsport. He
will only cut it in logs and run them to Drifl
-1 wood.
'Squire Whiting was called to Chas. Williams'
on Mason Hill, Sunday, where he united Wm.
Miller and Miss Lizzie Ives for better or for
worse. We wish you good luck. Will.
The Surprise ot All.
Mr. James Jones, of the drug firm of
Jones & Son, Cowden, 111., in speaking
of Dr. King's New Discovery, says that
last winter his wife was attacked with
La Grippe, and her case grew so seri
] ous that physicians at Cowden and Pa
na could do nothing for her. It seem
ed to develop into hasty consumption.
I Having Dr King's New Discovery in
store, and Belling lots of it, ho took a
bottle home, and to the surprise of all
began to get better from first dose, and
half dozen bottles cured her sound and
j well. Dr. King's New Discovery for
1 Consumption, Coughs, and Colds is
I guaranteed to do this good work. Try
it. Free trial bottles at L. Taggart's.
Allegheny county farmers will this
! year make potatoes one of their princi
| pal crops.
Free Pills.
Send your address to H. E. Bucklen
I & Co., Chicago, and get free sample
j box of Dr. King's New Life Pills. A
j trial will convince you of their merits.
| These pills are easy in action and are
I particularly effective in the cure of
| Constipation and Sick Headache. For
| Malaria and Liver troubles they have
i been proved invaluable. They are
1 guaranteed to be perfectly free from
j every deleterous substance and to
!be purely vegetable. They do
| not weaken in their action, but by giv
ing tone to stomach and bowels great
ly invigorate the system. Regular size
j25 cents per box. Sold by L. Taggart.
It is odd that LaChampagne should
have become helpless on water
I desire to attest to the the merits of
I Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as one
i of the most valuable and efficient pre
parations on the market. It broke an
i exceedingly dangerous cough for me in
; 24 hours, and in gratitude therefor, I
j desire to inform you that 1 never will
j be without it, and you should feel
! proud of the high esteem in which your
i Remedies are held by the people in
1 general. It is the one remedy in ten
thousand. Success to it. O. R. Dow
ney, Editor Democrat, Albion, Ind.
For sale by L. Taggart. mch.
■ rpAKE NOTICE That the late co-partnership
I ofMclnnes & Bliss is this day dissolved by
mutual consent, and in the future the said husi-
I ness will be conducted by "The Mclnnes Steel
I Works" to whom all demands and accounts of
the late ttrm shall be paid.
Emporium, Pa., Feb. 1!), IS9B.
is hereby given ! lie co-partner
sliip heretofore existinp between S. E.
Murry, F. P. Rentz, and F. P. Straver, under tlie
\ firm name of Murry, Itentz & Strayer, doing
j plumbing business, has this day been dissolved
j by mutual consent. The business will be con
i ducted by S. E. Murry. who will pay all debts of
1 said firm and receive al! monies due.
1-'. P. RENTZ.
Emporium, Pa.. Jan. 21th, IROS.—SI-Dt
! -VTOTICE is hereby given that an application
. \ will be made to the Governor of Pennsylva
j nia on Thursday. March 24th 1898, by Herbert
Day, R. P. Heilman, F. X. Blumlc, Gillis Bliss,
I Grant S. Wiley. D. Burliugame. C. C. Fay and
others under the Act of Assembly, entitled "An
act to provide for the ineoporation and regula
tion of certain corporations," approved April
29th, 1874, and the supplements thereto, for the
charter of an intended corporation to be called
Emporium Creamery Company, the character
and object of which is for the purpose of manu
facturing butter, ice cream, cheese and all goods
or commodities manufactured from cream or
milk, and the transacting of all business
j connected with a creamery, and for these ptir
i poses to have, possess, and enjoy all the rights,
; benefits, and privileges of said act of Assembly
and supplements thereto, t
NO. 3255.
First National Bank
! at Emporium, in the State of Pennsylvania at
j the close of business, February 18th, 1898.
' Loans and discounts $143,821 53
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured. .. 1,803 67
; IT. S. Bonds to secure circulation 12,500 00
| Premiums on U. S. Bonds 1,000 00
I Stocks, Securities, etc 1,850 71
| Banking-house, furniture and fixtures. 6,200 00
Due from National Banks (not Reserve
' Agents) 391 44
Due from State Banks and Bankers 104 30
i Due from approved reserve agents 37,753 88
I Notes of other National Banks 1.750 00
i Fractional paper, currency, nickels and
j cents 85 42
j Specie. $13,168 50
Legal-tender notes 2,500 00 15,668 50
S Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer
(5 per cent, of circulation) 562 50
TOTAL $223,491 95
i Capital stock paid in $50,000 00
I Surplus fund 34,000 00
Undivided profits, less expenses and
| taxes paid 2,079 10
1 National Bank Notes outstanding . 10,950 00
Due to other National Banks 2,828 84
Individual deposits subject to check,... 123,372 31
j Cashier's checks outstanding 261 70
TOT AI, $223,191 95
County of Cameron, )
I, M. P. Whiting, Cashier of the above
! named Bank, do solemnly swear that the above
statement is true to the best of my knowledge and
M. P. WHITING, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me)
this 26th day of February, 1898. /
T. B. Li.ovn, Notary Public.
S ConnucT—Attest:
GEO. A.WALKER, > Directors.
B. W. GREEN, 5
•••••••• • • • • • • •
(• • • • g,» • S • £
liEll! 1
£•> This is the Brand, '?«
(••) The Miller planned (••>
<••> To be the finest in the land.
r««; (••)
S® Now East and West, (••->
22 His skill attest, 22
And Pillsbury's Best leads i« a|
(••) all the rest. (**)
£s] U tlie inscription on gjj
your sack of flour is like
the above, you have the
%•) t> est flour in tlie world £«j
(•*> and to have the
(00) ™ <• •)
(••) best bread. Better look
<••> <»•)
and see, and if not, go at !«»!
[J2 once to £2
(••> <••>
(»»> (••'
(••) •••'
<••) »•'
g« and procure a sack ol
I? World Famous,
(••J Pillsbury's Best. jjjjj
[•I! There are others, but
( ##) none so good. <••)
I J. H. DAY,|
'23 Fourth St., 22
C*2 Emporium, Pa.
\\\\\n\\ \ N m \ \y
!_ I
/ Next iloor to Post-Oflice, /
' Drugs, /
/ /
/ Toilet Articles, /
/ /
y Druggist Sundries,
W Patent Medicines,
112. Prescriptions and '4
/ /
/ Stationery. /
/ /
/ /
'/ |
/ Prescription >
/ |
/ Department. /
I %
y I have had twelve years experi- y
>1 ence in compounding pliysi
/ cians prescriptions and guar- /
y antee accuracy of work and y
absolutely purity of all drugs
■ used. %
s\ \ \ \ v v \ \ \ mm w
F. E. riATTESON & CO.,
Riverside, R. 1.,
Wants all kinds of Butter, Eggs, Poultry, Raw
Furs, Skins, Ginseng, Seneca, &c. Full prices
guaranteed. Careful selection, courteous treat
ment, immediate remittance. Shipping Tags,
Ropes, furnished free. Write for latest price
circulars. Agents wanted. 42-3m.
J'arftic/Iftftii&l for 1898
Leading American Seed Catalogue,
Brighter and better than ever before. Mailed
FREE to any address.
W. ATLEE BURPEE & Co., Philadelphia. Pa.
I)o you expect to do any papering? We will
send you free a large selection of samples from
3c. per roll up, all new colorings and novelties
up to date. WE PAY FREIGHT. We
want an agent in every town to sell on commis
sion from large sample books. No capital re
quired. For samples or particulars, address
52-13L 747-75 3 Ninth Ave., N. Y.City.
p] AND .1011 ft
In ru
i\l AT THIS OM Iti:. in asasHsasasHSHsHsrHsa>
Travelers «.ui«U-.
In effect November 28, 1897.
8 20 A. M.—Train 8 week days for Sunbury.
Wilkesbarre, Scran ton, Ha/.leton, Pottsville,
Harrisburg and intermediate stations, arriving
at Philadelphia 6.23 P. M., New York 9.30 P. M.,
Baltimore 6.00 P. M., Washington 7.15 P. M.
Pullman Parlor car from Williamsport to
Philadelphia andpassengercoachesfrom ICane
to Philadelphia and Williamsport to Balti-
J more and Washington.
320 P. M.—Train 6 week days for Harns
burg and intermediate stations, arriving
at Philadelphia,4.3o A. M., New Y0rk7.33 A.M.
Pullman sleeping cars from Harrisburg toPhil
adelphia and New York. Philadelphia pas
sengerscan remainii: sleeper undisturbed un
til 7:30 A.M.
8 57 P.M. Train 4 Daily for Sunbury, IlarriE
burg and intermediate stations arriving at
Philadelphia 6.52 A. M., New York 8.33 A. M.,
weekdays, (10.38 A. M. Sunday;) Baltimore 6.20
A. M.. Washington 7.40 A. M. Pullman sleep
-1 ing cars from Erie and Williamsport to Phila
delphia and Williamsport to Washington.
] Passengers in sleeper for Baltimore and Wash
! ington will be transferred into Washington
sleeper at Williamsport. Passenger cars from
Erie to Philadelphia and Williamsport to
' 5:10 A. M. -Emporium Junction—Train 9 week
days for Erie, Ridgway, Dußois, Clermont and
I intermediate stations.
10 25 A. M. Train 3 Daily for Erie and
i week days for Dußois and intermediate
* stations.
'6 25 P. M. Train 15, week days tor Kane
and intermediate stations.
Train 9 leaves New York 5:50 p. m., Philadelphia
8:50 p. m., Washington 7:20 p. m., Baltimore
8:40 p. m., arriving at Emporium Junction 5:10
i a. m., week days, with Pullman Sleepers and
passenger coaches, from Philadelphia to Erie
and from Washington and Baltimore to Will
I Train 3 leaves New York 7.40 p. ra., Philadel
phia 11.20 p. m., Washington 10.40 p. m, Balti
more 11.50 p, m., daily, arriving at Emporium
| 10.25 a. m., with Pullman Palace Sleeping
I Cars from Philadelphia to Williamsport, and
| passenger coaches from Philadelphia to Erie
and Baltimore to Williamsport- on Sundays
only Pullman Sleepers from Philadelphia to
Train 15 leaves Philadelphia 8.30 a. m., Washing
ton 7.50 a.m., Baltimore 8.50 a. m., Wilkesbarre
10:15 A.M., weekdays, arriving at Emporium
6.25 P. M., with Parlor car from Philadelphia
to Williamsport, and passenger coaches from
Philadelphia to Kane.
XV Connections.
(Week days.)
J A. M.L A. M. IF. M. I>. M.
| R 501.... 400 .... Renovo j5 00 10 20
i !l 43 .... 141 ..Driftwood... I4 03 (I 30
j lo 20 —' 510 Emporium June I3 25 !> 00
|ll 02; ■5 52 ... SI. Marys .|2 10 8 1(1
\ ii 15 | ».... Kane m IS 9 05
11 36 j . .Wilcox ill 51 842
1 11 49 .Jolinsonhurg. jll 36 827
il2 10 620 ..Ridgway,... 850 800
! 12 17 .... 627 ..Island Run... 8 43l I7 52
j 12 22 632 Carman Tr'nfer 8 38| I7 47
i 12 31 0 11' . Croyland 8 20! 7 38
; 12 35 6 45] ..Shorts Mills.. 826 733
112 39 648 .. .Blue Rock... 822 730
12 43 6 53 Carrier 8 17 j 7 26
12 53 702 .Brockwayville. 8 08! j 7 17
12 57 ' 7 06 .. .Lanes Mills.. 8 02 I 7 12
107 7 14 .Harvevs Run.. 754 \7 01
1 15 7 20 . .Falls Creek... 7 50 7 00
1 40 7 35 .... Dußois 7 401 ! « 40
120 725 ..Falls Creek... 700 655
135 740 Reynoldsville.. 645 640
2 11; 816 ... Brookville .. 609 6 0-1
3 051 9 10 New Bethlehem 520 510
3 50 (1K... Red Bank 4 25
6 30 12 40 .. ..Pittsburg | 1 40
P. M P. M. |A. M.| P. M.
General Manager. Gen'l Passenger Agt.
Port Allegany, Coudersport, Smethport, Eldred.
! Bradford, Olean and Buffalo, connecting at Buf
| falo for points East and West.
| Buffalo Express, dailv except Sunday 8.30 A. M.
j Mail, (103) daily except Sunday 1.50 P. M.
Train No. 103 (mail) will connect at Olean with
1 River Division for Allegany,Bradford,Salamanca
Warren, Oil City and Pittsburg.
Call on E. C. DAVISON, Agent, Emporium, for
i time tables or other information
R. BELL, Gen'l Supt.
I J. A. FELLOWS. Gen'l Pass'ngr & Ticket Agt.
Mooney Brisbane Building, Cor. Main and
Clinton Streets, Buffalo, N. Y.
Taking effect June 15th. 1897.
fio'l 4 | 6 j 2
P. M. P. M. A. M.I P. M.
| Port Allegany, Lv. .1 15 7 18 1 12 10
1 Coleman, "° °° *l2 15
! Burtville, *3 30 7 29 12 22
! Roulette, 3 10 7 36 12 29
i Knowlton's, *3 45 00 *l2 34
Mina 3 55 7 46 12 41
1 Olmsted *1 00 *7 50 *l2 4(1
! Hammonds, "° 00 *l2 51
~ , , 112 Ar. 415 757 12 55
Coudersport. jL v 30 1 00
North Coudersport, 00 \ *1 05
Frink's, *6 40! *1 14
Colesburg, *6 46 120
Seven *6 50 *1 24
Ravmonds's, j *7 01 136
Gold, ! 7 06; 1 42
Newfield, *7 le: 1 45
1 I). &S. Junction, 713 150
; Perkins *7 16 *1 53
Carpenter's, J 100 *1 56
Crowell's, ....J i *7 211 *2 00
j Ulysses, Ar.j | !7 30 210
1 8 1 1 I 8 I
A. M. P. M. A. M
j Ulysses Lv. 7 42 230 10 05 ...
Crowell's, *7 51 *2 10 *lO 17
Carpenter's, > OO *2 42 *lO 20
Perkins, *7 54 *2 45 *lO 25
1 B. &S. Junction 7 57 2 50 10 30 ....
1 Newfield, *8 00 2 54 *lO 35
i Gold ! 8 04 2 56 10 42
Raymond's *8 07 2 59 *lO 47
! Seven Bridges, *8 19*3 11 *ll 05
j Colesburg, *8 21 3 15 *ll 10
{ Frink's 1 *8 28 »3 22 *lllll7 1
North Coudersport 00 *3 30 *ll 27
t Ar. 8 43 3 35 11 3.5,
Coudersport, < 1 I P.M.
I Lv. 845 600 130
I Hammonds 00 00 *1 34
! Olmsted, *8 51 *6 06 *1 40
Mina, 855 610 1 45'
i Knowlton's, 00 *6 18 00
Roulette j9 05 fi 22 157
t Burtville I 9 13; 630 2 10j
| Coleman, 1 00 *6 36! 00
I Port A11egany,............j 9 241 6 40! 2 35|.....
I (*) Flag stations. (°°) Trains do not stop.
Connections—At Ulysses with Fall Brook R'y.
for points north and south. At Newfield Junc
-1 tion with Buffalo & Susquehanna R. R., north of
Wellsville, south of Galeton and Ansonia. At
Port Allegany with W. N. Y. & P. R. R., north
tor Buffalo, Olean, Bradford and Smethport;
| south for Keating Summit, Austin, Emporium
1 and P3nn'a It. R., points.
B. A. McCLURE, Gen'l Supt.
Coudersport, Pa.
j On and after Nov. 25,1894, passenger trains will
! depart from Johnsonburg daily except Sunday,
as follows:
I 10:30 a. 111.— Accommodation, forMt. Jewett, Brad
ford and intermediate stations.
8:58 a. 111.— Accommodation, for Ridgway, Brock
wayville, Dußois and Punxsutawney.
10:30 a. m. —Rochester Mail, for Mt. Jewett .Brad
ford, Salamanaca, Buffalo and Rochester.
3:35 p. m.—Mail, for Ridgway, Brockwayville,Du-
Bois, Punxsutawney and intermediate stations.
3:55 p. 111,— Accommodation, for Mt. Jewett, Brad
ford and intermediate stations.
Thousand mile tickets good for passage bp'
tweenall stations at two cento per mile.
R. G. MATHEWS, Gen. Supt..
Rochester, N. Y.
EDWARD C. LAPEY, Gen. Pass. Ag't.,
Rochester. N v