Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, May 07, 1853, Image 3

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    3,30 yds boi'd cheek Glag . h . aasa. all plaids !um
_May '7 asi I liillALS& IMAX&O.
itonuet ribbons, ftow Auction, at least gaper
t 373 ivateenle pqcee. •• No jok e
." •
~ 7,
~•:43173'4..._ TlBBAl a si & HAYES.
dkereeterf. a dos. at? eta. 40 doz. de. at
10 ess, and 4i Ll.7l.odiii)V2
1,:i1 y,',,,, Pori.unonih and Lodi Lawns. Vaught at the
~ , u ct,on sale in N. Y., from 61 totS els a yard.
‘,/ ti,ni,
43,,c1. :tas and Sh..wls.—We have on hand the most /
'. „. of Btaelt and Cold silk Mantillas and cash• 1
~r ;:haw Is to be tbund in the market.
,/,,,' 7, 143-42. TifIRALE; k flAym,
‘r .
tO RE - 3
",,, t ., ch or 4traw goods ever offeied illye sale in th e
: / ~,,,...:2, ju,t been received at Warrens unrivalled
~, ;..o - I:town's Uloek (one lons moth o r W o w.
'..,, re j Thil a lid look kt them and if )cou do not wish to
:// 3) :the trouble When pxocir bare been purchased
,1 0 1.1 the Variety is greater and prices re, much leis
„.0 / ,‘...:re bought in small lota and wilt be sold as
' : ,,,,,yr.c de a-surt mem are four Of live Ouldit leo of n i n:
.. Ili,i
.... lur gent, and lines. garious styles of Carthage.
,„,,,,,,Marr:iie.ilo. Panama. China. pearl for
.„, Youline and Children, also:6Flatribo. A
". ,c .n. R utland. Son. Frye& Plakn. Trim
,,,rl. ~ , polda Is. Len ton. Manillas: Sennett.
F T„ ~0 , 6 .. Leghorn and &host ofFancy flats for Children.
~ 1 Michigan straw, Pressed. Trimmed and Pulm leaf
',„/„...,,, widai ion to the usual large stoc k of the beettAilk,
" 4 , ,,..:,,,eri , and Heaver flats, to be found in this market.
1r.,h,140 of I(o..orilh Hate. Caps in abundance. This
~,k r,l# , O•lS 0.1 , 1 be sold at 1.0 peecent less than the mar
-10 •,„: c..... 1,, look at them Wore you buy. •
~ ‘,l 4::::1.. warranted as represented nr no sale, this h.
„ o b.. tonget the Worth of )our money.
, till 7 t 1 4 .' , 3-53 No. H Brown's Work. -
..... —.•
/, ~/ 1.,.:11 r,,,,,,..... Mat/tinge and Oil Cloth'. Three ply
~,,,r ler ...,...11 et qot, l'arpen..totton and worsted cut•
„ ~,,, tud cord tluor.liatiito., lirttiMets. I 111 Clotha.nair
,p 7 . arz,c , 1.,-oritliCtit at the loner) prices for i'hi. sea
mo. 7. 1 , 4.1-51 THERA LS gr. HAYES,
I.: k lot I'M, from P./ to et per )tird. Moe. brown
rti)th,, V“Y.OI Tweea.. cotton and wool do. from
,/ rt,p.thqu privato sale price.
t • TIBIIALS Ir. 13.1TF.5.
Vir °oil: Wool !II
;•a id for Wo^rt the emnio:sieromn
7,1. teu 44.• V 4.114,
fr. - vs , 1 ..
..., - Vl_ _ 1
&-..r.: -- sir.: - ..-4.4.
ron on-x.C.aciat
T r rzYiu Afenttit on! A. PRAT'r
r ro s e Mornit#o May 12.(u ficie:t
-31:. A ig I 0 G. J. MffitTON.
7. I-12-51 P.:bile Dock,
Eh:p Carp(:nters Wanted ltruitdi:tely
0 0 r. str.un lite 1.21:tx N;:tehitteq nuw being
, t Harro. stt : N T .all)
4::lrr.; It the %, ark ; • t•••,, ego, ti . . apj ty,io Lt oo`ik.
,• . to (apt. Geo urAlr
; 0:.4 .11.,(.. 11, iseon,,,n pippls to M IMP! ,
it F rlr j 'lei 6, 011 Itt. work - . A few good Mill.
„,ii Iw fr. eit.i.m) on the M:ze lottery
thl3 . 3,32.
. _
yo c tug eur S . o•ing srlCk or phe'r
ri & 1.L%
_ .
Paper Hangings an 3 Eicirder.ins-. - " .---
It 1101,E.s.iLE .01) RE7',111.:
r hat r -ere. ved 11... 1 ligrAt auJ ch , opest ptook
• •
Ilan g in z g etrr ndere t in . %Ve invite. the
.11.1 et mime the chin- end- of iet.r.. ronwrisinif
,r triel% Ithr rt. ae.d pr iet P. coon 6 Cel.4. n flieel. irOf
rtlll l :VIC'S of 'alto, Velvet 1.11,1',C0.1 Itordcrrl•^. ?Vl'
-r,w•tl". VI 010.okt I".t,a'r, lA Indow• filialt , t. l% row fiX•
C.) , IS 111.4 Tat•t4 . itl i:LuEZI:& EDY.
\I-. r.l ! . '32
:12 - PUT rilr2 TILS WO cILD'6k4ILIR,
Fi rou rir rucE. •
rtc.l—tAll re.t.litta In 'Olaf cif) flint VICII,it% tnlentititg to
~ f , 11l t 1" r: , f's Fair in !ow*. t.lootoldc tfi at once on
j.kiikiil K() 'II. NC). 7, REF:I)
01 , 11 nh'e to tlannw.k el. and 1414*;,t•1ty and
I.roduce to UTliI 1. tha , +kW hC to./a
• r'r :lir he , t to i t •cen in the • Cr)r.ta.l ?Mace "--
. • A st 44k of nen ,•r,... a..J Tette*.
-• ' 0,4 , 11.tir$ rate COu Irv'. au I Wake
I '.';• . 1 • lilla , tazau to all A*l4 .I..vir :at•
.• rJ eoatva.te, the 11/•ll,eta
• al.; 'I ie. and rot • till Sli;rt
. 14. It jrveri•lcr.. /10...t:ry Leret.fore..ota
.• and . g utck retdri.s.“
...Wt.! 7. 1..: I
;'ii aprin:rited t.v the lel! or 1.-
r o L Irinnl The Gir:lrd
' 4 ti ••• ili.ect mi.- of mliii_net
Jan ' lO h 0 give Pnllrr noire
-1%10,,•1 , 11 r re•rf•iVim! $ 5 . r.1.110....• 1k)
I I': 11-0 u lfl Errant, f
1.0 %101 l 101 if 1 . i.1P1 111 11111011 Oil 1 . 4:4. 4 .11,1y the
MA) 11-1 . at ~ . .e Jr I. ck 11.. at %%Filet, 411 , 1
•IA nitr •of th e for Vv.t
~• 14• k turcti fu• .13V.,s th,
• !• 11 {1 5 tti Cr.Cll d..} and wall lb: -$ hole aniouia 01
i..(;/.1 r )rdt , i erTire.inhn Gu'llford
II 1 um-r. I' 'b 111 A 110.. Av
.% I.,:ltei 11 ti. R:`•ert..nn
I II , In-Qll, P..@•011 Tiri...l:4lou land I iI Ii
I 1: r .ti. NI1) 7. I-53. SSA
• 3a nt.c
r, M'IR ctl I , rRV c f every ot) le tin• hr-t nc-ortmeht of roll-Bre
r, 1 , 'l-'er% re !...e . lo the et•y.ot the Nth., York -tore_ I 'On-
LI ” ',• • hi '.., ttni d 0,.. lo - to 3e. tit: to F3t n ttenotitot lot of
i c. ,t .thd 411 k ,hint to, lire., -itik.. a In•notttot ~,lIIII'-
' ' ' 1.• , 0t t•fik•• tot illtittifrot Ponom !roe Pr 1.:th1.. all
..1 lliYI 111111% other .t‘les of 1;. - .o I. coo nonirrons to Ott. -
• no'rt•rei .cti nt ihr New York at priers ts . lth-h rtel*
,r, •.Im. :11.11 7-51 Nll R b. ICK & II &V IS.
Timet u loncy.
i vl it t...rn tri•J•irg" to e ott
tve .rl.'r andlaw.niteenneed t.y
1 • 1,1:r,t0 '..A an•l•es. are refroe.9..l to proeft I.f. our of !beat
, 0, 1.4 , ...N.k0 Ilt.titing t'2,ed Wale: es ; ,,l, t.t rceei‘ed at
T. %I. tt--trtx•A.
i .
R.• \1i...1-5,.. 0,100 , i1e Drown': !loci.
. few alwap• on Nand of :be - name non ni mrnirrnte
. . al .... .
Orph3ns • Cllu.t Seo.
v -.1r4:^.-r ln or 'er fr. , nt, The (art hay.' ("oun of Frit Co • to
~•• :Mn ...,pri I •110.' coo., to .nlo• Of Publie rir•eitre or 0,11-
',. - Z 111 Th.nrt linu-e. s n''t he city of ‘'r..e. on Savirrlay. Jour
,••: at= W . 'toe nl' ' VI .all the ri•dit I.IIP an.) interepL Ci.
• ,,,, ;ai t ?...lK nil. late or the ..sly of I:rie. tee'.).. of in. and In
,k i1.1 . V.1112 al .. ' Fit ed pewe or n-r 4:1 of a:, I. twing in lot No
n:. . fid• roc id Ili NP .1 6, 0 , 1 , 11 11.41 i:e I a.. folion.P. to wit -
11,0 n 0.,., ",‘ ilor r -ire,. , Or' end: by irrnol No 2.0' , 9. oil iln
th ' • ~.- ' ,,t So '27 'I, an( nn Cie wr-d ht lot No :i7L-1.7 (!)were
,c an tekt.y on the east 4 1•1p.0f Pal I lot.) with the apparten.
. ,er
it ,L
1 Me...--ohr •fonrlty on ennfl , lni'i ,,, ppf pale thelllinree in
~,1 . ,,./ I oona l l non mentor vi fit ii,tp•e•••„ to be ...tented try
...r rtd bend nn.rmoruage en lir. pr, n't,'•
14.- WI, 7, 1 .. 51 . 15.! C 1,..1/ Min s :II:1.r, F.s'r.
P ank goad NoCee.
Tim:, ,-t h , 11.r. of the Fri' & W., firinir2 rlnnk Rood ('em 0 ,rr agreeable 10 a rp.pdott , di of the It. ,r.l. ared,errhy not.-
,-, ~,p, ~ tie •rPtar. ',. ofrn-e at Spiowit sr. I 're.• V..' wit) ins
pith lett . at 1 0 elork P. NI ..f .r thP(n.eler r. rf, dneldnig 'Um , .
:1 rI , of t e. otr , 11 of the City of Crie ...iv! r •a' -hall ~.,....-,n.d
1 . . , .- II .• 7. f•••53- 7 .1.r... _ G. (V. OARS: Pre....ipus
.NI - P I 4 , I,INEitV•-
Ir . ', I. S Minn morns leer etheere tilln!.• to (he of'.l. l I ,vie In li s• for their 11l rot wit l'Orl .2e heIIPIOA , re el
. ..1 4 , 'lt., lie% 144 Iron Id restnef rutty Ind , 4(12 'heal that .6* hap
'''d t n i , 1 ,, 1 :ruin N••*1 - York n lilt 3 fa..ftionahle ai..ortinent u
P r..Pz dud ..,Ire•lier NI .0 Inery Goeld..„ elnd.o-trug orpilk a lid atm n
.1.-r. 1 tn. •11. , 1 -.tie. the...P, R,1 , 1....... Flower*, lint
, r-, • th ,, ......... lar,velc II ...wry Fans, l', Rios. (•ond.,. it.. &e .
a I - ?,!it.'t% ill i.oen on l'ne,,,lay nest. Test...thee, Last side of
e'ntr'y . a fen ,do .r.i. north of nlb.
• En , . ii , rd T., I-. 1.4. .
, St. --
and gloach:ng.
%t Fli:%Kr..retorning sincere that,ks to his on Lerouseup-
Ii• 1011,TA for it,p,r I ihernl patronage susoppoillag, a .hop cie
, tr 1 ef: 's.' rely to the ...paw non). liii•driesp. would &se that hay•
~. z 0 irdn..q ft-1 0 1v% Y,rk with 0 fa/wen/iv/n:4o: at wit - In 6011
I, 1... ,. .. 0 . .. ..../..t ., .41 0 1141 11 kit u:echte of The yfialtt). Ile
•,. ' ~ ..h•a -IC% he v ri.. A: earls that *ill le tsarr.inied to he Of
, • , .i ,t r ijill) • a pe , f,-et style, and suld at the lowest prices for
.k 4 1 ar Z e ' " Th . k of f r. :tali...bro. •••, and teams. beai.i
~ ,! , . :111,1. and Joekp)p .1 1 10(The leading: eat lee.
l'o'r , 1 .:. 11 1 ,41 ti1.g. finishing Ote., wilt he .Fah • in the bee Poe
~ r. wi'll,pr proloplk. an I a , ,, tow as at can tic cell done. 141 4 V.
, ":inrlt lone eincr it ;Ire in the hopilirro, no elven/se o lit Le epar
' ' hutke It me most inifeet at raw plir.p west of Nen York. am.
I •i•••• • rat rel y on th eir orders beifse !Theft in,The Lineal at att le.—
',II f.,, P
.. dint tin .ruat cinema in tune lit tier in hill-Mk ail. re
I ,
• , d. ..f 001.1pelis. in 111 be ..pared In any part ut the buittiers.
t'. :I, ,rt• a terfert finish and %O le.
A1. , '.1i he lar:P•A str,•k of Strraw, Grasp. I.Vi.e. &e in the ensitt•
1 , , nineq writ b. mold to Mill liter, al Niels York prierdi. Milliner..
'"'•lfien ill he doh,. :tulle usual direount for eaph. procartsy
, r , ti ne dolt< on•lien. i6e "pritienne• and n a:misled not tour
.1.46,,.....t0ek Terms Easi and (Me price only for the name
a , rk. i..,/rders re•tmetrully soiiettelat .N.S. 0, tqate street.
I .4.P.frt Kg :111. I ad. •
- :tti.Sl
. _ _______
Tll} subscriber has rreeived and is now ononint !hit
Mot epleildid ar.ortment of Bows sad Shoes that elm be
!anad: weal of the city of New York. comprising rvorl
rariet, and style and of ti a most modern and appraised
fin.hicin% Or of which are fresh from the Mannfirmorers.'
sod al pribes that will astonish the natives. Outs think
einmin' s shoes trait 2s. upward. Gaiters. Si: WWII
A O 4 fru% 6.. up: boots at 12i Yon that study steno
my my si c old (1 , . well to esll mod save 25 per cent. over any
tithe store iu the city. of Erie. lie eddition to the above.
he h a p general assortment of his own Milltarilleilipit.
liriliefl we will sell preportionebh low. 'Having proeored
the is , vices of JAMES COTTER. (well and favorably
ktioirs es the beet custom workoraii in -this commeeity.)
he iii new prepsred to make measured work to order of ,
air kind onO desaription. and at the el , ""e." notice .
A:is son hind ft general assortment of this an d Cape
ef almost every styl e and variety. Alec Leather. 1110 -
' , mi.". Calf Ski-Mr. Stadia:go and 'lethargy, clfilf v hick .
..,fn r,.h. sold equally le' for Casts. • S. IDEVEAU.
. Apni 30.-185
.-5I No. 5. Cheapoida
T KOLB has fitted up the Snout ender Mori,ley's
ip Shop. (next door to Brawn's Hotel.) in a style net
aviersiied wept of Now York. where he in vite' his old
"+""re Pertiellierik, as well ea many new ones re well
Ater* to .call on him. to be Shaved. Hair Cut. (el Is
atti..) Shampooed. (a ears for headache.) Whiskers
*MI Hair Dyed. warranted not testaitror injure the skis.
ahn invitea-thitladive end fre ultimate that are is reset
of_a %fie. Scalp. Sand. Bride. the Curls and H Dye
4 1%11 and examine the laraviet aevortanant of Hair air
oith th• latest improvements you hive seen in say Hear
April .i 0,1853
74T%nit. •
A LARGE two story moose. situate on Ek.ienth se.. bear Rol
sir:Lland. trod and orden.a pod able. and kaoline as the grow
afayette Warren, win be e
ented dice) 10 a pod beam.
ly to
• Apr1130,1E53
.. -. OM
- -iffEAtinie
Is Foreign %tad Dawdle Goads, 0 • • ' (
•Braeoirsae. Bathm
. Threeass, Beer BUS
Patent Mracean, 4c. 4c. 1
1. :28T of names and firms of persona e;inged
s ti nze d l i l s i e n , g ea n u t ud ve ti ftd es i nogg.
e ta:Ki e s ;
wiii a i re tq a :
er Ind or nature, resident of doing bu mess
ari Inn the county d I Die, Penn's, clasaifi and
es seed according to law, by the under sited
it t
Appraisor of Mercantile Tases in the;cou ty of
Erie, toy she year 1853.
.West Ward. city of trig. Class ,
Joseph Kernor, liquor, 8
Joseph Lomas, beer shop, . . 8
W. 8. Greene, 14
W. G. Warner, liquor,
Frederick Hanker, liquor, .
Franklin Hunt, '
M. Herd - nil. liquor. ,
Spencer & Comity, liquor,
W.- Feivel. liquor. . .
8. W. 1 1(..eeler,
R. Mangold, liquor,
Sennett Sr. Co , ..
Horace Baldwin, liquor, '
C. W. Cahoon,
Lando. & Bible', 1 moot, •
Wavier& Hoffman, elinking store.
Hughes & Co,,
H. Itisirr, Case & Honking,
Rees & Davis, , a .i
P. Hull, drug store and liquor,
I' Hall, Parent ntedicine,
J. V. Boyer:liquor.
Wm. Kendall, hat and..laf 1111141.,
F. dit. M. Schlandecketr, litiogr,
John Geneheim er. clothing store,'
Freder.eit Piston, liquor,
,%'in. Beaty. tin sud copper ging',
tl. Sanford & 1 / 4 :0., exc. bookers,'
James la . tAle; cli.thilig store,
1% tiliatna di.-Wrielit. exc. brokers,
J G. & 0(, ,, . 1. Mill., how,
J: K - lz , at suilcap store,
T. :CT. Aot , i en , i- ...Iv?, :
1 . tV . Moore, liquor,
W. F. Reordertii cm, liquor,
Mary Curt.s, millinery sltop,
A. %v. Das•s,
J. I% Perkins, cookcrionary,
A. 31. 1.1:::1u. irraw goods,
Colima Ed er,l.mior,
Michael Burilial, liquor,
Minim Me•s. liijuur, .
41'6wren & Bra , nl.ll , 3 run,
Towner &. K,l:ey, - m•11,.2 run,
O. E. Cook,
A. Ki•ller, beershop and liquor,
A King, whrebutise r
A King. L triterry.
: Charley, D gleuhailt, liquor,
John % I VA. liquor, i.
G. our Schtnock, l•quor. •
E. A. M Per, b, ershop sad liquor,
A. Guff& Ssubirl, . , ,
Willal. Janes. I qnor,
G. M Cooped, liquor'. -
Jo,, T h Keruer, ball sltcy 11tracks,
C. F. Htlentiseli & Bros., clilivitol
Booth & Stewart,
Clark & M'Csrier. grocery,
I lark & 314 "artil, warehouse,
3, A Hann. 1.q11..r.
East IVard, City of Ens
C Schmitz,
iticent,"it introd & Co., • -
L S. Unit•, till
Arbuckle & Kepler.
T 24. Trratiwell,
11. S. Iltbk4..
Julio eny, .
I% . l.l:inse. atomic store,
J ('. SeAre, liquor.
O. SiOtord, lint k store, !
11 m rimy, brisker,
G. Loctinim, Fmk filly,
erier Verity. ss•oun, '
& Hayes,
N. tliirptiev, tin and copper glioo .
Siock , on &
B. GulittlYoB. roksitimr..
J. M. Justice, clothing twee,
J.coh knch. clotbing mime,
( outer GSLd Bro., patrbl medicines,
Carter & Bro.. ei• 'es and
.1: 11. Burton & potent med.,
J. ii. Btlfl4lll a Co.. dross and! q
Julio Ilkeltml. 8 0/ 0 41R.;
Rufus 111...f.41.
Cielk a , 3iriesit,
Smith Jatjksoo,
J. 11. 0144
John Met ann, •
S Wen St,
Sheplld shoe store,
11..nsowdr. S!rtrrit,
S. Smith. hat and tar store, - '
P. Schoal fit Co.. I quer, •
W T. Down". saloon. '
r Sharon lion C pony. •
I B; J. -Sorefkett. j-welry.
A. 0. Rogers, street broker;
A. Ratner, beersioup, • .
N. Newman, eloohons store,
S , err.-to & Griy, liquor. '
Mmors Koch.
C Sr ogle, laver.
John 'Lek'''. saloon,
- Danirl Wicks. sun chop.
N Wood' & Co . Caribous more,
Lo la Hrol roan, brewery, l 0
Dirrt. I
; quor,
J. Kno , bla, brewery. 13, pa.
(1.- ll,f, bee r s h o p.
('j orsdKlett. beerahop,
J 1 Yining. I minor, -•
W. ( s ong, hoorkolf• >,/
Jorroll Becker, Ittror, .
Joh.' De,tly,
John !.early. I gnat: i •
J. 11. %V orren. liar and far
ri n & tdr ran. Doak state.
Cadwr:l & B.nnest,
C;adwell & B•nortr, eroekety
1. RIIPPI r.v & Ca., •
.11eos & Norton: •
J. II Ful;etion.
Clark & M'Carirr,
:Merrick & Drroe.
Jr M S.O di, liquor.
• 11.11. Dudley ak. CO.,
Q.-B•el•ril, I.rer shop.
Grorge Brown. .
A. Pleigle. krt.
F. Dr ix, loretaery, 16.1.-CO gal. •
F. A. _W rioh-r beer chop.
-, Fun. brewery. &OM
Mara Si-huratrirreder, brerahrop,
Sanford. mill. 3 ren,l
Pat.lek Strilivainn.
It. Faulkner. :Incr.
innu Iteller, 'Agor a
'thninksi Kane. beer shop, '
11 MeGnith,elothing sto*,
firnis Ralrelate, liquor, •
B. 11. Ponrh. loqunr. ; .
Andrew Athold, billiard tabltt,
Mrs. B. Otbirsti. milliner "hop;
rank Dec*.
Peter Newell, liquor, Floisirs. liquor,.
W. ii. Kelsey. warehouse,
Mary Beide',
L. N. Tartula A. Co. *ire holie s
mm. Thetionson.,liquo4
Jarvis DreisizachJr.earisrg house,
D. D. Walker & Co. 1 33
Dikn.el Knoble. liqnur. _
3. Noun eo. ware howler 12
& M. B.chlindwine s ligtrots 14
F. Dann. liquor,
John Ga ble ,
G. J. Morton, wag house and liq.
Jacob Leib, liquor.
George Berrinian;lirlonr,
Andrew Scrtit, *see house, -
.l. Kellogt, ware house.
- i
Cgrtis Uwe, dealers is mea l,:.
Jacob Gabel, liquors.
3. G. Barr, deafer re Isesher
Jeeps & Sanborn. dealer is l imber,
John ciabill,liqoar.
/rimer Kirk, liquor, •
H. M'Clafte, rating Isom* gni liq.
Georg, Quinn. liquor,
John Diebold, liqnor,
C, M Reed, ware house,
Afillererlt Torraskijr.
Aston Einheillig,,
Gustav Hofmann,
J. Q. Daub, liquor, - •
Jacob Wesekler, beer shop, - 8
Joint RT4. distillery, 18.800 04. 8
OcorgeFrey, brewery. 10,080 ' AI L, 18
Thesoore Johnson, beer shop,
Joseph Wilson. liquot, -
Thomas H. Thurber, beet ihop.f
Henry Eimer's. beer shop, 1, 8
Charles Weigle, beer shop, " -
Jacob Zontaser, ennui holm sod liq. 8
Allen Smith, liquor. : 14
John Elliott, mills rim. 14
Eticrsok Tssoss‘44
Daniel Bartell 14
H..llberissaa is Boa, I 13
Titus Itobisusts, neat haw,
A.lhits* - —l4 I. l i e
b. C. Idstlet, liquor. . . 14 30 50
Nag 4241 titiaskly.
F Ackeimas. brewery, 15,000 pl. 0 805
W. 1... Collie, listiL 18,000 pl. •1010
Clam Thiimv.
B. C. Tows, distil. 12,4010 pl. , 0. 800
*Ng &as &me.
&Nap i C.. 2 14 700
Sanborn &Potter. 8 500
' J. &)I. Greets, tin & sapper shop, 14, . 7.00
B. & .1. T. Tows. liquor. 13 15 00
li, v s i J. T. Town; west used.. 4 5 IN) -
Hantoroorl t Webb, . er 500 '
P.. Harper. , .1 3 - ID 00 ~',
W. Orutandes, saloon. II 500
• Hsynrs & Mills.l3 1201
fir iiikiin & flirted. ' * 13 ' IQ on
-hoes & Bothell. liquor, : . 14 ju 50
H. G. Morse, tin & topper shop, 14 7.00.
GrA:l. & Carr, „ 14 - .7 110
Baronet Mali, k, eating house, 8 500
Harborereei Tiqessalhip.
Ili iderpechi & Joiki. 14 7 00
, 3. W. NPLene. will, two res. 14 700
' • }bury Difienbai h,', IA 7 1 ' 0
H. B. Ilae.ersirek+ mill, three ran. 14 7- 1 0
S. 1... Porte, 8 500
sti. •
7 50
5 00
700 .
0 50
5 ( 0
7 SO I
10 . 60 [
7 00 '
in 0,)
10 0.)
10 00 '..
ii, , 0
Wittibierg •
J. G•aofd A' Co. lie mad cm). shop, 14 700
•W S. Mein, fig.:6r. • • 8 70J
Cho& A. Ki.s:i. twit:, 14 7 pll
Clic fT I& Ellsworth. patent med. 4 5 0 :
Vonauiller 3: Fran". '' ' 13 10 la
%%man er & n tit!, patent med. 4 - 500
B. C. ['town. lig ..r. - - 7 10 50
T. J. railway tli tutrsy, 10
Pith& .11 ' 43;: ; 157 :0 '4 rtri l . fi n c , bl cu r td7cri s un hiP ar . y, 44
W: IL 1 - 4:oisend,
T.. 4, 'nwies, 13
11.,. IW. /otos. shop. 8
N. & 11.41 / Smith, Uri:pint'. l4
Webster 4 lA,' ittehrster, mill; 3 roe, 14
R. ruitcri \ • '' 14
Giro-d Tonsultip. •
;Vi 'e. Xuch. mill, 2 run, 14
itimpe & Bulks, 14
J. 31. B.sinilt,„lionki.• 8
William Toli;r, 14
James Lecelt, liquor,
- . i 1 1 4 4
J. 1., 11%laIrd.
E P. go, - 14
13.-13. & 1 ;Sawily, licin'er. ' 1- 1
N. li ari cii li iL raiso it Imaiss, i
Oreitti K.l 1: 2 ,11 no , I.ituttr. .- i
i ; Girard Borough.
E. D . p4keit, lupin., •
:1% 0. Pu 7 ketr. witre house;
H. H. lo 3 •k4un'3l: Cu I:quiir.
'lockout' & 8,11, wore Imuse, -
:W, I'. Oakley.. I our, '
;IV 11 iarr, cloth on more,
ltJ. Mover.. all, slurs, '
,C. F.'n..ckw. , •ll, - . 1
'.I. & T. NeCure.
- Pease & Smith, Wpm.,
Hiii , cl 4 7:iti. ,
John Itotes,zweig,
J. Marr.n, clothing, store,
J I'. Clark, ' . . .
J CI olliknAl..hardwate,
J A. Willie. drutgest, •
J. A. Whior, pitetti nirAineo,
C I.' 04klry - ,
L. t 3•,,,, 9, liirmr, .
H. 1/•••a it . hoido ore,
ri. T. v, r ~,,,, -
3,14, riaiii , r. ... 1 '
- Aiiili• - iiiiriii - a& ,NT! -- e7r, ---- - --- -- - ---
3; N cc e, ,iiiiii i : hitui.r...
riaircsere Township. -
East Eeislei. liquor.
Robinsut , & Ilityheriler, mill 2 run,
/Par & Buhl-r. mill, 2 ton,
Gi'ore , Ilea*, liquor,
14.1*.ti 801'1'nm-her. I;giror.
'W. %% . Si ter _nor. liquor.
Joseph Grualienner, liquor. .
1111 ,1 0 1 1ih Pettit, I
1-aac Wehater. . 1
EMI, Hrechry 1 ,
-Swin t ' Brubaker, liquor. - l,
Peritmo & Belden. . 14
• enastamit TorrusAip. •
Henri Danaelson, trlti and cup. 011411
John Clark. L i quor,
; - 14
Jiiimh Arlsenlintile, tlquor, 14
Allen & Green, . - 14
Julie- Clark. - 13
Pitilreilm Clerk, Jr.,
~ - - 14
Steele & Clerk. .
i'uhey dr Kiello..e. ' - 14
NG. Teroell, mall. run.. 14
Anvil Troresskip.
!else Titus; e o t , itg nose.
- 1 11rogioto Township.
Drum, siting humor.
1 R. - 134.4c ion,
• • Concord Ti .
,* O 4,
, bonr. '
..4 nous,
~.. Thompoon•
k ' '
50 it
10 50 ,
7 U.)
7 al
3U 0.1.
43 I ti
Its 75
4.4 i.
10 . 5 J
18 75
14 '1
►► I .
I 4 0
a au
13 1
40 041 1
40 00
40 HO'
15 00
10 i 0
' 5 141
I 10 01
12 ('4
1 10
14 00
7 00
1 00
10 SO
in no
bettdC. Drown.
Ai. v.O. Ilrowr
W. ILI - Otani*
Le nipoti. '
W. C.'
IS 75
15 00
15 00
1 00 .
7 MI ,
vi 5 ci
, • Jrak,ford
tV" - & Ir. inds &
twits &.-Bletwood, lull
Como & Siwrwood, poll
K..• 4& MrKir.
tn. y toe,
J. W Hill& Co.
J. 'tV. II II & .folipot
It. M. Kmut. , m and cippt,
.C. ;tarries, clot lung slot*,
S. II mut-tools & &Hit,
11. T. (1r & Son. I •
>trivia & Wes,. Itqoori, ff
Clarld I k I, crods log
• • lt.didmiiro.
B; D.rlinit.
A. Lark, Lqu'or,
, NI.- NI •_,
Herd r 4k. Istylor, azigt. 3 too,
5 1
5 00
5 Do
7 Of
. 7 .50
11. M. 14
C a mpbell & yrntspl;ti & rnp Phi!. 14
Irgshingowl Township.
IrLerud McG4ha thoillety. 10
Krim Township.
letrnoson & Wilcox,
T. D. Chellia. lialaor.
1'; D. chrihr, patent mod;
firerhtik O'llleronill, 2 ran,
Valititine flints. liquor. 1
firtutoe TuOmakip,
1 'rm.! `Kohl, liquor, 14 'lO 50
' ' Notice is berebir given she atole named
deli' , rIIII Ma: the Asisociate pii,l g ee of Err county .
la .11 duet at the eatnntiseiniiere Office, in the
City of. Er.e. on the 2fith flay of Mac neat, it f t
o'clock, A. 51 . for t h e !ivy** of hearing the
- Aprals of those when feel thenoelvra orggrleved
by be above classification
Appraiser ofhlereantile Tasre
ride, April 211. 1853. , for the yhar lda3.
_ _
i ld'AZll2lllll II mr °alums
Til"fildweril r now °taming one of the Anentselections
of SPRINti tid 1.1.1%1111ER (Pitt )10 ever otk•rert in F:r le tv Ph
ont ezeelltion. Ali) penton pine Irwin,. at till. ',tore will wive at
lean 13 Or cell •na Uer good. a-e bousht and void tor CAt:ll.
Ir Cod soave to se re a good &fresh.. row good. , are all tiv:lr and
wirt 4 e 4 *IV' "I) for the Elite trade. 11110111 k riTt.tlr A 121'.
Erie. Jittir ii IVI 1P.113-30, 1 N 0.,. Poor People* ROW?.
BR(la ftT1ik1e , 741,...4•11 1 „,-111.11., 'EI.-kin!: Oro lane*, I/tapers.
Table etnths, Napkins. te. Kin Ir. 'rt.:WART.
A prs I*l "M• 50 Nu 6 Poor People's Row. ovposste
, sWll:l,ll)Ciiitco, a new 14)1e. POikl Detains and Lervr,oeine
a 11'010 new nt the EILMOTRIIII. NOOTII & 1.111 . 3 r A
• Erie &wilt:l:33 AO. No. 6 Poor People''Rut'
L___ AI)IES gu _
tti prrelm Sleeve Frotertors. by
Erie A prit:Cl '.53 31. 1100T11 k errg WA RT.
. .
Ii AN 0 roves. figured. vele it. linen. damask mid eolorrd Ts.
hle Choh..blark lilk I.nee. limited needle wrought I.sre mull
130g1ng.rmiertIng. of the Eurporiiiiii. RI Wall & STEW A hT.
April SP '43 SJ No 0 Poor. Peoples Row. ouposileprowies.
UNI - It.R SleevW. SiWri.r." bands. enthroidered eollarr. sliiitil
zrt s. sr indosrldrsperv. dotted. corded toil striped 31.111.
bishop Ls 4 , 0. India: book nail Swim mull.
Aka 03'33 lk,, - BOOTH & STEW ARr
♦i*i SLIT if, - TroeTidr. 1 i n - r.I and steeple Sop Fornstils . frorri lII'
XV A '
' co to E.G. it is , . r . ..,,p - al U . ; lit tOTII &t 4 ri . .. , A. %RT .
F.rie. Apll 61.1•31 I. roue Brown's Nrw lloiel.
_._._ .... _
% i ISSIRSITior% lir i ~. /NIT.- Liu Mts. eordilette. re - dews hat.
1' 1 Wore} irlin; , .4l halt , . otra.r. getup. silver and ..101.1 ta.rels
for thetr l i e h. - sod i ve.:114143, or Ara w tam.t, , ... rot the
Dario( . Apii I 21 '33-30 RAN ITII &STKWA IC r .
r r.CIFFI'i rtif'Skell fl4Wer.. wreaths, - ruches. sprig !Sower.. perrora
n led trt •iiths. bonnets frineo. crown linings. erapc I tole. 4t the
IltenpOf Win. Aprilo3 '33-30
_bxTrill a el. h:W A wr.
______ __
BoNN r" Will INS. Weborer assort inerit Iroin Is to Rd at the
Enipoi rum. A pri1:01 '3040. nooTil &ST EIS ART
TIOIOEIY., “ ragede lane. Persian de tans ontin de shine. MOWS.
No 6o halm at the Rionorittiu. -50 84107111 k. STICWART.
c n IJA I4A nhiattant at 10 eta per ) ard. D
M .Lanes - Wt io el,
1 la at 0 Cl,. madder print, Cot Point's at 0 ete. linen H and
treed Si 016 eta at the Emporium BOOTH & RTPAVA RT.
Apr ill SI. '34 30 No 6 Poor People's Nov. '
GWrappers at $1 30,eottion wrappers htsu eta,
Embroidered Linen Ha adkere h ler*. fancy Patin cravats, sat
1s tka.etubroklerell polka ties. aoruethina urW.
kyle, A if 13,1863-30 ROOTH & STP.WAET..
To Rout.
A COMPORTABLE bwetliso harm fisted
11th and Peach street. For pilnietli
Erse Aprilll3 18113-10 ' VINCE.);
election foe Director,. the Pete GASCO
N'will be held at the °Ake of the Company (Thoupp•on alc
asitnirs law date.) in Moakafillt illto4ol dor af mar. Ip-m between
the Mows
April oftlll, ead I *Week p; je irsj. OWT.
lkic, llOB,,
7 00
5 00
5 i 0
111 I 0
u► ut)
5 00
10 51
7 Ihr
7 00
7 07
• 7 =u
5 oft
7 4'o'
7 0
7 (11
ill 50
50 (41
10 63
7 1 1 / 4 )0
7 ,I 04)
7 57
1 150 .
, 50 ,
-7 1 , 0
10 1 53 -
7, 00
10 00
00 .
14 •7 00
14 700
14 lu Sty
• 14 10 59
11 700
14 i 00
13 II 04)
14 I'l 5Q
4 E 0
14 7 ut/
pl Med.
13 10 00
1 ?00
ed. 14 5 on
r shop, 14 710
13 15 ,10
14 7 0
11 13 DO
13 - 10 00
13 15 pa
i - ± ,1,00
10 So
1 o
7 01
14 700
14 1041
4 5 im)
14 7 00
8 750
on *corner of
:. 11 r111rOD k CO.
/7"4. .
"osildiN. KNOW THYtWiLak"
Aft Ximralumble Omit lbw IS gems,
iviar FAMILY varnaco aura- A COPY',
.6000 copies amp IN Lead yttAii 3 asolrrilig...
A new Whim". revised and inspreved.illet Weed.
FOR THE APPLlCTED—Costalning an outline of the origin,
ss. treatment and cure of every teem of disease eontraeft4
ryrsronisscuout sexual intercourse, by self-abhor. or by sexual
eters'', n tilt advice fur their pteveetrua. written In a allintitat
style avoiding all medical teehrnieatitica. and every lbws that
would udend the ear of decency, from the result of wnweiwenty
yenta' succesofol practice. exclusively devoted to the cure of
diseases Of a dtlicate or private nature.
To which is•a.hted, reCtipts fur the vire ofilhe above i t ',case,.
and a um:noel:in the canter. symptunis and cute of the Yeter
and Aerie. for tuenly-hive cents a ettoy; eta eooics one dollar;
will 1w forna'ded to any part of the rll4tfol Stalea. ht mail. free
of pOstaite A,blrtits. poetnve pail. Goode's Publishers,
or •• box IM." Post tilt chi. Philadelphia.
hire re a ;Them reception. the Inns( cam;trehensive and in.
tellteible work ist)lishei on the etas. Of .tioea.e. of which it
treats. Avoidina 411 teen:m.ll tenth., it it,:drirosee it-etr t o the,
reason of its re.niere. It to tree (rout nib te.lectimtable matter.
and no parent, tmwev• r fare idioos. can &WC% 40 MU' i not iii the
hands of hi. /4120.14 7lte .10411,1 r ins dei coed mon!, au, to the
ireatueni of the various couiptailao treated of. and 'a tth too
tittle breath to pod,' and • tou tittle resumption to impose.' he
bits odere.l w the world at the mere'. it 'introit Klee teal cent.,
the traits qf twenty yeiire roost succestrlnl practice"—
"No ienebt ror (mem (Mould be without (he k ranwtvise im-
panted It. 06-invaluable work. It would rave sears of' tiniu.
tourtincation 314 WirTOW to the youth under their etEttge. " —
Pi tirt,r ' s Au OC•TIg.
A rie.bW , Mt) Derr man in nhiO; ' • it of '• Hunter * *
Medical Mewl .1;" ray*: • rhoitsarilhi upon tfiotivanda or our
youth. by eill eintoide and the influence of *me paysinur. have
been ti.c halm of eel(' poiliittOtt *IOWA( re..litsug the ii..
and fratfl!,COrnsellilefiff, 41)411 $llelllN.Ci e* and their po.teritv.
The Cole! it •11.J1t• of 1114.13.11,11. ?it hu are rainlll2 CIIIIVira have
been if. not lirokeu it and thev du not linow the
ellizpr nP the cure Any nuns that eau be done to to enlighten
ntid tuniienei " the intlihe ulO.l aP to Ghee.. and Itilitunixt) to re•
mute this it I,le rpread toOtiree of hinuan trreteliednewt. wool 1 .
s couter the gre,tent real to the refit ii of Jentie ( ' it - trt.
tui the preeei.t and ere.. tie ireiierntiona I iitenutieranee. rut the
of u.insieiling dritok..) thrat.:ll it has rintn thnueiande lingo
thoinin titer rc 'Aire to the Mown) race. Aetept
Lay Oiniikc ar or thr nie.'vi•ur co.
worker in the work ) . 09 lir ro actively ei.gageri in "
• ttne copy n i.l , ttrwarde.l. CteretOloca and rorwrlnfe
1411 , 1.) Ott reef .i.l of Li eentp.. , t , for pl. Aiiiltegia Coe
ni A &Ca. hildi-lienr. Rot lOU. 11,11 de(.hln.
Euuksigtra. Cnia*sutra and Boot ire;.ts. supplied ea lie awl
!Wrest tows
April •4J.Slit
Enna Out. Vnt 'got - Alive.
AT Nt.l. 7 ttGV. ' ItOTR4 S sraerr
V 1 1.
1 : 1 11 11 1 .; .: ' :w vt on s I i r* L'e ;l l , l3 ...rl; Par' 'rj' ti n t
a n
tian oil ‘A hu but eiutliitng tint u,t ui9tto is to
Mir. t o , re /KM(' in , the l'lcorting 1) 11 4r who eon ow.owetres
men al t ,t'llal %tit tel is l that nun ei.wng y
iis eastern twle. nre
nod hand. &c.. or 1 c 111,1 not sell it w) cheap. They It is
he.r policy to any iO hot the pen pit n Wel Wier , libili/ . The
linens are: v..,kc: thin have Loco oiled long ettOillitil :114 wroit
stand 11. , .0% Iona) t. t.tht the unt‘ersil cry is go to IVt it/It dr. l.:t Pr'.
c Itui,juir ft., e, he o , in too ii yrt and intends to slay ht re. SO if
you want to bay he has tivertblouroi want in threlothing Hue,
tou can "expend upon %t hat lit,eay,4if jcu buy. and st tiro 3ou go
home ii the Irutabi tronahl WA win , nu, )on eau bring ihero Istek
out %VU. itt a ill porton tour mum*: Ire oun't rai) 1 tlual know
you, veil I tini, %no go: , I.:: :•inne °ter place. What he ma) ilistrudi
and truth trust 211 , 1 a ill prevail.
in order la ' , apply Ole low OM. r,f (Wen' man and Loy, I hose ste•
cured Ills ,er; ores of kts Jr/ Illi is it A II %M, nn ..ziauicaer.l cot.
kr and practical workman. So All aho iv i.l• titustit h g itiade to
Warr reit nild.ll.ll iii Clothing rut and ui ode fur igerilleraeu
it ho rrt.ll to Nutt-II their no n cloth. and warranted to fit
A fria-r il au•orinwia of Cloths, t7:94 , tineres. Ve. , ttozs, and for •
nisi ma wash. :Own) run hand. and of the bar...any:es par. %Lard.
Out go.. ls .re Mr cut and triode by the twat practical workmen
11 ,
AIM tide oar Oltli pa/N.41.'1,4ga. Ail ass .s a look I•efore )no
I it,. alt.) lyceum inert) th.d. I a ill sit I Ati 1 .r cent cheaper than:toy
['ober !vamp in llienule. I invite ati. p. nienha I) INN titiellittlic.
I . aboret mot fanner a. it is to their intere4 and eau save tiuis tout
exusiiins. Bois 11.4151111 of all size? always on hand. , Please
Orel forget NO. T. lirtiVrie. MS.I. Stilt!' street, 1 , 101 done north or
Curry's E.cchanm °Mee. for tVuO4 defita the world to prices.
de/fel:hie sad qualify. -
. ,
Nee, Aura ed I ( ki3-303 N. lA'. 10t) & C(I
•Proposa7o for Grading Vrencii, Etrtet.
1 I:ll.r.TAtny. to utioiol,o4 of coobe t i.. toe ~,, Irr. , •zur .1. or
i ...
rasher f then.. wilt reet-it C deLle.l Iltr, 0,114 "Vit t , !io.Illl,
of Mkr nt . Of trading and %avant a tun 1' , .. ,, in --:-. ch1d.1,...c.i
l i t irly. n, I a Maio KAM'. 11l he eali , ltt 41 •
•... ftr . ' t . =. .
1.. . e. WO , kl O ne Gollr.lll flfent•illller will. the rinahli•lled• , le
and to the antiseict.on at the - Wert rolunisitrr. l'ur for . r its.
farm thun elri 11M of J IF -MY . ff.
• W. 4 ti R.% i. iY. . 1 . Caw.
D. G: LANDliiq
Erie, April ti. ickl3. 3t.0 ,
_ ____. _, -- - - - -- ,
N. roundry and
laclinnrop fa rrie g Pa.
i . r l ionLh 3 llnr idwil % hLll3l..Ki !lk.....:vi..tlt:i ,lirxnattr oI.iO1:11. ‘ril;
&Co .0.1 the nti4 ddy of J ii,tiar,el•bn ,*out.l take plra•iird la ,
rat it ato the public !fiat they rr boa incyared. in a,1,1 Ilion I.
the hurl aea• tor turtit cond. e: hi 1.011(11 & Co .et their hid
sill d. melt as 11:aek.ault Ina in "it it ,. t . ifit. , (3 . p,,,,,,,,,i," . "pi t h.
er W• 111 t%lll.lala car? Nil aliffi Chu Minot% s. Plow • and liar
r..,tv... and atonal,' . the wit , 01 ado .1. (MHO II fork handle toll
V 11111441-11. 1:•101 I fa Machinery tibi , 4ted sip in air best order.
Fadeytht•ltiqb. Jr renre. LIIIIaI and war l o t i• .other a r ctieles
'mem. to ma crate. We would respect idly solicit a rhatre of
Ptlbilc Poi UNer• pt Miring I" mare no panda to atemuntodate
and ex de hawk Of short not ice.,
Eri . May 31. 4.1-14 it. 1 1 innr.t.r. RP" . Pll 6 '".
,i,rapar liana/44a.
• --- if Paper stioluinur and Wind to
telt rd and for safest Kew- York
• store.
C %I/WEL'. & nr.N N ErT.
F •T S .
err a large nosortinent of French
mos rapidly at hall prier
Erie, Afil au, 1145. - 31 . - cAtawni.L. & &EN NETT.
.... •
.•az 8 8 . ,
n AwR EL4. barrel., half brel., and qairier karrea White Firh
3 01, t.II 'trout P
,jurt received and for rale at liar e ',end of
the l' Wel. t y J. UELL.OIIa.
Eric April au was. 4i.
1775.- .
rzirrsiorse. nourrrit LAUDE.
nir an 4 4 1 el Cuagreve. approved Feb. 3. IPA all iriJogiVa of
litevolutuniar) and 15*Mrepi are emitted to a —Pen
ion for I iift." of djle l ame amount their huibuada drew or would
have drawn., had they applted.
•cir Here otore none-woe cntaled only Moe married pre
if kw. to kit.o.try item
lir •-rlvk eUS gaiir.Xlll IN 4 1111i011 " id granted muler th.
nbO‘r Ar, t. t•i wi•tuwd awl oriih min ildil:ll,e horn peiwiwied on.
*l.r.tetotJolh It. iti4s, :inn yeti. •rt, INII Anil hil n Nun r
ori•h 134 4•iuder 16) Ale now entitled to lire )eard pen, ion. where
their tin- Wino, or (.illierd • died in .ricv Inc lu the war since laki,
or y i i i o die,latirr their discharge. or wounds recrirti.l or 'Jinn r
eoriime • .: In 3 , iiti',VVlCe.
iiVery alert' nod +oldie, *No teed nt•any time) been 11:winded
or in an way disabled la hile in the KVA sec at the I: tilted Shaer.
n int in ilk. I ate eit his thit).id entitled to a peisdion for Ilk, accord
inr in the derert a.fl2l4ll.iiity.
NU Y r I.ANIVI—Krtry I idlers and Soldier seio Ins served
RS Inns M ••our month" in any war of Ilse lhulr.t Staid Auer
licit i• ism irlitisisilioinnd, tir tins not recriroA it.
CT isirtter to every part 14% the li..tteti.tatatell (or elne r n here)
h-tcitte dui, Lint, or Pettpion (44 clamir of nay kind) kr
their awn ee.t see. Or the eerviee of a relative. ek dl have them
pnenieptly .tut prlf tvir alletithm•Ll h) bdtirtalltig the Statiocriberr.
port pat.!. 11 rite torticteare ete
r h eve perrierantist arid e,•eriret te tgente at Washitigior4 and
mike i.o flinty. In any caw antic*. he e.4:l l 4tzbed.-
it h. thole! I. not ettletellteti elm aivertereurt let. will beide:tee
Mark aft tend or netzlibor that If. A irese •
April: 3netw.ST, 1) veeeiteare Itrerekpree ter•ggve g
S i C. PA I ,I'
The 21. Av Jersey Sine Company
• Arenow noantifactaritia Mew Panto
• 4*-:-- k‘H.C. 1...• or "Pero.' 4 1 ,1 alhf • Their aditill
/ ''N I.A ' lair* over other Paints a e :
• • - '4" ..
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. (.1. ed. real heneettprert with to :mitt.
;74 1 ' 170.1. , , , and painters:mina these p a t i o. err
, ;..,,e , not. , iii Jett to the ditittriestint main.
- : .r. t, ` - ' i' LL ... 4 4 0. 74...Twi: j Agr ir thernity r'" the n• u al e ristr °l siti ll' 7l: ll l . e.- -
s ' ... • ,A, Zinr.cin 'Hoiden° li.bneonte•tnitcl.
• `ii k....... /!:iti. , ' banter 1114 u any other P/11"1. cud i:
- - stolen:sl) soiled; Is whiter than pun
u hil t lead, and is it 'Cilia, its whilraestiand brilliancy un4t
-441.4ed 1,5 wide water,,e,,al or WilliiitlrOoP el.f , t: it is onrivalle.:
4 ,,, n pans for 'hip. awl stealllbo.ll4 For 0 0 1 ,f ir1..11Pe.Viii•lteli it
O eaiher Of O' lief. ?Atte Fai lit, IlViii re( 1111 iliiif cola( an d p row ,.
t log a ill am: lone ,ifter other l'a I nir are ite•iroyell.
3.1. The While Zilit reties wilt enter (r gnat neichts) Ala , tii
lit triad+ noire surface tit in Owe lead—this. Its (tonne! on will,
trt it rrenter dlifil bill It' . tiinlay. in the lon/ run: tit east ul past*
in: -aro h Zia:. k.... than hat( ibero:t of 1,41.1
Meet and Re :ten ,Stosa Catacl.itie ratiits..whieh are tied iii
tow plee.,ara *ell plaited for ',Minion; :intro : ant•lrtiiblino.
and all m• tallic turlaceo.rintltenlittly train. witch they ruin
natty 'inner' frOrti tit•tion. eerier to heat or ocatlwi
11i. ite Paint* are pri wired in the-impt manner. and may in
tired 111 all re•yecto ill.e liVltlte Lead. 'MeV are tor s us C I.• moo!
of the prineil, :1 ,kakis in the C ttirsand large towns of tin Union.
and by the etanyatty's Agents. ,SI4 N X INfi Jr. 1-415:5 418.
45 De) Street, New York.
N. ft —AN ratntS nuutufaetare.l by this Company are warrant
Cd rare. i Audit XL 1r33, Slutsl
• - •• OR -
•FID n.uaa
an Great Xe o nom y.
A N ormortinlty: ta now ofl reiloniiwlnm eoneeell.
11 r.euee the eietufri‘e Tothl al tuaoofneiunn. using. Sod
Tewilika. hi 2 4 )11(1 , and
Fur statuoner ' y Gaainer. Locomotives. Marine Enghler on River.
Lake and ikel•an Steatheng. ke The adva rasps of Wig Bullet
ok..r all orbets now In sloe. re;
I Es mix 4 , .tv lIF riot( t se►orto4.beingnomorellablctoel
Mott, than n 0 open ehn I drop.
1.h.. thin RD the nnotint ar rite, is required to
generate the pteam abia MA by other I.,tien. Arme Kobe eau et.
3. - The eo4 ofeonnmetion t. R 1:111111.1;11 , `114
4. They neenny but oneub, ri the spier of oilier Water*, and
OHW he eppl,ledtoane enitne now in ir e.
3 The experire of Furnace rib:. will he inc lesprnned
by the small amount of furl requirt , i. n 1 ,4 'hi
Threorturkny Guarantee tit: re ilitt f the a , I zni • ::I•3t
Their ennelirrions are on praltire! th'ilw
Wooer, beittit now in nor in I about c i ty, '0... ha.
bit jii t ruceeiri:ea. a Get y Its of app teatton. ,0 :it thie
vareint.le inecnlion locinte the tt ni d 111-
iipprie:rn, 10 ill merits. and if It hi•lhe qualttieri chimed. which
are tindeni*ble the 1.111.11 e will Mance aeknot!ltds A. roper
uril v 0 , Cr 1114 other mouse power.
'rer no of otti inaile known on apptieat kV! 111 rho otter of tbe
IRV! G ATKA 11 Br I RI uIMP.+NV." eiirner of Groitiwa) -
itrhl rark•pl:oe. Nea York—aver Ova New Ittn-lawaA trunk,
l'ircularto otstaittint terms of rate. wilt be Auwardegt by
mail if reqtrirons4 i—mildroni as above . .
tEIS3 St
Trir. ,, 4k , ,riQnrd COMMIS.iOIIPIII. anpulitted by the Act of As.
iteintolyJ evtahli.lit tin "The Erie City Batik." and in accord
ance With the direetlons Of wild net regi tinting .banks. approved
April la, A' D. P. 30, hereby site roadie notice that books wilt
be opened for receiving satiocriptiou to the l'apital Stock ofiriti , l
Bank at Brown's Hotel. in 'Eric, on ondav, the lath day of AlaY
refl. at 20cioek. P. M.. nt which r and roe , two or more
of the ooutealowioners will attend to that purpose. The Doak*
will be kept open for Ms days Stein ing the ti i t. lbtrour bouts
HI each day. and until the whale at ut of s kis enhsetihrd:
John A. Tray,. Smith Jac a. Jos. H. Withams,,,
Thomas Willis, C. Riegle H Cad welt,
John Wei toe, 1,11. Viler n. Joys Peon iler. :
ioiii and r - t - IC laAt -
F Schneider. Jonbri nraa y. Jas. O. Marilhati. ' A I_ mini. .....
••• ---- a— tment Just akeired dijanfitia the aipubet
ißeau Town . S. S. Viacons. 4 Thaw a. cat. 'il Wade alga!-iow.
Mae, April NI. WM !.• i Me, April 1 1 1awsu at tax,
t . .. ; .
• Nsw A* A PIIVE4NtIe
ON and after Monday April 9930. Train* will inele Nein
going East daily. - isiulays excepted , as follow*. '
NO. I. Night I were i 00 A. M.
" Y , (lay Exprew and Mail" It 93 P. 111..atopeat ail wirliciae:
" 3. Freight "3 00 " ** rtoot tarstaiwurr
" 4. Telegraph rxprein ^ 130
Trains teakee Rat!rnaJ time, which is.Annl thtri,
(3 minute, tamer than Erie Tinie. J. F Y. '
ir, Apra 9 9433-19
fio, l 6 stint aTur:l;ll*. rititTirrifto, COI3N. •
Capital 5250.000
NZIMIT TOR! OITT xrrstra.A-Ngr go.,
289 untiA !AP Y. :%Eit TORR.
Capital 5500.000.
or It F. imilersioned la e'. and triteit rd the :11111 , iritniebt or tternerh,
11 the Cuantiti h-'. 114 altio PM) trd
with the I niuruhre taw! , eI tht.. Kirk . a uon intl.:ire& at, t.ile
Pere athl Marti." , ri•ko NI ti:e iowert •aleo It. rlthpf
111 , 1jUbled anal prvuil42, pond 111 tl.,s a-tt'tte I
J. A trill..
Erie. April ft 1.41 igtre it G.0.01.-...8.*,
_ - - -
thoito: taidsto , Drlntual ural,o,i douji r inv
of Ponnsykranio. • -
Ly .t E ripened 8'.,-k at Ilse trifire lc tt.mtnii. 011 aitd
t h e s e c..r ti ry I. 1,1111,11 . (41141:1t4; IA at reit e Ithlihento fOr
I risursiiree it. aeculitaiwe urvh s..dth,lr r4i, l er, : -
11 I r. C: 7' C) N : •
lA 111. I% I: err).
J M. Soo' It.
W. .
U. W. Coltrii,
Belay CAWS rit.
P traute Br 4 ta It.
IA oft A. (Lailtg th.
- T. t 3. eoft.
Japaeh •Sk Mae..
C. tattoo
II oats CAWI hI,. Prtet. •W.l! CURRY. Tr• - mt
Lew. tprit 1r43-40 0. U. riverrimiy
riAftrroßD , !
Capital $3OO,OOO—All paid in.'.
Pr It F:Sottaerit,er G now prep:m.4i t o or.
gmli kuuw l eab i n . h} hr .1;11114 bar it*
OPCIIIItibiI CI% Cl' )i ono one rnx car.. oil to -no:B.lmm' oil iiiioire.t.
Parlor proorptly oilifitril and paid I.,`.e:r foasen - imnirf at Ike
1411 Jr. in Oho thry hope fora einitsiaisoiroo Cr q r :lrorn
(lie Waibcew COO/1111I111111t. 'I hiry will curt lied 'SW ON rf awl
hooorable u. life .phicopeut tors:e m I'.r like k
itli•J N IP,t ' Esq
rree:red bits da y Ike outtnawt.l had 7nsrp..l is Arj aa l mace
al/q/Bay, Skink WU 1.411 Ikt lalaJirs Fry.rA 'tree • '
t;F:tiltfiE KELL lg.
6. IR Isll. Gener4l. I mond Dee debt.
„rrie. March ZS' tt , 53. 46
Era tfatd Eire Xnsarance Cainpanyr . ,
(*Full ".(11. {A,
\(u)RpnRAI Ei) Ltild rhqrler itnpedial
I eapd..l fatvi,tas, eish.erihee g1341.001 n il
l'a . * Pllll4l properly of all kindl e hooted as IoW as the rtak a ill
H. hv,ri•urov, Pre,talent„,
e..ivin Pay,
• I
A Well 104,
.1:1114PIP 144.1% in,
r elli
lh ut)
.cony, J 4,1.0.
• Al' WILM %ItTN4
T.VII is. Aw•iet
-J. J: LI N Erin. Pa.
In tile Reading Rooiu. in Cautns '* Bait ;flog;
rr "Me
I' eb.
erXRCUT( /11:S . N(
la tietet.igiven that sett .4 tr." I tufminry nn es
11Petliitu late of ovk port, ESP e 4;
rrl tostot rit,er.r fierKnor i• dehted trr.ai4r!oiale
ed to 11111,e u;t7fiate Ammo. 1110 thane 111 V
Il ptlg.:hl estate reline-4.1 to eibiliii Virtu uroperl)
erl e.• 3/.1R,511.%
it I 1A53-4(10*
- Exeriziot.
- -
alu • • e noal Estate !or Salo. •
reel oilers fur I , oe , a !arc quantity . of real cen.p.
1 Slate street. Erie. Pa. The lisentk,n is very it,
a vorati:c fis tom nr.ip purposes. and will be sold in
o rol'ot p +relvi.ers who wish 10 lop, with that view.
ifonl+ . oll gi..le street ai,d iv from lOU io 163
IFor 4 ,,, n 4 tin I.lurttier int:min:it'll, eau iii.e of
1-1:).•:-11111 Wlt.r LASSO.
Wirrir •
1 l:tte n
Ve. es grata
arc relives ,
tJIC, All
0 11111.! Fut
i .neat,
!Orli le atl
yr 1111
The lot
feel 'iv
Fit 111
R I. ant dr rid ne 1-n.broultered Cartcn•stv-sls.
v.v.-0 .
._. .. 4 =-2 an Hs,' all kiliptV.lßl'.
. _
_. ,
r T 5ic...13 112 , tOiC:t rest:reently titi4in all
----..... . I.•r,si l at antine ra • t I.Es. their thvy ,
It lone in in nititAettno tiny. Flatfurtn
.l (7.) mt : r'c ,le. of canon. Pill.* and
• ,IC: ul the WO I twin° e ! I . I ithattl.'.-
. I torls, all of at la lett are warranted r art'
' , I Iteirinzt All persona wantine
‹ ;
, I , t i ss , in t : t . t ,i a t , i =l: t 7 . e k. 1 i
at n t l g o ll f P W. l l 4 , a ic a h e
c :1 1 , 1
n and
. -.
..,.....,--- r
-,., 4 , ,, ti per cent under the eaxierti
'', krt. A:1 Sea:c.4 warrantel. -
k 1: lin (InV.A.
Erlr,A mit stl. IP.II. 111. F cur Is Street.
• -
TILE (... ()NTII.I(,'T 0 • INSUR,AN(:E,
) FIE zi an exits dint. 1... means of in Inch prntlent men ee
-lestpe k...e.. 'III sy transfer to other" the rialtv which i nev i •
lably eatne them. For a small eotividerntion. these risk!. aritteh
meat In an nalueky event. mitt indivistuah..hiell del) , aliqatatal
ht Counpatites nett origami, 41 and Judieintssl3 aunt a,,ttal. , tenth
not invtitutton I. the ,_
ritorztarraN viatrussan COMPALTrt,
Capital 8300.000.
This Compant bases I's operations npnn such n males( feinn of
dish feremouna, well se ended risks an I lona e'sperirmee in es i
asatteas hoz ords, that the interests en ay concerned are presteeterl.
The 'Veep:int' receives front :Unarm inetenueralde soursSsi. lend in
entail s . a tone noir' el delimit Prom tnis (nod, het tas a
Jsiifate 'lust. kisses are hail. This is theme!) piano( I 'deur:ince
wheel' e.nt tong deserve the public eonnewaire.atiel 11l • umber
signed Agent coolideuits invites tits friends to secure thetuselves
at his igetsey. against
rive or Lake Bilks.
The advantages of this conning e red sea'rcrly he mind ripely
wealthy turn. or merchants. tot tinyrarely nealeet it. iel iflhes
do tire leavis theta other rescnirees tt is esmeialty veinal it in
laheirisee men. intchnaies amid others of moderate tee:ism—who.
per haps. ha re little lessthan n Moue:tad eta contents 'tittle world
These should hetet nez.teet to insure ; a tire which eray visit
Ovals :army hoar, %verde, lets'e them homeless, and with no rap•
illation their l.ib r, to begin :mane the straggle of life. and }ears
of toil and aaw hints met-i pass Is:6re the • can strain What they
hate lost. if iudeed it is ever done To such. mama: el.. is a d,et ) .
If the melividtml is worth anti. the CtIP.IIPC is if he on us
mach propene. still time netting , . and 14y Investma
fena dollars he is safe. lute is ot el taken by innefenlied and his
all laid its ashes. Le goer i ve• a recompense is a cash e "petal equal
to his Inv.. and may souls scansr is hat has been destroyed
Asplientions reveived i and Policies issued at all limes upon
foNorab!c , tvrins,
Apra 16, I‘3l
I'll r: etWartnerrliilt or C. Fe!den a Son hi di=folved he the
death of Jo-welt lehlen. i'wout.l request all tlu.eie haring
itrl.ell el aCtOuntu - with'the-lahe firm to eat. and Nettle without
.letiy GIA 1 SELIAN.
Era:. Mardi 113. 0,11. —4R Stervlving Partner.
..z Ern pi ErATt autmertters bar,• kim reeeired a 104
of White Mercer rotator. for re, cd: lie,ltanock
At.o. a few Mettle of Guano Qu hand tut far safe bt the harm,
or W.. qtannt it? by CLA K Krett
Ls ie. April
Administrator's Notico!
°TICE to hetet.% eye t lint letter* of nthohorstrntirm on the
e,tote ni Mary Attu 14t0n4. lave of Erie deeetnett. hive bet n
viitnetl to the ststmcrther. All peroonsi knowing Iltennselve•
lebted to the 1t2,41 collar are rmi.t. ' , ie.! to nil kr innnethate pow
oic tat owl thew hnvm>e et:elute, op In-I no ht Prime ore eQuested to
potent them chinos levally authenticated for .rttletn nt
• • INII.S'JN t.. IRIJ.
Erie April 9 Ir• 13-1411 • Adu otstrator.
N EIVS Al"r!t I.; Ell PI )(E$ '
Iv an the news that liras atlirneted the wonde • of the world and
kz•rr lawn. expeetat, theeirmew. f:rre and ta rrouttditc2 eo.,.
try kthe faet that ihr. Empire times WI) e lrezra m reeelve their
rttellnyortallotrof eirring and Sommer exoi n t.urttattre l lit
'trouts. et to and low pr terr. erntrprrsirrin f rt pla•tt. eh-arras -
Ode and Brocade sitk•. Iterastro. frit:mot. rase Irrletinr.
linshr-tos. Pant.. Erettelt potk of atl hint?, at n host of other
/nods too ordoemur tot...orlon wh.eft via he Kr J fur cheap ,
er than eat, he No ....lei nerd of New lurk '
Erie April 9 ir-.31-41 emnrct.t. lIENNETT
VO. In. RROR '3 111.elt7i. ,ET. ERIE. PA.
I?ilt*.V have reeeivt•sl Vii sire skin openi ha ft ir tit -t inttiortaist
a bt.tittnetd - rif Rect. and 2 4 1101 CS frsr th • Sprit.: trade. Ile a-cor
ed ittipeses rsch.a stCht of winch Call out give ;111 alit - 11'14LP idea
ito eariett extent. it* tdc lair.. and its beauty Et cry t a :At%
if new ti) it. liosts air lat:11,1 and gel; nsett's wrtor t. rutty tcps
s.riseate.l.cuttieieht to sat nsty she mum ( - I,tislnatia t:talea ; and the
stisindant Is:18144y and V.IVI v .firly of the fl,j1eall11.0!114:11111..1nr
ielec.of ikiutc anti ' , bora of Kip, tall. Kid. Morocco avid a aft; ngt
etertrno. Asitr.i to the wtost, of bolt, en!, and eosostry. nosy be
l s.; y , saist be ssnprece !risted sspras the !tank* of I mite Erse
any to oar ric as - tell great lsori Pt merely re
tina a trizeiont with whiets the) are Issov fsossilinr4 Tiscy linee
ome , icelly learssed slint so boy hood nod Fiseesi of sit nt !tall the
orire the) have bees. ;lc e.114(1111,1 IQ I a; rosier-. %%Incl. tt 11'42151
' twice a. lone. i. ectsal to eats to: sister , dd . ! it a out at font. %%bleb
tostristeresl ais a profit On the ...ill in , eVZe./. ,,,, ". ,, son .av tall of
have hundred ter cent t air It. oss and rthcirs 11 , 144 i. of. (Of
esnoossinsi. rllllll 4144er . ..41 stork. mid I y telterient at d it•
vecnittaien,oll4l arc Wit at as II uhe tie art fele. hrecieht trs.tst
i'rirk, ratted in entisaiott tsar:a:see •, (*.stern work. " and nett.; no
made to apprentice.- rind csshl un.ter hammer. and .a:ter tiny
we PPS eral eratanswisioss.. tIss.III)' tench Erie sq Noose rsbrr
hrssaelt dry ~..r.ottst tastorlan rots t.hnkogst liter or not Lina ;he
ptalsty of a !Incline tree, asist. • ate te.r,gf perhapir Joule 011ie!
lhatiswi , via:fy &Worst and ssecs . ri a in.
Snit frtend.. c u e thank yen. :Ind trupt you
tortinnie ton%nit , otnvehresof I. leuribt- to which' ton ore
not stfa nePls. to % - C nnt, e eorthatly in% tte ynn in de
enor.elvo thgjoi , ire and its lire plea-Urt I". tome ni o s^4 r=oar ,
Inr our trash from the ittotn,f4r-tuter', Nfld. Ind tin !our
ktdrigenic be roily ,teed Rt nettinr dentotoorounn of the forte as
reprem otejounl t.l w belt man) citkottett, itottlitted h) that beet
ale:lo*m. elner.enee
rirPenor tit a n Irr eent i, Erfte.ailv viva , deft as nn Om of
oithe lets, im;.orra„ , rt•. r.rreo anent•ml. last Illy Ina ine , 6l 'Kerr
ro., tee or rillr thiltit it pp ITM . bittr it niitkrs the ndsttrr
one of nit/ vih,; fmt. ,, ilt'r. 10/1" , foir , r l / ?"".
vin film. II Ir cit., a I vgr it-1.1,4i... 01 r. 1.1 ' , hitt In: !branch tlu•
Alder riCitte -ilkria pnr* , • to c I eer yi)a On it a way in y•aar
and vna4•lr )oit to ►at, 111111.0 ace yreere.a.t‘e
Pelay nd;ria nerniml of the itriii.ittit it.ti. Oyu( al
way. rc.ercd fat the la4tet., nue, n !canto' nrecn
motiated. WILCI burertts
I k
Erie. April W. 1 6 31. 4P
Boot qua( Baoe litattabliSh ,- onto t .
rrltllllphseriher %rout hi. ftn.n.t. nn.t.thr tot Mir ern.
I eraliv that he onetn,t nßtn •l n.nt iterr)R F. in rho
roar., Itirrnerti ()ern ic Ti J. t docrtni•th or Ken
drtti'a Hat Stune.nni taint...veil, in Mir. 11.. is Pit StlitllSiti
whh everY variety' or r.nd ;4111F4. vanittnnily
rartnet hind, (tor re (hr sai.n.rt. i 14:eh Le al ii lo'y
rues n. :thy other celubliishwent in the; ity, Ire invites
oral rhare ortniblie patronner. Boots nod Sheer( Wide to, zuSer,
and repot rlbg tlahe on the tdet liol4cir
Erie. A prili3 t53.-4u PAMtEIi SM:TII.
fr:7aNciTir . r, herehy siren that a - thltii tinnuni driihrseit
eirry.)l 1)01.LA Rs per rhino in the capitol week of the
'Sunbury and Erie Ra il road Co:tip:any will hr due (Jt payable
at the oilier of the Caitapany; it the Coy of on
the Itah of Ma) next, etuur PHII
April te.less—totet. ...*Ftettaarer. '
Agent for Erieaudvieently
lita 19
a Tare
. .. 1 siv „ . .. 4 -• ,
fj% az. ..
- -i• , . :,.•-: - tt: C`_:-."--11e
7:4i , 4 11 , „L. - _-.-- 4 14' . r . •"? .
, I • ..-
rm. ,_ .:
For thr,jrore of
caves, COLDS,, znoNcsvrts,
viruncritra-cotrou, ONTLOUP
(Wan lat ti tttttttttttt lOrdeiste, evani, (and Fame of •'••
ter .,,; e ) f,tr 11,.' core u( plasitol..kry cos tioiltary, J:v.r
I:r , u4 a hie.. cr,'sc nupau• DI With
.n, ),t. Wort,. t.irt... - na , titn. , .. Ivo( 31 111:tioiles :in ( ii, :11/ „34-
e.if ,. .1001.1,A . !flirt! , trir,lovi• for:e one.licone C3l, gtve r , LlPet.,hts
V. iu .4) It LA 3. idc , l,4tlll. w Lokr. lto.l perfectly safe ill accot
e.on:ts wothllw rcrt %VI. ito/ not a.:rerti.e for ft
Iv3 , P,ii 4.11 ho., %six 1.3% rlri , it it t'w( rot tte loose twit Tani-
I. me 11141 knowis it, v.otqc n i'l toot ht. whim:tut ii. and by ‘t.
t0t0,04) 1,-4% tlon are (14.1111 die da 11 . 4 r rtJti. Cruotror.ei.te.
t..,1b a Welt neglected, ripen into fatal eonsoinv.
to 'to.
The I)ipiotna of the 1114esaeltevetta invtitate WAPI
vlllr - .yard to tbh• prepairohni by the Boattet /edg es i ft
Septernhvr 1847: idea, tie tnedabo of the three great N
ett:ate,. of Art, in this e.rontry el•o the Diploosa of the
(min 13.1 toe t,t Cihrioriti, has been given to the
c ur , t , n g
,ppreuett.. by their Govern neat in eunebtvra
hnu of „. earraordinare asefulaees in car.,,/`
nag * 4-ettone of tiro Lunge and Throat.
Beat the ..ntlnur Ina oni ##### o founded W§ the taper feofe .11
she eini•tent I II) sic ian of the 101 l am: city off
i lay. 1. it Ayer.... _, tar. J , pita 51ay1. 1 ;1=, - .1.
FAO ) Par. Ini li of roar Curry Piyiercyj 0. 1 1 na y 'inv i t e e - . a t ,„
p ro f,. , h h ,1.1 f,reeaw from ate comporitiosio* tat be/frut. tkaa
it rrif.hearee and vises the eulsls aatl toughs GtiwbWlr We, 01 this
Welton are neentiaily liable , .
I think ii• equal has iini )1 , been dworerioPor do 1 know
hat% a better reused) C-ID iitill lite for the , 4 1,o0rapere hrthe 11,;‘,41,
' and /MIRA. J 3 Itl:ltTori4 M. it) .-IP. R. Ir.
I tier Whit it has done on n sassse.lessiastifutieus, um only in the
! funtinlos cams. but a thonii•ahl worm 1
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1 Dr. Ayer s—lu the month of Jutyiart 1 wlait.:ekerl 1s 0 vin
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and 14 ht.o i arrierfkin New York I yeas n t :lee haw ~,! f,y m v
nequiniiiiarees ar 7. % (ellen of ectisaniption. ;5 mini to; foss thl t.i
f 1 51•1 n 1 sntliNtn ' it eel - ::t3dultfil n hat my I tends all 34.:leVee. 1,.!
1 At this tiT? 41oinaieti - e 111. Tug your !flit's' a 1V:111V:144r
will% little . ord. riv,i.a any !fame:: : from in, ~,,... 1-„ . „,
1 w0..,1fl ~ at reeei‘e the.. line,: did I not reaart it my duty to v-la'..
i to l a m .
,l ie tr.,f t ,:hf ma fru von. thy! olv health i the moue c‘re L. la'
hi:. sis rnlly tei•toreil I affsi Lute it to Ili ofrof yrui, Clef 1 y
P data/. Yosre trnir. I'M. W. e.ilifit; ''
WAser:Yoro•:, . ...last DI, iitt..
4 , hone - iir.—r,dint.thlt t Iv. e been *pit: , frotu - a re:n-ft..:e
:rave. throo2h your imarlinfeotatity by the p oeidenee C:f t.:cfl..i
wDI t :he It..- I iheriy tu .9 jgC2i. to )018 my gra tudie.
A (bath athle (1011
te feoin:!yluptains -1 t' runuutssicm 1..4 Ye
.tuee.l me ion low I, i eat r in- antlliing !Ike pr. whennr. 'hy-
siau bronchi inea liwle of your " Pee haat ." 1 It seestashrto:iirett
l iiniteed ante relief .13 , 1 how in a r sy wecas lisne has reato;• . ;ha
t ',sound health. If iv to :- I flu fur other, as hafli it has dune In vie.
yrio are cert . :in:lr one eri'let , rnrfarlors of nitznkind.,
Sincerely.% :Olio; you every ..leteiug. lat , ....
iVery respect ily you fir
I jol AN .1 er.ARKE. 4,cetor or . t Peter's Chtt•eh. •
Withsue It ne-ura , •er• a tot fofin Fife h - ..wel. 0 PlTooger proof car
be .libliser,i note ..., it he troiii it. etree Is 'open trial. _
PREPARPD AND versus Hy i v . iirs . A yea .
Praehe I awl A italt tieul Chi* lA. Low 01, .11 - offr.
El.;1.1 in Erie tI.III Ow tun .41z en..; inN orth A:a.: I - y It. 4...
- Town 44 C.:.:fiti Girard or J. A . if \Mite: ledet'aitteefli:c in Wal
lace Shertirt 0.--i oft 1,: Urn ze,i 4 tr el - erl% bent. f I Vll-3tn4l,
_r__ .
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TELI 14= 1 7 13 - 11. raloriv - .6. — rt turz --- 8 'to - az - - - :
•I+J *in itire<l. cell ccicr to O. G. {tests Bookstore
I XT ii Kit I; can i.e Ne.nd thrt 1111101comptere nrwertment of Fan
V ry Ibsoi*. %lye. Irurdenr_lrare, 'Fale if . /s.
/red airs'.. Steads. head.. Cow M. CulterfL , tlfirs Tack r' Pe -
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Urciti. the natarc nr tin- t.inile,s it is iindr)-sitle to en , :
tie e•.ery zirt it, an it, Reis'," inent. As new goods, are I ,
4.1 h•I r,n't Itiod Of L. ,awes ift , t Nat.* Al monk
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e-t. the stock wtli ht• enntintially r , litrin,lied es tete
ts.:,r m tie market flat iop connection with a house to
York City I can intlneements rarely, utet ith.
fancy' de.dess And others will find it to On ir interest in give 7 :
a cad berme 'Ain! ilLrehtSes. liairClutp*e pricer. tisntive
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in the city ale tie r.wu. is:leen to the gonds et Ow be.rt
atteaeisGe he tt , de. is ••,1-.1 ree Sales and Smal
Varticnltir intent mid to Pettier.. goal. '
• • Fire wort, at II .ipiricturerrA
tlarch .2i'l WII.P..ItENDALL.
W. C. „Tis ZICALLEITI - ---
%1ot•1m ilay to lyttscownertttint Fre n:ts ttle•re•
, •rre of rilv TLP•e•.tirc rMe Orp real rt. ructlta,
af.l:f.c.t.. fur Ixr.,or.e, am! will' n number otypar. p.:ictiet:
‘1 VI I 4: a4te to ;ice Nati,* ia.: tics g,inerall) either as u Littler or
7:7" Please era!, at toy office at the Canal 'ittlt.te ne ar th e ow l et ,
lork .11in• "'rip• Cre•t•ion Caual, and jtolge fcr yourst•lvrs.
Crie. Aprel 4 t!.5.1. 47
_______ _
n 01.1.1 N G Hoop,. and .I..impt mt . RoPes_rwr lilfir atria . Jas , m
it reived awl for salt nt April ltl P...F UL - 11.N1..R . :i.
-- , t •
AT 0 T tilt r A.i i it t
Ofiit finititiition at Halstead Ilan, Roamer( N. t ..ix.octt• tr.
the rticres i sfil treatment of Minh le discs r, I.y this s. nrin
or Tlirrapriairs, which is simple. rational anal relialle. Mittai
titan new' pillion. aka! print ;Ides, liy II Nell tie 'No r , ' f orm ..., r
PitotAines otit! ether liWietional arid Organic Aft!!,l: ,Z , •
meat* areciareti n ninon sapporters. or any of the usual tr h."...
went of the day. It t. onl to.s n tta ease the soii tign i,"b k
and I. Kr stand Ina .liteare., willtaut pain or Inc venictice, 'l Le
principles& alutornntli, Wit amen ilinroinotly led in tiir ;rya:.
turnt to some live iltommuil castle of female isensiss. ri aiie (f
IA aids Mlt
ule been caned in n o. days. ntliern i a few n 'Tar,
G, nftrariol gives vitality nod force to the itictinr.::l ii.r.vcr.,
oral: tlie orinnt, It 1144411:* the can Winton 'tout itl r ..,1 4 „, u . f
disyiont ion new.scif iniiii•genee. and is itie only :new t w ., „. t: * 4
elate .01141 diinc iiit It..prevent ii bort ion awl 01it i ii,.,,,,,,, i , It
iv romillt.t.trtztctit in thy careof incipient cotku lotion, iirtn(4,, •
atfi•c I ions. pa raiyo i,,, net% ono AtTatlgetlarntf. I IVtt entnt•ln I/ Lai . :
all t7Otilta. artil fig film OteA tat weikners,or torpid cacti:J.o.i. .
as tit spirovia, scrofula. partiothi. at . ite.
This vestment ItaA also hem oueressfol,ln epilepsy. b e i m ,1....
eaKil nod ttrepPv. 100 C.I.C. Or peClllliff uervoos ereit,e,,,, ,
loss 'of ru,otory, or Arabi strerai ions of /HOW where die 1. 1:.: - .• ,
..Soy i tips is gi. bt,h nil, the .11ceess iii this ltistilotiou is trury ere
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T re i+ an exten.iee WAT . FIt eclirplehenl. with ci r t fr...
'awl, s an d pp:W, n...l . ofli:lllidn , kilns. Is ere kitilftiess nun ~, r
line lire a nv i i,g the I' ellie.i I eat illtant to
,ure buoyabey a „„:,!.
4er l'ic heefrii C1110)1[10 11 I.
A113:01* on M.,nyri,aiby. ' l nd other panic: he.. can : el.a.: '.....
of ;Istag., b) cue IJoit,g teu letter ornm rt. , firmserl in -
./1 11.tLETE1). 4 v . .
zr. _ _
iroeheSter. 1. V.
brit 9 IM-1tt,19
may Appointment
R. II Tußil.?.-rthalitieal Physician, from the eey of Oers-
Is nd. w to be to :mewl :nee at his swims as fol ows
I,rie —Drown** Hotel. ‘Vellue.ulay ;lad Thnnut l y breconn.
I tit lo I ilalt of May;Conneaut.O. Tretoani U .ikagidsy
lath of May.
It peen). interested per..ons are Ir the habit ofde lying ih- r'in
irefnelle of rertitie,tteo lot lit o.lie 1 Melo* , ie given ne IA tilt ter,,tit
meted alb. of ihe 'neither. am/ wick it aft otter of' We east/. for
-11,)% is git tic tit t .111niur even exairzetnt e ,i, I,Ve Wait no trit:4l, n b.
li it eittaillF if, wire that plain truth Ina!' be ITtoguized all I rth:ll.
Mr . J. cot flossed to enjoy excel leut. bee ith when seen a abort tithe
nnr 3rST Y n • Be arer e o ,l l a- Feb. 2.3. tist.
" Pais thirteen years I have been subjeet to dyspeptic istid ...Ltd r .
n alumnus. which haveadvanced upon ntecaeh sucess,‘ e ~ as, i.
i ac
Ileartbarn. rain in the Stomach. Veatiliting, Coldness et irxtr...n
it its. etc.. Isere linost daily eitii - rieirievd. The skln vi.di so in
active and dend hill dishongh an ens' firer. andesnosed to elci-s
-stseheat. pimp:War in summer. persOtr.ifiod trans, r. n eiieei lin
k. on n fry earid. I hare bee...most of Ate time unable to perform •
any Lour, and sitil i i_ red hey and all, aIIIIII ;limits iirt;wenribit :o de
seeds.. Neithenta,kl nor drink of any Aittildolll.l be taken is 1. ii
mil protlre tog An. all.i .0311,5 e le were the 4iiiiey*adeeted *hint
very unen vim i , !PM tP ellpw.f u ithaideuarliOg 'tripe. trout Ow
first I had r moping of 01... bowels. %%d is), gr 4 malty beim Me More r lohrodu mil n gild I, the p ist i a rsy ear. the il sms and eatisequrint
vatti were fur t equal to the Asiatic Cholera: These prtrox sins
re..irtiest once its about too days and so inienseiy severe were
they that complids ricustra ion .neeeviklii r tir My aria! inn'
I. come very !truth tlepres4o.l..trenglit an n , flesh were nasteri.
nt.d my tout team...we wa- sallow and drat, the. 12CI Ca 0)3.,
to Wes. .. Heirit.dr - and llomirpati lc. add o c ... .{l'ater tic c tot
hnef re. , r I lit il fur tar at dt , h•rent Li/IR...AM m• if, I iiik !,merit 7..
An. united in say. ti c that a cMe was ialiss- Pr I. art 4 :Ave merit -
e u t 0... for I , l*M.Miti relief oidy. 3 1 y last tlystl i i . l I trevriel n wit de
risimi the i.X. iof twit g re - tured. I lirsd Pa it. T0r,! , ,. at sfep
tenit*.s V. 50, and 'loin ith.l4, l ding nie stead
given. ;Mired myself ander his Cate. ThfCeM k*fri.m tilst Li MP
tutprot.entent u :di num • pert . ..lntl-le. arer c‘illi 11 blood I. etbau '('
ff.* frerl 10 the tiA Mice att , l eAt few i . les. fowl O relish nu,: rout
t-1, t' e system. Wit! the epagniN beeline le.sfi tent and rigeu-s
milli they tensed cm atty. Heretofore.. tv Ile treader bas ins .
'variably ..grit tiled un eutnlttiun t vet I hav mei e‘perumebd . N . -
least Cl my former gammon,* P:ive they wet as, sobthseJ e •ely
in tin' seasOb• iIY ni , PoirP. , Itn•-11 , 1 , and I. rc ngth are ail caret,
lent. r stretoit rs warm. skirt healthful and utofri, and weictu.
crease I near! fortv taattids. 10 et cry parirdilar I feel as get'
at et*? befbre t n toy life. ' W3I. JA VC:4 S. "
r. We. the ande r , ivied, hat e known Mr. Ineens, live knee - e,..
ads l'ichtf.ll stare , iNie and ni , pa relate boleti streortditiOn, n.r.r
thee:Minh' teortly• to the - trutlitsilorss birdie :Move stateatat. --
J II I 1 .4 111!M., %VIII I) Juhrison. \V. 1.. Mattison. 11-1.- 11e5... G.
I' Heroes. Jesfelaatiali.d. I'. 'I
rtnible. gnarl Gray...l.C. (lats.
The Jaren* . Aoril I) l&S.::,- 1d - /
, -- -- i----,-.,---- i„.................,_ ... _
A 1)1 I 4 - * - 1 - STR A l'( )It'S N(Yrkek: •
• . ,
Nr(sTicm is, f;••febt sive!, that letters of ailiniewitat too haver
1.11 been /shill - 1: Ott tbrestlitra H. L titanic., tattier Erie. iite'..i.
rill Verson* knowing the tusislves Indelded to said estate arc re
quested to make inunedinte pat nient and those haring claims.
agnuist sad .spout art requested to present rhea - 'clai Mr thiry au-.
int laina:ed I r settlemenl, J11S111.:A I N .G.LANOSIE. •
A iltuinfstraters.
_ _
Itti , „ AIM') ts.r—Ctlfit
A - 1),11 Is. --; TRA TOR'S NOTICE.
icn Is hereby riven that letter. or trittuinisttatiou hotos
tron prat lvd un Illecwime Of kiebahVilton*y Irate
dees;,...d. Au ',stout's intleLted to twitlrstate ate request. I
to mnt a ." 41121. I. l Ymett'. and 111, fdrsous havitig et. , Ito
olt 4 in.l oath{ estate use requested to eteteld thew duly authe:e.i
euted tt
sest.eutto J 1 PH Y SIRA
I Atltrets
.fUllif tat ELL _ _
1 Miril P.
Ail olortes pow floes Zit Cilit ant Crackerr -
inform his Mends and the
Tilt; PCI•Illet ibrr *mild respacimity
cilia. its cf raw an I suirminititia country that be ha, nrebe.t
i l tinl , pa. ,c..,s it.% h FA; V ots idie Ptit.tir : , Gitarr,-ttlro Ours %sr'sf n!
site :,r :cp ., I t o t, I s, alit til l s fat rl,ta inc.( a teary fciFilie terse at
i•tt NI ~... hr I. 11 wit it ii iti such a that he j e e nk olvt . ,
t 3 ma Pane i are et, r thine in ti ff tire. which must give the Omit
rot r I sthr a mil to :di lino mat give tutu a call. Athhtenabilaar ,
ma .1 may 11.• fan oil Itt lalihse4
• B:frk Lear re. Ntac I arib Toads. Cottage tdogi•eg. Frees 4
5110%.*. irked!". L•tbsts. Amp •sar hpspepais ',regd. 4114
• 1“ b - ,i; 4 Ai, At (1 3 A 8 01' ..ALL K1...e.114.' 1.
Valley, ?bats.. Wake, Sissfes. Lorton. and Pie
. vie GlOkrta. Soda /await. .Akeraday, • -,
/Piro east -Seedy biscuit. .
113` , Groeerift pael.lie.l at Ise eery Omar* uriioicso"\ , prices.
•;* At I order, tell at Ma Leaabl attheitt t Ain, le delovrect {4 .
your reqii ?red.
Erie April D, 1F33.-48. W14.11. 14001 N.
4.3 ti:03.66 , mete. utt peliAinp Tlrtit"CaWaicliiiiiif
take.. at No 6. Traers p. MN's itte •
$44611. a • -.SUDO' ft. 44x
.r` 1r v✓~