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    Political and Gedbral News.
Itodemption of lad Notes,
02,We bublish the-following sections for the
redemption of the relief issue fee the information of
our readers who will rejoice at the disappearance of
'this trash (rein our surreacy.
Sac. 98. That hereafter the receipts to the Sink
ing Fund, to the amount that may be neceseary to
•comesl the relief notes DOW in circulation, under the
provisions of the Act of the fourth of May, one
theiseend eight hundred and forty one, and the re-
IMO under the Act • of the tenth April, rue thousand
eight hundred and forty-nine, shall be, and are here
by appropriated toward the cancellation of said notes
in the following manner, to wit: It shall be the do
ty of t t lie State Treasurer on the first day of 'June
nexti t end at the expiration of every three months
thereifter, until the n hole amount of said note,
shall have been cancelled, to ascertain the amount
of money in the Treasury due toll)* Commissioners
'Cate Sinking Fund, and proceed to pay over t o
said Commissioners. the amount so ascertained, in
the most defaced and worn of the relief issues, which
may he found in the Treasury at Sleds periclJ: Pro
ended, That in case the am runt of relief notes found
in the Treasury shall not equal the sum due to said
Commissioners at the expiration of the aforesaid
periods then and in that else the bilanse so duo
*ha l be paid into the Sinking Fond by said officers,
to vested in State stock in the manner pres
cribed y the creating laid Fund.
Sac. 99. That the State Treasurer and aid Com
missioners shall keep ■n accurate account of the
relief sites so, paid over, their denomination,
the name of the banks by which issued, and the
amount issued by, each, and whereupon, the Audit
or General, at the time said notes are so delivered,
sad in the presence of the aforesaid officers, shall
proceed to cancel and destroy the same.
Sic, 100. That it shall be the duty of the !Wait
er General , to ascertain the alt runt of the Niue, of
sub bank, in said notes which may be outstanding
en the first day of June "next. and at the expiration
of each period of sanceUati in,to inform the officers
of the basks respectively of the 'implant and denom
ination of their notes, which have been cancelled
as provided in the foregoing sections of this Act.
Bac. 101. That if it shall appear in the course of
ibis cancellation of sai I issue, that a greater•amouos
of said notes shell have been main circulation by
any bank than the sum ategirized to be issued for
the use of the State, in all such cases the banks is
suing the same, on being notified of the fact by the
Auditor General, shall proceed to cancel said notes
as fast as they may be offered at their business of•
ice, and soy attempt to put said notes in cir
culation after such notice, shall sbj•tat the officers
of such bank to all the peaalties provided fur in Act
of the General Assebmly, passed the sixteenth of
April, Anno Domini. one thousand eight hundred
entilifty, entitled "An Act to prohibit the ciecula
'donor notes under the denomination of five dollars,"
and in all cases where the amount authorized to be
ISSuani fOe tko iss• of tine Itisate i , .4.414 imtrit been con
doned ai aforesaid, it ,hall be the ditty otthe Etat.
Treasurer to refuse to receive said excess - issues for
debts due to the State; when the amount of notes
presented for cancellation shall out equal the amout
issued for the use of the State, such deficiency
shall be regarded as the usttal waste in the use of
said notes, and shall innure to the benefit of the
Sac. 102. That from and eter the first day of
Jew, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-five, it
shall cot be lawful for any bank in this 'CoWinton
wealth to pay out said notes at their counter or nit:
them in any manner in the transaction of their bars
was, n or shall County Treasurer., Toll Co llecturi,
er soy other receiving officers of the government
pay out said notes, but they shall cause them to be
delivered to the State Treasurer, who shall receive
Omit fur debts due the Commonwealth, or redeem
ibms in 'per funds, and shall cause them 'to be can-i
celled and destroyed in , the manner thei
foregoing sections of this Act.
Dreadful Murder.
Awakes' horrible murder has jest been bronght to
light. Mrir. Sigsby, living at No. 44 Morison-st.,
has been killed in' a most shocking manner. She
was a dress maker, and lived alone in a small ho l m.
Farr the last three iar:fou:' days all the doors have
been shut, and the curtains drawn down. This has.
Ing continued for sa long a time, the neighbors
gan to suspect foul play, and some workmen going
to the spot, with Mr. Gallagher, forced no a window,
and the body was discaverd lying in the kitchen,
with the throat cut front ear to ear, and the bead
nearly severd from the trunk which bad evidently
been lying for some days.
Thlre was scarcely any blvd in the room, and no
Instrument was found - in the house with which the
murder could have been committed. '
Ills thought *hip Mr.. Sigsby hod some Money
and jewelry, and ai.nething of this kind has been
found around her dwelling, that the murderer has
taken all, after commiting the foul deed. To'corro
berate Ibis, one of the neighbors informed its that the
deceased bad a watch, with inn gold chains, and
several breast pins, which articles have not been
Farther developraents will probably be made ie a
short tins*. Great excitement prevailed yesterday,
attire limo Crowd was near the scene of the murder
nearly all day. Every exertion possible will be - made
to ferret out the murderer and bring him to jostice,
and we doubt not but that he will eventually be dis•
raseirrsot. AccsormT.—On Thursday evening
kat, about five o'clock, the roof of the Sharon Roll
ing Mill caught fire. A number of persons got up
as it, to extinguish the Games, when a portien Of roof
broke in, end fifteen or twenty fell a distance
of forty feet. A man from ten miles east of Mercer,
sew unknown, and a b. v, were instantly killed.
Oration's, of West Lukewarmly's, and snothsr
natua whose name we have not ascertained, have sine,
died. Rees Williams, Wm. Coate+. Wm. Scott,
Thomas Thompson, John Jones, and s so I of M•.
Mounts, are very severlY injured, Medical insis
tence was summoned from the neighboring towns,
and all was dyne by the inhabitants pi Shirai that
k es s u ity could dictate, to alleviate the sufferings
of the injured.
The fire did little damage to the works.—.M./r.
ter Dem. -
There are three-1610s of men in this world—ihp
"will's," the •'wont''," and the "cant's." The for
•er effect everything, and the ether oppose every.t
thing. and the latter tail in everything. I "wilt'
builds our Railroads and steamboats; I "wont" don't
believe in experiments and nonsense; while l'ocan't"
/pews weeds for wheat, and commonly ends his
lye Is the slow digestion oft court of bankruptcy.
Ccurrnarr yea Bream Ou..—The sontract far
supplying the Tighe-hotioee upon the Likes with 17.-
900 gallons of sperm oil, half winter and half spring,
has ken taken by lw. hi. Robinson, of this
sky, et price; which are not made patine.. it will
be notembered that the Light-hmia• Board in the
sultertimment for the "Pmpacele."i recenrai "the
tight to reject - any bid, though it may be flit low
*Ma from tiOcir conciderations than its amenni.7,—.
New Bedford Mercury.
057. A block of fine white marble, sic feet tang
I n t toil) sad a half feet wide, batiost been finished in
Wseditirtnet - for the National Waehinrion Mono
mint. An open Bible in aho ?slier is displayed nn
the cosier, with the in &On raided letters tin each
aide ofit. "The General ',tearable of the Penalty
titian Chttrch in the United States of America, in
'session in Washinionn City, klay. 1852:" The as
sembly made a liberal appqnpriatinn fur this stone,
Om design of which was furnished in a resolution
passed by that body.-114ftfleeir.
A IFIWITOO or KVITOCK Ontresponient
of tbs Evansville Joyous/ write. its fallow@ shoot It
itesteeky buster :—"Wat Eekntan—it would' do
IMO rod to re him—has fullnured hunting far a
iiirsliboof since the year 1831. Hinc‘ that period
Is says he bas killed 38 bears, 084 wolves, 3,847
away, 990 t0te5.,961 wild geese, 2,040 pheasinte,
44 ground hogs, 80 wild cat r,'l4 polecats, 290 minks,
beside* squirrel, quailiaind other small game beyond
his power to calculate. The Anne hi has realized
from his game, skins, gr.c., falls but little short of
twelve thousand dollars.
02- A alight shock of an earkwiake was expo
-ricseeti in Washington, Ms, abitot tome? W
astes pat 9 o'clock, lasting bat a few oweiesits,
camas, very pereeptibie vibntions is diStest parts
sl the city. •
i 11 . .
1 .
. 5 i .
11, . 1 • I
r 11
::. '
, ,
1 . , 1 ,
i't ilti ~ . ,
e i ' ttliki iii 1 : enter.'
, ,„
• l r. I E Rll E.P A.
Democratic Mat* 3roadastions. •
Death Of Jn4ge
By deep telt.; from Pisiladii!phis. we learn that Jodgo
Gibson of • Suprema Court. died is that city yester
day moral g. This sweat hip Wei anticipated for tents
tintp pasi.eitiag to the enfembled state of his health
Judge Gobiro° has for many Years beep looked apse as
enti'of thit t distiogatiked jurists in the meetry.tod
hie toplaioat aro always boon regarded as law by mem
Wm of the b r. IJ was for many years Chief Jetties
of the Supreme Curt of Ponnsvlvattia. basing we, be
limit. staimeded Chief hililiell Tighlotan to that plses.
tiotts Istadoption of the Electiel Judiciary saesedret.
the sa/ i t
es Of the Old Sapitirits Butch t* . we dispoi lmod
with yldge ClAten, how•ver, was nons;teatiod by the
De nocratia St Contrintio sitd elected. elthoiagh 'ic'
Blurb wasOltesen Chief Ju lice; By the death of J edge
Gibson. a erancy will or in the Suprmse Moloch,
whiblt erillibto fithil by 'au point:omit from thn Giver
aim. instil thii nett meal itEttia.. lu the iotentil j ne it
will behoatii secretary to Id a' special State Canteen -
lien, tit isittalaate a esud d ato be voted for en theism
°ad Timidly of o.:tober a tt.-
I.____Pitts. Post.
. i
v I
f lutaCt at. ntsTatcrs.—lcatlre the Ailjearamost of the
Legislatare, a bill was pantieand beams . law. *hang
tog the Jedleial Districts of t i;
is State . somewhat. The
eleteeth district is new *stupefied of Celesibia. Lowrey.
Carbondale aity and Illyeatibg saint,. presided ewer by
Hem J. N. Comyeghass. hlsateer seamy has bees
jeitted with Northam deed sod Lcastsiag c emmt6s. and
they copthrise the pr et Eighth Distrait. Hem. Alex
ander .lerclan to Presi eat Judge. Clearfield. Cult»
sad Clinton have bee (Grated I. a mow district. mad
James 13sraiide, El. of Centre *Gusty. bas bias ap
psiatedPresidest Jed • by Gov. Bigler.—Piet. Pad.
- • i T Other Side.
The Dario!aria Press.ii speaking or tit* Maine Law.
aye: 'Wit Ile ire. that the Sla'ite LA:or hat Won cppee
*4 by DstisdorCts it has beau lei the roues that it con
tains prialiefouir aatagoisiatio to the genius or democracy.
Aid so it 4arnr. N. democrat aria cue hr it wit,...ri
MACRE ail suit upole pansies* riehee sad apes parses
al liberty. lie Maioe low introdeces &system of aspirin-
Aga that hi avoltlag. It seta mm4E - spies iron ovary
mall. end ye hiformere ter thcir dirt? — work. Under it.
ay petty . eatable sea ester spas the priCalsoie a slit.-
heti, gruel lie sailors amid hie game's. hie stews sad hie
oat-hoisme# aelsir sad tarry of his property. and. ors dm
tbejuissmout of a jestiesior tisd pease. destroy it. Boaa•
of I. if, it Oat?" . .
We have mislead tits Ilisfasotbar of "The Den •
.".a Itsesseratis p spar just started at 'Arose* .tite
co Baty seat sf Ashtabula comaty. Ohio. It Is pabbehed
*II. D. Dana, with II ;,1 Looms. E.g. as Editor. Tit.
D Inertia is a respeetab7 pupae for size sad typoiraphi.!
cat .stories. aid giro h pis it nay aeoessid is , dispels*,
mule 0116 a darks's' rival that lierotoftwo whis•nd lea
ironies of Obi.. Busollie attend the pablishere.
Inreirrarrr 'flair 1
Ana l ;ser & )Lts's Issortars Centime.-
11 $
: rerseveral days past.* s lit has Use pending egotist
theoil l
rtqaryaif the “United
,fates Lit. Islamises Cana-.
0 17.' 4 of iyhdadelphis. I cafe is Chief itemise E lauds
i theiSop iste Cart of fiti;ar York. It appears the
lotrirt: sy ' Obtained their Chirter his the State of Peen
!Seale, andititreugh4he Sierstary, Charlet, CI Insley.
rimi 'penis, of their beeimise is traeseeleit is the City
, • 7.w reek, ia Viliblllee ef de. larri of oar State. which
+goitre Comptaise shartersil is ether SUM!. ti deposit
! aritias te As amen* of $101.003. with the State
litioptriollisr. la defak 4 this.** peach; le $5OO. sod se
, thersday the a
iery reed4rail veriset for the fell anseest
ttaloft tits Stamm? of the shave Comps:at. District
ioraey .131 eat Mintiest*/ the ease en the part of the
Bpi.. and' that IA Ur had still several additiesal suits
r tiin sane visletion. to bring agaiest the Company.
4th p'snaltios of i 1393 attaahed to the ease..
Tat cLItVIII.4II/0 kihtUDllllTtlii Chi Waited ' Biwa,/
atm th Elisabeth Baker and Sophia Baia were or
}wed o &tardily list. on 'harp of betas oitatteraml
in the ardor of Christina Sig,by. Thom woman lie.
soar! opposite the imam where the astardor was
iontinit: d; they had' a tissue, whh the deceased: t air
itausel y aloud for mama! dais. which with .or
i l ,
laireamil nee.. calmed thsita to be suspeeted. Tao ay
lir of Clevalend has issued a proclamation. oaring
ward for the apprehension of the murderer of re.
• flisithy.ito be paid on eouvietion.
• Bale of the - P blio Wolof:
thie moos to be a (emeriti scheme Outs a- porde,
by iitioaef *sr fitsjs who seem to Ihist that it
ibesoon..;. and Iredtii a magi lees otpenditere thi
req' eitiid at present to s+irry ad its. Government of
Mists. , A few .or. at the ode of Opt whole works
ilonging to the State, loss asked -for. het new the
P lisii only seems to be 'claired. while at the same time
'the remaining works re sot forth as tieing prothablo - in 1
the actress*. New. i , strikes mess tether a eingslar stets
of alrairs theta tioespay should ask to he pat in posses
sion; at the sieruiliaCobet of fills.. fit dollars. .f
a work which 'the adesoata of the aaossais shows foils
esvoial thousand dodos short. yearly. of paying Impieties.
Depeid open it Wilier* a smoothing bottled the Web;
anmethieg that ii net held ep to politic view is the mot
ter. -, The speech 'of Mrs throat. of Philadelphia. whisk
we het. petalled sare(4. le. look., very well on paper,
and: may be all tree, hot we venture the predistiou ill t
a coaster statentent es. lot mud. which will show fell as
well ;vibe work is his des. sgaiestit. We know null
ing Cr thootbject eacept frees the reports of. the persons
holing the work in, chergo, and those skew asythiag
bet neeltayshinh halve bole figured out by klr. &ray.—
Ta t mesh* improvements of other States are mode to
pay large revoraselints thel treat. and we sae see no
reediest why cars may Sot de the...4N if they do sot al
%other TR.. !thy *biocide should ono take plat*. is
beta will a. p• a eerporailsa of oreh test powers that
it 4111 h..eif.rth and foreear motto! the Valais Male: and
brini the nqnsinder of lb" peWie works. - sod all others
la fwd, iota itamiro capaOmis mew. salepotisg them to
=chinks and regulation 44 as will best sail its ewe later Webs's •bed. daring the Alvin'it winter mime
specimen* of corporate iefleence. (rein corporations be
longing Mour seighbering lists% gamy% wis should think
too:take es earefal tit grantieg privily** at hoe.. or pet
ting soulless rut* re l iever seat the expluss *revery interest
bet kbeit awn. Profiting/ by the eaperieuce of ether States,
me should be 4iretal alwat creating sash powerful amp*.
ritiotts to role with an iron hand. •
-At prtmeat. we itre opposed to the sale of any portion
the public wetti., behoving that the *obsess is set get
up for the bonefit at the State, but on tba contrary, for a
private specul.tionht her expense.
Mama Htrrcutsson ? E.q:. has /pees appointed Pent
Mast* at Girard. ciao Battles. Esq.. removed.
Jou, W. Posria. a Qoaker. and a leading Rhode
Island Abolition t. hall recently teneuneed obeli.
lionises. sad in hap as says that these who Sake up
Are it halides wily are 44.4 hr-that they ars sinners
soft i 4 their desilis IS hashes the piddle. sod that dury
hove Wowed the Omp to as Sateauhst aware be repair
ed la 4 water sue Salary.
11 . 4 . *tie ailidy=l i k
Ilse President led the Slab CeStem.
Uosi. Ike followleg 140 Counted Cosiewitlifee.
in seeferseftg with the moieties st the Coseeistioe.di
reeling him to appoint the Commiuee. The C•41111litell
will meet at the It onskant's Heist. is the City of Phila
delphia. en Saterday, the Stet goy of May, at 4 o'clock,
P. N. The Democratic papers is the State will please
publish this 'twice.
le order to make a coevisiont and effective ergesisa-
Lion throughout the State, it will be proposed to *milli
tate a General State Committee of C;rrupeadeuce
composed of one from each Coeitty. la view of this ar
tagsutent.tlis Democratic Standieg Committee of cash
ounty is reaeostad to sonsinate foe member for said
C•ionatitiee sadiforward the simminatiou to the estmewher,
le tins, to lay before the State Central Committee at
their weetiog, to be held on the 21st of May.
Paileals'Aie. April 21. 1253. Wld. I.
State Central Committee.
11. e. James Burnside, Centre. * ,
/John A Abl, Cumberland.
William Badger. Philaddiphia. f
Henry 11 Beardslee, Wayne.
Hoe. 11), rim D. !lambs. Ittriffaes.
lies. Charles It Sockale*.Celisishia.
William Curtis, Philadelphia.
Hue.- Joho Cessna. Bedford.
James C. Clarke, Westmoreland.
, Francis C. Careen. Doophis.
Hos. William Dokk. Dauphin. •
lion. Julio L Dawson, Fayette., • •
Henry L. Deiffeubsch. Chitties.
John C. Famine. Berks. '
Hui'. Ti'.. B. Florence, Philadelphia.
Oliver P. Fritz. MuntgenterY.
John W. Forney. Philadelphia.
Hoe Rqbert J. Father.. York.
" Thomas S Fornon, Philadelphia. •
Has William Goodwin. Philadelphia.
David Lynch. ASegbesy.
Charlie. H Bunter. Berke
Charles Si Hall. Schuylkill.' '
George T Ilirvvy, Docks. '
Was. li. Hatter. N-irthampties.
Joseph Y James. Warren.
Thomas Jameson, York.
Ogee Jones, blontgenoorr. !•
Horn R Knees.. Philadelphia.
Samuel G. King. Philadelphia. ,
Hen. John S. fileCalinorit, Clariaa. f •
Henry 11. Mott, Pike.
R. Emmett Mooaghan, CiSfeler.
Wdlum 11 Maller.-Perrs.
Jahn O'Brien,
Beinixrnin Perko. Dauphin.
_Henry M. Phillips, Philadelphia.
Carp Plitt. Philadelphia.
Huh. Jame. W. Quin'', Chastain..
Beams L Reynolds, Lancaster.
Lets Reynolds, Deleon,.
J L Ringwolt. Monroe. -
Hon JAN Robhans, Jr Philadelphia.
Edmond N. Stapts.
lien. Georgia Sanderson. Bradford.
T. J• P. Stokes. Philadelpkia„
F. B. Sumter. Snarinehaana.
Thomas S Stewart, Philadelphia.
Hiram B Swart, Lancaster.
James C Vandalic Philadelphia.
Richard Vass. Phi!Adolph's.
tV.-ska. Liiternia.
Galore, Williams. Philadelphia •
W. W. Wise. Jefferaos.
Hen William H. Wive. Philadelphia.
Williams Hairy Welsh, York.
TM Whig Party.
The editor et the Gszetts still Maisie diet there is a
whig party, and that it is all-powerful. allosialleieut. end
will give the Democrats 'less" the next time it gets a
tick et thorn. 'Wa did not Wood to hen the feelings el
01111 . Neighbor. bit When we sow two such distiegoisbed
political demote se the adtZligie and Triliwas din:4Ni'. we
emild net help twOling a Retest it. The paragraph' al
lined to had as inch of the grave-yard whistle is it;
nob as appes to its thinned ranks to take enrage, even
with these feels Mitring them is the fan, th%t it amused
as very winish.! It amused us the men Meuse it wee
,the first enentiagiug weal teat we have even addressed
the •••stig party." Mies the defeat of their great Chem
pie' lest full.. No shag editor bin heretofore Wen Need
that his had the hardihood to even seised a Note. tor a
it'll. even to defied the very - heart of their asap. amid
I the desolation that has followed thSis:ty for several
years past. and this we spies is as the bright glow which
a coedit' sae sometimes emits after the blase his been
extinguished. ere it goes eat. forever. '
That there was . * largo, party ~td for Oen. Seim. we 1
de net for is memost deo/. bat the question it where are
they sew? Leaps Genite leek 'mad itself sad answer.
Are they in the city of New York? in Albany. is Byra
ease. is Ulla.. in Rochester. is Berate. is Cleveland.
in Toledo. is, Detroit. la deeinaati. is Columba.? Are
they trestle "our own city? Wanswer sot Those
!urge sitioi wars formerly all ef th in whig. new they err
nearly all Dsmocritii : We aro nocontending that there
jaunt spi rty opposed le Demmer& . but e ars contend
ing that that piny is sot new ili a whig party, mid can
iirra• egiin be bruaght lute the Marty
as such. Almost
the attire Fillmore pontos a the party Ste eat I. support:
oaths present administration,. 'soh to the organ ,of than
party at Wasisingtes. Thai palisr is said to have *dine
eishsd its friends is 'bandits the skulking eases of whig •
try and clone* se Diniesrasy se Iflie ouly salvities her
thetwielvetr and the isometry. re admit Moo the truth
el the artselo q sated Mr ear lieselli. bat the is the lesder
that me mirihal them. sad apes whafplatforsit They
got me sear the Chitiocretie platform is the last contest
that ine bid to sismitre very close to discover the differ
ent.. and we will tin pritemi to say hew men; mites
they gm from es by se doing. Oar neighbor of the eras
emit. ale 3 giv Jilt a reify c %slat 141110 ill far the dues.
bilis. i ! l• in, whig putr; which the Gillighl would de well
is ezinitne. for we trust that emir big assertion; will( et
he wee, sal whig se he is set aims is emus ',Wises of
the lost asserted by is last week.
Whet shape. octants. or doetrieft the Into whir pony
will assents is the latare. resales le be seem. hal , that
there is re whit pant stow. is a. setf•seident fast. and
Needs set an amasses! I. prim: the, Quails to the ein•
wary a itwithweetitng. We pat s ior assertion neatest hi•
tied time will tell which le right.V
CT Aatherity has beim gives ear eipsnatie to levy le.
mil ININIMIIIIIIIIIIII for iii• isproveatest of tbe striate of
ghe eq. and we shostil Lb* to fee a eeatiaeoeoutrat
mad* to the matter. Tbe optaditieu lir oar streets Asa
Wag hers s eshj•ci of restart. est only amen serselvea,
bet-by all visitors from place* abroad., We are al f sax
juts that oar city &mild took se well. be tut elves sad well
regulated poirvily se her neighbors. bet she will
be is that siteation until her effigies take held if the
sitter is earses:; sad p forward with the seal that
characterises other moss sear is. No taws es'the lake
shore earn beset of a mom pleatst or tmelthy Nestles.'
oripso that errrs greater bedroom is far people to est- ,
Ile dawn sad Uwe is; but we ile wt s good system of.
street isapreettossat eorameueed a d sorted est s p..:
m sopatiosad toast paraessest lea that cut be tie.:
Vise/. Ws hope oar city fathers will take take the wetj
for to itsed•asil ergi it (onward. epithet at but see strain
is the eitv may be made passable before the roam of the
coming Fail sod Winter.
easout TUAS •S ARIST WITH Ha 11111111..
bier of - sinall-pos patients, le ; o4letherpo. Georgia. etude
a startiped• from the handier le which 'they were sou-
Seed by the Med eathoritieM. aid to diferest stage* of
the Nairn) malady. fell ism's the offieme sad pet them
to Bight. Mayer Derrell milled out the military to sap
prom the disturbause; tber, however:made het peer 111-
11111%11•• le their dimmed epposeots. firing in great me
towhee at their appease). At lest seeesets. emall•pott
had the day. and the disorder was sebeidiag.
tr . With regard to the saperintondent we hats hat
ens word to say. If the editor of the Gatatto did not
know what we asserted. Sad what we supposed be "did
knew." wi have done kiln wrong. The only way w•
ass omelet for his lack of ksowledge is Om- issuer is
that be is either of too little sese•qatimee le be isessaked
is each smatters, or else secrets are deemed snuff with
ids; we knew sot whisk. The faeukare as we stated.
sad we only erred is siting the plural instead of thesis.
velar sseabot, is smith's of its ksewledge to ether
p antes.
11:7" More is tatleli diSsalty its living is Paris
at protest. alai more distreseibas fotiewiy UMW
people of swan tortoise.
111hOist Ome prop •
iv 1441411111411111111 ,i&D'ut 6Mrlysi the peal* psidieheil Weida
this plies sued lutes b. Belies et the letting spas of
"the whole lino" et this reed. 'lns Erie to ' the Obi'
ricer; topthzr with its breaches.seed we notice 'lt se
an item of saes fir the use interested.
Amens the multiplicity of railroad prided.. std the
endless variety of gambling in routes and charters for
reads over the country. we know se ether that has been
the subject of PliCh.eantisoal and perseverieg attempts
to (ores itself spin the community's. has this one. The
charter was taken out for the express perm*. of draw.
leg the builders of the road front this city west. off their
ground. and fading in that. ft has been floating mead
from place to place seeking buyers. and ,plivrialt
itself, with pretended powers ti baild treads anywheresiad
everywhere. between Lake Erie en the eerth, and the
Ohio river on the South. and branches east and west
without somber. Three lettings of the whole line, butte
taken place b e fore. with just as much if a prospect et
'completive ea at presses, bet they all Cppeared to be for
beneeisib sad have vanished in thin air. 'Whether the lain
will de rt, females to be sees. We predict that it will.
Whenever we bear pimple talking a bending railroads
that they ackeewledge will not pay. we set it down that
they don't fenced to du it. becalms man are ism generally
err teed of serving the paha as torie is at their own se
poise. Hesee we never believed that any one fora roe
'Minded. to beld this road, bitt we de believe that the
whale effort bee bees to see it for lb. pirposa of making
onney oat of'it instead oT doing the work—fei proof of
which it is qaly nee ssssss is *amino ilia history at its
tet ee*.
it his boon again Ist, ywith sil l its branches."—
Whet thleilmting will bring forth we obeli tee. We hop*
good- 7 we l pred;et. nothing. •
U 1114 iOasdb say! that oar retiree
for the bilOis snlonit the of sine Liquei Ia
pig. and thireforo no blunts can be attach
that they have ditl i e their duty. Now w
tolled any felt with &levers &diner; I
larreirasarse open this question. We
the set el enoisch itepertanro to mini
praise" er blouse. when it was knot
'redesign that the proposed set was ow
like sots hive loess so decided heretsfuri
Legisfaters ire ant sent to 114rriitistrgh
if they aley gook* laws. but wah the hell
.or to waikethenn; and we will not for n
Attest members did not knew this I
however. w. liglieve quite &ember roes
part which that act obtained in both' lb
respectable parties of their vonvtitoents
.A`Maine Limit! and seas of the Lvsisl
losses note = dins enough to advocate th
tepee the principle of ..a lump or :on ;
child." th'y .v. then this set to quiet
Lot this die tomperstiee man say hew r
ta.say ipso for the sapped of the bill ti
Sao wawa /OR rAttgC ‘Lticsier.—lt s erne diet theeigr-
Oculists! Intermit are bound to prosper aiiinthat even the
wool rowete . lee le lave, •view ender the present " to -
tnesecteriff." The Itoral Nue Yorksr stye the provpret
for the Utopias clip of wool is quite as fhtterinz as the
peNie ha bees led to expect. From all parts of the
coantry we have reliable inarroation that ghats that have
bee. Mancha; idle are to be pat into operation as soon is
the necessary Dwelt cis be obtained.
Enrepoian advice. repreaont that the itoek on hand ie
light and price. high. In Germs - ty the Ilea clip hur
heel sentrgeted fur at much oigher prices than those of
lest yea/.
WEE alsa fild Enemies) of an utensil* and importan4
Weld weal its New York, on the Thts inst. The com
petition was quitio spirited. and the prices realized were
folly ton pm *eat. higher than was generally ant:cipated,
and is advisees of rates lately realised at priiate sale.—
Lots were wanted by nosnifectersra to carry thein ea
mill the new •lip copses in; and this, in addition to the
prev.ient feeling that the stock ofi hand is limited. tend •
mile wend op prices. The aggregits antosmit sold reaches
$400.000. Common. A l ruerican Assays briniest 43::
blood do 32; Rae do 5541.
AIiaIIVAL sr CMIOI II, 6ITILL—TiIe brig Magnet, •'hich
laiely arrived et this port from St Jo'ons..bruight among
bar eirgo eleven fat seats and what is more singular an
lee monkey. Thie-•nicest was Lund in the Arctic re
gions by Dr. 'lsrael., s,g•otleman who hu been engsg•
for some time is hunting Hale. When found. his
is4 m2
key ship appeared In be enjoying the blissfulness of
bw siteatren tiy: dodging strut. ea peculiar le the tribe.
esudry icebergs haven in the lee- The menkey..en far'
.4 bowl been eladdoiteal. lives entirely on the iee. seb.i.t
irig en &h. and to relieve the menoteny of hie quiet life.
hi seeially communes with the many walruses and seedm
that iseca•ienty poke their noses eat of the i water •nd '
Arne* .*beet. The son's 44 to balae a r th e wo ad., F a i r
shibilien.—Arlisfins Tram. ;
U Tlteelsofspenilstst Dernierist. of Merkur, is cen •
retaliating itself and_the people of Mercer, on the pron•
pies of being speedly connected with New York and St
Lowii by railroad of a continuous gaege, which told the
editor stuns to think is a sure thing, mid to be romple•
led to the coarse of -two or throe weeks. Now we hope
our neighbor is nir. to be disappointed and that his rail-
road will rosily be beat; bet we would say to him, put
Sal your faith in railrentle, for ecithing is this uncertain
world 6 more.uncertain Nail they $ The managers
itoosoit their own irteresh4 reel/ 1 6Ni' of any body, else.
and regerdlese of the cobalt,- tfiroagh Which they pass.
and he need net be ostsoishei, if the is built at all,
to And thei it does not go within twenty elibtt of 'Mercer.
We ha vie powder barbed on the!strength of rail.
reed new. lhbt looked as favorable as this project •ipoken
of io the Dsviscrat, and then had the tread satisfaction
'pf vainly 'Gahm& en and seeing the thing ti-z-z I-e
Neighbor deal get szcited f
I isronmands WANTIRD —ldit his habits at M ilcreek.
near Erie, some time is 'Amity. an tliglishman, S 4 -
Pleyl Wilma Ur mama; area 53 rears; Iheight 5. feet
dirk: oyes d esiropleshest •wapihr, bir
beeisess is that era taperer (has formerly been a middle*
is somewhat bald; is 4;reasod 10 black (reek moat. black
vest. iseTistitad Issatq. sliftrsiiirer wilt fiewinformstieu
lewd iisdividigat. will oblige the undersigned.
1110111111 CR INIVIDIRRSD lIIT A Sits.-11etrit Dram molder
ed his meiehor, byohootinciter. in du won of Menem°.
noir. on Aloartay livening krt. The,auly provoestion for
the Winona* act. tias tho parent's refusing to ..seep to
hiss • pieta of Isad. jio.alse attereptotl tho life of his
shiplather. The maribrer is still at large. Hi is an
Iriskssaa t 2 years of •te.—dGGosakii Noes.
tawrat.ivrtva 511111111 L—Th• Mairoaehissatta Howie .r
Reproaootadipas balm strove► for $ 50 loa‘Ood of $2 per
dire comillowisiticio so Korotofriro Of esom op,' strike
mos aireerworal. The third, or lobby bowie. will proba
bly follow lo rho inwryiwoot, as their dories will breouir
wore &YAWN wide the inert's.* la 'the pay al dm Init.
The loifidators of Pannesivoaiii hate a different way
of "strikiair for wages. Thsy'striks at the packets of
those who want favors. and they "are said net is Do very
moderate in their demands either. '
. Aeon! loath occasionally ie en set of
wisdom It shake* the cohwebe oat of I man's brain*,
red the hypochondria from Wu riles far more effectually
than either ohanspaign or Oleo pa Ono of thet Empe
rors of Jepan to said to halo tti Immoder
'tidy kerbing, on being , told that the Atoterleaste win
goverood without -a kiog.
brie a bursaeh of premise ease the fotlowler• aei•
domes was psi is by ibis plaintiff.agaioat lbs diereallentt
••111Isatieth Croaker, my deer.
I love you. dear. true end decent
1 yummy:stew or mind.
But my keen be truly Moe.
I tell you as ptaioly as wan east weak.
I love you as true as oty !Mt
Avid I Mall never be wain my dear.
than you leeo.•a sy wilb. ' I
If you abject w ar. I never a* mama iota
War oat year, two. or tea ."
Tim lowiret,aash pietry ea ibis imid tot pay *IWO
damages Band bias right.
V841.1111'1 , It 0 x. *AA get( It Oil.
fq" aro isometlmoo Wed ii the amps of
dailies" intim diamond distiicts of Bruit.
117 . Ti10 contributions to tbo Washington ntocem•ht
nmdoot lo April to .2.101.
117 Lainartino is dying; his phyaktiono hove tinhorn
of him.
IT On Thursday, ewer 700 iiimfgratite from Europe
arrived at Philadalphis. and on Saturday. nr, more.
LP The Dee. John .C. Kook's. of Dauphin'. was slee
ted Spdaker of the Senate. prior to the adioarnenout r
IV" The grand jury of Turret{ areal. Va , has pro
sentedtthe late Legislature of that State as • nuisance.
fEr John Hassock, of Rovelatanary memory. sow
over 801 ears of see. is still hying to Bernen. in the en•
joyment of extefleut health.
13 Menge canary him boon Attached to Ope rob
teeuth Jeidicial Disttrit river which Don. J. C. Knelt
E 7 The dash,* track of the Hodson River Railroad,
from NSW York is Albany, will be completed and is; ass
in the
ores era fell dia)s
17' “rapping' h victims, a
ether.aiimilitte that el
rr A...uty is. to'
ice. aro c till to Cf
If Tn• Metroptil
chinati; Isar Delia e
etstivee voted
w !It the pee
etrte them; sued
- ire net
. lining
else. or (Idle.
don't consider
i re either "faint
by all those
onetitotional, se
in this State.
is IA the people
et the Govern-
A .L►ey. •'bearded like t
lions , s•rs of U.stno. It is
her beard as the Turks ere
TT The kt th+ late
stat , mitod et veer $3511.0110
!hotel?. ter.amouut to
Err Senator Poaree. 0
r•riteel the. isiritatwo to del
Suite Pau., at Iltt ton. ui S
cr Th. 11440.1; wipers
rietiest young lady in th.i
pre;.ertv to the tilunnt of
Err The h•ti-eiiemiler •
now a• roo
'4.1 is used forthreehing ii
ET The eolleetae of the
•d a letterieigii•ii
the seriterisays belongs to I
e7'A iientiniental chip. in Rhode Wend. ;Oen Is to
?minion Contrast. at its next session. for an appropria
tion tei imp•••• the channels of nit•ctinn. so that h•atts•
forth the *TOOT,' of true lore may run smooth." _
I . easeat eappowe
a $ for the Pop-
clamored for the
Ciro wantoi to
reel animNl. so
it lor ■ spoiled
heir worrying
itch credit is due
dor Ilia circuui
Kinseine. Ohio
117 Edinburg is projoeting a groat Industrial Exhibi
ion, to be bold Rev year. .
mania ie filling the' lonatic coy
, d doing mere mischief theef icy
Sr emoted.
barrels or frees RA. packed in
'snap, duly, lrenclilindu-ky and
an Dank. a 1,36 t eattc,•rn at Ow
sad, .ud ,sis 0 I
tir ClMlnatted UP
attempted to isdr a bar *troop.
by trying to a stare of 4 UM'
IT The man Wh.
iws •uj•irrd his
. voic
,ses cult.
g,_ .t anMI in Et :01n- Pin.
as high as $ $5 to bear her
10 tilket, l Rer 5.1.1
s ••Lucretia Bore,
It to rAtri that tiae Er;eseon will • warrior *oft by
e ist oi,July. when her wr•og'it Irma er'lrud»r•borterpip
lhall have hero rittf in. sea proceed direct to
rr Rev. Mr !LA n. a pioneer C.C.lOl:e priest atred 98
rears. elt•il lit-the rrcdrner Arebbi: , lbot , Purcell Fie
iorne.ttie firet Catltelie priest c.natiecr•,l,!.l us the U. ited
trr A te!kw tsho was heintz kd to tixecntian told the
angers they InW4t not tttlte hunt ttt•ouet n eert tin at net.
les•t s m••ry+itatit who there should arreitt him
for /I 0 std de4t. ,
II le4rlf 0 tuaays —The Snrivgfi f l.l R , n-itlicen states
t h a t the rd 'or orthe Brattleboro SYtatriti•it hie rerover•
edstsvrt d .1 1 4r4i of the rd,tor of the Brettluboto DIG!.
in • awl for abet
tTT Tiie Hungarian by whom t!),. nue: , . pt was made
to veNar...wite Emp,..r Plecrie. wee our n has..
1.1i4 bectillig - ged in death by ilia Austrians at Nadi.
in 1819.
ITY Fr yen lure *nee been jn rompner with no idle
orrsoi hit ennuet. You nn.d never efi •gain. You
hqvo heird .11 he .knows. Idlers mtko no imp-tows
T,hr N. 0. wens or Sind*, har• been received
A (mina Whir ('o•rvenlion ,has hren is Georgie
to meet on Ike dth Worinesdly
tr If pea wish to make youreelf a facorito with you°
neighbor. hey a cl , t end n• him up in the eellarat nicht.
They won't oleep'iny all that sigh,i for th . ;nbing of Yout^-
ET The sivtnen perilous , who were arennfled by the
late areid•nt oaf the fialtnnnre and 0 Raileay. and
141 under tnediest treatment st Cumberland; Pre all do
ing vr el', spa- will seen be i►blc to to tsloi their departure.
- TT One ethe mast •i 11-resting rei•ra in Philadelphia
In itv h- seen in. Nar:h Beean street. vitt The fir./
erected b t U•_ Frattittin. which still stretch
es its attenuited liners towards ik,e heavens.
WT Vice Preeiiient King. it is liatiLowned an agitate
o r2m* „,..,_„tir rich land in Dttla. endear. Ala. , with
1.50 f l a r e . t . awed that he'll)* left the bulk or
h r ia Jirofiertv ta,ttra ptterrpror his rolatiaaa. though all are
tont to rt etit tiprooida I far.
IT A q•lizzic,f rorroapan,fant of the iVrw York lade
p en I in t •It is proposed to organize a Preaelurrw
Prairetiro fl• it nn: oleo t.s pobbak a lat of all ”ratting
thurehrie." fir &d 4.l•ns up td 4 sewn. A roar(
fund wUI Env fannied, for preachria 'out on a strike.• "
ITT A•ellils,l , l Meiona. Poomaster 641T0.s Side. Al
lele en! , recut' Pi. K. been arre<ted and h.l I in bail in
the pains of tits Wn In insa'ar a Ostia of eushipasug a
latter containing $l9. ,
rr Spain r.fiisos to, rarevanai; Frenlehman.
sta she has pl..nta reapono to tofu.e (u rdeetve him—
hat th-n?_Ennisrllia
W.ll what. Woald•l't ••piplibior grow as tikes
ill Densocrit.
LT Doriortlia ahn vet of 101 , 4 P•Prililif• a.r. 11, 0 R.
ton Trorsilor ttf lila 211. the 112htallr attack th• water
i t
near 11.1. tan what( 'his eno;nina ;Jr aee nutnher ftr
etond &Vb... a haul beau bolted ry the •hoeL
were flanttne in the 7 4tnity.
CIT Mr. fir:ivihentl,
FPl:dont nr room%
for or Tinthor at the P'
a brothr of the, Snnatnr and r
Pa. has born appointed Inr i ree•
illaderphia Navy Yard.
Th. N.w Yark Afirrar eare a
r has h.en nppai tied Agent ar
7arnparry at • salary of OM •
kieh fonr Insurance Irnmparrijra
r n $10.041 • year-..rnakinf $4(l,-
oilier per annum, GI:r• hundred
mai• Democrat is "a•thoti•od to
leo rill, in the 000lio of a (ow
•-!lmttpsh ifs. be
absent from Washintnin btiout tine are•lt..."
A llntrxn 4 347 inr
realism .n nP th st rit
the Poomitto floilroorl
reftr; in md.rtimn In W
hey. oprood to rvx hi'
Ora Total ans,.unt o
re The N. lir...vitt.,
ear Proxid , lll
delve. pay ft vteit te
07 or tho pang holotftior to Dr..Thatton, we belie,*
that the I,l!‘roritte is Initarn:
A "'ottoman eornirr intoroom. told him ?hell Dr
Vowel was .ond "Whet," I swi . l tot 'Nowt?! dead.—
Thank Gt‘rlit ig neither u. nos i."
nom AcAux#l , — Tte Sommer Term or thie Inetito -
lino will commence on Monday the 9.4 inet. Peon+ are
retitroted to,he nu hand at the opening. Pay 7.
Mon 44t) Etwnte..Ro CLANK ROAD ....The President
and %angers hoer citerteti o Owns-annual diridehot of
throe [tor cent. on
,the conned vock of Me :unmoor. nett ,
able at the office tif Ole Troomme. on Mad tator Vier . % h.
May 7 Wll. A. GALIMAITI I. Troascror.
Men WIVIICOn , l'n ?TM 11. , 1nt Viii.--Vini . W old and ex
perienced mare a, d mingle ph) toe inn. Would roll the attentutin
of the tmdtes to_ her r?octillitig Syrup hie children teething It
will it 1111 l eihaiely relieve I min trout prim. iillny /1111 Pintvinnd le
NC I inn. soften the Irons. red et. 'whim:lima. and Is sure to sir'
hive the Ilitnels. Ihmeed umu it Mothers. it will gise ter' iiii
yourselves and relief and health to yonr children. Price Ili cents
per Pottle ,
• 'Ve have weld very large en:mattes of Mrs. Winslow's Sooth
ing Syrup during the paid +t* yeses. over %Oman huffier the 1a,4,
tear. We believe it Inedi-st medicine in the world for Children
teething is for the ettrelof Dysentery and Diarrhea in (!hildren
whether It arfinev from tenth ng or any ether entice It giVCII Intl-
Weald nvll , fikelliiii—never heard e complaint Item nay one iniittg
it•-never *OM n ntrilif illr KO universally siteees NI in relies Mg
pain and affecting Tures fu all Ta-es , adore slates/ if taken in
season relict iv tastimi. it and , illiini.L let V ri !Tsui
CURTIS & PIM 1 Ntit. ttruzijott., fortner'y of Ranger. Ale—
now at No .11 Co•irtlitult Ares t Sew York Agents' are now
being estattlielted in nil the iwrineisuid towns in the Mate of Nr
York 1.1 . R A ‘IP ANI I. I'l IN KILLER The world iihSiehish ,
e.I hi the wonderful enure performed by the Cramp and Pain
ter. prepared ity curt. , & Perkins. Its roma has never been
known tbr removing pa •n aN eases: for the Care of apitql eom
cramp in the limb,. and Pummel'. rheum:dim' hutted Its
forms. bittions choler.. ehdls nod fever burn.. pore throe', and
gravel. it is decidedly the best remedy in the world. rrr , feilee
of the inept wonderful curet' ever performed ant inethelne are
Ou the eirettitirp in the 'ha nib, of AgehtS--). ,, 3 ihaV be podia tvely
.ure of relief if you urte it Nctilionp of bottle. of fin, hied, e the
haveheeli mill in New Knplaitil the 'mil Pix or eight years — it
now tor the Bret rime being mtrodneed into all the prior Ipal towns
in New York.
N It —Be sure-and call for CCRTIS & PERKINS' Cramp and
'Nolo Killer All others hearing this name are balm lanai lune.—
Price IQ, igi. 34. emus per I, tile according to size. Alm for
sale those pure tt, I I.D CHERRY orrniut.4 tbr the cure of Bil- I ...-------------
Bons and Jaundice complaints. an I getter al debility. They Dross floods.
d W WI
quicken the blond and give new life and clients to the whole pyo. INTIK lanlies will find same elegant patterns or . " I . at.
se m - p r kmoney 37f rents in Pint Bottles. Boyd & Pant, No. JO ' ' Erie May T. 1"--33%--$4
_ _ - .Mlere
Ecturthindt street. New York , wholesale agents rural' the *Notre 13RINTell ofevery desirable patterns and late styk's t- r- its,
m e di c i ne ,. t ppli cation for armies or orders for the aboae taed- cheap. May 7. ISIS.-4*. ar..DEN_s_-_-_-
kiwi must be directed to ("unit , & Petting. NO. to 13:aullandt
street, New York. kilo fbr sale by the following avert* --Car- - 1 1 °H Hen and Hera We ar -- A j a ll-----'3 " (r fft - emp liu"ef oln s t
We & BMWs 3 H. Marton & CO.. Fine. Pa ; Parsons & Whit- -a. able_ far Men cad HoYs wears% -
more, WeesAmd ; 1. B Rowe, Imetkirk ; A Sexton , Porrestville. Mlle sus, 7- ISM
N. Y.% W. Weide& LW.. Ssallabaseet,Lactia H. Nagy. !lama ilest. ; 1 s a BEB . tet og yards. Madder mate. at cmpel Oil
Mayors* Woods & Co. elevate's* Ohio- 1y47 Erie, May 7, 184-411. IMI SALO
*Pant" Wane laths lions or
odid that rho as No (wad of
of the beard of fliattoinet.
rat at th.. V•try Yard, at that
I. now stated, otriesal au
)S 53
1 .rytaiut. it is slated. halo ac.
•er t h e ,pidr,:aah at the Ohio
plember next.
that Mi.. S'limmin is the
'roe Ste pips a Isis on
20,0 St.
..apetaina. at St Itpjrna. is
it In which its Ittr , •athed tits
d -ainn. w fig 11/30-1
pert of Now YJrk h.a rireir•
er." cooteining $:;25. whioh
h• Goverotnout.
Neil by Telegraph and Nat
on the Y. T. & New linen 1 1 1 1
ludibted to Mr. W. B. Recasts, of the °i4
ttie following despatch doted
Neaseur, May t
diet leftii. T. at 7 reelect this mono %
Irair-bridge at this place.owiag t• its 4ris~
why left *pea. Fifty tires an rsp ion4
est. One ear SOW entirety esbnisrvok
Clue eat was ompletely sainserged tad tore ate
entirely dhnsolis ed. There hoe boon a terribles
life. . Report that there has Wee fifty aid
drowsed. "The Coodaeter. Mr. Ceasetoe h dp ,
injured. The *gine tore haus(' can sad the a; as ki eg
orperinteut went ate the river. Thoi puissagees is A sa
were all drown •
Wasatieres. May 4 .
The Proeiden has appitintsd Rea Jeha - T. thi ns.
Collector: , sad J ales() Dieltie. Poetwsaster. Wile.
II H. gledig ek e Pesulaster. Syracuse.
F. P. Ross. .M . Aube's.
- Peas.. P. M , Poughki•Pli?• {
Samuel R . Beardsley, Postmaster. Aswegia
E. S. Anatol*, Postmaster. Oswego.
- Parker. Postsisaster. GeserS,
Tifreur. Pesttnaster.
- Stlter..P•stroaster. Sepses Falls.
------ Parkhurst, Postmaster. Home.
Cheesabro. Postmaster. Caasadsi t us.
Toe appoiotosesti for Albany: Tray sad Waterier la
other phees, lay over.
NILW Tsai, May 3.
.. .
The Asia, with dates to the 23d April. 'wired f
Liyerpool this worn' E.
Tits Franklin arri dsf COWIN rweihte 4th skin &
Anoth;r dissotutio of the Spanish 141.,inistry.
Kossuth's friendsi are commencing • preteellne
against the Linden Tuna for libel.
Rootlet his triton granted his pukka with airoaditiss.
Frain Turkey it is stated that the Russian sokena.
dor had threatened to leave!slam matters were sank&
Mrs. Slow* was treasuring great Wootton at E.
burgh and other places.
A conspiracy has been kiri
344ny arrest@ have been in
Th• E irl of Clarendon I.
ing the qarrivion of .the
Squadron world cruse the
as last) ear .
: AR
the 4th hut.. hy-• Rev
A icriN TER. of Clevek
luses Ass,' C. SliitlA
• heppy oomph, have
y and weifere, way th
of these **shining htti
red with the above no
the Cliretyl•ei in B s
Dr., J
Ibine, Orleans. Co , N
the s:h inlet , ht Re
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I the 2:3,h ult . AMU.'
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the 2Gth ott. Ozone* L „eldest eon of F Goodrai
littcterk. to the Itith tioar "of hie age.
Iti 141}oreteca, feti the 24th ail.. Jena Maolleele,
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On the 23tn u't New Irak city. &MUM Mutt.
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• 1 - 01tL124 A. N 0 'L.
For the oppoin:mont of Poluo and 11 - iiicknina is de
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'elr as the Mayor. iii..... - 't and Common C 0,06150
. y of Eite;,have entered init. 30 agreement ninth
iltiesioners of the County of Erie. vii 7hiCh 'het: 4 P
t authorities of the city have a tight to 0e : ' h t hd
1 k-op or eratult- house fur raid city Therefor,
. : 1.1. - Ito it old itned •nd'lsseled by the Me!'""
' start Contrition Corwall
n or the city el Ent. Wit
by ortl.ined and enacted. by the authitrity oklis
that the simmer' jail el the ecuuit of Ere. is th
Erie, (by and with the coa.eut of the Cesar
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of said entrant had cud ebtaitapd as aforromi.; Is
irises, tut hereby provided add i establislirti f or s
. rsj g or " ror d ate c it ,fi n: l u u s , e ir ta re n r h so iss os an a d n. fo u r ir a 4 7.d uy eil l y b ..e p t . :
t ill'
1.431,• and officers of said city ■ twig-such penmen
ilium before the proper authbritisetfor @eau loattori.
rye. 2 The Shand aid the keeper , . of_ the jail are
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1e being. are hereby btuaottluti 0 Ist le
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Mud half of said city. bud anthonted and revert
. Steles and decant therein- all perverts erreoteo is at
citybud committed to Lurk charge by the l'olice t omit
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s cad utitcer• thereof. 06111 a hearirig can be had, sal
suet permits discharged by due gourds of law.
' 3 There shad be appointed by the filmier end &be
end C.suezzon Councils in each ward of the cry dim
en petrol citiarna thereof for Pollee Contebler. Pisa
thin ri-PeCIIV• o ffi cer daring the pliromor• af asit M't l
and ellilltil., who. to addition- to the powers marmite
5 t....1, • c 0ni4 .0.14 its Erie bythe.fifth kid I'l th welm a
oft e act of the 10. h of April;lB4B.••Extendingtle boss.
dirt 11.111t11 oursPia.Cer . l
Of 0 11 0 Borough of I:rie," sal
be Watchnieu in and for *aid city. ofd 6,1'11 emir ,
k op net. I. therein according to *nein mis t and rrl ls ;
%tool as !ball bi frotwtture•te timihtetabitehed by tai
Major and Cohucile. .
-lilt. 'lt shall be the duty of each of said Polies Cone
ble,. to tweet atad take before the Met it or .net ill"' li
the Tease or raid city fur bearing all-and evert Pern
or perrianr • who it the ko i ewledge of each Coor"b 4 """
h.• uthy of any - riot.- - rout, army. unlawiol eneelni
breech of the peace, ',rufous cursing aid ow farm:. fh
bat breaking. drunken- teas, gambling for nicety Orl :W
cal able vagrancy. keeping a disorderly lowed
h. sof r•lfitine. nr ether crime or !Diadem 00000 Lee
as city: land each may be made lrflh•s t 't
w• taut than each Cenatable's own knowledge of '
flu or a crime or misdemeanor having berm t eweirdi
w t tin the II oUnd/1 of raid city by the pennon so smar t
.11. ltiltreirseer. and molten as any Inch am lll.s
be anode in the night. er , when from other came s' °
be impractieabte or ineerreenient to take the i deruirrer
inetinitely before the hilaYer or may /mike of the Pr°
of tli. elm. lit shall be lawful for the Polies Consultor'
inakiiig the tureen* commit sash offender et offesewer r
thelsaid luck-up house, ter safe l keeping until le es 11111
tent he conveniently taken before said Mover or er.
end of said Justices for hearingi the empplaint sr 0
ageinst euch offenders. and the said Mater sr /
mat re-commit for (other literieeg if the case dial)
to iloquire it. r
It It shall be thidoty of each one enrqet' s4C :
stafilra to preserve and keep Peach avid geoid erarrir
city. and su'pprras all onueceerary poise er diststlns!
therein. particularly in the - night. Each tori - 4 ,0 " •
th shall on remitter promptly assist ia earn All t h " .
dimities into effect under the penalty of Tea Dot
which awn each Cassfahle shall forfeit sad pa! le y
nailof id city for each. and every neglect or nut' s
44..: Andit shell• be the deity of each and evert 0
bodied male *Risen to rimier. ,(vin demand by, sof C 4
lilelltaving made an `Freer as aforesaid ) to er""..a.
the pennon erpersener treated in pensions* of thin._
nonce to the Matt r'e Justice's effice, or leek-'P W.
is the cans May rectal vs. And for every refusal* ,.
such citizen shall forte t and pay to the 0011 i *ay let
of Fi re ' RAN*.
7th. The said 4 Wat lumen shall from time wrier"
CIP/ 1 / 1 1ench cammonset n fir °Mir services go lA'oet
a. shall be estabhebed 'y the etiolation, of dm 04
or and Celetteihr.
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A 'L ARGE and aple94l_ t d
lot of Lawny, good and earns al.
En,. May 7,'34—d& JAt low:
LADlEttline freneb Flips, walking shoes, and childalultra
slava and gait !ma t tmay 7 t5g..52 JA( ill "
I) I ggtl7lB, a splendid tiatiirtinent of Hat Capand 1.1i 7a
it sale at . May 7, tf43-32. JACIO
'DONNY:ha—A line and ta
dlarateTamatipfgtea and ..
II Cheap at May 7.; I (43-74. ACI00%•„-
A VERY large lot ifPriais mind itegana ottYond c °113" !
May 7, 1a53-51 .3 AC10__ 4 2 . 7 , 1 , 1 ,- ,
LA - WNW .r the latest style.
and from nets. aID.IA K.
5 ' 51 .1111
Erie, May- 7, lENS3-31 JC
aght is light at Bawer.—
lit• 114010 'of Lards, p s i.
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G. A. Lyou, Mr. Stun
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and Bliss Lcci Iseseets.,
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c.rcreek. Chat. G, N T.
29 pears.
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