Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, May 07, 1853, Image 1

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A. DURLIN & 00., Proprietors.
yoLumil '23,
erit `l7ertl4 (I)lmeruer.
U. to 0,A,5,, nittorj
C,ty aulacribera by the earner. at ' e 3.0 41
8,.. I‘ 4%11. or at the utriet.ii advance, 1.30
1.. II ntA paid in advance,or within three mouths from the LIMt , ing, two dollars will be charged.
7_, Ail coalman icatioitp mug be mat paid.
rard• no exceeding 4 Wool, one year. 4ll61.1) (1
- the square CI *4 ,
co. do. six months, 41.00
do. do. three months , . 0.00
ilia n, tent adttertoements. ".iti cents per square, of fifteen lines or
1,. f ., frx thi , II re c insertion ; IS cents for eneh billsequent itarrtioii.
1 :1 er.rl) adt ertisen.have the privilege of changing at pleasure.
: 1
, i ,, t l l , u ,i ti It , liar 11 . 1 i ous. a t
s in e g i f;.;• i u . a. a. mArs. than it.w.5....1.!..........11.•
Vveru.nriwnlts trot bat itiother threctiOns, will Ge itscrted till
{Ur lad and charred accotdittgly.
:1 1 1Z) k I Dr*B 0I ;A D(111 (0 WA
ToewientNo. produce and Coiiiiiiitown 11erehanta, fourth Ware
We,it of the Public Bridge...:rte Pa.
in Coal. Salt. Plaster.Btueco, F ish. Li roe ndLime
eictie, iron. Nails. rtiove%. Crit.titieiL. the.. ate.. with is 4itroa+s
oi faciliiies for whippilig either by 23tealtaboats. Propellers
behothiers, or by Raißoad. 1
CA - 11 - 8 - 0 - 11All .% NI.
ATIORTI Y AID COUNRELLMI... - r L.m. in Georg* , A. Mick's office,
nc.t aid. , of the park. Eric. 33
A Drolls ET •1111:1 COVIIOELLOR AT LAW, No. 153, Thin
triffsbureb. •
Arrouirs LT 1....w.-41T. Fifth Bircet , between
and Grant Sweets. Pitt. urgh. Pa.
o4rricr: MIL of Siost..lloliow , Ware. Engines, M ,
Bud Road ram etc
, e ate et._ Erie Pa.
I " 11-11/4A6 1 141' AUSTIN. -
t Late of as firs of G. Lwromis 4 Co.)
DcAt cm itillutcc Ks. Watches, Jewelry, Sliver ,eltnons,
Inotrtlibenis. Looking Glasses, Lamps and Fancy
' Fair anti ;Tim!. ,
• --
lltaCn•HT TAILOR, and flab,' M,ker—Shop on the en
stale street. two doors .rth or Eight. and adjot matt J
_let St. Co'sn Cahtnet.-War .ttootu.Lt Penna.
& - ETCA LS.
!era iu Dry Goods, Carpels,
• ure.
Woe: FiALE and retail de'
Grrerivi No. 1 Reed 1
[Lox rrp. Colleetora and /eaters to (; , )!ti and Silver coin
re.t•MetteY. Lund Wnr tits and certificate:. ofl)cpolit tt• on the principal eiltes of the Union. and
Country fur x;hle. tut,'ee, Willtatut'
rohlie Etitmre.
I, J. 11. WI! lAA XS.
.1. G. I. Nl — ft:Ls.
4 PlMRTlaskitntl Wholegale Denierc in Groceries, Winns .
t tr,nrT. Forenzn Fruit. Nuittt, l'icitice and •lick
Pres/. rveri. rind llerinctrie-lily :k.....1
dc.erintion 01w43% on hauci..No. 3, Vt . iaiLM'
. oppo.itellruulu's New Betel. Erie. I'a.
i G Mu! s. New Volk, N'.[. I. 31i1.1.5.1t
A , au. irceiv IN+ in their Alison. flyntt.r. in sheil.fruan J.
Dey-st , New York, which will lutoolti W . ti - 41e.ode at i
A. I'. licirs..v. Arent. Er
nt•,fßi Jn ' Clan:cal. School and Mitcpli,incous noo'k
Stationery, and Printees Cards, No. 9, Blow
a P.
%V. .".IUO:L E.
I^ra.ra Carocerici.
8 (Inf. Door below Loomis& rm's Suae .treet. Grp,
Dir.t.:l: in Staple & Faney Dry Goor:.i. And Greniest
lCha • Slue in Vie City. Cheap Erie. !'n.
TwOßTEr.p..Jol•ber,nnd retail Deniers in %Vei and. Dr: (1.
1 r,, r1.14413.. Produce. Foreign and Dena atic
11:0, and Stone Ware. Boor. Ftah, Snit. GI -Ina, Nat'l
?digt, Cans„ Safety Fine, 4c., ace., French Street
use the Reed itoinie. Erie. Pa.
tic —st r um shit * ' nal fic..c.ts. VeSteN, llolra, an]
- Fair s•ippliel u, or the al,u%c articles with
ss D I A er) cheap. '
W5l. S. LASE
Attornoy and Counsellor at Law.
OFFICE o , crJack , ou'm store, at Nortit-Eut corner of t
- lArr,
.rgArrivi.o Pli)sietnius And Burgeons. °Alec aod.leootl
Seventh k. r.assatras Rivets.
; lace hour& Ira:l7 to 8, A. 114; Itb 2, and 4 6 to 7. P. Itf.
eaßr. II D. J. L. •5.T.
and Coannistion . Merchant,. • deafer, in
agent kir a duly hap cif upper take Su.:
Uocts I.r in ra.
/ADJ./ELL t.V. Cu. •
114 4, it , pitit.. Mlnufactu rei,,s of Iron Fence. Railing; Stel t niboat
Do.. . :gale. I.o:wren 7 awl r,ireer.S. 1 ie.
c .4 lip Of. RCtitClitd to Reed Meet.. Fqatrri4nt. t
F3prti F%;•reall elLsev at - I:. A. 1.
" • •• k. P I.
• o. D. 1,1 . .01113D, ittCllt.
(Late qf Ili jinn of J. 'learn 6 Ca..)
tro , "•Raa‘n and Corunn.eacnr Mcrenanc, Puiatte Linea, Clic. Pa
vr in Coat. S ill. Fish. 'Flour and Pia4Cr. °
VistaissAer and Repairer. Mater as %Vag hes. Clocks. Jewelry.
!!. , sisal I ustruniesua. Look i-ng Glasses an.l other Fa/gritnods
ilt-os cue drs - ar rstefthe Reed House. - 17
ils,,,trs. m Ury Goods. Groceries, Hardware, Crockery. o
3, Psii) tlltek,Siate street, Erie. Pa.
to.:riAN :-.nd soros—office of his residence Op Eighth
s between french and Holland, Erie, I'a. "'
. _
4t)t..v, , i in Cold.Stiver. Dank Moira, Drafts, Certificates of (le
i iris.,..o, kr. Sight Eachen,ce on the principal cities constaotly
! iv I,oe Olhce in Beatty's Block. rub'acfiaare. Eric.
• S'l'uAa k r.
e6LeCOII AID Pwr•drissi—( /dice. cornet of French and Fifth
Moses linch's store. Residence on Fourth street,
P.11:4 of Cie 'old A POI hecary
FH,ll,bll, German and American flardwareand Cctlery; I P, VIM., Iron and Steel No. 3 Item' Douse,
Tr.., pa.
(m trri.,ldbliers, and Retail Dealers in Dry Goo.isi Crreries.
-••• ken,. tlm%swan.. Carpeting. Hardware. Iron. Steel. Nails.
s, Le . r.rufure Stores State Street. four .doors, below
' litcw 'l's I Imid, tale, Pa.
ViceP, Bellows, Axle Arms; Sprinr, and a general
"`crtim•in of Saddle and Cairiage Trimmings.
- _
S. stravm smitn.
of the 'Peac
Lilt' and Juice e. and Acent fbr
Sum. Mutual Life Insurance Comany—Office 3 doors
41Nest uttV_ribis store; Vrte.
in, Lsw, Girard. Erie County. Pa.'
Arm Collections and
;other attended to with promptness and dispatch.
l'sr . s.ardtn; Commission Merchant. 00 Lbe rublic Mock, east of
Mate ,1111.1.
( bit. Salt. Plaster and White Fish, constantly for sale.
_ 1. ROSE.NZW — EIG & Co. •
vont 18.1. t AV n Rr:stt Diluting in Foreign and Domestic Dry
-Goods, ready inane Clothing. Boots and shoes. /cc., No. 1
It rights Mixt, State streets elm.
Arroessts Ct Lssr—Olfice up stairs in Tammany Hall building
of tile Protitotnitary's office. Enc. '
AVX.rtaxpeocurt.coit AT LAW—Ogrife OVET C. B. Weigher
ettuance one door west of State street. OA the DtartehJt
in Dry Goods, Dry Groceries, Crlilcery. Hardware. Le
fie. I. Jiro% Wm New Dote!.,
, ----7-
DlALts.if i Dry Goods, Grocerke, Ilardiwar
irun,Nalls ice 1.21 Cbeayside. Erie.
' WILLIAM hull.
C4II:XFT MAKE& eitholster, and Lladersaki
tivoLesais and RetailCAlLTElt"&
dealers i 1 B )rup.
i7*-tquils Glans: ite . No. 6, Reed II lota
Pi flioutor. Merchait Talk:n..oo Ow Public . arc. a row dmea
,st of State street, Erie,
w0nti..1. 3 Awe R Drugs, Medicines, Dye Dadra!'
trceeries fee No. 5 Reed House. Erie.
the south side of the Diamond Are doors east of
the Erie Dank. Pfleell reasonable, atd all wort
warranted Erie June 19 Wad. 6
Repiplent Dentist: ()Second dwelling on the
Souttiside of the Pahlie Square, ltu door Baal
14l ~~aft~~ r
of -the Erie Rank Building. Teeth ingertedon
4,, e. A
GotO Mit, from neat° an entlnelett.
•••• with pure Gold. and restored to health and 0we
"..."5. Teeth cleaned with tottnancoto and Dentine* 80 as (0
to iliem
,of immucid durum.. All work warrealia
. ,
, , • t .
, .
. .
. . • ;7 . •
~I ; , _ - _:. . , , ~, _ 1... .., ; • ..,,,,,! iy,. 1, ,,, ,-1 ...t11045,,,,...,, „..,,,,,,, : • -.. ~... r . Ai. -.eilk-- ,, 7 49M:1..% 0:0 1 ,.: W Wllriirt.l. l, l7 "r,'",.',r-110LiliOritlfr....1 4 3#1141*14%;t*24 k* 2 loPlPillLllt', hr.l*SEWthrAS.e` ritriV.:'
• ...-
.. • ,_
.... .
1 , .
. . .
_ . .
I .
E.. ,
:..,..,...,..._.,„": E .,,,, : ..
,: y-• , ~ . ~ i
-: ----4.
• ..
~...„ . .
•. , .
411 .
. t
. .
_ .
„ . .
.. .
. . .
. ,
. . _
Sire ci
I lu.l al
side of
. hib•
nd Dry
. ,Al.O
I 11 part+
ortier of
, j 1110?..
rd ofe.
Hes of
" , lon.
Pc .-
early, this year, that 'I via
new bonnet a lfetperairies .
Paris soon enough. But fo,
in'titrie, sun I had the patio'
the pride of Mrs. C,ce
bejhe only stylish bat'
She cauld not keep her
111 so uotnoveil and'so
that she was (Wits
turnei away; I ran rn'y
gatiurcand — WoultrPt
an exception, people hat
er, I siippotte they forgot
ing. As Ines passing out'
sus.brushed by me:
"Ahr' said she, "good oining. Why, 4lt as
mel you've gut the pretty hit I saw at Lawsein's.
Well, now, it's really gisitt4r pretty; Lawson !has
'softie taste left yet;'--what it llovely sermon the doc
tor g.sve us. By the by, did you know that airs.'
Gnu haslactitally bought Ott blim velvet? It's too
bad, becausE? I wanted to cower My prayer-book With
blue, and she sits so near, ill elrlet of.raly book rill
be quite spoiled. Dear mCf•tlte site is bee:aiming
tome: good-bye, do come if nd I see US; Tuesdziya,
you know. i Well, Lawsoktreal(y doss veco,welt,"
I was so ;road nith the oHlitiig, that I could .hot
helu t csiching lTtir by the ;Mantle and holding ion
whife I w!liq.ired, loudettongh for every bodyl ti
'lts. Citaestii, you see I hava just kot my 40-•
net from Purls . lis made site the Empress's.' If
youi would !Ike to have yours ma e over in the faill
ion. dear qrs:CrceitiF, I than ' glad to lend ylpi
. - •
L, 4.1..w,5..1. woeit
. t
"110, char I:* yo', dear," said s'
du fir me, Bye-b)e.". , .
ti l l
And so she blipped out, and! - 1 e no donlit o t a
Mrs Gnu, that bhe WO seen ni r y untie' et's.
Ista it toqba%'.? Then \ shf is s ahom'utably e l ool.
Somehow, whets I'm talki,pg . ‘1,411 AL s. Croeetss„
..vho has all her own th.o,l`s ma - e a't home, I dOn't
feel as if mine came frump Pari at all. She talt,
such a way of lootiogat 3tou;t t it'ii . ,rptite dlea.l 7
ice. She ruins to be t , sal hg ii h-,rr min.!,
"La! n)w, we:l time, littie. dear." find I "
ant .kind . of iht t ental . ite,lfilliloll (I think t
what they call-ii) isanittstiPporlablel plain
It.r.‘ etre!, I't care,.da I
I've so many thiozei!o toll yflt HI It 1 l' rill:: to twgin. . The ,fieer.tlt 4 l trg is 1 he 10!y,
ipo I %rata to c , :rnereg . 4 l .rlyit,l i to tliat, and fl,rket
1 ;tie way. I 8 a= nd...,rlaia r ot .8 1.;:g
:iraq hots 6 have my rft:,(tr I l let.k b..m.d. Fins l y,
a: etthi.lki::g a',:out it a gretit;deal, I c r moli.Ldlito
have it done in puik. hiie ve:ve:, wiih rold_ el:1404,
and st . gol I cro, , F upon,4lo t i :I+. To le ere, 4'.3
Lotion: vt ry t,.w. 1; - :t i'ultd . t i.; ne-;:-.7-tio‘.vilaysl
Sally Shri . tup has ha,li hc;rs 43 , 413 is emeitilJ, on,l
i k , ,ow Mrs. (;-oesa; AO 1 bas's, eririisari 1 , 4 r hers,
ald thcise pe,3)43 viho sit next u; hi plireli (I won
der who they are; it's very ,itoples,a - nt to si next, t,,
people you Ai% ku3w: cod posiriiely,
dlik•haired one With large,r, care
m al' she did . last . ea r; . its tfik enntigh
hate a kind of brown --ttf(42fcco bind
tell you one re.aion why I tixedu;olti I
Von liaosv that aristocratic-loekin,i yo
white crav i at and black pantalosms! a4l la ai.itcoat
whom we saw at Saratoga a year agn,latid w4o al
ways halso'dh e beautiful' sanctimun+us look, an I
such small white hands; well, he is 4 , "minister, as
we.suppose I. "an unworthy,c ind datei
able huibandman," as }tercel!: h nisei
clone voice of Vs." He b:.4- ; bee TA
among or. Ile has been asked a gi
ner, and there was hope of his toting eMeJ as col •
league to tie doctor, only Mr.l'utiptia' (who can Le
stubb, , rn, you know) 'insisted jhet the Rer. Cream
Cheese, though a very good t•nung ?flan, be doln',l
doubt, was addicted 4, ctnd,esticlv. , I au;spo.,e
that's something artul. 111`,;couici 3:oir be
any tiiing awful of I int? l• naked Mr. d'oti
what he meant by sa3t'eg sit," things-r` : i
k"I mean," said he,' flat lie'i a,Fueseyite, atm
nO ilea of being tied to the• apron:strings ol
Scarlet Woman "
Dear CiroNue, %h 9 is lie Scirlet Woma
Dearest, tel ma , tportOgir
heard any scandal of Mr. Ploliphar.
. ,
"What is it about enoillestick47" said I to Mr.
ese ii t ids gas tou b , *ght
Is rotsfurtanet not, is
who will eau me I
ky vulgar, "ptense not
n't understand. You
inner as lameh as you
'min the pulpit of my„
Pail!)liar. "Perhaps Mr. (31i
for his eyes; arid that's h
'•Polly,' said Mr. Putipha
ly, although it sounds so •
to meddle with things you d
miy!plive Cream Cheese to
chunti, but I Will not have
The same jay, Mr. Che
Lunch-time, aid I asked him
weak. •
"Not at ill," said be `"vi
Then I told him thati bi
of candlestick+.
Aid Caroline, you should .tre seen hut then.
He st?ppe ' in the nt't,Listof , .uring- - coil ti glass o
Mr. Pi'. best oid / pon, rand —Wog the aikantee i,
one hand, and the glasa in a other, he loisked •
beautifully sad, and said l in at sweet low Vbire:
" Dear Mrs. Putiphar,"tbe . told of the i gl i s4rtyrs is
the seed of the church." th abe 6tled up it s gloat,
and drank the'irine of wit .; such a Mous ful, re,
signed air, and wiped his li so gent* With his
cambric handkerchief (I. s that it' Wei a hem-,
stitch,) that I bad no voice t ask him t calm I bit
of the cold chicken, which h did, howev r, without
my asking bits. But'vflen said in the same low
voice, "A tittle mare , tikes dear , fir.. Potiphar, •
I was obliged to rue into tb drawing-roost for i
moment, to recover nvxsdlf. 1 ' '
Well, after he bad runchedi I told him that I wish
ed to take his advice upon sotriethiqg connected with
the church (tor • prayer-book is, Jon know, dear,)
and he looked so sweetly at tie, that °old you,be•
hews it, I almost wished to be a tboliO, and to
Confess three or four times a week, .'d to are him
for my confessor. Bogies wiry wi • . to' wish to
be a Cathelie, aid it watt teal • you knew:
aria cazikwic retrrroca,
nti come 'oe fr ghtfully
tier much o raid my
ould not be out from
tl t unately it orrivedjust
fiction of taking down
ho, fancied hers would
O rch the first Sunday.
away from me; end ;
r looking at the doctor
But, whebever sue
wet' 111 Whole contrre'•
that, Almost- without
r old things? . Howes,
aeon Lent eom
f Mrs. Cr
iu C
the oetne
'r a fam4 r )
0.. I must
.ink mitt', in
n that deli
to din
i 1
e happeoiti in about
his eyes b ete feint.
, • -
y dolpu •,k1"
bear Che V.. so fon
but somehow I thaiught so. When 1 asked him in
what velvet he would advice me to have my prayer
book bound, he talked beautifully fair 'about twenty
minutes. 1F wish you ca - tild have beard
not sure that a r ` l in ac i of what be said—.
bows.hwild I 1-”abut'it was very bea.itifok.,Don't,
laugh, Carrie, but there was One thing 1 did ulader
stand,. and which , at it came pretty oteu, glut, helped
me through:it wary "Dear Mrs.Putiphar;" you can't
tell how nicely he ssyi it. He began by-tellieg me
that it:was eery important to consider alt the details
and little things 'boat the church. He said they
were ail Timbales or Cymbals-6r somechilig ef that
kind; and then he talked very prettily about the stole,
Ind the violet, snl scarlet capes o 1 the cardinals; and
purple chasubles," and , the' lace edge of the Polies
little syortguivq.and4-tio you know it was very fan
ny—bat it teemed to rificliaistieltaiw, as if I wasialk
ing with Punier of Florine Lef4vre, except that he
used Birch beautifot wurdi. Well, by and 'by, he
said: i. —;. .-. •
"Therefore,. tisar . M -s. Potip`sw, as your faith is
so Ptsfa an/ childlike, and aa I observe that the light
from he yellow panes hsually ratite across you pew,
1 wo r ld athise that you cymbalize your faith,
(wou n't that be n3isy in church?) by biodiug your pale blue: the color of sk:tnquilk,
dear Mrs. Poti,thar, which is so foil of pastoral as
siiciat inns." • ... .
Why did he emptiest, the word "pestoralr : Do
you wonder that I like Cream Cheese, dear Care.'
line, when he is so gentle ael religious—and such
a pretty religiun tee! Fur he is',Oot only well-dreis•
ed, and has such aristocratic, hands and feet, In:the
parlor, bat he is • so perfectly gentlemanly in the
II uever rises his voice too foul, and he
has sucht wavy Mr. I'ol4:at says thst
may be all very true, but be knows peered); well
that he has a hankering fur artkficial Sowers, and
that, for NS par, he prefers:the Doctor to any
preacher ha ever hearS; "bacause," he says, can
that might not,hz. preac'ted from every well regula
ted pulpit; whereas, if ueshould let Cream Cheese
iota abet der.k, 1 should have to keep awake to be on
the look out for Foote of these nr fainted id.datriest
and, Ifsoily Put phar, for °let, o o ibterminel to
Nora t.i do with a Selfili -
- Darlinz Car(i!ile-1 don't care trolch—bnt did he
e er hate any thing to do with a Scarlet Woman?
fier ha said that about .aitifieial fi , werr, I nr
thh ed from Martel;e the sweetest sprig of ent.n
11-1 lull in hit shop. and saw it anonymous:y uo , St.
V t letxtine's day. or et:Mrs", I aide% ttit!l to da any
th ng sPcnot from iny . lsibeni, (hit might make
L ote—"lt*vorett3 Cream Clseete;
,his 'gr.:A.4lu! Skins .31/I.o' I reruerkesi the 143
eta it .pt tte understood thou! to.,tent to es.
press my thank's for hi 4 a idee..ab-Itit the pile-Wne-
Ytu don't think it was too ro mu:is:44opm'
f i
l'utt can imazine lwa• p'easant'.;.l.rsit is ~ ,as,in.:
i - si..e.el s-e so m lei , t; him; nn I th-o i: is so appro..
i prig-e t. 1.-'at to 'us iotirna:e wi , li 4 o'l'lo !!c-ter. il 1
gO2l witli tote to church a great d.:al, for Mr. Poll-
pitu I", or f, 3 ,7:0, !in? 3, !I:3- fir Om, exc: l l. of Siiii—i
days; and it is really de!iiiitful to see. such piety.
Ile nilkes the r. spottses in the most musical ma n
oeft• a . n.l when-he h: sees upon entering the pew, he
l, the admiration of t!.e - vildo church. lie burieal
his face entirely in a ciuu.l of camt.ricrpocket-ltand
kerchief, pith his initial et;isruidered at the corner;
; and his hair i•beaottil . .illy pCrted,dowa behind, which
cis very fortunate, as triherwise it w mid look.solbad•
tly When Only hail' his !wad shoWed I feel so good
when I sit by his site; and when the Doctor (as .
,Sfr.P.. says) "blows up" those terrible sinners in
13.ibt Inn and the other B.ble towns, I always find the
Rev: Cream's eyechsed uFnon mt., with so toticli
sweet - sadness, that I am very, very sorry for the 1
'naughty pro;•Ie the 13 +or talks about. Why did
they do an, do you ',oppose, deer Caroline? How
thankful we uugh to be that' we live now with so
many churthes, aI six!' fine one., and_ whit such
grntlet4n'y min fliers 43 Mr. Cheese. And how
nicely it's arrang d that, after (hoeing and dinhig
f , r two Ur th , ee 1 Inthi c .nstantly, -during. which,
of coutiie, we coo only go to church Sundays; there
comesa 4tue fur l stopping, when we're bred out,
Audi( tr Oil to church etery day, and (as Mr. P. ,
say4)"Astriking la balance ;" and thinking about being
good, athl.all-thitste Bungs. Wu don't lose a great
deal, yon know. it makes a variety, and we all see,,
each'othei., jig...the saint', only we don't dance. I
do think' it would be better if we took our lorgnettes.
with us,, riot it was tool lig WedoeidaY,.
at nine o'clock. prayers, that I aw. Sheena Silke
i ‘
across the church, in 4heir !title' ew at the corner,
and I am sure that she has a new bonnet on; and
yet, though I looked at it all the time, trying to find
out, prayers were fairly over-before I discovered 1
whether it was only new, or only that old white one
over with a few new power.. New, if I had
my glass, I Could• have told in a moment, and '
shouldn't bare been obliged to lose all My prayers.
Rot, es I was saying, those poor old people in
Babylon and Nineveh! only think, if they bad had,
tke privilege of prayers for six elf seven weeks in
.I,reot, and regular preaching the rest of • the year,
except, of course. in the summers (by the by, I won
der if they all had some Mad of Samna or New.
iron to ko tot—l' mean to ask Mr. Cheese)—tbey
might have been good, tel all have been-bappy.--
lEequite awful to hear how eloquent and earnest
the octet' is when he preaches against Babylon.=
14 . P. says he likes to have him "pitch inte those
'sinners: it does 'em so much good;" and then
Ore loo# quite fierce. Mr. Cheer* is going to read
Me a sermon be has written uporl i the maidenhood
of Lot's wife. Hess's .that be quotes a great deal
oteostry Ia it, and that I must dust ulithir fount of
my tears,when be seeds it. it was en odd expres
sion fur a minister, wasn't it? and I was obliged to
say, Mr. Mena, you fo'rget yourself." Ile replied.
"Dear Mrs. Potipliari I will explainr and he did so;
"$3 that I admired him mere than ever.
Dearest Carvline, if you should ouly like hip! He
asked one day about you; and when 1 told him what
a dear good girl you are, he said "And her father
has t worldly posseasions, has he uotr
I snswerd, yes: that your father was eery rich.
Then be sighed, and said be could sever 'starry an
heiress unless he clearly saw it to be his duty. Isn't
it a beautiful -resignation?
',had no ides of saying go much about bier, but
you knot" We proper, when writing a letter in Lent,
in talk *Mt fefigiooll.llll4llll4 Aide I a s set ON.
..a.— lar-0 N NIM It D .4IEI -
fessobera is somthing cotnfurtable In havtng to dq
.with euch th lags. ain't you feel better, when you've
been dancing all the ',seek, and dining, and going
to the opera, and flirting and flying round, to gn o
church on Sundays? I do. It seems a , mehow•, as
if we ought to go. Buy Ido wish MT S. Croesus
would sit somewhere ease than just in fiunt of us,
fur her new.butitieto and splendid collars and capes
make rae quite miserable: and thin she puts me out
of • • neck of my thingi by talking about Lawson,
br s Embody, es I told you in the beginning.
M . Potiphar bus sant out fur the new earpets.—p
Iba only two Atpuiled at asy ball, you know, and
diet •ta very little.
.One siarays expepts raciest-
Ike t least, two cstrpeto _upon the occasion of ere
i g iise's friends., ' shat handsume otte in the sup
- om was enAtely,tojned.' -Woull you beiiare
, at hlr.T. 4 wb '
en biwent down stairs the tient
t i r
°ming, found our Freitand -.his causin boil . ; it
with their little hoed It was entirely mitred with
peseives and things, and the boys said they were
sofraping it clean-fur-breakfast. • 'Ole otliisr spotled
c rpet was in th e gentlenien's ifresaing-roons.where
t e punch-bowl. Yousag :Ctriuche Boosey, a very
gentlemanly ,fellow, you know / ran up after polking,
slid was so singoafhi with the light and heat that he
what quite unsteadily, and as he was trying to tills
glass with the sitt*r ladle (which is rather heavy,)
titi somehow leaned too hard upon the table, and
tlits n'weut the %hold thing, table, bowl, punch and
134osey, and ended rho Pudr carpet.' I was tarry for
Or; and alsui for the bowl, which was a very hand•
ratite one, inifortNl from Chinaly my father's put=
vet—a wedding gift to me--arurfor the, table, a del
irate rose-weed' stood, which was a work tibia of
fl; serer .lex:its—whom you never knewOuni who
4446:ig nud;long ago. . However, 1 was imply re
pinio by BJezeY's drollery afterward. Hears a very
witty young man, and when he got up from the
tliot, iaturated,with punch, (4is clothes I mean,)
t i elki,i4ed down at the carpet and said:
sue a pone it n a want
io recover."
I suppse he had setae idea Omit lemon -acid la
- king out spots.
- But the best thing wis what he Said to me. He
is Ndrollthat he is sisted upon - coming dean' till
fintstaing the dance)ust as -he was. The funny fel
-1 rw all the dresses in- hi" way,'lnd
flos4, said to me, as he pointed to i lemon-svd
opa l ,ts coat;
'd lee; so very feeton tidy for.what '
ficglied very muchhou were in the.uther room)
butAlr. P. step e ed up sad ordered h'etto teats ibe
b )use. ELoosey said be would J.. nit each a thingpind,
haus,no doubt, we shutild Anse had; a ocenkif Mr:
P. 144 net mare md him 'straight to the door, and
put*nritite a curare, and told the driver where
to tette him. Ililr. P. was red' enough when he
: •
''No man shall t r my pests, higetiing
dru'u'e. in my noti , e," , aid Ire; -and ho has since ask.
ed n not to invite . Boosry nor. itany ill",bis
3S he es!l4 them, to our house. Llowever, I thitik
it will pa%sove•. I tell hi,n that all yOuag melt of,
spirit get a l c
ittle etched with IA jibe ,soinetitnes;a4
he mum n't be too hard upcM them. •
"Maditme,"said he to me;--flie first time I ventur
ed to say that, no man with genuine self-respect
ever gets drunk twice; end if yoti' had a manifest
flea of-the misery which a- little itttniicaeinn has
leo !need in notes of fagwilies than you knoW, you
woultrnever insinuate again that * little excitement
from wine is an agreeable thing. There's your
flett d
M. CreetUs (he thinks she's thy frie4-j, be
cause we call each other "clear".); she is delieiTed
to be a fsattitteitble . einmst4 and to be described as
the "peerless and accomplished Mrs. C-ce 8," ad li f
tees from the 'Watering places to the Herald; 'bat
I tell you, if env thingi, of the woman or the mother
is left in the-fashloilab4e-Ifts. Cfsaanta,Litould wring
her - react - as.trti wrung—lad never sin I
be by me—by ihowiti . g - her the pl cgs that n
Timm Crimsus bat:tts, the pewit with oh m e
associates, and tl e diuttikubss, ;a Ailing, and ' e
dissipations of wit7cli I e is guilt ,
"TiLn3ii Cecesus is eighteen
w .oi nineteen, or, per
taps, twenty years old; end , P.,1y,,1 tell you, he' is
actually blase, worn nut' with diasipatian, the cum
pettion of black !eke, the chevalier of Cyprians, tip
sy every night, and haggard every morning. Tinton
Crtuatia is the puny caricatura , of a man, mentally,
morally; and phyeiceily. .lie gets 'elegantly iatog
irtatete at your parties; he gnel off to stip with
GuichelLmeey; you and Mrs. Cumin, think them
young men if spirit—it is an exhilarating case of
...owing wildcats, you fancy—and when at twenty,
five, Timm) Crcesus elands ruined in tits world, with
Out aims or capacities, without' the esteem of • sin=
- gle Inert or his own sett-respect-a-youth health, hope
and energy, 'all gone for ever—Ahen you and your
dear Mrs. Crustal will probably prouder at . thelto . r.
bible harvest. Mrs. Potiphar, ask the Rev. Cream
Cbeese to omit his sermon upon the maidenbonfuf
Lot's wife, and preach from this text: 'they that
iow the wind shall reap the whirlwind.' Good hen- -
, Tensl Polly, fancy our Fred growing up to such •
Ufa! I ' d
-rather bury bits to-morrow!" • e •
I never saw Mr. P. • so much excited. Us fairly
plc bis handkerchief to bis eyes, and I really belivie
he cried! But think'he extggerates these things,
and as he had a Terries,' friend who -went worse
and worse, untithe died frightfully, a drunkard, it
is'not strange he should speak so warmly about it.'
But as Mrs. Croesus says:
..What can you do? You can't curb these boys,
you don't want to break their spirits, yea don't-watit
to make them milk-sops."
When I repeated the Speech to Mr. P 4 he said La
me with a kind of solemnity; -
“Tell Mrs. Cruasna that Jut not bens to judge
nor dictate; but she may be well amored, that era.
ry parent is responaible-forevery rshild of his to the
utmost of the influence be can - exert, whether he
chodses to consider himself se or not; and If not
now, in this world, yet somewhere and somehow, he
mast bear and heed the /olio that (Ailed to Cain in
h. garden, 'Where is Abel, thy brother? "
I 4an't bear to hear Mr. P. talk in that way: it
souriirso Ilk,' preaching. Net preciaely.likr *bat
Ibear at ehurch,.but like what we mean when we
apreaching,' wßtbont referring to any particu
lar person . Hawereir, be grants that young Town
is an extra case; but, be says, it is the result that
prover die principle, and a state of feeling-10MA
ant sway ellowa, but Indirectly footers, that result,
itirigidel to 1144 01: -
-"B.sail think of it, then, Mr. P.," said I. lie look
edkat ine.tora manteut with the iterneit scowl I
ever sew upon a man's lace, thee he suddenly rau
-up to me, and kissed me, on the forehead (although
qty hair we. all dressed fur 111reetnu's dinner). mid
went out of the house. lie hasn't said much to me
since, but he iqealts vety gently When be does speak
and sometimes! catch him* looking at. inns in such a
singular way, sri . half mournful, that Mr. Cheese's
eyes don't seem so revs sedofier all.
However,. to retests to the 'pa rt y. I believe nothing
else was, likktred- except the Curtains h the troht
&major-swim, which were so smeared with ice
eriins •trystergravy, that,we must get new ones,
and=the cover of my porcelitin lumen was broken I y
the SerVant, thotigh the men said he really,didn't
mean to tra it, and I could any runliii.;; and tipu'rty
of young men, after the German Cutillon, did let hill
that superb cut-giasa Claret, and shikered lt, ter a
dozen of th,e delic ttely engraved str3vr-stenis that
stood upon the; waiter. Post was- all. 16E44re:—
obi except that fine "Dresfieu Gallery.," the most
splendid brioit t ever saw, tilt of engravings of the
great Piottiree in Dresden Vienna, mid the other
Italica towns, aad Which al
old fiietnl r in aniet, othom b
he wet eery poor', Boole
ewer a bintle of claret that I
ant meet I ilan't knew/ low
says Glue llmsey knows,
to the book, so tharatmost
rot stainoth'eh 'nuke El I ' ol
I am sure; but, an I tell /41
fur spiltmilt. was trllin
the Gnus' dinner.. He laugh
tsaid that a good many of
stained, be maid in hie droll
L'oPera di B3rdeanz; L
suppose it waif r teething fu
deal. Ho said to me later.'
14 Shlinpoui a • little cli
mean into your glass?"
Want it e - pretty- ban-n}o
Ibtft you think we are gl
this cou aryl
I believe there WS was nothiog else injured except
thehed-hangings in the baOk raratn, which were
somehow badly burnt end very much tornin pulling
down, - and a-few of our hendsemest shade. t rat were
cracked by the heat, And a fe4 plants, wb'ch it at e
hardly fair to expect wiald'i:t be broke t; en'l the
colored ;isms dour h my en/fierce, against. Which
Prattle P,niget fell a+ she wore dancing with Gahche
thesty;': blithe - ea:if itaVe ben a little excited' you .
know, and she, poor girl, c
and as hor head hit the glass, pr miurse it broke, and
cut her'ltead badly, so that the blood ran down and
nattirally spoiled her dress; st4l g 'whatiittle escritoire
!amid steed ugliest Fettle P el So that west,
. ' war In! r end MI rife t hatrrontriiir. - 'lll3 — ti all,
I think, except that the next day Mrs .t_7roestrs sent
' a note, saying that she had lost her largest diamond
from her necklace, and she tea sure that it was not
in the carriage, nor iii her ow house, nor upon the
sidewalk, fir she had earefiill looked every where,
/ and site rea:4ld bi,rerAglad if would retool it by
Lag branie. ' ;
' Thilk of that!'
1141 re
Well,.We hunted every a , sad found sae dia.
t mood. .: I rank mit-titular psi* to ask the eervanto,
if they he foundlit,. tar if they had. they might give
lit up at o co, w'kthoot expecting-any reward from
Mrs. Croe us. who waais't'ver4 generoui. Hot they
I all said at v hadn't found any - emouir; and our man
John, wkr you know, is so guileless,— . --altiingli it
was elm e ; mysterious aburnithat -emerald ;,in of
' tnlne,—bri right me a bit of glads hat had been n'ek
i ont of my large custard dish, end ;irked ml if that
t was not Mrs. ernesris"s diaMond. I told him no,
i tt
end gave him a trold dollar fur his haneety. - John ;
i:i an invaluable servant tie 1? ed - guilelere. 1
f).) pa know I am not so sore *hut Mrs. Croe.tu 4'
. Mr. P. male a great growling about the ball.—
But it was very fOolioh,-fir
.ho gut rifely to bed by
'Fix o'clock. and he. need hare no tritit'e about re
plac;eg tlbetmttins, and glass, I shall do ail
that, and the sum total wt ill be rent to him inalutnp,
so that .he can pay if.
Men are su unreason l abie. Farey na at se:on
o'cloOt that morning, when I retired. Ile _wasn't
*sleep, But whose fault was that!
I+Fully.',"-saii he, "tbat's the last.".
"Last whatr.rail I.
Last ba.:l at a►y 'unite," sni4 he.
•+Fiddle•dee-dee," said I.
"I tell yoir, Mrs. stn not going le opeu
tier house for a' crowd of people who d•M't mu away
till cleylight; who e:3oil my books and furniture; who
involve me in a fooli-h expense; for a gang of row
dy boys, who drink my Margrox, and litfit.e, an I
Mareobrunner, (what kind of drink : r are these, dear
Caroline?) ,and who don't hlow Chamberlin from
liquorice -water, fora swarm of persona few of whom
knew. me, fesver still care fur me, and-Jo whom lam
only 'Old Putiphar,' the husband of yon, es fashion
able woman.- 1 am 'simply resolved to have un
mom such tomfoolery in my &woe." ;
‘Dear P." said t, 4 y0u 11 .1. feel muck better
when 'you have slept. 'Beeiiieri why do. yots say such
thing's! Mu tet we are Or friends, J should like
to know; and if we ("nowt are going In let you:
wife receive theni in a manner inferior to old Mre.
Podgier Mrs. Cronus!
_People wilt accuse you
of meanness, and of treatinrme ill; and if some per
lens hear thit you havereduced your :•ty:e,of living.
they to suspect the pate of: yoUr affairs.
Dort% make any lamb vuwe,,Mr. P." avid I, “but go
toAlsep.* . , .
(ba you know . thlt speech was jaat. wbsLilre.
Csoesus ' told as she had suit to her husband under
"sistitar stinumstanacs!) .
Mr.P.fitirly groaned,snd I heard that slinri,strong,
little **wd that sometimes inadvertunlylrope out
of the best regulated months, as young Goosebtirry
Doane says iviben tr o t - swears bekw,e timber.' Do
yo know itrie4Settum Monne? Charming worna4,
but satirical.'
Mr. P. groaned, sed paid some more ilinstured
things, until! the ; clock struck nine, end he was
obliged to get up. I should be , sorry to say to any
body but YOU I dilated, that k was rather glad of it;
ter I. could then fall Weep/it my este; and these
coottuldal felicities (I think they cell tbers)•
arose tiresome. ',Bet every body *greed It Irmo
beautifel bop; and - tbe great gralittcatiou of hearing
- prom Lord *oust Ague , (you bow pro danced
as sent to Mr., P..,by 'an
• 'had helped skint when
unfortunately tipped
:ood upon the table, (I
t "t there, tho Mr. P.
) 'and it lay soaking in;
.vary pictiire hits e . trfa
ny. I ern verreorry,
. i-t's no use crying
Mr. Booloy of it at
!,1 ',/try zuhtb, 11111 when
the faces were sadly ,
riY, "You ~ u ght to call
• Domino rostge." I
my, so I laughed "god.
into your book—l
tting Very spirituel in
31 50 4 - IeXIAII, in Adis'
• 111••••
with him,lon) say that it was quite thealome thing
as a ball. at buctio g ham Ps,lace, except, of course,
in size, ,and the numbei of persons, and dresses, and
j3wels. and the plate, sad glass, and 'supper, and
Iwines, and fdrniahing Of the rooms, and lights, and
Boner the+ things , - %hieh - arta naturally epos s
larger scale qt a palaell then in a ptjvate bettse.—
IBut, he said exceptingrlch things, it was quits as
fine. I** afraid Lord Mount Ague flatten; juit it
little bit, you know. -, ,i
Yea: and there waiYotteg Major Stagger?, who
rail that "Decidedly ii "-as the - party of the seuotW i
1"11. , tv otid,','. raid Mrs. Cretans, to whom I told it,
i and, I conies/i f with a little pride. "What a aym
' pathetic man; that furs military man, I moan.-
1 6 1,Would . you beliete,deat hlrsirotiphar, thathisaid
t preelely,the mime •thing to me is o days after my
Now, Caroline, dearest, perhaps he did!
With all these Flea's' things said Ghost one's
party, I cannot see that is such a dismal Meg as
Mr.:P. tiles in make owl, Atter ass of his aplemn
tall o, !asked Mr. Cbee's- what he thought of balls,'
whether it was very wic • , to dance, and to go is
-parties, If one only went to Church twice a day :co
Sundays. fie patted hi lips a moment with his
handkerchief, and then h 'said,--and Caroline you
ein alwa3s quote the ' • v.. Cream Cheese sis au-
t hot ii v,—.
"Dear Mrs. Potiphar, it is ridarded Scrip. ,
tnro that the Kinkdanced b?fore the Lord."
Darling, ( mix thing t • aiiiii i happett,l•tioa't, ber.
iiere he would object much to your clueing.
What gossips toe are, to be oure!! , l mast to
write you abotit our new livery,ttnd I am am. afraid
I hare tired you out already. You remember when
you were' ber . c, - 1 said meant to bays a, livery,
for my sister Idargaret 'told me that they Used to
datosp-earterseirsnrrtnurver mer mattraiedr . Mem
mon, it was always se delightful to bear him say,
, •Al ! there is a Ladr Lobster's livery."
It was so aristocratic.: And in countries where
certain colors distinguished certain families. and are
hereditary, so to fay, it its so convenient and pleas
ant to recognize a coati.of-arms;or a livery, and
famous family is passing by.
4 •That's a 'lowan', theirs sattuvell, that's a for
.set, that's do Colique, tliatla Mount Ague," old
Mammon used to ssi , as the caniages whirled
by. 'He knew Lone of them personally, I believe,
except de Colique and Munk Ague, but then it was
an agreeable to know Meat.
Now why shouldn't we. have the same Osage
inept? Why not have - the Smith colors, and • the
Black colors, an.l the ,Potiphar collars, &sc., so glut
the peop7e might say, "Ahf there go the Peziphar .
• .
Thet is is one difficulty, Mr. P. says, and that is,
that he fogad five konsired autivisty-omen-:akektue
in the Directory, which might lead to some confu
sion. But that was absurd, As I told him, because
every body would know which of the Smiths was
able to (Keep a carriage, so that the livery Iwonld be
recognised directly the moment that any of
j ibe fam
ily were seen in the carriage. Upon whit he said,
in his proruking way, "Why have any lir y liken,
then!" rand ;he -persisted in say ing that ao S ith was
ever Me Sinith fur three generations, an that be
ko'w ?Or 14 , taerity,tach of Ahem Was a !at to set
up hiSicarr age and stand h his culp us.
- ' Butt awn it livery is-so elegant and aristocratic,"
said L "awl it shows that a Servant lea servant."
Th t last was a rtrong arutnent t Cud I thought
Mr. P would hate nothing 40 say against it; lint he
rattle on fur some time, tring tie what sight I
had to be aristeeratici or, i n , aet, any body elin-•
went ter his eternal old tiltabout spirtsfor eign habit, , as if we hadn't a ii'ht to adopt the good
110 / ,
usages of all nations, and i nally - said that the use
of liverles arnntig us was ' only
absurdity," as lie called it but t
American would ever ask - in thent
isl badge.
• Whyr''said I, 'is not in Americ
vont still?"
• .
1 4hlost undoubtedly,"l l e , snide "and when a man
is a eirvant, 'let him "se e faithfully; and in this
c ituttry especially, wl erto-morrow be may be the
seed, and not the serve t, let him net be ashamed
of serving. Bet, Mrs. Potiphsr, I beg you tWal.-
serve that a servant's lively is 9ot,'like a Gonotare
uin ifur7u, the badge of honorable service, but of men
ial service. Of course. a servant may be acboaar.
stile as a General.. and Ills work finite as neceinary
and !ern done. But for all that, it is not so respect
.eil nor coveted a situationo believe;:anit ia social
estimation, a man TufTers by wearing it lively as be
never would as if he wore , none, And while 'n
0,1: 0 1ria in which a 4130 is proud oe blatli l Set
- .
%ant (as ( very man any well_ be of being a good
one) arid never looks to any thing else, Wee dasirei
any chat - Tr.& livery may be very proper to thn suite
of society, and very' agreeable to his qwn feelings,
it is quite. another thing in
, a society mmatitnted
up n a!togetlier di ff erent prirciples, when: the ser
tint of to-day is the senator of to morrow. Be
sides that, whiCh I suppose is too fine-span Jae yea,
livery is a remnant t.f a 'feudal state, of Which its
tesolieb every trace as fast as we can. Tbat *bide
is repreintesi by Iftery is not consonint With our
pi inciples." -. , .
11.3 w the man runs on, la hen.hegers going this
way! -I said, in answer to all this flourish, that I
comidered a livery very Ouch the thing: Act Eu
ropean families hid liveries, and American fami.:-
lies inigist. Dice, liveries,—that there Was se ead of
r it, and lea nr, to bare one. Besides, if it ilia Mat-.
ter of ran ily, I diould like to Imo; who has ghetto.
right! here wits Mr. Potiphar's grandfater, to ho
, In
sure,;was only wiskilful blackisith tad a good citi
zen, as Irfr. P. says, alto brieught •up a family in
the fear of the Lord. i
Mow oddly he rots those th l ings!
But nip ancest6rs, as you I f.:now, are a differeet
matter. Starrcite, who interests himself in n
ealogierr, and Ito ars the family - name end crept or
call. the English ohility, has keliobed . our family
tree,"'as Stagg er saYs, and mods that lam lineally
idraresided from tr e of those tiro brothers who elixir
;over in • tumor t 'owl old linktf. in some those
iships, and mile in same of Goss old places softie
, where. So you e, deir . Caioltior, if btrtbstiiis
any one a right ko coats of 'irms and livariee, and
these things, I _feel_ myself l iotisciecitly eatltjed t te
hare thew. 1 . ,
1 . tessiet.avae on ries. recast-ratut4
'a pure peteock
lat ho raging
assures IL
icrvanti tee- -