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Of the Commissioners of Erie 000hty for
the year 1852.
la coMplisace with law, the Commissioners
of the County ef Erie, make the following ex
hibit of the Receipts and Expenditures of said
County for the year A. D, 1852, to which is
use:edit Statement of the Duplicates of Calm
ly sad State Taxes levied on each township ant
borough in the County for said year; also a
Statement of the Outstanding Debts due as per
Auditors Report ofianuary, 1853.
Am't of cash in the Treasury, per
Auditor's report,' $450 33
Anet rec'd uaseat'd lands for 1849 co. 11 24
do do 1850 " 400 39
de i• - do • 1851 " 365 62
do , of ,Collectors for 1850 "- 117 69
de d. 1851 " 529 28
di do do 1. &p. 31 05
do do • '52 4. &c. 25, 19023
do a do do pr. 21755
Am't recd Commonwealth being 5
per cent on state tax, for advance
payment 1852,
Am't rec'd J. B. Johnson,. o■ J. H.
Campbell's account,
Am't reed P. E. Burton, late Sheriff,
fines and fees, 500 00
Ain't rec'd H. Cook, Esq., on sale • L
of stray Steer,
Am't recd C. M. Reed, inst. on Co.
foods formerly deposited in Eris
Am't reed Cadwell & Bennett, ors
loan for lits erection of new Court
Am'" paid John L. Way,
do Flave l .' Beyd,
do Samuel Reeder,
do W. King, and't Pro. and
Recorder's fees,
tiet paid for cesium:l wood for Jail,
Goon MUSS and Com • ra office,
Amt paid P. Warren and others, for
teanscribing duplicates
for Collectors,
do t. .T. H. Sill, postage 1852,
do Ste treu & Gray. candles
ler Court House,
do A. Ktng, expense to con
vey State funds to Pitts.,
do T. W. Wore, bill brooms,
candles and pitcher for
• •
Court House, 1851,
do do do 1852,
du Carter & Bro.,bez candle's,
do H. Cadwell.biages,bolia,
• ete.. for jail yard and
fence, 1851,
Total Imolai, •
couRT Borst.
Ain't paid S. L. Forster, sine year's
salary superintending
Coin House, -
do Semidry persons for repair,.
Total amount,
Ani't paid L.Stewart, as physician
fat prisoners.
do J. 11. Fellerloa, shoos for
do John Genshemer, clothing
for prisoners,
do Bonnet dr. Brooks; bolts
for jail,
do - D. P. Derby, rep.- grates,
do V., Himrod dr. Co. stoves.
pipe, etc. for jell.
do T. Dillon, inning prisoners,
do T. Dillon, repaiirtairs,
do P. P. Cady, " lodows,
do P. E. Boon, boa g pris.,
'Teta: amount.
.1 610 Rd. ,
A ru'. paid Traverse Jurors ip Court
o(Common Plere sod
Quarter &alio tt,
d.) Grand Jurors do
Total amount,
commoslr nun CMS.
Am'ipaid Dept." At. °coeval. Sher
. iff, Ckrk of Qusr. &S
-eim's sod witnesses in
Commonwealth eases.
do Sundry persoas,--appre
• bending horse thief, '
Ain't paid Constabks, making re
turns to the Quarter
Am't paid t7onstables for giving no
' tiee of election ■nd no
tifying officers elected.
do Election Boards, mak
ing returns and atten
dance of Asstssors,
Total amount,
Ain't paid several Election Boards
for holding gen. elec
tion on the 2nd Tues
. day in Oct. 1852; -
Ani't paid several Eleition Bonds for
holding Presidential E
lection on the let Toes
' day in Nov. 1852,
Am't paid E. B. Lytle, Court Crier,
do R. Baldwin, do
do P. Bryant, do
do do Tip Stan,
do R. Baldwin, do
do Pd. Spaulding, do
do )P. McGloin, do
do • Bauid Brad, do
do E. A. White, do
Total amount.
Am't paid S. Steward. for 107 days,
do T. Donn. Jr., 101 " '
do R. Cole. 141 "
do R.R. Robison, 14 "
Total amoaat,
Ani't paid 8. Perky, Esq., prothon
otary and Clerk of the
several Courts, his fees
for issuing venires, cer
tifying Jurors and Con
stables pay Court floes,
Jury fees and for record
log election returns,
Ain't paid Comeniuicitters and Audi-
tors Clerk,
Atoit paid B. Dolan, Esq. , for hold
ing Post-Moneroluipi
sitiono, •
do V. U. Chapman, - do
do 3. Davis, d. ,
do 8. L. Foster, for holding
tad examinatioo of R.
Hompaoad, 1851.
Total SIDOII n t
A net pakl Wet. Beatty. repairias
stove pipe for Recorder's
de 1.. Warren, repitriog windows. 38
Total amount.
Am't piid for publishing annual
stsleasent Sheriff's
proebanation of Gene
ral election adverti
sing and blank-work
Aral paid sundry persons (or bridge
view.. 13 00
" '` S. White for impairing
bridge at Wathiburg : 7 00
" `. Wm. boardnaan forrepair
bag bridge at Fech alt.
Total abet
Ain't paid W E, Id'Nair and others
kir laying out a DOW tp.
of parts of Green
and 'Leer,
Arn't paid 0. Spelled and others
for paper, ink, god*
Am't tax retandoi to B. C. Wood of
IWlroa, as ain't over
paid , 3 Si
TOR 1853.
A m't paid P. Warren fur 58 day a as
erasing in the Wed
Ward city of Erie, 56 00
" " Z. E. Peck Juan is Ha . borer'k 500
" " T. Hinton •• 800
Am't paid requisition in MI for 1832, 2000 00
Amt paid J. B. Johnson, .q..IE y. sod. 30 00
Aft paid P. E. Burton, Esq. sheriff
for convicts to Penaterdiary; 105 16
" summoning Jurors„ 73 50
" " T. B. Vincent sum Jururs, 31 60
Am't paid J. M. Soflivan for ropy of
act for Com', to berrow
502 49
" • " sundry perscias for pull
ing down Jail; 249 89
" " PIIMOD! for sending cilli
patch to the City of Waal&
tngton for plans • 1 10
" " Sam'l Low, survey & setgrade 200
" 6 ' , Cadwell & Bennett, nada
• spikes, &c., - 53 113
" " sundry persons for lumber, 786 10
" . " labor, masonry, itc.. 2432 94
. 4 " Wm. Hoskins super't, • 297 00
" " ' "sundry persons for car
penter work. 437 50
" - " . John Hilt 0- 't , 't • 's.2 00
561 2$
8,700 00
;$37,8114 62
John Hill sup't carp't w:, 2Y•s
" ' S. Jackson lame on conrraco, 309 47
—•' . B. Soule, '" • " 740
" " L Howard for stone on don't titso Oq
" " Briggs 44 Foglebaugh for •
blackmithing, • 73 65
" " A. Catunere I r stone, 49 00
" " Beteg, cleaning Old brick 170 00
D. Young for brick on con't
_l5OO 00
" " , T. U. Walters for plans etc• -50 00
" " Michaellletiry for stone; 431 08
" •' Orvil Crane, " "- 371 38
" Henry Crane, . " •' - 115 25
" " Andrew Scott, " " '24 00
" " .+R Laurbertson, " 50 00
" " Sawyer 4C. others for sand, 96 67
" J. H. Burton fur white lead, 8 00.
" " N.-Murohy,,lead pipe. efc 11 67
' " " Corn's for expense iu view
ing Court. Houseii. - 200 00
12 00
12 00
10 00
46 00
205 77
4 55
17 PO
1 73
2 13
11 43
Atn't of commission allowed A. King.. '
Esq., County Treasurer
• by the CominissionerS, -
with the Aprobation 'of
the County Audit( ra be
ing 3 per cent on *23073
53 amount of :county -
warrants redeemell by•
him and cancelled by
the Auditors, - 602 20
Ain't paid to the commonwealth, being •
the State proportion of
cash received on tare.
for 1552, on county ra es -
and levies in full for said
year, excepting state tax
on ucasated land 4. !1-055t 59
4 ` of Slate tax on earths of occu-,
15 00
fr 74
20 70
Is 00
Total atn't of state tax OW 11063 .54
Total am't of disborsementsAocluding -
14 95
• ant of State Collected
end paid over tothe cow
monweatth . 30803 38
" "
cash in treasury lan. Ist
1553, 5924 54
" " add toeoratrants
. t•edeem.= '
ed issued prior to the
year 1552, = 1= 70
23 20
2 50
1 50
3 60
482 37
559 13
!Corr.—The commissions and allowances to,
collectors on their duplieates,. settled during the
year, are not embraced in ibe liiregoingstalement,
inasmuch as they were never neither received into
or paid out of the treasury, are as follows (inclu
ding abatements for-errors) to wit: '
Am't abated on unseated lands, year 1956, 33 37
do. do 9951, 40 3p,
" lost tax allowed collectors " 1852
stz.te 84county, 316 37
', do on state on per., 17 5i
" Fees allowed collectors 155r.2 st /k. e. 1375 '7
" at on p 21 '2
" of exhonerations allinved sheriff
Burton on fines and fees not cot, 296 00
Of balances outstanding Jan...lst 1'53 al per An
idiots rep.
Bal. outstanding on unseated lands y 1932, 744 29
1,781 39
545 47
5324 B6
946 58
22 90
i 969 48
156 64
Asa Pratt, Wellsburg, 1843 17 52 -
Ansel Gates, " 1848 39, 51
D. E. Lord, Etkcreek. ' 1849 ' 671
Geo. Bonnel, Harborcreelt. 1831 , 18.88 -
H. Cadwell, E Ward Erie • 1852 - 253 13
Wm. H. Cooper, Harborc'k 44 : t 65 86
Joseph Schouler, N. EWA tr, 4~ ,
J, Loomis Jr.. N. East, bor., " 51 57
Wm. Jones, Greenfield 19 84
J. D. Clark, Woltsburg sg. I 70 89
E. R. Stuart, Amity " . . 79 40 .
• H Cadwell paid since settlement. i
Ain't due trim E W. M.,Blane former
sheriff fines and fees -, i 205 11
"WE Irl i Nair, do in snit 303 77
•'P. . Burton,
sTATtmE d 1257 11
yrr o
Of the amount of duplicates of county, poor and
state taxes levied on each of the respectsve town
ships and boroughs in the county of Erie being 40
Cents county and pool 30 cents state tax on every
$lOO of the valuation for the year 1430,
t I
—•_ , •
:: . 7 11 °) ° 1'
- 3
, * li 1:: P. .
'u r. 4
-a 3 • • - .
• L Lil
1 1 • ' '4'l m a 'Et; ‘•
`a ; 0.. 0 .
2- . r
. g ro r:
il.‘, 41 1 M o . 4 3 1 .1i
• fiat if., Iris, H. Cadwel l , m ao •
West W., do T. Stewart, 3.475 12 103 Z Z5O 62 00
NMereek, C. Dudek, 3,126113 12 00 61 00
Berterereak, W.11.C00per,1,404 97 70 43 00
N. Emit tp, J. Semler, 1,889 se , 680 20 50
N. Rat bor., J. Loome,jr. 265 77 12 00 400 14 50
Greenfield, Wm. Jones. 413 50 18 50
tessolo. John Smith, 564 87 14 50
Wattaiwarg, LD. t. lark, 141 91 3 40'-. C. 50
Amity, 2.ll.2tewert, 393 10 . 30 54
Wayne, DWllosard, 564 09f 11 50
Colored, Wm. Gray, 468 77 \ 3 5 .00
Valon, Jobs Ore/. au as 1 Isetr se
Le flealf, W. Robin/no, 666 93 6630
W marked tp. J. Sedgetek, 70642 . 0964
Waterbed br. w.anninion, so 71 36 00 724 37 60
Orem*, S. Ifilborn, 1,106 22 • 2600
Mame, E.washbarn.l,loo 43 - 4260
Waidlington, anrisinen,tr.rees 62 IN 00
Malmo, G.GGlaspie, 123 ZS 1409
Franklin, J. Gardner, 28004 2200
Elitereek, J. Phillips, 616 64 3900
Conneaut, A. Dames, 760 SS 150 42 40
Fairview, J. Eaten, 1,60266 526 u5O
Girard tp. D. Barnes, 1,63416 200 10 SI 00
Gberd bor., I.4.Trnewisla,ll2: 43 1400 060 16 00
Sprlnanetit, 14.0.8r0iniry,1.61010 61111 460 71 30
Aset of State as on miners of Oillee, Imt W., Iris, PI 00
.. . . . West .4 Iris, M
Peassipts or Warrants of tb• several Colleeters'ar•
ages %Limb 2, 1262.
Ain't of county tax, which inclunes -
- fees for collecting lost tax ;ad
' Unseated lands 14905 24
" Poor tax levied by requisitions of • •
Directors of Poor, 2000 00
" State tax levied, • ' 12120 50
We the undersigned, Commissioners of Erie
County, do certify that the foregoing stetetneot is
a full exhibit of the receipts and expenditures of
staid county for the year A. D. 1852.
R. R. ROBINSON, Commissioners.
Attest G: W. Coi.row Clerk
Couunissiosers Office, 1
Erie, Jan., I. 1853. 5
W! the undersigned Auditors ot the County of
Erie, having met together at the office of the
County CoMaissioners of said county on the Ist
Monday in January, A. D. 185 3, and haveing care-
Polly examined and compered the accounts and
vouchers alf the Commissioners and Treasurer of
Erie Comity aforesaid for the year A, 1). 1852, do
report that we find them correct, and that we
And a bahince of cash in the treasury of five thou.
sand eight hundred and twenty-four dollars and
' 1114 , -four cents, and of School Fmads of twenty.'
five dollars and tour cents, and of Road Fantle of
one hundred and sixty-twodollars sad Vert y.
three emits; also a Wawa oubtaading dna the
wropt7 hi= _the we* seeress abentitmed. of
thesessrand five hooked and ibuty-fisiar deb •
129 74
276 58
406 32
348 50
XBO 00
31 50
13 50
43 50
36 25
21 25
16 88
61 25
12 50
241 63
160 SO
151 50
171 00
11 00
504 00
460 00
333 I
13 49
31 18
436 84
196 13
IS 00
11,e. foe Gemini& *lke
sod roues.' - Sri t
ificsenolso TAKEO.
Total a nit
pation, offices, carriages, •
watches, etc ' 412 95
Ws 10 4 silitY4l, aitillgilicts, *anent 4 111 0 3440
t Was heinabusua Otnti 5 1 1c 4 Cadelt MI" I "
Gives under our hands and seals this 20th day
of January A. D. 1553.
SAhl'L REF:LiEIt, [i.. a.]
Erie, *Feb , Coolity Auditor:4.
Muss Foos say. west side triState erred. Erk. Pa
1853 Agiat
69 00
ertile line eon lota !boy first elan Canal flonts on tha
aon River, and Erie C4rtal—running nr eOI.IIMIIOII Null
limos on the Ohio and Illinois Cauals.—al9o. with Stealuboats and
r son the Western Lakes, and daily lines of Steatners ou
lie noels, Misnisappl and Ohio Riveri.
swan ALLF.9I..k CO.. - - - - - New York,
ALUM BATMAN k CO , Foot of Main-St., Buffalo.
R.L. gewau..Garmerly of the West' n Lake Boat Law.
C. H. CANTIZI.D. N.Y Y. U., n States lAik. t Briait
Jas. C. 0 , " New York Ir. Catalan:lir Line. at. N.Y.
Roam ALLax, •• Eekford Line.
Mart Goods " N. Y. k MISS. LI g t.." Ship Daily, Pier .1. Foot
Broad Street. New Yu; k.
Jan. 29, 1933-4 S. GAO. J. MuRTON. Arent Erie
300 16
New Arrangement.
TEE I.7adereigned hawing associated for the purpose of con.
ducting the Storaire. Commission and Nhippin4
under the firm of L. N. VIBBALS-k. CV . would respectbilly So
licit of the Merchants (KW, vicinity and the public generally a
Mare of their patronage. No pains, shall be spared to give
prompmessand dispatch to any business entrusted an their care
ALBUM J. Kano. L. N. T/
Erie Jan .21 18.53.
990 A DATI
3ffayorard's Gaseteer of the United States,
TEM! work soinvalCiable to bustneys men gives a history of
the eettkinent, general surface cg the soil and state of agri
culture. manufactures and population of every town in the Uni
ted States. with a valuable statistical tables, a cew snap of the
United States. &e.. &Lc •
Agents wasted forthe Country stingy immediately to
lioßAce. wErinvmmi.
Jan. 11113-3m.13 HS Washington Sc.. Boson. Maw..
THQ next term of till/ Initiation roinmences on Monday, Jan
/Ist. under the charge or
FAYE'rTE DUMAN, A. 8., '
Printipar,and Teacher of Langu..ges. Matternateca, 'Natural
- ; beigncers and Practical aurreying.
' J Teacher of the Englit,h Department.
Preeepiress and Teacher of Frenelt. Artronouty and &um).
- Teacher of flentnausbtp.
Tuition,por Quarto-.
' - Prinney Branches. $1 00
palisber English_ Brbitehet . , '1 (XI
Lang. acr e, - - 4 CO
The tertian aline for nitnission I. at the beginning or InldJle of
the *AL Ntroue will be admitted for les• than half* quarter.
GEORGE A. LYON, President.
M. WINALLoII, fikey. Erie. Jan. IP ifl4-3t.IF.
f. 910 24
February .&ppoistments.
J). H. TUBBs, analytte al Ph)otc lan, from the city of Cleve
land. wili be to attendance at his mums no follows
Erie.—Drotorn's Motel, Thur.,.lay Friday. ILfth and tith of
Febnaary„ Conneaut, 0 , Tremont' HOIMes ‘VedreSdaY •Aid Felt
Mr. trihron Is now rubric officer, and eitensively known In
the el:wintry where he resides ; 'ln. I, criie ay the word doubting
eon be etuilly satisfied.
Acre P,riglifeat, Erarer Co . Pa.. Arse 12, 1022.
Trials—near daf.—l feel It a debt u! gratitude due io you,
and a duly to ibe of at ueraily. lu lay Jumble Lesll///Q
-ny lu eftror of your ry.leti/ of tre,,, tog 4:Arunic Diteascs. 1 out
ecrovineed that it will cure tilwort et ery ehroutc.di•eaac if taken
I. lime.
Taff. fall of 1,0.1 sans •letently attacked Frith eold'anif Infra
motion of the lungs. which uas peculupanital u ith a very dis
tressing cough. pain In the breast, ride and back ; with a Very
considerable dine harp of ofrensi%e matter front the lungs, rhort..
peso of breath, or, appetite. milli. sweat., &e. ta in s
physician was called In, nod did all within his power. lost gave
we no relief \lt symptoms grew horse, and I four 1 that I it as
fast "inking into consumption: I because ro %rah that I teas not
abla to wet up but a few minuses nt a time. My phycs , sans ad
vised me to use patent I did -o for some time, but with
no better success. lie titer toll me in the spring I a until get
better or worse. My friends from a cli,ta rre can,c to tee tue as
they supposed for the last time. I then called 111 anotber ph:, si
elan. and under his care and the warui tt eatlrer, I got so that I
Could walk and ride about until fill ; Ihcn I punk down awl M.
and my php•scinu said that if I dsd not go .oath. I could not lac
longer than spring. so I gate up all 6n , er of terns cry. hating
the summer of IKial I ran your ads e•ti,ennetd, and corwiuded to
see you, which I did. learned your course of treatment. and a,
the Met resort, pt Ced 111}-elf under your treattrv.t. Old io
great aftonishuient, in sus or eight v. eek. I war iii Ic to ualk rill
over town end sec in) fiends au.' Leselshorr, a b, were as much
astonished as myself. This IA a- in the spring of F-. 11. titt•! all the
bad symptoms toad left iis nod I to city preuy good
In April last. I was inuth exposed tvliile riding on the canal.
look a severe cold. and suffered n return of old sysiwilnior, whirl,
your medicines officinally removed as bt fore. I now enjoy t try
tolerably good health. and stand a fair days labor. lam 19 years
old. Ttiore wishing further inform:lt e call at my residence
at Brighton, Pa. Jan *-11-3 , 4 W:11. AFIITON.
37524 62
AXEIIIELVES—A few 01 ftupcnor y.,ality, and auy quantity
of Willie axes warrantirt at ELI* each. Alma, atef
beleed at theta, but uot warranted at the Cheap Hardware Store.
Erie. Jan. Itg It LTC'S nr:Et.,.
METER F.EL'S Knives, Faros and :1'.2%N blade, at
Erie. Ja n —l9 F'ES REED'rt.
SAWS of nearly every varlet) at the ,heap bard. are Oaf!.
Erie. Jan. 29 '33-419. II r:Ft:s REED.
THE HA I.t. now occupied by the Itt.!epeniens ()pier of Od4
Fellows win be let, and possession itiA en on the first of A prii
ova, the present occupants being about to remove to another
Ilan. Aptly to
W. G. AR IfirChlLE. I Truetees.
W M. BuN E. _
Erie, Tao. ite,..1353.—tf37.
*o! for Japan. China,llaniwhich Islands and
.IX7 ANTED for Goverument employ. n tarp: number of Sea
v aims. ordinary Seamen, and .t fztv littactotosthe anti l'ar
peelers, increased wager Cyril. l'ot it.forutatiott a pply w 1).1-
VID IIIeDOUGAL, U. S. it'ucr Miebion. Erie Pa.
Jan. is nin3. 37
~.1111onbury and Erie Rail Road Company.
HE annual mecum:of th. ,tmt khohlers cf the Company will
beheld at their &flee, Girard buildlii;;4. Third •L, Philadel
phia, on Monday the 14th of Fel,•ilary. A It. lts33. at It/ A. M.—
At which time there 14 . 111.111ra t,e clert,on for President and
Mitnarrs. The potte r,,11 Le open from lu A M. to 3 o'clock P.
Tile subcesiber,vishirg to retire from du•inevs, now offer.
for sale at COST, her entire 'doe k of NI iihrery Good., FIX.
lures, Lc., together n jilt so tinet lured 11..ense of the pretnises the
occupies. Of three years front the hind of April next, nt the low
Price of SIO per year. '1 he itx+ds are all new and of the tiret
styles. My present custom amount. to Fifteen it ...
Thousand Dollars per y, ar. The credit of the ~../.
shop is of the highe..t order—fixtures all complete le
house room plenty. The pre-cut opportunity for a person with a
moderate capital. wishing to enga,:e in the 3lilln.icry bosineey
eettiorn offer.. With a goof custom al ren , ls perured, the shop is
ertenihrely and favorably known, the subscriber having occu
pied the premises as a M Olin r chop for the last ten tram Po--
sessionfirea the first of April nett. For further particular* en
quire a the auhaleri her on the tift•Lhii.C.., Corner of Stall:and Firth
streets, !grit. re.
Atm. For wire anew improved machine fcr prrii•ing Tkinnets.
I will now retail rOdr at eo.t for ren.iy pay 1111111 do , ISM of
March. It not disposed of that tune I shall continue !I'm ne , t ,
am usual. Ladies. now Is the tune to buy cheap. Please sure me
a tall. Esie,Jan. tt M-31. MR$. MAE% CUkTIS..
Capitll $500.000.
Tnts Company havini fully complied with the Insurance - lawa%
of the commonwealth of Penn.. I* now ready to effeek Insu
rance against ion or damage ny Fire on building. and their con
tents in ibis City and the add lining run n try. Aldo. cargoes on
sail vessels, steam ancrcanal boats. and Raliroada, at the custnin
ary rates.
The ample Capital and high character of this Company claim•
the confidence of the Public, and a liberal patronage is rt.spect
fatly solicited.
Tenn liberal and all lanes promptly mirk/tried and paid at thin
office. JAMES C. GIBUS Agent.
Office over J. B. Gunnison' Gook Store.
Wanted, two or three energetic men to examine risks In the
coasts, and mend applications to this office.
Jan . 112 1853 I y 37
Mottee la herebyglven that letters ofadministratlon have been
granted ou the estate of Royal G. Jackson. late of Conneaut
township, ,Eric county, deceased All persons haring Omuta
against said estate will please present them duly authenticated
for settlement. and all persons indebted to said estate are hereby
Wattled to make payment without delay. We. enactor An,
An. IS 'gl--6617• Administrator.
FO RENT—With immediate possession, a new house on 4th
st.. s also :bosses on 4th st, possession given fire of April,
also al: moots to tot. Inquire of Jan. II 37 .1). R. CLARK.
TA - E will per. he narket price In cash for corn. Would like
IV NI bushels *livered soon Jan *241 Tre SA Le Sr. H Ayes.
a 's am o -71 r A Z. I
T HAYS removed toy" oak of Clocks, Watches, Jewelry and
A. ratmf pada. two 0 a bove the stand lately occupied .by
Loomis*. Austin. to Willi ms' Block, where I shall be pleased
to nee my Oki and new hie and attend:to theirmants as wits'.
I return my sincere thanks %Otiose who have fevered me with
their patrostagt and shall endearte to still Medi their confidence
sad milepost Wishing to reduce flq present mock of Goods to
snake room tor the new In the lipnneriii give unusual hatpins
in low.prien to any in want of a rtteletin toy line. Silver spoons
and Jewelry on bawd or suede to order, oeka and %Vetches re
paired. IPagraving in any style at short n ce and In workman
like% rouser. Erie, Jan. l '33-211 TH .M. AUSTIN.
S. P.—Tboes indebted to the taut dm of ft, Loomis ir. CO..
own unabe immediate payment—longer indulgenee cannot be 'lv.
so.. The Books fee the present can be foetid in tnYltaude.
'7, M. A.
Stray Cattle
ritzoicr. into the enclosure of Thos. Tidd, on the 12th Of Nor.
one yeasting Steer, spotted red and white, the shell knocked
of one bona; the other a wh its yearling Heifer, no artificial m att&
TM owner or owners ate requested tu conterprove °l .
ehstllles. end take than sway. THOMAS TILL).
Nora libel. Jan. 111, IMP 3. •31311
minx =loom= CARBON OIL.
O 211; of Ow roma &materiel, of the ate. wb left we do Rot
Wang* to a:mousse as the CHEAP 14T weeps of artificial
light eves yet ated, ptedse ley a GOOD LigliT
ref lege two quartos , of a Omit pet new.
sad &ea the 8011111eST. PUREST, sail wet ItRtLIJANT
LIOW over yet prodase4 by lamp and at. affit POVIRM the
eat of Said.
"Mho vas artmalag of the wick le sofftedest Sir a swank. and a
Magi* wish will iota year. set dims tel steadiness of the tubs
Iseirsasans big so then issallicimat all is the hump to ham the
wise win harm ismer roes Lard ail, sad wilt ass ear
goOlik *modem wookise. sod Ow orbs dIMSi wood
aaS colodeommesr golloob.splo,umpl follOoOl
Ertos ho. SNP. CPO.'
Sall to Let.
Administrator% Notice.
• • , • • 0p.,: •
IVllTAselead OOP'
lieitulel Pee' • ritprgee •1" •
A Doty at i.M od the lath'. • • • 'isms:
koeuoutee of Illlerk•tal 11,3*—pnee t. -
Tlstn. flogarpol P.unity—;'.rice el 3U..
_)'ere J A I). 1 . DUR LIN It sti.OAN
iN i rruntx two year , bwv IP; Onl.fej oe, t e t h e hu. 41'
rt,uckle etottOd I'vet,sity c, v. es tt.L to I.ay tt• .t ttnytutont
trwmt be iiimifte. Those ititen-oe,t will ate Vie.? Poil , '
thaw iitte,,tion. J. Li. —X. P
irml , l'RE Wines and edillerated Liquors, ouches are toe gen
t erally sold hp Drwkers and redtarm and those supply in4tiiern,
furnish the stock in trade atom of the Maine Law ad% ales—
hence to stop their mouth", and at the same time to enable those
using the .• trailer," to getc,a pure article, the vilocriGer has laid
lu a stock or
Wines - and Liquors,
Whleh he confidently amount the public. areas PURE IND U.N.
ADULTERATLD as rarity itself In the rtoelt may bo found
°Lard, united Proprietor., Peuevoista and Seignette Brandies ;
Champagne, Old Port Juice, sherry. sladesr*. Malaga and Claret.
Wines rleoteh, Irish. MonnuglheLt and Ohn) ht-key , Scotch
Ale, Imndon Porter, &e.., Re . all of wh,eh will be sold as cheap.
it not a hitle cheaper, than any other c.tabliahment in the city:
Erie, Jan. 15 tt43-31 T. W. MOORE.
WINTER :Br:11110i I.nr4 t )11 and Weaehed Elephant net ni
Tate Nov. 2'./1:::,:—)tS J. It. ouirrox L
Locks and Latches.
A I. ri ROE asitortment }not reef lyeq direct Crow the mataufaet
-71 ory for sale thornily tow.
Erie. Doc. 4-30 CEO. BELDEN & BON.
A _
RRUCRLe & K EPLER are now receiving their Winter
stock of *atilt and Fancy Dry floods, oonsisting in pan of
the following rimier
French and English Merinoes, Paramettas, black and colored
Alapaeas. Bombazines, plain and figured Persian Cloths, plain
and fleured De Lain,, pima and hgured Velvets; Ray Stabs, Km-
Watetvliei mid Scotch long and square shawls; Merrimack,
Coebeco. Dun nel, Globe, Allen's, Union French and Cue' ish
Prints; Silk, Cashmere and Cotton llosiery; Kid Merino, Thibet
and Silk Glover, Silk and Linen fidkfs ; Veit et, Bonnet. Satin
and Tallinn Ribbons ; pla id. striped, hook, Si% iss. spot and mull
Muslin?, French worked Undertleeves,
and Edgings. For hien's wear, Woad Cloth, Cassiamtes,
TweedicSiticielts..Kentneky J , "ans and Sheep* Grey, a guud
supply of red and white Flannels. Undershirts and Dra ti ere.
L 6, I .I, Itt-4 19.-1 bleacuctl lihirtingb
and Sheetittp, brown Shretinitt anti Lnitings, r•etreirette
brown and red Canton Pl:llnllel,TlCkingt,striped ottirtinctt.cot
ton Flannele. cotton vino,. carpet • warps, batting. wickinge,
wadding,. prices /0 'V at can be found in the city. All
we ask a itio,te wisno t g to tor, IA at exam i L 4311011 Or our goods
nnd Mem and we e: all be satisfled with the result.
Et tr Dee. 30
NEW ANDrazarz anocuatinen
Is at DT9ores.
I. 011M1!.ki been inaura new Groceries,n
, fi ! ,„tn
a & o,ain tailcfat•icli
beim confider...he ca ter. much cheaper than au yOl ue4l.lors,
great or small As the pristd of tht puddius is in the eating. come
aurd try I You wt' Grid Teas " ta.o matte pleasant faradic..."
Coffees, gU,WII. Codfish. ac keret, his. re, 3tula.acss" sour yin
ea4r," Tobacco, Piper, Nlledard, elaleraiiis. Pork. Beans, butter.
Cheese. Dairy a... 1 Table Salt. Alto, a gue,tl varlet) of wooden
and Willow Ware. viz: Brn.imF. Gravy aid Jute . iats, Wa g•
oaf, Cradlea, Toe s..‘Vashlsaards. &c. Also. a wet! se
lee.ed aud general variety, c.f La.& confectionary." and
native duds and nuts, and an elegant " troupe ofraucy Toys,"
r'y Ca.l4 paid ft,r tintier, Eir2s, CbceAc, Lard, Belne.
Pork. Polakkes. Al plc*,/..e. -I'. W. MuuRE.
Erie, 1)1.c . I P. IrSt.
CIACKB.-Ilceelvs d this Cuy, by railroad. Irma Clucks. Puarl
!Lisa, new sty le. a mess beautiful article for the parlor. very
eheap. Jan. AUSTIN; opHoehe Iftrotsti'm note'.
601'0 and Pihoes of all descriptions cloying oat a Mont it prof
it. Cali and see at Jan. 15-36. tiniti NETT & Co's
. _
"A CFI'S .—IVe offer 6r sate a tot of re4l I.; six .i nd other
111 at prime eArot to eetotit of the built nos. Call and get One at
tine, Jan 131SENN lETI' & Cer'•
PR Dome-lir fur Fair belutv pit' at
I Erie.i..n. 15 1.!•5:1-33 rittsavyr &
Chodar to th. Loaios. osba lamoostioff to All:
1 Lula & R ToN, t
y r ig la's Lloek, attate-strevt.
grie Pa.. have j.lit received a riuppty of t ery rifle arti
cles in the Ime of
Among theta are vi bite cilia slips, white Kid do., bronzed
effibroidered Jo.. fancy silk gaiters and sarioos other uncles of
Fiwilar character, as abid the substantial articles needed by ail
for es ery day
For I:ents r u car Boots, Sloes, Gaiters their rztiety lam)
great a would be briperfluoirt to spectly. ei.uft , r , it to r.rt t their
stock is more ellen. , " c ntid complete than et t.r 1 efdre, and what
is fe,t of all Ir their cutgoineri. prices well suited to theis
too. They will elutes% or to Ila 111 6 ,4 a more wurtt.t a ppreetn
t lull of the padre nil lid for abstaining from the use of tilof4.'Male
cos:mire& 'dace el pressiong resorted to hy some. fah.ety represent
lit.: their Goads eheapt.r than °then., and permit them to dome
in their own dirty puddle. while W. & N. will end.n
or be their practice to ove u nmista rale t ssuranees that ihrir
I.teilit.o. fur procurtagt he beet of %,, - .rk at the lowest rtl.tribur pri
rPP cannot 1./. stlrparst4l, - and 1)1'0).04 fir Iron, equalled
I y ovea the most pompous Wl:traders. I 'el•y not to ~ : euirc
t.ttr. -• frbut 251(35 : 4_,Ti_
IX hi 1 tl.e lb. at CuFrrl
I •!.1. --;t3
Tho Oars aro just in
DR' NCINt: 'la a fulls lipid:: of fresh groeerica, eon.i•linc of
paigarp. syrups, moinge•, codee, NO. t mere rneek grrl
in barrels. hull barrel•, rrg'.tth• Lynd kills; al-o, pickled herring.
Nvlikte h.l) l.y the barrel and half barrel, codfish tit quantity 10
sail pureharcra. 'perm, elephant, hei and linseed oil. tvrate
lead, red I,rad, lithrage, vermillion red, chrome yellow, clltratac
grcea • ntahre.all.hnlttim. lampblack. Jte.. Ace.
By tlr• a•riv:il a 4. are in rere•rpt of fir-h rni•ins in boleti' and
halt Erc,ses. ears. nem.le pinmtn.. pro neg. ahribnilo, :Ahem.. green
auil Brazil nub+, p.ekliad Sardines, &e.: also. a large
lay of Woodeu arid Willow stare, ecdar atid parut.ri washtubs,
patent pails. w Maw wagous. market baskets, sugar boxes:lke.;
sac. sperm. pearl,r , r, •terine and Cure rnauli tallo.r can
dt• P. Cousiantl) on hand tis the barrel. Baur, ti-h, pal, an.: ‘'/a)
po.d whiskey a a.d a ,Lenertrl asr:rtuseut at liquors
Jan. No. 4 Viirtghts Block Erie, Pa
IVater ford Eirpntrir nleiire coo.
NOTICE la hereby Ki% en that letters of Administration hare
been granted on the ratan of Olibt.r Japes. of Zsorth East
township. deed. All Person/ iiOCl-1111 t o •4a i I ertalt are hereby
notified to make pe' went trithout dela), and all persons haying
claims against said e•tate y. itl please present them duly authen
tlcated for settletneuy. EMILY JANEs, t „
Jan. I '53-6131' tft..l , . 4: JANUS, s "'
Elrie ik Waterford Plank Road IVotico:
A "r a meeting of the President and M^nrigors of the Erie atil t
Li IVaterforJ Plank Itakad Cmu pi ny, hcc.7l 1. , 52. It Was re.
solved that a urn{-annual do idend of Spur yr rent he declared
on the stock pa) able on and after the first day of rekruary pelt.
at the office of the treasurer. .ItlS.lf.l Gt'a NISt/N.
Jan. I'sl-303 sec. an.l Treas.
SPLENuIDLY ith the Le;ltourever
13t. found in a similar histrumetil with a supply' of lielothaus,
)40 , 1 received ai the eamat4it4wieht of
Erie. Lien. .23 113.73- 34
Notice to Clothiers.
(Ili, nu ttab!P for greasing Wool;_aipo. 1.11 , r ie ating fortress-
N- 1 I tlg 31aChitie0. for sal* low by atir CARr6R k
P I N E C A It R I A S!
NEW a nd s plendid otte hor.e entriarce for .42:e nt baritT
Et.q , lite of 111.. c 25 F3l-15„ CA Ul% CM, & BENS MT.
_ .
r`ll4 rub•cribc, t•eits ledvs to inform his f icade Led old mit
a tomer,. (as weii 4,1 tots of new tles.) that he his opened n
grocery on the corner of dtato and Stli s trci. Is, font below
I(iblet r k Aryes ware-room.) n her' . he keel,: (.5-mrtiortit of
suelt articles as are tounii tit siich art ertablo.liniem. My stock
consists in part an a, Coffee, Sugar, Tobacco, Lamp no, Mo
lasses, Ctrler, Vinegar, IVhite Fish, Ccil nth, Pepper, Ali:pier..
Cinger, Nutmer, r loves.ludlgo,Pearl Snitch, Corn Et, tett for
Puddings. Dtirkee's flaking Powder, Candles, Bar Soap, Shay
mg do., Cra.- kers. soda biscuit, apples, oat., common wooden
ware. atone ware. floor, Sue., atc.. to numerous to mention, all of
which I n ill sell ;,, cheap a- others for rash or ready pay. The
poblie are respectfully invited to call and examine quality and
prices. !tee. 13.---(13. • AZtto
No. 49 Chatham St, New York.
)FPF:RS for .ate the follou mit d rdie les, warranted of superior
quality-3d areak tleot.• h. Coarse Freix h. Rapper, and
oLher Snuiß, Afro. Fine Cut 'Cidiatreo in tin foil and li3lllffi A
more particular desc r 01 the %arions articled , aau be jaftnati
tisi tending fora 101 l price Correia la above.
I 13 P il. ©m34
rpwo KX P Eft 11:11CE ft COOKS—one pastry and the other mum t
—area anted at Brow•n'' Hotel, to whoru good wages nod con -
pts tit employ meiit nttlbegiten. 51idd1e aged woman preferred.
If from a dna:lnce. address. - H. L. BROWN.
Jan. LS 153. at3B
1853 J. R. GUNNISON. . 1853
Ikestate is Books. PtationerY, Moiled/ Martine*. Cheap NW'
eations,l3beet Musie, Newspapers rens, Pocket Cutlery
&e., te. First door west of the Newspaper.,
House. Fri,, Fa. 33.
NOW ror Christmas andilfear Tear.
AUSTIN has Just brought from New York spleadid articles of
Watches. Jewelry. Yancyt,poochi and Toys. where Old and
Young can dad something nip 'Mykiste to the taste and pocket
Just about these days. A call is rOspectfully solicited, opposite
Brown's Hotel. State street.
Erie. Dee. 63. 11332 —33 -
PEPPER, ewer'. Tuuueg, Cloves. Mustard, Citron, Coln Far
rota, Cellatin and a thousand articles too numerous to enu-
Inerate which please call and examine prices and quality' at
Erie Nov. 6 ISSI-43 STERRETT t G AY'S, CheapsiJe:
1 REN CII and Engine blaria7lea, Mohair drew goods and Ma
-1 puns at a yen' WI , figure 4t tZ G. Bataan & Sox's.
BAY STATE Shawlscbeeper than thee/testiest at
Oct. 9 19.59.-21 G. SKLDEN 16.130N'5.
---- --- -- -
THEW.' firm of Vincent. Nimrod b. Co., having been dissolved
' on the first of March last. h new Partnership has been en-
tered into between the subscribers under the same name. to take
abet from that data they therefore notify the public and " all
the test of tostakind," that henceforth our motto shall be Cash
prices end prompt peretent. Al our More may be Stand a large
and well selected stock of Dry Goods. On:eerie*, Ilirdware.
Crockery, and Tin ware. and at ouryouodry ahnost etery va
riety of Machine eastiti frown a Stettn-togine to a sleigh oboe.
Our Mill gearing being ►troverbialty_mrpertogi ve :s Ibr Stoves we
Mcan't be beat quality or prke, rieltber ap tam dawn. our
Keystone and Lion are favorably known an our new Farmers
Favorite for the klic hen and Lady Franklin and Revere for the
parka throw ell others lh the shade, Remember Cash prices az d
?MIS ririe'd• - . D. ft VINCENT.
, -
Erie Oet. CI 0 1 31--114 , DAVID SHIRK.
N‘l l .--Ttswie inaditeN to *sold Finn are notified total) and
Pay uPiind that *con. :
.1.1 7 8 T reeejred. tad tor open inspeetioo of the .pahl in a
large an ( fit de s table seteetida of rat and Winter thew
g00d.% which see are determined to dispute of at eery 'OW tater.
air motto being small polka and quick sales. You are rropeet
y invited to (salt arid vetoer Mock ofttobds belbre
elsewhere. - Alan. BELDEN At BUN
trie Oet 9101 F-11" Ito. 9 Viol. Mock Chwapeitle.
°Li/Banta Mine fp IF; la the show of Nuts, Iledeias
and en true. of c 4 that the headword wish trot
0 &.11 T 'B'tktili A N
tare SH km"
/0 71tee.11141101tIM et
; ,
P: 0 ir la a!
nlll6 seWlfies ifd Wipeout Ode 4pfty'sed r
- • isoloque bast *iodate &Bp Mania
by express Gage lau of time rhta,
• nellliinore °vetoes. •
rut ow sepessety dna., Ile LW in taw one cans . Tb tho„„
Mbo iiare used %bola it is au secants ry to iv yr , fir, het potter UK
thou we base thou oil hand. but to t:kivoe hove as bro. ro
f *lnnate. we woutSsar that t• ey are superior to any Ovarteve
tle market. If you don't IJeliere it ere es a tali and we u. ,
convince you utihe fact For further panic ul rts emit at
CLARK fr. 31c.0 A I Rs. State street.
P. S.- Orders from tl et:ovary solicited and promptly stteod.d
to 6ne Dee. 4 Oat. au
L Tr - mD X U.
yr If E rtenteribers vi ill ray Cash and make contracts fcr the
emning season, fbr the following description of Limiter
'Whltessood boards 3-8 and 4-1 Inches thick, Plank 1 3-4 and .5
Inches think; Scantling ; by 4 and 4 by 4 square, .5-.5,11-6,
7-7, 8-8.4.4, 10-Wand /24Y Square,tly caniore Boards .5-6 and 4-4
Inch thick, Ash Souris and Plank (rant to 4 Inches thick. Cher
ry Boards, Scantling and Cotner. White Oak Boards and Plank,
Whltewood Sycuriore and Cherry Lumber should I. 111 feel long,
Ash frosu lato 111 feet long. GEO. SL'LDEN & SON.
Er ic [ e.l 1631.
PR [.`/Trl—.l I air nnett Jr. Cl) . .ifrulu four rents yr r yard ups arsli
Itrfr Dee. 4 )t,54. 3cr
C , ncral aseortauent of Dry Good.; for sale on rr•aiurnaMq
it-rm. t y ',re 1-30 fl BELtiu.4 & SUN.
rixtme es,
TdaY reeeived is O Gros. of Pula:lair Patent Self i sdlyst.
ia;Curtaiut}stores.aripaß.o.t.Osoitment amt Tes
rels. Erie Dec. 4-71 R I-PUrr
HAi Knives al the Cheap Ilxrdsvare* . sete.
L:44 . *••• Ds!C 4-14 RUFUS RCE,D.
_ ___ ____
c,21;t1a,1! HELIA.--Itru't. Iris mail vnuhave seen the assor:t
6, 7 men, *h ascertained the pricer at the Cheap Itirda.,.tre store
__Erie life. 41-3 a RUFUS It 0 .1-1).
____ _
.I'rlE --- R LATE THAN N
rrti F. Mil'utcribers tire not. o ff ering to the public a general and
4 well selected stock of Dry Goals. CFl:Peelle", Croekery y _B vits
and libotts. Cloths, Cassiineres anA Vesting'''. all of w filch will be
sold as low mild an) store in Ertel r Ca‘i 'r reads pay.
Dee. 4 - SUN ETT &. co. .
StiBBTINGS. to (plant I[lol to suit purchasers, at the
13 store in the Sennett Block, at p•ices which cannot fad to
please Dec_ 4-40 SENNETT &
1 '1 , 111: plane to p:.wettnt.e Groceritur. Wooden un4 Willow- Ware
Wines a n d Liquors. 6411 , , ttauitle,r. Frslr, C:vidirs
Fruitlke „i• NI Grucery etow.
Ern: Dee. 4'32_39 Op pcoire Brown's New Hotel Stitt St.
IHAVE on lionettisbait 14 , sortrocIt or I.i.vors is this city,
from I he iaC s (101 a 10 oiltry.
Frit. Pee. 411.32-30 T. Tr. 111001 W. Slate Pt.
Itoctuacharn Ware.
A 1. TM ilastc,rt mem Just recri vs.! and for !1I:
11 lltc. 4 -31 I'. AN. MOr)RF:.
Wooden Ware.
A LARGE astorteuent ut the nter:he ware comeleting parlof
Pails. Tales. ilihrne, flutter I..nePeee. Printe, Steak Makde,
Spoosie. Rolling Pow ,11n-hers. Lruuuu SqUeC7.l4O, E.:W
elts Towel Roller., deednr Boxer, Mnp Stleke Clothes Pins. 1311
inners, ?dentures. .1 le Helves, Keelerg. IfuteLy Herres Bread
Trap , . Kilk Switls, etc., et..., may t,c fuued at WIRE'S
Erie Ile, I 1T , 51,.30 t tppo+lie Brown's New Hotel awe it
New Clothing Establishment.
'flilE.suhseribera have connected with their store a lariFe gine k
" nfreadv uta,:t• elothiris, of homer manufacture, to which they
would cm' the attention at the puldle. their .tack commas in part
of Frock. D'e.s, Fond. and er .aca Coats, Pants and urns in
_eridiesa va vete. all made of the Lea material, with finish and std le
unsure: aim.: a n.Vpricea .0 Ina• as to aatoulsh the beholder Please
call and examine for yoorset% ca.
Erie, Dee. 4 1t31.-30. %IN er.Nl' & CO.
A N almndance of one et IVare ou fiend of hia 044 :Ind
Cl. Eatdern manufacture. Silver ;zpoons. LadleA, 'Sugar l'ongs
am! z•lcom,” , ale! ether vr Work made to order.
I 'gr ving (lore 'lltiermr •t‘ Coiporation and Soeie
engraved and die sinking done equal to any in Kaste'
Nov. t 7 t -n-v. G. LOOMIS.
TANN F:rts 0:1. Lard oil and Neatsfom oil by
Erre Dee. I=—i2. CA ATER BROTF/ER.
A LARGE; and %aried asvorttnent of Trusses, embraein; all
/l the late improved vatterriS. stilted M all apes and sizes and
wilt be properly fitted if required without extra vitarge, shoulder
braces and supporter: , of t ar ions kio , !.s all of n firth will t.e told
at less than New York re:ait priers, to all who way want any of
the above articles v. c sal it r. ill to much to lour imerext to ca ll
before bap ng , elvmt here. Dre 1131-3't P. HALL.
1852 V 71107418 /Mk: AND =TAIL. 1E53
s.fe, and small Profits: Tic Citg Uri' &gr.
_fir!! Vast
►fill E Subscrtber return.. br mullet° is cn<tmsets for
1 the liberal parrminge tette. ved, and trtt•ta Crum the oreot in
ducements now o;i•red it wffl tu. contitmed and metre-ed. Ile
Iris just received from head gonFters a tat,;t, poi) of all article,
in /Its latent at the !owe .1 prices and at excellent
wialitv. warranted good and offers to supply his customers upon
the tunnt liberal terms Ali are ntvucd to call and examine be
fore buying elsewhere a. - great eh - tuees are otTered firttnying
god articles at low prices. I'. BALL
I:tir. Nos. V le3l -VS
7.'frar Books: New Elcieks!:
et A N t.e has al & No: 9.l4Own's rthiek—
-1 i lieitLen Med!icott, or The Conn,
Kathay, a cruise in the China Sea.,
471 - vden Walks with the Poets,
A Sly England Tnir.
Recollection. of a New-Englanl Bride,athrofa Stillborn Mat
°metes fo South,
Gook cf Snobs,
And It tnientl aflrortment of erery Thing in the gook line.
I:rie. Nov. V. ntrati.tx & sLoAI4I.
NSW sooEtil —
OXI F tlO4ll fl , Ol rim! cad,
T US'r RECCIVED at No. 0. Bremen !Tote% the &Item ing
.5 new and readable Dookr, any one of which can be had for
'23 cent"— •
A Hook for a Comer. new ?One.. '
Table Talk about Book.. M"n and Manners.
lore on the Roeder.
ll'hurni and Oddille-. by flood.
I lon:c .unl Sot' al l'hiloeorhy.dd
anlTalks of an Aweri^a:i l'Ar.qer in England. 24 seller,
Sicily . , a l'ilaritua:e.
Nov . Y 7. 1 , 51. Itt.7lts.'N £
OG W 1) tround. wad ler, fusi I e lewood. eoppertr,Tream
14 tartar. eitract of logwood.toehinenl. tin water. eamwood.
Indigo end every other variety of - dye stuffs required. Felling
wholesale aad retail at the ton nosrible fl;ure at the eiiv drug
stcre,:.tate-rt Erie Dee.l-30. P. If&LL.
tioinothing to stir up Jho People!
E are just to receipt Kassofi's Dieplich" of t esst,s.
4.tmo rusts Muller colorer: Prints at 7 a nts Per yard,
small figures and good sLyles, colors warranted perfectly tam or
money refundyl. Custo+ne•s must enil earls•. .11so, I
arils Nispdsts de Lasacs, brillsautculors ohs] designs. at 12icents
per hard. TiIIUALS & 11AI:1 - 21,
16.12.--31 No. 1 rifoWll . ll Mock.
~legast Dress aortas for iho Rollidays I
SELL.I.I(iJt PRIME corr.
Trro:;r: in want of an e:egant Silk. (ra*ditilere. Mon. de Lai ne
or Dreei, wi:l do well toe all :It the New York •
R au) , article In the Pry Goode line cau he pnrelaaucd at New
York cu•tois Use Whole sto:k nto.t wddi,,,,n t ,,t i m e i v .
P, c. 1?-33. No. 6 Donn li 1 4 lock, State street.
Iralliott'g Mills.
A ICY qoantity of freAl groundhourVac Barre ni pound
-CI. and watrantrd to tc_. a - oper tor art Ic!._y nt 1:111cu'm
____ .._
- OR SALE —.I TO )•t t•eatrtiftri Nano Torte, rnanurbeore.l by
1.. Daniel Grthert. LT it )c oa. airl tV:irranied equal to till m - use,
mil Le sold at lhe maker', tvli,!,•sale pier.
Erie. Ike. lit 1e.51-I.t. et I'OC! , ZTONI ic Ft LLCM.
r: o 7 , A
..VE4I4 TUE : 1.1.1!` !!) DEr UT. P ACII ST, ERIE P 4
rllllll3 flume or .itume It a few steps from theEdstern aitiJ
w ea r efil Ra i lroad drKt , —linA been ne a tly furnished and
hued up for the accommmtmern of STRANGLRB AND TRAY.
and as a plea tout all lazreeable 410ppilis place is unsur
itassed by any in the City. Attached to it is a t externem. stable
and other neer:Almeria liens for reminders and intent from the
country. Parsemthrs and Ilaitt.lBe carried wa ad (torn the Cars
tree of charge. Charges tea:au:ale.
Kiln, Dec. 18 1 , .<42
titait4'vltßY.-I..tibiter extracts of irrk) Club, Rorei Ceran
iron. Pawhontr, Iled3 errata, trelotrope. Vint t. Moak, Jas.
itllielhiers. Nen' mourn ling, Jenny I Did. Citrotteile, Rosa
Marechale, Verbena, Clematt-. l'olorthe. Macassar Ott and Os
Mariner for the Pair, Vachon 5.r sweetcniug the
Brett/,and all necessary articles fur and Gems. Toilets.
al Erie. Vec. Ir dJ .1. P. litlß k CIYS,
GROCERIF‘z.—A x•apply and as cheap as can be found In
the city. to be hail at Dec. 11. A asixtrAir & KIIIPLAa•
FIIkii.:IIItISTNAS AND f. , 1CL.1R!—.5 11 6 401.
I e'2g9 for ride at Pee. tl.S.—:rd Gorrs.
URI' received a large supply of French. P:nslivh and Arnett.
'A' can Glass ebhvisiing of all the didermit Nixes from 7 by 9 to
31 by 43. which will be suid by the bus or single light at the very
lowest prices. alasii cut to any size witlnut extra charge
Erie, Nov.lo 1959-29 .1. 11. BURTON & CO.
BOG Wood, Amulet and colored Eracelcui,yust received at—
.LJI AreTlN'S.
Erie Augurt3 IBM 13 OK.osite Prou u' hotel.
NO' opening, an extensive assortment of Guitars, Vanity's,
Aceordeons, Banjos, Tambortnes, Flutes, Fifes, of e•-
ery price and quality also, trings for Gatti:its, Violins and V io
lineeilos, of the very best kinds, ad very cheap at
Fate Sept 4-11. -T. M. At liar 1.01, opposite Limy. rue. State rt.
F°RSALE VERY LOW.—A large an:: ponce's! Telescope.
costing in England Twenty rounds. to he sold for one half
its cost—warranted perfect in every req.( et, inquire of
Eric Sept 4-17. T. M. At es ix, OpPUF rown's StAte-st.
110 BLACKSM I 1113.-1 flu now receiving a heavy rtoek
1, Iron and Steel of all kind. arid sizes. also A nvl4,, %Wes. Del
lows. stock and Dies. Sledgt , . Hammers, Horse sh es and Nails,
Malable Castings, Brass. Hub and sand Bands. Ice whieb
will be roll at, the lowest figures. YY RUFUS REFS),
LOW; WintorTheani'l Ga.
1 1 10 OW is the time to lay in n monk of/looks (or these long tr In
-I.‘ ter evenings—inert. for lionartee, as
Capt. Kyd. or the Wizard of the Sc's Price 50 eta,
The Prairie Stout. a Romance of Border Lire " 30 .•
Heads and Hearts, or My Br,thor Colonel ii. gg ..
The 13waorp tateed. or The tiro,. u f Ai,,Tion oe sf. s•
The Rifle Rangers—a Story cl l.r.ive and War '** SO "
Cello; N. Y.abore and Under ground 66 ts ..
?Sew York hy Gas Light .. 15 a.
The Deft) of Dement Water .. gi
Kate Pearon. of Life and its Lessons 06 gs _4.
. The Wedding Dress .., g 3 ..
The Three Strong Men .. V. 3 '•
Jenny Diver. the Female High rt apnea .. g 3 ••
Glideroy, the Freebooter •. gs .•
Gentleman Jack. or Life on The Road .. gg .
A Litt *f Vicissitudes—by James • lit ID 66
The Illstory of Henry ginnot.d. Esil . • .. gg •
Together with a large satiety of othe
UR r. elleap a n d r AN .
Rooks. DLIN it SL
Erie Dee. IS. !EU. No. 11, ilrawn's Hotel.
son BAY Stale, Enipire,,Wntervtect avid Waterloo tong ond
V square Shawls, at prices to *aft the militott.
E:le N0v.50 1855-- , -lit TICIIIALLt 11,11"
.25 DOZ white arid colored Kiteloves. at tivcatiiiliturs aou
sillpeigeo per pair. 119 • TINIAIS & A.1"11.4
7-. • •f - • f as • Authors.
qui& Norma of American Atli hOlll. the moat beautiful Book in
tiooPoky. awl la bindiever outilistredJuat
troeivedVoim Putari.a'sgt No. 9, D URGINI
Mg* .01114-4) URI efft/TAN..
150 wring. INVang•i"ailc7,.° MIER
ami M i t te arritre .
4 4 . 1405., Etewsers VC:
3Z 0 7!
Z L 1
a- -, • A- ..
.... : ....-.--..., 7 - : ~.., ri•-• %
~..*- . Y.:".6 4. 4.- • if.
- - - • '''
Ci/Xire,Al fit - ki:':(7o
For the Care of
TENZEI and CONS umrTiorz
Mnny yeare of trial, insteed of impairing the public anieldetiee
is this medicine, has won for it ari appree tat ion and notoriety 114
fir exceeding the most sanguine expectations of Its hiendsion-
Nothing but its intrinsic virtues and the unmistakable Whelk*
conferred on thoosaimilsofsofferers,could originatoandmishatabs
the reputation it e - n - liuys. While many inferior rentedke throve
upon the co nmun try. have Nile an! been discarded, this his
ginned friends I.y every trial. conferred benefits ha the afflicted
tkey-eau never fk,ract, and prrili.ced cures too numerous and to.
remark:o.le 'to be forgotten.
White it i• a fraud oil the ptiLlic to pretend that any ono red
ieine will infallibly ewe—still tl.erc ahmelact proof tbat iLu
(terry Pectoral dous t.ct only as a general thing, bat aI.o
asiably vire tbemalidin to which it i• employed.
As throe makes these nets strider and better knows, Vs wed,—
e Inc has g become the hest rgiiance of the afflicted. bolo
the log ctibin crthe luicrican Peasant, to the palaces of Emmy,-
an Kings. Throlghout this entire cour.try, in every stare s eig.
and indeed almost ever) hamlet it contains, Cherry Pe...safaris
known as the best remedy eitant fur diseases of Ibe ?beast aid
1 imp, and in many foreign countries, It is coming to 6e !Steil
sive!) used by their moat tnteiiigent physicians. la Great Bri
thin, France and Germany, Where the medical acid:sees Matta
reaehee. their hizbest rerfectioa, Cherry Pectcral is ititroditesS.
an,i i n constant use in Ihe angles. hospitals, alms haat.. Put?.
P.' I netilutions, and to domestic praetice, as the surest resaerfy
their hISZC is us crtriemploy for the mote dengeloos sr
(ions of the lungs. Also,icfs.milder eases, and for children 'ik
is site, nisasant and cfrce I u4l to cure. In net, SOMP of the awl
flattering testimonials v:e ren'elve 'aase been from iiareoui who
have found it erßcacious in gaits particularly =Warta/to ab
, •
Tbe Cherry reetcrai is mitonfaetured by a practical Mee ,
and every ounce of it !miler htiewn eye. with Invariable mew*.
cy and care. It is mated Ind proulted Ly law from counter
feits, consequently can be relied ou as genuine withoitit basher
We bare en..teas :red here to furnish the community with a
medicine of such listriosiis aupCriority and worth as should cos-
mend Itself to their confillentie—a remedy al ()mesa*. epee.*
and effectual, which this hltsi by repeated and countleastelehr
proved Itself to be ; and trust by great care i i prepariag it with
chemical aPeurac vf & uniform rtreagth tc affor! paysiciafee a
new agent on which iii y eon' rely for the Lest rextiltm lea lb.
afflicted with a remedy that Witt do for them all that lartligilie"
can do.
Prattle..! sod Atmlrtical Chemist . Los IA Maw.
R.ld in Eric Lyl. H. ilurii4 i t'o.; in "North East by 11. C.
Tuv.n & Co.: in Girar.!: White: in Cranessille byWal.
:aceSli rm.iu,and by evft) Mitre. - 427-7ruM,
Moro eff.cts of the Cash System:ll
t legal—aft result• • , re t utu to t.s , seen he Eric at CL.litr ¢
.UETC'JLF'S. No.l I.!€‘4 Ilse.
ca" lcOk at cm L.te CAA purchases. and
owe.. store he aot-nitheit. We can do tt—that we will,
we plc. our honor. We have just opened new style of Bro.
eade Satins, tEttkq, er,i wide block do., very hest in the elm,.
reucti 3ler shoes. I't .t Ttt 11:a, t:, - )t,orght. and the nicest kg:
el ! .1; ins f ir.t ;sr )r.r3 to I e Ithtliad K vet of Yew York ; ebawkr.
long and .quare Etroelta of hew designs. 'lntirerie,
at.d Nat !, ni _rear %artery. at.d at paters so low as to enable as
to !align at the ides of compel,' toti—indeed they are so loar as to
12!4'. ,, fb refuse t., shoe their Shasta, considering it
tr,ottt!e. IA lien they And their ellSlollleni are coming here
Lclorr purcha•i^e Weil, it is Get.t?: tr.e don't Hanle you—
Pines h,1::111 .11) go. white your shelves still groeu be.
neatit j Clar I.jr, inantly,l purel,ases.
l'Or the G , llll+, e et err W quo necessary for an mufti ray;
vory cheap. and fur fa mities we hate full supplies of housekeep
ing prices that need on I y tot c mood toeneurc Okla/.
Friends and e4bu.w.ers. we toll make ihe,e nerds Rood. Look
to your Liiiere.ts, and try us. ; Erie Noe. 13 Itlet-417.
D...w Trimmings and Velvet Ribbon., 111 great vatietir
opened at P. ay. 20 10Y2-23 TI BS ALS & HAY .
TWeedeS,6lLlll42lti and Jeans very low
.1 al t G. SEI.I.IEIN & BON'S.
ItNOTII {are los of 11. warranted axe.. this day
received. Price SI.OO each. ILLTUO REED.
(AIL-1.1 Ilatie1;011to el () 1, rece•td ¢ud Nr gale low
1 ,-7 by the barrel or tal lon, rt Nov. 10.1.73 BURTON'S.
Immense Stock of Clothing and Cloths)
robe soid at roan )V.,. 7, Reed House, by the Proprietor. lace,
Koch, silk utmost dispatch. .
lieving. it most magnificent nod matchless assortment of cloth
ing of the choiceta material! , and unexceptionably cut. and
allude in the thov n!op) by ex iierienced wortmen in the
biet manner, after fall patterns. We do, with perfect coneidenee.
ehallenge a eoatt.arison of our goods and prices with those at
any oilier establishment between the city of New Tack and the
city of Erse. We puretwe , .l these foods aad mad* thew op to
Any man or boy wishieg ler a colt, vest or rants. by mating
his wants known to me. will he accommodated with an -rankly
that kill suit him—at a rice th^.t will suit him—only
—m i d tryo,t do not &Tarim richer and a happtee mati—my DAME
tict I,lcob.
rravclinµ nno.. Slarta. Varlet Shirts, and Drawees
t'dlota. Salk Handkerchiefs and Cravats, Gams. Suspenders.
cheap Mr money it No . 7, Reed House.
Erir. Nov. 27
Eat and raraistsing Store,
No. ta. Brassies liesslElack. State street. Erie.
(--, oNS !STING of .111 Goodspn hisline. Hats ()revery variety
t_' or,” le and quality. tnnifh rcpre.tly to order for this market.
a Is., a %cry large stock of Kentanitti„ Cassimeres and Caster Hats.
with a variety of Caps f,r tnen, youths and children of our own
Atuake, of i'lath. WI, bpi, French. German.
Prussian. Ittitgiati and.3loliare Plu•hes of re
noun its les and prices, codstantly on hand or
',dr t o , orOcri Lis°, a lame tide of aurrato ROBES an dies
Fun.. Mutt's, V and '.'iltitl'erir fel! styles arid prices, with
a taxer stock. of Geuts Furnlshiag floods, cc.d..slstieg, in part of
shirt's. wraypers. drawcts, !sail's. cravats. handkerchief' aid
collar., ttliree lily of the very best.) and no large a stock of
g1..,‘ es and nistiens, we have not loom to enumerate them. with
v.-Limes:oil trunks constantly on hand of our own manufacture.
also terrei.vl , o o 4o an I patent leatCer travelling hags and um
brellas. In short, a Mtge and eotnylete assortment of eat! and
1V i liter Goods, selected and made nith the greatest care so that
ever) customer may not fall to. act thn worth of his Money.—
Come and see if there thingsare not no, and jtidgefttr youreeives, i
at Nu ri. Brno ti's New Illcek. • i
N. II —tilts. Caps and trunks repotted or made to order, and
Baltic Robes lined or tiller Fur aOf k dime On 11w .thorteat no.
tire. net. 161962-43 • JOIIN 11. %SARUM
IRISTxt.As is at hand again; and thoee who wish to leaks
Presents in a substantlol form, thoold gall at Warren's roar
store. where Fancy and Comfort ran be stadeed in selecting hens
his large stock of Furs and other very - desirable Wilder Hoods.
Erie Dee, IS. 1,,59.
TUC DOCKS. covering Three Wetter Lots. together
with the large Ware !loose, 100 by 40 fret. nowoore
pier! bt Wstker & TthbOe. For terms. apply' to
F.rte. Dee- 24 —tl33. Gk.:o. W. STARR.
Attraction at riosonzvreig at. Co.'s
frrieltt•• Mock, MO sfreet, frze, Ps.
rr II r. Proprietor. 0' this ebtabbentuent, beg leave to &natant*
I tint 111-y bare now cn band a lergc t aced and elegant as.
sertniebt for
razz. AND ViTINTEI2.
To µ Melt tho!, invite the attention c f the public. eoelidetat tW
ri)le and finish tt cannot hi...excelled. Our t=taek comas kek
I,sq of thi , eollow tug. viz r dire•s and Frock CoaMileeks sod
1•ali :ack. ore loth+, ein , viineres and tureens. all of stew style sad
at very tow prices. overi,seliai and Dane:atm of Mack + brows.
muc and dya) Bearer Felt, riirit and Flosliin; Cloths:
A rich an.l tang bentittfal n;:porttnert ever otfered. Patin black
Wilfahey Mer.nn,Valentia. kaftan Cloth. Satinet!. don
nwt ilo r je beedeard °revery variety of materiaLand piktiera.
Under S:ints and lfr;:wers of ny err" , riertription.
• Eloys' Clothing,
ecnsi,o 11,3!..3 and loufhs' Sack. Frock eked sody Cook
over Coats, Paws and Peen cf alt rises and qualities aid. at
%cry tow ittICPII.
- .
Fine u lilts s rt.. of I.lnch and Cottha. of the newest itylesaat
make, 1. - mey, hiCkary and blue .tripod Shirts of ern)
kind. in tam 3 - 0 i will 11114 e•cry art.ele Ill'har line at No. I,
iVnght's lllnc,. Call and examiDe q..alsiy and prices.
tt t I91>•41.
13eatity vs Beauty 12
frIIERTI is much in Nature beautiful, but who hag ers t uis i p.
i the rich and twnuttrul orttelet at lo.ockton & Gad
be.itate to odifiji th.,t Art e'n, ICpct excel, yet closej approxi
mate to the beauties of N :rtit re.
word to the w 1 .e lityMeient."
Donrsor.rr tv, M. A chnosion free!
Great Salo of Dry Goods)
4$ 4l nrrk Store. -V.. 11. Bagmen Meek
E I.EtrANT Cashmeres and Detainee. worth 31 rood 37i wilinl
for Iti and to et.. as mod defames for 121 as can be tensgbll
for Igt at any other store. elegant Cashmere Long Shawls word"
itswill be sold for 8111.clegant Silks for party and street dregs,*
the best stawAttnent of black t;tilts ever brought ra this twat,.
embroidered Collets fans) els. to S3-40.OcuYar 4 s Prtltte Bed
Ticks. Flannels. bleached - t otton.k.e. all of wheels are uow of.
tried at New York cost Purchasers of Pry Goods will save SD
pc) cent ea their purchases by eatllos at the Mew York MOM.
No O. Howlett Block. _
Kris. Dee Se —45. MERRICiit PAWS.
`so ooz shoes irtEricitekiffr—
. •
A. NEW'supply orychoot ilooks;ust received at Na.ll Browses
Block, embracing nitwit( every variety need in the &beaks
of ibis country. vlz
iiriktifitya. Re:l6.ra and Speller.
Saunders' do do
Tuwn' do do
Million's. a scl Weld's Gramssank
Dar 40%1.34111a5, Stoddard's. ColLiun's acid Adams' Arithms.
;ditchers. Diners. Sudden sod Goodrich's Geotraphies.
Deo. ItV ming Docks and Writing raper. Irk. toe sad Pew
Untie. together with aunty other ..nracies used 1 leash tits
• yVastor idea how to *heel.** SWAM.
Erie, Dee. 19 1859 as
--- 4 1 oratrises aza mr - ill3ts•
it NEW and beautiful supply of those elogaitaPortletualetrautk
Wallets. just toed i ve..l and fur sale at No. L Rrovvo's gold.
IN - CiorliViiiry body a very happy Obriatmar tawny Nitar
V y ank at o If t>lcy irfli cent am mist one *VW. WO Matt
WI Ire rim to melte Meta to. ['lease dank an em* of maid
Dae.l3.-3L 4 - 11.3•Itlat
t .~.
Dee. 23 .411.