Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, January 29, 1853, Image 4

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• JOHN H. BURTON, Treasurer f E rie( Aca
• 4 easy. ex recotau with Trusleas.
-I t N
2 :
.. _.. D it. /
i rse'd of M. Whallon, interest on Wad, 1 32 13 '
- C . ,li.. • 4 J. H. l'reatley, do do , 3 1.0
TO Aia do on rent of lota Sot. 30, 34, 36, 37, 40 tat
'To do "vale of D. Koehler, rent, 000
ta alp do on rent lot No. 10.- it so
Tr las do *oar sale of lots In city of Erie, Lehi;
1 1, In hand, OW sz,
r• so do ham 40 for expense In Maim 18 Si
it 4on rent of loi So. I. s sg,
So .II do ~ " 26, 10 MI
TO do do - ~ 5 19 bit
To do 40 ..
sl , vt: N 21
To do do ~ " 4u, 14 00
.To do do "r • " 10, 10 54
To do " "a, 24, 2 7, .10 oo
do do v 600
. ,„,
' To do " ff 25, SP 10
To do do s o , 7 , " 6.1.,35, 21; 97
• lb do do " 11.12, 41, 42, II 32
.. .. To do do " ~ 7, 8, 16 43
a To do 4 " " 39,33, 34, 36. 37, :,91 IT
To do do " " 21, 2" , 41 46
To do do " " 13, 11: 15, 10. b.l 00
To do do of P. IL Marton, Worms on bond; 36 Oil
To do do ofJ. Thompson, 30 UR
TO do do of J. C. Marshall, advanced, 256 06
. i -
Caah paid F. NOM on account
n y do do
37 do do C. Demon, printing
do do A. P. Duriin L Co...printing
. 3y do do Janus Skinner, acenuot fur drawing
binds It mortgages 33 00
Dy do do P.R. Barton, loaned 1000 00
Dy . do do C. Slider, 05 00
Dy do oilo - F. Durirn, on account 75 00
Dy do do J. Thompson, loaned _ _
ly do J. white, cleaning Academy; Le.
DT do do. L. Warren. glazing
lly do do S. Low, alai Qing
By do do J. IL Ribiet, table
By . do 4o L Room, glazing
By do do Y. Duriln, on account
Dy Mr do O. Crane, steno
By Mr do J. Round, maidnry
By do do W. Thornton, anitkineor
By=do do F. Lindh), on account
Treasurer's salary
By Cochin Treasury
Amount due on Ilenta.
Loaned on Bomb , and Mork:34"
We thowsdenigned. Auditors of the sonny of Erie,
hadag net together at theolike of the County Colustai,
dowers, sad havhrx been duly sworn areordie:r to law,
sad baiting carefully examined the amnint of John it.
Barton, presnt Trea.urer fin the year I t 4.! of the Erie
Academy, decertify that we 4tol them correct es more
dated, anti thatrwe end a talanee of (soh ha the Lando
Otthir "Pail of too hundred rod twent‘•fen
dollar, and th.tty-nine mutt. 47.1v..0 ouster Our lismis
at Eric this 4th day of Jatiur.ry A. D. It•rti.
FLA VEL Itol'D. )
1 4 .1-Mr El. It EP:DEI:, Auditors.
assortment of flavoring extracts the hest In usar•
kd.ext►arts for the handkerchief of every kind, t 7plogoer,
Ni.lbroiln. pomades. amaudine a certain cure (or chapped hands.
Illp stare, shaving soaps and creams of first quality, bay ruin. hair
dYeAair restorative, depilatory powder, in Anon we constantly
'teepee hand I complete assortment ()revery kind of Perfumery,
Olney ankles and Yankee notions of almost every .lese ri pi mu.
Persons wishing to buy are respectfully invited to call as they
risnydepend upon getting 1% hat they Want at the lox est prier. at
'the city drug store state-et. Eric Dee. 141 I'. 11.%1.L.
WRITING YAP.ER—BIue, %1 hilc, Letter,Gtift. Gilt edge, col
t/red. satin and note Paper. fangloves, plain and i.e'r
Pegging envelopes. cards of all kind. %%Inch cannot fail to suit
mosiomers. give us a rail and see. lice 4 1.42-30 P. lIA
CAMISIMT vrium, oesmirr WAS/at
rrllilEsubseribers would adopt Owl uu•thod of returning their
ititteete thanks to the citizen. of Erie and t tensity. rind th e
public generally. for (he lihzral patronage hitherto esteauled to
them, and would state that they hat e pot received Prow the City
of New York 111111eItellti IC a,oorttuent of
embracing Mahogany Sofa. o •rent le.. iiatiogri lie French
Redweads and elm t rs, Malio.tany 'rabic..., with and w iihoui Mar
ble Tag!. with a list of oilier articles too uumrrous for nowspaprs
detail. all of which arc offered :it prier,' lower Ilion they eon be
pracused in any other estal,lishment west of New York. This is
said in 60 spirit of empty boast. but from a ennvielion of It,
'minx. as all wall find tt Po soap takeihe trouble to Institute a
PWIMItaI esami n a t
They continue to manufacture all varlet lee °Wahine! Rare
They hold themselves in cultotaitt reaflinefs the
shortest notice, articles of whatever et} le or quality 'ontifleld
of their ability to give act trine Doti, they invite to their stoc k. rwl
their facilities for doing good and cheap work, the awhile" 01
the eitheas of the city and county.
Maltraffacs of all sized kept constantlyou hand.
Erie. July 21, J. 11. It :titter de Co.
60 Bag I Rao, Java and Lnguira Coffee just rect.' til a,,1 fur
sale by Xnv. sTENALTT
- - - -
THE subscribers hove Just received at thei r stand.innueJiafe
-14 opposite the-Perry Bleck, a large and well selected stock
T of Grocerieheotrees. Teas. eluelri. Illotasses, Rice and all the
articles usually embraced in the list. Also, Ligliors,'Yroits, etc.
with an assortment of Nuts and Confectionaries. Flatrering
themselves that their stock, in vat iety and exec:lone. is uct sus.
Pasted in the a by.~ the hope to receive a 1 ibcral share of 11w pub..
lie pateonnie. Their determination is to do business cheap fur
eankeensiderine the •••tiiiiihle,ixpeoee" of more worth than the
••slour shilling," and that allow tics are benelitted b) the ready
ray system.
Praduce of all kinds taken in exchange for Groceries sind other
Call quickly lest the stock on hand becomes exhausted in the
lapse efatbw weeks. char prices arc w lowihat people will fluid
'themselves scarce utile to resist the temptation lu buy.
Erie. June IS Id3e. 6 1.A! , 11/ON A. RIBLET.
— iashionablo Tailoring EstablisLair at.
:ari patronageiil
titibl , e
w hie,
ribe h r i , e ing e b raf a c . fu r l er ly e d from aieknosle the
4 14
a t
of Erie for the post nve years, would most respreti%ely
call their attention to ItiVresent locatiett Having
erected a nee shop on the i., st aide of tztat•• street. too
doors North of eth, and adjoining] • 11. Rader & Co's
Cabinet Ware Rooms, he is prepared again to It au up
on an.raecoluinudate his old patrons and friends, and
bc9" not 0 u I' that
to by his
i n i tTn u u s e u i a n l their kuee e el! uti i, waking
ce,„i lit''''i n
100. 1 :17;11 " '
... -
their influence, and by his own' integrite and attention to husi•
uess to ret.ure a liberal share of the public patronage %hid" he
reapeetßilly solicits. .
Naval awl !dilatory Clothing made loonier and cutting for oth
ers to ntake op done with care and promptness.
Szle, July titan. !CHIN anAi.Giarn.
Burr.i, Lit, A I.E. —Mortal's, Gillman's a Hanon's Ale its Ltd/
and haltbLds. for sale by J. G. & W. I. Mills,
June S. , No. 2. Willillllll. Meek. P.r'r. Pa.
A LARGV id beat
ant —mita, lot of Donnell rtllltodoo. tor tall a. d
—.a. *tater made, seleeted with due regard to the preva.ling
dos at Erie Oct. II IPS2-21 G. SELDEN at.
SHEETINGIB.BhInicip. stripe Otirlinp Ticking Canton Finn.
Oahe.. at No. 6. 'Vac.) 'a Block Chen' side
Erie Oct II lE3'4. GI.O. 613.11 EN & SON.
J 1787 received the most splendid assi-rto.etit of Indies dress
goods ever offeredluthismarket, ckilltimillgul Gro Rbibe.
Ciro De - Chene. Brocade, Pow. De rot l and C.,10.eil
ttrapes, Plaid, Plain and Watered Poplins, %%Awe 'id Curd far-
Was. dotted and plain., Mail: and 8%% i-s Muth.. Rtripell, bared
and plain 11Uwlins. 31utlin and De !mini s. lama cloht
Plata sad EigureS. printed Velvets, trite I Persian cluths itro
cade and plain Alawica, Coidirg I 64013. !Irk and Cord French
Moreno and many other sty'es CA d res.. goods a loch vie hate hot
tills! tO enumerate at preaent but call and sec f.r }oiirscircs 0041
save mdney by purchasing cheap at the old stand of
Erie Irov. 8 1832-28 ti.‘ll - 111 .I.lrKto
State St., opposat Broares 11.1.1. Er:c.
THEsoE sobseritpee, (late of the firm o.
bseribei. C 0.,) comes
Lefore the Erie public and %limit'', soliciting a share of
patronage, confident aiarge and yvell selec:ed stock of the choic
est mid niost fashionable t;OWhi always at low prices, kiwi her
with the umoufacturing of ("iirer Ware and Jewelry, mid clase
Mention to birsioc.s will insure a reasmiable Lipp 'al Haring
been for the imst fifteen years a resident of k:rie. and intending
to rernainthe restof life. the public will rind roe no —bird of pas
sage." bat always can hand tiring with the .• net of man:intik" to
aostaln_suyself and family, in the world, and 1 pledge myself to eti
donne to.maintai a the reputation enjoy ed by the Old !inn in el, cry
partictslar. Thankful to a generous public for my success thus
jar In life, I shall eudessor to inertia coot t nuance of their favors.
Aug. 7 IVS--13 Ttitts. AusTTN.
N. B.—Watches, Clocks and JesPelry carefully repaired.
J. M. SMITH & CO .
• Ks. T liesaell l lock , Stott •St• tit, Erie. Pa.
DIE subscribers beg leave to inform the citizens of ells and
' - the adjoining counties, that they arc receiving tilum.t laity
inadditlon to their sioc k of gtod., the largest and , best iis.ort
meat sf Gnxeriestp be found trod of New Work City, Tl.auk.
htl intr the liberal patro 'age received SIIICC our coumier.critient
in this thy. we would m ost il`fp•CCtft.lly call the attention of MC ,
Omens and othefirwishi lig goods i u our Inc.l to an eihibition ct
our ;stock before bitting to it Lento or New Vui It We is Wit it dis
tinctly understood that vt e n ill sel l tools for CAA or Lends Pay,
an ebespas can be pureha.ed iu ilutrato or If. New P olk, with
the addition or expenws la getting good+ to this ray.
'The 1011010440 comprise a small part of our sloe k
SS Jibes /N. tt Miled.. and P. It.. dugars,
an able. Crushed Puii'dGra nuloed Coat( do.
IS Tierces hutch Cruiht:riSugar,
Bospeßetiocil Loaf do.
• ID lihd Mused.. and P R. Molasses.
IR Tierces do, do. du.
UAW,: do. do. & S. 11, do.
13" do. Stewart s Syrup,
10 do. Cuba !loner.
130 Chests and half Chests 'roans Hymn, Ilystia Skin, lite
/ riot. GUnpowder and Mack TOIL,
lus- rom 4 to of 10ack and Green do.
age Rio. Larruir:. and Java Colfce,
Boxes Ground CotTec.
. 73 do, Cavendish Tuhaccia. all qualities.
33 do. 1 lb lump do. superior oitaliiies.
ftS libts. J. Atider:Mn's At:raking Tobaeco. is lb Prs.
• ' Also.severa I daferent brands r'sire Cut Chewing. -
73 Packages 31ackeral,-No'. 1,11 3, in whole. 1.4 and
ISO Boxes herring , No.l and Sealded,•
23 able. Rtfine4 Winter Strained nal,
Also, Nuts. SZIPaIIIP, Prunes, Pepper. Pimento. Cassia. Nut:
mew'. Clore*. Rice. Powder. Shot Safety Fuse. %Wrapping. CaP
and Getter Paper- Mustard, and Pickles. of an cieelleut q rainy
and cheap—besides k great many other a.t.etes tao tortnerous to
mention in an advertisement of thi. kind. We also hate in
6600 So the pods above inentioped, a I tree muck of PURE j
wtsggand uut•titts, which can he had 13 per cent o wn .,
for the same .ty. than can be purchased west of New York.
notialldrarronling the :trent advance in liquors London am i d
adelphlitiPorter.ncoich Ale, and Wine of almost all l pi ions.
tall and eratnine fort atrortii es. mid ton a ill Is. , intj•fictl
that 'cm can do better thais by going t, HuTdo or New York. j
Erie. lies. 4. Ira, .1 M &
. ,
wnomit.4l.r.—The . rowrp are aged'. tor the following;
Patent MC 7 4ICI/Ify. which lies will sell by Gs• dozen ai
Ma m rctulers WIN.. , VIZ I Jayne* . A iter2llVC Car-
BA tithe Verutibire. Ilair lit e and Sanatiie Pity.. Its. Cholasoitnet Ori.tor. and Tow nwiiirs. enra.itutr
MeLenteri and P',l4incriteck's Verittiftwe ; 'Trak's. Tanner's.illa
Answer'. Stuares fern flair.' Pain lid.
hr, Ayer's Cherry Pectorwl, Stirrers I ndion Lininu nt. Parry's
Traeopherami, Krone. Indian Medic. aims and Kier's Petroleu in.
Erie Nov. In J. 11. ItGIToN et).
A PINE: assortment ots.l;n:lemett's mut Ladles' rubbers just
-r - 1- the thief for , nudely tweets at reduced tutees by
Kris .et 34 Ifni!. C. SELISJS & SOS.
1 _ 47 rtresived. smother tot of those fine nil( Watirr-OVN
Zlll6l/6 Stl4. 23, & NOTON.
*ark Row, a few doors Woat ofthe
REND 11017E1M.
SiligiemAN is happy to invite all NhO l•h
Tv PE I.lli Lti ESSE:3. who are at all part .e [liar ‘l,lut of
plettorev they have, io his new Rrocanv tvlileh c been bui,t t N.•
eremly foritte Art. Lia In' is tin• z•,• it efi .h tO, and
been the conen lit study of ai, ~..1"111)
the Art Was discovered, to employ and control it in the nal•ncr
best adapted to produce the favorable t'-a'ts.
of this study and or Omni:lints of elperimewe i• ity .1
a reSperiali e pennptient (I.lltery hi the U C
WMs arc made dy I coinlnon nil he n l ,l s lie can
produce superior pictures by Stich a N tudow (11)11 . 1 , li.s,4fiorance
or the Art. 'l' he sii Inscriber tlwridore hey ieaye to say that by his
superior LIMIT, and is ill' an apparatus it °Wirtz tiniespny oth
er in this city. he is enal.led to produce pictures it Inch cannot be
equildted lu tins part of thy-country „and °this to catch any; thins
w hi c h eau tic produced in oilier room:. ~1 Eric, or forfeitotte hun
dred {Oars, Ile has also a splendid Quick Work lug einiera,
with which be takes children of any aire! beditninally un
derstood hit pictures u ill not fade tf properly kept.
B.—Tl,e - reectit ilupruivuicou." may he seen nt thc'nbove
rooms. . W. It H 311,A N.
14 ie. Rept. 10, 1831. ; 19
THE protocior,vv, 11. KNutt'l.ToN. has just returned (row
i t h e E n ,i re city. a itn the largest, ched r
and hest assort
ever beforemportcd front that city west of rhinkirk. all oft% 'rich
are uou ready fur inspection. t. iii the first fluor, No. I. way he
found a tar= assortment of Gold and Silver Wati lies; Gold gin rd
and Voir Chains. Keys and Seals. Finger It tugs uf every ile.crips
Goo, Orem.' pins of all .orts and PUT,. Cull pill'' , and braert, is
Gold. S,I err. and German ether thillddCf,ZOid itellflb , and pens;
steel r o t, nut gnarl chains. Heys, &c. line Made a rra tiv,e
meats with the manufacturers at the eftst to fn ill is h a supply ev
ery Week fresh from the mint, tie will be able to t urn ish those
amities cheaper than any oilier estahl I shtnent a est of the term i •
nus of the New York and Erie Railroad Also, on lirinit. at
wholesale or reta IL - any quantity ofLooki lig Classes. Brat...clocks
Rua other timepieces.
Ittesic.ti. I viers Vlll or'.—Rue It as piano fortes. iitelodeon•.hasb
viols, :nit:lts. violins. hanjrx;s, tanihmirines. el:imam., flute.,
fiarreolels. fifes. acCorderni.., de.. oil at and eamplietse lamps, and
gerohdols, extra globes. Cil iniuo s and %V tel.. silver nod German
silver table and teaspoons, •nea r nod salt scoops. buttes lint es.
ettrl.FßY. A very flue article of Pim kit ives oft he most ce.lebra•
te•fitinkres; Razors cud Razor strallg,,,Tift'.7'. a lid shears. Gold,
silver. and German PliVOrrlnd steel spectacle's.
Ilm - rra!CIII.‘VAR v.—Tea •CIA, en storso nd candlertiekr.
$75 00
21 13
1004 00
55 (4
1 IM
16 00
2 O 0
'I C 4
2 00
5 05
1 25
L 0 CO
40 00
233 3, Fancy Hoses t'tatedatul Brass
snuffers and trayr, rieel bag. and purse clasps. flair combs. it ory
do.. steel pens, card eases, vibitingeards and envelopesorntarnoti
boards, do oes. c hers men, nallct.and pocket books,lkuites
and , forks, tea-rerY err. kc.
All of which will be shown to his violins at any time I:tin-ern
the hours of A M. ands P 31 . free gratis. and a snialliflre on.
ly till i.e taken (rout those nhu may wish w lake saw lor said
articles home n illt thew
i.:l3fil 21
010 22
It 190 13
IT said Palace iiiloeatedou the ground forinerli? 00
raid }Chou Itoh, One door %%eot of UN: R e ed ii dtwe ef
Elie, Sept. L-17
"S - 110USANDS of parent• who use Vermifutte emu!, Jf
1 oicealinuel,&e., are not aware, that while they ap
pear to benefit the patent. they are actually lay tug the founklai ions
for a eerie: , of diseases, such as salivation, loam of sight, weal.
neve of lituliv..kc.
In another column n Ji hr found the advertisement of
sack's Nledielims, to which we ask the attention of all girectly
interested its. their onn UP well as their children's linattli. In
l.iver Complaints and all cliAorders arising from itiot.e of n hil.
lion■ type. should make use of theonly genuine medic itie,llobett.
Dark's Liver Pills.
- 4 0 " •• A. 10l deceived." hut ask for Ilohensaek's Worm Spurt
and Liver Pill,. and oh•erve that each has the signaturie of the
Proprietor. J. N. I IUBENSACK, as none else are genuine.
Aug 111 t'5E
C 1)
nre tr..w prepared to put up the Prentiutn Rivfs and
Points , fir any is ho Would like to be protected, Isom the
Ilnititrr• of the I 'glutting. Iteuieniber Ilse man Om I los ked his
harts after his lir roe tt as stolen, and to not wait tints' t our house
barn-sets Dots oke before )o • set rods to your buildlisgs. A
word to the WIPC is suelie tent .
& Co.
N. O.—Aliptdetshom • disd.l4-, •ttendk.. 10.-
110 k and poltits at n
March Id. N.ll. tilt
PIANA) WOUTZI tatrortxxim.
3 ..,1 BROADWAY. NEW-Yult K. The Plan CitCllllWe
1 Fuld:curio! a**ortutent of rt.o.ewori Piano Porni*. Wain
and orulihentai • elegant patterns. c:altoratel (..Incd, au , ) highly
tin 'rhea v tilt Pearl 4e%*, all of our own trtantaartwe, and u at
ranted In every particular, can Lc lcuttil at ottr Warerocjus .361
jaansunAv, 144.4% -was. 'relit .1.5.--1311.1. HENN Uri' 4 CO.
N. MURPHY could re•p„,-INtiv rorm Ilk frientrit
Nil o
mid the 'addle tzener.2ll‘ that he has I re*
a n t o l rv.i i ; l l:a ta l t a vi rg o e r r l : l i ' i ' i l :l l lKTte n r k a:to ln ri t i l lio cul l i l l : e a ( I %;t ar p- k
per rthd .1 4 .hret , 1 ron Ware. tn.tnufactured (41 . 11 , ` !,C*l. Ir,ll.and Ur
ferCti at the litOrt reabOWlble rate-. 44 loole*nle cr retail. it f hasna
Maud Stovi.* Of all price* and gailltiN , c 0 nAnleled wiiilt refer
ence to it gel'uliscs:, and C c.. 1.1 en Iclice, and of the itiotq dIIMPIC lila
teriaL• Meet *to% eni I c and ell.ow. .11.1 an rut:brunt:Fa cif
- . . JAP.4 AY WA RE.
Which he ilitter.hi weir unexeeled: if eqiia!eil. 01111r-4.
'4llk itattAlur all :izeti and Chic-e vat,i of et ecy de:edit+ gall eon.
ittanth on hand. Determined to niirtme the 1, ineertwild energy
itrid trkti rid and to re no effort to render oaurrae ion, he
hone: recei‘e n merit I tiva :ha re of pub' le patron re.
Crie May I 1532. 31.
.1: 1 11 —l , lAk receiving. Witiiefu.h, Mackerel. t land,lecidtiph
and 'letting :citing at ut luotterale unrtff at ("lir plore.!
Erie. Nov. 6 1102—IS VINCENT. 111 Mk Cu.
Capital $200,000.
°ate Nader Alar,siont Ilsal,Sih , Jrdl.r • J'a.
IT litmires tin the Joint Mock and Mutual prtnelides. lb
Ltt Ivo drinei departini.nt, , , colnbinc- , the priv rev,.
Aen.aato contysanico. at Itx. exis,l, or comilictehg
:40 couirotled by one board of thrcctorp, thu,
fug liaruboby*frugality atut An y.
JampoS.llloln. Prrildent. J. C. I.preh. Trenp.
N. )1121arklu, V tee l'rep't. I' A. I ottiti.Sec')
•1. ' l . noon,
John -eats.
•••••• •
lion. Wm !,Wolkino.l..3te eteeremry ut War;
llon.Watter Forward, !Ate zkv tea .ry .. , . - Tre.l.,lcy
John Soydgr, Faat ~ Cashier of Pitt...t,..r.; nr.iik.
•pitalcolni Lerch, Eaq , %Vholeiale i:...a, -.•
hi EDICIAG BOA III), (7omtieurot: PPl' , iA !LS.
.1 I:nzzan. )11 D., J. Brooks, M. D. , W. Addt: ca. ml ..
E. t.
Edriagton.l9 I). 1.. BR Pa N.‘R I), Veneta, jigua,t.
The utuletetgaed agent of the compatty 14t dile glace atvic in-
ity. is onto pteparell to applications far I tisarane • oleo to
turoirb book, ntHeireularr eiplat, tug the wines', ego!' he com
p:thy to :lily ilvhe luny wi•li. A. D. ("VANN. Age t. _
t:rie. (let at 11-32-1.3 No lAVillintwe ?Dock.
: ._.....
. ,
-owl/Ten , I
rx;Arto rontiEst
l• 111: 3er-tribe' , noted re-pectfull, Ceti ir:o Mtent total to thvir
atock of l'i.ino FONC,. among t•tein art ,y he fa ii.d the beat
assortment of Boardman Az Gray'. with and without the l eelebra•
le 1 Dolce CdOUl•nql, attachment. (not A1'.. , , tan) ever ~treted vi est
of Alb illy. 'The s•iperiority of the:e l'i untaiveritially nc
knots !edged; and they hate received ten first r has ptemodus
is . ' tiii it the timtnvc y. are, in all places n h re placed in 'dinned
a ion with all them - Ikea generall) known in llos vicariaj 1.. The
eldlit hundred dollar Piano told by us laid 111011th to a c tittemna
iiriMiladelplita was pronounced the finest etter exhibite}l lit (111 S
city. 1:v - ery instrument is warranted to give perfect saitlsfattioa
and the new attachment it now so nrielt in DSC that a Piano is
pot considered perfect - without it. We shalt be happy,' to show
to nll who eau on Us. mil pledge ourselves to delit er in kilns city
any Piano Fo:rie 111:111P by them at precisely the sauir prier chart
td at_illeinaimfair tory • ninon adding tranaportat ion. tr.
Llutralu, flee. le 1- , ....-3inal. .l. SA(11: & 40148.
Sli.‘wl..:, of e% er de-criuticm at the NPW 'Voris zltore , —.elling
ai half price- 14 , C. 1..-32. NIEKILICK 4r. II e tIVIS.
DOTTI.EitITt.t Fla..ks, vial.; nod fgrsocil lay at u hot ale and
.13 retail of theta) drugstore. Lee. 4.T.r. P. il ALL.
IANN 1'..141 Chi for rale at the lowest market price. by the Bab
or barrel Warranird pole ti‘h oil. aloci; it like artiel of rola.
lamp VII and burning fluid fur r‘aleat the city, drug .tore .tats N.
Cite, Leek 4 it-32. 30 P. I ALL
, . , _._ .. .
_... .. . he 1..
The •eut.r.'Caour—A large .004 out qo hitoo. u o eta w ill PO.
at low rhtert nt July 17 145 —lo ' J IL etriUK'S.
A TIIREP story dwelling, frtnilliarly known as ill 1 . Bank
/M. Mouse„ oh State Street. is otrered for rent on re syllable
terms.. It iwout ot the;finest edifices, as u ell' as most agreeable
residence notha city. l'ossession given on theist of April next.
Apply to ' Er le I/er . I. BOZI:No1YEIG.
War with Spain:
Fuhserilier. grateful xi his friends and the publi4 for the
I liberal patronage exteupleil to him during, his short career in
the 'mercantile bus mess. takes this method of I 111,5tUl gthemthat
he still continues to sell it ods at his um:shall) low prices. for
C. 741 only. liPtio lag that small prof's' and quirk she- is the great
secret of doiag business. Arsons his {present stuck may he found
Broad clotlui, caestineres. SQIIIICtIO. Vefilt4;et. Mocha all wool,
cashmere, palm lent: silk aml strain:ilia lung on 1 square isha
paraluetwo. men pmts. dela mem. K1110:11;4. titidersletees.Finbroi
dered catnap, one lit edgings. in.ertmes.silh and linen hdkfw
plain and euilirtitplered• gloves and hosiery. velvet riblaww. lace.
gimp run! a general assortment of dress trimmings. tiler r ihnte and
other irrints.'brown and bleached shirting. and phrelit*. all of.
issehiels will Waal,' cheaper than any other Isolase $ u the an ty dare
otter Meanine quality of goods.
New York rind{ Store, 4 clacirs east of Erie mink.
_..,:e, 4 docro east of "an , .
Erie Pte. JOHN rtiVE&F.Y.
IROCKEIitY,—'I be la repot stock, toe best Ware, and the lour.
cot prieeto to this tit.) is at
L:rie. Due. le.
s,(.K L o l :%viral Julrico n
7dfkr iri, v r a cai,ei
4(,)0 I" LW. Delnitts. Coamirres. Permian, C h ete.
These *ego:in:ince to red fur less money tilts they
arercJobbed for too t‘ eeksaco 9fi Tinesta St 11rorcs.
WINA(ttC cla, of all ►Jugs and A:l2llo4pp. warratd rood
indult', be sob d at a ' , mall ad :Vo
vance ce tit t e t, great
iti.luertiterito fir itt.tellases to buy at the coy Drug more}
Erie. Der : 4 . 11,41.1'..
n tLANi)II-4.1, Liiinor•, Alcohol a-n,l ertr3 thisic in the
11 traile watriintif r ood and Pure will be bold in Om 10(44 sat
i-Cietory manner. Eii. Dec. 4 1 6 . - r.l-3o HALL.
- - - •
R I'Bll FD. Pontri,eil. Loaf .Granulated. Porto R ieo New
1,3 bill or pot' o , d. cheap' no e qapen at
Kti•t , (Ircrer). Dec 1:•,32-111. V. Ai IA E.
X' X 8 n
TRI 4 II ‘Torketel, While Corifiplt for rtSe Ap
I. Dee. 4 31. T. W. Mmlly, (Ippooite Brown's Novlflotel.
T.IAS I Trace :: Tres::: i
milF. Arm mode heavest tot of - Green and Black Ten in his city
/ ran he Quail at the groste.y.sto:e o: T. W. WU RE.
Eric l'ee. t-34. itipostie hew% h's Ti. w Ilovl itaie at.
cyfElV A Rite 13 rap, l'orto R leo and ;few oilen., ar0i4 a ,....r0f
t. 7 sale cheap at Dee. I IS3I-44. M. love crioceTr.
. .__ . .4._
vett ks Mini, vanilla!, ducting . hair. fie.b. ha t..borge.
LI couch, , ' 4ltettt. "CM? Init btaektar. ',Mee; ir gbh. In 11. WIN
erunth.eamel Mar. 1~0, Meader. sift*. whoilitior,leeiiih es 4
osertoi hnepoimpgrof oral ireality lawil retie" Iseult Ort i_leibrceall
and zet a rreal 19ria ia. FA* tfle.i. 4 .1431-34 ' I. r Att.. •
-' • .
I 4
Josel.fiv. f.kec h.
'ha r lon A. ('olio
Wrlt . 1.1:h
lk T. 8A2t111411,
100 Maim Streit, (3 Dwain Soak of SialligleS) Buffalo.
and t h .l a:Ln u a l
n opened u, c err l,
e t...=alloro re
.1 no .
los detenntnatioe to pay ele:u. t e attention to the
From the patronage n with he has already reeeii ed, from eentle
men. Mr. 11. feela'arintreil Our the invite of doing Lust
whlch he Itas nAtuptrd, dec. Dud will give
entire entirlkettrin to all v Ito drerire to
have their garmentr made up in
Goolt TASTE:fin:it the
- find quality of
MAY, atArs.
Illt/R. O. W. !OLT'S
Will kinky, he igr attendance to wait upon Cuetomera,aud take
orders of peuttrtwswi.hi.R algeoleel fit and a fachlotiable pr
mewl made atria kir beg style.
Gentlensiin's rorniishing good&
of the Latest St 3 lel., comitantiv on hand.
I'o UT - H
S ..d CLOTitt,YO mode le order triii
D u R KEE*B Baking Powder by the yore nr doz. rot nate by
J. G.& W. I. Milli.,
June No. 3.Williams Block, rrie, Pa
Clear the track for
ith SMITH, No, 3, Cheapside!!
wiii) has on hand thcLargest stock of Goode. in his line. est r
offered in this market. which were purchased the CASH iu
the Eastern cities. or maiiiilacturrd by himself; by .which be is
enabled to sell thew so low that people do nay they must hare got
by the Custom house 1.% about pat tug duly. Nell, what if they
ti ere rill tigrgleff. so that the peal leea n buy
Beautiftil Bilk Hats foe 11,50
Buffalo Rohm. for Q•t SII, MCIlellll flats for 30 cents. 00d all
other good' at like low 'ultra. For proof of which, all taterest•
ed can call and for thcui•elles
P. 'W bou't forget- the place, Smith's. Cheap Nat store, N 0.3,
Erie November P, [PSI.
DS.C. BROWN ELL. thankful for the liberal patronage ex
tended to him by tli•• e ilium. of Erie And vicinity, would
say that he is permanently located an his old stand on 61/lie St..
%%here be may be found at all tont...ready toeseente Dental wo•It
in the best POO.l. Ible manner. Ile udl also keep on Isund as as.
'torn:lento( Dental stock fur the ACCOUllliall2l.loll of Dentists from
the country. Dentists are Inv I tc.l to call: June 3. .
Copy of a Loiter from Mr. R. W Kolas. Cheatiet,7 Prestot
Meet: Lirerpool, dated GM Jute, test.
To PP:A.I4Of Holloway, , Fla,—Vour Sills and Ointment bare
stood the highest on o ir sale list of proprietory Medicines for
some years. A eustonior, to whom I can refer for any enquiries,
desires meld let you know the particulars of the ease. She had
been troubled for years with a dis3riii. red liver, and bad digestion.
On the last Or-COMM however._ the virulence of the aunts was
so alarming, and the inflainaticit ICI in so severely, that doubts
were entertained of her not being aide to bear up under it ; rocs
tunately she was induced to try your Pills, and she informs
me that after the first. and each succeeding dose. she had great
relief. She continued to take them, and although she used only
-three boxes, she is non in the enjoyment of perfect health. I
could hate lint you many more c,,ses, but the above from the
severity of the attack, and ihe opecdo cure. I think, speaks notch
turn favor of your artonishing Pills. (S;Pled) E. %V. KIRILL'S.
Copy of a_ Ldter inserted in thi Hobart Tarn Citrrier, of lie
lit March, P3l. by ihvor J. weeh
Margaret M'Conn man, nineteen lees of age. resorting at New
Town. had been suffering from a t talent rheumatic fever for up
wards of two mouths, 33 filch liad entirely dep-ised her of the use
of her limbs ; during this period she w 3 ,1 under the care of the
most eminent medical mei. it, II °ha rt Town, and by Mein her caim
prevailed upon her to try llol
was eonsidered hopeless. A friciid
lowny'reeletented Pills. which she consented to do. and in an in•
credible short space of time they effected n perfcc c u re.
Front Messrs. Thar 4- Co., ProFratora of the Leer AiverNur,
sch to+ youth Pr tite . ,l,,,bor;Ag :tatesienl —.4r4reta aid, I&31.
To Professor llotloway.—Su.--1 desire to bear testiwoity to.
the good etfcets of 110 l lowa Os I ills. For Paine years I suffered
severely front a pain and t ight Nest. in the stonulch which wan also
accompanied by a .hort news hi breath. that prevented me from
about. In to ?...1 earl of age, rind notwithstandinz my
ndtaucedstateofttfe.thewPillshavesorelievtd me. that I nut
desirous that others should be made acquainted with their t li
mes. I ant DOW rendered. hy their means, coraparat i rely active.
and can Lake vsercipe without inconvenience or pain, n high,
could uc.t do before. (Signed) HENRY COIL
North st.. Lynn. Norfolk. -
l'keu resbroteit rills ore scomterfilly ithEtaciars is the fallowing
Ague _ Iltropey Liver, Cons-Secondary
A SOMA 1.4 'emery plaPits I:Symptoms
Cern- - Erytiipelas I.nuabogo Tic Doutourcug.
plaints Female Irtegu- Piles Tumours
Blotches oil the lerlild R heumatism Ulcer,
!skin Fevers of allßeteetiouctfVenere•l At-,
Dowel Com- koucts - Urine fcctious
plaints Fits Scrofula. or Worms °fall
Mime Gout Kiloe . o EVII kinds
Cons.igation of Hencl.ache . Purr Throats %V ealcn n e s s
Ow Bowels Indigestion t , tOneaiid Gray- • froth te hatev
rottittimption I titlaination el er ranee '
Debility Jaundice (cr.. &e.
Bold ai the establishment of Prokowcw llolkiway. 1444 Strand,
(near Temple liar. L 411.1014) and by all rempeetable4ruggiets and
dealers in Medicines throughout the British Vampire, and ofthuee
Or the United crater. in boxer at Xialets . elem.. and el & cup..
ea ch. wholesale by the principal drug houses is the Uutott,l
and by illerpri. A. B.! U. Seam. New Work, .
V* These lea considerable raving by larking the larger ?WA.
N. Itirection• fht the guidatm cof patteuut Iti ever 3 di. ;der
air Milted to each Hoz. Wel '
u bay
of twn
. skier
SLY ur-
W II USK EY by Ibe bbl, at
. 11 per gall.; o a griir i t i e m e at
No. %. Williams Block, I;tn. l'a
LC. & J . RI bflc, Nq 6 south flith-st., Philadelphia. hare'
• just ptiblistied a Book of Forms, containing,
- MORE 1114.1 rira.rt: riuNDRED Fed? "S.
Fur practice in the Croats of Peittis)lvatila and of the United
Mtates,and for Coure)aileina; also for the ime or Public Ofricers
and 31rit of Business 'generally. Adapted to the•receitt acts of
assembly of PetinsyhaCla. VI lib explanatory !marks and nu
merous precedents and refeievecs to Ft inchedauthor - pies. To
o are appended a Glossary or Law tenni arid,a copious In-'
Ity James IV. lhinlan.COu it, ellor at Lan, ice. Eeeoudßdi
Price—Four Pollars
1.1,f. publishers have already received from nearly all of the
ere.o. 4 ent Judges of our ritme, and nom other gentleinau eminent
in-the legal profervion ll•eir opinion, of the stork. a filch are of
a highl) complimentary nature. Tire billowing are selected from
a large number of as virally favorable character—
%Vellaborovgii. April 1832
Gentlemen: The collections of court foray. tic c.itiveyancing,
&e., %bleb had been in use pre: tote to the publication of Dun
lip's work in It-45„ needed rev t•iun to mike Mein convenient,
and to adapt them tot liangetiuth,cli lem.-lation had rendered uec
muiary in the practice In the court• 111 PCIIII.S)Ivrtii la..
Your edition of that w ork therefore received, as it merited, the
approbation of the le eat profraoson, and supplied a want which
was felt by buvintas awn gi nerall) throughout the :tale.
After the nuineroii• test iiunn la n bit h you have received front
rnnucnt Jailers, to respect to the usefulnesa and elcelleiice of
that work, commendation of it froin me would tie superfluous.
I may he permitted. hod ever, ti remark that I approve of the
gt nem' character and drrangement of the work, and, Inv Ina ex
amine.' aportion of th e new edition which you are f
may add that the author has greatly enlarged and improved ids
first edition, and that, when published, fits book will be the most
convenient and useftil poise of the kind entaiit.
Mesus. E. C. & J. Biddle,
Pittsburgh. A pril 1414.
Gentlemen: "Dunlap's Con% it,g and Forms' is ■ work of
decided merit. lam glad to find Thal It If to be reproduced. with
many v a luable additions It 31U , 114 be in the hands not only of
lawyeni and watistraies, bubo( tiw business community general
ly. There is scarcely a position in life 1.1 which a man will uoi
occasionally Qudltiupelfin need of 114 e assistabce of such a work.
I hope the author mu be abundantly renuwerated fot the
earning and industry bestowed upon it
With great respect. yotirs. &c..
Messrs. E. C. Jr. .1. Diddle. WALTER FORWARD. .
Greensburgh, April 9, PSI.
Gentlemen: You have favored rue with the printed sheets. fyony
page 9 to 1311 inclusive, of the second edition of Mr. Dunlap's
!Book of Furies. Imu pleased to leant that a wood edition or
his work to about being issued. Jt has been, and now is, one 0(
the hest Works ofthc kind in the hands of the profession, and is
evidently much iInprOCCEI by the author's revision and additions.
I hate the pleasure ofau acquaintance with Mr. Dunlap lie
boa gentlemen whose revneetable professional littainments and
methodical habit of mind fit him we'll to be the author of inch a
nal. I than lint hesitate t, reetmittictiil it to the getAlemen of
the Bar in the 10th distrirt. Vary resrceifull v, &e..
Messrs. E. C. & J. Biddle. J. M. BURRELL.
• liunlingdon, April 261!52.
Gentlemen; Importrnt changes in out statutes. Fiore the puts
I ication of ^ Donlap's eon se) anc lig and Fortin.," seemed to call_
for sonic enlargement of that excellent and highly iweful work
The edition which you are about to publish, enibod)ing as it does
a very large amount of new and varied matter, and teing so well
adapted to general and prevent testily. Callllol fad . 4) be greeted
with a cordial welcome by the t rofevvion.
A familiar acquaintance vi ith the work. and a careful exami
nation of the sheets of the forthcoming edition. ena tie me to Fee
minuend it. with great confidence, as a book which should be
the hand+ of every scrivener. and have au early place on the
brary of every gentleman engaged in the pract ice of the law.
Very respectfully, yours &e .,
Meseta. t: C. A. J. C Wilk% GEORGE TAYLOR.
net. 80 1832. t(23
Dross Trinuninirs,
SI I.K (ringer. late gi tap, Jen ny Lind trimmings ribbon do. vtd
vet ribbons. silk braid. stowed do. gilt edged and plain silk
trimmings. Nations and other kinds of - trimmings at
Erie Nor. 11 ISSI-111.
AWES Brow uveralroes. a ucw and; afro, LLadtea Flue Gaiters. of all taxa from twos to. eight... Or
rale by Sept. 113. IVILEUX dr. NORTON.
- -
ALAllCEuttpply of fre.h ()rugs cod Chemical+ warranted
pure. offered for sale at the I uweg price. by P. II A LI.,
Vity Drug Some State-rt., Erie Pa. flee 4 1t,31-340.
ON and after Monday Noy. 1633. Trains leave Erie going
Can daily, -umlays excepted. ns follows.
No. I. flay Express and Mail .41. li 30 P. M.
'3, Freight 64 300 46 u.
3. Nit P../Mbit 140 A. M.
Trains leave by Eastern Railroad time, which Is abo'a( thirty
(3n) minutes farier than Erie Time. J. F. TRACy,
Erre Nov. 07 i 834-10. Pup s
PUBk and extra o bite lead, dry and ground in oil by the bound
keg or ton. Linseed oil Prow Ohio warranted pure, boiled
and un iled, by the barrel or gallon, spirits Turpentine in abun
dance. Vaniisbeaol ever) k od, clrrowcgreen And yellow, Amer.
lean. Chinese, vermillion and veniiion red, yellow oithre. /tench
yellow, Paris green, lain', black of every quality, Prussian and
ultra-warine blue, whiting. red lead, lithrage, Turkey undwr
and every other kind of pa inn and materials in the trade which
are offered ail low as Via be bought in this latitude.
Erie Dee. 1 MSI-10 P. JIMA..
51 - 1 isozco wilvvlnv Cavendish Tobacco of all gradt.v , alarq pure
LI natural len( Tobacco for vale by
Erie Nev. 6 1831-40. PtTritakrr t Gain.
waled. Pw
oderei iranirlatediil7ll ire.
I.IIJ Awed eugites. at Nov. 11-0 Ni ntarrr I. GRAY. •
25 "'1 :: -"gr fV g r w a gm a t a re g i
},?..1i1 Rtk GRAY.
CMAIII 4 .—A yen'Vett rirkti orimproi s it ie l
pnem d
0 pur istiadiesr aft tbeiegne mod wig
001 6 1013 ki adv. el I:4rmlit Bannnia. to. pitiO pog i ln
Very truly yours, &e..
(of PAitatict i r RE now tieingbusinewon the . utast platt.ltitine thr inioned
Aa participation iu the profitsoftheCoutpany.witboutliabili
ty beyond the pretulutn paid.
Risks upon the Lakes and Vanalinsored on the most favorable
terror. LOPeel wilt heliberallyand promptly adjustett.
Eire risksuu a erchandier.b:uldlng , aud otlicriatiperty.iii town
oreouittry, fur a limited Ulm permaormtly.
R ECTOitt).
Joseph 11. Neal. Jame,. C. Hand, Edmond A. ouder
Theophiltis Paulding, John C. Davis, 11. Jones Brooke,
BoLert Burton, John Garrett. John B. Penrose,
Hugh Craig. damuel Edwards, George Ferrell.
Henry Lawrence David B. Stacey Ed ward I larliagton•
Charles Kelley, Isaac I{. Davis, J. G. Johnson,
William Vohs ell, William thy. John . Newlin,
Ur. El. Thomas. Ur. It: 111.1loston. John eller. dr.
Spencer Mcllvane,
Rieharda. Newhould, See,y; %Vw, Martin Pres't
1-r Application ea made to
J. KEI.LOGG,Erie Agent,
Erie. Feb. 10, 1252.
?he aerie County !Mutual Insurance Company
Ir Hltl omipany divided their rr,ls into two Claf7Cl4
a Fart Cl 114 (Jr Farmers Cowpony, in µbich firm property
and detmehed huildiugt may be insured. No risk taken in this
atom to est-twilit - Mat.
Second Class or Coininerciol Department, in which various
kinds of buildings. merchandise /sc., in Villages and Cities,
may he instilled. No risk token in this ( - Zara to exceed 8-2,Moi.
The fundi in one Claw will not be taken to pay losses in another.
Smith Jackson. James I) Dunlop,
J. U. Fullerton. J. C. Marshall,
Wm. F. kindernecht„ John Zimmerly,
Win. A. Galbraith. Peter M. Burton,
JOl. M. Sierrett, J. I). Clark,
C. M. Tabbies, Geo. se ven,
J. 11. Williams.
Smith Jackson, Pres% J. 11. Williams, Trens.
Ogre 1100 door west of Williams t Wrights Watery' (Ake,
(up stal.m.)
offke hours from 10 to 11, A. M.. and from half past I to
1. P. M.
May ti, 1631.
FS RE4EZII 7.11114011144 - 141 lb Z 4 m PUMZI
11.11E1'ndertigned having seared tile e..clusive Agency f.r
the :ale of the abo%e hawed Burial Calm fur Erie • \mut),
and deeming the article out w hieli depcnila tole!) upon iim cIA
merit,' would revpectfully vuitcu an taa.pectioti or the *awe at ill!
Iteadrlando Coffin Waro-Itoom,
cast side of State between 7 arid 1,-;'sts., over the Sharon Iron
Company's Store vi here satist.ictory references and legit:Hoe tab.
as to their oractical utility can !T In VIII, Whiff) to;zether ivuit a
persmtal inspection cannot but CCOllllllell,l them to the favorable
consideration of all tho-e who in the dispens.ition Ct liiVIIIC
Providence bare ocea,lcn for the use of a Coffin. The under
signed would nere add that illese en-es are of a classic form, oud
co - respond in oh ipe. to the outlines of a human body. arc highly
ornamental, and regarded roi less repulso e more beautiful and
unique in appearatree. than any other i.ruete used as receptacles
for the dead they are made of the Tot Ittiperlshable tilatertak,
are enameled invileatiJ as not to rust or corrode and 31 ben
cemented together are perfectly air-tight. preventing the exhala
tion of otTensivegrots, so that when de-irr 1 tic remains can be
kept for necks before burial, nwaiting the arrant of absent
friends; they are lighi aid portalde, at the sure lime being more
or telui curvilinear, they riosse.s more than sufficient strength to
resist all ,he pressure of gas•-cil front the beds, tt Inch they are
subject o (tile in use; and bolter may tic d isintered even after
a lapse of many Scars. and rettiovNl to any part of the country.
o ithuot the t.ligi.te,t di-agree.tble odor arlbieg trout them.
In the use of these Mural Cases. the gratif3 ilia reflection is af
forded to surviving Iriends and relatives. that the mortal remains
of those Once dearly beloved arc enclosed and dente lied %%here
they o ill remain in pence, tree front the Irruption of water, the
depredationsof vermin. and comparyttvely br)ond the unhal
ed desecration of diSreClOn., :111t1 a 111 be permitted to audergo
transformation. or return to their natiie elements, froni
Li" The trudersu,:ied has constatilly on hand and for sale at
his ware rooms as ahoy.. i2fAC-I%ood,Nlatioirony,lllaek-troaltitil:
cloth covered. and all kinds .of cheaper Can' s of all sizes all
ready for tedinte use, also : shrouds of all sizes for both w•zes.
N. B. Ise is prepared to take the general imperil:tend-Ince of
funerals• and fumed: I.learse and Camara if de.ire,!.
t.neJuly 17 10 ALLEN A. CR AM.
ZIT Z 1 irgrznziganT.
rot. C. S. FOX. of New York city, has located permanently
I • In int city of Erie. fl•r the treatment and cure of Disease. of
the Eye, in all their ' , undies and bilges. Ila' inn assisted and
been in Cleti VC prattle(' fur Ike cral years m the t arioot tiripaft-
IlletliS of tic rc iencr of Medicine. he nailer/ 11111401th:it all
-diseases admitting of cure Li at be accomplished under his
Rirearaccr.—Pro? Molt and Faculty of New York; Pref.
Marsh and rneully of Albany Medical College; Dr. Leach, Eye
Infirmary. Utica. N. Y.
I Mier with Dr. Browunell; N 0.3. ilughes' Block.
Erie, June 3. 4.
WOULD -ay to horse owners that he has the s
• cret of nearly the entire race of patent remedies
ifur horses. and with a manlier of years practice
will b e able to give sattsfucticu generally either as a farrier or
(.4r Nlcnie call at my °Mee at the Quint Stubte near the outlet
lock of the Eric Exieu.iou Canal, and judge the youraelyea.
i Jan. 3,1831.-431
LOO3IIS ha• removed to No. 4, Ilrown's Block.
. and Is n o w I.peiong ft IPPVI nod our Or 111 C 111011 l
rich and sp!endid :st.rortineitts. of rite Watches, Jett e1r,.......1i.1
r, Silver Ware that Iva.. Ayer offered in this city, embracinz
a greAt varlet!. of IVateltorof O. ilre• vw Er-captain tits, loth gold
and oilver.ond the lam,i t, le of Cha Inc r , eall, and het .. to match
lOgettlVl t% tutu the most fit.hiona Lie Jett elrt. PC/ 11 .1. 1 .11 1 g of fine
gilid diamond. near, ro 'Gamin* icro'zer Ring., roL) and 'Karl
Broaches and Karp'. odants, lirardelt, &c. AI-0, Gold Lockett , .
gold and :•111 4.r Penes lA, gold rellP. drs-4. rt and tea ~p 1 , 0111.. Sugar
Tengs and .•,coops. Napkin 12 togs and 1 . 01111.10111( . 1 1 . an Assert
uncut of rich Plated Ware, Urns. Tea rim)., unites, Forks.
Spoons, Ladle.. I'a inl!..,alcks. and a great tancly of Fancy and
other Goo 1,.. Loth t.etol and ar 0 .101.0t.:1: ( 1iw1...0 of all descrin-
Go:14 . 011i el 2./ 10 SIP, all ol %bleb. %% 111 Le sold :If Cheap .1P 'Le
cheapha:lin! e little cheaper for ready pay. The nu...idiot' of
the former customers ofG. Loomlbood 11w pnblic genera 14 is in
t lied to this notice. June S.
I3RANDY. Gin, Rola Port. Maderia owl Floury %Vint., of a - II
IL3 grades and prices. Not , . Just rceei3 ed 10 races Claret Witte
for ante low at J G. & W .1. Mills.
June 3. No. 3. ‘''.' ill ia ma Work. Erie. ra.
Livery and Sale Stable.
Mil F 'ohne ribers bar mg bought out the interest of C. Sex-
J. ',ions in tloir establishment on Eight street lisiwten Plate
and French. would give notice that they me now fully and am
ply supplied tt ith horses, ana different varieties of carriages. sf
the yery best description. Their stock is almost entirely new,
and consequently of the first rate character. rublie potrotrage
is respectfullv 'twit( it.
PeTN:ms lopiirehrase horses will find a full iupply for
that purposeconatantl) an baud - . -
A. F. N'ORCROSte, .
Erie. Jiity 21. It - E. T. M'CANN
lg .V. 4 / .S TREE T. 'WIT:IL 0.
(At the old stand of F. W. Breed. who continues .11 the new firm.)
lIAVING been long extensively engage., in the manufacture
:11111 sale of BOOKS, tind-heiny the Oil ty uflet rin,r put,
lifhers in Butralo. are p.eparell to furnish every article in '
line, at the /rarest prices. - ohm in Mg in exchange for their own
publ Italians. mOll 'Etude of Miscellaneous and echool ,tor k from
the Eastern Publishers, they are thereby ena! led to Pell ttetn,
like their own Books. at a mall advance cu cat of 111 nufacture.
Particular atte.dton is invited to their new edition of
In va rious styles of hiand aI.o to •heir RFsorlinent of
School. and School Library Books,
Which is probably lite largest in the state. haring beets selected
o lift care from alnicut ever) Book mart in the Union.
- Medium, Gap and Leiter Palm's,
Obtained dire: il% (ruin the bra% test inanufreitirerr in theeountry,
Traveling Agents U ill find a stock suited iu style and prices to
their wanid.
LJ WFI 4 TFIRN DEALERS, can generally duplicate their
New YOrk hills of purchase here, at Saute prices or less, thug sa
ving the entire cost of transportation from New York to Hunlo,
and from ten to menty days delay in the transmission of goods.
All orders fitted with pfompttiebs, and at the Caine pr:cfn. as tithe
purchaser were present. lk CO.,
Houk Puhl if hers, Nos. lF,t+ Main, and 5 ‘Vert cneca.ta,
Ott. 13 tfasl-11 lit FrAtra. N. V
THE antiserilecr, would again call il.eauention of the public to
the f , ct that they are re ceiving a large and well selected as
sorolloll, 01 . 1 , TY goods, Groceries. Ilardware. I 'rockery and nails.
our clock conipri,es the greatest variety of Drew I.oods Prints.
Jha,tls. HO* iery. Jodi:, Rubber shoes and domestic goods which
we have al any pre% ions tune offered, and for qualit) and st%lc
cannot he surpassed in this itiarliet Our old en/dowers and the
public generally are respectfully invited to call and examine our,'
stock as we feet confident that we can oiler our goods at as low ,
rates as are °tiered iii this market. JAS. 111:G11ES fic
Erie oct 30 ti..& '2.1
For *km Cans More •ad Shop Ilvisefors.
AN assortment of French English and American !NMI iiiikable
for the above purposes by 23 CARTER & lIRO.
Etta I AI AV - and other Prints, jt:st reeeluell at the
I Sept. 93. /Vete York Cask 'Sloss
nAstiatexe, Llowbaz. tie, lin:made and A impact's, very cheap
I,_, at Sept ZS. OWEN 1:I'S
SlLKS—ltreentle. w ntered, black and figured clilks, Gro lie A
rutin... Pooh lie Dote, Gro De Nap", changeable,. barred and
ip,•,l Florence', Bonnet L.Vilks e3llllr, Silk Velvets, black,
tine black, green blue, brown, pink and figured.
Erie Nov. 27 liR52-Isl J. D. COOK.
JUST R ECEIVEG.—Freneb Cloth Cloaking. Bl'k, Blue, Green
am! Drown. At the New York eiore.
- •
Fite Nov,. VT 1.951-29 MERRICK. & DAVIS.
_ .
5 i 1 IntZ. Lanett Mitt's from 6d to RI 00. French Mer:no. De
ll Lains, Aloaccas. Paransetta..Shavris Ate , cheaper than
the cheapest, at the New York Store, No. 6 Bonnet' Block
Frte N0v.27 18.31-1.44. MESRIK:K & DAVIS
MATS—Grass, Illatllta, and Wool Meta oran Zit , • and col.
ors for sale cheap at Dee. 4'S'3-30 MOORE'S..
SUt; ARB of every quality from 0.1 to Is per pound. Coff.. , e , and
Teas green and black for salt as cheap as the chentte.t and
cannot fall to suit purchasers in quality and price, by the pound
chest or sack. For sale at the city drugstore. 30 I'. HALL.
1 UST arrived at the California Store, a few more of those
. splendid heavy eased Palest Lever Bunting Watches. The
movements arc of superior workmanship and fink!), ordered
imported esptessl v for G. LOOMIS.
Erie Nov. Y 7 1R52-2.2 No 4 Brown's Block
- • -- --
Cheap Cash Slam Frerrea Sr., wear Ala Ilowd.
N°"' recelyine and opening. it stock of Goods which.' am
trotm , l to sell al a smaller profit than any dry good store in
Erie. A• I held toy rt - m4s for ready pay, small profits will do—no
percentage Pm on for had dolos—that Is tke reason why yon ran
buy goods so cheap at Nov. R 7-29. Cr/Oli'S:
t)W OPEN G—Freneh Merinoes, German Iliertnoes and
Paraniettii. blue Maroon, tight and dark brown do.. light and
dark green. drabs. Glermlii Wei noes, a well selected stock, and
a general alluiritneet Of ealuor—lhev cannot be surpassed.
Alapaeas, black, blue, brown and figti red. Me.
Kr le Nov. 1533-211 J. 8. COOK.
Tf Id 11f8, livired and plain, in this branch of Dreg* Goods I
L. , worth, reopeetfully cult the attention of the Ladles. To
eutnuerate eagles would be alum( huporgible; but would stay a
larger toad. better sHownent has 'lever t'llellaeard IS &le.
The, goc blood description — goo tarot call opt diem. hi.
et. 10.1.101 1, flat Devote will went thefts amulet s
Etat Not. 17—;101 t. 6 COOE.
fr? ., 500 : C 11l ALLE N G E. „zrt 1 Taihn inlishitents of ma r ' b erces . ik
147 HATHVER concerns eke healttrand happiness of a people 1 Marti GreentielcL and all others in ad, o ftsit.
to at in that'll of the uost valuable importance. I take It 1 ___
for granted that every Retool' " ill ilci 411 in ' bele l' ° ' ver '" "re W NI. F. RINTIiAERK'NEECIITNef(f):;iTeatIidA .. I Y. l J ! ones or n ::
the fives of their children. and Ihnt every person will endeavor '
creek Gave purchated the entire stock of wood "•
raid brut% nut if.sorlieadsittei - " . " il lth.
to promote their own Natal nt all sacrificer. Ifie4 it to be my ~,.w , ,
in. ", c rs o ' ntli try th e mercantile busit.ess i n n li all t rts fc b ret ra 'k ucli n c d s 2 1- 7 "'- ' 6.1. 41
duty . to solemnly asisiire you tli..t WoltAlzt, accord i iii; to tbe op
primary eill.CP o f ion of the most celebrated ;..hysie labs. are the
st..hd.o; 'ring a•iil Brown , d I
u cr t ic name cf th e 24
a large Illafirli, Cr ,ii,l2;aprP to 0 WWII ebildreu aw- ,Wilts are Ila• • .. 1 1 •
tile ;it yen hale Li, appevitelsontint.alli. cLang • able flow one it 1 i l • Elt:NECll'l' & .1 - ONEsii,
thing to another, Bad tir en ibs..p aiii in the } , lOl/1101. Picking at In addition to our press tit Stork ts ii will receive in a fs- i ;',4
the Nose. Ilardineic rind iiitriie.s of the Hell). dry Cough, slow by Railroad from Neu York all styles of Dry Good., G u -.11
Fever, Pulse,temember that all thescdtmate %VORAliti, Crockery, Glwis soar
Ircuolecle.N2l6, Dye Ftuffs, Lie,i2.,.. 1, ,
lI(JIIENSACK'S WORM SYRUP. , everything generally kepi In a Grocery nod Dry Coo( s - '''‘t
ce rt .
any pince. ULlf MOM shall be to sell cheater trine me et, nes :
An astir's , fminii4 upon ecientitic princ,ples. 'compounded
It'e invite. llie eiiizens cf It.e above named lo w , h ~,,,
ti ith purely vecitable aniaitances. twine t erfeetly rile when ta- and examine our Cluck and once. art if we e. ' • '"i
. as I irgc a stock of goods Ls - ii,toc 10 t.' fie we i c n a l if i sho it r i ,7 Ill '.
ken, rind can be given to Ille 41061 : enure Infant with described
beneficial elleci, where Bard Cotaplaiht• aad TharrAura have sioosi ass, Miami ore% Pry thing and nt prices that can kris I
made thcm weak and debilitated tlie Tonic proptmy " w . • mot t k _i
awed in eke/snare for good., Lash, Rutter, gm ii..,..._ - tn.
Worm Swop are sitcholtat it stands t, 'Mout an equal in the Oa h., Corn, Floor, Beans, dried Amilcii and Peaches, p or ic""k ii .....
catalogue of medic Ines, in givi , g (OUP and *ltength to th e Stour- kr. ke.
nth, which makes It an Int:0111de remedy for those xtflicwd with March w, mu -...,
Dyspepsia. the artouishing cures performed by this Syrup tiher
(MAIN . , Wall aml Osten, rumps, ail s izes and pn ee ;i --- ---, ..
l'hysicians have failed, is the best evidenccof its supertoreffica- ‘../ Alliirtirtii,
cy over al! others. Erie, Ntay 15th, 1'52. 01,Pa:tills,
_ ,—....._
Eye* , family should laves copir: ---
A ralisahre bet*. *say d 5 eta. pie copy—Alas k n .. f i„ if
D. HU:STEW:4 Medical manual and hand book for
flirted Containing an outline cf the origin. 1 5 c ,,, — ,..".
ment and Cure of every torn of disease, con i rac led by p ro , - ZI
lips sexual Illiefel.Ufae, by
advice for their prevenvicen, written in a familliar .i i k .a ,, 11 , 4 11
all medical technicalities, and everything. th at a ould orasl - , 1 1
ear of decency. from the result of some "
twetny ysarriucs -' f,
NAG! ice. excluola ely del cited to the cure of du/ease Of a dei it .-
or risme nature. To shields added. receipts fur tbecsniL
the above diseares, and a treatise on the cauper,v)in vio= "
cure of the Fever and Ague. for *2-5 rental copy ; six c opies tt
will be forwarded to any part of the United Slates, by is s o ,roi ;
of postage. Address post paid. 110X. 1 9 6 Post offlee•oi Ike Aim ' ,
32 North Re% etith street Philndeli.bia. Fept 4 It3a i l l y
_ ..
This is the most difficult Worm to destroy of all that infests the
Lutuau system. it gum s to au almost indefinite length becoming
so tolled and faNterted in the ittlettl.urs and Stemacli effecting the
health go sadly 48 to canine /It. Vitus fiance. Fits. &c., that thaw
afilleted .01t!out if ever suspect that it is Tape Braes hastening
them to an early grave. In order to destroy this %Verna, a very
energetic treatment must be gureued, it a ould therefore be prop
er to take 6 tot of toy Liver l'ills so as to remove all obstructions
that the Vicrui syrup may act direct upon the Worm, which
mutt Ire taken in doves of 2 Tablespoonfults three times aiday
these directions Followed have never been known to toil in cur
ing the moat obstinate case of Tape Worm.
No part of the s) stein iv more liable to dilCBllO than the ',IVOR,
it serving as a titterer to purify the Mood, or giving the proper se•
cretion to the bile : 50thatany wrong action of the Liver effects
the other imporfant parts of the system. and results variously. in
Liver Clumplaitit, Jaundice, I/5 &C. We shobld, there
fore. watedt evety symptom that might indicate the wrong action
of thela i
ver.These Pills being composed of aon-rs AND is
furnished by natuie to heal the sick • Namely. Ist'. an txreero
x•x r. which augments the .•ecrcuon from the Pulmonary mucus
membrane, or promotes the d ire ha rge of:•ec reted matter. hid. an
ALT. sturtvr, which change, in some inexplicable and i twensible
manner the cern:: it inoriod action of the system. 3rd. a TWOC
vi loch gives toile and strength to the nervous system. renewing
health and vigor to all parts or-the Fody. Ith, a cu•rusitTle.
which acts iu perfect harmony with the other ingredients. end
ois•rating on the Bowels. a ndrspelli ng the whole Inas. , of corrupt
and v mmted matter. and purifying the blood. which L:c•::tro . ),
ea>c and restores health.
You will filtd these Pills anj valuable inedieitte in many coin.
pini nu , tow hick you are subject. In obstructions either total or
partial, they have been found of inestimable benefit, restoring
their functional arraugetuents to n healthy action, purifying the
Wood a lid oilier fluid's° etTeetunlly to put to flight nit complaints
which may ari,e from female irregishrity. as headache, giddi
ness. °Unties" of sight. pa i n so the side. back. &c.
None genuine uuless signed .1. N. flobensack, all others being
base latitatic rt.
TT Agent. wishing new .upplie4, and Store Keepers desirous
of becoini u¢ Agents must address the Proprietor, J.N. llobermaek.
I'hda'elpina I'.i.
Fuld by all Mgretnnts and Druggists in the V 8. Agents.—
('artrr ac Brother. lirie,lVholesnie and Retail Agents. Forker,
Mercer I Fisk Ak. Unit, Cleveland Ohio. Price each 25 cents.
G W. Kr3.tcr, No, 110 Wood St., Vittsbilre. Wholesale Agt.,
who will supply Ardis at the Proprietors prices,
August 21 1r.52 102
Sharon lam Co. have taken amore in sow n. where they
I intend keeping a full ‘ll the kinds and si
zes of iron they nin kr. a n.l aisn aet re p'ete assortment of Nails.
Persons tthohave used the Nash adatS) t 'lie Coronae! dolled
need U. told that none better arc natdc !east or elsewhere.
Frie Sept. 6.-17
No: 9 Brown's Block.
V t . t.L he kept constantly on hand. a large and well selected
w asroriniewi of Crockery, Clara Ware comprising White.
Iron Stone Chinn. Millbury Ware, Light Blue Ware, also White
and COL rand china: in fact every thins to make out complete
Di it i ng, Tea and Toilet Sens.
A large assortment in all its xartette., also YeHon and Rock
ingham %Vare, of the latest
C1.A:1:4 WAR il.-IVe hate no hesitation in saying :hat our
:'sock of Gla,“ Ware is unsurpassed by any this side the Atlantic
ties. to ruuaterate all would he almost impossible. however we
will itive a tcw snick", viz: Looking Glasses of every size and
variety: forge rut Glass Dishes. Vasty. ceilrry Dishes, tlttattris.
Salts, Goblets, Witte Glasses. Lemonades. I teeanters, and Tum
bler, of all sorts and sizes, also Glass by the box.
Stl re Plated Ware.TPa and Coffee Setts. Castors. /Le, also Bri-
Liana %Ware of ail Kinds; the also% e tt ill be sold for cash u low
OF eau be bouglu this side New York.
May 22.-1 CA OW a Lt. & O easarr.
Land Fe! Sale lta.
a E subseriber nas two farms to rel. both eligibly 'crated for
limning purposes; and convenient to market: well timbered,
watered and adapted in prcper portions to grain and grass; per
sons desiring to make good locations had betier call before the
chance is gone. t i ne of them is a siliall place containing about
30 and the other 110 to 140 aeres more or le t s.
Paid for Mount) WO warrants or located by we
West Spring,llcld,sErie Co., Pa , May 16th 1.32. til
Raritan, Paper walls,
-Eltir. PA.
31AR VEY having disposed or h. • eregt its the
INA nbo%ee..tabln•htneht. m.t n the !marine.... rviii & Per
s Samuel Sehleo. the h••••• ale" ti llhereatr•rt, nolueted by
the elib.sentqw ull•ler the naineorPerk•us& zieldea. o
all aeeouotx of the lateiirm. oet 19.
■ 1.. PERKIN!. It If I. !EMDEN
/Oft els New Salt.Ju.ireceivr." r for -al- 4
T. July it. RTLItIti TT & CIAT.
0( )0 I."
(00.! '11:11iuto Fi%h. Trout
Mack-Jai. R tee. tic. etc. Just rccei%pd fre4t at
Jul) 31. Sri 1? & GR•T.
T o rjatinszne. _
T ITST received ;A No. Introveti's Block, by the subscrlbem a
.Ilarge assortisteut of !dui kt'cr's superior
Tina Book- Mob. and New' Ink,
in '10.1.3 and 30 I h kegs. and biennia' lib each—Also; Red Green
and Rine Ink. Those is n - ant cannot find a biller article.
Etie July 17. 1e32. 1,0 UCRLIN &.141.041,1
Wanted at tar Xtsilereek Wollea Factory.
rrns: subscriber having taken Mr: John Jowett into partnership
A' in the Ma nu foe tin mg, Business. at his old stand in blillereek
township, n Lett. they are prepared to manufacture any quantity
of wool into cloth. cassirnere. blankets. daunt!. &e.. on sharem
or by the yard. as a ell as any other establishment in the country,
having as good cards as can be lad lip in Western Pennsylvania.
Carding and spinning 'lone for r; cents a run of thei r own Wool.
Carding Rolls 4 cents per lb. cloth dressing done in any style that
is wanted on short POW C.
CuPet , v , a , lied and eOV-retainell for extra pay, or Iv:tidied
with t.ctip at the owners
N. 11—Perpons leaving Wool at John Wing's, F.agie Village. to
card. will have it taken on tf..aturday and returned the next, or
carrel.' thevallte. CTRI'S NASD,
hi illereek . July 2. 1828 8 .1011‘ anWIeTT.
• 197. Hess:dray. Det and Fallen aireel. Nee fork.
GENT LENI EN'ti ruruishing Goods of the latest styles eonsta nt
ly on hand. Vaal. Military, Youths' and t'hildren's Cloth
ingniode to order with neatness and despatch.
and Cents Kid Glover of every Shade and qualify just
L received at July 3-8 J. SW KENY'S
Rt AWN and tileirched siiectinasanti shirting' juslisieireil at
rte July 3 . N J. etN EIENV'S.
_ _ _
Era? onsum or raezzort.
MR.3. CUR.TIS having returned from New York has opened
her Fall stock of Millinery and Fancy Goods, comprising,
as usual, the newest styles. The following embrace a part --
Bonnets °revery variety, ribbons in abundance of nery quality,
Dress Caps. Dead Dresses, Artificial Flowers. Plumes, French
n orked Collars and Caps. Under Bilk% and Sleeves. Inserting*.
French liimity, Embroidered Linen Ildk'G,Tbread Laces, Black
Dates, materials of all kinds for Bonnets, wide s lk, rdcat for
cloaks, silks, satins and trivets of all co!ors, gloves and hosiery
of all sizes and kinds. mittsl.ool lone and short, velvet ribbons,
dress and cloak trimmings of every kind worn. cord- , and tassels
of different sizes. articles for mourning, hair combs, worsted
braid, fringes and pulp, F win. cord, gilt and embroidery cord.
enildoiilei!, pa terns. inn rk ing canvass arid crewel, k. 'Bing yeam
'and needles, fancy baskets. In feet every art:e le behmging to a
complete assortment of Ladies' u filch %till be sold,
wholesale or retail, at reduced prices for cash.
My facilities tor doing b u siness are such that I can ani will
sell goods as cheap as auy Douse to eat of New York of the 1110:M
Alditncre fitrntshed Urfa! at minted prices. Ready made
Hamlets and Monks rotew.lnity on hand. All onlers attended to
with neatnes, and dopelch. Corner of State and fifth streets.
I:He Pa Oct. 4 '&34.
riANDI.ES, Camphene. Burning H./id, Lard 0,4 very pure
rior Star. alp° Siert ne Candle= 'rle h lx•tter and quite as cheap
as Tallow Candles for Pale by the I ox or pound by
Effie Vet 234.4. CARTER dr. BR( , Tlf ER No G Need More.
LIAdEED OlL—!.i bids. purr, Wevii.rri Linseed Oil tbr sale in
quantities to suit purchasers.
New Paris Millinery and Panay Goods.
• Ailas. DAVIS ik CO. have removed their fashionable Mani
lla very establishment maim house onetloor below the Custom
lloaise, and will Ire open on Thursday October 7, Itosl, the
mold elegant assortment of COMP in their lice ever offered iu this
city. l'he ir stock ermsostv ofalmost everything
.NlllO. Rini, Or re I IICII in fits Aftlliltery live,
Such as Silks. Samisen a Ikons, Flowegv. Laces, Edgings, worked
Collars and Sleeves. llounets of all styles, qualities and pricev, an
short every doing to be Amnia on a fashionable Millinery Establish
ment, roll of which the public are invited to call and examine.
1J The Dress ma k 13 , 14in:tient win be under the charge of
Mrs. Cochran, wawa success in giving satisfaction to customers
is a sufficient guarantee for the future.
Erie Oct. 9 lEitt. 111
GOLD and Silver Watches. rteh Jevrelr) . MI% er Warr,Cloei;,
Looking Glasses, CA Portrait and Picture Frames, Solar
Ca inphene and fluid v ide an d onspending Lamps, Glass Lanterns,
stained and plain Glass. !Ituslcal Instruments, Strings. rte..
Walking Sticks, French and German. Top., just purchased in
New York, and receiving and opening new and frevh, at ‘t hole
ante and retail. Call In and Fee the stock. Buy a cheap clock or
something else. if you like. at AUSTIN'S,
Eric Aug. 7 ISI•1 11 Opposite Brown's 1 low ,
.4-.7' T E ~, V 7' I 0 A' W.l A' TED.
TIIE attention of Farmera, Bakers and feeders of stock, is re
specifully called to an examination of the Conical Burr
Stone Grist Mills. just started to do custom Grinding at the Fa Ir.
inunnt }]llls in Erie. Those Mills are warranted to perform as
recoul tided, anjj will make better dour with clove grinding
than y flat stone whatever, and we challenge enniiietition,
having lull confidence in those Mills. sad shall rely on the judg
ment of those it Ito stake a trial of them, or the nork the} do. for
FOC C . C.,. and patronage. The drat Premium a Silver Medal ww.
awarded to the Conical MiUs, at the Ohm mate Fair, making
over forty premiums awarded to the Conical Mills at the different
State Fairs Apply to .1. SEIM En EER Agee i t Amer-
Mau Ilutel, or J. L. Sanford, Fairmount llills Erie.
Erie Oct. I Mt. 21
1 4 ' At 11ROIDERED cothlr.„eutTsoundersterveg, rt.
I . hric edgino and innenin2. JA CllBO
Boots and Oboes.
LT ARIAN hone. nOV► boills.nhpo ll'omen's calf and e
inueloil boors and buskius. fur st4c as cheap RP ni any Other
esra4li4ucut iu ton n. r; SKLIIEN k HON.
Erie ()et. 34 —23 No. 6 Traers Block Cheer/side.
1 1 \1111'63 0611 Of Vide . &
J (J
No.f. WUtialisiMock. Sittr. rss
• s a tiin et o, pad, twirl mid §}ilate cheat Li MVO r..
FIFTY DOLTAas f IluttleT R ill (Wei! e 317707
to cure 3lty cage of secret disease that way ccnie Indef
care. no matter how loi.g standing or afflicting. }Alber ni ,
itiviterfto his private rosins, ..ta }iorth Seventh street. 1% 4 , 6
without fear of interruption from other palltl4/. 6iraageri
others who have been unfertunate in the selection of a Physic %
arc nava, d to call.
I MPOT ENer—Through unrestrained indulgence of the i rei,
ions, by exec.! or sel f-al - die. the evils are n uruerous Prea uvs
impotency, in; oluntary seminal discharges, wastmgof theconu
loss of memory, a d;starde nor female society, general deallny..,
constitutional dera getnent, are sore to follow. If r,
consult the Doctor confidence ; he Mier, a perfect Care.
READ AND REELECT—TUC afflicted w outd do a ell to regstit„ .
fore Irustinr, the it health, haDiditeril, and in men, edres tDen
lives, to the hands oiph).tc.tons ignorant °raps class ut roaladm ,
It is certainly inipmssildc for one man to understand ;noet .
the human family are subject to. Every respectable tiara,,,
liar his peculiar branch, in xi hich be i• more sue c e 5 0 .14 ,bac h ,
brother profetsora, and to that he del otes B ost of 11 , 1 mot 41
' , Judy. Years of practice, exclusively dex wed to the otter sag
treatment of dineasex of the sexual organs, lop-duer with aters,
upon the body, throat, nose, or legs, pains in the head, or km,
mercurial rheumatism, strictures, gravel, irregularities, datam
arising frimi youthful ezre-res. or im purities of the Glom!. traeß.
by the constitution has beeeme enfeebled, enables the Ikea%
offer speedy relief to all n hn ;nay place themselves under LS Mt
Mc-helve forwl.rtletl to any part of the rutted State, —b i
five and tea &liars per package. eept I 161 , 4 1111
IVERY ()Meer and ...4oldier a bo ha. served as lona as 'Also
month" in an) %las (of the United States) MCC rtIV utst
elititiCti le ao.l, (if he has net meet t.ed it )
Es't•ry• ()Meer and Soldier u Ito has (at any tiux.) been winds'
or in any way disabled o tole In the serrate of dot Unheil Stank
in the line of his dilly," aseautlrdtoapensionforltß,awl.
lug to the derree or disability.
Widows (wo"t of theta) of the Odicers and el:Adler, of tbe
ican war arc entitled to 5 3 ears pension.
•• Widows of Revolutionary Soldiers." if liarrted betbre hnl
ay/ lets', arecattttied to a idnoion br lure.
Parties in every part of the ritited_States and in the Canada..
havens chorus for l.and. PC1)51411/I or par of any kind will It,,
their claims promptly and properly by aildressiask
Subscribers. post paid
.Ve have permanent and energetic agents at Washmuna,
make no charge in any case aides the claim is. estaLlabgg._
Many claims for land. Ike.. that have peen rejected for wi l t
proof, at.c., cau I e e•ttablisbcd by the Subsea:ben. Writ to
and see.
P.O.—Bounty Lend Warrants are eor.irtantly bought merited
by the sob.r r ittrro at the best retry, pules wishing to Le) &raj
will rink! it to their interedt to advi,e n ith ui. E,ery ttuult of
a Uunkino and 1.7.5. c beep boomers is done by the sutseribete.
Noe.% 1t I I rschunge Brokers, betroit. Mick.
• II A W I. 8
I UST received at the New York Store, a splendid r.ssociassi
°llona and rriare Uruclia. all wool. Silt. Ca,timerr, hi
Leaf. abd Btrandilla iihawls. cheaper than any Dora Ti.w
dare otter thew. RCIIP!Ill Ler, tttc [dace is 4 doo , d l tof tine
Bank. Erie-N . IV. 2 1 .-.-t J. SWESET.
ALARGE assortment (it . Paraavitt. Cashmere. roptia,
rind. and Uelaias. just received at 28 SWENEY'iI.
BLACK Velvet Ribbon. Laz , , Gimps. Braid and Dress bat
tow, Ladies and Gents'. Linen Rinds., Embroidered Cob
lam. Silk and Lisle 'Thread. IVorsted Gloves, just opened at
Erie Nov.llo SWENEY'S.
[7ETERSHAM Pilot Cloth. Broad Cloth, Cassitnere, SallErtlt
II Casinett. Jeans and Flaunt.% at
• Fate Nor. to Lts.ll-37 EIVENEV't
POPIANS—PIain, sniped and tigurol. also. a firm piece* et
Silk and Linen. These 'times are very rich eitt."r faders
WS or Mantillas. Nov. 27-211 2. b. t vuei.
Laois Rubber Gloves.
00UNTRY M ANTS, in making their pucbases, shall
V not neglect ineee ifesiratile not rateable articles. Then
manufacture hag ',wen much iusiirored recently and the) us
tirade very durable. Particular attention ifrennessed so ile
'root. LINED GrLOrES .4ND .11177!ENS.
They arc indi•pcii.alle in cold and 'act nether.-Ladle. will 6iti
there Glove cork that vv ill ',oil the hands. at the
Mule time that they will cure the wort Fall Rheum or cloned
Maud* iiiimeiltately. Tile) arc Wade all length* 10 protect 1.1111
Om. and writ..
For salr by %V 'leo:. Billings as Co.. No. 2 Church
Coal) ears Cr Chestnut elreet. do. J. & Phillips. Pan4hopt.
en. F:deuner & 113.401. Pi 4 i.inore, Md. 11. .W.
Charles tyn. flirt & 111e:cos., Cio., Ulsio, amid lry aU Ist
her Ilea tot. nr the I •
- For at retail 14v Country Merchants generally,
I:ne. Nov In.
T: 15.1311ET0N & GO.,
No 5 Reed Rowe.
R jrist receiving a large and well !elected Flock of Drop.
11 Medicines. and Vlieinica:s. dye Woods. dye Mulls. tar.
paints, flamers articles, varnishes. window glass, potty. OWN.
vFare. pe(funiery, fine soaps, tine bair, tooth and paint brush%
louden and denial instruments, teeth, goW asd
OM, tobaceo, snutrand Cigars. pu.e wines and brandies Ibr If
ieinal purposes. fancy articles. At list. Issas and water colon.—
We make our purcha-ea for cash, and otter goods as low as am
14 e bought in fins section. 17 Warrailed so he fresh purr gad
genuine. Orders , from the country promptly filled n lib sans. ion and guaranteed.
l'hyriciaua Preeeript ons will receive panieular attention at
all Hours of the day and night, Lila Nov.lo IE4I te
DENTISTS will find at J. II Burton tr. Co's an onwortment of
Dental lostruineutg, manufacture.] by Kern of Philadel
phia, a eo. Teeth of all. kinds, Gold and Tin Foil from J ost4
White. do Co. Rrie Nor. ta ttis7l-2.90 No. 3 Reed Douse
BRUSHE.3—hair, ir. tooth, nail,elothea, whiiewaah, scrub, borne,
tilack...7., .tope, evititer, alter, Piano. dusting, tlnnerii
scouring. lila:k:hv, ry ea. Pop,.!'s heads, n endow and Mar
btushes and health bruoina. ths .1. H. RUSTON &
CGARS—tv,tine Genusue Print spc and liawana
freci Cd at Erse Nov. :V I-31-2 . J. 11. Eli.raTo• & C 01.
f f l you want to know how it is done ? Colt on Tibbals k
Mites, Mr. I f'rown's Block, where we are pellsm , coo&
fresh from Vic 11011 houses fur thirty-three and oue-thiri' -cent
less tha It the same goods were sold four weeks two_ ~re de
xtrous to prove to the public what we assert. and Folleit a caU
from one and all. Erie Nov 30 w TIIIHAI.S & HAYES.
UtILIN Lk! Lauiciaf beauttful styles ;also all wool de LIMN
50()0 Free Ahoattae• for 1-3. l—C all and getfowe at
Nov. BI'RTON'S. No 3 Reed Howe.
c/ ISl' Reeesved at IVarren's. 100.. Brown's Block a fresh.h
ply of Sheldon's celebrated Water Proof Polls:di Blaclms
- - .
The PoWith produced by this Blacking is not dinimeil or washed
cif by snow or water. J. 11. %V.taar.N.Art._
88OWN , 11 - NZW - 110731L.
THIS House is now oi.en fur the accommodation of the Public
Both house and furniture are entirely new and of 3 11 1 18 111 Y
unsurpassed by any home li'eTt of New York Coy, and Ow pm'
Prieto , hope, to reerive a liheral share of patronage. r/1/01 1-
r!ff and liaeg,:te e.:Tried to and from the eats free of charge.
sonthern %urges leave this daily. Charges reasonable.
Erie Nov. ISO 1 - &52. ti
pll'E:ll77 , itTeiafTiiriiir.C.T,i, I — Ti,7xo Zitic al -
Oct. 311-5! S 2 RUFUS REED'S__
13U7'N.4 :DS' Patera' aarlf-raljusti tag curtain tiltUregt a nice ll6l
cle, ril,o Brash bands, Brass and Glass Pins, at
Oct. 61531 SS Rurrs Swig.
WOOLEN YARN—A large good ossortinon of wools"-
yarn, for oale-at the otore of
Erie, Nov. 4111145i—Y6. , VINCENT. RISIROD k CO.
50 DOZEN Woolen Socks and chi - Wrens hosiery at a low St
ore at our store. VINCENT. H IMROD & CO
Erie Nov. 6 19.11-26. Between 11th and Ith State street
in-Ex cat and Circular Paws at
ITEM reteived a splendid assortment of Plain, blk. blue Oro.
J elide and striped Ptlks, also eol'd Silks of every style sad
quality at reduced. priees,alua 100 long and square woolen shale*
nt great bargains. 11100 Muslin Collars from tc tr. to 61 00 a pie" .
Cashmere Long Shawls, very cheap at the New York Store. In.
513ontiell Block Erie Oct 30 , .1.1 AIL:BRICK & ILOl l *
JUST received a large and well selected stock of Dry Cads'
Groceries. Hardware and Crockery; all of which we are ile•
term' oed to sell al the lon e.t prices for prompt pay. Ilarascrel
taldis'oed the ea...lllnd read) pa) principle. we will not be-tunic'
sOld--gtve us a call and satisfy yourselves.
Rt twrvn 11th and Itth State-o._
Erie (let. 30 1033--t3
13,U FFALO amortment just reeeived
sale cheap, Oc t3O 1 , 31-1.3 V I NcENT. BINROD & co,_
Now Goods: New Goods 11
T AM nou receiving to stock of Fall and Winter goods. aw
-1 prising the most A.:musk e assortment of Domestic and Fancy
Dry grxxls ever offered in this city, which I will sell for Cash at
lower price than any other establishment west of Butfalo. Those
wishire to mirebsse for cash wilt find it to their Interest to can
andel: l lmi l e my !cock before purchasing elsewhere. also an sx•
tcnsi%a rissortutent of (rotterter.ertekery and Hardware on bead
which weft be Fold cheep Ibr cash. Please call and examine for
)ourselves at me old s tand on cbcnpside.
Nov . . 6 14'4-16 EIMITH JACKSOIf.
. _ - _______—
Ell Fli MER V.— 'f fultuw Ina elegant extracts and 'Ce nt ' bi
P. Pivcr and other'. viz: Jockey club. Jew
iti ht
rot L .. u ien t: , , Ita
yi4 g li i , l l , r'
ito.,” 111111 S, Fining flowers, Sweet Pea, Eamb
only, Iletlyomniti. Verbena. Tea Rote. Rote Geranium. Neer
blown Hay. Erie Oct. Y'.3-24. CARTER. & BROTHER.
__ --
laa.dies Ilubber Boots. __
JUST the thing fur muddy crossings and snow drifts, for Isle
by Sent...'.'s. WILCOX & NORTON.
_ .
FRENCII English and Aniencan prifits, at wholesale or resit
ehea at Ern , Nov. 0 tSII-20 JACKSON'S.
BAT state and ir . ,ote ti plaid Phawls both squart-and loaf. Ike
resin and I llstnnere do. Ladies and Gents Cashmere and Mee
•no marts for sale cheap at Nov. 096 JACKSON'S
AMES and Gent; Of,
ron glove. all Colors, rates and prices at
e 70ov. 6 1090 —ld OAI ITII J A frIKAIONOti Ilica Pei de*
clievta OWL sod Vomit,l l,o ,
iipp low e ina ff, 0411 , 01gM ll '
i c a s. ls°Q . e " Egt a lltSitt Guar, GlooPliod.
tions. &e.
la 3