Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, January 22, 1853, Image 4

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ket, extracts for the handkerchief of ever, Lind, Colognes.
hair ails, pot cedes, amsettlinc a certain cure for chapped hands.
Hppolve, *barrio.; mops a nd c ream,' Or nrar qUa/ily, boy rhea, hair
dre,-hair restora depi:story Powder, in short we constantly
k replan band a c.,mniete asnon men: cr every kind of Perfumery,
fancy articles sod \ ankee hollow, of almost ever,: deserlption.
Perions within:, to buy are reara , :aedy invited In earl all they
may depend tape t gefttng tvJat twee wart at the lowest Witt, at
the city drag store atate Erie Dec. 1-30 P. HA
WAITING FA e —Bi ue. White, Letter. Ca p. Gilt edge. cul
wed, altiu arid note Paper, fare elleelapes. plan and f
seallug envelopes, cards of ali kind. which cannot fail to suit
trusitolsagli, give us a call tad see. Dee. 4 IS: 4-W. P. 114 V..
To the Honorable Crerl n f Garter Lr curiae.
THE petition of Fi d el Dettlinger, in the East. Ward
et the - city of Erie. reapeztfully moments, that ha i 3 well
maids! with hones roon3 and conveniences for the lodg•
lug aid aocemmodatien of wanglers andkruyiers. at the
hones he now ocsopies in said ward. lie therefore preys
the Honorable Cum to grant him a license for keeping
• public inn or tavern, and he as in ditty bound, wit
prey. cite.
EM. Jan. 8. 1853. • FIDEL DUTTLINGER. I
We, the subscribers, citizens of the said East Ward of
the city of Erie in whist' the above inn or tavern, prayed
to-be licensed is proposed to be kept, do certify that Fi
del Dattlinger. the above applicant. is of good repose for
honesty and teneperanco. and is well provided with house
roses and conveniences for the lodging and accomrno
dation of strangers and travelers, and that such in inn or
tavern te necessary to accommodate the public and en•
strangers and travelers.
Cadwell, A. R. Flynt, Adam Wild.
Jelin Hechtmen. Lorenee Koesbiol. E. A. Beouett, J.
G. Barr. S. H. Kelsey, Fred. Schneider. John Heil
eman. C. Siegel, Robert Hills, Moses Koch, Joseph
Retool, Jetta Lantz. 3135
To tie Memoreble tlie J gee of sas Court of Warier .ScisiJx• of
1114 Perseefor the Gantt 4,e Erre :
lag , PetitiOtt of Edward Green of the Borongb of Waterford in
said county, respectfully represents that be is well provided
velth house room and con vethences for the lodging and acrom too
dation of strangers and travelers at the hoe se now °ermined by
the said Edward Mreen iii said 13arough; be thereat c rerpectioll)
prays the Court to grant him a licence for keeping an ion or put,
lie houseOf entertainment there, and your petitioner will pray,
4e. Waterford, Jan. a ISM, EDWARD - GREEN.
We, the undersigned citt. ens of the Boroo ill of %Voter ;r.l
aforesaid being personally acquainted with Edward Greco. the
above named petitioner. and also having a 'knowledge of the
beastatar which the license is prayed do hereby certify that such
home is necessary to accommodate the public anti entertain
strangers or travelers, that he is a person of food repute for hon
esty and temperance and he is well provided with house TOOM
• and conveniences for the lodging and accommodation of ctraa
gem and travelers. we therefore bey leave ,o reCOUIIIICCIJbun for
a lireuw.agreelbly to his petition.
Oliver. Thom - thiver,ll. liainiltun, J. Mackey.
Z.. Mackey. Ezra cooper. Cheater Welt, Tboinas J. Stn Ile i tf.
Win. Brew, d. C. Stanfo , d, A. Boss, Austin Cannon. Simeon
To the Homo? Cenci of Quert sr Res-oos of Eric County
Irlfilg Petition of Cherie! 15. French of the west ward in the
city of Erie, in said county, retrectfu'lv represents, th a t he
is Well provided with house room and con ven , enees tor the lodg
ins and accommodation of strangers and travelers, at the house
he now cienupie. in said west ward city of,. Elie. lie therefore
prayathn Honorable Court.' to ',rant hull a Tie...o*e for keeping a
public inn or ia vern, nd be, as JD duly bound, will niay, Esc,
Erie, Jan. A, 1812. CIIARLE• 4 S. FR LINCII.
We, the su b scr ib er ,. s lie west ward city of Erie in
which the above inn or raveiso, p rived ho he licensed is proposed
in be kept, do that Co ries S. F.ench the above applicant,
is of good repute r honesty and t a.:erance, and is well 'wort •
seed with house room and conven line for the lodging and ac-
Mlimenodation of strangers and tr.ivelas: and that such an inn or
*avert' is necessary to acconnuod.ut the pubic and crucrinin
Ariliogens and travelers.
aileaeseh-4. G. Burlingham, Wm. f. Warner, Wm. Roach, P.
H. Ohre,. 11. 8 Par, C. N. Wilcox, B. H. Boyle. 11 +ram Roberta.
Seolatoto 11111, J. W. Stifle k, A. Andrews, P. Wheeler, A. sill,
bah. 2t3.3
To tho Iloaoraelo Coort of Qsarree Juries/19f Ere Co'lo y.
Tkl6l etition of W. Warner, of the ci.v of F.tle in said
m* - county, respectfully represents that he is we , l.provided with
boom rosin and conveniences for the lodging and •accommoda.
lien Of *amassers ant trs‘elets at the house known as tlielKeY
stout !Rouse. fOrtner l 3 oteuPied by It Kee er, in tuid city of
Erie. he therefore pray. the Ho rablc Court to rant him ali
cenm for keel - illy; a paLitc inn or tavern, and he as in duty bound
will pray. ke.
Erie, Jan. 6 , 1.6:4- WAI.TEY.W WARNER.
We the subicribers citizens of the West Ward of the e•ty of
Fate. In which the above Inn or tavern prated to be licensed ta
proposed to be kept, do corn - that Waite , ' iv. Warner, the a WIT
applicaal, is of do id repute or hone.ty and tetuperattee, and is
well provided with house room and con venlence , r for tlte Ic .R
-ing aeeorornoda..ou ot - straiarro and traveiers. and .hat stet'
an inn or tavern to necee.'try to accountioJate the publie and en
tertain ra nd strange travelers.
Sigaeti.--8. W. Keefer. Station Duan,C F Norton, J. Abell.
Lando°, J R. Cochran. P. 1.1 all, A. C. Jact.ton,
Warner, Porter Kelsey, A. Walters, 7. 11. VI - 11112mi. 3t3.3
fl the Hoourrobie Court of Quarter Swum, of iris Cvsiate.
T"Enekton of G. W. Fax. of the West Ward of the city of
Erie In said county, retipectfutly represents, Olt lie is well
provided with houoe room and conveniences for the lodging and
accommodation of strangers and travelers, at the hooky tie now
occupies. known as Fox's Hotel in West Ward. lie there
fore prays the lionoraide Court to grant hint a license fbr keep
ing a public ins or tavern, and he, as in duty bound, wilt pray,
Ecie. Jan. P. 10.12. C. W. FOX.
We. the ruNre.ri hers, citizens of the 'Wert Ward or the city or
Rae in which the above inn or tavern, prayed to be !teemed is
proposed to be kept, do certifv,thst G. W. Yu:, the above appli
cant is of good repute for honesty and temperance, and is well
provided wittlitouse room and codreu iences for the lodging and
accommodation of strangers and travelers, and that *itch an inn
or tavern is necessary to accommodate the public and entertain
stringers and travelers.
Sirse4.— Wm. F. Rendernecht, B. F., A. C. Jackson.
toneetKetsev. Wm. M. Gallagher, A P. Durlin. H. G. Ne/cons,
P. tun, T. W. Moore, N. Murphy, W. W. Warner. U. Zattsmet
lAIII. ' •31.33
'To IL florwrebbi Court of Qicrtirr Seasioss to Erie Comity.
I 'j Hapetltioaof H. G. Bess ions, of the city of Ellte.01111"
ty.reepectlupy, represents that he is well provided with house
roes and conveniences Ibr the lodging and accommodation of
stringers anittravelers at tho house known as the New England
noel, Ibeaserty occupied by Daniel K nobloch, in the slid city of
Nvie. He therefore prays the Honorable Court to grant him
Mena Itn‘reeplog a public inn or tavern, and be, as in thrty
bound, wilt pray. ikc
Nat. Jen. 6. ths3- 11. G. BESEION3.
We, tbesubseribers, c itizens of the East Ward of the city of
Vie la which the above inn or tavern, prayed to be licensed, is
kept, &reentry that ff. G. Lssions, the above named applieent.
Ise( od repute Ibr honesty and temperance, and 'swell provid
ed w ith house room and conveniences for the lodging and ac
comasmiation of strangers and travelers, and that such hose is
aecersary to aecimarboda.e the public and entertain strangers and
sigma —P. Hall, George Taber. A. C. Jakson, H. Bates 0 A.
Landon. J. H. Witliatits, Milo Randall. G Fox. Geo. A. El
liot. Porter Kelsey, Benjamin Grant. 8. C. Brownell.
To fatsliesisrable tits Judges of tile Court of Qs/seise Sassioro of
Erie C'esaly.
fr fit Petition of Perry G. Str.inaliatit, of the lownittip of Le
Ikeutf. and county aforesaid. respectfully shoat-all, pt it he is
well provided with house room and zutiveniences for lodging , and
iscCoMmodation of strangers and travelers at the house he now
occupies iit said township; he therefore pray a Uw Huller:able
Smart to grant hint a license for kcepirtz a p thin inn or tavern,
Jr Wend: Dec. E, 1E33. PGltti Y G. S/RANAILAN.
Well* undersigned. c dizens of Le ii.ruir town-hip. in tt
the above mentioned tavern is kept, du certify that the
petitioner is ofgood repute fur Ituaest.t nod le,n,,,eranze, and iti,t
be I. well provided with house room and Coavcntcuee, f the
accommodation of strangers and trat tiers, and that s.iid 1, Arse ,s
necessay Stir the accommodation of strangers and travelers.
Sieneal.J—W Minot J. Cottrell, 11. G. Pratt.T E. Trac} ,L.
LeLe**: Cookeen Green, Hugh . Middleton, hrel
Melly Pratt. Charles Taylor, William W. itderly, William Ver
ret., thaeiet Wendell, P. Carroll, 3194
lIP the 011ierelih tae Judges of 14e CJort of Quarter orations of
tie Pogo of taus court! of Fr, e.
TPetition of dairviel tV cs c!I at th e tol:ship of :41 , ,F.e.z0 ,
and en/ nty afarettaiii, - respectfully shoneth that he is well
prpuided3wila bou.e room and Co,. ven ieueeo fur the ludgina and
WeentantOliatlein or strangers and travelers at the licese he nom
oeeOpko to End township he thorefore lamp/ the llotihrable
Court to grant bim a Iterensd for keeping a publie inn or tavern.
Jan. el 1653 VNIU BL V' 181 V
We, tbe underaisned eitizens of M•i{"•an town•htp in which
the above mentioned tavern Is ,kept, do celifir th it the al,owe
'Kali:Met is °flood repute fot hone-ty and tein;Tr.iuee and that
be hi well provided with blase room and co•n • cn:c•nres fur the
accommodation of strangers and traveler , arid that said` Louse is
woman! for the aeeacaroodai,on of strangers and Ira% e k rs.
C. J. Reek! ngnanl, J r
Pinney, John titafford, jr., tlavt,l White. Ilar%ey
Staaeliff,Cepbu.s Brainard. Asa Wiswell, John May,
ter etaraellir. John Drown, 'Cronan Back, L. W. So:E.., Rowlani
award. rtattkiia Fellows. :it IS•
gholserabit O a
s Judges f , g supp l e. of
supp of
The petition tg.
Of W 11. May of the township of 31illercek and
eolasity aforesaid, respectfully showith that lie is well provided
with Waite room and eoncen•enees for ludeitig and aceoin t ood..
tiOn of rarsniers and travelers at the house he uotv Occupies in
Said ilawnsbip , Lie therefore prays the honorable court to grail!
him • Ilettnefor keeping a public; inn or tavern.
ha. ft W. H. MAY.
We. the undersigned citizens of Mille reek township. in which
the abort mentioned tavern is to be kept do certify that the abOv
=W:OW good repute for honesty and teltirerilliee and that
provided with house room and conveniences for the
eeecomesation of strangers and travelers and that said house is
meet wry Ihr the accommodation of strangers mod travelers.
atigiaa:—Tbos. Duun. Ira Parker. John iow Mt. I. Nichol
ans. Rudy Illbettuek. Isaac Wolf. Thomas IMinars. Clan au~
Dolma, Chadds Val neer, David Wolf, Jaeol, Vt'o:f, John R Da
ao2ll. • 3t1.1,
d liocuir•its Julies of Os Court of Quarter Srartoua 4 Erie
HE Pettiletborgeorite Taber of the city of Erie. in said eoun.
teepretfatty represent.. that he to well provided with
hoist Mate and eoutteu iene es for the' odds nZ arid ae can modal io n
ofttrawfwee mid wavelets, at the boute uow occupied by sold Ta
blets imp wen ward.
natieteerbre prays the honorable Court to grant him • lieen-e
ex heaping it public inn or tavern, and he. as In duty hound. will
ever pay, ke. Erie Jan 8 '33 cr,ozat: TAMER.
Ws. tat mabieriben. citizens of the west ward aforesaid. met
which the above iuer timed Hui or tavern ;s isroposed to be kept.
do NM* that George Tater the above applicant Is of good re
=hoomiy and temperance. sad is well provided with
roomy and conveniences for the accommodation of reran.
gen and travelers., an I that such luu or tavern is necessary for
their seerwhasodation.
Ogari;.•4llprron them B. G. Grown... Franklin Hunt. Win.
C. Warner. John Steele, 3. H. let.Dr. C. J. For, G. W. For,
IL W. Sayies, 11. Al Sessions, Wta P. linderneeht. Jacob J.
Itindeeareht. •343
• WARS, OAllmwr WARE!
MHZ subscribers would adoai this method rtnurn4 their
sincere Mankato the cum.n. of Erie and rein,/ v, nod the
pubhe generally. liar the liberal pai.onace bii hello e .tended to
glinecn.and would mate that they have jaa rece, red from the
of New York andezipilsirea."ortrocutof
etatiraelag Mahogany Sofasordilre-ent steles, Mliho,aany F.each
Solaseads and Chairs. Nebo:any Tables. n lib aid Wolf:Mut Mar lgit Toast,. with a iistof other n rt ;cies too numerous for newspan , r
detail. alio( whieh are otthred at prices lower than they can he
preowned la any other eputhilshment west of New Y 1. i s
wing is no spirit of empty hoao, but tram a tonvie,too of /La
:acre, all all will find who may tale the troirlde to jasthaie a
personal e..ain na t ion
• Thiry tont lane to manuittelare all varlet lei or Cabinet ivory.
They bald thienaletVes in eta - lila tit readiness ro furai,h, al the
shortest notice, art le lea of whatever style or finality. ca a go cat
oftheira4llltir waive satisfaction, ;hey iftrite 10 their state sad
Limit theilities Ow doing good and creep wort. the aheation of
the citizeas oft** city and foamy.
hfattrowses *esti sites kept coostantlyon hood.
tairt, arty ft, J. A. Lunar & Co.
tio, Jays sad airs
Mk by
Park sow, a ow do ors West olth•
Eno notreu.
SHERMAN ia happy to invite all who wish DA,GEERRE.O -
TYPE Li /KEY &ISE:et whoare at ali particular what k rod of
ptc tures they have, 10 his new Rroolits wit le h have been luau et..
pressly for the Att. Li iIIIT is the great agent of the A rti-t. and
IL has been the con qa tit study of at, worillY of Coe name since,
the An was discos e teil,tu eiritlo a i,d control tt Id OW Manlier'
best adapted to prodnce ;tie 1110 , 1 LII enable re:soils. Tile result!
of this study and 0, ,lion ,, mis or e:: pet onents is that there is no
areveetab e permanent ~..,11e, t ill the 15 Ma li'+ it here the plc
lures are matte by a con/loon window, and tic n ho Ea)s h e an
I ,er: ti t tl e () l une, tor i,clures by 'tuella window prot es his tenor:lnc
oh the A, t. The subscriber ilsereibre bets Matey> say that by hi
superior LIGHT. a nd V. it n an anvil talus worth Fla Glues any nth
er in tits city, he is enables to iirqducc pictures which cannrA
equelled on tnis ro ‘ t 0' Itie conflict'. mod orrers to excel! any thin
witch eau he irs - cmuccd in other ruourn.. a Erie. or forfeitone hit
deed dollars. Ile has also a splendid Quick Working Camera
with whorls lie takes children of:lnt age: Get it bed istinetl) ni
&mood his Pictures will not fade ,'properly kept.
N. R.—The "recent i ulna, Yemenis' iti:6 he seen at the
rooms.W . II $ll ERN
Erie. Sept. 10,1 4 31.
, - r o a VZSITOREI
c r, liE p ro rricor, \Y. N. KNovh,T(IN, has part retort
1. the Einprre city, with the largest. cheapest and best assort
ment of JEWELRY AND FANCY 00003
ever before imported iron) that city crest of Dunk irk. all of whir
Dots are Do ready for inspeCtion. On the first thmr. No. 1. may ic
fonnd a large assortment of Gold and Silver Watches, Gold guard
and Fob Chains , Yeyi and Seals, Finger Itiitgx uf every descrip
tion, Breast wits Cl all sorts arid sires. Gulf pins and braceletts ,
Gold, Sat er, and German surer 111111ThleM.V.ild (smells and (XIISI
SIMI 01140 guard cliams. Keys. ice. flaring made arran m e
MVOS WIIIIIIIE. a nuf.icturets at the east to furnish nPO pply v
cry week fresh front the Runt, lie will be able to tarnish in se
articles cheaper than any other e.talilt ailment west tit the termi
nus 0( the New York and Erie Railroad Also, on hand. nt
wholesale or reta i t, any quantity of Looking Glasser, Brass Clue kx
and oilier timepieces. ,
Mcsiexo. INSIRt. Jrc.`,TA...--EILICII as piano furtes.iiielodecns,hass
viols, guitars, violins. banjoes, tambourines. elarionets, Aube..
flageolets, tiles, a ccordcott., ace., solar and catmint:tie Jana*, and
gercndols, C1.1 , a gIObCM., COI tai.cls and wicks. sit vet and German
s i tu., code and leavrootis,sug.or and salt scoops, butter knives.
Curti VC.— A veer tine article of Penknives of the noost celehra
led maker.. RotJr!. I: ml Rotor straps. Mt 1.8075 ?ma „hears. Gclo,
Hitter, and Germ:» silver and steel spertarles.
BaITTA aN I k IVAM.F,--Tell mew, carters, and entidleoicks, ,
MI., i. i I,4Nrot a.—China rases. Fancy Rotes Pla led a ntl Resss
snuffers and Ira) P. steel brig. and purse clasps, hair cowls, it Or)
do.. steel pens, ea rd CalWa. VImI title eartl. and envelopes,grammion
boards. dominoes, chess men. WallmOl and pocket books, kniges
and forks. ten-sorters. &c. i
All of which will be shown to his visiter• al any time berstur ) eit
the hours of fli A. M. and 0 P M., ace gratis, and a innsti fee gni.
ly .cill he taken hour those who may wish to Lake some of slid
art 'elm , home is oili intit.
- 1 - 7 $2 id Palace I. located on Ihr roiled formerly oceupied E ,by
said Knowlton, one door west of the Seed House.
Erie. Sept. 6.-17 I
P 021110241.130.
, i-oilimAgos ia:" parents woo me Vertnlrne-eompose of
-! Clutorol l ,Caloinel.lre.,2re not awzo , e, that while they ts.-
near to benefit 'be patent. they are actually 'as tug fon:Maio ns
for a seller o, such as salt; atit,u. lOssOt . sight, we k•
"...sof ismb, &e. ,
(a another column will be found the advertisement of tlicr4n
sack's Medicine., to Inch n e ask the allell.loll o; all di its.
interested in their,own as well as their children's health. , la
Liver Complaints and all di-orders arisits burn those or a ot ll•
I ions icor. *tumid make use of the only genuine utedicitte,ll t M.
s p a r c o l. p ' r s ,
J r
. l'ills.
T --- 0 - " CM sot deer red," bit ask for flattens:telex Worm litylap
and Liver Pills. arid observe that each has the PislnOltire ofilbe
S. HOBENSACK.. as POLIO else are genuine. I
Au% lt 1.:12., 1.15
tIGItTNI7.4 a 21.0.1) B. l-
- are tt .vpupatedppated to nit upthe' Premium Rods it nd
Poil,li. for any nho n ould like to be protected frcin i the
dange's of Pm lightning. Remember fie man that loclkedtbis
bane a - ier Mot In roc Is as rIOICII. and do not wait until )our hMire
~ io , ~ gent no , 0 1,,. 1,1 0 ,re ) 0 see rods to your imilthirgs.i A
n oril to t he n 1..,e ts outfit tent.
„It tkiE(.l, Ir. 6 .
N. 8.-.111 on irqrs from a tV•t^,rl^ , - utnctually attend!.. .
Roils awl poi ird• at n hofesalt .
!iia.ra l;. 4'0.. . AL
rzazro ronvx ZIMPORZI7III.
.61 a 1 BROADWAY. N EW-VOR K. The wort ex trot , / ve
.1 1,11 and varied argortment of Rovetvaul rialto Fortes. plain
and or n,ttnenta I, clognot pailetnv.enhoratt.l) ear ved. a thi htghly
LitlAsett v sin Pearl t ens, all Qf rlur own tnnuott.,cto re, an 4 trar
ranavl 1.1 every part lc ula r. C 31114. tout. :1 at (Jur w -00uv . , 3131
DIX* Mgt , . -[ aee. eept- 24.-4 VW.EAT .:%; cry t 14".
N. NIL:EMI V ln ,e.l eei.eils in,:ln It.. friends
p,, , f the ,n. ;.I,c lene le Coat lie 1t.4 I , ,c_ted Ilionof
at tile oIJ 'l,lllOl . ic1.1;12.011 L. A1 , ,,i , ;t: .01. the i'aric
Riff we , ' a ta . ge t no I,e;ern.rnstteetin.t 'flit Cop
pv,r and 1-.:lfeet trot Warc„ to.lntincotre,l of 11 , e heel inpn, and of.
/MI/ at LIIC 1110-I f e I.0,.:11; aI .. ,f... VI noft ,ate of fc 1,3,1. He bo on
h aw. ' Stoic. o: . a :1
~r,et., and .la 1111/re COnln Meted wttlt refer
ence to u-etutne.4:nd co ,ve tl It'll Ce. nn , il-klc o.e I:AO, lIIITAIAO Lua
,eg tat. A1...a "iove,n len. ,1 etlpow, owl an‘f.orvoem of
J. 4 PAS W.4R E . 1
tVllich he fhtterrhilliwit 1, nttexceled. tferpt t led, to this ei
M. tk pone of all it,ces and I' n e-e at of e% cry doe r iptioti
ata..l. , ‘ on 'randDekettninett to ;Intone the loptioros with eil
ants l'i 111, 8 UIIICII., 011 d NII 9,a , e no eff , ,rt to render ,atn•faellOf
bores to!creiVe and , uer it a Ittetal share of public pottooa7—
L:t . ..e May 1 le:a.
F 1 iii - -.NM reciivin., %% h•tt.l - 0...i.. Mackarel. Phut. C.
and Ile:lin:4.111a; at a kacnlctate latill at ant More.
Erie, Nos , . 6 I I.GY-143 VINCENT. 11131 R CO.
ills/17841 11 10M COPIPANTI
- Capital $109,000.
mire solder Mossier non. .IA St Pala . Pa.
IT insnnes on the Jnint Cgock and Mutual prinelide., ttu
ioa'lst Istmet departments, contbtnes the privtleret.
netntr.tte COmeriale*. It the r sp , tote only of ,yuCUna o.
i molt:man. and controlled one lnnoi of Directorft,Usus
tug harmony, lrognlo and sail tl.
brne S. Iloon. President. J. C. Leech. Treat , .
13. Nelarkati, Vier Crain. C. A. *Atm, erey.
J. i. loon,Josepl.i.H. Leech.
John Scott. Charles A. Colton
16 ir Outten. Win. Phillips.
Hon. Ww Wilk Mg. I.nte Fleereinry of Writ. .
Hon. Walter FOTWard. [Ate &ClTtlf, of Treasury.
John Snyder, Eon , Cashier of Pittoburg Hank.
Malcolm Leech. P-sq., Wtuoterile o , ceet,
J. Glhzarn. M. D., J. Brook.. M:1).. W. A ilii ii , orf. M.D.
Ed:lav a / 4 M 1). 1. BR AIN ARO. General A
The undersigned Drew of the company at in,. ph ee a n.l
liy, it intw t w.. t pared (*), reee,ve appl icni ion. far I lisoirunee
furnish boolai iiii‘t circulars es plai i.i tig. the prineln en or t
finny to any who tulip wish. A. B. CHAPIN. Anen
Erie. (It'. 30 linaull-93 No 11•Vill•nio.' H
: i n' E Subterilers would ret.tteetnilly inyin..,ttenGon .0 their
I muck of limbo rotte,, smong, l'V'ttl 111 .y he t0. , ...1 l•e best
astortineht of Col riknin k Cm', It nit An 1 tt uhout toe c.e:,-/s•
tel Doter. CO u..anta att. - 0f....m. (not .Eufian) ever nde it west
of Albany. The ammerturity of thme r•aitov is untnyer ..t., ne.
knowle..gel and they iifiVe TOCC11:-e,: ten fink C13.!11 pelempitt.s
O'flillll Or rut five y. ars, in all plates stli , fe. ntueei 111 000WC 11 .
11011 with sit the r rtnetalty known in .1111 vie luny. 'She
eight Iniudred dolls. Piano sold by tn. Met motn't to a ITtille non
10 l'h•j..411 , 11111%10.5 pruaGusie. , l the finest ever e ,. i .,,t n ,i in this
CuY. Every in.1 , 14100 , rd r, it arranted (0 giVe iTriT I ...1; ocl,ou
and the lira aftsalinent IA 11D \V so 11111 t 11 Id use 111.111 'tit no is
Doi constmtderetl perfect It Ithout it. We stmt be happy.° showy
to all wit() call Oil Os. :111.114e , ;:e 014:!1•1% ei 13 dc:i% et ,11 111151 c ill
any l'iouora•te them at urecumly 11111. solve p• [lv charg
ed .it the 111,2 PU fAr tory • (11100 t a•140(4 trallvVo/1.1 , , , 1'. & i'•
Buffalo, Ike. Pt 1-....—.1.A?.. J. 5.W..; k tIONS.
SilklViat of ever.' .I.t-e-tnaion at the 'New yo ,- ; a OV•reiiing
: t Mit t.,,, .. in c 1... , -31 )1;;RItlei: it, DAVIS.
BO rrl.i:s a...t F'1t.•...., yiat..itni )a -t lelfing at v. hole Sale and
retail a. the Cml) day t.ore, : I:re. 440. P. .1!.4 LL.
. .
i , /INN ERS Oil ;Iv COO 1 , 1 111104 1,4 111. ..C1 IQ I e. by illegal.
1 or Qom , . tt :manic.' pore 6sti o I also: a Illee a.1.el of ...M.
I.l:flpoirnm: ...N....4 1i....1 10. :31:: l .:,ec,iy drug .....) e state at.
V./ ir,the. 4 IttJ3, bh P. ALL
B.rafilt n Coots —A large :imam on hand. which win he rota
it jaw latto at — July I: 12.31-10 J 11. — COMET.
--- 7 -------- . _.— -- _,--
To ent. ' ! _
THREE story dwelling. fatuillia.ty known
i t t thi "flank A liatire." on mate /reel, is oitered for lent t. rciatunable
terms. it is one of theilittestediftees, as aril as itinet :tremble
reidet4e in the ells. rostressiou siren on the lot of April neat
Apply to ' Ir.e Dee. 12-41. 1. gozilmovia.m.
War with Spain!
'THE ruby-fiber. grateful to Ms friends and the pnhlre for the patron ce esteirled to him Mani.e his shoe Career in
thewereant,lehuriucv,takesahtsmethodoftnf Horng them that
he rtill continues to sell gods at his unusually low Armes. for
Cash only. believing that small profits and quiet( sale• le the areal
are ret 01,1001 business, Amens his present y melt marl he found
Broad cloths. eargitireres, eatmehe, weldinte, bincha ft)/ wool.
er114111:4e, {ohs, leaf, silk and sir:m.lllla long and square shawls.
ttratueuts, titer:noes, detainee. smith:to s, andendeerei. erbrot
dt red collars, mu-lin ed,:map, tn.ertingx,ei:k and linen bat re.
plaolt and embroidered, gloves and hosiery, Velvet ribtrons, lace,
gimp and n general assortment of dress trimmings. thettimae and
other wince, brown and blenched gtt rt n ph, nail .heet i nge, Oh of
which grill lie sold cheaper than ati v miter borne iu thtfrity dare
offer Uttsatne quill t v of mods. 1
11 fW rork Curb store, 4 doorr east of Erir Bank.
Erie Dee. id-2 J4IHN till'PEN CY.
( (ROCKERY.—Thelargftt itock, the Lest wire, an thc tow
est prices in Ousel* It at I.
70 SACKS Eitteicwheat Flour. Piot rem %IA and foe sale,
0 Erie Ore. 4--30 CLAIM' it MeCARTLII,
9849 Ir. - turi g ..3,l!,%evai..h,,einirfec:r.lesieersmine v tt l l3;;.A
were jabbed fur two weeks ago, itS Tits to &11 VI .
WISDOW glasuof all sizes and qualities, warranted good
qnd will be sold at a wrnll advance above fir t tort, great
inducements for purchases to buy at the City Drug nose.
FAit;Dee. 4 /Pi. P.IDALL.
111DRA/11.004, (Vines, Liquor". Alcohol and evert - 01ns In .4,4
17) trade warranted good and purr will be sold in Ih most gat
icraetory 12311Drf. Eri , Der.'4l 1P32-30 P ' HALL.
AV to♦S ft
CRus"D'Pulverised. Loaf. Granulated, Porto %leo and Kew
Or lea 111 waging by the blat or pound, ebeap as the heapest at
the Keystone Grocery. Dee. 4 11+31—.10. T, W. MOOR K.
r !
Tywin Reefing, Mackerel. White and Codfish for sale by
L Dec. 4 30. T. tir. bloote, Opposite lirowo'il Sew Hotel
irrAel rims :2 _TEAS 1I 1 , •
Tft gi.em smile heapeat lot et Circe% and Black Tea se this city
tteh he (wad at the ereeety Ewe o: T. W. ITE.
Erie Deo. e--410. Oppealte Brown's 211, w 1104.1 tea.
&TRW /MTV lityr:ll, Porto Rteeartd /It* (Means jilsairesepe
male cheap at Ike. 4 tßiti--30 111."MtVit Orogery.
8111.74 - 11411. poem. vats Sob. dostieg. heir. liemle. ~ home.
compeer. scrub, peewee og. Mae k lag. whise-spasele, teem mete.
crumb. emote; JIRO. pent el, erles4er. shoe. meadow, AFL a 4
ismerlterel beroptees or teno toothy sod Witt% to mitt? eiu
Ilad gel 'Vest b,rPla. ' Wee bee. 4 Itill-411 • 14...
I. lie
ut. -
vie" n•
31.4) to
AR HU CK LE ic It V.Th.F.ll'B
R. T. - : 44
ltd Oak Sired, (3 Doors &silk .L Sherman's) fluidic
'Nil. H. having opened an esteos ire CLITTLENVeII CLOT/ZVI.
I and Fr/I'oslll'lG Es-r.aLlonvevi, at ate itbove 6ture, it iv
his detetstinn) ion to pep exe.:tti.ivemttenrion to the
CUS 7' 0 .if BtrS. / ES' 8 .
From the potrin age h he ling ,iireait . received. from ottle
men, Mr. H. freio re"utei: timt the toode of doing butt.-
Pe-Y. rthie.h he hae ar?olited. does an,i nin rot e
crttre soinitietim ho det.ite to
hare their i t.iroicitts node up to
GOOH Aprrt ct.t,ttt the
first quality of
GI R.' G. TV,: rOL 'V 111
Will so way. be in attendance to wait upon Cusloaters.aud take i
orders of gentleman %%piling a getatet 1 fat and a lachsonable jar-'
Men( made up In tits be,i sole. 1
Gentlemen's l'urnishing Goods.
of the I..ife.i Styles', coesf ntlc nn bane,.
YOUTHS' and CH/L,PittISS (ILA/TWAG attada Is order via ' 1
June 12 IIL tn. ,
r 4 J ICIIKCI.I 8 Baking Powder by the 3t 0..5 nTzlos.6,r sale by
J. G. & W. t. Mitts.
June fk,Will ;ants Dlock, rrie, Pa
Clear the track for
SMITH, No, 3, Cheapsidel
wi o ltk . h r . e n ‘ s i on it h h a i n; rge t
whicha oc
p G ur oo t t a .: n t
ed riui r
Ii n; t4 o;;
the Eartern clues, or manufactured by himstlf: by which Ito tr
enabled to sell them so lost that people CIO say they must hare got
by the ruftoin Ifotoe without pa yit,g duly. Well, what if the%
were smuggled, so that the people can buy
Illosatifill silk Hata foe f 1,30
Buffalo liGhts for VI 30. Mestran 1ta1. , : fur :id cent., and all
other gvodot at like luw price*. For proof of which, all unmat
ed cast call and examine fur %twin. t•
rirpou't forget the place, 9u,,th's Cheap flat Store,
Kr le Nowenii,er 9, HSI. 16
DR. 8. C. BROW N truilaol for the !Herat patronage es
tended to him It) Eh, car/Pits Or Erie and vittlott.Y. wttolhl
1131/ that he is permanently located to Ito old stand on State Pt.,
%4 here lie may t.e found at all limes ready toeseeor Dental 'mak
pi the best ooselble manner. He will aleo kccp p hand alt
sortmentot Dental stock for ttict arcomottotlato.o Of mutts ;TOM
the eopttry. Pentieis rote .11Sltetiati . eall. S.
/1.13/3S - IS YoU& 11,EMB Y,
.E.rirsef of a letter from Mr ra'p'e, or 70, St. Mary's
Street, Irepprek, stated 2 1 / a y 1.11h.1e31.
To Professor llollote.iy,l4lr—At the age of 11 my is ife ho io
no 61) eau,tlitr r totem. Co!,. n hick rented 4. her Ie gs, and cares
since that “the they Ware biro utore`or leas *ore. and greatly in
flamed. Iler 020111e1 1{ ere ti,strag in:. and for months together
she was deprited rut irely or rov and steep. Every remedy that
medical men ad% .sed nab toed, but without Key) . her hea)4l/
suffered toe% e , el y, sad U' , iale Orller I. es was terrii.le. Limit
cute° read yotwatlyeil. , ol[lelllP.•Ud advised het tolry tone Pills
and Oiniuseut ; and. as a Irs.t re, atier every oriierremed)
hail proved f , slqeg,, fate consented to do so. She emnisteneed six
I , llAs ago, alit', strange to re'ate. is now in goo I.lfeabli. .11er
legs are paoile-aa. without from ci scar. and sleep is round and
undirtfibed. l'ou'd you WIVE' witnessed the ,suflerinTs mmy
1•0 darigg lire 1; years, arid e..wr,ISC atetll tsktt her pleasanten
yoymetit of health. cm would ;red feel sleli:lited in !11l tog
been tie means o;',,opireatly :Wee:at tn , .;,! ate 11.14 e, : n7g oc iiolote
ere-10.1(t. (1412ted) 0.11,1”:1.
copy ef . frcut Arr. 11:t1g,m . A1.6‘,..raulder . cr G. , s Or cis,
troli-o.tor etir—t suite/cif cur a yerictilotli:l pears
front a bad rim * frill of Inn o or t%ret Jdr rim acci4criho at
ties Work% ; accompanied by ieortnitic tymptota. / had /T
-ecate to a variety of medical ark ice, with Out dert Vliv any ben
efit, and ttaleven told that the leg nut.t Le amputated. set. In
oppo.fliou to that op, arm. )cur Pith amid 0111W/era haK etrev
ed a compete cure in Ao 5110'1 a nine. WI nho had not wil
oohed it would credit ,he tinned) M. AIMS.
The truth °I 11»*iitrdt tuent tan le seritied by Mr. W. P. Ee;,-
lani),Cherui+t 11 Nlaf krt—t,
A pilvAnirui., AAD Eng %ST CLUED lK oNE aIoNT/1.
ELtrart from a L.,Ver j .. .. Jr Tretherir;:7'arrir, f( Pet.hkril,
A e at, Dere. ler PM I'so.
To Prokutnr Lief',may. Pa.,/ Err—.l]) wife had suffered font
had l'rearts for nir•te iltaii si% .1.01 . 1).s, and during the whole pr.
No.'. had the est sa , ..tcal our atlanee, but at! to no use. Having
hrfcre au a%% fat wound at) 0.% n le.. 14 ',car
inr•d t eine, I deterat no. ) Is jat it to u:¢ )I.IU P111.:1»d I )1n1mr10.,), ,, 1
thttrefore 7,1%e theta a trial to bier ease. and fortunate was I did
•0.1 .- >r In leso that mouth a pr , r,0,..t vice was ell , ?led. and ate
heneth that vitriol's other hranches-ol ivy falitily have derive
tra'a their we la reallpasto .1,0111. 14tou •trottgly re:totanattad
than t o all ruy friend". (S 4, toed) FIZEUERICK TURN Ett.
The via, snout,' uAeti co , qo.ntly u ah the thututent nt moat
Cif the fallow .ite
lial Ise s' Chiisto-root Fistulas Rote !Stipples I
Bad 13tesuas Chribiaitui Gout _ Sore-throats
Ultras Chapped hoods NI a n d ri I n r Iqm-diseases
Bunions Corns (soft) - Streliings" Scurvy
Yale oll6losebe- Cauca/. Lumbago Pore-hcads
ices and etatid Contracted and rites Tumors.
Elks eta Joint . 11Theninfl!hrm Wounds
Coco-!ray Elepharnia , is Scalds Yaws '
!told at the establishtnent of l'rotestor Holloway, 2U, Ehtand,
(near Teitiele Bar, London.) and try aWrespectable . weeks IA od
dealer. , iii 'Alf die ioes throughoht the Bra lett of ilEsue
or the United Idtntea, in hoses at Xii.ets., ticts.. and $1 &tars,.
each. IVlrolesale by the princ.init drug houses is the Union,
and by ! A. 11. A. 1. ::,. sirs, New Vork,
rr'rhere is a coos iderahlt raving hy !a il.“%f the trtrier SW.,
N. H. lliteettotis fur the v,uidat.t c_ol IN:tants in tAery dloorder
arc anted to each too. !vitt
per g.lll. and a goodart.e eat
J. G . k tV. 1. Miffs.
No. % Williams Slot*. Erie, Pa.
W 11. 4 .1.17 by the tV
JunfieS; •
'few Edition.
C k J., Riddle. NO-5 1 4 01:th . Thifade'phis. hare
• juat putifilliiett a Bookej Furors,
NORA: tll.d.V Ti 1 71.1. LWALIHED Y.;RI: S.
For Israeli - re in the Courts of Peen• . llvassia and of the rnited
States.aud 1 - 3.7 , aim for the use of Public Officers
;Li m bleu geortaly. ALPIpiIY to the /TCela acts of
astern:4 of Pennsylvania. v% sal explanatory remarks and nu
merous precedents and feces cur es to standard aut'iutt tea. To
which are appended a r:so-rarr of Law terms and a eonsous In
dex. By Jatnes D. Dunfap, Counsellor at Law, /re. Second
•Priee- l'cur
The publishers have aiready received from nearly alt of the
President Jude,, , ,• of our i:tte, ail from rtiter (coat:snail eminent
in the legal profersian. then optiaions of the work, t inch are of
a highly complimentary nature. The fanar,ag are swq e t,,Le s t (w ar
a large slumber of au equally favora fs:e charat ler—
Wellsborovrii, A pr
Gentlemen t The calleetton% Jf c„urt form% for con yeyinc /lir.
14. e, cinch had been to use prevlo.ts to the tottillcatiOn .01 nutt•
latt*o work la 1e43, needed reviitioo to snake them movement,
and to adapt them to changes %hie, lezpdrition had andetedorc
einthry iti the prat( ice in the court. , in Venue; I van la. -
Y(Pir edition of that work ttlefe'Ore received, as it merited. the
appri..battun o(the legal, •wod eunp led a tract which
wax fet I. by boxirees inch gener.f.l:, th•r•0•41,0111 the State.
After the tAlgnerCall , tr . /1. 111Vrtl tl II sou hare re,:etveil from
roil/tent Judges, in rrvect 10 the usetuipes, arid cccellet.ce of
that tit ert.. commend:thou of It from tne tro ill be ouperfluorts.
1 may be permitted, hot!, ever, to remark that 1. at prole or the
general charaettr and .irraneen.ent ol tlie work, and, hav lag ex
:4minr.l a portion Of the new !du which you are pubho l ing,
m ty add that the 401.110 t has 'Rnentky ehlarped nod unproved his
t ret edition, and that, when publthnel, his book will re the thort
coovettlebtand useful cute of the kind estant.
Very truly yoUra. /Le.,
Messrt. E. C, & J. Ili:Idle. R. G. WHITE.
Pittsburgh. Apia s 5?.
Gentlrment ”Puulap's Cortveynneing and Forms' Is a 'cork or
decided wer it. I tint glad to rind tl.nt it •10 be reprodtseed, with
many valuable additions It should be in the hands not only of
haryera and maginfate*but of the Isisinets voumuoity ceneral
ty. There is aeareety a poeition in life in which a man will not
ocenpionettly dnd hismelf in eked of ihe aakwiailee of *Li ch a wo rk.
I hope tire author may be abundantly renunicratind. for the
earning and industry Lestowed upon it
With great reilileel, your., &e
Almon. E. C. It J. Piddle. LTra FOIL WAP
Gentlemen: You have favored um otth the VI ilted she ets. grow
page 9 to INS inclusive, of the second edition of Mr. Dunlap's
pow( of rums. lam pleased to learn that It second ediuou of
his work is about being issued. It has been. and now is, one of
the be.t Harks of the Lunt In the hands of the profession, rind
ovithWty much iiiiiiprovol by the author's re% icon and addniorm.
I hate the pienrure , .fau ac.ittai timer! with Mr. IMulap Fie
isa gentteruen whose respectabre prolessimml attainments nod
methodte al habit of tut n 4 ft hint well to he the author of ruch a
work. I shall not bestowe to recommend it to (Ito gentlemen of
the tsar in the 10th dwasiet. Very respectfully. &c..
31asars. E. E. ilk J. Biddle, J. M. BURRF:Lt.
lEtaringdon. Arrit td?,
Gentlemen,. termortlnt changes in m r statutes. , ttice the lull.
itention of.. Lrunlup's Conve)artc tig and Forms," PCCITIed to call
for some enlargement, of On Lexcelterit and Ii lily its-ern! work
The edition which you are about to publish, CID IKKII t ng alit does
a very large amount of nen arid varied matter, r. d Ci -W) well
adapted to general and present w4tits. cannot fail .o be greeted
with a cordial welcome by the prokseron.
A farm ihar acquaintance u lilt the work. and a careful exami
nation of the sheets of the forthcoming edition, eta' le me to rec
vintner/4 it, with great coorldence. as a hook which should be to
the hands of every fcri retie% and ha ve an early place In the li
brary of every gent)ewan engaged lathe praeticeot the taw.
Very respectfully, yours &c.,
Messrs. IL C. dr. J. Diddle. GEORGE TAYLOR.
Oct. ati lsstl. - tf33
Dross Trimmings.
SiT i nyrs lace gi inp,Jen tgininilngg ribbon do rel.
vet ribroug, silk braid. do. gill edged and plain tilk
buttons and other li,lllUi vl trimming at
Erie Nov. s 1831-211. &HMI JACKKJN'O.
lr .4 Di Orow ()vetch — Ger. a new and desirable style; also,
1.1 Ladies Fine Gaiters, of all razes from twos to eitht.s.thr
.ale by Sept WILCOX & NORTON,
ALARGE supply of fresh ftruet end Chemical. worrantrd
pure. offered for sale at the lowest prices by P. HALL,
City Mug Store, kkie Pa. Dee. 4 1,95:1-30`
and after Monday Nov. 21.1 PIA Trains leave Erie going
Caet -undays excepted. as knows.
No. 1, Day Express and 3141.1 .nt 12 30 P. M.
• 2, Freight 3ea If •f
3,, Night Express I NU A. M.
Trains leave by Eastern Railroad time, which is about thirty
(30) minutes , tauter than Erie Time. .1. F. TRACY,
Erie Nov, 27 1e32-29. - Sao' %.
ntIR V. and extra W bite lead. dry and around in oil by the sound
keg , or ton. Linseed all helm Ohio warranted mire, boiled
and wiboiled„ by the barrel or -atlou, spirits Turpeuti Me i a abort
donee. varnishes or every kind, c hromeerren and yellow, Amer.
Man, Chinese. vermillion and venition red, yellow °eh/v.l'mnd)
yellow, Pims green, tamp black of every quality. Prussian and
ultra-marine blue, whiting. red leaddithrege, Turkey amber
and every other kind of paints and materials is the User which
are oared as low as earl be bought in this latitude.
lir le Dee . 4 Prlkl-30 P. HALL.
50 Bow eulleflorCareodisb Tobacco grades, also purr
natural leetTobeeco ibt sole by
Erie Pt or .4 11151-11 L Wrintaire k Galv. Cheap/14e.
100 asus ••• Crushed...P. red. G a Re
tkre'd Satan. at roe. ihvesurrr & Ga.r.
2(1 1.11. . slob bll Ws. Strwart`a best Honey Frasp
V tbr Me by Nov. 11-41 STSWRITT WIAT.
CIUA PtC—A req rest velba. Orr Oa Toool sad abK
110 porpow, including •aU the lair* aia. aro slalom aid MOO
parlimed ads. Caats4 Stamm XL 4 Ilea4l Hem
(of PkicoAtelphis.) .
ARE noir doing . bustnesgon the Muntalplan,gialnß.thclasuret
a partletoatient in the protitsoftheControany,arlthouti labia
ty beyond ille premium pat(.
Risks upon the Lakes and Canalinvoreil on the •Inost favorable
terms. Losses will lieliberall anti prow 101 y adjusted.
t ire rii.kti on mere ban ditC.bilt Idienrs awl otherproperty,in tows
or country, fur a limited tern. permanently.
DI R 1:1'1'098.
Joseph 11. Peal, Janice C. Hand, Edmond A. ouder
rheophiil/Uraniiiitig, John C. Davis, It. Jonev Brooke.
Robert !Sutton. John Garrett, John 13. Peuro.e,
flitch Craig, Samuel Cilwards, George Clerren.
henry Lau re tic a Dab. tit It. etaery Edward Darlington
ehurfesKehee. • tplite R. /Clefs, J. G. Johnson.
Wiiiiitni Fclwell, Willinni Miro John . Newlin,
Dr. t. Thomas, ' Dr. R. M. Ilionon, John eller . ,Jr.
tiperreer Steil ant.
Richar , ' 4. Rew - bou Id, Elee,y;• Wet. Martin Preuet
yy A pp/ ication can be 'Trade to
J. KELLOGG,Erie Ascni,
Erie. F..,h. In. 1.41,
G tier -burgh. April P, 105.2
Tho - Zrio County JOutual laauraace Company
rr His Company divided their risks Into two classes. sit,—
' First Cllll4 or Farmers Casipesp. in which farm property
and detatched buildings may be insured. No risk taken In this
class to exceed $lOOO.
second Cho or Conanwrcial Department. in which rations
kinds of building , . ruerchandice &c., in Villages and Cities,
tuly be insured. No risk lake ti in this Class to elute fici.NV.
The fun's in one Class will not he taken to pay losses in another.
MOM) Jeckson, James 1). Dunlap,
1. G. Fullerton. J. C. Marshall.
Win. F. Rindernecht. .John Zlininerly, •
Win. A. Galbraith. Peter jli. llastun. .-
Jos. :il. Sterrett, 3. P.Wrlark, /
C. M. Tibbels, Geo. &Idea. /
• J. 11. Williams. /
OFFIC. E 1 8 . . / 4
Smith Jackson, Prelet. J. H. Willism*. *Preis.
• loPrAs GrlBol.l. Pee'y.
Office Ant door weiA of William, & Wrig s Brokers' °Mee,
(tip alai-s,) 7
oißee hours from 9to 11, A, 21„ at from halt pest Ito
1. P. ld.
U. 1F22. / . 2
FisK \sa
VIE tideriiiirded having seeured the e , elUsive Agency for
the sale of the above 111111 Ni Burial Cases, for Erie round),
and deeming the article one %%Inch depends solely upon its rAvit
merits 1+ oudif respect fully Follett an tnspeetioti el the saute at his
toady...made Coffin Warw•litoonh
Fast n ee detween 7 and bets., orer the Sharon Iron
j Conti:mit% tdhdre where satisfactory referetteee r and trrtiruomal,'
its/0 tneir nraelienl nt riiry can be given, whteh together with a
;Personal inspection cannot but recommend themto the Eiromblc
con.ideration of all 111)..e who in the di•pensation of Divine
Prweldenee Inane oce:lston fur the we of a Coffin. The under
y.ould Here add that these eases are of a donate form, and
ewrivimthl .hope. to the outlines of a human body, are highly
ornamental, and regarded an Ira repulsive more Leoottful and
unique an a ripen rit flee, than any other artic le rind as receptacles
for the dead ; they are made of the most tinpertsitahle material 4,
are enameled ,n,mic and out. so as not to rust er corrode and w ben
cetnetord to )th e n perfectly preVenting :he exhata
nod of otreasixe Veal +turn ,: , '-bred the remains ea a be
kept f•Jr neek• heture burial. :mane.!; the arrival of rth , ent
(newts • them are licht and ponahle, it the ca me time being , more
or less , edrytilnear. they eioakess more than e.tflic tent strength to
recs. aft ,he pressure ~; rows trout the burly. which they are •
subject ,n while in tt.t., and bodice may he dishitered even after
a lapse of ,c:.r.,:,i,d temqved to any part of the country.
withoaut the itile.t - disagreeable odor ari.l lie from them.
In the use, of these Durant the pot tf) lug refheson is at%
forr'e.f 'airy i fr,e11,1,. and rel* , taNc, that the mortal remains
of thosennec - dearly behoved are enclosed and deposited welter('
they will remain in peace. tree (torn the irruption of water, the
denredittons of vermin, and coirmaratiwdy deNond the maw.,
towed desecration of dissec tors. and will hie permitted to undergo
trob3!brtnnt ICI , , or return to their native elements, from
rat enures alone
3. - 3* The underolgrtea has constantly nn hind and for sate at
his ware rooms as ahoy Roc-nceit,Nlahcenny.lllnek-walnut.
cloth covered, and all kends of che•xper erthi . of all sizes all
re:.4 tor oionr;lirlie of h rifer tar Loth sexes.
prepared to tithe the ceneral stipereormlarec of
funerals, and furnish ilearre and Carriages if de.ircd.
Eric July 17 Ira. 'lO ALLEN . A. rRA.M.
_ - - - T .
r. XI 41.7 a
%\U. C. 1. FOX, of Sew York City, has located pernmnently
I / in the city of Erie. fyr the treatmcia and cure of I/ire:two Of
the 14e, in all then varieties and i•l:ie"P. Having assisted and
been in act .% e practice for several years in the various depart
ments of the reicuce of Medicine, be natters himself that all
diseases admitting of cure may be accomplished under his
Ttrri.tearcs —Prof. Mott anil'Faculty of New York; Prof.
March awl Faculty of Albany bledical College; Dr. Leech, dye
Infirmary. ci,ea , Y. -
(fl to with Dr. Brownnellt N 0.3. Hughes' Block
Erie, June 5. 1.
WT. o. nstaLtir.
WOULD • ay to horse owners that he has the s.
eret a nearly the entire race of patent remedies
for ho'rses. and 121(112 number of years practice
aria IM atre to ;i.e ball/faCtIOU goo:rally either as a farrier or
1 47 , * fileaseel II at ml office at the Canal Stay!". nest Ow °label
twit i t:r.e Extem.ion eon), and jtvigc fo youri-t-trer.
Jtm. trai.--1191
r - 41ZM - nr . r . 7•VP`:7'TTI
itkG. iiif.: l , - .":,',,,„ 4 .h•°:tter t t i i i? 4; e n d I ti o ew .rio an: , o .n n r e 3 o w f a. i l l r ie D u k '
rich and vis:etyl id abaft menu of Fine W tithes. Jewel
ry ,iand Silver Warr that was eve r °tiered in this city, enihnselatt
a &Sea. variety of V:riches of ilitie• cut K....a1.-mews, both gold
hurl ri/ver.antl tire I.a ice! vt)le of Ch. 7/I/P. yenta, a tirl iieyrito mai eh
together with the .nest t .-hintialde J 'welts - . canal:quy ref title
g.3l.l 41 10.....; J. r.i'3., jte r1.111:1t von , ro..trt R Inv, r.11.y ;At 1 ;Kral
!loathe:, .ilnl rirpt rirlln:s. H.raccw:l,, ite. .4 t-o. Gold Gochets,
Frjtd and e it v, 1., ~c,?.., v.ij 1 , ,,,,, 4 , -isett fin,l tea spixins, elthor
I'ini7. , an': r 2 c., on., N ii.i.. in Ihticli and l'oriaionits. an assort
ment of nell ITlt^d, Crt,t, Tea Sett-. Knit es. Fotks.
_Spoons, Ir.stln-s, I's adlevtieks. and a arca: variety of Faii-.y and
Other Goo 3.. Milt ~..-fal and arnanwntal: Cloaks of aii.daserip
wins trotn 61 .2.1 to S-21 1 . r.II of w Itch w ill IT sold as cheap as the
clieat , evt and a little cheaper for reads, pay. The attention of
the fbrtnet.cnstoinera of G. LO"):11s and the snatede generally is in
vited ho this notice. dur i c 3. •
TlfCASitr, if; iu, Rum. Vert, Madeva and eller r . s Wines of all
1-1 grades and prices. Now just receiver:2o cases Claret IV hie
fat guile low at J C. & R'. 1. Mills.
done 4. No. 3. Williams Blz.e it, f:tie.Ta.
Livery and Gale Stable.
Tll E Pliihreribecs having bought out the interest of C. Ses
sions-1n thrgr establishment on Eight street tvstveen State
and Fret ch. tgouldgive nonce timt they see now fully and am-
IA) supplied wah'horses, aim different varieties cf carriages, of
uric Very best deftlriptintl Their stock is altucrt eurtre:y new,
arid consequently of ttrefirst rate character. Public patronage
is rest.ecttully invited. , g to pu rchafe huff" will find u full supply for
that VUrNtecoo.tancy on baud.
July 21. *52
,WBOL A L 8008 tianzazith
('At the old stand of F.W. Breen, st his coat inues:ir the stew firm.)
Ll A YIN!: been long extensively engaged in the manuMeture
.1 and sale of Boo Ks. and being the only manufacturing pub
fishers in Buffalo. are prepared to furnish every article in - their
tine. at the !errs* prices. Obtaining in eschange far their own
publication , . most kinds of Aliscellineous a nd School stock from
the Eastern Tabliphcar, they are !Lerchy enabled to sell them.
like their own Books. al a mall entrance on cost °fin nufsetate.
Fat Ocular atte , dicm is invited to their new edition of
Ic various styles of binding ml also to their-assortment of
ecbool. and School Library Books,
Which Is prolably the laree,t in the state. haring been 'eh eted
With tare from almost every Book mart in the Union.
.%fcdium, Cap and Lrtter Papers,
pbnined directly fri.nerbe heaviest manufacturers tit the country,
Traveling Agents a ill find a stock suited in sty le and prices to
their iivants.
" %YE:STE:RN DEALERS, can generally duplicate thew
New York bill. ofpurchase here. at same prices°, lee.. thus sal.
Sing the entire owl, of transportation from New York to mardo,
anti from ten to twenty days delay in the transmission of goons.
All orecrs filled vs ith promptness, and at the same pr.ert as if the
purchaser were present. I'IIINN Se. CU
Book Pub/tither*, Nos. ISe Main, and .5 West steneca sty.
Oct. 22 1E32-21. Burrs's,. N. Y.
NE 1) 8
E sudscrilier. would again en II the attedtdren of the public to
I the {'et that they are receiving a large and well selected aI.
bcrtnien Co( irry nods, Grocerle.. hardware. 'rockery arid nails.
i•:r Pict k coAlpri,eA the greatest variety' of hre.s Goad.
ttli wis, Hosiery, India Ruhher t 4 hoeg and domestic Rowels which
we have at an) pre. tolls time offered. and for quality and sty he
cannot he surpassed in this market Our old customers and the
putlie penerally are rerpeetthlty invited to eah and examine our
stock al we feel cuudtlent that we can oiler our roods at as low
rates as are orrerrd in this market. !AS: lIGuhEB t 4 )0.
Erie Oct 39 tEcit -
For blusso OW! Moro •aii Strap Wieder...
A N assortment of French English and American glass svitahl r e
for the above purport -1 by a cAwr Fat lc 111111.
dept• %S. " /Vet. York Cask &ore
CSUMME, Bombazine,n'OCalie and Alopacns. very the -
at • F.cpt 4 45. 8W EN EY's
St I.Ker—BrOc watered:ldtilt and flgu s red Salts, Gro De
Poult De Sole, Gro De Napo, changeable, barred and
Florences, Llonnett. Silks and eatins,Bilk Velvets, black.
',plc black. green blue. brown, pink nod figured.
EtiP N0v.17 1e.52-9B .I._B. COOK.
utirr RECEIVED.—French Cloth Cloaking, Bl'k, Blue, Green
.J and Brown. At the New York Store.
Erie Nur. V 1331-111 . 3IERRICK & liAVIS.
n /7.. Linen Mitts trout lid 1.1 111.1, French Memo, De
13 Laing, A lapaccas. Parantetta. Shawls Ice.. cheaper than
the cheapest, at the New York Store, No. 6 Bonnet+ Stock
Erie Nov. V 7 11832—•.5. :MERRICK .k. DAVN
MATS—Grass, Manilla, and Wool Mats'of all sizesand col.
orator sale cheap at nee. 4'54-70 MOORE'S.
ttar ARS or every guiltily from6d to is per pound. Coffee and
Teas green and black for sole as cheap as the ehenpest end
cannot tun Insult purchaser. fe qualify and price, by the pound
chest or seek. For sale at the city drugstore. 30 P. HALL.
``UST arrived at the California Store. a few more of those
J splendid heavy eased Patent Lever Homing Watches. The
inoveuwats tarot superior workmanship and finish, ordered 'sod
imported expressly for G. LOOMfd.
Erie Nov. V 1932-29 No llrown't Block
RICH Aintr.irTp4crwr STOCK OF
DUT 000 D B, AT JOBN s. 0001V5
Ckeap Cask Siam Frond 3n..suntr Reed lime.
NOW receiving and opening, a stock of Goods which I am
band to sell at • smaller proAt than any dry good store in
Erie. As I holitony Roods for ready pay, mall broths win do—no
percentage poi on fbr bad debts—that IS the reason why yon tan
buy goods so cameo at Nov. 47-11 t. C(X)K11.
N _
OW OPEN MG—french Merinees, &EMMA Matinees tied
rantmetto. blue Maroon,llght 41134Idark beaten du—light and
dark mean, drabs, Getman lied nee:. a well selected stock. and
artier:ll assortment et colors—they cannot be surpassed.
Al s meas. blue k, bl no , brown Zll4 illotelit Me-
Erie N0v.17 J. le. 0001 C.
DELA INC &eared and plata. In this branch of Dress Goods
weadd respeettblty call the attention of the Ladles. To
eatuaetwie styles would be Maass impossible. bat would Pay a
larger wed better sseartment has never been opened Jo Env.—
They ant beyond desetiothas-.tea wrideall and see thew. Irl.
cos stews low that aosaewill rant theta abeam.
•Me Now. 117—Ird : • S, it. COOL.
- -
tab • 500 CHALLENGE...ED ) To the LAAsibitsuits of 71Starlocrerook,i/ogik -
viHATZVER concerns the beak)) and happinear of b people inalSit it Oreesll•l4 Wild all °thong to ad o c oisty
la at all times of the moat valuable Importance, I take it • TAKE ' NOTUCE!! .
ibr gr a nt e d that every person will do all in their power, ta save.; w . m. F. R i R i t ) cft " I cc R T
of r,i.,,n4A. F.
the lives of their children. and that every will endeavor t
e reek lint ~ plor fia..eil itie enti , e , :ock * cd cvers of Ilum i ,
to promote their ow ri health at altrarrifieet , . I fret it to ha soy K tog and Drown a. Vlt..orhea , lv.iie so Harbert reek arid tuiesd
: confirm* the rne t.iiii.ii• h0.,..e, ,0 an i 1.,. branch( tat tbe 4, 4 4
duly tovoleritnly a-sore you tit - 4 Ws 91;1,11 4 , aecortit II to the onto;
ion or tr)C most C•iii , raled tiiiyioel,ins, are the i'l)"'arY causes (" stand of 'ls tag s iin C, on 11. Üblic ethle'rni m e cf
a large majority of , li:ea,r‘ to ~% hid. rl.ll, , ,reii 311 , 1 a,..otts itTe lia• i It 1 'ti 1) f` K• ECII`I' 14 JOXES!II
bin; if )au b a , 0 ,t, ni•petile rt ri.e.ii'l. elrot;: at :e Cctn ore i
_.,,„,.,,, ,
...a, u a
,n , _ ,,;„,re
thing to 321,A1:rt. 1303 Istr ., pain in ti „ ! ...ioni.ieti. ' , whin; at i • 1 r 1, ,. , , , ...
,", _ , . un a Ira 414,i,
iheliuse, (lard,, t-- , - It,.it,lllt,t•- ~, II ^ l: , 11, , dry Cui Lli, i.1c,i,,,, 1; Ss kirtrad from :see. 1 r,.. an .1 les or 'Jet cor.d., cir et . e , k ,; .
Fever, ruisy irred , .llr—ren , eni' , nr 1.11,1 ,14 Ilia, iii •, 111 , ix tittNiii, i icivt.ery f;'s , , A.i e. I f ...“, , e.14 , 0 ON, Dye thUtr., 40400(1144
NI S\ hl e t et : 1.,- '_ , t. -t- It • i cot 111 a Ctrorer%. and Dry Cr..c.ii Bl om _
, . , any place. (Jo r ,Niot,r, Milli 1w to i..e1l elsenner wan it,E. 4 0 4
An artic:e C./ImA%! urmi Sc.rptit.c phi,,,p,,s, crdpre.tli,,teu vv. invite ii,e C1,...f es ~..1 iLt' al.ot,c ttr.titcd ton , .17T., ', rid
as ith putei!„ t. t - ,;,,t,',1 , •li2 -1.0:c , t. f t 11• F ifi'r Meetly s; , e v. IV!, In- and,i.t our ‘icrii trod priee• and if we Cannot •hcle .
ken. and Can brgirpii lo Ow Inn , ! '1210,i rli.l•:nt e. i9i , les-rit.ed as large
~,,i,,,,1, of
~ ._o ,, j , ~,,,,,,,,,,,, rij I:rie we
bet:El:cm! r iTtel. et (icre LP,cl i ',ailissinf3 and ihirr‘i-r - .1 ~,,,..„,d n,,s,irimr,i, r., - re, pr . , . ;II or t.rt: at pruci that rarinti bete,.
made Ihent weak and de: /Wawa th e l'anic properties Of rrly , Wanted in c:c lianas , for tzocds. Cash. untie,. Elm, D o ,- '',
WCTIn eprup are such. that it stnniii , V. :I liwit an «pii.l s in the " at... ,,,,,,,, , t . /utit, tk , , , ,.,arieu A . opied and pesenti,, g" . i . c . ,ii_ sos, ,
catalogue 01 metneineF, in giving ten- end etrentrth to the Sloth- , ee. ` gr. " - g - . • f . - Ma reit 90,1:4_4 , 7 1
ad). which makes at an Infallible rcutetlY for thfr . -C afflicted with '
Ityspeptia, the astarlOw ,t, curt-3 perforated by this syrup after
Phyric lima have fiiicil i is the tie<t eeleetice of' Its ruptrier Onto
ey aver all others
Tills is the nest dttfiuiit ‘Vortu to destroy of all that its rests the
hriusan system. It grrAt r to an alffeost indefinite tnos4tO twrotnin#
wcoiled atsd fasretted iii the hues:met .114tOltlaell etTectisse the
health so sadly as to easo.o St Vat-is fiance. Fits ate.. that those
se:feted seldom if ever 1 , -*;Tc. - t that it is Tare ft nn Isar:cuing
tlieet to an early grnre. In order to eestroy this Worth. n very
etset gcltc treatost. tst muss to p..ISLe:. it IN/AIR/ Illerekte r Prop
er to ta an e to , st of toy Liver PPI4 40 3/4 tO r, mos(' 311 e'llrijetp)pc
trial the Worm ire run n.lay het direct upon the Work. nhieh
must lit take(' ni ro-t of a Tal,lesprooldullts three times saday
these directions followed iiever Dr en known to tad in our.
ins the most obstinate ease of Tape Trona.
No part of the system I. more habit to diseas,ethan the Tri V F.R.
it >Ming as a titterer to pNrifv the Lloyd, or giving tlw proper •ti
eretiOn to the bile so that any %crong eetionof theLiter etUcts
t h e other i i nvortatii port!. rt the it) item, and results vartousLy. in
Liter Caniptaitit. Jaundice. lit spe; sin, etc. We should. diem.-
fore. srnirh earn IlynltllOttl that might itnitrateitte tvroug action
'of the Liver. These cointto-cot of ItoOTS •ttO 'FLAN!!
ny natitre t heal the -ick . N ninety. I , z. an t lett Ti.
sswr• %filch (he fet,OTI ff. - 411 tht
.1/lettthr;tle, Of IIL/OlOre, 'gr. of , Verile 4) 'natter. *.4: 1. nu
Alt, TIVY, wit ch Chantt , s In `OMe inexpticah'e and insensible
manner the certain 0: .rhi laction at the „, . tc; „. ;rd, 7 „.„
htr!s prep tone and .treiso.l to 11" ,, tier, Cen • r"nrwir4
health and si2or I, all parts ta the a e Isla-.
which act" , in perf.ct'y w;:h Aga oil.. r •,1,1
operating on the llowt 'cam' ell.eling the IN !vole 111:11ti of corrupt
and rrt lire? iv.7llrr, and rab - tfj tug the Lit,ett, st bre h dcktro . i
ea-e and ceitoree health.
Yott will find thete IttV(111, :(' medicine in tunny corn
plaits to which you are (object I, nhatritettunt either tota/ or
partial. they hove been found of thestunahle benefit : restoring
their functional arra whew ntb to a healthy action. pntif: mg the
blond and other fluids so effectually to pat to flight all Complaints
which mar aritte from female met:al:any, av headache, giddi
/tam. dimness of sight. pain in the vide. hark, e.
None genuine uulets signed J. N. Ilobeneack, ail others being
base Inntai !on.
rr Agents wi.htng new supplieo. and Store Keepers destrouP
of hect.onit.g. A gen t. run‘lut:dreie the I'rupr.etur..l.N.l.loLentaek,
Yhtln'elph in. l'n.
Sold I:yr all 31 ere:ants and Druggists in the C., A. Atents.—
. arter Mother, rrie, and Rel-.:1 Igc., Porker,
fiercer ; Fi.k & !Intl. Cleveland Ohio. PiTtee P3ch 23 eprmo.
G. W Kr3.ter.!3o. 110 IVood PlitsLurg, Whole.ale Asc.,
who wiTi F+lpply Agents at the P.roprietors prlee.s.
August 4t 15.51 lyli
_ _ _
7F, r,
shani Iran ha: r taken nilore in town. where they
Intend keeping a foil ',ripply of ill the kinds and si
zes of Iron they make, and a 1..; a c' alPric Of Nails.
rttFollllll ho have used the Nail , Vompany do not
nerd to be told that none better arc mt!, Ltd .eastor,elsewhere.
F,rte. Sept.
No. 9 L rovree Stock.
Ss' kept tonAt-1,1 , y on hand, a Iritcc and tvell oc'tecleti
atiortincint or Crockery,r;l3:4, 'Ware &c„ cornprialng White,
Iron •••toiii (lona. ‘Vair. Light Mac Ware., also whste
and Cilt - nti in fact every thing to tv,akc cut comp:etc
Dining, Ica Toi:ci Setts.
C If ,4 R F:
A larzy assortment in all ifs varieties, 411 , 0 Vel:OW and nook
i pgna rc. of the hint Soles.
GLAse WAR V.—tVe have no hesitation in saying that our
trsoca of Glass Ware is unsurpassed by any this side the Atlantic
ca lt , :terate;ol I7e a hunce‘et ire
tvlil pre a rein Ppiele"- , , rt.:: ir,:tokraLr ever} bile rind
varrety: /rule cut 1.:1•Istt Hitt , es, VII.CF• eft!, ry fri•ttes.gnOnTO.
Salts.tiohiets. Vine (ilris, es. 1. ,- -no.te. , ;cs, 1. , ea and Tl,lll
- 4 1 )/portg nnd the Loy.
Stl re flitted IVare. and eotree Seit..,Cato,ortt. Ice • [frt.
tanna Ware of all K . wilt; the tt ill be r1.1.d far each at low
am can be I,y:fait chits sije lets lurk.
CAnwtialr. BEN•rta-r.
La - rid Z'or talc &c.
, r]lE outterilar bat two fl rros to I.'ll. Loth el I y bleated
-a finning int ritctiv ,. ..irui cue t M:ltkrt; well
waterekl and ne.aptel In prrp-r rtiri f 10 gram -em! era., ; prt-
SOUS dCeicing to make goad locations
. I:ad better call 14.f0r0 the
chance if: gone. One of theat ), a !oaall place contain:ng about
mini the other !la to lie eery.. frio•t• or lee,.
Curb paid for Bounty I.lndrratrai,t4 or located by me
West "Apringtichi, Erie Co., l'a , Ntny itlth IFS:. tfi
- - -
Keystone Paper mine,
_ .
P. F.I.IHI' MARVIN' of fii• rreitt in the
LTA al,(Aerva' , ll-tirnrt.t.nrid in the 6:1-iiir.• r . rtin /c Per
kin.. to SJIIIII/ Seith 11. lf.o lirrot , • t itntarted Iy
tliesantictibet: uo , ierthena:neofl'cticilia rielilen, ue ilhcttic
ttl uireotintti of thr Oct IP.
IRrre 1.. PERS:V!.. COI' 1. 'ELDEN
ori , 0 1 4 u ) (0 . $ ea:t.jaittiCes , f ,. 4:I .1
y :it. FTurtis-rr. do CA,ts.
16-4 - CO4I - 10.1; also. Trout
Itlr:ckr.ral, Rice. tte, Juat merit td frrah at
July 31. erten—lT & '
jl:.-IT retched at Nn. 9 Drown's Clock, by the sudteriterr, a
• large assortment of Mather,: superior
Vino Book- Mob, and News Zak,
/a V. 93 and 30 lb keg•. and is cans of tlh each—Airo; Red flreen
and Ulu• Ink. 'nave in' want cause' find a hctier article.
Erne July 17. 1E34. 10 1.1111.1 N h Sl.d).11(
Trip. sulnicribcr haying taken ..\ r. John Jon ett into partnership
a iu the Nlnnufar Ilusinesv—nt ot.l b , atni in 11111 creek
townffhir, where they ore prefetred to any quttotity
awn& into ctoth, ea..nnere. I.lanket.. ft I. &c., on snares
orhytheyard,asnella•any ntintheconutry,
havint! as good cards can be ;t+t up in We•iiern rennsylcnnis.
and•tiinning done for • cents a full of tbar oaaWool.
Cardinaltotlii4 cents per M. Cloth ilre,sing done in Any al; lethal
is wattled on it:tort notice.
carpet, way.hed and colors' reti tied for extra pay, or washed
wilieoap at the 01VIlefltriAk;
o—rer£olll , lC3. - Vill2 Wool at John Wine's, Paele Vinare, to
card, will have tt taken on Saturday and returned the next, or
carpets the vamp, coats REED,
'3l4llcreek July 3, If 3 A PAIN JOICPTT.
IZZINItIr B. 81.045. N,
Rrvadray. behave neW and Fulton street, Nen. York.
. -
GENTLEttEN'ti Fur 11 isllin g Goods clew lalest styleseovistant
ly on haul. Naval, Military, Youths' and Children's Cloth:.
Illuaade to order t. Rh neatness and despatch.
Lanni' nnd-Gents Kiri Gloves Of every eivadt... and (plat' iy Jut
retelred at July lt—S. J. tOyELLNY2B
_ - - -
BRI VW N and bleaelledsheelings and shirting just re:rived al
l'rie Jul) 3 I '5l- 4 J. eI,VI:I'NY".'3.
_ _
brarozistrms or restrzorr.
iksRS. ClinTliS having returned from New York has opened
her Felt stock 'of 31M:titer, and Fancy Gond , , cdmpeisirqt.
as Mutat, the newest St} tea, The fulio.i lug erutrace a part .
ltennets °revery satiety, rid t heinf irta'ntntianee of et er) quality,
Dress Cap.. Ik e a.! Dres-es, Artideittl Flowers. Freneb
33 et ked t;ollars and Caps, Under 11,11.',fs 'mil Sleeve.. Disertittits,
rreneb litany. ilathrtu lered Uncut Thread lilac L.
Laces, material., of all kinds f's Ilintit^t+, wide s Ik, t 03'0 for
cloaks, 5ir...5, satins and velvets of all eoters. glove , and hew' ery
of all slics and _kinds, runts Loth Ic and short, vel v et reht,, )n i,
dress and cloak trill:m:lla. , of evt , r3 kind warn. cord , and taS'eh ,
Cr ditr7rellt ricc`. ar , !cies for ttiourn , ng, Lair cot:o , s, wor-ded
braid, fringes and gimp. straw cord. cdt and endtreidery cord,
int,' , r,,,,lety I :items, marking canvass ard crewel. kditting)arn
uccdfes. finey baskets. in fact every art ele I elon,tring to
roleidete as•tortnieet of Ladief . 3trillory. tt hieb huff be sold,
holet•ale r,e rot:lst, al reduced pr lets I_,r cash •
31y f , cilttlCS for d0 . C.T1 ,1 4 4 111Cf1. are sue!, I can and will
;:dods as cheap as ad) noose nest of New York of the same
Molincra iciarl =, nt•til at reduced ;mem Brady made
Conners and c:naks con=tantly on hand. All orders attendedto
with , catnese, and duTatch. Con f.t. oi State and fifth atrcelis,
Eric Pa , Oct.: IK.v.t.
~ttANDLI:S, Crmiptiene, Burntag Lard Oil, very wipe
rior Star, also Sterine Candles much better arid qui te as cheap
a. TailOW Candles fur sale by the box or pound by
Erie Oct 93.24. CARTER k BROTHER Not{ Heed House.
this.. pure IYestern Littered Oil for rate in
1.! quantities to suit purchasers.
Eric Oct. la IFQI--9-1. RT Err& BROTHER,
Now Paris Millinery and Geods,.
AI RS. DAVIS & CO. have removed their fashirir.-hie Milli
nery einablishinent torhe honer ono door bel,µ the Custom
House, and will be open CM Thursday October 7, telt, the
moat elegant assortment or Goods in their tins ever oTered to this
city. Their stock crinsista of almost everything
New. Nick, or Isisry in the NW:leery ;tree,
Such as Silks. Satins, Ribbons, Flowers. Late.. Engines, worked
('chars and Sleeves. Bonnets of all styles, qualities and prices. is
'Short everything to N. fund is a fashionable !Millinery Establish
ment, all of which the public are invited to call and czar/ ac.
13' The Dress mil; Department veil he tinder the charge Of'
NMI. Cochran, whose •ticcess in giving salli.f:.etion to CW.4343307/
if a sufficient guaratute fur the future.
Pete Ott. 9 Ire.t. "
el OLD and Silver Watcies. rich Jewe:e . ., Silver rc.Clocks.
'Or Looking Glasses. Curt Portrait and Picture reams... solar
Carriphene and fluid si.:e and Ili.spendiug Lamps, Glass Lanterns,
stained and plain Glass. Musical Instrument., Strings. &c ,
Walking Sticks, Picnr!) and Cerinan Toys. just purchased in
New York, and receiving, and opening new and fresh. at whole
sale and retail. Call in and see the stock.. Buy a cheap Meek or
something else, if you EL , . at AUSTIN'S,
Erie Aug. 7 1(41 11
_Opposite Brown's lintel.
T 0A" /V .2 T E .
TILE attention of Farmers, Bakers and feeders or 'toe k, is re
spectfullt railed to en examination of the Conical Burr
St One GT/Pi l hi7ls,,nst started to no custom Grinding at the Fair
mount Mills in Erie, Those Midi are warranted to perkirm as
recommended, and will make better flour ctith close grinding
than any flat stone whatever, arid we challenge competition,
having tuft contideace in these Mills, and shall rely on the Judg
ment of those who make a trial of them, or the it oak they do, for
success and patronage. The first Premium a "leer Medal was
awarded (0 the Conical at the (iti.o :'trite Fair. malting
over foreg.pretaluttis awarded to the Central Milts at the ditterent
State Faire Apply to- J. SEDGY:BEIM Agent, Amer
lean IlOtel.or J, L. Sanford, Fa i rainun t Etie.
Erie (let. 9 IRPS.
1 4 "/ Y. BROWER ED entrarp.eurfs.nadersleOTl. Innlila and emu- ;
1 brie editing", and insertinga at 20 JACKSON'B.
foots and lEboas.
HWI Cl.ft bent... Hoyt boots. also Wom en's calf and en
anteled hobo and buskin". Far fate al cheap as at any tuber
ealabitsissmet in WPM. G. et:LUEN k POP.
tricr)c6ls-416 No. 6 'Tracy's mock Chntrolde.
1%) WTI °fall k tads or *Sae be. J. 0. & WJ. 6 1 11114.
16.4 Williams MOO. Eric. Pa.
YEW inosepseennorthdistopkindlif Clotheo.welmeres and
111,. BlNiaetta. just toteircd and Ow sole eyrib7 SWEN tY. II
oxle et ct. the Arilicreek Yarviy
CIIAIX , Watt and Cistern Pumps, all sizes and pr,e4"
t:JO/ILI 4;
on Park
Eric, May MO, 1,,,.1,72.
Livery family should have - a copy.
2S dm. per ropy— Merl kuir Limit
DB. 111:NTE1?.'S Nkeii teal manual and hand bi. - cit fOr dap i t .
flirted Containing an outline cf the origin, frrees•,4 l :
meat and CUTE` ro
ctery farm of chrease. contracted by pm
ran veinal inierecurvi... ty rry at. toe, or by .”•11 4 ,,,
to'Yuri• tar lit a pre; enticd:. 111 a tiitaltinr Mlle arelc r ,
'all wed 041 lee h r:, CVCIYIIIII4e that Wf w 4/i/ 6ffe w i It !
car of di eche!, friAn ratite twenty years surrevh;
practice, cxcluiavell deb , tc, the cure of of a delie t *
or privaze. nature. To vi hieti is a:ded, receipt*. for the ear*
the above ditieavr.*, and a treative on the eau*eti, symptoms l a d
cute of the lever and Ague, for vl5 cents a copy eta copies ist
%111 be rum anted to au% ; net of the United state,. b 3 ma. 1, 4 0;
of posmw. Ad,;„ per . I , ai 4, tiol, 196 Post othee,ne the Arno ;
3,1 North i- 4 .setitiretri et Phi'inibelitita•
Flrrs7, Eept 4 I :NYS 1,17
ot I 4 ., IT.-1)r, Hunter it it/ forfeirileilf
to eureanv ['nor of i•cerrt iliveare that may envie alder Su
care. Ile. urn r cr tvolv, thug vitiating or afflicting. Lithe, its
ins tied to pr! Vary to , 3.? North :!•et - eath Ftrcet, Ptioat i,
without fear of interrupt an fnnn oitier patient.. F.Aran,,..Ani sy
outer. vv Ito ha; r !,veti unfortunate ill the selection of a PityvK A ,
are calf.
I,ll , OTE:if V — . I rcuAt unrestrsirierismitilgenee c 4 the p ie
ions, bye XC1..2. err -"; f-a tw,.•. the evit‘ are nutrercus Prefusuo
impotency, involuntary -entiPol diteliargf I, w.t•tti,gof the f.
Naito( memory. a dist.u.lC nor friitale race tetr, gelieral .
eon-iifunount iferantreint at, rite rU ka:ove. If necessary.
consult the 110,1tOF contleenee t he effete a perfeet
Rrtn tn . ] , Ern t ( T—Tla. attltrtcd would do wall to reMrclhe
fore trustintr their health. and In maul estes thre
i t em in 0(.11;1000f nh, tans 'Lton:lnt of thJs claoso: maladies.
Ii is eerfainly iiiffc•-t.ll It fur one man to unite rst.-1 cl) Uxtlk
the human rninilv arc eill,jeet to- Ever) re-poetal 4 phyloni,
has his peeitiiar branch. in is hich he ic 111Ort 141te1f%! , 4; thaity
brother professor. and to that he do.otcs most of tits rise ssi
stud). - %earl of Vraetire, eve , uoirely denoted to the mutt m
trealintot of tlisilzeef_ of tl.e seaull crow., together wnti Mem
upon the body, MR at, lege. ra iny in the head. , cr 0 car,
naercurial rheumatism. strielorm, SITUVPI, irresularitiec thou,
armi Litz Pr. tit i.e• or imp /rale% of the blot e. Ittfert,
by the consthution %t 0 treettie eoff ebled. enables the Ilsetcr s t ,
otter speedy tenet to all mho may place thenrelser under flame
r•vr,rtfed to ant . , 1 art of the United State! ."-bite
Ave a tit! ten dotlarif past Oackace. Fept 4 1042 1717
L• VCR odfri , :cr and 5',,1,1;0r who ha ...rued as tone as 4.114
I 4 WWI" to any war (of 1. - 1,1te.1 ewe") since 1750 Lbws
cLtititd to land, he t. is not rect.o, ed
Every ()Meer and flatlet. who haw (at anytime) been wows*
Orin any nay .i t aablea while iIL 1I neryice of the Voited Brain
1,14 1141,V.. • it 3 vettaion b)r l:fe,
ion to the degree of I1ic2b111“ . .
,Vidowo therm era and soldiers of the Ma
iota war Art entlltrd to 5 Sears
" WOO, of Rps,,t, 0 0 , , ; ,r) I:ol , iierr," If married before jug
art 1:24a), arecnritt, a co -, (,( 11• ion for lire.
Parries in every parr of the United states and in the fatuity,
having claim: , for Land. Pensionb i qf laAcit any kind wel hai l
their cfa itua promptly i pr,pcdr attendeiito by a &Micro; at
Sc %cribers, pots paid
1. e Lave perti,a ttenf and e , ,ergetie agents at Washington, ; L i
mate no charge in any erti‘c 'Mete the claim is eittaldivhea
Many claims cot land, , that ha% e been rejected fix taut
&e,, earl Le c‘tatilirbed by the Liubse raters. Write to
P. S. —Pount Wurra ht.; are cot.siantly bought and soli
hy the sobserV, , ers at the Lest rate.. yr:rties ;shill to u:.
vk dl siud it to their ihterest to a:1, ,-e w t th us. ' Every tallith ,/
a /la W . :mg ant c bu-to"-F ii doe by the f ut4c r Lem
tehapge Broken, lietro,t.lbck.
v tY; (-4.2
14 'el W L I .
JCST roccivr,! rile York Stare, a 111 , 1enauf assortaiel
of tow , :in 1 ?jur t re Penchi. nIl WOO% Si)k, ra•bmers. pats
Leaf. ax d ~tr.. 40 till cneaptir than any Der* Term"
•hr r. 1 , 1 tilace 1 doors E,•t ct Lie
Bank. Erie Nov J. eIIVF,NEY.
A X.AEt{.k. vsear meat of tarnuttt, Cashmere. Poplin, II;
rt. 'rho% nal Ilelaio3.lost rurrivea nt
' K troT“.t 120 ,1 .). 3, nrant and Press le.
ton,. Ladner r L ' inen lidkfa., Ernbroidcreleci.
tar.. 2 4 an,: 1,04- Pt , recd.WQrsted Gloce.,,Arst opeued at
Erie Nor. :10 ' :SW ENVY'S.
j 7 TERSIIA 4f , Ytiot Cloth. Prowl Cloth, Cassimere, Satan,
Vitqlsr , tt, Jeans and Flannel. at
Erri; r.ttl
and (guyed, alio, a feu pieces
Silk utad Lahcri. pteeev are very rich either fro dr&
set - qt MantiltA%. uY. •27—_h J. B. COCA.
Inc Ilubbor Glovas.rgitteas,
Crs TR .11 ' ;i` • . : 1 I';Trz, !flaking tbear puehares, Phooli
urn neglect ttles.e oesirahle and saleable aryttes. Vier
inatetarteture ha. teen mutts stni , Toted recently and tIe, L
ram* veer durable. Particular ntten c inn is nmarsted to the
Thr s ^re in..l;-pca•.,ido in cold-an:l;sec wether.-f.adie- will fa/
useful in any work that will soil the baud..:: Owe
lone hat tile} will cu re the worm salt Bltcutnw 1.14Hel
(folds tiatordiatel). 'llth) are all /engthe 10 protect*
arils and err.t..
Fbr sal: LN' deox, &.1 . o.„ N 0.3 etturehAlky.Pbal.
Goodyear', Chesty J & 11. Pt:lll4w. Patia•oreS,
Pn C.:teener & flrkcll, itaktthare !Hit H. W. Beak,
CP.:it:et ;do & lita'ocox, dad LI /1:Y•
ber , l,,Mr, in the 1..*:::on.
rpr Couctry Meteltantageneraily.
Mr. Nov. 17, I'sl,
Et CO.,
No 5 Reoi Stoine.
kiLC: j , lot receivin7 a large and srtAl selected atock . or Drip,
Metlieinm aterChetn teal', d3,e Wood,. dye stalk adr,
Patella. eataters articles, a - annuities, wintdoti elan, patty, elasi•
ware, pertinuery.find saapc, fine hair, tooth and pales !Murie,
irliiieu.4.,t, and dental itotr , anento. teeth. gold ad us
reif.tabaccO,iinulf a ntl r 4. pn. e and brandir• tbt Yee
(mat itrpoi.e... Casty :1r.,: .A..h.0 t'. 1, and ttater colors.—
IV* uitike ou" tiureba , er fur ca-n;:zin,l Linn' geed* at+ tow Al CIS
hr tx,117,111 ,t, • zreliC.,ll, LT 1V to-1 r tresti pure tad
gem/ v:'•. frol:4 t:2C eciantr! Von.i,ll) tilted v. ith
faCt:Oti ran tee.t.
Los Prri.c.rtni crnk will ;tee., varietl'ar auentios rt
all from= of the di) atel nieht Lt 1 , . t
riFATiii riatllnntlatJ kl.l3.rtoa r.i.s an ;Nomura cf
11 Dental Ingruments, taanucs.tetar ,, .. 1., kern of Ptaladfi
l'ia t no. irrt kin.lF.l:ol.l an I P,n Foil from loses.
&co En Nvv. 2 No. 5 Reed Lioupe.
111R1:1411Est—Ii.iir.tobth. it.e lathes. w:titeu ash. sccir.h , rst.
blaCklug. stove, eoviiiter, shoe, piano. (lii.trna.
llGOilting, blacking.. Pope's clef. Pope's heads. wit J.,a sad ket
brulles ~‘ ,l he rth lirra.ans. J. .
Getiittat. rrinetitt and t'liaTi3ss
r eetly c.f. at Cr..' tti'Jr '2..11-52-2-. J. II ' k
D n you w:tht to krMw how it is done ! Call et T,bhatt
Hayes, No. I Crow'-. Block. where we nre*ellaig FA;
ete.h from tockon hou=r , . for th trty-three art.l 4).1e-third perces'
teat 'hau au' atone SCi/d. tour Week,. ago. We Itc,de
sirvllS to prslVC , lo the pubite what we a•rert.arli •ii3CII 2 ca.
from one and all: Erie Soy TIERALS k HATE
N de Laint: . -of • t: , :les :11 , 0 a , l Roo! d^
mow, G.-Set re A SoVIL
5 ()( )f , Frce A linatta. s> for trs.2—enii v„,,,.„
7 Nov. r RTI 'IN'S. No 5 Ree! Litxtet.
U.IT Retett et at Warren's. No. e Brown', TP., , ek nest tar
pfX of Sitt'l•lotettcelttl.ratc.llVator Prow Mahn
The Poltisn produced by this Blacking isnot diunaol waited
o(f by snot: or wairr. N ov. J. Axm r
THIS 11 , ,n , e is nosy oven fortheareommodath.he; the Psistir
13uth th..hec and hientlare ate eit,irely new au. of a ilsre
anew, n=red by any house West of New York Coy. wither , '
hOhr , to tete iye a liberal share of lona:raw ?lOW
itr4s and 1 / a cca;re c4rried to and from ttle cars-Pee of dot*
1 40/11het n stage. !rive this daily. Charget reasonable.
• Erie Nov. •:41
ES - Wk. tier. Sheet and Pig Lied,olioZinc al
i (lc t. 9 It-52 it RUFTS REEDS:
irtatat fixtures, a mat sr*
doss Pius, at
11(.11 . 1 gm*
good assortm,nt of wily
tdrens hosier) at /I kW ft
. ‘T.IIIMR 1 )1 1 k
Erie ()..1. Ir-51—it% 11th an f 11.1:1 Aare We
-131.1A SAINS.,NI Oh cut az'd Circular iialAr at arra
advatic... Scw. 0-11.3 VI Nt ENT. NIMROD &CO
j y sT received It splendid assortun 4t of r kik. blot Orli
cade and striped Silks, also cord Silks of ever,' 1 .. 01
quality at reduced prices, also IGO long and square woolen flat
at great bargains, Bibb 3.1.151 vs cellars from Pets. to s:'t4 a yeti
Caelunece Long shawl?. ter, cheap at the IR ew York Store. Xs
5 Botmell (Bock Erse qct 30-25 7tir.RßlcK &DA
JUST rece.ted a Large :sad well selected stock of Dry Coq!'
Groceries, Hssrdware and crockery, all of which *eve ky
termited to !kit at prices for prompt p a y. fidialreP
to Wished the cap!, and rcady pay pram ip:e, ire will not de kW .
:old—give us a call and Fllllify your/circa..
\INVENT, IH3IR(.11 & CO ,
Fri/. Oct 50 F52—'25. Between 11th and Itth
:liso — ritue — U - t - i - t - t. - ttly - e - .1 and W
sate cheap, o,:t VINCENT, HLY/ROD C(4-
NCW Goods: New Goodell
T AH now reccit Ind tap sleek of Fall and Winter goods. 0: 41 "
Milling the moo extensive assortment of Dctnestic and E*'
Dry goods ct or ;lifted in this e ty. which I w 1;1 sell (or Cod v
lon er than any other ectable•hinent west of Buffalo. DI
wish i rg to purchase for'" cash will rind it to their inter , ta . 4
and examine my stock before purchasing elsewhere. 0 .1:i
tens e annulment of Groceries, Crc r kery and Hardware op rar .
b;e h will be sold cheap for cash. Please call and esanno
3 ourfetreA at my old Ftand on cheapeide.
Eric Nov. tS 1 eli2-26 SMITH JAt'lieDN:,.
D ERFUM frit 1 .-1 . 1;e followingcieTraif extracts ands noll
1. UMW, ut. Titer and on
viz: Jockey club. /Or
mine. Jena tint. Rise Duds. Prrt t;l4 flowerr..Sweet Fea. Pelt_
oulY. DestYostnia. Verbena, 'f e ert Rose , Rose Geranium. X .
9lovrn - 111ay. Erie Ott ta—si C.%RTER & BROT11111::
La.dice Rubber Boots.
Tr ST thr (Mug for tnthhly erosslor and sr ow drifts. Or OA
kENcll Etictsti and Amerleeh prints, at wholesale Or MIA
-I- ellen, it Erie Nor. ti 1451-2 d JACKSOS'S .
111.11' state and Scotch plaid shawls both square and. loaf._
reno and eashtuere do. Ladies and Gent. Caghttleft sad Slr
reap pear* for sale cheap at Nov. 1148 LACKSONE:_
IA DIE and Gents. Itinlea,Thihere. Lisle Wk.lierho Wig *.
A ton Mores all colors, grades and prices at
Erie Nov. 6 IP3II-41 SMlTHJitircitowS,cbeaps_vdc
7ic gird dyroo, appo f t into. Wm!
ILA WWI Pourboo 'Trois for rale at a low swat by
'Erie Nov. 11914—be Wreaarrr I Gam , . ClidaPoWA
Falb. NIMROD k CO•