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    Trim Wmldnigton.
_ WuaiwreT.M, JBlll. 13. 1853.
',Cher , in some pretended disability here maims the
Whip, 01111 r the note read by Mr. Pewee. of Maryland.
i n she SeXate. from Col. Kink. with reference to his
ora mm kith* nastiest of Mr. Clayton, in heels' 'pri
ests taiderslediag with the British Minister on the Cen
usl-Ansfiritan treaty: The Whigs imam very anxious.
ii it were possible, to get Mr. Cass We a tight place. in or
der. if that 'were possible. to get Mr. Clayton eat of one.
Th• fact is, Mr. Clayton is in cad cal be get oat.
I The cautions and dignified language of Col. Klieg does
Sot in the least criminate Mr. Caw. 'L•1111111 of slides. it
imply the al t ightest reflection en his ity. It merely
Owns. in die eoartsoss terms invariably-employed by the
Aio o guishod Vice President-elect. that Mr. Case may
liars misetalerstood his language. so see o f t wo po i nt ,.
4nd this is aIL Mr. Case will very easily set that matter
' On the contrary. she mote of Mr. King by no seams
j„ t ,fins the:utdiplonsatie priests maderstandiag of Mr.
Clayton with the English Ambassador. however ready
he may be to admit the purity of his motives. But the
motives of Mr. ClArall. Whatever they may have twin.
are vet in qiiestion now. Ne 'One imputes to him any
impure or uhpatriotic design. Nor intimates that be was
inflnenced with regard to Central America by British
bald or Freqeh finesse; nor that be decided with refer
-epee to Tehisantspic or Nicaragua. as transits to the Pa
cific, under my outside influence from the city of New
'York. Certainly not. There is no perm/mil lasso of
this kind before Congress et the country. The lent said
en such indiVidnal c'onsideratiois will be all the better.
For iftins important Matter is to be discussed on mere
points of geritlemanly etiquette. it Might as well be dis
missed at ones. It would be equally appropriate and gar
gunnel° the.great question &retake. to travel pit of the
record far enou - gh to enquire what powerful influence. or,
as Sir ROberi Peel called it., what "pre l pre from with
eat" has so Suddenly sbcured the elect - II of Mr Clayton
to the United States Senate? It is known there was a
powerful opposition combined against hint; -so that his
return was considered hopeless by his best friends. Aid
tot that opposition is all silenced, at once. and[Mr. Clay
ton is harried into a seat in the chamber!
"Ca* such things b.. and pvercom• us lA*
A summer cloud. without Our Special wonder?"
Was it aeceseary or the State of Delaware to *end
Mr. Claytonibeek to the United StatpaSenate, in order
that h• mighit prove that his :notion were Pore in nego
tiating a trea t y between our country and Great Britain?
Nous terrone.
At all 'venni. Gen. Casa steads well. Col. King stands
well. The l i Demoiselle majority of the Senate stands
welt. As t the amdersteaduags of others soncerned. as
the French ehowaraa says when the curtain is raised:—
**Welk up! bbentlemens! rows! Yoe shall me vat
you :hall sere!"
One thing oar countrymen, and thereat of mankind
will be very 6ertain to see. Weibel' see and boar—we
know r4ict feel, that that Monroe doctrine is carried
eat allover this continent by the admioiatratioa ofFrank
lin Pierre. There is no doubt-on that point, rely upon it.
You may call it scolding Great Britain, if you please;
bat it will be trat such 'scolding* as oar fathers gave her
in the Revoletion—as ear. brother - al gave her in 1812; and
u we oareelv!es gave her emissaries in Texas. Grego,.
California BIM Mexico.
in all this. matter. America acts "on. the defensive—
sat the aggrenive She aims at protecting this conti
nent friim all 'foreign aggression, whether it be in the
shape' of tishing.l4wood cutting, canal digging, rail
read boildiag; er mitring tor the ear. Like the Chive
liar Regard, her conduct-toward the independent pow.
era around her. sans pure. souts,reprocke. So let it be
cadged by the
t tribunal of the world!
Gossip still continues; but it in worn thou idle to give
it Why occupy your type and paper with air -castles
o•day, that milt all tsainSle (Liven td-morrow?•
-The impreevion is gaining greomi daily, that after
Gee. Floret, hat obtained all the 414 he desires, from
isquiry and scliscassion, he will form his own judgment,
tad abide - by it., Tim Cabinet will be a Pierce cabinet.
- tad nothing else. — Picts Fasattmt.
37 Norio: —Dy Resolution of the eity Councils. the
following named potions are.apperntsd Fire Wardens for
the citv, to serve till the Ist of April. 1851. viz : M. R.
!for, B. B. Vincent. Simeon Doiln, G. J. Morton. Al
fred King. D. S. Clark. C. M. TM:Ws. T. G. Colt. W.
Hunted, M. "Wholloo. J. M. Justice and P. Mielealf.—
Notice is hereby given to said Wardens to meet at the
Ate of the Moyor on Wednesday 4e - treeing nest the 26 h
met , for the purpose of arranging and receiving thaii.
Equipments A. P. DURLOI.
CChrontc't ely . • Chia* Engineer.
„Religions Notice.
Th Rev S. M. Elton. of Frinklie. will preach by
topointment of the Presbytery of Eiji”, ill the Associate
&firm Church: on Sunday urxt the 23d inst.. at 2
o'clock' P. M: Jan. 23.
Eve: kCiDENIT.—The F.ll term of the Academy a ill
epee Solorder next, at which time there will be public
meretseß in Cuinpoinion and Declamation. commencing
al 9 o'clock A. M. There will bee vacation of one week.
Thewloter term will commence Jan. 31, 1853.
Oaths 7th inst.. to Baiabrike. Ohio. by Rey. W. T.
Urns.. Mr. J. S. Tortt.s. of Niles. Miehigas; and Mats
APIA MARIA BROWS. of the former place.
On the 27th ult.. by Rev. James F. Road. Mr. HIRAM
!i.ELLT. and Mtge Euzaarro Wit.cor.both of Springfield.
On the sth inst.. by the same. Mr. Maar B Swim
trSpnngfield.• and Min POLLY M. Thom. of Girsoi
On the 3161. alt., -in Waterford. by Rev. Mr, Smith.
Mr. STELLY. POLLOCK. of La OcealT. sod Miss Muy J.
HARILTON. of Waterford. ' .
D nip.
Oo the 7th inc., of Cotoomptinn. PFARY Waimea.
luo of Joseph ,Weldon. of McKean tp.. avid &bent 20
II 0 'V A L 1 _
T nom: removed my stock of Clocks, Watches. Jewelry and
i 1 goods,ltwo doors above the *tend' lately occupied by
irc Austin. to Williams' Block: vi here 1 'that) be pleased
to ter my aid and new friends and attend:to their wants.. usual.
return my swings e thanks to those who bare favored me with
Patronage and shall endeavor to still mem their confidence
""ui , Port Wishing to reduce my present stock of Goods to
Z 4l, ^ twin for th* nets in the Bpring. will give unusual bargains
In lees to tiny In want of articles in my line. Silver 11100641
:• :Jel%Clf) on hand or made to order. Clock,' and Watches re-
Wry I Eneras ing in any style at abort notice and in worlmaa
Indebted to the late firm of G. Loomis h. Co..
-innnate ;timed lite paynsent—lonr e r indulgence cannot beglv
". The floats tar the present can found in my bands.
T. M. A.
*tray Cattle.
BROKE into tie enclosure of nos. Tidd, on tha 11th Of Nov.
one ) esrling*eer. spotted red v She shell knocked
'otvl bora( thegthgra white yesrliog Iteifer, no artificial marks.
• *-e oh ner or owners ate requested to come. vrbve property. PAY
"ego, and la kei them away. TII ALS TM!).
North /at. 13. 1831 •3138
1 LIGHT ! LIGHT ! ! UGH 't! - !
I NC of the grt"test discoveries of the a{e. which !It do Do!
Irtlw producing
taa nouseeac theCll a Et PRI LIGHT IIITII or airlift.m 1
ior less than ono quarter'of a Cent per Mier.
t) . ? „, the I.‘""". b
P"S a T n . d a : t d (7ll at l i f ltt Y lt r e
ever yet produced y lamp
st rtle trimming of the wick is sudkient for a month, and a
L" . 1 "s %111 last a year, nor does the steadiness of the light
as long d. there is sufficient oil in the lamp to keep the
it will burn longer than Lard oil, and wall not con
t.' •E• t! ,, coldebt weather, and the price is only eighty seven
‘•;: a b dtcentr per gallon—to be used in Fluid Lampe.' •
J.H. BURTON & 00.
AT BAttGAffill!
10 ' ll IA rte fqr rale at bargains. call upon
lite 23 0.32-33 CADWELL & BENNETT.
every body a very hippy Christmas and merry New
Inrr, anflif they wilrenll on tis at Our Store, we will do
!nate them io. Ylease don't all come at saes! .
SCB,OO L - 0 - 00/111
suppl y!or School Books Just received at Np.earown's
ettibraiFiog almost every variety used iP °el k"'
• country, viz:
alundEeti o leta and Speiles.
Ser tiles.
• do
trillium's, Bullion's. and Weld's 6/211111111 vs.
r, Colburn's and Matto' ArithlOt".
/ Leith*
„., Ontith's itadGoodrich'•
" , htt Bdults and Writing Paper, Ink. Pesti and Pen
vigether ith many other articles used to tenet. the
1?4,11,1ea howl° shoot." DCRLIN 41r. SLOAN- ss
le 1P
Pert * Wodee and Wallets 7
w„ of theseelepant Port Mottles midi
pam received and fut sale at No. 11. Hotel.
.° I 15, 1-4
Illopaunt-AkOwdroliins, *c.
A fellow by the name of W.A.'ett,wbo his
been stopping in this village a few weeks past,
whose ostensible business was setting Crimping
Machines, but above real'business was to act the
scoundrel, wok his dem*e a few days since, kat -
ing sundry bit.' without liquidation, aid t sk.itg with
him the wife and daughter of another n an. This
gay Lothario, as is usual fur such characters, was
readily received into such circles as where money
to spend, and a dii,po.ilioa to spend it, as the only
'passport required-passing at the saloons and eau-Ai
ling rooms, as a number 1. Neither did he tail to
patronize largely the Livery Stables,, (on tick, of
course,) and ill other things and places requisite to
be regarded by the b'hoys as a first rate telluw - .
, The evening before he took hijfinal lease, he called
upon one of our mercantile houses, wishing to pur
chasel shawl for a lady friend; but that stie might
have a chance to select for herself, he wished to
take two, and would return one in the pluming and
pay for the other. But when morning came, he was
far ou his way to other parts, and the two shawls
covered the shoulders of hik lady love and her daugh
ter.' The frail one he has taken, is the wife of
suberi industrious man, whose loss, with exception
of the daughter, must be a great gain, as her fideli
ty to him bas been more than questioned for a long
Wilmott is rather tall, black hair, and quite deaf;
though not au much so . but what be waa able to
hear the accents of affection from his fail me, with
out her being overheard by her husband. We
would advise ail tube on the lookout for this loving
couple, lest they should ba “seld" by them, as some
of our citizens have been. it is to be hoped that
the daughter, a girl of some 15 years, ray be re
turned to her father, and saved from thel i ana; that
otherwise awaits her. —Aff. Norris Unient.
l ir The subjects of the abUee notice have been
stooping at the Atneric in liutel, in this city, for • a
few days pas!. The woman left on T hureday. in
the cars fur ills: west, and her numpaniun .followed
yesterday morning. While hers the man succeed
ed io "drawing un"sunie hf ouricoufiding citizens.
ETGOLDCII HAW aILLAILS, , -RlitrillaTillg to the various
plans for allevieting the grist waxy of emallcbange,.the
Pniladelphia L:dger is
. of opinion that halt-dollar gold
pieces way be mode. as varied WI shape ae to retrieve
alt danger of cootounding them milli' the delar piece,.
and *efficiently large is eirenntfe4isee to betel sto mote
danger of loss in. handing than anti the gold dollars
With th ese half dollar pieces. smiths isms of two mil•
liens per mouth of the Arm emir hiscu ots present.
there would be little or Co ineetivetiiituce, it h.:heves. for
• 4.
want of chine.
Li' A Decorum. Cuocvlastri.-4•There ro C011111ter•
hit twos is circulation, i-x this vieittity, on be Bask of
Westiltad. which are well ealeelaied to dve•ive. the
pivot is good , the engraving fur the west pint excellent.
and the whole appearance of the is well Calculated to
deceive. Look oat for them.
Li At a meeting of the D-michts of Canneent we
perceive that our friend W. Grant tif that place. wag re
commended for the appointment if (Light Dane keeper
of that port. We hope ha t may succeed to ! getting he
appointment, as he is an old resident of -the township.
and a sterling Democrat. lilt hie been a prompt paying
subscriber to the Murreer for sixteen years. and has re
ceived it at the C t Post °Mee. consequently the
Jqmea t y
effort of the Reporter to @hew that he has jut arrived
there, will bare very little effect.'. ' -
trr Irelaud is literally "going to grass." The great
landlords are to Mpg oat flair tenants in order to lay the
land down to task for Socha and holdti.: Sheep aro
more profitable thin mou—so the Jailor aro inrutd out to
die. whit, the former ars turned. in to grow fat. The
attention of the English Lords aid Ladiel who haws
been sobbing over '•Unele Tom' Cabin" is invitrd to
this facts _
Er The Ciikeinoitti'Gas-Ve.staton that' Ono hondml
appliestious have been madwlts parents within a few
dabs past. to hare :their children sent to the hones of
refuge. A sad state of aff4irs., trimly
TICK TIM( MtLIJON Arraotittattos--'—A ileinkitch
from Washington states than ;Mr: Smiles; resolution
granting $10,000,000 to PrOsident, Pierie, will be
moved er.her in the Senate or in the House in a few
days. it will provide that the sum of 840,000,01)0
be appropriated out of any !sum of tn.iney in the
Treasury not otherwise eppsOpriated, to be: uSed by
the President in case any neCessity shou:d iris , in
consequence of hostilities any of the nations of
the world against the Unite States, and in' the
maintenance of the well; known and Settled
principles of the Republic, henever those lirinci
Plea are jeopardized by foren aggressions.
A GREAT Iluaarcintr.—trhe hurricane which_
burst over England on Cbcistmas night, his cot
been equalled in point of severity and for extent of
havoc since that which nccalioned so much destine
lion to life and properly ,'.. 1889. Several 'fine
ships—some of them emigtiant tessels—perished
amidst the fury of the gales, and more than one-hun
dred unfortunate creatures h v et net with a Watery
grave., It would seem that 14 eftent of : the hntri
cane was' first felt, on Chr sitose eve, and after
sweeping round the coast of .Ireland broke over 'En
gland. .
The upper portion of the - nglish Channet ,was
the scene of most torrific, tie C her ii tsd nutnerouide
plorable events.
Vessels were driven fr o ! their anchors, lost
masts and =ails , besides costa niogmuch ether dam
age, while some were overpoW i tred by the vieliince
of the storm, and foundered with every soul on bOal.
• 07" We are to consider L 4 ond ' MI as a consiora
ble city; and New Yorkers reeird their villate as
an immense municipality. 1111 if the Mayo of
Nineveh and 13aby6—n could irevlait the earth, hey
would, laugh at the pretensions Of; the modern:,
The area of Babylon was twollundied and twTy
five square miles, and that of Nineveh two hull red
and sixteen square miles, whOe %hit of hontluninnd
its environs is but one hundred and fourteen aqinkret
miles. •, ir
JOHN H. BURTON. Treasurer of Eris Aug?!
doll, in actowii with Tristees. It:,,
11152. 00..
To Cash reed of M. Whalion, intere:st on bond. \ $37. C 4
To do -do J. 11. l'resskry, do do • 30 4
Ta do do an rent of lots Nos. 30, 34, 26, 37, 40 4
To do do of D. Itochier. rent,
To do do on rent lot No. 40, , 14
TO do do from We of in city of Erio,.being ' lOOl .
'4, in band, 2419 2. i
To do _do from d01,,r enemas in saki': 75 ',./'
To do do on rent of lo: No. I, 2 '
To do • del ~ e 30, • 10
To do tin e ~,
, s,
: 19 I t
•To do do " . " 111, . i 18 t i
To do do '.•:." ~ , iiitk 14
To do do i " "- /0, . 10 •
To do do :". " Zl, 2), 27, 30 1
To do ,do :" . t , 9, 6 t
To do do •"' - " 22, 38 1
To do do c", " i 5.17.15, P
To do do •V' " 11,12,41, 42, .41 30
To do do i" '' :7, 8, 16 Ail
To 4, do 1 4 " 30,33, 34,16, 37, ,38 17'
To do do i" • " 21, 22, 41 46
To do .do i" " 13. 14.10, 16. 6.5 00
To do do of rAil: Burton. Interest on bond, 36 0)
To do do of J. Thompson, " " .30 go
To do do of 3 . ,' C. Marshall, advanced, . 25d 00
1432. r CR.
By Cash paid F. On Tito co aerouut , $75 00
By - do do " t " " l3 Ou
By do do C. Benson, printing' 333
By do do A. P. Dmitri* Cs,. Printing' ., i 21 13
,By do do Jamas Skinner, ambent for drawng
bonds & me " - . 33 00
By .i.) do P. T. Burton, ' 1800 00.
11) do do C. Bider, 95 00
By do do P. Mute. on ! 75 00
By do do J. Thaspeon, iOtll9 00
By do do J. White, Mat ce. 33 03
By do do I. Warren. irtai 1 25
By do do IL Low, surer i 11 oo
By do do-J. 11. Rlblot, r,`. 259 '
By -do do O. L. Roues, g . 143
By do do F. Duritn on r 30 00
By do do O. Crane, ;dor 200
By do do J. Bound, ins • ' 501
By do de `.Thornton, . t 116
By do do'r. Duriln, on 50 00
By Treasurer's ' , diary 40 00
1 By Cash is Trentstry 235 3D
BIM a -
Amount due on Rent $llO 23
Loaned en Bonds and 11,190 33 •
' We the oadereignod, Audi inty of Pate, .
baring met together at the ( Ay Commie.
1- Miner% and luring been d , :ding to law,
and haring carefully email it of Min K. -
Burton, present Treadarer ' . 1832 of the iris
deadetny, do certify that , di correct al mom
stated, and that we And a .... 4 (nth In the birds
of CM mid Trmti
iner of two hundred end terenty4lee
dollops and th'rty-nine amts. Given under Our hal*
at &id a nd 4th day of Januery At D: 1813.
LAT sl, Bons,
Alf ('IL BAUM } Amilitora
Jan 13. OR Rise,
$3361 21
icier reieiv“ • r ute alwe_.
P•cuarer • eIL, eleisbees....sweee!Semi&
A eau, ',dial tie istbeguA—priceii WM.
Romance Stadent Lite—prkee st.
The 11 at Fruaity—price $1 3.1.
21 0 T IOU! •
years having elapsed since the business a P 1
J. reeessaty eatuis::.s u.e w say that pay wen
'hose interested nal pieaseitive it their amuse
Jan. 15-311. r ARBUCKLE:.
FJA It I.Y t
J.. 1 Arbuckle c
litUst be made.
and adulterated Liosors. such as are too grim
awkers and, eedlars and those supplying them,
!tirade of moat of. the Maine Law advocates—
r mouths, and at tl,e saute hiue to enable those
r," to get a pure article, the subilerther has UM a:
.1. entity mold by
runtish the stock
hence to stop the
using the “, eratt•
in a stock of
Wises and Liquors,
iffy assures the publie arc,. pt - RE _cm tcy
as purity tatrlf. . In the stock may be Mond
. prima's, Pellet/oton and tMignette Brandies;
urt Juice. cherry, Madeira. Malaga aad Claret
thin, Monongahela and Ohio Whiskey ; @total
r. k.c „Ike an of which wilt be told as &heap.
per. thou any other m.tah.ishasent in the city.
33-36 T. W. MOO E.
Which he coati.?
Otard. united Y
Chainpsgne. Old
Wluea: &web.
Ale. London Vo
it not a Inde ear
Erie. Jan. IS I
l if ir /A SI
Erie No
InedJ,ard Oil and bleached Llephaul Chi al
Locks and Latches.
.rtuietu jun received direct trout the waouhet•
*daily low
A LARGE :3 .
ory ibr sale g
Erie. Dec. 4_
wa a o
KEPLER. are now receiving their Wititer
e and Fancy Dry Gooch , , consisting in part of
lA. stock of Stag
the following g ,
Irneoeh wad Snl
Alapmews, Sous
and dewed De 1..
Ore. Waterilte ,
CA:whet°. 'Punnet
Prints; Silk, Ca.
and Silk Gloves.
nwdTaMlta R tb4
Muslin.. French
and Edgings.
supply of red and
and Sheeting,. b
.Mown jind red
ton Flainnelo. cot
we ask Of those w
and pries. and
Elie Dee. I V.
lish Merinocs, Paramcitas, black and colored
Ines. plain and figured Persian Cloth►, plain
ins. plain and figured Velseir; Bay State,
d Scotch long and square shawls; Merrimack,
Globe, Allen's, Union French and eneudi
mere and Cotton Hosier) : Kid Mtrino, Thibet
ilk and Linen Ildkfs ; Velvet, Bonnet, Battu
ns ; plairt.striped. book. Swill!. spot and 1111111
orked Underpleevcs. Mitts. Cellars, neer; ing
ior Mcn'■ wear, Broad Cloth, Cassiuleres.
Kentucky Jeans and eheeps G rey, also, a good
'white Flannels, rildurshirtK and Drawers.
11, 11, 5-4, Itt-4 and 11-4 Wattled Sh irt huts
own Sheeting' and Drillings. FC3II3IC” Bass.
'num Flannel T i ligA striped sh irtinge. tot
on yarns. carpet scups. batting. wicking•.
tried as low as ean'be found in the city. 4 111
stung to buy 1. an e,saininatiou of uur goods
,n shall be satisfied with the result.
,anuary Appointznant
: .ama ly ilea' Ph) •ic tan. Nine , be e nry col More
': in ntleildnoce at his comas a tialloWa ;
I()tel. Monday and Tuesday Alterman, flitb
TR. II Tr a
latd. will b
and tlitlt January
Tilo*. 3tnicted
net's oftipleen. I
breath dr ihilicul;
or Nervosi•
pigeon, liierangeu
White o
Coital/11in ion free
Dr. 31. neither I
he never uses My
al a. a 'overheat
steams not gores
others that have
tern of teea talent.
He doer not ma
up arum ; ugr all
The 44:ovi illf
many ihot are al
with tnitrest by a
far theus.`there is
cure in sill iiistane
assertion. that ser
treated..luive been
It will tie retueint
ins and hopeless c
Lions for, treatwell
Pt. HI Tests, •
sufferium front wit
ter ealltup on rout
tot help venison'
sluing a iiciorse of
and hip.lritzzi new
were il3ng the or
O k
times aine nusn
at bow -
's Hotel. :infanta r. 2.. hi Jan.
; •ith Cron ic thee:lse. of the Liver. lungs,id-
Art Bina. shortness of
• of Breathing. liispepini, ihopry. Weakness
lilies.. ficetleeftness. Lore of Appetite. osisti
lit of the Stouincli. 1111114310 AfTectiorts. Gravel:
any long rtaud lig diseases arc Aliened to call.
((Nis nor Vii Lit-rs; nor is Lea Ilottireopihirt
ry, A ein.lne. A inamon). or any other navel'
•nt; nor i.' hr• n Thompaoni.n—he neither
NICi. Ilhs theory of (firearm difiErs fhorn.ait
ti adopted, but not wore w than doe. hippy.-
e rick to tine welt, nor tear - down to build
y nervo:As irrotatton by pabebing ano-
ff. though.l.rief, contain. the subetanec or
being handed us. and will he read
u isse row% e I ara of au trerero. who have felt that
hope " Though never assuming to et), ct a
. )et eiperibitee will warrant the eonlideot
1 iity flue °tar, 4 every one hundred liefloolle
lessentially futprovedur fully restored to health
.red. too. th ti; the most complicated. uny telt)-
sea constituter a large majority of the applica
i t ..A•rrre•cka. net. teffe. tem.
la: After a ;long time--schue a.: veers—of
i appeared to he aluioet et cry disease. and af
r nv pity% c ta its, and if y tag K. tlitilly enree,t,n.
1 , possible. I lint e :vim Found health by pus
our treatment. Pain in the side. shoulders
weakness. bloating of ille• bowels and limbs.
mary at inpuime; in addition to it hick, I at
I . blind and quite helplees. I had nearby Iris
Cr being eves comfattaide. but by the aid of
• you. Limit now relieved from all ihose symp
thaf I know% am pi'rf ctly healthy. Treat.
ed lag April. Mrs. LUCY Al) kilS.
of appointnients given above we shall pub
: la!, comprentigin ill a variety of interesting
, sea selected front netattleurtrig routtlitne that
ailing. Invalids may either Write or call np
-1 Lre fully the e , •.ent of sulk.rlng endured.
eu up alt bope of
medicine.' siren b
toms and for wish
merit was,eorauseni
Wilke t chr.
lish ane testimo
canes, at I 111 all e
%Tare r.. , ,1'r1y I.
on them to I. ern n
Dee. a, %PSI.—
riunqz ail 0 07EIRIall I
.311 °?
01 ef —l22 H ill l
beta eon dent,hec
great or mall A •
and try Yott w 1
Colima; Sugars. t • •
egar." 71'nbaccO. Pi
Cheese. Dairy and
and Willow Ware 1.
orre. Cradler, C2ll I
leered and general
native fruits and
L at Sloara's. '
been treed/mg ware new Groceries, and
," both 11•4441 and ontautet.tal, all of VI hick'
n •elt much rkeaprr than mayor his neighbor',
,the proofoflffr pudding as to thecating. come
I And Tehe MM make pleat:int fahultes,".
What. iblaekettel, oweet kfolmuter." .Our VI n •
a, Mort ard,ltaleratus, Pork, Means, Metier,
Fable tkatt. Also, lito.a gond variety Of Wcrxten
vws : Brootmt, 3.4 and bile. MeV. Wag--
1 , Tut". War board', &e. Afro. • well' se
ninety of " tatty ConTectiounry," foreign and
and en Organ', ••• troupe of fancy Topa."
r Bugler, Eris, Cheese. Beano. Hants,
les, arc. I T. W. 1111K.M.K.
L eaph paid
Pork. I:Nava-a, Ap
Erie. Dee. I le
rcd Ilur d.,),11.y railroad, Iron Cl. ckr, Pew,
le, a wool hcaatiful article for the I all Or. very
T. Al A I.'Sl IN. ea matte 'lrv* lea Hotel.
good areortuscni of Bhmrcla and Toa7,•. at
84—W . ttENNIITT at CO'fl.
ILI !Wald. 11t" ..1 3
ekeap. Jan. 1440
. 1.; IR E
Elie, Jan. IS
I RCI , LAR,Sau.
store of
and .51andraile.—MI ri•rcr on Moll ei the
Erie. Jan. 13-3$ SEN:4I trrT & CO.
of all tlestr r• os closing out st, sawn( prof
ll at Jan. 13.3. LA iiN.l O 4 1:17 & Co'..
er for sale a lot of real 14 we and other Muffs,
E. out of the business. Call and melons. at
B( )(yrs and I 4 Ne
It: Call and
at prime eoet
- EE?iNerf &
eii le:So Ick. fur
-sale below par at _
Erie. Jan 13 lee.
400 PAIR Do
Erie, Jon
Cheering to th
.1' lI.COX tr. N
Erie Pa.. h
eles in the line of
13 1:43-31
- -
Ladies. and Intoresting to AUI
iRTON. N 0.2. Wright's block. tltate•strcrt•
se Jost receit t'2 a supply of t eTY quc hut--
'n bite satin Mille, whit&• Kid da.,'bronteel
r .cy Yolk trailer,. and %aligns other .trtiriea of
a alao the subatanrial adte les needed by all
Among them are
embrordtred do.. f•
similar drawler,
for every day use.
Wow. Slloev.Gaiirre ke their variety feed
iv.ritiotok to 'Treaty. Suttee it to ' , ay. their
it aid complete than ever befote,and what
r ru..twitert, puree Well suited to their de
deav9r 49 inati treat a wore worthy apprecut
ind for ahtta ming film the use of those attar
For Gents wear
peat it would be si
stock is more este
is best of all for the
sires. They will e
tion attic public t ,
common place cap '
lag their Goods ch.
unmolested tit thei
Tor by their practi l
facilities for prat u
cc* cannot be surf
by even the most I
advantage, ariving
OTIS tit/10111A to by Paine. ralPelY represent
a per than pikers, and permit thew to dabble
own dirtrviiddie, unite W k. N.wiltcuAea
fe to sive Unmistakable Ll , Pitranees that their
i 'net he beat of in ork al the loweSt possibue pri
,wer4l, and probaLly is far front being equalled
inpous pretenders. Pelay not in secure the
I Min an early selection. lice t 5 1831-33
I Oee . 23. le-3,
tl the lb. at
--a3 •
.e Cars are just is
full supply of fresh groeerier, 00asi -ling of
lllClialkSeP, teas, coffee. No. I well mackerel
r els, eighths and kilts; also, piekied herring.
rrel and half ba ire!, rodhslo lu .quantity to
rm. elephant. lard and linseed oil, white
air, vermillion red, chronic yellow, chrome
ltutu, lampblack. &e.. &c.
are In reterpt of fresh raisins In boxes And
. melt plumbs. prune*, ■laornl+, filberts. green
s, pickled tiarilinft, ke.: also, a lark won
Willow ware, cedar and painted latish rubs.
• wagons, market baskets, Bug ir boxes. Ate.
• arl.stor. slerine and Cincinnati tallow can'
s hand hl the barrel.timir. 6-h, salt and Clay
(chef al assortment of liquors
No. 4 lVirights Block Erie, I'a.
h please copy.
'tIS'I'R.AT()R*B N(YrICE., . •
sugars. syrups,
in barrels, half liar
white doh by the
suit purchasers. s
lead, red lead. lith
green, unsbre. asp!)
By this arr ival"
half !Kari. figs. C.
oble and Brazil nu
my of Wooden on
patent palls. willo
also, wax. sperm.
riles. Constantly of
pool whiskey and
Jan. I '53-31
Waterford Llispa
MOM r. is here
1.11 been grained
township. dee'd.
nolided to make pa
claims against said
tieated for setileine
Jan.. 1 '33-411k.11*
Hy given that letters of Adininistration have
a the estate of Oliver Janes* or North Esubt
l i pen!oits Indebted to miff estate are hereby
went *without delay, and all persons having
ettate will please present than duly autheu
t. EMILY JANKriI. Attu% . ta.
iirfprd Plank Road Noticol
to President and Manager' of - the Erie and
fk Road Coun.any, l/ec. It ISAI. it was. re
, nnual dor Itit•nd of four per tent be declared
on and after the first day of Eebsnaer next.
easurer. JONAS GEN N 180 N.
tire. and Trent..
Erie & INf
A T • meeting of
Water/brit ria
solved that a Item
on the stork payah
at the office of the t
Jan. I 'al-3W
AL sPLEiliiibt.
rx. found in a aim
kept received at Me
Erie, Dee. ID
finished Seraphilse. with the best ioteteeer
ar Instrument. with a supply of 3leloiutis;
tahlishineut of
otico to Clothiers. •
casing Wool; nivq.lubrientipit oil 'Of preas•
4brsaklow4Y3.3 CAI Iva k. ibtenivita.
C A It It CA (i • s !
OIL ruitabie for
ing Mnehluery
3NEW sod rple
Eaquire of I •I
Id one hone earrirtors fbr "ee at twin ins.
*23 IE3I-15. CA OW ELI. 46 BENS F.TT.-
TIIE - subscriber I
Sowers; (as wel
reery on the corm
in t Aryes w
weft *rile** as are
eons/ass in part of 1
lames, elder. Vines
Ci Ntltuseg C
ruddisp. Durkee'
log do., 'erecters,
ware. stone ware. A
which I will sell as d
public are respectful
. 1I
- -
a tears to inform his friends and old ens-
as tots ipf new ones.) that he has °Pencil a
of fltate and bth streets , (one door below
cim.) where he keeps en assortment of
tel in such an establishment, M) stock
a, Coffee, Fuger, Tphaeco, Lamp Oil, Mo
ir. White Fish, roil Fish. Pepper. A !spier.
lours. ludieo, Pearl Starch, Corn Starch for
i Baking Powaer, Caudle*. liar Son 1., sill..
, Xla hi: Glllt. hpilico, onto, eOilittiOn %%option
dr, ar.e., &c., ta ii macrons to 'pennon. all of
l ee
heap as others fi r ea.!' or ready pay. The
ty invited to call and examine quality and
A 7,510 nin , F._
Ikathant St.. Neer York.
de follow ing articles, warranted of superior
40%. Scotch, Coarse Fir' eh. Mapper, and
the Clot Tobeceo in tip roil and papers. 'A
pt ion of the various articles can he known
nice current as above.
No. 411
OFFERS br sale
anallir—Mnec I
other Sun Ma. Also.
wore particular ileac
by sending for a rut'
t lan. IS 1g53.
ANSDI --- T --___-__
r E.UCOf K-,ong pastry aod thg other toOgg
roo Ws Hotel. to whom good wage. and roa•
Ibe given. Middle aged aromais preferred.
dre,s. H. L. BLOWN. Erie.
—are wanted at
ltaal employment I
If from a nee, a
13 WM
tkmeey. Month I 111 tottlnee, Cheap NIA.
ie. PleTperi, ~Kdd Pens, Pocket Cutter,.
went Pike Reed BOOM, &or, Pa.
DsaLez in liibks.
eatiammo, sleet
&e. nest
- ,
tissiuvrT & Co ',4
filnienbeedbiee would infixes tbeeitisetes of this city and vi
-1 daily dent they h tve - now oa band and arc daily receiving
by ewe.. large kits of those tine
Baltimore Oysters.
pat en expressly be faistify use in large and roan Calls. To thou•
a ho have used thew it is unnecessary to give further notice than
that we hare Ikea, on hand, hut to those who have not been so
toilsome., we would sat, that t cy are Viper for to any 0) seers in
the market. if you don't believe it give us a call and we will
cinsi wee you oft*. &CI For further psi rtic ul rex call at
& MeVARTS.RI4. ehatettrcet.
P. Orders from tr•ecou tit ry sof/v./it'd and soompt/y attended
to Elie Dee. 1
,4 COTTAirgI INK ."
Apra! sapplyof that Warns Ink, known as the roitaxe Ink.
11, No the thing for gehool purposes. pill sip in sumo tangs. AM
ale at No.l. lifollll% , Hotel. lice. 4 DLItt.IN & *RASA N.
IT -
pin Su'racribers will cay Cash and make contraets for the
.1. coming 1114M012. for the following description of !amber --
Whitewood boardS 5.4 and 4-4 inches thick. Plank 1 3-4 and 3
Inches think. Scantling 3 by 4 and 4 by 4 Sqsare, Comm 3.41.11-41.
74. 8* I*. le and 11.1: &mare. Sycamore Boardii 3.e and 4.4
inch thick, Ash Boards and Plank from Ito 4 inches think. Cher
'v arils. sc an tlin g and totem, Wh i te Oak Boards and Plank.
Whitewood Sycankore and Cherry Lumber should be 11 Gam long.
Ash from !Ito us tett loug. SkILDEN t SUN.
Erie Der. 4 Intl. 3,
"hi RINTA—Ai Petalill& from four Outs per yrrrJ upward.,
r2ie Doe. J left ate
DRY G 0 - 0 D 8 .
A. General arsortusent of Dry GaAs itur .nle on reikronable
Ix terms by ltec. . 1-30 G. SIILDP.N & 0014.
Curtain Pixtutes.
ms itred two gross of Potnam's Patent Self-adjust.
a; Curtain dictums. also n glod msortnent of Corti and 'l'as•
twig. flee. 4-30 ; RlWlllet REED.
H A Y Knives at the Cheap Uardware Store.
Elie Dee . 4 —3J RUFUS REED.
RELl.Sralknet bay yon have seen the avvor:t
kJ meat and A.Cettaitted the prices at the Cheap Ilar,larare wore
Erie Dee. 4-30 RUFUs REED.
THE Elohscribers are now offering to the public a general and
well selected stock of Dry Gctods, Groceries. Crockery, Boots
and Shoes. Cloths, Cass itrierrs and Vein ngs, all of wnteh will be
sold as low as at any store in, Erie pr Calk or ready pay.
Dee 4 IS.It-30 SENrif7l"r & CO.
B)?1,'N dIiEETINti S. in quantities to suit purchasers. at the
store in t h e. Mennen Block, at prices which cannot fad to
please. Deer. 4—.10 seNNErr & co.
T" 'place to piirdhase .Groeeri2s. Wooden and Willow Ware.
Wines and Litlibors, Oils, Soap. Candles. Fish. Candies,
Fruit &c.. ISM MOOR E'd Grocery Store.
Erie Dec. 4 •3t-341 Opposite . Brost n's New Doted mate St.
IDAVE on handthebeseassortinent of Liquors in Skis env.
1 from the best Cognlaes down tolls rent WI Iskey.
Erie Dee. 4 11142---311 T. IF. MOORE,State ft.
_ .
_ Itockingtuana Waae.r
A I.A RCM amoriusent just received and Fot mate hy
Ll -Erie Dee. 4 -.3i1 7'. %V. MOORF:
Wooden- Ware. •
A r.Alier: q asiortnient of the above ware consisting in nart:of
Pail.. I . .thei Churns. Butter Ladle... Feints, Siena Mauls.
Spoons. l'otati.e Maniere. Laooll Swim-zero , . Iren
e-its Towel Noll. rs. Sugar Voire. Moil elk! ks. (1011$(4. PiaV. Ilbi.
Covers. Measures. Aze • ilel res. Keeler,. I lobby Horses.. Dread
Tray., Silk wi etc.. etc.. may be found at MoIIR F A
Erie Pre. i ir.12.30 Oppoeite Brown's Nrw Uotel state at.
_ _
New Clothing ratabLiahrnont.
, rue - subserilteriChave connected with their More a tarp. stock
°treads made clothi ng. of home manufacture, to which riey
would rail the attention ofthe public, their stock consists in part
of Frock, them, Pack and liver sack Coats, Pants and Vests in
endless variety. all made of the best materiel, with numb and at) le
unsurprissed and pieces so lw a's to astonish the beholder. Please
eall nd examine for yourselves.
Erie, pee 4 1e.31--30. 'VINCENT' lIIMSOD lc CO
A N abundance of tine Silver Ware on hand of his-own acid
Eastern manufacture. Silver dpoons. Ladle., Sugar Tongs
and Scoops and other Silver Work made to order.
1 .graving done in super for tit) le. Corporation and Seale
/. um ranting done (quell° any In finentrn
cities. Nov. 17 G. 11.0D,td LS.
T.ANN F:Ret oil. Lard oil and Neat•fuot ail by
Erie Dec. ls 4.7.A1LT ER b. B ROTRRER.
ALARGE ant varied aeeoritrient of Trusse.. embraeink all
the late improved Pattern.. suited to all ages and slier and
will be properly fitted if required without erl ra charge. shoulder
bracer and suppcotere of vomit► kinds all of which will be &old
at less than New York re:ad price., to all who may Want any of
the :OM% e articles we say It will be much to your interest to call
before buyinsckievrticre. • Dee 41",2-3o P. HALL.
1852 ‘111101.3382./..33 AND RETAIL. 3259
Quick Saks sad Lama Prelie' The City Dew: Store be full blast!!
11111: tau hseri her reilltll,l thanks to Ins nuttier) H. ustomet:. for
the I therpt patrunne,c received. 7111.1 tnl•t. from the great in
ducements zubitir offered it will be continued and increased. lie
has just reeelired from head-qu (ter« a large supply of oil-article.
in his line of - trade, bought at the lowest prices and of excellent
quality. warranted good and otters to supply his customer. upon
the tno.t liberal terns MI nre 111Viled to-call and examine i.e--,
Fore buying elsewhere as great chaa-tot are otT , ricti f w buying
lrOCHrenieleeat low prices. ' P. 11.814...
Erie. Nov. 27 1`32 29
-------- -- ----------
11iw - 13ooks! New Books!!
CAN. be had al Mein 41e. Moan's, No. 9. Brown's bloc k
Reuben MeJlienti,or The II 'oni in; Man,
Kathay, a eruke in the China Seam,
(tarden Walks n illi the Nor. :
A New England Tale, . •
keeo'leetionnof a New- Enginnii Bride, and or a Eloottuttn Mat-
- ron. '
Oracles far Youth,
llo , lt of Artois'.
• Aatt a arMerril assortment ofever) thine in.the Bock line.
Erne. Nov . W. - l' Iteltl,lNr it.51.111 . . 1 1N.
NrlVir BOOKS! ' .
Oal ',fork' al y-jire reads (ark . - •
TEST Etr.rrAvEr, Si 0. - Prawn'. lloiet. the 14 , 11ew ing
itew a uti readable Books, any one of which -(1111 be had for
A Book fora Corner. new eerie.. -
Table Tusk about Rook.. Men and !Winners.
Eagle Pass. or Life on the llorcler.
WhilCli and Oddities.biliixki.
!laments.' Social Phtlosophy.3ll series. ' •
%Volts-and Tatks of an Attlefleal2 Far-uer in England.2.lsct les,
Sicily, a l'ilitrituage.
N0v.37. 043. ftI!RLIN Jr. SLOAN.
L OGWOOD groom', madder. fume. ttle.Wrx;Ll.C.oppc fcreaiti
extract of lugwootl, cochineal, tin water. earnwood.
indigos and every other variety of dye stint, required. selling
wholedale and retail at the lowest possible figure at thee drug
stire. state st Erie Pee. 4-30. P. II A
Routothi - g to stir up the People!
E are just in receipt by .•Kasson'i Dispaieli" or 2 eases,
teso yards Madder colored Prints nt 7 ci nts pet yard.
oniall figures and imd styles. eoloo. warranted perfeetiy fast or
money retlinded. Customer's inusteall early: Also, 1 ease. WILT
yards Muslin de Ltli (Deg, tailliant colors ni.d desiggs. at Il t leents
per yard. rian,ms & lIAtEtI 4
Eric. Dee. 18 1852—.2.1 • NO. I Orwell's Biwa.
114irent llress goodsi for the trollidayst
TIIO3C in want of an Orlon' Belk. Cashmere . Motet tie Laine
or Merino Dress, seta Co well to call nt the New York rgrrie.
where any article in the Dry Goody line can be porehaired at hew
York cosi, as the,whoic riot k must be sold unmethateiy;
Dee. Ifit-22: No. 0 Bon neit Block. State street.- •
ANYqnantity of fret-h. ground nOlll by the Unrrell nr rvoutid
andwarranted to be a superior article at Clitott'it
Erie. Dee. 10-31. JOUN E1.11.1011'.
FUR pA1.F..—.1 most helutiful Piano l'Orte..anunlicketureti by
Daniel Gilbert. of Boston. warranted equal lo any in use.
will be sold al the maker's wholesale priee.
Erie. Dee: hi- 1t43.1-32. r4TOCKTON & FULLER.
11. OTEIL!
TlllB Rouse is situate but a few steps from the Eastern and
Weriern Railroad depots—haa been newly furnished and
third up for the accommodation of STRA NGERA ANIS TRAY.
RIBERti, and as a pleasant and agreeable stoppitlg place is unsur
passed by any in the City. Attached to it Is a omelient stable
and other aecosnmodations for tesrstera and others from the
country. Passengera and Baggage carried to aid front the Cars
'fret of chsrge. Charges reasonable.
Me. Dee: 1P 114311
PERITMEKY.-I.lihin't , extrnet. of Jacky Club. Kov,Geron
tutu, ratchouly. Iledyesinia„ Heliotrope. Violet. Musk, Jos
h iin, New tiu.wn Hay. Jen uy 'Lind. eltrOtleliC. Rosa
Mareettale, Verbena. tlernartf. Cologne, Mucous:kr UM and bx
Marrow for the Hair. Cachou Aromatlue for sweetening the
Breath, and all ticeeisary articles for lady's and Gents. Toilets.
at Eric. Dee, 18 at J.ll. DURTuft & (.;trrt.
GRIN EP lES,—A full sunnily and au rhe in of Cart he round in
the city. to he had it Dee. 11. Aarrecar.a & Hertel.
ease (Of sale at Dee. 15,—,13 GI 'Frs.
_- -
1 UM' received a lirr supply of French. English and Ainers
'• can chum. consisting of all the different sizes from 7 by 9 to
31 by 41. which will he su'd 1 -, ) the box,or single light at the.vety
loweetprices. Glasient to any site Ithout extra charge
Erie. Nov. 20 1032-20 . li. BURTON a. co.
BOGI Wood. Amulet and culUred Bracelets. put received at
Erie August 7 1931 13 - Opposite Brown's Hotel.
NTOW opening, ail extensive _assortment of Cm I tars, Violins.
Aecorikons, Banjos. Tamborines.Vlntes, Fifes. to of ev
ery prke and quality Mao, Strings for Guitars. Violiusiud V io
neeetunr.tig the very bias kinds. nil eery cheap at
Erie Sept 1-17. 1' 31.4 entries, opposite Brown's, Agate .1,
F' SALE VERY LOW. —A large and powerful Telewnpr.
costing in England Twenty Pounds. to be sold for tine half
its cost—Warranted perfect In every respect. inquire of
Erie Sept 4-17. T. M. A zit, opposite Brown's State-st.
1 1 1 0 BLACKSMITHS.- I am now receiving n heavy sipek of
Iron and alter' ref all kinds and sizes. also Anvl s, Vises. Bet
lons. stork and. Dim sledges, Hammers, Horse sh es and Nails.
Malable-Castings. Brass, Hub and sand Bands. ire.. ke., which
tt il be sold at the Interne figures. 22 R 1,1114 REED.
Long Winter livening*.
iv. OW ill the thee to lay in a stock of Books for theme long n in
-1.11 ter evenings—siielt,for tn.ittnre. as
Capt. Kyil. or the Wizard of the Sea Prim 50 ets.
The Prairie Scout. a Romance of Border Lire ** WA ,•
Beads and 'karts. or My Br.ttlew r,olotiel .., AO iw
The Swamp Steed, of The !rays of Manion to ga ..
The Rak Rangers—a Story c 1 Love and War - " X% a
Cello: N, Y.rmore a n.l Under ground 46 sh • •
New York by Gas Light • ti. gs..
The Heirs of (tern rue Water 4 . au ..
Kee Penron:or Life and its Lanktrm , •64 go .•
The Wedding !tress i ti eg 0.
The Three Strong Men .• - ga et
Arany Diver. the Female illghwa, maw io gy ..
II: ilderoy. the Freebooter t. IS a.
Gentleman Jack, or 1.10. , on The Rom% .. $5 .. •
A Life of Vicissitudes—by James I .. eg a.
The IlitalOry of Wary Esmond. Esq , .. SO .!
Together with a large variftay of outer cheap and readable
gooks . DUBLIN & SWAN. •
5 v
f" TlA — cy gm*, &Prim ilfiksectlrec and A's.lmico long and
'square BhALWII. at prices to suit the
Elie ?ICY. SQ 1835-4 S TIGUALS
2K DOZ white and ewkweil Kid Glares, at dye obi lilt/I*lld
sinorse.e per pair. TIIIIIA LA as HA Ylitt,3.
- -
Zooms of Arne:Joan Authors.
grit E limes of A enemas AnthOM the moot !oral/11MT nnot in
I.lfPngraolly, illustration, and In binding. ever pablighodjust
waived haft Putna.nNo et No. 0 , Beevroir Hotel.
Eno, Del 4-30 Pei it NAM
. .. ..,. ,
istaizapisays stA•AIIIIIrIie . •..
A IZ sopplratfiatoorftNete Illosibly Nageoleejust re
telvell at Ito. h. OfOlinee Hoe& Thiele Meted itaxibet•Of
the new 'robust. had iv ouc of the best ever hmthei.
Erie las., I-31 OUR Ulf is SLOAN.
Ifisazty vs Yisassy
Tilllnl6 mitetrin Tlst4re beautiful. but who basetantined
Me Oft and beaut.f tl 'lrwin; at Storkton & and
hesitate to admit that Art c.tii, tf not excel, yct closely appsosi.
mate to the beauties of Nr.t•tte.
A wont to thew fite sv Me lent."
Itoora open at? A. M. Admission free!, Dee. 43 —33.
Ores . Bide of Dry Goods!
Al ta Nee Fork More. *, Boa,urr Meek.
ELEGANT Cashmere, and Delaines,srorth3t, and 37{ aelliag
fir Li and*, ets. as glad delalnes for l 2 as can be bought
for 1.14 many other store, elegant Cashmere Long Shan la worth
SO Pr ill be told for fM. elegant Silks for party and street draws
the bat assortment of black Silks ever brought to thus inarset.
embroidered Collars froru el cu. to 413-10,10, yards Prints Bed
'Picks. Flannels, bleached uottom he all of which are now of
fered at New York rapt Purchasers of Dry Goode will save*
per cent on their purchases by calling at the New York Store,
No 4 Uonnedl Block.
Ede. lire .21. 4 .--26. MERitICIC-& DAVIS.
TILE UOCHS, cowering 7Area Waiter LOU. together
with the largo Ware House. 100 by 40 fret. now owed.
pird by %Volker & 'ribbon. For terms, apply to
Erie. Dee. 24 7 -103 J GEO. W. STARR.
Atiraction at Itosonsweig Co.'.
Proprieters of this e+tahli►hment, beg leave to announce
L. that they bave-naw on hand a Inge varied and elegant as
surtauctit of
Tow hid) tbiev invite the attention of the public, confident that
in atyle and finish it cannot he exeelled. On► stook consists in
part of the following, viz • lire,. and Frock Coats, :lacks and
half Backs of cloths, carsitneres and tweeds. alt of new style and
at very low prices. Ovirszetts and Ilatizips of black, brown.
blue and drab Beaver Felt. Pilot and Flushing Clotho..
A He h and moat beautiful armament ever oflered,Satin black
and fancy :lints. Merino. Valencia. Italian Cloth. Satined.rbact
Ilk and single breasted of every variety of material and pattern,
Under eillftal and Ora wera of every deveritition.
Consisiing of Boys and Youth? Fade. Frock aed Body Coins.
()sty Coats. Panne and Vests of all sizes and qualities and at
very lots Niece.
Fine while Shipts of Listen and Cotton, of the newest 'Wet and
make. fancy cheek. hickory and blue striped Shirts of ever)
kind. In intl. yo i will Lnd every article in our line at O. I,
Wright's Bice k. Call and examin e
_ ipsaliiy and prices.
oct ta wag. 13
T CAT received, dind now open for inspection of the public a
sr large and inept drtirathe selection of Fall and Winter drays
goods, which we are determined to dispose of at very low rates.
our motto being small profits and qu ck saki. You are fervent
fully invited to call and Vte our sloe of goods before Purchasing
e!rewitere It 0. SKLDEN R SON
Ericlflet 11 lk./I—tt No. 6 Tracy's Mot* etken pride.
ArlikLU d•tisin etatutc I 4 cowing in ;he olive of Nat!. Rai.a fir
kiu 6t" . . 111 . M.e.• Ulll tne !wan c,,,ed wish fur at
OUR IST'3l.l:a is at hand again. 884 those who worts le Peak,
Preseisis In ',thalami:ll Ohms. sl4milikenri at Warren's Ftir
7 slwre, where Parse! 8.114 Comfort enn!be studiel in selecting from
his large stock of Furs 8114 c 414 r a erj desirable Winter Goods.
Erie Dee_ 25, 1.-5 - 1 —l'.
---- -
Now tor Ctuictatas a:allow Year.
Al'gTiv Pm. 1 , +4 , b , o4tekt fr. 4,, Vets York splendid artless of
lVa , thes", Jew-i r% . r:1111 . ./ 0004 , and Toys, when Old and
Young raft flnd somnt't:, : •,;.. r, , ,,rittir , to the luste and pock e t
just g h q .•. th f y.te.ti.--. l cla is res4e.:Uutly solicited, opposite
Brown'- 11. d, . -'f.• , • .. , • , 4";
I.;tle D. , - .1. 1- 2 --.., i.
filliPPiat ;,....., NJ: I. • . Chrves.Mustarit„ Caron. Coin. Far
ram, (.• ~ .I.r. ~. ; -. li.`l .4 nd article- , 101 111112.100 , 111 to enu
merate which on .. - c...::1 and et:nn.ri• ;diet. and quality at
Erie Nov. Ili . . ~: —l.i el T t3lll ETT & GRAY'S, Cheapsi.le. '
INRENCit and Luglish Nletinass, %chair *v14 . 10041, and la
i.. linens at a very low figure at G. SIMLOWIS A Son's.
BAY STATE Shawl's cheaper 1114 the cheapest at '
Oct 111°31—T2 . G. SELVES Is BONI'.
Tn Eold Armor Vincent. II im rod Co..'having been dissolved
on the first of March last, a new) I l artnership has been en
tered into Item ern the subscribers niftier the save na me. to 4ake
wirer front that date. they therefore botify the public and "all
the rest of mankind." that henecfodin our motto shall be rut.
itterre4, and prompt paytneht. At oud store may be found a large
and well selected ruck of Dry Goeslo. Groceries, Hardware,
crockery. and Tin ware, and at our iFoondry almost et ery va
riety of Machine castings Horn a Steam Engine in a sleigh. shoe.
Our Mill geariae It"lnit proverbmlly superior. A. for Stoves we
can't he heat in quality or pure, neither up street nor down. WI i
EryPtOne and-Lion are favorably knOwn amid 0411 sew nowt@
Favorite for the kitchen and Lady Franklin and Revere for the
parlor throw all Other. in the shade. i Remember Cask prices and
prasapi parneat. - ,_, 0 13 VINCENT.
, t DAVID 111M10111. i
JOHN H. If - IffeRNT:
Fsir net th lan- it I Wallin SHIRK.
N. R.—Those indebted to the old Firm arc notified to call and
ugly up and that soon. t
J. M. 3 17 .S IT 1 C• 1 ,:
IN T ouLn matt re.jecruiii PI idasc to return his si nc e r e
thanks to his ituaty friends. add the prildie in mineral for
1. 4 e very liberal4i . atronage hereiMbtedttereded to lam, and would I
Inform them th. he Itas just rceetvedthe
Largest and Seat Stock of Goods
; it his tine that-hat ever been ontueti itt this city. ron.istine or •
°row ehowevt k I h4l, which ffe will make up to tinier. Gentle
men their eloihini made to ardor can have their nu st.-
res taker sari cloth n.rotade. n ati ifnot pie 1,4.11 with theme. hen
they will not le asked to take thew way. Also, on hand
at all tunes, a 13 rat! rind a ell tiufile amictrucent of
ttf our own niontifvelute. coniistiug of Overcools of various
Gre-s and Sack ruais Vests. Shirts. Stock era
'Cato. Drawer,. Undershirts. Gloves. tauspetufers, &e,. which
will be sold at the reef lowest takes for CASIL Persons in
want anything in our line, see itivltal to gall aud roaw,uc
goods and prices for themselves.
Erie Oct. 23 1tr.34 21
Ira teza image cfralt• arc only Co be tee', in Eris at CLARE*
ETC.IL . No. I Bel/ *nese.
FRIENDS, jury esti dad look at cur late Co h purchases. awl
one. wore he astonished. We call de tt —that a e aill.
we pledge our honor. IVe, have plot opened new sole of 149-
eade Saabs,' Otis. yard wide black du., the eery hest in Omen',
French Merinoeo. Persian Twills. Ccitturshs and the nicest M.
dela i tis for I r per yard to hodou nd asst of ,New York; shawls,
long and •q sure Woeful oraeo trillts.Thihtiet
Plaids Itt great variety. and at prices ro tow as to nnalds us
tot:lnn at the idea- of competition—indeed the) are so lon alit in
'mike our neighbors rolase to shed tkoir Shongo. Coresiden t g it
trouble. a hem-they find their customers site coating 'tire
before proelutsing ' Well. it is Gents ; rte dt . tet blame you—
' Slaarls bought fore, oh will go. o tie yu shelves grotto bei
hrntri Ito bitre.en of 1, i t sit months purehaPes.
For the Gents. we have every &hitt; neeepears for an outfit eery.
riry hoar). alit! for fanui IVA Are !Live fall lapplie• of howitekerp-
E I na vi l ely...tit price , that herd duly to be named to etistire rifles.
L. Friends and ensnnarr.. Wu will !nage these d ords good. Look
to tour interests. and try us. Erie Nov. 13 It.4t-17.
DRESS n vet R in greet siariejy.)ind
opened at Nov. 20 1831-1. TIIIIIALS k. DAV Es.
Caioiiiereit.Tweeilec,rtatinetta and leant% very low
rt 9 1-S — t —2l. SELDEN O
NN't. 4 .
A NoTHER large tot of 11. Collin'. warranted :nee. Olio day
Il received. ['rice $1;41 each. 30 REFI:rI REED
(JIE-13 Darrell. Dhio Linseed Oil. reeeived and fi
by the barrel or gallon. at Nov.lf-ti HI?-
Kock, walk simest aupota.
f .,
Having R most magni fi cent marl mate ryas assortmert of cloth
ing of the .choicest ournerials and i seeptionalalLent. aud
itaade in the shop (not slop) by viper enerd woolen irt the:
best manner, after fall patterns. We do. with perket caonfldencef
challeastm a comparison of our goods and prices with those o
m a y other establishment betwerm the city l of New York land the
city of Erie. We Imre hase.l these goods and made illeut up to
THEr,3it'ST BE .yfILD!!
Any man or boy fur a c,,m, scot or pants. by making
hi. want+ knoven to me. will be aCeommodtted with 11, article
that will fnit hntl—at a price that will suit him—only eall—call
—and if yod do not depart a reciter and a harplerman—ruy name
i$ not Jacob.
Traveling Bain., I'itbrella...Shlrt4.l'ndet Shlrtr,and Drawers
Illandkerchielk and" Cravat:4, Cloves, duapendera,
cheap for money .t No. 2, Reed 'louse.
Erie, Nov. Si. JACOB Knell.
frIUR Subscribers are nor receiving very huge mock Of Wet
add Dry Groceries from Eastern eiiiei And the Atirtism
Room. hough, for Gash at extremely low figures, which are Of
fered for sale at a small advance for the ready Those wishing
to avail - themselves elan Opportunity for buying a vroek of goods
in oar line. for a very little cash, are respectfully invited to call
and ran ue tit BTERRE'fI* &.GRAre.
Lis.. Nov 6 P..1r2 16
- Wrapping ray r.-
A. FIRST RATE article of Wrapping raper , Just received and
Z). for sale at Nn. 0, Drown's lintel.
Eric. Dec le. It —3l , Drlll.lN Aal LOAN.
ilillitilllASitiiiii - everi va r 111 y and in yle iroinlo e ea - toinVSet;.
VT per yard at Nov 9 sal P Ild mil JACKSON.
_, ---.. —_
1852. FALL AND WINTER. 300DS. L 853.
A LARGE J51.0.117'.VE.17'11.:61' RECEIVED AT
„ Ea W A IZ R E N' S lilit
rsfiNst-'ll \I. , .• ~ , d ..
in hi. I,r ... flats of ev ery'varievy
IL . , of ~3 .., ~:, i ~.,,„. ~,-, i r ev: , - - , v IT!orJeir km this market,
also av, ry 1 :r.!. • : • 's t 1:,- -a .. ,- ,..sirieser and CasierAlals.
WWI a sari. I : , I' .. 1. Tlt ell. } , 1111115 and children of our own
Amake..., I !, :h. i i.i, "itk. French. 4r - man.
Pm...viz. o. ft, ' . r,, and Moharc lloshes of va•
rims* sir :ev and priers, eonstantly on hand or
made to order; r.l , -,, ',large stock of it:vista Roars an Ladies
Four. Mulls. V (cronies a lid Mufflers of all of) les and pric:s. with
n large slgek of Gents Furnishing Goods, consisting in part of
Minns,. wrappers. drawers. scarfs. cravat.. nandkerchiefs and
echlarri. (three id) of the very lest,) and so large a stock of
gloves and mitten., we have nut room to enumerate them, walk
valises aril trunk. coßstantly on haul of our own manufacture,
ollitr earpeLeinhols and truant leather travelling Imp and - nio- -
brellas. In short. a large and complete assortment ot Fall and
Winter GAO4IA, selected and made with the greatest cart so that
ever) customer may not fail to get the worth of his mosey.—
C o me and-ace ifvhese thing," are not so.and judge for yourselves.
at No R. Brown's Neil , Bine*. , -
N. H —llama, Cap , and trunks repaired or made to order?. ard
Marto Robes lined or oilier Fur work done on the shortest no
tice. Get. IS 1e42-50 .1011,1 11. %WARREN.
IItrLESA 1.1:—.1 be subscribers are agents for 41 - r follow/lir
Patent Medicines, which thew will sell by in.+ dozen at
Matinfteturers •is : Jaynes' Expectorant. A lorrntiveCar.
mini:titre Balsam. Vernitfuze. Ilan Ittyye and danative os
rod'• Chola/mane; Itristoi's and Towe.rnills . 4 arsaparilln ;
McLane* and r•thnestock's VerntaUse ; Trask's. ,Taainer'a. Mc-
Al liter's. Sloan's And Daliey's ntm*sd: Perry Vat ii,' rain Kid.
I .r. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, darters Indian Liniment. 'dairy's
Tnropheinas, Brant's Indian Medicines add Kier's PettOnllllll.
Erie Nov.lll J. 11. BURTON & CO.
Am ..
FIRE nsoortenTof Gently and Ladtea'rubbent just
the ththig for muddy streets at reduced Prices by
Erie net 30 15.7.1. A. G. PELDON k SOW.
TrST 'teemed, ano th er tot ntikm finetCalf Waterproof
ali Cloota. Pert. Ilk WiLCOX & NOTON.
Wright•, Black. Steil 'Urea. Irid. Pa
Boys' Clothing.
=Corer effects of the Cash Systensl.
Tatman a Mock of Olot'sing and (Nostis.l
Hat an' Furnighing Store.
c. rr, I 111 • • •‘• Zdrk. Nl•ti• 7street. Erie
a - .
ir., % : - ...i u .e1,
L_ 1-, :",:'', ~• i* --- ) I ,
k L o : • .-1,%, 11.....-
4-A • , ,
.. ~
CAS icTow,
For the Core •f
Many years of trial, instead of impairing the public eoshdesells
in this medicine, has non for it•napiiree tat ion and notoriety he
far exceeding the most sanguine expectations of ism frianda.- -
Nothing hut its intrinsic virtues and the unmistakable beneft
conferred on thousands of sufferers, could originate and maintsin
the reputation it enjoys. While many inferior remedies thrust
upon the eommunity, hate failed• and been discarded, this has
gained friends by every trial. conferred benefits on the MAU."
they can never }bract, and produced curet monomarcias and Una
remarkable to be forgotten. •
While it is a fraud on the public to pretend that any one Med
icine will infallibly cure—atill there is l abandist proof that this
Cherry Pectoral does not only as a general thing. but alms:o in
variably cure the malidies for which it is employed.
As time makes these facts wider and better known, Otis medt.
c toe has gradually become the Lest of the Ahead, *oat
the log-cabin of the American Pen the palaces of Campo
/In Kings. Throughout this entire country. Ia every state, ally,
and indeed almost every hamlet it contains, Cherry Pectoral, in
known as the belt remedy extant for diseases of the Throat ant
Lungs, and in many foreign countries, it is coating to be mann
sleety used by their roost Intelligent physicians. In Gun hrl .
rain, France and Cennany, where the Medical , sciences have
reached their Merest perfection. Cherry Pectoral is introdwatali,
and inconstant use in the armies, hospitals. alms hoase,,
Institutions, and in domestic practice, as the surest egimit
Miele attending physicians can employ fix the more clamorous&
fectionr of the ?ow. Also in milder eases, and for Children
is safe, pleasant and effectual to cure. la fact, some of the mesa
flattering testimonials we receive have been from parents oho
have (bud it &Ileac MOS in eases particularly incidental lochild
The Cherry Pectoral is manufactured by a practical Chester.
and every ounce of It under hlsown eye. with Invariable aceura.:
cy and care. It ti tested and protected by law from' ersaelle. ,
felts, consequently trait be relied or u genuine without adatlese
rtion. . -
We have endeavored here to turn lob the community with
medicine of such Intrinsic superiority mud worth aw sbouldeoria
mend itrelf to their . conadenee—a remedy at once salkspeodi
and ciPectual. which this has by repeated and countless triais
proved itself to be ; sad mostly great care in prepariag it wall
chemical accuracy. of uniform strength to afford physisiam a
new agent on which they eae rely fir the best results. add the
&Meted with • remody that wUI do fbe them all that midicise
ens da.
Practical and Analytical Chemist. Lowell. him.
Bold in Erie by J. U. Burton & Co.; in North East by B. O.
Town & Co.; in Girard by J. A. White; in Cranesvllle by Wild..
Mee itthsrman.and by Druggists every where. lyrklzart..
11,11,28. LIQUORS. - • "
NJ 3 ANN, Groceries.Pklte.. Ple keled Oysters. Labelers. Fir
tip. Fruit and Nuts, .1. G. fc W. I MILLS. Na. 3 Wll
- Bloch. opposite brown's New Hotel, Erie. ?a. balm
etlipened n New Establishment. where they are preparelto sett
all - Articles an their line at the Lowe/4 Priers. at Wholesale and
retail. The Sine k Consists in part of the &flowing article", Ma
Wines. Oranges. Preserved Inuits,. Miteirollll.
Liquors, Lemons, Vernirteillv Media*.
Cigars, Pigs, Plain Pieties. Awe*Mak
-Porter. Raisins,
it ts
'd Pickles. Catsup..
Ale, Sots, ekled Oysters. Curran.
Cider, Cocoa, I It led Lobsters. De Digest:
Cordials, Pines. Pickled Clain,. . Curios. Ea Absinths.
ALSO—Tea. Nagar, Coffee. Molasses, Tobacco. Ake, Gnus&
Some,. Con fect nu ary by the B.:m.l 4 min Biscuit. ;Crackers brat
Barret, and many other Articles too numerous to mention.
IMPORTED CIGAR:I.—We itnport our own Cigars, and eau
roll letter quality of Cigars at'the same prices than any house itt
the city. Pure and Gt nuine 1 W ivies. Liquors of every descrip
tion constantly on hand. fo: Sale: Wholesale at low rates. A.
so—Bottled Wthes and Liquors for Medicinal or other purposes
on land by the Dozen or Single bottle w hich are pure.
AGENCY FOR BUFFALO ALE —Monts and Bites" Ir.
Banon's Ate. Fur tale by thd barrel, at Buffalo Ptite,'addDig
transportation. Also—receiving in their Season. Oysters hi
ghetl; Keg and Can, front J U. ,lilts fa C 0.,. of New York. lb[
Sale Wholesale at Low Prices.
, J G. Mu.t.s. New York. r W. I. MILLS, SuMilo.
A. F. OACKSON. Arai.
N. B. Ilotet.. Ft am Dow , . private Families and Dealers Ova
crnlly th all artic'el inc our line. at autfistoprictil.—
RDERS froto,City and Purrounding country respeetArgy sale.
tied. and we 0. die ourselves that all goods shall be sersasa•
.grie. May tit. L
TUC 1.1 L..: rl hers have joist received ntthei ?stand. iminedllide. •
I y opo o -lir the Perr a large and well selected stook
of Groceries. Coffees. Teas. etuaarik; Molasses. Rice and all OW
so Velem mound) embraced in the lost. Also. Llano:N./lulu. ate.
with nn assortment of Nuts and Confectionaries. nattering
themselves tharthcir slack. in variety and exeell4tme. is spot sur
passed on the c itv. hes hope to receive a liberal share of We pub
lic patroti-ge. Their detertn lamina as to do business dour kit
cask eonsodenne the n tYpenee" of more wortkihan Ittm
”slow sittllitql." and that all pat t4es are bow:fitted by the rum*
pay system.
rradnee of all kinds taken in exeintage for Groceries and Mier
a rise lcs.•
ealrquiekly lest the stock on Min i d becomes exhausted in die
lapse au few weeks. Un rprices are.olowthatpeopdtwill6l6
themselves scarce able to resist the,temptat ion to buy-
Erie. June la IF3o. - 6 LANDON Sr. RISLET.i
l'ashicatible Tailoring - "Eitablpinnent. :
tiTH C Subscriber. in gratefully acknowledgingthe I b.
eral natfouage which be has received from the - e iti
of t:rie An the pact live years. would most respe c tiv y
call their attention to WI present location. Haiti
err cir d a new shop on the east side of State etritet, t
dtors North of SO. and adjoinine d H. Riblet it la
Cabinet Ware Rooms, he is preraied aga in to watt ogle
on mid...accommodate:his old patrons and friends, ansl
lim es that by his usual success in making "rood dut,"
rot only to continue ifi their confidence. but alsO, ditto'
their influence. and he his own, linear itv and attention to twat
noss to set urea liberal share of the public patronage which ha
revoecthilly solicits. .
Navnl aim Military Milan: made to order anctEuttingfkir6th
era to makeup. dour with care and promptness.
Erie. July U. FE32. JOHN GOALDING.
O F FA LO A I.E. —3f utra Ce. C t linan's k Harnms's Ale In big;
I) and half Ills. for sale by J. G. W. I. Mills:
Jnne No. 3, Willquos Mock, &WC . •
- - - - -
11LARGE. and beautiful lot nf -Bonnett tibboty for fun add
-w cr trade. aeleetotfwi th due regard to the pretaili INa
desAt F.rie Oet. 9 1032—11 G. BELDEN &BOW&
Qll EETI %GB. 1311 ..snipe!liningsTickingCantonPlan
nel k.r.. at No 11, Tracy's Block Cheapaide
Erie Oct.:l 1:44. Ird GEO . BELDIIN & BON.
TEST received Ole mold aplenilid aationutent of Ladles dew
.1 goods ever offered In this market, conaisting of Gro Da E lone
Gro De Chene. Brocade. Pow. De eoieand Plaid Bilks, Otilonal
(*rapes. Plaid. Plain and Watered Poplins, White and Cord Tar
dunk. dotted and plain. Book and Swiss Mulls, striped, bared
and plain Austin, Mualin and Wool lie taint+. Lama sloths
plain and tiered. printed Velvet.. printed Persian cloths. Bro
cade and plain A Impact'. Cobure't cloth.. Brk and Cold Preach
Moreno and inlay other styles of dreas goods which we have Pot
time to enumerate at present but call and veeta yourselves end
Ilkalie money by purchasing cheap at the old stand of
Erie Nov. d 1.5.12-211 BMITU JA
r rgMluw
r ANOW GOODS 19T01111.
Blots St.. opposite nrosen's Ibid. Eric. •
pit F. subscriber. (hie' of the firm of G. Loomis rk C 0..) comet,
2 before the Erie public and vicinity. soliciting a share of
patrunar., confident a large and well t.elee tea stock of the dates
eSt and most fashionable COu n lira) gat tow peke s .
with the manufacturing of Silver Wore and Jewelry. an
attention to business will insure a reasonable support., Hating
been for the past fireen years • rt.* bdeut of Erie,. and intending
to returt intim rest of I i fe, the publicn t • i il i l t fit e l .
dra r e cq n o o r ;h a :
lA ki o: fi ts:
sate." but always on hand trt ligi.lh
sustain mysel f and fami ly. In the tiorld. and I Piet* Mad( to Ira•
dearer to tunintlin the reputation enjoyed by the old Arm In every
particular. Thankful to a generous public fbr my ituecess thus
Air In life. I shall endeavor to merit a coblinuanoeo(theit ihmozw,
Aug. 7 Ifi3d-13 THtrP. M. AUSTIN.
N. D.—Watches. Clotkr. and Jewelry carefully repaired
/ IN wv, GI.ASS.—The tart_
into this city nbe found ht
Oct. 23 1.4 ICV & 8110TH ER. No. it Reed (louse.
J. ma. amrra a 00..
If. T Bound( Black. stas sums. iris. Pe. '
frill F. suluteribero beg leave to inform the citizen. of this aid
1 the adjoining confute., tlutt they are retell/IQC olotaat, dotty
iu addition to their stock of goods,. the !arr., and'brst noreft•
meta of Groceries to he found seat of New York City. num.
rut for ttie libi rat patrounge received since our Co l 2l l 2lenerlollllll
in this City. we would most fmrpeetntlly call the attentit • armee.
*boot. and other • tv 'vlll'lo good. in out line. to an etbibitloooll
out stock W lure biting to Buffalo or New Yotk. We wick it din.
tines, it iiderrtoe 0 that we w ill veil goody for Car/1 •v /bap PSI.
as eteap its eau he pnrcha.ed in Buffalo or in New York. Wink
the a. 1.1111011 of ea peruses in getting woofs to this City.
The Inflow she comprive a small part of oar stock
-30 Ilthl N. s,l . Nrl/o..ri . and P. R.. Sneers.
Ice NM.. Criahed Pow'd Granteurit it Coffee
to TierCeS ninth Crushed Suns%
Yo Sotto Refined Loaf In,
It) lfht twit P R 31-davvera.
21) Tierces A, go. 40.
75 11110. • do? do. AS. 11, do. -
13 do. Stew art vSI rip.
Itl do Cuba Honey.'
130 CbeCto3ilgt ha I r Chests Vonng !Tyson. DMA /kilts ha.
penal. Gunpowder and Black Teas.
• ISO Ha. front to 1111bv of Black and. Geells do. •
73 Wig . * Rio. Litguirr. and Java Coffee. •
-20 hones Ground Coffee.
73 do. I'avendivli Tobacco, 1111 qualities,
31 do lb lump do. superior
13111,19..). Anderoon's Smoking Tobacco, & tg, psi
Also.'everal ditferent tumuli' Fine Cut Chewing.
73 Packages Macke/al. No': 1,2! 3. in Witritk`. 4.. avid
23ft Rote,. Herring, No.l ati d Scalded. '•
801 , 114 rod Pods.
53 lib+ it.trilled Winter Strained Oil.
Also, Notu. Ravaittv, Prune.. Pepper. Pirtientn„ . CRIPIa. NW*
niers. Clo% P ice. Powder. Shot Safety PM!. Wrapping, rapt
and Lifter Paper. Mustard. and Pickles. elan excellent quality
rind ebertp—brvidet a great tai my other article■ too numerous to
moult)* in an advertewinect of this kind. We also &memtelt
dition to the good,. abate mentioned. a large stork of PU R
wiNpatilod I,l(4U4lßie, vi 11101 Cali t , f.• ha I 'Li per cent. *heap,
far the value utial.ts . than ran 14' ?etre/instil west of New Y
not w ithelanding the errs,' advcifre In liquors London and P l•
w ietprou Ale. and W uf itIIOM Ail det.eripti
Please calf :int examine for )0121rPeiVe... nut you a ill he veils
that you can do better than by going to Butililo or New York.
Der. 30 1 A
t asoorunent ever brought