Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, October 23, 1852, Image 1

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—I3I &11111., Pro pri•
01-41111/ 23..
I'. DV
it llitellitt (Dhseruer:
--- - - -
$1 - I; 1 - .1N , & CO., fROPRIETORS
D. I'. SLOAN, ilditor.
, -
vt thnenrrn-r.all• •, • 61.01..
rat tt.e. Hier, in .initnnee I , . - 1,514
t t pal, HI attipnep,r)T wit in three months from the t i itiP
11,2. I %So 41011arl , 4% Ali be ,
.., ttt :lttt It trattott* nowt tte ottist.tni.
.i• : ~ t ..xceeding 1,1111„one bear
5.11' ;Ire
Ij FIS months,
too three won't'..
• ad% ertoeinents, LO cents pe r square. or fifteen line+ or
t:rpl 1.5 cents furtetsch t - thrsetitseitt, Insertion.
t'ert hat e the priiihfge of changing at itleamtre,
,inr art; a Ilyn en to Ole ISO tnnire than iwo squares. and to
imatedsate bummer.. I
!t 2. nor Itav nig other chredttons, will be insetted tilt
!chary:co actorilingly.
(tau of Vie fires G 1.405 t, Or co.)
JelArlf4 epoone,;Mu.tral
uto.l.cwKits4t; Lovir and Flaucy Goour. *hole
r, lint. r
Hams Maktlr r tzto.4l 0
ttt u docai north 01 tag' I..and atij '
e a htti et ti e re-Itoolo. la lei Pvooll.
k EN
•Teamnont AFenl, office at lk• Ra'
eft Er te Pa. . '
.. i
CLARK & 1111;1' 7ALY. ' - --.1
I ;1.1 F. tail .fralent in 1.4 y I:oo4*,,uarpfts, an d Dry
No. I ticed licni-k , . k I
; ____{,_
WILLIAMS%I & ' %% ' l 4111 T. —
\ .2.,
11, 'CIO, ../..1 Ditlerx in GO Opel 1 , 11t , r corn. ontor
or). !land IX arrant% awl et:rap/late , 44111.410,•111.: Att 4 o
,!r cin.ille prt(1011,11 C I t l'erf 41116, irm.m, anota v ti_prirte
Id i'ountry I -ale - 4 qlscr, W, ills:moo klioOlt, - raiint`r Of
.an 1 rubl,c Square. " '
L 1•111•
--r —.--• : . _ ______
U .1: .G. &W. I. MILLS. • ,
A :tied 11 , linte%ale If/eller,. in 1: ,erne.. Vine'. Liquors
'Al.o. Furetlin Prnir. Nutt., liekle... and Ptekled i)y a /i
1... Pr e ,.ees-... and Hemel rltealryt artarles of
e-erild lon rtlW4ill. on 111:..d. N o 'l.'a. block,
.np1.,..1te lit,sciPs New 'luteErie. Pa
tza..Netn York... 1 a/t, I. Mims, Ru . lllllo.
•1% Ise' 1 / their :. , •a.40 , n. alvoiers'%it .11//%ll.lrum J. H. %I all*
Nes% S urk, %%barb n all bp gol,lAKll,lrsale al luxe aware,
A r J se,:,/,/,..-Ageot. Erie. Pa. f
—. 1)1.'11.LIN & •L( L
I.•ir..f..Selv,K): :a II a 1.1 I;a itavouaa 11661i-ia Ina ilk
.11 rhater's Car a. No. V, [troika's New
•• • 11. F. ILO**.
r( )VN .1011 - ST•ON M. 0. ,
.L • ~ _ ;, ; Puff` oil 61:a S:rert; two avorx Wert of the
. .
—r. Ili. - skioß - C, -
-",,, , 4.1,•
''rr.l. 1011Q.Wlilex..1.1,ptor..g 4 :111div.... Fruit,
i .., ....• is I.....uskii- & IV• Stalemret._Erir.__ _
IliiN ' H I 'olpi.
il-, , , th
x I),y ,con will thr Greatest variky
, ~,,•• ',iv. l'help.Atric.*it:. Pa.
.1 rititi:TT et: Glit' l NY.
1 ~ ~ I , ~.kf, • .link. liter,. In 'Nei and pry r:reor.eriPA
i r , • 4, ."r. Frfro.2ll 161 lin6lV: - .le Fltill. WthFittr.
... .. .. . . . . ... .. .
n• • %% . r 1... FM...J.:1;01. 'lit-lag, Sails. Pow
1 . :40.. ; Frett^h street. oppu
-e P.l. •
!Mull., nut
mi) of' thr art.c!..., with prumpl•
tteirney- 4, - nd Cormsol.lgr at Law.
• elute. at N,,ritt-Czt-t corner of the Pub-
)1 Loft: , 13t.r.11 . 1; l'f.t% AK ,
I, :4urgewo. (Alice att.] pesidences—
• rr rltritt,
• 7to A. Al, • I
to 2, nni: 6t07. P M.
J; T.. STI. M.' • RT. st Th•
a t rum.lll.-1 , ) , 1 • M ,, 01160 , . dcytlry in narlt
1, I :1 dal I.r Iwe .I upper.lake-Sze4surrO.
-.ll.rwiartUrcrep of Ivor. ro•s,;!e. R.4i:ing.;O:frunbOal
~twn. it i h au)l nth. Eric.
iZ WAN EXPltt:s:4 cIoVIPANA ,
d ru No.. 5 Reed Block; rie:rw ). 11 t.reet.
'; *t.f.', ciu-es. at o'ch,ck, A. M.
•• ' 3j,./Cluek. P. N.
' Wessruitt., Agent.
:;1. 1 )1t(4! -- I 1
sr,.tksr,.nf J. Mari' ("..)
atimo.....illtt Merttruil. rotate/Jock. Brie. Pa.
••• ,;•, floor s PI.S-ter
• 1% St. Ti 1, 114 .
• I'unoiril.. - 14111 ,, Inreltants, second Watt
I' •.rtic Pa.
• U. Rt.,-ter,: l lJec Ft-h, Lime :Ind Lime
• • A . with
- ' • -1 ; ;11:. eidwr ;11' tateamtsrtts, rrupener..
• k... 1
G%. ti.
• • . oer to Cloekw, Jewelry,
, • •-. 1; a--44 ay , i other I' toe) Guo I.
.. the Hied !louse. 1?
M Ft
1111 - 1 KLE & Kt:Pf,E. •
•, ,„ rover es. 11.1rJ% are, Crue keryoke. No
• N. -taw r.rle. ht.
_ -
—t Mire on Park Row,'keivren Etrowns'new
IA 1 liOuro. ur. •tnir4. -
- lilt C. IIItANDES.
Owe turner oC State ajol Sevelith
••, n• .1s E.lghth sweet. between fretach aol
I • ,
NI. .AN FORD. .Ir. CO..
hank. Non.s, Pralls, r*trtifientes of Pe
,2'lll !Ark:ll4T Oil the principal edge-. culislatill)
r al r.• in H. .1113,r's Illock. Sqnare.
Tr. I I tii
P;:}-.i. 14 s—firYire. CO/ !ler punch and Fit
more. Kr, , iffriire on Fourth street,
t' , .• apOthef tlf y Ilall.
lit'll'S 111:Elh
I l e
I, : ..1,.(... ~, a, at, ett %w wit! I inlik-ilronti4l rrarry
. 7. -I f ,, l“. Vire . .., liuti and ISA I NO. 3 Reed lioti.e
t'. 5tEG1.4... tt
t end ttetao.icate Va .d eenes. Proviginii. Winer
F ritn, acc., &e Corner of French and Filth &recut
ratitarrri Mute • t.rie.
I , n, . r qd ketall I)ry I:roeerie.l.
, I af4lMrare.•llVll.
Stores Stttce Serret. fikur•ibrurt4. beluw
Itrllow•. Axle
4,0 r r•aaallr and l'arrjaz
.I I.4‘i and Jusnee of
Xliitual Life lusuru
11 rtO/Is .wre. Erie. Pa.
GEORGE 11. 1 1
I..\%.l:lrilrii. rAir
;Mt Ittie‘t to
coluwi--/un .11erclial
I.' I'. -ler and IVlnts.Frsit,Fionstaqily for sale.
- • if - li.o:.4lNZ‘tiG & CO.
A•L , R t F 064411 and Donteatm Dry
,4', nradr Citlnint. I Ls and Shoes, ht., N0..1
I. .treet.Lr4e. .
. 3: V 1 CENTJ -
othce up stairs lin •I'al u mau2 11311 building
Prothottutary'b tie. El le. 1
o 4 •Df.l loR LAik—utlice ueer BOVrigtat'a,
otw door weee 01 ti talc tree t IlleAhaPlOlll.l.
I"• ler) Groeepea. Crockery, Hardware.
- 11001.
„,.., 4.; rue er ti rd ware, tlaceshi IVare. Lime.
Erie. ra.
‘‘II.I..IAM itllll.l.i .
p.i.d•us; and cnortaker. corner of State an.i
\ LlitiltO'f
R. , ,1; .I. , :aer. in I)rugo, . taking, Oils,:
-•. ke • U. G, Reed
• •
;ii,ur.un the publ le 'quire. a few Joon.
- - -
JUIIN 11. BUlt'f()N CO.
R.l'u dhiersla 146 gs, iledreureo; Dye Stull.
N.,. 4, 6et4l Itoti,e. I:rte.
lift. 0. 1.. 1:1.1-10"I'1 4---- .
Ilristl.t: I Mice and divrening ON Shit
'W.hni hide of the Public Square. tot duet, East
or El!' Fine Rank 114.4.1 i a. -'teeth untetlettou
(held Make. Ittna (mew ha .Ontsre •ett. Oen
% al+ (.old. and irt,dortid to health' and as&
elen turd v. ilb tustruthietktr and Dentsate so as 10.
, learni4... •PI wort_ wartaated.
M 01API S f:R.E. ,4 111.:11T lANTIIiSr--06kengli
the ,euth .toe of the Diamond fire Moors elmit
the. Erie Bank . Priee. , ream:Nimble. stud All wort
narrinted Ene June to 1861. r 6
i • , I •i ' • . .
• ~ -.- . ' ' ~
1 - 1 ...
:1 : •.. . • . .
• .I ; . .
1 ..
l'H •''.
. \
. 11 •, i ~..,....,: y .,,,,
. -...,
. I 1
- '
i. p_ , -.1 -
' fi • • . .
1 , I t ''' . ":"""""'"."...t ' ••':""'''. 1- ""$• -'. •• '''' """.." "i 4 : I r -0111. .""mo ''"' zw - N•• '''''' ,4 " i•:- illi • Jory""' '.. e il' o4 ..
•• ^l' "" mr- ' - ' 4 "? .1 "'" i .'1 1 --. i ' s- i -:. "1 -' " - ' - '::'*''' l 'o - ':''''''' o*t '"' E: ''' - '!'. •z-- " -:1r .. - .' - ' - r•-6- .7 16 ' •,....-- --!.:*-",.
. , •
. ,• - I
. • .
f -
E ...
~ „......
. fe.
. ._.l
, ~..
, 1 •I •
; .
. ,
I 11 1
' V
, .
. 1 •
I . . .. • , -
. . i. . . .
the east side of
1 1 161.4 J: ft. kith:
crs Hat store
V. 11, WILICatt
rrn>•. Springy , . and a general
tru-'Peacel and Agent for
ice Goiiiiiamy—i.llTice 3 iron
omit), 'olleetkitni and
migne4 and annlateh. •
LOtiti,i, •
t, Usti P uLdtc Dot k, east 01
1~ ' ___
Pnetrq nOt 3thrird
111 iost.rat C. costtLLo.
Soft! treed me lightly!. lIIe ashes hi there.
Whefe the %Valuw tree buwl to dui irithle - . ,
'Heath that groin, grassy mound, hither elOpe fro
Arid repose - from this earth's k fiud.!
Oh, how sweetly the moon Hain hot •tarry
bedlam. - ;
With silvery light on his bed,
.Reflecting in dew away fall'hher streams,
Ae they play oa the house Of the dead:
I pause 801 gaze on the coldi Iptor'd ato
father his•resiing . pl. 14414,
Aind the winds 'long th'e pat in siuipathy
As I throw inytiethiaid on thej.griond:
Now in-rnury paints scenes 44ri t aluce swept d
On the tide of oblivion's dark; ks
Recalling job 'i smile or adveisit'
As each once appeared unto .
Now w. kee the sweet dream ioll/h1 fa slyktiF"i
Now the hopes of the light hrartetr,boy:
Oh, ltow oft in die pasi.wee my spirit beguiled,
B. V4lll fleeting sunbeams ofloy
In laney I dwell once again lathe eel,
fsnnpi.rin childhood'■ first years:
Ott, how sweet to cue' now seems the sear Fippir
Once hall4.4vid by infeney's teasel
I see in my dream. tthat I 'reeler might Wake.
So soothing ths mere' fairck nos W!) -
My fa th er th is form to sin thrulitthe bee's* taste.
And imprint e warm kom on I 7 brow! I
Ilia kind. gentle 1 , 0,cs as of of. now I heir.
ro reprove with reproaches ye
Some yoettilu: fault or in same .ts dear •
Approve the good act of his eh d.
But 1.14 4 , no more! the ehure
r Tells' the sad. sed truth too plai.l
.And on my ch.+ eoft offeetiou'r
. Speaks the hunting heart. g ein
By the side of the deed in iii els
And burr my face on the so,.
Yet through my' grief, in tiny soi
That Foy { l ather rests with God,
PItiLAVIILPHIA, sept.mtier 9
SPEZCiI OF 1111 1
. I of California, a
TII *at Plit)Frptityu 12E-siwi
A IlhilttitteJXCTiON
' The spirit of prozres. of the" Present ige iv n'othing
More tor lead Mn e the nature! deirclooeme t cOdeiocr.i/,
lc Ideas and prum.plea. cc taught visit arrisd eintlin; this
practice! ()aerations and loading mess ream( the r . dctilif
crane party of this country. rite-4 inucrati party 5'
now. as it ever has been. the only p ty to hurts i ,
country •.ves,its !erg., deatinputent a d pragresw Thi l e
whip. a. a„party. have bean very a roprietelitso
the It iltil; irk platy,. Th tt partytried to hold b. dt. this
demuciatic p.rty from poretit'ssing Liu one and Fuorithi.
They turd to hold back the deMocret c party 1 e t dd.
clering war in NO , and from a yet .r se and sit . *gull
prosecetion of the'aerne... rise! irir to holdiba k thji
democraisc party frtnt re-annextng 'lie as to oar onfed
eraby. They triad to hold beck he delitocratie p.ittl.
l e
after the country ;was involved in the tsar with. elm*
1 %
front compering a peace. b ) refising to vote sup lies to
carry on the war. awl by &non:lcing the ve4c-its I" eel
-1144 litli 1i121331/10." add our brive,and victoriinsii salt ,
tent aa .. murderers '441 4111114AISIasi, " „hereby endattigering
the seccees of otir-ivsiriatic aroly t and the hoists!. isr.
ave. as well as the lives Of unr tileci.lait i d endeatoeing tts
retider the war utipo.ialtr and ocqual. They ellldvavor.
eirti hold beck this damiscratin p •tv from acquiritigNstfr
Mexico and my own ad tined St e. California. : . [ ,
If Ellis' vou g party hid altira a been in petit+. tail
should have continued to the
o ld t irteen States. l' hititlit
[leaven it waenot 'so. The dr oeratic party tlil , beep
in power. by the will of the pep a. and had ad inianneir,
ed the governinent.. (including the sidimacitVation ! if
- *V ' l i Mt o' If the stYi threa
Geo. . isaliington.) forty-eight ;oat of the sixtt ..
years since him inauguration as President.. Ted. th, dernt
*erotic party of this country has+elt:cted and elected the
Executive head of this "oresniaynt, and controlled its
political policy. at hone and abroad. all mat time,lvvhill
the whig flirty has occupied that position. chiefly ay lief
cogent. balfillteeii years. Durin4 these entire sixty:l-three
years no feat heading meaiiiine of, liheral l esti plidetf.
progre.sivis trolitical policy him's, /rigiti.o4 i 4, bi L sita sug
gested by the whirl; , but. or the contrary. mreq such
siwesur . p, and.sil the other great; disimitive ilsear'res tit
the d:inecretic party. winch havii d.iiieso iiiilich'ior )he
glory and honor of the euelitry. Biro prciaper4 and h•pl
piuess of its citiiens. for the extedeion of the 84.eit la free',...
dom. for the cause of ireedoiu anti the h' pea lof fr men
throughout the world, have rain with ti err de:ermined
opposition. During this time the Stintriihssemierearwia
from the original thirteen te thilly -o4e. and teetats-seese
at them, to day. boast • dentocrinc Executive. Lush.
Ulna. rloride, ream. Now Mexico and Califernie hale
bee. ecqiired, and each sequisnioo-has been ioulted up!-
op by the *tugs. as they blindly up .fed it. as total th
this perpetuity of our trovpromstat. ow the nionarcincst
principle, 9r inia;n , that selfigoverninent was 1114 .pre•
ticable in mush tiinttd terntottea
. In evict-accordance with this :tissitienj and in' the true
line of cattforinity with federiltarthicts itud prOpeesstiol.
,th presentrs tiring administration have Itigoaq dernoti•
strated (hell nppontioWto,all furthSr progress.
It Is aslant } a the hnitory of die weren't Otilparthred aod
Gardnerisitd federal whig adirsimistkancio. that' thafircitgi
sed voluntary ecoemon of the SortdSrich Islands h4obkeM
most.coutemptisouely rejected by President rtiltri—
Tow !regard as ens of thelgriatestpolircat bleu& th t
nes ever been communed by airy Oaithistrattee 'lif it+ s
country. since the foindayen, of mi p governoseN t. add
ater which no satisfactory eztosn t hol beets, moat bored ,
drred to the ptioplet A sample stateiniut sf hellL—Wihieh
cannot be controretted--exhihsti did an s aosiog ' is,*
Its national Why. as t sore working .e :whit
There:was a moist, treaty of coookro,otored nu b;
vireo oar Comniresiouer tir the .Idaud i rch IMands'end
the King and go eat of list cu.? y. by Ilihtlial thil
geverameat coded to the U. 0., n
the spurs eirvereigoly
and jortedsction if that VriOulpeOf Islas rape out/heti
. ohirratiou staked from the U: 8.. er wormed hi the treOr
ty. Whig the rights sod protretten scuttled to err eine
cameos. sod a peoestrairl some 10 or 01 WO per etieusht 1
to the King during tin bk. This wily was iregshisted'
at the Islam& in we than a ysiar ago. mid bus Wier es
the fias of the State libtpartmout at .Wewhingida iOt
mead)/ the same period The protein whig adontlltstre7
tioa rejected the musty. or whet itii tentanseeei thl i rret4..
Rare it the go -hy; and whoa tin led iiiitin • kit wouter.
for information on the seldom. by a resolution' ri ellil ,
Weller. U. S. Sonater from calif°t ie,tte Presideet der
diced famishing the istOraseittiii sllrd fir: WO ii h s 4
lord vowed Of iti r inerompattil 4y witi c ktbi.pof Ili:.
a yard kora
1 . 1 1 •
I! paid.
nip. 1 knell
De i troiL i
I; 1V WU, AiatiNllS
let. Th t a i
power. co 'og t<
21. Th the
- rwirctell the seta
periled its consa
As pportuae
eat a p•rh4pa
porta ryequissiuo
ed stag to al sun
,the pastith
anti-progrimitlre p
Mck federal or h sit
The latpoitaaci
Uoitril Motor, 1110
aid..redl, ;a toothed
taeis thou establish these two points
was nektsiotted. by t h e aoihpoteat
the' U. 8 these lolaada. •
resent whiz nd'ni,aistrstidn• has either
or by its cutpablis neglect. has 'toady
h... thus been lost. at least for tha Pran
gr , .pc mutts= one of the most tin •
to oar territory that has soar present'
•• •We ;ere • 601Parnment-used •I 1
° nimity. i e anti-Aim/rhino fooling and
1 '
edictiuna and proponauties-of this hai
-1 duiliasirstio l iii . .
uf these I•l4ndii as a poasossion of the
too can Solidi/dn. when this an pia
on *ph oar interests:in California and
largo and iinniriwwly valuable wind-
Punifin i with spy. already barite and
menu!. in that ocean t ' I this or•
cud capuhitnies of the Ili Ws ; ,with
1* war with 047 hweiin power. • d es
t Britign : with the Ware saccrwaral
a . tient Winnable commercial enterprises
Oregog; with ou
lag isateresis is th
rapidly ipiere!witaig
r i p
rieith nil products
the. tbie itreut
pegoit v with Gee l
Iwwwesktoo• a al . 1
teem ealsfwvoni it
does. Agstrollis. tit
l'!"+.! • P`,111••
poopsl by • Ai
Presbet see
111PPa. e
111401 4 OM/ OOfl . q
peptairtete.tdr I AK
diet* intim.... bet
&bete. and brute,*
et Geeeeerielt.
Ow Gl.
iireemen of
, q .,
nt pe«derinf. Nban
`6al frosts sir s tite t
' is asul who ths ne
stilly Oho gotrer.
W. is eiossete4 the
lipf .ay that n.eMa
ea and Own
bog of tahette i rtes
~,.d. ..4 eesild
sad volsothla sesrar
seas or money Its
-Agresti', ethitstion :
;iicitizens milldam! Ole
tse" As tahleoted t.
land,. upon whae4v
in x tlhq iL fnirly in
into ihr.e. I ,, ltands. f
•ad 1
elm merchait4ifar.
The value or expo
domtatia produce. a
th.• sluse . rariod, 0
lapprie.. • le►R.
ricutuiril aitipiensca
ty (roe by thevinyer
by Ce.seels-and the
rot fey aide. ealttle th
the directintr4doetio
in pert by prottta der
land iiecuant ;1 sod
etrcialat usu . by. *lraq!
forum casOdoloe. *Mc
Mot camel • u to ealeul
have beer seat a
coast of 1111P011 4 . No
amottot or good, *.
The roosipto ti the
period. Imported g
to nearly 125 000, -
goo in atm
incl ding lorei
constantly OffilaiDig
Bred whale ships. trio
hardy. industrious •
Aneierlosn regrind is
$15.044000 : All sh
sessitr. sgsilthls4 Is
ensiling their turn, s;
sit or right mouths o
the summer groisigg
one to three Bodo°
age." sud Inustir
io' silt or eight mout
BosideS thes i s who
manna fr
stop at three lalleude
Cita ealerproses frees
easels entered, the
rtia" a of which wh
TAM poothow of th
pd to connectonn vet
it. thot i.orfierlii boom
ri . tor fapsitr;ifrooir
r S.uth' A inerieN
iminedsorte vicinity
Is bound inAtto
Poctfie, crunit. North
Therelts no oilier
shop can liss so wall.
Iy snonliad es et :hes
non done by oar ship
alOng thi emptlof
America; mod hroogl
What ihaa: most w is e -port 'near their "human,
greeeds.!' whores they is be sitoplied with Icadi *atom
seisma and oilier we tables; whore their crews cam base
••ft roe on ahoire." ws not dancer df their deeeltiiieWe l d
where Owl esti bee rep4r4 dins' epee, thwis
sad be otherwise re• • led for thriiiontessil perileesves-
ages. del this they
fair to poke', return
Mon. oe l the other Si
the - CPoestic cost. on ,
Chiefs deo. or On th l
{withowt.'which , Olit
while the expense. of
ger .r !anoint dwir
we while shfis fro
Th.antis *tint ad . 1
theta important nit
wit the acgaintion
riotsother confider*,
t any Wolin •
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mud no man ean,IMT •
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I power. would comenaiiii the satire
. _ln Potent of territory. the group
'shout 7001110 quire mile * of land. or
aarro. and musk! easily eilatiqu e
QUO of iithobitauts. --They are with. 18 moodli degrees North Lati.
55 and 158 d-greee•Longitode; Writ
!hew are bleared with a climate Duo
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aptly, all the staple riyeductspind the
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, hd ptinelpal I owned by American_
0. One of the ** sold men of Mill
s sugar estate; on one of Muse tit
ieatly 111110 000 has hero expend. d
In operation. The value of imports
It the year 18.511. - itineunted to over
imports were principally Alfieri
were all for consumption.
and ioppLes turtii.hed •easels. of
)oupird to nerl $6 , 10.110(1. durine
theexc , quis ut imports over export.
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of capital haven ed ip plantation'.
pod from aAiprrseats abroad on to
a great degree. it? mares pet to
is. returned from Cali
rs sod crews of Phips.whorii do
l imn of •• somilii.e." There ow*.
11 dee 111/111MS the Wends. ow ac.
lit is pretioldo it did mot exceed t h e
iold renisioingi iu the tum i d* of thr
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ds - seteitily resseettd. niorinteit
1 11 this. with ' ,Colih;niso tied Ore.
land with a peputetioa 'pain the ie.
hire. of shoo't 00.000. V. have
the lasetris Deese. ' 11. , 11111 . figil tHia
ed by soled 15.000 sable. iteuereti
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a •iitstertan.g seanien. with OM
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nits. or !heti, supplies. sold for re.
I.tlyefitlilig . thetirlfeesi;lo idier house
their ..hating emueds. J .,' tiering
These vessels ore onteghd ; from
times five yogis. in ••getting a, troy
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'ships. almost :the et tiie morentot
that AtNatio to Sao Fraa cisco.
ts th.ipnetireeOue of their coettnera
ehhernie he Maniac thins and the
the year !OM. over 400 merchant
I rt of tile lalatmis; the largest pro
e Asiieritaa.
rorpe w ahch.' geographically,
h the prevailhtg winds of Distaffs.
to Mani!lii. the East Indies!. Ch) . ..
If;to' part of thel'aei fi ensaas of North
, st altsoet. ner4sontrily. pass in their
This is popeciolts ;the case with
direction from ' all the, American
. the Equator.
int on theiPaieillc where nor whole
conoenientlr and on -e4ononueal-
1514n(4.• Mt i cesi or the whaling te
-in the Japo i n nod Okhotsk sees,
th-esst.arn Aide, the west tweet at
Itheeings Stlreite. into the" Arctic
lid etline Sondwieh bleed% in ge.
,ng 'row' thejr es wittier eintere
!!de in the Peetne. end oti point on
h or o'lll'oll4e. end 'none in the
t meet. grow the Irish potetoe,...
ble ne whale ship gore to eve.)—
reruns in Celsforate. end the den.
. n by desertion. meet War ! deter
wonting tier' own ports tbete fee
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Soustioo eolpoitiv segiPestof
sl istoriot. thole Atoll,. idootificol
this' blinds. is °boleti frets
'or l take - ipoisoisfos of titiSt. Om,
e!.n a pattiiiii aiielavive policy.
denier io istirmsti,
serse to est philtres, why ate me
tit onstdrpnei. ThemMm dr ifri
e—khA It4IC-way bons.—tb• bond
die °Alan.
I depot- fur coals and other epees-
hips and other !lonian. *bleb in .
r that wean, aa thickly se thiy sort
bees - nreaportag. aid their isnetrit.ent rinerntakentik
rieeharal and aiilttare. pint of Ilso broad erre of the &era a nd tirnpee. TbsoPirei+.l, l -
UM " . 11 , 14111 , II P"iti4Vll to our eon- lehrlsesththillftr. had a, eammetowsiime that seetuniallit
that Cabe 44. to those oa t have bees the pieta...and theiefore frightened, as/ buk
ant et this nate, thi Cabe of the pan, alwere havebien. o at Om-oar *Wen el termer". hi
,/ •
i gran, Ca Petra eaa be reined rphhheld di..treaty fians thy iffetrattni J I
The'eltOrati if the tthinda: I. epe.ifteg ape ithiniteeetiie. 4 1414 loan
iriiirietM that ty WM, *set the Pc.4.4i ei g ui).bo treety
•t . ,
Ne' epidemic 'es periodical diemieee - Peetied • -
1 1
leleilds,'and t ey are neteraubject to the frightful
ricenee which ere N frequent iis Cuba. aed Which i
Si eueli deem iiinu of city, and-other property: .
templete the a 4 Islende is ins fetere. white Japan
have boas optioad to oar cootottrett. sail lobes a rai
eontotornicatied shall !wave been provided. from
Francine, serene our 43.intioeut to Ilse Adel/Fie be
sad when. Voperiptroce. Ili, whole giirepea
with. hie% the ...aiat Indies. Western Al
Anoraiia. sad tbeiracific lat.ade, obeli oatorelty a •
putty piss (meiotic& road: and t!iroigh our own terri
and Obey ale wavily more atioportaut to te". Gas poen
Mower... is. or oven eaa be.
- la 'peaking of trtitto that-position, ciim
and product, and their vain* and 4meolgitice to
sneak of what I know. kctring. as Tien ore re'
et their pnneipiel pert.- 11nuiaiu. ever Ares years.
daring that time. having visited • rearli. every Psis,,
the croup. I have alsa . visitod and resided in Cattfa
short!): after jklse discovery of ;old titers to Idti. I k
the energy. Vie itedosirtl, the perseverance. the larasi
the recedes. force mid decline* of cetaractsr,which
the prairie's's', sperit of Plat wanderfnily progressive
estgotions people. and I tell yon the& Ail wee and fee
impatience of this end that not ono not
Caldorni• would dem to mine Lis veins in defence o
Tama punned by this whicatdminotrathia, is rrjec
the easetom oaths.. 414504; and 'wenn that knowledg
that and with inyitnowletite or thee; Play h
left behaad meth ea lhaesada -ef the Coodnent; I a
a afeirpradiat. what imam or roe away lava to see. e e
Mete, employed on tiee Psetf c Oeean. 'Meter thntl
nowt spun .thai ittikalio; • railroad Siam . San Franc
rottora Ike continent, for oho travel of inankcall. and
mg the marrying tred • etreeePe . the 211.5.0041.000 of At o
ne people. and the 6-14.004).001etthe'Peesfiez whole • . • -
gem& er I 11hav • become ewe et the awn populate. nil
igssalthy Share id 'tin Ulllllll—thi Empire of the/ -fip
-round doe Fraiscisie, nest to Now York. the loreot GUY
en the Americas" coi.tesseet. The dredwich Islands will
rheirlinvis become. in fait, se in saatm, the sodas swot
of the Pacific. and will teem with its hendredis of thou
sands of iudostrimea, wealthy. enterprooirg. iistrllighist
and stor.l A-Harm popetathen, White Illouithilit +in
Win reality. th Mayans of that Ocoee's.
ria etolludlug or contineree' to tit. Pacific. and o•
maim" the we Ith add power • the U. States; ho
dare 41•1111illie 14$11 Itupertase• 1 the iseiriontioa of th •
lensed t es, ae • hail- war d --a depot—of et/anise •
to ti of peace; nod as iir Mahrry or Naval nation in
ti - al war? i
The roll uses commenity. who have expended throe Is
thi Auiermau Board oe Miliemoue 10111111101611.0(1111 *ear $ .-
SUP„OtiU in them operation* on the,Glioup. sun have t-
- •
thif pew eft> !amnia& (uesimersug 'dew !mar 21<•t et
duos) postarsamg valuante limmeateada, moat take mu
s oitteet iu - thetr miquisitissio eo beliti the only us's suet
std wt sustaining mud perprtuatiust the foIIgIUOS, sae
still political principles isnot by the 344.sioisisra - rs,.
eptipliag the'euuotry to productive euterprieis, sod pr
pit+ig the wit for the witidtilusit.neut et society amigo ,
et itewaiiii us the principles dear to Aiiseric4u !leaner all
rewired by ell holy au civilized maul. -
Ai wets to his sena++. who has resided at those kislan
or Who know' enyihiuk of their civil and politics!' host
ry tip is the preeritt,ttine, eats bclarve ?met that pimp
edit Siliett tourer istairtele their Netisreiii indr . pouctrii,
'riser meet. from their week and legible
well e* the aiterraitiee growing Oat of their 114041019, ee
peptretsea of sesne i lisreigst power ”Feideetitills , n
only mitiotal from teactiirl and hate
courdb, to. escipd rrid
p.noirld here is_iiscit , 41..4-1 1 / 4 111 lO the U S." £l4O
is certain that :he uatire pepailetiow. like oar ledieue:
drateued to be supplanted, is aousbrre and •
lumigia'rece. - They flew, ss to be Orem seeeeseeurs su
prottimeam; , , ; ,
The . ) , Natei otPredi es s Cr.. •ftifte so it tier,. on wit
uwo teruis tha sumo ,osiivosch blood Know. to the' ei -
lieu. of this Republic : All they sair is return to amp
to - receive the rights and prutectioo . l eenided Riper os
coati's, and pay their King a smolt Inwo o d dio rin i
Was there ever a More magnikent, offirt Al
its rejecliou, or in illi delay in accepting the offer,
ihere ever a greater pblitical blunder commuted?
these Islands have been pieced in oar see'ry lap. we
had them in nor owe halide—sr-rather the present
adimaisiration— and That adniiniabationhas rpm
rejected. "spit" ‘ !poll ,them. •
_A. similar offer roey:got again be made, sod bet+"s
ire aware of it they May •have found some other petwe .l.
more rise and pohtic Ititio oar Whig government. fen y
and eager:to take theite ruder their' flag end proier(ticAt .
We might have had them in oorposse.sion at tin snit
ment with the conseivasid earliest wish of all inier Med,
. /
had Ititt had a destmeraik instead of a pusillaiiiinous t iribig
.4nittnlttretion. Nu Met Jay of money would hmiaelie'rin
rt-rptired—the reveriote of the Island bemig more 'hobs
adequate for the .expesSek of their irtivortimlent-,-tiiiirt..oo
- the interests of the luhabitents and uoritelvtis
i - • i
all pointed, invited sit() urged such. a result. Thi 4 r
tandem met as more time half-say. They invited snd
completed. treaty negotiations with our Cottinstmionert.
eediniCthe Grtione IS ere, before the adisinisiratiOn t
Wnehtteeten:dreinved of their position in the Paeic
That testy war sent forward to Washing.ou by • lop s
vied-ii iit. (the presiiiit 11. 11. Consul at tlonolulo.) , sh
reache Waakingtori lad deposited tu the docuantsti th
hands 1 fthe,'l4l;sident, in June, IW. 'He urged. 1
prion, as his dui) and honor es en Americiiis citimu 're
(faired:rand as but mire seise of the importance of the se
qossimln to •Arnericaie and, Sandwich Islands interest
proniesed end deinsineed, the fatoribki and prompt ac
sou otitis adimosisirMion 'open the beefy. It receive
from the whig admibisitratsois.,the go-by. So soon
liti fact: became lumen. (for there has been an elideu
I disposiuou on it pari of use administration to keep th
matter a ret.) every effort was ands to itacluti lb
Preside* to seat ) Me:treaty to the United Slesii Berate
low th radvio• sod Ociswitt. so lobos es Cosgrove shoal'
bi braises. • i -
/ The Colowitutiosi I. on are stern tires tatke Pees
ideal the powers* leticonsto wooers with Weir' meagre
by and *Mt Shis•advibe sod noncom et the Senate, ;tw
Mien* el " tkie body neometimps This clearly hispii_
that the President shilullletinaek mid advise with Meet
where a treaty. tyke )lisp o ? o• in qpicelliii., bed been ale
.oussed ley Ili accoptince. . .
Uader the CiMilmitailitte* 411 Ali cue, 1 Waist ha hrel
&Mitt he hie dity. 44 highly clikribiiiihseb• '4184 0 0 Q
ignmedial•li* or ibe itswthisail of Ci'
ealiese. in Me
her hot. 1111.41-16 this Smote to the liras* for their
at least. Hie be dike, ye. dere may mar doubt Mho
dist buds. with a large democratic Majority, emend levee
advised I Tbs. Coisethotional majority 'el two -tbirds„
would set' nal heti adSkied, but woilid. at *see, beve l
concealed in the trebly. sod thee bore compelled his
whit aitimnistretion to bees don, their Manifest dill in
tbe presimme.ea that tiso teenst might bees bees tarotmi-;
sit and4aufred. sod tilos_ lever ialosiba woilit sew hstrel
maeimine . kid to the Sedate the acceptance of iii ciAsion
of the .14mid? Whet Mason does the admittiotratioit gin*
for rejectitig their cession? To which questione, I can
ontyluswair: I have no positive knowledge, bet I ctit
dram is toleeabiicorrecinfereace.l think, from my know
ledge if the federal ii.;
tiucte and selfieh prepennities of
the whiff tiny. and their eitsfdritt oppointien to this et
tension Of or"territoryJ , ,
When tinted open foi• inter adieu "pen this euhjert;
lest winter , by Fenater Weller. of my Slate. the Presi
dent declined iketidling the infer. •
ation to the Seismic be'-
cease. in lifs opidiust. - 4 .i. "i oitapatible with the-pub.
lie interebti." The ! el and /On secretlited Driven of die
whin party , ;et Witshin , toe'. the' ldiaket bitrilleliter. I
auderettindi pluck. the reject' • upon the
'Mond. the} their requieinutt tiil France / 1 /
inns"' here .Mitiark. by Oat. of § .t there is
chit so unitettled deep to between the Fieneh revert, -
went and than ollilie S ndwich I. , eistbi. aud. et ilinitn
one objeet the Islaadf goverament had
tog the off•iiti et seesawq to (he tinned wee to get
rid of the eir,ititt sisndtielis of the French he coolie
quint posaiide seizure.y them, of the lolanda. and the
probable auh..equiiiot Fr nch dm unction. Will such rra-
Seat se the libuvoAtopoit I qutiotin minitestly so vile! td
,1 1
our present sod pr.specileve aelional iourreote. sew& the
American onOtopier Use. I have greally the
claractercatimy eaufetryittel for sagacity and andaunted
colorer.. I 1 1
.1 ,
There ii no disiuising the histertenl fact. that the whit
party hick (4th inithe principle elf eelfrgo‘erninen• for es
leaded "tiny, Ilud halve opposed every !single acquisi
tion we *en .hoe ' ! far m ode. Tatty net (tightened when
yea talk ofleteeding ithi l o ••aree of fieeduno"—of adding
snore terrain? • to our glariouit eoafed.r4er - hat be Eng
land pro .0.• a jirint 4ely in reference to• the trap-qt
across Cent r I
al! A iserfeal: br which the European right
to notertEre i. A iiierieso aft iirs Is admitted, iiiiil adititia -
tiger resulti(iir extllasivery to our position are surrendered,
ants ins ti . tiue doctrior ttliiti• entirely yielded up. and,
you find thisl !Ishii adimaistrautui seising sputa it with
It is high tiu . had a closone. &tun a whit
to a denioeratie idiniaporatine. whoa spell/recto:ea and
sash bold Wick, anti-Anisricao and anti•progressive duc
tility' are "tiled upon end advocated by the men and per
tv in power.! With Gem Frank Fierce as thellimio
crime Presidint elect ofl,lii . ese UuttedStutes. tile S AO
'retch Islaudsi marl be yet our.. • •
Tne preesou rinside4. and, inoilld-be Emperor of
'Francs. has been too mooch •ani.luyed in boa owe pet/I-
loos relatiomi:at home. to *nand to. sad push the olu
(French elan", againei the Islands, lud turmeric!). fur
'es, will be eel Ou t /ivied ;for some toile to pulite.. The
dlti bf i.arnislinay ,yet arrive and !hid the matter rub
open. the OleetlOU of 14., democrat* c u.• ttttt tee is our
laud toe let inders dmy pire; iur inn vial cJiitililata.—
!Lieu Clued tj,', mud fur the Ise( titte . eU u n l twenty ears hisiliceu,
iliitee, folly i lin toti wn ed with. and _a sited io. thin hold
:bark wing pairty.
' While 1 talk to tau -1 -
rorit -
I ado
od i
1 111- I
1 lit .. ... other great natal and noaritinr .
~t l.i
(powers, who,,irever o
let .poilast.ilt% Sly iksrello....ll.FlZ
!•11,11/1 perk.elliaillag then- I )4*er and COW 'pllelCli! 10thicIII4ti
late tolauuing,imd initrigaing ler the libmwaniau of ilium: ,
4iiands. Etaiii . i isirdierstai4 tlielf ionourt4ace and the cow -
intending tudfaeueaillis) are to poless, in the future hos-
Itiny : elute leisofict—wseo Ito it, thou, that in N , ;reiliper
Inagt; Too tr. the ameirdency of democratic pr
il uici
as•iatid. melt Ores 11l ti Ad.m.istratiuu of tLe kuvrrn
-1 meat ti• i ' , 61.• •tiou I o ur aide and , worthy mind od
1 , ) De ( • r.. • .
bearers; andr! 'von will put ' au end to these iistiigbes ullur-
i .
aigtylowieis.iatud repaid mo, we) ler waking the B.tud
wieri Isla idatAaaerican teirsisiry,to WO ads sntade ni that
iieopte, and m i the hector i4orl glory of tins Repoblit.
' CI" A GotAress of tir royale_ oten.igraphers has just
intr's* held at Smock; winch was attended by silty meal.
iiere.of the prisfessioii. 9iiii of the ineiriliers, Al Baum-, ' I 4 ,
fuer. of Vi4nria. de.icrib;d a aystein Of m•isital steno
, rimpli hive - 14E 4 .d by huh. ily Means of Which, as he said.
t "
Ihe . iniret cont i l pliestaid niu*dcal eurnpositions eau he written
nis* duriug4eir execonno. Trials of the system a ere
made in presence of the inerni?ers, and of many muldcai
cruets. and OM are said!te have ancciteded.'periectly.— . -
k• P i mf • 1 1 • t
I' t a
• , - 1 - ,
1 azr The bealt pti) now genterallF recommend
tilteir , patieutOtfiitcsed Intl) polmonic con.plaints. instead
it gain/ aee4 to hike a ti n p ate a cool' and dry ebonite*
r hridindt.diter.tdie is ore equable. then oil the lea
ahore. A Medical ,Man earning to the. Boston Journal.
l i rom!Rock hd4sie. !....110 puperier. says at is the country
line thOse IstniCing under consumption. wheitte out too
frr gone with !kite &Sense., 1 The air is oo pure and dry
that it imparteletsiticity td the inuring.' and infuses new I : the ; 1 1 ~, 1,.. ,_.
tutor in e llplirel. gin _rev ch arge of.. elilliii comme
riity'ip one 1,6 400' souls.! and not one of them donor
the pion wlnteir Ipts t h t sd a. icough. Froi November to
4,pra l not a drep of rain 1914 talen. e d although the
temprrsture ta Intact* Wart than id th Atlantic states.
the people "dd ; Nut puffer o much frits cold as tiirli i iii
f • the clien t al to is uto:stCr and tempt attire Isigher.—
Arne .York Pail. ! .
1 (ErA lady bad pr..petmitt Newp s ort lug
airotnier, bit liSho • found it very diffies I io in4lllCe brr
1111.11.11 d to taltO herthe're called upon the erninerh Doc
to.; „ ,
r r rancor. in pond street, for 111. purppoo of proc t oring
his centime tif the 'lmportance of aespithing for the
; • •
11 lion of ; her l!ehlth.; •
••Are 'op illj madaruttSaked tho dotJ
I i
; "Not at all, : doeiur,',' the lady sues en
afraid that 1 iftiall '
,become W, iu Uri;
worthy.. salami 1 hate the opportunity
eaii, laud thus firraeree isty;hriatth
, well, riade l tn." ratified the de•
Mar you crumb keij trithota•pidding.
start fur Newpotrttise better'. atid liked
eitre ip tieing you ley certificate to-that
A Discovon!.;;,—Abost fire yearis agsla schooner, the
Nerdstal. wit innuoolt disappeared train! Lake Superior.
4 s
With a voluabl cargo. and abort trumpets pevvons on
.1:W1ml, incisdisg mkt cud passengers. , tneug the lat
ter were sumo iigeual of the mining co owned. having
with these Es OKI tisletigtog to ditrere t costspansee.--T
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th e t u a t il w e . itisChed . in !every directs n. bat nothing
i r
of her caitil be
l e/sand—nut , even a Balm g stair. and up
to titO l pros tl iit time her I'4, tem' bests on nowiri A few
days vs. astnetiperatine guts/ does the iake ins small
brat. litsysoTered Oil top curets of . the long lost reasoner.
etimading eteet'in the wirer. some thirty feet below the
mislays. Thrflicallly has been tended, and itesdrire.
him* bees tad* is procsire.theepiesion'hoard, it nettling
men.' 1
WATliiil—F!‘f. StPiano dated • neon( Smitheuiniso
I. to 1111ra•hiunton. by siring the fialirwiug smietble
advic yecei Men:,
"If tbent4ore * Yoe !fah for • cleat mint strUes Met.
efre. mid quiet 'Mtge*. nod loniyhte an (river proloogrd
auto Me to ouy..h gh sat uot giving
a ! „,„p eraa e s nnra . avoid dnulm hut. erfttor. rod
m ita illasogen. 1 ihml Gaul. ] ,his tenant* nod opium. mid
etteil i n endlon Mat,dodndrii thAm .;
edinel •Mte of the eye
y 'sped Ortneseva find and dolat,:nt denik .
ofiertitch titer4i the bosh!, said you *III need mothave
ito:rind ttsion thiture ever {rest. nod doe' moral renoti•
Mtn ' of 79iiir ow 9.
.. to to t Nog. lisppy end use
fa bvaa..aspria;44retat mama at the
, trio, Bansaii. efii'royt[antatite4lht —L aisortatas lately
tit(' Fftiittilia l tamed iii4!hgatujug. tofoaum Mo re ..
t it iblittilish
in inmk=
ed. ''•but I• sni
1 ti7Rw•ly hui
e bailie i• the
; or. ••if you' ere
the sooner ; too
es much/plea
---, ---- 7
ir A New Building --
An liner/nitro has, it is silted jast been paten
the adoption of a preperetitra ftoke snit other
ors. by Irineblbricks..pavii , slabs, door and etar ,
tile'. pipers. - block's. rail y -I .lesticre. and tither articles
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of genei..l.use ht boil ea. &c.. can be produced with a
iterlectien, ioil al iivalmt which' It is e l aper ted by • the in
ventor sill elTect/i complete resolution, in the beiidarg
trade. The / price at which-it is proposed to offer the
eoke.hriek pi tae,putdie netwareety one third of the cost
of the el rick. while in point of durability it is mope.-
rior to the best article supplied fronq the 'kilns.
/ ..
inientifaTture, according to opecilicatiott. is effected by
of ea-t ;Nis moulds, the interior of which are it 0
. dimensinde of the eurtinion brick t in this mould a
i ceriain qu•iitity of duff. or waste coal:powdered coke.
t•nartost, or student. ie pieced. cud brui t s carbonised, the
amalgamated queteriel asretlie io the ei l et . form required.
tVlieviss4en (rum the mould, it islidergO r ee a finishing 1
fprocesa. 441 which varnish ts'apphtid to titsend-or aide •
I hiviog, while wet. atcoatiog of powdered glass. with an
admit hare of a nutter., Tutoring matter lolled over int- 7.
The bricis then eitr.fied,*heu a be•ittifol glass oil any..
required calur \ ist s cc . :toced, and the article ready foriane,f .
I During the suu tering prticess. the fumes are pass l dr
Wimot' *Peter, Thje- 'tiottling procesi is iriely pion- 4
for partiedlsr purposWis e a : many ihs'aneee thy ;.'ci‘ li
ihrick is r • lipt ‘lty available wit t it. The material' is
i rendered tire-proof b) •ii.extrlct o marten) of allumina.!
and IN 181PerVItItt to ationspharla in ices by she na.l
tare of its :urination. Wiltql 111 1
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ing materiel. cud also an estr.eurdiiiitry a'Mourit of com
pression. are necessary : and then therti is hardly "spy
I 11l ill to the degree of solidity le hietr-mat be üblathed:—..
It 19 further stated there is' mo &err:pilot' 01 article %Med
the erection or uratsine,,totwo el buitchtix,but maybe
produced trnitithe thus cutuntus for anterior
Sind exterioi use. carom's, .s.pitals 'of plain or onion:tens
dssiga. Can bo ulauuiaptured and supplied in a fin•
ished rtllte..
Ireland and the Irish.
The Cclerism , (irts'i) Par oaide. speaking of the depop.
lilation of that cnu , stry. reppris that the eimition for - Oilo
).al year amounted to 61160 souls per we ek. The tear
•t..tat plo,r egyi the number no nenrlv '79.10. and the tido
is Still unbroken: There mno elan of ergesti,os or di sOli.
minion. but tho crowd to every port presses on, drown by
friends and hOpes bread the pressed forward
hi the want and'rni-en beliend.
A. the thou-It'd. upon-thoa4ande letniCopoo our shores
ewer; mouth to the bops of pert.eipeitne an the pratti!er, s
of this grunt I , 4•llbhie. 'whet enold they' expect should
Scott be elected 411(1 ht. doriser low 'nitre& to pr , qtattl
them froth h,•intr. Amerienuiv i i omit' !ftediug in dot
army two renr4 Th , .? e4ldl.espeat or hope rur uotn
tnie belt to live AS •, rrcirtt the eototnotitireali s h of
1-ra. I." ail 'orris iiiir4tigerit sod I , 3t4rli.tirriii debit/red
411 pertiritintioniii our gorerisin , nt etT4i;ro. rlgolowth
frum hnrinr w,in
ilser mart be• obedzent. Th
bads to
SERIOUS 'AM/Alt....We i•
turret in Ds vtiolil
Ctreen Calrhl Dyke anJ Cur
lathir was si•riqu'Ay* stabbed
had been orms ' e the et
the sfieriiipiii in q•watinn It
abutit all *xi., din rig *hie')
.f his haiise. D. k.• was
in his hand. ; tud Gat
(Jose of i forcing i,iro out.-
door, Dyke feil tio, at the
hold of GJv , who fell upon
stabbed. in the breast. D. it:
until-sitime•if.i he neighhurs
ing a warrant was made riot
he was brought hitt)
These are-,the circuinstancel
by Dyke himself .--,-Cretttior
Q 7 In 1828 end 1832 tne&deralists °mewl Gen.
Jackson hecousehe w,s n ralitery man. Its 18:18 they
s u pp o rt e d (I , n. Taylor, torceu•se he tweee rnil,:ary man.
In lest 0 1 . 1 i SColt because he is the higsert sort
or a tuillotry , wan." Ti.ey supported Adams end Clay
hecause they Were statertten: bity took up Tot for be
campe he ws. not entity:noon. •od now they sr*
iy ouppwtitie Scott hec.u.,e het no statesman- the Wale
text of merit Ilt o rre.fdroltal or.o.irditigt i o the
/watt edition of tel.igrrY.— Rich , and Ezonsiner.
. .
A THntaur irruauog
Serldrui or incsution hos "got vs,
Wet'. incites the hying inmate to
80 , 1reess the eneattiq of coating t
end the.. ecr !maven. the pearl.
not be even at evith teou%leti at
We too. mac two even sirkne=i
of crehUprice
Er :The ediloi of tr Western
to on. or h:a the
brolt.• off 'lie boodle On retort:
4 . You can ens 4 get it fix-d."
".Yes." repised the editor. ••
quNrter "
Well," pitied the_ bormwei
email for an edict: her'on's (pi
to tiop,my paper at once."
- •
'Fes Ot.n
lase ra —Whenever ti
that there are mi tuner:. any
Orli. remember 'That he is pat MR
to Iltinttertt.tie measures and men
uneoitiosiott-ly rebuking the piths •
my that:there are no issttea betwe
mit th'e utter and irremediable o
tints of the whiff - party. •
ACTIVITY --Miserable is he wh
neu. Mieetable the workman.
hoot et test. or who lies down in
brettiern virrlt in the tan. The
on earth. There are always deli
6." In ~ : eereise--innetinas Whteh
extending id proportion to the gr•
mental station. Man is born to tr l
while it is day:
MORK Liao 41t is said that t e mitt of hind 'lately
ceded to fhir tli bed S.truts he the. Ma" Indians is about
800 mile s Ion( tiy 2./it broad— akin, 12.000 square
miles. or mere they take's, nee es the itltiilc of 'few
'Etieladd. The whole diStriet is ado •p IV: the to,ret
(rule land in the world. end wilt lam tra* . b. among
the most productive and valuable: portiere of the Re-
Dden Pa kiss sot &caw,
quirrd urrhin nr Oft mouher;l
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go.** fie thvio th
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you w% to meeting.
Hciw Tip Rot* You most 11
term! nr the n.tlf-liovn nr me* 1
kPyri who only jainp r for, we% or 41
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nuking the I!utee to
is what Scott whi
int that an affrhy
on the 30th nit"
is G?ty,,in which
It seen, that,
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ploy of Gott ' , and,
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tt ardere.l ke
with a pet, ki
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'hen they reached
me time retaining' his
aim 'and xaa i.erionNly
remained at the lulus.
me in; the satne even
by, E-q. 6kee:a, when
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t h at th e shell 6C, se oy•
' terele (milt its own ro
e Intruetire eubbiehem
nil at it licit, or may it
afflictions in our case ?
awl sorrow intittilearla
per havine lent his *MI
orrower onfOrtriontely
nir it the men 'said t•—•
tit sill coot at least
•• ir coo ain't rah*
rtOr • but I'D ttunkyon
whir attempts to prows
.'between the two pat
h' hrheat puusplietent .
.nd at the same time
of his own part!. To ,
- tt the ware is to sd.'
rthrow of theespedi.;
'• slumbers on id idle.
he steeps before the,'
he• shadow while hiii— •
is no rest from taller
to perform-.rdlfone-'
to POPT enterrneand4l 7 .
• th of our moral ' .
rk. and he most worklk."
he lore• 'Foe Vv . is..
••Tn be sure /bin!.
• kiirken 'fel. too, for
'.lint Senday. whoa'
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en are e• 01,. Or WM.
I, about lo feu el ills