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VOLUIa 23,
(Erie Weel4 aserurt.
• .
--". - :.
City autairribers by the carrier.itt
By inn ii. or at the othce, in advance,. ' a
I A ii Ind paid iii nth' ance, or within three months from the time 011 ta,e r 0411 ' two dollarp will he charged.
y„.; All cusnuiunieauoini onto/ he post paid. , t '
Card? , not exceeding I lines. ooe year.
• imetiqoare , • 6 64
do. do. pix month., 6,00
do. _ fo. three months. ' 3.110
Thansieht littverthethent., 39 cents per square, of nfteen tine. or
less, tor %he tint irirren 2.1 rents for each iiubsequent insertion.
early .44% trt it•en. ha% the 'privilege of ettaisipur at demon re,
Ina at no ilustiare allotted to oeeuvy inure than two Square.. /limit.
In !mutat. tig.r ansinudials inanatas.
A if% CalSellrftri lirto( having ocher directions. will be inserted till
for hid and c ha raett accordingly.
afrerti+rr TAILOR. and Hann Maker—Shop on'the east side of
bole wee% two dome north Al sight, and adjoining J. H. lib , .
/el & cces Gabizart 11ape-itootio. t. ie. Yeti Ala.,
Grsrest. SicAsoboot Ascot. °thee at E. J. Roger's flat sore
' 1 4 tate streebErie Pa.
liVandevate and t. Lad di•alera ru Lny Goods; limpets, and Dry
Grocer/4n Nn, 1 lined Hodge.
BAXIFILS. Colll,:tlUta .1101 pealPla lu Gold Aid sayer coin, uneur-
Mt.( :flame), Laaj IVarrjaho sad Cenilleales.4/1 Del/0/./1.-. Also
S44A s la oral u, on the wane qr . .al uuee of Um: CutOu. and all OTIS
Of rue Old I.:own') fur 4ale °dice; Wllllallae Balt k. curlier of
sl4k-.q.„ and pubite. Square
J.- G. & VV7 - 1. MILLS.
liar; ri - Erq and Whole,•ale Dealers in Nroeerieli. Winer.. Liquor',
4.7lg.irs.—Ah•o.Fureigit Vr ut, Nina,. ['tette* Lail Pickled try.,
Lotnwer., PreM•r,l'f, and tlertuehricaily r;ealed art' lea ul
etery ne-erii , aitAuS's on Word,. No 3,'a Muck,
Siate-st , I3otel. Erie, I'a
• J. G. ia, New Itiardlo.
A Leo. reeeiviiir nt their „}aeon. OystriNiu Ellen:twin J. G. Mille,
De)..t. New Pura, whiten wuJ ke .o4d Wa loath! at low purees,
A. C. J•cason, Agent, Erie, rd.
1111RLIN & SLOAN. •
DEALER! :N411401 and MirCPII.IIIeOUS Books. Malik
as.:iPrtnleelo CarJ., Nu. 9. Itruitu's Dew
Block. pie Pa
A Y." lot ALIA
PO Y 'i(iIIINST(),V M. 1). —7-
()me, ac up. pe..pi e u cc ou Gib Stier:4 [wu dakbrlS %Vela, ok the
1.:; , i,c.)1.41 church.
F•F It P f 0100 /Ott!. N', 11 I . 4 '21444 tee; U t
/Ike boor beiow lJuousg.k. eu'A wet% Li ie.
.1011Z4 B. COOK. _
1.4.,, It in !staple ir. Failf V 11; . 5 14...).1.. a. 1 the Area ea variety
- ~1, ,ay Store in the t;ity. 11re:tn . :ride; kat... pa..
~.. --
S'il:kikt,ETT at WtAY.
,, r.. J.11 , 1..r. :1.4 retail beak r. in We. ..1.1 Dry Groeeries
.• :\ . , - ; r•/ :...,,•: l'Ore.V.l. :11.4.1 taium•ttc PI tlll.lp otAICU,
f •••z , o.c %V. , r-, f 1 ,,.... 1 , 1.11. Salt, 141 1.11,, :I Air,. row
' • , . '-'• .:• - 1 , . , ...e. c.. 5.. 4.e. Frea.sit &feet. krirpo.
, • 1'..,, , .1*,, ... .
„ :. - i., o,', Ve.c.eht.. Hotels. am/ 'PrteMe
..•I".iii, Ui 11.C.,,,,, , t e ..,rt,rl , .. A% tt:r. prvsupt
• .
' ' •
it , ' 11. 6 LA NE.
Att.oracy to,nd Counsellor at Law.
uvirJAck•gm's .tore, North-La.' coiner of the Put"-
6 4 1 • ' •
‘ I. I
t ,
Dlie i tllt S it l•. k. aE t ..k. :•3 rt..% Alt t'.
P rk ,_
ex. +INc. In) Clilitil.Elll
'l4O. :^ 41 , ge 4 AIIP. ULce and Ilreualeoce•—
:.•%". culh ic 6 ...tans 6trecto. I .
01. cc bouciri ow 7 WW. A. al; Lto 1 4 ani 6 to 7. P. M.
A. etas. * u. ' J. L. •Irt.IOVAIT lg. D.
Fos • AIDING and I'i:ntold-Jou 0 etch into, dealer • in Coil.
r „,, Ftilii:iirid silent fur a doily line of upper Lake Ateauters
Public IhNlt Erie Pa. ' • -
__ _
• - LILWELL & Cu.
IR r.tre , tm rens; Manufacturers of Iron rettee. Mailing. Steamboat
'.. Itattrts, at,, the „Suite. hrivt re,. 7 h a,..1 N t i . Str,,lst. Erie.
A 141+: ft I i'A N Exekt:s6,cwit'ANY7 —
Orric I( Removed to No. 3 Reed Block; State Ogees.
17 . m.tetu tiiinetta clones at .1,14 o'clock. ii. M.
. 'I% et•teria! " " 24 o'clock. P M.
- • 0. D. ararroacr. Agent.
. .
G 1.. - oift; - .1. MOItTON . ,
- (Late el . the jinn di J. Ilearrs 4 Cri..) '
row vtrurciau I C.JtouliA.tou 11Cfell MI. Doak, rdie. ri.
De.iler la fro AI SAL' Ft4b Flour and Mow,.
c WALKER. dr.. TIBBA - LS. . .
Irotw.o.too:4 peaduer amid voiiiiiiispion Menthasita, accoad Ware
flouir tam, of ilic Plitiiir Itriiitte,‘:rie Pa. ,
A fao—lwitero in toa I. $ a it. Pl.D.ier
ix . diver°. Fi.h, Linw and tame
sione. Iron, iti a I is. rove'', Canting...— ace.. with ifiiurtia.w...
et/ far ileief;* for r 'flung either by Steamboats, Propetleta.
Schooners. or by Rail Road.,
'D. D. iii a taita
w. ii. KNO LTON
Watehmakeraod Repast - cr. Ilea in Watches. (leek:. 'Jewelry
Aluseeal Instrumento. I,..ookiwOlasols 41.1.1 other Frney Goods
Store out door west of the Kethtgiouse. 17
DtALIKI in ivy Goods. Groceries. Hardware.Cruekery. Ica 111
3. Ferry Tock.einte Erie. Pa.
. A. IUUso. .
Arriwity IT 1.....w.-Liratruc , on fart Row, between Brogirtw'new
iiwri and tbe geed Moue,. up atatra,
- Dtt-
Prrpu-tal and @Cpah.o,ll
$0141.. ketmirtock
ttaia~ a, Erie. CAW. Si I vet . Kai
e‘e Sight Exchai
tut tate . I iifier IWI atty
Mee. comer of french and Fifth
store. Residence on retain Alba.
{ Mabee ary ft al I.
rus REEL). . _
T. tl
ei Mopes Koch'
due dour cue L of the old Ai
Drp . i a in Englivii,Geiinanl
Abu,. Frei
Wit , ‘Li ',LK And Retail dea
Liyiur., Foul, Ike.. to
OPlKr•iu' tbr Farmers' Ho
t. POUT/ RS , Jobbers. mid K
' o,4 ' her).flasoware, Ca
. Empiric S
111914 11°04. Lirse. Pa.
A1m0. , -Aut ink ace..Beno
aw,runentiof Saddle and
• 4
ItTnuaart AT LAW and J
the liey Stone Mutual Li
IA ul Wright' ature. Ets
- _
Arrna ?ter all Law, thrard
'other humwar attended W
Fong arl ing IF COlLlWillallOn
1' 4 61 I. street,
Coal. Salt. rill Me t i r nd Whs
11' II01175•LIC aIfSD IRE ZAIL
ready wade eldt
1% right', Hawk. Spare -
A T'otfl VYS 4.7 LA W...-OSM
(KAM 01 We; Prothonotare'
Arrowwwr •wb Comma:.os
more. eatrafter out door •
t4w. •
hp' Aikaa In Dry Goode, Dry
\ co• I. Brown's, New Hots.
DR•LPII on ihy G 00414 Groe -
iron Nails 42.. 1 5 1. chea
Cl el .IT NlAita Cpboleues.
:•••11.1Ini Olffeta. Erie.
vv." , l an d Retail deal
I 9htse, ike.. No
PAiItIONA•I.II , Merebitil Tah
of Stair .ttertt Krlr.
- :11,)ItS - 1 -
• opm RLT•II.(k.I
. O.
• E Wel/
_At:. = Priv Ur. 1: tut
hq u a re.. kr.
•- • • , from o
anti rotor
el"tile.l *Mk . : I . l :llrtallental
Itellueq4 deaf All
11 1 . . i south
••••• ,Ikte
1 . _
''l• . . . -
1 ' ....
; • . • -s
- . -
. . ,
•4- . ~,... , • t I . . . , , • I .
4 • • " • i .% • . • 3
I ' . • •'* 1 - ' • ' I 1 4 . .
. . .. -
l'' .! - -• ' 'l' . .. I' l l " :-. ' • • • 1 ''. '
- 1 - f
l• 1,
..4 ~ ' - I • I - .:' . 4. - ~l''' ':' :•• ' '-' '. '.--,-" - '-'" -
... I , ' ' ' I ' • i I .... - .
t ,
'.. • •
- - .
.. _ _ •
E T_ •
• '..H - E•-...'.
. F . R I 1
- .
! ,
. . ..
. ,-\.. ..
..t .. ~
. . .
;• ,
_. .
tillA - NDEti. .
Mice *corner 'or trine lindl4,4venth
ghtb St . - between Presich and
, r •
k Now, Clertafkater a De•
ou the pro ire opal c I Lift room/wily
r Mork, Public Square. Erie.
d Anirtirao Ilardwarr and Collory,
. Iron wad" Steel No. 3 limed House;
81EG Kt..
r in Groteries; Provisions. Wines.
Corner or French and IF ifth Z 4 U'eag.
I Delers to Dry Goods. Groeeries.
hap Hardware. Inks, elect. Naar.
res dude tkreet. four 'doors, below
is, Azle Arms. Springs. and,: genera/
;:arrinie Trisimunsits.
- _
,Attiee of the Peage. and Agent for
Insurance Company-40kt 3 doors
I Pa.
Erie County. Pa. Collections rad
with prompt!~ and 4iwititch.
erehant: l on the Public Dock, east 01
. Fish, couotantly for sale.
iiiZIVi:IG tip C
MI 44,kune.,
in Foreign and tie Dry
Boots end 81 Sot... No. t
p main in Taininany Hall building
office. Erie. • _ -
IT La w--thhee over C. 0. Wriihes
- t. or State etreet..on the Lhartoott.
S. dr.' HAVES.
:rocerie*, Crockery, Hardware. ice
ies.filard ware, ttueens Ware. Lime
ride. Erie. Pa.
M filltLET. •
d Vadenaker, comer of State and
& BRO'Fri F.R.
in Drugs. Medicief .raipiam.Hasi
Reed House, Erie
S LYTLE. ,••-• •
:on . the pipblie *quire. i le* John
rssu Drugs. VlC...Wales. Dye Yleiffs.
House. Erie.
. t LLIO1?I'.
)entsst; offieessui dweta i s in the
. tip. fAin side of th e Public
14!. Teeth insert/41 on : Piste.
it entire sett. , Carious tenth filled
u) health and woefulness. Teeth
d Deputice • as to /awe dim of
. RESIDENT DlENTUrr—Odiee on
of the Disoload awe doors art at
Prices reasoaable. sad al) me*
&le Jose la MR. a •
Padril onit 31
God of the rol
Our sortgce
In many a
And iiheral
No arsti lop o
No soaring
But on the ha I
Our gnarl
Born On thy b
Was beape.
Anil soiling .
; The
And itutnune
The ripenii
1- Andsgoiden
'The eui)
Nu menial th
Here wait a
But many a to
Halls wqn
No groves or p
No myrtle n
But rutting m
rate in thy care the laudeal l te o'er
i Out flocks had herds-eurt ty stray;
pilo I) rant waster claims out More—
No ruthless
,dtibber reipds assay. .
o tierce, volcano's withering shower—
No fell linty:kW with it,ll.OllOUO breath—
Not bittutni *nuts, with baleful power..
' A:wake the gory plague; of death •
odliere •hall
Where hingth •
ad streanis go
Beneath timit!
here ne're be
-Where Crown
tiere—at the thr:
ehall man. in
(froM Bart:
1 The Cobw
tir e•
• Died. suddenly, a) on the
firteenth..Margaret Cho lan. agedmixty eight years.'
liflo the pale, stern f. 14, and. iall, spare figure of her
Meho bore the 'nanse.of Ittrearet.l Challsn reniehed
fin earth forgetter. omy mind this thought carne
laden with nosorrow. /4 in ! iurnfutthriti Once. when on
nivont to nir Aunt I had emit Mrs. Chadian. and
her gloomy face, and siombre dress ; es ship sat by the
b l dght fireside, cast over me m sort of nameless dread.
T 4 O me she seemed •4 a gaunt . ; weird shape. which
04 , iiling in (nip the weiild of sorrow, Bung its chill she.
d4w upon the braghtu4s,of that lair home. Margiret
&thin was the otilt i .sint of tny' Uncle : she had
blen . kind to him to 14 boyhood, and her nephew re
4embered this with grateful affection. Upon his desth•
be'd. Stephen Hilt b4soisght his widow and only child to
treat with k godly regiuditim A cek , iii*t!met women. who had
sig greatly beireelided herb. my 111111 apoke of her. with
. 1 . No. Ellen:" she slid to me one evening. " 1 can
never lord Aunt Chatloo ; pit!. her 1 do. for I knew that
tile hss bate:ed with (aerial s sorrows; but 1 always feef
t hen sks is here. its thoug h thete stood Remotions dsrle.l
and"drearv,,betsreen me and life'. sunshine. I riper'.
i .
enee a sweet relief when the std carriage from clnailso
ridge rolls home Wartio yoo bl/Sine Lae for this , Elleuts
-, " Blame you. Alnyll eh. no ; j 1 shoelii wonder much
ii.d you feel otherivia4 '; to ine your Aunt is very eledlink;
but you speak ofhelerahrrows,--hiive the) been peculiar?"
' ..I cannot tell Yoe.' Ellen ; for abode this mother al.
Ways evades my • questiOns. , o)icer I was speaking a.
Auut Challen: end 1 said there were two lines in tie
fate not almss of grief and deipeir. but of a fierce; terse
bee remorse. Mother. starti l iig : from_ her' cases. sad
.quickly. *Child. child. how I strangely you talk :' an
eft the room Were' could *Peak ; but there were tea
jo Her eves. and 1 basset had bresghi - soinething pain
011ie her mind.' 'filen w 4 toi l e yowls girls. haven. • ,
l i ly the Ore is A - say's little hien*. talked wonderingly o
it I rgarat - ..:hollan. to es a'striiinge. dread woman.
is 1 sat in the low 4;0(1*W-seat. with the paper cram 1
giled in 'my hand, the memory of this cenverseriose
Curbed vi idle to es e. Node. lliarsigsret Challan woe_
gleied-hei heart, with it. groat :burden. of hid ;en grief.
intimated Ise longer, ttien; as 1 mused. 1 began wonder
'what would become of Chat's* Ridge ; into whose hands
lie desolate. yet noble Old country seat would pass. 1
was not log in doubt. • 0
"It wiiit
uueondition illy beqeeathed to use. Chaffin
' Medic is *furs, dear Ellen. ; and we will shortly leave on;
Present home for it. Yen mast go with us therai. stud
1 /oil
stud I will do our best .to heighten that glooy old
aeuse.!': ; Bo ended a leittei, falai my fair young euxis .
Amy Hill: and it had jotted) reed, twice ere 1 del ided to
ieusply with her request. : I
' "Chalk's Ridge shall be smiles longer." said .Amy
. .
Old straightway it seemed to me i that the old grey house.
With its marrow pointed windows tad quaint hide pot
hens., yea bright. - iyen cheerio). beneath the magic of
her presence. As • ray of 00,4 Amy danced across the
dark heti up the wide 'istairscese, and her laugh. 'like
the smothered tough of a fairy. o clear aid sweet." rang
loyoiroly Strough Chat)." Ridge{ A sunny change came,
Over the Old place. and 1 kue* that to my taut and lie f
lovely yonag daughter ii would become a happy home.
Amy aim 1 followed Rath 4rey.he old hemeeke l eper
jig Chaffee Ridge. from roiein; to' l l
room until. slimies t
Weaned. Iwe were turning to jo et Aunt Hill in the
bright hale Bitting-room. Whirs Ruth *necked I.
;'''Hillyhd: young leidies. - you , , Would like to see the paii.
Or mistress, always sal in." ohe j sett:. passing at a daiese..
'and we eiegerly assenting. shiSterned the. key. . i
It' eras; a email room : therforiiiiere had ones been
lich. but Was wow time wera.isiiii the carpet bad fade)
io a dingy hue :hut not on't.lhese did Autra eyes si
mine rot. High over !hit. ',simle , ' hung a lire pl!ltir
and upon this we t both gassed! : A bower covered wi
dark creeping elites. a - yoong )and' beautiful girl w .
standing is the, entrance. looked. timidly. yet 84130 4
iterth, whilst far *lave in the .le ,e. a cheer stlest
team threw a fair light uion the tall trees and 'hid'
.Such was the pletoie.—The fees of this
twhtte robed figure was one of exquisite lovelies's.. this
dark eyes gleamed with a joyous light. and the dolma+
. curved lip seesaw" saltiest l e st bleng with a winds I t
*. Tell me. Rath . I ' said, Am y eraing to the old howls
Jteeper. " is . thes but a fancy pi ore. or did—" I
i. •• Did that - lovelY lady ore, live ? yeses veers going te
'ask. Mies Amy. ! Ah . yea : bat It is many a long deli/
i , ,
deate death shot up her stiviset; bright
i ** Aad what wag har camel" 1 asked. noting as
'poke. that down Rods Grey's sir Waded cheek a ter* b
'fen d Ito *ay." !
" Hopei Maybeith." l a
. ;
t se
opir i eybritb." repeated Amy. musingly. 4* I nov4
iiirltelard aamabefero. Why. Ruth. who was abs 11'
"Oh* se an orphan. end only wild; leer another aid
;my {m ete i ts worn fall cwasise.'attel when elm was log
_mid Jim ii the smild. Cluillia Ridge became her
?hate: liet• Ye*** ladles." sided the GM monism es
Iltbeegb 'fields% to Mango die mobjeet, *ire boo net
,- •
year: tar thee
Il rue—whose bounty pours
ly gat, with free
,hand our aUtuuto stores;
tour doe k eplay,
loud, of tincture rim--
lowed rhria9we
hearts I h ilterance.
natal. the tap or Spring
with trtany a blooming Sowell I
amine? joined to Wing
and the gentle shower ;
rich luxuriance now.
reed—the b4l.rpting then,
at. and ladetit bough.
of thy bounty tell.
! t;. in priltely dome,
led lord•, hnhen,
r and peaceful borne
peaceful doe a guest
tin our fielder nduru—
, ades or orange bowers—
ode orgolden 'corn,
l wartng graiuire ours.
se our song to thee,
fled tales
l unging wild anti free,
land nnibng sky..
reared a 'snort?) ihrone,
oppreiwor never iro,t;
lie of fle.iveis alone.
centime. bovv,t9 trod.
VII Kla Magavale.)
1 1) on the- Wall.
me Master Richard's picture )et ;" sad st►e tuutretrto
wards it.
With a high. white brow.- from which the rich brows
hair was cireiessfy eerept. dark Woo eye,. add features
clearly cat. Richard Challan'■ fine Nis looked (Wien upon
as fremits mas.iv• frame
•• You me he waa
then sighed. "It evil
ter Richard died. sod
day to her'death."
"/ think he was Al
very handsome," said Rath" and
•11011 be meat); years since Adee.k
Munroe' stealer Broiled from that
"Yeti, blies Amy,
for ham t. but they s
about her " young
which her sibs runti
covered her fees wit
*arils the window.
, There was but of other portrait in the room, and it
was that of Merger t Chalice ; she had sat for it but' a
year before her son death. and there, were scarce any
marks of age upon h r face. A widose . e cap pertly coy..
ered Mrs. Chanute dark hair, and her mourning dress
fell gracefully round her que:enly figure; Open her brow
was no furrow of he Vy grief. uo trace of fearful sorrow.-
yet Amy and 1 loo.ed upon this picture with a shudder.
Ceittpr,;.iiimg the th n bps, and expanding ihe haughty
nomarila. ware 14 hi es of sit iron wall, a earn, terrible
t emper ; we saw it iii the cold bezel eye..—its' ahadow
deepened the pale leek.
**Oh. Ellen," h all' whispered Amy, "if Aunt Cha
lets could at this tne i nent stand 'beside her picture, what
a tale wolold the tie ' faces tell—the one glee ' g with
the Sin
erce'deterin• ion or *proud spirit; the other dirk
'tied with the panialltment that spirit lied nett d iont.for
itself—remorts.'' t - ,
l•And they were , hatipy here beneath her roof." re
eddied Anat . . &one+ /ialie portraits of R chard Chal
lan mid Hope Itilaybri , h.,"at least. thee 'Wilk imams; hew
strange. Ellen ! Wb most get Ruth Grdt-some day to
Wins their history. She knoVire it. i'do nut doubt ;' and
Amy Walked slowly towards the old woman at the wits -
du*. i
end she had planned great things
ere not tuba;"thin murmuring
• after ; and sweet Mips lispe.••
ered needy indistinct. Ruth Grey
bher check apron, and turned is.
Again I look'ed 4 the *tided faces—two so full of
beaaty, hope. aed yueth `.; the third io cold and mexisia
tile, and t woudered iif her Icy heart had not sometimes
east its cuillieg spelll'otter those fair young bailie*. A.
the lett/me she threw his rays fullupou Margaret PIO-
Litel'high brow and finely chiselled features. it seemed
to loves' them with 'Oiled 4.t. chill. proud beauty. and I
telt that hers mai gaff
" A pate stern tree;and sterner thr.
- Decal le it 4 a Faaaaa'• lee!. ' . .
IVIA,ti gleawed
l a waalag, wasii-out ,or. I
Wawa outs was bright with ca.n.ia; grace." ,
The gay some ei Aso ~ • fell suddeuly upon my ear. and 1
turned away .lesiat Alt ptctuies.. .
"If you eriiii't tell me. Ruth, why you have left that
great Week cobweb 'alleging is the corner 1 will certain
ly brush it down ; at Anoka a; though' at bad bung ibere
fur years." '
Ruth Grey's eheell get vary pale, and she said in an
almost imploring ton'. " It he. hung there for years;
but, oh. pies's,. Miss Itany, do not take at down !" . _
Why etel. Rot tall we. or else—'! and Amy
meteingry moves to arse in • eorUer out tee mu tr.
man. with, nervous h nd, seised her by the arm.
" Cutest itt wu d see that which will make your
yaws/ bean ebiver, let the old web alone," she raid
ten ille. Ruth t there can be noth;
uth a klnder's Web. sod I ne«st see!"
hay W...had the. all. and the Wtb•
• von the fluor.
.• Dou't try to frig
! lig very terrible boa
As Amy spoke. she li
rrk with dust, fall
What had it hidd
dark. Ruth Grey I
is T A otegle stain, red/. deep •nd
oked onourufully •od stleutry upon
t' shit at' length said. whit hale
year it has beea..shias lay cSIJ
:•011. M 1•. Amy.
role done Maisy
raw that .pot."
111" asked Amy. irately feeling.
What IS it; Rai
with myself. mhos*
What is it?
Yes • the bloid of ".1
wept bitterly.
",Ab, if yea do al
this'll you wens anal
will. You are not
this nice cushisaed
feat ; now de begin
sea wow" and Amy ,
heasekimper's faca,. l
Rath Grey Sighadt
ad hack nay seam
"it is a sad, story,
wee% tube very mac
•fisgia. dam Rath /
ly around my waist,
flew" awaiting .with
MI the Wall.
Hsi •wed,
'hy. child. don't you 800 'tie itnodi
and the old woman sat do*n. and
at tell us all 'best tb• web. I shell
srith in' fur broshiug it from tits
Well. theu. Ruth dear Ruth. take
,ehatr.ead Et:ea I. oral au at your
1 mast hear that glory before the
Hill looked up coaxingly ta the old
and faintly smiled. as she ami>oth
-413116V, earls..ani then she said.
Amy. one yon and- Miss Ellen
I am afiaid."
"urged Any. twining - hpraren fond=
and Inns ar• sat together upon the
ernes* tho:story of The Cobweb
.111 evening." said Ruth . Grey( in a
Is (bone shit were fearful of being
ope M!iTbrith firs( cant• to ("hollers
•• It woe a-bright
'olivine of voice. a,
overheard. '• whee
Ridge. She was pretty young creature. not took:
than siztetta then ; at she had seen a deal of trouble
It wasn't only her back dress told fin that, bet her face
wail pate and sad. and very often her large, bright sp.,
were suraoten red with crying .
"Mistress was very kind to Miss
to love 'ber dearlyi and. befori 101
(hallan Ridge kited and loved the
"Mistime wasn't them as Yon kn
so dark and gloomy, She was the
world. when every One obeyed he
like stone. It never bent to ii,crea
crossed in a trdle,i her temper
wouldn't be in sharp angry spells.
We proud coldness. ihich aforyi f
old Ruth trembled. ins some dark in.
I over her
"lelest.r Richer& was the only o
did not liar hie root er•oroorper. '
some bay. as prou4 and fearless •
trisstsTes tairlidate4 i on him. He
and I have of h and her
pride pod hope b r boort.
••I'rrenombor tholovoniog Mu • cam*. my young
moSor otiod,by tho bro. and biokr. long and fixedly et
her; thee he etimMed rho room. an • sat down beeide her
upon the wide rota: I was laying I eupper•cloth. and
now and then I heard a word er tw •of their talk: Mas
ter Richard had a gentle voice; ono i sounded very pktss
sot. D s he said to the young *triage •do set weep. • my
sweet °MILO: yes shall not be aloe in the weld; I mill
love y'es kb* a brother. mid take eta a of yen.' "_
"Miss flops tried, to answer; bet egreat tear choked
hat. and she Vied like any child, Oh, how blaster
Richard's dear Illae sr.' did glisten. ai he tried to geiet
his cooties: and abet • while she leaked up and sailed.
4.llVhas bliss Hops had ions to tsar room, sad u
ems hits •ths puler with lights. I liostiL Master Rich.
"annul to his inothst. ••llhs is too lout" Is be mortal;
ass scarcely holier* she is IQ* of earth's child/es."
••afoaseau.. Richly!!l yam talk jsat late a foolish ,
at aightitt, aa yes an;" 'swamped my sietnu• •
madniv bat I titeatbtaltediti sat IMO attagather
sad I ism Ilmybad ham Milano, Heys
at Chaliaa'a duly child." said lay
Cu - II
Hope. She seemed
nog everybudY 'strum
edeer orphan child."
ilew her. Miss Amy.
mousiest Lily in the
i; but she had • wool
arm and Wilts war
would brash out it
—it in a kind of torri•
oghtentod one:" and
miry seemed is en
I• in thirhosee who
e grain noblo hand
could be; and my
se her only , child:—
t jai bins lay all Use
”As bliss Hops began to feel more- at home in Chid
len Ridge, she grew cheerful: end after a while she be
cante nue of the happiest add gayest young creatures I
over saw. blamer Richard rind she wens always togeth
er. lu fine weather they used to rid, or walk through
Challsu Ridge grouuds.••tid is he• the days wers stormy.
they sat side by side in tens room. reaming or talking:—
and etithetieries bloater Rich - ard. would give blurs Hope
lessons:in her drawing. Poor Children!" said old Ruth.
with a !earful glance at the tifirtrait s *.they were so hop
gy their!" •
Aboat a yoke after Elope Maybirth came to this house.
• I
young master arm( la travel In - distant conntrics. It
was two years before he came back; and then ha was of
age, and bad grown handsome. and taller. Miss Hope
we. fairer than ever; mild I could see that blaster Rich
ard stilt loved her very desity. •
One morning. I stood by the dressing-room Window.
whenblaster Ilititiarri sad his cousin rode up.
halted hericalls those.treew; and Richard, springing froM
bis h orse , Idled Mimi ichre tenderly to the ground: - ird
then she. kissing het little,hand to him. rah lightly up
the broaa steps, her rttlettlint upon her arm.
Slrhey both Naked so lo Mg, and so' lovely, that I felt
in spy heart. and said aloud. ".urely. God h e ns willed
bluster; Richard and Allis Hope to becalm man and
*tie." '
I forint that I was not alone; and when I turned front
the wtoduw. and ntrt tha eves of my -tnisirea, I shook
from had to foot. "Hoo Mara you say R.utii Gray?"
alto sokid. uhorp4; sod thou as though ireenettmig had
crossed iiser ennui. oho utd.. in a quiet way. "Go down
own. now. and never waste jeer breath rpm i., ouch
"I wekt quickly. and an I shut the door, I heird my
mistress mutter. ••rool, fool that I have been..neicr to
think tit' this! But it it not '.et top late:" .
• Mode Master Itchsrd was ac ay. he gathered up ma
ny totriental picture*. and learned to be a painter; so.
when he Caine home, he hung 'ltem in this pwlor across
the hat 4 and called that his peinting-routn. It was then
be plumed tire picture ul Miss Halpin and there they had
always oat alov4 until my carelest. words in the Mewing
-I...etir. . Thrn 31re. Chalfant canoe in every clay. antrhat
'aunt Mica Hope'. picture was 'itiundien, . T)rinirrlered
Mester p.:charq; cud many a tune I have se rat mune
slut ulthiCit room with a clouded and vexed brOw.
From , the county neat to ilii4 • Alt Lothood of.en
:came to Challata Ridge. lie wee a grave goOd•
.man. almost as old as my miCtress. Ind said. in the -
umthhoehecd, he lbe-sery mfg.-111os /.1t ire geed lokt/et
at hi. ettiT. queer inanWera. Pe r'ciplil ,inany a tiro • 1.4
,haveasga her Wan back to her on, w 1
lea he was talk. ,
inz, anti c:ver.her pretty. *mho: mouth with her fan!
One rilay .n —I remember it welitl twout . to the vitiating
'room to co Master Richard a 41 Mao !lupe to &utter,
There Was a glass, in the door 'which opened mute the
ball, and one passing along could ouk right into the roam.
Hy voupg master and his fair cansin mere standing op
posite.alarge picture: but they did , not terns mere it.—
liiiartn wee around bee waist. her hand was in Ms. and
he was looking down into her 'aweetlace oldie° Much
love, I cannot tell yen hew fondly. -
I walked past heavily. so that LI arig ht 'startle them.
• vrirste•PY 11410 .11/1111,YY , )Ulko a ••• so. •
saw ae I turned away? Who.! hut my mistress. She
was coming , slowly down the girest staircase. sod her
biew Itativemig. 1 knew her stern 10(4 that the too
had sees the young lovers, and Was angiy at them in her
"Hope." said my mistress as they got up from the ta•
liele.."stav here for a few minutes; 1 wish to speak with
you." Maltase' Richard stood by his chair, a l a,though hr
had'cliopen t6rtes. too: hut his, moaner loi4ting at him.
said. "You inaiy leave' thishrimm; Richard .."; With a hall
ensile. halt frown. he olinsted. - sittl 1 heariiiim: directly
after. walking the hall.
"Gulps with,your emit hem Ruth," sand Mrs Thal.
an, seeing RI, flOk toward* thedvor; and f aas ohli:ed
to stsiy, and hear all 010 said to Mies Hope. .Dioir Mist
Hope! she sit in the. window seat. smiling 60 brightly
That was the last day k etrer saw that poor thing look
really happy.
—My mistress did not seem cellis t cittly Arrive and de
termined. "Mr. Lomond has done yon the Minor to
propose ft;r, your hand. Hone." she - Deja slowly. "and I
have giVen t hiits fur tips' I favorable 'Sewer."
- "Miss Hope did not vomit; but, oh. hew she laughed!
Her laugh was so clear and uskinty. v it rang through all
the MOM, 1 saw my mitress did not like it. for she
said; "This is a grove mantel.. and not one of smiles."—
Alas; any poor darling anaulound that out.
...Forgive me." said Miss Hope: with one of her eerie:
smiles; `* - 1 could.tiot help latigtv . I thought. Aunt
Margaret, (for se she always called my mtstresso , ..thai.
you were only jesting." . ,
••Thetwas a !upstage mistake s child. But, now, as I
tell ton drat I stn. serious. I wish you to !wen gravely .
lend with; attention:" and my gumtrees looked at Miss
Hopei.brit getting no &newer, she wool on: "You tiro
absolutely without •- cent iii:the liorld: and. therefore:
by sue so poor, ouch an offer should not be treated light
ly. Past Lousclid is, older than yes, it is trite: but he
loves you, Miss 'Hopist.he is nett. and yet; must marry
cannot!" said Miss Hope. springing from her seat.
and kneeling beside my 'wows*: "1 Cannot? Oh. Aunt
Margaret. Ido not love Paul Lomond. But." she said:
with to strange; puzzled stnlle.,•'yoa are net in gamest?'
yin quanta sat twee me merry that grave old maa?"
I do not remember new what answer Mr.. Challan
m this: bat Miss Hops'wont on to plead With t- , 4
mad sub". awfully wrre of no use. 'She got up from he'
knees. and said. in a spmek and and angry tons. ••Aunt.
you are cruel! I won't marry Putil Lomond, fort hate
how" I had aster mum- Miss Hops so vexed before.—
floe cheeks Wore eery red, and her eyes fairly flashed.
••Talk not Oita way to me," aaid•my mistress. proudly.
+•Hess you forgotten all . 1 hats dons (or you? • to this
abolusaey my reward?" •
••Llnvet I forgotten all? No: I renumber you krnd•
I hp - Ihr
wiple I have rwiewil" and the brew of of
"trees grow duke!. mid kw eye &raw.
"neat I will take her, fir sever while I Ames reame
MI Newry eitedieri" s e/1 Mao* [turd drew Hopi, d
badly, is kb broad..
M. 1
**Yaks • ck those words. Richard Chiliad, or you loot
your mother's love."
- "That was bitter; but bitterer far; would be the loss
Hope." Then me young master said aemething gentle
to her who clang to him, and ilte7raiving her oung
head from hit •houlderOrmiled satr.y.
1 cannuereinember all !that missed
,between my tnis
trim and her sow bat at fast she ordered Mho Iheeelrom
the 'Tom. 'roe • little whale, Master Rmltord woluld nut
let her go, bat when she prayed him to , liet loc.° 'his arm
from hoe waist and let her peso, for it wall-n,git broke her
heart to stand this betweed mother and p i on, and he led
her tenck•rly - to the door. "Let this be • token, tn) be
loved. that you are Mine." sad he stooped down and
kissed Misr Hope's white tiorehend.
M mistress spoke of Pall Lomond. and Master Rich
ard listened gravel). aid in silence. ,
•liope Maybrith shall nsvirr . noarry th,itt man if 1' Can
help it. Mother. mother. and is it thus you would sell
that sweet young creature?, Oh. shame!" _
**And ret. my son. 1 am only. smelting Hope!is happi
* ,
111,111 in
this morratgb;" '
mean her misery. median. Hope can b ' si hap
py WWI 'mother than myself. for she . loies . me. as I do
her. constantly. undyingly:: She is mine and I will nee
ef give her
•••Oh, Richard!" said my mistress, coming closer to
her arm, sod lait'ang her hared tr,pein- has shouldor. "what
madness, what fully is this,!thit you should in obst+uats•
It cling to iio,►e Mavtirith.;a poor dependant upon your
mother's houuty—one wilMcao neither bring you wealth
nor power "
••That poor dependant, sio you 'call her. 1 love we'.l
thati I will awry Bono Loci her, tnothor. itie■lth 'and
power; what are they beside sweet . ilope Moytirith:"
“AsMaster Risirrd seemed so det4;rtnined,'ltis moth
er te”gan to talk about Chelan Ridge. I reek] not well
undli-otaod OAT said. but:l remember ' , he 'poke of her
fear that the coast., would pass into other bends.
hetvektld m rr soma rich, great lady, and then she men
tiouttd a name. Oh, how angry Master RsChareci see.m-
GC; • •
"Aglitql Heath." he reociated.'in a LW, bitter tone.—
"Think •sou that I would marry that cdtd girft—.ll7crer.
leerily! 0:o. :slather, the hart that loves a. hops 51.1y
briatt dAnslut turn to one ' l na Agnes Heath.: and now.
b•.r me—furl am determined." ha rut rted, etti~•up
the table heavily, *Oat (lope and itsboif alien never b,
so:d fur Ch ill iu Atrlge. lti may p. 150 !ruin
al ill never keep at at the 'price of her happluePs cud
••31istre , is looked, terribly black, butisinOathed down
her anger. and alit!, a little. said. in a 'proud icy way:
•ir:ypti are calm now: I. will allow you the papers 1 spoke
or.. and'atte . t..h from hit 41c3k a rol, which looked, Way.
some old dee4s. and laid thrni upon the table. S 7
1 slitiped from the room. 11 was frightened and tregb
led for answer Richard and 'his cousin. and 1 wanted`. to
be by myself. 1 sat down upon the back porch; it was
very cairn and peaceful the i re.".
4 (visa-I:Darr WEEII.
BONING AND SA.I.UNG.—WN do not know the:Wother of
the following; which we find among the ••Meresintile
but ft tell: the pWnu truth tin the subject et homely in
baying siideriting, and :apse wile reulty desire to be up
right in odenting, wit► do well to lay, it to heart:- 4 •Sume
are npt honest to holing or , selling. Their rule is to bay
At all tinireilA cheap %*/ tht"!l edit, and to sell as dear as
„qatt. Tins is a wo:ked rula. We often trade teal'
Wass who tio not know thei weal' of the thing bought or
sold. los cheating thom: i to mak/the best boreal!' we
can. Sometimes we trade yith the who are iii great
want. and we fix oar-owo prices, and make them nine's
ion high if we sell. or too tow if we boy. There is a lair
for eve r; thing. L-t lhoi be paid or taken for eve
rything. fie who is jivit r stid true. end 'oyes his neigh
bor as himself. win soon fiod out whet a fair Trice 1 . 5. Z
- IneU use too wetly' worth; in buying and selling:
and whoa too ini,y words are pied, there is almost al
ways a lie somewhere." •
AXNeXATIoS —Soon after Tesas eras tweezed. an offi:
cei named Bciqe. cotninandmil an American I an
t' le Artedaerrantiats, touching at Gihoralter. was ierlicti
to dm* with Simfroid, commander of the English vessel
at that place. It ben dm tier . was over. a , d the• wino
t(usred freely. the subject d acunex.imii was intrudtteedt
**And so." sass Snufforl. "l see you of the United
Saes flare anred.Tessa."
. _ .
• riteti , we have."saysiltirle.
**Well )eu are a fiecti:m9 people." : .
"Yes; , we do everything in a pecui;ar way." - •
"Di yu tit tt:od to goon: annexing."
"And when de you m. an to slept" .
"Stop: Why, when ree l get to the natural Wanda
ries* of the, Et:lied States,"
"The no:itrul b.nin•litries 'of the United States. nd
what ate We!. 7" said Stetlord
-.The Equator and the ,Aursra Borealisp repl;cl
Boyle. •
The Lions rear d
Liehtenoioi'n tuna that the African li mere • veil thern
selse. of thireveuttistance gist the .0 dee* not atiterniu
to spring uped his prey until he hi ineiteured the ground.
and has reached the dtstiince f ten or twelve' paces.
when, he hes crouching ups , to ground, gathering turn
-IL up for the effort. Th. waters he says. wake • rule
-41, F
4d p
O • O P
41 SO
set ip
never to fire upon the h o'till he lies down at this shor t
distance, se that they' an Mtn directly at lus head with
the meet perfect c, Hs adds. that if a person
has the mirfortu to meet's lion, his only hope or .sfs•
ty is to stand
,perfectly still. oven' though..the mainsl eke his spring ; that spring mill not b.
hazarded the man has only !Wye enough to remain
Motion as as a statue. andlook steadily in the eyes or
the •n. The animal hesitates, rises, slowly retreats
e steps. looking earnestly about him. lies down. again
treats, till having thus iby degrees quite got out of
what hi seems to feel as the magic circle of man's in
duence, his takes to flight in the utmost haste.
Cuittot or Fon-roux —. l Some yeari ago, a servant
girl, who had robbed her ildisuress. a milliner in London.'
was transported t - iii)dneit fur a term of years. Since
the diacovery_tif Bathurst plains, the female convict
has IlifeltlO4 to h r former irtiatrese , that the colony was a
good placet . th t ea she new kept her catriage , she was
i i ,
Lapp's . to return the amonat Vrhich she had stolen with
taterest ; that she. earnestly recommended her to Come
oat and set up shop : and that, in that cilia. rho would be
happy - to eztond - her patronage to a lady for whom she
had lie great an esteem.; •
During the prevalence ef the epidemic in Virgin.
ha t io 1849, the tregroes on the different plaotiations
came dreadfully alarmed. and tbisaoht they' would cer
tanly die with it. Among ethers. in owe of the tipper
isoonties was a negro boy. who having heard We lather
say that :he cholera inlaid sore be along their way, left
his work vinekday, and betook himself to the woods
Hers be was fogad by hie everseer. soon after, fast asleep.
tieing taken to teak by hitt for leaving hiework. -
eased himself on the g ad that. oat being "propered
in miad'to die." be hadgeno is the woods so ••••ditees.”
"Dal." said glso overseer. 'low was k that yen wont to
sloop?" •oViroll. I don't knew, 'smelly." responded no
Reim berg I speek I mast have osorpraped myself."
Previous to the y . 1 1
e o titely. unknown t
iit arta, Ito great vat
eaaawith whicha
sdrtical Mermen
toiler with its pow.
errod acids and oche
if a passing nokice,
drrtvcd. the mode
e te
ae be
to r
s to
or co
Gioia Percha
from the milky juie
or. t
D 4t •
of plants. called S . trees or sktubli which Initial-
IY secrete a milky id. The Fiscus Maraca. or gum
elastic tree d (India bliet belongs 40 this family. -
The attention of:t 0 ma hied *odd was' first celled he
• • t
this remarkable p uct nature. byyD. Montgomery.
a surgeon of the
s LI i ish !any at Sinsporee He had
observed its nee i s he"- m nufacto "of the handles-of
tools, among the rp ' e tters bet ging to the cuter'''.
rl l
.and as a reward fa intro lacing it into England. he re
cliyed a gold me de. from be Royal Society. Since that
period. its admirabl properties have been fully dissever- .
ert, end it is now apply l andiegteusively coming into "
use, in the matirtia fuse or wipes 'sticks. giving rer•
ploymeut to thousands. both in Europe and Alaska.--
The quantity rapor+d from the East Indies. up to the
present tiling. °weirs yetiro,Y amounts to sizt-six mil
lions of pounds.
The appearance 4 Gtitte Percha. in its crude stste, ea
fut4id in co 'swerve.; is of brown color. slightly elastic.
Poenewhei porous. and ex etsdingly tough and bird.' -It
resists the action of the mint '.powerful chemical agents,
being totally insoluble in g ilds or alkalies , and is entirely
hesensible"to the action to' the most corroding (uses. It
becomes, however. !very much softened by heat. and in
hot water can be tr4 l utded into any corm, or
. l
cos may be uuito'd tegethe into one mass.
The trees from 'which this„ usually
attain the height of 'from 0 to 7 0 feet. and are from two
to three feet in diamete . There are several' species
that yield a .sweet and alitialesinue fruit, which is used -
by Pie.nativee rot food, stich - sis the Sapodilla plumb, the
Mirtuelatle. the Star apple &hue of the species
produce large seeds, which yield a bland fixed oil, which
is sometimes thick like buter. as the thee of /udit. or
esti , : (African butter tree.) described by Munk
nod which is also used as a article food, for the wane
f,cture of soap. add in tha preparation of medicine.
The mode by which the natives obtain - the gotta per.
chs, is is follows : The fall grown teen are cut down.
and ring...cot around tile trunk, through the hark . , about
twelee'or e.ixteen incites apart. The milky jun:ego-asp
exudes at these incisions. and is collected io cocoa-nut
shells, placed under the body of the fallen trie. From
these the sap is gathered end reduced to the couditioa . of
the crude article of com ' ince, by evaporation.
k may he proper to 0.1
lecting the gum. if r inse
woi destroy the source f .1
Pr v
tion• we find this drat
sliming , extent, especm
,of normative Americati f
u•teless and wanton.• bit
w, fed.
The name of Guile ,
t er, tha t the orienerf rho j
to the genrrel reader. F
ice are.iudt hteti to Quer
On referring to die tnso
land of Sumatra pres . ente
n %me for this
,island is P
*. I • d." add '•
Malay name for ruin. he
flume of, .• GuUa pub P
gad Wand. from wiienee
. of commerce. It hash
late years, to omit the
name of Guars Parch 4.
The • Boston Joint/it
r wu taken by ospoteup r
• when he deprived, that
- woe-epic It woe written)
where Jeses Christ eons
• .1
Centulina, the trneernori
Rol7lo— Emperor ,
1 days for the Governor
importance which tramp
'• Conscript Keaton: i
cl4:is a mato named 3e
among Oa. and of the Ga
of great troth ; but his o
G.,d. He bath raised-the i
oases. lie is a man of a,
very ruddy Colllllloll4llte.
aad fear. Jim hair is the ,
ripe, plain to hre etas. whi
eul et color. curling and i
the middle of his heed is t
after the manner of the N
and delicate. his face wit
with a comely red—his•
formed- - beard u the culu
any great height but,forke
is admontsfittig. entitles)
aril wise (ire - portion
hale• ever seen him lan
weep. man. for his a
children of IMP."
Obi , 1
correspondent falls 1
lb* msmoq of the dyad i
papers. Ile **Wit
i •Shaislditiot this matt
kubw that griif is txpres
"rims of sorrow do pot
ehauusils; but ought not
rebuke funeral antics cat
stdad of exciting tsmni?
faMily the right. , and if mil
Steam it. Without the re
ret i nue's with a vier in It
pire?-0; 00gralre oar his
to make a reader hassle
eetlwieut of death with ■
inlet. 1 like to see the en
geihm on the new-Ju 'del
relatives" were MILTONS.
Of MILTOSS. sad pour on
monodies, it were well
rhym.ol romtit as that I AI
sod doggerel divorced a
remourVil w
iog rotes foe
evil." which snakes me I
the various forum in wine
me of wiusething I hear
girl seas talkiug of the.
is gm death of a dove*
she. "tisanes George has
mho grits her tads (!) arm
him :"
• i n
'UMBER 13.
Percha, *
:this article was altooot. if sot
area. Itivreeent employment
cieutific eiporimenti. and the
!formed into a great variety of
other &unifier apparatus. to
:ist the action of tbe moat pow
*spooling .agencies. demand for
nature, the source from which
ieFting, and the origin of ite,
ed gat-tis par-iicat) is obtained
lie, belonging tThashers/ ordo
serve, that this method of col
yred in for a row more
m which this veluabl; , article
Vain is too often the motto of
oughout the sense of civilize
/ire pnlicy piovat;ing io an
;ly in tte Leedess destruction_
rents, a winite which is wholly
.us which future !generations
fitge. is so unique in its ninne
er,* may not be uninteresting
thin .explaustion fer the term
etre. Histology of Vegetabbss.
I f Asia. we observe that the Is
la reed outline: The Malay
to - Perehe. " polo" signifying
reigoil." " Gotta" is thu
cc this substance received thi
I reho." or gum from did rag.
it was first derived as so article
waver. become the custom of
[•orl " polo.? and bonne the
[of our Saviour.
aye. that the following epistle
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