Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, July 31, 1852, Image 4

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Itit.ggEW_.-4P-.. I
• C41.1A (i E. 0l•" 1' lai 6. I
21 w Denbierk in t 1 Alai, tee 41 Reli t
mroa rh 74l pro wiry, *Ark. 04E
NN&C.lloiwr a
ru 111 e.. i.l. risALA) AND t'Alt•
ON and a ft er Monday May loth kin trail!* leave Erealdalt) as
t./thews. ••3 i Ow* excepted
Ist .:Limas paseenger train Peeves at 1211.
2ini •• " -.-6/•. M. i
Doe Ft dress train on Sundays at Is M. '•
tt th
The vr iraitibeotineol at Dai
rnen unkirk .ddiutftlo whh'tsli'
Mo and en en 1.4 trm
is tor :de Is York lett , l, ila N. . *.d E.
R. Road and nwrhu wd .4.:b - hh, HA...A
IRt. •
rassen_rts In t..c it Jon train far Itntrtlu iind with?to return
thesan %ruins h ate 44 hits in I°
This Comp to t* pr.•ti treJ to traasportlc . ve stork and freight
of all vier th eir road 'Big.; ler ch t Mr.! to Dui ki. k and
Bufralo r Fare to ft odd rk SI•DI to Bud elq ilt.twa. Tritins leave
by Eastern flail Road twue which nfitliout An enty inmates faster
than Erie itu.e. 4 J. F. TR %FY,
twin May 3 1031. trr2. Superintendent (if E. & 91 . li. It. R -
- ---- -
".---- INICI 125 MAIN 9TREF.I*. puriAu .
BOSTON onoonnnir STO E.
alit L. subscri'vers hate 4..petie.l at Nu. 111 . Main-Art hull it°.
.1 (neat door to llollister & Co ,) an ~ .Alt .I.lBll,en•sonauentot
eli.lia, Wu..., and Earthen %% are.
Also. Polar 11,-sin,in for 0.1 or bur is Ind. Cirandi ler. eons
moat a1td1.411.4.t11( ttpil V ,olor* oalv , r-.,14.,•411,id Vail 11411, (7, 4 11,.e
POlf.t4tlgars it, Itl'entrio. ril tied r.gioctits. Forks. vikr it wltet,
Tea Trays. Table e* ttlety , il.l a complete Itseantutent c f French, .tall (I. rut in 4 IVA a.
They impart their crockery and Mina firet•t fmru the manu
facturers, whiele will enable theta to sell a thr lowest New York
prices. . 4 :,
1 hey would part entail) , in .tite the atlegtion of Verc anti, and
an °Sarni vet :hi az to (Wren 9e, to in t,t, 1114441.4_ a Cat/. all esauuna
their CnOds alit preens he.ore purchasing:.
liutrall. ••arch 20.-6..113 .., ' (' fm,„„y4 Ic CI,
zartamuntv All/ 1.
22 reDio it Goons.
pts M.t LI: i le, hitfi
tug lar:lid tval sew %oil" with
1 aa eXtetoriv, , i , i 1 c
, 44 . 4 .,1, 4 IC . 0 ... ~,,,,i 1 01
of the Sining styles. would ,ay' Ito the la 9, and .'1 f her nn-
Dacron. engtoluets. •he is now prepaded to supply them any
unit every attic!? 11l bit line of tr. de 'F lieu th tuidul for the
very !Sweat nwati ,se,lken wrote recesved4still hope.. to wertt a
gotittnuanee of the same
M V stock of EON" FTS is e, ern`.racing every
%anew 19Ort1 'laving ie.eenii Vain' tin KU it till 711 at
C.rre. I trust I sh ill he *lilt to n etre It. 1... th tit'en!c and
price My.tsenntownt of Fl IIIItONS Is .40 large 1 tie La firs
can tie rifle to Anil it thteina at no *lion, co the nen e-t styles.• at
ail 11111.*A-L,O leernitiat in th it isethrtflar Also a vomit of
Straw Fra. ;;;;; gnat. My assaminent ed Ladies' e.lo‘ (-a. Mill , Ind
Huse is C auneete ruthrae.tig all *hies ann. cola's. a!! of the la st
q iality. 1 1 aye a gre It .. are•t% of !arra for 91011,11 m 1 ace% , de.
• vire .41 Lice*. lire** ( ilia l's- a . 1119•t MC..., NI I.OIIIIIV 604.115.Ma11 •
11111 :..1 k.llremo Trim/liars of ad kinds a. i edit. W ork, rn • nett
\Yorker' roll ir-. Undendre %eel I 1..1.11 in:kerchief+. Linen
• rOeliel-nandkettl
.M 11th S:mt ; tiered and 1 gin %Dineen' Flan eery„
Wie tilts an I Harder/. Steel rrimminsa„ iteritta Fringe. Freorii
n e
Inn a.ol.on e t. tl i ini.ranery Pattern., per 1 ~rated Ppe r. V 111 V.II Ily
Pt le. 9 1 , 1 , •'1e0. Perivuteri. Hair i• mitt- li' ill., l'orielt*, I'n nel
and Crutch. •! lkerni. 0 ea Idler's ntll.. Tilly cotton. Ikno•ri I . llkl,
and Limns. or all colors. Bonnet Fran.. and Vomits, Whale
hours wen. limns other artole , tiro ulllit. ott* to mention. all ...1
whirl§ nl%lll sell. Wholesale and Retai l ). i the. ion eit is.vssnle
Mantillas. reulv ttrt .1,.. Ott•aye on him !Ina nets cleaned and
pressed. II wine *inn iltel myself with this tit pt belt , •r“•ii On
ea4t. I am prep wed to intend to all owlerewith elt-nurh •• I e
gent • th..tit in ah.peest sty le. t t M IL.CK 1 I-.
Erie, April 17.-19. ~
MRS fiAvi, k.l.4 l . l lnt.ll(Pil 9 rti, the I I he- of Ear
and ' , winds. that Pict lilire Ce,:ll4 ' l(ttln ol tiff ' . lie., I 1 ?N.
ntatu - nit, 4 415 , , , r0 w e-1 of 11 Op il.t . it I'rra. r' , tel ee.
WlW , V.aill kata I-a .4 MILI.I \ I 11.1," in •1 Dite 2 . 1 -M k helali. not
tin". Mr, D fr.'s enttadenl slit' ..11.1l tie 4..... t i eon. ..15111w bus
th''''' In a Initititer to al%•e .11,..1eii in to tin NA t , ) to i tiivr tier
*lilt a cail A nets supply .., 1111111. r 3, Si ill I entinil,lll,,, , ,fin.t in inc... aitraii* tilt fen .1 nal mot eil un t to 1110.1 !La
IPOIVIIIO ter ,, m. ,
Me.? 22
_ . 2
-...., ....
Alp _
Cl, I t f: I 1 4lii. lionm
Toll V MILS' VI, corner of - , t 'Lean i I int *trey • t tie P, .ii It
af Ices,. ern ~atoli ghat .. ! it t a 'lit • wit irai otiiii it of 1411'11
FIURNI f l'lo'.. at 111 , 1 i lid v). a ' , it ion re id• 01 1. 01 • p 0,13 y... 1
4 . 411111 uteri r-t .1, 1-hineut i a I. i ie • tr. ~40 1 Plav I it mad , ' aL
ittch in', n. n h ~'. Kde 411111111/ 1 11. -.• 11 I 1 11101 1. Illa (1 • i f .
111 NI an at . 1 1451.415 , • 1 14 , t at' • I ht 111 11 , 11 r vO,l y an wort.-
of Sofia very ai iLatta .per tile ti li ell I • e ill ell fro: 1 atit in "St,
ti.ellaa•' see i• ri.• NI IV I.!..1! , " 31
THE CRYB:I' ‘L 1' 11.111: NO‘V fl'i..:Ni
- ro n. VISZTIRS: I
Inn proprimor. lA. 11. K %OD. I 'I ..a. Inslprt r timed tram
tile ':metre ea . nit.. 11 r !.....e-t, c r ilk , 1 ill brat 3-sort '
t ent . 1 j
- WI 1-ftY elf D FiilCY CO'DD
eve? bre or .n.:s vend worm Mali cot see,l tPe kir. 1111 i f %•litett
tirt. 119_, r.•aily ter ploprc , toto I'll do . I . .4 Hirer. I'. I. 1.'4% ht.
lellllllll tarn.,irtait•.ll. i e. 01,1 nil! 5•,t .i. It no I . . 11i..1.1z , ~4 1
h a e ri ‘ ! "l l...'i r i ' ' 'l , '4 C l /i t t " eii n . I .
Keys belr a e lid t. Se 'R i ' l i .. l l`l l' n ' g g e ‘s t lA" it ' i t i .r e, P i. i . t . e l . . s n re.. ll . l l "-. - I r ' e l i - , 1 -
lion. Ittea‘t pins...ill .1115 a,.1, -iik.- dtuti OM- a dta ire I. to
ti4 4 l io l li4pr. and 14( 54,1444. silt 4.5 th0u,b1544. , 01,1 44.4, t lo mud Pr I.s
Merl 31111 e l irl ch i h.. het*, 4.e. its , t. , 111 ,Ii irr•ii gt
lU(',ls *tilt !t.r in i int ct ti t. i t 014. tit • tun•l ti t - .pt k .•i '
Cr. Willi tre-1. Li 44.- V.,. 1.1111. 1., s• ill ..f• ,t. ti• I t , I 01, .4, tit er!
nit ielc* etoi pa rt! let It,,' ,• r , -t i. 1.1 Mi•: it v. t,t it the h• ti. '-
muet the %en • Vek 11,11 tie It I', it Al-.. • a l i a 1 o
lilt 4t -Ile or retail 1.13 q 1 int.t) nf Lea.king Lla-a.•• ID nes! heel,
and 1.1 her tit's-: ie., ••-
...Si t W. 41 1••141 , 11 . T4-‘ , TI re. pined fate. ni..1((119 11,.
v lot, pi iiinr.„ v ii-lais, tI I, e• 9, t y. 1.10.4,4-, clui .ore-. 11.. r-,
IllaerOletl.„ Mel., tire.Or Willi , 4 e .s 1 tar and ratut.t.l i i i tii „p., ;;nil
geniniht.pritmt 210 t, • C 1411,11 r• . Intl as .{.l.s. .0%. r ite,l Lerman
baser white and let•ir in I .milt pr op. lilt ter kn is I^,
el . 1. 1t..4- 1 %, ni t rn trto..e . ol l'elikillri•,ol tt.t o irt eeiehrtt
ted ink/urn., di it. ,r. -111 II ~ 5 .1 , .; o. si ~ r• <Ltd .4.1:4 (111.71./.
11/It e • . and Certirm *titer 41.1,hr 1 - I s It' , -
8, Ill'AN•Ct a WNRi- -lei .1.„ el•turo. 141,1 can . 4 , 11'401.
!linen , .: vanes -Chin" ea-k. , . Fat ey l'i xes I'll • 1-14141 HO tot
Pnuflers and Ara i a..tet I 1.1 4 . sell ~ ,n re c ups. time rinul*. ii 01,
do. ea. el tirti•.e tr.l it-itt. 2 , i.r,':llls fit, • li ~.r. +.2 i.iinst Pt
boards:dominos*, Cite* , Meal. wallet - aI I...eket Looks, kanc
and I, irks,te•k-eeDers„&e \ i
Mint n toen nnt 14• .4., . /1110 il, • 1.11. li .110 one i fit% eel.
the tras(s of b Al 11. mud i P . Si , free zrit t *. ati I a ion ill I , •s- 011•
ly I•ill ta. liken front thus• alio Jim a sib to t•kite some of *lie
artilehi I cane nnh !Corn!.. • ~
.r .1“1.1 r a t l ee I . 1 0 ., I. Irr 11 , - , i.i ti ' t er'l OCCU;rte,ll)
sal, Kling non. (.'.r donr tt (-1 t.,1 t, v 1.4..111. . (..
OM". :NIA. d.-17 1
- --
II nrtir TAT lI_Q ra E a A+.
3' R 0 C 8 11 X 'l' 0
, 1:::,: :ri en
: 7: :: : , : , ? : : , , i c
le . ,1 :: : : ,: ) : ... z i;1: : : : / . .. r, .. , / .: : : :: ,. / .,, ,: : : , : t. : : : : . (Pll.
} I
, t i l t lt:t r i.:ll , ?!: ‘'c n i : , 7 , ;: i ti .e. ' !::: : 12: 1 1. 1 .1a::: ' , 11;: i nio , '
,:,:' i t t ' :::t i - , i , ::: ,‘. .
, r .
lettett. tai wittflit Ise 111... 6 1 Ckar.:...di I 1111:1. • the a
• ill on. Icto ow a tit,llllll.:et.,ll !II •-. I lief:aut .
t•srtrri.ttterrfty savitte illy Jolt r -... va, , ,t.r. th'
i ,
ti3lerrlcititte fat oring 111 ,titi tit it j , li , .• P .
41 ag OWN , :IF Call hi h+•ll:',i I 11, N 4.3 , oil,. %1 0
r l itte 'l l:PC Ci e h t e 21 4 :11:::::::::::: ,4 ::::. " t. - :::,..,7
! ett to male his , e ,, Exclusiv y"' b
..aGe liitiAwif 1.•••••ellittfii•I /I.e I aek.,:a-. 1 , .. (—it.
riA .doit,E. Ile A ill he ham. tat air um , t= ion%tal
n wain May Ca :tor brut a till a tall. lit a I 11k...,
wr in ce_ ea tie• art .lre l h r att rn a p titet r t t a o r d s to s t an ce c it• r ,t
i r
tifll4.,,caluinaw.n L el A hyt? lie •a• III.: l S,p , 1... v., I:
Of Howl Aeci , el"l.llll,i f thr.r.4 . 01 0,..' tr ' de. ..1 la.
trit4;n 19rtit.tts of tm... , •ita; k. V,4 :, I.
es , . i 'drawl. Cum, iticr, k 4 Wt., S.l:, IS+ ; 1 ' CIU ,
1)(11n ed. ‘V bill. and le c.1...,%?cu1iv . ~ - P. ,
\AL t',.. Mnl, - $. 11. :•5 .... • .
frqt l
ura l
~ .. —.. . .11 , 11 311411:1 - 11 4,1. .I I 111 p. 17•1•1.1.17,f li.
(41 .11.111 , 141er :111d 1!1.1eli 're's. to cheats. it ' ll -, tte - I ,
tit. Jaen. Rio and I.itnitr,i t'o 1,1.: I'l tllii ' 1111
ha eo:ditfc•reAt 1;T:11111 , 1 :111. 1 ..r-, - g.'.1. - ,, • rt.e• r‘ ;1
all• 100., awl ra,...0r1•••! .1 n. 1/1p : 4 •13,//541.2 . 111 V'
8, . J),J1,,,,,.;,, ail oif hap.,,1.•,; 114%, s.a ••• a .r.. F.,
ha ''end ititannr fl'A -,.. t‘Orradit.. FiJtz. Ilimi : to I
- el - t cii„ N.stioettv,ll,diel, 01 , 1' fliti:!er.i'elier sinr.i
,pe ; l'intetito, t,.e..vt, a tvi i ',IT,' 111 I'. :If, I V-1 I'..
tie ii %lime. halLltot roartr r kru...Slit i. I ell.
'kt dirt 710.1 Pale. Ex:74:l.i , r. and Flt,••••‘• 1.. L. • i.: li•
.as Whale Od i S;ierita. I.litiwoi an 1 1 0.• eii t. \
I. • 3, it wituie, ba f ;Ina , ilitart.n . h!:. , I* , ,ltie•P
%V 111.. iti,.h. Paint- ithi Oar - veveta! :..r . • ••• It 3 . .4:
• )4 rantgaLhela
Voile' : n Wit wkev . I , lii 1'0r1.‘164 , 1e11. . 4 . ::1•-;11%1
W 111.1Ftlx4den :11111 I . lbin 1,•Ii• 1 4i1 ri . ilter ti
an .Iylt.. of C/•,.:, „ ..0 In i'..• 7:r•.••,•r) Ii ..... an.' I
is. hi.list. tiAhe inspect toti 01whoeit I,r 4,'0111re.;
tbriatottitiott ot pate ha..t.r-.. ~ , I ,, r e toi% in 4 .1 "fe%% Le
ttart(eolar arienth•ts i lt.l to I.lliiig rind
- 4 4111 representrit oiltite,itioney refutideil
5, Sept V.-19. i 3. N
' fiiS W N 1 STRiN(; , I
• •Secure the Shadow ere OD: :, I,i'illre
r. 41. — !Yrr..T... The ID -.eau !r r.ian
31.Dre.o.Titi.iitor, oit tie ..itisis a tot GN
ittl I
-viettiltv that hi. -:11: , Jl.lll'.lf , i !11,. r0( 1 / 1
, ~13r the 1 , §1r1.0....i,f dell, nittrir trt ti.unan I
noßisatu . 4tie heantiftil art or tit •11 -lag , te etyle• 111
ID u.a a l ; ove‘i ..c3,le. 1 1 e aitti'r to tifOtlter or
P Cl
... peotollit.tfoeitti hint widta •iii i hi , x leer vhati Li•
coospeteiiidges. totitertor to tit wi:rk o any oil
_ C•Ver, grt SUCrl•±lll, 1
.4.3u1y. and ri,i. I:ke a ,ticaraut
. ltagoerreot.t pe. I I %bat delis .t
. To gaze toptia 1:4 w.. 1 i.s of Itiitt
How licztt hit- polt.h • poi; ti • toile.
'.. 1 \ At d eker)f...e i- 11:11.All.'• u t 1
Pine never Nit %I. tilt :Ai it:. al 111. ,
, . The soot with vivih delight ontii iIII.I
Hitt filthier betas 4 sett I. atir eyarti , f det.! al
d' to,of n is ovi i n prep..intion, r-. 1, ta veri tart. inst
istwilirtfit Thnae w hr. wroth tteitecti I.ikene-i
II attain roota• over the I . :roe it ,S t a rt. aii,l expulit
. Office liout.frojii '.” u'elock. A. :114 05 P; M rail a
Breather. - Erie. Feb., 11. 11•51 ,
J ~ 4 . , ,
SLIAI/I)Lt. K. __
Architee* and /Milder. No I. Plrk , Rovi.Fror. rs. ATOM, chi
' rat Irraw 'tip aud Spot trientions made but oh ceirona Lie te am.
i , Fa it . P•.. N m. 13 l-511
li Thsbertner. Mr. .lohn el. Fliad.lueit. i- ispriettrait .t r• 6,1/.44./11 , d
tin. hect,r .teverris 3 ear. e ogaye d in thr4 itoitie.... ii. Mille 111 Men
time he • erectAl 1...% Aral In rue mei ecwll4 I , ..ildtize• ,k'tirel,•-••r
-fully recommend Mr. elin !duck tont! Ti•itrim 4 wlxi u, ..V.• I•• ..1 , 41.
ge4 in I.iiiidiog. and !relicts that he ikal 4 ns lierelotiire. priAii;r: y
f fill noy business eon:meta be trir3 at ike
- ronrad RPM% ii Jr. ; Vt . Taaturt
I Nlivitiew R.' Bit rr • - 1 J. 11. Fullerton
Pardon :•len heti I Jame. It Illinhip
' E. Mohacs 1 John P. Vincent
Smith /1et...0h r John 11. tV:. Ref
'lt 14. Sternum , ('. 11Ie 4 iihrreii
• Erie March In I•4l—ift3. ../. F. Watcrs.
Meer the teach for t iki ‘.
Aii, SIVIITHANO % 3, Ctieapside!! •.,
Wail has oil band thelAreeor wok of Good.. ith 1.1.1 i os. e. • r
4.. tiered in this market. which were hit rehhtel fi.i. t A Sll ill
the Etlifierli ("MP/. Or Illanlifatillitll IA h um. II: lc) a lute to he i
enabled to sell them so low that mold,: ito say time most line ie4
by ow. thi,ftout lion.* without hayloft ditty , . Well. what ietbey
were etnoplod. ri. that the tm , l le ran.bity
Beat:tile' Bilk llste,fee 0
Sulfate Robes fur di :el. 3lektean Ilni• for 11 cents ' and all
Mein *mods at like low priee•• For proof of wh eh, allititermu
ml c.ta call andexatitiue fbr thenmei I. /vs
f frnott't ktrwet use pace, Smith's (beep U t Store, .so. 3,
Chemn-.14e.)1 ~
Sine November 8, IF3I. 1 ) _ . ..i.
Why aot go with the 00InItitutle to
B 11' 0I: li 'l' 0 N &, FA; LI.F, It S 1
I A No buy .oar Clocks. Milelielp. Jeli4 Or) . Sit ver Ware. Lamps
, ix I,opkini t, limittli. 11% PIM' per eel.' Ina. r Shall brag
ever twesi sold sail:tie It hy. .in ihti 5141 Year o the I-therm,'
• Sy: /lila alle of re/bra' and DO PlOSettiet.l. 11 11 y ..I.eau befire
5O Junk 1. , or tittnti le cw t. worse. hit 3l fiektrem 'ott rtionitiethe
, etetket. *tibiae charged Sot ohowins.l r e t doom east
Of Broisa's New H ',.
Stilt, May /idyl" • • . 1
- Tensta•• possessing onsarpaimed
pee. upon Ilse opening uon. to
--A. on' trans art Merehannter. Produe^, ate.. &um and
, - to sot York. and the Western States.
siit., ellitPMG DIRECTO ryid. _
Peet =mum N* dhip Dilly by the
Coac•tr tem stir.
Eeltford ExprPse.
The inf•mned that/built arrhngentrints haat been made
nRh the , I•ff.rrent ritrumds and rttenuter. ac will enable this
Lthe to forwird Nierc hau SI ze. daily.ficen New Yurk to Use Was.
tern and :routhern Stflirs. with thearea te-t d trpate.h.
"t; "'t •1 Id-
- .111 !
be rJda.
.; , •is•f
Li, -1..0:
..‘ , 1171.; V.ll
; ; } i4 I;
I.h.t , at d To
F . :III! i• tcr ,
I tr .1.3 d, ,1!•.A
11;4 r. • -4..
lqi Nip 1I Prp
rgp.•r-. Pow•.
I. or di lL••tm
•t• hltit
ekvol. No ' p
ii aaaaa r:11,61
R' , !
011 . 11,Cliqr.rif.
*CAC! . Oil. I . s If .
V.,' , 'l* lilt' Itl
alp bile.
,ket.e,t. 0 Ms!,
0r,114 .lif A I.)
r Arirrr:t% 1.. a.
d l nacre.
r PNION/,:e
AS V. I'd ple•l`e
• 1.11. r
I . 1 Itl
. Mk. PactUr*. 1108PORD =pa= v. SbiP by
•• PE' /PLC'S, LINE OF S FEAMERS." Foot C.)4 ittandt Street.
L ib i ',per' •re requested to procure Bills of Lading. at the Oak,.
Ka /al Broad street. up stairs.
11150 H ALLEN. f 127 Brosd sc New 1
0. B:wri.t.inms.
- 1M A S ti' EL Lac FAT/ EN. 1 mar kt ,
i r0 , .117 %LEP •T Lsag Emu Poses
3no neva. &en . Erie. Fa. J. H mai.
31. INatmas. Ai•hin ludo. 0. D. Knight & C
Eddy & Illallpida v. Cleveland. 'Widget & Co.
EF. tisturn. e5:1411.3y.,•• A. Gtplard. 'IN
I): R. 3lstlet,* CO., Warne...s3 'Paige U. Lew/
April Ci
81:Yrr.d.t.0 AND 61110 A
1852. I_._'/Z -t'
rrliE New and splendid upper cabin STE. 2
A 146 1 11 FRATI' Masurr• l
LIAV•S 101112 at 6 c'etotk a. It. LPAlntli CHIC .4.09 a
MUT SdlllY ' Juts, 17 WeilnesJay .
Thursday . July I Wednesday
Thursday • July 14 Weitniaiiay
l'hursday July 2/1 . Wednesday
Thursday • Aug 12 Wednesday I
Thur.iint Alia 211 Wedueaday
Thursday Sept II Wednesday
Thursday bent uti Wednesdry
Thursday net 7 Wednesday
Thanolay. Oct 31 Wednesday
'Thursday ?joy I %Vellter.t ay
1- H I 4iHN aim. Public D. •
JOHN b:C•ENAN Erie. ' 1
June 111f22.
14 Mt hi „f. an Sont%ein
flail Rod L ne.
.4% e Erie day rot Cie% eland, Sandal-
G. .1.
B 4 )A.riS
1 85`41
yk i mean
inan.k.r, vi'
I and Intenneth.oe ',trill. the spelt
lIENIII.IIIi 111711 SON, L. U. C
leate Ir fullows:
Aprit 13 0*
A ugubt
September .13
66 •Al
(ktobet 12
.1. J. PAPI
S. MORTON, .rf`lll Public Dotk
ihn M
y I. IS
1. :WI 3 CdU'
.114)!) w J
April 17'
lendid Upper C4,han Steamers MINI
It. %town 11, well ply reol,lrly to
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Pa•ct lona and Itunkitk. •
bt uf to i ttrARM
GEtt. It. WA 1.111(11w:1i &
'root of 11'.1-howioo .trer
nitl/Y dr. !MUMMY. Age •
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Iron 48 z,-.8.a0. 11
at Darort. M.c.iri. , mor,, Craved ye
lial - ihr, firwarka whet Wroitegit
Inv) 41 d I.lled 1'11.01.e1 el TR' AY. U. I
.1111 c ive souk fur the above Porta Jo
qt. 4.. f .1 . 01,%•-• :
. 1nI) lb., 0 .%. MI Turi.,11,.. sept.
Aua....1:, do hifilitud:q I wt.
.• 21, du'l ffia- , :.l).lSuit
• e rl d. 6 1 , do I rov- idy "
t ' - ' r Pa'S'ige 11 1.1.41 On 110.4t4/. r m ,
r .-6 1 , 11. : G.-J ' Alt , itTONJ l'ullie Ilorlk
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li 1 IITT.
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5.1,1 f.
F. r t rt LINE
. 1 852•
insant and EzpodittOus linnto to avow
ge ati4 Jr•apireirtetri to awl
ill GrcaVy Redured Prices
r t. i r will fr nt 11 , 11::b,
tr.:.11,..r.,1 'ar• t, Alt. frost. Aik.ny, to , 1
euleit.ipt t 0... pr;-"oire
.11it' Ivi&L ic u Mils% ••c} rot.. •rt rind rtd..O.N.c,
.tu;e'r. lir•A AC , j t% t
IlIt11{•111'L:II\,I'mu A. P. Sr.
thr arr iv.ii ill 1'1,14.1 et et: lit?
:NV" ,ak..111 Ariwt AI 6 i ,•c
Ne•i , * yolk at 6 P
rain at All'iny
• :It I ltt rapt: rind nip
11 . , . • 41.1.1 v nt 6 P. M
Tintit (roil. itoene,d,
Ni , il at I:0411.4m #4 , 11 WI
it. Id rive N•'% Ywk :it 6 P. M..
t.• • ..t Alt - .n - t•.
P• , - • 1- r their 1,17.gri;•,4
t:, r N.:lv York
liaf, .e 1
Sew Pau
r•nt t,•I r...r a!1.0.. -11 ti
ao.I aims
(Alice Oita 11 11.41 fwi•ut
l• Y. 4%.
P2l;.'it crufn New furl(
.... 1.1 eebt.. 3.! elae.A refit,: 4th
:r. - J:o 1.. Nov 1 ork o/s 1.1 dais '
lietho.:ztod 4th rI.o, 4u rrl , '
1 NIAV Aevoi.
, .
4Lt/R01:. J. 51liitTU
Yew V.,rit.
4 11c =. •44 :micro ALM and REISI)
it ty Lit.... Leak 1!I 1.,t0 f A I
of Ittorilo N 4:161 t 11.1rtt: and New
r ‘Vhirt. :Xi ‘I &et:t.ft. tln,C ‘‘.th
-,h q,fig the '44.1;.1 lutp.:111.
WIILLB. I%l=o & C
:4,7r, JP IOR ti A C.ll, E.
" CiecelTAL.-16300.000.
,F Clails( :•••sle {mgt.
. ol :
furt.:Atit s!:A 1::A0 la .1, linlll sit. r,lek
1%1 .441 ds . .e!rtinfoir,
al l. \ F 4 st “ ed Airri,ey Itostua,s.i
'rho taw:el . ..word e 'wen eiitea:4l m (he
‘.../ k. 11 VSIL, O. Cities.] 4.444.
ist o; 1..1 1...! it., -111:o it- tir.l
y & 11 ell. : 11'1
a.‘.l . 1 di,. 'A ilh111.• Aater
in tar liri.e.o.'We:4, &.
114• lir ii Faro ru j”iiiS-Va•
r ,I) • of 4:101.1,1100. ha. 144.44 tqd, n Re,
ss.4 nit to!, 4 . 11;14 , 1141g 11;44041111,:e
Nes.. l wka 441 tholar tor ilia: ( . 1410. 4 4. n u.t u,n 601
heeJi: e - 41 New 1 •4: k it ill. Pie A 114,4 WWI EIJI
ail pa roof pus 1;1 1 1;04 1g:1104:1nd
rair ors o'ol .%golals if ettltfurturt sire toll klaril
un toL, pat al.ifat ate prawll.ll lathers. !al the
r. dtq•nllt,:wl a era ofk a• d et. I 401..::1
lA. I hi. 111415.1 ts,:iVell 0441. pronto Ai.,
Mutt! 11l +hear Irt loto1.! in
. 011% s s , mi ry
Orli in. for I.:a it! 41. tuirrettl r Or 4 'le
11e v. lit intent! prompt I y lia(U - Oliett kin awl
11111 A ar, I :4!etaufilt.: Inv Sraproaelit of C1a11414
s;.lle of said Nlereliatitlize.:b),
thlr arra bee:arid s with the - United States M
r efs. earit , :e.te.'?,infer gre U attAtteciatettlr Wahl(
liulat m. Spec ie. .tattl uttit r Vatitiatolle.—Packai
ol est r . s dererai (ion. w.II 1.4! forward ,
au.; ard , In pruirit.:4 ton 11 4 in Cal
Patti,. of the I. unrd el.ll , 4 2 1 4 d this 44: 4 1 e../114'int
I.7irier and it W. ‘lr.othlturti.ll,
),e sr-t.viii.reted tal.the linerierili ppre4a rla4
itielatier (raw .he Dank of Syrac
Dlfel: C T R. 9
1. Hear, ‘Vr•lts. Aurora. %rill. r;
J 41,11 I.i It (•11.\r t% York. - iitvo
11 A.ll ta Mich, Alpheus R
Edwiti . r.Muig rn. Aiirton. • AN': NI. I
• Ileitr) D. Rice. P. 41.411
Jame; Mcl(3y .144.e' V. FAN% 4 /$ It.
,e,titGo sL CP.. No. 16 Wail
0. 11 :SPA ET()
I.:rse.4lnty 951, 1,51.
L. S . l cil'ra yaw Scalia and Neck Tter,
Slay - .2. I
. _
fr.:G.1441N Strit% r.ilaa lad ilali at
LA 'Way WI —J '
:O -
r A1)11.:3 entor , .l :tut Mae* l'lnitstrs. Vt * -11 a
I • 'rt. It 01.11wes, tA'aoir Hell anorra Ti Es
of eh a I.lrf•ias Shoes fur talc tf.9.10 al '
MR) 39.44 --
Pnl:IN Isat va hole sale c:r rot:ti,itae.aper th
741;a) t.0.- r v.
U. % It :4.. 2J.lluu taipf;il.l 4 . iga;iif;itil b 12 t•
•., ft4":11,....t Efiri , aiar 1:1N.:447 . %II I
N Ci 7 : 7 Li all Itil.tba fur...alit by
i i . JG.
• No. WlNialue;
4,Z1.0 %ti r 4 114 , 1)t.l. Ampiti rei • r.-1 hirli '
I T iiiii , iiirtt viork tar been received nt the t`te 1
9 litt,h si ' • INiEtV HOWL Tile all. 1111.0141•1 1•1111,
itii ve-1 hi int. -7111.11. Jlte.q. lii',-.5 .-4.1. lat R 1
• Therrhomct -r Chu .
/11111$ Clnirn wr ermaitr ibe be.t. Butte
I ellOO er than that ro,l, 4 e.itty irm utl
the elnirtittng atimmt,t,e,ric churn %kill he
sn t law leo. tit 'pans . 1 Ii Ilse scram is w
erect us he l l et belt ig,teed the cp. unit
the thermometer eke qI p4I 111 red: Fir et
%%Arm II »111 Aan.latove..and pin eqld brio's%
water. be Abby he. It) abrail- of grtut.n. I Iw:u
will pradh / Fe the temperature veto tied. lot
June 3. 141 A
F) S. c., a niiix ,baknkitsl (or the liberal patrolmen et
& ...n:.!o4i In haul by th C.,11244,. of Kant A,ld Y,e,aaLy.'wenl4l
say that le o^ wahel ,ll l Iw,uW sp Isar eh! tetillati on -late ist •
to here hr bail*l. futs , l a 1 all nue% eraily 100...0001e I behtal no'k
in the beet pueeableophoht . r. He t •106 keep owl Mind alit :M.
sontimehtufp.ptal Mock be the seCestioolgiati+io Olflpelltiahi front
the twin/try. Pent foto ar r r invited 10 Call. , Jui!to & 4
DR I WM.:Prow 4 etni# ;its' ) . ard up \lig *ems. ri
I Wel/ r.-f. I • fireswer
, 4lt I
M •
ARSZILLII2I Quinn an 4 counter • • nes eats ba l bad at • ea
below toOpetlneo It be: a - • •
Erie. MaY t, ten, SI. MLR OILS 4 ILEPLiiMt:
A **egad* ammartmeni of money LaWna for Ilk wetly theap
11 at I ' ' May .1-cmi4Mes
B*UNElls nt every able and Trinas4nts to Mitch. Dy e
Erie. May ad. I Uccle*
f RAVE oe hand the Deo eseratteent pf [Awn in Mit atty.
frost the beet Dogutaeif Goers iota cepa We whey. •
Feb. 1.1. 1t 4 32-
t i ! ARCS asscltptrzat of C ow. r.ud pular iito — just reeciv
' ed at ltpirunrs.
Erie. May latb, WA _ :
on Park Pori
_--;_., T
iit Wall and Oswalt I ways, all aims and pricy, at
btii !i ,
R.L U ' I
1 1 ' r. o u a
Es . May lath. 196 sty
1311E311 grouud dour au hand at my iiiiptiocilq wbkh it will
I, deliver oa Sheet ifslics, any where within the city stuilis. at
as low ptices as auy othet satatottstuttant.—Firs, Warneard to
goe ratO
taetieb. 11. 8. HAlfEltriTi 2;.,, 1
Ida b 2'1,2 1 • , ^. 2
. .
.rirtEArl, iii of ail !Jades of t Tees varyitig from 4 will
1 shillings per. lb., also is Caddies Tea Sibs. , each, sox awe
pus up. ripreiity for Wallies. for sale by
May 22.-2 W
Conneaut, 0
La n ' remit ::
% t ompt.v.TP: moon mei:t of Glare Ware has Jan been 41eited
!t at MOORE'S clamp Grace : try tttate; M4 l O. 1t01.1,-3.
Cuffs. and Under leeeed. illuekra
Li and Cambric I:damp and eaacnaseev , Arriorty
fur rale cheat, at May 32. J • ' Jaerterrn's.
t6o'clozk •. x
Amy 91
- July Pi
Aug 3
Alit 19
kkept JU
, 11
Asi gad, the heat assortment in Ole city. e minding Finia-
Ptill. plain and dguired,sitk. irinklutti and cult at
. Erie. Nay di. iaeitsda's.
‘lif HITE Elue and fink Tarlitins; 4nbroideid klull• J.,eo
• nett. Muslim , . !rook and Bishop Laisan , d hie klultil,, a tpd
a good aawirtinesit of Replies) Muslin for sale e spat i 1
Erie. May *I. . Saki nJaciAOlCl
' -1 4
131 4 A ni fr e liC k..., Vre a n k c i t: , H . cozde tue lothr zf G e r v een ers
q a u t a h l l it :ftr
loth, g li tyte rot r4i
May Mo. —3 • • r cii in se.
X 7 EsTINGA. Plain and t i a aril silk and sill 1, Bahr.' ea-ai
-1. nirrea. Fanners satin, plait, and deuced i 1 late, 04 aid
(limed %leraa ilea Veining :,t the cheap initc . of
May 30.-3 - s:±111'11 1. 13 heICA9N.
A 1.11E4 hose . Itrowti. 01470 - red and cured e'ilitOti,
Nov tU
li 'l Agate.
I, - White nwi littek*Silk, an USU . filllCell Or 4140e1l gulf tilk.l
dom. Hose at
~ . 1
May • Al —I. c
IlLl'f: and Bro. lir;:. Ilru._ Linen. 011 e Litgen Drifts, IM
mina. S . immer Ca Itutte 111/1111111 dadiCas tliariety of °Ube(
Milt. kir sale Cheap at . Jscsiroxs.
Ma) • .,0 —1 . 1
. ,
y and 'Polak;
N, Aar.
I. Erie. Pu.
d sippyr
ildstnstb tutu•
Marti has I,cett said abcrit buying , pods for cash rind, selling
Ices than Gibers dart'. Ito g. 114111141, &C). We would briefly:l3'y drat
we base enilduy ed etpressly for the purcha.toig of phut...oo.olW
and rhr :• , ensur partner of A years experience. dewOi lig 1140 Whole
co his tour t. the pJle haring of Okal. by the bale ri n Cllll.l4lreet
ly Irvin Ow wen that make thew. at low rates a,. any NOW ;York
or It,sbitt Isuusreati buy them. thus giving us theladvantaire over
tobechoises that bay woods nfj , d , bing 'haute*. of ad lonst
tot cents los per yard. and .540 cis. to 814400 Itrn4dcb the
40,1,11 other it•Vd , w Prol.lllloll. .We can and vt , 'roods as
tu.v as any jddrine house in New York or Boston. pants and
La1ie,..14.t, tali.; n look at the wins °flood,. we Orr
inc fruit; 11. t mime!! and we d that things aredot so. Auction
goods %%e da trot buy except to sell at auction
ivi4:l"l•o4 7 *iiiNTiTedu No ato•Lo. ;is anyrt n 100. col
°red Carpet tVrtri. wlrio do Maine.intent. Wadding
etc. June 12 , Trails Ul & rrAT
lock 1. Mt
ISO ()truer.
bor Pa
opt, DIP Pte.j
Now, Goods. :
Xs.: l o'6r/eta • Blur*. ANieste iNtreet
1111 AN :1114
ihrr vi.ottitulato
C , ie. Pa.
NT( iw 014.1)1112. nu die a'.o% e 11111 • , :1 1 111'1. nue 01 I:he richest- most
1, 1 1 complete and brilliant' Kids ever brought lu this , :i..i %%hid, hie I
Lance .1e 1.11.....ur n'w and riehl l de•lzti. ae variolni liners.
ire Lame.. 111.elt and colored all lwoll—Gold Medal. 311 -
Cheeer. ~ ild *melt de I.).me 4 —at low p. ices.
, :1
. Sills. 1111 , 1 flatus. ii. Ire it V triety. .nd wincially a• ~,n e . - .
Ilaratree'and Lawn., a 111.11 , 41 new3ll.tient or Very rie Coeds.
P0;0. ii. Of ah calor., tiyure.l. • wale eland plain
Giushatu. and Prints. in great variety. moot
popular . I - .l: • '
Shawls-4 'rine. Silt, itrostr, Cashmere and rthibet Shwa ht.
litiblions —Bonnet Ribbone.r/asto. ‘latibia. Arc-idle' i .
it.ninets— rite Spcsou .1.1e.0f 'runnel:, directly freers the Mull
ufacturer in large pontktille• Illut wen cheap
Clothe and i'aesliue.e.--a large stuck of Cloths and ehimunere.
of Ft.rtich and Amer. - rm. make •
I_7' A. , we have in rbir n;dor the beet of Worildelri, eentle..
rum. ran be birisished with I a -itit of Clotli..a little chealier at our
eetahlt-tunei than at any o er in the city. and do %a - dn . :allied.
Our ipluelkur . -
Ttoa!iymlXtacl• Clothing! • •
It lhonkirk.rott-'
r .orn.ha
lit fr.;
f teal. between !
1.00% e port. t oeN
RDAY. Touch 4
Y at 3 A. M.;
or Jou , / tree:
•. Proprietors, '
. Murat« •
both Mr RrnwJ iind Men.' we,r. I also very ilstensiv and is
north% of the alleil , ioll of tho.e desiring •
Omer:les of all kilt lit. not firrtetting t5OO l, t! , e Lest isported
rtg , rtt ea. be •ohl here for the nentie.ettit he found ehe at No.
%vror , o.• Ittoek.—.l.lllmt•t .ke the number
Erie. April iti. ROAIINZWEIG
H _
cr. TWIEN frr 011= 1
en. Milarsakie
. noseiNo. t - np.
siog Ay bal.iite
I nri.L.-Why. John %%hat .1o5•01/ hall.* Ibr ' ' t ,
II John. —4l ' it 1 shtusid {cli p Sou all about tt spu woulr tatticv
n0r.... thrm I 4.1i61 ~ . 1 . .
. Intl —Theo tell Tig toick.
- Jui. —%% . 11),.. I wa. at I , W 4 llll - 1011 - 11•91 l'4 - thine Store, Sir, 7,
1i.... , 1 ILI/ .C.)311 , 1 ',chi) ~aht. au I Ppeto a •elhthr. am(, a
C 11/ Wtl Voll •trver raw 10-f. e. lie veil. ilorbil.,: ti i enttfrt. e per
cm, C iirlio , f than ant other -awe thin ridelof New Yorip:
/1.1/--Well. what ha. lie to ?
'•: 11 1 . A.M. t
10. do
,4 do''
haft all kind- of Vont' von east imnegor. NOM a floe
town I" to • Ye.l•?,lte Carel
I. 1.-rat Ib Ices Kato Ve.t• of all k togs. wi l l Irt. et.:11110
I 1..111 Vents also. the toe-toms torltiest a rvr saw -.Land he
, s the erelrest re..9rtittetot Ptitri... :rie..tithl tie . bits north
rloolh. P Mo. that nett style jgo vont. out kths.rreettol. mid ts hat
!hoar he It-r. Why. II whole !lot 'Of Clothe. t 'oast
'sores go.) Ve.ttoso. no , ' • man ran e' and get hts meaSure tak
en for a whole eau fir
Bal.—Vol& hare tuld tor so much that I:am 1104Th'iel110 there
• 'U.k..—Now. h. Id on. I have not 1014 ytnu.alht rt. Ile- has the
twat nseortturgo ..f rottars. llrntierk", rt,r ket
Ithottketelnefs,'l'tat nts..Tratellog IRlgs 4toatuhre4l:tii, I ever
trivr • .
Ig,tl-11torr. 1 have ?..11thtriv-tive doita re with Rte. but f op go
att.l hula tint 1.1,1e11 am rate 4.e10r rhr reli. nil '
Vas 1nt1.% Dolt forst tit r.ll.l!nr: , wOrth rind I can
hardl% earr.fthetto.alote : loon lot itattqt home 110 W. to get
more Money a tot tell- all t've neteltl.w. About, far I • koh/w it- to
their :14 , ant•ore. and ‘,..0.0.••-t Ant., timt 11F.n.1 of the trekeep
or keel. the Nlgv York 1:1..th0i1!.. but he has the ,!otter !otter to
Atte I.lole :110 eels es rI thins made hest.
Rilt.—.Nr.w. 1 k the , . &net half new goo.!vio York.
JAN.—And knottier ihnot hr Will. only fof earh. 11111 , I like ot,
Area rote. !crags' it 1. - always heat pay for wit:11)70o eel.
Now. I tell ts11:11 ho' Motto la. n ems! one O'liCk aid
swan profits !. Well too.) her toivon. but don't forgehit Itr No.
'I, Re 41 th.tot.e. !Vont' shlenf the I 'mound.
Erie. April n, test. ; • 4')
-1.0()K tlEltE.
from Nee Peek,{
Ex prey* or OOP
CA I 11,f A. tot 11. ,
lb if ti
nn , f
A!hato .1 t.l) or
ati.l ~triv tog Ile
,k nt•xtmonunK!
dt Sl.riiing
arriv.4l tire 4
r nud
:It 5 u'el. , elq
C hf tke,l art:l
AO NI the Im r e 1 ors ai it:
,n • €6
iftop 57
116, udi riin af4l
as 1 A. Si .1
- tak, MOM ,Silar4
:rm....," I i 1 ms.
' ,
VII lIV. very beg Nierrimac Print. may tie hod Ott :cr.:. litshellima
I Arlo .De lines lc; ti...i'llaint,ri thea... luerege Ire lathes I. 4.1,
I Al! wool llvlmier il fie., at die Pieurvliork euvls Sur eI 4 doors
eu-r of thr. Erie Dank. J. iiWIEENV.
F:ve. 't 11 I.S. 0.51. '. I
stu 7.ll . l l h s b. " ;ta i r i ng ' es tl T'llf:„ l e7.
Slinlky.r. etc tre . jupt the.rc.h. fur the at 'glee: , tri.rt
ever% ooe ell' to% at JUlle 111111 L.S
HI, v E seen those Coffeelt a>ters that do a lftapfur thle
14,11. tr at No 3 Heed : June P 2-1. htrt er It. no.
I,•1: !l-13. half dad quarter libls irhtte rishjsoo riseived nt
• J.. 1) 3 13.2 F _ - Ct.t RIL IL 31a. MIUTi R.
Q - CtiA COMI I/411/P—A rmali lut of very rti:':e Ino
gar vire tlatn> pat left.l% fit Pild rut,'.lt• ii
.1 .It 3 1 , 32 1.- ; • C Anit ttc MeCART .
a .f
llli of Eitetriutts.
ud A,cootot.. th •
wo:A. I “rect.
r 'dung to a efoor
.r.”1.0h05104,. I e
. wore, thef.r•.:
ii it..i., 'tie .1. nl—A Inge 1.1 of o vry variety ;11 , 4 - ilthe-t-trffilis
Jr 011ie beteticalt.y k 4 wile by , O l'i.Aitic Sc Mcl'a az, R.
—,- , . ,
A ..i,,.•... tc.t tri %Pf 3 'lit dna d Reet.put up expre,.l3, fur !..itiro
mc , u , uu.l for ~:u j . „.,. b • Lc', RK & klet'Arl,K, .
FI. , )1' R, Sail, FuOt. Pock. II unt, 0 as, Vorn, Mauer. 1 . 4.?... , .
l'ola.ue , s rouetuntly ou Laud ik , od fur .ale u- Cheap a,. the
claclpe,i. IV. I',. kow-lINLEUT.
M3y •42. 1 4 51. • • - , 1
f ..
la 24 D 1 - 6 - AL. • _
1) "R.
fA U LIC N t-. 11. cum I sex•s the ur s ,et lee of NtedKinc and
Surver).. ir.s.i,u,l by. iii.. F:alier Dr P. Faulkner, :Ni l e', uc
c.iptoil geqoures. Office ut Imo litsoitornee cornet or FlrellCll
1.1:1,1 SUCCIO. Elle i's.
Jti0,..5 . - , 3m4
enitworty. With
erallE%tir.l.l. t'or4
vreen the city u
Ca n
i es/ 1..4t1(1an).
and ball 1114. Vhite Fig' and Trout j.r-t re
311 &ived at JUlle . 19 Alt —G. rrraaarrri ,th/tii•'t
.rd-to .Iraw 'draft.
rnrr•rao Exiaed
opline fi,
rtlial•4" 19P2.11t.
I • l/f.iltsi. (HI Cali
osLiposonA "Tons. • .
G1.04,mi8 hap fetno‘ed In No 4, Brown's 1 1 10ek.
. and IP now opening n new and one of the mood
rich and raoendi I acrtfil manta of Fine %V tue1..... it.% ..I.
r), .+II.I SO ver Ware itini was ever otEred in this cily, endear onl
a gre.ioariel) of til'alelle. of ear, rot F.,.eaptinents., both 1 0.4,1
and never. and the lare.d style of Champ. Peals. and Kiri A him:llHz
together twilit the most fn.hioliable Jewelry. eunrieting, of line
rild if; ruby, pe ,rlatrl topaz Fing , r R Inv. rub y and ;if arl
8(011 . 0 Iles and Earn). ndants. ltraeclett., Ike. .tiro, Geld Lockers,
gold and ...aver retie ilo. g..dd Pens , des-tad and lea spodos. Sogar
Tonna and Scoops, Napkin Rings and Portinonits, ati.a•surt
talent of rich Plated Ware. erns. Tea_ Selig, Knit es, Forks.
$1 , 05n. 1,1 , 11e+. l'andletticks, and a groat variety of Fairy and
tithet.47oo46,lA)lb useful and arttafirental; Clock.of all d....crip
leodtr Ina.. n I •23 in eitn. all of which will ni sold ns-elir.ii, a. the
rn . eal , ted and a Wile etwaper for reaqY pay. Tke attention of
Ow tonne: emournersof G. Goosniartnti the panne gene Pall) is-in
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ri Li ute•of St.' fl
en' of Guklllii.t
too. I'.rrccl•
ed tu, itl. vivirm tett
furnia. :And utlae
• famer fur wan
•, are the liesiera
It. N.Y.,
Jsgt Armed Aired frost*, Ca, wf Agra Fork.
ALARGE: and gplend“.l assuring/it of c KS. COOMIPIIIng
every vifitt‘ and 14) 1.. and et the iidest faglitarts.roo>teuct
ed ) the wind celebrated kagti•fit 311111 c Ogren.. N leech ile. -it It
ref itier Le now prepared oieett at dren Cr toorwir item
(dived to this cut iiii and, ber,lCe. l ctnnnite /tot In I, ouidnite.
he is non 1.1.1..ited to compete unit all countetittun..and orte a
nithirettientg that caismt I.e tound sit-any tithes establistinient ut
die. cit.. and n hind ke and in addition to his gtorkief eastern
stunk. he ibis a Lan& a+-grit 1.e,51 nt hi- o , vn maouferutte. cuts ra
te mg r.efit.e.. of alt , ters. Lade.. edam.. children's rucking Clint;..
and ill (gel every thing in the etlsir
The I. sdier nod Gent eaten of Es ic a n d g telnity arc invited 10
call au !X .11,11,e. VI, hr 'r tht y will flud greater Nicolas. wove
berintlOli • ork awl a t triter agreement at the end 6/4.4 than e au
ts• frond Irk any other ertattlighntent in tido city Calamities
the end gee and 1 eheve that the old *Land it Ilse' Ware 114 gre.d
hargatbs. J. W. AYkl,i.
N , rihtlst Corner of ettite and Etrhttil . lieets.
N. B Lind. et 114 palings/ ikmenntwiently and on the mist
C etrutsuble tenor , Erie June IY 15311. 5.
toren.n Preset
e..t. N. V.
eryrljt. at
Shoe.. italaak hilt;
tad at great t artrti•
titre J•eira , t,
0 the 41.111•CPl by
n.ut b.eraori.
g Pi per thoo, , ntid
16'..T11111, , .
fithiek. raw, Pn.
hen ofthir
rr nnA oth. Fr are
/11. T. BArallll, /-•
bi EItC II A N - 1' T A Vtl'R .•
too Vain Stiret, r 3 Sera 4 aimpraumeo zippsh,
A i H hat toe Opened an extel,tive tlo.v . rtnettes:ruamva
and ri..4 , 11..10113 1.2 , 1 , 111.1.4114.011, at the above *lute, it it
Lis dt;eilnialtlou tn Ipay exp.u.lee etteutioa trb
G U TO .31 If U S-I S
- made from iv trill
r. 11111:e shot (runt
ITinir rusi s yi
1 At the proier de.
lority le houwit tis*
v. ilegre.o. tr too
the churn. which
fie by
From the filt.oomm 14 hie h hr has already received. Noe wale
wen. Mr. il feel', mistimed that the mode of doing land
op.. %hien he has adopted. dom. and o ill via
. Cittlie . 1 11.4.1Ctinli L. ail who dedre ua I
hate their garoidida iiiadrup la
' Gla in Thin F. from the ' i .
find quality of
. .
. . Abivi.a.t..l a. 1 •
" gilt. G. W. DOLT/
Will 414 ay. he 111 Attendance to wait i non CuetOnte.ra, Aid take
nrdera of zetitlem.iu a btonst a genteel fit and a fit-tdintable gar
ment oistile nig lovedo heat talkie.
Gerstlism,n's l'irrnishi4 Goods.
Of the leit•-t Style.. eonpt ally on hand.
rorrrus gal chramicfrs ecor it.orn muuts la inter wink
N 14niz.vs • lAD „
s laSPlrelf. :
Jane It int. ' . I WI.
g .1 RAP g. 4/Ik. Sint wt. 01114•14 aad Oxber titiersbarne of
,4J,. a4l 014#44414144441 Mips. • faillirirs '
. . .
. ,
It arc
TiAr.Asi 4Z. Cermet. and thbons. also. 4W dos Ltnets Catn
.l- • brick Ilaudtcretucto, tram octs to tisk .;
May I ISW . SI TillittALS & HATO!.
Ll.Cllllllks awn Toaws—Rrecieml on eMittainsion ipadoten of
Dunn & Taylor's World's Fiji Premium Scythe". ';73 dozes
ni 'Damn; Hay and Straw Ybrlna. which Will be sold by the dwelt
for each at Rennuthettirer's prices ; WM. a 'limp lot of anatim,
rakes and Duinnet,.:l4 Suftwo at
Erie June It ISM 3 - *Drys sirwrls.
itt ovii.DERS.—A quuni ty o OC. Man an nip
fur an!e at the store of June 13• mire fit co.
kJA ITtat-.—linhep nut IZentleuben's Gal tett of Vallo.lllll4yiell
at the since et June It he , 3l. S ' Svmerr cu.
F 4 W utoreof ttr>pe erreap Parasols nt
line June 111 8 0. RE.DEN & 4'BN
D LAIN a,,d Emb;c7dered I.awas sclo,l cheap ar I •
f June 11 IrSt. 8 0. OV.LDEN & fION
DUPLA Find ItairegudeDeLatnes at,•
june 121r32. a b G. =ELDEN & SON
jowl she...tiny Shirting's. Cottcu Batting eetton yarn and ear
yet 14 rawat June .11 len. 4 G. 14ELDEJ4 & kHtN.
In SEGARdi of allanalities insulate , ord. A .co, any
50 (PJ quantity of chewing and stook.lng tobaceofor sale
low at ?a o 3.1 V 1111:1111S ttif)(k. 4
w K air now reePirr her a toe of 61.006 worth of carpet*.
• Drumets, Mayotte.. E toor rd cloths, Vows. plain Carpet.
ate.. /he We %tin sell a wed three ply eartret. from cote d 3 tar
to tone *Milli t.m per. yard, Ingrain worrootH all wool nom Si. to
!Ho. tomtit with a ing,:tro ts. Cotton with wool
2IW. Matting,. 4-4 ts. blasting 5-4 Isa6d j* yard. hr.t loortloy
door oil cloth litieis very beatry. Drugg .50m12.4 10 tat is
Fate May I 1 , 45.4. it TlBftAl.s ar. HAN t'.ls
CASE ofl,f?loya..Epteh Ciairtiame ti't ar
1. 1 -14. Erie May I - TIBOALS 111 Y
• sxsysssroa oomF A N
(of Philadelphia)
A RE now doing buatnerron the Mutual plandrlvinai MI Insured
11 a participaiitin in the prolltruftheCianpany,withoutliabili•
tyheyond the premium paid.
Riinki. iipoi, the Lakes- and Canal insured ou the moat favorable
term e . Loser will ilel iberally and prompily adjusted.
I ire ri.ikron merchandise:mild i nai- tad otherpropertyou WA a
orcauntry. for a limited tern. permanently : ' ,
.- DIRECTirftS. t
Joseph, II . Seal. . Jamey C. Hand. Edmond A. ouder
fheophilin•l'auldlng. John U. DaVill, H. Jones Brooke.
Robert Murton, John Garrett. ' John B. Penro-e.
Hugh Craig, • Samuel Edwards. Pearce Serrill.
Sem) Lau mice David B. Storey _.. Edward liar - Rai/Lop
Charles Kelley. bade R. It ivis, j.. G. Johnson.,
William Fotwell, William Say. : Joint . NealiS.
tip. S. Thomas. - Ur. R. :14. Huston. John eller .Irf
Spencer Mall% ane. i ,
Richard:A. lii ewbou Id., Won Martin I'res't
13; Application eau lie made to .
J. KELLOGG.Erie Agent.
Erse. Feb. IP. 1E32.
°See. Erie Pa:,
CAPITAL' 550,000.
ov HIS is in Ass .ewtioti of W. thirst:meet :moll others fO r th e as
ri.tlore of each torte r in ot oir'k oleo* or L.....cotent
11l the pay merit of the fl•ltr:rwirtg nortuat rate+.o r n•,11
a Life Merol,er, and KIII oe emoilo.l or a neekty lem•tit if -.too
shall 'A:di-al:led. Iry prekneta or are oir•ut. !hair :mending or ‘,
laroorr. or rx•ropal Wu. V. ll 0 11 also 14 ^
rrf,IVC the tywrsea l'oo.o 101.1,11e4r
Thill A sor.iati - Jn base f.rrtioe.l ilwir rap*
03 - 1111 3 , lV.intlre. over' , )I , lt.tal I h"lr I a U .} O . I' , • g
aft o'lertionat , le fe ture. 11 ea I. tile tt.,&k pie. awry. atoi
Metolwro lre 1.01 11;•!.Ie no-0•0.r.....mi.
r.. 111 J..• 10,1f...11 ..g ~.... - irk ti. - , COW*,
TE•IR.I.I' Iit.POSITi 4.11. Mt Inigliti übut.ft
.61..0.1 pet. %ear. draw .
am, i. 1. I
Coo 04
COO 64
0,41(1 .. 0* 1
1 .
.1* .
• 7...0 •. a
. ,
. 1 • b.INI• ... 4* .5
9.441 . ~M i
IV; t) G• ' 1 ... • •
Intl .1... deec....e , 4fn - getwln interred ltl 4 WI
[wt.!, 01...% .....e1.r...3..44ea1:1 4.1 a 1 1.4 Cli
..., r 311,..
Tito... flfiy)ear.4 of ace wilt le , ell.t
e*.elt ettro. 1 1.1. Adm.-4.A,, r.-. i, ill reit
t*etliKiVe. Olt first 1,61".,a1i.i iii3pt 1..• Wildil
st.e.tiats. :awl Um Cult ye 3,• l‘ , tel"t". l . wit
0, F Fie .t.: H 14 .
gorrAis R
n EDWAD, PreN q
idr.. tV II 'lli i a.ri. Vier President
A F. Nu, imi.i..l.: , .r}e.firy F A It 4., ~.. Trt.........,..
A. U CUMIN tie,,et..l gent . -
• •
Willi 4.i,. & it t•,;:i;t• :1,•..i ('iii IA .11, *0 .1 II i' , .lttrto•,.
- 0. 11. I trt..ll
. Acutar 4 cflice neat ,t.mur Li Vie Et te• Cu. 31..tu it
nsurance utrice.
. RAlisk - Lnrivcr-t. '1 '
Eton. Iforntio ract moor. knot, F IA riii,' Caihier I - Sr.tytrin Ilr.
Palik, B. It. I..inotir.t.C4stuer Onenta Banti, E.. B. Garr lit district
Attorney. . ,
.41640q.-11meo Edwftr.l4. F.ri . Don. motel Stet ens; Ilf:tac
EA ward-. 1 . .....1 . Fruin. Wil-on atul Vo.iut Th.
Ant Pork ear ..-.llloff John Voting; 11.4 ry E. 411th; El.q.
i'rev —tV itham A. Iltnett, 1-:,..i.: L 1.
1.6. 11ra 441 I '•t. 1: 11 -.
boonur,l It srlarzent. S , lperintendent of 010 Troy. .S.lr4tt , gn au•l
tictietteet.ol tail Road.. f.l - . I
(hmera.—tlon r , anuret A Fool. ,] .
Palish's, tilAr —Hon. invites M. Conk. Fltaite. Trp•no:ret.
Mile O.—A. Rather Een.. No' :1 Merril:lnt' , F‘l'llaoce: '
r..... it..,,, ir,i.t.«. The.,..1.-oi., Morrao 1% it'otoir I:-p. •ttnlot
of flu. cur, L. 41 41 M •-terrett. Ilun. ..I.lqm It thrill It, Jame..
Mi.e..:+oolitt Jae k. ii Pre•i .ent of the Eros Munial Fire Itoin r.I ore
eu . lll , lllV Gl4l . : 4 11.16.11. Wittroo G. Aglowikie. A. 11 , 1 . :0a2t...)
t....u,. , I the I o 00000 . - err.ul a) tli;,. City. IL r ; .,,,„„_ r ,, w „., I iii-.
WU ,1 1 , -erver, O. O. Ileinlr, (. Lone* It:'Ltuntap. Iltaftt imtr..
J411...0 1,) 'ie. k:rjr Slll, S. INltt. " :twit.
_ _ ~
The Melo County mutual Insneanco Company.
01 , HIS Company iliyi?r4l . their risks inn) two elnsses. %sr..—
' Fir-. I 141 , 6 or l• iirwers Company. lii ISVIII , b firm property
iln. l det ,11,1 " . .1 I , 14/.llf/ 4 , inaY be insured: 11111. i risk WTI in trine
ql.r-k ni exceed o.2.itin ,
1 4, vovi •rA of I.!ointnereill Depart Mitt. in nlitclp vvirin , if•
ra• 1,1114, 14 , nse, 8r . .4 ',V.itagt , nod ran',
Oro, P 4. insoirrd No rkk vik.ll in this t., c‘cer.l
The fun.:a i one las• tvn:i nut Lr inknn ty pa, toes iel abuther.
NO 1115:i T4KEN TO EXCSIVD 81,100,!
Smith *.rhek‘on, , Jam/i4 D ,Dutilaq,
~ J. 11. ['Allem'''. ' J. t%'Marr, , lrill. i
Wm P. Itimternecht,••• John V.llnin. rtv.
It'm A Mina:nth, - ret..l"l". Winton.
' Jo• M. , J. 1): ilrirk.
C. M. Tibbalut. t 1 . 70, Seldeu, .
J. D. W.thrik.s. ." .
0 F F I V ti IS S ,
Stuith .Ittelton. Pre:et. • .1 I 1 Wilihm..
JONAzt I . :l';ltltoell.l ,l rc'y.
Office fleet door. WM of IVillMots Or. Irri4litt. Brokery tithe...
(up .tai-.. )
ottiec 1 , 1.,um front le to ft, A, M., awl from half IMA, 1 to
I, p. ‘I. -
May 22 '
, 1‘51; 0
Engraving "a Wood.
EAut.r rider prepared ice%eeute nil orders in lig
irealik mu awl virtu t►
Bidels.Storrs Faeto+iee,►lacli,iery, Societies' Stali..! Business
linters drarnited io wul.ont ile.tiy.,c barges moderate. i
Fred. ti; Ir.n M ,r•.
11.0 I I t loceivetl hit of ttieNe
11„._ Nbo, 4 tvit,4 ttrichstwr and for s..ttr , l4-
4.1.rtl 17. 1 -St. 40 CI.Aif.K & '11,1"1111•1;R
New G o oda.
rill' F. sithseklber hak iiikt in Piled, or Agent for one of the larg-
I ad Riu , s, to NCIII, York. in the routu on the Lill J ior
fiterly occupied by Ire %%aril, three doors k:ort 01 i the Erie
Haul.. a I iri:eatbaalnenCla new and elegant gu.ut. at pri , la tar
1 tielow any heretofore °tiered in this niarlser. Her stock culla:l
-lee all the t mein.. found in llry Good eillabli,hinent, col qua, f•
ick:mired to every weir.. and at rate,. ;terminal:n.4 to es rr)
punk!. such. fur esaurpfe, as Giusti:rule. iiitrrtirric,r hirra'Coh.n,. ;i i
ti CI" - per,s lid; Prima. beet aterintae. At II tents: Vara...W.,
Turkish Satin. ~t el 23. Crape Shawls. new stvle. at, ilittere.,i
pricem; 0 rirel attic iefor 'nob I.iuen. at 31 tent. tVuol.He Larne.
Silk Ilfigkion. Curtain flowers. bolt . l Miediii. Entliruidered
Handkerchief... I,:ruirroldered (.4.1a. Lur e Ibutersleves. frlnek and
while di% vr;ll4, very cheap. Entlirodered Mourning I '11111.1.4P% (Y.
'Tissue of vurioito color., to . ate 1 Also, Long 4 'oaths.
an elegant ari 'elf. n ith mad Laden. Handkerchiefs. ail lets eta.,
1 and Black Silk Ila nilkere bier., la .lit ee l , r ,
hew enmities .vb ill lie received reanilaely ,every week.
The kW...Wier invites nn,exanrination erf hi-stood• ad price'..
I confident Hilaire cannot he iiiirparwed Ay. Mat oiniatar illi'd.h.
anent in the rely. The business wilt be elonnir ted 111 , 01 the eakh
f ,
principle purely. 'JOHN BM, E'EN EY . •
,Erie. May 1:1 11 , 52. , ! .l.
ZINC have , rvcie,i%od quankity of the
:agree Rrtie , e. which bite ',pro s aonotocell Ivk 11104 , e coffive.
tehi to judge. f r etipenor tO Lead as a. 011.1. both 1 , ikant
and Nome,. of 'wash. w Jule it* tat ituro eIe(LC , I
lead. June I 2 . vaaTut sr uloyni..a.•
- --- - - -
„ E I, P: C T 1 0 .
Yrsotor who wit , to to t.ecostor newsaintevi With thr *emit...gni TA*
a . faro of man* Bmlllte. Vi al ea.) will 10 toity;itor I tlu.tiatril ,Loie
ot Ger.. Scott io pamphlet form.' It may he had tor 23 cl.; al's°
0 gout I.lkellere of Gen. Scutt for one Ailline.
i:rie Jul) 3 IKrl
KEt.sf.v opeiied at No. 4! Wright's
Mork. State .'t.. An atten-iVe as-urtinent urchoiei.'prin•er ifs
ever hrOuctit to playa, au.' u•iitsrll iuE qu.arhm* ta *tit t
C t hole , ale i.r R lion) low iur
'noel. coinpriwo all article.* belonging to use trade. con#iirting in
of • ; •
"Sager. of edery Variety and Quality:
giro aris had :switl',l war.: %Vest lialla and New 11rlean.
- mala-at.: Trio of ..% uri k i al. iorser.aoullrilllity, ill 1 Goiref a mew.
Ja , lll. Lflgulird. Bin. Pict itlen.,nnd et.. Domingo ennii , e+i TO
bate° ill :di ohv As er and at) inn•Pe. lamp. lard. :Nadi' AnNeeil
tots.. rzpirhs Turppulite. whirr Lend dry and in nil. rim Lead.
Velletaat Red. lath true. l7 ltrantat;reene.C.lll.ll.4. relltlol lartni.-
black. lac. We' also have the laree.t 4.-ortmeta of Iltuport.
e.l I.ignor ever brought to (hi. tnarket direr i trans tl ~a.parte
ro,enn.i.tithr of 4 1 , 14 rd. ragnine. Pale tatd A turtle:in l mar
Holland. Swan and Atne e rlean Gin, rare Juic and i a oa
Tort Wine, Malaga. Ma4atra, C1131111%101, While leaf Claret
mo.vo,vavici.4 4.lrD CLAYPO6L NW/Aln;
Coast:lntl) on hand ti) the - barrel. linnets and Lean:mil by the
bet. ales a conetnnt supply of Flour. Salt ant Fish !
The old eo.tatuera of e: 4.1.1114. and our friend. and'al qua i nt .
since.. are .inr Ilr4l to call And elAtikille oar smelt.
..Tr Trodnie reeetted iii Lae halt& for Goods.
Erie. Ma) I.S. 1032. I 1 . 1
1 alt 7 '..;"1-..-
of Oat Nit' , nowt /Syrup just tree veil 0 - Wir!firsit
Elute Jutir 101 , 33 _ d. r•itio.rr
• 'l't) 'l'll F. PUBLIC! 11
•ruscpnweriber resume his for il.e very 10441 patro
nage 4 hes otveri upon him in his business. and ne hopes by
Ariel nttention to business it merit a ezttlinn..nee othe .nine.
m e
He would also itifonnil otbire in general thnt he :IS just re.
turned from New York. el is now receiving the largerii arsons
nicht of wet and dry fa }y Groeeries, risk. ye etniril. .k 1 .1 0•11.
Wines. Nails, Glass 'Wood and Willow :Ware ewer i ito
this maeket, which he will sell+ wbutesube or retail as keno as
the, chespcst for Caste, no ail eaeepted. Please Bill and see
quality sad prices Ware peeebee4aleirewthell- LI
W. F. RINDEIt euctlT.
*ilk My *APR Owner or kb & iliai.- 1 —
n ..,„ E caye for o n o.. *Aka gave Throat. Hammerman. Tklrtlae In the Throat. Opining Blood. Diffealt Breath's 1
I cipiera. Coallrineclourd Tubercular Usteumptioa. la Tirana Roma'. Each one peculiarly adapted to each
MALI OP- \ at
...Trawl. lITAor
. ' •
colievatryzose. ..
lii Blue Wrappers.
• .
• • lioirlilVtirTiOnr.
.le Pink Wrappers.
111111 AW, end Cbro
Stott Cutter. en ankle
every person owning
e or Cbw 'should have.
'ale at the tricultural
tholo.e or
IRE 4 x , c.aatrit.
Tr, lode, • II
CI 0N114.2E TI ON.
In Yellow Wrapper..
TO THE AFFLICTED, 13' The appearance in plum 41•111ss
and direct opposition to the old
dininnU, AND IN CO
While its sticeess, prepared in this manner. (Each Bottle
characterise Coessetplient. has esuiblislied the WeICIPINg trails of the I
re PHYSICIANS APPROVE OF IT. because it is based upon
*news. te►t, becaube it is sownwes .sass. and because they know In
stages of Conswienties• s suferiag. dun painted, and dis~ut►rape~
able Nev. aud when he sou !Venal's Ssresems, his hopes aim mast
and uses the First Bettis, his expectoration. di rim 1.1 and painful. bet
ling in his throat. inflaniation. pain its his breast, side, bead, back.,
and uses the second bottle. his fever leaves him. his disturbed dumb
pectoration, comouitund bloody. sequiturs a healthy appearance, an
rein for flush In his cheek disappears. the burning beat in the
cough novi ceases, He reessers sad is roll.
and uses the thiid,hottle. his Diarrhea. gradualy ceases. his weak .wets become strong. his eptigh and other hini•srmry ,
pea-. Webie digestion hireomes strong and v morons. his PUJIMKh req . very its prober tone, and creates new, rich , and Do urly :.
his strength return", his wasted body is cleaned a ith tilesh. ISIS I. 11: IS S AVED! and he is
. •
Each bottle of NWtbdr. Sgehtesisi his the., niptomo of the singe •r which leis i mended printed in hoot of the antips,
every invalid knowing hi., 0% II gyitirlolliM. VIII judge for himself • WHICH BOTTLE 11E BEQUIREA,J3 eonseiiec..
sae tan occur in dclreting If TUE PROPER MrogiciNt:...ct
I.lSee Pamphlet 111 1/01 , e. , * iOll of tie Fdilor of 'this Paper. CO •
etruciiiri and uses of the tiunrin Lungs, and certificate
Proprietor. iJPrice. 114 per Bottle.
DR. WM. LI.VDOP, 173, C'heynue Street, oproviii
Removed from 26 Si
Is, 1.. th orl, a .
rrr YE Ill0.4••V 11434.
2.64. per tit•ek.
3.4•4 't
0.1111 •
F.t9l 9 •
t . Y 9
I iJ,W
, ,ti 9..0 an a Ai
•:•6 111 llf , flloCid Im
re.! Fre urr
h IT4nl In 11 , 111110 1 1 0.
1110 I.lllr or 1044114
l ir. C4l.
S await Profits and Nunteratis Transactions."
Cheap Books= and Stationery,
' - 7 11- 9, BrOWN ' S New hotel, State sts
E are now opruing the la rge. , t aml hest a.sortmentolikok"
limlikmery e%er ,caught 10 tlio , orirkett and aR Our
motto I% AI t Pr.tats ,logincrusit Tra , ,,oari.ons," ue are,
lin .11 price: Oa t Uui %:.triely em
brace." all the ntabltr , l %%wk. a
' y, Biography. Romance.
1 reels by Sea and tatiflli. Thrilling Adeentares. Booksjar
the Parlor amil fireside. Gfit Books for all ages,
echo°. dk Classic] Books. Bibles. Testaments.
Prayer. Hymn. and Pawhit Buoks. - - •
and rib ets.iles. variety tow nutiwruLue t, 11.1t11(10111.. Wank Bock*
Imin the best e.p.tron sultuidar boo 4,ii
kr 'lt' K All. lit f.N %ill. embrace In
ehdiep:. a .7let% I.4.FirlZttpll. Frcur lr 11i.(1 .14ror.t., Letter.
I ~alltieres.ll .11.11 iii lealrertt.
Now Doot sad Shoo Establishment.
Nit•• au4 The vitwcr,h, would dlsn't IC
` speethilly aulk,utier to the eatuceos wijomitoz
co.rorr).th t rhe b b et0 ,•1,,, „ .• 11 ra.zhit ,
St:tr.f--1 h,re we are 1,,,w offering the /gest 1. 1 1 / 1 1 t.. 14
4a.41. of ,ther and fin oz. ever , tlered ii) till.
and rir” .elhog ker cheaper thrill I:.e - ebeapp4.— .
1,1, .1.1 r .4ue ,1.1.01 uW11 . 11141.11 /11C I lie. 1111 . / Made t the
to elle - Well amllll.K . ll. WV es
tioo,..tio-o of o.rr Nu.. 41. as noth.i,u a IS be charged for eatokill , g:-
1/..)11 . 1. foi,zet the w 00... Nu. 11l right's Block.
Wry cox & Notrltr•
4" S. ("rothrry Nierehin.a are invited to e.,11 awl C 841111111! cot
k, a filobl wqle I 114 . 1 , e- .14 1 as tow ar Cilibe (p1;110;1
%%AA 1.11 New York 11:e 114‘e alt cat cooneNtoo ti air .tuck
.1 v. ,dA..,..ortment of Leather and Of et er) situ] hod
qll 111) , N 11 1 ,1111,10 be .41 a, ette.,p ascot' be borsht in Outtralo
01.111 V other mar krt. eitLer at v. or (13.1114
taw. May 2 - 2 1 i I W. AC N.
N EIV L;()( 11)S ! NEW GOODS ! !
7tj, OAV opettlntr. at the olattan4 of t,Se stsheerplwr„i frw dOor
Wv.t or %rilthitus 4r. IVrlght's C..tch.inge office. a new and
elez att 1611ipi.ty Of
("Li , cLottis. (-Asst. , Ehr.s rEs - riAqs,
itwetta.r wall Lte.ter tl •11:1PI ul.atiClea ta the CI 'III at;lilt
C.:I; ;14:: eultiti [H. glicilit) atld JAM LS L 111.1.:,
• - -
W A R I, I NI L!
A FIRST rate-article of Water Lime J. ,, t received by
GLolit..l: .1. 31 , JRTON.
Erie. 111149•1 IttS3. I Public Duck
AT THE Al UPA CT ( REk'S PEICES ..No. 6, Stoat .L •
7 , 11 e. baron Iron Co. hate inkei , a more in town. when' they
Intend keeping ;a Nit 11 the ,litfereni and
orosi thry inzar4sr. ay.! a:..ja c aJo.ortfiti ht 01 NZlalo.
l'er.9av nro., lga‘r u-r.l die Nash . J.C:S na 00,palqr
!Drell to he iiid lhdl vnn.•.heateron: .tat 0..& Lop.
140\5NA 6.—n
13cranty Land Virarranls
1 1111 E !lichen price 1,,n1 fur Lind W.trrinn , of every descrlp
lion tht Haiiking and L./ch./14w cl..:eut
Erse. May 15th, I-32. NI. 'I7.7ANiFOR" & (1)
Rr notaity. Mn l'help's Botany. l'iriol'e
• 11 1 French lir.lthinar, Nch nus's Ithewric. VVvrcevief'd
tory. Fur eale at tue No. ltuok :Store.
May. 13. Irir'2.
R ,1•1443, 01.11rarripen'. co.-hr.:RA Ink. in truan
OM. jule Jlllll r, eciyed an 1 1.. H. r.t 11. e Ne‘v
r.tu.r. • J. Li ta!NNlzAr:s .k.
May 15. e3l.
New spring 'Goods 21
gubwrib r 1161%; it. CI i% ing it I lice Ftrek of
1 Mule• t,l ;.i•t•le'lle awl s 0,44, .4.11 Cif. .1 1. /lii _lt at ca - e„
and ho .ght 1111 l cii cite spec 111 •II I. or twv•ii • i u oi•
. efore. I ht. 1../I , IIC qi/erleti 10 C. i au,/ ex ttulu. prices •tiol
p•olt:i•at••l!,iiii will lee l'ailictilari• nett m eek 14 SMITH JACK:44IN.
'Po GA R. I hut} Nvw Icrio Rico and aliaileCOV4.fri
z.sugrir ior the MM.. ebl.. or vuund
eleaper. Own ever. Call awl nee W. F. PAN
Slay 21 -
40 ISULS ..I.lktrui ornifes of tenoc I'. 4 tigar. ' nice %cry end
clwop. Jtipt ed by W. F. miNut.ithzeirr.
I 1111Ittt ..11ula.sest jaat received. and itatlllog from 3to 4
Shallop, per. gal.; also 10 bblc. Mhlas.ef. to hell by the
tatt . vet), low: , W F. KINBERfiECAT.
Nag 22, teat, 2
6ligarrYW CY. F. sale cheap h %
itlNl?LkA cirr
Mav 1731-
' BAGS Cape, Lagutra. and Java C 4) tree, last rem% ea
Mland for sale as cheap as the cheapest. •
May 21--,t W. F. RIVDERNECIFF.
toliatltk frkleathats. Schoi ts, ;John Ander-oat Grants
chewing and inookieg ' Tobacco by the pow. or paper by
A FT.w more luttreht of that beet Flour on hand hlhieh will be
It bald.ebeal,. :not ic2rrauted not to be bent in quakily °equal
ity. 'n
May I , ':rt —2 ELLityrris
OitN 7 Jil'arli i aid for 300 litiAbel. h •
Erie may 22 le4ll-3. JuliN ELLIO Tr. volumes. Mills
_ e
R nw ph ,w eases have arrived ati, them several pack
11ge.1 of freith wed-. Also. a splendid 1 ,, t of Fails. bUllie very
fine. ad very cheap. Call early._ Erse May 21, 1632. 2
. _
q'io Tiff ISE BUII.DIFiG.— If wish to Int? your Nail..
1 ',ark*. Litchi-Ls, li//110. Serra*. and in fart any kind of
Hardware. at low figure*. bon't fail in call at idle , rkean Hard
ware Store. No 3 Herd d House. May 21-2. RU FUS HEED.
TAO'S. and i nekef euH assortment erv. the hest assoent in this city at'
pi 0. 3 Reed li t , ..e. May te's2.-11 Ift UPI •S REED. ' 1
Ill'll7ll f;lt'el rlAWs.Saw lilades. iiillev a inrritle;la fil ---- 7
Erie:May 23 1552 —2. RUFUS ilia:We%
_. _. ....._
3(lark Seamless Illaga.also Ratio Cotton Ration! Coon and Carper warp.
,11 1 by the Hale or less quantity at '
E , ip, Jane 5 STrIItRITT & GItAT
.W11131.0-ay to horse QIN llelf • that he has the a.-
ere! of &wart) the entire rare of iikieni remedies
horses. and with a ninnieroi years pritedice
will be ab e to gl% e wit isfaeliun generally either as a (artier id.
Sit rgeuts.
Pteapr call at to% office at the room Stable near she °elk%
took of It,.• Klllllt.ioll and judge fur )outsel veg.
Jan. 3,1E41.-4y:14
A M 11KATTY & M. k4ANFOkfl'ha‘ethop day thrtne4
I a Lanken.anit eolleeticet and Etrettungti
Itr,kers, utidett the firm at M. 5.% N FOR D & I`o.. (Mice In
tY's Block." helvCeeti :hale and reach streets. Publit
Erie, Jan. inn I , iI. D. 41
olq Eve renritted to the ()Id COUUtt GO the tunas thVOlrattht
llt term., on vur rcipochisbility. SANEOkJ)& ('ti.
I-31. Beaty'. Nlock Erie Pa.
And-Brub h II•tt Sower.
- LIARMr its wilt plgaq , call and examine this eicellent 1 ,
L chine fur ri, »eortt y 4,
Also. an •pd Cznandints cultivator, It watt firm used g ,
for Plitrial earth between tom anJ other crops la rtAlr. a
Theo nee flow rlllll/ 14L/tIC highly wiefol its togging the fh,elitai
aura with and pulverising Ibe ao 11 attar p owing For aisle 47 1 a
Stale Street. Fine. Pa.
May 22 —2
Awns It'd French Print JaChalet and mourning mat.
Ent' JUlle J. e W EEiN EY
NEW .cioonsa GOODBII
HA YE just rveei and sire 110% opening a Inrge and splend id
smell Of : 4 111.11111r Palle.: and Staple DN Y let a Cita rat
ing almost every Cruets in she Dry Goods line usually brought to
Ibis market. 9 heir issoquierit of
If full and entnplite. embracing a veil great vat revolt' rich and
splendid 'tooth.. the names unit varieties tori ied WWI to enumerate.
Al-n. a cleat variety of [allies,, Misse , and Morocco
shoes. Men s Gaiters etc. A large and general assortment ot 1.. t
dies straw Homietts. Para*ols etc.. crockery. latisrware. Nail;
by the Ins or pound. Hardware, a ge , eral ansortnionl of Grote''
ries. (qr..: all or Atli ism ol which will be wild unusually low on
accommodating terms, Most kinds of country produce taken in
exchange for ras'idr.
r i r. WA N TED,good Diary Rutter. tor whktithistighest !sir. -
ker - priee will in All times be paid.
Erie June t 9
' I
N ARRIVED by express. a ;
Spoons Yorks. are. , Also, I)iasnatl leattry and .as leasaber. '
flow Itlap. Ear Dram to
Juarliti IMIcIigTON b. FULLER: !O
a . p a i n i n the breast, side, head. bask .., , r
lmmion. soreness, and tickling i la the tt.i . c . . .
lad quid! breathing, expsetarisfs s ra duresi t , . 444.
Q ati yellow. Bpsomodic-eQuib. violent fever ; nl 2 i ii . r .„
'4114:1111 mid day sweats, hectic flush in the ace, and thra,
heat In the palms of the hands and sok, of it, e r ,.,
tan easy. eepsarsomd mrsabsd with bassi ' ' ,
larrtugri diminished fever. cough. and irs . en.4i ~,
and increasing debility, beques thntin g. Cos . 1 ta
and swelling oldie extremities.
P 5111U4011 Syriacuas if a new ;re, in 3 1 61 41ae. fir ma , z , ,
0111111 BOTTLII lIIRIMarif .. '
e a different preparation.) iis miring She Ap r ": ~,,,,
urability of Every Stage of Pulmonary Cotisi nupliut
orrect rhysiologieal and Pathoiogieal,prirei s t ec
m sad experience. that one preparauon wiii ass cure u r
isealid apprise's of if. Leman its print iplts b u m 0 , i ,
i sod.
omen free and easy IN. Ca u gh *Ha gets well, ali Ktr
inn. and limbs are removed.
rs beeonie sweet and refreshing. his night sweat+ vin..t
at length disappears. his bowels biome reritar, 1,,, ~
alms of his hands, and lades of his feet, are felt ha '
inints Dr. Nutiall's nab°lofy of e oosmoption
of teEF.S. (K7Preparid only by Dr. Nuttai1.14...".;
the Stale Thuse, Phila. 4gent for the Pr
14 Tiflis Street.
kLaaikkiL n U i tAi i iadi n a , Aa
POSITIVE. remedy le now know n for .
di.eaae, to 1.. A. l'age'y ANI ii4l'hE rill. 4t , -• o.
;pee t• to be believed Unt:l ividynee It•
rude. Proeure - a tram from the agent
f our f. iith t. etil..Wavering. -utterer. a e eht ft :it
only. c..mbrui the tact by your oa n eti.ere.,.c,..
a , e doubted like you. an,A by a trial. are now
Cl ewe. 3be :v., ul one bottle 'will either me. ',r
hat another will aCeoluplien Ibr v. ork. I 011 I."I
t by the dozen. Th • I%•ptitted to the seat of the .1(44,
• , the is rt. $ 1.110 aifee e 22 derpismoaer. the I
tut heal. the all at the eame {IMP.
and an. 2. k• recunnheninlion. It hte4 ,
re—r,,l a ith di.aineeable malady. ma)
Ibv the Anodyne Oil. 'I he direetiotie are 1..11 a.
ud iliould Le iitrietly 11.,Itourrt in order hi •,,
' the eutlerer V. wlro V. ill not try it. Ge4.lcral ee;•.t '.
' merea Pt N. I'
Th. valuable Medicine is for Wile in thus riot 1, 1
Wm her wart J 11. CurtOn &. Cu A t,e'ne
' & I' vi
Erie. 3la) s , tfsl. Magna:cwt.. r. a.,.: ; ,
gptittriArNT. -
•IJY> •EPSIA. It' fig
S iMtrAsLS F
.C 1) •
fßOX A 1311.4.4.•
aft.}.D i.l f R : 4 104AM.
arra • AS 1:0•STICATION. 1 nvr , otr.
.1' -Hi. op BP 6op 71)THE
priy. 14 rill IT MR COOT,. Fci 1 Al. R. on %nowt 1, iwr
" S row •rw. . .: R I Rt , T .TIoNP. SINKIII6 or Fit TT1R,,,..
11. PI, OF TIM : 4 I O.lAr/L, • . %l I .1 NlT‘a ..r 111. 11. AD. it Ht.
LNG Ai '....ATiONS I.‘ll. T IN A firms ,f , OST r. Ilis•
7croi• t.l V 1.P1.1, illerlii corW rm.* II Vol& TOL
CIr:TIT. FT V.'ll ! • TR I.N.T. "API ,11THR
. •
. ' ii t•D. I.Ffilrll.,•Cli OF Palueria.A-
L Tro%. Yr: Cum xt.SILOrTILL
- • 0111,7 ANo EvmpArg
VI Till 8 1 , .•
a_ 0 .r.l,
..IFXT• Ltirrir.l.r.. ST , RDER FN - skrii or lira?. Privrin..
I, at. et , •S FAST t .<3.1%1NG:31 Or F.VIT. ANT. GREAT V. rt,.,-
ririlr, can i.e ofiTtltih:, , etifewl 1w
- - DR.4IOOF [4.A ND'S
CELEBA.I7'L' D GElii.ll.l.\* BITTER
~ , 7' - rstrrAik e /iv
/ QR.. G. M. 'JACKSON, ,
120, . ic% Street., Philadelphia,
elf p , inir .1 - el' Inc abort distils,' is nut eireilcd—t: rp,
avi cogker ere ; etr•te,.w vit a. ('riled ?Yates es tie /lir., .
daisy ewes ...tterso.atjai phys•ako Asa fatted
The-4! Itnit Tr arr Wort , i) the 4ttrhuou of itivaliJo t .
kr ~ * !Mir- ill the recti , xlitots of 4r.ra.r4 01 Ow I.t. e • ,
latulr. c , err trtrg the horxrt -catch Ith; warn, iv. W. n,
...1:01.1ef the thz.....rt 1s c org.,thr. ih.: area iti. •1 -
The e I.tor nn i 1.. Pr.. t241.-4:-. . .
D' ll , ' , 444.44'. , '''r :,/,',.. 1, •r.fil. 1 L :a ',.•,
-e•fl Ili'. 1 , 111. 1. ,. ILI 1.1 r.,. 1 41.• In. wrijr... , • . • , - Wog r I re, 1....r.1 , , 1^,.-.m..., nr ..., :,.• • • ,
). liFirt. tniertil feeriVed , in etlectnAl a n:1;
,S et Conii , l ;1;4 Irtmy the tire Ot lilts rett , eo„ 11 e • . ,1,
.55.. in the it-e of th....e. Pis tern. the pultent , -
fragth and vmor-0 fact words) or _real C4/11.1 .4 : .
V plea -asst 114 large and .41161. and can t us(„ is , 1.,
se inosuiel re re elohinehe with fairly. tinder a 1,% rve• 4..
'e are - peak' itg frau tzperieuee, stud to.the adheted .e .
icir use. • •
- Scores Watatx,': Pat o; the be . . 4 lAtetarr nactrl pc`
id. Aux. 2.5
Da. nom-toots GETIWAN DriTERI,
a, arc ucw recommended by tow uf the moot two.nismmtt
re !traie faculty am an akrucle °flatten 'akar . ) , in fair: Of 'rf.
rtiknr.m, ki such is the raw, we wolfed ad. ire a', 3, a,'
dam bottle: and thus rare themmelmem muck •iek••.
as of .10.1 itateil constitutions will find these Rine , * a
sto their beaßljt M we- know from experience ti ,mm
t they have upon weak 'locus."
he •Thiladelphil Saturday Gazette." the best far-) rt ,
ris the United States. The editor rays of
"ft im.mclikun that Ire recommend a hat are (Rime 1..
nes. to the cOntiaenec not rwtronatte bt;;;;•;'''':
Jre V. hen we recorontanit Irr Itoottanit's t;ersaa n it
ri to lit el t.ti nett)* II iiiter.lood !Isar we are net strip.. 4
tennis of the 'lay. that arc nat./NI about for a - brief je •k'•
furgotten after limy pave dote their trinity rare of --r
inn:theme loni einahltaherl. unoriersallS prized, arc. •'
iet the hearty approval of the lat'utry itself."
Evilenee ' , eon evidence has heen reeetsed Otte
In all neetsoitn of the r ition..thelmn three )e..o'.
t teAtutony in tot favor b., that th#re tv innre Ali u , t, •
acme ot thy ri gutar I%) sic tans of Ph 1131 , F . ..1110. 4 . it,. ,
trouts combined; a fact that can partly he nr:a:4 sr pr 1
I proving that n scientific preparation will watt 11... h .i., I.
.primal when prevented even in this.fortm
'That thiv medicine win cure Liver Complii.nt and I'
one can doubt a(wt UPtlig ll as duetted. 12...artv Pres* '
!.nn the .:utmteh and liver; it iv pri'Mrable tetalunitl -• 4 .
diseases -the effect it ittiniedifite Thr ',in %r i.' , • •
females, or it faits. with safety and rein. tole Refit 3 i ....,
' BI.rNARE OF' Cl)(.114 . 11:1( EITS.
hi• toed le inc hi= attp2 tied that high eitaratiter whirl.:
1 for all mert•lttef to attain to indit.7c cnimittcreit, t•
i h pporkot• tt nieles :at the rink of the lives cif thole w 4,.
minty deceived. I
Look will to Me marks of dm Otanoisio
hey have the written' vigil:mire of C. M. JACKSON -
artier. and his Janie blow mita the bottle, wiliest Vial :or'
'ors: '
or -ale Whotra le and Retail at the I
GERLIN tt:INE STOltr.. •
0.-ItO Arch iitreet N , one MEli door below Sixth l'hiladrlr•l ,J
i reepeetabte (Maier' generally throughout the rm. La) .
P ftle EaN R EDI:C.4D,
r enable all elaweifor invalids to copy the hds,ant - .,;. , ,:
al rtitutati% e pourers.
Single 13ottl
e 75 Cs tr.
Ise for tee by ('Thor ar, Brother. Prnasto . Fri,. rJ -*
Air. Gott McKean Cornets. Pa.; atid .1. Ca Ga. IVast', '
lan. Y. 1 4 :e1..-31 ,
;co the Inhabitants. of 'Harbert-Tech. N'
est, Greenfield and all others bit Ifiria Go
L ikT NL F. BINDERS alt.'. of Elie:tad A.IF. Amt.- , • I! •
ll`` creek have puicha-ed the eflffre %Wet It.i co.:. • I 1, ""
Me 147t41 , 1,myt t at Mo.lrneadv tile in !la rte•rllnci k ~' ! ••''
anti! tie the tnerrantilt, hatineam in all its ,braiiclxr .., ''i -
-mit VI hang .itid BrUli It. ander time same. fi •
.R •I N It E R. N I.; C I'l T br, .10 N ES !
'ln addition to our present Stock we wilt rivet% e u al , .
Railroad from Niew Xork all mit lem of lits G o . 0.. t..•.•;•••
• cckerm. (flags ware. !wry. Steele. Iv a iti,.11)1•:44'11/-• I. • '
ect lbw,: generall% kepein a Grocery and ,Dr) G..: .; '
0 assortment of everything and al
I . ot • I. '
0 ti...eorn. Flour. beam,. dries Applcaand Pelf IP*. I ' •.' .
, v place. 4011 f MOSlOphall be to Ikrii theitper than ik , e•- .
We Unite the cit.:elm of the above named i. n ..,..,-
i it examine our mock ang pi ,rev and if 111 M VIII I/4 rho" 1
t large a stork of goods as some ii: Erie we tau rt... ,
Wanted ir exchange for goodie. l'inib. (totter. I .c.•:•-• rc '.'
a ae.
i i
March .1 , .. :':'‘ -*
price. that e ..H . !...
ANTILLA and and xplen,ll.l L. 10."
only 13 refits o f%rd, Atilt a belUiLtli 11011.411UICTI v!
the New York. Cash etore.
LTm zotrrit *ART.
R • C.J roe. of Newt Fork rely. has locate! ficiir 4 " .
in the City of Fdle. fmrthe treatment att.! ewe t.!
'Eye, in all their varielysis won stages. Nat
n in ricriFve practice for several years in the i • o•
mit of ti r re lent* of itlledicitie., he Nailer•
eases admitting if cure nay -be eeeetephibed
WiI•RVCCEIII.-rPror. Mott and Faculty of New '?g•
rah and Faeulty of Albany liedieal Ur. Lac! ,
sTunn ry: ilea. N.Y.
Woe* with Hr. Browuneil; No. 3.. Hiaghtlelloc k •
.rte. June
r Oltthlr pinttly Prints and 'billing Ginatianis, ju-t
it one ease Sae yards of (hoar IN Madder Pr.hts.
led perfectly fast; also. lON yards plata Gipitharno at 14.
yard. June ht lea:. • 3 Tisama &
MAliffge 8111:8TIMall., fur which Prise Medal " 1t
by tbo crismottteatif all Maslow as then'orkl Mt
alMe at the as Jane It YIEWSZIT 0".
J & \krp