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    one of thesi wagons, for the night; lint l ivhen morn
ing catie, it found hint so stiffened from the effects
of his bruises, and the cold wet air,. that he could
scarcely Tore. He nevertheless pert4ted in ta
king the saddle, although hewas utterly incapable
of getting into it without assistance: lithe mean
time General Persifer F. Smith, the- rb of this
field, who had been actively and indefatigably -en
gagedlall night long, in gaiping the rein df- the er
ectly's entren s ched camp, came thundering down up
on the astoniahed Mexicans. a little after sunrise,
like an Alpine ivalanche. The scene was too' ex
citing fur so ardent and enthusiastill temperament
as chat . of Gee. Pitmen., and forgetting his physical
pains in the exultation of his spirits, tae hurried to
join in the punsuit - of the already fiyingfoe. Arriv
ed at the town of San Angel, some sik.miles from
the field of Contrerai, a halt was directed in order
to refresh he troops and prepare them for the great
struggle of the day, yet to come, in which hundreds
of gallant fellows, now gushed with the morning's
victory, were destined to find their neXt repose in
the steep of death. The General wad, even now,
paying the penalty of hii oter exertion and excite
ment in the pars it, and his Aid-de-cansp,-Lieuten
ant, now Brevet. Major FiTzostaaur;l'and myself,
both urged bitn'to go no farther, as he 'would/ Van •
er or later, be forced to-yield to physicist weakness
and pain. Alittle further on, and a. the church of
Coayocan inhere the Commander-to-Chief habitu
ally beld'himself during the battle of Chnrubnsco,
we calamity encountered that officer;' r who, having
been informed of Gen. PIERCE . A triiefiats of the even
. ing before, and seeing the difficulty with which' he
kept' the field, kind'y added the weighi of his influ
ence and authority to the importunities of Lieutenant
FITZGERALD and myself, in order to dissuade Gen.
PIERCE from going into action, now ilready cnm ,
menced. The General, howeter, wasq immoveable
in his determination to lead his brigade into the en
gagement, and the reasons he offered fur so doing,
were too forcible and too consonant with the wrl
dierly feelnge of those who suircninded, him, to ad
mit of any farther remonstrance or expllstitlation.
. From this time I was separated from liiin until the
,was over, and cannot, therefore,lspeik of my,
own personal knowledge, of what befell him or how
he deported' himself in the eter memorable conflict
of that day. He accompanied the twrs_it.giments of
his brigade, then at hand (the 12th an 15th,) in an
operation which had fur its object ' the ming of the
enemy's position and the intercepting f his retreat
towards the capital, whilst 'I was sett( for the 9th,
of New England regimint, which, , other with a
section of the Mountain Howit&r, Battery, had
previously been postedion one of the oads leading
from San Angel to the citg, biyt wat4now ordered
to join the brigade. Agreebbly to m' instructions
I hurried in this detachment, and arri ed at the po
-talon occupied by SHIELD? and PIER les trotipe, at
a moment when no little confusion prveiled iii their
ranks, owing to a ' galling flank ani
reverse fire
which they.were then recei% ins front he enemy.—
Seeing no one on the ground at Oaf moment, au
thorized to give instructions relitive 10 the troops I
took the responsinility of posting them; in the Gener
-al'a name, perpendicular to the left of Gen. Swamis'
line, in order to show front to the enemy`hovortug
on our left flank. Having made thuidisposition;of
the New England regiment, I remained Kith it un•
rill the clOse of the battle. lam this,liintite in these
particulars,.in order to show how I c me to be sep
tamed from Gen. PlkatCH during the ntire enga ,, e•
I pent as well as to explain certain pssages of his
_ official report, wide,* might otnerwis, appear onset
isfactory. In the meantime, I liar it from sev
eral reliable sources, that Gen. I'iERI E was, on the
field and MA II as much exposed as ally other man
ib it, though unfortunately for hint alp for his com
mand, ne-was unable to participate actively in the
struggle. Lteut- FITZGF.RALD E than iv. hom a - more
gallant soldier and chivalric gentlerntn does not e:•
Ist, informed met immediately after the battle, that
he was continually by the side of tli4 General'', es.
cept w hen carrying hi/Corriere to tie, troop., and
that, owing to the difficialtive of the ground ove .
which het had to btruecle, (it being 'oft and yield
ill". acid cut up by many broad Ind deep ditches,
in his then weak and bruised, cundit on, he finally
fell, faint and . completely exhausted, within the
range of the enemy's musketry on illie one aide, and
his cavalry escopetes ou the other:: thus 'showing
that, i l f he had intended to avoid the !Dangers of the
field, he made a most unfortunate seket inn of a hid
ing place; fur the ground on which l.he is amid to
have fallen, is a dead level, and was incapable of-af
fording the least shelter from the, nrosa-fire which
raked nearly every fOut of its surface. • -
i, •
-So much then fur this fainting fit, over which the
enemies of General PIVIICE gloat willi such evident
satisfaction,. 'He who could tied itivesich an inci
dent, occurring under such circumstances, anY--
thing to the prej'idice of a man's Icoura g e, muss,
himself, be I psi coon of the most despicable char's
acter. In point fact, the first aid only man in
Mexico, that 1 ever heard allude tii this affair, To
the disparagement of General Piß gcß , µlli
. 0;4 such
a person as is here supposed: anti the Er t referenco
- it, in this country, which came to my notice, wiy
made by the editor or ciirrespondentf"of a contempt
ible and
_Ecurrilous print, not a thousand miles from
your city—one, indeed, so licentious thatit
- would be incapable of carrAg with it the leait in
fluence in the community in w Neill its vile sheet's
find a limited circulation, were it not that its' IoW
' abuse pia ribald, jests find an occasional % chicle,
in the columns of more respectable,nr,tt least, more
pretending journals. I '
General Nance as is well' kno*n, was selected
'by the General-in-Chief, one of thin commissienees
to settle the terms of the'armisticel which was pro
'posed immediately after the battle lor Churui,iiso..•
an cvideace of the coufidericeivhicb General Scolir
had in his abilities, diplomatic as ell as military.
In this connection it may not be (t of place to state
that General nattea entered mos. 1 eartily into the
measures of the Genera i-in-Chief, (lir the speedy ter •
minatioo of the war. Having no ulterior_ objects to
gain 11 , • factious and ill-timed k!ipposition (b the
views and lets of his commanding officer, he exert :
ed himself, like a true patriot and:soldier, to give
them the effect intended, whatever might be said as
to their expediency.' 1 doubt.not bit General Ikon,
- himself, would bear willing testi4iony to thii foci,
as it could not hate escaped his whim- •
At Molina del Rey, General Narita' rendered good
-service in releiving WORTH'S dish/ion after the long
and sanguinary conflict maintained by that gallant
corps. - His brigade was posted stone miles i•fi', when
the action began, but arrited in tin+ to take the place
of Worra's troops and bring oft their killed and
wounded from under the guns of ,Chapultepee 'arid
the fire of the enemy's musketry plosted in *hi wood
Mind the mill. His gallant bearing op this ' ocea
eion, attracted particular attention:
Thus doled the most important portion of the
brief military career of him who!ia the 'atibi.ct of
thla'communication, he being catifinekto bed
from-severe indisposition on the day the battle of
Chapultepec and the Garitas--the. last genral en
gagement which in the Valley of Steak
co. 't Having remained in the capi, 6 al until there was
no longer any prospect of a resunintion of hostilities,
he left the country, in December. for the United
Sister, cud repaired to his hoine in Now Hampshire,
where be was welcomed GA the cherished arid favor.
itt son of the !.Granite State." •
BUILT r. Clays domestic bi
ography is much less known than 1114 'political lite,
with the movements of which hie eountryinen are
Verrerally femilliar, When ° lllr. Clay removed front
irginia, where he wits born. to. , Kentiicky, his fu
ture residence. he married Lucretia Hart daughter ,
of Thomas Hart E.g., a prouti nail cilium of Lex.'
ington. Another daughter of the same gentleman
waLmarried to lion.
,James Brown, of New Orleanj,
Minster st Versailles during the of
Meier'. Monroe and Adams. Mrs. Clay. who is
now in her seventy first year, and in- the enjoyment
of good health, has been the mother of eleven chil
dren, tour of who died in chidhood. Eliza, a young
lady of , anions! Promise. died suddenly, in 1834,
while Oa her way to Washington wiih . her father:
and almost the same moment, the parents received
intelligence of the of another daughter, the
wife of Mr. Debacle, of New Orleans, A third
daughter, upon whom the fathers affectioneseem to
have entered, after the death of the other two. died
In 1835: 'like was:married to Mr. James Erwine,
of New ()deeps; and her loss was a blow front which
Mr. Clay Dever recovered. Of thellve song, the el-,
dest, Theodore Wythe Clay has been, since boyhood.
an inmate ofa lunatic asay hum. Thomas Hart Clay,
born in 1813, resides in Kentucky, Und 4i engaged
in.the manufacture of hemp. Henry Clay, Jr., lost
Lis life at the battle of Buena Vieta.l James B. Clay
• and John M. C4ay the youngest, are nowpractising
the prolession.of tbelaw in their native Fltate•
Erie tkleektil
GEN. 124M=ff
t 7 The 84410 yes that Copt.. Mc-
Fayden. forinany years the. popular commander of the
steamboat Madison. was drowned hear the pellet \. of
Green Bay into Like Michipu , by tkeseramping,of bib
boat while fi shing. The pisee wheis this melancholy
occurrence took placeas kou en as Death's Doe!.. Copt.
M. had been connected with steamboats nu the lakes for
the heat thirty ye ire, and was widely known ind respect
ed. Two young mein who' were with him ,escaped by
sr humming.
QT We notiee that J. G. & W. I. MI6 have made
ilddition to their establishment. by ocelpying the
room Lately occdpied by It+er's flat Store. thus making
it oats of . the molt estenitivoestaiblishments in the eity.—
Mr. Jackiton, their agent. is one of the cleverest fellows
in the city. and we think tiny ono who deals with him
once will do so again. Fi+ particulars see advertising
tEr We forgot ; to notice !alit week.•the advent 'among
the newapape'ra of the eoutifiy. or —Young's Trisicrford
Disputa " It ie issined,iu Ilia nourishing village:of Wa
terford.,by Youpg &Lynn../.:8. M. Yonitg, Editor: and
is altogether a neat and er et iteble production.
Er The Gaulle says We offer the Obserrer to whir
subscribers. payable, when Ocolt is elected President. W.
beg Mir eocemporary'epardbn. but we °Mir no suet thing.
Ws Can't afford:l.lmill thit length of time for our pay;
but if any of the folturre.ra 44 Scutt and Graham want it
they can be supplied iud Flay for it when Pierce is elect.
ed. And that! is not isietUng either. and you know-it.
.Suppose we shotild sell th I t chier of the Gezetti a horse.
payable whets Louis Napoleon becomes Emperor, or
Queen Victoria, blesses nglaud with another Prince.
would that be ,a bet that i th er event will take Fibtera—
Nut at all! - The fact is he Gazette is more Mee than
wise—and not :for the ws t of brains either. bet because
it is fearful such an vita albs the means of circulating
the Observer among those ho otherwise Would not see
it! That's the:secret!
.93 The Gazette is at azingly troubled because the
%server give! currency t , the ••fire in the rear." dis
charged from Whig batted L a upon the wairting fortunes
of Gen Scott. jt endear° to whistle op courige by
tempts to bgrithil their im Fume.. but it will net do—it
sees the hand writing upo the wall , and all its ••sapor
ing" about an "easy victo ." cannot deceive.
Fr The Commtercit!l h
Cimsthutiou "costferri g
commence and carry
Improvements." '%Slion
03 FizzEr.e.—The whi
netionly ••fizzle" in their
tion meetings—bill Ilter
their newspapers. Last
cad with a Sourish of true
the poet. unlearned Oliscr
*lenient kposi Gen. Scot
liFeut . eilisens" by one ye
vi but this week it "kind
- Where is
• .1
The whig-papers are a
that the enthusiasm a
to What it wit'. fok Ilsrriscrii. 61sy and Taylor. in 1111:1,
44 aud '4B; bin where. is he esidenie?' If it could
shown. Erie county is the lace Cu ex4ibit tt! Every pol
itician who posed tiiroug . and ever .. persou who wit- ,
messed, those cam; &iglus i Erie mu 4
tiny. kuows full .11 1
that ere this Imo $n .th season there was nothing"
thoirglit of. -nothing. 'Ake of, but the election. Frie
t ii
streamed front almost evety house top; inihia•ure poke
were run up M every dooriyaid with strips of primed
nutton. Worming the leirued and unlearned that there
dwelt a whiz:: miuisture politicians of bothsexes, timely
tree from thesurveillakoca 10 f the tvet-titse„ shouted their
iinlitics, sod hurrahicid for ilarrison, Clay or Ta) lot. as
they litirriedto schooLorcitased.the kite. Orie tap of the
yturt House-bell, oroue loot of that old tin horn, that
pat wont to :summon the isithlul to council. was slam- .
Out , to draw:'hundreds toigettisr. Mechanics Mt their.
Shops, mevebants their delts, profesaional men their tolli• i
erg. and the!fsrauer has pl sr. to mingle in ••haril-cider"
ibOW•WOVtg. eir Ashland au „Buena Vista gittheriesge. .I.
there testy thing siiiiilar . to itchw ,state of public tenting
howl Where are Me Scot toles? . -where are the "Lula-
ft) 's Lane" Seget—whe
'hunt ••hurrA lur flott"
Fran prociatint ittena tatth
the Scott debt.? The
formed yet;! and why th
the wisteria! is I.ekiug. '' 'be oarchattic wyt not leave
tits shbp —die t inerehaut Is s other lissiuess—the prlifes-
I. i u mei; ma 1 has better erploymaut for his gullet—the
fariiinv has fiutilhei cast natio snore b . :: sticking to his
plow :,than by running to °laical gatherings at the beck .
of luierested ••oltichr hail era." And herb is the secret
why tke ratification ineetiiii laat week-proved such a no
table faijurn: Thew is do euttinsinsnyamong the peo
ple Ow. and there , will Out be homafter. The polite
cianslmay get warmed uP en loci!! questions by-and-by.
but 4 far..! the Presidential question is concerned. tize
p r ii
day n **monster meetings." "trenvenilims (lathering.,"
"au ralleted enikuaissin." is overt. The country is
pn.ispprous.i 7 muneY is abundant—every avenue of trade
BA ukrishing—even the political croultern are ashamed
i n cr ..hard times." and without that cry whigery never
did ;'inriir sal °trier irrilll Azsto we ask. where is
the e , thnsiism?
I Tifei Conmercia iippeorr to be as good at a fib asi
at • finite.' For instance. it intimates that in quoting
frousiDr. Iymylan4 we dad not "quote correetly"-Ltbat
iaetel+d of quoting tins sentence in winos/meets
of etits and barbers. and 'all that is necessary for the
seenity of elternel commeree.'nmst be one by the pub
-1.e.•$ -we "stopped alter the word [butts!" Perhaps.
if the Edittir of the Crowitercia/ will exaluiee the mini*
allulied to: Joiy Ist, he wilt find he has fibed • little!
DT GJVINCIT Ur.—The Whit/ears beaten. The New
York Trilisna l with its iiirmense power of brass. can
count as probably for Scott only 134 rotes. a majonty be
ing 149. To get the 134 it claims - New York. P4unsVl
vault. Tennessee. New*Jersoy. Connecticut and North
Carolina I I all of which die people. will **probably sis•
duct:." The 'Whigs aro beaten. They thus virtually
give it up ividesnes.
Gen. Scott , pays in his letter is Win. E. Robin.
son that his Naar. letter was written under circumstan
ces Sr I excitement; and now the New York Timm
has itif.COVil , red that .ha didn't write - any inch letter. at
and tams is large , het to sustain its amertion! First Gen.
'Scott wrote, jhe letter wader excilmwodi secondly. he
didn't Ws.* if at all; thirdly. it was as unexeeptiosable
letter, env how. The last or third point will be is the
num or rJd July.—Detroit Fres Pram.
Thaws is not singalar is this mods of reasselmy.
Mr. Fret irissa. Oar asighbor of the Ceassisrcial is down
upon es with • similar battery. First. Scott's letter to
Reid is hid "own pititimeny"to pool him di Catholic—
second top rove him no "native." le • warier litdonbt
whether Gen. ttover went* tbe Rim hoer;;'
thirk if be!ilid Iced **op
posed to
,the et of famipem." This scald is
certainly getting tne inert —it coal lane
s not forefi that ela/tse it the
upon Congress the power to
general system of Internal
does, we shall probably hear
s are groat for ••fitzles;" they
'fleeting—especially rattfica
are notable ••fizalea" among
l eek the Coutmercia announ
pets. that it would annihilate
r. fur having the temerity to
proposition to make "intel
lee service in the army or na
tr gin eout"—r4
a Enthusiasm,.
3003 to create the impression
the people fur Scott is egos!
e. , arii s tito whip ro atiniato-o
i —to riict, du the potitictinis
lby works? If so. where Ire
newer is plain; they are nut
ly are not formed is beams, e
'pen. Scott Weigked ia.his ink dada.
Whoa a eaedidate anises bolero the people. se& for
the want of a better, plants himself open • platform eons
posed of the "lecithins" of his town life, it is no more
than fair thews "incidents" should ail be held op for Feb
lie •xaminatian. Gen. Scott says. in his letter at
molotiol tb• whit nomination, that he .•seas offer no ether
pledge or partway. than the Alums incidents of • long
public life, now undergoing the severest *itemisation."
Geo. Scott e•rtaialy coeld sot have alluded. is•this re
mark, to the *incidents" of his military caroir. t for it in
not ea • Nader of armies that ke is offered for the luting,
of the American people. ile aspires now to be their ci
vil head. hepee it must be hi• political "incidents." his
civil views to which he invites seretioT, sod which' he
iii.hes to kayo in "pledge" for his good b•bati•r. 'And
what (asks the Rocbastir Ailpertiser, from which we sow
proceed to quote) are thee* views=ih•N "incidents?"
Let es examine them a little ii. detail-4er Geo. Scott
has courted this examination:-i—lu his celebrated "Astor
Howie parlor" letter. he distinctly •aye that •should any
considerable iptimber of my fellow conatrydren assign.
ine. Of desire to give m•, • prominent position before the
public. 1 shell tate time to methodize my views on the
(reit questions you have proposed." '
A ceusiderable number •f his fellow countrymen hav
ing sastgned the position anticipated, and he basing pro
circled to '•methodize his viewi," it now becomes the
duty of his countrymen to examine these views. and-see
,whether they will stand the test of a 'severs ezatniaa
”IiciDENT" Tun VIIIIIT.-GCSI. Seotes views elks Lewd
• Distrikutioa. As Bankrupt Low. and As if. 6 Baak.
it* a circular letter writtenfrom Washington in Octo
ber.lin referring to ths•itreasures of tbe Harris°, wbig
Administration. Gen'. Scott says:
•!If I bed the honor of a vote on the oceuicia. it would
haviir been given in favor of the Land Distribution Bill,
the Snultrapt Bill, and the Second bdi fur creating I ris
es) Corporation—baying long been, under the conviction
thaYin peace Ile in war, oontetit jag anCient, in the na.
tare of a Bank of the United States, is not only •neesuiss.
ry and Fancier,' but iodispenanble to ilia successful °per
alines of v, as well as to tunny of the wants of
our commerce and currency. WINTIILLD SCOTT.",
here we 41141 not only a corrupt system of laud distri
bution advocated, and the abotniastioni of the sortadliug
11.witrupt laW
.defended-.-but - we find the Ghost of a
kliiloter Bank dineotombrd—the fused. ritnaina of that
11‘1111140 old Nlno,iter which was,straitgled by tha Vigilaace
and intripidity of the limo of Now Orleans-4-the veteran"
Jackson. -
TAE Sateen—Geri. fireatt's rims ea ustardl
imhon "neeLfsedersd."
1p order to introdaeo Gen. Scott's Methodical views
en lists sabject. it is necessary to reply a porticos, of the
"Mdignalior" letter which ha wrote in 18411— -
'Fired with indignation (said' Gen. Scott) two friends
eat'down with me, in my parlor at the Astor Home.
(Nov.. 1810) to draw up an addresse s designed to rally a•
APHricau party.
The day after the election 1 set ont for the South. end
ha+. never know. precisely. why our appeal was not
published. Probably the election of Gen. Harrison ren
dmed the . pubhcation at that i time unnecessary. in' th•e
opinion' of soy two friends.
now hesitate between extending the period of reel.
deuce before ustaralisetion and a total repeal of all sets
ofirongress on the Subject—my mind inclines to thelstter.
Concurring fully iu the principles of the Philadelphia
ninveinent. I should prefer ,assuming the name of Amer
ican repeklicsas. as in New York. or democratic Amer
icans. as I should respyctrully suggest. -
Wishing success to the great work (of organising
Native American party) which you atid• other patriots
bane set on. foot. Lremain 'with high respect, your fel
loar-citisen." ' •• Winnings.° Som."
. But the hrsty manner fo which this letter was written.
did not allow time fully_to "methodize" and elaborate his
view's. Consequently he does that same. ir. ixtense. in
• eommumicetten to the Ne•ionill Intelligencer. In this
deliberately considered essay. Gen. Scott advocates the
passage of a leer providing—
;••That no alien irritiing in the United States after Six
menthe from tile passage of this act, shall ever acquire
th'e right to vote, except M the manner hereinafter pre
set,ibed. for any elector of President or Vice President,-of
tit Unita i States' for say essosseboa at the Rouse of Rap.
re r einatives of the some; for any Gn7erisor l member of
L.gaslature., Judge of any Cirri of Record. or Sher.
in our State or Territory of the United Stale*. or for
Rik' Mayor,' Intendent, President. Alderman. Assistant
Alderman, or Common Councilman of any city. borough
or incorporated town or Cling% in any of the said Staten
or their Territories. or within the District of Colombia."
:The only condition on which such aliens shall ever be
allowed the right to vote, according to this Scott scheme
* lsl, that they shall serve two year* in the army of the
tinited States or during a war—a new kind of consCript
}stem. • •
Gen. Scott further declarers. in elucidation and defame*
or thu scheme of his. thit he thinks we are liberal
enough. when, in providing for America we'-leavo the
door of admivaion open to the children of foreigner's... Dow
abroad. who may hereafter be born here, without
ing their fathers to corn* and help to govern us. We. who
,lone have any right to think on the subject. claim that
we-can best govern ourselves. and the better ch got.
dromeut, in the meantime, so much the better f or the for
eigners who may hereafter coma among N, GOfor their
American born ehlkiren."
These are roma of the prominent views—these thel'iin-
Cideutr" in the life of General Scott. which we imitable
is en earnest of what he would attempt to do. where he
invested with authority of Chief Magistrate of this,Ra-
It is in vain to any that he now tries to trim his sails to
the popular breeze—that he is now willing to tyke hack
'end repudiate the, well-known incidents of a long life—
!lis opinions, his settled convietons have been sanhoid
trd in his writings, and he must stand or fall by them; he
Shea referred us to them as the only pledge which he can
give of his future course—and we ask our readers to judge
winnow. they are such sentiments end views es the Amer.
I iCI4II people 'wish to Fen carried out in this enlightened are
Goy. Bigler—Senator Broadhead.
In au article_►elaung to the interests of Pennsylvania.
the fUrsur. printed et Wilksberre. Luzerne county. thus
truly speaks: •
"lt is the fortune of Pennsylvania. at the prenena mo
ment..,to possess an Executive who is acqeiring • high ,
ohmmeter so a stalwart and steady defender of the rights
of the people: lo is equally her pride that in the Senate
of the United Statee.'she is represented by a Democratic
Senator who adorns and honors her character by a stea
dy sod unyielding devotion to the principles which her
career has illustrated Front bosh. thee. mieriei. her
people derive substantial protection and edmiatage, which
they are enlightened iud intelligent enorgb to oppose,-
ate. When her vote shell be cast fpr the De mocYatic
nominee for President. she will have aided to place i■ the
highest position in-the Nation. an Exeeetive composed
of the same incorraprible elemeate. whose pride and glo
ry it wattle to aid its vindicating and maintaining OM
same principles °gestic. and Pound Government.'
ET &Katie ONIS FRIVADL—Some ef the whir pa
pers hate a trier way of *readies is the earns of diAt
candidate. Gen. Scott. • The Buffets Comment's& list
slalom. the other day in noticing the repeal of tles"howee
stead law" of Ilboois. says; "The ddiem packed against
it was similar to that which isistedegsiast dead
rapt Lair. The popular voice imperiessidy sad shawl
enanieramsly demanded its repeal. and it was painful;
off•ctyd. It does nut require n very long tiro• for ilts
'people to materiels that innovation is set escessarily.ine.
proveinent; and when isatarestral dsmagagnits food Lisa
astray. they speedily retrace their steps." Whe, were
the "interested demagogues." Pay. that "lead them tw
enty:" when the "Bankrupt Law" spinet which such
"eiltein was excited," was passed? Tie . "tritth,4o his.
tory" would most probably point to the men now mo s t
eathasisstie is the advocacy of Glen. Octal; 'end he
selflias desisted. in one of the pages of his "model let
ter writer." their . .
••If I had had the honor el a vote *a. Ilte eaWashus. it
weald have hewn given in favor of the Land Diewsbatiets
bill. Ike lialsknipt dill, sad t h e second bill for creatively a
Rseal earpioration—having tong beam ander a convieticia
that, in peace., as ia war, something efliciaat. in the as.
ten of • bank of thy Milted Bum. is net only ••aticoe•
eery aad proper." bet iudispeosable la the sacemfal
*panties* of the treasury, an well as to inlay id the
wants of oar eounineree and currency."
Query--did the Commercial mesa la treat epos the
General's ear's. in the above thrust et Bietereeted des•
sews" wits lied the "psisplo astray" to sopped of
laws whist which such **odium" attaches as 040 '4,111
Iheillitept Lee," If it did. wit call *A booking sass
Meth, with s iresavaiee!
• •
Inc e*
Conufst lOW Obseiver.
tinwares. hum: 1 4. 1851.
Ms. Earroa : wa• on • very pleasant moreing.
about the 10tIr, month. that, with jest iisoegh ho
bbes. forats emote. American travels *khan busi
ness) we made ear. from the dust sod care. of
the city. sad squeezing . er slender pereen into the
Strome Stage-Coach. be ra led out of lowan before six
In she nooraing.- and were (bib along three/It the eak
groves open It. high•Wity to t seines.; We were
*tied at the em-skirts of the Ci by tee additioual
teaches. booed fee the semi psis!. wits its miss eel
tie "ilis.ides." besides lake as many l'.was safe to
carry above Oat. There an eine at I. 'see leaving
and arriving deity at Stolikten. it'll with Sa
cramento city. and pebito in Om soothers mines Them
coashei at. usually well filled, and yield tou as • crags
twenty mato a Anil. fee, *eels pesseager. The ; • .
brydges. ferries. eta , . ete.l of Cataleptic are ill the res t
of private enterprise. tbo public - befog guile too slow a
teem for the people is wait upon. Soso,' bee Nearly
dee silt 'from Strieltboit. and is distant about seventy
nines. The read Was Smooth. the hems spirited. the
air soft and bath oy. sad ati:enneyances save; the crowded
state of the coach and ea irriiauble inclination to sleep
without any earthly cheitee of gratifying At Dosing in
• star-coach certainly has the effect of facilitating so
cial isteriOurse: for instincts as we pitched! into a cepa
close vest whose idieeratiy tweeted to be winrts seining.
besides making quite a reuse with a very ejqestisk little
Wheel. and interreptint the perusal ol t 'irltat looked to
us very meets like a love.leiter. But now Stark the dif.
Preece Owe elevate did. I bleis the ladies) the ',Dilemma
never forgave us, while }Witte contrary we beeointavery
good friends with the afiiresaid bonnet.
Dor road lay over • level prairie. earpetsd• at preeeog
with green grass and wild flowers, and bearing a growth
of oak timber sail:is:it for a shade and et , net thick
enough in prevent ei earrings frdni passing through in
283 i direction... Thai eontinued for tvreniyLfive miles.—
The topography then - changed. the timber - eased entire
ly. the road wooed around and over grassy hills, which
as we advanced beeped mere Abrupt. sou? rising higher
and hiigher, they were lost in the pine clad.but sterile
spurs of the Sierra Nevada. Car aaaaa of teams and
!rains of packed mules were constantly passing us.—
Nooses of entenainmeett Invited the traveler to refresh
ment and 'repose at Intervale Of two or three miles. We
dialed at Knight'. ferry. on! the Stancelan river, forty
miles - from Stockton. Here we saw the that iadieation
Of. the miner. The bloke' and bars of this river have
all_been worked and the 4 reckiii" and "Al t ai:Toots" were
seen about the ferry. at: present litid aside until the high
*steno produced by the melting of the!snows• in the
mountain, shall have subsided. The digger Indians have
a genntity of land set apart for them here by the eommis
eionersoind form quite a colony. A goverement contrite.
ter issues to them daily rations of fresh beelTand they revs
in all the luxury oflllth vermin and ..illidolence; their
mod hovels and raw-hide tents were scitlered along the
fiver bank and clastereadabtrut over the billet quite too
loll'to won you inset tbain occesionallt loafing. about •
among the mines. *where they manage to pick op enough
of the truck to supply them with the luzairrel a pair of
raw-hide ht.ots or a limp., of mean "whiek'ey. They are
certainly the lowest of nll in the scale of Humanity; with_
smatamateteet ' , atria fur Minnibsts, their grlatest delight is
in the mastication of a .12sh of netritious.,kootit or • good
jet toisSe. 11.dding a•Mowd of these creat;ures, that were
lying about the tavern:gazing in stopidWonder open the
(rarebit's good-bye. We crossed the rtrer. flits the road
at one, dives into the spies of the; motintaiiM, and be
comes more difficult; will, Seas moot posleris we were ye t
obliged to 'relieve 'hens by short walks Up the sides of
the motttaitis. flu l ge black rocks stolid by the road
side, great pine trees east their shidoW lacroas - our path*
while jutting heights frowned upon as fiont all sides.—
Sewed miles travel bresght usi to the confines Of the inin•
in ggroun d, or a•r isigigings, and we coel l d see the white
watts of the tents upiln the distant The valleys
closed in to the width of a wagon road an many places.
the little streams earrle ploding along. dark with mud.
whereat the sulky rastl•'was sure the're was mining where
that water came from,"
' Occasionally dirt thrown up. or a deeipit. would mark
the labors of some 'Meer os bin prospecting tour. Now
and then patches of wood marked idiom claims. with
_notices written on pieees or paper, acting forth the pro
tension, of the parties mot the eye; at length we strived
at Wood's creek. !stream that takes its rise in the
mountains &Wive Sondra. and is crossed by the road for
the first time, about ten miles from the town. Its bed, has
yielded. many a poor fellow a pile, and although worked
is many parts over Mid Over. commie" to yield to the
industrious a rich reward, Touts and cables were scat
tered about promiscuously. and their occupants were
seen plying the pick andi 'above' . most matiessingly along
the stream and its immediate 'banks. The hearty son.
burnt tellers. rested a nirm ant from their toilsome la
.bore, and indulged. inla little idle curiosity as we passed
by, then as if regretiog tits precious moment forever lost
they wiled this dirt nit. the ••hing-tom" with redoubled
vigor. The prooesi Of miniug. in the Placer or Surface
diggins is qoitesimplo. A claim usually consists of from
thirty to one boodre4 feet 'square. depending upon the
lewd established in the different leeahuea. Troughs
hooted by boards modem- a stream of water of some
teeny cubic inches. iron, ten to Instil yards; this is
called the sluice; et the lower extremity of thie is the
lone-tomorhich is but a cootionatios of the sluice, save
that at the teriniaatieo of the teat it is spread out to the
bromith of three feet; timed op like the front part of a
•led and has a bottom couipeesd of sheet tree perforated
with boles about the site Of • five sent piece. The dirt
is & I st cast into the sluice. where the water ruhillig upon
at icon brings it to the consistency of mod. then carries
it dow n into the teas. where it is stirred about with the
hoe Judd it is therughly.diseolved. sad the smiles separ
ated; from the My sad cast out; the clay then is this li
quid, state passes through these hole* in the bottom and
si received to e broad shill.* bin with partitions where
the gold settles to the bottom end the water passes off.
end ',performs the emits service to amine neighboring ma
chine. Two men els work 000 of lb see teas. but five
is cesilidered akW ehinplimest. It is the meet approved
nit,* of working our is; vogue, tit. pas 'and rockerkev
ing'keee cast aside, hod is oaltseen in the hands of the
kleMcao and Chinaman.
le were pow width' theconfines of she Plaurs..and
evens *pewee of andeetryeesnaid directly toadies to the
mining interest: Tip. carpenter was at whale rivalries or
' D at hla. the sluice amour the blacksmith performed the
I same olio* to the stick and meeker. and if we met a
sari it war usually at work regimens( soave fellowetools
asdi•Vans." Mee - missed sue path or sere sees straying
ever the kills with pink ood pan. en voyages of die.
*every. I. many places the (retire Jets of the .comitry
feinted to have beets turned op by them busman moles.
.teeth was staked off -, into ckime. Ms. en. were seen at
work In 'the ravines and gulches wherever the eye wan
dered; tree the moestaips showed where theybad-fiess
pirneed for the gold l imning quarts. Mid parcelled trot by
tiiii;bnegry aspirants fee wealth. Ationi four mites from
, tbe City (for &margin a city) ire
.buicieti into the little
town of "Camp Bun." Coutprisieg some forty strostireis
There were several Mores open. use spacious barroom
and billiard-ealioe. lawyers oaks. a 'Amer shop. fee,
leitrule, bakeries. botcher shops. MO elleys, a dance
beihre. sod &Oohing pious is ationditece. The place is
huddled together mine compecdy. Invitee- sot mere Ikea
eight feet of a strut.: • bike aU miming towns it spring
up le a day. and ielbnlit without regard to order. ether
Masi sub as ousesity or the ceovesiminte of the nuttiest
may have suggested. Its shoat a fee Sin& of the rest
of ;the' phases; preseatieg making of Worse( to the ob
server coleus yes any rank as stick dirty gamma walls
mid beeps of empty betties. Quite it somber of little
places are built wiling' the circuit of a Mile or two •f
bearing such high Needing title* as Tertian. George-
WW2. Jamestown Qite.. dra. But a Unshed number of
memos ass awe work is these dry Maisie ea atlases
of the search, of teeter. and seametpeady ups* embryo
sides ere at this tilde slither dull. end will seating* es,
!MOM' teloY sue+ sees in t *Ansi till will be lib sad
animalism maim. The imeemismieme• wisher ham
mutt of water. is Wag feet remedied by the semarsoltse
of small (resale. WA smelly by cornpashros which cmi
the water
,ter lb. distant placers. rermetimse traverelag
twenty or thirty miles. Tb.y firm a swarm if roves's%
often greater and always wore certain than the mines;
each laborer who receives hie 'applies from that source.
paving a tribute I. the company of from one to two. and
a-half dealers per day. •
We arrived is Sonora about Ave' is the *Toeing. It is
built is a strew pp is the hills. end numbers &beet
fifteen Jteradred isimbitanes.' Tha bosses are built upon
ewe principal - street. which twists and tiaras in a style that
would shock the taste of • Philadelphiaa. . It was origi
nally a camp Chile misers. !Me the 'Americans have
replaced their teats by weiden bni)dispoionse of which
are quits meat. and • ("irk of esterprim has (reasserted
to this point. in the firmness of the imeautios. all the cos
violence,. lesariee. as well se the vices of our Atlantic
cities. . Every foot of grimed about the place has been
dog ever. and the miners are sow making encroach
ments upon 'the streets and houses. If a workman
'raise a lead passing muter a boom. he rants the house
' follows up his fortes's. A lucky_ fellow took out a
while we weir there. from ena'of the hosses.vals
wards of Memos hundred dollars. and we under.
had Marked out their claims all over the town.
`Jock} fire might occotoplieo they would have
workitt the ground where the houses
•their interests are subservient to thine
small renrpecte has be for gardeMs.
ve-iardi hq'd follow his lead. if i in
the last slumbers of his 'Milted
1 1 •
r •
father. •
About four miles tetras , is is the town of Colombia.
of -Sonora. Billiards.
bjects of einem/Mews.
/ owes to be imansed.—
As n lea closes in the b'hoye fio4 eriowde to the gree t
t menus." whilst
• I illusions pro
t e same pass-
I we bow
of Yorktawa. Our first 'Mort wee with the pan. en we
obtaiaed. for oar first day's laborLabout twenty-five ce
8d at Si
stood the,
hoping that.
am opportunit,
no* stand. All
of the ••mi Ger. ai
'BOWL or Ogren 11 ffl
doing so be Mom
riesling th# importance the .
whiskey apd gambling form th
and truth to tell nearly strerybody
saloons to " fret the tiger" or " bock
toot • few iocreaswtheir wealth by opt
doted by Meese of the refracted rays of tl
ing through the vet glasa of a brandy bottle.
The more effectually to satisfy my coriosi6
leached for titres days with some misers is .tlio
in dust-. and,* eery dors 404.. Of course this ”would'al
pay." so we' went shares in theists% and broke down on
the first stretch-154w the track ,beforis the dialler hour.
'Twas no field for a laity man, sad we can assure the un
initiated that it's no childs play !for an industricins• one.
being about on • par with camellia( or carrying the hod.
The miners are coustantly'in 4he water. and if -dig cli
mate wiSm not the bestio the world no 'mats could bear
up undqr it more than six months without a brokescon
titstion. We amused ourselves going about among the
miners. palming them with regiird to their fortunes. son
corning which they are general:l:i as close as the grave.
and when questioned eirdeavorly various pious little ar
tifices. commonly •Itoown as Us:. to lead you astray.—
Should their claim pay - well. they feel it incumbent upon
them to grumble excessively at their ill lucki they ores
expose a sample - of the meager gains of the previous
dere laborrin proof of their antertiuns. But the sharpest
piece of fiusucieriug that we briard of among these Muse
' phisticated gentlemen is a process known as salting. their
4aint fur sale. _ This consists in scattering dust plenti
fully over some particular part of an unprofitable claim.
mad thee re rl by shaaise leading the traitsated •• lam ar
rival" to prospectidthat particular spot; if the bait takes.
AG vendors pocket . a smart price and chuckle over their
dexterity in doisg the green one. - •
This gold is usually found is the galas: or seams of
this minintains, where the water; rushing in from the hills
a mild naturally form itself into a mania' stream; here
it As loured often from tb'e surfacirdown 3 or 4 feet. to a
particular strata in thi eluvial Soil; again it Wooly found
ire particular layers lit the earth. and that after diging to
a considerable depth.: At a camp called Poverty Hill
they sunk shahs to the depth of from thirty to forty feel
before arriving at the desired layer. but if lackey - they
usually found a perfect, pile to compensate for their in.
dustry. Iguana mishit is coldacted in - the hale and
valleys, the only difference being that the claims in the
valleys. though usually the richest. soon run nut; a mine
of this class was diSeavered near our tent which paid
from ems to three hundred dollars to the pea full.
The mind cannot cumpreheud the extent of the min
eral *raids of Califorais. livery shovel fall - of dirt
throughout an extols' 'of country covering hundreds .'
miles of, mountains and valleys. contains gold is either
large or infinitely small particles. There is. no exhaust.
ing it; the resource is inftaits. • Gsbriel will probably
startle them from their labors nitro he sabot's the last
The 'same variety of nationality is found here. that I
have heretofore described as prevailing is Bin Frantic.
co. Over all time however the 'Yankee towers in all his
native energy. ruffianism and impudence. Nothing short
of the sluice and long-hint will do him, end-if he capitol
make from eight to twenty dollars per day he considers
himself badly used and breaks for'di t with more color.
It is bet little eis for a Mexican or Asiatic to strike a rich
lead fur he seen fink himself dispossessed and some
American reaping his rich harvest: meantime his rights
are being adjudicated in seise very slow court. where
coils are proportionably high. Ah we're a glorious
people. and so salightens4 and Arias/Rai:ad.-
It costs the miner from five to eight 'dollars per week
for board. they live in every comfort ; are now well sup
plied with vegitables by the traders. and occasionally yea
meet a newsboy, peddling throogh the mines "the papers
by the last steamer." Now and' then a senorretta and
hit bees, are seen dashing thrUlogh the hills on horse.
Welt. and an air of fashion prevails. that eon wipald not
look for. . - - Yours truly • • OMEGO."
BT 9oev. Asusa Scurf !—The Whig press. great end
small. are is perfect fever of spprehonsion for fear the
Democrats wills.; something disparaging of Geo. Scot',•
forgetting that if they did it would be nu 'IOW than jolt
retaliation for their Is *natant sneers and vitopinition of
Geo.. Pierce. Bet they iseedriot make themselves no
'happy—the Democracy Will 'pot abuse Gen. Soon!—'
They leave the abase of candidates to Whits; this, how
ever. will net prevent them from telling the truth of Gen.
Scott asiCexasainiag his protentioni and qualifications for
the Fresh:loamy. epos ill proper anodes's. At least. we
for ***shall de se - fally sad fearlessly. We shall always
call things by their right names; that is a way we have;
and as Gen. Scott is not only witheut experience I. civil
affairs, but wholly without the plain good some to be use.
fat in Ewseative dirties. we shall be ready to say so. We
doe% ears a whit for whip whirling shoat abuse of . the
Hen•'—sot aw • it. When - Gen. Scott is entitled
to credit we will not withhold it; hat it is worse than Don
geese to expect his political 'opponents to overlook his
weakness for the sake of satisfying a 'easetimenierts as
somptioa of lefallability en the part of outs of the most fal
lible and vulnerable men in the. country. The whip
called him in derision Foss and Feathers—we sail him
see of the ethical men in the world—but an excellent
General. and we hive do idea of Winkle( that he is
"any thing else." -
cr If tbs fact !bat Scott did mot fight a Joel makes
as many friends for bins as Mr. Clay earned stailinies by
lighting ova; tbs Gonsral is pretty suns °CO/Kano. Times
wlle abandoned Clay on any each ground. are now, for
the same reason. bound to support Scott. Will they do
it?—Nets York Times;
Apo. but than are two "if." i■ tiro *war. Mr. Mau.
••If" (lea. Berm had not fiught two duels before hie "re,
religiose" aad "patriotic" samples pretested hie accept.
tug Jackson's challeage—"if." he had not forget these
semi "religious" sad "pittriotie" acrapele semi thus.
years alter and challenged Glow. Chases after be bad ta.
tea as •ath net to !AM. sr be engaged la a dual for a
publicatioa of were than a year the% we ackasw;
leap "tbwe wire absedenad Clay*. aav each gratini."
would have good mason to admire Scott. Bat those twe
"ifs" are ismer nroantable:
IT Pima's adulates to Moline del Rey wae ewtaiely
jut about the slowest marabiog we ever bead of is ell
our livec—Lowitioale Joureat.
I 11811011 up km s distaies of tit Piero..
mitike • % W
jade. *kids madded rid sod and repiiity.—Beef',
••43es. • ;Joey, Ida owed oe. 4 .1. a Emit ow.
-Nary usu." tbisrefeto be is set it foc rreoldeat, li st a
is lot the cia. maws arrived at either through the New.
iota of resale or history. This very - easinsare
Greeoral should be au argument is support of his claims.
sad in defence of his qualificatioas for the high iil4. r e ,
which be has bees usmod.—Coatioservedd.
What says Heavy Clay. the mos the patios sem ,
mstarne, to this kind of doctrine. Hist bias: •••It ekeni.
Ines of all impralioria. and proud of the opperisnity .
free and anreiWeined - intercourse with all my fellow. est .
inns, if it woke physically possible. and competible Wi t h
my official deities. I world visit eery ilksts. es to m e'' ,
town and ha lot. address wary ism is Ske Union, Ne d
entreat them. b y their Wee a lessets7. by Omit love g
liberty. for th sake of themselves sad their pos ter i ty ,.
in the mime f their venerated samistors. in the east of
the human f iii, deeply isterseted fa the .hrifilamet g
the trust twitted to their hands.-by all the po s t e ery
witielvw• ha e won—by all that awaits as err e aiitma.....
if wears trod sod faithful ie graptsde to litst *be h em
hitherto se nigoally blessed so—to pause—sohmety
paces—and tutterisPlate the precipice whieh . yawas be.
for. net lf . lliadsed . ws fiase incurred the Divise i fi i .
pleasure. sail it be necessary to chisuiee this peopt awita
the red of hie rengeseetr. I woad hesibly preetr e i e
self before His. sod implore-big serep. TO TIIIT int Ta.
ToMID LAND I WITU WAR. WITU rssrusecn. Warn resi n .
1101/111."..../1611ly Clay.
117 Noit* Casiottea. Too!—We really did replie,
that the noutiottion of Graham for the Vice Pr.sid taii
WMild have ;secured North Carolina for Scott, bet run,
/we begin tti behave that even the "old North State. la
' r eboot to re p diatn the "military candidate." TIM Wil
mington C swami and the Asheville News, Isidmg
-whir pope no published iii the eastern 'sad the other
is the wentru part of North 'Carolina—are out is IM
most decid . terms against the "military" candsdate.—.
The Com ercial which was spies' Scott before tli s
meeting of he whig Contention. is ezetediegly Mem.
The News Micass** Nomination of Gin Scott thee:
I; of his orriainatioa forOilre a sold chili .p.
party hate._ troy had hoped that /Vows
**The es
oo the erhi
. __
I bonitos*. end their disapper stamen sled du.
', its manifest. Some of the oldest and reset
members of the potty doctors day spa LI set
but steed aloof from Ow cosmos oblately."
would be t
trio were
support Au
117 Nii
ituser. Tool—When Gen. &MO Ina am
concoded bins New Jirsey. bet we de set
we will ba compelled to add her toe to the
a column. there are many whirs leaving the
:andidate" and enlisting under the homier a
King. " The Editor of ill. Rahway (N. I.)
.in referring to the numerous secessions of
trde whip" to the Piers, and King nomina
-1 that "among the number is, Lewis Grower.
ewark. • gentleman of great inflaesee. art Ws
ad who in limes past stumped Me State fir
arty with great success. Mr. G. says that he
e for Scott. bat goes ja heart and soot for the
measures and the election of Pierce aad
E l
Pierce a
Rod an
Ilan. adds'
the wring
cannot v
cr TIOUILIED.-It troubles the whip amazingly be.
cease we miler to seed the Observer to whig sisbncribers'
and trost herd until Geo. Pierce is elected Presideat.—
The Fre onia Comer trials over }t: and its es-laborer.
the Gezifte, cries out that it is abe any:cautions whip
not to sobscnbe on each conditions for fear of the law
against fretting. Now this is sheik. haiitiog. A man bus
,a:i Undoubted right to sell his property oa oat telosbe
ham i mind —,he may agree to s wait nail] thi day Ore
earrection. if he pleases: or. what- is about the-mem
thing. oritilGeo. Scott is elected . President! We dew
choose 4 wait that length Of time! We only stipulate
to wait until November. when Gen. Pierce will be elected.
117 The anion * Olive B►etrch.. • religiose SOPer. is
announcing the nomination of Scott. gave it as its epic.
ion that the Whig party would give -him a eordial_anp.
port. the last number, however. the Editor repots,
and sirs:
••We re seriously inclined to think um shall3havis to
change or opinion. formerly exprtsed. that dm party
would u animousk fall into the ra s. and try to *loci
GrneraiScoit. From present sign ; North and Beath.
digitise 'on is increasing instead of tint, •
L 0 S T. - •
bag PiAlt Street to Rasters' 014 by —
A GOLD ARMLET. with the dam
• dances name engraved ea the nundr.
4 paid lat its return-In
•Docroa Wool). FM dr,raet shove Slate.
from the subscriber on the ed taw.
-ow. about 7 years old. giving milli. had
mark. Whoever elves informaleai
*here she may he rimed at this offt,e will be rewarded. •
Erie. July 11. *Mt DEN td MeCARTH T.
Z-NN7 141/gA
47ffa . NIM will he received unlit August INA at I" o'clock
I.4at at.. office of the Akron Branch of the Cleveland and
Pitubugh Railroad Co in Miliershurgh. for executing the gra
ding. earthwork and masonry on the line of their 'tad fponi the
point of intersection with the Ohio kind Pennsylvania Radntad
to Millersburg—a distance of 21 miles.
The *ape. muffles and spec ifkations may be exattiia}4 at tke
Engineer's office in Millersburg, on and atter August Pik, *llea
ag.i? inlhonation relating to the work may he *blamed Rom as
lengantrr in charge of the work. SIMON ?EAKINS. Preet.
July tbleM3—
M. CH A PIN. R EMDEN? A TlET—Otkrerw
the south side of Ow Dllnmend the &ors nasal
the Erie Bank. Price, reasonable. sad tU wort
warranted Erie June If INN.
persons who are in arrears to the Trustees of Erie Mad
ly for Rents, are notified that payment muss be made if
ty, or they wilt be proceeded opium by count of law
By order of the Board,
. •
July 21. to
lor 631 BOILER BOTTOMd —Tbe Bollareflbt es. banal
arntagemenui orltlfthe maatrfaeturens elf Copper Bot
toms. • re prepared to furnish the= 10 the trade at Buffalo prier!.
Tinnera and dealers are reapeethally hurled to call :Ad amnia
quattqt and prices, and we assure them they will not 110 away
di-eati tied. SINEETT It 00.
Erie July 2i. fRS3
Pattsbas knowing themselves indebted to the subscribers ei-
Metz Note or Book Account. are requested to tall and set
tle Mu mei,' or corm will ne made without respect of pesos.
operin contracts only excepted.
Krie July St. •l svmarr a. CO.
fiNTED at J. D. Guituirou iNe Phew Illooksore.
Itrie. July 11.
ON irks die tha Offire, two toorif good bay—oho IS cord, of
poobi wood for which the highest isarbet priee will be pad.
at have either Oftbeaboite articles Wigs diem akar
Jiily ' ,
You t
Loo out for Bargains!. Dry goods at Cost!!
rit i
;Subscribers respectfully live notice to their enssouners: arid
public. that in order to wake room for a tarp aad Wes
did mew of fall Goods, they will thous this date sell th eir
wan rilresssoods at cost. stick as Preach Jaconett lawns aid
osusli silSa yards Berate de Lain... Boanetbs. Parasols. Lisa
wire with Ittain and Elf d Bermes and • variety of ether
r o i c i m isiat ivy unusually low priers. All those in want of Lin
are invited so call at the Sew York Store. No.* loglaer"
Slue State street. Erie. .
Erie July 11. ISM. - MEIIICK dr. DAVIS.
Livery maul Saba Stable,
'rat subscribers having bought out the imetest of B. G. Pew
silos. is their establishment oa Eight spinet between Pow
and French. would give notice that they are wow flatly mid at
ply wipplied with homes, ano different varieties of carriages.
the v 4, best deecriptiou. Their stock hi almost eatarely
nnd seqiienUy of the ant raw character. Public pauoslP
is relpecthilly invited.
- Ferrous wishing to purchase horses will Soil a IWI *apply for
that purpose coastaatiy oa band.
A. F. xotrinsp.
Erie. July 'lt. PM. E. T. DINCAPth
:Brit ilt•e•iv•dt.
AT the Buffalo Furailure .tote. a splendid astiortmetil
elf, Mahogana Chaim. Matt:asses, owl, vlikatt I will li eu
per dent cheaper than the cheapest.
N.A. Alt Furniture ftous this house is warmest
'Er3e. July. JOIN WWII-
Times, liztiestil•d
1 11 pursttinee with the *Slowing Itesolution;Proptissis will be
received at the office of the Mayor until the lest of July Dell
fur furnishing three hundred thousand ftetolf Plank. for 9 041811
State street and laying the Plank:
• Were... In the oni won of the Select and Commie Camino (
the city of Erie. it is expedient that State street be laid yak I
double nub of Plank (torn the tot of the street at the ladie.-m'
where the North East and Erie Railroa I drosses the sank. awl
for the purpose of aeertai ring the cost as well as expediting LW
planking of State suet t. therefore
Rrhsterial. That the Mayor be directed to adinewise and arts*
miaow, Is up ux Thursday, the first day of July next. stir turista
tag three hundred thousand feet of Plank on said street. at call
hen WM distanees. to he delivered by the Out day of tleprembe
near: the plank to be three inches thick and ten feet in lege
and be either White Oak or hemlock—bids to be received du
eackkind. the plank to be paid for in city vrarrentato be uln a . ,
bribe first of March next in sums not less than ore bundled ligs"
lam and.that the Mayor also advertise tor the same time
Deis. proposals for grading of said street. and bay lair Ore Pran k:
to be paid at the tune and maw saute manner as is Pru Pow"
pay Ow the plank.
Mill* AY INNIA UAW. leaver.
Tle above Is a eillay of the Resolution, adepted b the &Kt
and Common Councils of Me eity of Erie June 14ik. IMS.
Elle, June 19, 1 W. is. daissmAs.
ibrioulogreioluUsos was passed by dos city. Sosseds se
the select sad emotes oeeneue. that *sling ale '
slog bids tor fornislilos Plank Ibr, and do roan do use
sir be esteoded to the lot/ of Atwell NM.
E it; July If. W. H. Itemees, deo. ' •
1.9. 11 . 1.TrIrN, trawl:it?: