Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, July 24, 1852, Image 1

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A. p. DUBLIN' 1111. CIO., Proprietors.'
frit Itirchlqstrutr.
H. SLOAN, 37ditor.
-er,: VP. I,!* die at sy,ix
mv office. to mpance.. • 1.40
1• u. t pn r d iu ad% anee, or Within three months from ;hellos,
"r; ; to u dullard sr in b e c h arge d.
11 c y.ifinui,te;lll , oll6.l l ll,l be 1 .0".
le r ll . LS OF AD V FIRMING,
eriet e.l4lag Miles, one year.
sue imo.ire
10.04 ,
.11 11110111114, 4,00
041: three azionihs, '3,09
~ ;a u, ;01% crin.lneurte, 39 cents per square. ortifteest lilies or
• , hr-i meet hay. 2.1 rents otscrth,n.
ha% c the Kr% liege of changing at pleasure.
dr? .tlhj ted inuteup) more than !WU agioare,, *ad sr,
.rd trrlnerhate beinten.
:‘, rt. , mein,l rut lot log other directions, a&U ,be loserted
11; ~• e. hargrainccorth nal
„v. :-1 , a110••• - ,31 Ageat, utfice at R.. J. Roger's Hat FicTe
~ • , in Pa.
;Ind r , tail dealers an Dry Maids, 41.:ari , cts, and Dry
Nu. 1 itlied
('QII,C10(..11“i Dealer iii Gold and *Aver coin. uneur
‘loll.), Lipid Warrant. .1 evil ificate• of Depoaite. Also
ulk die IA Incanal die* of the Union. aud all 'farts
1,, 4 iij come. ,1 1 iiee,Wtilianw' Bioek, corner of
n 1.1 1104 d. P. a. wiunaT:
: .
J.G. . f. MILLS.
41 , ' an I‘Vllol , .il Deril4irs in Grocerie.. Vides. Liquors.
—rho. Foreign Froit.lNotts. Pickles and Piekleil Oys
1.0 , sler-. I'rc-u g s, illitglierliletrlCJlll ated art rtes of
t. rgl'-rfiption aiwzi s. on 1144441. %o. J. Willi4tlfs bloc 1.,
, Brown's New Howl, Erie. P.t
‘l4. Ib. New Yuri.. I Nlit.i.s.Buttalo.
or v ,r rr. to -hell. MAU J. G. Mina.
.Vie., Idr9 Melt a rll t.e..)1.1 Wll;le.ale at l o w price d .
A e. J., KSlVs..Ageiii. Erie. Pa.
•• in I+‘ll . an 1 Misreli hOf
• iti. , Fie-ry. sod Printer's Card., No. 9, On.
• I F, c Ntrr•-t, t a , Ioorge
, — , Vl.l.)lA,W r ltiesi.l..squor.„rar
• .r 10. .11 , 13 - C' a ji.ut .Ifly E
!I 1 11 N B ('OOK •
& Fat.ry Dry,l thr•Grra
,•• /J 1 Ow tit). ::rte.
and remit Dl.aleta in %Vet at i 4 Dry Croeerieli
. ,•. mint Livia( t le 1' • J4411.
• - :jt.,tie N-in/.. PO4 -
I *;pel. Srlety rti4e. ate., ricc. French Street. oppo
,;1• 11,. Heed LUC'. Pa.
and slaxral It4ata, H„ Set*, anti Private
. • - Wlth.ahy of the :w% e artick, ith p-rvitipt.
tt,.l I,rry Olean
- WM. S. LANE. •
Attorney snd Couneelloi at Law."
!I . ': (A I r).tat-uaii &tore, at Nortli-Labt corner of II rut,
. 4-52
li it] 1 - 6 Bt. LASE &S 11. 11.
, ir'- 1, .• 1413-t , lini and Surgeons. (Mice an.l kebtdences—
. AL r 4.1- 11f I.
;,.o.f. I to,la 7to A. 31; Ito 2, 3114 13 to M.
• K. IL 1. L. ST&A% M. D.
iatp:.'Nri and Coattnis.tion Merchants, dealer, in (roil,
and attent lot a [laity line of upper lake Steamers,
, - F.rte l'a.
~' • Mlllllglefilrero Iron rev.. Ratlistd, •iilsoat
;S r. & r &c., State. bet n•t•est 7ls ansi 7 f.stts, Strtit Erie.
I ;,F o r Ress.ted to No. 5 Reed Block, State Strci.t.
pre- a C at o'ck,ck, A. M.
II " JI w.clock.P M.
o. n. sesvottn, Agent_
(Lists qf.lhe jirm nj .IE. Mara ¢ en.,)
add Colnini”ton Merch Public, buck, Erie. ra.
r w Co/I. tt fl,t). Fllllll and i'LL.irr:
— WALK ER & 'VI lifiALSt..
XV kr ntvn, produe.• nud 4. 0 , 11111ia,x101f Merthatita, iceolid Ware
, pi-c Last uf the rubi le 1:n4.f % , ;rie
0-14. Il°flX in roal.Salt.Pl, , ter,Stuee% F 1 ,1). Lime and Lye
,ne, Iron. Nalle.hzovee. ace.. waili utPqr gra.,
I I.lelluiec lur -1111 , piu by Prow . perl.
t. , witers. ur . b) Rail itca:d
. Alit
w. ii. KxowuroN,
it (- hinaker ats:l k. curer. Dealer in ‘Vaig.tie-, Clock*. Jewelry.
i t ura. In-Ift/theta.. 1A...A.11g G;aa-ex , alio other Fancy 4.1‘,..) In.
(or, ui,nikkA t.t eat of the Reed Ilutise. . 17
•rz :n Pry Goods, Grocer - les:Hard% are, Cro . ektry,&e. No
terry Rt.ek,:-tate ~.treet, Erie,
T^R , .. - C Ai LAw.--r Mice onl l'ark R. between Brolina'new
1 L., .1.. d the Reed Huu*e, up ,rain.
.-DR. C. .ILANDES. • . .
,',.. ..41 a , 1,1 Staoto:- 1 /lTice , cOrner of es tate and Seventh 4
' • ~ t , Ri,t,ftuce ca Etztith Street, between French and i c
11 , ...,,,,, , 1., Pa. .
• .
Al. SAN FO Fl 6 & CO., :
i ,r. in Gytd.s,leer. Bank Note*, i.rattv, rertifleatev of Dc- C
1--.1. arc iNett Erelning• ou the l a lac li , al cities constantly i
1.,i ..Jr titt.ce in Beatty's Mock. Public r_Ainiarr. I.rie.
• T. 11/.ItON S i U.llt I'. a
L ice Li., WVD PuTzu - t."—Oifice. corner of Frelticls and Fifth I b
tw , -.,.,,e . f . -- N10,...,. Koch r store. SestdOuce ou Fourth street.
o,MOr e tot Vie till Apothecary li all. .
_...... _....
! ' OLI% Lit tit'AFFOl4.l); P
Ouko lier and St./Nol'ler. and Manutdeturtrr of Blank Books and IP
Ft none, 1141, corner 01 the Diamond an Stith street.
• ' . RUFUS ItEellj ..
~.; IR ,ii i'mz:o4l, German and American Hardt% areaml Cutlery.
ti.'. N.iils. Aiivils, Vices, Iron and' Steel N 0.3 Reed House; •
Erie. 1.3 , .
L. S ?M. 11.-
• poor v.eit of C. o.lVri store. up stairs
I --
rine Retail dealer to blroceries._Provisions,
lawr. l• trot, &c., &c' Corner of Proud!' and Filth Streets.
ttie ruiner's , Hotel. Erie.
J. W. ii.*ErmukE.'•
T 1. 0 &NE:I AT LAM,
In lin/kers Ottiee..oti d eath Street. Erie, Pa
_ _
`lP„lobbers. aud•itetail (*filets in Dry Good*. araceries,
a re., l'arpri ing. liarowafr, Iron. etre', ti
Me. Empire Storer s lat! Street, four doors. below
Isolrl, lair, Pa.
%fl , tWWI% % sees, ' if. Axle Arms. Splines. and %general
of Saddle and I. 4rriage Ttfiumlngs.
:11.111N!V Air Li W end Ju'glee of the Peace. and Agent for
Mutual Lite Insurance Couspody—Othee 3 doors
ot 11 Oents tune.. Erie. Pa. •
161 r a rd; 'Erie County, Pa. •
atteistrad to with protopttiew and dratrated.
Jt.%.1 All K
• , .
••• 0.24, Coll4lll24ll.llMerthalli, On the Vublie Dock, rain ol
• I 1J White Fish; eoinriantlyforsale., •
Dk.o.i.ii in Foreign and Domralle jury
C9Utlllll4 Boots and ender, ace-. No- I
• ln9ek, rstate ettert, Erie.
• 'I" L"V -0111 Ce 11 1 1 -etillre Tiuudiauy Hall building
l'iilionetarf a other, Erie:
tiit.liltAY %VHALLOY,
• 5e11.0911 eT I.AVV-01iiee0Vet'e.
• .1001'14eel 01 Slate street. on• the lhariond,
'fl1:1(.1.143, & HAVE:4.
Dry iiroceries; Crockery. Hardware. are
, t:,,,,cerier, Hardware, Queens Ware, Lime.
• • .. 121. I licail..idr. Erie; Pa. •
. .
I . V% IT..LIAIVI iilliLE'r.
• , i. ~ t Minister, and Underuiker, torner or Slate and
.., • •Itrfvt, Erie. ~ k
1 - El/W IN J. KELSO & CO. I
r " `llti I no war4inti. l'nod nee and Continisow Merehantsidtalera
"'. 'OIH and tine salt. Omit. Plaster, Shingles. ice. Publle?deek,
-Te e.
MP Witittl. En!
JOHN H. AURTON ar, do.
‘s HOLES* AND Ityrait. dealers in Drugs; Medieleas., Dye Sleds.
'_r r nw . t e. Dee 4 Duume. Erie.
-' Resident Dentist; tithee and dwelling In the
4.7 Beebe Block, 'an the East aid* of the Public
'Square. Erte.S Teeth insetted on Gold Plate.
a. from one to an entire sett. Carious teeth ailed
vireiGold, and restored a) health and nmelLinesa. Teeth
iguana:ems and Detaitiee so ate to leave they of
tc !cameo. All work - wafranted.
- 1 .
.. .
• ~, • • . 4 .
. .
•• f .
:' ". i, . , T .:7 ,
, 1
. • .
1 . .
- .
, , 1
.• . , t • .
_ • __ • _ •
-........- •
Aiy inothiir's voice! liow often Creep.
ea nee on my lonely hairs,•
Like beatings sent od wtulicif olPep.
IlOr dery upoit the iniconinitour !low+.
aiiight forgrt her inciting pro)er
White ple:a4ure's phhies fly;
DuCin the plat uhbruieu
Her gentle tenni toile
And years of sin and manhood Heel .
And leave we at my goothetea knee.
The hook of manic, arid the print
, Of beauty on the whispering sea, •
Give still to rue some lineament
of what I have been taught to be.
My heart is harder, and , perhaps
. My manliness low drunk up 4arii„
Arid theres.a mildew in the lapse •
Of a.few miserable years—
But mimic's book is open yet, ,
• With all,tuy mother's lessons Blot..
I have been out at ever t ide,
• Beheath a m.)4ii'ight 6by ofepribg. r i
' When earth was gargodiel (Ilse a bride.
And night had on her silvel wing— •
•• When burgling hods And diamohil grass
, And waters leaping to the light.
And all that makes the putties pass
, %Vali wilder fleetness thrulig'd the
When all was beauty., lieu have 1,
Wdili friends on whom day love r ittng.•
Like myrrh on wingslof Araby.
ttired.up where eveoing's tamp ti hang: • „
And when the lieictionv vim there.
!lung over me itv gdhten chain.
My uiottier'e voice ea6la4ii the nil.. -.
Li.ks the beit droppktig of the iaiu:
And rea.tidg -ow. •
The +pith a a heinied knee, L
Irve Loured her deep And fervAnf prayer
That our eternity [night be
To rre to heav'n—late *tars nt'inght
And tread a Uing.p.ah of UAL
Fnini the Motg..ll
uosc, the earl) aettlers of the etruiral , dlstrtets of 0.
'ra. to Stalte, k w.ere tAo won, whom . we shall Ile-igueite
y t 10 , 111111qeS of' r 0.% ter St:r.ton ; and Peregrine Paivauo :'
fie - ortner %%as ii nqtive of Pettut.yli-act.i. rite Idler Lail-,
d 1 on, Wales.: Saxton ?woe; liiiiidlo,aged. tai.ible 1.4-
ig flatt —tall and athletri.—and,sed of al Itargel a
hate of the tild'f• of huntipt kin/111.4e en., probai'il). ev e r'
Mai to tlie lot °four man: ilisifataii! cotiststvd.of limit
Iqeknil wife— st, amiable clorttertNrt or linam.:l; 401
, eior 0(1 e;ons nd dauglters. . Though u'ot awe thit
ieS.ixioo w s in muflt better circumstances awl
the to .tss o .Wet.teru pnitirsuia. lie could t i oi oitly ,
t of a goodly portion oi stuck of tlie usual desepptioit
I,;by farmers; but had! nearly rt.tltou.and dolfars iti
and Silver; A very rich 11.1.1 d•li his brother etui
-1 ; and of ,course, they treated 'liiin
ug reepeet: . .
toneera ialt;re. generany 'peaking ; bora
honest t i ste.o. withal very ,ponr.r
order le secure the landi ou %kelt
• d front the grasp orthe avaricien4. east
tore had t 0 pay thu most exorbitant io
ns ad vanced c die at by 'nap, ineipkd, heart
(pera of whom weir pl A ri.frs of the
me whets of the church. w liFitlorshipp-1
e'but.deviled, tits ernatures.)
1 he western
Or Ing e frogs
IT of fitent ,
ru laud *penal
• r ton the Nu
er capdaluns.
tr• 15 4 c1. 11
d heir Crento
sent. aud even
yl.e.tuts whom Sas:tali was able to grati
—withoat interest—ves Peregr:ue Pow
lit,or. Though poises td of as trr,scabl
or fili) pt
itiong the
t• miter as soy of hie CSnalsti'sit ancestry. in the multi
o ell tens con•tacred a iery good membe.r t f rurtrlc
ft was mach - tiotte4 aducate# than the inhjerity of 1111
et liborsitilticit was \ kolnetiting JO hi; Istsr; Wes mon
[rout unttoitai preju . .l). (excein: . niteu unwed) that
./.1d country folks Coll3 l '^' , ."'"
• • - bleesed with a prett
u iut dry humor, and a
r:th whin be was ever 11
rs. In short he was
.0 eh terms of ;nth:lacy di
week was`selito.i perirri
, Asige of visits betweeit
ng more than s ,coanq
ts other exulted betwee,l
werm-hearted en
ard the 'eldest doughterl
esuty. with hp . ? end cheeks el - the deep •Pt red. and
b' e. ;
black as." creation." . Although Cupid n
d such marked att;utiou to 'Jubilee, S4zton'e elde t
, on, and norm, the oill4; daughter of Powell. as Ito th.
:guide , jing umn.ed.aulthe had not totally Oegireted den
It z li admired Fiera, but his iidinirmioti was so Taint
a th a. certain nondet.cript kind of (et-ling. / between ye -
B tion knd fear , that. lill.Sir Walter Itlfiegh. tia;drea -
l e to make civet:tares to his queen. Poor Josh go
r ason !tad he for fearing the sue. of an.bpen i Oar •
nto his mistress, for not only was he deaf-as ad.
st. bat ha was a eery poor scholar. Floraiin a
uion to her personal charms. which were of a hgh
rl was well edaceted. and tolerably accomplished f
irl in her spfieie of life. - Puweil either was. or farms I
ined( descillided from one of the summit Nu
r kes :
ells. a i
nd gloried in his ancestry as none but in 0'
astillian; or pirchance, • genuine son of the uin
1, fliers. know how to glory. No erandei, this. th
arty the whole of his income should be laviebei on
iildren's educati . , ,‘ ' i
Flora. howeve in eciteir none of her father'. pr"
.d vanity: she nti sive pitied the isolsmereit ra..t 11 !
°nod hail but she was from•despiaing•thetri.• hi
as no faagionable boarding school or straight ire
..matiou ; her knowledge, and the prociples whi
l ocerned her conduct. bad been imbibed from an acne
dished and pious.widow lady, who had undertaken
ition of • half dozen' irls, 'mote to beguile the •tedi
f her lonesome hours. than 'from necessity, and
ado 4 common sonic one of the ca;dival studies in
mixture college. •
Though Flora felt no particular regard for young 8
on. handsome. manly and generous _ hearted a. he 1
uestionably_was. she alvrays treated him with kinds
ay even with sisterly familiarity. She had 'no en i
ions of the nature of his sentiments far her. for alth til
ha had, on various occasionry observed certain lith
ymptorne of embarrassmeot about him, she.had attrism•
ed them to his been sensibility with , regard to hie I lik
(murmur Wes. or want of hearing. Flora's extra kind ,
nem en each occasiene. like Captain Bragg' . extra gripe
at the battle of fluenajisli. did , wonderful eurculfhn
it finned the flame with the Misch; littlA god b
kindled. en peasant. in the youth's heart. and signed.t.
rAestb warrant of another inapteut deer. as will be true
'Silly explained in it. place. .:' • • -•
The farms of bastes and Pofwellloure separated or
esch4ther by atimek. which daring's, tiota of the• or
was dry. ?heir dwellluif bodies ' Wen it alia l a 1
' Scat r
1 . 2
` i
az& •apart.
Besides being a good fanna,:Sortou wu ,
haulm, and apost-asch a pennon of hi. tinso as
span from th • dor of ida IOWn, is killiag
Sr 'glom. Wldalnilliinadodibooo mimes. Panty
aster -11ssatod. This. pro . was attributed 14
wait of skin ip tha us of a MU. As ita was paasiounl
I 1
ly fond of venison. it was uo unusual thing fur the young
4sitoin. for reasons other than those of common-14re.
neigh l tiorty regard, to take him a deer.
. it was ou 111' Moat delightful morning, io the 4
autumn after his arrival in Illiouis. that Saaton, wi his
hay thrown'otor his shoulder ; and his little sou.% r.
reit, by Iris side. sallied forth in quest of suclegatui ss
Providence might throw is his sexy. lie had not Frew
citadel more thao a quaker of a mile, before Pus sues..
Lion Was drawn towards tale sound of
on a tree. a short distance in advance. It was a &insu
lar eireniusteines. certainly, for lie was still on his 4so
grounds. Whis the trespasser was. he was pureedlo
imagine. llevinick..ned his peer, and soon
the individual to he Powell. Baston.though aurprisel
to are his frion4filiing one of his trees ir,itliont haying
Apprised him of his attention. was not illII
J least irrita
ted, but an unlucky whim suddenly urgin lC g I 111 l to enjoy
a httle Merriment at a friends expense, he undated 'his
longs to their. utmost _capacity . , aod in clear. stentorian
tours that made the forest ring, vocilerated :
I ' tl
'• :IL George was an I:B34ll,tanati. and dearly roast brtl r
Tatrei %sae a IVe;e:ith.,:i aure be wae c thief,"
iie,arse itcerrupeti by a.strrant or a trll true" the
iVelehasau. that c,wplete, y i , aralartl him..
•• ii.h. fou . uu ! 8 1 . T 4t it; V. hat-- Ingt—ts Itars that
L 1141!o. Perry is that you What's Ishii. inky
friend 7".
•• 111;nt was that swu were pinging Limit me. sir-rtl"
" About 3,u1 . .Natbittg 'bout t mt. my Maud. )(Au r
mime 11 aut St. TA:y. rtrty here's 'my hapti
my' Irttmd."- •
. .
" Tore( : pat ! nava ii pit. sir ! . Your rascally inlaid's
tunas „tyro:takeout tor Hie. s.r-r I 'lnane of §t. Total a
thief—a Coe( did )00 tai . . Mr. Samoa ti I. tme inform
. ~ .
you. sar, /nal el.lte the I:lea:ion of Van. World. uo 0, 4 1 or
tether diehonnr..ble eharac•ei has never dared to Intrp
the name of Pow a. air r-r r- #
••1 Wheys you, nay friend, I beheve you. 1 know lou
are an hotootabM man; its hocarable as the-great - rig
Llevrelho Ap-1 forget his name—that you hate °Oen
told aneya..ea desceqed from. 1 went no harm. whatif w
en, by the ell:) . Perils )uu ' heard joet DOW. Tilly only
It ‘l.l.etled to, come into nay het: Jowl spout out of toy
mouth before I could stop -them. Ihre's In . ) baud Tad
boot Piny; Live 11 , 1 your-fives." - . -
'• 'fake l them 'Oleo, shad welcoine. sit-r :" screamed
PoWell, as he 'wined a blow at Somotes face. This.
hoeever. the latter named. Liirazed at being, Alta
(.Jed.-ro.vell triteJ lai, nxe, and nook! d i ,uhth a., s' a
have ilia le unlaced 'twat of the Peun-ylvAniaii,,lnid cr.
that ind.eaualhl eoelnela and gran: b,:d.l) s:Frugal as a
him. ..S.:eing the info: mated !idle V. e en bent 4p
uti.chief, Saxtpptii.larnied him ; ail Caen cntelaing hint
up in his arms. held hint there:The a moitee is a ilea.
Powell . made She a - t violent etEn a' tit dvienanii hip- .
ielf ;at the saut e tine. yelling, vi loop:tig. cursing aitad
screaming like a &Tented ProoLlt r loLiv. 'Sax
ton, hattilog r akilit his mode of tredinictit, test: lof coif
ang the an man's luVer, leaded to aggravate it. released
hint, merely tab-erving as lie did ;0...C0nt0 Puvrell,sou
nave and and .ttone eno4,li. lam a: - the cod of any row,
WOW; 1 want you to he.hsva y0are011.! ' ....."31f. Sestoni"
said Powell. "the (evil hes mode yeu a . largnr luau. twat
I a . m. and endue eilyou: with greater brute force titan 1
PogAes 4 ; 1 betag a into.. and taut it brute. sir-r: but if
VOl3 False Van 5it5511.94 pr , teneto . :s to the character of a
shenticul.m, op wat% refuse- to give Inc a MA - Action for
the gross -mannerin you have irsu:7ed. sleddece I
and belied tne.'sir-r! There i , n't ionela of me, I n,n,ra sa,
sir; but what there is, is I; ue Anc. , ...lit Laitish, sir-r! Its,
s.r-! 11,464. sir.rl None your bass •botn,
mookrel 11001-Saxon greed, nor ant of 3our pi c zeo ly,
Chi,kesate .takbi luilian.,.ither, Mr. ro a ler S k x too .
So. sir. I rPpf. it. it. if toil aril not cutc.ird, as you arc a
rand alit a bur, air, you will give me the antisfaCtion
tine front one a'le ntlem tltroaother. six: The motto
or,niv great provoitur I.l.welho Ap GA y e'er .1p Mere
dith, Wa s ••.Y•wity tar itn , tane to which my
great-gr4a , lfsther rdaci that uf ''Scippct pandas... Mr.
Saxton, You under:4,lnd Me, sir."
Thouzlt n..) way albed to the ert;rafru. Sexton's d Inkier
was up, and ti very readily agreed to give Puwellnfl the
satt,•far , iutt liP destted. It uas forthwith winner, that
the bitt.geraitts s!to•ild. f repair. the urxt moruine, at or
luzfore do!.l , glit, to that part of the f. feat where-the road
between theti d eothrt.74 . was inters( ctrti by the creek,
which was thin dry. Every advantvge which '.God and
nature" gave them might freely be'used: and they were
at bberty to blaze a* by' with their titles, at, each other,
as long • hi they f fiCtrased, or until iheir wounded honor
was heeled. Hy the death of both body and soul, of either
or both combatants.
These-arraegmnenta having been made. the late he-
• friends 'se/iterated for their respective homes. 0.8
thet way. Simon cautioned his son Warren. to beinhin t
with vird ttiwhat had just transpired. Before even. 1
ing tte p t hierille in the beat po-sitile girder. and care
fully load....and'primed it. after which, it was consigned
to the rack o r the outer door. I
Saxton—eo from being a coward as Powell had as
serted; was aw bra e a matt as ever bore his Maker'. im- I
age. Ile was not • Aid to meet death in any legal mon-
ner. but he had alwa considered duelling as Billy and
ermine in the highest , erre; end to deprive • fellow',
creature of that life which nansted from the Must High.
and which no ether pos'er c old bestow. was what. he
Pied-Owe:4i felt assured. he , cop • never bring himself to
Unfortunately. hnwe er, like to. many other nominal
'Christians. Saxton ould dictate we for otl;ers; and'
it when his morel cm. 'ge was put to tb test, it failed:—
a when called upon to !ramie' his pracep . 10.—es him
, .elf expressed st--could'ilt come it." It the present
age. whed religion lies doffed her ram and is . ..n no den
- (air of Seeding her lutettea to a gross. or • a Ite. but
• walks securely in be silver slippers. how very a is it i
for'llso thousand of hie wealthy and fashionable disci. es.
h Whet are nattered bread east over the land to follow
- her data I Item whed trials beset thenr—vehen mailed iv- 1
e es. not to seal theiV faith with their blood—bathimply
to forgive some real !or imaginary injery—to follow the 1
iiixample of ',Lair mie4. their/cooly. their forgiving Lord
it and Alaster. end to reform kapd far seil—how many do
iirelrot Pee. whir., like Boman' are afraid to do their duty;
itod like him are willng to st4ti their hopsoof salvation.
io gratify their. pridy. their !tetrad and their ridiCulous
i; lotions of bettor r
1- 1 let us return hi the-narrative; Sexton and his con
it Ocience bad a terrible time of it that eight. for he was a
le ipriessor of religiou4 bat about one or two **Climb of that
aerial moral*, that 'Wight seal his doom throigh eternity.
I- he bad settled dowelinto the conviction that his case Was
I- is hard one. It wosild be hard to fight a Eliot—hard to
s. kill a brother s or to bobilled kiraself—very hard to limo
; hey his God. and dare his displeastOo; bat it would be
id 'mach wasid be issposs4Us to live under the
is Sdiqm of cowardice. Better to couinansurder. or to be
abet. sad to be toribeinted through the endless ages of
,eternity. Amato be 'rated at and siigniatiaed for ,
im :brio( yeah. though 'a crown of glory. with felicity rood
lir As pewit of man swim to cenceive..shoult at the d of!
it *Wilms*. be his reward; so fight he most. and tbe
to 1 It baying been ofrahge4 that Josh oboald go to mill the
!hill•wing day. Owings's' moo sot bio who to work to bent
i ldropme pelmet f. *well's dos/hum Not being able
Ito atesehto ga asy 'nit meltable for bat. bo nonalinkod. at
I leroi, be wend Ike family a down- it world gratify
i f
h‘ol Whir. and ii Ilia lb* epiertungly of a iota Akb
1 \
re - ON1;17 AR D.A/
with Flora. Na sooner had the labors of the day ceased.
than Josh stlently took down the rifle, and•beut his steps
I towrrde a evil:4l'4dt Lick Which was much resorted to
by deer. at irghts. fie was unsdecresfut, 'however; he
had seen but one deer, and that he had fired at and mis
sed. This haying happened on his retain home. the
gun was repl,Ced in its raell without being reloaded.
Saxton burin slept but iridirereutly, arose an hour
before daylight. Hastily dreseiug himself, he swallowed
a horn, took down his gun. and 141 the houSe. 214 this
was quite a customary thing , of course it excited noses.pition. On approach ng the butte-field, ho made use
df the utmost caution, lest his adverwy tuight have got
I the Start Of him, and should take him by surprise., He
succeeded, huiceeer, in reaching a certain ,stub, W
low trunk, of e I age oak.,that had been taki:n ofl %bout
barely feet above the ground. lie had marked tnis tree
the previous day. it was completely shrouded in grape
vines of lexuriant growth. Having ascertained that he
was not obeerved. Saxton bemired his rifle en his . person,
and dextereuely a-eroded, by the vines to the top of the
. stub. 'rite descent into the interior, was swirly etTeeted
Iby the aid of O.IIC of the etouteet vines. AtuMt three or
' four feet above the base of the tree, a hole had been cut
unite time previously, to aid some 11111nd: 1 111 hie search .
for the critter or rermiet which wary sespricted of beieg .
secreted there.
.This aperture served as: au- excellent
portaltote Ifor S )(WWII artillery; accordingly, its muzzle
was proirtided through it. -In I this tasked battery, he
patiently awaited the appearance of the enemy. During
e hour that eue - ceeded, he and Ms cense iene:edmil
another ilarmve—.,l4 he himself termed :it—in which
the goad Sivirit partially prev - ailed Hie cobeluelon was;
that he would net take the life of Powell. He alas con
-scions of his owe B'lll,g-hit akin as it merkemen„ and
though it he could merely send the bell thiough . sume
part of Cie. IVelehnmit'e 'dress, of even leech him gent
ly üblat skvoi:.s &ally put, the 'desired and Alight be he.
compl.shed. Compromiser to slier° the ettosion of 11U•
1114111 blood, can be as well made iu- a hollow tree, as in
Ceegreevind with much less clamor.
No sooner hal oar "Vern made. the inagnetnimous re.
seise, than peeping through his port hole. Ito ob - serred
die thin figure ukPerry .einerge from the forest. and
-glide swiftly to rtisej e stone•about the sizerefon ordinary
barrel that reared it-el .- above the now dry . creek, behind
a !rich IM ru.ironc. d hire self. S exton's, first intpulse
was to bleze..iway et kin., bat it ass checked by the good
spirit. Torre rwas not'sullicient light toririti:e him to
iiiiitinga;sli the precise mark he wished to strike. Dry.
light 'soon nitde its appearattee, and the eight of Perry . '
lieu& cautioti•ly raised ebovb the roil:, tips followed by
a sharp crack—no, click of Sextets's. title. Down went
the head behind the rack. 4p/ticker than 4f is bill from the
PerineylearrieM's gun had passed throe,* it. There war
no danger of anyouch catesirUphe taking place very soon.
for not only eras Sexton's rifle as empty Its Josh hail kit
it the previous night. lint, in all probability, it a ould re.
main eo until lii• return hornet for in his beete to be ear.
ly at the bath,'-fired, lie had overlooked his nuiccui.:ton.
and the theught was not Irk.. to occur to hint. of trying
to supply- himself front the Wels h man's Magezine. Nu
sooner,diti he'uf this bolluw-tree discover tile dilemma in
which - he found bin:weir, than a council of war iriss railed.
tifter-dr. d•litcratissas ton mach argourept . i it vv** inztrt-'
i toothily resolreji that as the-impression made en the ene
my' by, the first click, airs favorable. to coutieue el:eking
until he should be" compelledato evacuate she fort or: to
. .
The arritiel on the bvttle field of a third party, sudden-
I). C4l4lied a sweasinu of lio-lilies. The new •eorner Weir
on Lis w,.) to will, IX hen he ensile up to the stab'
'hat eoneea'ed his Sather, and yaw the profive:on of grape*
by uliielt it Wirq covered, the 'thought struck him that e
wagon livid of krnr;i4 would be a• bettor Ilirecut for hie
itukirtea than nothing et all; pu (uttering a Mitt, and itlwip.
ing Out, he set to work to aw ty the vnes from the
stub, With %%Dinh-lie al.cri i ty. ,Jo duii.g 0 iii„ he tii flock'
ily. votter pulled away or broke the % inetu hie!) is fa
ther had lowered hini-elf into the. wee. Jta,ne, i gam
thirty the per.ostage eudenvured to m tke his von iedeible
of the mtsrilarf lie wee perpPintliug. Josh knew nof lung
91 ti,.: stab. of ulT,ors Ili 1114 kilip'S (-thick but having
filled ilk uaggon. he jumped into it, end drove away at e
fornmv rute..tileruntriy etngtng and 14111.40nig in the ex-
, .
ytHr.iiice of hi. ja%;
! •
Soon alter Josh had disappeared. the clouds, which
Itad\thrwateund rain. commenced pouriugidown a heavy
deluge; an.l, as a natural cousequeuce, the creel; began,;
retpulty.tu fill. Poor P..rry found his iituidiort becoming
every moment, not wily tuerealingly anc i iiiirirtable. but ;
Critical iu the estivate. Iltrhai t.) do ho knew out.. If
(so remintred where he was Gve Minutes longer. he nimit
inevitably be drowned 'or swept away by the torrent.—
There was little lime left.for deliberation., Ali death was
certain if he did nut ins,sintly evacuate hie fort, and there
was a chance—lion ever remote, that Saxion:rititt nu.*
Mtn if he Greif, lie promptly concludeit.lo eh indult the
poet and retreat as fast nspussalule PrevWpsly to taking
tid e ete p, if ieeere v,. r , he once more adlitucied his head. is
order to encl.,' tor to ascertain the taiteri+liJuts 'of Sat,.
ton. -A click from that individual's gun Monotone, ney
:follows:l.and shoe gave him the desired linformetion.—
But Perry. ini.te id of lie had Previously done,
boldly imod hit ground. At that instant l hie eye
v on the port-hole in the tree; with the 4iflei protruding
from - it. "iTo . soosier wow this-discovery made. •Iliao,
lii4 *hot gun to h.s shoulder. he, levelled it en I
binged away. The &lechery of the goal was immedi
ately followed -by sometliiiig between a scream nod n
groan frorn the tree. Perry thought it . 4 cry of mortal
?tinny, but tamest env oilier person Would have constru
ed it diflerentlr.• !lad Perry's .blood been of thti t right
temperature—bad he been as collected to Old Rough
and Read) himself. and had he fallen djliberate stun at
the port hole. or - tit Sexton within it. he Would not have
missed them: bit as it we., the fluid in-his veins had
pint to zero, while his brain was on Orel—and his cold
both had given him such an ague fit. that he atioOk like
- SetiskAnnerican earthquake,. and hisjteeth chat•ired
Is . castaftenr. Na weeder then, that imiteed of lodging
Its-.-for his flan was charged with three' br fours
is S on's body. ho had missed the eupre tree. by al
!Attest tw4uty feet. However, he now km:tarred his
**laded k'Ditor. and felt perfectly satisfied.
An soon silts fonani_lt timed f once morei on lesine•firpts.
he faced about; ,ad a voice of real einsotion. theigh
in an almost unknown jargon, hailed Saxton:
' **Hi. Pow. f-f-foliky!", , I
• - •
• "Wha-wha-what's thel \ matter.' 'Fowl-owl-Oily? have
Ukllt you. Fowl!. my teae \ f-f-friont!"
"Pin pretty pod on: that's \mar-comets' Tali. 1 mos
"Mc tearitear friend: 'Cua you, ever` foredo feel—
I'm quite satisfied. now.Towl-owl-avel-iwlyl
"Are you! Well—so am I. But 1 egeoll/feel much
More se. if yes would come over and OM ono O. Ruhr of
your help—l'm in pretty mach of 41,4,1 / telt you."
••PY St. Ta.ta-vit: that 1 will. myyind. mien if I f•
11.4.4...pahawl (I can't get the t— ,Mt word eitt.)-144.
free•fre—itreeze .7 So saylng. / sii trying le lay. Perry
dashed his goo to the ground/white hcleostidired late
the creek. which with the
/ ntaost difficalty; saccerd
In oromiust. The hand.- of the two fiiendssoon met
through the 'port ho t ; and wore squeezed and shaken
with noted geed /lilt. Fern's en:4 inquiries wSrs,
moo eatisfacterilyinewered. As he keeled ho het
ssensided Sia#ll. that person thought peeper grotto sada-,
arise him./ 'Ha showed a 'Cu ea his (64 which he
had received in gluing into the stub. and permitted Per
ry to infer that it hod been inflicted by him. Iu spite of
the sitilent ague by which the Watchman lasi shaken.
he gaire Taut to the most extrsvegaut mirth st:the truly
art Itseard 'predicament in which he found .his late Mortal
foe, but now bosom friend. By•Saston's adtricie,he lost
no time in getting to that . indicidnaPe honse,i eend•
jug second to his assistance. *Mt by enlarg
ing the hole in the tree, soon sal his father al,lii.tperti.
t :
liilien the friend's met at &mous , the fanolytwere iu.
formed. with certain modifications 'Jibe whole affair. and
the innocent !muffed that the cause of the quariel was i
bee tree.• All the boys who were capable of lusin k; an
axe were ilispatchild to th' forest to cat down the tree
and bring home the hone :while Emma and Roes very
jtiy fully undertook the Is k of going iu (vest of Perry's
'wife and ilsughter. Netder did a happier group Inset
around a western hearth. than those who were assem
bled iu Smston'acommudious and comfortable 10. house
that day. The whi.key stew. and the song and the laugh
- went aund. and the hands of the friends were once more
squvezeri. and eternal friendthip pledged between thou.
while a perfectly setisfactory understanding existed be
tateek the younger mambas of the families; ttax:on
and Powell. during a long and useful tenth', were pat
terns of the truly eitirtsiian virtues of forbearerice end
lace. They kid the lappiness of tieeinz tlit4r families
hritnzht into closer al! - ince with each 006,, by the ou•
ion of, young Perry arid Flora.-aud 'lush. (whose deaf
steam wee' radically cured by and old lathers medicine
Amin) and Emilia: and at the present day their grand
chi!drim fiirm a band of the most enterprising. %moons
and happy eit Zeus of our Frairie State.
'.\ tee tree, when 411.coviireti in the wormhh 6'.1• CA 1 . ) a con
thhere‘l a tan tut 1,64 e t ttlp, !rid .1. Inc practice et prevail.* in
. 104:1111C pontos.* of Ilweins, 114 I 01110SAVt! iteltll Si Val;
tli:s Fame.— Vt hat do c: , tl reatly live upon? The
answer Will be various enough. The Gaucho, who in
the wild pampas of Buenas retie managing his wild
hotsy with incredible dexterity, throws a lease. or bolas.
lir catch the ostrich, the guanaco, or the wild: bull, con
snmewdaity ten or twelve pounds of meal, end regards
it as a high oast day when in tiny hacienda, lie gains a
ear etc in the ahal e oft morsel or puntpkin; The word
bread dues not exn4 in his evcalmia• - y • The Irishman,
no One other hand. regales hiniaelf in carele/1 mirth on
his "potwoes and poilit,'' r a day-of p'ainiul labor, hr
who cannot help, in.:king a j.i.e eceu of the &wino he gives
to leis scamy 5/Cal Ia a attange idea to hits, bud
ba I. happy sudeed, if four times a year. he can odd a I.e:-
ring to inelli.4lll We mealy tubers 'l'llo limiter ul 1 1 .16 prai
r n. la , s Inn Lullir'o with sur, boV,et, and ne .10.14, lot
icieai‘ed liuuep, ruabte 1: between two hot p.tonee, is to
him the greatest of delie..cira. Aleanwhile. the in lus
'rheas Chinese evirrresee nimket hit care'ul,Ty fattened
rate, delicately arranged - upon white 'lnks, certain to find
a good castoiner the- epicures of Pekin; and in
I,is Lot, Smoky hut , I. buried b •neath the 8110 AP and
the tirt-enlander c, ninnies his fat, which he has
jn-t caved, rejoicing at er the coatly prize, from a
ed whal6. hire the blq.ek slave parks the augar-cane,
and eats ,his bromine; there the' African merchant , tills
his 'wallet with sweet dates, his sale sustenance in a lout'
desert journey; and there the Siamese crams tinned(
witha imanlity of nee from whien a European would
shrink appalled. And 'Wheiesoever over: the whole in
:latitted earth we.uppreeehand demand hospitality:, in al
most litt!ir Spot a -, lX:rent-kial or Iwj is is•t be
fore us, and tl:e ," eilTered in UC&tlier form.
A D . 1.7111 St RM. 5.:-1 he fultooing admirable prudtict
twit, d• lircrered . hefote a comvatty ol vi luilleer i, Nold:ersi
41ra mg our revv:utaulary e/ U;i: ie, upon the ettialof gait%
•••tat - li to g'oriyue %vat." was LskiClik4. Li trai.iiipire liras
a ill' Licit:etc.!, stryi:gth amt ra,urage: Aline fraud , .
veu first Sou cooled 11,i.c, you pour, ar.d °OW. literals.
tun i 8 WOW; Oita 1,.u; 4o:ten ou tour unicorns. and dem
rite son 'Ake a dviige ou a livg'i pack; now, 11 ' 4110 friends
p., tite dell ton dil. a matt ts a man it We tiv rugger vs
my „ thurah. Vett Tusid writ out to fight Gdlish, he
duli notaig yid him but one slitig; now don't mistake
we, mine ft-leads, it was but a ruin 'Log; nen not a gin
shag; no. nor a mint voter sling; no, it wae•ssaling mate
wit a hickory stick'. Nux, ven . c.i“liuh den is tavid,cout
tog, he •,ss. ••you lade Letup severalty!. dors eau coma.
to light mel Twill give 5 t•tt to the pitti.o( the &It, and
the peasta of the air?" Ttivid Rept', ••Goltah. Golialt,
the race is not always mit the aim ill. nor is: the battle
mit the othrellgt and a Mall is a man d'ie's no plgger
as my thuitib.'!. Su 'Neill he fixes a Citrons in his
s'iling,-and he drtiws it at Gpialt. ant, knocke s hint rite.un
the sorehead, and dam Tarid takes Gylialt's't i waft, and
cute oil' his l e nd—iiiiJ den till•tlie petty caaln coined out
and•streoed flowers in line way. and 'tuna. I*•Stiul is a
cruet man, for lie has kilt d"u<andel. but triivid is a creat
er as loi, for he has kilt G,.liiili." • Nuwi. urine frittaile.
when sou come. out to eight mit tho to nit, brit:att. re
member what I dell sou. dal a inn is] taln,ll hele no
ittgger es my l'iouth.
r ..i
DEM JR'S. F 41111.—1 believe that kicking ezniniten..
tom, an d eritti e g nt the free of rnshiop, to rntile rod
ene.eay.)r. Tay need corri.etiou—bur thgy
!Hunt and w ill l .hsve their own War .
I taLlievo thilt if tlie tie%ri he . the father of liars, he has
ri plagued !aria family t..) look altar, and that it israpi ar
' 1 believe. girls are likc kittens r geritlY smooth them
the right way, they rub end. pia* itio.t btrectionawly; Lut
give them the contrary brush, and i fsir back; is up in the
, most d.sdainful manner. They' d,,e to , be,.Eisbe'd, but
sham a delicacy about the riper tiet. . •
I believe human flesh le Is dto digest. Jonah didn't
bit easy on the stomach of to whale.
1 believe Out simple, 'enemy, the' naked troth;' pore
Tinge, and it strei2lit orp and down way of dart ni with
the world, hues 18.11 , 3hcii iidvantage over the vices, molts
and stratagems" the long run, as a good minare-trotting
her*, has over prancing. pony or a rookey et.wt goes his
mile or 0/ 8
111 111 - 12.Chier. Illud is dare fol. the rest of
I •
the •
mr.--A Mop y. ••well iu hi., hoot s ." f or
the ; ie. and very dof jjsem; said his-rnoth
ef/after reading his c atoninry chapter in the 'Tensity
Bible" in the alotohig:—"Mother, why ilitrnt Mates
wear boots 7"
"Wiq. niy sone whit makes you ask Met questionl—r
Perlia . ri he 7 41 wear hoots, my dear: we don't know."
••\ b. mother. he did'nt. because ihe Ode easy that the
voice th t came out of the burahig bish thM him to take
:off • shoes."
T here was 's° rejoinder to this "stlinahsr."
A BROAD Iliar.,—At a party. the ,ether evening. the.
conversation turned, as it naturally does among the.
young folks. upon marmite. the
.other con:yenient sub
ject besides the weather. when every other faits. One of
the belles. addressint a bean. quits aa,•onecioasly. s
sits explaiiked) seed;—"lf I were you. and Too me,
limald have been married long ego:"
learriset. AffINITT.—An outside pamirner of a cracl•
had Isis hat btitvia over a bridge. and carried away by the
••ls it dot Taff singular." said he to I gentlemen who
we• seined beside him. ••that My hat took that direction? '
• ..Tot ■t all replied the latter; it is amoral That a limper
should take to the' Witter. .
as A tooog woman alighted from a carriage at ottr
pot the oilier day, when a Tomes of ribbon detached New f
from` ter bonnet sod fell into the bottom of the earrisee.
1"Ton have left year kon babi "• ' • driver.. ••No
shit. hes g &flaking." is 111 plied the dam-.
sad stepped at. the Captain's ing•reem
$1 50 A TEAZI.,.in Advance.
- ---1-
GENT. PD33.08 AHD His AS3AILL'iT3.
s tioaLs visilics
rise nd in th
from &Nor Ms
the repeated and disgraceful art
upon the character Ind soldiery
while in &lexica. .In this latter.:
unreservedly reptile these dam
honorable teirtimmiy in behalf of
dee. We would hie to find rise
bat it is impossible; we mutt 111
with that portion devoted to a liii
the walls of the city of Mcrae*. i
by the will pres.peu. Preis*
and -*fell from his horso." 'rhe
Y., July 13th, 1853. and the writer says; . ,
'" My acepralntatice with (hen . Ptancr. data from !hi
period at which the American • y became concentra
ted in the 'Basin of Mexico.' I as ordered to report to
him for thdy , as the chief of the tali of his brigade. bat
theday before the arm)' ciour Tone dita mescals ati around,
Pie south aide of Loki, ChUiso, • so the eilY•ef Melillo-
The order was anything but agreeable to me. at fins. as
it relived me (Min - the stiff of one of the ablest and
most istlngolshed geuerale of the Mexican war. and
from duty with a brigade ot the best troops in the army;
and as I had, until joiniog this splendid Corps, been cod-
Mandy on duty a rs Meer since the close of
the campaign cos r Grande, it was with ne
little cheapprinta 'grin that L found/ myself
compelled to quit 'auroras in arme.with whom
l was ancoucto mons which, all could tree;
were won to <be iron; and to eke my chances for lan
r?a with a corpe bf raw reern. . who, with the excep
tion of some skirmishing with the lierillrui." bad never
been ander fire. But iu compeasa 'on for this disap,-,
poinlin nit, I was moat agreeably eurpriad and delighted
with the rummer and beariog of My new dinmandsr.—
whom I now saw for the first ti ne, and to received ,
me With an open, inanly and so dzerlike (rat utlie and
cordiality , which cornpletely chanhed me, and de me
tofger that we had not been comrades -of. a doze cam
paigns. After auluterval of general conversationi he
ell-absorbiug tepid of the army. relative to the war
which we were engaged, naturally came in review. The
motives he, assigned fpr taking
peculiarly chMacteristic, and 'we
.f those which' were generally on
the Miss of oar cAliens. who Tn.:
Len, of thousands di the: theatre o
but be struck with thent•
lie said. in subeia'nee, es near
that in his seetiou,of the Us ion, the war was very
vinpotear: that he, nevertheless„ was among those . ' ht
believed it to be ajust one, and that, whether just ocnot,
now } h at it: had cinnieucrd,: it ought to be posecatei
with' vv.'. to a favorable termination. After so decided
a stand, es he had taken, in ! behaif of the policy of the
gererument,and on the subj+ct of the justice, the cape;
'diency, aid the neCessity area of the war, he knew, he
said. thit it would never do for lim to shrink front any
of tho legitimate cbasequences of the views he had urg
ed upon his fellaar country:fiefs: adding. arhat I then
readily believed, and of which Lam now more than ever
convinced, that hi had not the Mast disposition to avoid
those consequences, although he had northlisg to play fo:
its the great game Or war which was than going onhai
iaz alresd! declined higher tweets than it were possib's
for list s at his titne of to win in another and an in!.
tried care-r. therefore, riew England was call
ed upan to furaish her quota.of ineo fur the war, he felt
ban id, in cdusistency, not may tolorrer his own services,
but to t weld, iodueuce in chili: lag these of his fellow
cam us.
From th • conversation, eat oi l
the limeing motive of G e neral
was polrMkres. pure and nodally
• rdid motive; and toelii yaw this,
h;111. - thougk his military career h
But his military was, not
abundance of evidence to prove
Cruz to Puebla, is colic:Med on a
the most brillitint and successful
from the whole army. rim the
lowest. uhaharn,&morel and
Lion. riis march was Per urine
IS burning tropical sou; through
innumerable bands of
Terrible fur their operations. Wii
rocious banditti, the-General had
one of wilich, in particular, he di
and gallantry as a soldier, thdh.ei
a cmnmander. At the ••PuOnte
on a party of his Menai6imit a ha
he received a ballot tkrough tarok
ed his cheek.. producing no mate r
o either case, but proving. at
ass not inure backward - in. mak
with the arzuments of war than t
The some gallant and roldier
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PIERCE'S Brigade was ordered
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as storm of Iteevy•ihot and shells.
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addressing his men as they defile
so appropri its and spirit-stirring
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Could have restated thereloquenl
pride and patriotism of those art
his "brave New England boys."
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velcanic rocks.) on horseback.
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I I a ' ecame saii., fled that
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L. 'cl been a total fallu:d
failure, as there is an
His. march from Vera
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• f the war , and drew
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played no less courage
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ose of the law. . '
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lion which' intim tinder
iug the evening attack
p at Contreras, tl at
the support of Smith's.
he Minicar' position.—
ere obliged' to plume.
lay along d rough and -
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koala to military men
by raw recraita thaw
hi this species of war
. with the Mexicans.)
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g the effect of •a word.
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sgruder's -battery, and
d past him. in language
'bat none but the saw
skulked from danger.
appeal he Made to the
om he was went to call
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their bivouac, foe the
. l ust 1847, will ever he
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