Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, January 17, 1852, Image 1

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    S. W. Sr CO.. rroVri•tors.
etielA anier.
B. F. SL OAFt. L y
t o r. •
Ctty subscribers by the carrier, at OWN
Ity mail, or at the office, in titlVtitleet 1 . 1 10
171( not paid ltiadvance.or within thiremoniba from lifetime
of ontserabing, two dallies wilt be charged.
Ira All cowmen teatientio WIWI be pow pald.
Cards not everoling i liner, one year. #lOOl
pat square r " " MN
do. do. hit months.
do. do. three months. SAP
'Maarten! advertnententa„ SO cent, pereqtpre. of titien !int. , ' or
test, for the Ctn.! nieertioot VS reels ibraach subsequent luteertion.
.1;:r Yearly ad, eftivers have the privilege of changing at pleaoure,
but at no tine areallowetl to occupy wore than to u opiates, mad to
be touted to tier namidiate bas two.
Artitertioctuci,ti not has tne,othei direction.. will be inserted lilt
forbid and charged accordingly.
Watehmaker and Repairer. Dealer in Wate he.. Clocks, Jewelry,
Maces I Instruments, Look ing Glasses and other Faney Good•.
Store otie door weal Of the Reed House. , )17
pc.orle in Pry GaAs, Groceries, Hardware, Crockery. fie. No
ft 3, Icfry Blurt. Brute street, F.rie. Pa.
r --- A. Sf, JLTDSO.N.
ArrossLT •T I..R' —ottice on Park Ron, between Brown's new
Mitel and the Beet) House, up -mire.
Drat Fll.ll in Dry Goods, Groterifll. Liquors of all kinds, ("rockery
&e., 0110 dour south of Sui eta Jackson's slore,, Franck
%met. Erie, Pa.
3. Colin Wt..
G. A N D • E.
A r m, of 1. — A - Adre Offenbach—Depot of Corriere MUSIC and mu
skrat Merelistlize, wholesale and retail, No. 19, tilo..sth
ab chestnut street, l'hilatlelptun. _ • _
Fairrui.% auk) Suitarov--4nrice corner of State and - Aerenth.
}1,,.. , 1enre on Eighth t?treet. between French and
Manna, rue. Pa. ,
Restst iti',Groceries. Provi.ione,Wines.Lieptorg,Candics„ Fruil.
( Pi* llonr below Loon »s Yr. CY P orate street, Erie.
Dealers I,n Gold. tall,Pt. Bank Noire. Mans. Certigentes Of Da'
t,4r. et;Tht Esc haneP on the principal cities constantly
fur sale. inner in ficatty•ii Block. Public 5.1 4 ,12te• Erie_
~D ftry.trivi—Ottiee, corner of Freneb and Fifth
streets, over Moir! lioch's store. Residence on Fourth street,
one door east of I'm old Apothecary Hail. '.
isis constantly' on bawl a 611 ruiply of Groceries. hiqaprr. ship
Chandlery. Prot Produce. Eke.. Ike.: and sells Wholesale
or Retail a. cheap as the cheapest. No. lle.Cheapride Erie.
WM. S. LANE, 1.,
Attorney and oounsellorat Law.
Beeol'lnkonary. . ann,, and Navy rt.IIAiOVIS. Ronnie Lands - and
<natant. no eta ra-pay.: - ..n.1 all t.ther bUCUef entrusted to :Destiny
..! weave yircintit and faithful attention. ....
vtollSee an Wr!glit's Illoek bu. State lived, over X. A. Funenon's
Ow. F.rie. net.l9.
, _— —---
I'Vrtutea.t e•rul Reisll Iter n I Wl') titrinlA,Grorertes.tiardirare.
',quote. Flour. nett, SAD, 30.1, Writhe+ Bloetr
nm of Fitts and State Streets, -
11/11011 tAllt D.
Bookseller and Stationer, and Manufacturer of Blank Books and
'Writing Ink. corner of the Diamond and Sixth strict.
!renal!. and'seneral Avner acid Commisaion husinero, Fmk
lin. Ps.
• rkt - rt - a -- Rer - D. -
1)..t1 it 3 n Engi German ati.l American Ilarniornie . imil Cutlery
Atr.s. '. 4 ;alls, Am. it., Vico.. Iron and Steel No. 3 Reed. House Pa.
iq J. F . LlEiii I .F.&, Co.
RI hACIIIIIITMS. C1111511r• allilWagoll BilllaCtf..*Une Street. be
tween seventh & Etghth. ttrie. ,
L. STRONG. NI- 1).
Oreire. one Door weirt of C. B. Wright', srorri. l ip awes.
• Orrice a nil Dolt. A. fistan. Seventh near Ekamentrateteett. Res
sidenne. on Asteafras. one door north offilevenek rt.
Winirrissts and Retail &stet in Groceries, Prcivistons, Wines.
Liquors. Flint. Ike., Ike Cotner of French and Fifth Streets,
apposite the Farniers , Thstel. Erie.
1 1.
Won POIAT r red Rctiiii r.enier in finally ea t eries. Ceo9segy
Ginsenrare. Won. Natio. &t.. Cheap s i d e , C i e . Pa;
Mr l'hl highest prir , , pn i s l for Country
J. GO-% LOVNG. J .
Milltrrta ITHalos :On ken.-Zthop. No.l Poor Peeples
Cow. , sip-weir.. o% er A . k. J. S. Walters' Grocery Stare ) State
street. Erie, Pa. ,
kb, Maker's Office, on Seventh Streetafne. ra
titr , trri—tobber , and Rrtail In Dry Goode. Ger/eerier.
Cr Mkrry. (Rase% arr. Carpeung. Hard% are, Iroo.riteet.
&,r • Suryirr tatores Butte Stmt. - Our doors. bektor
Brown'. Hotrl., Pa.
v—Ant 00-, Clare. 6rllot`•''. A itr Anal. flprings. and a general
~....rtmeat of rta.:•llr• a..lrarrovre 'rrothinge..
Lot and 111.0.te of the Pester, noel Agent for
the Ko.. Stow- Muttlat insurance Coutpany—tutee 4 doors
1%64 of Wrtelatt gut/ie. Ltle.
- - G EO Rbtif
Arr. - avrg AT LAW. Girant Erie County, Pa. Coliretions and• hosing,* attended to with promptness and dispatch.
—... _____ ..... _
eiricard mg is Commission MeTelaant, on the Public. DoetteastOt
..,' sone strer.t. -
cosi. Snit . Plaster and M role
White Fish, eonkantly for .
_ .
wimi.essts •sn IR-MTAIL Dante es in Foreign and Domestic Dry
(:,-,0(14. ready 'mace Clothing. home and Sham he.. Na. 1
‘‘ 1 , iiiit's Mock. Slate street. Erie.
- WILLIANiS & .WRIGIII — ,'..- ,
J . ''. All and E*eliwir... tkiilier. Dealer 4a - Bills or - ECeilliage
0.0. cell ,Ileideoul Depo•ii le i Cold and tali esr CM n. &0... Ace
A+-e, Willi:lime liforielci corne r of State-st , a ndlPublieSqlsarr.
A n.. 1. I 1 . . 7 LAR —.tinier up stair*
in Tammany liall'butiding
noph,f tin. Prothonotary's Office. Era'. .
trroisc,.;',Deot'cortt.ol AT Law--Olhee over C. B. Wriches
, t, •f. entrance one door west of State street, on the Diamond,
. ___ --- ----
Pr ,I rlt in Dry Goods. Dry Groceries, Crockery. Hardware, /se.,
No. 111 . -
0..1 , ;i3n 1)n, Copts. ibliteer,24, Hardware. queens
4 ,,,,, . $ n 1•, &C.. 121. Chesprode. Erte. Pa. F
T -
NAir r. rpholfter, and Undertaker. corner of Stare and
...._14.11•1. Forwarding. Produce and CommTion Ailerthantsnlealers
ADA fine salt. Coal. Plaster. libirtglea. k.c. Public doeig
5.1 e of the bridge. Erie.
t 'Forwarding. COMM.mon and Proja r ce Merchants; See.
uaJWare•houae east att UM Public Itch*, he.
G. LOOStIS & Co.
Datums ill Watches, Jewelry, Silver. German Thdril
Britinnia Ware Cutler} ,Military nod Taney Goode. Stale alkelet.
u s povite the Eagle Hotel, Erie.
• and Retail dee!erns su Drugs. Xedieine .lOfais Oils,
üßq Gituoi. ace.. No. f. Reed llodare. Erie.
tru,i l
i ~
Merriptit Tailor, ott the whist Mawr. &few 400 r,
to streht, Erie,
Plbal %AS
•ftl Of
' D. S.- CLARK.
114 NoLes•ut AND virtu'. Dealer in Grocertm inrosiniorn..
”handiery.Stone-wittr, ice. he., No. 5. Bannett P
~ r1.4,-..,[Ast, firm:mos-4 - liter at his residence on
co.porien thei bilethodin Church. Erie.
Tioag N. htittifKisTb,
~tanyrs,t •1110 POET ‘lll 411.41!(,•111 Drugs, Medicines,
v... Ake. t4io. S. Steed House, Erie
54 Resident Dentist. Orn ee and ds
Reel* Block, on the East side 4
Squares Erie. Teeth inserted vii
from ono to an entire sett. Canons
''~ v ue t:old, and restored to health and useful ,
I" ,, ierl.n ,th , muniments and Dentatee,so as iss I,
• •',,.1 e :raw,. All nark warranted.
- - -
I.Artival of Grocerie.. threet !row New
. 4 int( recesved and hove now open lb, inapecti
' , tot n.l, and dr y family Grucerie..Winew and
tt',..len and Willow Ware. Dye Stu& &e..
• ,n,triwi. which I will meld at wholesale Or Mil
V. - e, and I want it perfectly known by alt. t '
'th , leraold by-any Mansell' this atty. tall and L
','..vueliaping elsewhere. - W. F. RINIUMI
Iftfli .1 • Corner orgifth •
. . . . . .
. . 0 ... . , . • . . . ,
. .
. i . 1 i •
. .
. .'
. ... , • - . . . .
.1.. • • •
0 •
B ..: ~, .
i .
4,,, .
. , .., ..
. ,
. .. .
. , . .
U. R. Hayti STACK
T. M. Mini*
linetrti auir Ttlistettautl._
It rgelvais ;roost
"Mr hirib-day"—what a difrreet sound
That word had is My youthful eats!
And bow„ meek time the day cisme round.
• Len slid ler, whale in mart appears..
Wien den our Mart* Mrs alb told.
It news like patina to stow iltat ,
And. as Youth donne die abiding bank
That One loaned him binds so Bulb
Flea s'd with the task, be little thinks
How bardthat chain will peen at last.
Vain was the man, and false is wain, '
Who said. 4 were hp ordained to run
. , "Ili. long caveat of lift again,
"He would doFall that he had done."
Alt, 'us not thus 'the role. gist dwells .. -.-- n
in sober birth-days. speaks to me;
Far otherwise—tif time It Wilk . •
La.lshed tuiwirely, careleselys • -
Of counsel esoehml; of talent/I. mads
Haply for high and define.. .
But en, like Israel's linens% laid
V pon unwholty, eirthirslAineei '
Of nursing many a *lea/ tkairer
Of wandering alter ;am Ski,
And taking every meteor Bre
That crossed my pathway , his star.
Ail this it tells. end, could I 1 e , _
• Th' imperfect picture o'er a sin,
With Pdter lo Ita. retouch, e aee , -
Tbelights and 'shades, the Y and P• 41 1.
flow little Of the Mist woad yi
How quickly ail akodid melt ay—
All—hut that Freedom oftbe Ind.
Which bath been morn thanlevettith to me;
, Those friendship., l iklay boybirod twin'a.
/ And kept till now ultehangidilyt
And that dear home, thathavlig ark,
Where Loveitrue light at List I've found.
Cheenog A% .thin, when allgrits dark,
Anil emnfoniesit, and think round!
From Priem:Ws , Ittmatzioe
"fie man is very inspertanis
The speaker was tirnkey of
come to the governor. with, •
from a prisoner wader zenteeco of
"I have already said." replied
"that I cannot accede to the re ,
cue before the attorney-general. 1
prisoner's guilt is undoubted. 1
a pardon. •Artef this. to grant an i
hold oat hopes which 1 cab never
"Bet there is'so thing more
posed the jailer. "in his man.
to die: for armors- sited. or ra
character. I new saw: sad` his de
from no unmanly terror of his doe
"Why. you seem interested is t
"I am. Ile is a peculiar chant•
perste, indeed; but with Om!
wreck of what might have been. I
and even distinguished cinais."
"What ctergymali visits him?"
"Several. but aot t at his
cotters fur him. and soya _
his destiny is der-hied. mid
esough to smuggle himself init . ;
"This is frightful." interrupt.ed
"I know it; I repeat his earn w ?rds. however. He
told them, the other day, to go into that alleys and cellars
of the city. among the beggars; illie vee and wantons, and
there labor; and not wait till ysalv of outismry from soci
ety had done their work, till the ripti those were
his very words. was in prison, asid the rdluwslising
bank" '
"He has a strange ammo." nins:o4l , the governor, Ce&r
ing to a paper in his head,
"Ishmael, your excellency mt I name asked Yin
if lto had Arab blood is him. w hew be answered with a
1,09461 laugh, and said that he teas the original Ish
mael, whose hand had been ageinstivary mss andrery
man's hand against him."
"I don't wonder your are hitertsted in him," answer
the governor, after a pause. "He is evidently a man
of superior mind. bet with a certain 'Mittel:es. of idess„
like many criminals who think society has - dons them
wrong.' But I can't break my ink. which is never to al
low my judgemeilt, in cuss whis4 pardons are soeght.
tole influenced Iroy personal eehs madams. He has ta.
ken man's blood, and the law moist have its Courep." '
With these words the turokeyi was dismieutll Bat
the next day. what was the astaiyaltintut ad!the Over
nor to find that officer again soliciting a, audience. op
the seine errand. " ,
- lii. excellency tightly frownedi for he dial rtes like 41
decisions, when once positively astuosaded, to ifrs
ed against.
"1 beg your pardon." said the jailer. noting V zDver
noes countenance. "Bet the prii onerinade e promise
to come to yogi again. and though I told hi :pon rarely
revoked a resolution; he insisted ob my plience. And
yet, to speak frankly, I don't thi he ciriesmolih wheat;
er I obtain a pardon or not; it is 'a utervieW with you
that he chiefly misfire. He told to say that he de
manded it for your sake more th n r his own; and that
--I beg pardon for what I ,ha they arei, his very .1
words—if you did not grata . you would repaint it thin'
all eternity." 1,1
The frown deepened on the inflexible brew of the
governor. "I am novlo be alarined by sack : Miserable
shift.," be said; •21le man mast die.'
"And your excellency will pot see him?" ,
"No," said ,the governor. positively, rising Mt how that
the interview wu at an end. 0 .1 em lees nod to it
than ever. The wretched man must dismissikil hope.
and bethink himeelf of hissonl. Have clergynlen'aboot
him, whether be will or not, for even at tht&le . irenth
Wear he may repent. It wouldis horrible if IM should
die in the frightful mead. you described yemerdafy. like a
wolf gnashing his teeth in a trap." The multiplicity of
affairs. demanded the attention of the newly Instilled gov.
The mead. inflexible naaa. darted. with a nameless
aim. at the sight of this elOcsr.
"Tear excellency will excess me. I hope." said the
jailer, "for visiting. you so late...but I promised the pris
oner that I would deliver this packet to yen, be!persem
land at this hour." And, as he smoke, he took from his
coat-pocket a bulky letter and handed rt to the goversot•
The latter received it with a tr.mhling hand. which he
tried in sal.) to prevAn': for, in tru:h, he wag ashamed
ler hie weakness; and thou goietly hid It on his table. - •
'Mew did the mandiehavot" hemid. partly t o conceal
' his neacconntelhi emotion.
"He died, sir, as he wee the mower, with a
l ead shah* of the bait "He told {he clergyman that be
1 would seen know more shoot eternity than a tboemell
prime wield telthim; and that. therefore it was ithelasets
talk. Yet be did net object to the prayer on the enfold.
He said it would do him ao harm, and might work semi
geed in the crowd; it vt as one of the defficieneies in foci
sty," he added scornfully. ••by which. he supposed, a le-
gal Murder was sanctioned."
for J:inuary.
*IXTO3." .a ttlZ
• city jail. wha
oat for an intern• 1
governor. reaolutelt
t. hive 111,4 t
who telb me that Oils
re. therefo:e* rerostid
terview. would be to
at common," leiter
don't think be 'fear
er= MOO determined
ire to 4.. yen. arises
your etceileocy may
er; wicked and dee-
Ida treat,. It i/J the
• fteu tbfak. a useful
He laughs at thvie
come, too late: that
wouldn't. be mean
ea now. even if be
0 governor
11 r
• ••90 it Was, in one seam. Aod yet be died brayelya
aot, bat brairely: more Ilk* a Pagan martyr
than a Christina murderer:"
Tit* governor laid his hand on the turnkey's shoulder.
"My friend," said hie. "you had a strange liking (or this
murderer, and this rscu+es to me yonr extraordinary ob.
tioua You.wonld act more wisely to keep them
cc:ice:Med, however, for all will not understand you as I
eo. Ttiese is too much mock sympstity (or crime afloat,"
he added, severely, "too much of a disposition to elevate
murderers into frames. It ill becomes public of f icers,
espncially, to countonance such morbid sentiments."
The governor waa alone
H. sat, fat some Liao. with the anopetted packet is his
head. truing it ovat and tear. his heart beadag with
strange ♦iolacce.
The lamp that hung jest overhead. threw its bright
glare full oa his broad brow, and thence down UM striking
countenance, the workings of the latter showing hoar
much he was agitated and how he *goggled against his
"This is w ' "he said at last. "1 am overwork
ed and nervous. What can this outcast. this Pariah have
to say to me. that 1 Mae tremble itl" And. With sad
der violation. he broke the seal. sod casting the *avid
ope carelessly to one side. began to unfold the letter.
A locket, of a fashion some Ovo and twenty years back.
fell to the table.
Asir struck:from his fingers. by to esseim head.- the
letter dropped to the door; aid that stem immoveable
man shook ea if ia an agse•fit.
It seemed as if he could not remove his eyes Stint that
locket. There he sat. his face ashy pale. his mike fixed
ba ilia toy; it possessed for him the fearful* faciaktion of
the Basilisk. Terror. boner, and agony chimed each
other, by turn; over his countesenee. Several tittles he
extended his fingers to take up the locket; but M. often
'withdrew them with a start, before teaching it, as g ghats
'we n e death is the contact.
i And yet it was but a simple toy. at least for steer
Ito look upon. It was entirely plain. 'though of d. and
I containedher setting. but semi hair, eviAstattii:,t_ber of
sew resette. wow tegesomorrjr-emet.rume. lOTMIIIIE MA MOM
11. 8. and E. W., worked in cipher. When hue ilte had
aeon that locket. it had been in tbe possession et Elleh
Wharton. It was his gift to her. Can we 'Oudot.
therefore. at his present emotion? - 1
• Oh! what tides of old recollections. full of the bitterest
remorse. surged through his soul. - The wound4Which
ihad been closed for years. broke teeth afresh; histerbole
frame was convulsed with agetv; and never. limier had
be seen /Wash' in so terrible a light. no! .not .14,4 in his
first home of vain regret.
Bat it was not aloes the thought of Ellen whit
trati his semi An awful suspicion flashed upon
dden as it was paralizing. What could the pr
1 ef that locket by the murderer mean?
I -
! *te
tit lik ,
A is
dad. by r
a , ad
bat y •ir
sea and
mor like
en; e
,elm oni'
h the
A ,V,
, • it,
al If
“Great God!” groaned the governor. alto • tearful
silence. in which he had revolved this roc 'riot:. dal it
aimed the form . of a eertsisty. "he w my owri child.
The nine pride—the Webber* spirit like myOwn—
his desire to see me." He spoke in • . tit lon4 later
vela. +"I see it all—oh. Loud God. by arm is loitg end
thy vengeance sleepless—l a , •ed my oftorin;. end
forgot even his existence. bat • y sin hes found e wet
at tut"
Ile started from his sea and began wildly top his'
study his demeanor mor like that of a wild man. ad the
jailor reel' him then: e would have had no difficUlty in
recognizing the rela onship between the prisoner and go
vernor. little as h then, or ever ailsr;nuipected the tor
rible tenth. 1 -
I - . At last the • venter passed at the stud glatiott at
the latter. lob still lay on the door. guested struggling
with him if whether to pick it up, or not:.
"I / rad it." he thought within *himself. 'ftetitsittly
will. chaps. remove all hops that it may not be Air min.
Setif he should have stolen the trinket—it he +wild
IkZ‘ve learned its histoi7 by chance—oh! there is a poonsi-
Oily here, which I had not thought or—he cannpt dn
collo me by als!,:e taco—l shall detect ii st
with almost ssvags earrnost. he clutched at thettet.
and holding it to the light. with shaking hands. b ean hi
The epistle was dated. ---• Prison. Thursday fight. - 1
to P. *l. November —, 18-.: and began without ntrtr
duction. It was written in a bold; though ineletaot band.
"When yOu receive this." it said. "I shallibis dealt. '1
r,eoguizie is your inflexible character sometbing akin to I
rot- own, and that forma a tie between us: ibe conli one
1 acknowiedin, though your blood 11Jws in erty veinit.
..1 have aalt , d to ace yon, not to sue, conird-liki. for
my litb; but to show ywhat - the son of a gOvern4, may
become, when lie is e t out. an I. l ?ortelits.!in his boy
I wanted not o ly . to triiernpb over yea , blit to f
hold my triumph. F my whole li t re has been one con-
ousel wrong at your hands: you made me' everything
that I am; , and 1 bate and curse you. father. There. I .
have written ;he word. how does it hiok to yout—How
does it sound to say that the minister in the conditioned
cell 'and the governor in his princeli mansion are child
and parent; and that they 'hare the guilt:equally betureen
them. the pee far having struck the deadly blotir.r the
other for hivi . left his olir.priog to gtoar up an oucreast.
'lieu w e. I see you do, as you ;read this. i will
make y , , writhe yet with even .keener agony. You
hav ben' the locket. which I 'send with this; it was
. given to tie with her dying breath, when, for the
fiat time. she revealed my parentage. I was then but a
child. Bot though I had knosin suffering; j had not
known sin; while she lived. angel that the wu, she kept
me out et evil. But else died early. brakes-havirtod. I
have been told that for more than 1 year. irbell I was el
Infant, she eke crazed. ,
••After her death I was lett to tight "my way through
the world as I best could: for 1 swore ever her eerie: (it
Was aline and furisisbek b 7 the *veneers) that you 1
Would Dever apply to, You cast het; off, whom you pro
feuded to love, Could 1. whom you had clever seen.
hope to'ressch your breast. But whether I could or net.
W ou ld have died a thousand deaths. sooner than have
cutpplieated to you.
I• 13)
you \mew biw Andrea et &mem deserted Ms
1111 PIC grew opt I' will tell you. sod whoa yea seeks
mecum speech in et foreign eilmiesk. thish et
what I say! Wltsti i Preest ii your vslmot-lead
pew. sad bear the impel preached. remember , that tire
&Ws. almost theaseade. use like year owe mos. and with
in a etena'a throw of year ehereh, bat with to gospel
preached to them. I bad no home. and I yet had to See.
what mild I do. bat whet ethers did? Sonsetitises I pod
died aowspepers; noimetiesee I sold Anseenini beets en the
wharrear and sometimes, when trade wee dab. and I
had no nioner to buy paposs or ovals, I stole. Vary room
I Utirgot who: my rnottior had taught ins of els Sabbgth
and tlyl. I I.arited to swear as other chillsett learn to
Mitt. Sometimes I sow TOO In the street. for I had learn
ed to knew your pennon; sad Dace. when yes Melee
steusbleflover in. as I stood, in my rage purposely to
.tars you, you aiettored that such a paw vagrust ought
to seat to the poor-hoaap. How , ekes I messod pa
that; and what amino joy it gave use:
Yon , * T wince again. MI this. you eat , wee per .01
i 4
„„,,. I hare you stubbora goal, as hard as granite it
self; and behold wh it becomes whom left wild, and no,-
ehiSelled. I grew outcast, a very lehmesl: - theire
was no one to care it ins, and I cared for none. The
world would not s to be boneelevea if I Weida. for
ores. reinserts° mother, I strove. for awhile. to
tiro se I thought she would have wished. I !found' e
store when they took use as emed-boy; bet, aeutt after,
some money was missed from the till: I was inotspeeteit;
and it being found that '1 had once boon in the noose lof
Correction, my guilt was considered clear. They Welt :
ed me out of the shop. and when I began to p+test say
innocence, threatened to send for a constable; That,
too, was your work., _DJ you think. if I had ip•PU ae
knowlodged WI your son, that I should have been consid
ered a thief by nature?
• But why go on? There are thousands like toe. guise it
lag up in the same monitor. in this city: and tbouseuds
more in every other great City In the land. Yet you
,plii!anthropisto—shl do I tench you again—think their"
'is no tall for burnan kindness in our direction. day! rf
gard it no sin to desert your own unacknowle i gtd olr
spring. Well. we are even with yes. after all„ Socie
ty auJ you make Isbrifilifitll/ of no, *ad we rePay rdo
both by eternal war. We sell pestiferous book.. to your
other children; we tdach them to swear from easing us
swear in the streets: we diffuse everywhere the poiscM
colour sin and our hate: we violate your laws. and laugh
at you morel terrors. I.
"They call you a great 'man, a fearless; reformer, nod.
I believe, something also of a *shit.. You feet like •
saint new, don't you? Behold your work: You yOnzi;
self, are my murderer; sharing my els e - yen sign my
iliath warrant; and raise a pardon, nay: even an basn
view. because his against your principles. OW,
perkier. Broad is your phylacterio. and long me pray
in the market-place; you spoil widows and orphan,.
even your own child; surely great shall to your reward in
jeaven. t
"You arm I knew something of your Scriptures.---
Bine. I have been befe, when no one was by, I have
read mach of them, under the eye of love. I might pet ,
haps, have been a different man.. But, believe Sae. Men .
ire not what you, and those like you, think. Chri4 did
sot torn from the
. .btagdslena. Christ never ;,leased
the father who abandoned his child. I know not why
my mother called herself Hagar. aid me Ishmael, for in
beat are typified to all lime oats ale. lilts ourselves.
have been different But It is lbw late now. The world
treated aim. tenet my vu cradle. miter Christ tovisthi:
and the sin of my iniquities. et least in part.' if tbi
l c
world's. Yet now yo Chrisitisos, after 'maltiag me
what tam, murder me th legal fermi; for , before hear
en and eternity. lent in int Of the intent to kill. - I!
struck the blow in self d *IOW Bat 1 was as outcast.
aid my word went for nothing; besides. an example wet
needed, is the judge esid, to stop the teneat Osier Toti
ng ever the land: and in conseginenci, also crowd humor- 1
row, will be filled with godly 'edification. I suppose . toe
ese • fellow creature chol(od Soder the gallows."
The Manuscript closed abropdy at this point., The
governor, who had read it. literally with hair eit end.
seek back with a groan iuto his chair, the letter tailing
from his relapsed band to the Boor.
**The Lord God Omnipotent reigoith," he tauerrrerod
is a Mies broken like as old man's. And with hi f cap
sulated matenceo, be went ea at admirals. "Vangnalte ie
mime. I will. repay--the brained road sad emokingidaz—
late eater darkness, when shall 4a-wailing and gnash.
ing of teeth."
His bead dropped Airwatd en his brawl. sad hie words
auk tate indistinct anutterioge.
It wits tang after midnight. when the governor's wife.
awakening and not finding her hnsLand et bereide,
cieded in alarm to bii stody. She opened the door. and
seeing him sitting in hie chair. as if asleep, approeelsed
to arouse him. But when she came nearer. the started
back with a shriek, dropping bar was. for 4 " Su"
on the stark features of the dead.
No one heart: bee shriek. fortossotely, as she after
ward thooghtt for. on looking to sae if there could he any
camtais and , !..; , n‘doath.stis described the letter, and
afterward the locket. She reed the first: sad then tann
ed them both, and finally calmly summoned the hens.-
hold. -
An eminent-ptiyeicien 'rave a certifirate. the nett day,
that Governor Stanley had died era stroke of apoplery;
And the widow, who atone View the troth. offered -no
But from that day, it I. as *bemired. she smiled.
How could she'? For shicarriml. Is her bosom. ooe of
those awful secrets which sear thr heart forever. and
from which there is no 'tropes° hot in' the grave.
A. Bear Story that bears Telling.
In the Juvenile Wetleyea—ba i twhether original there ,
or not, f can scarcely tell—there potpeara a story of au Li
venture with a bean., which, whills l it furnialies some ma
terials for • good round laugh; illastrates the desirple
nem of militia among mernbereortho same family.
At the Ant settlement of Verineat—go the story 'Fees
three yonog men left their homes in Massachusetts. with
Titles in head, and each bought a tram of land side by
ride is the wilderness. They erected a log hut; and
*reed to live together. and Mork first of one. and then
ou the ether's farm sltersately.
After i few months' h'lrmonions action, one of them
beierne dienstisfied. and would no-longer work only on
hie own farm. Thus that continued some time without
northing' to interrupt their coarse.
Oee der. the two who ware at work together were cur
-prised at the coteries of , the one at work by hirwelf.
Thee vamped their rides. and flew to the relief of their
comiade.-but when they came in sight of him sneh a la.
dicroos inane presented itself to their gaze. that it was
some time before they could restrain from langhieg eaM
eisody to bold their titles with hand. This Man
was at work. having pie ed hie rifle against a tree *One
little distance off. when large bear came between him
and his rifle. and attacks bun. Fiadief them wee so
tints to lose, he sprang fef the nosiest sardine that die
beer scald tat climb. sal was, soon up into it; bet the
sapplimg was too tender t d bear up his weight, and it
bent aver like a bow. snOrought him in inch a position,
thit he had to bald on with hie feet end hands, and the
bent part of his Made. which was sneered with buckskin.
hese down within reach of the beer when he stood en
his hind legs, and with a stroke of hi, fore paw an him
in a afiariiag motion. The hear very patiently act on
hie ban nches rill he begamet more steady. end then would
give him another blow. and Mourne result followed: bet
his dews did net penetrator the buckskin.and the flesh wee
net tern. After the two had Mauled to • hearty laugh
they drew up their rifles and stfetched peek Brain on the
round. Thy united arin end sistissol teriker Ant
ere. . I
. ,
Remember that Madams Relieveth the Poor.
Mile * mood the bright hearth-moo of bootee ba* 'Woe"
Are prkemit the lowed ones °tennis the meat dear.
Remeasber.of posertrs deep, bitter sadirons,
So msay monad as are tasting adhere.
The' the dote& it be biuer d and noires the bean
dierosiaber thatlii•Jetsis retiereth the poor.
When wild whatrr winds in their fur' are sighing • •
dirge, for tinv t.r1,7t,1 that's erred ;
%Viten her of tlr7 n rtit to :rally are seen Mein,*
Where the sita's kindly rayd ate still
Then poverty'. cdp, .I.,itiertkmn to Lie. brim.
And he that Ores freely: God ;teeth biol." . -
When deep arena" forms do reersbadOw the pine;
When Christatas mad :dew Years are with as again; ,
amblessiopt are o'er as like summer flews abed.
dart limey clouds Ali the shy overhead--
Them aped your treasures of earrii hottatoomas luxe. '
Lad say so the aflame 4, *lle happy once awe."
Tide kindly the Wks seem to stns le uo yoL now,
And bnzlit dreams of glaLine- enliven your brow; ,4
Ye:,•:i:l4ly your f",,:tre . be era,: - 10 i (1... i:,urronr.
And to of to- , h, turn to dark nese tu-lo„,^row--
Tina scatter your trearturem, as r•atterettt rain
Aad say to the sorrowing: "Amble ye op i n.
The Messages of The Post.
In Mrs Notion's Imo work, Stuart of Donloath, there
are many' papayas of remarkable beauty. Tile f.tlloW
ing is from the Ant chapter:
The poet is come in. • "At noun of mnltiinde, signify
ing malty.", The npEsttes which lay huddled together in
the mad-bag, hive been sorted and delivered according
to their several addresses. They, have bean scattered
along the.rows of louses „IA e.seed in' a plowed furrow.
and according to the seed mown, is the crop raised; teary
for some. hid smiles for others; joy and grief, like un
seen spirits,. entering with the post.
The letlem are come.
That fir-traveled treasure, the ship letter,' with its
• i
aims faun distant' climes; the love-letter; the remittance,
or refusal to remit: the attorasy's letter, with a threat of
“ultorioriteaeures." terrible is its vagueness; the niSter
nal counsel; the keen aid beer reproach; the half-jest.
Lag. half.acand•lous gossip, i nmediately to be . repjated
sod multiplied as though a ).terrotyreed edition wsseelled
far l
i• 1 he vain appeal, wrists i with ang•t:sh , blattel with
lean; the letter of empty oonsfiltaient or Cefeniun OIOY;
black-edged, black.ssalisti. ominous look•Ligannonac.-
oa tof the 'death of a friend or relation—all 'lines* have
arr i vvi at theirdestiastion.
VW troubled if the stream of life's waters is the spit."
It Of the hour passes over its (see. If we could look into
these beaus 'boss windows and closed doer* wear
sensually dip PISS 11J-1 as they did an hoar ago. what
chants we might. behold! There ajis a matron weep
ing; ber pails girls are weeping too; they rose cheerful
ly this morning; all wee as sisal; the morning prays:.
the household theb...the plans for the 'merront,but the
storm has swept aver them. They know themselves
widowed and orphaued—since the Post came iu.
in ;Ise next lipase, busty orders sire given, preparation
are being made for a sudden journey.poatti, which
came as • certainty to that other family Circle Only threat
easbors. The absent sea lies sick of a fsver--deliriosti,
perhaps dying; bat them is bops. Are the home come?
fitw s owls as erdeinAmeguitupot.glitge been burry.
Close by the shade is the sunshine; leek iota the dwel
ling copiposite. 41. Washing girl is there. with her 'permits.
She would Cala 'cover her face with her•hauds, but.they
are playfully held by her (at her; stuilirigly. sad yet-ten
derly he vrair.hre her downcast eyes, through whose shy
lids his glance seems to pierce. The lover he. priTo•ed:
• is accepted; she is happy; ttioughl she ii to kayo home.
Home: she has had a 'isles of ..hirate it her own"
since the pest came ii. •
Despair, nee, disgrace; the party-well perhaps. alone
divide* her frets whease where these hare alighted to
visualisers* leaekrupt 'peculator. He has received a let
ter sad reedit. He stares :oddly oc re vaney.
"Ms city
Are with tog heart. net th .t is far away," .0 •
In fancy be beholds the face of his daughter. innocent:
dimpled, child-like. He sees his eons, handsome youths,
'just entering manhood; he sei • their 'nether. ,-.1,4)
bare his good true wire fur near thirty learn. larmi!iar
Nees glide along the blank
. wall opposite, like figures
(non itettm dreadful magic lantern. He sits. now per-
Oozed and trembling: now still and stony: there has Use's
bet one idea dear to him, the idea of sumum—sisma the
post cams itt.
Eves to thaw who have not their part ; n the Liam ing's
distribution, the post hoer is err hour of. interest.-- How
Olen has it been waited for with sick heart-throbs. with
bitter,' restless anxiety. How often, gliding Isy in_barrem
newt has it east a shade of unutterable dejeotiou on ti~a
dial of • sanleis day. Flow often, has its very amotiitess
done more to e•msiimo the 1:11•411 of *Amor. at m
ad I wrong. end neglect, than all the jgrring words that
ever Were penned.:.
“It is sweet whoa the winds disturbs the Waters on the
west deep, to behold from the hind the great distress of
another; pot
,because it is a joyous pleasure that any one
ettenld be made to suffer. bat because it is agreeable to
see from what evils then :livself art free. It is ohm sweet
to contemplate contending forces of war arrayed
over the plants. without tiny 01A . .., of thy own in danger.
But nothing is evreeter then to occupy die well-defended.
serene h-ighta raised tiv the lemming of the trio.. from
wheat.- tts. , ll me% est lziAt 'town uiiett others. and eo
them ;rig in all d'recluns„ Ann:. • .g about to fiats
the belt path of iiie: rotiteii , l,ug in imellertuel p iwer, v:.-
ing with earn other to notilenesa of birth, road 'vomit,
by; excessive labor, night end day, to riso to the highest
power, and obtain the government of affairs.
"0 wretched minds of meal 0 blied whet
darkness of life, and in hoer great dangers is tibia emit
ones. of whatever duration it ie. mused! May we not
me that the nature of every men demands nothing more
for itmlf, buts that he. from whose holly pain is remover!
en d a b sent . ma y aLi e r iao his mind with a pleasurable
feeling , exempt from car., and feat/
..Wo are iniensibie, therefo, e. that very few tliinge
• Cr,- necessary to the nature of the body—Mora
namely,. which are of such a kind . thai they may ke.ip
pain, and tliat they may afford. at the same hullo, cii,oy
pleasures; Cur doeynatu re rewire zrati:irattor,.
If there are violin . therhousee of men golden minces t f
y n n i th a . ti n kling in M e l t ' right hands lila:lug lamps, iu or
dee that light maybe supplied for the nocturnal fame; and
it their dwelling neither gleams with silver, nor glitters
with gold. nor harps cause the arch: I add gilded meal.)
reeonniii, nevertheleis, when they have stretched 'them
selves upon the soft grass near a stream of Wilier. wider
the boughs of a high tree, they socially. though with nu
great weetth, gratify their ceases with pleasure. especial
ly when the weather smiles upon thefts, and the arasone
of the year sprinkle the green gram 'with flower,: • Nor
do hot revers sooner depart-from the body. if ?on are t.i
sed on woven fignres and blushing ynrtile, Corm if you
are obliezoil to Le wilder a plebeian env sine.
"For which reasou, since neither nor nobility,
north. glory ore kingdom, are of any profit as to our body,
we must farther .appose that they are of no prGfit xis the
mind; unless, perchance. when you see yosr legions
eine with energy ever the surface of the plain, stirring
sup the images of rue or. when you see your fleet eati
leg with animation, and epseeding far abroad upon, the
water.religiese feat* alarmed at these thiar.fleie affright
ed from year mind. nod the dread of death then leaves
year time undisturbed anti free from care. fiat if we' see
that saph seppesitlene and expectations are ridiculous and
merely objects of derision, and that in reality the feani
and pursuing careis of men dread neither the sound of I
arms nor cruel weaves,. and mingle boldly among kings I
and raters of lealfll, nor shriek before the brightness
gleaming from laid. or the shining splendor of a purple
garment, why do on doubt but that to prodnee these et.
feat* ie wholly the ernes of eitaseo• especially wliena all
one life labors under the darkness of ignorance? For. as
ehiklren tremble and leer everything in thick darkness.
se we. is the light. fear sometimes th'ile4 which are not
more to be feared than those which children dread. sad
lineghte about to happen is the dark. This term of the
mind. therefore, it is not the rays of the son or the bright
armies of ate day that must dispel. bet she ceittratplation
of sabre. sad the Manilas of noon.”
Elegsat Extract
S 1 5 0 A
a Charuterof Paul.
Sr I. I.IO:iDI.ZIr.-.4
Paul. in his ha
resenstiks Boast.
both in hitoilitelkt
Ile hatfthe
ter iudittiance to
dctorrnituid on his
able resolution; th
er and opinions. a
dons cratrol over
semblance is in th
with rapidity of t
thought soiditer. y
W. too, which both
There ere many
!es' wasted in redo
upon. Ti , -,urlit to
le!'0:7 7 <c tst,
But (trim n
work tic tter 013:1 e
lte ism* self c.
ittnotioni—ers.o let
are exhib.fed in his
,and btinJed by tiro
when arreeteif by tt
foi! on his face a• a
tail eueouraged ltt• t
(or Saul,) thot i lli a
cd no aOriptoits of
the light. the glory,
Beirut to nrraet the 9.
serf and his eru-itiol
Cicala of terror. sim;.
me to do?" With
and strong or ever,
wanted of hien. and
oral Litarect,r before his .
nuq-e Shen an other man
~ 911 t'evelopment4 and oriel of purpose. tho; IRMO at .
.1.1:011I en:Tering wben hei[ ad mum
urlo, the same tireless : , n i sector.
• saute fearlossoese both of '0 pair
d that calm. ilaysto.
',there. But tho point of " teat re
u ui, , n n't n strong.`eorroot drawn.
'ought and sudden lertpitis Tbs 7
t hotter than other men. ti• pow
promised was all praet;eal !Rawer.--
nof sirs tur minds, force.. tevertbe
! tion., or su theories for *guise to Oct
e work gut into language. bet not in•
. 1 , p?ei titter than they C3llperfann.
Utter, hut they could
other n6/1.
so; andl rerf...ct rubjeetioj
...I. itself - 1 10 the mandates s
:ouduct when smitten to
tglit add voice from honest
ga me 4oice on the Isfs.of
Mead mail, and dared not sth
isiango . alse, "Fear not." I
TorQccutor. and violent sisal
bum or Inter. The seies.
nod the &Omega that follot
Irotre.t mind; hat he. mutt
m.teatl of :tieing way to'
ly s-.41: 4 L0rd, whet wilt
1;3 TC4!o4 and judynent
?le Itueveint once that sotnet
ever ready to act. bv askoc
From th:s time 0.!
the cerniviotions
fr m
oh whence he
,%:11:se his pers:eu,in l
CinJe he haj
. his trails can be diptingt
, t it. S.:right back to 31
so recetitly come w;:hlett
r.‘, its trot to cl•-• .'•,4 Tot
j . .iil r,I),I• 1 -.:.,....! siatt2ht
i c . s t 0117 lq , i,..e'i. c, ~t :;,u1:10301'1
Urrats' ofiß pl , ~1 ' o ,lv iiii,h
II- •tsbal ir.rav :o the dark el
ic:plel wore ro!leealed. end
! - I3 Son of God. lie strode
Lro the estorashed prieals
fled. - We thuudereci at th
. ar,,l shalciag Jerusalem
emprst of rage ead fstrry •
cloa:zinzEr footsteps. be
ter.d ofteinz to places
'ler.. hvdfeelia , re would be
nalirs tily. lila • father's Iso
ft,: his kindred end fries
I o.and violence. he was
h and \h" ----- '.i1115
strong hoot never
fear, when the lofty
Vin/011. die
str , trts, where the di
seeret:y hi faith it
synageguea.'!end br:f
assist and I.rins ernci
the Saithedriiu
earthquake. evoke
self. with ataStr:ns
tett the city. But r n o
was unknown. and w
c. 4, he started f0r1.15
home af h,s bothund,)
entreaties. te.irs, sc
pervicaa. To:Anti
Syria nod ov
the tcp of Mlirs'
of Wows. in the 0001
of the eternta of
ternsined tone. U,•te, end shrinkin,
before t. Lkf• soma ;t.
iv:tint:a heave arena
'preiier.i7e, Bawl. cr.
driti!, . 4 11 thr 'hare
.yirrno along tt •
r 1 1 , 1 , o 0 :.:ri t t a w ti r: q tv e
o c i rl:l he het ea w n o b. a
whivthegorreone city at iarfamt.
LrarthMton Ithind bite; ....4 1 0 1 !•
uy wallalef a prieot. on **borders
i, he spikkot in the MHOS 01 a.-
1 ed by nii danger, awed by ne pre.
f(0111 1:11:4 reSpOUSliliiitr. h movers
and etnhiniiinent of pewee. The
hint. laid kings turn pal i in bid
Jn:Artitriis swear neithir to oat or
- i
in iiim; to , lera slid priests combie.
'le stow ilitn; yet. over the din of
Of vieivilee, hie voice of sloquesce
a$ a call, ea he Milt
tii crucified. The whip iolaid on
tirts whit every blow. .aid tbs.
own fah a dungeon: but at mid-
lattinsi alv.: pen
the codliet
riseq ecer and di,
r preaehee Christ and
late bask till the blood
1 ii 4 sneugledbaly. is th
n;;ht you h , ar.:ll,tt
ahuicen tha woriti. rot
Gcd, sajlu! uu earth
dauoas: tho manacle:
the 1 .3011.4 with•lruts of
swing. on tht it hinges.
Olio cannot point to
he faltered a tironftd.
rear. Throogl na h:i
iotrepi4oy at clpta,ta
fixed au regualis
ktUe: ug on QtOCieS, 11 I
:2 , °,r , d t , )
km_ i ;up .lud Clez.
i^ c itrrG strong voce whi
(or.2i io a hymn 'of p
uskc rook s the prison to i •
aif from tWo hands of the e
emeelres. and the mania
sils;:ls'kpot in his career.
• r rve Way to discourage
~r:toise fife he exhibited t
and lolly vpirit.• With it
t'so itdniof ordinary wort
as not permitted him to
n ir,corrci tibia crown. t I
death how indidirtbalf
:a 11).31' midst of the• m
da (torn his lips
wsfdlaing is ire detiri
• i •
calitatti as they oisapps
/t, O sight that awe! •
I oleo, a 41v4r• won: veleta
:'thotrglii in a spit:m.2i. we
citron. 11111 traudisdet; pas
e.;•1-it. Meer his cal",
ao.oa aunt d•seumot.ons of 1
sad itt.ti time of .ney
I rght, l be
uP . : 4 :or n•r. croWu o
nor 'intake; ore
oitt,2• 4 ,•cov. 'to be (re
:he Ri:l4l (-iuct, and th
nxrde.l !him Lad welch=
Ito:M. 11::i , :Ito idro
CIV. h.ld 116 i 1195$::Ig
tons of oi:.•
the scuoie of tim eon:.
lea us. iitit holtoitl ra
tared with mant a SC3
100kInZ hick Wit tf,,Z;l
on the - earth. Oc.. on
v.‘iee ringing ovtr tt,o
ow now rosily e.
.U:o it , at 1
,4 rot! o.elt.rl
• •!4;.;.•:
hc•'.• :•urr-111:1.0
tro• (.1 . F!11:1111:4
duct La cd. thc•t•
of an; OM Huabitrot i
3 Li:culiar people.
onr pipe!, furuishes th ,
dettuuemeat of
Hoi , to het
errtich mro d,ser
ris r01:2 4 9 , 612i11t.Qt ul an;
illtotat Kti iutprestitlj.
rec.::t') took Waco:—
- ,
r; Linebra i t, Were the joint
ii. ,O,ti l io oncitiity of the E
7fe , ;kia Janke coneidtrabi
, ug oitielta 'fifty. and wa
%all oa I.lle light side of i
01, Verl 111.ti74...i1ab Vio4/3812
!, a tier W. ulacomfortabli
.1.t,„1,1 till crabterteo to toi
a ;
a se;pits'lon. - Siparit
It„a private Rua Judope
1. ,:r....t, of zithers time. both . ,
'10; inne. thei beat &Tigre
. $i lo , * 4 . 1•.. But things
oouly re adored them loot
, Liter'sSoutpany. Their
' etieug
Mr,:mi era' an Std Jl.t
. prielCe•ef r. tilt
Fart.; uniere' thLy. ut,tt
U. . He Veal ell tat w
renstmattly joalhui. Sh•-
ty a..ct
cutist-..11 rencler
Itrr );:14;zittc , 1 IrtidAty.
endurable. the} azteed [-
the ! c; , *
eittioally le
, &Act fTI•i fu Rr r I
fro.n bad to wo se. p , cer.
t:).111 Wier Ili enei
lo4+sJoa h,et , t.a su viute
ei , ri"' •
arr....t. at ( . 44
, r -OIL 're
11,. :1%m.! up" , )
I:intwe the loolkl
sz.l Lai OWN:I:110 for•iii
atiLinctta of ilriieetture.
•-liow much do I owe?
Weir:eat of hoe rorsuro .
"give inn tho 1).11. printip
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