Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, December 20, 1851, Image 1

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'A. P. DVitt.lN.lktio.. Proprietors.
frit. Ohoeruer./
H. F. 8 0 Aft - •. 1 47 • 11 d t/o r.
... TIM V 114" Or "TUC. P.ArEll.
Cay itubscril•cn tip the came,. at. , II"
Ity marl; or at the office. in anvaxice. 1.50
TT If not paid in advance. or within.threelaOlathe hom the Uwe at bubserilaug. tvy o dollars 14 ill be charged,
JJ'AllcOunnutllcationr uticthe poni paid. .
C: rd not exceeding 1 . lila. oneLy ear. •
63.00 1
l'' , 0 , ,e tare r . .. ~ •• 110.151
• do. .do. viz month*, .. 1 • - 6 . 00
C.O. do. three months. ....!. 3,00
iri ii ,,,,,,en t a dt ereoernen tr, 50 cents itersguare. of fifteen line.. ot
r....Jr the flr,t Ifitenlerl. C. 5 cents fur each vutraNuent invertion.
.t_t I" , atly ;Ai erti..en• have the privilege of changin..l at pleavire;
ut at r ol.‘ue arc alma ol to occupy inure i 4 han too liquareh,all44a
6r !Inalrd ti. th,,rimmethale latainrss.
.4 ,i .en ~... r, ,e r, I, I , 0 t having other directions, will be h.serted t JP.
,r , .id and rt,.,:::.1 accor4hocia,
s.Va ,- ht,dipernad Repatret. Dealer in Wateheq. Clocks. Jewelry.
nit Glasses and other 1%1119 C0u4.1%..
ton• 0111.clOof Rr>t of the Reed (louse.
Itu.■ in Dr'{ Grueer f tes, 11nrdwatr, Crcekery,&c. ?co
, Petry Raek.State street, Erte,
krTOILYFY AT L.w —orrice on Park Row, between Brown's new
- I';,t, I and the Ref 110aPt. up 'blip , .
I. ALAI. its Dry Goods, Groceries, Liquors of all kande. Crockery
%ad.... Arc.. one door south of StiVith Jackson's store, French
treet. Erie. Pa.
i .._ ,
G. A N li It E .
~. nt et3.o4k.itlre ("frelabach—Depot of Foreign MUSIC and inn
-tent Nlttrebai.dt/e.„ ' It.tle,ne and retail, No. Ilk, St't . Sth St.
at , = In•-tinii , tfitt , t, 1 inadelitlia... c, . •
I'm-sat aa 4 and Ss 5.....n.—.1 Oct. corner of-State nti Seventh
- Street*. Ret.oletiCe no I:11)th Street ; between Preach iLlt,i
= thalami. F:r.e, Is
R IlltirOeerle., Pro% mein. , , I,V pies, I.lquer.. enini les, Fruit,
Arr.. one !icor I,elou Lcwmr.At r'ret State street. Erie.
SAN FOR 13 - & - Co
Bralr"" in Gopl.Silecr„ Rank Noir", Pratte, Certificate" of Be
:1;1/0:v.11:Inge on the principal cities convanel}
entice tit Braell)'" BHA"Ir, Public Square. Erie..
ttg 4 , 0 I .*- 44 :Ece. corner of Ftonch Rod
eln I'IS. l,ter Mow.. Korth . .. etore.. Re-gd , •nee Fourth
lu.•d.,l o 1 t.teot Ii poihrclry Han.
It.* I s 1 Eli ft Err dr SONS;
rrr,lantil r r., Ii f 411 "dinpls of Grovvrics.• Uri :or.. S!up
• . Ace.: and grit. IVO,dmile
. f the:11...1. 1 4 ;0. 1110.Ch0a1..;4. En.%
- M M. S. LANE. ..
it Attorney and Cotunalloi. at Law.
geintenonar. rano. nut Not 1. Petenotni..l3o.inty Lon +. and
e la In. !or e Ural .1,..1114.131i 1.1 her Woollen entrueted io me shall
T ree 's , prorup, and r,,Ehrio attention.
Office in ltirtgltt's Block oti e%taie otreet. over J. U. Follerton•A
n) fe.. Erie lief. 19.
LA I RS) ft:UST.
k•ml Retail Denier, ni Dry (;.,..iil.,k;rotterieiii.liarilteare
Flour. dr.e., N. I, Rl:right'« Block en ,
zwr 01 hits and eltate Strectil
N%11 . -Do•! I alM lr
()LIVER tiI"AF - F0R1.), ---
likx - k.rll,r and' Siatiwer, and 11nitufaetFrr Blank Book', and
runic I uk. corner ad the ihatnohd nk i Su It .t Pet.
and gt wr_i Agency and ...onnw—ton (Yank
• •111 - 1.1 , S REED. .
1, ,
Drat: R in rno.4l.l. f ri,,an .Vuertean Harm. arr 11111
!Call, int sh,• Vr tar, Iron and t4reel No. 3 }toed 110tg..1.:
J. F. 1:1-15iilt-&-e;,
Bt. 1CQ31 , 11.0. ("armee and Wagon Buildere.State Street. •he
(*een irveitih afi. Eighth. Erie.
Li STRONG, M. 1)
dWraul:, erne Door west of C. B. krrutht'. store, 11f1 stairs.
(We r m all Doct. A. Rerzr., Seeinth near Sas.afr 1. wet!. Res •
Attieltee, bit eat...array., one door hortrr Of - Seventh A
(.7'. Si E . OEL.
want, %X r and Retail drater in i:rocerierk Provialmw. Miler.
I.tonot . Feud, are.. &e - Corner of French and EttlbStreeni.
opir,-ste It e r e re,telt.' 110t.l.tralle.
SV(11.1:r :II i ' t -. and Rid .) :. ° ll l-1 1kr 8 a; v r i r iC ti l : A Fi N n N itl ' y Gro;eriataL Crocker!.
—.-- ----
t: law , l arr. Iron. !ti :AIN Sae.. Cheap rhdr. Erie. Pa.;
ri ,- Ti.:. hied,' pruee paid for Country Produee.Xt
Mee It ..Ve TM! on. alid Mt' Maker—ShoK No. I Piot' Peolite'd
. ~r•. ox 7r A. & afters' roeery !lore ) State
k.• VI
ITTOR:V t I:Y AT L;lrr, .' • •
, - r 1 g , IF:ce. on ; 4 el , ,ih Street. Lrle. Pa
. _ _ . ___
1.1-Irrw,Jr,l•ber. and Remi t Dealer iw Dry Good.. Groe. Ile.,
• r,-;,: y, 1;1,:5.n are, Carletiw,r,. Ilamln are„ Iran, Steel, Na • •-,
-, ,I, i, 8.•-. • F.t.sptnr. St) -s Viate etreet,lOur doot 4 , belon
-t ,
It ,•,‘ t.'n l!t. t . Erin. l W a.
-- lu, hi, % :CA'.. Bel O - ..%x1. , .Irrn.:sl poem' int.,ani a poem'
..... , roine .1 1 - f .'.i,1,:1e nitti Carriner 'franinine..
A I.Aw of- the Pel,,e,
IllAtua! I. fr InstaranCe ClMpar
(;};URGE IL CI - 1 LER,
AT v.ixEx AI LAW. A; rant . Erie COUDIY• Pa.
atteiided to with protnpwww,
••car !,r—r & Coll/1,14:mq l j lerchant = on the Pdhhe Dock, east of
r•• 1 WT.!, Ft.,h, constant]
, •• Ir • s.r B.! :/il . .llrAi ran in Fortign and Domestic Dry
n lit, &Aare. Boole and Shoo.. &c.. No. 4
,:or• e ztre,t.tne.
and Itrcker. Ificater in Mil , - of F.:l•ll3iir.
rPrt rf.enic.iof f;olii and PriVer cnur. he.. kr
li, et. corner of State-sr; aii.l.Publ Sunic
• 7 ^• •r,• •N -I Mir , ' kip ritairs Hall blinding
os• ProthGr..ct,•s (Afire. Erie.
• _
r r
AT, C. , C , {AVLIAM AT LAVI -.A • ,• I. UV CT ti. T. Wright's
e, 12:1LUltlee OUC 11001 SVC,* Of Stair titreet, on the plantontl,
i , F‘rflt An Dry GOCNiA, Dry Groectyles, Crockery, Hardware, ke.,
♦O. 111.
f If rein Dry Goods, Oryceries, Hard ware,t4ucens Warr.
1,3‘1. 111, Citcapottle, Erie, Pa. •
ISI PIM Mira l'pholstk.r, and Undertaker , coiner of 540r 4 aad
7•CSlllth streets. Loc.. 1
_ _
EDWINJ.K — ELS . 0 & CO.
6,1.8%1. Forwarding, Produce 441 COMMIvon Merchants:dealers.
roars and fine ,kalt, Coal, Pla,aer, Kludglea, Ike. Public dock,
•ole of the bridge. Erie.
C. t Forw - a•ding. Coskm-edon and Pioduee Merebaula:Sce
0i.41 Wurrhouve enst of Me Public Bridge. Erie.
G LooAilg" & Co:
E 6 i c ter,, Plated and
Drat tits in Watches. Jewel : yr
uu Nd y ve a r,_c a nna_;. eime
Britanlia Ware Cutlery. _ r nc
- nrarl) dpposate the Engle 110 E rie.
--- CARTER & BRCiTtiE,
Went es ALa and'Retall dealers an Deur, Medyir" Paints. Ode.
n)e-•tuffe. dc.c.: No. 11. Reed House.
FAatIOVAIII.I Merchant Tailor, on. the public square, a few Jeers
...rm of State street, Erie,
D. 87CL-Xiik.
Mull-as...Lc •ND Illirtati. Dealer in Groceries. h vrisions. Ship
( 1. a I,.llrry. Stone-% are. k.e. ke.. No. li,Bontidl Block. Erie.
_ . ...
0. D. .S PA POD RD. , 4-
Dc.ilei in Law. Medical. senool Miscellaneous Books stalkmary
Ink. kr. Stale *L. four doors below the Public square.
. S. WC - Kk.RBO - I , l f - •
h:vAriA4r Ivn !trim rev—Ofice at his residence on Seventh Street,
• ~;2 0 -ite the Methodmi Church, Exit..
.._ -
• ..ifT oft, R a r.., it. dealer,. in Drum Medic &nes. Dye Slurs
, .. ,, ,,•ries. ke. No. 3, Reed Howe, Erie.
_ • Refitlent Dentist; Office and dwelling to the
Beebe Block. On the East side of the rubble
Square, Erie. Teeth inserted Gold Plait.
from one to an eattre sett. Carious teeth Oiled
pve Uold, and re,tured to health and usefulnew. Teeth
aped a nll instruments and Beatifies's. ai to. leave them of a
ue.d cknnwss. work warranted. •
, ty t)V.R .-194 Key arfk. Dein and ;UMW' Poirdes. jua
rr crivrd and tor ■ale by the keg or gem quillOWlr.
1 :r , P: July Vb. R. T. laranarry I Z
- -
s(yl BAC.P long Balt. On hand and kw sale at
No% . Tit . W. F. R m DER NEM.
11. B. IlLsvr.isruic
1) for sal
T: M. Arm•
poetril nit 311,i5rellauti.
e i
The warrior; bean beats wild nd high
Ife e beers bite g Maul bond, .
And joy beanie forth from PVC eye •
•To heat the end command
The sound of home di:4h sw y fall.,
Each brunt is light as air: .
Au 1 nu rrily they heed the ealli ,
To greet the loved. ones 01
"We're going houie!" the r at 'ICZ/46.i ' •
Elpresol every ,ineti of sail; i
. ,
Right swiftly now our vestYcl nip", • • '
Nat Ran theeonaing rite. •
MI hardy i men and rough am are.
And fat away we roam;
But nem on tlic 00 rosy Ka
Forget the Joys of home.
Wftenee tomes the brilliant flake • •
Around the pilgrim's eye.
. And .vr Ith rtr bright and sparkling lit
'ells of some reflitteolgh.
Tholigh he With wandemf loogland f.
In this dark world odaear ,
Ile finds at Wes raiding nu,
The home of ea rly years.
aViiere shall the faitlifdi ehrisurot tilt
IViien lon and nealt his frame;
When soon for stye shall erase to butt
Life's dint uncertairOaine.
Bright aspirations no will come.
His dying stay to proiee. '
And softly whisper—going home—
Home to thy rear at‘4•e.
,♦ TALE of LIrE.
%Vim,: a boy 1 was Gout to., E school- lu a
in ouo of tlio midland cuortties. Mull/ale
Ile slope at the foot of a lofty !till, round w
pike-road wound scientificallY to dirniniah
of the declivity: aud the Loudoncoauh,
along the white road regularly at liallhat
with one wheel dragged, might be tracked
tittle• before it crossed the bridge over tit•
nod di , appeared from met.- We Opera,
of the gfteruoon school as the twarliiig ho i
woke up our qniet•otie street; and a forint)
ways thought was Griffith Maclean, bur 09'
wtra ott melt occasions asorild Ann cin
twit!, nJ seizing the hand of the guard,
of hisntncle'lf, mouut on the 'roof, and ride
chose fur the mero trouble of vrolltitaglba ,
school consisted of between twenty and thi
the care of a master who knew fettle and tai
for krving three sermons to preach-every
aides two on week•daya, be had but hula trt
duties of the school; 'and the only filthier h'-
to keep was a needy; hard working lad. Whose poverty
and tune worn habiliments deprived him 4f any In area
control over the boys.. Timis state With itivi toppled' with,
the nervous ersiscible temper of the pedogoguernaturally
produced a good deal of delinquency. whichi wai duly
scored off the becks of the offenders every toot riog before
breakfast. 'l hos want ais wanted ,p tuition nas made
up iu fie:ging; and d the master was rare!) ru be school.
he made amends for his absence by a •igGron use of his
prermlative while ho was there. arifflth Ms !eau; who
was never present on these oreitnolls. eon. only at
nine o'clock. Was let our c3lornOri lienerne , uf.. One by,
one he had taken all our jsehel4 ding a cob .nt tailor nil
the village, and got them for a inning Cool so well lined
wadi old remnants of• kind ot fell or serge , . for the man•
ufacture of which the place - was fatuous. that We Could af
ford to stand tip without wincing, and' even to laugh
through our wr faces Under the 'tnaiutinal ceremony of
caning. Further. Griffith war il i a o sole m
%n eans of COM
eturutatioo with the shop keepe rs ) , bought our cakes.
fruit, and plwithtugs, when he had maguey to spend, and
wouldt orally contrive so courey a bench of bresd
and eb e from home. to any starvin g victim who was
toad sod to fastening for his transgressions. lu re
turn or all this sympathy wercoul do no less than relieve
On th. as faro possible , from th trouble end '•hother,"
as he called it. cloudy. We wo isd his sums regularly
for data Wareham( ' translated hilt Patin. and read user
his lessons with oar fingers as he btoodup tit repeat them
before the muster. i
• Griffii: l l% mother was the daughter of a gentleman re
sidinz its the neighborhood of Nlttivele. Pitleeti years
ego she had eloped with a youni Irish officer—an nn
principled fortnne•hnoterw he, finding Itlinrelf mista
ken iu hie O r nture. the °trended,lather haring refused
any partionjted at first neglieteg and fitiriliy deserted ,
his wife, who hid retorted home with Griffith, her only'
child, to seek a reconciliation with her parents. This
tFind never been cordially ranted. The old man had oth
arichildien who had not disobeytd him, and to them, at
his death. he bequeathed The bulk of his property ; allott
ing to Griffith's mother only a life-interest in a small es :
tate which brought her something less than a hundred
pounds a year. But the -family wee? -wealthy, and the
fond mother hoped. indeed fully expected. that they would
mike a gentlemanly, drovision filr\her only child.
this expectation Griffith was' nurtured an 4 bred; end be
tog reminded every day that he was bgru a gentleman.
grew up with the, it itiJn that ll:nil:cation and hibarof any
•sort were unbecoming the chaiiicter he would have to
'sustain. He was a boy of average natural abilities. and
with industry might have cultivated them to advehtage;
but industry was a plebeian virtue, which his silly moth- .
er altogether discountenanced, and widistotid the attem
pts, not very vigorous, of the schoolmaster to enforce.—
Thus he was never pontshed,se:dom reproved; and the
fact that he was the sole individual ea priveliged in a
school where both reproof asid.punishineut Were so plen
tiful, could not fail of impressing him with ti great idea of
his own importance Schoolboys arelfond tiispeculating
on their future prospects, and of dilating on the fancied
pleasures of manhood and Independence. and the delights
of some. particular trade or profession aped which they
have set their heisits; the farm, the forge, the loom, the,
counter. the press, the, desk, &Invokes eager partisans
among the knottier, at i 414 as among oldeekhildsen; and
while crouching round the dirt' spark of fire on a wet win
ter day, we were wont to chalk out for ourselves stature
coarse of life when released from the drudgery, se we
thought it, of school. Some declared for building, car
peuteriog. fermi - lig, milling, or cattle-bnieding; some
Were panting for life in the great city; some logged for
the sea and travel to foreign countries; and some for a
quiet life at home amid rural - sports and the old family
faces. Above ell Griffith Maclean towered is unapproach
able greatness. 'I shall be a gentletwan.“ - tiald he; ••if I
don't have a commission In the army—whleh I am not
sere I should like, because it's ikbore to be ordered off
where you don't want to go—l shall bawl .6 offieial sit
uation andsr government, with next to nothijag to do but
to see life and enjoy gayest" Poor Griffith!
Time workox. One fine minting I woopliated, along
with a ample abases...a the top of a London coach; and
before forty-eight bears had elapeed.fenad thyself bound
apprentice to, bard-werking master sad a la nopro
fession in theibeart of louden. ' sores ye I served
and wrought in acquiring the set and myekiry;ae my in
dentures termed it. or my trade. Sena iikme la the
•coarse of this period it was my plisasest prithliege
Midvale, where some Of my rllitSeas dwelt a sad's' each
wit I renewed the intimacy with my old school-follow
Griffith. Get we. qualifying himself for the life of • gen
tlemen-by leading one of idleness; and 1 envied him;not
a little his proficieucy in the use of the angle and the gun.
and the opportunity he occasionally enjoyed' of following
•this hounds upon a borrowed horse. At my last vie t. at
tbe.end of my term of iippreii ticeship. 1 felt rather hurt at
the cold reception his mother gave me. and at the very
haughty, off-baud bearing of Griffith himself; and I le
solved to be as indrEiendeat as he by giving him an' op•
itortunity pf dropping the aequaintan . ce if he chose. 1
understood. however, tli it both ho and his mother %ere
still feeding upon expectation. and that they hoped every
theme from Genefal —.. to whom applicetlop had
been nada on Griffith's behalf, as the son of an officer,
and that they confidently expected a cadetship that would
open op the road to promotion and fortune. The wished.
for appointment did not arrive. Poor Griffith's i father
had died
.without leaving that reputation behind him
might have paved the way for his sen's advance
ment. fed the application nes not complied with.. This
was a rtioetifyiaiblow to the mother, whose pride it pain
cru.hed. Griffith. now of age, propoised that they
should remove to Inindon, where, living in the very
: t
source and centre of of c,al appointments, they ' hi ght
bnug 01(.4:influence to bear' upon any suitable birth th.:t
might be vacant. They accordingly left Mtilva:o and
came to town. where they lived in complete reterement
anon • vevy limited income. I met Grillirh accidentally
<after he had been in l.ondo t about a sear. Ile shook
me heartily by the hand. war in high spirits, and inform
ed me that ho 'had at' length secured the promise of on
appointment to a situation in 9 House, in case
T—.--. the sitting member, should be again returned
for the county. Ms molter had three tenants. each
with a vote, et her command, and he was going drnk n to
Midvale. as the election was shortly coining oft and
would bag a hundred votes, at least, he felt inre.' before
polliag-day. I could not help thinking as he rattled away,
that this Wee-just the ole thing he was fit for. IVA
much oh the air, gait and manners of a gentleman, he
combined a perfection lathe detail, of a fiddle-feddle and
.mall talk' rarely to be met with; and from having no in•
dependent-opinion of his own uneasily subject whatever,
was so'inuch the better qualified to secure the voices of
4101110 whit had. Ile went down its Illidvale.. canvassed
the whole district with astonishing success, and had the
honor of dining with hia patron. the triumphant condi
_date. at the conclusion of the poll. On his return to town
in the overflowing, of his joy, he wrote-a note to me ex
pressive of his improved prospects, and glorying In the
certainty of at length obtaining an official appointment
I was very glad to hear the good news. bet stall more
surprised at the terms in which it was contra) ed; the lit
tle that Griffith bed learned at school be bed almort:cou
trived to lose altogether in the eight or nine years that had
elapsed singe be had left it. He seemed to igoore the
very existence of such contrivances se syntax and orthog
raphy; arid I 'really had. grave doubt, as to whether be
was competent to undertake evrirs•n official aituation -in
8 --. Heim.
'awry !Mose
,y on the gait
ich the tom
the steepness
ss it smoked
I four o'clock,
or two good
brook below
rushed out
Of the guard
o fellow 1 al
• tle2,•board ,
e the , flying
old 'item
Ia far 'its• lie
go'ci.. Our
boys o l i under
gist Kip loss:
, :undity. Le
pare for the
could afford
These dnlihts were net iwieledialely resolved. Mem
bers of parliament, secure in their seats, ere not precise
ly so sraious to perform as they are ready, to promise
when their "eats seem sliding from unJer them. It was
very nearly two years before Griffith ;tic.iived any fruit
friein his eleictioneering leboes, during 'Flitch time he had.
been leadini a life of lounging, do-nothing, dreamy se
conceived slid indignant remenettsbc:.. boiled in fools
cap at the lead of the defalcating meniber for the coon-
During sit this'iiine fortune used hint bat scurvily:
his motlier'S tenants at Midvate•clainoved for a reduction
o' rent; on" decamped without payment of arrears: re
p ars were heces-iry, and had to be done and paid for.
These drasibteksroileced the sintOl income upon which
they lived; Sidi...risibly affe.:'L.d the outward man of the
gentlemanly Grilielh: he b^ival to kiik reedy, add =Cif ,
a onally a few shilling,s of me w„,heis we casual
!y mu. ht rirg 4,13 p tin 141 di him Me cred
kl to say thiet, be avoided me on account of These
Willing debts, but with an innate frankness characteris
tic of his bi-bood. conYatted his friendship and his con
ed. nee. ' length the happy Jay arri•od. He received
h s appointzbent. bearing the retnuneralion of £2)O a
year, trhichl he devoutly believed Was to lead to come
thing Ittfitlit ly greeter, and celled no nut on his way to
the °dee were he was -to beista4lled awl iodectrmated
into Ws fun :ion.
T:ie gra
=bias acc
where she sliertln after died, in.the lull concetion thsi
Gr,frith wan on the raid to preferment and fortune. The
bilk fitoto-uplii the proceeds of which she had frugal
ly nisintained herself and son—passed, ai.lier death. in
to t:te 1)1116 of one of her brut Ileri. none of whom took
only further notice of Griffith. who bad mortally offended
hem bytr!instrurnontolity in returning the old mem
ber for th rtounly, whom it was thei7 endeavor to unseat.
There 'Sri eity.teQ conner!ed will Griffith's-tennre of of
fice which tcotild never succeed in fathoining. Hi held it
but six mouths, when, brolia'ily not beihg competent fo
keep it, he f old it to an orivertisinlT arylievf. who offer
ed a dauceur of .C. 3130 for such a berth tow the trans
fer was arrange 1,1 cannot tell. not knowing the recon
dite formula in use upon these occasions. Suffice it to
lei Out Griffith had his £3OO. paid h.s Wafts debts. re
newed his uardrobe end his expectinons, and began to
iass about fur a new patron. Hu wis now a gentleman
bout town. and exceedingly well he both looked and
ated the character; he had prudence enough to clo it
ipou an econoin!cal scale, and though lisJing upon his
capital, doled it ant with a sparing hand. As long as his
4 110[1.y lasted he did eery welh' but before the end of the
third year the bloom of Ins gentility had worn of, and it
Ilwas plain That he was painfolly economizing the rein-
I nant of his fends.
About this time l' happened to remove to a different
- quarter of thetrietropolus. and, lost sight or hitt% for more
than a year. One morning, expecting a letter of st7(e
importance. I waited for the postmen before widit' g to
business., Whit was my astonishment on to oud:ng
pentimolly to hie convulsive""b'bang." Cis re guise tin
der the gold-banded hal and rod-cullardbecint of that
peripatetic official, the gentlemanly fignfe end features
of my old setiocafeklow.Griffith Maclean!, •
••Whitt! Grifh" I exclaimed; ~is it , poisible?—ean
this be you?" i
**Well." said its, ••I sin inclined to think. It is. You
see. old fellow. it man utast do something orsterve. This
is all I could get oat of brat shabby fellow T.— and I
should not hive; got the, had I not well worried him.—
He knew, t have as limier • vote for the county. How
ever. I shan't wear this livery long; there are good berths
In the ptiot-offiett. If they don't pretty Pool give me
something fit for a gentleman tj do. I shall titko myself
uff as soon as anything better offers. But. by George!
there is not motifs time allowed for talking. Intuit be off
—farewell:" • '
Soon after thug meeting the fosrpenny deliveries com
menced; and than were before Iwg. followed by. the es
tablishment of the universal Peony-post. Tbie was too
*ash for Griffith. He swore be was walked off his legs:
that people did Sothincupon earth but write litters; that
be had no intention of walking into his coil* As the
theme of one Penny; tad. finally, that he wheld have
no more of it. iketiorditigly - be made application for pro
motion an lbw slinisigat of his revemsnondatiele, was re
sod at • =altar Or coarse, and vacated his Opt fat the
d or her Ho tile—settlement of her sou
. ..tplithed, the mother returned to Midvale,
rir ON W AR D.Jlr3 l
pleasure of • week's rest. which ho declared wpm.
than id was honestly worth.
By this time destiny had made me a hi:intake* r its
'merry Islingtbo." and poor Grin; now reduced o his
elifte, waited on me one morning with a &comer to
which he wanted my signature. this object of it ' as to
t him into the police force. Though doubting bi per
,veronce in any thing. I eoold not 'but comply wi h his
desire. espa.cioily iis many of my neighbors had do+ the
LUMP. Tnn paper teetified . only as tocharactst ad a+
(44 was sobriety itself, and as it wool.: have .1.01 iired
considerable ingen u ity to fasten any vice open I urn, I
might have bean hardly justified in ref she. I repro- exited
to him as I wrote myi name. that shoold he bosioccen.ent.
he would really have lan (mortally of rising bT perry.-
ranee in good conduct to an upper ;rade. ••C} i f course."
said he, "that is my ohiject; it would never do for algen
tlernan to sit down contented as a. policeman. I intend
to rise from the ranks. and I trait yen will Live ' to ode me
one day at the held or the force." , I
: . Hesocceeded in his application; , and not bang after
' a . ...teing his paper. 1 saw him indoed with a long wont.
i . .t
I 011-Cape. and glazed hat of the brotherhood , susirchiug o ff
in Indian file for night duty to his beat in the H.- 1 .-- i
i Road. Whether the night air disarmed with hi sto
' maeli, or whether his Ip l raviolis duty as a postmanhad
nude him douitgy drnersy, 1 cannot-say. hot he was B and
by the inspector on going his rounds io a poSition. too
near the horizuntal foC the regulations of the force.' sod
suspended, after repeated transgression , for sleepiril up
on a bench undeca coasted doorway While • robberwas
going on io 't neighborhood. He soon found sh al t the
profesaion was not at ell adapted to his habits) and had'
i not power enough over them tiisubdue then to his sloca
, tiou. Ile lingered on for a few weeks ander the elispi
j sous eye of authority. and at length toot the ,advi of
the inspector and withdrew feom the force.
Ile did not make his appearance before me as" ex
peeled, and 1 lost sight of him for a' long while. What
new shifts and contrivances he had recourse to—erhat
ivarious phases of novelty and deprivatiiin he became iic
-1 (painted w th during the two years that hi wits at 0
Trim my are secrets which no men can fatly,' . 1
was stand:ftg at the foot of Black^rier's Bridge One ricer
1 uing waiting for a clear passage to cross the road. I
began mechapiTilly reading a printed board,olP-rifil
all the eons of Adam-:whom, for the etprai prefil
slopeellers. lieaveesends naked iutUthetiorld—Earth:
of the choicest broadcloth for neat to nothing,l and
jam mastered the whole of the large printed he, when
eve fell upon the bearer or the board, whose haggare.
stil! gentlemanly face re'ealed to me the liisetimen
my old friend Grit!. He laughed 'in spite of hie ra • • as
our eyes met. and Weed me proffered hand.
"And what." sent 1, not daring to be silent, 7•do
pt you, for this?" I • -
"Six sliiiinigs a week," said GA', "and that's be
than nothing." • .
—14.1 shallop end your board of coarse?"
••Yes, this board" (tapping the placanletitialbsr):l
a confounded heavy board, it is. Sometimes when!
wind Wins it. though. thinking it will fly spay
one into the river; heavy as it is."
"And do yea stand here all day? ,
"No. not when it rains; -.the-wet spoils the print.
we Have orders to ran under covet. After one ;o'clo
walk abaut with it wheraver L like. and stretch( my legs
abit. There's no great' hardship ilia it if ,thelpay ices
..:—........... —4-4
I left ,
my old playmate better resigned to his ilewhi hit
than 1 thought to•have found him. It was cletir that he
had at length found a fuuctiOn for which he was et blast
csalifird..that he knew ihe:fset: Mut tilat the kkowleOge
imparted some small-spice of satadaraien to his mind I
am h ip;iy to have to state that this leas the deepest do;ith
to %silica he has fallen. Ile has never been a pasidsbich
I ant mitre indeed he would doter have borne !it. Vil'itli
his heavy board mounted on a stout staff. ho Would inn•
agine himself, as no doubt he often did, a vtotidard•b i ar.
or oh the battle field, determined to distend his colors Ishh
'his last breath: and hire tall. gentlemanly. and sinnevilhat
ufficer•li kr figure, might well suggest the compel:soil to
a mama spectator. -Bet to encase his genteel pepportions
in a sortom of papered plonks. or hang a lingo woeu
estingnisher . over his shoulders !libeled wit's co l red
..Gripes—itvr ould . never have done; . ft would bate bloted
out the gentleman,. mid therefore have worn ;ivray iia
heart of one whole sialpaly gentility was al that wasi ,rt
to him, 1
I • ' si
Ono might hare tho u ght. after .11 the ire . ..italicsl
had passed Ahroogli; that the soul of Griffith itlachi :it
wan dead to the voice of ambition. Not so, horrever.
04 the first establishinent of the street-orderlies. that
chord in his nature erintaneon.le vibrated oneelagana.—
If he could Only get an appointment it would b• a r. ,se
sit the'social scale—lasi/ding by degnies-whe can tell
to tile resumition of his origounl statue. or evein sot so. •
thing beyond • • • ' • • I hear a gentle knoe
mud-st, to v toned she/ tap at tit i street-door iv 'I
sating down to supper on my return home after the ,fa
tignes of business. Betty is in no hurry to go to the door
as at is poaching a couple of eggs. and prides herself up
on performing that delicati'operation in irrepremlialde
state. ••Sqliff chi" they go one after another the
saucepan—l hear it as plainly is though I were its htt.
kitchen. Sow the plates clatter; the tray is loading; and
now the eggs are walking up stairs, steaming under liet
t •11 face, when "tap" *gain—a thought. only a thouht
loader titan before—at the street door. The spirit of
is outside ; and now Betty
. rout with an' spot gy
i l a
for keeping him wa;nag. "Here's a man w ants to sp ak
to master; says hill wait if your engaged; he ain't in Ino
hum." •• ;, 7‘ him in;" and is walks Grill; aguiu
armed with ducument—a petition for employment ai a
street ord ly. with teetimonisha of good character, hen
esty. a , 1 all that... Of emirs' I again append my siglia
ture without an y . allusion to the police force. ; I wish
It' i all success, and have a long talk over past fun d
allies. and present hopes and future prospects. and the
puilosophy of poverty and the deceitfulness of Wealtht—
We parted at midnight. and Grill neat day gets, the de
sired appointment.
It is raining hard while I write, and by the same laid*
I know that at this precise moment Graf' in hie tinted
hat. and'short blouse and pooderous mud-shoes, is dem
ing a channel for the diluted muck of C.----= street,
city, and directing the black, oozy current by the sherrt
-1 est cat to
-the open grating connected tiith the com Mon
sewer. lam as sure is though I were superiatending
the operation. that be handles his peculiar instrnmept
i sort of hybrid between a hoe and a rake, with the trice
and air of a geuthiman—a grace and air proelaimiug
to-the world that though in the profession. whitewall it
may be called, which be has assumed. be Is not of it,
.and viedieatieg the workmanship of nature, whir, what
ever clremounanosis May have compelled him to become,
east hhn io the mould of a gentleman. It is said Mat; in
London every man finds his level. Whether Griffith
Maclean. arusr"all his eiciesitudoe. has found Ma. I do 4,,,,
pretend to Say. Happily fee him. be thinks that Whin
has done her worst. and that he is boned to nisi on liar
revolving wheel as high at least as be has fallen low
May the hope stick by hien, sad give ,birth . to ineri es
productive of its realisation.
Banner Umtwrot..—lt has bees deeideil by , en 4n
ghat Court. lbw • Lases infested with bey la let °ten
antable. and a laadlord cannot hold a Wattot niiipenedige
for the rent. if the latter Wows up the if MO ii collie
queers of the prprefab.. belair hoe &melt porch * ith
- !The lake for Life.
•n aurnentic tr. KT 01 lIDIAXJCSTICK. .
Daring the summer of pB- : -. 11030 after the ditlicititiett
With the iVinnebairo, Inklaths 5n.1 been amicably adjusted
bv• ft emit of the chiefs
l o tf.Vashington, accompanied by!
Gov. Case. a Sioux Int iltn. while out hunting near ttitij
mouth of Itsot river. whist and scalped a '%Vinnebego.l
which ant ho attempted tolittintry by saying that the Witt..!
uebaga had wrapped areu . id . i 4 person the blanket of an'
Indian who a short time , ev u7B had murdered his bra
ther. The Winriebiztri I.—raine indi::frant at th-' nctj
and Omit two thousand oflthetm Lifter:der, at Fort craw
ford, and demai.d-d of Co Taylor the procuretneht and
aorreuder of tie murderer. Theofficere of the Port, apj .
prehenaive that new ditfie hies might arise with this fa d -.
tious tribe , if their deuxin4l
were unattended to. con du•
.ed to . mske au effort to obtain the murderer. Arcird;
ugly an offie l rr Jr as dispa4heil to dein tout h.m if the Si-;
.DI nation o who Immediatly gave him up, and he wa g
rinsed dilwri the river at
cl confined of Fort Craseord.!
...00n after hiii arrival at Ole tort:the Wintit•bagoes es
t:unbind agaitt and insistedlopnri an uneood.tioenl sur'reit
or of the prisoner to thonlis !itch Cul. Tay tor i - ef. a J to
ake, but dispatched Lie . U. and Dr. Chi:6 , i, the ELI E
_on of the garrison, to h4e a talk them Ivan the;
Subject. At the ennferent. the Winnehige• • talked itt
a threatening and overhearing rmAnner, and insi.qed tlarq
nothing would satisfy the hut taking the life of the,Sl,
roux in their, own war en by themselves. At length;
Lieut U. proposed that theliudiaa siiugld hnye a chancq
of his life in the following Mannar: •
Two weeks from that Ovine he wee to be led out ittr-et
the pratrie, slid in a lice atith him ten' paces nit a att
be placed upob his right add left, twelve of the monk
pert runners of the Winnebago nitiou. each'ar With
e,tommallawk and sculping i t knife.
At the tap of the drum the Stoui shoufa be -free to start
fur the home of 'hie tribe. knd thrVtnnebagoes free to
and • Op him if•they could.
aro% aeced, d at enc.,. and
la the antic:potion of great spurt,
r of the pr;soner, whee 3 r. n•
rieg the tNo w aka, thry be
,ver:rutin rig qu:laileti
41er at r.... „ii were mot ,liitely ; r , I-.7 . 1Z in
and trained every clat'in ' - up sight o; the for.. Lent: IL;
whi was some ling of a .pert-man. and who lied storm=
ly etiated in tte conte of ilia Sioux, determined to have
his 'when in
; he beat poilsibla trim. Atieord ugh ; De
Eluise took hint iu charge; presetibiaz his diet. regula r
ling his home of repute, anti directing tae ruhbtng of Ise
body with flesh Ibrushea. talca a diy e immedait;:li before
ho went to the Parade gron il to perform his Meriting and
evening teainings. In fact so carefully was ho trained
and fitted for the race of liftli and death, ihit he was timed
upon the parade ground; t.fourth day before the race !
1 and performed Clio astonish' ig feat of twenty-ors milei in
'two hour* , apparently with ut fatigue.
The day ao length err; ed. Thoutatait of Indians,
*Fiench, Americans arid oars had, assembled to se ellen,
the scene. Infect it wits jegartled as a gala 'dayht all.
except tre avenger of his brlother Sue. 'Lent R. on the
Ira t of. the prisoner'ind thei celebrated war chiefs W.:
komishutes kee and Pinetilp on the part of the Winne
bagoes, sniterintendedlhe arrangement.ol the'partii:e up
on the ground. The poimptireed upon fur stetting, ons
Opori the prairie a little norili of Prairie du Chien. and a
few rods from the reeideince then occupied by Judge
lint kwocel, elide the track lay along the nine Mile Prai
rie. stretching to the - rtettlx and skirting the shores or the
Nl;ssies,poi. The Siaux appeared upon the ground ac•
1 conipamed hy his.guard or!iitildiers, who were follow; d
by 1.. s twenti-four autagoeiials, marching in Indian file.
naked, walk die exceptioa ei the Indians breechli•t. Their
ribs - were ps,4lted white, wit'ile their breasts were adorned
with a iiiiindet,of Itieroglypihical paintings. Arose the
1 fee...alternate Str.pes cf a Illte and black were painied,ju
parallel li nee, lextendi hig frolm II..! c'. O to the rOrrife3 I:
_The-hati was platted into numerous et onp, fr.rg,T d
with bells, and tasseled w.: ad l a dar a Bite f...ather , e...i.ii:
the meacariai were co:deli!! , btle a- land th h l' w I
1.. .O . • e. 0... c) 0
the fact as well as aroundhe needs,with the sinews of
the deer In the right haeu
s,lc:l'cl:tied his temm ihne. h
while the left gr 40.1 the saesih thet contained ;he scati -
ipg knife. ; I ' •
The pfisaner was tiliout '23 years of 11,; - :e . , a ',; tie leLrs
than 6 tee; tit-he ia,lo, of a muscular. well pripor. ianed cow
• t,nr. andmonifes.tail :n the r a-y 111OVItnewai of his hod:,
a airy and awls cominaild of his ineleill-r tiait era.
Ws cue ' St , nanceTrrs-rtted if is anand hagsirtr sr-earn:lee
as he am i I it,' to Vie gra 11, exing, vaitly to the right
disciplmo he bird itailer.zoiiii it: training. and; iri:t t5,.11,
'havlng elialed i his lice tilaik. is ..% the figure bf a tioi-iis
shoe in White. ellen his firilr.-3 , 1, whet* da:pi, d that ii
iwas condeintill to die. eith Cie prav,lego of m iltai_ an
ellen to save lii* '..f: by flernesi. Around his neck lie
wore a narrow lb::: i•f e ainp'im, to which seat a:igen:led
the scalp lie h4l ta.,....:lfr e a the IV/n1131):..1,10.
Saute after thby It id formed a line, Lit utimant IL canto
up and took .fri one i.f the hiez..tiol es of. the Indian sad
stowed the chik that lie tivie:;ht it contained a thin pint^
of st e el, and asked if they ilbj-cted to it; towhieli tfciy
replied that lie i miglit earryrss rnu.h iron as he pie ised.
Lieut. H. hiving nudged et
,I he same time. that the coun
tenance of the itilian prete ted a dew:teat. indineian
clioiy appearance. roe ieste4 U.. to e.t:11..! ;On% arl.
who, after ei+ining his tpu'se, reported that lie was
much sewed, end that his kierves stern. ia a J.:emu:et:a
condition. Lieut. R. imineili rely tonic halt b: .h ia m
and led hintout seat 3 dis•itnice in frmi of the hoe, where
he asked him through his interpreter, if fit' W. 13 21E10 - d to
run; to which he replied. that he was not afraid by run
with any ‘Vienebagit on foot, but lie 'was afraid he could
not outrun all the horses that were mounted by armed
Indians. The Lieut. 1131rai once the cause of his alarm,
and informed him that they phould not interfere. Ho in
tended to ride the fleetest hose upon the gronioltind keep
near him, and as he was well armed, would gee that no
horseman approached-him !with hostile iureutions. At
this 114110tluesasaut the couniensuce of the Indian thight
ened up with a smile; laislwhole person seemed lifted
from the ground at he retureed to his position iu the line
' with a stalwart stride. The Chiefs and Lieut. IL soon
after minuted their'horees,! slid took a position in the
reefer the prisoner. Spectators were remove from the
(rout, when Lieut R. gatie the signal; the blow had
scarcely reached the dung'. When the prisoner dirled from
his antagonists with a. bound ,which placed him beyond
the resch.of tbe whirling tomahank. .
When the tees was under way many of his antago
nists ran erith i gnest fleetneen fur a mile,when the distance
between them and the Sods began to widen, showing
the superior bottom of the fatter. acquired by the disci-
plias of the whits man. At the end of two mites the
last of the centendieg Wiuriebagoes withdrew fromthe
chase there was net an tuition horse upon the ground.
'that could keep op with biM atter he had gone the first
half mile, and at the end of the fourth mile. Lieut. K ,
finding that his steed was much fatigued, and the.priii
tie free from enemim. reined up. The Indian did not
look behind. or speak as fares he was followed or could
be gain. but kept bin eye atonally Used upon the white
dap that had bees placed at the distances of a half a mile
spirt. in order that be might run upon,* straight line. •
It wi4 sous after reported by the Witurebagies that he
bbd bees shot by one of their boys, who had been seers
ttid by 'order ef War-kostelpkwakee. beneath the bank of
the rigor new the upper said of the prairin— This. how
ever. proved net to beim. Tito :troy had shot a WlG
nollage through oistalte,tiitur like bilmalf had been
Si 50 A XIS/LIZ. n Adv
_ .
trracherouey secreted for the purpose of in
Sioux., who a few rears AL% was prevent
inatie !.y Gov. Duty with the Siou Digijon
II u trivl ele n bat - recently acquired the ral
Ha r-file,trd Guy. USty to inform him
•nd i)r. Ejuire were at that time, and was i
had died in Florida Ile immediately with 4
conretr.:en, paititecl his face Illicit. and_del
woody; nor coall he he prevailed upon ioulv
Convent:on al t.l fie had gone through the
ap 4,1* fasting and 'earning fan the dead. '
ury the•Hatehet."
"Dear iValtcr., 'said Mrs. Cray. "New
in:: with its tearrri hearted greeting and fee
thn eva for• old en mcmities, popish
ti v
liain fr,endilup, and draw closer about
cords of lswe• for hems and kindred. It
think of the separation between you and y
er; •Ferzet and 1.31-give' said the sweet its
she passed her not caressingly about
neck "
Ern:nt,•' a iiJ her husband, •
'go thuiditiou of anything; you seem
nadir 07th;.4 ts:ienetion: you overlook they, I; you forget the habywever
ed one word of gratitude. of_ „which be
recipient for long )ears:. and tenthis last
not beer it;" v vid Mr Gl4, rising Mid pee
in big impat:croo, not from my own
••So, I 49-flot Mrs, Gee
kal•Ay4(3 are tlt'a injured party. I know h
• r generous kindness; so much thiimo
mou. in yuu to f.rg a-P. If there
of the titNesie.s ycio newness. it will be fano
by vnnr z••nero+:ty. Runember,, you were
nursed at the slime breast. lull.
the same a u tr.ery song, repeated your In
tll.‘ same knee. Any one can resent
Walter, it were Christ-like to °taro the nth
Tears filed the eyes of the having h •
h. 4 lip; to her 'orehead. he Fnurmuredi"y •
Msry—hti.ha!l bi) as you say." •
loan elegant b OUSO a thfl upper sod of
IVI•• to nryi la the prime of life, rat
bie nife 0
. 1.5 customary New Year's calla.
tentvratnre of L i re apartments, the &area -
'arm cheated ikinter of its leafless IEIO6
the 4.01110 arranged light on the delicate
artist and sculptor. a richer Etc)* to
beauty. The gay lau`gh. t'te merry jest, the
ing eye, told of the oujoyment of the •
'die day the rooms had been crowded with
he rich have many frieudet—now, at a late
evening, thay sit none. nith the same the
their heal t., cavil aware by a sort of magtse
WHS pl.nillg the m.nd of the other, and y
wan Late to expect other tisit.
were 'than: to retire, when steps in the hall
attention, and in an inataat Walter Grey
F.t,ending his hand, and in a voice
emotion, he said, '•I shall sleep better
brother. to say„ "a happy :Vow Year to you
H ttry tightly grasped the proffered handl
hesky: voice, "May God bless yen, waken
pert this, nay more. I did not deserve. it."
"Stiy no more." said Mr. Gray. wipi.
tears ie had tried to conceal. "let by-gone
God forbid our cl.thlren should roar op •
each other." ,
Delr reader, let not the coming New
wall to bitter hatred rankling and% festering
All are imperfect; "onucee will comet" •
and th' meek suff'drer'on Caliar.i has said.
give•illetTl. they know not what they do,"
;h' .10 , 3 heavenly voice spoken these wit'
are t:.'e reLICe-Enhkers."—Boston Olive Br•
i lits.',,hol of Curing Prize.
Thidt :lams of Meg :and and Virginia hat
eel a ..Widc'ealabtiety -• At it a last /Ishtbiti
r;latuli ic!tet.3 Agricul t ural So iety. four
avardSd ler hem*. We are reformed by t
aa op - 6..atii.,y ofeximin:og t tem that they
rata ti, at ‘11.,. Tie roll . iwing are the recei
toll": lii . r.s were cured, o•e.yi t. e Americans F
T. I.:. II inr.l7 - 3S's Ittt .irt.—First - P
every [IN) It,. of paricta';.e 8 lb. of G. A. EL
r'e:re, b 2 lb. brawri!sagar. I} oz. sof potash,it
10., Gil W.1:,211% iNlix the above. and poor fh
v.! • in ! 0., 3e.5..r it lia4 lam in the tub for aboll
.Let ill) lie reatain in the brine sic wee
dry ”ier it dpyi hef..ire smoking. I harp g
the indnt rithhini w i i•h.fine snit, when it is 'p
T:;,, melt shall.: It: perfectly cool beforti . pa
.1. 11.1:9Eirr.—Sacocid, Premium.
1.03 pounds of pail tyke huff a bushel and
o: sat, 3 oz of iLlyetre, 3 la. of sugar; andl
ino:as;:ra. Nl'x—rub the bacon with it well;
ihr., wc.A....rin a 11; at the ensl'of utia• days I
ham... and pattha•ie which are at the top at i
R. 11:t.NKL, 4.t. 6 a Rzezarr.—Third Piss
ba- - ....1 of fine asili. half bushel ground aloes i
i'lrilf pounds to a i'ious tad lb. pork. left to 1
C ur VI 0... k., hang a, and smoke with Waken
til :he rind liecameis a d irk. brown.
C. D. SlSGverit's Rr.ccirr.Fuorth Pre
199 ib of .:rceu Items take 8 lb 0 A. salt, # lls. / Iptemn
sugar or 2 oz. saltpetre, - 2 si. pearl
as,hes. 4 pilaus water , dissolved well; skimming seam
scum,arisiug on the surface. Pack the hams, cosmiset.
ly in a tight vessel:or cask. rubbing the fleshy !part With
4 .
tine salt. In a two pour the above pie ever the
matt, takini Caro la keep it covered with pieit 'la feu
to ..1...X work+. according to the size sad weight of the'
hams. (that is to say, the long period for homy hems)
hitng up to stroke: lock up. smoking with 0 hickory
woad I have pat up hams for the last 12 o 1 years by
the above reeeip(with uniform success. eipi pall times
to the sample now presented. t
ET We Gild. oci • scrap is oar ”Ilrawe
sage from a learned lecture by a Genova
London. one —Baron Vondat i lb s raipa." flu
the great glory of ott.ekasties a science:•••
ie . :sad: is inure superior den de maker. I
how in some tinge .Suppose 11 make de
of de coach? Vet' well; dat wheel roll Ike k i
—and I can not re!' one myself: Suppose.,
per, what Ton calf. and 1 makin de big to
wine? Ho ?mid. Vane and gallon"; sad I
more as firs bouts So you pia dad de'
more superior d n de maker!"
•43' We remember of bearing of as toldi i :ady o'llswera
East," who, after having kept's hired maw a liver lea,
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