Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, November 01, 1851, Image 1

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Watchmaker and Repailer. Dealer in Watlie., 11. ks, Jewelry,
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,Inge nue dour west unite Reed Dunne. 17
14 UeK in Dry Coullr, 4:rwerkes. Ilardwaretruc •ry. Ak..e. Ku
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J. W. DoUGLASS. - •
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I.rr of Yana and State 13treeir.
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,W. 3. F. LIDDLE & Co.
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rwron nevem b Jr. Eighth. Erie.
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Or . sseve. owe boor wept of C. B. Wright'. store, up
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Ott Nhownirr, one door north of ttecenth
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WllOl./40•1.1. au, Retail dealer in Groceries. Nov
Liquors. F T . *A..... Conic!' Or French and
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irnat.e.i.N And Retad Dealer ?A Fatittly Groreri
Ghooware. Iron, &c.. ('heap Side. Erie . P
' The litche.t price paid ror eououry rtod
Sawn.vTT.iwl, 1111C1 hab i t Maker—Chop. No. 1
- ROW. (up-Mire, over A. Jr. J. H. VW :twee - Grocery
curet, Enr,
' In Walker's °Mee. on Seventh See/R•44;ete
min ajtiblt'er, and Retail Dealer in I;ltey C..
"s•rneknr)l, are, Carpeting. 'lards% roe, Iron,
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Ayanewir LAVi- an 4 Justice of the PECISC, 'au
the Key Same Millual Lite linsuranee Company 1
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ATTOCUIT •T LAW, Girard, Enc County. Pa. Co
other business attended tow ith 'dumpiness and d
Forwarding k Connnikeion Merchant, on the Public
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warn of the Prothonotary's office. Erie.
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pit &ma in Dry Goods, Dry Groetrier, erce !Km H
No. 111. Clicap.wir. Erie.
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Dcaurt in Dry Goods. Groceries. Hardware, Queens
Ix" Nada. &t.. Cbrispelde. Erie. U.
auft-r MAK! Uphotincr. and Undertaker.
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Pvrwitrding.Pruduce and Cow
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Britannia Ware Cutlery. Military . aut
^arl) uppunk the Eagle Motel. kale.
— CARTER & 11if.0'
wunLr. A I gant! Rites I deniers in Winn
live-with.. Glam., ace.. No. 5, Reed lft
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D. S. C./AIL
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I l ir , emery, elipme-ware. ice. Act:, No.
b. 13. sAyri
I,- de , in Law. Medical, se lk".•1
lie. estate sc. bar d " C " .* r °W
• S. /Mat RSO4
N. V.,. It% •141 , Sularon--Offire itt his r
. .1';..+1 , the Methodist ettoreli, &ie.
• JON BukVa
„,,, nu( ANnR trim tl . Millen. Dirty"
ur,,,e,•,,e5, i.e. No. 3, Nerd House. NO
OR. 0. L. ELL,
Resident Dentist; C
~ Ikebe Mock. on the
Square. Eine. Twill
". Dow one le an cutter rr
,wrs Quid, and matured to lolitlt
Ith nwtrinaratis and Denude,
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. 4
lIE E. 0
0 F.
from %het Wit
• 1300
• I 3,INi
fifteen iItICV Of
rig itt pleamire,
uazerA„ and to
My first belt • was st a email town. e'day's journey from
Smyrna; I hired two chambers in a lonely home l and pre
pared to pews the night there. .
Early next improingl rose to re-commence my journey.
I sought my daughter's chamber, and bade her prepare
to eccompany'ree.
My God: She had fled—fled in the nighi r ito one
knew when or whither.
Past as the fleetest horse could fly, I sped back to Smyr
na, and learnt. as 1 expected, that the young Christian
had kit the town the prettiest' morning. My suspicions
were confirmed. My child—nay soul—my treasure had
fled with the slier. The great storm had broken over
my devoted heed.
I timed Smyrna hateful to me; I placed my bags of
oequies en a mule, with a small bide ofproduce of Anot
.olia. nod quilted fdrever the city in which I was born,
where my father, we& buried and wheru.l had hoped to
` die.
In one of my solitary rambles, in a distant country of I crossed die Dardanelles; and Geed my residence at
England, I chanced to find myself on the borders of a Constantinople; but the remembrance 'of my daughter
weighed !weeny on my soul. it gnawed on my spirit. I
lonely wood, as evening tell, A; I steed heeitntiog
whether I should retrace any steps or penetrate Into could not rest. the
I made uuceesittg inquiries at' the various embassies.
rums of (mildew forest. a figure crossed my way. •It wa s
i At length my Orate ineti with success. 1 obtain
ed at the French legation a clue. I was told that, about
remote country roads; an old man, tall and gaunt, with
it flowing beard. st turban on• .his head. and his limbs eighteen months or two years before. two persons an
clothedsweriag to the description 1 heildrawn. had crosadd the
ice the'looee geentents common to the Inhabitants
ef Driential climes. Ho carried before him a Peall box. froutierdividing Turkey from Hungary, professing their
ff intentfou to pro fed to Fronts. , I flew to Vienna; hence
hanging by leathern straps freM his shoulders, contain
traced the node f the fegitlses at Baden, toAixle-Chap
lig cinnamon and myrrh, saroniand litves, and other elle; end Mere t the thread-of their programs for some
, ;awful spices of the Indies pod Levant. with tither wares
Tittle value. The expression of his countenance. his time. At last. I Was enabled to trace them to Stresburg;
and, after a ceesefees and terrible search that Meted three
hilituat eye, his aquiline profile. declared him to be a
years. I succeeded la procuring information that persons,
/ 0 4, the rich blood of this children et Lamel flowed be
answering to the appearance of nay daughter and her
near the dark complexion of Eastern origin. Her bad
husband, had arrived some three-months previoully in
watered from a distant country. a very lovely clime,
t h an miiii Thera are kw
so faii , beneath the son—from Paris. and had taken up their residence in the Rue Mau-
Aueteit bee. &small. mean street in one of Memos' unwholeome
f i
, h e etched as: he
approached me,
and turning lowan!. g l eaners of Paris. the one inhabited b)' dm low classes of
me a couL amies -
said gently. When I remember all 1 had suffered during my
deeply lined with care end fatigue be - el" '
"Have pi to . wis h to ha y w ares I carry? . Hero are years s e., a . ---0.. nequently fruitless ea1..v1iAZ......... the
dregs, dried li,t,„ and pie r s ..., sl u ms. I have (4 ... sleepless 'nights, the restless days; when I remember
from Mecca, 16 from,Siuoub. and figs from Alepo. i how follmy joy was when I thought that I Should again
have pretty it ' i --b—s k- --chaina and rings." see my child stad,neeet her destroyerleco to face-1 do
not woudor that I koeltdowu overpowered. on the lilies
/ shook my be& and, as I passed on, I fancied I no
hold of the )11%160 WllOO I learnt ilia last intelligence, and
' tined. in the die' htt that a tear trembled in the ti
dear's bye( I MaPal again and said: pro way—for the first time for years—to frantic teazel
"You are ill and hc.• , . [Here the Jew paused• and, after a moment's Woke
. ~
' "1 ape poor." emmtd he; "butt wee pi - i4alwevs so. tiOne proceeded as hollows:]
went soon he MCltste Mabee. a mean nerrow•lane.`,
lam eehePPlt•bet baton's , not; thin is the g s ve of 4 . fee
'neat h e ld b u ry by t h e pei 3O
... whom I
am. imam s nowhohnowie,es you perheps.kuow wise Tatters Itt tb at
it beneath the hedges or . th e i. O ' ' ' lus civic' be. I entered house after house. careless of she
none of nay brethera." on fields. for lam seer
fact that is some places I was ridiculedse a madmen:
"Your bretbernl" I asked ni • siiisaii ,, •
- in others. seated es an agent of police. At length in
"My fellow h e li eeerei l, n i ft il y , '• one }mime I.,was informed there resided a lady who could
he replied: II am a
Jew." s. speak but little French, or °win German. a favorite dia
lect of
...They saihi..l o b serve d, mes h ;
. 4 in ,, s lect of that part of l i ens. Pbsgged the porter to,show me
in the solitary wonderer. "that yo hre th aiii
aro isis T her room; I fancied he hesitated; so I pushed some gold
one another." . ,!!'" into,his band.aud followed him up a filthy and dark stair
. .
. "si r ." re pli e d t h e I srae li te; " t h e ial ,
asaii / faiti i cas e to an apartment at 010 very top' of the house.. We
is a password between as; the rich wi l t" r ee d to his ptised before the door; it was-to see my child again?
poor brother, the strong will lend ee ar,-50 t e es ream _ , ,do not remember bow I entered. or what I said, or
the happy w ill e re s ee l.. t h e wretc h e d., whet; i bad
riiir et first. I only Itorliw. I only recall to mind—that I
wealth. and sheath. and happiness, I h eti
gun- found myself on my knees before a low bed. on whist
''''''' 'musty to mY people." ley a pale, emaciated. feeble creature., who pressed ,
. ,
hands in hers, and tail she was my daughter.
"Yoi were rich once," I said. ende•Vor. to pro "
that my motive for was no impertineesniinient. She knew Inc again, despite the sorrows awl ti
"1 was," be 'said. "bet I have fallen." that land terroweld nay brow aud blanched my "
"y ear story has; perehanee, b een a a t rangsaa. ; i . 1 think , if any memory fails mo not, that I did •
remarked: "I Austad like to hear it." '- . rase h er; she was ito changed; she was
if,, Suddenly hie meaner changed. ' A thousand t o ao„„ swore; her hands that held mine wore cull
teemed to be struggling in hie breast and to ch., the as if the veins this: crossed them were
current of hie voice; At length. after a pause, he Ids her hair wail gray—no: twenty-five y
"Sir. I will tell it—et ell times, it doe, me goes h hair all flrq! Her, wry vnic 3 land ''
• matters not how far Igoon my journey to-night. ~it Heaven! what agony! Six years /
Its walk on. however. and I will tell you all." lam; and the father did not knew
"My name," he , began, "is Eliezer, the son Roube But she!—she looked at ter
.1u the country whence 1 came. we ere called by ou,hY my name ; and she was
father's name. added to our own; ,in lied of iburnante,tpeochlese. in *heavy/air
From time almost inieuemortel, my summers dwelt in a ber. to tell me that elm
little house a few paces within the gates of, the J ew i s h 3 has power to dear
quarter of Smyrna; Here my father followed hie fads- Netnews.
er's trade, end dealt in spices and drop for: which be. ' forgiven(
was ramose even beyond the precincts eithe Ghetto; and heli tould hot
- .
here I dwelt with him. , 1 . *ho
id beet
When bat a 1310111 bey, - 1 desired to nom a beautiful rester et/
maiden living nom us; my father. from prudent motive*. then,
opposed my wiebei. For year. 1 011140&331014 to change his'
his Meelotion. but in vent. He died. Molesting against '
my cootrietiog OM alliance on which-I had ait nay bout.
While be lived, 1 obeyed him; bet scarcely bad the wit*
above We coffin clamped together. scarcely had the r
ay days of mourning expired , whoa tweet to my gh
bee** bemoaned demanded his daeghei irt marries
Yon Will see that the disobedience of Me ionyas emu
ged seventy-fold! , _
My wife. after mine few years of m• brought
me but owe child, in giving birth to oh she sacrificed
her own. This child, my daughter (pinewentreses in I
this valley of the shadow was ambit red by the less of
one whom I bad so fondly cberis ) Was. as yes may
well believe. very dear to me. ' tended her when she
was a feeble . babyt'l watched ith thieeitsiag care. her
progress from infancy to w manhood:l witched her,
Heaven only bootie how redly! and miry summer that
passed over her beautytightWie to love: her more and
She had no wish ongratilled; every Itiiiish fancy was
anticipated; 1. and all about me, made itlthe greet object
of Our lived to give her pleasure. .. '
Bat. in this world. I bare learned that 'no joy lasts
It chanced one day—the very day Mat . she had com
pleted her eighteettle year. and was one.. of the most
graceful and beautiful of the women in Bi4mitt:--it chise
-led that I approached bee room enexpelftiodly. Whet
was my astonishment. ou enteringoe petals.° that she
held in het band .4 permit! 1 'knew t, emu* trifles
were hi/bidden at. Museehnits. I areas forward,
excitedly. to esandoe Ilie picture. Elbe Made au effort
to conceal it; bet liters it from her. and I beheld the like
ness of a young Christian—a merchant Wbe lived near
us. witbootthe Olthtio. It was. I savrobet likeneesof a
French Christian, his alien to her couotryi so alien to her
brothers. en sliest to her hob.. Treamioited by my fu
ry I mired the 31409111 f V this , The t, trembling 'girt
~Llq(tlp •
tore. lermac
• triROACK
17R'and -
0. L. :AU dt.
nqd eVefil
I ' 1
1 , nil iee,;l uit.
1 i ;
ir nti ' is ~1' 1.
I -
1 . ,:rlr:4____
h And -Fnth
'north trivet
1V K'
Landmi and
to mil whall
N. 00-
1 1 Ill.' ''.
!Mid a rr.
Ottllc cur-
DM inn'
I „„di oiroe . :
2+ be-
I ) Vials
ef WI.
Na{ H.
... -
li t e tt [or
'ir LITT
I Nu. 4
- lege.
. et.
lt*trti nth
PT Jr. R. Dow
!tight— la rker night--411 EMITS. h 4114
The pantin:,talkists wive no more;
The Coosnek revile In bet balk,
Anil quaffs "Dr Wine CAIN stained yritlt gore
The gathering stonus orsutkring years
In one (tette thunder-peal depart;
While the red reaper gathers ikars.
An d binds- the independent bean.
The sisuggleso'er—the woke is poet
• The bones that moved are bones again.
The murderers yell is onward borne.
' And &sane stalks o'er del& otolidn.
While in the dust the hopeless sigh. -
And Virtue bleeds in War's embrace.
The dead upon their banner lie.
And satires of glory light each ace.
Old crumbling thrones arise again. •
With deeper woes and deedllerhate.
Thc.lron hand wakes bare the chain,
And bidit the du ageon's hinges ewe.
Free thoughts now fester in the wind.
Awl generous souls lbws to give,
While palsied hosts to fate resighed.
Kits the Rol rabbet's hand t? , .
UL God: when all th 4 people rise •
- And walk erect is proud attire.
Wilt le calms eontenuitent lights the skies.
And pale disunion's lurid face?
Whet priseady word shall weigh no wore •
Than plebtaa speech, though homely said.
And WO shalt with the eagle soar,
And wetter kennel with the dead.
Vex:mice is Miss, and / rein rem*"
threw herself it my , riot. *d bursting into tears: endea
vored to assoge-my anger and told me—a horrible tale
ear a Jewish frisbee' ears—told me that she Weed thi
Gentile! Yes, she told me OM kved him; that foithre•
years she had cherished her love in secret; and that the
young Christian loved bet tenderly in return.
Then when lheard all, when 4 knew all—l eursea the
petite aloud; I cursed him ruthlessly; and 1 bad 060
cursed my child. had not the sight aim!. and the roma
ory of her dear mother. who perished to give me gni
dinghies'. stayed the torrent of my rage.
1 tried every ineaus—penrimiuo. commeads.
appeal to heart. menace of unfOrgiving errath—to induce
het to abandou this fearful 4ttachinent. In vain—in
vain; she was immoveable; sho'was resolute in her ad
herence to bar unholy affection. At list, having lung
'struggled to combat this trouble. 1 resolved on taking a
great measure. I sold off my business disadvantageous
ly; and then. without informing ,any one of my intentions.
I goittod Smyrna. suddenly, taking my daughter • with
ino. •
t • toils
lair. 1
, of recog
eantiful no
A. and nui bed.
erly bloadless:
y srs old. and her
angel its tone. Oh
mince I had seen hog
his child again. .
• intently; she called me
my child and sank back.
.1. . She recovered anon. how
• was more wretched than human
be. and that her life hung on my
a •
s •r
NOT child: Who, with a father',
steeled his spirit against the daughter
torn from him six long years. and then
tepl>d in the darkest miseryl—What father,
have remembered that alto had erred against
ay. or against his filth? What father. of bu-
" Rl . would not have done as I dal ii tttat awfal
wilt— who clasped my sinning girl to my tarn breast
an d lai d n atand 'gently on her bead, to bless her as 1
blest her in olden dere,
when her soul blew no im
purity. amthheart no pang.
And them ' t he laid on my breast. she told see a sad
story for a falh s ear. She said that shu bad, at first.
fled with the PhD to Turkey. sad hence, by the route
have alluded le ito went to Paris. He had in the be
ginning treated ht tindly, and even lovingly; but When
they once touched, soil a r cane .. his manner
ad gradually Wward ar—his voice became mora
his conduct more 11° 1 ; his words lees gently chosen.
mad, at halo tract sr' with rough unkiodness.
A child wee born to N .. s t Stravbag. After the birth
of their baby he be g an % Nitwit to his former bearing
t o ward s her; his monnaaalawhat softened; he hir
ed elegant rooms for t4r 4d rendered her all rigid
aitelettaatiria• When her Id was six months old. her
P ura inf some weskit. He re
seducer left bor for a.
Israeli* unexpectedly. in u ' fiddleof e 'wintry night.
bid her prepare to go with bi‘ a a „ ca w t ow . placed .
her hi a carriage that waited nk) door. and removed her
by rapid Magee. to Paris. ‘
Arriving there. he drove to t imoratilo baba,' in Roe
Matibeo. where she thoh stay* I 'ln her there with the
baby; l and after she had boon a
hours is Paris. be
gain uta bor mums. placing in her Ilk a hundred .franca
and vl few words written on • slip par;
sea. .
or saw him more: ' *
Oaths mow the heartless raffia! i inscribed asi ; s•
cruel words:
"Th. daughter who desenedher fiik , can ha so but
little !lame to blame the hover who desert
Sbd wee then desolate—l shudder to t $ iniatrell."
bow deso
late! - And now iu. her cold t :Allude, re k _ a t tch
the voice of passion bat! tong ,titled—'grey , ,
mercsll,3 vlelorric The niontorr"'ci :he pra t, in
cruel to her than the anticipation the kW* It is sot
so mach tie sorrow andeserved that drives mein mad. as
the Neutral of remorse; and thus her agony giew firing
almost beyond endurance.
And then came another sorrow; a ngel - 41immoo,
premature decay, poisoned tie -currents of her
blood. Bho pined mentally and wasted The
sword and its scabbard was deshoyed iNanisoo.
I will notprolong the story of berialFerings. ILet it ho
enough so say. that. mobs finished the teribloydcital. she
drew the last coin left bar front *math her pillow. and.
pointing to her slospicg baby. she slid calmly. •
"Now that thine ham make. an: Whim. I laud' he saved
one punishment. at loam. ' I shall net see my daughter
perish before mine ores."
. .
kopeks to her 'Om language of her rather.. thelan
guar she had never heard in that strange land. I told
lier bow I Isedirseeled over' weary leagues ofrrogged
ground to have the joy i of meeting her again; and bow
readily forgave his every pang her wayarardnise had
coated me; and hew l felt, hat, after all. perhapS l—nos
she--aboadd bear the (realm blame for net coneidetiog
mere generously the impel.. of youth; for. do lon see.
she was my dauFliter: Thin I bowmen her. bli all the
lore she bore ono. to striviq with pions earnestness. to
banish from her mind all Winery of the alien; then we
might fling oblivion ever the past sorrows. wad has as if
.trouble bad never folks ellourdwellieg.
But she said all each hope was valet, that she knew she
was dying. sad now couldWe in peace. since she had
seen me again and had been forgiven. She only asked
to leave her child in but when she placed 'the
smiling baby in my arms. I for oils momenta tbo't
of casting from me thatfroitg au Unholy allianeb~ the
of/spring of hinswho had-irrked the disgrace of my
anghter and the dishoneralmy house. But better feel
ings drove the abadow foribfiferi• sir, if was my daugh
ter's child.• :
After we had talked gentlyland calmly for a time. and
ho had told ins that her endear was known by the name
of Victor 'Armand:oi earns. I pray you sir, never forget.
I thought she seemed levelly; her voice grew more firm;
her spirits cheered; she even spoke of recovery; though
that my presence gar her new vigor , and that she mold
go with me and lierbaby to somo tranquil andeseladed
place; far from,thc stranger's land of pollution, beneath
the sunny sky of the father-home. , There might she
learn er'rgetfultiess at least; so only that she went *way,
_far 'away. from, the scene of her miserY and-sin. • *ad
se the night wore on. , Bat before morning broke she re
leaned fatally. Suddenly- a great change took place.—
Suddeuly the cup of hope 1 had dared to rake at my lips
was dashed pittilessby away. fliddenly the:heart that
was pressed ter mina, flattered sad stopped its restless
throbs. Soddenly a 'horrid lastiuet told me that my
daughter, God help me! my daughter was dead! -
irts t
1 heard a pierciag shriek break from her lips. al it
soul winged its coarse to heaven. 'looked at half
mid knew all then. What need to grasp her Prl , or
touch her lips. Oh, sir. my heart was desolate I
~ OH
in c.aild' was dead.
(*gain the wanderer paused. mitt beadiu
on his bands, the bat tears hilldewn his fa • - •
It is 004 omit to sea a shilollsow‘thw.Owleri
'hoed snide wadi he reeeniedilds .1
Sir. (Itecontiased in a treelike. v• - ,) I eau weep
now; then I had no learn. Andwh . • my danghter'vras
said in her grave. and her battly';,, de her, for the !had
perished with then parent flower . hat the badl to held
me to life? What more nee w ir in the broad world?
What link would bind me to le rn tee? I bad 'odder
more to loye-1 had nothin • li
to guard-1 bad noth
ing more to cling to. N • sir. that was trio; bat I hied
still, for my task was • complete.' I had to avenge. to
avenge my daaghtri • misery. her disbondr Ntad her
As be slid thou( words, if tears still gashed from his
breast. the fire/hat must have raged there had tardy
dried up, etejeally. the blessed fount. . ,
• Sir, (he out on to soy.). had you seen your only child
in the last oil s zony —had you heard her thrilling 'cheek
es hers . fli tore itself' away—had her dying eyes bean
Arad a yours with a glanee of such anaterable anguish
• d you seen all that 1 hadasea; that I saw in that so-'
-me hoar! oh! believe use you"would have dashed from
oar heart all gentle thoughts everlastingly; yea would
havoyiekled faith, rah/limo. charity. all .to the excess of
year thsery; you would have done as I bare dale. er you
itre not human; you would have prayed the prayer 1
prayed; you world have framed the curse 1 framed; and
1 you would have asked the God who afflicted .you never
to let your bones rest in the grave WI the deith-hour of
your child was avenged! .
' So. for the dreary Sean-1 de not know boa many. I
never cared to:count-1 have sought the reffian, for he
dwells is this conntry; I have 'ought for him lonesome.
toiling days; and I must seek him till 1 die! (condoned
the Israelite.)as.` though I livo for ages! though I livertiil
my very memory fai,l, rue, and I foget all—all the past=
-except the one groak,agony 'which drives me forth. a
wanderer on the Boldface lithe earth. ' I shall Ilse as
til I meet him who littera curled in my soul-And suihe
him to this ground—to avenge the dying anguish of my
lost dieting in her murderer's bloc I. i
"Hindi:" said I. grasping lils aria; "remember that
our God said, °longtime is mine. and 1 will•repay!l?-
••1 do remember it." be answered bitterly; bet lie
told us. also, to •tread the 800 order foot. and tear the
teeth Irons the mouth of the dragon.* This is My'
..*But I asked. is thjs the sole object of your . Do
yos wander forth—ohl. poor. wyetelie&—hi work4n an
holy sensitises on hint who wronged your ohild4nd for
so °tier purpose?" .
NDo not call it unnolyl"
will give me the *lief to fulfil of the bitter. b' curse
'halite:a from my lips over say girl's dead body' • No:
neflty the grays of ray father. by my hopes of ptioa
I swear to yea that I will fl oret fair:t . my daughter's
farewell cry. sad 1 sever will forget the fisad:who-luor
Mired bee." ; •
"But does not dint eery aleatory of your past sorrows"
I asked. "brio( swain tin/4W to youtr-buraing broaaiP!
"Gentler datagram!" be answered ••1 tell you I hive
had no pads aboughts for years. All tendarserw ii
quenched Gera arastarnally. I kite* no peace. uoi
hope. nor lasi. save Aiwa alono." parades to heaves 'arta
his this lune As helper's those malesehoty words.lti
bowed profeandry mad passed on his weary wora kilo
ly wauderer: feeble as a more child physically. yen as
ally so so Ames is porpoise. A aridness. a horridltogi i
that east be bootleao, and weld be intatensarablyeal -
hie if gnu' fwd. drove biro ea esiosasingry- is the tread.:
hope that poompod his, he bad almost *sot Ike intentl.
ty of his - miI:MOW. As I said before. a resists firs of wen- •
gossiceikted op the (Watt of tears within his wiiker I
. . ,
A le* months after. the advents,* 1 ,woe driving
through the wormy teem of early in the twerh
iag. There was a groat crowd is the market-plass:
with faces upturned to- where the she. gaol lighted
dark asil ugly treat. rellswitts the direction of the
thoasawd eyes. I soon eadengood the our that
draw* the multitude together. A 8 . 144 b 119144 SOLI
the hideouts and dittgastiag death *laic deepae
strides is civilisation sad ear coiapreheasies of rehgiolt.
out legislator/troll veatore to iatlict ea the (elec. tad to
imaiie s lossoo. ilalaWai her eva IA affect) to
ilieti. tee* ouliglitune4 tellourer is quivering, term was
haugiug Item a c.ard ILL fbr 11111;Ill agoitiss of death,
and from hie convalitife - tenures the multitude were—
to Issrts/--to learn to Sespect the peace and pity the suf•
twinge of others. Flom the murmur in the crowd I
soon heard all partiehlare of the culprit— He was a
timelines, a noted higheraymao. nho bad rewire° to
that,goilty Gfi eftsr losing hie wealth at the gaming ta.
We. He was stiU young; his name was Victor Annelid.
And so the vengeance of heaven. had. at last. been
wrought. but the punier ham it not. The body of the
polluter waved disgracefully In the wind. and the wrong
ed old man still west his lonely way. and stilt would toil
sr pursuance of his beipilems purpose, until his satresieigs
should cease beneath the cold soil that his weary feet
was treading. For whoishaU deny this immutable truth?
God reserves to hictselr alone the chastieenrioot of the
guilty—the retributioncic the ruthless; Thor:ewe bebop
to Him—"He will repa
My deur iy in the Week la
"Spirit dab., . abenkl have had yea
terday if it bad oaly beep • "cold' without." for then I
ceuld•have laughed witho ut , losing flesh. The old say'
hog of " Laugh and growl fat" is a lie; for I assure you
starry Saturday I laugh Until I get tired—and by actual
useasnremeni I am putridly half a pound lighter on
Sunday. Sdme 111-naturbd people may possibly insinu
ate It rises from my hatieg a good wash oa Saturday
night. bat yoiir well known modesty would not allow
such an insinuation to °Main for a moment. The "Ve
getable Sliirtr certainly coat me a - quarter pound extra.te,
say nothing ot what 1 lostiby its retniading me of a di
lemma Into)Whieft an old friend of mine once fell.
Ili. nitavetins banpho —we used to call him "Jack
ass" for abort: Heaven alpine if he should ever se a .
this story.- I tope he do t take the "Spirit." Among
li e
hie many mislortnnes--foir ho was cock-eyed, red-hair-'
ed. and kn4-kneed—liii numbered that intontenicnt
one of bashielbesa; neterlhaless he was food of the la
dies. althonghi whew in tlteir presence he never opened
his mouth ifle could heiji it,.and when lie did speak he
used both hiftuds to help hint talk—in fact he was a cowig
man of "great actions"—. ack. one wariii day toll in lore;
he had just graduated at College, and begin to think he
mast seek the ladies iocierhe was getting to be a man
and it looked manly to h ve a "pouchaut." So Jack
fell in lotto with ,the sweetest; Liveliest. most boydouish
girl in the square. but howl to tell his love, there was the
rob. Ile ad hewird a gobd deal of rim "language 'of the
eyes," dhe a.cordinglyltried that. bat whenever he
looks particula;ly bard ... i
he window where M. Pei- .
;41) zh
ly in the habit of aiuinig. some person .:on the other
al a atter street would intariably bow to him, thinking
a was endeavoring to eistlt their eye..
Ile has delepia
`ad expressive ayes ever Wore.
At length Jack obtainedi an introduction through his
sister. mut with her he called several tunes. but she was I
obliged to leave the city forialteason. and moms/tinter
view hid only increased hie ardor. he finally determined
upon "going it alone." Ling before the boar Axed up
on by custom for an amain" visit , he found himusell'ar
rayed in his best. Blue coil. metal buttons—black eas
"re.", P• 10.• (" 04 • 7 ...... tiail • • ••LootLet thaws/ than
the skin )—and a spotless v t. The Journal of the day
state as no item of information that the thermometer
ranged from 72 to 80 degnies. Jack swears it was, a
hundred. As the hour gran , gradsially near, Jack found
his courage and perspiration oozing out together. sad he
almost detormines4 to pall °fiend stay at home. He con
cluded however. he'd take it walk past the house and see
how be felt. By the timetri reeelocil the minion he
firlaly oeueluded net to go i but on casting an eye to
wards the parlor window. aid penseiring no signs of life
there, he thought it probable that nolione was 'at home.'
aid-shun he bad proceeded so far. he'd proceeds little
tarther'. - sed—i—tenve It'card. No sooner deternin
ed than Concluded. ' lO aro Mess moment be pulled the
bell—he was saribajust oily touched it--the darted
thing aeedo't mike each a"ctsmed" noise. The door
was opened as it; by magic. }ad" the servant girl politely
requested hint a? walk io, Sias Emily was in the par
lor. and would its delighteeltosee him!
. "Oh, Lord! here was a fie! Go ica dark parlor with
a pretty girl. all "lone! It lax, too late to retreat, the
girl had closed' the front door, and was point/at the way .
to the parlor. where 'Miss Emily was sitting alone.'
Being perfectly convinced that no choice was loft him.
into the dark room be walked or rather sidled. AH was
perfect oboes to his eyes for," moment; then from the
deepest gloom came forth ' angel voice "bidding.him
welcome, and driiw n ear.".o obey the order was but
the work of a Moment. as e supposed—but he little
T r
dreamt of the obstacle Fatehiul thrown in the way. He
knew full well the stream of Love had many ripple', but
fall grown asap entered notliftto his cakulation. Judge
therefore, of his astonishment at being tripped sp. almost
at the fair one's feet, by a fat stool with plethoric legs,
1 which chasms or • careless Uervant had Placed exactly
on his road to happiness. direr he went and as the , W
hiffler bad not allowed for anY extra tension of muscles
and sinews. he not only 'preieured' a tumble. bat also a
'compound fracture' of the black pants aforesaid. Mid,
fracture extending all serose that point which comes In .,
close contact with a chair. ;
Having picked himself ep is carefully es circonteian
.eee amid allow. the *mothered laugh of Miss Emily not
'setting him forward any.' he!at last succeeded in reach
ing a chair • and drawing his goat tails forward to,prevent
exposers, sat himself down with as Much
as a bear would be erected to exhibit when re
quested to dance on nettles. 'Thu young lady. who was
almost suffocated with laughter at the sad mishap of the
bashful bier. felt truly sari for him. and used all,her
powers of &Meath's to drive it Imes his aged. and even
tually succeeded so far as to lad4ste him to make a-re
mark. And en this rock be /split. for jut at' that mo
ment she discovered she hid lost her handkerthieL
"What/lad become °fa Bhtis was sera she bad it when
As came in! It must certstraly be about!
I'Haven't you got it under yoi. Mr. Danphele?' Jack
was sure that couldn't be so!' but poor hick. in venter
lug an answer. could not poseibly get along without ais
tug his•hands, and of course be must drop the coat tail.
luhis anxiety tit recover the deissiug "wiper," ho even
ventured to iodine hie body in as. to get a glance on the
Boor. 'As he did so, the fracture opened, and behold
there lay is the lady 'appease:l—her property. It was
the work of an hisi.ant, to seise the corner and exclaim—
" Here it Is sir. yens needn't trouble yourself. Raise a
little. it's under yea," t at the itame . time giving It a long
poll; Alas. the Mil was noir
? old—no escape—nothing
sheet of a special Interposition iet Providence could save
his shirt. But whist should IM do? • Aaother. and elm
titer. a Kreuter pull. evincing On the part of the lady a
praiseworthy dister i nsinadon to Obtain the lost *dry goods.'
coupled with the request to "gist up sir—you ' re sluing
on it," dinerasinesi t him, and in the agony of the "Mall
[• grabbing with both bands a tad disappearing strip 1414
j es which ensisisied his neck. he isscialated in bearao -
1 ken eissenne•-"Feit God's , sake, Mies Eniiii.. Loewe"
1 akieteetter?" - i 1
his biow
ao I toisied
lied the Jew. ;leave*
-T= ---
• ' "
A Soldier oti sentry duty - at ai saiaaspaistd e stahhed a
dug with his Lapilli% who was'iaet on him by some boys.
The owner doom:tit, and wait mach weird to see his
cur "Wh
,4111 have struck him wiat
ttto Wit of youi glob" bale Ito. ••Itu toplied
the scatty. ••!f the doglad ',.at me tall foremast "
The sandwich *ids and their 3
Lorrappouiec' . 4 . 7 . awmbany A
liasoLocc, J y 17, 1851.
Let me sow fell you something skim Heisehtle. t It is
shoaled on a plain es the meth side of MO Ward or Oa
hu, st the mouth of a matni fi cent valley fried Nomin
ee. whidh extends thorn one side of the Island ifs the other.
about seven miles. East and *est of the tow% are lev
el plains. one'er tire miles wide hose the beach
to the moxotains; which rise from the plain le the height
of 1.000 feet. so abruptly as to* Mimeo! With diacuhy.
East of the toweL this plate extends to au e voltam..
called "Nutting Head." about five miles; while to the
I westward It:extends still further. On the abhor the
1 opening Ort. ermine: valley. and directly I the rear of.
1 and one-half mils; distant from the town. I seethie ex
tam-volcano:called "ranch Bowl Hilt the
:edge of whose crater (about:800 feet is b 1) le=
with 18 to 24 pounders for the defence of harbor.
The town °Detains about 1000 inbabi • to, of whelk
perhaps 1,000 are foreigners, Comprisin Americas.
English. French. Germane. Chinamen. It lane. Lan
cers. it.c. The Chinamen MI alehrewd. it e este( febo,
lows, mostly merchants, and dressed as m egthros ant,
in Chinese fashion. the legs of their pasta as boil; ao
large as a wemin's petticoats, and with thei long queue
hanging down their backs, they present to or orelpser an
extremely odd ippeatatice. The town is - t little sk
ated sleeve the water. The streets are In g y wide sad
straight. and cross each other at right anal ' nihili
sm are a singlular mixture—trait houses.' ,
houses. adobe houses nod wooded houses
tied together in strange confusion. The
are mostly made of upright poled. tfteehed
somewhat like the'thatehing of, a ham -,'
ate= are very large..aud as comfortable as
'adept in the rainy season, when they are de
houses. too; are common among the eat'
they are going out of fashion, en Meouot of
dee which always nestle about them.. They
are built of coral stone. cut, from the reels 4
They are of a dirty whits color. ASH of holes
cut with an axe to any thiipe._ ; llbuses bail
also those built of adobes. are alwdys plaide
side, which closes the' befits. and are then Ili
Wooden houses are moil common among t
Ail the best houses. of whateverataterial ,
have verandahs, some on one side and so'
side. They keep the house cool by protectid
sem The natives area fine, manly looking
Meet and strong, two dethree shades lighter i
or negro. with long straight black hair. Th 4
as illiterate as our negro, they area fat to
race. their native sagacity sad qiickneits Of
giving them a decided superiority:. They ci
and write their native language, except Me vs
who had reached middle age before the coon
of schools. Nothing surprised me imore-than
Mous size at an age when in the United
Would be called children. There hi one In my
translates papers written in the native land
wlis over six foot high and weight 184 Ike..
y ixteen years of age. 80. also. of girls-.
call 'them sixteen al least, and are told the V as
The chiefs. mon male and hpalii. - are dart
and generally larger in body than the come
Ono of them. A. Pski.the King's chamberlain,
tee l in the office. is nearly seven feel high. and
most perfectly formed men I- ever site; M. K
the Governor of the Island of. Oahu.-is also a
ble looking man, of very pleasing manner?. a
Kaneboa. the Governor of the !staid of Maui,
Kspesa. Governor of the Island of Hawaii.,
tletuen. in every sense of the term. Minsk
English as fluently as his mother tongue. hat
sorno years in Brooklyn and New fork:
About two months ago:Kcksuonahl. a Lodi
grand daughter of Kamehameha lit; died. an
occasion, for the first time, I heard the nativios wail.—
She died about 7 o,cleck P. M.. and instantly Woke,
f ar
upon the stillness of night a sound such as I ,of
describing., It became general all beer the • wa ia a
moMent, and continued about three boots. u it It was
stopped by o rder of Pak i. : Iler a ' stout six
weeks. tied was finally committed to the Kin tomb en
. the 30th of Jpots. With a grand ' funeral pr -'-- '-
,which the King's ministers.' high chiefs. an
memo:office:" generally. (myself among th e
rook their appropriate places. Oa going to a
found the walks inside of the yard covered wit
grant, and the funeral car at the boor. The
part of the ear was an old 12 lb gudcaniage.
drag : ropes all complete—the beano; or box in
mem was placed. stood on four perpendicular
deed intothe ask-trees of the carriage. was a
feet s quare. and was ekvated nearly eigh
labc4e the bind Wheels, which were' full sic feet
taro. After mining the Co,Ea which was an el
highly ornamented one, into the hearse. the
moved forward towards the stone amuck belt'
lines of natives, holding in their hands rod. 0
MgO--the attest through which the procession tt
log cohered with bulrushes, and the car being il
natives, to the sound of martial music by a 'oath
first came four men, bearing "kshills, "Which'
qnsiitities Of yellow feathero , curiously arranged )
erred ea the top of a pole , similar to a Its/. an
in the same manner.
After the kahilis came soldier*. that's this litiwi
then the funeral ear. which was fultaiwed by ti
chiefs. who appeared as chief monitors. ouch
wearing a cape of feelers upon theiridiooldets-
Hawaiian flag, followed by John Young, the Pril
King's ministera, the diplomatic carps. the 0041
the islands. lodges and government dilicers. St;
a keg lineof natives bringing up the roar.
procession was moving. the battery: ete ••Pt a t t t
Hill" fired minute gook; the native, who w
procession. wailed hideously, and the dust flew
Arrived at the church.the coffin was taken jilts
and prayers offered in the native lapitnegn. and
cession again look up its line of marbly for the too
same order as before : After the coffin was depo
1 ceremonies closed by firing time relies in the
I I itary style. '
The climate here is delightful. though the s
intensely hot in the middle orthe dayilyist, owl
trade-winds which blow•coastantly from the I
the heat is seldom fah to be oppress/ye, masa
is active exercise out of deem The trade-ti
sometimes interrupted by theeouth. Or as die ni
it from the effect it produces on theta. the "ski
and then headaches. liadeareeds and languor pr
though overhead it is as bright and clear as if t
were blowing. The sick winds. howee.r. Decor 1 1
Ou the highlands it reins almost every day aka
which gives to the mountains a splendid green of
' • loses of
,which you can form no conception. In t
wearer. it never rains enough to keep grass grei
Alic:eieletieg, except is the rainy soarer - We I
Perich-bowl holl,Wle from us, everY
see it rain finely. but I ,soosii than a ht
sad generalli none at all. • Tonisaid.risie le knot
a bright mesa shining et the yams Ilitio ! yriald•
taloa. but I son ammo you it kidtekt '
great' harm of the donate is the beauty of e
l'hov are intiatd upload..'. Noatme 'have I
vaiti l
tetihttat hatoatthett. kivweaet nut Me Os.; m
tret.u.,lla. suet% 40 slater" caul. eat at* ),,ii, e ta
UM Times
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aft. 4.4 s
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"R. Os Ad
coral Naas
age _ *fa'
imd ho g",
I with 11 11 5 4 .
Berwe of
leny Mem.
1 1 es. though
lo* water.
en b.
ov.r 'id
y are Wilt
o cm every
1 ) it from the
I I • °Nada.
I I color Mai
• gir seedy
intellipe t
:ry old owes
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for ow.
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eyr welsh*
bMt Use
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one litho,
• ail-
d Jas. T.
and G. L.
I both.
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limb eat
whit its
t end
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sea two
d white
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ed het
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' flog.
of door
• a dbo
;-• Bowl .
I • limp
1* Pm'
1411 euU
,7, urind:
wail. al
~, *Ng-
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Sid. dm