Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, October 11, 1851, Image 1

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P. avas.zps Propri•tor•.
(rit Obottver.
33. Z. ILOAN f Z 4 it o.
• -
City subscribers by the carrier, at . , Alta
tl mo. or al the °dice. in advance. . 1.30
, X., If not paid in adi ance, or within three wands" from the time
of subscribing. riro dollars will be charged.'
2._/ All confmtuticatums wart he postpaid.
Cards not exceeding I lines, one year. j
. I hie square is • I.
• do. . do. mix months,
. do. do. three months. 3,40
Thansierir advertisement,. 30 eqn ta per square, of fifteen lines or,
less. for the first insertion; !Scents for each 1 übw.quent insertion.
Li Pearl) advertraershaic the priallegeohbanging at 'Acworth
but at no time are ed to occupy more than two Al um s , , vi a I s
6,, /mom ia , fiu.s musueliaSs bacissamt.
Adv.-name-went. not having other directionsj will ba inserted till
orbid andcharged accordingly.
ibM j D;z1:19 01146 0) :04
IVateliniaker and Repairer, Dealer in %Vaiebirs, Cloaks, Jewelry,
Monica! I iotrunieurs, Looking Glasses and mall Fancy Goods.
latore one door west of tile Reed House. ! "." 17
Dr Ai ea in Dry Good., Groerrie*, Hardware, Crockery, 2.10
3. Perry Hloek. State sweet, Erie, Pa.
'A: M . .n.r SON.
krrnuvry AT—Otilte'at prevent to tbet l bronrcle °Mee, in
Wright'A Block.
oav►.r Al T.AR.—Ofrice over Williams'
.+;atiti•hment; entrance flrai door weal,
Drat-Las in 1/1) Goods, Grocerita, Liquors O all kinds, Crockery
Nail., ay., oue door south of itluiltk Jac aia store. French
Street, Erie, Pa.
J. Conrroic. , H. B. H•VrIMTACIC
Agent of J. A.tdre Offenbach—Depot of Foreign lIItYSIC and mo
tor:11 Nierc nand , Aliole”alg and letall, o. ii. 80. fah $L
ab. l'helawst .trot. Philadelphia. •
I . ltVeletn• and Si-aarcus—filer -corner ortratel and Seveuo
Siren.; Remdence on Eighth duet!. be gni Trench and
Holland, Erie, Pi.
Dr A LIM iu C rorcnn. NOV 6101 i% WHICII, Li
*Ole Poor below Looms& CO's rote
waleri. w Cold. Silver; Hank Note; Waits, Ceniticates of De-
Sight Exchange on the pf I Ile sp I ernes eonaututly
Mr bale! Oilier in UtiiinY xi Block, Public *nate. Erie.
S. no :lino Purim- mg—Office, corner of
wet, of ri2kfi low* KOCii'm litt3fe. Res+itielle
uoe door cas tQC ese old Apolhecaty Nall ,
R. I ' . STERItEI.'T &
rUi..tarit4 oo baud a lull supply of G .
- C.O
h.dicry, Pros ie ems. Produce. 1t.e..11r.c.:
of Retail as cheap at. Gre clieum.t. No. Ilw
WM. 8. LANE.
Attorney aid Counsellor a Law.
IterMuttonary. army and Navy Pensions. Bounty Lands awl
claw.. fur , eltra Tay. and all tiler Waimea-entrusted in melani n
rte. lye prompt and faithful attention.
°Mee Wriattt's Block ou'r•lanc Meet, over S. 11. Puffery:Ws
pre: . Erie:. Ort. 111.
WHOLESALE end Retail Dealer" in Dry Good4Grbreneiirfardarare,
I.,elnore, nour, Fs-h, Snit &c., No. I. iVright•saßloek cur
wr of Fab and etate r3treets.
la.hlopiable Tailor. over the Store of th Jacksop,Cbqap
side. 'l - riNti done on ehort Douce.
PCCIOI•1 • 1•1 and Stationer, cud Manufacturer of Blank Bunkis and
%1 i it itig Ink. corner of the Diainotailanit Sixth &reef-
erretitt. and general Agency and Connuiriskasi tinsinesa. Frank
lin, l'a. 0.
LEAR ur. to Englisb.Gektuan and American par
Also, Nails, Myths, Vim, Imo vid uteri
time. Pa.
BLacesurrns, Carriage and Wagon Out
tweitu ve%enth fr. Eighth. Erie.
Ontrit, one Door west of C. B. Wrizhev storr,lop
Onus with Met, A. BEEIIIt, eleventh near 13.2 hosstneet. Rev
vtdeuee. on ii.ourafras, one door north of Sev th
Wm - ices...ix and Retail dealer in Groceries. P
. I.lquorx, kc.. &e Corner of Frtnitlll
r.4itioplic the F.ireaerie Hotel. Erie.
- JOHN Ma;ANN. ,
Want.a.o and Retail Dealer iu Family G
Wow.% are, Irpo. Naito. le.. Cheap Side. Er,
I Pe tsigl)t prier paid far Country
.1. GOALiiiISG. -
Mns , HA, - T.ll ox, and Habit 3 1 laker.--StOre, N 0.3 Reed's Block.
toppuittu the Bantlell Block) State Street. Erie.
.1. W. WETMORE. .
In Walker's Offree, on tleventla fAtreet. Erie, Pa
la warrea..lobler. and Roma' Dealer an Dry 'Goods, Croeeriew,
era, krry, I:ll,l9lwarr, Carpeting, flank are. Iron, Neel, Napa,
dra. Storm State liibreet.dbur doors, below
Lcua u'r, llotel, Erie. Pa.
Alno—.'.o dm, V are:, Bellow r, Azle Anna, Sprilbara, and a mama'
assortment of Saddle and Carriage Tehernings.
/trimester it and Justice of the Peac. awl Agent lier
the Key stone toll Lifelnausance Coutpolay—Otbee Mom
west of Wrights store. Erie. Pa. •
cutler business ailtsidei
Forwarding & COY/11111NR
!hale weed.
Gus!. Halt. Mauer and {►hilt Fish. eanitantlylar sale.
_ .
lit .
Wir,.t.rssimsirs •irrstit.Dcsuras la and DynesUe
Qx..40, ready wade Clothtug. Boon mut 111bOes. &c ., Nood
Wright's Muck, Sure streeit„ Erie. :..
Banker and Exchange Broker. • Dealer In
I /rafts. eerr irkater of Dcrosite. Gold and all
4 4411(INAr lame' Stock. corner of Staie-at.,
Arroanirs •T thw—arierup stain In Tanunatiy Hall building
oath of the Prothonotary's office, E,ie, \
TTOR.XST MID C0L,11111[14.011 AT LAW—Mike oyer C. IL Wrietit's
Store, enuanee one door went of State eireett at the Dumont,
Driunt in Dry Goode. Dry Drocerks.,,Creekerly, hardware. Le..
No. 111. Cbrapeide. Erie.
in Dry GaAs. Groceries. tiardware, Qneeas Wort floe.
ken. Na 11... tr.. Itl, Cheapside. Erie. Pa.
C•1111.1ET MAZER UlthOhlter.
r , eveutli iltreetr. Erie.
• - EDWIN 1.
VICALL Fora anima, Produe
in ettinr and tine salt, Coal
.ctmor, Forwarding. Curniuundou aud Prod Nerehanto;Sed
ot.,i %Vim-hose east of the Publle 80. Er .
Dr it VIP in Watcher,. Jeweirl.' Blll ver.
Br tutu eta Ware Cutlery. MIHALY and
ursrly oppoeite the kale thud, NW
G. Lou..m
- -
Wino! F.M.It arld . Retali dealers hi .Drte
I)4e-stuffs, Glass. fte.. No. S. Reed
3A !HES — EI
F a'Fatlo4es the
west of Mate stretl. rale.
I. S. CLARK.Bi •
IV ROLZIAII,2 111 D nirenn. Dealer In Groreri . elelolo4 ShiP
ehlndiery. altoorware. ate. ate o. S. all Mort, Erie.
0. D. SP ORD. I '
1 • 0 !•tt-r in Law. Nr l tirr al. re ta{lol M el I aneous Souks stationary .
lil k , tr. stale at.. bur louts w the,Pubiletioquare.
Re*oi•at Dentist: Office and dwelling in the Beebe Block. an thig
East ■ode of the Public Nam. inc. Teeth inserted on Gold
own one to an cutler sett. Canons 'Avail tidied with pore
told. and restored 10 health and usefulness. Teeth gleaned
a ith itnitrungenta and [kit Inlet so as to leave (kern of a pellucid
tieGaness. All work unmated.
um, is • n eau cael-othee at hie residienet Oa &sea street.
.plamite We ..Ilethaliet Client', Erie.
111/LU ALI•N D dealers to DriWogiollels Dye q 4111114
uruccritit, tc. No. S. Heed Nouse,
130VVDER Kegs Rifle, De.r sod Blaitlis Peri et.o lo
ji TIKINV ed and fat oale by the kcs est kisWY. IP'
Erie, July 111. T. II &en&
; •' . S ." 7:" :
. E
Wright' a Banking
the Public Equate
eh and Fifth
ou Fourth weer.
,ies, Liqulr. Ship
eras. Crockery
Ms of Exchange.
:ex coin. &c.. &c.
I- ad Public Soar!.
&au and
$ ( l4 pet%
A warm aid drowsy sweeping!
le siestips dee wy bade% !
ICI 00 wore the Demobs
Sweep through the royid
I beer so mole the peasant sirs
' Hinging amid the grain! 1
. &Mt. silvery *Mts. •In
I deems maim" an my bumf
Zara I hear the waiter.
t its voter is deeper nowl,
the mocking-gird and °lola
' • Arit singing oa the Week:
TIN elm and linden beam.* -
Droop elate sad dark o' .
And the foaming Forma
\ Leaps down the rocky bed
\ De still my heart" the seas a pamed—
x Tbe mobs of home 1 maid a
oboiwern ore reality hicinixon
on the linden spray. I
d \ down the claret endow
P the scented bay.l
And gi triode tau the Anal leaves.
c l i rn the biight summer dal.
d playmatenline weleoine
Amid your •hand ; I
Chris nee die old ollitecdoo—
'The sowing gasp • head+. -
I Worship no more time of
/ere lowly lbaselland.
(MMoire Misrt nti.
hum Dtekese ilourebekl Words.
I .........,-,...........,,T \
I believe may state witit coufidenee that my parents
were respeerble, notwitheradieg that one belonged to
the taw—being the sine dctor-plate cif a solicitor. The
other, was a pewter flagon residing at a very excellent
hotel, and moving in distinguished iety; for it assisted
almost daily at convivial pieties! in a Temple. It fell
sl i
a victim at least to a persea belongi to the lower or
ders, who seized it, one 04it morni . while hanging
opal some rulings to dry, sod cow s ed it to a Jew, w h o 1
—I blush to record the inert offered t a reapected mem
ber of my family—melted it down. y first mentioned
parent—the zinc plate—was not one led to move in or
May. owing to its very s eler connee a with 4110 street
door. It occivied. howeve4 a very aspirins position
in* jading Otoroughfarip, and was life roans of diffa
sing more tarsal instmctioo.perhaps.itban many a quar
to, for it informed the matting as well as the reading
public-. that Messrs. Snapplis and &in resided within,
atid'that their effice• here, were from tea till four. In
order to become my progenitor it fell it victim to dishon
est practices. IA "fast" mileopari. , red it one night,
and bore it off in triumph 010.01ft:shots. Hare it was
included by ',the boy" swungarmorer "perqoi
siles." and. by wow nautili° ' found its way to
the Hebrew geademan above me. ed.
The first meeting between my pa (a took place In
the melting-pot of this ingenious permin. and the regatta(
their subsequent union was mutually advantageous. 'The
one gained by the alliance that strength and solidity which
is not possessed by even the purest pjwter; while to the
gelid qualities of the other were added a whitener and 1
brilliancy zinc could never display. i
From the Jew. my pareita were liansferred—myste
'lonely and by sight—to mitt obscure itidividsal is an oh ?
scare mauler of 'the metropris. whea t ' in mosey and si
lence, I was ear, to use ad appropriate metalphor. upon
the world.
How shall I describe my first imp 'oa of existence?
how portray my agony when o l brain aware what I wee
—wheb I understood my mission n ot earth? ' The rea
der, who has possibly never felt hi , to lf be- what Mr.
Charlye calls • "sham." or a "selestitly constituted Im
poster," can have no notion of my sufferings! I
These, however: were "endued only in my early and i
unsophistleansdyouth. Sines then. h seabitual intercour 1
with the heat society has relieved me from the embarrass
ing appendage of a competence. My long career upon
town—in the course of which I hasS been bitten. and
rung, and subjected le the meat lintlllating tests—ham
bloated my sessibilities. iibile ft has site off the sharp
ness of my edges; sad, like the emialrfelts of humanity.
- Wham lied any be wen 'emulating Ivor at every turn.
my only desire is--not to be worthy ar passing, bat aim.
ply—td pees•
bliimpreision en the maid, en filet hamming eon.
mimes of ezinteece. was, that it was iibmit filthes lam is
boob. very ditty. and bad a damp. unwholesome semi:
my Indians of mankind were, that it ilbsved only trace a
fortalght: that It had erne. 11111ileiliiipta features; 6 hide
one' leer; that it abjured soap. as a bisbit; sod lived ha
bitually in its shirt sleeves. Itioch, twirled, was the aspect
of the nparteritt in which I first saw be Not. and such
the appearance oldie profession - al gendmitimmise usher
ed me into existence.
I may add that the room was Girdled. ge if to glutein
a siege. Not only was the door itself lined with iron,
but it was strengthened by penderees wooden beants,
plated upright. and across, and in eery possible direc
tion. Thisformidable exhibition of iprethistion against
danger-wee quite alarming. 1
I bad not been long brought fate this "n i trous, world"
before a low and pearlier tap, from kbe albino of the
deer, met my ear. My master pansedi art ffelareeed. and
seemed en the poise of sweephig me ;and several of my
companions (who had been by this time i inysthriously
ushered into exigioaas) ist, some plies of safety. Reas
sured. however, by a segued tapping. of or. marked
peeeliatity;he contained the elebtqate process of so
&Mooing the - door. This having been socompLished. and
the entrance left to** guardianship poly of a. manias
chain, a mysterious watchword was exebagged withseme
person outside who was prtheudy adthitted.
"Hullo: there's two on you?" stied my mama. as a
' elderly twitted entered, followed somewhat timid
ly b a younger sae of mild and moddet aspect. "
.giren 'an m I have took Under niy arm," said Mr.
Blin s (which I presently understood ;to be the name of
the elder one), "and berry desarring!he - prentises to be.
He's just Come out of the stone pitcher. without having
done nothing to entitle hit to have ono in. This was
it: a follow out at Highbitry Barn col red him, for lift
ing mew from his railings, where it was a hanging to
dry. Young Innoceaes bed never dreamt of any thing
*fibs kind—beim' a walkiecon his wey is the work's*
bat leeks Wag previubially ethereide than By. beget
gig weeks es it. is the *Class e' Coireetios, however.
be met geese knowing blades. who pit hint op to the
time of day, and he'll thou be es wide-awake as any of
'em. Tide amain he brought ins n peeketobeek. and
in it sigh—ty posed flimsies. As hail a young bind,
I encouraged him by givigg him three pun' ten for the
let—it's ninsial a risk.blit I dens it. • As it is. I shall
have to send 'em all over to 'Anther'. Howsemever,
he's get to take ogle papd in home "mods: Win' out 'of it
myself. I have brought him to you."
"You're here at the nick slime." seed my wastes. "I
hate just Wood a saw bateb—" 1 -:, ,
Lad he plated to tits glittering besp la. which I deb
ellYeldffritli the eoalldeate of yoeth—to be uoploasast
ly emespiaeoss.
"I've bee. explaining to young Youthful that it's , lb*
near tbieg, wheat be sells his swag to vitt is ulY,waY
of besiesse, to mho part of it is this bore eels." fete
hertook as from the heap, and as he did so i l felt as If I
were (rowing Meek between his dogma. and baviag my
respects la life very meth damaged:
"Lad is all this bed money?" said the yea*, eutlees•
lye:lag. as I thought. at me IdOINI, sad not taking the
slightest Nuke of the teat of my meamparnioas.
"HasaOmsk, young Youthful." said Mr. Illinks."no
ammo to the home coiaage. In all human affairs t ormy
filing is sr geed. as it looks."
"I .said met tell thus from the geed—from thus
made by the mermoreat 'Amid oar".—baotily added
the b.y.
I fah myself leaping up with reeky. and chinking
opium! my mitspaniemo at these words. It wu I
was fast kisiag the immune. of yeah. to justice to
myself. however. 1 sin bound to say that I have. is the
curse of my subsequeat imperious. seen _malty of the
lords sad masters of the treaties behave mirth morsel'.
nowilly under the indium:» of flattery.
"Well. we must put you up Nth' means of finding
oat the real turtle from the mock." said my muter.—
"It's difficult to tell by the rill. Salver, if it's at ail
cracked—se lots of mosey is—don't ring no better than
,pewter; besides. people can't try every blessed bit o'tia
they gel is that *ay; some folks is offended if they do,
and some ain't jot no counter. As fo- the color. I defy
anybody to tell the difference. And as for the figgers on
the side, wot's• your dodge? Why, won a piece o'mon
ere give to you. look to the hedges. and feel 'em too
whit your finger. When they ain'tquito perfect, ten to
one bat they are bad 'ens. You see. the way it's don*
is this—l suppose I may pat the young 'on up to • thing
or two morel" added Mr. Blinks. pausing.
My muter. who had during the above conversation
lighted a short pipe. and devoted himself with considera
ble assiduity is a pewter pot—which he lookod at with _ a
technical eye. as if mentally casting it into crown pieces,
—now nodded assent. He we. not of an in agiaative or
• • losophic turn, like Mr. Blinks. Ho saw none of the
sea „ out of busieess. bat pursued it'on a 'system of
because be profited by it. This &Sumo
,betwees s producer and the middle-man may be con
tinually o • v • elsewhere.
"Yea see,' • ntinsed Mr. Blinks. "that these here
'bobs' "—by It • he meant shillings—Ms composed
of a mixture ortwo "•• stalsiewter and zinc. In curse
thesis is first pigied • w. and sold to gentrin my line
of Messes. who either nfacters them themselves. or
sells 'ens to go sts as does. ow. •if the meiotic:utter is
only is a utak way of bin' cad is of a mean uteri
ha merely casts his money la p • of Path moulds.—
Bit for hobby gentg,liko our • ad here (my mas
ter bore nodded approvingly over • pti.) this sod of
thing won't pay—too mash trouble an. of enough. pro
fit. All the topaawyeis in {he meanie' • is scientific
met. By neaps of what they calls a gal battery a
cast is audio( that partible: spin selected for • • lades.
From this here east. which you see. that there din*
made. and from that there die impression. is strut off
on plate. of thoustal prepared for the purpose. No
unfortunately. we ain't got the whole of tbo mashoeuiry
of the Government Institution yet at our disposal. though
it's oar intention for to bribe the Muter of &a Mint (in
imitation coin) some of these days to put us up to it all
—se you see we're obliged to stamp the two sides of this
bore shilling, for instance (taking as up again iss he
.poke,) upon different plates of metal. tieing of "cm to
gether afterward,. Thee comes the asi/Wig round the
kedges. This we do with a file; and it is the himper-,
faction of that 'ere as is continually a preying upon our
mind,. Any one who's up to the his'neu can lelf wheth.
er the article's geni wine or not. bye looking at the hedge; ,
for it can't be expected that a file will cut as ',gibe as a
=sheen. This is redly the great drawback upon our
Hero Mr. Molts, overcome by the complicated char
acter of hie subject. sabeided into 'a fit of abitraction,
daring which he took a cipionv pull at my moetor's•por
'Whether suggested to the onslaught upon Ma beer, or
by n general menus of impending business, my master
nor began %thew symptoms ofirnpationee. Knocking
the ashes out of ►is pips, he asked "how many bob bis
ftisind wonted?"
The arranpmeat was soon concluded. Mr. Blinks
filled a beg which be carried salt the manufacture of
my muter, and paid over twenty of the abilliep to his
prokirs. Of this twenty. I . was one. As I paned lute
the youth's head I could feel it tremble, as I own mine
would have dose►had I been possessed of that 144i:indigo.
- My new master thee , quitted the house is company
with Mr. Blinks. whom be left at the corner-of the street
—en obscure thoroughfare is Westmiester. Ills, rapid
•tops speedily brought him to the southern bank 'of the
"fair and silvery Thames." as a poet who min possess
ed me (only for half as hour) described that ' nueleauly
river, is some verses which I met in the pocket of his
'pantaloons. Diving into a narrow street, obviously.
from the steepness of its descent. built upon arches, he
'mocked at a hone. of all the unpromising rest. the lout
promising in aspect. - A wretched hag opened the door,
past whew the youth glided, in an absent and agitated
witinaari sad. Isaviag ascended several flights of a nar
row and precipitate 'Neiman, opined the dearer as apart
menben the top story.
The roam was low, and ill-ventilated. A fire burnt in
the grate. mad a small media flickered ea the table.—
Beside the grate. use as old tan aiming ea a chair;
beside the tattle, sad beadieg onn the thekering light.
sat a young girl noted is sewing. My master was
welcomed, for he had been absent. it seemed for two
months. During that time he had, he said, eamedsome'
mosey; and Re had come to share it with hie father mid
I hid a quiet ht. with my competriees, la my master's
pocket, kat mere time a week. At the sod of that time.
the stock stood mosey was miserly ethastaiat-stthoegh
4thati ea meta than ... eeessier bees jediseessity mixed
with a tieisitbet ee two 4 mime. Weals homier. did
me leaver lag at mat. Uadoireatcaceorgeiag away
&pin Nsipt "work." wiy assates—leavieg several of my
friendlies take their elsamm. is miesialeteriag to the air
esmaities of his father aid eister-.-weet away. I teetaia
od to he "smutted" (paned) by my master.
Where are you goings° tat. amttyou don't recognise
old Meader were the words &Unwed to the ye/a by
a pewter-by, an he was ceoesiag, at a violtMt pace, the
nearest bridge, to the dietetic& et Aliddinatin beak.
The speaks, WM a young• gentleman, adod about
twenty,. sot ill-looking, but with feature* exhibiting that
peculiar expresition of cunning. which is popularly des
cribed as "knowing." He was arrayed in what the po
lice roped' in the nowspapeta call "the height of fashion."
—that! Is to iaY, he had travestied tlie style of the most
daring dandies of tact year. Ho wore no'glovis; tot tho
bloated rubicundity of hie hands was itolioetl by a profu
sion of rings, which—even without the cigar in Ws month
Iran quoits wafreeket h istabltak kis alainis to gewillty•
Edward. my masher. routrai the civilities ditto sham.
for. aid. tensing bock with him, dig weed • tip "ir
seisewhise." •
••Liao* a wood," said Me. Bothaal. prolacior wolf-
Wad sips-sass. Than au ao iosiogiag.ioss4 wok
••Whe. .1",b11M4
"Pll toll yea what we'll' do." said Mr. 11 4 014 who
IM/ted am itexperienciag navel sessatios-Qie ',Meetly
had an idea. "1 tall you wbat—ime'll go end blew *
Mood with Joe. thi:plarT a l l iasier. He tires midi a
short distaaae off, met far the Abbey; I pet to sea
him Int business, so we shod kill tans Mae. ono
4 us. you know."
I now loused that Mr. !Bethnal *as a nom semials.
taae. Oohed up ostler eireetustsecos (es s siboakber o
Parboiling. to wheat I Dam helangimi., used tensy is the
Ilene), to which it is stamteassary further to abode. - •
"I was glad to heat of +r lack. by.the-by.f' said the'
gentleman in qesatiott. not racist kis compaohnes wish
to avoid** subject. heard of it from ola Blinks.
Hatraldikes too thlng. if one's's presentable coos. You'd
do &aced well is it. Yon Ore oily to pi 'aohlti togs end
you'll de. i - •
Mr. Joe. Itappeared. la 141ditioa to his ornithological
mospatione. karts small shop for the sale Mom& and
peruses;' be was also. in si very small way. s' timber
inerclumit Weave/al handles of firewood were piled la
pyramids. la his abed.
Mr. Bethnal's tmetams wiik him was emu dispalobed;
although mot emit after the istarrhed been awaired by his
friend. that Edward : was •of ibs right sert."l with lb*
qualifmatioa that he was "ratios gross at present:" and
also iota Mr. Joe's up-ataiss saachna.
/a sasese ts a remiestfritm Mr. Batumi. In tbe jargon
I. use thea itaiabilligible. Mr. Joe prodeced feels setae
mysterious depseiWaY at the top of the besse.ll hoary
canvas bag. which hi emptied ea dte tablei
a heap of shillings sad balt.eslowas. whisk by a grape-
Melba imbues. 1 imModiasaly dammed is be of my own
, •
• "What de yea think of these?" said Mr. Bethnal to
his yeses
kiaod. -
Edward swooped some, sideaishisent dual Mr. Jae
should be is the line.
"Why. blow year !oyes." said that gentleman. "yea
don't suppose 1 gets !my thielibeed oat et tha shed down
maim. net the pigeeesitaithrs. Yea see. these Wages,*
wily dodges. J<l hiied here like a geetlemardiat is
to say; without a twaipatiosi—the pikes weskit see* be
down cm me. They'd be ebleaged taudta i n i oa ate.
As it is. I comes the iespectable tradoema .wh a above
suspicion—and tho pigeons helps on the bine wan
+•[iow is that?" '
e•Why, I keeps my:materiels—the pewter, mud all that
—ott.tho roof, in order to be out o' the way, in' case of a
surprise. 111 was often sod upon the roof, a-kw:dila*
atter such-like matte'., inquisitive eyes would be on the
look out. The pigeobe is a capital blintL l'us believed
to be dewotod to my pigeons. set col which 1 lamas cars it
shoold be the•gbt / makes alit& fertne—snd that makes
a man respected. As ter the Pigipsn sad coal ind °tater
basins/re. tibent's dodges. Owes , :i opportaaitv Of bring
ing is - ipater-looking vackfnas o' things. which
world compel the •spirs'—mss we sallthi p'i
down tut WO, •
. •
"Ceitspottbanat surely they nom down their.
war they've a simpinion?"• -
"You needa't a told mit ho wee green." saiillblr. Joe
to his elder acqsainteriee, ee M ginosed Mate youth With
an air of pity. In the. first plass. viola* care to keep
the work-shop almost Improgimidet
tetuidwaiwoinv, we jaati-bine $lO WOO 411111114, -thing
to' the way. In Ste next. if it 001,106 WA.r'orslch--
wh is a matter of ;almost hfe and - death lei b
stand • o nonsense. " •
Mr. • - pointed to nu Inn crowbar, whit:boated in the
chimney= • • nor. = . •
"1 *ea 'og tc. criminals friends, yea ktow." he
added signifies , tolls Bethnal, " hat yea remember
Vol Sergeant If got 1"
Mr. Bethnal assort, and Mr. Jos volanteared
for the benefit and in etion of Edward, an alecoust of
the demise and fluterbl - • lets Mr. Serypeme
That offinial having seen mated. was ambition of
being designated, in the newsy ms. - "iective sad /alai
goat." and gave infoti,mation againt.t a L isisg of l i ceinera ;
" Wot woe the consehnenee 1" continued the narrator.
Sotnehow or anoth4; that pleseman was nearer more
bowed on. thin Atte night he went on hie heat.; ho
did let skew at the ne it master ; and it was epesedi he'd
bolted. Every inquiry was wade. and the • Wysteriona
disappearance of a plowman' got bate the nompspers.
Howeemnovor. he noOkr got any whores."
" And what becamb of him 7"
Mr. Joe then prected to take a long puff aeitis pipe.
and winking at his in tiated friend. proceeded te . narrate
Low that the itijnred Bang dealt in eggs
U What has that to 'do with it 2"
" Why. yos see. eggs is sot always eggs." Pun- .
ter thou west is to stets that see sited a long 4s . .I chest
hat the premises of Ike causes. marked outside • eggs.'
for exportation. TM; were duly skipped. • member of
the tiros being es booed. The mimeo was meet. the
hos was 00 'deck. aedisonsokow4Mother.semebrody tutfit•
bled - it overboard." ' •
”Bet what has this io 4u whit the aerie' petifeastatu
•• The chore was ei l itet bag, ettel—"
Here Mr. Hightail
,x smear!.
"Volt," maid aho blot. "Otranto's broke uP. and is
past poaching up. only it shows you, my green 'mi. whet
we con do."
I was shaken in my master's pocket by the Iviolosed
of the dread which M. Joe's story had oec.asioeod him.
Mr. Bethnal. with Ore philosophy which was!habitnal
to him. pulled away at his pipe.
o" The fact o' the matter is." said Mr...10c0. vrho wog
growing garrulous on au evidently pet subject..? that we
aint afinerd' o' the Kkisei in this neighborhood. not a
hap'orth ; we know bow to manage them." Me then
rotated an anecdote of soother policeman who had been
formerly in his own line of business. This rintiornan
being. as ito observed, " fly" to all the secret 'sips of
the craft. obtitinod au Interview with a friend of his for
the purpose of porchttaimia huudied shillings. IA pack
age was produced and exchanged for their prober price
hr currency, but on the policeman taking his prize to the
station house to lay the information; he tglicorered Lbw
he- had been outwitted. The melees cobtaleod a bun . -
deed good farthing., for each of which he had paid two
pones balf-pouny. t • t
" That. what la the bad mosey puma, worth 3"
asked Edward. istendp_tiag the epeektee. '!
An a 'gorier& mite," t iaras t h e answer. " oar-sort is
wee* about ate-fifth put dile amnia it represents.
a severoigue.4tbough Iwo Mat pt math to do with geld
hers-that's made fur itho snow part in Jilatotreepso)—
a • Bum' spnersign tiny be bought fee Obeid roar-and
sis-fa bed mini piece far a good bob; a half-crown for
about fiveponc• ; a bob for two pence hatf-pco4 and so
ou. As fur the sixpeneys and foarponnys. we don't make
many u 'em. Moir .wellie bpi*" toe insignificant." , Mr.
Joe the. proceeded With mina (amber remarks for the
hent6t efbls oritteire• t
"you see son rieedhave no fear of passing this here
money it you're a respectable looking cove. If a gos-
Osman is discovered at anything of the band. alway s
bald 13, a mistake ; the shopoian knee its ' under , and the
goutleman gives a good piccolo' money with a grin. Aud
ibis's bow it W that ee much o' our otanayhauu gots
sossobod.all ever the tetmuury."
The lieitont hating been somewhat bored. apt:intent-,
lyolraring the hitter portion of their host's remarks, boon
shwa task their slepertaro. The reas-antl-wat‘. whink;
Mr. /eels Merelity bsi supplied. effseuesliy romime4
Eahrinrs ipprfp*i dub of his *eV boa b• • • •
himself in high Was in favor of " smashing," consid
ered as a preemies.
- 6 . Creams." eras the reply of his expellent:lmi eem
patties. Is slid *mei ha a theoemad then that s ,
mailed. Yoe shall matte yoor first Wet to-eight. - You've
the needful hi Tear pocket. hav'n't you. Come. 'here's,
a shop—l, wam't a cigar."
Eivrard. appeared I. hesitate ; bet Mr. Joe's rum-and-
Walef aliens: itself, tied into the shop they both .arch-
Mr._Eorlinal. midi es ale co' meet imposing nosebal
anew. took up • cigar from ono of lb* covered ewe on
ri st eonetor, pat It in hie month , and helped blamed' to a
lig i iit. Edward. not as' followed MI exam-
How 111111 Ch."
• .
The ant indent thei reed' had draw* usi from his
pocket. received sixpenc6 in change..and walked out"
the ehop, leaving me under the guardianship of a new
master. - ,
t did gel ransitia long with the tobieconist ; he passed
we neat day to • geatlenito. whs Bras as inaocent la
himself as to my vial character. It bappe•ed that I
slipped late • !maser of this gantlontaa's pocket. and re
maimed there for seienA weeks. Its. appamilyigallwars
of my oilsto•cs. At length he discovered me. and ono
day 1 Amid asyself, in company with agood ball-crown.
eschaaged for a. pair of gloves. at a respectable-looking
shop. Afar the purchaser bad left, the assistant looked
at me suspiciously. and was going to call beak my late
owner. but it was•too late. Tskiag me then to his mas
ter, ha asked if I was not bad.
Nll dealt look very roil," 'was the answer. 4601vp
it to Pis. and take care to 1:to more careful fur the fa
_1 was dipped into the whiteout pocket of the proprio
tor. Who immediately mein', to forges all shoat tho Go.
That sama aight.taisudiately on the shop beluga/aped.
the shopktioper walked opt, having chimed hie elegant
asetuase fat gamiest, of a coarser and lees conspicuous
description. and hiding a cab, regliest,d to be drives tp,
the same street in Wesuniaister in which I first saw the
tight. To my ashioishment. he entered the shop of my
drat master: heti •well I remembered theN place. and the
=cauterises* of its proprietor Ascending to the
the house. we entered the room. to which the read
er has bees already introduced—the scene tit se mash
Taist toil. - • -
long convediatiou. m a very low tone, now took
e between the pair, from which I gleaned setae in
tanistiatmueicalars. ''discovered that die respectable
runletnin who now pediessed me was dui coiner's part
/wing die " ipso" department. which his trade
tra n uctieus and eaiaspeachalfle character enabled him
to endariake very °festively.
" Let yournext batch be made, as pseud, as possi
ble." /*bard him
.ny to his, partner. " The last mums
to flees ioa very well I have beard amity a few do
tecrimm,iuid one of these was at my own shop to-day.
Ottp of wiy fellows made the discovery. bat not until after
thapurchwier tad left the shop.!'
"'That`. yes see. will !app.* low and thee." was the
mower; 1' but think of din number ou' 'ein as is abort.
end bOw!altsip 1110M0 people is getting-thanks be the
apeepapers. as latilway4 hater/ming with gnu don't sea,
carn'eni. There's neer s• much d oar metal &beat.
that it's ilaset impossible to get change fora earrin
nowhere without getting some oa it. Every body's a-talt
ing of it every dam sad al for them that's detected, they're
made only by theeosenitio Chaps as slat (steer =mahout
ery."--and he glanced proudly at his galvanic lathery.
7 Au %b e t we:could And some dodge for aid
ing the edges healer-4C taboo as mpeh dam now as all
tie reef d die work pal together. Bewsoesever. I've
*AI Ist Mid es Asia is ;Whinichauf and Altar Meese.
also. /you. Arid' as Gir this here neighbo rhood,
there's st y a shop that don't deal in the arable more
-or lass.' , •
" si vvi nt stzid Mr. litulti's (*hi* I leMsed from
his d door-posts, was the name of my respect
abip " be as careful shoat them as you can.
as. afraid inplirosigh some of our mosey. that that young
girl has bees found mt.".
Weti the young 'adman as has boon rentandod so
etWo at the plow court 7" -
" The lade. I shall know an about it to•vtiorrow: She
is to be tiled at the Old Bailey. and lam On the jury, as
it hanitwy"
Mr. Niggles ti+st departed t his asberbon villa, and
passed this remainder of the °coming as became so re
spectable I a , ntan.
The mist messing he was early at business ; and. in
his capacity efikises, did not aegloist his thole' in the
mutt. wirers he arrived sasody two aimless before any
of the akar. juryman.
Wlssailke poisoner was platted in tits deck. I saw at
antis that** was the sista* of my rust possessor. She
had atteispleil to pass two bad shillings at a grooves
shop. hike had iisaiod all knowledge: that the mosey
was bad., hut was. notwithstanding. arrested. erniniesad.
nod was noitunittsd for trial. Unre. at the OW Bailey.
the ease eras soon dispatched. The evidence was given
is breathy's., basio; the judge summed up is about .it
words. shed the jury hosati the girl guilty. Her sesitanas
was. bowitver. a very short impriaoameat.
Herm my &done to pass subsequently into the poe t
siestas 4 many persons, from whom I learnt some per
%Waists 4 alit after-kfe of this family. The father sur
vived his idooghter's conviction beta few days. ' The
sort was detained in custody ; sad se sees es his ideali
ty became established, charges were brought against hhn
which iefl to.bin being transported. As for his sister--1
was onee; fora few hears, in a family when there was
a govern., of her name. I had no oppersunityefkrew
lag 1111111111 hot—ea her owe nature would probably save
her from the influences to which she must hate been
*objected is jail—it is bet jest te suppose, that some per
son might hare been foetid to brave the opision of so
ciety. and yield to one so gentle, what the law cells " the
benefit of doubt."
The Omegas which I underwent in.the course of
few months were many and various—now rattling care
lessly in • cash-box ; now loose in the pocket 4 some
careless eoung fellow, who Reused Ins at the theatre;
then. perhaps, tied up cerefullj in the corners( a Lea
kerettief, having become the sole stock-in•hend of some
timid yottorgirl. (lace I was given by a father es a
"tip" or present to his little boy ; when, I need scene
l add. 1 found albeit' ignominiously spent iu herd bake
,tninuies a ft erwards. On another oceprioo„ I was,
is c ompany with a' sivpenee. 'handed to I poor woman
is polemist for the making a dotes shirts., In this saw
1 was se fortunate en to sustain au snarl family. whi
were on !the r ergo of,stareation. Soon afterwards I
f6tmed use of seven, the sole stock of a poor arum, who
evetrived to live upon my sir compautons for many days
He had reserved tee mutt the lest—l believe Wean.. I
was the brightest and boat-looking of lino whole; anti
when he Was' at last induced to change me, for Benle
coarse descriptiou of food, to his and my own horror. I
was discolereil
The poor fellow was driven from the. shop ; but the
tradesman. I am bound to .say. did not treat me with
the indignity that I expected. Ou the contrary he thosgiu
my appearsacc so deceitful, that he did not scruple to
pass me next day, as part of change for a sovereign.
Soon ehtir this, somebody dropped me on the pave
wont, where, however; I remained but a short time. I
was pirled op by a child., who ran laciectively late a
shop for On purpose of making an investment in fie.
But co . insi of wl class had been plentiful in that neigh
borhood, and the grocer was a sagacious man. The re•
suit wasw.that the child went Seem away. and that I—
my odgM curl as I record the huroillaung fact--wee
pitted to the chinter as ao elms* Aseititbenr. Here my
siagest.swissi, miCaltiorapipeiossii. -
SI, 90 A 11/PAlt. In
Original 5&
Fa the Brie Meer
• -
, Mate now woke roots, sweet llawcts,
to heaveli.—lttlfis.
Six weary days.six weary ni
By values' hoPe beTulied•
We watched beside the litUe c
Wear ewe Olin child. •
We saw upon her pule pare e . •
The been° ebbe sad tip,
Like SUIIINVIII VI m'ting,cri..
On ,banks of sLainiess snow.
And to bernyes a strange light . '
A light--o gleam of the.
As 1f Wo soul, with Putvread
AU burping whit desire..
Wereipsaing upward Into Was
Yet wait:ug patiently
For.drath to ope the Wispy • • •
With his bright gulden key. I
We loved her with a love' die
libe was our Summer child
A bud °abiding In our path
Toebeer earth's ragged wild
Our droughts clang to her ,Mini
Lae twee to the "tweet lla
To writ© was the stag i$ sue
The brigiutiv.t, of tech day.
The dos dig out of her pure •
' The of her ey• s,
Made ititimer in our hearts
Where tut a shadow lieu t
AUll 0! the ramie on her lips—l
No happy Lad/sand Ay t
Nan songs ono half as \ sweet
Ihniudined in IJJA: =MI:
Oh! no! we could not, could . •
Or that Pau child and death, 1
That she should I.ohm awl
The coldmoist turf beneath !
lint when the ;rselith luorhlog
•Twas o'er, tIW-leverisli on
• '
4o her It „as thin dan'ulhg of
Another, boot* life.
God didhut Icnd r auto us, •
She was rot wit ix OM,
And earth was all trol4,tuid
Fur one of heaven's Cowers.
11;$ do oat think or bet as dead,
Nut only gone liefre.
To tlt, •bre-likt!, t r Itkosc she
Tt brght Irani:mad rhore l
That 2.00 leg Union not made Wi
That Adam) of tho K i!ars,
Where ariouts traina • round the
And Lot 6, waVp Oer bright w ,
mmt ?lit?Nzsa
of ,
• A raw montha since it'w as annenne that • large for
tune hail been loft to a chi."'" of the l.r ic ed Stews by a
foreigner, who. home , yearst,before. h " become ill"
ieltile traveling in this cumuli sick bed was
watched with the utmost carp and kin Pe so by the - citi-.
ten referred to. Tue eirenger recover continued his
jeartiey. and finally returried to his ow country. The
conduct of the Amoricad at 'a moment so critical. gad
when, without rolativee or th e r invaliik was lan
guishing in a strange hind. was not t o ottea. \Ho re
mernhored it in his tin:inlaid and me 'ye moments.
and when about to prepare for another World. his giali
tade was minifested . in a truly signal matmer. A yisis
or tiro ego. en individual in this city was laboring under'
great pecuniary difficulty. lie was unexpectedly called
apes for a ceusiderable sum of' eiseyi and although
his means were abundant. they were not at that time he
mediatelyavailAble,. Puzzled and perplexed, he hesita
ted isle his best course. when. by the mereatchaiea, ho
met en old acquaintance, and incidentily mentioned the
facts atm case. The other referred to en 'set of kind
ness \bat be had experienced years before. said that he
bad never forgotten it, and that nothing woold"fford Was
more pleasure than to extend the reliefthat was required.
and theta show his gimlet appreciation of the courtesy of
former yearn! The kindness alladdd to. was 'a
more ui-
Or. comparatively speaking, and its recollection bad pass -
ed entirely from the tilomory of the individual who had
performed it. *it:so, however, with the obliged.. He
hadliever forgotten it, aid the result proved. in the most
eopelusiiro manner, that lee was deeply grateful.
We have mentioned' the taro ink:Wants with the object
ofiincedeating the geuiral policy of courtesy and kind
ease, of sympathy sod assistance. in our daily intercourse
with our fellow matures. it is the trae l. contes under
au - circumstanced. "Liulo kindness" acrostics's makes
an impressionthat "lingers and lasts" for years. This
is espscially the cue wail the seusitive. the Lemmata
and high-minded. .11 , t3 how much May be aceemplisii
ed by this duty of courtesy and humanity,: Hew the
paths of life may smoothed and sokerud: How the
present may be cheered, and the futdre ',adored bright
and beasitifal!
There are, it is true, some selfish spirits. who Can
neither appreciate nor reciprocate a courMous or a pa-,
ems" act. They are for tbeataalvaa—low and foray=
er"-r•if we May employ such a-phrase , a d appear never
io bli satisfied. You can never do en Is for these.—
Nay, the deeper die obligation , the er the heart.—
The' grow josh:ism. distrustful. sad fin y begin to hate
thelibenefactins. But these. we trust, . "the mop.
lions;," not "the rule." Many a hear bee been Ursa.
many a friendship has been secured. ni y apoititieb has
been , acquired, through Me cleanup, of itch little klad-
Deletl• and courtaaies. as are malaria to peeress in
spirllaad the•noble of coal
,7 4 . a all, i who delight.
net only in promoting their prosperity. is coalriballng
to the welfare of every, member of the h Man family.—
Who cannot remember some incident o blooms life. Is
which an individual, then and perhaps w a stranger—
one who has nut been seep for years, an never may be
seen again en I,liiaiitile of the grave. ma Vested the arse.
the genuine. the glutki spirit of a ge denten and a
Christian. La some mere tralo4-sonte li . bid impithiv•
and spontaueous act, which ueverthele developed the
whole heart, and 56;3 , 1.4134 the real char or! 4isilse co
and time may separate, and oar pursuits and valuations
may be le paths quiti4slissiusilar and * agar!. Yet.
there are weinentir*tiet. cs„last and coat ino phai v i.
when memory will Wander back to the iunideuts referred
to. and wo will feel a secret boud of, affi
i tty. fiieadahip
and' brotherhood. The dame will be °aliened with
respect if not with affection. and a desire Will be experi
enced. to reply in some way or eit.,iiiiis wain% the
generous courtesy of the by-gone time. 'lt is so easy to
be ciiril and obliging—to be kindly 'mall humane. We
net Maly than assist the comfort of othelibet we pee mote
our ewe instate! enjoyment Lite. rissintent. is fall ed
chanties and changes, A . .few years. '
almetiamie, pre
d'aea extmerdinary revelations in the fole sies ef men.—
The haughty of to day maybe the haul* of 10•11111OrrOW.
—the feeble may be the powetial.r-the rich may b. the
peon. Bet, if elevMad' by aßleene• or . y positimar the
greasier the neeessity, the stronger...the il - y, to be kindly. '
Courteous and conciliatory to those leas fortuaaba. We
ems "end to be so, and a proper appreci as of ear pe
eider,' a dee sympathy fur the raidert ofothees. and
on i
a medal neltat*ledgmeat to the Dia Pennine*.
remurethat we etteeld beim. Life i. egis es i: w i ,
are here a few years—wo sink into the . ve—end owes
our hiemory 14 phantom-like end es , ascent, new
elide, then, ioOr dutv! It is lobo tree ear position .
to o u r c dpacieutri, alai to the obligation im , ,
us by. ma-K.4.1.v 612 Ctlll steams, and by' •ur '' h.
ty hi the Aotlm? lid alt that it Isuircricicit itiattestd.— Ps
iheywirsr. , - •'I ••'.- -•- •. , : i- 1,
~ ~~~
dean tre
y child world psis
O dash
'ts filnlF, .c
0., V. 0.