Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, October 04, 1851, Image 1

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VOLUME 22.' •
A. P..1.H.111,1N 1 1 1:01N ,
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33 ..1' . S Atlsit Edit
9 /I'May ERIE,
• T1;11 MS t.F TIE yAPER.
r .9it .sta.c-• t •
h, Or al il,entixre, ad,lll
tll.le4h.,ntutnthaurr.urltlollll three mou
,5( • • ',lt V. U n ill lel charged.
.t rcommtinittmons must hr leoli pant
#-: k r.f. 'll.l eXCeethug I h [lei.. one 'ear.
. t 4.. witiare .•e
do. eix month*.
do Oh/ three nun ?ha,
Thavtietit ad 4, en," ernteg per sqtrtre.
I Ilic i ft Moll. .23 el . lll.
Ir-. I
rll , l hate ilet,e 0! CO
Fut at I 1.11111• .Irl AIIEM ed (0 Ceetfo more than 1.111
6. hrottf,ed//. , 1 5..r sonmedoete beta; , f4Pos,
A !,..t.t twt: in 't ill'l,llVl , ,lllrt 110( . 0.10110. n it
h. 1 r I,:rd arectr.lll4ll
flif p 0 : * if
w,t,tt , ttaker and Rt vairer. De:der tit IVatelle+.
4-, , .111111 , 1f1/1110110. I.ook .n 411.4 othe
r , tlt• one door tv.,l of the Reed flottee.
),*. In Dr ) (ia.abi. Grokrint. Ilardx gm, Cr
J. p,ir) C1uck...5141r Weil. Erie, Pa:
_ A. Nl. JL3iSUV,
kT 1.. w• e at I reititt in the Chr.
_ _
\IT.RNry AT Klee. °VP' . Wall.annV k W
1.-i 11.1111tri.l. Ne , t.ULI Abe
C4))11 . " ON & lIA% ERS I'IC
PI al rr.ln I 1;004, Groceries, Liquors of all
.dour booth of Smith Jackson.
mr.-ti. I NI% Va.
J CourttrN.
.- - -
G. AN D E..
Agew of J. Hien both —Deput of Foreign
SI. k whole-ale au,) retail. bto.
I'lse-en.,l riulniklreltn.
_ •
DR. C. lIR.‘,IDES.
Fav-r! In 5.'1,11.0•4- 4 Klee (Timer of elm.
Re..l.lenee On Eighth etreet. beta -
I!. 'I o.d. Erie. In. •
T. W. 3100 RE..
DE-4n r. v Grcorrnet , . Prop
&C.. ) He' I Poor Wow 'IAA:u ie l'o'o :State mre
1).-alr... 0. Goid. Sala et, 'tank N , ie., I.ratts, (er
iv- t.e.e rr.mlit'.lh:itlintsire on he prl lIC I V.ll f
- Llr ..,.e ('thee 111 Ileally . i Blc k. Public `II , IO
Fe •....•• • VII 1 . 111r.1C1 Oi—ilifil . earner of Pre
, 4 . 4. 1, rater %L.., ii. , ,rli'm % re. Ilerldrigre ..'
•I, .1 .1... a ear% of l'us old Apo' weary Ilall. ,
K. T. S'l Elt
H‘, ,, ,,,-I,mth ou hand a Is,ll
Pros 11•14.1110. Pro4lll,
or Reid 11 del r 11(31. a. the
• ' Attorney and Counsellor at
Br., !lition.u“ . :.ran and \a% y I', Mal
rl 11111- .I_f .1, ra -141%. 01111 all c h ic, 1.11.111 CS cm
I , r.•ite It, 1
al I anti fasildid :Maw sea.
e Il
l al Ci 11. r Ora %luck tin !tare strict, -cr. et
Cr It t • ST. •
,• • iv! Ito 11 ltraier. rl, Dry 4:U01...Cr.'
Li ;IN t , Flu Ar. h. r..ilt &e.. No. I, %VII.,
•r or Fill; ai.,12 4 1.,tc tt t i .
(~vl.t.N B, " :ELM...
Id-I...Awe 1 . 31101". r. . still/ Wier I Ile -tore 01 Sllll
...U..1•. I. I . A Illail:akiur on atiort 11011 Ce.
. - OLII L R el'AF1 , 0111). 1
ik.o...rner 41/Li 1.1..3t1011t t. and Maliill tel.l,r 61 -
‘l i it dig itik.C.4l4a T Or noe lhadnAld an I au .I. i
- • J. B. NICKI:IN.
1,1.1 all and general i Agrney and Ct.1111 , 111...1011
- ~ i'l :--- 1_ - y
...„ . - RUFUS it F.F.Ii.
11. art li in I - Ont. Gr1111:411111141 Mpierican liar I
Attu. Nat a, Ain lin, "Vice., ituu anti •tinvi i% i i
1., .e. Va. , . I
• r ..1 F. 1.11)01.r. ktr. - Crr.
Br mu....rarri , •_••• and W;rgrat OrriLlers •
t.r.rhurr. Erre.
- _
• L. sTitoNG. 'NI. D.
s,r , t Wrrizha'.. a..rr. 41
1.)(1( T . J. L. S Ft. IV ALT
k tt ill. 11. et. A. Seveutli
nee. I !writ' ul 1 4 .:1 ett
11•11- .1 I. .I.oi rucerie..,
t ke Corner 441 Fretiell
07.1,;-~u• ( b e I'd ruler.: I r 9.1. I:ne.
J" 3kCANN.
%Vuin sir and Rein pealer
Sate-. 1 v., rhe . np rib. Lrie
I to I,lQiirtt pi v..• rt.! fur Coii try Pr
Sio E. 114 an,lllafot r.—; 2 tore.l 4 i
1t,,,,51..11 [M."IO :state Street. law
• J. W. WET3loltE.
• A . 7: T R.V Y 7' 1. .1
!Ore. on Srventh Start.
14,x t ra.j10.1,. r. 11.1 11 , eatrr in Ili G
I I:/..--vt are, U.!prltt47.. if nrths are. Ir
Str.rws grate t4reet. to
Lrir, l'a.
Al-v—Ant seen. Itell.%* Azle "A nut.. Sprit%
it ot Saddle and Carriage Trimming.
ATIP , R4IFT •T I.•w BY , t J , 1.11 , f Ut the -Peace.
the key Stotte Mutual Lite lasuranet Cuutpau
ueet Ul Wrights .tore: Erie. Pa.
A TTORVET I.+n. Gsrard, Ene County. Pa.
other hti.tray. attended lo kith prowninerda an
P.,rw . arding & Comm tiwion Mere hant. on the
r , late •trpel.
Caai. Salt, Plaster and White Fish, constantly f.
r s istite in Foreign all
Er wane MIMI and - P
1:/u." k. State strect„
11; and Elcl),Kte lirukerV Uralrr n litl
la to rerso'. , :sts•-01 hold and nilv•,
t wtre. 11 latiD.' Biuck. corner of State-.L. at
A ri,oRNI N. • I LA —Othee tfll inniin ID Talnliw
1101111 vi Ire Proilkinutary'• dike, Erie.
A rrnivicir AAT COUTO/ LIAM AT Law-4 Mier: use
corrauct ono door well of State moor%
Ue.r.►i in Pfy Grtiodo, Dry• Groceries, Crockery
I. Viie.:ll4:! . . Erle.
,R in Dr) GCOLIA. GYIXTTIM Hard ware, l 3
Iron. Na.l., ace. 1.1.1. rheal.ide. Erie, Pa.
1% . I LLIA 1(111L1.1% and Undertakes, e
• N I rtnh $41 , t11.1., Erie.
Cs MAUL Foil.' girding. rn.Ance wad etnnusiiion
, tine *aft. Coal. Plaster, elnugles.l
ui of the lirailze. Erie.
c.%)2.1. ardsup. Commission and I'n:slue
1111 1 11 olfe.4lollPe cast cif the Public Madge, Ef I
b• %I I It. , Watehev, Jewett . ). Silver. German
Itr , ta nu t Ware Cutler), :Military and Fancy
.'r!y of iketite the Eagle Marl, Erie.
wit.... I r and Retail dealers in DruPt
11,,e-.tatty, Clara , tr , No. 6. Reed notate, Fr
P ”I• al r Merchant Tailor. on thepubhe
set of 'State rireet, Erre.
W.lnursAur .1111 D arra it. IkaLer in Gnxern , ..
I..Thdlery are, k.c. ac..Nu...5.111unn
0. D. SPA 1.. ORD.
Law. Medical. serwol Mir.ecllJneous
11. k, State st.. four dams below the Publ
DR. 0. LT ELI.1(11 ; T;
tent Dintipt; ()thee and dweiting in the I .
oi the Public. Square, Erie. l'eetla
tuna one to ail entire Pelt. Carlotta tee
and reAored to health rind usefulness
Instruments and Ileutitleeao aa to leave
rleurunii. MI work warranted.
S. lilC K ERSON,•% St 14 rroi.-4 'MC e at his residesee
the Methodist-Church.
IA n1 , 11%111.1 VID Rrrrw denlerrta Drup, Med'
i.ruer.ltes. te. Ito. 3, Rized* Hoare. Erie. —164 Ker:01111,-; Deer and Blew
rtrei%ed pale by fix keg or Icing
1 R. T. lir
. . .
. , . .
. . ;
. . , .
I. 1. ..',.. . - . • . . . I
. . .
. ..• A . . I
.. .
• X . I 1
. . .
;.• • .
1 • I s •
—L . •
I . .
1' I 1
--. " 1 ' 1
1 1 .
~ .7
r .
, .
. . 0
, 1 .
. .
i .
' E : J r'
,-,.. •‘; .
.11L • 11
6 r.
from t be t att..
lift , ea 1111 C. .If
iv, era 11144. m. .ii.
.n.z.a I,li a•nre
be insertol,lo
'cek•, 'etre? ry
late) Gyilds
iele OiTic, in
ight . .ll4itina
.uhlte : 1 Q are
lids, Cr kery
'SIC and inn
'. So. sth st.
and Seveufti‘
, raw.
!t6eates of Ile
.l ell liAa tally
r. Erie.
eh nn.! Fi nn
'aunt& street.
Err Je. so
Nav of Grocerir.
ate ./Ice : amt
O. No 111U,C1
tChol• *l:e
upside Er u•.
Land* and
.11. Fitllerloh'lg
Brie 110. 19.
tiuel. cur
ok au .I
Ft eel.
. Mira!
ate evert; I.e.
otmt. RC.
'lid tail' Sireepg,
.r iv,. Crockery
Anti. rT
5 It.v.l*.§ flock.
t.. -Creeer.r.t.
t.. AIM; NA...,
awl., Lctoa•
, anti i• general
n 1 Ant for
.-4 /then 3 doors
Colle.n ions and
,lie lk)elt. east of
Domestic Dry
ors, ice., No. 4
of ETrlihnee,
'eut.l. &r . &c.
rutthe Suare
ay Hall biibliug
C. R. Wright'•
n the Dnussonil.
Hardware, &e.,
no Ware, Lung
:ner of Siourand
tehauts :dealers
lk.c. Public duck.
Plnted And
ts, Stalf MI%
T. M. 1,..T1.
r ,r? .Paints. Oils.
awe a few doors
1 I
Iroviotonv. Rhip
1 Block. One.
..ks ,Ft.lti t
!bellk h , on the
ed on 1
till q Qt
hem bfa pellucid
n Seventh suet i.
mile*, Dye Stuff&
!a.;,.. Powder. J 69%
r hwy. by
,tqert plytttl.`
11% J r rzli viols
,Ilt.twill hr's firIII . :1111 ....71.h tread.
A. ',ailing o'er IP rf/I.lrlll .oil.
lle s foe br. II rly bread.
Made art eeitr 1!) enniinuouswil.
Ills tin Isl IS lit' 0ppr0.4.e.1 by carts.
llr r ni . .ithenilre..ry nor forlorn,
So whir ds L.lii. llll lftlillll/1 1 fares '?
130 nob thuke up los growina corn.
Ile w haAlea a..0l fir miiks
With the futrows freshly suali..
Or murmurs forth his simple sour
• UnknOn till, t1it..... of !oral) grade !
His tent lire Lathed in moraine. dew.
' For ere the tun his warn Blot yields
In 11.4.f111.C . , hr.:14;1...y in.sty hu .
• lie's tilod , !itte through the ver atit Gelds.
I ,
lint fare witltinra lilt and lame,.( r• glows,
Far ditrren from the lor.ily t song ;
II is rheas rirgli!Orfinitig 1 ilit tin rose.
ilis'stitray l‘ame is .taqt iind strong ;
His InnS is fearless while he talks.
His v•iiee is open, bill alidelilar ;
His step is stekide white he lra' A.
fior Lines he, scent to - i - alter:c'er
.... i
Be has itto sorilt.l thoughts of gain=
Has but one, simple 14 irh ar two;
And as he )atiors on the ;Audit.
lint heart:lll ight and fritutry too. -
His sonKfat!floatstnwutt thenin,
And reborn in the w00,k4 dell. , , '
Ilreathes of his lot e, his maiden fair, 1
Whose virtues he detights]to tell. 1
II is bread i; sweet, though drown It NI.
His ce r tsual liquid pure anil clear,
Ili* hcan is merry light andlfree,
, , I
His maiden, as his life, WI deaf. ..,
Hit rest at night,. sweet ay deep,
• And with refreshment freeipteerus.
And rrhito he r an.; his gong, sleep '
Has fix coy/imolai, bliiisf/1 dreams.
Plow on. thou, hearty. fearless man,
how• deeply in the fertile
Thy nehly eheek wall neer iTow wan
From emo.tmit. steh,l3. toll.
Pear not it 4 +corn of those lir, true. 7
E'en though ,NICAPINI in roben true ahc,
Toir)N! give their plea.ureii,iaue robes too,
or light and pute ay thine.
• \
Cijoirts ,3
11T 0
1 1 SY T. S.".
."Isn't she a glariona creature?" said my
Merwyn, g:iticiaz. as ho spoke, toward a
named Fiorillo :lialcohn. the daughter of a
puted to be rich. Wet/were at a party, and,
remark sat, sr Ferber reclined near us on a
graceful ablndom or rather indolence. in
and ati:tub. tilt indicated one born and r
nese a nd luxury.
"She is a fine loakinz girl, cer?
"Fine lo..king!" said my - enthusiaatic yo ,
surprise, half :Mimed to 1).3 °fronded - at thh
which I expresiA rmself.
••Ftoe lookini. indeed ) ? Slier. a perfect
imperi.onntio, of v'earift and ',ninny."
••?To neeoin.denp that she ii n very loy
tiro! Eirl." said I. t she leek
"What yen speak of ita a fault, I cons' ,
est charm. I never met any ape so free fr
hurry and excitement. Al exquisite efts
her actions. and she remind+ you. in near
of those courtly , ladies wha give such a ch
aristocratic society. Certainly. I have no
country. with . tuty one who hlllso perfecd
high-bred lady as Florine Malcolm."
To node'rstand thus perfCctly, the reads moat 'be told
that Mervyn had recently returned from a oar through
Eureyie.•whithee he had been p'erniitted to oby a weld
thy father, ana where he had discovered like most of
our young men} wha venture °broad, that in our forms of
social intercouree, and in all that gives, fashionable soci
ety it. true exeOlenei and attractiveness. we are sadly
deficient. Fuieign maiiners, habits, and dress were
brought home end retained by the young man. who, as
a natural com4qiience: became a h varite "along the la
dies, and was thus encouraged in his silly imitations of
things anti-American, and. therefore, in A hake rich
cutout'. In the eves of sober•ininded. Sep Able people.
who did net know him well enough to see th it there was
a more substantial groundwork in his chars ter thee' all
thewuiuld lead a C 48041 observer to Infer.,
viewed as a .mere fop. whose brains had gro
his upper hp in the slope of a moustache. ,
Such a maniacal my friend, Henry Merwyo. I ktiOw
his better qnalities, and esteemed them; at the same time
that I saw husr,weakness. and bore with them for the
sake of the goo 4 that was in him. lie had been raised
in a sickly atmeraphere. and his mind had taken an oh
healthy tone; but he was honorable, and rigidly just in
all his actions towards others. .
As for the young lvdy he so wirmly amired—Miss
Florine Malvoim—l only knew heir as we knoW thaw in
to whose society we are but Occaiionally thrown. She
was a fine.- showy girl. with* a feed of more thal ordina
ry beauty; but, to one of my tastes. uninteresting for the
very reason that she proved so charming to llerwyn.
This genteel languor, this elegaat indolence, this dis
tinguishing repose; never much'suited my fancy. I like
to lien the soul 'flow into the bodily :organism. and thrill
Its very nerve with life and sentiment. I like to see the
eye burn, thelips quiver, soil the Whole face glow with
animating thought. These * mike beauty ten fold more
beautiful; and give to even palenetist • charm. .
"Ely a luith:bred lady," 1 replielkito Merwyn's parti
cular praiseia sit. Malcolm. "yon mean. I presume, a
woman who'is entirely
• "No," h quickly answered, "yea pot a construction
on my word" that Jdo not acknonledge . to be fair. By
a high-bredllady. Inman-one who possesses that peculiar
ease and tria^e. that exquisite reporale, end that:charming
elegance f . f m ran her that comes from ' refined taste and
long assocastraon with those' who 'inn e in the highest
rank in society. ist fact, it is herd to xin weeds all that
goes to make up a well tired lady; hut, when you meet
her, you ktw her at a glance."
"And Vo say Mien klsicohn comes bearer to the high
bred, courtly; liradt. than any woman it has been your
fortune to meet en this aide of the Atlantic?"
"She does. ' In Paris or Londo4 she would find her
self at honis in the first circles of fashion. Now, just
;oak at Mra - Watson. who sits heather , bolt upright. and
st ar as . a t; and' then cheer% e !lbw gracefully Florins
reclines ou those cuabions like ras eery queen . Tbere.yen
hare the e dilfereaton betereea di mete vulgar girl. and
a true lad " 1 .
There a difference botweee ll the two 'lndividuals
tbne re to—a very marked ddlerenco. Mies- Wat
son lookedlike a girl of thought mid actiona while the
other renseed languidly aiming t* Cushion of a *ob i
the very picture of indolence. 'i • ~ •
y •
y .nff friend
-au ful
imereh .t re
the obje of
sofa. wish
et *bole sit
iced in idle-
ng friend, in
oldness limb
lobe; a t very
ly end head
r her great
. •n ell %Olga,
• eter)thing,
tit to foreign
met, in thus
the sir of a
ci out upon
1 - . i .- V - 0 N liV AitD .- i i
1.- . ... . , , • a._ . 4
. .
.. • --.- -.- • - -
ee.nothmg vulgar about MINS v 46. I.
know that them is nothing vo'gar about he•r.
': a true lady in every Anse of the word."
wan half vexed me hie dir•euUag,sdence.
t then he observed thilt Mrs■ Malcolm looked pale..
over quickly to where ahC wan, he inquired if she
not well, and le.o.ned That some particular perfume
by a lady who eta near, was so Unpleasant as to
her feel faint. Ile immediately proposed that slits
I ga into all adjoining room t . yhere were fewer per
and get,a place near one of the windous. offering
111 at the Same time. She arose, and I saw her pass
owly,• B:se was.; so gnu.l health: in fact, m the se
ine and vigor of young lifet--yet, surrounded as she
y every luxury arid elegance. she had grown iiiae
sail felt even a Small effort as burdensome. Trs
causes- affected her; and she imagined a ph - :is:cal
lits to do a thousaod things that might have been
with scare. Is an effmt.
o ell
n .rk
r 3; P
e very sympsthy and cviecrn manifested b,* Nfer
who was the lover of Pone.. made her feel that
liras really indisposed; and she languidly-reclined on
itsfa to which he had conducted her. with the air of
svalid. Finding that she did not grow any better.
aye). in a little while., proposed that she should go
. and had a carriage ordered. Wandering intothe
meat to which they had gone. 1 saw him bring her
I, without which she could not pass into the dreve•
oom for fear of cold. aod saw her meet Lie3Uttentios
a half aterted fare. and a want of effort. that made
eel as if 1 would like to have aroused her by means
o wires front an electric4l battery.
beautiful couple they will make." said I to myself.
lkoriue arose and wont out. terming heavily on the
f the young man, to pass through . the storms and
the rough places of this troublesome werld. ,A sum
meebreeze will be too rough fur that young creature.
andhe odor of 'violets mti
a st:inulsng for her salve."
A t
few mouths subsequent to this they were married.
sod at long afterward 1 removed from the city, sad did
not i tee them again for some pears. But. 1 learned. in
the meautinse, with sincere regret. that in a great svem
msial crisis"- through which the country passed, both
of e families of this young couple bad been reduced
froaffluence to comparative poverty. A'eigh for the
Ito n simmer flowers 1 have mentioned. was my sim
ple "sponse to the news. A couple of years afterward
1 m t them again.
, ..
ring a journey through
,the western part of Ohio, I
'Rion to atop for ■ few days in the little town of
On the day after my arrival, a man whose face
strn k me -as being familiar., paused the door °Oho tav
ern n which 1 was standing. A sort of doubtllol Meng
niti .n took pine. on both sides: bat neither of itis being
eertillin as to the other's Identity, we di& not 'Meek. and
:he !non passed on. 1 looked alter him as be moved
down the street, wondering in m 3 mind who be could
he, irhen 1 sew him stop. and after appearing is hesitate
obont something. turn,roand and walk becktoward the
hotel. He was a yorttg man plainly dressed, rind looked
,is if he were' • clerk in a store. or, it might bet • small
surf{-keeper himself. As he came back, I lazed my
eyes upon Ilk fees, trying to make out who it was that
bora-such faarslrar features,
••ify uld friend Alersryn!" 1 encla ined. as be passed
front of where 1 !food.
e called my usme in return, and tLen we .grasped
each there' !Hindi eagerly.
"The ast man in the world 1 expected to niee" said I.
"And. vainly. las lithe expected to ineet you," was
returned. ' his is indeed • pleasure! When did you
ranee, and hu •
long do :um stay in R-7" -
"l came here 3 sterda3'. and hope to resume ins :Puy
ney to-morrow."
u •
- t
• I,\
I tu
ya said, still tightly holding my
"Not so soots!"' Mel
land. ••You tittis.t stay
am doubtful as to that.
your plies of std,Turit iu the tr,
"Yes, fur the pret•eLt, !Kehl,
There was a enenly cheerfulnees in\
said, which I could uut h tee believed tt
young man to re.l, tinder the great
. chaii\
stances that had taken place:
"And your lady?" I felt some hesitation e%
asked this question.
"Very well. thank you!" was cheerfully replied.
live a mile or two from town. and you mug go ont
spend a bight with us before you leave. Florine wall
delighted to see you."
"It will be quite ala plevsant for me to meet her.'
could but answer; yet even while I spoke I felt that
meeting must remind the wife of my friend so strut gly
of thd past. as to make it anything but pleasant.
"flow lung have you pared here?"
"About two years."
"It is almost the last ghee in which I expected to inset
you. Whet are you dame?"
"Merchandising ih a entail way. I had no prnfasaion,
when kiu4 (lawns knocked us all on the head, and an
had to tun Iny hand to the first thing that offered. which
happened to be a clerkship in a store at three hundred
and 6tty doll ices year. This was barely enough to IsSep
body and soullogethey; yet. I was thaukful for so much,
and tried to keep down a mar mum,/ kt the eitid
of a year. basin, given every astatelion to my employ
er. he said to me eue•day—.You hue showu far mare
business capacity than I thnualit you possessed, and. I
thiuk, are the very maii I want to go eut . arest with
stoat of gobds. Ceti ...0 command tiny capttalr •Not
a dollar, l fear,' was my reply. 'l'm sorry for that, sa,,l
he, *for I want a man who is able to take au iutertst ut
the business. Don't you think you cool.! raise It coopta
of thousand dollars in coed' I shook my head. doubt
fully. We had a-good do.I mars conversation on the
"When I went home, I mentioned to .ny wife what
'Mr. L.—, my omelettes., had said, and we talked
much about the proposition. I expressed a treat deal of
regret at not being able to furnish capital. as' n the °Tor I
had received was,pl dolt ais advautageous one • add would
give me a fair elan in the world. 'Would you be willing
to go off to, the west?' I asked of Florins. while we talk.
ed over the subject. *Wherever you think it best to go.
I will go nheerfutly,' was her brave answer. Theis far
she had borne our change of fortune with a Led of hero
ism that more than anything else helped to sustain me.
We were living with my family. and had one chill—
My' father, of whew, mlsfortunes you are *aware. had ob
tained the office of President in an insurance company.
' with a salary of two thousand dollars a year, egad this en
: %Wed him stiy to keep his family around him. sled. thosigh
luourick had - to bo given up, his income ratified every
, comfort. We hid a town with them, and, though my
enemae was small. we had all that health aid' peace of
mind required.
•0011 tee day aftei the conversation with eawire about'
themrest, she met me on coining horns to d user. with
se happy yet meaning it smile on bee f o es, t at I could
Cot help inquiring what it meant. As I sat own by her
aide. she drew from her pocket a smell roll of bank bilk,
' mad. banding them. to me, Said—.*thero is the capital you
west.' I took the money. and, unrollinz it i mutest,-
' prise, counted out
. the sum of two thousan dollars!—
! *Wham did this come from?' I inquired. he &me*/
fillowed the di etionlieen I
swam din reiesesi.,and my eyes
had taken. I missed something. It iris_ r piano!--
Liptak' yourself. Florin... I said. • ktliwt is Tway doaii.`'
' I returned. "But i• tfUtt
"that I can't find • ;let
e a ay this sift's .
lossible fur the
le of circum-
e willite
bhe replred, as she lthited hinderly iu any face. !•1 hali t e
sold my piano aud 'watch. My diamond pin, bracelet :Mil
rut!. and every article of jewelry and lujoutcric in apt
pmsesaion. hut dim,' holdipg up the wedding ring.
there you havr the m 1 cannot tell t uu how , int4i
was atTemed by this. pot, no matter. I mad th- two
thousand dollars in the Wily proposed, and here I am.
Come, walk down to 'store with me. and . let 0 $ 4;
at little about old times, thelre.."
I went. as invited, and found Merwyri with a email.
but well selected stock of goads in his store. and sii the
evidences of a thriving busineite around him.
"Yon must go home with . me this afternoon." said I/e.
as I *rose to leave him. after having had an egretaye
talk for sin how:. .s•I live, as I told you, a short distanie
in the country; so you will stay all night , a'ni can CPil 0
in'with me in the naorning. 'The stage I,IIVPS here at
five o'clock, and passes within a short iwatice a ins
house, Florine will be delighted to see you."
I consented, well phased with this arrangement. aitd.
a: five o'clock was seated in the stage by the side. of My
old friend, who bore as little resemblance to one of yolur
curled, perfuinid. and moustached exquisite—what lie
had once been—es could well be imagined. Ills alpeer•
sore was plain. Gabel: usual. and imsine•s-hka. . 1
Ilalf an hour's tide brought us to our stopping plimei:
:•1 liee.oftto the right here." said Marwyn. as we left
the stage. "beyond thkt piece of wood. Tetk iniuu+s•
walk will bring us to my door. We prefer the country
fur several reasons, the p'riticipal one of which is °collo-
Our cottage with MIX acres of ground. toils us oi l i1) .
flit) . dollars • year. and we have the whole of the land
Worked 'on shares by a , neighbor; thus more than clearing
our real. Thou we have pldiity of fruit and milk for
ourselves and children. and fresh air and health into the
"But don't Mrs. Morwyn find it very lonesome out
here?" I. Inquired:
••Oh, no. We have two children. and they. with a
very cleveryoung woman who lives with us more as e
friend tban a domestic. although we pay her wages, give
rlorioe plenty of society through the diy. and I come in
by oight.fell. and sometimes earlier. to make the eve.
sings all she could wish. At lessi. I have Florine*s Own.
declaration for this." The last sentence was uttered With
, ,
a smile. ,
Aa we walked aloig. the nearness of my miatinywith
Mrs. Mervyn. turtle rtity thoughts back - to other tines.
A beautiful girl was before me, limy:idly reclining upon
• sofa. overcome by the extract of soma sweet herbs, he
perfume of which bed fallen unharatonionsly upon the
sense. A hot.hount plant. how was it possible that ;She
could bear the cald.itracing atmosphere of such a We as
that she was now•liVing? Whew last I saw her. she was
but • tender summer Bower. •on whom the warm Sun
shoie daily. sod into *boss bosom the night ddws came
softly with refreshing coolness. • .
Silently i walked along - with my mind full of Pitch
thoughts. when an opening in the woods thioeZh which
we were passing: gave me a ghmpac of a :woman's
ore. standing en.tii second rail Ole fence. and apparent
ly on the look-out f r some one. The intervening trees
quickly hid her ag a from my. view. In a minute or so
afterward we emerged from the trees bat •shoril distance
from the woman I bad seen. echo was looking 11l salter
directios from that in which we were coining. We were
oleos epos her before she observed es. Thee the s4ice
of Ilderwys, who called "Fieriest!" startled her; and 'alio
muted upon us her beautiful you.: face , glour i ang tiili
health. an! sarrise old %stare. I Ei . soill I int,sistontish in lit.
'Wile that the indolent, languid City 'ii-rte.' who e ul.l
scarcely sit erect evils with the aid of en‘hiiinips. itiow
standing firm and str i ai 2 ;lt on a fence-rail. sail looking
more lovely and graceful thiu aim had ere'r silcincil in
my eyes. , . I '
Site recognized me in a monent, and. springing from
the rill. coma Unending foritard4 full to overlll.iwiii of
fife and spirits.' Graspieg my hand. she rapt
. 11 die
warmest pleasure at seeing au old face, and asked ute a
dozen qtlest d ions before I ciuhi answer one. •
I found diem occupying a neat little bird's neat of a
cottage. in which wire two as sweet little children as I
hate ever seen. While I sat and talked with Alerpt n,
holding one child uponwiy knee,•and he the oth .r., IF 10-
rine busied herself in getting the 'supper. tier only do•
mastic was away. Ever and au a I caught • emits of
her as she passed in and.out Of ti
adjoining room where
she hail Spread the table A . very long tuna did( not
ela;ise before I sat down with my old friends •to a lineal .
that I enjoyed as Well a* any I hare ever eaten. The
warm. erlii!e biscuit were baked by FroritieVihe 4
butter she had horse f churned, so the seal, and the
0 pre.erves were es own..
am surprised a all thin," said I, after tea.
Tilde for you obo cheerful dud lispp under
How w a it polisibb; for yoi to come so
mode f life.ilehe try antipodal; of th
are ru, add in which you were ell
a chang
moody int 7
to which you
ied-Merwyn...brings out what
scters. This has bees panic!
efficient iu och
tile case th us.
and had Ise rival
blow, e golden
dashed to pieces. 1
world, with nothing
resources, which we
exceedingly small;
ionable friend.; wino
from faihioarLle sac
le tho utter worthle
al of primary consid
cumstauces turned
of, real moms
grew daily more app
miter:steps that had I
to say, we are able t
tr rd .ful
Ii lit it is
take cheerfully• We now I
tid I am. aura Florine will joie
happier life than we ever 14
heart," replied the roan; w
Rood spirits. and a eleir eotieete
"I have ifth
end; wit
LL Still" renytked
g olf in the world. and
leadtby a liortion of
time*. Slit until tb
h inCa of life that fa
contr. we trill have
When I parted w
I felt that their lot .
ed than It.wonld :la
them; snit wie'led
with •imilar revers
Still I wondered at
could hardly realiv%
o one can be happy."
lerwyri. "we look to growing better.
hope. one day, to Iro sorroundiod at
the elegance aml luvury of lead)
t day comes. we will ea . ', ly dial good
to our lot; and should it #serer
I ost nothing by vain antwin,votts."
th mv old friends on tho nextl d ty,
as. beyond comparition, mere ~lees-
been lied not misfortune erted
out my heart. that all who hi' met
would imitate their good evaMple.
eharigte I had•sten; Ind, at lktnes
its truth.
my little man," Bahia fentleman to
ears of age. while sitting in the par
natty were eseernlited.
0 sir, I think I 41;." Who am 14 thee.
on ere the man what kissed isistoir
e pwler." Jane (Muted.
RT ••COme hem!
ryounz.ter of•four
lor where *lmola C.
!from me?" ••Yes'
let me herr." ••Y
Jams last night in t
Brame 4 Ltone.—A 'idiot. the other day in,deseiribing
his first efforts to become a "1407 man," said Alit josh
at the clot.* of at dark night, be was seat 'lO4 to set) if be
could see a light. After a short time he was hailefi Siam
lb. deck with:—.'llast head ahoy!" **Ay, ay - , sir."
was the answer. ••1:11 you see a light?" ."Yes air!"
“What light?" •tpaylight. air!" The lookoil was
orderod.thtwe with 111
- I
- silt
Ars 111
1. —4— ,
Tee bope of e bratirelb an
- and the stars or tlle rerolotio .Fe
gloom, to rise o nlo more. ltrt e
pampered sOdirr, of Me sices led
ported t U reet.;•Cos, add iiirrx
Grande and tbri r vulture fleck of
7. . .
waved ro the bei•aks of the Guetroloupe.
The heroic Trovis. bravelto af fault, end ukeleles , . land
&limit its Ste writ brave, at [lib Itnd of one hundridiann
r'lltirtv apingfesbioned otter limns If. eeeuptell the Alsboo.
the froniier fortress of Texl4. In defiance of the express
orders cif General 1100-ton, the omntander-in:ehirt, he
deierntiiied there to await *hie iol
ribination of the legions
'of the depot IPourier ieftetelrier resetted the 'Allot°,
com:Aloe Travis to tall ek Intit' the e snip of I lens •
ton'; but It:a u:til i lase.ipbtied 1., it'd t throok ..d no cotrlvoi.iand
etelt.sut•eesi:iVei COWIN , ' bore ba i rk Cie reply. '• fret/till
not reeruit. tile et-di-tool ear orclia 1" I
The A:mike:lme '.' • tourLln4 eel nights of sleetil - ss
hakile, with ttnal ' otted futy. re ed nen rid the dimmed Walls
of tim Alloy). 14n I the Fifth no rtirte.s sun shone do a
con'tt.eil noise of blixidistnieed thus and 'bones, auei th e
.rnouldentig ashe; of the intirep• ded. Yo living Tex:
an was left to tell of his co es! deeds, but the gage
foileTif Me lie in slAin.notil thilr .2 toitlY and rapiur se ol i n d a
told with terrible eertiulikty: ihet 'Prrivis, and flowiti. land
Crockett. had futight.i bled teed, nd died, if L i te!, had not
conquered there. The tie:t oe! eiti dint tragic' intone
was the 'nutters of G died. . , 1114ated Pannier, im
bued with the • ttne spifrit;or r ree km self-reliance which
proved the deal faction of 7 f fail and his command,; too
long hesitated to eseetter the or er for retreat, issued by
that wise And intrepid man. whise great mind conceived.
' and whom; wont will achieved the, revoluion. Pressed on
every side by ' well.appooptedi and overwhelming fee;
without amok, . and Witht vPrs little 'monition, rap.
n:ng sought to :zht and rut eat. enntesiing even inch of
the grattitd with the life bli4d or the foe. Du: the power
lof noottfrro ani. one ch i le, aind the want of einutiitioix on
the other. coi••!.d Fending Ito Aommit the onpardoriable
, • .
error or ..
trnettilj to tnedi t , , ,lited ihouor or a Mex:esn,:ereit
tit entr,, , l 6C.1 fr J itensqleliek .Icipilii Lt i 0 n .1. it te re dinlo W i th
. ..11 the sAiimitil t ies of chive:fie Seer. was the result. !The
Texan flag wa4 furled. but rot .ip d:sgrace, for the terms
of capitol 'lion ere held! by 111 but harbereus nations and
1 the fAith of a Nilexican Gen ralvres pledged' that the' next
•day's Nun should smile' on4he Teton's a s they retune d
homes. . +ght passed away. and, with
to tb<•ir firesid
the mcirein'
hed odt to
tho d l r early heat
ra svvere the
their release.'
Zh the. !el Wiles of the Mexican Ormy.
eLLIe arrey i uniil they were witll4l up
.y the'!hri.cling triyoneb of the for. A
eontincted thr
drown up
on every, vide,
n. not or rela.e, Lut adroit; ! Qui wild
ita heard: a lu rid doncl or f!4ine and intake
ertnii. anal bil that tra , left of thent woo
Iretnnini. ,litering in their blood,
ire boa! of
uigual way . eiv
terrific crash w
enveloped the
their in34lenl
Like the •n
upon a•outhe
•engeonre s
heart of Illoust
mild hlge rte'
young t his e l
worm Wi:'1111.
nought hurt dr .
sivtern iluatu
.itilbued with
save th it of s
n lea. the
F pt over the
which we
I:ke the br
xnJ kiv con
ut could t
efuted tuttr:'
dem tU:lod
•en:enncr, At
trearheroul f
But Ifou
oiutesinln. had three nst
San Jaemto; ;elected tho
the li'aeriv fit T ,
eu,te, Cool
totioup of tio;.truty. he /
waste the country over wb'
movements with such skid
enemy. !troops utter,
policy, and inltones thr.
• stand *bol be made
they would disband util I
Macon nouglhtto tome-ee l
battle upon tine Colurndo
to them; "our rause is jit
lot Owen return to the f t t i
make edcry sreritke f,r I
The nest morning's sl
dred men by .to Term
nr.neeJ-; the
or Santa Aeu
! 's troops
e l"
arO•Pritutnenced to be mark•
:their line o M
ited arms • til oCcoontrements—their sup.
ilat. and th teirscewept before Mom the
the prairie. ilis tl coy:pursued their march of
lion was wi;thitr striking distance of i Santa
s was witli l in one dot's much of 4mning
'feu me t i4ill declined b ittle. but q u i e tly took
t i the field of in Jacinto, the exact !Mot he
hire ninntlot before ror his battle fiel4. One
I 1 tho rill:untie of Cos and Santa Antisruni' r
'host distance of! Houston's clamp. withodt
of its retina Is. I Ills strategy Iris pier 'lg_s - I.'
is complete., The two armies now lilt fee
. .. _
t2ieftry. and,
eT w itli drstei
plies grew-ehl
wild e)ttle of 1
retreat. flu
.lana. eel( '
the latter. d i
hid selt•ctea more. an
ted wrttcin a
being awire
And its sue..
mg e4gh ott* on the rolltng prairie. surrounded by-for•
es'', and b-tsobs ; the 'onlyim.sns of retreatsras 0-a frill
bridge exteud[ it heroic a it i e r ep, haven :
~ The hour bad ar•
r wed whin the tl;ltiny of t , a.tt4 Wl4 to he de cided—the
blow.ahout to ottetruelion that' Geld whoc4- was to l 4eter.
1 .
mine whetheqesse west exist is the ollque-,.d p %quango
of i despot , or to take-he plary among the ?, I:484 of the
- i -
It .4 free aII ' -- 1 tle 2lr
lad u
was that wi:11, strange. and / torioais battle. Bilfrentres
minutes bad sessredy elapsed. tilifore eight handrod Meg
jeans were lying dead mid dyhig ea that mood Iletd. sod
Santa the bowed Napoleon of the ihriab. woo
seeking safety is }light. Aad Ikons amid the Nosh* and
mad (wear! or battle.. Was :tea to rim from dis'lsloody
Oda the at hr of Liberty the loss star of Tema
AlthnOthlhis leg was badly shatt'ersd by a NW Mate
eaPPeibA i illeistoo still kept hie borse e .gallidded'hliber
add Mlle/ vet the field, iastdog . orders for ths ?ors isf
roßv. I:
to qua dim iiindt
next to M• n out a rd Kit to
Llarsvr rulumns ofd the
n by Sante Anus, fi r up
.l3. bind rro.sed theato
t he South threatenittgl
drool Footling sod his Onto
te plains of r Goliaid to tvorive
d un,uspecting. they were
he ~torm. when it first I . .nrst ;
4 . 811 of de dig, and the cry of
Iptaina of Tex's,. The 'great ;
ith 'z lief and iodizitation ; hie
wont to gleam with gentle
1 1.toil'a when baithog for his
.w darkened with the phut up
epre.aed bpi told a - wiil Ivhich
4n art. IN little army ()return
lred with a wild cltivalr and
tßreit capalile of any sacrifice.
atirlme eontrul, burned for'
to be ird forward azainet the'
Mel. Idle a great soldier and ;
ntlit before, on the plains of
:I:af on winch to ea t e ;
titrary to the ;rialto. and expre• ;
. miteitied hi. retreat. le . log
ch tii, palpied, and enakieghis
elite completely bewilder the
dud murmurs agaiest his
telling mutiny demanded that
t • ~..
.t the t..olorado , declaring that
1 s the foe were given battle.
uiFiiit his troop.' the fret that
yeast deft. it to Trxl4—ke said
t : t must and .will triumph
imea who are not prepared to
6 izki..l of Texas."
•ri i &and le.. than eight htt n
ttilrd. .The retreat was cum-
v . tati watched the movemeuts
Sl5O A TEAS. in Ad.
the sounded, the protection ansafe keepitt I
oners, and ihe'pursuit of the 13) ng foe.: I
On the 23d of April, the second ,day.l.
nearly eight hundred- Mexicans 'seem p r . 1
Texan camp. Quiet and calm had socceedt
of battle, and the hero of San Jacinto Wen
his tent, with his shattered leg supportid on a
stool, while his mind was
, tronity employed
plans for the futurepyil government of Tex
k R shout burst from 'among the Mexican ;
nea, rice, 8111114 Anna." (live. live.
and under an escort of two Tessa *oldie
Emperor in person approached. disguised i
a coinuion soldier. _
Saute Anna was immediately taken to H.
whu treated him li e rith distinguished ltiodoe
teey. wearing him- that the snagausimity
would , preveut any retaliation'emalwisoaer
of faith and butchery at Citified..
The Mex•can General espreiiled great ,
the proweiei of the Texan Iron* bat told
fie had violated one of the plainest rules
nut attacking Cos and himself I. detail. lost
ins their combluatiOn. Houston smiled. ,
reply. until &Una Anna again pentad the
he quietly told him that it was his habit
biter at one cherry. •
Santa Anna ever after enteriained • big
for Houston. and often remarked that he
remark .We Man of the age.
Geo. Houston is yet in the fall vigor of
a six feet four inches in height:el liiht -
deep blee * eye. and a remarkably ptomain
bearing is kind, dignified eaderwleowe. •
,of his heart is clearly indicated by the sw
smile. and the mildness of his eye. 'When
Isp distinguished himself by daring espial
.Indiais. and afterwards served wader A •
in the Seminole war, and at be haul. of
Fur many years Giro, Houston was - a um
rem from Tennessee. and wee a Groomer
Ile was twice President of the Tessa R.
her first Senator, after the annexation of
United States. All in all,he is trali the.,
able man of the age." •
- , A GraP) without a lon •- ,
The noblest of cemeteries is the ocean.
and in human language ever will be. snore
emF nut of sublimity. are subjects of feeling
lion. • Its records. like the reflection m
waveless bosOui, casuist be traasfired
vastrthsts, its eternal heaving% its majeef
storm. mud its things which I ks
a thousand times to conceive; but until
mighir bosom, looking out upon its more
waves, feeling that eternity was distant fit
single pknk, I bad tried its vela to feel :
glories and grandeur of the sea. I them 1
John o f Patine, meant when, he mine Oki
shall be no more sea." But there is ,0
moral sublimity which impressed my mill
1 would be pleased al I could transfer is MI
to the minds of our readers. The ma ii
cemeteries. sod its slumberent sleep sill
meat. All other` graveyards. I. all . 0144
soisosymbol of distinction between 04,
ambit, the rich and the poor; but in that lo
Cie king and the clown. the prince and 01
'ata undiktinguished.. The name veve[r
the SAme reprisal by the minstrelsy of t
to their honor. Over their remains the sit
and the saute sun shines; mad there. en
and the powerful, the plumed and the i
sleep on . nutil awakened by the name tile
the sea will give up its dead. I thought . c
s he slumbering Coakman, who after his I
Kant career. paristsed in the President--ov
ter creating Power, who went down in the
vessel we may have passed.
In that cemetery sleeps the accomplish
Fisher; but where he and thousands of sib
1 ble spirits of the earth lie. no one bat God
marble rises to point oat where their adieu
or the lover of the good or wise can gwas•
• of simpathy. , Who can tell the tens of the
1 flea sons who perished is the "middle _pt
' that cemetery hath ornaments of Jehovah
I I forget the days and nights as i primed 0
l i of cemeteries without a single i buses
Stacioctit tisMocucm. FACIN—At
Wiollll a circle of four miles around the sit
earth is dug, and the workmenlarriirs at
sixty-three feet, they cease to a bid of ;I
bore with an auger five feet deep. They
from pit before the anger is rearm . 1
extremism the water barste up with pea i
quickly fills the well thus made, the espy ,
mg 'ducted neither by rides istdronghts.
of foarteen feet are foetid the Miss eras a . 1
sea. paved streets and Mosaic work.' Be
is a riyer of earth, and at twee ty-sis f.
are found entire, end with leaves and w'
them: At, twenty-eight feet soft chalk ; 1
low this, vegetables and trees as before. 1
"IN Tlll6 oe Pasts P iron W
wealthy potentate • a fledgling froanoite
be sch;le. a type of diadem
recently nutted bylhe silken tie of statri
of a beat. The mammas and papas on •
ourtieuded by all the cenesamitants of
many agreeable little paraphernalia •
eessiou of the dot.•' determined to get
hehatent" fur the yeast maple. sad J
werafuted is a mulles oat oa Walton
&fur days after this a school el:impala
ise caned upon her. and was surprised
servants about the house.
•• Why. Mary." said she. "labs' is th
have you so twiny people about you for ?
(th !•• replied Madam. •• wo hasn't
we want. There is bat one cook, oss ch
houseigirls„ one booae•keoper. astir—m
sure there ain't too lumpy !"
•• Ha ha :" said bar Mead. a shat
a child aurae ? Oh. that is 100 relay."
%yell, we hams% any immediate us,
when we were married. Charle. said we
arld-yea know its eel always Lest trs lea
the last miamat."
• •• STICK A PIN TIIKRIL." 7 II torrespe
.ning Post gives as istonstiog awasunt
tars of piss at Waterbury. Coss:
rowan). the !argon in the United Ste
in the world. Maanarantnre, en an alte
per day. or about 1.:190.000.000 pet ye
hoed aro math solid from me pi
tidy the howl ,haattmeo separated 4
Thsosalsa and profits laths astatdefs
so f the patent to which 11is eswipssi
keptis a secret. sod is set knows woes
en. The right to ass it was *phi is
ET Mr. Greeley smelf ammeadielp
ry sot es lose by SON Wel allle •
become a samoker.
a 0.0.
of the 'prig,-
the battle'.
1 eery is the'
r the torinoil.,
echoing in
rough hello
n revolving ,
• Betide".
risenere c{f.
eat Anne.) .
the fallen
the garb et
and eoer-
the Tessa,
r duo breach
;ration lbs ,
klutz° that
warfare. is
ad of await-
ark. when
to who 'two
aa tho snort
I sahood ; be
plozboi* f i n
die teatimes
Woo of big
w Juliette.
eta Orleans.
her of Coe.
f that Stow
and was
seas to AN
to poetry b.
tteb. Its el
ibr its
paper. Its
movie I. a
d eade.avored
Was on its
l ag aloastaia
me only it
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