Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, September 27, 1851, Image 1

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    A. P. DUBLIN &CO., Pro
Erietklethlll Nu
13. C. OILOAN. >E7dito
ea% FtllrNril.era Ly ihvearr•er, at
it atl,Yr at the °they, tri :winner,
• , It tt,4 paid In nda• a ithin theremonths f
of •ntwertlwnl;, tau tic charged.
j.k.11 etwymuntratatite waist he putat..ittl.
' ('ara- inn eztecdstsg 4 !me..., un )ear
t .4ptare
do. du. PEI 1110tIOW,
• _if, 110 tiny month+. I
Thatleu • nt adt efil.4•1111`111,:i01 , 111.1. perrq v,re. Ilf
tar the tint eent4 fur each .:dm—IIK•
h erll•ere has rtheyria ilew. GI r
, Itlf nu time nir :41b)w el to °cello more than. 11• u
be tinned to their Itarmed(erfe Irootxr,s.
A !s nut bus we other direellOttS. UM be
forbid mut nbarged accord' n.;1)
:111 , 1 I 0 3NIM I) I :11 *IN
IV-it , liniakrr Awl Repairer. in IVair•i44... rioek4. 3, welrY,!
In4rurnein.. Looking i• :11...3 ant oilier l'ane)
:!!!!!!r,.,,in, %%rival tip. Reed HOUK'. 17—,
111 rR in Dr) Good., Gr.errieo, Hardware, Crct - kerii. art. No
l'err) Illock.Stace -rrtvt. Fain,
L T —trifler .I (.red_ L in the Chronicle Other, in
- •
y•roit.o - 1 AT I.4l%• — •fritce .)ter & Wrlglie-ninking
1-1-table,linorta. thr
rm. In Dry 1,...,1, Laqjikir• Of all 4.1i.111, erto...Arr
Vadis. 4r., utte 4...4 rural/ ut rtnrtlt Jack.uit'. AMC. Frcurtl
.1 Ccmtio•
(;. AN 1) it 1:
et Pure: o n
and t
ti 1.1r -rip atol retail. No. 17 7 . 74 0 : 7777 at.
at, Cl....tuut out et.
. -- • JMt. C. IIitANDES. -
Pll.-It ltd aul Rr sisio%—tnn , e corer of Slate 0114:4tchth
r1r.11,1to•-1•!1•het• au roghth :Irevl.'Lett\tY•rl Itench JIIII
.111111.10/1, Ea.
- . -
'l`: - Iv. 'Aitn)RE.
1), kit ill Groretac.., Prot o•loi., Lopior-. ran
1,60t1 1 .t , Ollll , l'ag , Statv.troet.E
M. SAN N )It D & CU.. 1
pr.ner.. ;II Cold. S ai, er..Mllllk Ptrall.a...,(tprj,fic
&,. zs g ,l4 Pk( tAt I roe Witte 11.211 „lt
rsa r I titre. In nit:liWt• Mot I, Stilsitltt.
T: St( r
0. go.. Ainare, Curlier of Error!,
pao.•••...Cf Mt.' , K1W1... Rt Ft;
ea..: of Vic .l{c
- -
It. T. N 1 ERR & SONS.
tdo haw) a fill 41;,
I Pro, Prodorr. gfr &r . and -elk.
ur Itt eliNtit no the No. 111.,
, %%1%1. S. L.kNi:
Attokicky and Counsellor at La ' 1
In artol u -,o•14.
41: , .. 4 .1 4. %1 4 11 - p it .:41 , 41 ..le 4 ibbr ik.,111 , 44 v 111,11! i
,4•• 1,4146 , 1 and 1.41 11,R
it. t% : 4 t ,te "(fed, ovil• J. 11.
1111,1.•11 I Rim vont.
Ir. .r. I r.h, r- Ace., I, IVri,:irs.
u. r (rI ,gli and el all S.If.CIA.
1.-14“ , knri" MC -tore el :3Juith Ja.c •
1 4 1., el 'rl'l\ I: .:..zre uu.hurt et..eer
/1.4 , k, Ile r and Stalt.,ror. awl Nltef..marrr
I els, 1 ,, ,r11 , 111.11V0 ieu f 2 4 11.111 !Wirt
ft( ITS IZI.1:14.
1 11 .1 , it 1111 - 114101:1.1 1 1 . 1tattl •1 11.: kale, ....all Ili IVA.. 11/.• .
‘I• 1 1. "4:111., Iruit Strri N. , 3 I
- _
W. J. }. I.llli fl.r. c".
111, e unity and Shirt. I r
to eel. MS.. nil.
11. 1)
~r icr. our I.ow r t% v4l of I% . rl;:ii, •torr.
1,4 )( 1' J. L. .S FLWAItT.
gal. [het A. Br Set eqllo twit 1 4 I. , :letti.tAtrCt I. Re
al S. paat,lrts, taw cliA al It.. rth ut t..testitt.ll;t. •
‘l 1' • I ph( 0.4' IN 1.1t..1 , 11 ,, .
I - Ia; .•. Cor,et Freuell awl lOM Stretiv.
,• th/lel, late. , ,• •
- .
Aier iu 1 . 1411,1% Gatoe,rir'e, Crocker!.
Acc 110.
11. , 114LII VI Pal/ 're.
J. t..f.)A1.1)1..\ Cr. •
lc 7 11 1
SI. n n .• Hahn r No 5 R.ed'4Blork
• iil/(I.4CR slier t. Lr ,f•
J. IN.
4TT0R. 1 .1:1" .4 r i. i Iv
11 11,12. IPA. clith
111 \R% (
,„•1 v.l a.
Cr. rn , n. I'rr; are. I roll.
-••I WI 11. r`P 4'll, L . Lot l 6 it/Ur
Er A. t•t,
-- to. -, we-, It. 11., Axle %nil., Sprlng,-, p... 1 a general
.1“- , nu.. In lA . '• A.! I '
1-.. ts and {u:dt•-e of the redee. an I. Agent fnt
.IC hrt Stll4. q,ll 111,rdilee rthilikall)--lErlre 3 ClOUrst
GEORGE 11. ri IA.II,
A • RN, •1 L.e.thrard. Erse o..emtv, Pa. rolleetinnt and
• 1 ,, ,an.... , ,a11i•1tta ., 11 . • n nn pri.airlilin+s and dn•natch.
JOSEAII. K t:1,11,0(iG,
k,•.. 11 n._& ['Dunn Nlt reliant, on the Publi , Duck, rabt of
•-••_•• F -tt•••
t•••,It r.t.trr an.] IVhitt• Ft-h.cottAnntly for 4: t lt.- •
.s 1 R.:All It. AlI Re 11. Purr:. Dry
~, fa .I.t . t 11.3.1 e ettolli,e,l„ Ewan. t.t No. 4
-,ate Ere..
_ .
1111.1.IANIS --
Ifi Es , ltau! , *
(~Id andsilser Culo.
CUTIIrt I r•late-•t „au I rulkhe eutsrt•
11 ' \ —( ate ulc St. - 1174 111 Tailll/I.llly Ilail t m iding
c:.• Proxlvosonr)'.. ,m,r,•. I rte.
- -
All it RA I" 1V112..1.L0N,
•'r. 114. R •T la of Cr (.. Wright's
, Iltraties one dune et•t - ot State rttc.•t, on Inc Diamond,
i•• .• r •t• VON Good.. Dry Grocrotek, Crockery, Hardn arr.
s „ ,!,, , Eric. _
it our caste to
n depopulat g
we discos°
1 d two hoar to
find it again. by which time it was
, patet onset. and Iti
sk) was sparkling with stars. We were till smile I m
home, when I my attention was arrestedittly a faint gl w
1 among the tries iti a liollow at some di+anee. At t at
. time the al gistest circumstaitce was erlough to aro . ..
suspicion. and we crept stealthily towar d it. • The pcisi-
G. t-OOMIS & Co.
-- -- -.- i tion of the grOund favored our we had not
I •
r,,,, ia• in %Vaiehea. Jcw , lit, Silt er:German Sliver. rived and ; gonsefer before. through the leafless unfrrwood we ob. I I
1t...t.,...rt %% are Cutler, N1.1113t) and Fan(*) 1 %0rd'. 6 ,9" t ee1.. tamed o glimpie of the low tire which hlul attracted Cs.
..not, Ji.p.,,,tve Ow Lack. Howl, Ef le. J
T. 1rt...1,1•ms . Bisids it Irene two Indiana }— one tall ind of digni fi ed
CAILTI.It A. 13.111f)TIliflt, ; ' air, and evinl-ntly of much higher ratilti than his eons:.
r . i, y I 311,i Retail•ry to Doigs.Medicirs'akiats.Dils. pasiton. Thee wore hui.:ing frocks of dier-skin, and al-
I• ..-.5ta1,... (Any., to . bu. O. Reed Douse. Erie. _ _ ____ t. .
. JA 11 . ..`i LI TIE, I together there A jr. , 'northing otultuidiso n their appear
.. , ~ •,si. MPrellallt Tail Ur. OP the public maim, a few %born' ' Once, which nt...4., dq '..el they were not rienths. It had
• - ~ I Si3ll! ,beet, 1:11P,
. , --, --- been more than suspected that covey from the tribes
. . 1). S..('LAIti.K.
iiii , ; within the Americfor Imes had been endslavuring to tam
-,.. r +" VTA , ' /Wahl In Grortetten.'PrOvtalOnni
I ..I ~ ~Sione-st are. der. Sr ,No. 3. lionnell Mork. Erle- r per - with a large luidy of our Indians, whn were scattered
0. 1) Sl'AFFOlill. • 'I. over the Tut extent of country betweei Lake Erie and
• 17;,.. ‘teolem. seitooi MewelloneoUs Bo o ks st3tb333rY :I
~. ~t,,..,..• tour down tw i ew dui , p u bl ic oinaree . i .Loke Ontario, and this seemed to siren hen the anspi
- 1)11. 0. 1. ELLIOTT. ~. cion. It Was at least requisite to ascertisin the tharac-
P • I • th-,fo, i min, and dwelling 111 the Beebe Block. On tie ,` ter. of the strangely. and 'alining in thel men to follow
' • , ~,1 Ih...triadic 'Square, Edw. Teeth merited on Gold
1 • .“ one to an fatare.ett. Carious teeth filled with /UC quietly, I `again moved forward. But Thad scarcely t a .
‘• ~ , I ...t, d ,.! .1., h. Au, an d ‘l.i.folliro. Vetth 644144 1 - ken another step, when the Indians sea ed to their feet.
‘ .. t.•trottwitis and as to lease thellt Ola pellueldr
•• •'..••••, Ali pork warranted. \ I I paused at once; but the quick eye of to chief had al
__ i
. S. DICK ERSO'N, ! ready caught sight of m . e through the t se. and his ride
PR.., :, , ,g • ilt 'newt—Office at ti,ft r esldence on Seventh "reek t . • ,
. was et ma , boulder in an instant. It as no time for
'.Le.•fle (~.. ‘ll . llloal/1 Chi:telt, Erie.
' JGHSH - . IiIURTON7VC.:O. ' • -, ceremony when shoot or be shot was 10 question. so I
' '‘, ~c r• 'Ai yin Reran. dealerain Drugs. Medicines, Dye - , fired, and the Indian fell , his gun diech without se
( doc..heil. Sc. No. 3. Reed 11-0 " e • Ens. • '
—,,,, I m. Thee. concealment being ova. i ße lid rushed open
P ~. v,;l.lit. 7-14 keg , Bide. 1") e / •r and Bla - onto rowel - Q . . Pot: i them. The second Indian has raised is rifle from the
~.':', " ., ,,l and , s, ,-.; , .., ~,•• her, of ire, qu•ntity. byl
J t 2” E. T 4,„ ‘ „, c fo n ., ! ground; but at the fame moment lan 1”. eta light etf
• . ,
~ 1)r) Grocer le, Hard% me. I.l,uer w. 11 . 4(e. tame.
I r , 12t. eliealmnte. Erie. Pa.
• 7.1%; • '1 1' idi.,l.4er. and I • iidertaker, corner of State and
- -
, F. ma r 4 Lug. l'r".ltice and Collirolo.ois MeretrllllPAralerg
I ; 1 ,1 liar 1 . 0.1 I. rlabter, Shingles. ice. ?Lathe duck.
the tirlAgr. Er e.
. . _
;• • P • 1 I',lrwarditeg, etnelnaw-e,n Prteluee Merthaittn; See
• I% are-In - Awe owl of the l'ithhe pradite. Klee. •
. , . . • r
. .
. .1? . . . . .
, . .
, . . .
• --. 1 . . ... . , .
. ; 1
•;.,1 1 , . .
. .
. i
_ . ..
. , .`. % _ •
1 .
. .
1., • ,
. _
. .
_ 1 r
_ . f
0 . 1
\ .
$ 2 . 01 1
ono thr nma:
: oen orl
tt insert* 111.
arev.•motio ,
iit.erted uUI
11 11 11 /ilit!l:l'.4(
lie-, Fruit
Irfa of De
' •
and Fifth
Ittia street.
le . . de
le kwri...
in r
u Luc th. I
alien J 1 1.4
~ et. 19 I
!of ;uur Cry
Ludt, ar^, •
Irk cur• " VO tt
one of Lin
I — , sisig
4011,1'tiPap We knew
tin nt . the P
Thu , former;)
I • otert
'I 111)1.1
A young child stood by lie mother's side.
IN:itching tic khtittuq mould
Of a gat e scooped train old grave dust.
It a.sextun grey Will old;
"And Why do they bury us. mother dear, s
Down in the earth so Cold ""
she acted , is she gait lat the grgt c fresh slaved
Ily tiSe sexton grey and old. '
• •
"The efuthvs not cold, my &alit* claild,"
Softly the mother
"Its 112;1110111i, %%arm, and to sleep and rest.
•Gently we Wry the deild:
Its Loftin ts-warin my darling child,.
A intlonder the sou and shower.
Tile told n ill rise from its quiet sleep.
A beautiful bud or dower.
. “Atid angels will hear it up, my child, '
Into the heaven above,
Never again to dram or die,
Hut iliooll3 in the halt of love;
The sun's warm rays. and the shining dt*,
Are shapes ofatt angel band.
Imo ~rineto glitter the rp it i :au% err.
Vier the grave-turf strand." !
And sthlol.the young child answered rot,
• Hut Mori% from that blessed hour .1
‘lll5 she had gazed and pondered so rueh
At E.:cry bea Mani. tlon,er;
f." ,And evier in rank years, the breath •
Witte thin ers nefe erttr far; :
They iel her up Itthe spirit land,
. ther OW
13111111111 star.
C)tfirt, 31liaAlanti:,_
From II ['anted Set% ice Jouinal , I
. .
TIIF. noon 4of bright runittier day. liome years ;Igo e
sow a gr , miiiiif wand, nrs resting an litle In the•coul sliade
1 ,,
of a clump f,chrst ~...o' i the left 4mk or Lake Erie:ioo
one liadd th slrepin; n :item lay flashing in the suoliltt,
and on the ther (lir ruins ol a d welling lurergmwo With
grass and w d flowers, seemed l'o reader the solitude more
.%u ng the group . thus
deep. langliing t4 l
and jesting;the
:noatiltide haur away, there was but one Ito seemed cots
seious of there betlig such a Mang ttsmenorY.. lie hid
been silent anikthoug!itful from the mointasit pf our reach
log our pre,tlot re.tiog-place, and ay on Ite'Cluwer-gem
asked an aril, prang oirthe ruins as if he . adiforgot all hi+
conitianions Ile nos soan: cliarged a t h the oblivion
C• 1 was the hang, lie reillird, •• of a. rw Year's . day
v. hien I pas oil on this
Ven spot lit any':t
s.tite of yo young ladies and gentlemen
1..,,, a, and, •,h, you It il got ii
der sou look .tlien. 5i
dicated Inung. gy , -ittl.itten
it give Li,tuit laliwiell 3 serious Ince."
thnt though Major C. bad arrived in Cann
lie time w,th 0ur,.' . ...1,F1. 1 7..1te hut ser!..lll there
.he ii;insh army during the war ;.but i 4 the
hour,. that mie that worniag hod s pratb y. .l4 14 , .' Kr.e Ittl -
der the gutilizuce of our ho,t,whihie pleasant attode glOm
rd far-.l,...ny'attio.ig the (Letitia treo , ‘ he had itiven no in
tim it tun ii‘f \ being ..Tune brelYR A 111 Ch Wre *VII kiWWil
to hill). It ii.,„lJlsl.! O4Oll forgets tlyi "fa I' ce 'lli 14.1 friend.
and J., q.iiroilujeinin I,pin:by heart the feaitrres which
wery'u•ire fainilatid go-he 411 l . it % . 211
, '• And p.l, - lin ai led, in, li •ii 11.1111 li
t , slot),"" n"v+•.
B iiii , l , :ig IU tinitt. W. d ti , •-,, - I'litU4:l ti I
ti i. 11. and fi.silittk,aututt 4 . \ l\l.. tr.bes, wri
shy too. ,Tlt-ro dotactimen,
old th e rude hunt 'or lodge.. t\oere qu a
lildd4 n itinong,. .1 - gr.,up of cedd _on ilia
).011 see about It .if a dovn of the old tr
inc. a.:. 1 rou,id it Will ron.ed a sort
the •ruth. It un-% slunewhat df a fay.or•le
14'03‘t r e ou• id a small way; nu.
the lonely farm house, a lio-e gress.gc`ovri
trate before u‘. %lime theutlieerie were w
theu• !lea iquatfrrs. Tii 4 w i do w o f a
14,4 his life ut the militia a few )ears
I there with heir family, sod the pleasure
pretty K 4ivers w a s nut the least of
"And a pinaliniii time we had of
jo.rhaps forptie of u•;. for my biother sul
head and ear i ti.iii lore, and I used to des,
to fish him up again wlt .n our orders i
,was the di;el.ll± D!ceitiber. end every
waS a• bhutiful as snow and sun alone
Tile tethering ice that covered that b
elseting plain, and the wide fi!rest, with
it slieltcred.rdiord r ed,,,us plenty
One day eur shouting pailty had dwindl e
sat Its:0 toitlinigne•s„ thotgli onl . t myself
ley Thorn haring returned in escort df
had wandered with us into ilte woods.
had ..ioled after them in tnumph.- as
. capitited with a ritler.bullet the rearm(
wild turkeys which were then surnetaine ,
here, ttioh: , ll nOW 'almost blew-lied to the
cvit.l fellow, hy . Georgel" cried
who. though-u good shot, was a better it,
dozen barn
,t tird birds. We'll have htidi its I'm a sinner."
...Su I w,,,i'lell alone in my glory. wi
! vant and Thorn's as spectators . Sr. my
! tr,ar against hares and partridges. B
were so 'supplies of sinunition, it was nci
! waste powder like an English sportsmi
o his preservi.s,and I grew merciful just iti
k that ae had. 1...,
1 our way. It took us god
the fire the lips of the fallen man move, and immediate
ly his companion turned and fled rapidh through the
woods. Parson was useless ; eo, grumbling at being so
foiled, we had only treseenre the prisoner felt as. -
**He theiime we reached lam he ens recovering front
the first shock of the brill. which he had received in his
side. and woe endeavoring to rise.. I questioned him in
French but he ..ither did not: or feigned not to under
stand, hut submitted in linughty silence to have his tom •
abitllt and knife Inken from him. and than walked with
us to the house, without betraying any indication of the
suffering he must have experienced. We found Rich
ardson too much engrossed ith his beloved turkey to
feel uneasy at my abxenee ; bra the sight of the Indian
aroused him *Collet., and a corpo I who pritended to all
the abilities of a first rate interpret wet in instant at
tendance. I had 1110. W a better opport ni - of examining
my captive in the well-lighted room. le a/ignite young.
apparently little more titan twee slender and graceful,
with fine regular features: a !muting-frock of purple
dyed deer skin was boa ifully embroidered with porcu
pine quills : and so silver bracelets, and Mhrr eine
ments about hint, a rank according with the
huogjitr demeanor, which not even the languor. from his
wound could overcome. A scornfUl smite half-culled
his lips; as be stood listening to the corporal's clum
sy attempts to•fabricate an inquiry in Indian. and occa
sionally replied in a few soft guttucal syllables which the
interpreter found it even more difficult to translate.
.• tile liao.eir,he's a great chief or the Unn--Unatecti
cos,' stammered the corporal. It is a division of the great
Delaware nation ; and tf he was a 11.7notactico, the bird
on which Richard.ion h
e ad co glorified himself chat day
would be the prisoner•in—an omiuuda eoUrciderile
fur him.
*.lo's a handsome frllow • whate'ver he i• • ' rebiled the
captain. • if he had only a decent crop of hair,
ad his face
•• A derp burning Moab. visible throUgli all the Indian's
paint. c.tugi4t 4113 eve. • Yuu understand English ?'
•• • 1 can speak it,' he coldly replied
•Then why. the deuce couldn't you say so at gnce •
instead of keeping ci jabbering - here all night ?' was the fishing lines or ermi
captain's unanswered query, followed by divers peremp• to shoot a brae , ' ut,Pi
tory questions as to their object incoming into oar neigh- two by skating on If
horbood: • Ut Might; be all eetyl
'•' Neykeemee isa Delawerethief, and your prisoner, Inereed to the crow
thatik'enough.',asid the Indian lieughtd. New Year, and for,
'• • You are an JEnglishman t .l suspect,' said Thorn. ble to her,pretty ds
....Or ■ yenlire.! I ■uggeatedel terevnnit,employme
•• 'Neykeeinee is no pule face. lila heart is as red urn: but R:cliaid.oi
as his skin, or he would cast it to the wolves,' replied !to refrain hop' yaw ,
the liliain„ stertity. I " •I, say.' Ins obse
~.• At this moment Kate Riven entered tho room. On is able to creep aho.
seeing the Indian she started. ••On, ,bless Kate, on ,by way of variety.
piust.t.tke care Itowyoti stir from bowie when game like geollewoth• oit Iv°
l e
this is afoot," observed Richardson , pointing to the pis- soma adrt of ivilizei r. . • , • "So he reit sent
"As the Captkin spike, the Indian fixed his penetra- ~defying air, I et-idea
ting e3es on Klste with an intentness winch dyed her 'brought up isgsin fu
ver) temples thti deepest crinpiOn. and might have woke himself Minded intit
thorn's direst +ntlx had he beheld it.' Retreating has- he be+anit conversa
Illy to the relater end of the room, she, sunk ton .the sofa, the tontahale in .in
',vermin's with sagitaties,, while There reitew«li to cheer !: hr... Jul .4d l li
her with inspiring accounts of the prowess which would ',.mancy, sufficient to .
protect her apirlat every peril. Meanwhile Richardson r romance and fairy I
was again seeking to extract some informs:ion 113 to the too about hi' own ai
Puree and s wheriktinots• of, his friends,froin our taciturn my curiosity to kno
captive, who lianght.l dochned to answer any t in e .j ion s ed to him—l r he w
on the subj . . et.' ! eratlAy of hr
ars Aso, be fort,
could crrep out
i to aric in "
• so too g D rel-
'Dm. %null Weave answer a few concerning youreelf.' ell`l°olB ant
retorted Richardvoo • •for it's by no Memos clear to tne than. and In
thst gnu won't ISo tried by court martial. and allot a+ a urn 91.111 e r.
ram , Yet. bernro:wa have done with you... entered. bin
w•it!' him
e• like tilidiner
rday that 1 1 :, wax
y were ti4neer
eft were; l. ,re
mist ',here
itered in were
•s still rerilsio
kode. To tell
with us, for
Oleo there was
+walls . lre pros
tkrtnytted to
littler who had
before; reehled
of ei
'TIP` 101! , Caine that Nflkeetnee should speak„'repli
r4l theindian, !Bad as tt Eogli , :h may be, you would
unt n.ik from an ladmu's tongue the . words that are to
k::.1 him.' •
"-Richardson : turned lii ritt.l at this critique on hot
countrynuM; but perceiving that the prisoner waxed pal
er every instant his 10ft . % heating, I interposed to
prevent the burst iijd,vistion ho had challenged. b'y
anggesting that. it 1 - • Ituer f "ow was not looked after a
little, he wouldilisvo , ell the shooting lie was
ever likely to gel. Ile w rt• coved accordingly; and
: u s i t "timid have beim in.,. is...Ye tit set npsrt any pine
for his detention at the post nithout u vererni ding the
tneit.we writ. gl.t,tl to like advantage of Mrs. hi%
of a sin ill room ‘ , l. hid' Inrottren ence uuboile and
Rossettettd the ttllittootil irtivitttage of presenting greater'
obstacles to eseape• than the slightly- built lodges where
the troops wee- !gni yrtered.
But there was tialltninotliate proapert of the Delewarr
giving ms env trouble oii th i s setvre, for his wound kept
him quite safe for the ti not. and 'itin old hospital am ilaid.
whose experiemte in seeing men killed and cured in a
quiet way emboldened hint to takit charge of our prison
er. could not With all his surgical skill promise to report
him fit for forest ranging within a fortnight.
••Iby day•lightt next mitimitiV n dozen oe our smartest
Men, with Ned hitters, a sharp limy of fifteen. 'were on
the spot where we hail found the InAitins Whatever
their object. it was likitlylo be effected as fully att . tlMugh
they never had been discovered. This was very unsat
isfactory. and live were grumbling over it. when Nod.
who had gone a )ittle apart. callod us eagerly: and sure
enough we futili'd good warrant for the summons.' for no
-less than three Pm" ~r nmecssained feet hid left the:r
traces on the snow. thourtt they gmierally trod in the
saute footprints.: They led toward+ the post—though
come dozen rode from the lire where we captured the
Deleware. one haul separatil from his companions. and
while they turned into the hollow, lie had gone on; and
on examination of the footsteps. it was evident that our
prisoner had left Abe file on intrch. pool the In fmn who
fled brought up the resr. Wide the one who parted frotii
them walked between.
the km
had f/
it of Itrentg ah:e
ght arrive. It
Mug around us
an ink them.
v with a broad
he ahuadmiee
away, I rant
was le 11—C har
lady love; who
Ind our captain
o as he had de
nt of ,a flock of
to be met With
Id' porhei'dvon.
•ter—"worth •
for •ditraer pu
h my own Ur
nirr log' on i , t)he
t limited u
••Ile•weo the Ohject of interest n VW, and it took little:
palm; to track hint on r -the only agree ibis port of the 1
duty being. howitrer, that he brought us home to break:
fast; for on wetit Mon t h bold foot‘tepo, leading us with
moot unparallehid andocity straight:to our atoning posh ,
untill we, loot them oolong the trodden onoy around ,
the dwelling•hoUoe, and assuring no of the pleasant fact,
that the spy. or ; cinisar3. it litclitnier he might be. hod ,
ventured with impunity within a few yards of us. Thie
1 '
intelligepcemitto spoilt the breakfast of oar coolpanlions• I ,
Mrs. Rivers turned pole as she looked on th• curly heads'
other children, while poor Kate sat: tremblaig. without.
power to speak her terror, or co . npreltend Charley'
Thorn's eloquent assurences of her pee feM safety.
1 j
"Certainly we wens. in too great force to run much '
1 alliance of au attack from any stray hand of Indians, ,or
Ito doubt the issue if such an afriir should happen. But
then, as Richardion said, it was the impudence of (he'
' thing that was so irritating; and in his vexation he paid ;
Ia visit to oar impenetrable prisoner, hi the hope of sir- I
prising him into some -iidmiestoo.
.So. my fine know. we've found your second rrieu4 l. j
vies his 1611211014. • •
t•A f a int shade of color flitted across the palid coonte
mince of the Indian; but it might be d by thb r aight
orhis captor•, and he betrayed no other enro of feeling•'
'The friend* ci l f Neykeemse are u the forest trees: has
the Engliehiase bee. eountlug them?" be quietly retort-
•• •You 'seed not affeet to misunderstand,' I observed.
•Captain itichardatro memos the man that parted from
you, and the Indien who deeerild hie woyerfed chief.'
"tills yonng mein obey'Ne) keemee--.they never de
sert him!' said the , *!aware. premily.
" •Ilut the other s ae folleerer of Neykeetneer I oh
rinsed at a venture. 1. r
I l
.Trie lakdian raised himself a little, so as to look ,
full in the face. while a ensile of. most probably, feigned
arritt,emegt:i gave a spit and winning exprturion to Nei- i
tures which.. now divested of paint. and wearing the larS
el* of Manes. were 'exceedingly handsome and proper)- .1
aconite. lint the pliiy fat smile changed•to one of irony.
es sinking black on hisl couch lie replied— , •An
max often speaks truth when he dc4es not know it. Belt
the pale face must be right: there ican .be no moecasido
in the forivi but on the feet of Neirkeeinee's friends. T
There are si l o Indialut wbn crouch in the shadow of their ;
great fatheil beyond the, bitter waters: there is no pile
fats who !wives the print of a moesasin in the woods. , "
Neykeemee used to think there were; but his- thitoghli•
were folly.'
'ilia the ndian's iesi natation wan sena use—fer though
numbAs of nioecaeias might walk about the post and
the farm, . a futd . lyide n:13: been in his corn
l isxy; b t l '
I '
whither they had gotie at the close itif thiii recouneiterie
visit we could not discover, for, in the midst ettaierSearch
'a fall of snow came to obliterate all traces of every oneia
perambulations. ..' • 1 4* ' ' . 1
,•- I ,
"And now for a fear days all wetit on as quietly as tali
ital, though we kept Stricter watch. end scoured the WOO4B
every day to make sure there were no parties of the etiei
! my lurking near net I Perhaps we would rather there had
been. so that we could have ' made them 'show:* foi *
skirmish or two would have broken the eleitutorry, whit.*
pleasant is our into lire was. prod4ed its inevitable re
sult. ennui, and •anylliiug fur a change' wait beginning'
to be the cry. A chaitge him our!sunuy sky-and glii
tering landscape came at last on New Vein's Eve, in omit
of the fiercest storms j h et et er swept' throUgh the foreSt
et mid-wiiiter. - Thu air. looked like a shifting snow ban*
said was is impenetrable io our sight• while every neXr
and then 'ai loud crash in the woodi told that some noble
tree hid sunk beneath the furious !Vistas which threaten
ed I
every moment to t ea r the roof from over bur heads.+
This made matters; weese.. There wits no visiting of
itie traps that diy—no a metering mit
i n rtridges, or while away an hour stir
Ike wide fields 4 ice along the atiort'l.
• well fur Mrs. Rivers. who was imr
Of her cap ittioreparations fur the
Ptiorti, who was•plavitig the adorai
eller—they might find in their ink
if anffictent anfegtaani against trail
acid I lied scareely politepess enoug
nag in-each other's face.
'ed at length. !fitat Widmer° ielliwe
i new; supposq we have him in here
Being aeltief ,jnakes him a sort 14(
Id be but l eivilt and be seems to havki
:ides how to behave himself."
'or. and he came with his usual ce ll d
ty imagining that he wee merely
rl'examinatiett.' But when he found
id to take a•clialr and a glass of wine
pile enough, seemed fairly to 'bur)•
e l agination. and hilt] us hunting storl
'iie•••4l. ,a( 'war. eami Lew. 4804 OblibilLreL
patent the most ardent toyer or wall/
ye. There was a spice of romance
and .app'earance which sharpened
the history•which ev.dentlyettachi
asgf fairer complexion than the gent
'men. 'aitilsersuned familiar with nt#
'I., while his manner was strictlYlnl•
. isuallv assumed the figurative id, L
One thing I noticed; the moment lik
a Kate River., whom Thorn vrak
tin of silk. She did not,;lotit upi,
lor. end a certain air of conlusioal,
Inertia of hin,.gaze. and iremelliatel) -
oar brother officer beciatme more
iitt 4.:k she never at any tone tires*
as all) thing more than re passing! l .
while he. poor fellow, regarded t.
e i .I; t
Stith ith th sun, and , the 'none teak
the new fallen snow, when In the
-lieenieee most absorbing legendil
t child came up to nu saying— 1
ty thing I fouud ,111 Kate'i room "I
nickly; but the Indtan teek'the twji
rf wittnpuni,odt attic child's baud
et them. Ityd then) on the tai
ere nut-worth loUking at, and con[
'out interruption. - But Richardson
I I m.en.
ye fen
•ied a
aSsosting to
but her heig
botroyril 1 , 1(70114E1o. ]
her manner tEm and
ihbiant—thmigh 1 in
got mean tnz flirfntiots
as n ilisuer of life at
"Tho sturin sunk)
.1111 ming brightly upo
middle of one of Ne!
Mrs. atrurs'
••Kate started tip
or three little .itritign
laud with ficnrcely
ble its ttioultivtiwy
tintlf.d Ilia .tern wit
soon broJte iu . upon i
now did it come here?*
!! room" repeated the ehitd. earre4
•` •WDy; wampun
••'Found it in Kat
d and looked at ii. .1 don't ral
e,' she remarked, in answer to the
••Kate came forw
memtior seem& it th
inyhrd query.
itten used by your iribes to eon irei
sometime lifter. Nuking Pullet Neyi.
••`ls not wampum
messages?' I asked'
•• •Very sai carelessly. ie the best ose
we eau make of it. 11 eugh.our squaws end seine of uor
y4miig mot might tel yuu tit was of most worth for erl•
witi uneotiki' us or inspeuetralde, so I could °elf
yesoive to keep a eh 'rp look out upon hiw; ■nd swill
4gsin k was listening to the graceful and figurative elof
(pence with which tit! hives; and wart, and supitratitivita
of his forefathers wer related.
"Thorn and I look it week about to sleep within the
steek•ide; and It beta his turn then, I was domiciled at
the house, where Richardson had his abode always -4
Irhat night I could tint go to bleep. for all the romance
and diabierie I bad been hearkening to was deueing
through soy need as though at would never end; and Noy.
beeinee'e voice was repeating over sod over again those
unpronounceable 'twines of has multifarious heromes s —i
But surer *here was at length more than fancy Murmur
mg w inv ears. I sat up and listened ,intently. No,
could nut Le 1111Sltiken,there were pugilism wiliskering near',
I sprang to the window in an instant; but it cuinuianded
no view of other creatural% and no person was to be seen
lu soother Minute I isms in the ludian'ir room.' Ile wag
still in his usual dress, silting at the table in the meow !
light. and turned his head at the 'mind of my opening
the door, which, as It r prison had been designed for a
StOrarNollll. Milli will Provided with fastenings, while the
windows though winch I tried to thrust my head was nolt,
large istiouri to periiiios egress. , Nothing was rim ei
so I observed ju Ne)k,demee.L-•Von are late up.'
"'Neykeeinee's sect are strangenito the f said
h., mourufullye•but pleeiant to his es, and- his
thoughts are tree to wonder throne' it.'
"'You hive clitoris a strange hou to indulge your ad
miration:et all events, said I. dissatisfied.
"'The Englishmen never.iell into hie euelnyte hands.
or fie would know Mat a captive does sot always sleep;
' replied the Indian, with a dignified sudsiest, *Mich I felt
as a rebuke; and making some sort of a enmity apology
• for iny,intrustoir. I leek my dePartiltes with iwy diwtht ,
but halfremoved. '
"I questioned the seutr!. wk. had seen nobody more
Mg, and together we Made a eircait. er the how*: twitthe
'Menu and children hod been passing I. and he Altai
the enewstesm i luid it las impoeadde to distinguish any
yerticula- footstep in the moonlight, extept in true Ole*:
where I-observed that mow p;rso
Mins Rivera' window; be.. bein
like to draw the anWier's attestio
ing was discoptrable I went ba
if !hero was auy and what cosines
Rivers ind Neykeemee, though;
•,- •
suppose they had'not exchanged:l
4 'l was early astir: but the pm
flitting through'the bonne likes
iu the gray morning fight. lkili
active, for whenA went the firs
steps below her window, I Coned
thq window sill and frame had
thorn. I loot so time in reponi
Died. le old Richardson, and in t
off.with a party to scour the 'w
away we struck on • moccasin tr
idly on along the fresh fallen suo
fruitless pains had been taken to
ed to say the chaste was worth •
went gaily enough; and id two h
on the traveller sleeping beside
"Ile was a young man of so ,
sed in dark coat and hood usually)
itafts. end must have been very t
voice did tkot disturb him; but iiiri
coirered log. he slept as calmly al
a tapestried chainber: 1, bade o
the rifle, which he grasped final
and he maned to his feet, exclair l
r •What de yeti want with m
1. *Merely the pleasure of your
••An expreAsicul of pain and ni
hiscounieuance as he saw bin's(
uniforms. But he 'quickly mew
"1 suppose you nuns! have i
hope yi)u won't keep a poor to
gat back hpina.'
•••That will depend upon ho
rather fancy We shall net a high
I answered, laughing, for his c
his gentlemanly appenrauce hal
ty defying manner.
PA laugh seemed struggling .
has face; but the frown carried t'
spoke during our march back to
er turget Kite's look of agony
capture to Richardson: it was th .
fever witnessed. though s 'en
immediately let . her pretty palli.
Then Titoriehasreued as usual,
ing the value of our protection.
.."Let the fellow be brought
ardson. *But you need out go;
like.' .
t•Sa idie.reniained • anirrecei
y e wkward e ! ioug_h • fronn i t , he pr i
I. *Who are youlait?' and wh.
guarded tho'captain.
•My nimmis Mark Brenton
whose only means of support is
from me.'
4 -ainbainioon ant•vojod bins
soldier-like felkm. really. I'll t
[ale con ore—that is% • Yanke
coq until I non crud you iu to
"The pris.nerearnastly prole
beiiiiught Richardson not to det
tiler. near Aiitheriitberg. whom
&di/wing a touching picture of tit
of her anxiety and vier of line n
captain was obiluiatii. and be
plepded warmly in hid britiii,el
to •acrifice a woutan's life, pea
sense of duty. .
••'Hush! hike Kale,' be re.p
nothing abdiut the matter.'
"I thought she did• though. a
clanned.her hands.exelaiming—
ardson, if the lives of these dear
decision! Oh, be merciful. end
will never repent it '
"Then poor Thorn; in his
but at the first I interrupted bun.
on this subject. of all °them
"A bghtuing flash shot from
Kates lookapoke a thousatrd r•l
.o 4 observed neither. and M.
stalled to the guard-house for'th
14th vatitshed to her chamber.
••It had been a stirring New Year's day for,me but
Mrs. Risers had been as active es anbody. as was quite
Obvious when we assembled si dinner. Our party again
included Neikeeinee • who madei himself as aifeeable as
ever. But 6hte seensed,absent ind unhappy. • Twenty,
times she appeared on the point Of speeking out. but some
feeling alcr P ays checked ;and.she would fink back,
sometimes clasping hoe hands as if in agony. A terri
ble struggle was evidently going on within her heart.
though her mother and Thoru were too blind to perceive
it.. .
•At length her eres encountel
thire was so much of fear and a
MS Indian rose. and approecbod
lest voice—
"."My sister need not look so f
we're: he will not harm the whit
4 "Kite evidently understood Mat
words. forshe ansnered
all. He has beeit taken.!
•Wheu:en-eu." whistled Ricl
it? Who's taken. Mies Kett?'
';Kate burst into team, and R
prisoner to be sent for. When - h
who had not spoken. lo o ked sy h
" *Here, Ned,' said Richards°
me, who is this.gentlemrs?'
"Ned looked at the poisoner. t
sister. then at the prirn'eliagsits,
think it is Mr. Warren, bul;.l
two ream:
•'•ffe'is right.' replied VV 4 nto
officer in the Atni‘ricant army:.
"•I wis very sure of that all al.
with a polite bow. •II;lut why did '
for we might have lied the plea
a capital Alinorr."
”Warreu veiled &lightly as he
. l
ily you promised me was not so i
" •Oh, that regards the future I
with it. they will settle that for
But in the meantime I shall be It
pass as agreeably as is consistent
" 'Captain Richardson'. said
know I shall be treated as a spy.
derire to see Woes—one sit least
lore and respect. 4 when with a pa
occupation of this eery house ter •
rashly here iti the Brat instance
you would hiss heard so mom o
for their sakes; sad sow yea ha
world bass glass misty lives ill
may purpose—Mad 1 would ha -
wont out with waking all day a • • E
powered tos milady. 11 is that.
etroaten me with', that stabil
$1 50 A IitZIAR. in Adv.
.. .
, • .
moment • ' Can you. would you depend
honor of of one you call • spy?'
.That is what I 'all s plaint lineation. th ,
zter. It 'depends on elm:matinees.' replied
'•Warren glanced Neykeemea. 'May
a had gobs close ander
her window...l did not
to it. Than, as noth
" to my room. tv wondor
ling link between Katt;
I had scary reason to
single wort! sincehis
'-Kate raised her clasped hands. sad lonics. ,
lc in the Indian's face. 'You .nay tell h
quietly. 'A De!awake wants 'us woman's b •
ten his bonds and set him free.'
y Kate tetui Wier* me.
ird,,aud 'ringing merity
had been a Jittle too
***That's a uice fiisgure of speeels,",ohe -
ardson. Pixy, what does it mean. if I may a
of en mysterious a young lady. and two such
thing to examine the
that all the anew fro . nt
ea broshed down upon
' what I knew, or fan
''l minutes I was sent
ypang gooilement'
"It means.' said the American. !that his
resolved to free Neikeeinee at any cost
shocked at the thought' of ladies and childre
posed to all the divigers and horrors of such
came here to tell the chief, and it was on my
with lip generous commands to the India
tempt his rescue that .Iwaa overtaken. Let
—it may be too late;land I pledte my word to.
I) to return and surrender myself into your ha
' e
aeposs i .'
twenty yards
ck,,,fad followed it rap,
though here and there
instate it. This seem-
Htrouble, and on we
urs' tune we cense up
clump of ppruce.
rere , aud•twenty,,drer
worn by Canadian Audi
weary. for ocr steps and
ill - his head on a snow
I il on a silken couch in
one of the men remove
i i This aroused him ;
i ng—
company,' I replied
fortification pawed over
If aurroundef) bypraush
i iiired himself, and said.
r you like. thee; but I
w loug fur, l want to
we do like y ou; but I
alitti on your society,'
I •wMiehuess did not suit
l o well as Ilia first Itaugh•
'cith roullen frown ou
e dsy. soul he vearcely
'he hJuqe. 1 C iell new-
I-reported this beak
• most fesrfully iutcuse
ut a mouteut, for she
face 411 upon her hand,
o is:misuse her. depict-
u' said Captain Rich
his- Kati Jules' yuu
d a bow; not prudent
saner, as he eutered.
t is tour name?' de-
and I am a poor man
en& they 111/11,0 taken
'to Imam foot. •A fin.
II you frankls what 1 be
;pr: so I shalt detain
.ad quarters.' .
ted lie was no spy. mind
•n him from a sick'tim
e st.sts traveltug to See.
• possible conscqueticvs
1-appearance. But the
e stepped forward and
treating Richardson not
tps. ;a an overstrained
NI kindly; •coo know
stl an dtd Kate, for .h
tt It think. Captain Rich -
L . * you hung on such-a
I am euro—l know you
I lion came to second her e
,•11uah my good fellow:
l or nicarsentlyit is quite
910 prisoner's et•r. mill
poaches. Bin Richard
lark Brenton was coo
• tante, while the loung
Neykeemeo . a. and
guish in Ler look, that
Isar, saying in his gent-
ghleued at the Di3la
Ila;reraor Erie.'
re than we did from the
Olt, you do not know
!hanison. so that's it, is
chassises ordeied' the
arrived. hlr, • Rivers„
r daughter.
-to young Rivera. 'tell
hen at his mother and
before lie replied—• I
not seen him these
U. t3aughtilY; *1 am an
nz.' said Rielierdsoii.
you not own it it once.
re of Our 'company to
eplied—•The hospital-
I hays nothing to do
you at Rend-quarters.
ppy make tour bete
!with duty.•
Warren, earae•tlp..l
bet I am not, one. A
whom I had I 'd to
T of my own troop!' is
year, ago. drew. ma
That accomplished.
me. bad it not beep
captured me. when
1 had them. to achieve
achieved it. bet that
• night. wearisome-Ver
meil not the 'fate yes
inivity w bittin alibi"
"lie, ha, h A modest request, trill
Richardson. 'Let von free to prevent the
parcel of savages! If it was to bring them on
he a different thing. , Why, my good sir, e
praying this month .past fur a skirmish.'
“Itiehar.lsou's er perhaps followe '
these word., frr they were still trembling o
when ilie door' was built open and a totpah w
ing through the sir, struck him toile earth, w
nevrr'rose again. A rush of Indians follows.
weapon. at'd in an instant we were engag..
bewildering hood to-hand contest, with o r
numbers. It seemed only for a -minute: th a
was pained in upon t hem through the winds
ell of a thousad fiends from the enemy. It I
of whom it levelled, while other shots told th t
lee also snacking them in the rear,
••%illiat with the soldeiri firing and scramllili
toe windows, the Indians trying to thrust tit
keep the vantage grOund, me lights dashed o t,
moon ft:one'llitting any one guess whom he tr.
my nothing of the English oaths, and savag•
iihrejta or pain and terror, which made the • •
the ki;ttle-ground of demons; it was as Wild
conf ,, :inn as ever I was mixed up in.. I c 001...
tell how matters were; tliat Tborn was •
tog by my side, Itke • Ohm fellow as he w
owed my life in the first instance to Neyk+ •
had a rifle.which would have
s quickly
Mil. Chance balls of course were flying abaft
rections, striking friend or foe, as it might h
*. •Oh; whet will become of Kate!' burst fr • m
lips,'esa shrill scream rose above the din.
"A moment after the Indians gave way, an 1
forward to join those I our meu who had 0
way in. My foot str uck something. ' I glan
it was Ned Rivers. end (stooped to raise hi
too late. Ljfe had fled, and the fair cads we
et some Indinn'ivbelt; and with a bitter imp •
the savage deed., rose to pray back blow fui I
redoubled animosity .
"In that doubtful high light it was hard tII
aide was suffering th i s, most; but I now heard
ikee's voice in tunes of encouragement and e
and saw his arm dealing 'many a fierce .8164
though he never crossed weapon with Thorn
minute or so and wekvere brought close to
stood, or rather, crotc hed beside her mother
dark hair streamin round her, and her fa
ghostly pate in the ware
eon's rays, which,
full upon' them, and he terrified' children the
them. The Asneroc n officer wits by her sid
, d taking no,purt ii the fray—though he ha/
iiitlc!l at stake as any of us.
"Sly eye had scarcelj fallen on this group!!
Man, becoming, as jou know the red men
I l e ,
maddened like wild rusts by the sight able(
bhipor Ast Kate. Warren sprang forward—the
sheathed deep in hipt bosom,*aed he sank at
while a wild cry, piercing en though' it wet
death—Ai:lc. told the poor girl's 'roguish at
tad: It was folluvi rd by a wilder and fiercer ,
ger, as the next instant a sweep of Neykeem
hawk laud the savag• deal, try Warreers tide.
"I raw no more, '
r en axe came lying m, l
carrying nfl'a pieca of my collar as it passed:li
to °, 's far as might be—f I
1) ,
direet our party all
str a nger case of ever m u for himself than
'reseed before' (Jr sin , e. Bat )4 a few mina
seemed to have !mold airlyttn our favor. ‘•
still came scramblin through:the windows, • I
e l l
bed:Mg the Indians nett, while Serrate& i
gallant fellow, press on them behind. , 1
•••Nelkeetilee.' I cried, bid your follow'
down their arms. T eir lives are Bare, arid IA
has been seed to-nig
'• •Nilkeernee will
'lf hia young men W
die free s ' i - aid die Indi
font their h i ves. thegiti
few word ) " in judten...en
lice shook the boos..
fr blow could be itrucki
them.' Ile added 'a
•wrriug yell of deli•
beforp moth.
cry *lib° lit" of •8te!•
d, l bc
twenty voices wit
proved the orate 0
nd lathen partitipna, the
Wes: and already flames
oke from overhead, whirl
g a lurid glare down spni
ut first,' I cried—•and iji
flurry; one might as we
••Firet..? was echo
' , Bloke rolling over u
hark roof. log .
boot pde of combuf.t
ing through the
originated, and casti
" •Get the ladies
wen. Don't be iu
as scalped.'
0 dog!' eribd Se) keome
4sible from of Wagon fro',
"'Or hanged like
me he caught the i Wie
and darting with hi
rush of our dark fora
to the farther Wiodew.i
which would have bbro I
and there was but dills!
moat any opposition
"Thorn sprang at %nes to Kate, who lay m • •
tier niethers arms. •iid bore her from the ho •
minutes more, and w all stood on the gleami
while the dwelling in wlrith . we bad spent so
py hours blazed a maifs of flame before us. - •
zeu Indian prisono;forued our trophy of e •
othenr. with Noykee eej had escaped into.tbe
"'Where is ' f .Niied?' lashed Mr. Rivers. 1
••She-hed not kr.own bid fate, and I aMireelir
her that the.tnen hadl laid hiat ' by the dwarf pi.
poor r..chardson. Rut the sorrowing moths
for Kata . So paralysed with tenor hid she'.
ah• %•'n , Rot a stray'ball had strnek.her (sires
in her army, , and tha Thorn was nbw.hangi
eat grief over the life em idol of a devotion tit
been novelized and unheeded." . I
r i . I
Psttrisarmilstfunsr.—Read'aig the -1
Praha' of Jenny Lind's benevolent diripoeiti*
Partinron come to the eomplimentarr sip
gird to the "fellow feeling in bar bosom."
Swedish Nightingale eher:sbed towards ilea a
sod needy. I tivoluniary raisingber speutacleei
lag the very personifileation of amazement. ibis
lady repeated. ••a felllow feeling in ber bosom
that ain't just the teak the fellers need din
gal:': And then Ole re-adjusted bar •
kept on teethes.. t -
r word of
i. • pus
ski bs
to .of-
d Rick
• mach
ode re
do; lad
iog irt
oiriti. I
y back
•t to at.
. 'ben
. as soon
k of
it would
e bees
is lipir.
cones la.
• flying
a most
!it IQ at
ck and
and Abe
r its. and
se of
I sight.
ad that
ono fir
• 1.11 if.
• their
but woo
•w with
'H which
/Ogee -
.ear U..
me. A
"le. who
ith hoe
ham to
• t MM.
least ss
ifs wan
r feet—
or own
r Writes
of u•
• taaka-4
n way.
d I had
it mat II
set wit•
the thfe
!We w.f.
I ask fir
heir en-
re WII6 6
i . u tb.
.. With
re bant
am; Are
p ionier.
the door"
' sallied a
' owe sl
ot tbeat
West is
. s_4.
g asoW.
ay hap-
• t &-
Dry; dm
• tell
. beside
1 kid Die
ID. that
ao. sift
Ia deep-
E lib bad
is rt.
isit des
-U, it