Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, May 10, 1851, Image 1

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frit Itlttithi Obtrutr.
8. P. SLOAN. Molitor.
City.vabveribers by the earner, at et"
II) wad. or at the oe, in advance, 1.30
r_nr not 'paid IA advance, or within One Illolllul2 freita the lilllie
of autwerablag. two deflate will be charred. . _
rrAllcoguoiculicatioa• mud be peat paid.
Cards not exceeding 4 lines, one year. , slue ,
One Mime " "' L 16.1W 1
, do. 'do. six months, 6.00 •
do. do. three months, 3.00
Th a intent advertisements a 0 rents per immure, of fifteen rings or
less. for the &GI inserturuelia cents foe each subsequent rusertrun.
. rY Y cart y advertisers hal e the privilege of charging at Pleasure,
but at no time are allowed to occupy more than two square,. amt to
k Masud ro their iansediote Manses.
Advertisements not having other directions. will be Inserted till
forbid and charged areordi alas% .
Arrotwer ATl..vv.—Office over Will4tims'lc Wright' panting
Establishment; entrance Ann door weir', on the Public uare
DFALMI in Dry Goods, Groceries. Liqiiors of all kinds, Crockery
to.. one door south of dutith tacluton's 'store.
1 4 1teet. Erse. Pa.
Womrso.. H B. HAVCIL.TiCIC
Arnt - oni. 41.3dre Offenbach—Depot ef Foreign Si and ton
steal Ateiehandizeosbotesale aeurretail. No. 19; So. tb Et.
ab. Chestnut street. Philadelphia.
Pirnitetaar and Scaneoa—Office corner of State and Seventh
Streets; Itenidetie:i. on Eighth Street, heist= Frcuch and
- Holland, Erie. Pa.
Dealers in Gold.fillser, Rank Notes, Piet., Certificates of De
parilt./ce. Might Erchatige oh the principal cities constantly
for side. °Mee in Beatty's Block, Public Square. Erie.
T. tIER I .),I STUART. •
SCICItOW vim hiesttflu—Offiee, corner of French . and Fi ft h
streets, over Males och's Note. Residence on Fourth street,
one door castor tole old Apothecary Hall.
• U..
illss constanny on hand a full supply pf Groceries, Llcizons, Sip
Chandlery. Provisions, Produce. Re . are.; and sells Wholesale
or Retell as cheap as ths o ctiennest. No. Its. Cheapride Eric.
WM: 13:L. ANE.
Attorney and *Um at Law.
RevnkittooltrY. arturiord Jiatry, tons. Bounty Lands and
claims for exit mpoy. and all t, Ines entrusted to MC shall
freeiVC prompt and faithful at
office to Wrigiit's Blatt ou S t. over J. (i...Tultetton'a
store. f.rrie lyet. M.
Wiancraatx end Retail Lica 'ere in-Dry GoodeArpe r enesalardwafe.,
Liquore, Flour. Fibh, Salt Ice., NO. Wright'd Block cor—
ner of Full and State Streets
n tutu"' LAIRD.
Fathionable Tndor, room+ over the - more cot - Smith Jaekson.Cheap
S,de. crTTIX G done on shorj. natter. '
Bookeraer and Ftattener. and Meant:winter of Blank Bonita and
Wratne Ink.eorner of the thautond and Stull tweet.
grrciAL and general Agency and Conn/anion business, Frank-
Dr••tLit in tgur.trPh.Gcnnan and 1 1urr lean Hardware and Cutltry
Alrr, Marta, Anirala, Cteca, Iron and dtect No. 3 Recd (louse
.F.rn.. Pa.
W. J. F. LIDDLE Jr Co.
tseasnrens, Carriage and Wagon Builders, dude duct. be
. memo sob euth & E.g&l& kkime• •
L. OTROS°. M. D. . .
orn, le, one Door west of C. B. Wrtzht'• tun... up rude& '
um, g %snit Det. A. Deese. Seventh twat Sassafras slet.i.
sotence, on Sassafras, one door north of Seventh rt. Res
raci and Leon!deafer to Gnepteries, Proviaaoa, Wipes.
Liquors, rriut., tx. ke. Corner iof Prcoo and Fitilicrcets.
opposite the Paramipo)!ottl. Erse -
c and Retail Deolet in f aintly Proceries. Crockery
Glassware. Iron. Nails, Ike.; the p'side.tne. Pa.
usr The bigness price paid for Country Produee..C.
Mn( RANT T• 11.011, and Habit 311110.(1.--SLOtel,NO. A geetrsßlOck
torposestoth‘ Bonneil Bicekl State ..treet.E.rie,
J. W. wvistoitE,
In 'lValket's Othee.on :leveed, Areet. Erie, Pa
larcoaraa.7obber. and Retail Dealer ill Dry Goods. Groceries,
Crockery, Glasaware. Carpeting. Hairdo/11re. Iron, Steel.
Spikt.a, ke. Empire litotes Make - Street. font doors. below
Brow il'a Hotel. Erie, Pa.
A nv 't ices, Betlow a. Azle Arms. SPrinae. and a Vega'
amortment of Saddle and Carnafe Tr putuings.
Atircutarav Liw and /Wallet df the Peace. and Agent for
the Key Stone Mutual LiFelniurance Coutpany--t.K6ce 3 door*
wort of Wright. +note. Erte. Pa.
Arroatirr At lotir, Girard, Erie County, Pa, Colleetions.and
other bum ness attended to with promptness and disoateti.
Dr.t.rit In ti rateriff, Prov moot, Wines, Liquor, Candice, Fruit,
pct., Nod. Poor People's Row. Stow street. Erie.
Fontlrding k CoLutrassion Merchant. on the Public Dock. east of
Stale 'amt.
Cast, Salt, Plaster and White Fish, constantly (or wale.
.1. . W — IL - 1:1A - 1118.
i 5...,
Ranker and Faebanr toter . Dealer in Dille of !reliange,
bran., eeruticater of ite. Gold skod silver coin, ice, &e.
(Mee, I doors below la tea Hotel. ale, Ca.
_ ;.. . _______.!._
• L IiOSENZWEIG 41c: Co.
wrdirrri r AIM )prate. DIALIRS iri Foreign and Doniestie Dry
(hods, ready nave Clothing. Loot and Shoes, &e., NO. 1
Wright's Block. State street, Erie. L if
A 1 - 11,R,ILT At Law, Cleveland ,Ohio—Office on Superior direct.
in trater'•lllock. Refer to Chief Justice Parke r.Caiutiridat School; lion. Richard Fletcper. 10 Mate sl.•RosiOn; 111,11.
Han/el Porkins,l44 Walnut t., rbiladelphsa; Rtchard It.
K Hoban. E5q..33.Wa1l sweet. Near York. For
ler to this olive. •
Arrnaurys it Lsw—Otheaup Mini in Tammany Hall building,
north tke Prothonotary's odke,
ArthiNrf .Mn COLMIKTAIIIL AT Lsw—Olfwe over C. $. Wright's
store. ermauce one door west or dtate street, on the Diamond.
DE .6 Lita in Dry Goods. Dry Groceries, Crockery, Hardware. Ike..
- No. 111. ClSearisicie. Erie.
or ALE a 1 nGreeerbes and Plea anoint of all kinds, State meet. three
doors north of the Diamond. Er le. -
[Maui in Dry GaAs. Groomes. Harclwane. Queens Ware. Lime.
Iron. Nazis, &e.. 1111. Os-Apr.lde, Erie. Pa.
Casn? Mazza Uph olster , and tlideftlikel , earner of Slane lad
Seventh streets. '
GasaiAt. forwarding. Produce and Connoison Merchants idealen
is coarse and See salt, Coal. Plaster, Shingles. kle. Public dock,
nest side of the bridge. Erie.
J Keine lc Co.
asiniam. Forwarding; COMISIMMOiI and Produce Meretianta;See
and Wan—bowie east of the Public Bridge, Erie.
G. LCK)MIB & Co.
ageism in Watches. Jewelry, Silver. German Silver, Plated and
arsenal& Ware ("witty. Military aari rule: Goods. Bum meet.
nearly opposite the Eagle Hotel, tait.
G. Leonia _ .
11ilmounsui and Retad dealers in Drug; Medicines. rain% Oils,
tiyematude, Glam. irk, Ma. I. Reed House. Erie. '
Merchant Tailor. au the vutd le name. a Iley doOn
woe of MAIM street. Erie.
WeeLzsmi • iin ittis4 Dealer in Groceries, Provisions. Ship
ctianoiery. litone-wage, ke. ke., No. S. SonneU Mock, &la.
Dealer in law. Medical. scisiol Miscellaneous looks stationary
lu &e. Wale it.. Gm' doors below the Public square.
DR. 0, L. ELLIOTT, •
Resident Denusti Gene and dwelling in the Beebe Block, ea the
East side of the Public Square, &ie. Teeth insetted tie Gold
Plate. from anew =entire seu. Carious teeth filled with pure
Gold, and restored to health and usefulness. Teeth doused
with iustrumenu and Thentillee so as to leave tbesn'ot a pellucid
clearness. AU week warranted.
flirssetsa sus lionosais-01fice at Ma residence Ca IMMO Areal.
Opesite Idetiodist Church, Erse.
wisouDALD ADD am= desks in Drugs. nadir-Ines, Die SW ' S.
Groceries. &e, No. S. Reed House. Erie.
LAIRD 0 V a 111
MI e BUI# mare lem I.
mew Owe 10 No. Meru% illoak." where [bey will be berry mem deal
•uwomer . awl all wbo may Onto ilea widi a eall.
le.aptil M. •
. . , , . . . ? t [ •
- - •
~ .
• . •
. .
• 1 . ,
• .
. .
- -
Eroir W A n...ep- ill se 2Llrnii.
ikon., Proprietors. ' , . '
----- - --
L. N Tuts his
T.X. Acsim
From the National Ent.
I ]1
. • "The battle of our life is brief.
The alum--the Arun:de—the relieft
Then sleep we, side by side." ,
•—• Lottrattuerw;
Tea. I shall Wee! Some sunny day. , t
When blossoms in the wind are dancing.'
And ehildretfat their cheerful play 1
. ~
Heed not the monmfui crowd advancing.
Up thwart the long and bevy street
They'll bear me to my last retreat. .
' 1
r •
/ . Or else—it matters noti-may rave • I
The storm mpl sleet and wintry weather " 1
Above Use bleak and new-wade grave
- Where care and I lie down together.
Enough Uiat 1 shall know It act.
Beneath. in that dark, narrow spat.
!or I shall sleep! As sweet a sleep
Ala ever graced a babe reposing.
Awaits me in•the cell so leeP.
Where I; my weary eyelids dads&
At leach shall lay me oos►a to rest.
HoedleM *retorts above day breast.
Asleep' . how Still this pulse will the.
211 orlifes throb that beats so wildly!
How twin wilt be this restless eye,
Ent bright - with tears,now closed so
For Dot One dream of Firth will come
To hauneithe quiet , of OM home!
O, sweet repose! 0, slumber Mewl
9, night of peace'—no storm, no *Mow—
hearY sumac in my Re*,
To meet another weary morrow:
11, shall not note noNight nor Down.
But still, with folded hands. Meer on. '
81eep on, thoupb Pasebbove in bead
Prowl Sic) as f Miderf s bard facet—
For the dull slumber of the Dead
All mate ofhuurut, woe erases:.
?alines the heart and cures the balm
.0( every kver throb of pat°.
• AMlief above my rest may ,D ll l l Fr
"Twill not disturb one rigid anomie; -
I should not heel their iron stamp •
• More than a leaf's eomidninihg rustic;
Nay. were the World convened to Weak.
My leaden 'leer:. I should oatcake.
And ye.,, toettnks If stlysiof those
I've known and loved on earth were round-me,
.Turould tame the might orally repine.
• Shiver the iron chords that bound me—
Save that I know this could not be,
For Death disowns all sympathy.
Well. be it eo. since f shamed 'eve
And weep and watch for their appearing
Chiding each Itog'ring, late return,
Forever sad. forever tearing—
Living LOW' drunks over stain.
Itstrardy of Hope and Palo.
Then weep Oct. Friends, what time ye lay
The warm, moist earth above my ashes;
Think that a Rest awaits my day. - •
And smooth the /afraid with tearless lashat
- Glad that the warned Ilarra kritbia
lies dove at length With Cate and aln.
Think that with her the StAre Is o'er.
Lewd stormy, srrtg%lib.; Butie
so ettg,
Dope that her soul has gained that It
To which, though bet footMepe tended;
Breathe the dear Hope above t h e sod,
And teave,ber to her Rai—and God:
Marileased, February,
el)oire 311i5rellautv
EJO9N B°4/) G R. • •
\ SCENE THE FIRST.- - -Conct.roan.
I BY‘the road-wagon which v the Badgers joined ea
1.. ! they reached the highway, it as three days' jaunts to
Plymouth \ :. -
But. althe h they were gene. Mr. Lobbit did nut feet
I quite satisfied: e felt afraid lea& John should return end
de him some seer mischief.; Ha wished to see Bien on
board ship, aMWF fair y ‘ under nail. Besides his Devine
tion with Emigration okers l had opened up ideas 'of a
new wsy of getting rid. of only of dangerous fellows
like John Badger. bet all kinds of uselesspen t a. 7
These ides. * be afterwards Lured: and althoughi sin
portent .changes have taken p in our emigretiog
system. sßlo io DPI, a visit tog eminent shikwill
present many species of parish inns es converte d , by
deateeious diplomacy, into in4ependent borers.
Thus it was, that contrary to all precede Mr. Liibbit
left his shimmer, to settle the difficult place o editwith
hie Christian • customers, sad with p est her.. his
*ay to Plymouth;! and now • for the first time in filth('
floated on salt water. - .\
With many grunts and groans he climbed the iihit
side; not being as great a alas at Plymouth as at Pux
moor. no chair was towered to receive his portly p e on
The mere fact of having to climb op a , rope ladder f at
rocking boat on a breezy, freezing der , was not cal oh
ted to give comfort or confident Whore to an et erl
gentleman. With some diffteulty. not without b ke
Sitio% and amid sarcastic remark. of groups of .srii,
Irishmen. and the squeaks of barefooted children—+he.-I
not knowing h:liftwful parochial character. tumbled sibout
Mr. Lobbit's lee in a most impertinently,familier tam.
uer—he made is way to the captain's cable. and the
transacted some mysterioud business with the tudgra
tion Agent. over a prime piece of mess beef and a l i Ftase
of Madeira. The Madeira warmed Mr. Lobbit. ITh
eiptairtiisored him positiyely - that the ship would
with the evening tide. That assurance moved a' ary
load from his breast : ha felt like a man who had en
perforMing a good action, end almost cheated himself
into believing he had been spendint his own menay is
charity; •so. at the end of the second bottle, he will' ugly
chimed in with the broker's proposal to go down low
and see how the emigrant. Willi stowed, and • a
t 4:,
last look at "his lot." .
the steep laddir they stumbled int o the misery
of a ••bounty" ship. A long, dark gallery. eel each
aide of which were ranged the berths; narrow elielves
open to every, prying eye; whoa for four usinths.
the -inmates,* ware to be packed, like herders is
a barrel, without room to movi e abloom without fair to
breathe; the men table running far aft the wbolb dis
tincs between the masts, left little room for passim, aid
that little was encumbered with all foamier of see,
passim, and
and infants, crawliag about like rabbi in a
... . 1 1 1
The groups of emigres!s were eliaractoraticaq em
ployed. The Irish "coshering." or geseipieg; for., hav
ing little or no baggage to look after. they bad lialeicare;
hat lean and ragged. monopolized almost t h e poll he
mor of the ship. Acme cockneys. a race It t o r spary
chair,, bansuierieg, whistling. screwieg. and Making
attunes is their bertbst tidy mothers, tursiag with des
pots front Mailinge and vain attempts to collets their
numerous childros i ont of dagger. and to pock AIM nec
essities of a room Late a space of a small cupbeartit wept
sad worked away. Hen. a rained tradesman. with his
fatally. sat at the table Mewls's. having rojectird. 01411
011111119, tough salt wet is disgust there. khell Maned
group fad homily ea 'Wiese from the Wee seek: hiss-
. d tiro idea of each a
I stills: crying. Isn't
fiddling combined to
, Ids; while thrifty wires.
4 ded their beshaada broaches
41 , '
,on a
' -
rated over the allowance of gen.
good meal 'gaily. Bongs. naval
coamplainisg. hawinonsi
modeles a whose of strange!
with spectacle on paw e►
sod sethriny sem meld . ' •
Amid ibis eaufasian u nder the authoritative geidasce
of tits secessi Oil r. Labbit made bin way. hunted
ly calculating . ~10111, saay paaoksra. pauper refraetoitoo.
hitebeys, an Csptaia Rocks. were &bast to Masai
Australia by t ir tislists. 'until he numbed a party Which
had bikini p its quarters ae far - as passible from then
!Mikis a easy corstr user the stars. It sonsisten of 1
%sickly Amble weans. under tarty. bet went. wooled.
retain' ox marka of former bnanty. is a pair of large. dark i
speaking spa. and a well riarsoil monk. who was as
pied is nursing two ebebbyi infanta. while two little ;
' hills jest able le walk hung it her skirts; i pale, this
boy. nine or tot years old, was mending a jacket,. an
eld4r broth's. as brown as a berry. fresh from the Olds.
was playing dolefully on a hoofed. dam. The father. a
littl• rouad•shooldered man. was engaged ha coition
wooden bottom from apiece of-hard wood with bus pock
et kuife; when he caught sight of Ur. Lijbbit he hastily.
polled off his coat. thiew into his birth. sad tensing his
heck. worked, away vigorously at the slabbers bit of oak
he was carving. - 0'
*giallo. Jabs Bodger:se hare yes meat lash" cried
Mr. Lebbit; ••I`te brokia my Maas, almost brakes my
sack. and spoilt my east with tar aid pitch. is nodion
Yea eel. Well, you're quite m home. I see; twists an
went—both pair of, then?. Maw do yes God yourself
MissmP' . ..„
-The "iistle weans sighed sad saddled her babies—the
little was said aothiag. bat eatiored. sad made the chips
“You're on your way now to , n country when twine
are no ehjoetiou; your passage is Paid, sod yonee only got
uow to pray for the gowigentlenion that base -given you
a chance of earning an bonsai liuieg.” ".
Ne answer.
"I sea deem ill-bors except Mary, the young lady of
ths family. Pray has she taken •rte, and dataratiosd to
stay is England atter all;• I espitted as mseh—'►
As he spoke. a yeang girl iaj a neat dross of *parlor
sorsaaq dame cal of the shade.
"OM you are therrAs yint. Sligo Mary? So you have
made up your mind to leave your ptscs'ead old England
to • try your lack in Australia; pteuty of husbands there,
he. het"
The girl blushed. and sat down to sew. Skt some little
garments. Freels. rosy. seat; she was as great a con
trast to bey brother. the brews. ragged ploughboy. as he
was to the rest of tho fatally. with.their flabby. bleached
complexions. •
There woo • pame: t h e mato baring dose hie duty by
Gulling the parochial dignitary's protegam, had slipped
away to more important bigamies; a (SWIMS of aalera
"yo heave ho-ing" at a Chair' cable had mood, and for
• few moments. by common coMout. inhume siesowd to
bare takeu pemossion of the long dark. gall's,' of the
Mr. Lobbit wee rather put mit by lb. sileoes, and se
&sewers; he did sot feel se confides' as Maio Growls(
es his own &ling-hit to Dowesisem b ed • siege, Mee
that some one 'night steal behiud him is the dark. knock
his hat over his eyes sod pay"if old scam with a hearty
kick; but parockmil dignity prevailed. and clecumg bin
throat with a -hem," he began again
- "Jphn Badger. where** your coat?—what are you
shivering there for. in' yet* Beeves?—what have you
done with that excelleot cost' generously, presents Ito
to you by the Parish-i-& coat that cost. as per contract,
fourteen shillings and fourpence—you bay* not dined to
sell it. I hope?"
"Well. Muter Lobbit. and if I did. the teat was my
own. I suppovel7
••What, sir?"
The little mats quailed; he h.a tried to pluck, up hie
spirit, but the blood did out floor fast outlet. He went
to his birth •ad brought out the coat. , -
It waeCortaioly a curious Color. a wide! yellow brews',
the cloth shrunk and cockledup. and the metal battess
tweed a dingy black.
Mr. Lebbit ravt a ••ir new coil entirely spoiled. what
bad he done to it?" nd as he raved. be warmed. sad
felt himself at Immo egpin, Deputy Acting chairn3so of
the Dexmoor Veitry. Bit the little ma*. iastlead of being
frightened grew red, lost hiibuinble nsiaa..stiod up. and.
at length. when his tormentor'fparsed for brlipiti. look
ing him toil in the lies. and uriccl \‘ ' .,\ "ll , lang your coat ? -
Why I've dyed it; I've dipped it lo tan yard; I was not
going to - carry your livery with me. \I Mean to have
them butte's off' before I'm so hour eder. Gratitude
you talk of;—thauke you want, you hypocrite. for *rad
ios eitiaway. : I'll tell you what seat was that
poor weach and her twine. soda Uttar from the talcs,
saying they would not insure your ricks, while larder
matches are se cheap. Ay. you May titariryou wonder
who told me that; bat I can tell you more. Who is it
that writes so like his father ahe bank can't tell the dif
• I
a YaU h
I . cottage I t.
ly t all. except •a.
pia nigh made a 1
aa will be a cold. de
to you: hot. perba.
Joseph Lobbit would .. g
poor. ruined John Bodge .
told that sons sad daughters
n . 'silver. yea. than gold: 1 leas
man's inheritance and poor mats', a.
to I have • sou and daughter and re o,
n it
arc they dint remove landsuarks.i and
statics of the poor!' "
While this, ea* ditto longest *pooches \.l
was over known to make. was being delivered.
crowd had collected..whe, without exactly seders o.
the merits of the case, had no heintation to taking
with their fellow-passenger, the poor tna. with the fain
tly. The Irish began to empire if the stout gentleman.
was itithe-protecioror • driver'. Marmara of • suspi
cious character arose. is the midst of which. in a very
hasty. uodlgoified 1111111110 i. M. Lobbit backed oat.
climbed up to the deck with extitiordiaary agility. and,
without waiting to maks any enmplaints to the °Scorn
of the ship. slipped down the aids into a boat, and ,ive r
fok himself ;aro, : esti! called to Ids senses by an,dlngiPt
on part of the boatmaa elect. lour time the
Mr, Lsbbit turned, pal.).
oft" said the little man: !'plague as se more.—
e eaten me up wiib your usury; you've' got my
d my bit efiand; you're made propors of us
at dear lam and the one lad. and you'd well
uriet of me. flat * ruled. This
- Christmas to as, sad a merry fat one
the Christmas may come who*
glad to change plume . with the
I tin going whom 1 d am
ike ; mine are bailer as
you rich ea the poor
testi aad blood. Yee
Inge me. *Carved
\lpiroar the sub-
ip hog oailad.
t by the time dolt.
ttliag aloes tooling,.
bops to think bils
-1 sad to coosobs himself by
odd Coillef Badger's scow
Moron' eottapi.—Tho
ood a bolos to his wesattoi fool.
tat a goad dia.*, at the . Giohs. (at
and a report from the spot that tho
notated Mr. Lolitiit'm equanimity: eel
smugly peeked is t h e mail. hostas/
home bi a small& Christr
self a osiutyr to a. reader het
ealeuhuing the value of du
eat up into lots lee
suit. Shy per ant..
I wish! could ley that st the seam boor Jobs Bars
wee serafortiag his wife sad little wow awry us I to
ropert s t , l;sse 101 l them to Imp sad seespisia. while he
west aid sad smoked his pipe; sad stag sad &ask
grog witti • jelly party is the forrostake—fer Joba's
teatime harilesed, sad ha aired Oak for God air stw
is old, lead love for his wife sad children ireesie4
, MAY 10, 1851.
have died away. He hat them, though the most part
the voyage. to shift for themselves—sitting forward.
leuly smoking: looking into vacancy .sad wearying the
lota with asking. flow many knots to-day, •Jackl- a -
I , en do you think the shall
,see land?" . Se 'that the
men pantalets took a mortal dishier t. add i
a; gossiped about. that whoa his wire wire In the
he never Weal 10 set► her for two any'. they
• him a brute. 8o "Dodger the lirute"r, he ,wu
• sold the end of the voyage. When Ay were
all dispersed. and such stories driven eat by nevi % scenes. ,
she was hired logo inks the far interior..wher• it !AAA
di! cult to get five aerosols at all;, so his master' put*'
wi • the dead weight encentbriae• of the babieri. ieon
aid ratio. of a clever wifs'and • string of !thirty I
li ds
Tb a, in • new country , ha began life again in a Wile
joriley and ragged corduroys, but the largest moue in
come be bad ever knew.. . •
' In 18t% my friend Ifni C. nied;one of her mirchestbe
thr ugh bush with an army of emigrants. These Consisted
of roots 11,1
ots with long families: rough country-bred single
gir with here and there a white-handed uselesle young
lad "--s-tbs rejected ones of the Sydney hireri. In these
ma hes she had to depend for the rations of her ragged
reg ant en the hospitality of the settlers • on her 4011 te.
and! was newer disappointed. although it often happened
the • days journey was commenced witheut any dis
tine idea of who would furnish the nest dinner and
bre fast
one of these foraging a:calicoes—starting at day- !
ila n on horseback. followed by her man Friday. an old
lag prisoner in a light cart.) to 4 4A arry the provender. she :
we t forth to look for the flour. milk, and mullet. for die i
brisaikfut of thou whose aPpatites had been sharpened
by travelling at the pace of the drays all day, aleepilg in-!
the .pen sir all night. '4-- i''' i 1
The welcome smoke of the exieeted station was found;
the light cart. with lb* complimenta, and etipply sack
des etched; whoa musing. at a - fedi-litter, perhaps. on
the stets (erten" tiflthe hatf-dosed girls hired _apt the '
Pre taus day. Mrs. V. came upon a small party 'which,.
bad also bees encamping on the ether/tido of the bill*.
1 consisted of two gawky la ds ii tiVe.hed smock frocks.
wh iy bats. rosy, sleepy couuta t naimet; fresh arrivals.
Uri g monuments of the care tiirstowsd in deirciviiing
the atelligesce of the agricultural mind of England.--
Th y were hard at work on broiled rwpttoo. Kregulat
bar -dr:e4 Bushman; bad just driven up a pair l of blood
ma a from'their night's food, and a white-headed, brisk
kin oryoung old men, the Master of the party„, was sit- ,
tie by the fire trying to food as ialist with some siert',
of ca compounded with sugar. A dray heavily laden :
wit •bolleck.leam ready harnessed. stood ready to start
r the charge of the bullock-watchman. ~. I
As case was clear to a colonial eye; the whitir-head . - 1
ed aa had been down to tbitrport from his Bnshfsrm to '
eel' his stuff, and was returning with two blood mares i
pa based. and two emigrant lads, hired: bat what was '
eh meaning of the baby? We see strange things in the 1
. St un there.
‘ , bet • inan-nurse is strange Satin there.
illlthosgh they bad serer met belhi. the white-head.
ell waa almost immediate* recogalead Mrs. C.,—for ,
whip did met knew her, or of her, ii the , bash?—ee was i
;mire eotroseiricative than he othetwiew might have I i
been. sad so he said. .1 , '.' '
, *Uu e's. ma'am. itiy,ipdy. have only get ou my.
• le place this three yearn; 'having a long family. we
f od it . test to dispersilibeut where the best wages wee'
to . ;got. We began saving the first year. :and, toy
4 01 ;there have married pretty well, end my 'boys got
to now the ways of the eoulttry. There's three or them ,
in tied, thanks to your ladyship. so we thought we could
se op for ourselves. And we've done pretty tidy'. So.
as • were all busy at home. I went dawn for the first
li •to get a couple of Mare* and see shoot hiring some
fa • out of the ships to help us. You see I have picked
up two newish ones; I have docked their frocks to a use.
II length. and I think they'll do after a bit; they can't
• neither of them—no mere Could I when Y first cant*
t our teacher. (she.* one my °stasis had (rear roil.)
vi soon settle them; and I've got a power of *hip on
,h dray; I wish you could be there at unleadinf, for it
e, g my.firet visit. I wapiti semethieg for all or them%
about this baby it is a curios. job. When I went on
• and the ship to him my shepherds. I looked out for
e eof my own country; and while I was asking. I
ie rd a poor *omen whose husband had been 'ilrowned
drunken fit . on the voyage. thst was layioe very ill.
h a Yoga, bobby, end not likely to live. = .
•SoMething made me .go and see her; she had no
!nds on board, she knew no one in the colony. She
rted. like. at my voice; oue word brought on another.
len it came out she was ithe wife of the son of •my
• • stoat enemy
•She had been his father's servant. and married the
• seared?. W hen it woe totted out. he had to leave
country: thinking, that woes is Australis. the father
old be 'reconciled. end the bovines' that pot her hos
. d in danger might be settled. i
'For this son way a wild witked man wore" than the
. er. bet with those looks and ways that tikes the
its of the poor lasses. Well, es we talked. and I
• tinned her—for ship did not seem se ill so ;they
as h
• me—she began to k me who I was end ,I di et
4 ,1
ni to'tell; when I hesitated. she goeised. infi • dri 2 ed
• t *what. John Badger, is it thee!'—and with at she
amed, and screamed. s rid went offqsite li I-headed
• never came to her senses until she die .
'9e. u there wee no one to eare Inc ths oor little baby
• • as we had such • lot at home, w at with my own,
• !drips aid my grandchildren. I the ghi one moire would
be se odds. so the gentleman I cos take it, 'after i'd
o the mother decently borie , 1
I'Yes sea this feeding's • vdry awkward job,,ua'am—
• I've been Ave,days o he road. But I think my
is will be pleased as nib as with the gurn Fre
• • .01 bor." • . -I.
*What," said NI . C . "are you the John Bitldfir that
• over in the Casandrs.'the Johe Il.?"
*Yu. ma'a • ."
**John.tb Brute?" , • r
"Yes. 'am. But I'm altered sure-ty." . . .
"We " continued Joho.••the poor woman was old
e : Lobbies daughter-in-lae.--Her buithasd had
i . • ovging , or something. and would have been lagged
F , e'd et 4 in England. I doe% 'knew buil m i ght have
en*bal v had not got out Of the count:! when I
d' • . But the 'ti something hero. is always letting bee ;
• as such a siiuggli ag ind striving that serious a pier
n's heart. And ',trust what I've dons for' this poor
bby outfits sutber.'ssay excuse my brutish behpvi
ei . r. I couldot help thinking when I was bulrying poor
nay Lobbit '(l mind her well. • nice little lass, about
years ohl;)4 tepid sot belpthinking * she lay in a
cloth-covered genie. and a birlifulsteni eat with
h r use and age, sod a text on hat g-raire, how differ
e tit Is even far poor people to be bbried berg. Oh,
• este a man like me. with a lout famity."44 mahe a
• here. sad do a bit of good foe ethers wors4 off. We
i • while we live. when we die we are buried with de
. ..1 remember when my lirife's mothei, dies the
;eh Akers wire es pus. and the boards of the eofrau
: sleek either. mad It we terrible cold weather s
7 My Carry seed to cry abut it useemstoely all the
m ister. The seal may say what they like about it. bet
I N , be Wooed If It Went arseth a tkie voyage us die is
INot unity lye Iliviiiroils Ma C. view Jo* at how.
, . Igoe snay of moo and der elist% I pstriareb,
a Badger
a lad.
• thug
'and yet not sixty years old; the grandchild of his great
est enemy tha greatest pet la the family. •
In my mind's eye thorn are sometimes pictures. • John
Bndger'in the work bons., thinking of murder and fire
raising in the presence of bin prosperous enemy; ,and
Hedger. in his happy bush ;home. nursing little Nancy
At Ousensor the shop his passed into other bands:
The ex-shopkeeper has bought and rebuilt the manor
house. Ile is the squire new, wealthier than .ever he
dreamed; on one estate a miss has been found; it rail
way has crossed and doubled the value of another; hot
bin son is dead; his daughter bad left him and be
knows not whet*. is life of shame: Childless and friend
less, the future is. to him cheerless and without hope.
The True Lidy.
-The editor of the Portland Electric. is the Mums of as
eels; upon the ladies, tolls the following interesting and
instructive tale, which we commend to our accomplished
lady readers. •
We once knew a "young llady." who lived is boo
-Her parlors were elegantly foraisbad. cod bar
dress was always Of the latest fashion. She had her pi
ano; and her teacher. and she played Italian music char
malty. In all:the exquisite graces of life ahn was fault
leak She bad a rich vain of sentiment, too, and could
talk of philosophy, or discuss standard novels—in fact. a
large portion oldie day was devotedto that interesting
and instructive class of polite bursters. Shia was also '
somewhat industrious, for she would occasionally work
elegant embroidery. With au aliuntiaoce of curls. that
floated over her neck in biautiftil profusion, a Oa* form.
hand white and delicate, large powers of conversatiam s in
the usual draining-room style, she was followel'hy the
young men of taste. Yet. somahow. she never lei mar.
rind. The "beaux" fluttered around her like Sias over
a pot of hooey, but they were very carotid not to be
caught as those other insect. are apt to'do. Their men
tions were never so particular as to require some "friep d
of the (amity" to demand what were their intend, •
,This wanyM fara of tile young lady. She was in the
'market as plaiuly as thouglyphe had inscribed on ber
forehead. Haeltend Wonted; for panic/dart inquire
teigia." But the husband never to our knowledge came;
and we believe that at this•day abe is 'a disconsolate old
What was tito:trotstilo; Step with us into the kitchen.
That tat wom■n. with a red face. is the smug of the
beam. She does the cooking, the washing. and the
ehausberwork. From early dawn until late at night. she
is a slave.—Well. what woman is our - charming young.
lady's method She never sees her daughter's *callers.'
If by accident shWeboald:dinp hate the parlor *bile •ie
ttora were present. she wash' bastes out agaie, with
onshorrassed manner. looking as though she bad com
mitted as offence. while her own child's face would be
suffused with blushes.
Now take a walk with wt. la that workshop do you
sea that hard we/skier mechanic? Too wrinkles are
hardening upon his face, and the gray bairn are thinly
sprinkled over his heed.—Hs looks au:ions. and as
though his heart-strings tugged sets* deep oorrow and
morttfication. He is thefutlutr of ear beautiful ••young
lady." and his bard servings for many years base bees
absorbed feeble expensive laxaries. that be. edenimblei
tests has crated. He. too, is excluded from the society
of his owe daughter.
title moves in a circle above her parents, and. is abort.
isashaessdoftSem. They live in the kitchen—she is
the parlor. They dredge—elm reaps the fruit. She has
no pulsation of gratitbde !oral! this. She riespisee think
ani in fashionable gatherings. is unclog thu first to curl
her pretty lips at "low mechanics." pMtided she can do.
it 'Hal!.
she a (rue lads? No—ten thousand timee—Nio:
We Object not to het accomplishments—to her tams in
dress--to her manners. We look upon and admire such
just as we do a superb statue of Venus. As • work f
art it is beautiffil; but nevertheless. it is humotate ••r
-tile, having no soul; being of no use in practical ' . and
good fur nothing but to looks?.
The beauty of the mild is the true beau • ; and the
affectionate daughter who nestles herself singly into'
the heart of hearts of ,her parents—who ekes her mo- ,
the, her compabion and coaddimit—w • o not only works
with that mother. but takes the he visit burden upon
-beroelLshe is the true bay. - e miy base
struck on the piano, yet her hom is melodious with har
moni. such as angels sing. or est•rior may be hum •
We, but her. idtorior life is clo lid in the vestments of im
mortal beauty. •
There are agony") oat g latlies"drhos• whole charac
ter is on the surface. s ress, manners, accomplishments.
all are external. T ey hare no depth of thought, no
moral strength. • heart.
They are "o toiders." When the scorching. fires of
adversity bu beneath tit . * surface, there is on protect
log wall eared within. The whole becomes but •
heap of ems, though it may retain the outward sets
bilnc of liiimanity.
ta true lady cultivates the higher nature.—She is 1
r igiook bat not fanatical—courteous, bat not fawning.
r ' 'posing serenely upon the arm of her h 1.• father.
cud associatiag with unseen angelic spiral, abs meets
the storm with calmness, amid accepts as a disciptioary
mercy. Her sympathy ever pulsates the cry of suffer
ing and her hand is ever open to relieve. ;She is beau
tiful at borne. beautiful it the bedside of the sick, beau.
tiful through life, beautiful at the, hour of her departure
into the world of spirits, and tranemodaistly and mensal- .
ly beahtifil in H ' . That is the true Jody.
A Hint to the Ladie&
The Philadelphia Pinnsplurnieninblishes. from the
pen of a ludy o the following remarks on dress:
••• Speaking of beauty. 1 with the people would dress
pleasantly. benevolently.. I saw a lovely girl to diy
looking unlovely and uulovesble. hiCAUIIIII her muslin
dress was stiffly starched temp. clam tits lover. My
laundress Uses in vain to persuade ms into the barba
rous custom. To my mind a woman should always look
as • soh to the touch as a flower, and as pure. All her
garments should be made of the softest and finest material
Rumble; such materiel as will easily dispose itself into
folds. falling 'gratefully around her; and not by being
liable to' rue. it every sisomeat, compel her to stiff ans.
tudeuind starched demeanor. denying her all luxury of
lounge or loll; why. my very words would grow prim and
precise. were 1 to wear a dress which depended, upon
flour or. potato for its propriety."
QT Wanted. at this of a boil -dog. of stay color
except purnidilin a 4 =ilk; of raesenablo also: snub nose,
cropped oaro,labbrikt:iateii continuation, and had Copt,
aition—who'dan come when called with a raw beigototkt
and who ern) bite the mei *he spits tabotito joisslpst
the stove, end steals the exchanges.
ICJ An •z 'sing committis about to test the capes
lass or an liiihvidual for eche& teaching. pet the
questienst .
"At whet ;period did Frame. ream bur greatest
general 7"
"At : whet period?" pawing and scratching hie heed.
6 , as what. , 4lo you've jet me than Aare."
wee it before or slier Christ?"
"Before eel shir Christi—hi*h ar aller—seell
bones, yftt' ,i t got see agile isertaial"
117 A r should sever base hawed is polities
se to forget telsow Ids wheat, dig hie petatese. butt up
oder, sell pay the printer.
A Requisition—lleeing the Rephent."
W. fond the following in Om Milwaukeiro Fres Demo
crat. Some of the panics In thou* are not known Li
Otis vicinity:
A rich story of a recent i tronorietion—good. enough
bo printed —o in circulation. about town. We can't tsM
it as can. or some others we might mean% but
it is too "delicious"' to bs lost
It seems a patient's' now doing a lucrative heathen
to this city. and who we will call Smith. hulloed of his
true name. went to San Francisco, Califorais.sethe few
jean ago. with bin pocket. which. with alert'
air or two. be invested is trade. They moved shies
some time harmeeieasly. till be became aware that a
Wile geese of "sarongs" was geing-oe. sad that his
share of profits appeared mighty small, is properties te r
the receipts. Folfy convinced that sonsthiog was "is
the wind." he leek hie chance when $5,030 were in hie
hands. and lift ea a steamboat -jest going eat—rurglty as
well go os that es to wait for the nest. '
His pension flew aroond some. after be bad gone—
the Govern., el the State being lithe city at the time—
got Smith indicted, had asked the Gets:aw fora resui•
sites on the Governor of Wiscormin. for thii"fogive."
—lt sot being convenient for him to maks oat the "pa.
pens" lost then. he agreed to sehd_them o wn frees the
Capital. When bigot booth , however. w ish reprranta
lions were made to him of the Weir. that be thedw the
"documents" into the stove, instead of forwardins them
"To Nelson Dewey. Governor of - -Wiseeedo. care of
—H —... Esq., Sao Fr simian." Bit p11e. , ....1.
a wag. lawyer. gelfAemso. fighter. 'fail "ode of the boys."
get hold of the big Seal and other "tools.", and enclosed
In a large envelope, representing a poor, ragged. belt.
starved. bedivilod miner—with • pick-azo .in ass bead
sad the tin pans. spiders and culinary utensils. in the
ether—staring ava huge, outland al. anisnalof some
kind, and out of his int/nth priweeded the initial- 7 "hr
that the ElepAgint" _ , .
This document. so enclosed, and bearing the broad
seal of the State of California. was duly semi` on "is
• as aforesaid." and ons'ltill Andrews; of': Buffalo.
w employed to "come oat" and see it &erred, t
He .osted straight for Mile auks., engiged two or
three 1 yen here to go out with him, and' left for the,
Capital • Lancaster. the residence of the Go ,
Several we gathered around. perhaps 1
stet. and perhaps not, when "His Excel
the mysterious package—examined th; '
the direction— cerefelly broke the sea
uhr attention lathe quelity of the pa)
"bout such things.) looked curiously at
impression, and finally displayed the bro
fall; to the gaping. bursting, convulsed,
led crowd. The Governor mildly inform
whe bed come to sei—"that It night be
a little informality!"
—.vet nip-deep in a family of fine going bean.
I icon (Sited that I might as well undertake to climb up
the greasiest part ore raiabrisr• es to get heck, the hole ,
iu the free being so large. and its sides so smi.eith slip. '
pery from the rein. Now this was a reel gerwrista, rega
les quandary!. if Dabs I was to shoat, it would have
been doubtful wheather they would hear me at the Set
denteocand if they did hear .me. the story would ruin
my election; for they were of a quality trio cute to vote
for • man that ventured into a place thighs. e ld'ot _get
himself out of. Well , now, while I Was aleniating
whether it was best to siont for help, or to \ ;ft in the
bole until after election. I herd kind of fit b:iog and
grumblipg overhead; 'Slid. looking up, I saw , thil old
bear cantor down stern foremost upon me. Mr 4 mattit
is always •ge shoed!" and as soon as she lowered her
self within my reach. I got a tight grip of her tail is my
left hand, and with my little Ifitok-horo.hafted Otani&
in the other, I Commenced sparing bar forward. I'll be
shot if ever a member of Congress rose quicker in the
'world than I did! She took me out in the shake of a
lamb's tail."
Brtr•Bocs.—Thera is a long article in the Valley
Fartaer.•by which it is established beyond question that
sweet oil occasionally rubbed oviir bedateada,chair boards
&c.. will oCectually present the appearance of bedbugs.
We think It ncceirsary to publish the evidence of the ef
ficiency of this Cheap cud agreeable preventive of the
nuisance in _question. The reader will tabs our word
that it is conclusive,
.8 aiis!ActoitY . A fop of a fellow who was saustsriag
about a country village, saw• a pretty face at the window
of it house near which a little boy, was at play. "Bub."
said ie. ••who is thiu. fair lady looking out?" "Si.,"
was the laconic reply. ••Will you tell m a if she is a
maid or matron?' asked the exquisite. "She's a tailor•
ass." &savored the lad, resuming bin play.
A Milo wairo Itrio Boman TUMILti.3 --The keep,
er of • groggary, •liai "dead till," happened A mie day to
break one of his tumblers. He stood for a moment look.
Mg at the fragments; and reflecting ou his loos. sod than
turning to his assistant, ha eriad out--" Tom. put a
quart of water in that old Coguael"
Assn—Take especial care =tall the ashes made es
year place—don't 'permit them to be exposed to the
weather, bat keep them tinder cover. nee bushels at
ashes, mixed with two doable bores cart loads of marsh
river mud, meek or peat. will imavert the whole into
good manure. A hogshead or two of soap suds would do
the mime thing—therefore. amoog your other things,
saes sod utilize them.
117 A Cockney conducted two ladles to the obeervatary
to see" es eclipse of the mom They won tee late; OW;
eclipse wee over, and the lease were diesppointed.
"Oh." est:Wised oar Lem "don't/rot; I know the eeJ
tronomer very well; be lea polite 'nu. iad 1 ate tare
he will bogie' stein."
Er ' , Mother." said Junes; what le. the meanie, of
diswenienr Yea have been preparing all the welt *
the donation party. sad I want to know - what it rinee
..Why. Jimmy." said Johnny. ••dea't yea knew *et
amities moan? I del—ile moans the atltth and alta
means the people, and they sorry the "le to the
ter. and Opp people ie Wife sad est it." Jaime Vas
larho sayeattai mesa aro called the 'teller
bosses* lig. oro so easily looodsolgroL Oat of otot Um
drid Me oar. itifty-lbro toooli *fag
to hopphiloo•-odoadti
la /Lava-s•• 4
la wrist
my else
, abovol"
at land
o great
Pe. 'kid
be with my
veld dew
tee or ike
mgt. •odl \
hau twen
►e 1 found