Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, May 03, 1851, Image 2

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frit Wistkil (Moffatt.
E - n iE. P A.•
- _ .
• 1c Mistake.
The Fredonia Ccilsof is mistaken in 1
action Of the Lelfislatilro 19 chartering the • "t
and Erie Railroad comp, y," and giving it
extending to the o.lio hoe, ".`shuts off ttie .
Canal Company," and "places" in the pcwe
nov..:ekrnpany,".to shot ofirdl comli•rii.c.l:i4n west
brie for a long, tine to come." All th Tig'its the F
lin Canal Company evOr poSsossed it eat possesses. •
is proceeding to eliereise. So, also, the residout an •• k
Directors of the Fittaborgit and Erie ra ' ad, c iin every
right accessary to coniscedwith the 044 lino. Ve have °--t
had, and have difference among e4rso:vcs, - tit of ces, t,
one thing the etneor cats rest se.sared, that the peep of and
Erie connty are ts. ts:s:t as to the right
,ets.l neceetit3 f 1123t . r .
somo companv boiLlsny, onnw,!:.ately the li:estern road. rtforn.te
The resolutions Open shit , tact, TIASSed - at a m.rting of tea
our citizens, tricwit of Ss:4 the 47,1 clonspistnese west, on • .1 : 4 1, he s'io
Tuesday ertning. is condos:re as .to puhlic• sentuout
Mz: G:dz
Ta, g 1:i on Tair. - 1.1:: Vi tar; s 'V2.'3 as any tWat has
dectired Kiel krllle r.r.s. fer a na..1:17r.0t )oars lira
have not- henfil yr I--'Ce'riiatty Itterni.4o—of any acci
dents. hat w$ :fear wo i.,.. - /1 berai.e tii". , , - iivar retelit's its
subscribers. T:iti b e:c - sta::-.3 1..1.a/nen..l and Snitani read
ant the storm in Art:a:liar In sal,ti—.t'a ti.:l,se . rer..l sad
vessels, 0.10 napes or wino!' we'll-a:co not learned. Tko
Bultan.tFlill . e iill fruit/ ahJe.e is the height of the g.ilef
At :wee o'ely1; oa T la, -.1 , .ty we learned by te!egrapb
la:/t3 t.3'' -re partiaa of the lower partoPflaffato :cue Ull;
der antr. / 0r..: 0./1./ inueh /Iv/laze had beea'su , ta . ticd.
IV /re not head 10,31 Pon'Airk, tlto trrnwitta of the
1 7
grititt„, ow Yor:t and Irk rail road, and the "best•har:
bar". on the Lake, bat v. &ea wr do. It t4sre is a timber
loft to t4ll where , a etere-hou.le or a dei el.sted, we
shall be midi, raibtaken.
rt We aro requested to say thud an Educational
51teting will ho held on Mid ay erbniug nett in the
Presbyterian Conference room.
- Sx~.
N\'o rtrar.::V.ig to L•t tlia c;les ef the llih.ssre.
braiths, Lrawry, Reid aul b:fore tho martin
siasemblvj ou Wi.:doos!a•; croniuo, 3L the Caurt House.
to hear the "othar side" of our ttosiern railroad questioni.
go Infori tho- people. wit'a on La vs 0;4 of comment. %Vs
Oink to every unprejudiced rnin.t, it W 3.3 pretty evident
Olathe tkillingsgao slang, tile whining, dingiuz appeals
in holland - his ard eh;ld?ca, and -04 eoriiatical
ariuniellts the lionorat,e,o Setritor from Erie uaorl cn
Monda?evening., is jo:eto, - ; and justitication /tar hitcourse
during tho past wii:ter. proved a very Nor -iuvesfrneut
i:ir.;ther of thet, - . o Walkor so virulently.
cssaikd oa Nfaat Itlcssrs. Ginn-aiths,
e..,w fit, or c: for to sostll Casio
solves. la is 7,2 or eau path' use• or t:4
Eat in `a4•a7.- r.a tninn•:.-r , :v:nt on to malic
phin strit..saaeriof.fazts ozAtv;ction to Op
mind of every anprciudict , d perisi. It is' nat necessary
for us to tol:aw thorn tlinauzll people olre
thoro to hoar judze for then - t:1,705, and they wirl
jedgo. We wcrs,giad Mr. W...Y...:rittvai; iod to acs.rer
tho charges and Les paraded a7,ainat (list by the Bless LT.
G.a., for as he is Trent to exprors it. his what° manner was
"confirmatory evi•lene.e." th.. 3 th 3 ;hats burled by his
tqt, , onist; had taken tqcot. to p Trott, it W3S a most
Imo and impotant cor.clu3itAito n rant cutragbous
cource c,Stulurt. who closet
tho dienqsion, wittrt use .1, pointfd, saloat. , o
and eassie..and innr.iliann ace. , c tilted tile "gelded jado
to wince." fib Llia-izn' to tho Unnornble Sinator'•
"lourz,harborad nuti:l4t!ty to tha 131,1 , 113 fatuity." tram
"old Ntek" cl-) - :n to hi 3 I:011 4. 11N wag tae un
kindest eat of AV3 afraid, if Jade,,
Church srus there, 1:e NV t'.;cl Crawl , Jury r.cit
wzek brinT ici.4 foe “u.inoz:essary
_ —.l
- .
Win i t,il ri. `'.):lisp Policy',"
I.Vc Itz:tr a 7, - -er.t.le , t , r..- , nrell N3l: York rtrer's ahia, '
C . ,,. "501.1.-h ro;ic) of t:1.2." l'!,„ oad
its aeca:. magi eerr.?sp:.aler.,l.7, t.:;!..allout the pokey of '
Ena in retard to tit: , g Inrei t,f;ar r3:•.l:irlt.inin;, , Eut•athl '
Was% as ono no othir ro.vo wou'..l tLil,l or puNuie.g.
Vow,(, ~,
, %:,I Ltava to a:A. 'or thr23 grunib!rra, t:l7re 1
, back-biter,‘vhat tr:ey ce.tei,:,:,r a ' st!ii , ,h ; , 21:r.y.” .We 1
linow.s.ha.t GI: r. 72 , J.• - :: . rr. - :' . .ts pr it i: 5' UL., ?91iCY.1 , 11(1 I
it ii 011 4 . 7.`.0 etLra..lhari. , :ncr sg.i.rett Eric b)crtwo :Ow •
E::11:. by I.:ziti:l-tatc Tr.:.!aa., ti cccuro t horse :: :lc bent-
1 . ....3 -ic,-; tram t't/
.-ca:t or 4-nago between t'ie I:4sterit
tinl Wc , t7rn raailt i i".tie ii a . pplicy which b . t.s it.t uri ,
;;;11 in t!..e mast 5i,11 , !1 and iarKl.,! , 3 paE,:on of the.hltin:n
brea,t. Etcccusti t l sLy r: - ,.tica er:,oy Cla Linn CI3 Ciii:,7 .. .
'from such a Lreak, :II - ,r):3!::.1.!5t7i!.:1.1_ , ..7 sad e.:try oars,:e.s i
them IQ ti , th:,t ac ,:c of irt,rit irl:rnci.liat.3 , uriglibois '
baual.l he ~o n. , ..:tv:::3. T'..Z.3
111 Cie:o , - It! E::
td icr.! b zel: , :.c• Jr,!F cf :111;;feo is Dec.!:irk:
ea Is Cis:C.:nil. "z' :to rc! ir.• their ccur:c, •
C.,•irr; te4 bccmnrl Eric, aitz•ata
scBLr..l- gnaw. • ..• Cy h-.lf.ney cen the two
t.retit tracks treetl
ther E
upon her 5r...:'., -':z i , i , ..::...i.:ig u ",:c-Is:! i ! ,, ,1e.,.." 4. err '•
t..c Ohio aad Nee: 1?:;: r.ia..t...'of some euage, and '
oho sue.,;*-1: to 121.4 . .V.1 e.:.eM 4.../10;1 r...r lier lictieth. th:ir .
i...ietr0t..:..1 dot..t.rt-.• :3! i,nd ino:e. ilentiacii.tion thaw.:.:
sot 1 -, c ,: % ,-.. x . 1;...1. e:le'.i-r3 not the Let, }kilo te.o.,ir.S
iWiiiill 7 ,: C.l_,k 1:..1:,,.' „.4 t 1:...t, 7;!...1 V. tH C:. °. 5 • snt g^:.i e lyt
her cocrue Lia . .:a ,t1.v . .. lir thi‘state t.f I:ie Cub , . AUL:Li
Etta act i.,....i.!rr..';.•, a.:2, ini,;frtuutton. is,. coaseitt th..t t'
tr . 1.:,):.:43 et- 11:.::::a ah&li cui.iy the tit uei:ti ort:ing ,
f.,. , c1 L'w P. -,r:•::, ..:V.fdi th,i , d:frerent width of trnelt: of
t'..e T. s'emt and Wt..t.t.i'a rcati, ferces upon :erne p! :^e, !
1.:10 wont.} be the that philolkylier who teas 1..0 fur oh . ove.!
tito p.e'ior..o of 'ettiilnity tot Ivy clire.l tiothiorttkr his
rrice . o.74 or b,a '')..1111 Frio' cannot be thus
rnagnaninbni3ercri if alio r:eitt3d. She is but a small'
portion of e'zreat'S'..ate—thot reat Stil.e his coinnsercill !
interests as dem to her es eleloarimereialinteiests of N. Y.
arT to her. Those i uteses's ilainAtul that the Lake shore 1
lin of railway, connorfing ti o roads of Ohio ati4 of the !
other trestgrnPt2tes w:th Nev Yurk;should poseess uo
adfrantago -over the Central yurroad line connecting ,
l'4iladelphia with' llus ,ante iettnory. Unless.the “sel- 1
. fi,h pdficy" of Eric is adhered to then, art , il the late of
-- Tie 'Swage on that subject liven: up to in goo 41 'great I
injury 0.-ili result t.. 1 the trade of this Central roots, ford
that route has a similar brof!c of gunge at Pittsburgh. 1
Pennsylvania is not prep-4redt.) bp. so magnanim .ui as
.this. hot it is not neceseary;te.wasto words. The whole i
interest of the State is arrayed upon on: aids—state pride. ;
ii with us- the 1 a..i is with ni , r,—common sense Is with 4
113— f.reo is with us—cod ir the New York co:npanics I
desire to reap tits betseits of Wcstern connection they
must reap Ova Acid wait sickle as we prescribe, or
not reap 1 , till. Ef.t - bat 13 snL ili,, then Etie"is selfish, and
4'Cl glory ' in it.. Hat it 13 not sclfieh,:t i
is only her. just
Le k
rights, rights gairan a d. by taw, contract and genre.
Olen! position. Them She will haver . surr.nder. on mat. 1
ter what the sacrifice. ! Tule fact, the railroad operators '
is New York may as Well uedersteod Cat IA iltiti,
--7—t- 1 .-'--- e 1:- -----
rf' 0, Dgi,3o—r . C asette says that after Gen ;
Scott is "once in the nil,'" it will "hare ne doubt of his
eoceess—even in the face of 'the a francs battery' apse.
ed upon him by such prints ha the Erie 06scrrar!" Now
t„'iat is very unkind, in the Grizetts, very! To call a knee
ss4ittsa bS its own candidata the - "advance battery" of
"snob_ a print as the Eri4k, Observer." • t
11:7' The
eatable and fearless Democratic jeorsaVnle
Paimificitakip, had been enlarged and otherwise ma:
terially improved. We rejnieer at these rividencee of
basiiieee prosperity, and hope that ita anxieties 'euid in
fluence o: $! continue t• iseromie so long as it ronishie
consistent and .patristic dump*" eg g tbs
I, c 4, elt l crntrrrtiry 11 , a: it 136 - 0 le.
- aft
Accordiiig ts) a .
Mr. Walker
etas to explain hi
oir rail and plat
carnet descriptio
occupied upon
g'reat I AM of
,ne`.!n I
appeared btfero
Ile was upon
spaniel-1;1w ai?,
rostrum fur a ea:
flu... Sand and a
eiii4ra'n, if not f
heai his defense
ed. ,‘Se cotton*,
'hat's to In who
Qe al'Ati
'r\ to eaact
\te stnA el
ting.t.hat tho
ae right of
of the
which Itolll
forcotl• to
,biro gout!, au
cu•nm •tic,o l
towarias eat: 141b.0
reccire-.1 pet::1:3111
the ty, prat
to that . eontimo •; c.
for yylf,c.% he 14a i pt
In.; i$ all very Itru,
truth ..'"Flio Minor!
Ing that apcu the
ikacit by a
iu all [ that per
satin: t:isi tho lueo
the Ededbiiro 01..te
Ili had nut ,a• au
beld fur the Slaie pi
Ingham thei proceed!
liitu. 3fat o Wind.t
1 a, pan._
impress his hearers withtho hil.l P tat his whole course
towurls the Edoubora road we dictated by a desire to
obey' tho pubiic vole., as heard t rough those petitions }
I Very well; let' that fact Its bar in mind and' we will
see where i it hinds Mr ; Wiilketl. But there is soother
point w'meli: thiii llonorablei Sernitor qia not exp aim and
which. the Mooting assembled tit hear esphine. One
year ago he war so anxious that i the turnpike sI culd be
gratited to the ,Waterford plank road that lie carried a
kill through tilis L-gislature. te'cked ou to the tail of a
Divorce bill. granting said road tut privilege; the Wa
'Safford pl i litk re id 'lid Sot avail ibrelf of such pernissien,
(hut the denbriro raid dale supprising of course that the
'necessar2. legislation to make it letgel.if it was Ito already
'so, would be griiiitcd. But In! al ChAtIZO emus ver , the
spirit of 3ilr. Walker's dream. 4 laJcame urecinlary that
certam igen .should bz erus:led. is I c ousequeMtly what
John 11. 'Walker d d
refused to do. .Tite;i.t. ale wrry
>:ccouat nlnch the ineetlO: of
, c-lhol :o settle. T. t, this man
anti C°lllolo Of Cleafing up all ch
. as duitib as an oyster' in regard 11
erin his ”wire and nine shkal r
. turn ; ,
' From the plank reads he
, at w i lled o 6 to the Consider
ation of 11;4 COW= towar.l4 en rairdat.ll. 'And here we
k thought Ilan peculiatly diary. /In llacil his action in
`this partleutar upan the lyypnt ,54 ; ,.; 11141 the Franklin.
Cane{ Campauy had coavared wait cpersturs in Ohio
and New York to rdn l'w. Noy, Nurloutul-Erie guage
throngtryke State to Cleveland.
t and to ' l s irevent this ha
introduced and prueurea the page of t h e kida,zu Id:l.
E.:en if such a Cod.piritcy eve: e.c.ted,' which.; .
he by no means proved 'd
, Clod. e ordaog to Mr. 1 '.
,:using., Ito ou„:ht 40 lt I.e gee;. los elrols at logis hen
wheu the guage 11.111Thecame a 14. I .
But Mr. W. did of
prove, or even a ie- rw.4ble plea, an f.e..or a s ik
this charge of cousiordCy on ;i'tetart of Frci.klin Canal
Ca. ailu led to. Ills fir,t evid i tuds of the conspiraci
e'eS t 112.1 of tlio ..4frieml. e.: the F4tiklin Canal ,Company"
op : •i.ed the.guap„e 1
C.'', ~..,111'n, M W...
. 11ter calltd “etiong
conli-uraui evident : 1,4: in :0 :.:leers arta he'siv
serted huhrly, as ho. hit,l pr: vieta, y'dotto in a letter to ilie
t.idzr:.t.e, Via: the Fraule..n C . .nal Cempany land no
friends in time laegi.::nt.:rc.-''nft one " lt,is net often
ale sees a Law}ir thus rute.isl.sly strangle his ustii, y:t Mr. W., as gr.btw lawyer sod „lotrlenui
ad • his frimn.l3 prorzsl VI IJ-1% it
...o-1 hi.n. thd so on
Monday. Thu tieu.l4 of tll' Fanlilin Caul Co'rnisany
did se - sad-so in the Lezibl re rays Mr. Walker: but in
z--.c min.., tl:,-3, :nctu.'t Heel-Am. that the Frank
lia Cdnul Cdinpnny fit I da fileilds in the Legisluturo,-.
.Laot one." Ya
e leave' Walker lt;eat %Valker, and prOs
cm!. , His n. e evidence asi that the Franklin Canal
I t
Compiny had entor-d i::ts eji are:mgerne:lt:with the
17 ,. .. , 0 ::ad - to uit ito—un oonsolidha—to. h'ecome pa n and
rtyl of thati s canip.taly,—an that the Le ; ittature of
0.::.) had pdesed rib it^t 1111 . ../l 111:, thot company to Lay
.I:wn any tvldth of tie.c . .h it idea . ed. 'fins is just n o ee
i....e.tico at 41-1; hut rn: , : , --:o .t. 4.- when the gor.g-3 bill be
cane a 14w, sm_li drs:git, if it was ever t ittortaiu..l. was
La:Ara:et!: nod licnc - e Mr: %V. 'should have Ceased his
- I
tient . gertaitri ! , Mr. Walker is Lawyer
rcuJ auc! r-
Rims at
euougli to La
be pot 43
ele ecaut.
~, -s~
par: or Oa Fr
,!t1 F.3ssed,r.ts
it it had
tur'..7l.3git it
Lake. It ail
h.s whole cod!
his desire to ni
0'1.431g:1 a.l
&Aar the get,
width embed.
which h 2 is n
ion. Tnis
here ind in ti•
'lap were !Lel
pittelie4 fioru
written and
eierpubl.c op
t11:s eLs , ; atA
Stnal•'r (rum
lorded it—d .
Senator! .1
pointan; to pu
but in the nci
wo do not wo
enact t:+e•Ju
64 family.
sistentiee of tl;
and room is
a Voar.iNic utmost—Of all the volca
nic oruptious chit' of Mount IHeela, is 1783. was the
most levere. lt - plorerded frenktho %apts.:lethal Peak.
and spread d 911tipu and deep throughout the whole of
lestaud. Ni e thcenopd could perished from Martine:us;
the fires of,the maintain blaming up all vegitation. And
sow hoiriag stated these interesting facts. we would say
go to Jasefesse Isle:pries eintldag - store. Reed House. all
ye who weal a cheap and et at sptiag fk-oat.
e St
... a..
ig tn..
, _ --------‘
.17 hitt Webster. ea Tir 7of I. weak briefly ad
dressed thit - eitizese of Elsenssi -The meeting. irso a gen
tsseors ode: held In frost ON Revers Hoses for the
parries et' rebehilt the . of Aldermen of that cit y . The (wham% i. represented _e. large sad entliusisstie.
sae. the Wire ekrowdieg the tod4nesofthohiteliolistoo
to the 44•4neet remarks of this speaker. ' Dula bseint
gives sp the before, of beeontfor the reentrar of Idr.
tilltnere. 1 • .
1 •
II;' . . • • -, MB Ml*.
, • 'Douro, Monday wrimaiglot.
• fors a, - eating of hie conetitu
-, Oa in the logielaisrs is regard to
roads. and he above heading is a
.r the positioni i mo Honorable Senator
i o4raaios. s Was so longer the
t ,
ipartr—he ore 00 1011proCI am air
IroS'ln3.lol_ lot U 0 dog bark." bat ha
toi as a criminal pleading fur mercy.
hens! No language can portray Ilia
4r this hereon re bony radio palitieal
(judgment. lie toW them h o tent a
ier,' aid fur thie sato of his wife and
r hd, i
. J ellp!drintiand
ydt not el.lect
Jencks of chars•
dub John Rigor
Eirea" bcrore
1311 t SJ
cou:J nut
-..111:-.$s tin.: u.ife.
I.ou;;;It ta
S ttisfiri
CenatOr r
ctituta Lai
4{ll tra:st
great po:nt
ruled with
Oto po
y: that no aecurr• poraon or company can
rr for Om !Mill; T.:11.5. Mr. Welker had
Can .1 Corn 13:.y in j•nda-Ci= by Lis
fr0z..:3:e..1 the er,..igas . he twranites to it
ihr ay....11;nel to dt.stroy.
leolnes hr fore an aud:rnea
gge2sel al des4n on the
; nll .1 )%y Lc
I in] g.iye,
.;I:dt:i Citial -C.: rupanv L.7,rJre the gtinge
Is excuse f.r et milts at legislation against
~coe a 13w. N ertly the llonorabie Sena-
'lle. Eit:t it is'iot the only place he was
•Je retu!l- ,, -.. , d by the read r that he bred
ze 1... s ails the L:donhorti plank road upon
: y the ndl of his co_nstiments as 'a:pre.-
. win n.imerouih• signed petitions. Well.
1 e ldll become 7 a law. to the passage of
yA, ohjected, lie st empted 'the legislation for
F arraignechbef re the bar of public opie
I rniq' created lii moot intense ereiten.ent
0 western part o the county; public meet-
J, Petit:oils we a signe4, telegraphic tbs.
• 'at tn . eti and private letters were
!at oral , , ail appealing to him to desist: It .
Ii;03 . W 1.9 unerring in ode direction it was in
, it point..d co4ary to the course of the
(Erie; hence her f 51.41 nOt'obey it—be disre ! ,
Bed lit! Now ho* stands the Honorable
Ole ; breath he; excuses his conduct, by
lic opinion as ckpressed through petitions,
ho /efies this istne public opinion•as ea
lt,thosanse eherMel: Verity. we say again.
'der that one so firesied for an excuse should
n negers. and ireck for syttipaday through
'e are done—le might pursue the ittion:
le IlOuoiable 8 nstur Nailer, but On, time
f orth snore than t hit', game! '
The Cost ol l l'intykok
The people of Frio pay robes .to sippol
living." the tools of party thee may akni
tax-poyont I. thi United Stahel. Aid i
INCIIIIN its wont and most
* rules their municipal elections from Be,
Con/staple. 'Theta never was 9 comeneni
ages; when the voice of the Father Con
powerful for weal or (Of we. so completely
as the tax payers of Elie are party ridden.
talk, and we hare no doubt some will etc
brows and spread out their hands in holy
at our temerity in making the assertion.
is as true as the proposition that tu o and ti
We . duu't say thit the Whig party is toi
state of thing.; by,no means! It is the teal
selves. The Whig party does just as eve
has, and will do, when cOntiuued 'in pee
length of time—become corrupt aid 'ret
people's want.! !For this We say the
blame." It is• the tax-payers themselves:
adhered so strict td party hula—have paid
the histories! truth we have alluded to. of
engendered by the coutinued success of 1
Peleliu of that party, no matter aiwbet cost
cud self-respect. ire as implicitly oboyetl,j
were th e cornin9ode - or Omnipotence,/
tht re urn been fatut efforts on the part of
loose from this thraldem--to think, act
themselves—but the etre - 11 6 nm of power
the rebels back to their posts. add thus the
party Jangernautklave rolled on as befor'.
Da we want evidence of the high-hand with Which
the partizan increment of this UurtiOgli ~is di d ,-
posed to rule ne, tvo have but to look di tGi lekniria the
Council haichispien to pursue in regardl i
ici t the High-
Constable and the Supervisor 61 tho Streets since th e
spring election. 1 Pate taatict seaared tbe:renoiniva
lion of Mr. Fosterby the Whig Caucus for lam office of
High Constable.imt as there had been coniiderable com
plaint of the manner he had discharge p dud of
Sueervisor of the Streets; a strong feetin9 was formed
agniutt his re- e lection. sod oa the day of the election
tho,people dacidod that lie should be laperezded by
,r.' Landon. also ran as a volunteer. O course. every
ly snpposed there would be au endsof Mr, Fester"' and
, nog of -biro scratchers," bat not to. 'be rejected of
~ payers Was a good party•man; , was reliable
, ty work was to be dune: wher as, the choice
nayers, was the exact opposi ; he Voted as
winded his own huskies., ever meddled
'lilies. or suffered Ismael to become the
te this party Council d‘tertuioed that
'- should be disregard J. For', ears
ted the office of I igh-Constable
ointed Sdperviso of the Streets
to one could • a foundteac
*inted to th latter. This
- Council tat defiance;
suitable. bet coritiuned
00, in lie face of the
the people for the
t mien upon the
his we should
tiplared the people to
'before they copdemn.
his. We lied •ao idea
much upon hie bold•
• er, would deem it up
and parade hie "wife
Hi audience i.a order to
:Id itneas un:urtuna:e.
tat $1.11,j ,t. tke
c.uwd who. of oil
pru!act. Bit CnOugli;
we certainly should
s .74424 That spirit
high bend, has been
ul3r will. It ru+c tlo
he has neei.l of Munn,:
Lo explAia h curse
his. a
Vie t•
of to tax
he p *awed, h,
with C. cue t
tool of par .11., a
the 'will of tb pop
the person wh. rime , t.
had regularly • it ap• • ;
by the Councitl lu. sod,
cept the fOrmet• tante ap
precedent, hociocer. th •par
they supra iu lianden as I . :It a
Foster upOu the Streets, ' tie, •••
;• b
• ha
16.51 John 11. Walker
noportant items in the
M•ulny even:ug, %La.
ko was,beraler,l os 1611
rges tar:Ail:NY him. was
them. P.m]. %Volker;
chilartu" eotioot save
. .
fact that the change was mat.
very purpose securing a new at.
streets. if paririsrn eau go farther\
hie to know
Hot this is not all. %Vr have ottr fact
of tha part.l a lahuaatrahou or the a
borough that ar equally Ida+ and which
peculation if dot 'aliquot fraud soutetcherl
known, we preatuste. to every tax-payer
otigh has beeti sued a uumber of times
the past year: ittul the excuse of - the ••
far thee allow* coot to be made, and th
expense or the !government, Was that the
ey in the treantry to meet these just dem
this so? Lst tins ram mace. Al the
Treasurer f.,r Ille past year was elected II
trendy a new l'reasurer was chosen
tiro tax-paYto,l re-der, the old Treasurer had no mon- i
eye to pay owes to the new. Not's* fast, Mr. Tax-payer 1
—the ohl Tr insurer of a town that has bean sued rski
peatedle for a 3teny—whose property has News sold ender I
tile it ammer t . satisfy ju , t claims—paid ()vela the nee •'
Treasurer the n.n of stecntetne hundred dollar;1 lent
this'es bennt.r commentary upon the partizan adminis-
trat:un the a sirs of this Borough? Decent in call in
t under tones•ier a nowt adininetration o apirs—for ' el out o r the Augeno Stable—for general sweep
of theMarketi-Houm -dynast) l But se L ane riot done
with th\dcriugs of our municipal gore meat, and itt
party pee latlons. INa have said that the property of
the Borough ad been sold under the hat trim and that.
too, but aoh time previous to the p 3 ing over by a
retiring Treasure to hi: successor of th , sum of $l7OO.
-We ref:;r part eulay to the sale of a W- er-Lot belong=
ing to the thirough `not loug since. hat Watir Lot.•
the property sof the pte. was advert ed by a party
shertfr to pare papers. an was sold -L. . urn think you
to? Who 0434 yen bid oft the proper yof the people
for a mere soing. when the I lteoples .uey was lying
idle in the halide of the people's•Treasu er? Why the
people's mostihumbte servant, the 'Clef of the Council!
Now, we 41:11't blame the Clerk of th. Cauheil 7 not a
Sit. Ile ha, I just as good a right to pick a feather or
two front the hack of that dear patient of goose, tifteput3-
tc; es any bpdy—but certainly the to -payers of Erio
must be cute a - with worse than judicial dindness if they
soar mat: ore such quills plucked fom their wings.
Of cottrie 'hose whato breed-and-bu ter is dependent
upon park, 144 or who aye* in expecto on of hereafter
recoiling a gdodly slide ofiltst nutricion article from the
hands of petrel/. willsraire thle cry That a! thii its-'ll pack
of Lo-rin-foose lies;' / but we appeal to the tax•payers
of Erie if thole is not enough evidenCe .f *het ere have
said, known io a!! to maks it prudre in tl:em, at the
coming eharto ectiott, to bring int. the city govern.
ment,a few et. re dneon netted with th •.*".l l darket-House
ar0..." In Word our new , city goy runtent ought to
ha watched, I We don't.eare whether uch ”watchers"
arc of the / Wrg or Democratic school 'f
politics.'enly so
they are/not °tuitions by trade, Wh twe have writ
ten has' heeMdictated by no unkind feeling towards any
of tlndpresenk authorities, or with the molest design of
making political capital, but that the teg-paYers of Erie
' may- onderalendiths exact state of afsirs, and so an
4erstauding he enabled to' act for the best. •
'Excitement in Michigan. .
A gang o6raperatlos have been invested in Jackso n
eciunt . y. Michigan, who have, for a rear or twc, been
engaged in counterfeiting, horse strati g, ineendiariem,
bnlglary, robbeq. and every conceiii•le crime. Their
last plan war to destroy ih raillroad d -, • t at Niles, and
another deice *we to pl re wider lb. railroad track a
torpedo, contrived to erpl de as the e re paned over it,
and blow the trail to stouts. They er re detected by en
emplos - ee of the comtrany. and thirty these area were
arrested at Leona. Arnong . theai are 3 justices of the
peace, .5 physicians:l judge. and 4 .• astable*. Their
leader was Joe Dow.. who lately pass-. through here to
Pittsburgh. on a requisitian from 0 , Pernor ;ohissou.
Brace then, 0. D. Williams, of New o r k, Lisa been the
leader. I
. . of Com.
The talegrap l h l tunced some ti
at Norfolk. on the, 91st inst.-, of the vett
'Barron, till senior captain of the Uni
Hs tau a 'native of Virginia, and
March 19th.'1796. ilia prsaent eon,
23d. 1799. Commodore Barron boa
though his apportun:ties of distinctio
quoin as might hare been expected.
Leepard.and the Chesapeake. and 'tit' I
troversy and the fatal does ifith DICS
hil44lrl IP 'kith it arrald be noprofs •
Commodore Ben 4 was eighty-threa ,
his death Commodore Chad.' Stew i
becomes Senior Captain of the Navy.
IT The snow of Tbstedity knocked 1 1
rennnee est of liey-day and May •
neitally reminds sad seatinteetal -
anisette outlast renew week gentian
Leptandir. We trust the white •
had no bad efeet spec the bewly bed
Le lose Left. .
At a meeting. according to previous notice. held
at the Court House. osi Treadiylc.rentig;the 29th
lion. Joseph M. Sterrett war appointed PrOaldent, James
C. Marshall and Presley Arbuckle. E!qs.. Via Prig
dents, and James C. Reid, Secretary. .
G. A. Elliot.. Esq. addressed the meeting, expladped
the object of it, moved that a Committee of fire be rip
pointed to d'irkft resolutions expressive of the sense of the
meeting. Which was • adopted.' The chair appolote •
Geo. A. Elliot, Col. 1. Camp. Wr. A.- , ilrourn. C. B.
Wriett. Whallou„ Esq who retired and Mr. !lat.-
shell was requested to address the meeting, atter a few
remarks, hi concluded by calling upon Mr. Hinckley, o
Westfield, to address the meeting. After he h . ad don
eluded, the Committee. through their Chairman, Ges
A. Elliot, reported the following ideamble and resolutilms
which Were unimiinously adopted: •
\Vl:cress. we hevo recently heard, and 'have reiso
11 to believe that the New York AMI Erie Railroad Crn
party have abandoned their intention of exteisding
road with a et; foot•guage (rani Dunkirk to the' gist
Line. nod hoes compromised with the. Buffalo sod
LineCotot atq, by which a Railroad with a gusio •
four feet ten inches is to be made to the State Line. brit
the e nt intention of UsinpsUieg the Erie and "id
l'East Company to adopt a similer gunge, and thefeb
`secure a continuous route fromßuffirto Clore:tan • I
i And Whereas. the said two Companies in the,Sta e•.
New York, have in their mutuarrivalry, by various toe:
1 gotiations among themselves, intinifeeted a fixed d te
initiation to pan over the Erie North East Railroad it
such gunge as Would suit their clam interest, regard I
OA* of the 110161X113 centret fairly and anxiously
.e to
ed into by tbs2kiew York and Erie Railroad Comp n3l
as oho ofithe feelings tend wishes of the people of rtb•
County, heretefore publicly expressed. and worse lila
1 all, in defiance of the law of our State. passed duriq tl
last session of our Legisistrre, fixing the gunge e' 0, 1
feet or font-feet eight and a Inalf. l Therefore.
1 iiiss riotous
ar, number of
I :s e l ± a u l : st Simp ly
4 g
y iD the dark
fe42 Of was all
pri c st•riddeu
1 This is bold
at the ir eyc
, tivertheileas it
.olinalie four!
Lama for this
-pOyers the nt
y other party
eri far such a
aOleas of tha
[.arty is Dot to
They hero
o link heed to
thio eorrui;tio:.;
arty-,that the
olboth money
!hough they
o4ne to brook
sod too for
ei soon drove
ailheels of this
Renstrad, That sfes will aid and sustain, by eve •
means 'sits= power, the Erie aid North East Raiiso
Company, in exacting coinpliante on 'their contraetivi
the . New York andrxia Railroad Company, and aro•
especially we will support and maintain the laws of ts r
State. requiring the page of al! Railroads running Ea t
(torn Erie to the N. Y. State Lids. to be either sixi fe t
or four fret eight and a half.= mid those running )Ye t
from Erie to the Ohio State l Line, to be four feet end t •
Roared, That we have entire confidence in the ho -
tiny and integrity of the Directors of the Erie and Nor
Eclat Railroad. end are much gratified to learn fro •Is
them that they cheerfully sequieece in'the obligations .1
the law, fixing the page of their Road. and will •
ready to complyewith their contract with .the New yo k
and Erie Rail Road Company.
Resolved, That ebould any • Railroad Cotioratiolt n
the State of New York or Ohio, in opposition •to %hr. i •
tercet and feelings of this Comely, and in violation or the
laws of the State, "attempt," by any sinister influence.
to causes a track to be laid fol. anS other gunge than such
as are authorized by law we plaidgeourselves•individially,
end colleeuvaly,.to devote our time 60 :mousy to !ads
tnin our own laws and our ow interest on our men son.
The following resolution, ofrered by Mr. Lowry, was
he history
's • elf
1; •
adopted. ' . 1,
Resolred,.That tho peUple of this cou3:y are in fuVor
eT a Weqerri 1)) a"fourfunt ten inch ltaclk.
stud will If ama ha all efforte'to 9sztetruct It. a=l meet 01.:a
upon her gunge. and it will bil completed as soon as they
rp prciaroil to meet ui. 1, •
• k
that the
r debts dui
went that bo
P r 'Coale l4
atlilink to the
w►e go mos
. dB. Weil, is
,tast eleet!on the
feu: (,y.
Tel , :gre\
gatucd a veti
•it; conio-
u MC. sa •
tho common m
sgrpeoble to orilel,
The case is of samii\
of 'very respectable 411
to vlieat a Full ter:
Phillip R. lie a rs. Jacob \
to .-etcher the value of twele,
Germaiiteirn Telegraph, Dino
crtAt of 44.:31/ was allowed. 'I ,
the defendaiu, who is now C roue
Itinue of the subescriiaion he w a vi,
staid hi Callowtkill street itta •et. I
to he ld't at a Tairern tsar at hand; at
'ventilit has been * need eve since, un
when it was diseonti ed. ' he defence
statute of limitations— tdrieeend:‘ Oat the
served at the tarern , long fret the 'defendant b
the littrket. Ilia resident wartitnown to the Os \
and it urns argued the paper boat& have been *,
there. and that defendant w not liable for it. Ta
statute of iiinni.f apli, it was replied that defisidant
made p,jirents within the sia•years.
, The Judge charged the Jury that the defendant h v
ing ordered the paper to be left for him at a cart . 1
peee..was responsiOle for it as longs. it was left there
It was not the duty of the publisher to follow the. s b
scriber from place to place, lint it wreathe , province of hi
latter to amity the publisher When he wished the p
to be discontinued, or the place of its service change
Verdict for plaintiff, V 2,50.
UT•The Gaulle is writing about "Erbrand iler P
peels," "by means of Railroads mid other inipr :
mews." We 'prebend the Grzetts will have ,to
such articles for some time before it will bring Erie
141 ro the prosperounipcint she held in prospective rev
to the meeting of the last legislature. We like to
thi iulrocates of the conduct of the Senator front
I talk about our •'railroad prospects:" it reminds us
of e boy whistling in a grave yard to keep up his con
tWhen Erio,is'back to the point she was last Fall in
tion to rail and plank roads, articles about "Erie and •
prospects" will base more of the ring of the pure m
As it is, they sound much like the jingle of bogus
TY Three children . were playing. in the woods ie
field; Ashtabula minty, Ohio, lest week, when
came upon. the lifeless body of a woman with legs
antis cut off. They teld their story to their father
mother when they went home. and to some.of their n
Search was made the ;next day, but no •
was' found. Suspicion is fastened ou the father of t
children, who probably secreted the body after it
seen. Elie name is Herndon. - •
I ,
. 1T The Syraasss (N. (Y.) Standard says: •• Se
ladies appeared in the streets yesterday with dress •
very pattern. and pantaloons a Lu . Turk.
mew style looks decidedly tidy and neat. and impa
the wearer quite a sprightly andlouthful appearenc
a:r Tupper admires Mill's statute of Jakcson..
editor of the Richmond Whig does not. So the
thinks thi former a blockhead, Sind his celebrity "'
p l ea shallow." "What Tapp Or said," in rejoinide
peareth not yet.
UJ' The Weir Chester Village Record. relateeth,
lowing:—The mother of George Pharoah. recently
ited her ion, now pader sentence of death In the
C l iiester county, and in her eouyersatioit, otaLed •
that before his trial also bad a ye marablw drawn.
said she dreamed elt!i tame to West Chestiv,sid • ,•
a bonnet. On putting it on. Om discovered it at i
of being trimmed tvitbsribboai it wee iritpUind
ropes! This was before Georges conviction. S
sidereil the ropes se omincisWof George's fate. tl
hastened home without the bonnet.
ed States Nagy.
Oared the navy
info° dates May
enact Service,
were. lot so &s
-he affair of the
sahsequetit coo
. are Matters of
sow to distort).
, earl of age. By
efAhis State.
. ,
lb' Among this Patents meetly grantcd• w.
ono lb Thos. 3. Sloan. of Nee .Ifork. “For t r /
for setting op insipiias:" . .Thera. ire thought oar
would be imasertatiaed some day. ••Bet 'em ap."
QT The Wilmot fires's° Iwo assumed a new fo
p en asylsottia. Dolt David Willits* is to be
with a - Jedgeattip.—Es paper. ,
To.. and 614 kw. by the unaltoesveting of be
Johnston and the will, members °film late Let
Itsrily, the laborer is 'tuft of bin hire.
Cr A relative of the Nis family be Elyre9urs bar
hely salad that els iris tee& by eas at the Fes
kmv t. raisin the ripping; that the secret via
N bra ea dm premiss. abet she wield, become a emir
She states that it is dem* by the tees sad knees.
Eves ier
pantry -
at as a half kw,
from tM eloada
hag kit.
. A Neirspailer aiie.
.orty from the Ledger the following report `or. a
' in Cotirtof Common Fleas of Philadelp tis. a
Ty lo witich Major Frees. of the German own
\ \at plaintiff. We are glad to see that he
• t&ithour r.l.fikutt:i. in arcordsice with
rule that when newspapers are left
kubscribers are borid to pay for them.
, e to that nutneraus class
who c.:usiJer it uo
fats—This was an 'set
mars' subseription•for I
mg to tt34 " ). Oil wine)
' paper was ordered Is . !
I the counts : • Li
sailer, and had th
iren . tect a pa• ei
a place a .11 ,
a year n o
•s, first n.
quit e.
H... iehu W. Davie isrpolmerefity tie Missis
sippian, a Medias Democratic paper. for the Presidency:
sod it .s that he would get the electoral voup 'of every
akathero Mate. Pretty well to begin ou. bet wei gum it
Ili sot enough.
ET General *infield Scutt is still euffesies.'it is said.
born disease cootipeted in the Mexicans ciatnpaign. The
Louisville Journal says he would have protracted Wesley
co that city had not the feeble state of his 'health wade it
aLlrisatt4 for hint to,basten southward.
. _
' el' li is stated in our Western exchanges that a heavy
emigration is going,forward towards • Orern—The emi
grants ins principally from Indi•ua, low•. and Michigan.
117 l
se patent for Paine's Light taken. out /in Eng
land. Ist üblished,in the Scientific American of this week
This light was patented oa the 12th of Joao last. bat ha
only been recently surtillelo. .
QT the Boston Times doses a long eulogistic article
do Mr. Barnum, by m.ying that he owes his fortune to as
proper4cd:eions and Lberal plan of silveitising in the
t uSwspswers.. 1
A B r rs MAO CCT der---Dnitsnrut. Accivi.:Nr.
We a in t:ertned - of a`dreadful occurs:lice that t ,uk
u!acenFriday afternoon last. on the Little Miami
Nitro d, et the ~ ‘Grave: Bank." two miles this side
,of Mo row_ The lurntier train had passed along a
few iti unto* before the passenger train for Sortie
field cime along, end as it was melting the curve
:there, Ole engineer saw, when within' about thirty
-I yar‘ls, a body apparently asleep on the tratk! The
5 1 whist!e was blown, and every effirt was . made to
.revel t the dliaster, but to ntypiii pose. ' The wheels
of theilocomotive were fatal to the sleeper, ins:ant
ly se4ring, the head friim the trunk! It was ascn
taine4 that the person thus sent to eternity was, a
youth ..ho had been loitering around the Gra%el
Bahl, for several days,' but vehcsjee wen or where he
tame rom, no one could tell. • r iffs body . was lying
insid the rails, his head resting on one rail. for •a
. The gentlemanly superialendant, Mr. Cie,
meal. prccured a coffin, and had the remains dq-
bu r i Cenis.
, SU IN GREIS,I GOnzurr, Missinie
ir,—.lhe Paulding (Miss.) Clarion of the sth lost„
contains ft long account of the elopement-of the
wife Itlf a planter irrFlurida, %MI a Mississippian
from Hancock county, by the name of Hardly, who
was living in F lorida. The guilty. wife assisted
her p raniqur to steal from her injured husbsnd, a
negr bay, a pair of horses and carriage; and same
other property, with which they started for the fesi
denc of Ilardly's mother, in Hancoek county, Mis
sisal pi, %filch. , point they safely reached. The
outraged husband finding himself rubbed of property
as nett as his wife, made preparations to ursue, a
friend named Smith, was delegated the tas of pur
Amin the fugitives. Smith traced them lit Green
coi, y, Missisiippi, where he learned they had ar
eileill in Hat,cuek, and were at the residence of Har
dly's`mother. The assistancir ni"a couple cif resolute
men was obtained : and the three made a descent on
and entered the room where Hardly end
•illy companion were found before fie was
nun of their presence.
Hirclly came tOar making goad his esciipe fro - n
the t a blow la ttb the butt of ode of the
gunaliriocked hinallown, when he was securely
property was recovered, bat, the
man declined going hack to Flctrida and Oa left
The party returned . to Green 'with their' prisoner.
bea , Siniih dismisea his asi.itAst ts, and - afier iron
ing kgs, took his seat by theside f Hard:y
the carriage, the netzro boy riding•ou Smith's
Twntmiles from where he left his assistants, Smith
was lifter art!: loured murdered, his money all taken
as wr as one of the carriage horses, and Hardly and
the tegrogvne,. The cencluision is that the degro,
tit ho ' had imprudently been permitted to . carry a
bo,wie knife, stabbed Sniith from Wiled, and then
relieved Hardly, and that the later,' as his Itiods
were loose, alio assisted.
ger:an - rum; To BE Exn.attraii—t/n Saturday mnrn
ing hist, a derk in the Philadelphia post °lice wa,
detected with the mail received
that nr:lriitag
from Vlcktimirg, Mist., secreted in the breast-pock
et ()Oils great coat. Thera was, of cmuraa. a great
alit in the office. The potttnabter, the government
ri ,, eni who hat Charge of the depridatim department.
number of the and the yowl. man charged
with the ctime, were asteiribted toge her, high word,
- passetkthre.itr, r;iminst ior•q, s,d reerin,ipations,
but it a4l amountefto nothing, for ilia pa.ty
'atlas allowed to go untunleated. More than this, he,.
Ji was p°, suspended until the matter shatiiii be inv:es- -
is tigst;ed. Ye:oerday ' ha made his appear
'' 'wrier; in the office p e rform hiA duty the same as .
I * if'nuthiug had happneJ, and would have been per
do!sta, if the clerks in the office had Let had
i s More regard for the pul e. interest and their own
A safety than the authorities in that establibhmeni.-
0; - , Pennsylvanian _
MCRORR IN LAWRF.: 4 I . OI Cousry.—A party of mPn
land boys, in Stienangu township, Lawrence county,
were engaged in serenading a newly married coup
,. le, one e%ening Last week, when, a man presented
u 'himself at the door of the hiiuse with a pistol in
hand, w lieren;iont.he,criiwd disperse!, except ene
ir- young man, namedThotnits Ninnies. who was short
de ly afterwards found dead near the dwelling. How
or he came by his death is not known. Ve know the
deceased well; he. was a Poor. itiotTensi%e creature,
and &jubilees enticed by other to go upon the ex
,. pedttion which resulted in his premature death.—
Let this be a warning to others who would engage
in such unlawful sport--Beueer,Siar.
k Suocatsto OccuattExcg.--On Tuesday last, the
. s 211drinst. four little boy., living at Frankville, in
ar 1 Catlaratis: us co., were amusing themselves, by. dig
.. I glng wells, on the hanks of the I=chita creek, a
',innet:ll stream running through the . illsge, and find
ing" autte'roots, three of them commenced mine
es-1 them. A son of Mr. Ja,rnes Worden,' a lad five
- years old; was immediate!) seized with convulsions,
er and died in about half en hour. Another lad, son
I. of Fdder 'rowsley,d:ed in the greatest agony about
u , three hours after eating.. Another son of Mr. T.,
• who had eaten, thongh not- entirly out of danger, is.
f - likely to recover. The poison roves to he wild
ry pars - nip . rout. A child, fa.this c i ty last week, was
nd taken violently sick after eating tuja roots which
d she had incked up in the road near the market. It
h it supposed to have been wild parsnip runr,though
it , q as nut known for what purpose it viss in town.
d Y l Fortunately the child had not partaken 'of sufficient
Set quantity to produce serious consequences. ' Parents
as should carefully refrain their children fronAtasting
such things.—Buff. Republic; -
* Twt KENT Courcrr litranza.—Dromtitond, the
of man who was arrested about a month since, on a
h e I-charge of participating in the terrible murder of the
to Cowden family, in Kent county, on the night-of the
37th Feb., has made a °confession declaring the
true authors of the crime. He says that five men,
is natied Murphy, Shelton,. Ford. sills and Taylor,
et ; 'were the perpetrators of the murder. He denies that
he hadiaything to do with it; he only knew of the
P " conaptracv of the others for the - cornmiseien of Aho n
P . crit h e. The four first osegtioned have been arrest
ed et Havre de Grace. Taylor, the other party, is
stili'at large.
• Web , ter, the uncle of Mrs. Cowden, who has
" heels suspected, is not implicated by the 'clnfession.
of DrUmmond also intimates that if some of the Costicn
In I fan ily had not escaped and giyeu the alarm, it was
se theiintention of the murderers to have followed up
h t the r work of massacre and plunder,, families in the
neighborhood, against whom they entertained feel
ith ings of hostility, would have
s heen murdcaed the
same night.
a ' The disclosure thus made, add deeper dye tothe
' alrdady terrible crime which baskagitated the corn
, mehity where it occurred.
floarrrrrr or rDEA.—A French earicaturerepre
lents Loma Napoleon. trying on a crown, which blur
Miptped over his face, upon which he rsoierks--trady
sailinde hod a greater lased Mee I! At ,• recent
politic meeting somewhere is New England, a sen
timYrat was giving something like this: The hon
orahle Mr. A., the mantle of his father has_ fallen
span hint and neiAtkered him.
% Williascitoct A CCIIIIMI.—We regret to learn, that
Juatio,Nathaniel Folsom, son of -Rev. Nathaniel S.
Folsom, of ibis place, a sailor on hoard the harque
lonia, met with a fatal accident on the Stith inst.=
The vessel waCon her way from Smyrna, any when
oni hundred mills from Cap* Ann, he was aloft furl
ing mils, when she gars 'forth by which be was
precipitated to the deck below, &distance of seventy
five feet, fracturing his skull so that he died in two
hottn.—Alfrodeft:e DeTneerni.
j l '
In McKean en the 24tb inst., by the Rev. 8. G s ",
0. H. ilsse. Ens..silfErie.. end NM* EMMA. N. Of I. Parmeter. Esq., of:Mex eati .
o n d ie 17th inst.. la Spriagfi•lit. by Rev. 1.
llama, Mr. Pausena Lien and Mow Mane P. klasatss,
son, both of Conneaut. Pa.
Olathe 24 inst., by did same, Mr. AAR.) Gory. p.
and Miss Ilsitstay KIMILANN both of McKea n .
On the 24th inst., by ; Rey. .1. Vittsee, dh. Muss
Eluycatsso• Si intuit to Miss Mist Ass Rea m..
both of Fairness.
At his residence in West Girard. on the .5.11
J•nies Laughlin. aged 76 years. He was one ef
earliest settler, of Erie donnty.
On Wednesday the 23d ult.. hlra. Isabella Caldeleill,
aged 22 years.
Very suddenly. In Waterford. oil Nlandss afternoon,
Mrs. —Hutchins, cannon of Samuel Hutthiss, E ig
At his reetdane...e is Milktreek tdarnship. on
(Inc the 23t1 ult.', Mr. :glebes] Rtblet, In the 73d Near et
his age.
On the ult.. et Girard. Mrs. Char!ottt Collin, la
•the 34th N ear of her aga..
Olree Wil WrJ th.l; tr k ,
Estalrliottinent: entfance*st dcka trept.ult
re W 81.0 0D 8 .
No. 5 Ciw4p Vida On Nand.
T f
I . e n s - lb a .f u ri c t , , ,. r: n lr g e ..t n i g i rec a..., ei r v i i . el t : t ls rj i f ty s b , y ,., r g • lnsl., , s..ii:.l
me Greeds. con,ivting )I; 1
Du Goodl. 1 Grre -f?l.,
• hardware; ( f....71..t ri.
l'aper Harming. • kw:, Nai!..Le
Awl a crcat moor talent df l'arner..rfr4 ~ne,„
J.,,,„,,, , i . v.,3, tr,
ilf ti Itch bare Leen rercliascd her C.Alill - . 1:1: •,,, t w ~,d,, i '
small advance'
' t.. 0. HELuLs k s w ,.
Fate, May 3, 1831- ;
_Goods for the People. -------
T l e lE: :::. tme t„i r T ib u r f r gy il lo+ w e 'l, l G 'i r r u M cer tl te .l ll ,' Y„ ' a t 'r L Ifr r oc C ' 42l. ,
Gth**tware, Natly..l.aquOratitc. which 1h i .4
and .might cheap. and still be sold at t t•, I p;/cr. r*v't
pay. (ay wari for it.) ai cheap a* ant 4.01 • in 1 fir •1, 4 4
amide., prim.* (rout Ne. 'dile. and the 1 e,t ha It Hrmmst
Idic rer yard. and all other good* pro; Jrt
W thong to do a store reltdroad 1 , Pl/111 .1 .+ 1 111 Il 11114" the Mee,
1 , 0 10 , V as to ;refute personi to iliac rea , • e g
l'eoplc are reqpested to can and take a 1 Kat 1,-,
ors It ill cost nottlitig beo that. and „ AL ,
Erse. May 3, 1 ,- ..St ;11
IQheaper • -the Cheapest ;-
C% LE, at No. 11, Cheapairic,an.l nee The 0.: iv—
pie and Fancy Goode ever ogertni in th,, j , n.
eeived a general anaortrugnt of .I.aen•e bre.,
Bennet Trimteinp, (aosesand haaerY. &e Ttpre
wire Nosily bought at auelion fur cash, ht greAt. , zrntcrl. tr 4
ill be ;old at correrpoodiing bPrri'tFr
May I. I-St. •c. TIMIA4Q.
Obe,p Igardware ['tore.
lAM receiving a large And well' selected of lleart rat
Shelf Hardware as was `lever brought to
be sold at a small advance.. as Ido Misilles c% thr ( h
only. Those wishing anything pertainit.c to Hard.,
money by calling at the (.71thop Hardware Staf, 1 : My mock
can ladknind Iron both round and square. irura - IN 1,1
that bar from 2 to 12 Wetter:. hoop. bawl, scrt,!l. tat' ,r 2 ,,
of all sizes, Noble nail rOdii. .s.llpliwaz !1.-ter net%
axel arms. springs, grour.Mbores. in,‘lll , :e
anvils. sisci. , surith's bellnur, dirt picks, ,„"
grub hoes. cdil, log. triter.; halter, on t prk
lx,th wrought and cut, 'nod)four i erz..t nas
4tbl, also tense, Boar. finishingrut:ght nails, ruse itow,
butts and hinges of all airids awl •ZIA", ,te troche s , 1,1, nus
cut and circular sews. fllrlirin *but
suatlis. forks sod 4 good r. , ...,..rtai0nt
die ~&e . F. I • F.
Erie, Slay, 3d 1531. a Rel.: •.e.
fllAt BORERS and Boa Scraper. at tiR. ore Siore
Cele/S:P AIIBARd—A gr.e3tTaseeresert at
tr 3 May 31 ; 1631. RI •rt .11 N I ite.o. 11 :e
Sic chaster Slipping a nunto T .
INT F. a h n a d t . e 6 tio f., fa irr it o t:r d i r
, I ., : r ie m t , t. t r u a
n e
u t c h i r p c a r t i 4 7 .o o r l o
am fir 013 elf ecnolented to rralaza a little lunger An.:
go us of great hargasno, ri% ug the u.aal t•tli•`tattluil to lt •
t9l,lers. We are now (ally prepared t‘ th:a
Wettings and Ttllllllllll2S. to suited ail ~
I.. , Qthing. and tor arraogentelits fit the rnaautarti..-e
met:., of atl dercr.; lmni. to the pro.-1 . 1h,.e ar, ut
tn.,4 I , efit,LChar.l,ker. tit lily &teratuilt,pn fait at;
r 110 patroatze oty .-owa
Imo at toy etore a 11116,h - oak out Lt fur-a little 0.4 my
fitiAlo to 'Le ••the ht•tr'le sa Ir-en-e
J ‘C , .
7, t'
Cooda. New Goode.;
"1 - U , T arrive prev, this' tr.ornin: rt. •,
J of Printed Lawns. }tem p,' i,alie.P . ol,lillll, -
ay 1. . Tws In n if! ti!eppe
La. z - ",,,ts :aid prices —twin r'sTag , ,l for shrm ,D 2,1..
Enc. Nal) ad
171%IPI'UY, lIIVLH h 1,~
1.1. 1-51
p :cld Llati., of ati q ir0,0.7) 11".1. ,. :
rmri•:),:. it
%T:Pr.Ts , RITTSI , ,Tte 2•11..e...rit.•••rs ha.l j.1;1 ••••
fr2tiv Vcrk a lelultiul IGt .0f carpets, u : .• •
ty TOW rot ea•!I ut made' piy.
4 1111. TO
JAR.,:=6,Ls a and c.ntorntderett Tart e•atra.r ', xi
scat teed !Ilk a Chiva silk a near article. at "
Ma) 3. 1. 'WRY. •
Di. k .oh,ti • • •
, T ,„E (Inn of le , onti.. Ita"
o and Cowin...toil Itlerehalitl. , •viregf 114 till.
it,ut , ?.ti ale Cr , t d.. of A pnl I-51, a rut the I! , e
J lor wit)roiri.E Tnc want Corso ar.1..•.:
1 40.11 t: ,111 lit•ef after br eotolorooi rf K.
A J. Kel , .A. al Vicir : . ..torehoti.c at. the JPoek, LIN In
J. hit here Ilit'y N Ili ell.`t . d Nrh I It
and dtrpaicti to ;tit ;r:Ilotao. cotr-izted to (Noir CAre.
F.. J. Kt Ulf o.
v: 1v Lt)i)111-
Rte, Aprt.l 31. 1-51 —ltri3l
77 - (ID tVES—A art:o %arta) at the net.*
IL Slay 3E tVI V, &
I GLASSLS.—.9, gcg.kl airpotteirnt at the cl ez,t fly I
TRA %V Gf l o —A' at 7
L. 3 Ma) 3. t . LoWAY
p - ,i , Ts.-1 . 11 - ;: , e and v.dored Linen for al
Sennett l!lo ;k
c in the :nciatmt CL.: A
Lowrs. 'N tr. to
ATS at;te W 'Eri?. 110
dloo,ooo unwenron:
Great rateitemeat at Ne. 4, Wright% Block!
Lind, l ol!el*,,not Comibg!
rI UT I. RoISIFINZWEIC & are rce.rn ir: (ice% rat a.
" ""e, N 0.7. Wrigl)CP Block. the inobt rif,a, A ••Iftl
3ftettla.eLt OfigeOdS it. their hue et Cr Otretril
' Coats, Panta and Vests,
i ofthetineetwatenals, of the best Lit, aul ht the I e•, 7trrr
ortinanstsip, are sold at this establishment to rfit4l , the ,, L 4 *
‘ 4llll wake wore b i g buy tug than going V. ititout. .liort tbcir -t
a/ Llc act arc
that. beret fter etere C. 7 .11 he no excia.effor t. 4 revs
or dilapidated Pa,ints. But their stock of Ready )1;0:e CI , aunt
is not the the mity and .eettami held out to a ...Fat, ~Ra ggt,l and
eaueY l'utilie” to ;five them a call, fortheir ,F
to tinsurpa:sed feer3ttets, Fashion and, aboie alj. Ca,spliefrs.
aad as they have employed
Agl ' ilbcperioneod Snight of the "hears.
well and (avorah4y known for many yrars in this 414 rouitty
they can arrant good fits la the moat laptidiofis. *rte. hake
Goods from the fittest Yhtr ICJ to the etiar,,est. s 4 hat c'c 7 S " e
can he suited. They Lave t:
large a-someat
Bath as Shirts from the fittest Quality tb the Ca it-e-t !Lowry
Shirt, handkerehtels, gloves, soeks.Searfs, under cartue•it•. CO.
liars. BOsouts, together tsit,h riVery thing in .put hce. ,%%c
a general-au-a:Meat of •
Ladies rashipaable Hoods
for the Spring ar! Summer . trde. • We tiove no,!her r'ocin nor
tune to entonerate et) hs or ' , peak o(qual*, Lnt C in Joet ta> to
ladies to c.,11 and examine lortheinselves.r
and 11 - the prices deli % sail we'll ffoeavor to f:1 ilicn.. for we
wish to sell and are Aeterzninerl nut Ifo he unde-,ld Livn t twirl
the location. No. I. Wright's Block.
Erie. May Y, Itit.Sa
WILLIAMS-bar. thin day ammerated with him Chas. II
JWright. and fronaed a copartnership under the firm of it
hams & Wright. as Banter*, OalleClOrs and Exchange Dealers
Office corner of Arent and rublm 2quarc.
rne. May 3,
;11,a OPLIULT INT/11MOSN' Tilt ' = OP.'
N• :Ntlitpny tiers trove to inform his old et:limners that far
• the present hew 'II he found of No. 7 'Deed tiou , r, For
mant story • where he IA ill be happy to wait ,uraa all is bo may
farur him with a estil.!
. ,
• •Drim May 3. 51
NwricE is hereby gives. t. letters Testament:la ry hart. tort
.4.1 granted to the subscribers on the mimeo( Joseph I.IM.
Of North East tP, deceased: .erekne all, having clean.
Kalli estate. will present the for settlement. and Mete l .debud
nialte Immediate payment. B. HAVLIN;
F.ipNNY L4IY, )
North tan. 1,51. Sl*
" ?1150 011.PEIT.
DH. HUNTER a ill forfeit giltr. if failing to cure any (.310 .
15 disease that may come under hiscare. no saner hi. - 101
standing or alliteting. Errjica sex are invited to lii Etiisit
Rooms, 3E% North SEVENTH Street. Philadelphia, Is Idiom faro(
i wen uptoon by other yattents. Otrangcrs and others who hair
been unfortunate in the eeleation of a physician are tattled W
call. Those who have injitred themselves by Kilda, .ict et
also invited.
READ .nn RrSl.Fc . r.—The, afflicted woold do Ascii to Wit , '
before trusting their health. happiness*
and in man) re." ow l
to the hands of physicians, ignorant Of this class of 041s
die.' f t Igetritailily intnossible gar one man to ouilristauJ all Lt e
illsibe human family are subject tn. Beery respectable ph' °'
has his peculiar branch. in whith he is more than his
brother ProitagOry." and to that be devotes most of !hi. nine
T. Emig 'or Poser:cr, exclusivelydevoted to the end treat -
Ustut of diseases 4:lithe wawa' organs, together ast,th u lcer up
on the body, throat. mete or legs, pains in the Irrador bchei.
email rbetnnatismodeletutee. gravel. IrrEgular nice. dera.r an'
lag Atom youthful fltressesoor itipUrsticii Of thelle'rf,
the coma au Mil has become enfeebled, enables the Doctor to oil er
speed, relief - to all V , tiO 111:1$' place theturelt e. under loteate
Philadelphia. May 3. lbgl. s1)51
*cm sad rOpular School Book. '
Hlr:orr, Uu av eraat eetbef
pended an e with a
pitome of lientben fof IVlritiologr?iatural Ehtiotonb/.
General Antronouly and Ettwolont ; Adopted m We PUNK
eitalworAs of
FOUR S. JON Kei dr. CO. Punt t.helh.
8. W. Corner TH and RACE pure's. PhtiadelnAla•
Twat; and Aerosol Coraniiitees addrensure Wier+ IP 10
paid, will he furntahr d with caries icr retinal:llOLP'
rj" A Tall and Complete Anortalrrief Peat erd Ratl o e .
ary for gale at the I area Prim 141
Fhtic•'eit hop. !kr.: .1 16A:
DROWN 4 e•..
J. 11. WILLIAM:4