Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, February 19, 1848, Image 1

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Elio County, Pa.
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tr lukteribein (tell by rho cornet) 802 10
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not tAtol m .14111.114 e•,ae hFi t 6, cr 1,1”111,
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N‘ppillier dirt' unt1114,1•11 until All artt'nrAvt I. are
PI the nitVl.ll t!I•11,e•
r' ill commonteattoilte 1411.1 6c ` past to eel MT
TEIZ ,11:Y It Trt'l".“;.
,qu 1,, g0e1...r. S'" sql, .1. I '
, 'sfl 110.11010,
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, I t ,r 1 ‘. I 1 TT •, 'le fi.;•11 e n r .,
11 , II [lnd erit• • )1:0•/ gl 1 .
tit,. 11, 11 1.1 • 1
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tII ri /c /•7. di/ to /4,/r 1.. al.Jrnrr
1,(111.1 . 111,i. I,.all.rnOnr l d
r. , 1 0/P , , ill 1,. 11.
.1 till it.r1.1.1, I 6.1 0....r2..1 el% •
Cord*. hut ...x..ce.•11.t. 6 hoc, /II 41 ILI er
it Is :14 k\l
your.-;. Las
tk. IA W.11:4,
V111.1:,314. I hIII IS 111
110, (•,,al;l'iar..ll.ltl!2ll, ri, 1,
V,l , t 1111: It%
3. Kc -- XV. 11'. I ,r(
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n • I' i • C • o . 121
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'•• •.• n , ~, •1 I'3.
GIL\ 11.
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TA• in V,llt
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u. I. 11,
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or I;l,it.h
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I,i )( t - ; (•<
1 .4.- in \ 1\ • C • , • 11% Of .1 1 , 1111.111 '1
•r,PI i ;did v, i
dml l'.:zit .1 F.y
\\ • I zi G HT .
and 1 :71
l'y. le"
r, I 4:1 I rri.r
14 :41141 tlw 1'16111: '-',1 14 0, k 41 1 11 4 , 1 10 tl w
l` ,Eim,l' a.
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1V 101,1_,LT.
.inet I ai•,l Um!rilnl.4
S. JACK IN: 4 1 1 ";, .`.3. I).
%.I.:ian and 1 , 1
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11'.11.KEIZ ;.;;;.C1)()J,
(:; 111111-. 7 f -oil a t. I r 1,11111(
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ut , t•lwit
rot rr.•,1 , !1 FICA. is to.
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I n 4101,, 1 I I
al- , 1(1,•,):1 , .•
"(;(101)\VI.N 1.,..•'11J I
II rtu.
PP! . 1171, -.IJ i le,
cmvri:!: &. frri unt
",. ltced I ioli- I. It.
T(1.111.1N: 4 ( Co.
and CH.t , tii- kl,
1" 1,1 C 1 11i . 1.11 111 111.11 1.1."‘11..1:'1-•
p.3 1 -r !Lint.% it , •••
duol e a—l t,
11 ).A iti'l I, I.:die, I'd.
L ? Hiram F.. 111-,)‘‘ n, c(.lll.•'i e ""
11 ' ~t t t ire, le, Pa. V( , cl
c. - 0:: , )11111t.1
- lAT.LE z.,IIAmuLIT(.):\:.
Nlvryliaut 11,•1
few doors west lA' _t..u•. toc. t. li,is
F'"i'or in Ti1....1.'),2tv .1, Al Sunday
Chissi, ai 5e10,..1 110 , .1;; ex• e i.
II I, Frencil r. ,I, 1 rir. P.i.
P.. it. Llt
(;01111,4 1". fie (111f .. .hit , .
\\*. T. pr.litieCteill 111.•uni1111iv+ nt
nl aqd loWtt, 1 . Lind In (1 , 3)10:,
I n "n Tl•tri nn-.
the sighed t o the spinsters, that. Elizabeth
. _ ..
1` »l rt.V.i..zsi soon ol . .-slisaa li, ~41.,. 1 . - 2 I ssas far,tonre girli•li than she ha . fun Ily nn- -
' 1 " 3 . 4 sad 5, for 6 . 11 4E No. 111,
Frai.Eh St i tic . ..pitted the , voithl be,after such to - meal - led
I,rie, N., c, 1417 51
---- '‘ ' ' • ~ . ________— I pull< as she ha I Invishe.l her to ernili-
NE\Y ESI'A in.'s 1151ENT,, . (Alt , the folly that is balm I up iii the hittan
iiL Slott Strt•t, nrallq - v ) toNil, Me 1-1.,:;le 110,1. I i • . .
I_,, )0 " is 4 , c , i Il e
eui -,,,, 1: iu ii , 1 h eart—and especially in the heart of a very
e * New Yori4 and (pewit.? at 0 rii Hew s ..ii• ' hent.ti Ili! )(ming woninn, she d [night base ,ni.l.
t: v t :r ..","', l , l ,( . . l •‘4rrilleii• id 1 : 1, h and Fl-1110' iiii'y : The t•pinsters nll i-ighe.l, ton—rucke,l back
, --,, i', (etahr chi. , 'he 1,11 % s %IV 1,: %i MI. I
' l ', in ',' l " l ) Ir.ltrilf 8. Cio, LI Mit il gind Hailenty n midi forth in their rocking chairs, closed their
~."'n ' l " . rm. (.!otirry. 51 ,, 1 Toini";"'s- I. ""ili'' "' e'\ et= mournfully and assure l l Miss Penelope
alai'. Lvape. Lust iaz Cd,,ssps Cu',! Prwr. ‘ I Iclear ed herskirin of all sin in the
het with a uenvi ill %ariutv ‘,l 1.7.c:iil and Cr. 'I'") s he Int
t 'c'ral articles, c 1!! a. I sir Owl volt wilt ire- '
, n ot
I ter. let results be as deplorable as they
' , lrit 26,1;17. 6 I might.
1 I '
F It
.., .
~. ,
. ~., # ~,.• ::o , ' ' ,' .. ,
.4,- -#:
. ... . :
... •.
'f , '
..., .
. 1 - 4 1-
. : .
. .:
... _ .-.... ..
Andro no.thonuil ' l,, ill shortly lie
N'llle • wet t mark on earth G um Hie!
ut I. ofd ink oLlmott's telt
on pun tlllt the ladle
-_ ,W,ltt•rc.l 11, I fttit flee ..111 , 1y Otto°
01 Tulle—on.l Le li,
.01 toe —lt II 1111111• I I,olc,
-To IC.I, 111, II Itt. It ' 11111 11,1 I`.
EL:zkinliti Moho AN•s parents died in her
infu —her Either, belore .he had learned to
kniAv her natutal protector, and her mother
In tore .he could -articulate that sweet word
in nth, r than the.l.B . )in , y tone, of very baby
lico.t. Poor Lizza.,Alorgatt! the t% a:. early
tliri,i‘n en thi.c ,lroimptity id ttttryc dl
awl a ery v‘or•ii. No heart thrilled
;111 rumd drli,hl ut the dex elm:m.9llPu! i l l her
Chll,ll,lt po‘‘er--1141 sheet earttet4 (nee t•itii
h,,l MI fit r 4,r befit liver a+ site
t iti her 1:111i. "r I:AT:t to ofTer the
.!.oft pruner by lie r crush.
M :Xli•rgmt Let imir Vivi tor
1...111 . 11 l'oreloye t% limit he
1:11:1 1 1 , 1 ,, founile..1 coalidt nee. Ile_th.raght
,ht! hoki bat on't. 111101, ;In I that %\a.: all
lereEct , or want of tell lertw- , towiir I chil
Ilecon u,itu d toectoo,
drink 1.. r low‘v dint I.i
-v..111.1 rnou :lumber
L: Ili, rt le in the g rove. Ile felt that the
iu le 1 , 1 hi
ial 111, from iii C.01.1....5s the felt I ..-
%\ ;tr.! Lod %%um into life the t..‘‘vel
o,t m t uttitri>,—,elf-rtteri -
g eiion fyr infancy.
lie 1...11.4 al,t Poileiope
' Burton
c. toe ,11
;:Il 'night take tliv
“i \ .114 t
\‘l,ere. ii e‘er, wowao all all
a wilo no I norther.
111 t 11t Pe;.elope hail grown ni) nnaer n
,te; Ire:. awl -lie tt tery unlike other
doltlo u. :••••..he tt mature nn 1 c ticolating,
%%heti other ‘‘cie pi) and, run of the nui-iet-t
and prank, of the.o period of
had duc!s: red iniequivocally quite
in the call) . :Inge of her wornaillitioh, "that
ne , .er eende-cend to inarrv,--=4O
generininn I.lok ityrnt
:111 I : 4 si 1-- I'vnelope :\iorrail ururr
his,/ uit 0 . : . / ., 1 - 1 She %%a s. ,arpri-e3 for years
—y•-, a. 111:illyus f 4.1 y secceasiee years she .
yea- comonntly rurpri-ed, uml corn.tiintly ex
eet;vg elutnee, to iefu.,e. 1 ler young aft
(itnilll,:lllCVS X\ ere married and .reitled; some
happily and tqltll , 3 very unhappily—soMe for
tobalely and some very unfortunately—sham
'yept the level in which they were born—some
had a,cemled to the eery Pinnacle of woman's
aMhon.n. and :•otne had been deceived or in
flluitted, and %%allied out of a circle where
ea,e and luxury abounded, to a stole of de
; pendence, disappointment and poverty. 11 is,
Pet , elope Mhrgall, the Immaculate, drew uu
her thin nom , it loan alnou-t in% iniblp linet and
, then the opened it to deelare . that one tuid all,
the fortunate and the unfortunate, had 'con
deSre ndrd to inurru."
t•iin.. , ...tvai thiriyo.ll by the family lible
Mien the :-‘ket.t litile bright-eyed, gold .n
-liaired I,i;:zie came like a frerb suhbenn) iv()
her (I,Aciling. I'lliss Penelope lured Liz ie,
lit Cail,C ,he %%EIS the only remaining retTes•,.
I eutatil.e r f the :11.or.gan Tamil_., excr'ipt ber•
,ell-o,t beean,e tin re : , ...metliing• in
her -I C.,!y-ittt :lei it e every heart, but
nue ;Ike lwr lorever shot no I
Indtud it. She \c.l: pion.i of Lizzie
t 0 , ,, I tam -ore, a 4 she grew up, because she
ci,..,iteJ her home nonlife and Ll,llllOlllllOll so
11:1101, 11101 111\511 . C01011:C1C(1 Ilerz•elf ‘‘ jilt such
fail:lied Mein-um. Allot Penelope designe
to l lridii lit r in hl r null demure %%ay, and es
! ccnilly 10 prel ore her for the mantle of her
oast Inaijenhotal,.it hen in the Collf,e of ii.t •
tore i,t oitist lail 11.10 her most tespeciable
siaMitler, ati,l,she tilts '•%% e,hled to the grate,"
as :.1:t.• WaS wont, eery ttriteltit.gly, to expre...,i .
her I tilt e 01 Multiage at all.
l'iticlole began Ally early it;
ono lit r ant t-milirittionial creel,
and il little “Iten Riding Ikon - rtercontusel
I.( r girnlr nia ills In r /:run .einipticity, sn
tAil Li; it• 11:oft:an r confOtion her
A olit Petietore;till nothing Ina the impera-
I lie tit duty made her take courage to
er-et ere in her Saint Paul like labor.
:11,iigait grew up under Aunt
icy shady '•itie and fig I rec." till she
attained her Mature it( mani.toe—at least toll
she it as twenty years" old. i-s Alorgan,
se l,ior;sighed to her confidential friends, the
reteral spinsters in the v illagr—for she would
' Ind( ed take no nurrrird tit inan itinther &Hifi
;di lICI did out h.,/ ands get the benefit of all
SIC, chl and I rot ninitinicat ions! Si ! she
had It ti;i n 1 0 Anrns , and her dircretion
;NA. , I
prompted her In he tini ther;nre side. I ray
-Atone I walked the ocean Ftrand,
A pearls lull w, In my baud,
1 stooped aud wrote upon the 8.11111
y • nine, the sear, the day.
AP o rma r d from the Pilot epassed,
One heiterieg lent. I fondly cwt:
A w 4ve came rolling laugh and lust.
And l my Inn a away.
Am! o• 1 ch 11118 ulio 1•..11,,i• she 611111,
Anil hulJ , the 11 . h i , h am ).
I sec 4,3 el oautl,
1.1,1 gl .•11•51 111
( I 11,1- stoo 1.1 p,.. It.lo. lotiOo
0:.. l 111,5 1 Is ois lk 1. lhuax 111.
Hui. (NC,' (log 11e..111C0 t • C,111: 'lt
Is! Otirt or r.". ph. •.
Ci) 1:11.1('
Lizzie was the sweetest, purest. Tinniest
being in all the village, notwithstanding the
domestic cloud that had obscured her sky from
hevearliest memory. Every body loved and
adpired her—old a ndyoung acre happy when
Lizzie was in sight:l for she wore the Most
contagious smile, and was so overflinving;with
exhuberant but. repressed ,gladness—repressed
into becoming seht iety and resignation; when
she was in Miss Morgan 's preence, I mean.
She N. a, the %cry pink of attentiim and con-
fortuity at home. She kept the t.ilver barge,!
Npeciveles if they we - 7e not or out
of the red morore4 easo . to he settled iu slate
upon - that maidenly no-r; and Aunt Penelm
declared with great deliberation and soleunti•
ty, that "in regard of that. very %%quint*/ vir
tue, neattosB, Elizabeth nrproached
quite tni nearly as any woman had ever done."
I Haul she was the pink 111 CO/IfOrMity, t
f 11 iss l'et el( le atinned 'l)3 the liberty
Lizzie's Leantiinl I air IA enld in taking,
I() curl over her tinted cltc k- arid t% !die neck.
she ottld truiniltentm Wing colprit,after some
res-taticc it - i 4 part, into a 'plait no less
be:1, 1 4;01'441, except that it, tt as totiticial.
Atoll Penelope took it into lier head to ob
ject to the brilliant lustre of Lizt , ir's large
langlitti . .7 mischievous eyes., so ;•he drooped the
pore li is' to hhle the multiplied , mirth that
onld hate flashed out criii them, at the In
dio:rows fabcy, till the shadow of the lung,
ciiri.e..l silken la,he, fen on her cheek, and
made 114 look mere hke a Ve1111:: thatbever4
Now, lat'int this time it came to 1111, , that.
lid Tr'sitrato F-q., the I,m)er who
had grokti rich oil the ciiitirielb
cit ['Lens 1 for the, lust :biro? qctir4, (lied; (n'
curse 6t 111)0$1., lilt heraw-e liv,ettese. t. ,, tt
and It. it had protect a %cry nototionr : ly oh
i 44:4 le oioirg, now. and instead of 3 it4diit f! to
parctital authority and I wring over the dusty .
old hooks in his lather's last'
reader, I ha I nom , oetel• Orin a law
niamry to ,neces,ffin in prile•
'lce, In had %%ilful;y in,isted im becoming a
oting merchant in hi , nut,, ‘il-
lagv; r t hip latilet'• hairs, \viva luft
alter such acute t6ioking u- 114:. kin ry had
requlre.i. %%cut (!tmlll ilt 011111 l II) lilt.
on that ti . nti one ot her ricconnt —nal inely, that
the -puil3 lie bad gathered front the u•cendru
cy of t ilitssiiibei in i•nrit.ty, wolllJ find tlivi
%%ay -. 1110 some oilwr pliCkel,
I.: !loon Vane] Tinker, for he had the al
% anti go of legal name if not a legal nature, w;i
a gre;tachniier of a c.rtaiit pair of lionitimi;
ryrs. Illc' inalienable urolluty of prim Hiss Pelle ape Nlorgiou' s niece. But Mr. Little
lon Vatic! ;Filiker, had heart that the same
' , relic of the ark faultily,' u-I he profanely call
-4A her, aunt I ITi i'll II , sail of hin t "that ti ny
woman would eoruile,cend unpublimably to
marry him!" Ile had a test l high opinion of
himself, at least he held hitn i ell -on as good'
estintat ion it s yoneg men iii general. lie lint
%cry black hair tool n hiskei.s. and he lie;01
both ilcourously trimmed, unit he broshed both
c...i.ry time hi. went job. lii , , counting-room,
which %yds Um seldom, flit- he, %yin , rather a
bustling melchant; he was neither mat% aril-
ly 4101, nor i'olgarly stunt, neither thin enough
to i' - epresent tontine'. tour thick enough to sag-'
geftt that,liii. descended friuM the Falstall% or
lAu filberts . i lie wore l gold spectacles, becattsi.
.hi= eyes here gray—lie snit because he was
nen r-sight .!.11, and offended lus friends by tin
, h0e:16,4411 neglect of recoglnition—kept hi s
broatlehicy as nice as it Inc in the nature of a
bra-li r industriously applied, l to make it—car
ried a gold headed cace,.'-liossessed, a long
and a liberal purse—ro-le in' a fine city•lmilt
chaise, with a beautiful loirSe, (r confrss the
last item of the inventory would have had
%yeig lit l ivid' me.) and what condescencion could
1 ,..
There_be in at
“Sour grapes in old Penel4, nothing el-e"
comfortably soliliquised 'Littleton-- -"She
w ant- me to condescend to ninny her portion -
le-- Hee, nod she is an turgid, that Lizz e
AlOrgan—rd marry her to-molt-ow, only it
would {lease her auto." .
'llinirvi.ns 110 rt ‘viiy ID! ninr,
ber—be kilvw t•ln. 1‘;11`t illiillitely bi4Sul eri.,
tiltd talent and every g
11, slid m ble, and piort; and lie buil' every
reamin lu 'wow lhul Lear s A ills! Lizzie 11.1orgiiii
%% as tioi mbeli ref i,er respretir g
Jrint t l u m v‘vi ,•he might dit stmt. (rout til
p nil
Tile I tipple of
anit,uni of businesslifor a lawyer—used t s
'they had been to as. - t. ,5 11 and enforce the rights
of citizen ttitlt cili - ..zen by the strong arni of
law, they could it,• more do wi , bout a reprel
seuttoit e of the legal profession, than they ,
could n idiom the Rev. Ztibedee Biddle, tt ho
had so long and so outraged mat
ters techsiastic, to their entire I , ..yisitiction.
To nu of this ut cessity, occasioned by the de
mise of Tui-tram Tinker, Esq., by tunnel as
... Cornelius I lithium on, Esq., a young la'w
ver of respect:Mid parentage. great energy
and uer, , ex ern i'}l clot rat • er,'w.di uptight
and lita l ito ble intentions in '1 iS manly soul,
and n teverene6.lor t hat o ns high. and a eon
tempt for what wrrs low in his profession,—ll
say rnrt:eliin• q., nits in% ited
to Make hi:. borne in -vine,
` Jli' had been t h ere sonic time before he. had
a rig ht of Lizzie Morgan, for Arms Penelope
liad an inetincti‘e horror"t lawyers and rher•
as, and all miter such kitaver,pid she eon
scient inurly kepi herself nod Lizrielllll of 1110
ally of them. She solemnly el idned it upon
Lizzie—and Lizzie was a little curious to take
some observations on that young lawyer—to
keep her face modestly turned the other way
in.going out toichnrch—do wear hor veil down
when the stool tri to 'hear the singing, and a
long entalogoe of decorum; et cmteraa, Pke
pedlar's wares, too lillalerOUß to 111P111i011.—
She reiterated her nnti-matritnonial doctrines,
heart, and when she gnve back her own, flut
tering mid trembling., with great tears of be
nml Waxed so fervid on the robjoct th it Liz- fore untested Ittippinessin her` eyes, 'she felt
zie began to grow superstitious, an d , fancied flint thultleseesien of that Price!era' heart,
that her nunt knew by the stars or 'Oh- filled thevoid-ip her being that had been ta
er way' that sotuething was about to befall cold (rem her childish yearr: an iceberg
her. 1, $ seemed at once lifted off her soul, and
T,HE WORLD ;13 a•OVE.RNED'TOO,,M.I.J'i;n."
Aunt Penelope said, of ministers, that they
were as poor as the mice that-stole ti scanty
'ire on the cru m bs charitable old women scat. ,
tered idt their churches—so itur doctors,•as c ondesc en
sion to marry a clergyman. o
they violated" he sanctity of the - graves, arid
that was an awful crime: besides they cut
short Many valvable life by their vile nos
trums,' and were,a hardened and heartless i lset
of men—thercfine, no winnan of true quality
-Itocltd condescend ¶o nrar-ry n physician. "Of
tner..fictufe. t• he tleclured the very 1111111 re of the
im,les,•ion unrrtwe'l the foul to the rapadity
of a hazelnut —htit led the intellect tinder heaps
of doll•trs, and anxieties liir mitre; aatati .lutt
~‘ii ni.l screw f , ,i the half era ill 'teak lig
change v‘ith a peer cti,tonter fain a-0 pint I, io
\vould,it not be e ( tinilescending to
inaiiy hint. Of ?ineyer.3, 7 —ery ct..rininly
Aunt Penelope liiiin.l lier.ell i in:intent to ex
;tress the extent of her tibttirreiteC iff legal
men.' "They are nit impuJent, pryhw, ras
cal!y, riading set," =lle said, "witi 11;e Q•
inna_%‘l,x, %t :mik emaplaceatly at a line I,
yet• is
But, strange to tell, the mo:3 nervnitslv
Atha Penel.)pe dee'aitned against la wv'ers,
the ulna. %it i.lly a great deal there rose be
f.,re Ltz ie :11.4gatt's vi-inn, a fine, tall fig
ore, an open intellectual birow. a pair of he . a..-
ttful blue eyes, a 1,;;.r ..f hrottiant bitek till is
ers, an 1 :1 whale% er eli-e might tip , t l lie
apnear..nce cif Cornell..~ fla:ibor o n ,
E-q. She ‘,.....tured uo odr..o.4tion to Aunt
l'eta.lope's sentiments, but inwardly
she should rioinclio‘i' get an inttoJnr i"
t , ) theX gentleman in (pt,i , tion; a t i Iye
i n o ,t
nut i 1 t cooly it,,ueth nn hi , '
',art, that'll(' t4wahr get at chance to lic k ( (rce
tun it t hat r•weotfac4s, itu)wient the a 'IS:,
Might be. Stit'll ft)tii:iftl wi-la", aro ,ahA
Ina naged to ail ttec. , topli,ltott.itl. L'lt it
the,t uccilent in the ‘vorld, an I ides
est neci•lclit too, ;4.1 thought th" • parties, '!
crrile,l. Nnw, %rim bvlic%e that .
l'enelfre Nlorgnn her,cl . wa:-; the inno•
in,' tat 11!ei:1 i cmpairconatio:l If
hal been n I,tosnati Catii..lin wonli I
IlldllC contisit.l
to the day th htl
It raineikc
Aunt Penelope
and -lie wns in
all I:Pr
The dnorl
'nuking. II
leave it 4 ,
door nod
It Imp!'
!pgal bor , ,
of the r
Ws.; Elul
h fining■
a interview with the unortal l ei
ire profez,ubin—Miss Penelope
Le had been tol I it wilt' every fail s t
as a man's neck was worth' to
t lady ipto tiny snail necommoda
. waii a man of indomitable, con
!red, though t-, own the troth, hi
some when Iru laid his hand on'
ring for admission within vestal
Ilis umbetilla wns dripping, 1,,,,
he kiievy that 'lndies of Miss Morgan's
iierat teitt. had ahorror of steins left on
pets bytheAr l ippings of a black cotton
,f his ei
tra 13 . 1
n- much
suade th
l bw as h
he cent
'mob to
lie expected the servant to open the
for lie knew that Miss Morgan wan an a
crnt of the %cry highest piouf, so he wn,
prernred with his most graceful bow
he heard the bolt drag back, nod saw 6
him the - very face ot, all others lie'Mostd
ed to see. Cot ios
sed its he generally n nod speeilallyprepar
ed for extremilies as he was na This Pelrar
was quite untntilined—he bowed iiwhtvrlydlt,
and then-follooed no embarrassing sil l eoce,
dor hisrecreant thoimlits had deserted
nod be could neither hod; p hat nits Ills4er
land, nor the name of the lady-ile wonted to
sen! 3le ui hed 160 torrent Iliat nosp l tMoing
ow his ninlwe;la weal I wash hitn o Way, 7.
wits in a t. kite She
had not time to braid her hair that- niorniti!!.
and it was cor:in neatly over - 144 brantilul
;tied; She blushed and I hen turned pale, a the
changes of exoresz.ion that swept over 1 . 1t4
Idee, awl the Ina glii•ltws, hall terror. he
read in her et ei4 only added to M r. Ilaliburtott'e.
• ,
"I-..Miss—Mis,..—tlw lady' of the hotise at
home," hid. tiunlly 1-.4:l;lnniered.
Me. lind an 11111/SU
• r•iel: thi. morning', and not able to
:iv Komi:any, 1-ir." 1J:1111mi - ton lingered.—
II is begiiii ton. an% er !from their sudden
of it among, her great
r :cat li.
a -yoilog driugeune morn
m.nssick with a t errrbieci'her zinfiress in her own ri
ing at her feet ministering to
and boron' iiig hei caprice.,
• t atig—"Eli_ubetli," said i\
wear cieliberaiion, "Polly is
igh.szyrnp, nod she must not
ne moment. , Jost step down to the
like the milk, I presume it is the
knew the milkman, Itud
isit hiturs'hefore.
eneil tuna Mr. tialiburton was
ness, Mll4l, whose Terri!
fl) /OW Pdnelope's. :tn.l it her
lu know exactly all
the acre , roil Is Hill
I ,peciive possession Nobody nii
Irgtttl 1133 the original document
the boundaries. an.l he must-
bill r
mt: me to come in? Not by
ant' manner
- of ioterpretatiinLin it lrovitale
to !elite n mart i.taudintr nut
shimer iisthis," thought be. Lizzie fli.l in
1, lie him in, awl Ite %volt in; how Tong he t-titil
I must not retcnl. Llzi6e hft Atutt Petie
lope to fancy he was a milltittam awl enive,l
to the lar..t degree the_ rcmini-cenee• of ,the
m ruin call.
The kailmilary bu,iress was long and per
plexing i and how many calls- it ratite intlis
pemahle. I will not hazard an estimate, lest
it might be regarded extmrrigatit.. hit when
that was done, Corneiins lialiburtott,
fit mini himself eery inextricably in hive' wah
sweet Lizzie Morgan, cod he thought Ole
hoed hint ton. Ile otThrol her his ,liand timid
19, 1848.
long garnered treasures of pure and untouch
ed ufWction, were poured out On this one pre
cious objebt . ' The rills that are wont to burst
in sparkling freshness frotn the young heart,
had been fr - lizen at' their springing by the
cold decorum of her kind but mistaken guar
dian. But the sun of love that rose upon he;
at that bright moment, melted aWay the frost
that had been gr;thering from her childhood.
cud blended into one spontaneomi stream till
the gushing tenderness of lier being.
Aunt Ilenelope was horror stricken! She
Opposed the marriage I in, opposiiiim was of mi
She stn relied about "conthisceirrit.oa,''
and even -raved in her t rembled ;lumbers nu
thein.uproonh!e disgrace brought upon' her
, peitles4 family by its degenerate rein usc tata
tire. Lizzie Was gent ;e hot firm itt t hen les
ion! ion, and the day s ri frer her mat lag as r
-looked reined 'on the s%t erit lunae her he-hand
lus,l fOr her, with,pl
glint arra mlei)ient 'mid e.-Tecin;ly
Intdte,l cur Ilie lofiy high-inindogi
her in her in~plicity; i•
:re of fsl. bona sid,isf Iti4
dared V. hat condracenvien :he had p:
•uch a marriage
".1n t.iin Lizzie tried year rifler yr%
evade her maiden aunt to leave he
arid nnibe Mr, 111:liburton's house
in vain s h e did t to her fccli.l ,, , nod
called her born "Perielope 1:1, 7 ,1,b0th
Morgan - -Autit l'eh'clocc tens as inirho‘Uh:e
as the everlitA log hills. She liMed the hoist?
and L:zzie . ,s were %r•t hoi,y
dish t 0..: donie,t h
inents,—rhe iiish.ted, for ho rea
son in the tvnrl.l, that I
IL n.l, ;Ai prt•lvrred her ov.n hi, I mk:n
s tolti.l_ Polly. 01,1 tyro strtl iiiftnoity
!Ike'. tittw , r for tiny hoily•s inelii tili,ol. :mi .
they di I not )T:t -elAnot l'enelo , ,L.. tz.lo.g' :..v. '
more ;till wore !et:hie—her so'itii::t.s hi..t-tot.e .
ittsot !Tot tah!e—lte wa = r",;le- - utt.l u::i.ti,q . :,•,
:mil Ithally the tlevotedoe,44 1 .1 . 1...".:zip utlll lo r
exce.leut ho,ttithl v. Oh" li,:q . ' c.,ittpit telv (~, er.
.......h._.1,,,),; tip !ter :11) , ,,1e w:Ilt divot and ‘‘i:Pn
sh. !.:ity tatßli :mil the nivap , of luxury leu . .-
ttlilitc,z to rewiti.l srecus-h:1 inllu.,=ll:,, rel
'Mr. Ilt.lthot ton \\ ns pr..ntoto! toM4'o I,;.•1)t.-t
(,tlice4 of trust itt the liiAtfellotv-citi
zeks, she did :Mow, though 1% 0 ,114o:telly. that
LIZZIE' lind not 1 / 4 1ortleseendel to tt i ;ttars.,
Al AratrED AND ;-;1.NGL1:!.1.1.'1.:.
:Irriage is a t chl and exerciie t,f s Hue;
and though marriage bath cares, let a sing-le
life, bath desires 'which are more rt)tililosiitne
and dattgerOtts, and often end in sin; while the
carps, are butt in-tances of. Itity.ttitl exercises
,piety; therefore, if single ifti bath more
priincy - of detotion, yet marritt,4 bath more
necessities arid more varieties of it, and is an
exercise of more graces. - ... - I
Marriage is the proper scene i 2
i piety an d
patience, I.f the duty of patents aid charity of
relations: here holiness is smead t abroad, and'
hoe i , united awl made firm asa teal re; ma r—;
riage is the nur..ery of Ilea% on. The t irgin
sends prayers to G.l;tl, t bist she em ,ie's lint mitt
stud to him; but the slate of marilage ink up
tits nuoilwr of olect, nod liiiii hip !lie labor'
o f lost, awl- the delicacies, of friendship, and;
blet.sings of society, and the ut i A, of hands
and hearts. It lath in it less of Imaiity, bat
more of safety' than the - single life; it 'bath
Illfire care but less dangler; it is rote merry
undmord sad; is fuller of sorrowsi and feller
l ' if joys; it lies,under noire burdens, bill is sup
ported by all the strength of 'Wei and chat i
ty, and those l burdens are delrglif4
Marringe is the mother of the vorld, and
preserves kingdrns, anti tiles cities, and
churches, and Ileaven itself. Celibacy, like
the fly in thd hears of an apple, dwells in per
prints!, sweetness, but sits adore, find is con
fined and dies in perrettial singularity: but
marriage, like the useful bee, builds a house
nod gailters sweetness from every lower, toil
I..thtil"d and unites into republic- an. ..e n d. ; oat
cologne. , , and teed: the norl I deli( 1e,tr., , , and
obeys rulers nod keep order, and exeerci.q.,;
many ‘irtites, mid promotes the ,9ierr:sts t.f
mankind, and ,is ..-1 that sate of g;ooll things
of M6O God lath designed the peesent con
thuiat ion of the smelt.
, 1 -
Ilt . tauto - r .Bm.) oLP Kt.,vt t.t.n..-i-Not long.
since, at to e‘etting lolttienl blee, at the
Capital, c sinversat inn turned tiptin Geogra
phy, and finally, Mr. Denton. (beit;g present)
began to quote littribithit itretty exrettsisely.
A quiet old cl.lger, an I.x, -M. C.lvlin hailed
from Kentn i cky,.and had Once begs attached
in :Mine way to the tninb.tty. of PrOrice, in his
younger days, and of which fact lie was al
ways mighty proud, jonted iii ihrl conversa
thm. I When Benton had g . otten 'Tough with
his litimboltit authority. Kenttickit-aid—
"Gent ' , emelt, ir.titny opinion old Humboldt
is i an oter-rated man, and lie thilit begin to
know as much about gregrophn n't he lets on-
The fact is. 1 met hint or cc at ititiblic dinner
in Paris, is hen 1 isus that., your, and pot
him to Ike proof. As long ris lie t as talking
about the Andes. and Cordiller a' ,- , and snit
places as Illdhlify but Itim4elf Ilever beard
on, hr' carried eierything his owl way; but
the-instant I put a stritigln forv,.+l qoP,..ioli
to him, one that any school buy in limitnclry
might have awn% ered, hr was flowed: yes
sir.'±Now Baron, said dtlakhig hint quite by
surmise, !lapin, says I, can you tell me
trhor's..Bar Grass? IT., ay'.—sty—honor—
gentlemen. he lingo no more about it, than I
Jo about Jowrivailetn!—l'ankt4 !J!-,Je.
1 lie
I or
11111. r
Zfil 1
(r_rWas. Braadhey, a Scatchtnats, nbasit
45 !ears of age WIS arrested in St. basis
some time since, an his awn confession to his
participation, some doze; 'years since, in
acts ofpiracy on the high seas. Ile since
states that his tales were f nals: t o n h e i s
still spider arrest, and t II probably be fully
committed to answer. He acknowledges his
participation! in taus the mart fiendlike
atrocity, particularly while a pirate nn board
the Black Rambler, it schonnet which was fi
nally wrecked on the coast of Florida.
It yonder mill I rm,teil.
ARA rat tun lob ll to junk
,inn thr wlievl's quit k ;Immo ri
And on the Amy bipok
in n dream before me. r
r es I 10.. piny,
cleaviacihroarli o, fjr•lr
Its long "ifil tiltily way.
The tree Virougli all its !litre's
Wl - 15 li‘tiql
lunar 11111%111w,
CM. 'howl “lirt Wangler,. -t
A I hon . % one-I tIv.11.11! -
Tor tLrr, this I lII' 1 ou:!no
1 :P rin•alog thrr.ugqi
WllO I 1..01'414
Tby limir• (do r•t !Mt,',,
\s . q. 4.0 11.1:it• Ph di ~,, •
- I
1, 1,1-y 1.11; ,
ti 0,1 10 t'llr.
At w.e • 31,
,4111,- , .1111
A lil
I ,cs more II
vr , fr , s
trying. to aunt-e tny=elf in Va't•lta, tL
tal of Malta. lookityr at the g, Pict
the old 1:n101a - 401st. John,
tacie.l'ir 111(11:101i 1 / 1 1.) rommtro." It
work to be eutertailird
habitants are a: abjtai-fr,b'ec
twrsiitto,t , ft people as it wa4 tqer tny
to fall utt.-ing-.. :-;o,ne w,.
el by tk ,ociety
belA ,, ing totitc pill:1.110F : : of ;lir ,
StatpN, FQta.e fin ,t;rcat 13rit.titi; v.
Twin 'the cot:e: liou-es, an I ortti• a=
a r f tlioir' ow In. At 151.1 k. tbe-e
iN;!, Ore (II the 1,11.10 c t !,3!)r,,t, 2 1
Valol,l, I V. tag 1111
•c•c•iC , (k•SCIII.e
Tht• b.;%* %tyro
ii-11 ;,111
v. -Hi (.%::, it; 11 t,FI I a
V. ( . 1! I. tl IFI it't FrelW . l . lll",
at a liiiit•
tr., a jp.l7slit:', ;:i,
lOtio ir,."ro..t i-I ~\ hat WZI . -: g Illi7 .1:t
Wit. 11. , w,.; n .tic ,l - I ; , .:,ecially by th
li,hown, %.,. h. in% ite.l hi.!'-to j , ,ifi th...
rally llr(i.fII I the .rent tal.,:el. Itt M ol , ie:
gave then to II:IL:T.4 Ird tint he 91':., n It 0
v, nr.l of 1..;;; : h , :i, :In I halt on with 10,s winit
an 1 e:,,, , .3r. Ho el. hiv:v.i.. d.i :, t ..v..,h to 1...
inttr/ni,t , ,!. '.
.A.,lhe Flng'.i-it•nno grco.v druogheir inh..-
rent of (ihc,the ;'reach e%'iih se.lit-e!f.r..n.l
one of- thc-In pr,lpose.l to have a- ittte fan with
the soldary (laol. Winkin;l: to him t.lron.)an
inir::, be ti'l...? I hi, g1a,, , ,, wallte.l over to I'm ,
F'renclorno, an 1 %v . :01 every :.i•_ t of e
elo.:lenge.l I.on In drink. The Fre
r0 , ..e, poure.l out some claret, en I I»t%
"Nion-iettr — excletimea the Eon .
troar.l, th , -:Wile AM an lu±liv
mfo , i, , :t . an I death to the v.'11.A.! rac
I •
The Pi unci.mnn
c0ur,„,...,„ ant re,lllliP
`.l)oo , li't wider tan n won! of E
thoti;rilt it Avaq Ciplyli , tic.nt," p.?
wanton insliher a , he retor i :ed to th'
Vie , elolv :mother Eoglise:»11
repeat. the ex Ibe l ritnept. l to.:liotant
participate in 4pclo an ontratzo. i ,
he part v that it Ava 4 rpwar for
11111,t , 1110111SVII es at the expense rfnl
whoNe naly I
oorant of th,l incitiir•oz tir
e , sed him; 'awl f , ifil tri
how their wttrat= beiie I their tirtnnt
assurollv insoler,
John Doll At - as brutal, and determine
a tittlr more 'sport Avitit s!rang
which I At it h.lrew to l amlifer Ode.
A second toast vc4 nrol'o , ed to the
man, with the -ante Mock cotirte , v.
nte,liately tilie.l the glaii and nroi
ton o.n l = g;Atm:
nn be (1----1,11
The Frone.,pnan 1111c:overt. I, .1 , 11
prof f t-iou nclmn‘le.ig•mentli. (Ira
g l ass . lorne hately filling - it. he
acro , s the room. nu! pnintino 110 n
of lti=tllinul IF., cc hir 11 haw: on 1 1
Itoel Ivp trl ' l•ta pohlelle , : , MI I
health of so%oreii.t.
un,for eirtutm-tafecei; sn
in-tetti of ferlitor
rebuke and enal:ino• all Ilse atonentf.n l
pol.ter, they tun'tiplie.l their
rrontlitteeen resprude.l to' every tztl
which ca-•t ridtcille et, leti: country I
tret.nt 'oh au np:•arent
tv nunl coin kit fir
tnllity of thi. pnit!ee.llSla , ,
been nh, hoheroeig.
At length The Englishmen artlse,,
leave of their ‘ictim with every
c"urtesy, but ‘1,0...1s of sh;imed , s,
such us —Good bye; you I f,,,Y1
shall meet vgnie, Nlmiseer-/Jaclm--,4
Nis smmer ha I the clear cio-,e I ii t i/
than the Frenchman started, tip, tiMi
cltig toward. tne with Ins inthdexttn
Ei ( gii4—
"Captain. do know the names
gentlemen, awl where eau bej
Yes" I replied. hli
us I r Liu 1, Iti, Lai d.
"Anil hate you u mind to stand
this linfe
*4 To the laFt." 111.-rnin; fly rel , •pottill
:'ix challenges were panne I, v‘ hic
erect ant early next nn
was funny to Fee a: twiny Eng
their t-econils, asFemble.l in a retire
tittle nufsi,le the town. One hour I
tixe3 for the meeting with all. To
jit.tice they were Itennily ashamed
salve., an 1, I am corivincA, wunl.J I,
1 1Y apologise I, but from a colvict ion
oration c - I not be maJe in that rtt
The man:who otThret.l.thelirst insult
collet' upon to take his place. Pir.t,
the weaerts. The Frenchmen was
and dFgnieti as on the preceding ev
lan 'nw 1111,11,
By wiLthtm c.
anti 1.11 ill
en L handed him Isis weapon,
e 0:111 git•e these gentlenien a
they will never, never forget.
tidy, the word was given. The
red promptly; the' Frenchman,
, i , .1 lii= pi,tol deliberately above
red in the air!
't Iplain,
lesAnn, 'which
All being r.
uhharrn 1, r:
hi liettnn.l
vhich fi,Lowed is not easily de.
one iin:ii!4e the EngliAmen
11 do ehi%airie man. and imy
Tear; sprang to their
.1 dOn their cheek , , as they
I n,',(r in acknlwle !ging. the
nce ivhioh they hal been the
The scene
c rthed. \V
%ie.l e
nl,joct , nn,l
I Coe true vietnr of this
hen exciersaient had some
•aton, tt•e will return to
+t t•weiher. I will venture
•it n••t nizain I•r'get—Dot_
ile.l ttitii wii.c—thut atgreuttr
or u Frenchman, i•
••(;, -, toleitie
itn% ottil'm
an , l bt
1 , 1 SFIV I i:tl V
' l ll . en V. 111.111
'l'ht: r
~ : ii
as - tall:el of in Malta full nine
I n•.i
the heart of a girl
L„•tin- to hove. find
to what poetry his
.e sn t of our parents when in
•`I lir.: ever presents. All
I willl litiiil4;Att•re of beauty
If n diva I sails across
If \ye eimi.l
s'ir'• 1;11 , ,
I h t . iloa -t r i
it‘ t
i.etall•c. w'itl
g ilt' in
'll !o;
lit tic!
taa.. iii a,l C
;Jul !Pilo: tar
I 1 . 1 t'
trait:it"ry shadow
it i•S it t.) he.owept away
leaiii4 the pfe
: .ri
„•t I .e. But that.
th a e,-setilial Ovum of a
f iterested-
011 0 %7.10' ,AV
n❑ ili S:!t`1101.,
.Ie (II
lvhic t l
nr Sh.
!vi sontimeat, in
t e:in-,icor. longe
!I lwr her hooesii#f•
) itut
) HI
.r>0!1. I
h .r- 11,1):0 .I.triur. het- - confi--
i th n. her f irtit I le, her own -
I Iv the F.pere , tpf
lu i ti -"elf, :la I tier - own character
:ir )
n; h r. F
Into' s t time, retirinz, meek.
mt l elil to b-a nP;ilecte.l by the
kspise 1,.1 - ;_Totteii corblemn
pi'l,!!).`ll.! h:0„12 Sll3 mly still
-,) that ti
An I i*On4 I.IVP t11 „18 slightly
hit hiv 4t,tit tvitii? = Oh, no!but
vu i.f nr
a enc-uater yet,
a 1 asi Lrtaeleinv t cope with,,
it be sta:ape I with the seal uf
and until then, wit can ilistin:A;
fr troll?
, i'l tiotqv a
g+:1,111 th i
ncli Ina .
kee 'gvae th
lii;ity of
tVh•i to aQ:nnisli a Yen«
t.ll(m iftaticscriptina of the ter
f;,v ,, rite Stme. Of course, the
"ll 11 - •:•.
of fi )g.
I WI ler s%le!l n lbws:P.
II V.liik-e, 1•11 j 1.4 tell yo.t. Iff
nr c ti t at ry plants - 2ritand with
cli 11.... t rate c ire of it, hell git
I11,1:11e!: to Ili° acre, and if' ha
its it4kitt 2,.15ic1,r.':/. The beets
i. ;hat it takes three yok-i of oxen
Full siz..] one; and then it leaves
L T e that I once knettrit family of
wit, all titathled , ittri a beet hobo
1111..1 up, al 1 the earth cave! in
Intl th iv all peri.4 l l6l. The trees
e Tii I. I, it to tilcie-v a man- who
tnittia ,, i»‘ 4.1 tit l I, a..d when he
' l v tri nue •ii; le fir al»ut ten days,
Fic'd ii-t loo't ruin) the tree; and
/ ro in I urn Cnther sole] he found a
Ito ha I been c }Ring at it for threo
th..y never hear.] one snotlter's
I 1 , I
I ts Iliad i. so rich—wh), ye never
to so thrall rich in your life.--
1 1 7) - O •spose we make our candles?
f.irm22r - in 4
C I la'
d t tat
In poll
a irde . so Tara
live c!iildre.)l
Jur:ore oot
• op,
• VS.1)10.
-ts,l t.,
'.I-P I
'll t. ,,1 I
Iltent In
s jrL
_*PM ~..
c 'ln h'etic_..l
lia 1 cat :va
lit. tlsawr!tt
w vil I
,e. But
1,) have
v. hen he .r
flier lti
weeks, aul
r; tyon
an;; I nitythi
kViiv, 11 n•
liiicv;• Fni i th Yankv
"Vie tint
c.n iu 6; psz lles," says the
wit ti
.1n I lti
,ViI.L I I' DO Gk./JD?
p qtrait
tc nII,
1 1: Th •
I •
Itr, •
ity to sit,Ntlt or to net. Do you
pur, tea C mrre contrary: to
D 114 ft 11
71 110:21
uct•ite ro' be strict inuralto
- 10 (..:x7o=o fiirn, ask the
Vi!l it do grr t? rerhaps ycu
r aCJ undit,ll your o!:j , .ct by eal!-
.1,-„au l 1 spe.dtinv a fr:endly word
littAv much mil would he
v ininv,tears be save.! and.hniv
r.t V 4
1101,,re yoti
'Ili!In.? :I
ink Mini ui
1 1 1 0 :r
'• I
Tll it,
Ow U;(1-
Id !tate
[11"w pained To the ewe, be glad
'in I the question been put—Will
if I speak ,if this !mil? We are
ealiiu itrurrirality and vier, only
t a c itirso will be pridue , ive of
. .tt I `in a reforitrithin: r When a
dol.' ition frontthe path of recti
,3 I bef ire the twirl I, h'e feels in a
I to s,.clt•l v-11cbec , .:tios . careless
n ow. .f ”Tly?rs alit linilly sinks
wrote'to I uotel-t. Ti, publish a
;IN k not the any to restore stud
l,et loin feel th- I * von have con
lint Tot I h. Will he a•hame.l and
A error an I perhaps sin no more: .
ve a friend %viol has erre I, reflect
*j.ct a.) I Recoil:l , 4ly 33.1; yourself,
‘, g,,,,p_sefore you dire lisp his
1. • Von itha;' save him—or you
iiiitrinneot of his rain. 0, if
1.1 Ii the spirit of true love and
he heart, how Intatty hearts Would
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