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    . _
or "The John Donkey," is the title of a
D og publication similar to the defunct "Van
'ilea Doodle," the' first number of which has
'beta issued in Philadelphia. The "John Don
key" willundoubtedly follow the footsteps of
'its "illustrious predeceisor," and find its soul
in 4 "DOnkey" heaven ere many moons.r—
Such unsuccessful attempts at wit, will cer
tainly kill even a jackass.
Cly* As announced in onr last; the present
number of the Observer is issued and mailed
so Friday morning, to enable all hands to par
ticipate in the festivities of New Year day.
orr We invite the attention of the readei
to a brief, bin. comprehensive absttact of Mr.
Walker's fi nancial report, on our fret page.
The Troy Budget says thel`rny Nail
{harks have cleared this year 92 per cent.
upon their capital. Whete ii the ruin that
id to come from the new Tariff. '
Q 7 A Lancaster pnper Ftnte4 that a Cler
gymen of that. `city has, during the last 20
years, married no lest; than tw•oithousand eight
hundred end fifty couple! What a generation
to riga up and call hint blessed
‘0:?•Col. Clay, Democrat, lias been elected
a delegate to the Legislature of Virginia, over
Morgan, id the atrong, Whig County of Camp
'Q Western papers are tilled with ac
taunts of ,the disastr-ms• efrects produce:l by
the recent cevero freshet on thojw•esteru riv-
The Gazette has an article nn "Preeti
d dent Polka Message.," in which, from a hasty
iglance, we see we have COM'• in for a share
jof its censure: We have not time this week
Ito look over our Cotetnporary's
ibut will endeavor to du so in time to have a
word or two to s s:ly in our next.
CT lion. Dixon 11. I...iv's has been re
elected li3nator from Alabama. Altho , :igh a
sound and consistent demorrst, we line never
lieard it charged by federalism 'thatiie is not
capable or filling his seal.
We are indebted I)4niel Stur
geon for the debates in the United :itatea Sen
ate, pubhileti by authority.
Cr.,?' It is unzlert+tontl that. G,A.
loon prehent to tho Senate a series of msolit
tionn in rein ion to the war.
Iff:/' Are the lade, a\% are that LruP Year
commences to-day, «hen tlwy , cao leap ()ter
a:I alutar,les which custom has raised? Look
out, old bachelors!
([7•lut much of interest ha Lug tra Ospi red
inCongresit since our last, %% e hii‘y not tlitioght
it north lvhile to occupy 8; ace «ith a synop-
Arrival of the Hibernia
i --- -
• Nme Yonti,lke. 25-1 P. NI.
.The S'eatner ILbertikt err.% el at lia:titii
1 tins nitriting front Liverpool, n hence She
I milled 011 the •itti inst.
Best We , dern Canal Flour 3 i i'29s per bbl.
Richmond and Alexan hid .2.6d27-; Now or
leans end Ohio 2tia27z: 127:12`; Uni
ted Stal..!: and Canada 50ur [ 2.Pa1.1 . 1...
Whea.;-1.7. Stntes and Canada %%bite nox-
WrFlb 4 7t I;daS4 41: red as ia
Indian corn per quarter 32-3 , k. Cora meal
15. a t -bi lid per bbl. Oat meal per 2ti )
flats per .13 lbs 2s 61- to :3s. Oats per CO
lbs 3s to Is. Rye per 90 lbs, 3s to 4s. lieas
per 50111,2, 30 to 40s.
Since the departure of the last Steamer, tile
Corn market has been greatly depressed byn
slackened demand tn,the interior, which with
tither causes has considerably deadened its
White Indian Corn and Corn Meal ‘ave
'Seen equally depressed. The hater ar, in
'very sluggish demand for Ireland.
In the London market yesterday, although
the I:writ:els of English wheat fur marker had
been exceedingly light, the butlillifi transac
:tcd wns scarcely noticeable, save for some se
lected parcels, which brought erage prices.
Flour has fully receded from 6.1 to Is per bb',
In this market for Cotton, a slightituptrove
ment had taken place loWnrdsthelnst of lost
week, butt was quickly arrested by adt ice re
ceived by the Caledonia, as to the flourishing
t,ondition of the grow Mg crop, and of the de
'l:Duo-ration br price in the American ports.
The IDritieh Parliament for Forne days has
been engaged with the subject of trnde and
the financial conditon of the country. It id
'expected that meadures of as lalittary character
will be introduced. .1
The !tate of Ireland is truly frightful. The
land recta. will assassination from one en'dlo
the other.
Government has proposed n coercion bill 'of
a very mild and moderate clifiracter.
In B%Nritzeriand the rivll noir- has been vir
tually rim-min:at ed, by the surrender of Lnzerne
to the troops of the Federalist. 'The Sunder
bond is disolved.
affairs of Iraly are inn fair way df ad
Thy Pope has opened the new Cpuncil of
Stair at thesVatican, and his-epeech elicited
untinnjuted approbation
The, Royal Bank of Liverpool has resumed
buslac's underlfatorable cireumstancekt.
7:97A1 -t TUIL‘ of .1
IVARI: Le. S.e, •
$ 5 s° ` trPle+, dried
1-1 Ilon.r
f p, do)
ti ,p 3U4A1l
hour, IJ,I
Ilutt.r, •
Chert, '
S!loutdel •
Krz (or 6,
Coro meal,
nary siih
7 Mnisln
sii 0,
so 1,0 tr.
50 l'uodnred
I ' 'r,u3tnen.
$1 05 !nick W dim t001.. 1
40 0 ton, I-I /lit duty 10.00
41 If essvork.. ,i - , - 5.00
25 I..'t ssolnty V. W. Clit 0. 0 0
. 1
37a40 @.t 110 - q 2 5. n
VU r
EL. Chnrry - 124 4
Rud whi, cord white olk 7,5138
Fah , 1,23; I.Y.AVIEII.
Boarntnous coal, ton , Sole, lb 1g ,20
Aothrtete, 'ln Pa 10! do fight, 31a 7i ,
37 .40
N l zrzi c 000114.4. lb 44 3' , 5 50 5 Castings ' 4is
Ttit,,, d o
I'. Plaztnr toil sBl/0-
Rear-110. 14 S3ll, Go. . $1 87
b u a l trow. 1 1 ' co wen, 2,011
WOl 1. 1.,S 24 MI. 31'
Timothy sval,2 , ll.Pr t Amy lb 10
Fltz,' FO Motto. An 8
nay,, 4,34,50 4 4,m5., hush. 31
De as
wax, 23, Whit.- f
P.,ea 6+h,trbl $7 SO
E4F,C01d , 4,111a
th, On her) 4 1,41,11.1 r Iron, 4.5 i
eel', ~- 3.t4 Irigil., 5..0
.. •
'o. l e r s tee vb.ttlt to present through. the comm a ., ni
th,. paper to our re None. bids ehiatev
t at t -, m
m ay be, g sow. of vreotly notices, CollfOrlltteg
eletn ad medicine, which hut made co many hod
• rioue rum in tint and other countries fluting the pant
en Ye4ra* Yr,OsT titbit I.ITIIONI*IPIC 514`i
stt RE IC the IMO, in .11101 we allUtie. We frankly nay
that an hare been teetonLettoel tit the' ,unnerve/ the Uflicw.
tad Airtime, that web it hta great virtue or it would
not hare es'ahlishet the faille for itself which it cert tinlY
h a., 'Ye are not one o those who believe hum"
is to a 3.111 culled, at thinly aro apt to lot win*, am it
!" th ie .4 tantrum cannot etlit itn itself tiff ( yra... it I.
" I 0i °lt ' qty'atet —here a short , entrant rout a Inner,
shorn us by the Agent/ thought I would te t t the anti.
tu Y"if for was hoes, of. 'tolnova. before iiProiltining
a tingle sin e
g n tealo iii•ototly red rip% I then M . .
lend it to iny mtnm ti ers fur all binds of routobsinto re
s i e to teat it a”verely I was a. (nub-heti at its m ot"
mu-e subtcrihe to the theory of a twitter
Dated July I 81 4 . lo
Anti"WiP. Dltlgirlst &C." Reader go to the Agent, get a
lit ,tu P hial, sod learn more .. Utt location Is seen under the
-ti•teriedt of GrileAT acattalr R exeDll
0-ZrAll those who are afflipied with Flarofultrus
kettons. Ulcers. entuneuut eruptiond secondary
ryphili.., chronic rhetountiBlll he., are recdniinenand tptry
O. W. Moraknot', Ignproved Compound itsrentterill.., us it
i• enoctuled by every oun who has tired it to he the beet
art teWof the kind tole , before the public It is preitar , d
without the rid of heal, which secures all the Wrier, oldie
Bartajoullla in a more. act.Vr (Of tit 111011 by any other pre,
ce•r. and renders st (Mtn or the Inuit effseeeious remedie•
°lda° Joy, fur the above direase+.
NIARRIED.—On tbe33d 'et., by the: Rev. 3Ar
Barry, Mr. Pnathan Tompkins, of Milloreek and
Miss Emily Welk of liiiinorcroek,.
DIED. -On this 25 h ult., Mrs Eliz /helt Con
:44llc consort of Mr. John conatable, of this city
uteri about 35 years. . _
COl,l .EG OF' II EA LT iI,
!JO] nubs t. ILlptrolo. N. V.
Da. G. C. vAuGHN's
Vegetable Lithrotitriptie M ixture
tr6lehrsted remedy is 4oti•tatilly tnemtsing its
1 font. by t 44.1 1.13 , 1% cures it 10.. k _
Al. I. ik VCR tIIR Woltll.o,
It ?Ls ito.". h 4:01110 the holy tethltclue for faintly utte, Buil
pitt.culttriy rceomineutlell tor
.it ' , ay. C , 11111•1.i;Lit 1:1111.1: Lonly tellevrii. no mat
to of how lung St wJb.y. S r pqmph r (Grumny.
and all glut,. use% or the tsr...ry a if al•pi f , r th sit di-trotting
co.nip:dint - - - 1 stand. trio, e, no utlivr it tia .eties c t but
and t to will .3111011,...
c 41; see patiipis rt. l.irci C. °WI tuts. h.! .1..1.•e1.0.15,
; IC AN 111 ,11111.11.71?..
To Or pre al' N eel e•vet.• Ili. deol a o.rut er cote
rialla.prel . ..i I lb l•01•01141IFIC l•
AID :111% it I: al. SI,II:NT,
c..mnani as a part C , A mt.ct,rz, WATI,
01-ex•e• .It,l uud duos sh s quss.•
the t.btleui to, pi I. S.•r p., lir!:brt.
1.1111.1,:fi. al ma I t'• 4:0 I 113,1•1C111 Chl,lett r 1131-
• '71% to 'AT a. Lic U 1511EVED.
loot a rule 1%.11 ,,, 5. to Jay 11, \lli .1 Al IR' it 14
f rbf esqv , 11
p,lti trn at , e. or NI, al, oda•
er tilseAst. , lFll.ll 6m. 1119111 TM 'l.O • ISCC 11111013 V.
iorbilit) of thy ••y.1143,
w..nk h ick, c.. -s of I. k s, A f.- r.. it onim.tiod
~,••.111) •, II /// 1 / l itli/l/tOr reaeird t! W days UM ,;( tlas
diLme,... , l "Jr.. .1 t uFt3. — qt .t aa
• A Co. to:li
IL., of flit! fe
tal, f, "me, t
r gllno ilium, •vi pp
t:n.nrill tit 1••1,1 N iti ic i• rte r Iwro ~ I T r.'
r to .•.4 this a 11,1 It woof, tout. I'd,.
It 10,1 y he Ti . , a uy , . o 1t. .. `Ali tr.•,llYe 11,11C41y, .1,/t1
w. le,; p ut .tr.l e
• prOOr fill•••• •Il 1111, t11•411.,...g I,`
S. e I.IIZIIOI 01 All hro l / 4 00 ,i 0 O to.IE 00-11741 oos
I: .J.l CI , • n*,. ti. 1.. rLdry 311.1 hr wing 1•1••• e; 01
ilos.E.:o.le t r uI 1111, •.1 nt 1 rill 4 the e.aomnla 111•11tr
ad ',ad.. I mke io• .tk.
clrit e voe!. :It-, lA. n 11 - ...” Ile •j• -1,11 See,i,
lot le•1111111111 131 . 1 u 1, •• I.le limit., of
tellsem•rie.t. 0,11 er• r(l,. t ru '
Feet. CO t 1.1,11 42 II tyry uI Certlfi
, L r, .11,1
01 - 00 1,11101. 4,r a , 119.. ..pp :Ord Ii in non of
t fi•
1.G..i0 at.". L. 5-L•- rile it In
a id $11.1•1,1•• ii.llll
I'LII up 11l 11 j..; I 2 'I $t
trrif4l it .7 ra or.• • eat ,/ ,A.
nu' a 1 'et getp I,rd re. E %. • V ttigsr.i..
g •• I Ilium n,t , 111viltre, " It II 1/11011 I
'. n, n • nn . (i ,u, 51,wiperl • , 11
eLa ttl /ler H 1111$1.0 Prep 1r0 . .11,1 14.
V an On. Iva! 011. Ng
lit, at it, lode. .1 , 1.1 al. N" .1 , 1,14,11 V17..11 In
1..1t rt., 11 • 21.1 1 .1 , r e 111.
I , •dtnnt.t• ..X.. 1 , 1...!, it .1 I 1.41 E. all
-11/. i.• -it'i 11.117 .1 I, , il,tlly A.,. 1.11 tr.. cr .
I).11 It, al.. I 1. 111 •11eln 1 , .0 1., t
%•• s . I 1; 21 - 11 • : 4 X 1 1,%•.
and 1.. ill • i••• 4 Ilir ffier..iit , t'i U
Si ore— it 1.., a- 41.::. • ••I 4 . For
I'lr„r a 14 61.11 r .11.1
It( ' lt.; t,, l ..t • II & I;tt
Vn g • I I•t. 1. I. fo -S.Co It tr,111!: ` 4 :111.'1,
31 11 , ',c'., II „II x• II •.6,u-, (i%•.i‘i.
fig %v.i ~,,,, (h... , D
31 JII Sirainiorgt% ~ SVarrtriii ' 1%11
Nv(.l,3.o(‘Tilid 1:.1:ill Orator in theap ~t nn
I I)ry F.:olttlyl :r werie- , , N ti. 13unfle I
` , l It, "t • ri•• - •
layEnpoo 1., Due. 4
t 1
.11;c1. 2 01 RA tAavt o ,
A '1'114111114 I Nail's.,.
will find
trit iff B trAcl, •
li . l 1 , .e.•11:31 . 1111•
god keep I .1 , I“t:
01. I 11. 1 1 11111 r
n.:1111,1 .1 .111,:rer
1it...1 el
sitti,ne &r
ewe , . t. 1, y cur y.y./ro• /I-
I 11. nll , l .0 I , .1 to, y/111 the ti Fr., I Ott lt I'
N J 111,c .tor • 41,1;011 1.11 Yria:: •114 !1
Olt • ion 011 , a 11. 1 , • 1,,,e1 41,/,,, .t. p oriti 11i sr will 1.31 i CPI
..”1 ,3 .;01,at0rt Ito
na• 1 11,w• NI 11,11 1 GI. 'I I/ 111. irl• 111: .2r.ollittme;ly
Tt.t , l AAA .11; or LiAtld f# • .het
cow) !t; by 1: IJ(1
i. 14 I
R st 0e,4, I.y ..1 t•io. , zit•
No. 1, Mamell e ate ~ r et I.
Jan. I. H. COOK
AVANTER—The Fuh.eriber wi,l ply :ht
highest price fra al; .kinds of loom rr do-
livered at ins a• the in Elie. Al. MA YER,
lin. I I 6 13.
In pinclia.e 5)0 cords deliveree at his line
kiln nea, the new itlfflaCti.
Erie, Ja.V, 18 IS.
k VI; NT., )urt—Ast .till
limas and fiAl a.'he at my A.diery Pear :he
Itirnare• S. JACKSON.
Jan I. 1519
ANLLY (7 4 11 I' on hind Neveral siyloa
0 1 1 1;i fi l l.mtio .v.0(14 fir /I/eland Pirly Dr,ss
is --viieli ea drat) and pl iv! dres4 -ilka, tint)
eta, nielino. i9olllil .zinc r and lilapaens, plaid di)
and a, 1:•vv rschly ,nbroidered ntaslins, 'st lute plain
44:1,4,1 a"nrin, and tviate kiij+tioves, vely plenty
and very cheap.
Erie. Jan. 1, 1,513. tie
o the Honorable Cur! of Sessions
of Erle Co ynty
The petition ui 1 I. L. BroWn. athe h.t. t Wa.d
of the borough of Elie in said cows e, re9ectlllll%
represerra !hal he is well provided wi h how.,
room and ronre.niences for the lod! , in•_ and at:
connne latinn of Ayan.ers and trey...leis at the
house he nor s occupies in ,aid eat ward. Ile,
Theretbre pros the Imre-utile Coilrt. to !!`rant him a
license tier Isevping a public inn or taverri, arid lie
as in duty boned w:11 ever raw, Vie.
L 111.rYWN.
We, the siih.cribers, e;tiz-ns ru the 1 7 sst Ward
of Ore hd,oo l th of Vain which the , above inn or
tavern prated to be iiet nsed is, prop.tsed to 11-
kept, do ceitity Or t fl. .. ifte - idinve ap
p!ittant. i,ni ood revle for hob' sty and temper.
:ince, and is sell pro} ided with holm, roma Intl
Convenience. for cli? l, 4odain•• and ocetn;on
of St rani; , t n•I aveler., and that pitch an inn or
Lavern is nrees:ary to aceotTno late the pubic
and entertain stratigerc and I r.n.wlers.
Goodivirt, Joint !learn,
Thos. G. Colt, dintherton; •
D. D. Walltdr, ifrl - Whallon,
11. Coats ell,- -a.• W. 11. Knowlton,
M. W. K•e• Lb, • Cla 'Tie. Lynch,
9 is Larkin], , Henry
Erie, Dee . Nt32
ntration have.neen grnn•
L ted to ,ha snbser:hrrs ort the estate of Wil
loon S. Gi Ven.iip,o• tnwn.ltiii. Erie, co.,
deeeptied. Persons iodeh,r•d to raid esitive, or
havinr.f elainl4 n,urfinst he same, nre recine;feti tr.
call and prea•nt them properly aathnn,•caied for
reit:croon', and srettle th i- indebtednees.
E. F. GIVFORD, NorthEnst„k Adnirs
Alit). WILUA,MS, Amity, 5
Dec. 35, 1517
I'll A Y —Catrte o the taim of ,the•
anligeriber in Citee,le towns'tip, about the loi
of Novemb re , l yeailina tet-t s one wi , h a
white be 1:--110 utak.. .1 Ito owner or
o vtwr• ar •:e e eil income, pr ve proper y, pay
chargei and take them away.
Greene, Dec2s, 1517.
l TREE I lirm4aficl- Atm:lnnen to be had fur
Tnothing at NO 6 Rewlill in p .
C IRA kit & 11.0THER.
Dee 25,,1847. -
(s), B')XES Fresh Raisins foisalsehsaper than
44 V Citil be bud t Ist:whets, at
6, Nv. S Itmericiin 131oek.
4969 LIES. Rio, Java, Cuba, Laguira and
• St. Domingo Coffee, Oling ut n small
advance al‘ove con
Nov 11
At Nn American Work
t VA:SA. Pliticipe, 5p0.m..11 and 4 :Onneunt
Lcienro. At No 3. Am'erienn 131nrk.
SHOT by the bag or lb. and the ankle to veto
it nwnv. At No 3. American Bloch.
67.1 tirill.,ne Ohio Siono•ll'neo, telling at
• 1..! soya4l . civance above - eon!)
'Sas: 13. Art No 3, ATerican Block.
This Ectract is put up in quart belles; it is.
six !lines cheaper) plea-anger, and warranted su
perior to any sold It cures .d:Se.isesi without
vomiting, purging, sickening or debilitating the
GltE Ur FALL AN WIN nut NlEDicr
Iht great heati:v and superioi i y of his :Nit.-
sapurilla over o her medicine is e whille it erad
ic.ites diseases, it invi aurae., the body. 11. t one
of the very best Fall and Winter ine . dielnes ever
known; it not only purifies the whole sy'stein and
thresi2lhene the person, but' it irea Les new, wire
and 1 telt blood; u power possessed by flu other
medicine. And in this tile gram. 'secret of
N onderfol cocci ss Is has lie, lortned
the pe , 411 too ye..rg. more tha:t 35,000 cures or se
vela tra.e,. oh' diseases; at !east -20,00 J !of these
I% ere consWeled 'new able.
More than 5,000 eases of Chi onic Illieurnatism;
2,000 ca-es of IfFspep.ia•
4,000 cases of General ebiliry and Want of
7,000 cases of ihe di relent Female Com
‘.1,000 cake: of :•icioliila;
1,500 cases of I)isease of the Kidneys and
8 000 eases of Consotor
And thousands of ea. , e, of di,,,ises of tie
viz; Ulcers, rrjsipelas, Salt hewn; PiipPles on
Ihe Paee, ;:e„ tozether w ith nnmera
at casev at
Sick I leadaelle, Pain in the bide and-Uhes ,:Spi
nal \ freetions, ,
This, we ale aware, nuist appear incredible,
!Wit we have letters now Ph%steions L and our
A gems ham all pails et the ljeittd rii:)l, 5, in
tio1111:1,t; extraord inary cures, It.. Il i *ari Bus
kirk. Esal .aine al the mast lespetable
in Newark, N. J., 111'01111i 118 111.1.1 iii car e
more- than 150 Cil , e4 in but place alone.
ale , lents inds " i ite City of New Yu' I:,
%% }veil %% a will rel'er in wit plc i 'ore ,aid to men
el iraes.r. Ii is she lies , , in, di, in- lorlthe pr
vela') e of disc ise It saved
lives n: mole twin
3,000 Ci 11l.l)U L _•I'I IE P Sl l' SE SON.
it lain ive I l'te ei .:ase, and c l ewed
hem ;oi ilie Sainiairri Ne.a.on. It has n irr 11 en
to injsie iii time leist delica.c
L t [11.:1;
Ti , is calla,' a P.),e,.1 ttl,h du• most perrect
sm•ru-s 4. host 4•Ver ne
Vile Lt.. Lill curs it its
1 . 1) Indeed teuiulcl ill, Otikr r, Inetlies
s :ei1 11 .,,,41 ) 1, hi, viliirt•Lv
s +eut t•vco tie
and la ,, ne, a, u dl e,,,11111, •
lle I, di rs ,ry, 1410 Ontlie 01 1 / 1 . St
;t.,111 111045 11551) 151.1h1e la tterq In I 1A11 . 16111, COllll.
111 • ”11.1‘%11.:.; exwitd. of a letter Itcelved
limn Imp: -
7',/e/Isrn I !rtce ti-ed I) , ,ttic .of 1 nu.-
Sa. .t ilia, ti ul 111, CU,1 I I) 104 V,I . , L'/.1
ll[ll. I a CII 011ie 10 %still; I I it'll
.1/19 1 . 1 OM 111 )II tieC scvci yea's,
,4 1 ./, 1.1 tt I,tifilre Please send 1110 Iwl, 1101, •
Llt'S o .Ittt 4,1 e lit ijl. S.,,tiv.tir I have c. ,, icets
111 cr IA um 11/ a pfiy:lclans, and they
rec.innvii I .1/al
. :1 1 .1,11.r.1, 115 15.
Cle,%ll,•and ~ , nihelli,q.
CU] one i1L15,1.2.4,11.,;1
rug, i w (01 , dnl Ii01'1: OV.
.• loug v. co•r, n du Ito
cAll I'U J\ K PIM
1,..1T , n Lmile out under We
cau I
ayu I
Ct 2
141 - - Costdaril, t 2
111176.1, , e
less i
161 i, Pam
iv d.
in •
11. 0 , 411 . 4'1a! Deal "e: \cllll . l twenty scars
t....; a S. o !ett it e.);el, ‘ltte..!l , tiled on my
1e,,d,,1rx (.41111 : ii•Velel%; 11l !Led, filially It
a , taot h le ' , ig t i fu , ;!!lt. he.. not su se
tt, in (\ein lieu 110.11 al eodl/I!! 10 illy hte , l
‘Valliel eat; last into y1!..1..i' li iliCled•ed on
ithally. 'At I Isl. I th•eana.: cednettl — I
il v, eth dillie ill y, red rat-ed t 1 ith Illy
inti:h had Ana let:, and for the. lattt - nlire
; 4 10.1.11. 10 11-1.12' y 1111 S. it sap tttda: had
„1 .. ... ~,,,, I-; I .11,1,1 I/I, II IV.III. and lily
it.e, I :It it 1. , ,,, .11 el I ly WI Ii ilt:1,0:7-13111p
I I I . la‘n 10 0 : ilapi•l ILS , tie Inr:illii yo,rl jet
Mille.% •hiler ii,log di,eu li ,itles 0 1 your
1 ,11111.1. lil Orin) ii:.ll, I rc-lot 11. II leli, V
;flair ia., ,,
y midi I •illl 110»•VIii tyintt in 'eh
' ,,.3.1t1) 111 .n I h ail! li f" , w iii 26 A
1105 vti,ii el% i -A. Illf dipt.:lti., it lii‘ h i•-
„,. ,„ I. ),:,,,i .1 vel ililVal, LO plibli , li tilts
y II up., 11l the pa,tet ~ I ry.9 t,h , tte.e. --”
1 I,t Lfit I, m lin In tor - tt
,) ett s_old; had a l
I e.,11 .11 the nihd, let hit v. noel. W'ille
he Int! tit-t i i , 1 1 tape: t, L f•
t I/1111. Or It; On 11 ,
11lItt . ty tett.ved.het. 0,% ell a- itty,etl, atql
~11 now, 511t1 hear , ), a, any r-hild I
ever .
L ,let: w I- 4140 tuil ot tilde t):., chit.; it. t“..1:
0... y null leer sltlll en HIO 411 and lair 000;
01 ,1111: 1 1101 ' , lei leCOVOled her health ,rued
, toile e:o..t. hilt inuttl,ilit..
u 1: orb
hie mit
tit J.1:1,
it • A
li d al
t% till II
k y I
he t,
i m
i II
whri have , pale ca
.3 'on th.i lace. ron.i'lbl•
e a 11,,t,1ew IWO Ut
k wlll eleao
I,les and blutcheg,
eyee, ( fine
,if vinch al
'at tied Iddice.
I "
the lie
t ? (mu
OT I i Ir.IIS.\I.
roct of Sorsap 11
'red itt retort:two WI
tilc who h rotteon It
a_ Lt.:
4 tit a tittle:ll pt.l
neglect to ta
ly pr ti
pi.; mil
en Mi l
of I I
b 11.41 I
Illl'lll t•I
It tir
ly the
ties ot.
.re :Lny
whic't in lcs
ris poi , mayl
I,y using, this intdi
te !bi - those apoioac't I
'bated to 115.3141 n itur
tid Om
lc is invaluable lo
a, , • stibi !cf.'
ices the wltole•syste
itatural enet;zitts —by
be ly-=net so far
to produce a sulist
use of-most
ss and disease.
‘eakil tilinaW
Sat sap'
certificate y
srilla hag f)in con'
, 6.9cascs tho LI
n onn hung iv Iry
Tll itE": CHI DItEN
own send— Dear : I hate the pleavn re
ut )cci three tdi iy children h Ice been
I'Lne. itaotitlu by 1.1 e nsr or yoOr eveel
I hey ere l Het:tea rely severe
kid mires, have rakfin only I;itii biddes• it
eni.:%yay, kir yvfiich i I feel myself u.nier
YOU, s, re=pl34. t (inn
I S.l l; W. e N, 105 NVocster-bt.
York, March I, 1117.
to into
ly wit
took 111
to the areal situ:
t U Vitsead s
of Dr.
!ere form Ilc our A 2 ,o;B,Auve courme,o:ed
r-, &.c
enetally i the SLUR: sqaped het.
p. tet
It her
hiM then kir stmerior and
stroagm than tir.•TOwmtlill,', 'Xt.:, hoping
,0 deceive the ptaiic,„ :Soitto rathese
pled men publish can rater ecru &ales;
have inducted their tlrotners and o.heres in
pepons in ulloN he use of their mimes,
cit they put I:*.quite to give th. m re-pect
r One mds.e3 d m I eine, and p.t,r, it with
:fable nacres procur .1 by using Dr. I own
tiurbaparilVt, puUli, tee theta us cured by
.111. tie ultity 'rubles: es the certificate of u
whit 10)1 .8 'amt.:diet) M. U., nhu ittend4,
Jigs Wells an , lductius horses by to n2l for a
0-4 I. "rite , al o ssg ,-
fieticions names st,t9ntr, they hitvc u se ,i o r ,
send's Suentpurille. that it inbred them
hese eruka.grent iety other tricks
ti _ ,
are p irfoned fry thesme n io sell their ti ash.-
rho i oldie &amid be on i fi'efr guard, and look out
fur cokuiterleit.i.' 1
Notice.—Alter the In oJanUarY, 1949, none
gill b l e seiruine unless thr y aro put ti e wi th u
i.ignyleent coprer plate label', containing the
flit; s utile or Dr. Townsend's nane,tlnrs—S. P.
L'r )1t
Pi cipul office, 126 Fuiton \street, Sun Build
ing, 1 . - Y.— lteddin. , a Cr 4
,-., 9 ante street, 11 0 . 0 n
-- Oy nt & otos. 132Sorils ...d Oreer, Philadelphia
—S, S. tlarice,'Drria,gisi, Baltimore —P. Al. Co.
hen; Chip lesion— Wra.lit Sr- Co., 141 Charles st ,
New Olean+ 105 Sethi' earl street; Albany ,
and by all the principal Dionti444"and rierchan;s!
:!enertitily ilirottithnut Ihe oiled Slams, West la
dies rind the Ctiendatt.
CAR rEit & [IRO rH . R. Wholesale and Re
tell Pent for Frio Connly. • 1y:12
12tiAT .S.-4 I I 2 and inch Boat
JJ Spikeaoun ba had of
Oc!.. 4(3 ' WILLIAMS 4.
NEW Cti:S'CEliN•
Hl'coolt hogs leave Ett call tlte attenti
: the public to a I.irge aui well sch
which have brio purchased for cash an,
positively be sold * lower Theo artic4.t s u l t h e .
ijuJlii'y can be pun:liana in town es all can
ist'y iheinselves by calling at No. .s.Bonnell
Sinte'Slote Street..
Erie, Dee, I I, 1817.
flt..*Pl27,C—Laevira, Java and Rio r,'(.11'.!
V Very reduced pt ices, it N 0.5 Bonnell 0
Dee. 11. H. C:10'
UlT4All.—Pulverized, Cruehetl, M um:O
Porto Rico and N. 0. Sugars loWer rhsi
er at 'No. 5 Botrut , ll Block
J),.C. I
Nines and Liquors,
JUST received at 7. , 1.. I, P e ,,,,, i t i,,, A, a I
tv , sor.ina It id 1V inl,, 110(1 Liclear 4 , r uf \
ein-s,!SacrAinental, \ let:hank:at an ,' ALL
plirpoees, among which 'nay be found theft)
. . Pale Brandy; 1 °lard Brandy,
Co.:iliac no, . Si. CI ni a Ref
Jarn.lica Itnnt,_ N. England Ii
Holland Gill ; ' Pine A ppie 6
Part \Vine, Madeiia 1V i a .
`Fen'( II Wllioltny Iliall WI iqloVl
ralonqnenliela In Cont,..on ta. i
Dee l .' I I T. W. Aiiii/R
, * Oli I land ,
A zona supply iii Salt. Plat er, White
./ . 1. Lime and Sole nod I rp3. Lenther,Jor Fak.
a.a chelip c 4 the c'h6:inc•st I y
A0,.1 an to; w 5 6., 3 and I mell kN•hit,l wood
Lit1A111; -al.ll, Ch air aii4l
%‘1,ie. , 1 ICI , Ili I)! lvtll
• 11,, I I *.•:( ,DE \ & NI )\. .
ANY rill t"taily •I'"oya::.aiii.,l,:o far Chri.tMni
/ - 1. and New- Yefti pleS.ll, to 6e I„1 , 1 at No, 1.
Free Dir.:. 11, ISI7
Fresh Groceries. I
IsT rceolvtil hr havrt at rival, at tho 'l2hlnd
nillitrheock Zttninvily. u aril sol v e:ad
k of FRESH tilt( ut• every! (leg
,' irtian for !wilily aze each Te is,
L'clr:e. Riro Aktlice,riaaamou,
\lol ', Flow,
C bee r, rub teen, Platt, NU I• &C., Ore ul
lei rd '.oa !cum- t!t•tt i ,1.10 , 11 till to =ntt our cmito
fit 11-e give 41A a c.d.,
uwettiliptiOn can
nytlo I, Li% cr t:4)12)
N. B.—All is 1 11(14 or ( ourdry piOduer ta:;en ii
tzeliant!c: ror ;zruct.:ric. , .
I).i. I I. A. El, IIITI.;11(_:OCK.
Ovp, F )11,_ A su i wfi., :wick! 1" , ,.,r i;tivrily ll
tyr -al.: vety low by - I t l 1:(111Ii.
. s . i 111 , z , . Dairy Salt Cur sale by -
a 1 ) ,•. 14. 0 I 1.,‘ 700 K.
- 1
1\ ‘.S—l' \ )'f ?: " 7 1 : ( 7: I :: l" LI
n :at' l
a 7.1 door :.ts 1;s.1:.1t1 by
1'e0: I L J 1 I cohic.
11 Lk • Cile-v, I leLiie
:ail. EXiWe
1 . line been :tad
3300 11).7. White and Red Le.. 11 anti Lithar , e.
13')0,"')0,\vhiin_ 300 1 1 1,4, fled
510 " Fiend. V. !low, 130 i" t
100 " ir,l l .r.ll»'m Vt. Gq - pn Venninom
Imli ,y 1 Ulma \ Pru 1 ' •
Drop Black, c G 11.1-
~pu ii. I'll. pentilie, ....e..(11.4.1, V.,troi h, rte„
for ny i PER.KINS , ,
()Id 1'0..1.4 .1. i I. 11... ton ,0,;(•0
toLl ND L:), 2 ood, ood an
kit B. ;mil wood coppery:, tit ...dile'', extract I gr
k.O I, codhca
tto wah.r. Pte., ut w liolvs,llo an t I rt•tail. by ,
Nov. .2.11. nrit.l.o3:
T of vAricties rod pricey, the: i
do , pint .iut Vat nitt',l do , itt•klt Liothea. hat
shr o blito,u, Ida( k to t! , tt tram;
heattlf;eouater and honk ItritAlteA bit ...Ile by
\0%.20. Buturo.'4: & PE ticiN3.
NN," iLEs.‘ LE A :sill I: P. 1% 1 ,1E.
B . elt ~ IN. tvould reAp i ctfolly ittforrn thh
iti,ots of rrf e, and that he has
"veto d A 'tiro-4 , for the •ttle of I
nn Frptelt pet, lot( tvotto S•erre:t and I ishorn'A,
ditectly oppo,ite the Itt•ed I loose, where he 111 . •
rerS far -tale a I:LIDr and supetior St ettk of the at;
h tvel at !ides a little cheaper tur Gish thari ever
lieittre oft •red in Lille Market. I
•1-11 Buwery,
II) TfIIS• -
mylemon.r. (hill eye. , .,
Lq:111. u, e 4.otit 0f..-pit
I:he Dr. ' Yon mend's
...! yam Woo,', remove
lid uave .y uu anima
ph i.s, and I): ;mom]
IC of imm , dact value
ILI' has b Tri express
leithile compla iiir,
to siippb=e ehe is ap,
luti, ••the nnri at Ille,"
t is zi cer aip Fre
iiiiii, and li•irrdili•
L l ru stilij.ict at this bout
be °clay ett sever.ii
;hie. Nor is It Ivss
ttg woowthourl, as it
.1, by rhelceiiiii2 the
sy,tein bidet; I this
till tile dit+e4ses to
Ti l N N U.: It S 0i! a: : l e
t y it i f , i r li b b4l t s, :k
i f.4r
t a t : i i ._ i by
v s.
) 1 -
lED Whale anti at•phatit. )11, •tipe
rior to Lalli ott itr ,in'erA4l, by
11 , nt ro PI: tKINI4
GL . 4 •3 AND P(1 r r v. -450) r,et
I IS4 ni variotis *lies awl in.tnu6ic tire.
N.IV Riiirv()N
FISH ! !! FISH. !!!
NA T ! , I „!' E kti ':; ‘ 11 1 :i i t 'id aa'c ic e't i'' r i el ,
dine., and Mud lock. just received and ror Put
at. Nn. I, Perry Blovli by °V. IV. MO I RE.
'n, rcne s pennanent
rinoviv Ilse inot.nri
stinnilmny, the :- . ys•
CS taken 'for f'emal'e
G I vIPS AND FIIINGES, id great variety, fur
.I.ale by LEarrn,:-:ENNETT & 1111811•311
N0v. , 13, 1847. '26
vly pnnva that this
10 aver the'illo , t oh
sod. 'lliree pet suns
I , ei•dente 1.
irn"'"ILIP• Vrookisn. Unitiln and Pitt...burl:di
Li 1 White Lead, (Ly .14d i i oil pato.
• -100 lbs. Red Lead, I 3io 11)9 clue,
450 " Fienen and yel 253 •• Pap. Lampblack,
• low Ochre. 40 " chrome yell.m.
1000," -Spanish whiting, 200 gal. S:prilurpentine
04:1 " Veneti . an red, 159 ••• Linseed oil,
350." Li hari , .., • • 55" I urniiiirp and
130 " French :::..tilironic 1 Coach varnish, -
Green, 200 `,p4int and varnish
y 2 "• American Ver '- ' Briislice e
• million, ' ...........
For sale very low nt No 8 1 ,, Wed g o ngby
C Alt l'Elt 40' KO l' I Elt.
i t 28
'se and imnierlie'
1114 r a numbor of 1111.11
DYli STUN' 'S.
4A Brits, oyu,,‘ I liilli. H
1 4 :,,,,01,.. evyv rag. I
. 600 " Aii:iii. 600 madder, .
' SOO " Blue Vitro?: ItOrl ex. Lnowood,
700 " Eitinwoocl,::oo oil Viiriol,:
- ) 1 11 0 " Alorritit Acid. 1 •
30 ' liidieu, Biitigiill pnd earaceas,
20 " E oluttan un, 10 1 coebe'neul,
20 " Annette,
For -ale low by
CARTER:4- 1311011.1Eft
Somethin g New.
THE P h tiller takes pleasure in announcing
to the public Me arrital from New Yolk of
an ex:enAive ussortment of Goods in their line.
Plated and Britannia, Ware, Girandules," . -StArr
and Crittipltene Lamps, Looking, Rohe
mien glassware, spectacles. 'fancy rods and
thou of useful and ornamental - articles for
the liolydays, which are offered at:educed prices.
selected Wn;ches ;.with unusual care
Gout late iniportatioes, thOie iitishintt a rood
rime piece for li tie mOney d0,w , 1l to buy.
Our thanks are clue otsr patrons for layers con•
felled in (lines past. especially tor pntronag,
ceived ipppr,new stor,o on State street, and hope
by y tentioji to, business to retain our old and
make many rew,c'Ud.outers. , •
N., B. Part iettlar attentkon given to thc repair
ing of all kinds of Winches. Watt h work, re.
99iritig. Engines, which generally is done in the
lamer cites, attended to on short untice. ,
Geniis received by ETpratia every few doss
from New York during the winter.
State street, nearly opposite Geglo Hotel and next
Nov.door to Spaffutd's :uokstere.
v 20. 1847.
Toys! Toys!
Pip! proof call and evainino rynali:y anti prices
Eoe, Nov. 6,
Nov. 20
ie, Nov. G, 1917
:Coy. '_'7. 1817
Nov. 27, 1547
New G.
Now is the Tithe to Bu:y Ch
TE ntibaeriber having been but a
in blisine'ss bad hot before ibiind,it
ent ;to introduce int() the papers a eene
tisement. Ile 111,19, however j‘t,t,'
H. r:O6,
the eastern citlea with a spit:lWO as.t,
Fresh and Cheap (3 roe, f
II) 1119 e:Oek n n ty be tutted the chokes; Teas yet
offered for 'ate, from 4 to S Per pound,
ltio, ,lava, ellb.t, Luvlirn and St: rftaininect ' Cut
tee, e.tcaprr than the elteakiv; I levaini, Pon()
Llaf Lonip, CIA ified, Oirveris•M,l
and Maple Sugars, cheaper lb in ever.; Pogo 0 I
Sy, up, Siigariontse and t NdolassetS; nlttpiee,
pepper, ginger, c unamort, mace, nutmegs. pearl
barley, citrons, primes, coved nuts, altnortch,
deira, Brazil, and pea wits; 11111V.I//11,1 principe,
Spanish,'citinaman, atd Conneaut gars; env./1t
dish, ladies to H, and german Tolmixo;
rose, wit, titter yqn.l lidir Oil; all M: which are of
the very has' yu dity,'and trill Ire. sold cheap, ut
No. 3 American Stair! stret;tt
Nov. G. 1517. I
tt ter
Aft? Imiversollv all witted to operate, unt l only at on
ell,tu LI preventatite, but I, outer Influl rect.! ,
au till dibe txrs w ho.rie c nt effect the hu n Yu Fr
Indige,uou. Riteuqutil•in. urt; y, 1.1"q,,4;
Small Pua, Chiol,a 11111 , 11 W, WOllll,, ‘•. 004,111 K •cmogls,
Co i.tlnpliou JnuwLi a, Qn u•v Ft: al ol 11." or r.,..-
platut. Apupla•xy. Catice 0, M S
Ile vrtlottu. Ere ipeks, I e..itte,o,
Foot. gra% pato. in lbw hen k, to d
wealint,,,-rolrilltuoi of the heart, the thro
Net:1011, lever. of oil luild • femaic .in it
Vie solo, spit, log 1,1 Lloc.l, to, ti eye, t.ourful , a, mt. HAN,
..Y I,ovue•s tptrilti,ll.l, 11.4 sor .1
grip,' 1-Vll. 111111,1 IW. hy.tcri t, hint 41,1
1.1,1 all ladious atrect mos coup, nit ell .• re. t
1111. leo' .w Inc pcs, whit b‘l +lllO,,
cur: , ,oa a
ut , z au.l .t iio•t 0 lititqr,l it 111 ' , III •
wpo ttu,ll:, It un V 11.1,11,111,1 by the:
1w..11 Omit u w utreet prrit.
ill otli , r n ate It, het I pru r
1.1 into , ofisra e, I
'flies II opt: itt ul thy suporceded the
.hill 01011111104 eicillOot 1,10, acid
I y up-n or reCilbrd b 1:Lloo r
'They II •V , 111C,1 recoillmeti,le.l d.,
051,11511,4;m 11,1 t h ar,ictrrs, 1.11(.01'1Z1.10111. the, I rid, alfil
hewn 1-A4l netted /01'.urupe by N 0 1 / 1 .111. ,11.111.1 Pfluit 5,11 Or
lc,. if 14,01.
I'. \V. A10:_111.1:, 13 , e t, tntro 1ue ,, 41 1100 the
burgh. l', tri nn•l V won and thri.ah. the .11,ritor st.•,l
..}l.l-ft FOICIg/1 ‘11:1111,4140 S.llO r 01\0
rho f00...h:n aato.h-1 lt,a 'the oar :te.•ox,
auntll M ray of UP' ClOllllO 11 4 •11 .,
y r . 1 7;;?: 4 .1or1 el) a Ve.t•el of !fay loiallatma sads
nee' the l ee t a ut Now Yor k. .10111111 411 aboiol 1111 4114111 Y
”i • 11.0 M 1"S; S NEVI - . 1( F t14:1 , Z0 *:
:_ ,- "Agenen, !rave lo . en e t 0,10,1110 ilt-311
wool the 1;1,0..40.1 .ipplie,t, dre - I "al! Intl) r••.o . l.
me us 1(4/04 •11100.1 bomb, rlr,a a Itl , gra m rise - y, ,rent 41
0111141 otiatry. I e,tnnatilais Ova',e;lauz ea as
pound;[ an frum tia ,
11111 WC have 110111111' 11) re ul Ina klf o r OW, 0,1/.
•11001!er inure con• pvt , l , oce nnoort to ,
i 11.113 Cll/411, 1110.41 41411/110 .1 1111•11, 11 1.• It 11••••••1110` 0111
111 , 01111) thalf.J. ta, Who 6 tfo in. , ICI.Ii'IiNEWS PILLS
1 .•11/ 111 1/1,•IVI•11 111 11,1,1; 111,1 . 44 1 If any nnitot.ition or
qulckrl y w.ptil 1 it lot lotig :,nor'l,e Ile.,
up Os it 1/111 411011 11101 102 1 / 4 101i 01 . /1- 1 0•111'
"1/1 . 1 . 411•11 . 11 Cllllllllllllllr,
11.'1101111 01 , C ['lack a-r is inn Mai rIVLBIur
of Sugi.T , Coate I , and tl, it 0.0,J of 10•• 1 1 / 1 1
14•1•51.1,1 . honrl or. until lalrfoluo, ho 11 iu In,. l a
13 ['arch •forio •hsultl, theri - flol - • 01111 11 k fur lei.-
oille I Vegct 41/10 1 % 1114 11114 t+lrk 10 Inner; or
11111 S. 1,111 1./o '. lll ol.r the .
rItICI: 20 l'f.N I'6 ROX.
I)r, Clicl.nern pl.o. 11/1111101-11 foe 11411 bal.: l c...l'o's, Is 60
,tract, • ess• Yuri; _ •
1t15.311N, Itcull of IVund
l',a .'general Ar..nt for 11'e,ti 111 rontl.yhdni.i;
tt,,, utol the river ,ottsitie,,,l
w. Vuz oltily. unwanted It':ont,.. 1).
& %V cp, 1 1.0r,. Ft". &
J. A. Join.
•01.1 Ly C.:, haul° ag,ntl, Gu.t:AT R.FM-
Elir OF N.l 1'U1:1:, r
Procurrul trout a wellmt lientuctiy, lES feet yotr,r, tit. our
.•arth, a c.•rtatti read turail.ll,l• cure alr Llit tut
mot , . IC neran .11%ut, Sjl 1,1 t.. (NOR . Sprain, l ttr till, lit,
'fetter. ettor, Et v-titol.ti 84,1,1,
Cruut. 4 111,1 throat., Sdre I:3as ! DvAritt
J lat,,e. n c Lk.t.
CA WI lON-111 ordel to he SO, 01 0111.1111 E 110 goonins,
port only alit , ;.rr eta! agent Inr Weller renalS• I
vant4., No. th..r.. 0410. 111.1,1 Vat. rislir, 4..11 a ill
Wm. Jaek•oa N.. 1 4 9 I.lbeitv street I.,tt•l,Pei',„ or ihro'
stab Agents appointed 1,, loin for whttiu
shoi bill, and tionteral threelinie , nit
fiirut..itiintittittiti i the team, ,rod oldies, of t o Prop, tutor
an tieneral Aut Wilms%
D ,11 & Co gT, prollrio•l..i..
%V/11 J Gra. rat Agent. No. eh I iberti* Street,
burgh. In ivh...11 .11 o Lee. no 11Q be Addr l essed.
Olt:41;R •I:—r. IC) bottle 1...11r10.••.1 1, 1 oat of the ohm e
mooed Pamphlet, Mid lit,, J.l4lk•nii. Cie 0 , 11.
I' ,al awl Only whole-ale agent for Wo•tel Penes. Ivania.
N. rthorn Ohio, tool the rib er conatles of tirr,toll, prIII/ed
oti the .bel.
TAKE NO 0. ''. Spntr,l is npHintra urer.hl
fitid .111,1,1) mg A ent th.r. ',do of the lilt
Atix i r Com. I i crir t um,ty P.I. SL agtint. eup•
phut li brio at Iler 14(1,
II AT 1 •
GIIt. THE 11'01t K 1)1 , VIE
SOUND:OF DR.% I ' ll.
A RE YOU A MO 11/ l Your.] tiling . our idol
AIL and e wilily joy, Is 110 v Coiitiupti to her
eliumber fit , lung runt, cold pale clui l in,tl her 111111
•lirutiken futzero. lull tho hold tdy g on
ell upon her —the southd of her oepult Wu: bough piereth,
your n0..1.
OIING MA V, when juot about IQ enter life, dii.nintot
theiten trtcruti'tittc ititg it user Um Calf prompt. Is lit
thAt future your cough rind feehio list b, tell of your
Ines 11 halm. \S 01, 1,10.1t0 A b.ll it
tytuch w.ll hod( b e wottiodo.l, u is P
.111 r, A FREE, the Wile of Won. II Attf,e. , ,
gueo up by itr. , ‘,•., 11 W.i..hiogto i, 1)... 1 . Ito • ...I
Cle4nu of Potia.l.4phia, lit !too and Or. 11 1, Sof N. Yt;n
Ilcrl Imola ull thought ,he mu-Idle. Site 114.1 tiviiry op
lieu 0! belllZ n. Golltllol/.(1011, MI I real 1411 Rrouott
her li.tloaiu W togleett.iiid it
CUM! her.
Alta G,%RIt ABItANrz, ',,r fluill's Ferry. , !01e el o tulle I
rireolviiimpi ion by this lial,ain wilt. all oilier real 01 !It,
fuel tO 1r rte relfri—slic w.ta IrC , IUC , OI 10l I , •kr 10011. Dr.
A C. u•tle Lam 1,4.181 Brdadtves , lie, itemised it, el.
recto to several caner( wlie. C 110 0 1 ler al eiliciee afforded
relief—bui t•ie Bakain operated like 0 ell qm. lit t' ii
i tritursbeil its it iiiiilerful Weigh 111 cane i tr,l lima, 111 1C:1
it tinter faille of iluirig Striitiog Blood, alarming as It iiia)
be, to elf ti u illy enrol by this U damn It lon ila I'll., rup•
Ur , lor WOO 11l 11 Li . b 1003 I, easel, :lei in.klie* the lulija
.sand eiviiii.
- 1 '
Rev. Ithtift.F JONES. Ile Eighth . aven ' tie, was cored
nf_ • oush natal cat wrh il affection or 5o ye4rn ntoeling.—
Flin fir t do-e e 1111,, awe' relief than all the
'eine hr hall ever t 1.00. Dr. I, J. Wide phve rt (On ,1••
10..1111.1aW who wn. laboring under Goo,timplhlll. anal to
another noraly aillietel wltl, the A.0. , 1111. la, both eta,.
effects %err , IM.oodiate. soon to
Mr.. LUCILETIA ‘YELLS, 9 ..5 Christi i stroet noffered
froiliAptlicaa 4:1 yoltrn, eitierroati'e It Onatii , retrevafil her
MI 11111 M. 1.11.1 .110 1. CollffittilliSoly , h ra.itile 1 to
nulhluo every attack by at tonnly use of oh
Till,. linked'. the gin..t reinclfY for Coalrli..lCohls.Spit tog
Blood, Liver anti all the iiifi ' mtioos of .the
throat, and coca, -ilatn.. awl Con•toopt:ooJ
P. ice 25 cent. and $1 per bat. le. ? •
Dr. Simian in', (Mien ta ot Nanratustr , el,ll4. Y. -
Sold be the fallow log duly upponited A get:: b. I). ?,*
ford, Erie; Win. Jul,on I. CO. terfOrd;
Iran ti idve J. Teat y, Fairview, Julia JllCluro. tit
nod, W. 11. Town, , eittl, , Dr. Lozerger anal Poor 31 a.'.• 1.1. 0 44. •
COUGII I..OZKNCE3. Loz ngi,, are a inf.,
moat PUN Mod eiectoal remedy fair ctiuglif,' and cold,,
lighlio•a• ~ f or 01 1 .14; dec. I
%Vali. it LOZENGE.% —'ri,o.n wornl IPefenirls have
beeu prove.l w Inure than 1,400 000 ca ea Inc the Liful
lab.; it,,, only certain over all—
covet-NI. It wan rnservell for Or Shrrm i» in Invent at
ore4iell.eto Ilertroy worths taut children / Would
Children w, 1 tike Lazativis awl err tar ,
C tllPhlOit I.OVIENCESt oelebratrnl foe pikoir almost
rcl..,f u, DerVOO , nii,Wlos44,lche, palpita•
tom of the he irt. lowee•a ofritn. Ste •
D. SII I: IL. IA X 1.1 11)01'11 'ASTE. , --A piqin,tim'nnll.
ti'ilice; tire loot article known tiff elnaitiog ail I uliftiffing
the terth,areoglhepspir nlteorthrin, Awe 'telling the hre.oh.
r1111,11.31A POOR ':MAN'S FlAr 4 l • ll,lt. -- The bent
strertgthatong Pl:t ter in the world: a sovereign remedy
ins p in or weStrao+s In the b telt, loin.. saleA,lirlorst,tto
Ono autlllau a.var writ supply the Item init. Warw . ?.
tral the b at ad I .chropeat. One that vrill.pi ore the Inc'.
Tho alcove IL zetages. Tooth Ps•te null Mister. •01.1 by
the above 11 g €ll 0. tte Dr.Sneratati's All-Ile.rog ItAnam:
Erin Knv.q(). 1847. ' 1 R:'l7
ch4.6uls t augers, ;wire bius,tll
Keiveq and Plane hon.., at. tate a=part
meet jug reeeiver) direct from the manuliictuier
rind fur sale cheap for.cosh... -
A.,LLEN & COLT have on ban ti..inrce stock
of Broad cloths. pilot and b
I !visr do. CaP , I•
mem,. sntinonts.,vpstinus. ,and qi geoids for
, entletnens which they Arery low • for
cash et the New Store. 11- i4t
l' l ,Dec. 18. •
H ,
-' - •
.. .
-- t .
i l s
A RnW A R.F.:.-,---A uenernl ' saoriment of
Shelf 1-lardware. logekher wi la largo as•
&mimeos of tiorponterea and joine a ITonlq.
Mot., G. • GEO- SELD t .N 4, SON,
frIR, Shorts and Bran, enn i ntintly kept on.
V hand at l - - PIFFER'S, ,
Nov li , At No 3 'AnA 'Oa° Block.
S I I_, t.: A C
Nov, 13, 1817
TUB nits T,
_JP:LOW pir- mo , nicamp: 1111
• ) I . ttu. won ~D::
4,77 -
hart time
vont rlii•
ral ndver•
'ned frcm
fitment of
N 41;7,A:table retne ,;; for I loriee,t Cu
....,:a.lter donteetic uniiitals, in the curl
iollon in.: th,easet , :
i •
l'e,e,'/.ll",ouna F 1" s.: , i qut a ,tfittt,l
' - -
1:ol! t s of 'al( ktite.. .Strains, 111711:11(
S ' pr, i/15,' It ii;s: 5 I S ma Crack:,
C;ra k•11/1;q5, Tottli,l , rrii flct,
/07 *o r ., 11' HP/ , ali St ratcles or Grr l
Poll E.,•! (.', l d:us, ' 0 sw;;
1 ),. 1 ,:jit,1e., u ' rrll ri, 1 .11 . .)'ll iEStcl/11.) , ?.
1 t id I! i a V: ao, er,4l Putnily ' Eltibi ~:• I
(1 it,:ase:, ut ti
ut II 1-• k,ll, ~.5t..11 !2'.3
R . l,•tnititivii, . 1 .:',. rt,rn al Poi fon s,
Btir s untufti Nrrroui .Itric-
111tilfotes, -
Burns end Cht/b/utirs,
Cr torpl, C!..Topedift,n 's,
Cot I rl:t (sof NO-ectr.;, Quads,
eakn ss L'ae Kiiked I:yeasts.
worthy of
I,;.sitle. the *l're•Ll e . eira
oldinaty ti.te 515 in tltu ti.e 14r drawn es of tl,e
,vl.iell its vlr ;WI deled the alien
:ion tit Co.! %esti' r and fret r. told the woncit r
he pilhlle cent 1;19). it hay bevil su, C;•; , .;.ili>j, I In
phn,;;;.lllk .1 ~.frt at ea, ie;y of the to:dodo . t; %%hi , ft
air2er, tho bait tats, tool it his prct ., l liv the
%%m1(1.211111 col , it 4e , :Cornied on th,••lo‘%cr 1111
iural th t; It 1:4 ellthin•(:1 WI Ii cnra ice prove; I ie.
nn: tonadlin other hot ze oil-. ii !mil has tmtitblith
eti its claim= t41.re11t . ...1 u, Ili& rift..
In , 4e ta•t
rtelVate oP tip s eirm erfeit .4. anrll)C E . P:e
the Imme oCLire ,r)Ls 1.;101 . 1111 Tnll, ( - 4 . ‘V . •
chAnt.,l,m,i(ll4/0. 15 b10v.,11
"I di,-ucies, nod
tn , ille Zr ilo•nt, see puiptliet uceutiiptt•
no a i n( h bot. Ir. .
by .1. 11. 1 7 .ric: 'S. S. T I.
uhib ; and uh-ter,
I . i 7 It 2 1' 1" 0 I." It II 11 - , 0 0 1.11
CoNI I'oUN 1) I'Llj:11)
Fir /le:florid ::: Diseases of the Blood,
.1, t.i;;y asa a , : abase ,:f .ILa ~" b 'nes (mil i'nn's
1, :refer - 5.., es otac,“ife ad ,s
Cr.r0,117:: i 1, ausat i all Abaft
act , 4IS. .
S - 911 head, Sal
,Sct , tufa , 1 crtl:l,l S c 4, 1 1,1.1 pi !dun's-
IS lIC Irf t td. I
o et (I,
.f,,a oral i ,•I ur e
c„, , ,„ , , r, ns • s' ne n's..
ti,r44in at N.'s,. stare ,, car. ITes,
Lr.s Et, • othei pacts U, r ,m h' alreal.: o 3 11 , Cr,
the , I /.Itrius 6v/ft C'heat.
p.'es a. p :pile; oa ( 3 .e/4 C •i ; Ilse .)t nt.steh and sides,
Pi.S",sly p erld; n.sdofhw er A tght Sc. Sc
trpt, g muth ecinninen ,
11 lei and , User 8,7.3. , dr , l ns a Ctta• - 2,1,4 .",p11,19
(111,10 med, I.le, • rid vi gene, u ur 5..41 F.l , Ali a :le (I.: y.
I•,lrCti;•tied li.llll ;Li! ( iu,ie Ee
kited Mall t ie n finch me
ei; racied by
oi l in omit cit• which I: in pr•!rtA., ed by -le !aris
twin_ more ti active Limn any tithe'
113'1 tit-fire Me •
A r'll; 414'0:16 oli;lnlemarkal)le ralobt y of ihis
in a %nrietv of the 111,0 P it2gra-
N died n,lore, oily be deco by culling on the o
mit or or his aLiciit.s.
A s mediCilltA4 are coanterfiiiied, he
s um: :knd call Mr —Merril Sar-npailllai and
mie that. Mese words. an blips!) 'tin :lie glast. "nom
tl a li.abor.,tni'y of Geo. Nlerchunt, Chemist.
I,oe'..imr!„ N. Y. ,
ly pedlar in the ennntry is row
p 1,1;: up d noposiu: nn tt.e pubiiC, an ankle
till•V 'Flierefnre, F.!!
. P.dttnn k co.,Kuie; S. IS. IT..
Va , sed, I. o .flataita, Ohio; 1). N. Webster, Cnn
nem' 10110 e 1)50 .
nt ;he Urinary (frcans cored b%
I:xlit.Aer or necoU, UNA vabi; and et:-
et etch as 401 ' 1i:fie and acire Of die
r, /)!so. chronic
Gonorrh fun,
Proth-at Ca.l4d, Chits, {Vhilts,
6'i Ltrys, aII.II Strictures,
Lniat, • les,
is prepared only b!,
Gen. W. NI, rehurii, Operath'e chemist. &c. Lock
port, N. V.
Full and ample idstruc:ions, testiinonia!s, Sze
act mop my c. 1.11
Su id be J. t 13:":163 Erie; II
Rizsett, Asdtabula, Ohio; D. N. Webt:o . , Con
ireauti( 100
. . •
91181 -\N HA II( I) E, a warranted 'article fpr
cahu'trtg the hair a he sonifOl brown or 1 .1
not %%Par oft, suit the linen, or color
dr. in as lin td•e is cut tits ilv. - •
It has al.o been used successfully • ih coloring
hots.-' • -
lieu are of the conntere it.; end I Ore you cot
the g•tnnine, pr pared only by Geo. \V. :11,rchant.
phe liockpult, N. Y. Samples or Ilair Inn
be secs at "the stdreef the rroprietor or his agents.
Prices') cents.
S"lct by J. 11. Iliirtoti 11: ed,le; S. S. Lk 11.
riQse , t, Azt tabula , Oho -- ; And U. N
rorin”l,lt. - I y5O
IJ \ rl: : 4 \ ' ‘ t: l .t ) l s " a
)S 1
aril . 0 4 t : U Nl k :t l ;l . tl S— „ 3 1. 1 4 1,t
Wood, Nit: lA'und, Camm_ruid, ,Vlriof.
Alum. I nth uo and ir'any otli r kip le of Dye mug's
are thin cheaper th at any plata store.
I,l'l y/1 ANIS St. W RIG trr
0ct.29, IS !7
Ladies / Dress
(-^.I Gos plods. cashmeres, Nleu.oier, a,.
1, .. ../Lane., Nal (I{:zat t it stripe, back lOW blue black
A !pa,- r , FreheVizeotelt anti A Wet-lean Gingliams:
French, II:null:fa an, I American valled, lal7t. as
For. term 11i)(61 and for s..le cheap by.
Oct 30. GEO. SELDEN 4- SON.
• A. x 1 F5.--wfu.!3 se Co's Carst. Sied Axes by
13_. the dotlen or sinele.
13. VYMLIN so.
Fehmiry 13 IRI7
„TAN 1 E ) Inun diu eIV, ai 01;4 Office; •2000
feet 01 Heirthaik Felice Boarils=nlso
of alt I!indi, for which the highest
pi ice will he paid:
Erie. 1 . )e . ..231 1617. -
3uppAL9 11.0L2S.—A fin , bales of No. I,
J. are open at
Nov. 11, 1317
rttorr .111_,E..0n draught, anti for sale at
No-,1, Petry Bloat, by I'. \V. Is.IOORE. .
- Nv. 5, 1817 25
)E'S east Iceel mid Wm. Rowlat
En2lisheroer ctCri; Tian
• comi,,asa,l IA ebb and wood SA WS
Nov' 13, 1817! G. SELDEN
4,1 KITS N0..1 Mackerel. pot up for family
tc+e, jm:t 'received and lin sale at No. 1,
Perry Blnek. •
rrie ,New 6. 1817. 75
54 k and half Vas. AV')lie Flal. , and
Mitairiac this day received and
fur sale at No. I, Pe ry Block. by - :
1. W. NIOCIR.V..
Erie, Sept., C., 1817
rIOAr.7II and Furniture Varnish, and Varnish
!lushes, liar sale by.
Ou F... OIL, Clll4lff 441, oweel oil, hoop oil, cur
riers,oil and hott oil, for solo •
Nov. 13. Al, No 3, Aiperican Block.
95Q 1J35.. cut. cavendimb, 4100 twro: anti
C.) German tuba - I:oE63in 6 I-4 in 37 I 2 eta
er lb. for sale At.N6 3 ,Arnerienn Mock
kv - vild 4.13 a. -Ncw (Mean', Loal
crefitAiV Putterized, clarified and Ma
ple-Striar, wiling very cheap at PEFFT.I2 , B..
Nov 13. 1817. No 3, American Block.
, -
lONS ton Codfish, for Pale cheap;
At No 3, American Block.
I ior for
111:9 mierirr /.. cut.fidautty
lbws MA* tan. u tuva k ilttr
Corm and u•tterpult , ..tatuttevn;
•wit] ; vs:6,IARI.
They hat • Aiwa lbu au ve,ekt triula t ,,by
all °Mee re • edlk 1. autib.Aecatiablis,
tiun w the ice urtha e.uttous slanders Vkl*
tailed nant •1 them.'
Luth be 'urea iu mlud that Wright's la 4
Ptlb . „
of the hoer, flea' I ueJ to pass away with it,
but a hoar, ,
or *Will ••Ine. lu
IL nut bush upaa no 0441,4 curl. otretied 0111 •
maces in which the f.lth of ;bp imagiumlou
blue.. in an %rah it as the art trti y of the maw
Wright'• iodide Veoflabla PII a lay a elaial
, louticlutl on 1140 hottest awl w Meg tebtiaiO,
the etr.pritt ,
ustd be tor
der eireuel
bad quite
edy mete.:
to real Wort ►
ay ur • • .
, T1101"'
It seer eft
lb.( these
layer were fl
pared from
those lees.
lr le•gl• buil lirrifirt6 of the i
r • r arelu I •tudr at Vie hum,
,el.bratfal • Pills .virte Orion
n conaultek aliil tlika a awn ,
the herb ol tfir inattm.whlCllBl
Therefore. ill( re Pint elrectua
•• /1:4:31NT NATURE
corrupt humor v„by oprislog tb
lu thri
Icia of, thy s
-Each jtrodu
le-:t ('ltccla
not' IGe cut&
an I 1 , 6 tivn cl
Vie oil Ililt
I land, Hull
mud betatthr
thett ‘3•hatiote•
typ” tli, Iklllll4ll 1..1y, Ike h
• utttr.te . t., the att toe. of !f:yFFu
take rr.ftl,il),
riglit . ,*lll4f.ll? V. P.11.5i41 0 1 . 1
11 . 1.1 e ttt .1111k:011 11
eeplitEt the Ntotparh mall bowel
co:1111114:1. '
FOIC Fuvi:r. A vin Acur.
of the %Vest. I ‘Vraght s
urtt•nlled. Aft th-tout e hut; Ur
4: or Jlt en t
,mpirte cure. lo laud re
11,01011. 11f111 . 1114 lit /11 4 /Irth,ml..
etC 1 111.61111,1. Wll 11 t`tealntp
4, , s't before
dupe. v. 11l :Iv , . .flult munife•
• ill he tio-cr.•ar) to I Ouil uc lin
1 . 11111/1.;:111;k4-.11.
tin, Veget .',lt§ P,i . Olt! be 104
; !tatrie ;utto-k it
tkr disent
. he ,1!It impaireit. Theft: ilil
re,t,•re and
Vi;l. switd
4,14 r M tiow ILI
cir, c
r.i d
lo peJt ph,
gio 1111
1.udool ? •
/ •
111 th
c rid iu q
Pct ,t 1 Ih
b-Ar 11.. in it
it• Ver. t ~I.• tat! eyu Aly
II dr 1 . 113 contpt,t/it. As. Lla7,
surci:tl "HI p, n.lfdc. of ,
1,11,,c1 , , 1,4 ❑.m the Wood,
s thy tat)%e llla t :F. Of
CRY.% r FEMALE MI littiNti
• oarw.,it .sely 1./ tell to
rq:111. I olntli PM-hi
il.te it t• r) t .'lrtato
')•,,tt awl a f: nod
.11141: ". •. 41 . 0 na .1, v lils•oLIT. tlr
.1.. A or Wt 'TLC's ‘ii.l:l
o tlge gen.
0 . 17
el 11111.10, ntW
111" ICCretiul
.4'oll 1110 II
Ii wnulJ b l
t. I; euer
It ttt r: t•
Itot.111" , its or
I t !ht., gr.l
Ni Is Ii 11.1 la
a !lit!,
IC , . 01 1.1101 1.1 any 1.141 q. ludic
.1.101.104 . 1 .. 1.0,1. ale tyol
tVrlglli 11141 VrreloiLit!
I. 111 be Ccrtato to nc
-tat.. of the
Fu,nt. to Lr
al oil
!ART. r, A N:T .IF 1.101:s :.:1:1)1
fru", bit/ ,11
6.a 1.. r
•It 1111,0
c, m,
do-, IA t I
11$ r
c ••• ?Lb al
Ow, a :1
ten os II
t il . 1 f r
r. s, V, g
ant,x .c 1
t liyrt b
u , 6/we t. I',, LI.II.- his Cy to the
dtll'ern and NV e•tt.i it It L. Tito s.
.seusation OA,
1,, 6 6161616141661, ore of the ri . .-;mt or/y4yd
li ......ti dr 1.1/1 11.16e.,11 P Creql early' Woo It
crritipi r 1,i., A pager( fart!, the front this ills
, hid hr rii•d 1t rl , alt, 1 seism ea Curer; yet
ty 1.,, it.edict e, that tire tttrtl l 3 t•tr.tor in tb•
o.i.r ronivi,•ll, . C.innirr 1 Ito. Itianato b :en
ranee, but the reined, Ita• prow .11 itself tartfri•
16 0 • e V. hLt then ta tilt lie d )nr? We n e lt.
C, Ito,llm . ti l 0.7. , t,.1.1t l'llt. n'trt 1... If they u
1011 r I' .116'00/101r, rte nre and lig it bear all
1 Rua of 14.1.,r , . .to I ~. -try to li
Tit 1 . i HEAL r.
.. .. •
r,,lt rutt:t—,..t
,c) tuo.y alrorre co. 37—you' ar t, *
oNr. tVOlip M.:4111. ~
6611111 e f. and I itat Wt r A 1 :1* *) .::11;n11 t...1111t . thifl
lestl,,' the heatlnefil.t., ..,‘,l I ver II and of.
n! 1/4 . 1 sun aft,i %,,,).- uOtart Itiemsedit
pt. t .1,..t•t. 1t..., , 0t• 101 l Invortety, Abo%••11
11. t A ILI: Or I‘ll VA 1 11/Sl4
. ...
1.1 an s eret.,bl. , I'lll, Prey nee to the in
Itlt it Nie.itrAtir.,,,,lntlittn Villa w •re never beard
, In•ri... of.t.t., nt And aft,. ell, what are
ll'erilllll6 111111611101 , of the or, tout • merlreinei
.. It than chalk t. Itho t.lirr•et One %nal., ad
-1.0,0,,,,e =r 11611 , 1116 6.:.1.10i11e Pi Is 'rm. wouut
,i 1,1,, if it o CIA; 112, bue 1 , ..V.15 130.11t0 of 'ill
1 lie, la r
cf.i li. 1 01
I,i, lic_n ) cl
Nil. 31re
.Ml,l 11 .
!fleall lntl
o r r Ott'
tr. cluetinti
or. :St , N
Om. hot
r • II
1./ a c.OO t
>, ch.
1 Up tip TilE 111:61:1...tH AG
tp, e.fl IV el. h. her, . Tile eiai
„'ollli enc. o er, 01
hoGI 0101ipy I.lll '
1• the o. nil Li tm u
t f 1.6 bonte
folk I WI, iii Pit ii r,IINPr. iii!,
ttrlliar Agel . l 4 0111, ,I• •.tt ' h
1 %i; EN :, I'o ,i EH .L.• l °CS'
Fl - on 1). i rlc
I,c ii los & co , NVu:t: rut Li .
Ilut , :I.
i ittelitl
Iluy of a I
0 P. Sl'
T. It
Bolas I
W. 11. i•
U C.
terr .Gt,arti
Sprl:lL liold
CAI ati.burg
. N. rt E,tt t.
.! I t.
CiltIU:N 4.Nn uEyq.. l l4t
E rite siGNATTI,E or IV". IV
"[Ili: T4l, I A , TI. Or frwt I! D,
•d t., c •ZIWC/ /tit 0 . °ra t %
tNthe o
Pat wlmh-saln n1.(1 r. tail, l
11.1,2tie.'reilliwiCh Strict, Not
tror r, ito-tork •
J 1 (
111 E IPS
p(I 111 01
0 4 1 ,
'1'1.11)4 ill
uallin al ticle Is uttered fur "sr at-the; hart
price of l one (lo!l•tr,t;r, , - , -
Oc. 11;
YoIt.ENCII ME:llNO—Black arid r:omicoler
f the best ijittlilV, for rale cheap Irl - •
S 1..; 45 . . -Mr RSCi.le 7
MIME CLD Black, Drab and
thrap for ready pay at the store of
ALA PAC and cotton ilr l arp, - from two
to right shillin2, per yard,plack, Broiwa,
di plain and satin stripe , 1 4Or sale by, o :
S.! E. 25. , JACIetbN.
pMON Company ou.tione! We can show
and yell as fine fresh 'rea.ancif a; 340 . 0*spili
ees 01 any i)ne Maims any ethifiditia with
die Pekin Cotnivatl'y. • • _
Oct.. 16
CA kti. , F7. - ri i N9. 'op° . .;,• ortii • pritior, . hall aiiill
stair err, pei i a tr, at pricei varying frOtii sand
6 rnce to 9 shilling.. 4 p4r yard. Also, Fbior Oil
clo,hs, at the tri.t.tat low rates of .•, , •
• . ?.LOSE S ItO.CH,-- I
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JAMES inacatts.
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Lieer. M. MAYER ,
Erie. Oct. 16. 1847. . .. -
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1)0_21, - ALLYN-deCOTT:
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