Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, January 01, 1848, Image 1

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'Erie County. Pa.
Pr prfefors puPiskers
orrostrE THP: EAGLE; tlorra..
City ilubtteribot a (left by the cit.-n.. 0
lb mail, or at the ollic . la ail , am e.
LT If not psul to advance. or wiihin threw month•
front the time of two dollars will he e:iarge I
No deviation fr. rti Ihr , o terms.
• No p titer cliNcontiiiiind until all a gest are paid
except at the opt on of the publiFlicia.
All CO/11111USIICAl1011/ must bo post paid to secure
0,11. iquarn, one ) rAr, SE, on Tilrre :Au fires 1 xcl-, $lO
do d FIX menthe, SIM .to do 8 din, it
do do Orli° do 1 e , l do du 1 do t;
, „
Trim. ten, ottivrreleturnip SO ..,tire per •nu or for tisr tint
Iniertinn and V. 5 erot• 0.r.4,.1, ..,,i,.• ,i., ~,, 1,,,,,i„,.
17, 7 e• Ye, rly ad% hale Ilt.• pritilv4lg 0 nf 14.110.0
i t pleftrurr, tint at no icon , . ra .dlolvd,l to ,o run. Burr
than three square., emut,to be tsmitecl to their i omcdit t e
0 .,11 ,1 5 1 .
A,lncrli.ementi lint lint in,7 nOrr ii reel will Incin
~,,c,l till fortml, Uhl/ 0 1, tint , it ofl ..r.iiilzly.
s tlrCarti., 110 i exceeding G Hoch. 11lb, rtwl at .13 per
irio,kkon ; r<er.;
LvR;;,,A .;4i-a'%„+
Solt Mind ani 1)oor .I,la tiOactitivr a.)41 nenlei it;
%%e-tt rid'. of st, betw..ets 7,11 and
Rth +t,,..1.11ie,
1 4 . W. MOOR
Dealer in Grove; ius t;it
I.e. No T. _Poiy Moo :•41.‘e , tr , •,•'. I'l
M.IItSII. I,OCI(W001),
Att on' y 4 at La I*. )1;11.12 I,lli S;.1;1•- iii t Toth
diatiy g;tio: tit I 9 Ott: otituttol •s
smcrii JAciis,,N.
Dealer in Illy d.l Goo, t ;met. u•+, flaoltt ate
(.1:..ti...ns Wa.,011.10w, !lon, : .1.11... .s:e7No. 1.1
Clitap , i,le, l',ie, l'a.
County:lnd florouLfli rxelian,,e
11. TV. RI 11; I.lli h. li r to.
rt..rrA 1.0, N. V.
AN I) Dealer 3 In 1.14,1101 I ric . ‘,.11,
and Produce Patti, 111,r a t,'n
lion paid 10 the sale of PioduLe and pill lia-e ul
N 0.3 St. 4 c,ohuril Square, 500.1,..34K1 arr. ,
Iteo',l.l N. 1 . '9
Attorney and Urnsitsento nt I. nr ; lilt I. !\7,,
State %t., toppocite Cu. r, iv r.t.
(ilt.111:11‘,1 111()1ITS - ()N,
Arornep COIIIISCIIOIS ilt Plret• French
Kre, t. our S J achsun 5,016. Et it;
A pl i! 31.1817. .19
Draler. in and romp:tie Ihy
Ready Nlade Clthing . , 13.e1.s an Shoes, k . e
I, Flemming Stdite. Sgt.. et
Ati OrIIPI • 01111 :01111- at I
Sic, 11 m.s.l side of ::•quale ,
Eric, I'd.
(i. I,()wtis" - &, -c)
1),•alor. in \V axiii Jt.‘‘ t vl -11‘1•1,1;t.tin,in
ver, Ph NI antl - 111 !\‘';:t v. v., Vtl
Itair.tnd Fotwy l;oods,, N 0.7 Reed I lou-t', rrr,
l'a: '
WILLIAMS 4..Nvitluirr.
Whole :4;11e and Itct,tll , 1 "..14 4 , 1% t ;tr., LI. , :111 . .
refie3.IIAVIV..IIV; %, 1,1 t
Nailt4, Leather, et( . etc t...rner of 'Lot
street ant) the rtthlie St l na, oigtustti• the -
Tavern, 1•:t ie. I'a
NV11,1.1.1M 1211BLET.
Cabinct 'Alaher, rir!er,a!,4•l
rre', it P.,
S. 1)1('K1 \N(l\. \l. D.
rhY'iririn and Sll4 et•nn, -tseeot S'l;et t
runt, of the V/11 , etli•tI t't e t , it Vrn•
W:\ 1,K1.:1t IN:, Clu)li,
lienernl Fool al P0(1,1‘..
Wm° cast ut•tlic Pair
lic B. ill tt.e. Ft it..
J ()SE PI I li. EI,S Ey.,
:%IVinlat tnrers (.7n l icv..l An 1 5110 , :t 1;01
',are corner or Prenclt and 1.1111
Iron Fnumier4, ‘‘1114.4:41.• awl retail tirdlt•ts it
stnr..4. 11.)11',w-sqir.• •zt I‘ ••1
JOHN H.! BURTo_v & Co
%%101e...denim, rcta 1:1,11:c..\ !edit:tit s
Exerl 1.14rw.r.
Erie, l'a.
31. Tf 1113 A LS,
D ,- .l:er in I)ry ;04n13, Grocci ics, No. 111
ie Pa.
L'ea'ars in Dry Goode ! , t;ul, &c., No. I,
11 ,, nr) , 11_1:1oLls, State st iv, P.i
(11.1,4, No. C.) ILted C, 1,•
11. 'FOMLINSONfi Co.
Funk:ll,l.ll •! nkui Alk - 11" 1 1. 0,1- ; 11111
1 . 4444: 1 4 I, a 6 Il S(r.-041 '4 , 1 4 1 13 .4
v-nram 1 iweertri and PP.V I4 i OII4 .
' 1113 NR C.NI)WETAL.
Oeals”- dre, Oir•-ve Iro kk - 4
,•,.5t nide ;51' DI and I/ door t
the Ka t zle 11,,;(1. E, se. Pa. •
litram L. 1.3,,t% co t Iti•r I/1 itte tore. t and
the In ire, Erie, Pa. Eat -Lein, el 11,
And II "I.,_r °nice.
nrdr 1 , 10re , 13. it c .ulnin, 013 OP' Plihile
life, a len duo's west of State f tret t, Et ie,
Theolo. , lc4l, Ali•cclla.ic..(is, Sunday
and ClaFsieat Boult; S , ltComary, 0, " (".
No. ti ,
FrenchSllll, Frit.,
P. A.rit. BRACE,
Atternev and Comr.4.llor ar In w,ILLi rie du China,
prae:iee's lit the cnitot ies, of Crictx furl].
Grunt and lowa . T,and in Clayton contay,
firm a Tom nry.
- -
11GUFF1 , ..1%;3' Bern :...
al chuol 41 , n , .,, I, LI,
Al 3, 4 and 5, fill Bah, CR Nu. 111, French I - I
Erie, May 6, 1847. 51
04 Slate 'Street, oppesit, the t;
GLoomis 4.0). trre now reeetvirt 2 fro!»
• New Yon; and opewirriv at their news
vd. orvi
a" ,-rrt,ive as?ortmen of Rauh and Ft' , hio.lahlr
JEWRLRY, (etn'w ,ein , rihe I item , tryle ofv ork
i," markM) lt 1 101(8, CIO kg. th
Were, Fine efttlin i , St; it ninuitin;s. Comp'irw•
S'hr .14 ClqsN-c. Go!! Pus
t0g , !::1,7 a•r,h c et.;‘, c,,l variviv nl CFetid nod •r
1'4.3"• LI
err" rei• s-c what Doti will s r
June ;4; 1417 6
Cash For El(tx Seed
sti will he paid 6 r onc./toot..ind ton.he'snl
‘"/ fla x C.IIITEIt. n 'Ea.
Au; 27. 1817. I No. 6. 11ced I Woo..
Q U GARS.-I.oul, Paldc+ized,
13 tied, Porto Rico, ilayaort. New Orleans Su
zar,for, : , alo at No. I Perry Block..
• T w, '144".v1RP..
i, ,
. ' .
' _ . . . - . .
. „. . - , ~.......,,
. ...
- ' 7 ' .
":••• - .. f.:. . t -
1 .
I • ':.:
-1 • i •-:
._. ~,;_ , 7 ,,,...,t, ;: • •
.;,, . ,
.... • r-4 i
' ''' • ...
- . . ~ ,
~,i •
:. - 7 . ''..
~ : '' ' ' ''',
: ‘'' ::::
,' .:
'‘ 3V: , " . ~' '.
' I .
. . „ .
.„ . ~ „ • .
4'l •
. '''.'
. , ,-.
, : •
. , . .
. .
. -
. . .. ,
. ,
. ...
. ~
' . sir •
, .
, .. .
, .
4 .
. - ..
''..t...:: • , _ ,•' .-, _ _,.. 1 . ; ~':l,i, : • ''),., i ~,„ ' „ ..:
. . .. .
. . _
. -
Wonderful Cata-urbpliy!
(But no one kilted and no one wounded)
\AT E the undois e .ed for lay pm pime ii lot 1:1z
pe..ple hiiow Ow fi.iisit• rtiozs call In. &•t,
49 ~CII t ollicis, have ;c•sucia cif in 1ni.ii, , , , ,t at -
Lo c ,p•ill. P.l. W.lCre they pie va
nuns hind, ut . •
..• ..n.
a , . 5...
0 ciz,
Cool:iner ..:.' Stoves,
, I,
iyix sv. iy v . ., , l' lin. • /1: ::, l ' i W ES,
1.'1..\ r I:, S 110V1•,'S, "C• lAL sTi tVe:S.
PL INS, : -1,1•11 11l Silo'.S,
W.. 1 GION B v.X.F.- , ,
\,.d catiott4 It I,illi of oilte, c iii•li t , too nu•ner
•”1' lot Melillo)). tV I. :11-0 11 Ilt• r ..1,A , •1% , f. Ohl
by an. 11, 1. , i•xp •ri•oice 11l till .11115.• A We shill ha a
Ille lo .aillitaie awl :Awl ., )i, • curtail the t! \pa 1 4 • 01
JII o.llla' 11.14 lii. ,, 9 I a+ la be I nal.led to in.tkc it
-1 a .lit :int t 1 • .wil ....41 ,t lit IV clic .per than ans
~ h er e..,lahln-Init•;..l in tlii, r 4 ,64.11 01 c..unry ; tic,
~0•11,1thotellue iiivito o•ir t . ,ii•ii Is to If ive (1- a call ':
Itt (lire Wirt . to+llit! Ut•.• , ‘11. - re ,
fi ~? k ' t• will ii iy lirry per coot. more for ()Li)
IRON tutu anc it to i• 1•41 in ,Ins ‘'ll.llll v _4 - '1
kV I i 1 , . ,• l.Elt, Al ..\ I. all - & AKIN
o, , ,ilier •?.. 1 ',,17
62 ft)
I Sn
CNV all.l ‘Vinter (.;:mds
110%1 l•cwveyLal!flock
d'i , VIII Cr CV00.1 4 C .11.1 4 i .!.! o 1
Gam:I:WES. • CaticK.BaY,-
IRON, NAILS, S.C. ke •
_VI -0 , I,li
, 111 iipvr 11a1121 , )g and
.111f.,1 were pu C1:1.141 in Nov :11Thrlt
loWl•rd 111:11',11 1 , lie 1,, 110 Ilia 110:1,1 "
h .11.1 t of iz0.,m14 i•yer broo-z •I Ili
. 111. 1 , 1 ty I 1 Ivo an it.
Uncut nn I a ilt be .is lie c
the public 1., c.ill and •k mon
tzoi,,la and 1 , 1 ii.: SE:L.3W, N. Jl)\.
• 1 Jot. 93. 1317. '23
Another Arrival of Groceries
At Ni.' 1, Perry Blae..'t !
1I W.
AL', ,t ma 2; his Fill'
.• awl itt•cr 11, - 1 in•et - te
Nit • surd a litilr elle:wet tor pas at any .dliet
v.talth-ihaval m Ilt Li y. AinmiLf his %lock way
Gunpowder, awl Young; Hysnit
'rigs; Java. Rio. Lagttilia and St. Dwain-
ColTiT3: Loaf. Prilorrisrd. Parlo Rico,
and 0. iSuga es ;, Spire. Gin
ger, Civa mon, Xulatriiis.llace, Cloves, Bice.
Pei, vied barley, Ctnlieu, Pecan, Brazil.
.11a•leii l and Pia ntiLs.; .Ilinunds. filberts.
etc.; !'snits—Appliis, Baisins. English Cur
rants. am/ (jag; Sply»t and Tallow c
Silllllll.o . find WinPoir drained Lamp- Oil. a
3aperior rreticte, Salad oil, ri Ivy • Sha viatr,
L'rtriegoed anl Lite :rip. Thiry salt.
White Mackerel, Matkinac Trout,
thiflji-ds and Herring : •
all el it d I X.Oll l_lol /(14 and prices a No. I.
['C' ry
E r, IS , 7 -
, p ,I % ..--, ‘ I. • - , .., ~.,..% .-•-..,• ,„• „.„. it
..r I:11 trotrimititit , N.. I Iljr.l *t
1110 I. a I.
li 11
1011, Vvlli lan r•oI, e'lroon , v.• loo; lil'ira•o• od
a il Itoriooltioe. and ;1• , ...r ..!•I RIZ ii UII% , 1 , 11 , ..! ill
It' Liik - ,est IN ice 4. :In 1 for .11. ne , ...ri1i.t..:11 , I.v
'AI L.LI :kNiS 24. WIZ li3l I I'
'Pt '29. •q 17. ' - . ( -4 ' RI
'l'lie CO I C •41;1 ! S
flk y Ria
ntte ral e m 91n
!C Itc+eoie irienpt:l
;,.1” 1. 1111111 .y s ALI •.tes.' to '1,1,1 III) 1 vat., of 0.•. 1
t:111 111 .111 I •lit• fll 11(1 e. •tei :la • t 111
11111 . f 'll 1!I1 • I ' lll IC 1 XV1 1 1 4 111 11 .111 111, 11111
V 111 IC I 'II. 1 1 1 , .1n• df ' lf ZII II I : 1 . 110 d
t"',l If I 1/1• f fitlt.lll - 111 . 1.1 1. 11 I.V
lid iin P_I•• 1111 1 111 1111.1.111 111 f r 1 , 1 113'1 1i
.1 , V •II fl he Dutol r. ,e 1111.• t•li. 1 C.l.
ri• .c 1,14 j/11 . 111Piii 114 . .1t . 111 . 1.11. , 1 1, V.'1att ,. 11).•1
.tll.l 110 111 It .LIIV 111.11 .11 , or- ..,11k1,' I . ' l ll
If/ 11.1 , /1' t l i, i .1111. 1 11lft 111 V 1 1 11 . 111• 111 P• 1 0 1'1 1' 1
•1, 11. 1 11 1 .11 r. 9 , 1 i .1111.. 1 . 110-11 Will,.
tic I.n 01 PA I .11 I;I1i 71 II
I, ' ' '
"c,.v. I I 3•17 21
v v 111..1,irqP atttl, IA ',Po lii.,;ttv tv 4 l
tit I, lu-16..110.k .01.1 0.1.. j t•i
VIVI 11 A dlr. tr - Z-Oor •. ~p 0 !r u!:11.t•cIa
-11n•4 :,4c lir. ,•11% 411111 1 , 1 In 'l . 111 .tild t • "
,p• 1n i. I;,ti nett a :t.
f•,l-111lIt S 1:1 Illios
I is 11,1.11'117. ii .1 411 , 1 All/ilal•S. I•VVrt . ,
Api Ai v . p.c .1%11. A' -n, 1;•,1 I I ASV ,
II AIIII 1,1 •
j c t..
10:11 1 1 .1", 10 . 4 1 . 11 ?, 1 11,1 , 1 1. 4 and
hnrul I Isil,4 * lT .1.111 1,:t•
, it't '1.•1 1) " 1 ""'"
film ILrt t .Ir.”
"s:/,‘• !I I.''' N. 1.'4 I`.
I. 1• ~rU ". I Ir• a lOW ;1.5t41•
„„.,,, 0, ~.s _•nul: melt at
on ,%o .1 Vic _n•rn h'.n•'t btn.• . in I
rli.ib • Itlein ol—ll • too'oioiltloiej; ri••lt (I,e
a d 11,11-se sir, c. Id lc% vi,. Odd
atio,olroso :mot he , fit,ti•t Otto; elolt 111••. ' v polio
„, tvto.,l It h t I ot, Ir.•ns
plat 1. l.tet• l'ar ar Ion? sh I. ;
city l's, ri!.l). i•rt•tt.•l=, ”hves, and
II het rich of •n too Ililellertoll 4 In olio., inn-- , 110e . •
the Ltilt••s ire I ',I . I. lljvhze , .ll' !lift gum ti)
'arc invi .' I In are n•
I) , c. IS. AI Ll•\ s4_
Great' eduction of Prices
i k . 1.1• -;eI I' ‘s ethos I firer ru
L ttr 1),.; •:11 ut 45 per cent. le.:
.butt •he% .err •,•1,1 i e rrie. Tht.., pti
ure istviterlt...l , ll.tudpittv.: the truth..) 111;9 -I to
ment tny .r.• ie.. of their L •oin.l.:
Fine t - ;1112.'1.1111, trotn 1t 0 10 cr.> per ytt
11,1% . ..011 tic'test styl •
\ I ,t• "
Phlid klp.tec.o. and Los er l.i •• "
'•5O GL
('.11:e04 lion. 6 fn 12c. pi.r v 4.
All W., I, It. 4, vk"ldte. Vyllow and
11411'10:1, 1,111 ", ( . I,ISII
Di T.:14; 1110,11 of .4 11., '0 v 10w
~..4 a ll o 11-11.11 y lo p 1 in w. 11 nil
V low priecti "•t+ oni-II the na
• DI r
DI ss( 11,uTi()N OF l'All.:l'N EltSlll , l'.
l a, e ,4 lip - herr l ) ,
nt, en the
stob.c..l)Pr.., 11 ,1 1kr . 1
,S. .4 —.1v..11 lry litt .1
011SVI;r. .111 010 an llr %a,.
in d i t : It t,i(l4 111. A. Li I I itch...lei:, ..1.1 and
where all 111..4e iatere , ted i0e 4 11.,1 1 ,1
eettle. ‘I
IT: 111 ref I , t .Gic. would Ray In hire A
• frit•a(l, and t•ta•Tmat•rm and :kit pat) ht, 11. .1
ill 1011.11 N to Wait 0 i th: mat lir .011 • anti
;tart Rell tirocerieq, Ito , tiod tihttop .as
FOR SA I.E.— 100 'lons Plip• ter, 200 111118.
Tit.• s
J. and linorivari sir' ire 11 , 11 11)11
S . N,%ii nil IN , ruUnd ;11111 rgn.rrr '
rod.. Bawl Iron
Cast 4usii tnicul. Nails
A livil4, %rives. Sze.. : 4 4e.
Nov n• • 1:r) crl,nt,',7
C,E.Ft.',... - 1,,, : , ... 1 1... 1 , 102.... the. ‘viiii.t guiles:l.
st+.,lr trwilt of 31,3. ri. P lor -;IP by
Nov ti 1 • GE( I. " 4 1•1.1 )1. :N 4. SON.
Arn %al I%xtraordubtry 1 .
~ ihes, W :^1111 . 1% ChPjlp.ide,
1"1 "1 . N. Vet.; 1 . .1.1.4 , 111 . Iht•
.1 1111012 . 11' TO IYIS .curl. el..—
10,1 lill Cii.i.ii , :ho l :PA
lifilled 'hiltl'lS •11 die. mpg ,
I MAO tO Oil Mock ~t* I ~,,,
I lII° iii( l l..s is rirti.•olair
ALLEN 4. COI I'.__
ruvlE Propli.Larg the al'
ran (3.),.d:
bey Jiro daily eKpet•
Plai i Silto% !I 111 , 1
t.. the hst nn
Sim th • sic, ention
ly requeß cd by
Ntry 94, 1417.
N,.v. 2, 1317 A. 11.111 rctic9c,tc.
The du .Ih nirtichard lle ..y %VOW he 1111 incident %%Weil
chCi, It liiiiilil meld eliely is.tereq imel•iery line of (het
i •
. frit•iiiii .41 lii-, the 1110fii 111..111110u of IV.ICII, C. , . y ear,. La.
re..11...1 lii, ..... ne eu ewe., le....ere, tq 1116 I ou..try •
Hien. Tleie'ling .s at 1..., eier be •u, i 4 it /if w Inv ekted
ii ith a
.. .i et di Clue ll itilliS crollll the et:tulle •11.).. tied the
Ii old is hi. h 1... t ii d it is now uorveler, .111shaill, fur:/or.
Jly 1463 I Ilk., roAn
Th ilav)111111i1 Pity.
cr., Ow nk,d,•. cvviliesg
•,•r , •d On V.... I mind, to Um'
ro-e'n humble
Aft II
V.lpt,,T. Mons of is win r c Are,
.h e ' ,w e pt W . 1 1.• to .-"°-
.10110 !hall wurp it tear fir we
i. like Or; \lvitunvot,,r
Thp: till 111 010,11100 a pale ray,
Its 0,1.1 fa frad, ns data is brief,
Ita•tle,—, au i POOll daffy.
Yet, et,• t'a at I Af fatal I f ,If and fa frt.
T 11.• 11.1,11 t 1113 ot ill its .sires its alpala,
The mil, b.t.tatl the leall,” tree,
Iltn Hone Own braatliff a sigh for mo'
2m !I
My lit.• I. Ilke the 101 l which 1. ,
/I Ito I,:rt Ott T tt*, 11. Per? xifilinl;
00/311 at tlse t I ine tide .hall heat,
Ail ir:toto will te.oll It Pool ll'ar imati;
i. a grs..l% plg,irp • ff
All r ol'thc 111111.11 rice,
0.1 111111 lone .hurt 1t,,. I niholl
- no to .11.011.111,11 for too'
TilE 'I AIL.;
"Three, months' iiiimis'imineot! Tieighor
soliliigillee.l.,Ditrvey hall, 19 he entered the
seioul-room, and surveyed the array of 5.:1124
before him. "Well, poverty is a crime pun
not only by one's state an I . ry,
but by the whole world. ITeris am I longing
fot a professiou which shall give - some play
to my mind, which shall eilable tn:s to take a
stall I nino e -g men; an I ti' wto !itirelin-e that
profession I most "tench young Heals' . till
the requisite sill!' 1. , II .11:11. I. The daughters
of Dino , . were con !mina. I fur the mor ler of
th'eir !fustian Is to Wl' leaky tes 3 iels in Tar
litros--Iliat is, they heimme teachers! It is
barl that those who liavr oeiiher been nor
niiirdercrlilitibbands rlptuld endure lilie
• HaryCy Ilull alwhys spoke the truth, apeit,
sometimes the truth a little strut/en: ea he
wa , . as he sai I, condernne , l to a temporary
reign o‘rr the ch;hlfen ant sreling-hotolis,
in_or.ler to pitr:ue Iti= etudies•—for the ex
pett-es otthe finances his
f u • , had ,
parent. would not suttee: an I oe leant
the acalettly at 1)., kith the due announce:
tnent of qualificatinna i t tild county
newspnpet. ,
"South bright faces here," t in
big eyeslglaucel over thit-e o : I
upturned to him, and rested on rut
bright eHitgli to light Coif' I nn
any nitietutitted heart, but bear
press.itm l of siiiiiMered mirth, lie
by thosi i why rod happen to k
t 1 enigtne. "Small white fingers
thing Ily or, the Elate, whic
given tt a t oititg la Iv, wh,i, nn II
its character-, gnu' a stilled latig
riel her face inn hanlkerchief.
Our of the miscliiel, whatever it ‘,
1 - turiie,l to grii%ity. end ofet th
gazo of flail with u de nure lank I.
c.l !lumina n
"Pleat daughter of Par-nn Ilia
voting!) In something. I. vi•h
coottl.preach her into: better bell
is the niti-q:trirfilesomn sprite
Ia lies," he said
nll ;Ii of leis ;»iiti•ri, "le
ing, and more tit tentum to your st
con.lnee to your inTrovetneut. -
Annie flinto4: an.l her - churn
books, awl were 80011 apparently
them. Annie npq ' with rune
ehould not solve: nml taking her
teachjr, she askei an explanati
gi% en
"And von male nn ob4erva!ion
sir, which I Wi.ll to remember
be kin! a.; In repent," rdie titl.l
t own r:l4 him with tlie r irreateit int
and deference.
It is l i said that the worst reeept i i
pliment is to request its reo-Litio
remark k just as applicable to a rep
taitily ii.irtey Halt found it vo.
he con! I have met snece • ssfully; hi
siirnething in the arch air of r i ev
dently'assiie I, and iii the polite ti
rallying bright e , es which would 10
oiii, ‘s; j liicli • toll him that The pri
woulriguri. in lw o alter frolic
ettott;yl to young, gent omen whp tire never
proof against thJriiiiicille of ntirtii • fill girl. in
their t4ens. lie hinge.' to laughliwilli her tit
it all.i . but nn assciiilde,l school; a riliguisli
Fchitin i , would not exactly a hi it iif this: so,
colorin , a little, nit I then provoked at him -
seif fo i r 1 the gassk lying b:1)111' l w-hicli he
trayed his inward Niihau.: r.sitte i ntAe said,
"Oh merely titat study is mor t eapproprin to
to the riohnol-roorn thatiltrnosenietit . I ;hall
be happy to have ii dee'' , in your'inetnary and
praciiiie, Miss Minim," , , • !
Annie bowel gracefully. gryvely, and torn
ied liwl y, but not before Hall, mentittly retinlv
ed nevPr i to admonish her again if he cbtilil
t. . • ,
n the day fur comlinsit ion 4ame—thut
I ich all parties would gladly overlai;
.f look iii•er—hall, dreading trite es.
all the hackneyed theme::: of :clioul,l
• misses under his chargelto write on
ng_that interested thetithey might
e some of the manners an'4,eustoms
b"re N‘l
says u
told th
any ti
.wo have no winners, amt very few
g. Mr. Hall," sniff Annie; •
.11, select any subject that pleases your
Fe!f, i's
so tutu
thut DI D
1 soy t
into 8
COMposnion Was on Dignity, and was
crows, so peugual a de,cription of it,
!r. Hall was faiely-pozzle,l. %VIM shall
C. this merry damsel, who seems 19 torn
bit all l' say or do.
,I cannot correct
• "'" - I
"T II 'E
IV L.1•0•' G'43;4OE-101 , ' 77- 77 7- r7
"Miss Wilton, carry this (tome to your fj
er, and - see if he ~ tys it is a proper article,
you to bring in as a coin '5.
Tia , next day it INIIB returned with, "
father•thinki Dignity one of the fine,t thi
he has ever reel',"
ui if - unwilling to utter Hitch prni4e, botll
inc as if nil the spir.t. of No h9d.tokon
hpportuniiy 4111 t. 61 . Iter eyes.
eibtin.e, her, revere:id • parent hid ue‘.erli
glimpse of this her teacher very
But, whip watch her with more interest Iluni
all the "wtill' behave t" of hisr,schoorl Itt ae
cor Wilco ‘4ith Scripture,. he left the tiinet)
an.' nine itst ones, to seach for 'the one '% ho
went as; rdy The les.ouS she recite Iha I a
dottl.le. interest; the days sli l y was ahsehtwery
lik the dolt, gray diy of uutiolfti:vg, sev
eral times he even nelthowle:lge.l 'to` ItimseD
that teaching wits not the dull routine he . had
Isuppose.l, att.l the term of his prohutionha.t
nut the lode') win % he . lut3 ant icipat'el
But there was an apprehension to ilistorh
the tenor of his thoughts, and fill lietivily
upon his official capacity.' tie ha 1—:, es, he
cerilaitity had seen Annie Hinton receitp a
billet' from Cu:tries Line; and Charles Lane
Was a bright youth—t fine scholar—lmlay to
enter 5 'liege the next teen—an,j9,l I ' lo' Tigre. ..\
li MIS %%long, di ciedty will l ig, to h ave any
silly flirtations between boys mil girls
—he had always c iii:iilorri it so; hitt tinw it
has won lerful to see bow 66'144: his reason
ing, and firm his opinions were on this sub
ject: And personaiextierienc I has an extra
ordinary power in giving edge. to. moral re
flections; bow it draws Thom mica Mesh? Je,
content...ires and cline te-1 them. \.
Well,'llarvey Hal! felt really grit.% ed that
'sclio'iirs: shwa i haye their attention drawn
away from their studies 'by such nonsen:eUs
n chil„lreit's love altiiis, Char:es Line was
a kromising boy to be sure: but he most go
teotigh coliele. an! be settle.] in life' before
he might ili liiiilk 111 fancying miy one. Ile
might Wotan.. disteipated—ouch bright boys
r.l:en did; or lickle—in ,lion, no .one ' knew
which rein lot his character the furtive might
will: Aml AnnTe—;tretty creature--who
cunt I nut pass a day wltholit
. carne mirthful
episo le, how ridiculotts.for a chili : like :her,-
'to think if ...electing a' lover! lieu min haul
not disci i dined at all—lies tasie not pin:Mune
, ed: she might make a ditreerbt 'chide& when
!lie really kiieW her own nishes, aid liad seen
more oi , the wor m. I t would be wrong, to
entangle herself nit!' tiny passing fancy like
the _precelit - really ‘ wiettlYer a child to
make a occasion by 'Which- t -- ' 'ln must
I iiiiile.. Aild tlien Vii g0.,,1 A. be
shocked-tO see hi. plaything, AMU ,' iirinin g
may biol . 's!' attachment. Yes, he !nest 11.;''all
he coold to prevent it, But how could Par
son Ili ti o io be so,blion The other evettior
wh'en he calle.l there, Charles Lane knocked
at the door, iii loiter a slip of geranium, %% hich
he ital tvititeil Seg.ral, miles to get for An
nie; an I the oil gentleman 'only 'sal I, -You
arc very obliging-, Charles—fro;, in. an I :set'
us often." So strange, not to, Itn.lw 'it ‘,vies
jost like such precocious - youths to fa cy
them-elves in lute with every pretty giri.— . ,
Sir tan s la ere enacted stridier than Muse 01
the 111...1cs and Persimez, agai :st all billets
passecl in school; a: if Copi i, 141,1 he made
the essay, wont.] nut have delighte.l to j top
ardize all regulation-, and 11,7ii - N,he face of
all laws.
One day n 9 Mr. liail t'vas a=c,
steps to enter school,' lie san r - ~:inie gill'
Charles Line a knitted pur-se, and , heard her
I -
say something +wont -- , -ti he I.ll.lllpina. As I
siii I. he was principled against suck inlet
change of sent iambi, or gift, between -melt
children; but the, present instance did lint
come precisely iiti.lor Ins doitoti(tte,bejog ena
of schnol—aml he entered upon his 'thitie-.
wiTh a shiewliatsloidy brow, Every tine
has obseit ed how intich the' sky' of, his feel
logs inflUences t lie Jul •tli l of realitt . If me
hakes "tint of tune" in the Morning. the
events -4,10 in harmonize hint. 1.,c-t t Ou'tvallt
out lii it Ciil, feeling blue mil burthened, nii.l
. . I.
how 'liana' thing , s conspire to gunny you.—
You are blinded by dust, or contaminated will.
'slit hP, as
is 't.cllo;ars
e With eyes
11 4 way td;
w the mot
race I ,umc
%%•ua then
perusal of
and bti,
But the a,ll,
Is. irwant.
m finds rim
her father
%Mr.. She
I have in
lies would
tolk their
U=nrUrJ in
l&tion .he
unk ,14 the
1. it MIS
j , i.t no tv, ,
1V II you
I, belidmg
Ic attention
of a c,an
a; and the
lac / 4f. er-
It there wtt
mud, or the FtlOW St 1111111) : :, or y.
eL cry Avii; u child is utmost at!
street; pco,de jostle rii lely; thei
town-crier seems t , t scream Ut
pet, ft) evi
forint lahle
where you torn; the lady you p,
mire ia; talking tt ith vam main ation
and alooe not even rrseit e you; a bow thrown
i.way; 111 r. wken-, Ile deaf la, will craps's
( l aver to sptuali to yoga, but canUatt hear your
anNwer, ;although VIII) hate raliatatc;(l it the
thir.l tune: a gum win,l blurs aurya'aur hat
-au.) a bore holibt yeti by the boiton to tell yna.
'what you well 'wow, the elvetibo has gene
riguinst your I . 4ll,rittt canal late; , while yell
intvar.lly e2seLl illly
thir pelagrogue had a lia4y almost:here'
around his si.irit t —anti nothing clear
ed it. The recitutlons Were miserdb!e, ant
the buys full of pratiksl—which boys are heir
to; the girls ohreany thing but brink-intent.
The eqa;.s in clietni,try %yd. oellvJ, i and as
Mr. Mill wtt performing .641143, 4 : 1 0 -Micas
on the uppuratne, he i „
"No, when I apply th';.l, you will peo that
—it wont go," he tilled, as the dedireSresult
from some come failed.
"Certainly, we sec it," stalling, whiSi;erel
Annie tri the next MI her seat.
The sound reac'tel Mr. Mtn, already awn.
Merl by the failure i.f the experiment.
"Miss Hinton," he esclaittie.l, in a lona,
stern tone, "take yelleb*lk•lt ut I g." hme."
Annie looke,l surprise", a; weltshe might.
an I waited, as if to ha s / re.she di I not mis.
tin ter:laud The attemitin of the school
was aroused—there could be no revocation—
so the maniac wat repeated, uua obeyed.
Pour Hull! his chemicai manipulations were
no mire saccessfu" : that day;' pla-nes were
called, and heard at random. T-,e smut
scholars thoufht "it was.% grayi t irne--mas
tl , e
tl a
rnaifl the
ur leet b;ip RI
10ler 111 Abe
bell to:l,;the
every corner
inicularly ad-
, !iiiiz.f.,rtunqi 'lever come
ler did not . seem to mind them;" w'
ones wondered at .his unwonted
Moira while his reflections were any
agr'eeable. Ilo4conld he have bee
for such n trifle, and ting,entlerrianly
Antii.e'is faults were the mere exube
jovous spirit; and she was quick to 1
e.lge and regret thenf; and yet he In'
postulated, but abruptly command ]
ienve. How she must despise li
she had a great 'deal of sensibility i In
, the color sutriisel, her Ince, tittli titt
ten in her dark eyes, when n tale if
delicious poem had excited her cm( ti
taps ,he was at that very mom n
at hit harshuesst l inid then proof t
in him, albeit, t-hei was a lung - lite - 9So
it, stole Aver his memory.. lie 140
etening lie had lately passed n
when his - conversation seemed to l ri
tension, although he afterward h • n
t•Thery'l Mary June has a party t )•
I entirely (ergot too late.
inys'elf !viler here. " Alll,
.limv hail he rikterneil it, I,li
rii.lecess!' She wit, jo-t lie l
talk tc% Met with c.titi hug fianitt
hook., her tawes, awl cipeninr, ti
miml as: well worth _the
her,face—wheullliA-Mliv la
it Awl what the g,
ti./•? Ile tt his hal receice.l hi•is ru
tot! 'limit, come to hit it
al! tirites ‘t hen he cotil,l be of
Itt hat wouti he .. 7 ay 1141 Ga cc
amii-vicelit an 1 pri le, Write.] u
Oh! limy thuilvitir4 ur selioul (1r
ery ntoment•peeme.l G, b_qtr a tyttl,!
c irry to the luckless teacher;
Ityrtitits p i by self-reprmet,',..
er wa.4 tint or rejea4e uhutine I.
ttgle.l regret an I apprehension;
hi- -IPps tol he parsimage. Ile
the dour, desired to Fee Mr. Hindi
accordingly shuAn up into his stu
"He 'oohs as if something lay op
thought the clergy Man, as tie en%
and advanced to shake hands with I
laatis In• is considering the coil
soul. Ilearea help me to counsel
and there was an unusual
tone, as he urged hire to be seated
plug cop l: of lire — mi the.hca
scieace-stricken trnchc•r.
A pailso. "1 am-1 have ca,
"Alt, yet.," mentally ejaenlnted a the old 'pan
"Tie feels the buden of bin, and i 4 under con-
vietipts, 1 re e—"
"In ghor i t, sir,, I am sorry to tr üble you ut
this time, hut I—"
"Speak out fri , ely, my dear Yoling int),"
sail his benignant listener.
Is it piissibll be dues. nut kn
"I regret to say that, vexed by
Hon of the scholars, and by wl
which M t -s Annie joined, I; has i
to leave school."
'"Fold my daughter Annie. to 10
' The door of the study %vas throl
Annie danced into the middle Of ti
bonnet haloring on her arm, flu
hair, an 1 a bompiet in her hand, fr
mods in viliich she had been f
'Tat her! father:' she] stlyped, att
at her father, and then at Mr.
tnitigled ex, res.:dim of regret an
let long walk ihat'afternoon
a heightened color: i and the vd,
vthich moved her werd already de
-••Cothe here, Annie," said ila
his hand, come here, and say yn;
rudeness 4 this Liternonn, ' S
an in-tam—the crito-vM drepe
chuck, aml t he lips li!rhtly)tremb ei
big up with 0116 of her ralinn
gave her Final!, white howl to Ott ]
Not long alter he male tmothe
good tniitister't. study,. tot,
.giveness fur torning•Annie out 4/
to twg rermis-ion to transplaiit
in II home of Ilit4 own. %Viintev;
we suspect Annie Oli, , zht have 'ET
in.uulcc in Ilt)illl " for that ratio:,
era-iZation of
No gull. 141 , ..50ii nl l lll ,N.lllll t
nut !tan toe each rig] It,
“Y.• :mg geittleown," said 11
Ilall then,) when Some years
ward two or three of his law s inlents
spenqing the evening at his hospitable
i‘ion,-"tiyillitig gentlemen, never i regret the tie
ce,'sily of exertiog yourself in (idler to obtain
your profer,ion; for the liabit of p./p.
Imp 11... is foruled, whicl: ult. ilualile. ycn
may," he ntlile' l l. l glancisig archly at the rtiee,
fir as c‘er, "of her who sat wi , lll- muslin
s 'teller:. by the centre-table, , 'rrnect with a
1\ at rose as precious as
.I.l,xgrizrue. I
A NEw Ittlidt.—The editor o the Ch t engo
Dottiocrut git the fidlowing rood advdce:—
..11 1 it e:z, love your hu-ba ods and maim them
-- 7
po pc , r
ofthe oldest fe.lernl ientleineri in
the: 4e parts hearinz real, in Cay' l r' speech, the
remark that the Wirral party by liivireintittet
in the war of 15812 tin lglost nnll t .oS - fly IMI
the Public conlidatce," lifted nplis trembling,'
voice amt sai with a ',Neil smile;
will soon findtliat 4E/tris - dune til saute."
"I ray stranger" said a little et stage nrchin
in the neighborhood of ftlontreat to a Yankee
pedlar. “Jon't whistle that d 4 away
•ANThy he ain't no use no 11 , 1 w: Ite7s too home
I y." Oh! but he so e 4 heaps of work."-- r
ho licks the plates and (fishes clean,
so that they never want washin i t , .., and moth
er says she fhe ‘vould'ot part with him, no
h ow —for our new dog hain't cot tts.ed to us
tar.l yet." -'
with dhac
Synopsis of the report of the
retary of the Treasury.
lllit e older
Ithing but
so harsh
ta l c). Al l
nee of a
d not. vic
•/I her tic
'in! And
had seen
curs glis
sc‘rrow or
on. Per-
This volumions• and masterly document,
being perhaps the most comprehensive, sa
gacious and argumentative, that has ever is.
sued from thellepartMent over which its dis
tinguished author presides, is in our hands; it
is longer than the in ~sage. occupying over:
ten colon's of the Union newspaper, and as a
whole,. is so replete' with interest, that it has
a claim upon tbs'attention of every matt in
the community. There are, however, por
tion, susceptible of synoptical publication,
wpch we shalt reduce to this form: portions
which we skull extract mite: and mucli that
is merely eNpositury, we must reluctantly,
but necessarily, omit. I •
l'he report opens with the fullest:llg coin-
Idiom of the , tinancial statements and
y, 47,
I weeptog
f interest
Our spir
ght t.fn n
ter house,
et her at-
ell, I have,
he, II
The Receip A and Expehditurrs o r
11,1 C-... rear tn c)11 .111
dit gl the 30th 0t
1 1 , I
r j
I '
• fin 'cnsom:, , e 23,7.1 ,86 ' 66
nr, ptit,lic aticht l y H 2,46 ,3 5 . 3 0
f'i, inii.celhinefin,rentiree:7,
.. ib ,57, 511
in' avuilrd (')f 1 Treitbury ,1 I .
lined and loans, • . 25,679,199 45
'G. itll
i ,
is ht
tilht i
1 tn't
kit d
nt t
- — t ------
Total receipts $52,025,983 83
Add balance' in , Treasury, ~• ,
July 1, 18-16 " - 49,126,439 08
, • )•_.:...----..,...—_....--
..- Thfal tnean4. 861,152,428 60
TTheexp , en.iitures (luring the .t
fi.ainl periud, were , _ • 59,451.177 65
h; so
I 1 ,
'y o u ii 1
11 CV
ce 116
tt 0I
Lea% inf..? balance in Treasu
q, Jukl, 1847. $1.701,251 251
The .e.tirnitte.l Receipts and penlirtt res fur
tlu tiical );o11C; en liter 31th Jurte, 1848, are
- ,1i1.C1.11 VIZ;
cut4onis, - 4.4. quarter. • _
ictit3l3 etortis, 811,1130.251- 41
quarters, us est:muted, 19,893,743 59
It 111' 1
F rum
by ii
!ell at
he %)
Prom gales of public Lurk
Prim) mir•cOluncout4 stances
his Ininfi,"
him enter,
' i "Per
erns of his
im aright!"
ies4 ,in iiii
which was
of the eon-
' $34,900 Wm 'OO
From nvaii:4 of Treasury
..1 •
Junes - -andlana,. ' 6;28:),91 55
• , .
.1 - $11,1834 1 U.l 55
Mil balancP.l in Treasury,
July 1. 1647. ' 1,701,2 1
51 n 5
. •
Total means estimated. $12,886,345 80
The actual expenditures for Ist quarter, end
ing September 30,1817, ue4e,
$16,469,194 69
The estimated expenditures
fur the public - service, du
ring the other three_ qua r N
tere, felon October' , 1817,'
to June 30, 1848, are •
Civil li.t; foreign inlereourtfe_l
and miseellancults-
$5,486,180 42
Army proper-in
chiding ‘olun
' 19,080,80.5
'mina nee, :I r m -
mil itla etc. 2,036,446 511 i
Indian depart: 1,720.660 - 26
1,083,533 66 •
I,it al establish- '
meat .10,241,072 47
Interest on pub
lic 0, and
treasury notes 2,250,577 18
'Treasury notes
pa able x% ht-tt
prevented, - 267,139 31
w . what has
he inta,ten-
isiwring, in
ilv ['aid her
VC school!"
iP room ? her
wers in (her
esh from the
ram ling.—,
t 1 gn cil
1a with
d ghon her
fed feelings.
Meted onler
1, exteniling.
forgive the
e hell aced
led oti.dinr
I; then look
sinilos, Blie
Exce' of ,r \ xpenditores over ,
means, July 1, I&48., e1:3.729.114 27
The estitnnied receipts, ['leans and expen
ditures, tor the fiscal year, conitrwuciog July
I. 1848, nitdiending „time 39 . , 1819, aro,
F iii[': 'cm:444h,, ( $31,000,000 00
F I 4 , 111 lit Wild IC ) ,11 00100,000 LO
Front witeel.towoub suuteee, 100,1.100 00
Total re% • ime, 35.1U0,1100 00
I),doct dt• icit, .101 y 1, 1848, 15,720,114
availahlt• fir •
year, ending J 11 ne 3t,
1849, 19,370,685 '73
I to ask for
;tebol, but
The expenditures during the same lerind,
as e-iinutted by the se% cral Depn*rtutents nt
Si.',tt Treasury, ‘Var,.Navy, and - Yu.t !tins
tf'r General,jure,
The habil:cc ui
hornier appru
prwiuns which .
will be required
to be expended
thi , vear,„ t 31,175,210 77
Verinnnekt and I
prupriutious, 4,587.57: 82.
at inns tidied f..r•
this vela, 49,582.153 1
her tins) day
r yea= said,
I rved as "an
r broad gen
Cit il l list foreigo
intercittm-v, Ju
misocilrineous 5,613,061 59
Army pvti er r % ol
Acadrmy 39,907,023
Fort ilications ord
mince, lo ming .
uni Itt in t rtg.. '2,045,109., 90 1 , i
liet -ions, ' 10194.318 81 '
ln.linu deport. , 926,401 81
:Nil% at o f tablirli-,, 1.. ;
mcnt, 10,905,558; 55 I
Interet.t on pnblig, r-
I deli; an , l tre;,
ry notes,,
edliet nient • l'f• rrnjuillingappli
n6le tt) se •lelpf. ' of &pa) `car
0114June' ,184%
•.1 111 . - ~ - •
tivess of etxpenida tures ,dver i,ll 771 -7 i , ,
3il 274 Olitr 73 /
• mean. July 1, 1849, bursitgiugents," the amenuments auggestid
'a ' •
. The Secretary them proceeds to remark up- i M my last annual report, (including the `en.
on the contingencies of the war With regard tablishriletit o a branch mint at New York)
to the revenue and upon the prol)Netv „/ ',and 'a hich re eived the sanction of theHoultn:
i ofltepre,ent:itives diving the lost session',
measures tipvards keeping the
establishing war duties an.( adoutlng----other
recommended to the favorably con.
Walla that may i ' a g 44 • ll '
at a
.ita. Tho , o con. : sitter:llion of Cungresp,
'bring the year ending: 30th, June, 1847,
eist of roc iminoula lion.: of an it !valorem duty ,
of i 5 per cent. - cut ten n:11 ootTeea the re. j o ur inrorts of Specie weie544021,289, (sco
table T.) n u ,-t of ur his', under firsneirtirs
dociinn and graduation of the price of
terns, utitt-t Ititvl gone iuto the z banhe, to have
of the eolith, lttn:l4, an I the extension of the
preemption privitnze to every h ona ild e set-, N e n made the hash; of issues mr, heir paper
tier: feont all of which is estimated an annual to tile additional a molmt of tilly or siatreal)._
revenue in the aggregate- of St-Vir_ t oe.V. p,. • lions of dull.ars. Such an exot:Oß' ;Oril, dal*
n man
3,600.000 00
400,(a)0 00
42,1-13.4G5 38
6.58,6 5,660 07
, .
55,614,911 712
NiilBER 33.
the adoption ofthesemea,Ctit rim, the loan might,
be reduced to $17,000,000. •
The subject uf/militally contributions It '
Mexico is, discussed, qnd a mode of oppratine
suggested by which the largest amount, it Is
supposed, would be derived. Tho prese4
d ut i es a r e , f r p l , N d so as to yield the largest
r. Kennel tvl;ere. s :the Mexican tariff rata in
Or: hig!test deg r .e pridectiye and prohibitory.
No (luta, howeve , is acce Ilible, from whence
to make any satisfactory estirnztet but the
proposal, is to obtain, as far as possible; sup,_
plies fur the army •in Sfpxic,,, from this source,
and to diminish the expenditures of (Ike futtioef
ul.freesitry in thk prosectu ion of the vrar,,,
It is well recommeeled that in contnicting
a public. debt, provision shwa at the same ,
lime he made flir the prompt payment of tkat
interest and the Bratual but - certain: Caitiff
guishibent.of the principal, • - _-• f ~ : t2t -, t
, Itetrenelinaent has been effected : in 'OA 1
ineans of Collecting the national revenue, and:
I. l r an ainOOnt of $5,000,000 per ounum,not r lay'
retina nuJeOmpt-usation,but by 'dispensing With
, nut absolutely-woes...vial (of 1,h9
ertice. .
The - report advocates, in an energetic-tone,
ne reduction of the ,price of public !undo to
settlers and cultivators, and anticipates, frot
stielt a measure the-rapid introduction into
the Union, of two new States, itlinesoto and
ita!-ca:in the great bailey of the West,. - s
Information is furnished in relation to the.
exploration ail! survey of the mipergl lan,ds
on Lake Superior, 'Wisconsin rind Northern;
The legislation of the ht-t ?ongresA
view to the protection of ourr ddiers and vol:
unteer; in t sceuring their botty bindF, is sta- -
ted to be insufficient und curtldr,Jegislationi is
required to carry / out the benevohciii. policT kn
dieuteJ. •
T recommendation is renewed to until
torts of entry, in Oregon, extend the rev
'elm ' laws over that territory, grant donations
;if 'ruts to Fettlers, and school sections tcr
every quarter of a township. The import
twice f th,e settlement tdOregoo n in view of
our commerce o ith_Asia, adding weight tct
the recommendation. An ample return -to
the government is anticipated from a just andl
liberil policy in that quakter. .
A number of tables are submitted exhibit :
hot the state of the public debt land various
transactions of the department. From _ono
f these it appew, that the amount of public )
debt liquidated in principal and interest 1,71
yearly payMents from 1794 to 1847, is Ef148 3 1 -
800,498 '79,. 1 •i
"This table," Fat's the report, "is the re-i
corded evidence of till and i the ability of
the' Arnericatt Union to lischarge ell its
r ions, the amount of debt now due ta
Et i.5,Gav,659 419—a sum less than etae l tent
the" ainonnt of principal and i4terest of
piiblic debt - which we have already [Alt
These payment .were made with. unit
punctuality; and commencing with heasi l "
amounts.,,at periodsiwiten our population was
vusiy lees than one-fifths of its present nuni; ,
burs; and when its ability to meet its engage
;petits was men in a smaller proportion. •
"It is impossible for any American citizen
to regard this evidence of the honor and goad
faith of his country, wile atty'other feelings
- than those of pride and satisfaction. In war,
and in pence, our country has maintained bop_
honor unsullied, and resolved, thrnuah scums
sacrifice .)i• blood ands i•easure, that it mast
and shall'ho preserved." - .
The report ad; ances to the operation and'
ern ets of the constitutional treasury, whielli:
being a passage of peculiar interest we ex! ,
tract entire; \ •
"The constitutional treasury went into e..
ft'ct on the Ist of January last; and,the bush
tresstress of the government under this act, !du r ,
ring the last Mete); months has been Conli
da.,e,i iii specie; of which, as appears by tai-.
bie U, there was received during the last elm+
en months, forloaus, customs, lands and misL
~ •I•
cettan - cutis collections. the sum of 8.03,136751-
881 i 48 in specie, and the stun of $48,226,41,1k.
21, during the same eleven mouths disbursed
im'opceie. . - ,
"Itt New York t-ee table Y) during the.
Month of Augurt lust 83,34'0,70e 48
in .trprr
cie, was rec‘ved by thecollector of that poo r .
and itlAbe las %en months by him in specie
S;ill,tils,4s].4G. During the, same-month e l f
thereiwas deposited (see table 6G).
the Hint of $5,95,720 92 with the assistant:.
treasurer of that city, and transferred from or
dixdnirsed , by that officer. The receipts and
di.,,burseinents of the governMent in spec - I, :
during tlle last eleven Inorrh;, have arnountci:
together, to the sum $96,894,-10a 49; and
not a dollar has been lust to the treasury net.
any injury inflicted upon any branch otcotte-_
tnerce The constitutional troaa
ry, has been• tried during a period
. of war,
when it (vita VeGeSsftry to negotiate very
lur&e luanf, when our expenditures were be
ing i ! m' r e a sed, and %%lien transfers 'nopreet.'
dented in amount were required to distant
points for di:bureemelit. During the it*
eleen Menths 'the government has received.
o'pd.dishtirsed More epeel , llmn the whole sr
-.rote toP-* - "fir nr"
k'reiinte period of 57 yentlt pieceeding, .rince.
the ntloptiim of the constitution. 'Co ren4er-
the' systent more safe, useful and eco-.
nuittical; to define more clearly the potters ci(k
the depart went, -and ripecially to render more
WM' in the handsof dis-
-1- ,